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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this plays out. that's all for us tonight. all three episodes of tucker's investigation into the real events of january 6th are available now on fox nation. get 90 days free access right now. sean hannity is next. >> sean: jesse watters, thank you. welcome to "hannity." breaking tonight a bombshell new development in the durham probe. one of christopher steele's primary sources, in this case a russian analyst was indicted. what this could mean for hillary clinton. comey and other high level actors that pushed the russian collusion hoax for 5 years. durham may have figured this out. who should be worried tonight? we begin tonight with democrats
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across the country they are still reeling from this major election loss on tuesday, in virginia and new jersey and across the country. even in new jersey the republican candidate jack ciattarelli is within 2 points of the democratic governor and no one has conceded. democratic denial is worse and joe biden green new deal is in jeopardy. one person said capitol hill is an adam schiff show. some media mobsters are blaming racist americans who love white supremacy. that's hard to explain considering some of the wins on tuesday and ignoring the historic election. winsome sears was on this show last night.
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and others like alexandria ocasio-cortez are blaming members of their own party. why? because they are not radical enough. take a look. >> i know that virginia was a huge bummer. if anything, i think the results show the limits of trying to run a fully 100% super moderate campaign. that doesn't excite, speak to or energize the progressive base. we were not invited to contribute in that race. >> sean: climate change ranked at the bottom of the issues. for example, voters in virginia cared about. the economy and education and taxes were at the top of the list. for someone that thinks the world is going to end in 10 years, logic is not necessarily a top priority. still pelosi, schumer, biden are getting bullied by aoc and the squad. they were right back pushing
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their radical agenda today. tripling down on the build back better socialist spending orgy. and the true cost of build back better socialism is over 4 trillion dollars. credit to joe manchin who said get rid of all of the accounting gimmicks and give us real numbers so we can vote on an honest bill. that is not likely to happen. and that will be 3 trillion dollars printed or just added to the debt and inflation will sky rocket on top of the historic levels of inflation all of us are now suffering through. and record high energy prices and everything you buy at every story is much higher. the plan called for 185 times more spending on climate than on
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future pandemic preparedness. does that make sense. senator joe manchin doesn't appear to be on board. called the virginia results a wake up call. he is right and today manchin tells fake news cnn that america is not a center left country but a center right country. congress better take note. take a look. >> we have to work together. we can't go too far left. this is not a center left or a left country. we are center, if anything center right. we ought to be able to recognize that. all my friends on the left, the progressives and liberals, i am not. >> sean: he and krysten sinema are about the only 2 in the senate that recognize the obvious. in the house one virginia democrat seeing the hand writing on the wall and blasted her colleagues for ignoring real problems like inflation and the high cost of energy and the supply chain issues.
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trashing build back better, saying nobody elected joe biden to be fdr. and a democratic strategist who is smart but a dinosaur in terms of his way of thinking which is more center left but partly center. james carville believes his party lost its way and he is correct. >> what went wrong? >> don't just look at virginia and new jersey. look at long island and seattle, washington. this defund police lunacy and take lincoln's name off of schools. people see that. it's having a suppressive effect across the country. some people need to go to a woke detox center. >> sean: i think i finally won
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james over. stupid wokeness. carville is right. the radical socialists rule the party. they are not going anywhere. they now rule the entire democratic party and they do so with an iron fist. biden's woke doj led by garland will issue 6-figure payments to illegal immigrants. yesterday a bewildered and befuddled joe biden denied any plan was in the works. as it turns out, joe was not in the loop as usual. today his deputy press secretary said biden supports these payments. our own peter doocy was correct again. take a look. >> the president is comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the u.s. government. the doj can speak more on that process. >> sean: while you struggle with
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rising gas and food prices and housing and transportation costs. the biden administration is cutting huge checks, $450,000 to illegal immigrants. they will get hundreds of thousands of dollars each out of your pocket. people that didn't respect our laws. did not respect our borders or our sovereignty and entered this country ullegally. -- illegally. that's madness and insanity. welcome to america last policy. forget america first. this is america the sucker nation that allows china and india to be classified as developing nations and we pay everything for the paris climate accords. china is mocking joe biden for being powerless. joe falls asleep and apologizeds
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just like his idol barack obama for america. he has no clue his own state department is planning on playing illegal immigrants $450,000 each. he goes back again to beg opec and russia to produce more oil. joe, all you have to do is ask texas, alaska, north dakota, oklahoma. they will be more than happy to accommodate. the bottom line is democrats, who are they hurting? the poor and the middle-class. i thought nobody was going to pay a penny more if they made under $400,000 a year. nope. the people bearing the brunt of these policy are the poor and the middle class. for democrats political power is the only thing that matters.
