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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 7, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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really appreciate it. >> absolutely. dan: before we go don't forget to follow unfiltered instagram at unfiltered on fox that does it for us tonight on unfiltered we'll see you back here next saturday night, 10 p.m. thanks for being with us. evil shannon bream is next. i am oprah and i love you america. jesse: welcomes to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. woke went broke. here is what happened to the democratic party this week. americans are fed up with the democrats. they won't stand by while the liberals destroy the party.
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virginia went red a year after bide are won by 10. a rufnl candle almost toppled the new jersey governor, astate biden won by 16. the law and order candidate? seattle. remember chop or chaz, whatever it was called. it beat the pants off the radical d.a. there. common sense had a very big week. what does this all mean? >> what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on. jesse: there is one thing kamala and i agreen on. let's check in with her boss. >> we are going to win. i think we are going to win in virginia. jesse: like most things biden
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didn't see it coming. a reporter asked him if he took any responsibility for democrats getting shellacked. he said no, the country is just confused. >> i think people are at a point, and it's understandable, where there is a whole lot of confusion. jesse: we are not confused. the american people aren't stupid. we know exactly what's going on and we don't like it. we want lower prices, cheaper gas, stronger borders. but biden please giving us man dates and places to plug in our electric karts. we don't even drive electric cars. look what mcauliffe ran on? >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. youngkin listened to parents.
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but terry listened to the teach us union who called parents terrorists. and after the election most of the media wouldn't even admit why. >> critical race -- theory which isn't real. >> they can't define and it isn't taught in k-12 schools anyway. jesse: the first step is admitting you have a problem. the media can't do that because crt says whites are born racive. whites are still oppressing blacks. and whites are only successful because they are oppressing blacks. did you see rachel maddow look into the camera and say she is a racist? that's the key to crt. it's garbage, but the slecht leg
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media can't stand up to the far left. they say speaking out against something that doesn't exist is racist. >> youngkin played the race card for a reason because he knows it works on certain white voters. >> racism reared its ugly head. >> some of it was dog whistle racism. fight wasn't a dog whistle, it was a bullhorn. jesse: this is the state that voted for barack obama twice. youngkin won 55% of the hispanic vote, 60% of the white vote. he doubled donald trump's numbers with females. americans are sick and tired of the left calling them racist,
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calling their kids racist, calling the country racist. martin luther king would have opposed critical race theory. >> i have a dream that fly four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the contents of their character. jesse: the left turned mlk upside down. he want sad color blind society and the left wants to see clear. the lieutenant governor-elect in virginia, winsome sears. >> there are some who want to guide us and we must not let that happen. they would like to us believe we are back in 1963. we can live where we want. we can eat where we want. we own the water fountains here.
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i'm living proof. jesse: the american people are rejecting the race card and democrats are scrambling. they can't play the trump card, they can't play russia russia russia. covid is fading. some democrats are trying to warn them, you go woke, you will go broke. >> democrats will have to come face to face with wokeness. this defund the police lunacy and take abraham's name off the schools? some of these people need to go to awoke detox center. >> i think they are talking in ways that are annoying, offensive and out of touch. they don't show up in our feeds. but we are looking at our echo chamber. jesse: do they die on the woke
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hill or retreat to die another day. we are seeing the same split in congress. >> it's a wake-up call for all of us. i have been talking about our debt, inflation, and the fallout we may have. >> this is not a center left or left country. we are a center right country. >> i think the results show the limits of trying to run a 100% from moderate campaign. >> do they listen to voters and pump the brakes or swing for the left field fence knowing they will get and caked next november anyway. so the democrats are divided in the media and congress. they are about to hear an even louder roar from the american people next year. this is only the beginning.
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joining me now to react, host of the "ingraham angle" which was the number one show on election night. you have seen this thing in real-time tuesday night. you were there watching. what was the significance to america tuesday? laura: i think when people elected joe biden there was a lot going on. they saw he was a calming influence after maybe blm and all the tumult the whole year of covid brought us. so they thought this joe biden guy, incredibly close election, that he was going to be a calming force. remember he talked about bringing dignity back to the process. then what people found and you and i were warning them about this. they found joe biden was too weak to ever stand up to the far
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left. so the far left took over the party. then they went to town, and everything from critical race theory to tax policies to climate change and cancel culture and beyond. this was a reaction to the education issue and all of it. a significant development, the white house knows it, nancy pelosi knows it, and that's why they worked fast and furious to rush through everything they could before the mid-term. jesse: some people realize how stupid wokism is, tearing down statues. they are warning, the democrats, this is not going to go well for you guys. but it seems like the rest of the left doesn't even get it. how do you see that shaking out? >> they view it as an ideological struggle purely. if they even lose next year, to
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them it's worth it if they can get universal pre-k, if they can get family leave. if they can get thousands and thousands of climate core activists hired. losing the house is worth it to them. that's how dedicated they are to expanding government and increasing our dependence on government programs. the move slowly but surely toward socialism. it's worth it to them. they did the same thing with obamacare, they ran that through in march of 2010. and by november 2010 they got wiped out. >> they want to lock in welfare, socialism. climate army. hundreds of thousands of paid bureaucrats that are beholding to aoc. she doesn't care if they lose the house, their seats are safe.
