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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 4, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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where children, little children, to be able to get vaccinations to keep them safe. to keep their family safe. so we know how things spread in schools and to to see the beautiful pictures of the children getting a shot. of it all mike others proud of the fact -- >> laura: she is stick. but "gutfeld!" is next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: yeah, you better clap. so after tuesday's democrats bloodbath, you see more finger-pointing than anna johnny depp divorce. and most of it is directed at all those, evil, white people. right? >> this is isn't about enthusiasm. this is not about democrats doing enough to exercise their
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base and it definitely is not about -- this is about the fact that a good chunk of voters out there are okay with white supremacy. let's call a thing a thing actually, scratch that. >> greg: scratch what? that's kind of gross. maybe get an ointment. so yeah, democrats lost because voters love white supremacy. especially the 54% of hispanic white supremacist who voted for youngkin. those hispanic white supremacist again with her white supremacist tango and white supremacist tamales. you've heard this white supremacist all over at msnbc. this network was the worst idea bill gates ever had besides hanging out with jeffrey epstein. i shouldn't have said hanging. anyway -- too soon. that place, that no work lies to their viewers more than the guy who sold me those blue pills on
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craigslist. rock-hard my. but they blame whiteness for virginia's election while saying crt does not exist. it makes you miss the clinton era when the dems were very good at lying. so cross was filling in for the home ohmic blogger reed who had said the same thing. >> it was education, which is code for white parents don't like the idea of teaching about race. >> yes, because there is one thing missing in our educational system, it is america's history of racism. what is missing and the strip club is the smell of desperation. and baby powder. it is funny, though. how could someone named joy reid be so joyless and not to read? there are countless articles out there on crt and how often it is being taught in schools. so joy and tiffany the same thing like people who planned a lie often well. it's like to msnbc only have one
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brain and in the handoff they must've dropped it numerous times. but what if they are right? in fact, there are a lot of voters who are okay with white supremacy. it's just that they vote democrat. and not because the support of the governor who either wore blackface or a client hood. he never did tell us which. either way, no white sheets after labor day, ralph. it's okay to laugh at that. okay, don't laugh. but the most affluent places in america are arlington, fairfax, and loudoun county. their people make six or even seven figures. the type of folks who can afford hunter biden's artwork and drug habit. and they vote democrat overwhelmingly knowing that it only leads to paying much higher taxes. as the new york time points out, affluent suburbs went bluer than a smirk choking on a marble. they didn't say that, i did. but that won 77% of the vote in arlington so these are voters who know they are going to play
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way more under a democrat but they do it either way whether intact size, at the gas pump, or by medical devices online. fyi, catheters come in handy when you can't make it to the bathroom. trust me. so while talk about issues matter to blacks, no matter to these rich, white, liberal racists. if you voted republican, are you trying to save some money so you can fill your tank with gas or are you a racist? maybe everyone who drives is racist. but the rich white liberal racist can afford stuff like climate change spending, defending the cops, on mitigated regulation -- but no one else can. just where the majority of blacks voted against replacing the police department. getting wind of the police is a popular idea with white college kids in safe neighborhoods but not so much with people who might be murdered. unlike working-class blacks, rich white liberal racist, they can handle it. when you're white and rich, you can vote for anything that will destroy an urban area faster
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than a case of whippets on kat's brain cells. you can raise taxes on the white liberal racist. they can handle it. you can defund of the police,e, they can handle it. they are in gated communities and can afford private security and it's okay if their security has guns. immigration, they love cheap labor. it takes care of their hedges and it only affects border states. covid lockdowns are fine. they have enough cash to endure a few beers watching the view and their underpants. with a have government jobs where they are used to doing nothing. they love that. look at the evil prisons, especially since the repeat offenders and up in the bronx were other places that white rich liberal racist only seen gritty movies starring other which right girls who can shoot guns. and at least one who can and crt? white rich liberal racist don't mind it because all their kids go to pricey private schools just like -- they love school
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choice as long as poor people can't afford it. but at least the kids are getting laid by their teachers. something i missed. why did i go to catholic school? anyway, you have to wonder, even if you are a white rich liberal, why would you also want secure borders, and written -- that's weight they could make a better life from themselves. it's because the white rich liberal is racist. perhaps they need minorities to have problems the government causes so they will look to the government to solve them. i wonder what the angry black male things. thinks. ♪ ♪ >> all right. one, two, three, four. >> yes. new york, iona, $1,000. that is the ball game. >> the only reason you are winning is because of race is on. >> the reason -- racism?