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here is a fox news contributor and a fox nation host. you have followed everything in afghanistan. you followed everything on the border. we are watching the high price of gasoline and watching joe biden beg opec. and never mind foreign policy. joe didn't know about the $450,000 payments to illegals. i only see two members of the democratic party, joe manchin and krysten sinema and i will add james carville that get what happened tuesday. what part am i missing? >> sean, i would not be surprised if they all get it behind-the-scenes. they don't want to say it publicly for obvious reasons. this was a big wake up call for the democratic leadership and
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the progressives. this is the beginning for americans standing up. they shoved it down our throats for years. everything that is different. everything that divides us. it doesn't change the reality or the truth. people are no longer afraid because they see what is coming. one thing that is coming, in no small way about very long. you just mentioned that climate change was way down there. lots of people will say it's terrible thing. but when it comes down to it, they didn't sign up to starve. for food and supply shortages. energy is at the root of inflation. if you look at all of that whether it's diesel or the
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fertilizer used for food production, look at the price of natural gas. it's through the roof. when i saw that election result, the first people i thought of were the workers on the keystone pipeline. this is vindication for them. this moment. this is when americans voted and said we see the price of natural gas is through the roof. we know the price of fertilizer doubled. russia and china are cutting back and others in the u.s. are cutting back on fertilizer. that's going to hit us hardest when it comes to food. it's one thing to be told you don't have a say over your child's education. imagine when you can't feed your children. americans won't put up with this. this would not surprise me if it's replicated across the country. if it happens on such a scale it makes voter fraud impossible. >> sean: miranda, you had
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a great column in the "new york post," a wake up call for the woke. it won't only virginia that biden bun by 10 points and new jersey by 16 points or those that are on the left saying this is all about racism. explain the election of winsome sears or seattle electing somebody for the defund the police candidate or minneapolis staying away from the defund the police effort or rejecting socialists in buffalo. every part of the country has made this turn. the question now is the democrats seem to be doubling down. is that where they will stay? >> well, they will if they are suicidal. we have known this before joe biden was even elected. the democratic party is the one
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that has the internal problem. there is a civil war between the moderates and the progressives, the aoc wing and the squad who have insane idea whose call themselves about socialists. it's about opening borders and getting rid of fossil fuels. joe biden ran as a moderate. pretended to be a unifier. honest joe would bring the country together. he has done the opposite. i think you give him too much credit when you talk about him not knowing about that $450,000 gift to illegal immigrants. i think he knew when i think he was lying. he lies about everything. he possibly had a get out of jail free card by saying it wasn't exactly $450,000.
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he knew when he told peter doocy that was a garbage idea that would never happen, there is no way he did not know the doj was working on these settlements. the fact is that it should not happen. it's a magnet for more illegal immigration. as if people were not given an incentive to come to america. now they get a gift from the america taxpayer's pockets. that's what the entire country turned against. insanity. this is not normal. it's not the democratic party of old. every person who voted democrat in the past your party was taken over. like the night of the living dead. the party was taken over by crazy socialists and joe biden is aware enough of what is going on to be cu lpable.
