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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 5, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> president biden: you keep sending that garbage out but it is not true. >> the president is comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individual. todd: friday november 5th, mixed messaging, the white house rushing to clarify president biden's comments, the plaintiff dish out massive payments to some illegal immigrants, the president's press team says he is fine with the justice department cutting those checks. >> they will end up without a job after the holiday thanks to the president's new private-sector vaccine mandates. how states are mobilizing to fight back. >> josh halley with an
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indictment and his investigation into the origins of a trump russia probe, this time it is the primary source of the steel dossier. carley: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: we begin with another presidential flip-flop, biden's comments on paying migrant families at odds with his own white house. >> you live as the administration attempts to clear up the mixed messages. >> reporter: not sure it is clear up or cleanup on aisle 5 situation, the white house is correcting president biden's cash payments to illegal migrants. >> your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants were separated from their families at the border up to 450,$000 each, possibly million dollars for family. do you think that might incentivize more people to come over illegally. >> president biden: if you keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it is not true.
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>> it is a garbage report. >> president biden: yeah. >> reporter: the aclu which is negotiating on behalf of migrant families shot those comments down saying in a statement president biden may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his own justice department. then the white house confirming payments are forthcoming for a different dollar amount. >> the president is perfectly comfortable with the development of justice settling with individuals and families currently in litigation with the us government. the president was reacting to the dollar figure that was mentioned, that you mentioned to him yesterday. the reported figures are higher than anywhere a settlement can land. >> reporter: house republicans push legislation to block the payments which congressman mike mccall likens to a lottery. >> the idea that we will tell illegals come on in, illegally
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break our laws and we can give you $1 million per family, what message of deterrence does that have? you can't break our laws and win the lottery. todd: democrats are defending it. congressman castro tweeting these aren't payments, they are legal settlements to families who were wrong by the us government. senator lindsey graham said the flip-flop is tied to the virginia election. >> president biden said that was garbage, they went 10 days and never denied the report until after virginia. he them is leading us or just didn't know. >> we do things stand, doj spokesman says the department will not comment on ongoing negotiation. todd: let's listen to what lindsey graham says one more time. what if he didn't know what was going on? how scary is that prospect for the united states if the ceo of your country, the president of
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the united states doesn't know with such a major policy issue we have been following since the day of his inauguration. jillian: it seems like genuine shock on his end and he said he didn't agree with it. not only did it appear he didn't know but he was overruled because they are going forward with it. todd: what a disaster and they've got to figure this out because when you go back to the money involved, we have to raise this every time you raise this story, when you think of the soldiers who don't get that kind of money. jillian: they are lowering the price tag because they are the criticism the goldstar families get less money so they are saying we will avoid this by making it a smaller dollar amount. >> the difference, the people who died for our country weren't breaking the law, these other people are. >> president biden facing
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backlash after announcing private-sector vaccine mandate that will impact millions of americans. >> republican leaders prepare to fight back. >> biden's vaccine mandate means 84 million people, 2 thirds of the american workforce will be forced to get the covid vaccine or risk losing their jobs, 100 more employees have until january 4th to impose mandates a huge fines up to 14,000 for a single violation or 137,000 for willful violation. critics say osha, a government arm says no business making healthcare policy. >> and ultimate workarounds, it is unlawful, unconstitutional, florida will put up a ferocious fight. >> this is into workplace issue. it is a public health issue. he's trying to pound a round pig into a square hole. >> the biden administration honed a talking points and workplace safety yesterday. >> i'm not looking at that
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negative side but the positive side. how do we keep the american workforce safe? president biden announced in september and asked osha to come back with a standard, that is what we will move forward on. >> as the supply chain continues to suffer under crushing labor shortages unions are morning the mandate could make it worse. republican governors who fought restricted covid measures through the pandemic fighting back on the legality of the mandate. >> the state of florida will respond and we will combat the osha will, a pool that is not consistent with the constitution, the government can't impose medical policy. >> despite the living mandate economist expect october to stall around 450,000 new jobs. we will know later this morning when the report comes out. >> today on capitol hill,
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democrats pushing bill on the infrastructure bills the democrats are in disarray. remains unclear if nancy pelosi has the votes. >> what are you waiting for? >> we have work to do. >> you have the votes for the partisan bill at this point? >> meanwhile, senator joe manchin bombarded by climate protesters demanding he support president biden's multi-trillion dollar packages. >> is it more important than my life, joe manchin? is it more important than your kids's life? todd: a for you are looking for eagle imprisonment the group attempting to block him from driving out of the dc parking garage, they claim manchin tried to run them over with his vehicle, no one appeared to be injured. jillian: john durham behind the steel dossier was lying to fbi agents.