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i'm winning because he rolled a six. >> let me just all of you right there. >> what are you talking about question marks because the game we are applying is racist. >> a white supremacist are helping me, a black man, and monopoly? it's because that's the game, write a question like >> i am playing monopoly. what game are you playing? oh, my god. ♪ ♪ >> of the leftist media claims the white working class are racist for voting for republican when it is the white working class that shares the same concerns that the black working class does. and that's about crime, education, taxes, and inflation. the blame white e strategy provides cover for the white rich liberal racist. it comes in many forms but it's always a noose on a door knob. sometimes it is a caucasian progressive with seven figures in the bank and an illegal nanny in the guest room.
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let's welcome tonight's guests. she hosts a youtube show called the weekly "dumpster fire," not to be confused with reliable sources with brian stelter. comedian and host of "dumpster fire," bridget phetasy. she's so southern she deep surprised her deep fryer. fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. her pets complain she gets hair everywhere. fox news contributor, kat timpf. and he's made more people say uncle than the october gnomes brother. my massive sidekick and the nwa's world television champion, tyrus. all right. i thought that was a pretty good introduction, tyrus. >> kat is writing them now,
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isn't she? >> greg: what do you make of how the media -- only put it this week. that election gives you one day of editorial content for tv show, but it's a meltdown response that gives you like a month of stuff. >> i had called this week's before. i've been saying you keep messing with moms and dads, you mess with our education and you mess with our police department, we are going to show up. we are going to do the extra work. and i warned them. the really real world, this stuff matters, not your fake fantasy ninth place focus on that's no one wants. and we saw it in a place, in a fashion across the board. even in new jersey where it came down to the wire when they sent a message, parents are like we are going to be heard and respected and we want to get back to work and the democrats i'm sorry, i don't understand. oh, we weren't progressive enough.
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we weren't pushing enough. they didn't hear us. the white races showed up. and i would just like to say yes, you are exactly right. aoc, 100%. let's step up, let's add another 50% woke is him. this is the campaign strategy. i don't do this often. well done. let's keep this going. let's take this to the midterms. turn that progressive woke-is a mop because we are thirsty for it. we can't wait. i love it. my life is so easy. everything is racist. i don't have to do anything. i can just get the check and if i fail and if anyone calls me out on my laziness they are racist too. ladies and gentlemen, utopia. >> greg: audience applauding
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racism, i like that. bridget -- sometimes i wonder, would it be better if we all decide we are racist -- >> except for a no when we set appeared >> greg: and that would destroy this narrative. how do you see this? >> i love that white supremacy is when you vote for the wrong white guy. you are awake -- it seems like when all you have is a hammer everything is literally racism and it seems like people all over it. they are not being bullied anymore. they are tired of hearing this. they are not scared of being called bigots. and this is problematic because you don't want to destroy these words but they have no meaning anymore. what are you supposed to do if you are just nonstop being told that everything -- could never be anything that they did. let's not look at policy, was not look at the fact that kids didn't go to school for 18 months. there can never be any possible on the reason than racism. and that just seems like a
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losing strategy and it continues to be. >> it's a winning strategy. >> a winning strategy. >> greg: the two points that you made that are together and now i forgot what they were. but they were really good. oh, -- >> may be i am not the one doing the web it's. >> greg: i have joe biden disease. happens if you come across a real big and you call them a big and meets nothing in the real big it can goat this is just woke is on the other thing is that fearless part which is that everybody was so scared of responding to being accused now they are not. so because it is meaningless -- there's the bad part and the good part. dagen, that is quite address. >> thank you. i stopped wearing my clipping bangs. but to what you are talking about, not only are you a white supremacist if you vote for the wrong guy, you are a white
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supremacist if you vote for a black woman. first black woman ever elected to statewide office, but they are not going to admit they are wrong and so when somebody votes for someone they don't like, they are going to call you are racist. rather than waking up to the fact that their worldview is not in step with what is going on in the rest of the country. and they love to use that hammer, but now it is like a little rubber racist hammer that nobody is frightened of. they have used it so much so falsely and so maliciously -- it's like bring your hammer at me. i am not cowering. you can call me a racist. i am not asking for forgiveness. the only big it, like how do you spot a bigot, the left is going to cover up for them because they are in their own party. i did my usual research and ap did a fact-check last year as
