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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 4, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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jillian: how did cnn handled the discussion we just had? >> i said to myself i have to protect the world. >> i want to be safe from covid could do more so i got the vaccine and it was really a me choice. >> i'm not sure i would be able to change the number of conservative folks who turned out. todd: it is thursday november 4th the blame game is on, president biden passing the buck after major losses in virginia, senator joe man. in talking about suffering defeat in the midterms. carley: the president slapping down reports his of ministration is planning to dish out 450,$000
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payments to illegal immigrants separated at the border. >> do you think that might incentivize people to come here illegally? >> keep sending that garbage out, that's not going to happen. carley: the aclu says the president wasn't briefed on his own justice department. todd: a new report from anthony fauci's team sounding the alarm of taxpayer money for the gain of function research at the wuhan lab set to testify amid multiple republicans calling for his firing. carley: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. todd: thank you for being with us, sweeping republican victories in virginia, struggling ahead of the midterms. jillian: griff jenkins live as the party plays the blame game. >> reporter: they do indeed was a wake-up call for democrats after taking the bleeding in a state where president biden won by 10 points last year, youngkin
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says his victory was about more than upset parents. >> i was overwhelmed by the broad support across the commonwealth of virginia. parents turned out, we did better in the minority communities than any republican has done in a long time. >> reporter: didn't take long for democrats to point fingers as the president's agenda is stalled amid party infighting. >> a clear message to my party and those who support it to get the job done. we spent enough time talking, enough time thinking, enough time suggesting to america good things will come. >> i am worried not just in virginia but across the country. we have to show we can deliver in a pragmatic way that affect people's lives. >> reporter: progressive leaders in a house criticized for pushing the party too far left and refusing to accept responsibility for the defeat. >> we saw what happened last night. to you take blame in this? >> i think democrats are the
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party of parents, not republicans and people will see that, the timing of this was awkward. >> it is full steam ahead on plans to push the spending bills which republicans are warning is a big mistake. >> will washington democrats finally listen to the american people who have rejected this far left agenda? >> i expected a change of heart. doubling down a new promise to vote again on all the things the election last night told them not to. >> attorney general elect joins you guys in the next hour, interesting to see what he says about what is happening in washington and what it means for his election. >> when i was in virginia over the weekend there was rockstar enthusiasm as well, not just glenn youngkin.
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carley: virginia to dc, tuesday's election reverberating in the nation's capital is all eyes turned towards president biden and his build back better agenda. >> the president's blame for the outcomes. >> the president was asked why he believes virginia voters decided against terry mcauliffe. here's what he had to say. >> president biden: people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things, from covid to school to jobs, to a whole range of things, the cost of a gallon of gas. >> he was hesitant to admit failure to pass his own agenda could have played a role. >> do you think terry mcauliffe would have won if your agenda passed before election day? >> president biden: i think we should of passed it before election day but i'm not sure i
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would be able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out in the red district who were trump voters, but maybe. >> reporter: important to note it was more than just trump voters who turned out for glenn youngcan, he won right-leaning and center leaning voters in suburbs and district that voted blue in 2020. to bounce back biden faces pressure to get things done, the problem is as senator joe manchin sees it as a referendum on progressive proposals while nancy pelosi sees it as a reason to double down. >> we have a divided country. i hope it's a wake-up call for all of us. reconciliation, slowdown, take a breath, look at this. >> will a change the agenda throughout the house? >> know. >> as for republicans, fox news
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spoke to lindsey graham who encourage democrats to keep it up if they want to continue losing touch with voters. >> the wind is at our back, it is in their face so keep it up. if you think you need, be my guest. >> house progressives are pushing for a vote on both bills, infrastructure and reconciliation as early as today. todd: senator john kennedy's take on the election turnout. >> this election last night was a stunning, stinging rebuke of president biden and his racist woke agenda. voters are angry about afghanistan, the border, crime, defund the police and critical race theory, voters are angry about -- tired of having to get a bank loan to buy a take of gas