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>> we can't overstate how this is. explain why that is so. >> reporter: this is the guy according to durham who made up out of whole cloth the core allegations of the steel dossier, that there was a conspiracy between the trump operation and the russians to change the outcome of the election and trump engaged in some sexual activities in russia. it was made up and made up by the clinton operation, fusion gps hide christopher steele, the guy who made it all up, he is a russian and the durham indictment suggests strongly he was an operative for the intelligence arm of the russian government but that remains to be seen. his stories were generated by a
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volunteer and top supporter of the clinton campaign and to take a step back, also the fbi knew this was all garbage early on. they should have known it was garbage. they were so desperate to get dirt on trump, they were also paying for what judicial watch uncovered in 2016 at the same time the clinton campaign was paying him. i did to know is this an fbi informant that the fbi had to arrest yesterday for john durham? >> andy mccarthy would agree on the front, john duramax indictment of the principal source for the steel dossier, durham has sights set on the clinton campaign, the dossier was generated by the clinton campaign. how does this end?
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>> part of the process are to include the questioning of mrs. clinton by john durham. last i checked, in terms of congressional testimony the dossier people refused to tell investigators what they told the candidate or the campaign directly. i think she should be asked questions. there is other information out there that there was intelligence that the clinton people and the obama people through the fbi who were also anti-trump made all this up because of the email scandal, she was nervous about the criminal liability and it was a political problem for her as well so what do you do? make up fake allegations against your political opponents which may be fair however unethical in a campaign but when you are using the fbi to spy on your
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political opponents, obama and clinton you get into crimes and when you are lying to the fbi that is what durham is looking at. i'm glad durham did something but the fbi knew four years ago this was a lie, mueller knew it was a lie. people like adam schiff, - todd: if bob mueller had all the money and resources in the world to figure out, get to the bottom of the russia situation where was this? it wasn't there. appreciate your time this morning. 11 minutes after the hour, and illegal immigrant lied about his age and claimed to be 17, he's charged with the brutal murder of a florida father. >> our next guest is running to secure the border, we are talking to her coming up. br 25% of your mouth.
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with special offers just for movers at >> illegal immigrants in florida accused of killing two americans, one of the victims was a 5-year-old girl. myra florez is running for congress, she joined me live from the lone star state.
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>> we are learning about tragic stories, posed as a minor to stay under president biden, killed the father who took them in, another story, killed the 5-year-old in a drunk driving accident. >> this is why we focus on these things make me so up set. this is something we never thought would happen, millions of people crossing the borders illegal, don't understand what is happening in south texas. for you to cross illegally into our country you have to pay the
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cartel that is destroying mexico, terrorizing families in mexico, so many have families in mexico. anytime and illegal immigrant crosses the country for paying the cartel the same cartel that is destroying mexico and putting the americans at risk, good people wanting the american dream and people like this, killing and hurting - >> alejandro mayorkas ordered isis to stop deporting illegal immigrants because they are here illegally. >> that makes me so upset because it's hurting american people's lives at risk. you think this administration would put the american people first.
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but in this administration >> i think we lost your shot. i was about to ask a question about her own personal life story. she came to the us when she was 6 years old with her parents worked really hard. she worked in cotton fields when she was younger and wants to represent texas because she loves this country and wants to support strong borders because of that. we have you back. i was talking about your life story because i was so impressed how hard you worked as a child. tell us why you're running for congress. >> i was born in mexico and came to the united states when i was 6 years old. my father filed for his family to come here the legal way and
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that is why legal immigration is so important, both my parents were migrant workers at the age of 13 years old, started working on the cotton fields and that in still the value of hard work. i continue my education and graduated high school and practice and -- only in america, thank you. todd: a group of teachers in oklahoma fired for refusing to wear masks, educators were just forced out joining us next.
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to see my ancestors' photos was just breathtaking. wow, look at all those! what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? oh my goodness... this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family.
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>> the school board voted to fire 6 teachers for refusing to follow the mask mandate, those educators fighting back and suing the district. nelson trick the second and blake sunny, general counsel of professional educators. great to have you on the program. let's begin with you. if you listen closely you can hear the left screaming why did you sacrifice your livelihood over wearing a mask, what is your response to those people? >> it's not about the mask. it was never about the mask. it was always about the rule of law. you cannot mandate masks in our state unless there is a state of emergency declared by the governor but that wasn't the case. it was always about the rule of law. if the rule apply is ignored we don't have a republic, we have to hear any and that is the bottom line.