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biden was running for president. biden did not eulogize a former kkk grand wizard. robert byrd however, they found out was an exalted cyclops and was a recruiter for the client. >> greg: that's different here that changes everything. it's a guy that gets the grand -- >> still handicapped. only has one eye. can't speak -- racism is the rescued lens. not as strong when you only have one i. >> greg: think about how insecure you have to be to call yourself exalted. i would just go by cyclops. >> that is what we are going with? all right. the problem is they are too insecure -- nine secure enough. we'll have those friends that are still single, don't want to be single and it's so obvious to everyone why they are single but they can't accept that. i -- men are so intimidated by me because i'm such a strong
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one. are you sure it's not like because you get so drunk and a yourself every time out? their whole platform is we are going to take all of your money and then also your kids. and people don't vote for them and they are like racist. it's that delusional until they confront that nothing will change. >> is a phenomenal point. eight use to be -- we only had one brother that his name was other rahim and everything was racist. it didn't matter, we are sitting in a restaurant and they shorted us a menu because they are racist. no because we are 15 minutes late. the lights outside were racist. they always turn rent when i get there. why is that? because we are black, dog. bro. but it was just that one guy. apparently now he has a whole cold. >> greg: the one guy ended up at msnbc but it was a woman.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: it is good for you to get some scars falling off the monkey bars. playgrounds should be filled with laughter and crying and if the foul it is up to the germans, at least some dying scum in germany, at where germs come from , they are building dangerous playground equipment to teach kids about risk. this is progress -- the driving force behind it are insurance companies. yeah, insurance companies pretending they care. that's like me asking kilmeade how his weekend went.
8:21 pm
it started getting steam following the 2004 study that children who had improved their motor skills and playgrounds at an early age were less likely to suffer accidents as they got older. here is proof. too easy. and now with more young people spending time at home, these companies are calling for more playgrounds that teach what they call risk confidence which is my safe word at the planet fitness steam room. in other words, germany is reminding today's parents were any parent who raise kids in the '50s '60s in apostle reese 70s knows it is good to break ground so you know your limits. given that her government is telling children to stay inside, where mass, and it is a matter if you are fat. no one likes watching their kid gets hurt. but other kids, i could do that all day. i would love to see a dangerous
8:22 pm
playground. i will bring the popcorn, you bring the hello kitty band-aids. i'm so inspired by it i started my own company that builds high risk playground equipment. >> are you looking to toughen up your kids so they can grow to be be a productive adult? introducing greg gutfeld super awesome playground kit featuring a swing set -- plus a slide with even bigger -- and you will of the jungle gym -- get ready for regular tetherball. just kidding, it also has spikes. >> that's awesome here and order now and will throw in our signature playground attraction, ultimate sandbags with hidden spikes and lit dynamite. order now. >> greg: applauding the exploding sandbox. that's how i like it. i believe, dagen, that risk management, if you master that
8:23 pm
when you are young, you cannot fail in life because you start thinking everything that way. when i was growing up, we as always had kids missing and i from fireworks. what happened to them? >> i knew a kid with a roman candle -- always the roman candle pointed in the wrong direction. they also had it coming. >> greg: that was my nickname in high school. roman candle. >> it is now. i grew up with three concussions and to go tail bones. actually i don't have two tail bones, i had token tail bones twice. but i do pogo stick in a trampoline and i turned out -- well, maybe i should retract that. all you need to do is give every kid a skateboard. you're going to break your arm in the first five hours of being on the thing. but you -- you do need to learn to fall properly so you learn
8:24 pm
that young. so now when i fall, i skinned my knee, i want to tear my acl >> greg: but if people learn to fall correctly, life insurance goes out of business. bridget, you are with child, are you not? congratulations. when the baby -- the first thing you should do, throw it on the ground, let it fend for itself? >> a slip and slide. i grew up with a big family. you are always getting hurt. the emergency room, someone is eating a mushroom where they either need their stomach pumped, someone fell down the stairs and cracked their head open. i broke my wrist, the bone stuck out. and it was like we had to go to the emergency room. they wrapped in a magazine. i feel like i come from another
8:25 pm
time. even those trampolines, now they have the safety net surrounds them. how many times did you fall off a trampoline? >> i got my head stuck between the springs and i was there for like a day. >> does seem like this whole culture is safety -- i understand while you want to take care of your kids but at a certain point they literally had padlocked the playgrounds during the pandemic. >> throwing sand into the skateboard parks in l.a. you reminded me -- i remember when you were a kid the fear of getting your stomach pumped. and then you go johnny cracked his head open and -- but it's only like three stitches but that's it >> greg: i think it's important for everything including relation steps. >> i think it is important for kids also. i think we should do it for emotions as well. i am a firm believer that the coolest thing you can say to a child is you are perfect just the way you are.