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and go to the grocery store. i think voters look at the political landscape and they republicans are not perfect but the other side is crazy. jillian: democrat phil murphy eking out a reelection bid in new jersey's governors race, republican jack ciattarelli smashing expectations, losing by less than one percentage point, murphy framing his narrow win is a good sign for democrats. >> if you want to know what the future looks like, come to new jersey. if you want to understand where america is heading, look to new jersey. >> ciattarelli's campaign not ready to accept defeat tweeting is responsible of the media to make this call when the new jersey secretary of state doesn't know how many ballots are left to be counted. the garden state does not have an automatic recount triggered by such a slim margin but halyna hutchins can request one. >> with that let us bring in the
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long, a new jersey business over from cedar grove, new jersey. i know cedar grove because it is the rival town, but the common theme between cedar grove and new jersey use it is a suburb. what message did the suburbs of new jersey, the people that pay for everything a great state of new jersey send the nation on tuesday. >> we sent the nation a message that we just won't take it lying down. unfortunately it looks like we may not have fooled off, we needed a little more, a few more votes but fully a slap in the face to murphy that is not business as usual but we may have to tolerate them for another four years. >> your small business, what drove you to the polls? >> i'm a regular voter. i would vote normally but of course property taxes are out-of-control in new jersey and
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murphy's the first one told people if taxes aren't for you then new jersey is not for you because we are a state of high taxes and that drove people to the poll, i'm shocked that more people weren't alarmed with what is going on in the nation that would make them go to the polls, gas prices, the economy, inflation, supply chain issues, these are issues, coffee shop in cedar grove looking to open other locations and the franchise and the challenge we will face, increasing taxes and that is in everyone's face, rising gas prices and everything else that goes along with it. i am saddened that ciattarelli wasn't able to pull it off, he's not declared defeated this point. maybe something can change. i'm hoping he will keep fighting. he is the right person who could have brought us to the next
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level. some stability but every small business in the state has to be up in arms right now with worry as to what's going to happen, will we be able to sustain success for our employees, our community and carry on. >> something you have to realize about the county in which cedar grove -- i'm 43 years old, i've been hearing this argument for 43 years, that the money and taxes you pay whether small business or homeowner goes to the city, university a return on that money, it never comes back to the suburban towns like cedar grove and verona. is suing murphy does when and as one apostle recount do you expect that to change? >> absolutely not. the change will be more
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horrific, higher taxes and less for the value we are paying in taxes, that is the absolute reality. >> that will lead to more people fleeing the state. i had a little analysis. of all the conservatives didn't flee the state because of high taxes, he would have won this thing running away. >> can't disagree with you at all and a bunch of my friends who were active new jersey residents are on their way to florida in the next two weeks, establish residency and come up and spend a few months of here but they go down there, pay taxes on ticket tax down there and enjoy quality-of-life and don't have what we have here, i tax and no return. >> it is definitely even though it looks like ciattarelli is going to lose the race, shock how close it was when you consider murphy won in 2017 and president biden won by 16 points, murphy just eked out a
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win and halyna hutchins's camps as they are not ready to concede. thank you for waking up this morning. three new jersey and's. todd: more of us. >> that, i wonder why. thank you. okay, turning to covid 19, doctor anthony fauci heading back to the hot seat today as a new report reveals his staff questioned the use of taxpayer money on gain of function research in wuhan as far back as 2016. >> greg pellicano ahead of the capitol hill hearing. >> controversy over the origins of covid 19 heating up again,
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new suggestions it came from a lab in china. we might have had a hand in funding it and we might be covering it up, indications research on covid which includes gain of function experiment when they tried to create the deadly microorganism in the lab, backed by national institutes of allergy and infectious diseases, is the back-and-forth between senator rand and doctor fauci, the director of the and a it, part of the national institutes of health. >> the nih funded it, it meets your definition and your obvious skating the truth. >> you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals, i totally resent that. if anybody is lying here it is you. >> that is tough. and email from staffers has surfaced and it states in part based on the information in the
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most recent progress report and a it has determined the above reference grant may include gain of function research, that research would be all the more dangerous if conducted in the wuhan lab were safety concerns of been raised, doctor fauci will be in the hot seat at another senate hearing today. >> i don't think he will but the reason it is important is this kind of research is still going on and we could have another lab leak that could create much more have a good. he hasn't learned his lesson. he need -- we need to be rhythm frankly. >> strong words and in defense of doctor fauci, what he and others have said and written is these experiments were not directly commissions or start in a potentially dangerous way and when it appeared to go in that direction they were halted but a lot of questions. >> very serious story, good job with those acronyms. you get a gold star for this morning, appreciate it.