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and who would have thought that sending the fbi on moms and dads would not be a game winner. garland sicked the fbi on moms and dads and america said no. i don't see how joe biden and the democratic party can get out of this. >> sean: there is not a way out. >> once people realize who joe biden really is -- then they can never unsee that. once you know what sort of a person he is, you will never trust him again. you don't believe he is honest and you will never vote for him or anything associated with him again. >> sean: thank you. we turn to another radical biden policy. the vaccine mandate starting on
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january 4. lawsuits are pouring if and one challenge by south carolina. joining us is the governor of south dakota. we have pelosi and fauci -- and joe biden and all of these democrats. we will never mandate a vaccine. they are mandating it. it's no longer a vax or don't vax debate. we will are seeing military and police and nurses and hospital workers are willing to give up their career and salary, benefit and pension because this is what they believe. my question to, to you is specific. joe biden offered an option to be tested. i would like to see those people keep their jobs and benefits and
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pensions. would that be a fair option? >> here's the fact. joe biden doesn't have the authority to do this. it's unconstitutional for him to come in and put mandates if place. whether it's mandating for a vaccine or testing that's not his role. that was left to the states and to people in protecting their personal freedoms to make sure they have the opportunity to make the best decisions for themselves. that's the whole discussion here. when president biden and his administration announced they would come forward with this mandate, i quickly said if he brought these regulations like today i would see him in court. he doesn't have this authority as president of the united states. when i ran for governor i promised the people of south dakota i would protect them from federal government intrusion. what we are doing today is america versus joe biden or joe
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biden versus america. several governors and states are joined together. we are filing litigation in the morning. we will see him in court and we will win. >> sean: it's interesting. the first time i interviewed you on covid you said something i still remember: i have faith in the people of my state that they will figure this out on their own like every state you have moments, hot spots, difficulties, troubles here and there. it's worked out well. i think most americans now have made up their mind. do you think anything dr. fauci or joe biden or kamala harris says will convince anybody? >> i would not tell anybody to trust them. that's the unfortunate part. you are supposed to trust your health experts and trust your leaders in this country. they turned this pandemic and turned this virus into a weapon they are using against the
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america people to take away their freedoms. they were trying to control them through fear to promote an agenda of socialism. that's what this is. this is promoting socialized medicine in the united states of america. that's why it's so important that we as governors and states stand up and make sure we protect our people. i trust the people of south dakota. i have all of the faith in the world in them. they make the best decisions for themselves and their families. especially when the federal government comes in and tries to do something they have no authority to do, we will fight them. >> sean: the sad part is the nurses and the medical workers and police and so many others in the worst moments of this pandemic they dove on covid grenades every day and many have natural immunity. look at the science and follow the science that we are learning out of israel. a big study over 700,000 people. waiting for it to be peer reviewed.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: an update on an important story developing tonight. our "hannity" exclusive investigation into vaccine coercion efforts inside the west point military academy. we reported to you over the summer in our interview with parents, cadets who chose not to get the vaccine were subjected to bullying and targeting over their decision in the spring and summer of 2021. this was official policy, that getting the shot was option. unvaccinated cadets were described as dirty and diseased
6:27 pm
and one cadet was removing from the rowing team over her vaccine status. and the rowing coach wrote this: whatever your reasons for not being vaccinated i promised my husband i would not coach unvaccinated cadets. it ended on september 27th after the vaccine mandate went into effect. then unvaccinated cadets were instructed to get vaccinated or file for an exemption and they were denied access to counsel. is this driven by science or a larger political agenda at play.
6:28 pm
we reached out to west point for comment. they haven't provides us with a response. here are 3 former west point cadets. hannah mcdonald and kayla sampson with willow brown who left the academy last spring. willow, tell us your story. >> yes, i went to the academy hoping to serve my country and bring the fight to the enemy. i found myself in the classroom learning to be more sensitive and this woke idealogy that took over west point really surprised me. as the vaccine came out. i hesitated and no questions were answered. i figured i was not learning how to better serve my country. i was learning about white rage. i knew i had to leave.