8:26 pm
no your [bleep] not. i have met several children. none of them are perfect. how mean is it to tell a child if you put your mind to it you can be anything you want to be when you grow up. no you can't. and they are going to figure that out at some point and they are going -- you need to know what you are good at, what you are bad at. you need to be a person and learn these things so if they're going to come at you at some point, which i am so glad my mom was mean to me. >> greg: tyrus, okay, yes -- >> we have established that. several times. >> greg: you have several children. >> what is your perspective on safety? >> i find this laughable that we are applauding a group saying let's people have life lessons. i raised all of my children under life lessons.
8:27 pm
albeit a little bit of a sea turtle mind-set where you hatched out the egg, good luck. just do your thing and you get hurt. but it used to be you got told what to do after you made the mistake. so when you are like mommy, look at me climb the swing. don't do that. look at me -- boom. how many times have i told you not to climb the swing because you are going to fall. and now your arm is hurt, right question marks at what not do? climb the swing. and then two weeks later i am back up on the swing and when you fall that's when they start telling you you know what? you can be anything you want. you are special just the way you are. but what you don't hear is what they say -- that is your child. you raise him now and i'm going to focus on the winners. you just get that one through high school. they don't see here the inside parent conversations. they just here -- they will will be a time where they are like as you.
8:28 pm
>> greg: i think i was governed by lawyers and terrified of liability because a lot of the stuff -- and covid has made that point so clear. 90% of what we are doing is for a lawyer and for not getting sued. that is my belief anyway. while not, that's really hit hard. up next, the standards of today canceled the oldies we play. thee for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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(tiger) this is the dimension of imagination.
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♪ ♪ ♪ (man) still asleep. (woman vo) so, where to next? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi.
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when you really need to sleep you reach for the really good stuff. new zzzquil ultra helps you sleep better and longer when you need it most. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep. ♪ ♪ >> greg: should their songs keep playing if they're morose all her strength? "new york times" questions whether classic rock songs should be a race for memory much like anything in joe biden's brain. low-hanging fruit, i admit it. as nonproductive members of society found out more about these artist personal lives, now they want to punish everyone for it. it recounts the story of don mclean who had pleaded cloudy, guilty to misdemeanors. also wrote the classic song american pie and no brian
8:33 pm
stelter, not about actual pie. so should that song be canceled? eric clapton has -- but how dare one of the greatest guitarists of all time be upset because he believed the vaccine made him temporarily unable to use his hands bear the rolling stops stop playing "brown sugar" yes, even casting stones at the rolling stones. a little turn of phrase there. but it boils down to one question. can you celebrate are if you disagree with artist? no one said they are rock and role models. they are debased maniacs who funnel flaws into something special, that is rock 'n' roll. they bite heads off of live birds. they marry their 14-year-old cousins and that is just celine dion. expecting them to be good citizens is stupid. at this rate though, they will ban everybody. although i am with them when it comes to aerosmith. have you heard them recently? ♪♪ he looks like a lady mama
8:34 pm
dude looks like a lady, baby ♪♪ >> greg: dagen, i will come back to you. kat. >> that's a bid never gets old. >> greg: they group eric clapton's attitude on vaccinations with -- >> rights. domestic violence is worse than any attitude. although look. if you have a venn diagram of people who are good at making songs and bad at being people, it is almost a circle. so i'm not willing to say they are not going to listen to songs by bad people because i like music. the american pie, i hate that song. >> greg: every bar i went to in d.c. that was playing. >> is not like i could make a good song, okay. but at least i can make a bad one that is shorter. >> greg: good point. it is a long song.