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>> medical watchdogs on the us drone strike that killed an aid worker and nine members of his family and afghanistan. >> the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war, did find execution errors confirmed by confirmation bias and communication breakdowns that led to civilian casualties. todd: such a shame but the lieutenant general added better communication may not have prevented the strike which killed 7 kids in the final days of the afghanistan withdrawal. carley: new reports on the vaccine mandate. according to multiple outlets the details could come any day and would go into effect immediately, businesses that employ more than 100 people to mandate the shot or get tested for covid 19 regularly. 80 million americans will be impacted by the president's order.
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todd: aaron rodgers tested positive for covid 19 was the green bay packers quarterback against the kansas city chiefs, rogers is not vaccinated despite claiming to be in unite. espn reporting he took an alternative treatment petitioning the nfl to accept. jordan love is expected to start in rogers's absence. we get a lot more on this show. carley: jordan love that bat. todd: to the world -- carley: transitioning to fox sports. much to like virginia long island a red wave thanks to democrat policies like bail reform and midnight migrant flights. we are talking to one of the newly elected republican das about his plan to turn the district around. lisa carley shimkus, we have a jampacked two hours, the aforementioned jimmy phelan, bill mcgurn, joe concha and mike
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in an instant. well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. carley: president biden denying his administration is planning to pay illegal border crosses massive sums of money.
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>> reports that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border 450,$000 each, possibly million dollars per family. do you think that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> president biden: if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. it's not true. carley: the executive director of the aclu to question whether the president was fully briefed by his own justice department was a minneapolis the councilmembers tossed along with a proposal they supported to dismantle the city's police department, voters acting four members who supported the field charter amendment to replace the police department with the the permit of public safety at the same time another four incumbent to backed the policing overhaul were reelected. >> red wave hitting long island new york is the gop candidate
1:22 am
wins the suffolk county race with a sweeping 15% margin. joining me to celebrate his big winners suffolk county district attorney ray tierney, congratulations, why did you win? >> i won because of overall general dissatisfaction or distrust of local, state and national leaders coupled with increased crime rates and specific instances where the district attorney's office failed to protect the public. >> part of your platform, reestablish the da's gained unit going forward, use technology to pursue violent crimes and repeal and oppose parole reform. between this and the hiring of cops forcibly new york city because of covid mandates, is suffolk county becoming an example to the nation of how to fight liberal stupidity?
1:23 am
>> i think the electorate was very informed and aware of what was going on and i think they spoke loud and clear that they're not happy about it. >> i look at new york state and think of bail reform as the number one priority of people like you in the law enforcement arena. is there any hope that bail reform goes away and the city, new york city and new york state get back to a sense of normalcy because right now we are a mess. >> the legislature, state legislature has to pay attention to what happened. the electorate spoke in suffolk and it was deafening. they were absolutely against this law but also against an effective leadership where despite the law, specific cases weren't prosecuted properly. todd: are you hopeful the tide is turning toward these das that
1:24 am