6:29 pm
the country was welcoming less safe. students were not learning about chinese but how to be more sensitive. it was ridiculous. >> sean: hannah and kayla, is that accurate? >> yes, sir, this happened. i don't remember being there in person. i didn't go to these breves. -- briefs. i remember talk about white rage and extremism. it was ridiculous. it had nothing to do with bettering yourself as an army officer. >> sean: hannah, the same experience you had? >> yes, sir. i had the privilege of tutoring english. a lot were writing papers on critical race theory and socialism. i asked why they were writing these things? they said they did not agree but thought their professors would
6:30 pm
enjoy it because it was in line with the books they were reading. >> sean: hannah, as every single person i have known in my life that ever went to any of the academies, west point in particular, they dreamed of this from the time they were little. was the case with all three of you? hannah first? >> yes, sir. i joined very late in the game. i was not aware that the service academies were an option for sometime. growing up in a christian household and understanding there is no better love than to lay down your life for someone else. i disappointed coming to west point and realizing that's not what the army stood for anymore. >> sean: everybody i know who became a nurse, doctor or
6:31 pm
teacher these were callings. something they felt they were born to do. was that how you felt? >> yes, sir, i felt it was my calling to be an officer. my father was an army officer. when i got there, it did not turnout like i planned. i thought my life was going to be wrapped around west point for the next 4 years. that's not what happened. >> sean: willow? >> yes, sir. i had a similar experience. i found out about the service academy. i was between the naval academy and west point but i felt called to serve in my country army. it was not what i expected. >> sean: let me start with you, willow. i will ask you all the same question. your trajectory changed.
6:32 pm
i am sure it was traumatic for all of you. you made your decision. nurses and doctors and police and firemen it's not a matter of vax or don't vax. they made up their minds. it would have been an option for all three of you to get tested? would you have stayed in the academy? >> for me i would have to say no. just from my experience in the classroom throughout my time at west point, i realized they were not teaching the same values i believed. i left before the official vaccine mandate because i saw the political indoctrination going on. i knew it was not the academy that i wanted to give the next 10 years of my life to the army. >> no, sir. i don't think i would have stayed. the same as willow said. i could not stay in a place
6:33 pm
where i didn't agree with the things they were teaching. i didn't agree with the things the army stood for. they said they stood for the citizen soldier. i was no longer treated as a citizen and more like a soldier. >> sean: hannah? >> no, sir, i would not have stayed. i was not just resisting the injection. i was upset with the trajectory of our life. >> sean: i have never been called sir this much. i hope my kids are watching. maybe they can learn a thing or two. i am teasing. i am sad for all of you. what i hear is your life's calling, what you were born to do and what you dreamed of doing, you were so close to getting to that reality. to have this one size fits all
6:34 pm
medicine doesn't seem scientific to me. not looking for options that could accommodate all side to keep people safe and secure. are you thinking of suing. raise your hand. nobody. >> no. >> sean: i wish -- you are, hannah? okay. there is one lawsuit. your phone will be ringing first thing tomorrow morning. in all seriousness, you are all incredible people. i don't know what this means for your future. i wish your dream came true and i wish they had worked with you. it's sad to me. because you are willing to risk your life and serve your country. all three of you are amazing young women. we are luck to have you as our fellow citizens. i wish you all the best.