8:35 pm
what do you think, dagen? >> i agree. they sucked me in with the opening anecdote about american pie. something touched me deep inside the day the music died. nobody in america needs to hear that song ever again and the history of history. and so i was starting to think let's cancel the eagles before -- and let's cancel the beatles because ringo starr is the worst drummer of all time. i am totally -- she doesn't actually dislike the band, she dislikes the people who go to those concerts. bruce, a bunch of white guys, that's what she is really at. speak out the beatles changed music forever. >> wow. i was expecting -- >> i think they should go ahead and cancel it. it's not for them anymore. classic rock, don't listen to it. it doesn't fit the woke thing
8:36 pm
because it actually comes from people who have experienced life and live for things like redemption and make mistakes and their songs reflect that as they get older. lite classic rockaway, your little woke music won't have any sound because you steal all the sounds from classic rock. so good luck. speak out what is the alternative? you do a background check and interview before you listen to a song? >> greg: what do you think, bridget? >> it's just liberals -- severing art from the artist which is something i feel like libertarians and conservatives and anyone who doesn't share their politics has done for ages. and it's something that they created. i know i have to live by them. and i also want to know what they defined as classic rock because the kids these days think about the backstreet boys as classic rock. topple it. take it down. >> greg: i wanted to search --
8:37 pm
okay the eagles, led zeppelin, and then i'm looking at what they are saying. the beastie boys! what is going on? i am so old. all right, coming up, the g.o.p. is euphoric because the win was historic. ♪ and my clothes smell so much fresher than before ♪ try gain flings and you'll be a gainiac too! the only detergent with oxiboost and febreze.
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up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at ♪ ♪ >> greg: a blue-collar bloke just made the democrats a joke. this thing called the greatest upset sense tyrus beat me an arm resting, barely, speak of the new sheet state center rate won by ed durr. don't applaud. he is not here. no one has seen an unexpected meeting like that since -- there is a truck driver with no political experience and he knocked off a long time steve sweeney who serves since 2002 in response to the biden administration blamed a shortage of truck drivers on
8:42 pm
truck covers like him running for office -- he added that he spent 20 grand on his campaign which included this awesome video. >> hello, my name is edward. i'm running for new jersey state senate. with his locked on the mandates forced the closing of over one-third of small businesses. we deserve better. new jersey, it is time for a change. together, let's and single party rule. vote for me, edward dern, for senate. >> greg: we don't have time in the show for applause. had it a guy would no political background pull this off? what was the key to his success? the one thing to push them to victory? he told breitbart news this week this quote. "i watched a lot of greg gutfeld."
8:43 pm
that's where you applause. he also mentioned some other people but frankly i stopped reading after i saw my name. so since the start of the "gutfeld!" way that takes over the country features all sorts of "gutfeld!" related candidates who the next one joe mackie >> hi, they are. i am joe mackie and i am running for talk show host. "gutfeld!," over 2 million viewers tuned into -- part of me. one second. meanwhile, my opponent has been a talk show host for well over a decade. his music references are so old you can find them on a track. growing up in a world where you can relate to your talk show host. -- >> greg: oh, joe.