have been elected in so many parts of the country, das better suited for the public defenders office, places like san francisco, los angeles, are you hopeful the trend is turning around? >> absolutely because during the course of the campaign i want to all communities in suffolk county and all communities want to be safe and want policing district attorney's office to keep them safe. >> i heard you on the radio because i was listening to coverage not on my station but other stations as well you were talking about the importance of solving violent crime. how have we gotten to a point in our lives where violent crime is something we ignore? >> with technology, there are a lot of ways in which you can solve violent crime and what you really need is you need actual prosecutors running the district attorney's office and not
1:25 am
politicians so my background as a lifelong prosecutor with specific expertise in gainings was very attractive to the voters. todd: the voters spoke, spoken resulting fashion, made you win, we wish you the best of luck, thanks so much. carley: the time is 24 minutes after the hour, a california school district is bringing police officers back to campus thanks to concerned parents who spoke up after a shooting near the high school and one of those dads joins us next. >> of the police talking about virginia's new lieutenant governor, her historic win is getting no love from the squad ♪♪ why can't we be friends ♪♪ why can't we be friends ♪♪ why can't we be --
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>> for raiders wide receiver henry luntz was driving 156 miles per hour second before the fiery crash they kill the woman according to prosecutors a his corvette traveled 500 feet after the collision. the 23-year-old was identified as tina center, she was trapped in the record along with her dog who also died as a result. witnesses who tried to help freedom said they were overcome by the flames, just horrible. rug appearing in court, his blood alcohol level was double the legal limit. the husband of halyna hutchins lawyering up in the face of a wrongful death wrong to thing the set was in violation of industry standards. estate workers union saying live ammunition is never to be used or brought onto any studio lot or stage. fox news speaking exclusively to the film's armorer who plans to address the deadly shooting soon. todd: carley: the corona school board
1:31 am
walking back at stephen the police agenda by voting to bring safety officers back to campus after a sharp slight can school violence had them begging for blue. >> a lot of stuff has been happening, cops should be coming back to school. >> for the safety of the students they should. >> you would rather see the cops here? >> california congressional candidate mike carrgile joined me now. >> thank you for having me. >> the school board voted to remove police officers from campus and 3 months later they said maybe that wasn't such a good idea. what happened? >> the parents spoke. we had a bunch of activists show up emphasis on the heels of this vile rhetoric we've seen over and over through the months, that the police are filled with white supremacists and racists and this is poisoning the minds of a lot of local officials so
1:32 am
when they had a group of activists from out of social up and scream defund the police it was kind of a knee-jerk reaction that the parents weren't aware of. fast forward a few months and there's a shooting just off campus and the parents are very aware that there was no safety precautions to protect their children. i talked to parents, administrators, what would happen if you had an active shooter on campus and they said we are going to run because there's nothing we can do to defend ourselves or the students, the students are on their own and we are going to run. >> even with the activists saying the anti-police stuff you are talking kids here. are you surprised the school district went the activist route to take cops out of schools? >> i'm not surprised. we are talking about people in charge of the safety of our children and you can't decide which bathroom to use, doesn't surprise me and you have this reaction.
1:33 am
we have a governor it was a maniacal governor release tens of thousands of hardened criminals into our state. our neighborhoods, our schools are more dangerous than they have ever been and suddenly they defund their school resource officers, this is the most important program we have as community outreach. people don't understand. when they want the police to interact with the neighborhoods they don't realize this officer on campus will deal with the trouble student, often through there's parents and will get to know the neighborhood. this is the number one outreach into the community but also the last line of defense for their children. jillian: there's an anti-police advocacy group that responded to this situation refunding the police and bringing them back on campus in your school district and it said they say it is wrong and you can't fight violence with police violence. what your reaction to that?