6:35 pm
>> thank you. >> sean: here to react to the breaking news author of the ten week in a number 1 "new york times" best seller america marxism, i call him the great one. a quick reaction to that. you know the people that go to the military academies. we met them. the most amazing people on earth. willing to risk their lives and sacrifice for their country. you would think there would be a type of creative way to solve a problem short of our way or the highway. >> what is happening across the country listening to those wonderful patriots there is that the government is weeding out people who just don't go with
6:36 pm
authoritarianism. many people 2 have natural immunity will be fired with an unconstitutional illegal mandate with joe biden. osha has no authority over vaccines. if any department and they don't it would be hhs. this will be defeated. it's the mentality. they are trying to weed out forces that support freedom and reject authority. the war on the cops is a perfect example and the war on the military is another example. it's going on throughout the american marxism movement. this book is not in our schools? why not? this is the antidote to what is going on in this country. the parents in virginia and elsewhere who rose up. the parents in virginia, being a parent myself as are you, critical race theory is poison. it's more than critical race theory. what is being done to your
6:37 pm
children is outrageous. what kind of a country are we going to leave to our children and grandchildren and generations yet born? this movement is across the board. this radical movement. who will pay this debt? we have moronic statements from the president and the democratic party that they will spend trillion dollars in debt but it doesn't create debt, in fact it will eliminate the debt. that's not true. they will expand medicare which will destroy medicare. who will pay for that? it's a racism and a radical left agenda. test scores are going down in every part of this country. what about immigration? a lack of assimilation. the border is wide open. you will have tribunalization in the years ahead. what kind of country are we
6:38 pm
leaving our children. -- we have this movement that is a war on capitalism and private property rights. this is the core of americanism. they create lawless innocence with their agenda. what are we doing about national security? -- china is building a military prepared for war. our military is being gutted and undermined with this social agenda. this critical race theory and a thousand other ways. it's not properly funded. we are not building up our military. one day our children and grandchildren because of the provocative nature of the
6:39 pm
marxists in the democratic party will have to go to war for this country. look at the constitution. we inherited the greatest document on the face of the earth it's under contact attack. a war on the bill of rights. what kind of a country are we creating and leaveing to our children. the same parents that rose up at school board meetings -- the same parents concerned about critical race theory and concerned about this transgender movement and the same parents who are concerned about who should control what in their children's lives. your children and grandchildren and generations yet born are plundered by joe biden and chuck
6:40 pm
schumer and nancy pelosi and by aoc and talib. by this radicalism. talib. we need to be resolute. a victory is a beautiful thing. this is one battle after another and after another -- a battle over the culture and the economy and a battle over constitutional republicanism. every one of the fundamental principles that gave us life, liberty and prosperity is under attack by the democrat party. by the surrogates in the media and entertainment. the victories the other night is one small step to protect the future of our china. -- children. step up and fight the school
6:41 pm
boards and fight this agenda coming out of washington that will destroy the future of your children and devour their opportunities. that's it. >> sean: that's why we call him the great one mark levin. tune in sunday night 8 o'clock. number 1 show on fox news. when we come back despite their nationwide defeat on tuesday the left doubling down on the radical left agenda. clay travis and leo terrell next. a busy news night. we continue.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: the far left efforts to indoctrinate our kids is on display. documents provided to fox news finds that montgomery count, maryland launched a lesson plan teaching kids in schools there is a dual pandemic with covid-19 and systemic racism. students will be required to show proof of vaccination to go in a restaurant or a gym.