8:44 pm
kat, would you ever consider running for office? >> no. >> greg: you were almost like joe biden there. "no." >> i wouldn't. but this was great. spent so much less money. his dad had died recently, yes the other candidate for debate and the guy laughed in his face. and it would have made such a great 90s movie would like ben stiller as of the other guy. >> greg: definitely ben stiller -- his life is as the other guy. tyrus, is this beginning of the "gutfeld!" weight? >> the tyrus wave, yeah, he looks more like a tyrus guy. you know it's, the beauty of his campaign, most people would snicker. that was not a cool motorcycle. that was not the type of exit that one would expect a campaign. there was like no wind blowing
8:45 pm
in his hair. it wasn't like us who super awesome harley with a revving engine and a random women who pops in the back with a coffee mug and is like i am for this guy all the way. he was a regular guy with a regular bike with a regular american problems and that's why he kicked his ass because that's what they wanted. and you don't need a cool bike. you just need a celebrity there. we need to fix it, this is wrong, and this is who i am, and it was good enough. >> greg: bridget, do we need more people like that? >> yeah, i think so. his victory speech wasn't just him pulling the horn and a semi. i like him. he's like the aoc of new jersey. talked about walking around a lot. i think he missed an opportunity to post pictures of his sneakers on social media. but it says a lot that his talking points are better than
8:46 pm
like an actual politician. just relating to people. >> greg: that is true. dagen, they didn't ask him what he would do in office and he said i don't know. >> i love that. i would much rather somebody say i don't know then blow wind up my. >> greg: yeah, although that feels really good. >> that's why i have a fan in my office. >> greg: what are their names? oh, those kind of fans. >> you know what's won it for everyone is the way he says it name. because i'm sure he grew up and people making fun of him -- >> greg: i didn't have that on the west coast. >> it is very hard growing up with single syllable name and last name. he's got. >> greg: maybe there will be a
8:47 pm
president dern -- -- >> our country would do better if the acceptance speech was like i don't know what our country is going to do. >> greg: remember trump? figure it out and then he achieved greatness. our favorite president. >> congrats on the applause. i'm sure you had no idea that was going to happen. >> greg: taken by surprise. all right. up next, may be known for repetition but they also love competition. . now move! kim, no! mucinex lasts 3x longer for 12 hours.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: they may look sweet, but they love to compete. turns out all the women are bloodthirsty monsters. not just kat. a new study from the university of arizona, finds that women can be just as competitive as men in the workplace. researchers split participants in half. who, that is horrific. they place them into two separate groups placed on gender. only two genders now. interesting. pitting them against each other to solve math problems and win cash prizes. after stuff that goes way over my head, turns out that women had a competitive fight in them after all. so it is unjust during divorce
8:52 pm
when women are better at getting their way. it is all the time. unlike the guys, they were more likely to share their winnings with the losers which means women are even better at losing than men. so the take-home message for us, guys, you want women to make you a sandwich? tell him them that you make it better. and sit back and reap the delicious rewards and the sandwich that they make for you in that kitchen they should never leave. that is something a success would say and i'd announce everything that was just sad. so because this is about women, we have three women here, what you think, tyrus? >> i was was hoping you would go to me last but -- you know what? again, i don't know where you find these science studies.
8:53 pm
but any man with a soul knows that women play for keeps. everybody knows that. we play sports score. when we fight, we try to win the argument. they take your soul. yeah, it's a come huntley different and loss because internal they forgets nothing. of course they share it with you so they can remind you that they be to. they are the worst poor sports in the world. don't let them beat you at one of your own games. don't let them calm on your turf and beat you at a card game. you and your friends get together and you do this? i would be so embarrassed. they literally play the entire game with a lemon and a razor blades. so the fact you are going to ask any guy on the street if women are competitive, if it was a
8:54 pm
fight, simply stop, it is over. >> greg: when i took her to the firing range and she said she had never shot and then she was shooting with one hand. >> but tells you it is cute the way you do it. >> greg: yes. let's go now, i'm hungry. kat, are you competitive? >> sometimes. it depends if i care or not. i don't always care. but you are talking -- i just want to say those are like -- it is smart gameplay. in a relationship. because we could get into an argument now or it's like a booster. and "mario kart," you save it for later when the booster would be more effective. >> greg: oh, working the old vaccine analogy. >> thinking more of the little mushroom glass and mario. >> she is making me question everything. >> greg: it was always this bogus -- like it has to be about the diminishing the differences between men and women.
8:55 pm
>> exactly. there can be no differences anymore. i also like that it's like breaking news as if women are crafty af. it's not new. and i think any women are competitive with each other too, insanely competitive. they can be deadly. >> greg: that's how gossett was invented. >> on more competitive with the perfect ideal of myself based on my upbringing. >> greg: that is scary. dagen. >> you don't need a study for this. just go to an arcade with me and i will try to out play you -- >> greg: we don't have to go to an arcade for that. >> a sexist would say. >> greg: a sexist would say that. you know what, whoever wrote that joke is fired.
8:56 pm
>> out of there. >> greg: yes. came out of my stupid face. don't go away, we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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