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todd: why was it so important to you to fight this? >> to be honest it was shocking to me when he made that announcement, the images from when i was younger came to me. i remember watching in argentina this politician did this for this politician did that or millions of dollars were seized from this politician's house. politicians be leaving they were above the law. i never thought it would happen here in the united states of america, not here. i was deeply saddened to see someone in power believing they are above the law. when i became a united states citizen i took an oath to follow the law.
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we should be a moral example for students to follow. that is why i decided to step up. todd: what you said is frightening to anyone listening. you and grace are married, how we provide for your family with both of you out of a job? >> the economy, there are jobs out there. i'm looking to become a teacher somewhere that will take me. todd: the statement from the district, quote, since these employees continue to refuse to follow a reasonable directive over a law that is unsettled, board members voted unanimously to move forward with termination of these teachers. i want to follow up with something james said, the state law banning mask mandate. if that lies in place why does it matter the superintendent who is not elected think the mask mandate is reasonable. his opinion doesn't matter one iota illegally.
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>> you are right, part of my closing argument at the hearing. it is telling the superintendent in oklahoma city was the only large metro district around here that did that. all the other large districts told constituents we are a public school. we will not fight against the law. we will do other things. all our teachers wore masks when asked to by their districts before the law went into effect. when the law went into effect everyone knew they couldn't do that. the superintendent is playing word games, politicization of this issue and it is a travesty, a teacher shortage in oklahoma and we have excellent tenured teachers that will it go because the superintendent and school board decided they are above the law.
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todd: we appreciate you coming on this morning, please keep us posted. thank you very much. carley: the white house cleaning up president biden's remarks saying he's perfectly comfortable writing checks to some illegal immigrants. while americans are outraged the media is staying silent. todd: here is a hint, it is not republicans, joe conger is on deck to explain. such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally.
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jillian: you are looking at the seattle skyline. i was too busy dancing. todd: janice dean with the fox weather forecast. how worried should people in the northeast be about what is hovering over us? >> janice: an area of high pressure. that's a good thing when combined with an area of low pressure you get onshore winds and coastal flooding. this is the weekend the storm that will bring potential for strong winds from florida to the southeast, georgia, south carolina. this is one of the areas we are watching, heavy rain today for florida and this area of low pressure moves to the coast and we could see blistering weekend
2:33 am
along the beaches, coastal flood advisory in effect, it remains offshore, the bulk of it. coastal flood advisories are up from georgia to south carolina. our next big storm system moves to the west. a parade of storms bringing coastal rain and mountain snow from california to washington state. there is your rain forecast, the mountains will get the snow. we get a nice warm-up for much of the country especially central us and new york city marathon. are you running this year? todd: i can't run. >> janice: actually start but not too bad. we will be cheering the marathon. todd: we will talk about that. >> janice: her name rhymes with cheryl. carley: thank you so much. >> president biden: if you keep sending that garbage out it is not true.
2:34 am
>> it is a garbage report. >> the president is comfortable with the department of justice, they are currently in litigation with the us government. todd: from garbage to comfortable, the white house saying mixed messages as major networks get the coverage again. jillian: here's joe concha, the coverage of this, cbs, nbc, 0 minutes. >> reporter: 0.0 minutes on this huge story. you are going to pay 450,$000 to migrant families that were separated but if you are a goldstar family you don't receive remotely as much, if you're born here illegally, killed in action and your family gets less then that, it was
2:35 am
called garbage, you shouldn't put that garbage out there, actually it is true. this is why the president has not done a solo press conference in 110 days, not sat 1-on-1 with any interviewer, if he goes out and has to answer a tough question and peter doocy is the only person doing that outside jackie heinrich, this is the trouble this white house gets in but that's the key question. is this true? it appears to be, this 450,$000 payment and how do you justify this to the american people, that's why virginia went the way it did a couple nights ago in new jersey, flipped to, down
2:36 am
double digits, and and >> speaking of tone deaf, aoc. listen. >> the limits of trying to run a 100% campaign that did not excite these two or energize the progressive base. todd: she did say that which anybody who is talking about that, did not energize anybody but but the overarching thought that we need to keep pleasing the progressives. is that going away anytime soon, do democrats have any chance of retaining the house and senate in 2022. we watched the most powerful person on the democratic side in congress in alexandria ocasio cortez. that is where the energy is, she does stick to her principles,
2:37 am
you may not agree with those principles but progressives run the democratic party and they will run the democratic party into the ground when you think about the spending bill they want to pass, inflation at a 30 year high and all they want to do is print more money, people don't like being taxed when gas prices are up and so on. progressives had the energy and momentum but not the interests of the country on their side and as a result 2022, will be a red tsunami, house, senate go back to the republican party and i can guarantee president biden and kamala harris not being nominees in terms of being the nomination, they will be primary and may not run all together. todd: bold prediction, 5:37. joe concha said it.