1:34 am
>> they don't understand the proper function of the police force. their duties to protect and serve and the many women of the police department would throw themselves in front of a child to protect them with their very lives. >> we understand your running for congress in 2022. tell us about the election is what motivated you to run? >> obviously things like this. my opponent is one of the proponents of the defund the police movement, part of the george floyd in policing where they want to remove qualified immunity from officers. it is that kind of hateful racist rhetoric that we have to fight against because it mischaracterizes our law enforcement community. these are the most selfless men and women you ever met and they are there to safeguard these kids and their families. jillian: thank you for waking up early with us, you told me a break you haven't yet gone to
1:35 am
bed which is no surprise. 1:34 west coast time. we appreciate it. todd: i remember those west coast nights. time now, 34 minutes after the are. in some cities kids as young as 5 will need a vaccine to enjoy everyday life and not all parents are happy about that, we are talking to them next. >> let's end single party rule, vote for me for senate. jillian: this truck driver a massive political upset and he spent less than $200 on his campaign. here more of the message that is winning over voters coming up. ♪♪
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jillian: noncitizens will be allowed to vote permanently in san francisco school board elections and recalls. the city board of supervisors passing an ordinance allowing everyone who lives in the area 18 and older without a felony record to participate. opponent say the measure will include the district's illegal immigrant population while
1:40 am
opponents say it reduces the vote of actual citizens. >> covid 19 vaccine mandates for kids as the cdc signed off on the pfizer vaccine for kids age 5 to 11. >> we are now expanding vaccine recommendations to 28 million children in the united states. distribution of pediatric vaccinations across the country started this week with plans to scale up to full capacity starting november 8th. they will help us better protect our children from covid 19. >> joining me to react, mother of four, jacqueline staff, working mom of 3 and founder of charm and cindy lee, mother of 4. thanks to all three of you. what is your reaction to the mandate? >> i don't think we need any mandates but we have the option if a parent wants to have a vaccine for their kid that is an individual choice that should be
1:41 am
made based on risk factors for that child but no one should be compelled to get this vaccine because we don't need it for children and there is no societal benefit to vaccinating children who are at greater risk right now from car accidents and drowning than they are from covid 19. >> the mandates put parents like you in. >> thank you. i'm very uncomfortable with mandatory vaccination for my children. i to make that decision and discuss the question. i don't feel like there has been of clinical study. i'm not ready to vaccinate my children with covid and there are other alternatives, we could do same-day testing. i don't know why the government has to be so adversarial on these topics and as a parent we
1:42 am
need to make the right decision for our children and not the federal government. >> are you confident the risks of side effects are being taken into account? >> know i'm not. i don't think children should be vaccinated. the decision whether to vaccinate children are not should be left to parents, not the government, covid is not a huge risk to children. they can be affected but just like the flu it's not a big threat but the risks of the side effects must be taken into account, the main risk to young people so far as hard inflammation which has occurred at a much higher rate than expected. the covid vaccine is not have long-term research unlike other diseases and that is critical. if you are a child even if you had covid the risk of hospitalization or death, it is not clear the benefits outweigh the risks and as we saw in the virginia race parents want the decision to decide what is best
1:43 am
for their child and we are recalling scored members because parents want to have a say a child's education and it is not just testing issue or virginia issue, this is happening nationwide, parents want to make the decision regarding the child's health and education so i am asking all the viewers to go to www. -- for your support and donation, this affects our future generation, our community nationwide, we receive donations from new york and it is happening everywhere. >> let's get into the risk profile, the risk of the vaccine and the risk to kids of covid. look at the numbers, among age 5 to 11 you see the numbers right there about to be on your screen, 2 million cases, 5.5% of cases but look at the number of deaths. every time you see developers we need to emphasize that the death of one child is too many but look at the percentage. it equates to mathematically 0% it doesn't register as a
1:44 am
percentage point among covid death. i take a step back and say replacing too bigger burden on our kids with these vaccine mandates when the risk profile to them is so small. let's go around the home quickly. first question to you. >> we parents can see in countries throughout europe, states throughout the united states kids had really normal lives, they've gone to school without masks, they've had a regular normal life and we don't have worse outcomes so parents like me in new york city have every right to say why are we imposing additional burdens on children when it is unnecessary and not justified? >> i want to and we can't forget the other viruses like the flu, rhinovirus, my son had a short sting of the flu, we had to teach basic precautions of going back to washing your hands, don't touch your face.
1:45 am
it's not everything about covid. i'm all about vaccines but don't feel comfortable with covid and we need to rethink what the government is doing. todd: are we putting too bigger burden on our kids? >> i would say absolutely. we've been in this and have enough data to see it does not affect children, the risks are minuscule and parents are fighting back, go to www. recall >> thank you, appreciate the insight, we will see how it plays out. >> the time is 45 minutes after the hour, president biden is blaming a lot of things for the democrats disastrous showing in virginia but his agenda isn't on the list. >> people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things from covid to school to jobs. >> we are talking about with jimmy phelan next. com
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learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. >> a new jersey truck driver upsetting the state's democratic senate leader having spent $153 on his campaign. >> a repudiation of governor murphy.