6:48 pm
rather than focus on whether such rules follow the science, the media is mocking fellow americans that are really suffering especially the poor and the middle-class as a result of biden's energy policies. economic policies. inflation, for example. cnn spotlighted a family of 11 in texas concerning the rising cost of milk. look at this. >> we started seeing everything going up. gross we prices went up. when you buy 12 gallons of milk times 4 weeks, that's a lot of money. >> sean: that is a lot of money and prompted what from the media mob? mockery. new york magazine said 12 gallons of milk a week sounds like a lot but they have to cut out their milk baths on
6:49 pm
alternative days. one cnn called out this mocking of a family. here is clay travis with leo terrell. first we got -- leo 2.0. selling those hats and now we have clay with a lets go brandon t-shirt. >> good job, clay. >> sean: you have been selling those, how many have you sold if you can tell us? >> i think we are nearing over 10,000 of these t-shirts. sean. it's been a good week. we will sell more. >> sean: where is mine? >> let me have one of those. >> [overlapping talking]. >> sean: i don't have a hat and i don't have a t-shirt. we may have to get new guests that are more generous with
6:50 pm
hosts. i will pay for. i want a t-shirt. let's start with mocking this family. maybe a gallon of milk was $1.99 and new $279. there was a point in my adult life where i struggled to pay the rent. i remember that like yesterday. you go grocery shopping and still have that mind set. i can afford anything i want to buy in the score but i don't like to pay a dollar more for an item i paid less for, 4 months ago. for a family of 11 this is milk or water for the family. people in the media make fun of that? >> it's absurd and ridiculous and sad. i am with you. there have been times in my life where i worried about whether or not i could pay the mortgage.
6:51 pm
i had 2 young kids and in 2010 i lost my jobbed. i didn't know what i would do with 2 kids under age 5. there are people out there right now struggling and ridiculing people who live paycheck to paycheck. that's not the way to endear yourself to anyone. this is the bigger issue and larger problem that democrats have. they have become a party of elite who mock and ridicule people in the middle part of the country who are living paycheck to paycheck. they no longer people working in unions or regular people who may have not had college degrees and don't have a lot of money in the bank. the idea you would ridicule them as the prices of goods everywhere are sky rocketing that's why the democrats got their ass kicked on tuesday and heading for a worse ass kicking
6:52 pm
next year. >> sean: and maryland told students there was a double pandemic. covid and racism. now we will drag kids 5 to 11 if they want to go to a restaurant or drug store they have to move they are vaccinated. we looked at the numbers from the cdc. 162 kids between that age died from covid. about the same rate as kids that die from the normal flu in any given year. it's about the same. considering this is a disease for older people that doesn't impact on any mass scale young people. why force people to do this? >> because this is simply a game of the democrats using the pandemic. they want it to last forever. they use it for power and control over our lives. not their lives, not the democrats who are going to the french laundry and nancy pelosi going to the hair salon. to control the every day people. clay is right.
6:53 pm
the democrat elite live by different standards. they want the pandemic to last forever. i have to talk about that maryland double system of pandemic and systemic racism. i want to be clear. there is no systemic racism. where is the boogeyman? the only racist book boogeyman i know is joe biden -- they play the systemic racism card. this is the democratic play book because the foundation of the democratic party is based on racism. without it, they do not exist. >> sean: that was the narrative from the nedia. racism, racism, racism. that's what happened in virginia and happened in new jersey. clay? >> i have to say this too.
6:54 pm
sean can you imagine being a parent and taking a 4 or 5-year-old to mcdonald's and they card your kid. are you kidding me? with what san francisco is doing. you can't take your kid to mcdonald's without taking a vaccine card with you. again how are they going to determine the difference between a 3 and 4-year-old and a 5-year-old and a six-year-old. >> sean: you better show your papers. you need a picture i.d. to get in the white house or the capitol or to get a 6 pack. makes a lot of sense. i expect a shirt and a hat as soon as possible. thank you both. more "hannity" straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, you make this show possible. thank you as always for joining us, we hope you will set your dvr, never miss an episode of "hannity," but in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, why? because laura ingraham is on standby. she will take you home for the rest of the night. how are you? >> laura: i'm very well. i have a question for you. >> sean: oh, boy, here we -- i owe most have a raymond arroyo voice, i'm just a little bit shy, it's a little thin but it's not there yet. >> laura: i have a question for you. do you think the resistance to the vaccine mandate is finally really happening? to the mandate, not the vaccines because a lot of people get the vaccine, that's fine, but the mandate. i feel it, i see it, and i'm excited by it, because it means that there is life out there in protecting freedom and conscience and freedom -- >> sean: new jersey and