2:38 am
>> i've got a 5k i've got to train for. that is as far as i can go. todd: as governor murphy -- winning big elsewhere including an incredible upset in the state senate. trucker edward dürer defeating the senate president, joining us to discuss his astounding win. >> it is not done by me, it was done by the people. todd: he spent $153 on his primary campaign. a fraction of his competitor in the general election. jillian: he says didn't win. the time is 38 after the hour. republicans are fighting back
2:39 am
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>> senator joe manchin blocked by climate protesters for opposing the president's spending spree. been schapiro will weigh in on that and the daily wire suing the biden administration over there vaccine mandates. senator mike braun will join us, questioning doctor fauci on capitol hill as fauci denies funding gain of function research in wuhan. tom homan reacts the white house walking back president biden's so-called garbage report, saying they will pay migrants at the border. lawrence jones and dana white at the top of the hour. todd: see you soon. a foxbusiness alert, the house
2:44 am
is expected to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. todd: democrats to come up with much-needed legislative victories. >> reporter: looks like the house will hold a vote on the social spending package and the infrastructure will but when asked if she had the votes nancy pelosi didn't quite answer the question. >> what are you waiting for? >> we have other work to do on the floor. >> you have the votes for the build back veterans infrastructure bill? >> reporter: the plan, she says, after the rules committee worked overnight to finalize the text of the build back better act. todd: the trucker shortage could get worse think the president biden's vaccine mandate. carley: vaccine mandates will decimate the industry and make things worse and two industry group say we asked for
2:45 am
flexibility for transportation and supply chain, particularly truck drivers who spent most of their time in their trucks and have minimal contact with colleagues and customers as the industry is short 80,000 drivers in the group also warning a third of their drivers could be sidelined by the president's mandate. carley: you have a big weekend coming up. >> reporter: major new york institution is returning, the fiftieth running of the new york city marathon, this is after the first race was held in 1970 in central park with 100 runners. on staten island, i will be there this year and last year i did it virtually.
2:46 am
16,000 runners decided come rain or shine, would have been marathon day 2020. carley: you are the most athletic person i know. todd: we will see you when you recover. >> thank you very much. jillian: republicans are multiplying while the vaccine mandate for private businesses, here now to react, congressman mike garcia, what are we going to do? >> reporter: this is just another demonstration how out of touch this administration is with the massive supply chain challenges. we are threatening to close businesses and make life tougher
2:47 am
for small businesses, large businesses and their employees. to characterize, the national security implications of this. i had a landlord contact me who rents spaces that influence and support the construction of the new bomber and is being threatened with not the government removing his leases. scale this up and it will be an aggravating factor. jillian: there are more lawsuits than we can count. more to come on that front. you reached out to the state department two months ago because getting families trapped in afghanistan into the united states, when did you hear back from them?
2:48 am
>> something like 72 days later if the state department had a yelp website we would be handling it. getting back on august 20 second in the middle of the evacuation operations and just got back to us. it is anemic and laden, but we were able to get out in late august and unbelievable these guys are not paying attention. they create the illusion and they asked for data multiple times and provide 7 different iterations of the spreadsheet. the incompetence of the state department, our office has gone 108 individuals out of afghanistan in the last eight weeks. as long as we have 305 to go these guys are truly incompetent about helping us at all and slowing us down.
2:49 am
carley: your office is trying to get 305 people out of afghanistan some of them american citizens. who are they? >> a few american citizens in there. a lot of sids as well as family members at this point. it is staggering back in 2010 this government bent over backwards to help 33 chilean coal miners get out of a coal mine that took 69 days and they've completely forgotten there are hundreds of american stranded in afghanistan. this is into diplomatic mission, this is a hostage crisis and we need the administration to treat it as such, it is not led by the state department, they need to hand the keys and operational control to the department of defense, and get our kids and fellow american citizens out of afghanistan.
2:50 am
carley: this is a tragedy and in my mind the biggest story out there. todd: biden called it garbage wednesday, now the white house is the president is comfortable cutting checks for these border crossers. lara trump joins us live next. ♪♪ voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement.