1:50 am
governor murphy locked us down and ignored the people's voice. you cannot tell people they can't have a job. you can't tell people they can't go to church and that was what was done so this was the people's voice. >> he remains up by 2000 votes over incumbent and garden state democrat leader and powerbroker steve sweeney who received $3 million in contributions. >> those numbers unbelievable. in virginia winston spears getting crickets from the squad. fox news reached out to the far left lawmakers about her historic win in the lieutenant governor's race and not a single one provided comments but they were quick to celebrate of the candidates at boston's mayor elect michelle lou who is a democrat. todd: president biden deflecting blame for his party's for performance. >> i'm not sure i would be able to have changed the number of
1:51 am
very conservative folks who turned out who were trump voters. people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things from covid to school to jobs, cost a gallon of gasoline. carley: jimmy phelan of fox nation is here to discuss. the president was right about one thing, people are upset about a lot of things. >> that was my favorite thing in the world about that moment that this was clearly a repudiation of everything the democratic party has done but think of it like a restaurant, the voters were like the sex and democrats are like i've got it, bigger portions. are you stupid? jillian: the billback better agenda. >> this was a rejection if you look at exit polls in virginia what were the priorities? taxes, education, they weren't
1:52 am
covid as he said some folks are upset about covid and education is not a right wing issue, it is an issue, we need education. biden should do what he does best which is sleeping through meetings. >> are you worried democrats are so singularly focused on forcing this agenda down everybody's roads but nobody wants that they are going to ignore logic and vote. >> this is biden's dad training corrupting his presidency. when the family is on vacation and dad wants to see the biggest ball of yarn in missouri, i'm not going to go selfy like that. this is how you roll but the point is he won't pullover. the fact that they are not capable of self reflection in this moment is why it went bad and will continue to go bad. >> the thing that was really fascinating about democrats reaction to virginia and new jersey was that it was such a divided reaction was when you think of how president biden and nancy pelosi are doubling down saying the reason we lost is we
1:53 am
didn't pass our legislation so we go full steam ahead with the build back better plan and joe manchances the reason we lost is pushing this stuff on americans that don't want it. >> they don't want it. if you look at the polling, there was an abc poll last night on the build back better agenda most people don't think it will make a difference, 32% think it will hurt people like them, 25% think it will help, 18% think it will make no difference, the fact they are still doing this, that is an intelligent point from a guy who looks like me. >> we love football and we talk about football off-line. aaron rogers, qb of the green bay packers against the chiefs because he has covid 19 after saying he considered himself immunized with a vaccine alternative. the blue check sports brigade lecturing on the vaccine of the alemannic nature of their writings. when i go to sports media i go to learn how bad the giants are
1:54 am
and the chances of winning in the next game. >> talk about knowing your audience, it doesn't come for health advice. to be clear it was nice to hear story about someone catching something. we don't get that a lot. what they are known for in terms of lifestyle if you are on the road in the nfl, the health risk for things to catch, for being fans, the truth is nobody host sports for anything but sports, the only reason we are there and i wish they knew that and the world series might be that moment where people follow up your joy of the braves winning the world series. >> how many stopped watching espn because it came more political? >> according to the ratings, everybody. >> i think aaron rogers when he
1:55 am
was asked if he was vaccinated or not said he was immunized and the doctor gave a homeopathic treatment to increase his immunity. >> that means the nfl isn't checking that hard because if he was vaccinated he would have to show preventive he didn't there would be protocols to follow so i don't think they were doing it. i am to be okay. my best bet, over 55, less of a chance. >> guaranteed. >> thank you so much. all-star lineup on deck for the next hour on "fox and friends first," there's jimmy and a shot at the wall with film again, joe concha. jimmy has his work. don't go anywhere.
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>> i'm not sure that i would have been able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out. >> wake-up call for all of us. todd: november 4th, the blame game is on. president biden passing the buck after major losses in virginia, senator joe manchin says his party should abandon far left agenda or suffer defeat in the midterms. >> reports that his administration is planning to give back 450,$000 payments to illegal migrants separated at the border.


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