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they are just going for broke, and they will try to do whatever they can before the time runs out. laura: what i thought was interesting, in minneapolis that ballot initiative was soundly defeated to defund the police, reimagine the police, whatever. so ilhan omar represents that district where the precinct was burned to the ground. she was the number one champion of defund the police. she was rejected by the people of minneapolis. so what i think a lot of conservatives are saying, now it's time to go for her seat. go into the inner city where the congressmen and congresswomen have been failing the people. we should be going for broke in every state, every locality and
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every school board election. it should be a 50-state strategy to take back america. that's not enough. we have to roll this back from the west coast to the east coast and you can't be afraid. you go for the entire squad. it should be a wipeout of the squad next year. jesse: have you heard gutfeld's nick make for ilhan omar? laura: i have not. jesse: the our in the pacific, you go island by island, school district by school district, state by state, you start at the school board, you go to the county commissioner. that's how you take your country back. most of the country doesn't buy this crap. tuesday's election shows we are
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united behind this garbage. laura: if republicans had put a little bit more money in new jersey and some of us paid more attention to new jersey, new jersey probably would have been taken by ciattarelli. he probably would have won that governorship. we had victories in seattle, school board races, long island. the state senate in new jersey. the most powerful person in new jersey. he was unseated by the truck driver. he spent $150 on his campaign. the democrats' answer to this is we want higher energy prices, more supply chain problems. we want to make life more difficult for the american people through mandates, edicts and rules.
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jesse: two people who were a part of ref waves of the past. former republican mals senator scott brown and michele bachmann. you were in the thick of a big time tea party wave in 2010. are you seeing similarities? >> without a doubt. i'm here in virginia. we saw it all tuesday night. it's clear the democratic leadership could care less would the people think. they care about what the people bought them want. they want a collapsing america,
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a non-competitive america. and who else would wants that more than the chinese government. who knows if they bought the chinese leadership. but that's what it looks like. jesse: scott brown you were from the middle of the action in 2009-2010. >> i was there to try to stop obamacare taking away your doctors. change healthcare as we know it. and they did it through reconciliation. now we see it again using reconciliation to ram through a spending bill that takes away people's freedoms. crt was the fire that started this revolution. but it was the parents being home for 18 months and seeing
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what their kids were actually being taught, and how dramatic it was from the teaching of yesterday. don't insult moms and dads. they are mama and papa bears and will take care after their children at all worst. and terry mcauliffe saying you have no role in this. then you add in inflation. we have gone far left, then far right, and now we are at the sweet spot where people care deeply about the direction of our country. jesse: one of the things i think will drive even more turnout in 2022, biden paying 100's of,000 of dollars to illegal migrants.
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>> your administration is planning to pay the illegal immigrants separated at the border up to $450,000, and up to a million per family. do you think that will incentivize more border crossing? >> if you keep sending that garbage out, yes. $450,000 per person? >> separated under the last administration. >> it's not going to happen. jesse: the next day the white house says actually it is happening. we are negotiating for reparations at the border. >> the president is a cardboard cutout. that's what he is. he goes out and delivers the lines his chief of staff gives him. and he can't even do that.
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but this agenda. if you thought crt was a flash points in the schools. when you start paying illegal aliens for committing crimes at $450 million for person. the american people will revolt. i urge people, do not commit violent actions over this. but this is so bad, it will turn the tables forever. what is wrong with the democrat leadership that this is is their agenda. this is as a anti-american and anti-law enforcement as it gets. >> you can't make this up. it's actually $3.2 million. it's $440,000. or $430,000. let's cut it all. first of all. to reward illegality is wrong.
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and here we are, four times more than our gold tar families get for people making the ultimate sacrifice. and he's going to give this money away. 550 people have filed claims. 5,600 people are in the pool of potential. it could be billions of dollars. this is outrageous. i agree with the former congresswoman. you can't make this stuff up type of thing. the president either doesn't know what he's doing or he's completely misleading the american public thinking he can pull something over on us. that's why you see people getting involved at the school board levels. the new congressmen and women running and senators. and they better watch out. jesse: major wave. this would be if fox news was
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writing headlines to run again. you can't do better than this. i don't know what he's thinking or if he's thinking at all. congresswoman, senator, thank you so much for joining "watters' world." the truth about race and policing. brand-new "cops" footage next.
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with directv stream, i can get live tv and on demand... together. watch: serena williams... wonder woman. serena... wonder woman... serena... wonder woman... ♪ ♪ ace. advantage! you cannot be serious! ♪ ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream. [♪♪♪] jesse: the crime wave just got hit about it red wave. voters in minneapolis decided having a police department makes
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sense. rejecting defund the police after a year of chaos. my favorite show, "cops" got canceled by the mob, but that tide is turning, too. foxnation just scooped it up. >> the motorcycle is running. show me your hands. get out. give me your hands. jesse: brian kilmeade is here to break down the action. and he's author of the new book "the president and the freedom fighter." he has a special airing sunday evening about the book. he's taking the whole thing on tour. i think he will be in west virginia sunday. brian: 4:00. jesse: i want to show you this clip.