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>> you guys keep sending that far badge out yeah but it's not true. >> so it's a garbage report? >> yeah. >> president is perfectly comfortable with the department of justice settling with individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the u.s. government. todd: flip and flopping. clearing up the comments saying he is open for payments for separated illegal immigrant families. carley: fox news lara trump is here to react. >> i can't. the scary part, carley, do you know how many times people have
2:55 am
said who is actually running this white house? who is running the biden administration? does joe biden actually know what's going on? is he really in charge? sadly, i think the answer we have gotten now from this exchange, what you guys just played there is no, joe biden does not know what's going on in his own white house, his own justice department. he has no idea what is going on. that is a terrifying place to be in as americans to know that our commander-in-chief is totally out of touch with what is happening in his own administration. i mean, what a frightening thing. but i think overall, when americans take a step back and look at this, here's where we are in america. if you are a legal united states tax paying citizen and you want to go your job but you disagree with the unconstitutional vaccine mandates that the biden administration has tried to slap on every single american, your company is facing fines of $14,000 per person. yet, we are paying $450,000 --
2:56 am
excuse me, maybe it's $449,000 down. they took it down a little bit to make us feel better about it to illegal immigrants. people that came here broke our laws, i mean, think about the incentive that sends to people to continue coming over our southern border illegally? it is preposterous. it is outrageous. i cannot believe we have found ourselves here. but there are so many scary aspects to this story. i think every american should be outraged and actually joe biden's initial reaction to this story is how we all felt, crazy. carley: so true. reaction says it all. todd: meantime there is this lara, john durham charging russian analysts behind the steele dossier by lying to the fbi agents claiming he did not speak to u.s. public executive with ties. you lived through a hell of four years, much of which was encompassed with an investigation by bob mueller into your family.
2:57 am
it was not easy. it was tough. it dragged your entire family through the mud. and then on to capitol hill through the mud. shouldn't mueller and his team with unlimited resources, unlimited time have found this guy? >> todd, you would think so. you know, this whole thing i'm happy to see somebody finally held to account here. it's about time that people are starting to pay the price for, you are right, it put our entire family, our entire campaign, anybody that volunteered for the trump campaign was all of a sudden a russian agent according to the mainstream media for so long. think about the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that were spent on this fake investigation, something that we all knew from the beginning and all screamed from the roof top this is not true. we did not collude with anyone to win an election. i'm happy to see some movement on this front. but i think the questions i have are what about the people like jerry nadler, like adam schiff that were happy to jump on
2:58 am
camera any time somebody put it in front of them and say we have the smoking gun we're going to take donald trump down. what did they know? what information did they have and when did they get their day? do we get the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars back ultimately? do we get two years of our lives as americans back for this? and what about the people at the very top? what about the clinton campaign? what about the dnc? what about hillary clinton herself? are these people ever going to face a day where they have to has been questions for the incredibly unamerican way they tried to sway an election? fortunately it did not work out, but all of us got dragged through the mud. todd as you said all of us and our family got put through absolute hell over this. we deserve some answers as americans. i hope at the end of the day we get to the bottom of this and we hear from those people too, too. todd: lara trump, we appreciate
2:59 am
your time this morning. thank you very much. all right. >> thank you guys. todd: why did they end the segment so quickly? because it's carley's birthday this weekend? don't look. besides your husband, what's your second love? >> tacos? i'm genuinely surprised. janice: only person i know wants tacos for your birthday. carley: are you kidding me? todd: if you watch this show you know that we love to eat food live on air during the pandemic, that went away for a while. but, america, it's back. let's take three so we can watch carley eat. take that america. carley: this is the best week of my life. todd: this was your first week started of being forced to be with me and now being forced to eat tacos. >> thank you so much for the tacos now i have to do that awful thing of eating and talking. janice: do you want to do it i
3:00 am
was wondering it wrapped lara trump how are we going to fill one minute 30. janice: reminds me at college eating at 5:00 a.m. todd: speaking of college, we are all going to go drink. no we're not going to do that. carley: speaking of college i am turning 22 years old. congratulations to me. with that happy friday. ♪ >> democrats desperately trying to piece together enough of their own votes to pass president biden's tax and spend agenda. >> what are the big hurdles you have to overcome. >> i will let you know when i wish to. >> senator joe manchin is bombarded by climate protesters demanding he support president biden biden's. >> is the money important is it more important than my wife joe marchen. >> cash payments to illegal migrants. >> you guys keep sending that garbage out but it's not true. >> the president is perfectly comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individuals. >> a russian analyst who helped


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