1:30 am
it's a little foot pursuit. >> we'll pulling you soarve because your brake lights are out. where you coming from today? >> from down the street. >> is there anything in the vehicle? >> no. >> do you minds if i check the vehicle? put your hands on top of the car. hands behind your back. there is an orange smaller pill bottle. >> this is heroin fentanyl. >> take off the hat. jesse: he threw fentanyl. and that's deadly. that will kill you. that's why you full these guys over on little stuff like that. ra a brake light. you see them driving. next thing you nope you are in a foot race.
1:31 am
how many things can go wrong there if that guy had a gun or he decides he had a knife. foot pursuits are the most dangerous besides domestic disputes. you don't know what the guy has. you can get injured during the pursuit. anything can happen. these guys put their lives on the line. this is a domestic disturbance. you hear on the left they don't want police officers to show up, they want social workers. this is the most dangerous thing cops have to deal with. >> he said his girlfriend was hitting him with a broom. >> what's going on?
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>> she is being charged with disorderly conducts -- >> you were saying in the green room that it's always the women's faulty in these situation. >> i don't -- don't go to the green room. that's jesse's dressing room. >> who else is going to show up there and try to solve the problem. >> what if they put a 125 social work person in that situation? brian: when a man and woman are in a fight in that relationship. even though they want to kill each other, they will team up against you if you per each to be hurting the other person.
1:33 am
you see that all the time. jesse: the husband comes over, get off of him. the 2 on 1. we have this new book. "the president and the freedom fighter." if you can think of what these two men would say today that police departments are racist and need to be defunded because of black lives matter. brian: president lincoln says if we don't change this when the 7 states left the union, there will be a war. the big picture. in terms of frederick douglass, he was living in a time which was extremely unfair. the man was born into slavery? comes the sphiewj tough slave' law. he knows if he's turned in he
1:34 am
could be grabbed in the north and they would bring him back. his message to the newly found freed slaves, now you are part of society. now i want you to earn it. you are free to make mistakes and free to make a positive impact on the world. even during a time america was being torn apart. jesse: you make a lot of mistakes so i am sure you understand that. brian: i'm not sure how you regular wayed to that. d how you segued to that. we have "to catch a predator" coming back. >> do you not reach out to a girl online under 18 ever again.
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jesse: a viewer warning about the next story we are about to do. if you have young kids, take them out of the room. the mother of three going undercover to hunt down teenage predators. check out this scene from the new series where she is video chatting with one of the men. >> for weeks an adult male we call kevin had been contacting lori, a fake 15-year-old persona
1:40 am
we created on line. never revealing enough personal information to lead to us his actual identity. tonight kevin's abuse continues. he video calls flori while pleasuring himself. jesse: she makes it clear she is underage right from the start. she befriend the men and gets them to reveal their true identities. >> kevin asked to me me at a hotel. it's 15 minutes away. he said i will be in the room
1:41 am
with my bag of tricks. i said what bag of tricks. and we made it abundantly clear that flora just turned 15 in december. jesse: once she catches the predators in the fact she sends the evidence to law enforcement. joining me is the mother who stars in the show, roo powell. that show was such a phenomenon it had a chilling effect on the sex predators. you never knew if there would be law enforcement there when you showed up at the house. you launched this operation. how many people respond to these
1:42 am
i guess you would say fishing lures. >> we put teenage decoys online and we wait for them to contact us. it's surprising the amount of people who contact our decoys and the level of manipulation and coercion and aggression they use. jesse: what kind of coercion or psychological warfare do they use when they are trying to entice those they believe are underaged kids? >> they do a lot of trust building. a lot of that starts with maybe innocuous requests. you are going to school? what class do you have? you should take a picture of your textbook or what you are wearing. it's so easy to say yes to those requests. then -- then suddenly it becomes
1:43 am
harder to say no. they are manipulative in the way they speak to kids. -- jesse: it's a grooming process. you guys actually follow through. here is footage of law enforcement descending on this pervert. watch.
1:44 am
jesse: roo, thank you for doing that. er in this country owes you a thank you and all of our gratitude. what kind of felony charges is this guy facing? >> people who travel to entice a minor varies state by state. i believe he's facing enticement, transfer of obscene materials to a minor as well. a lot of these states vary. what i would love to see is each state adopt a grooming statute that goes beyond meeting up in person and also the grooming language that we see happen that is abusive of but not necessarily illegal. jesse: what would you suggest parents do? any warnings or specific pieces of advice? >> i think technology is great. it afford us access to knowledge
1:45 am
and culture and the news. but it's an avenue perpetrators can use to harm children. we think of snap thought or tiktok. but any app, any website with a chat client has the ability for a perpetrator to reach out to a child. parents have to consider gaming apps. my busiest advice to parents is to have conversations with children about online safety. this is unchart territory. you and i didn't grow up with smart phones in our hands. it requires a new kind of thinking. >> they warned us about the guy in the ice cream truck. now you have to worry if they are going on a coloring book
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app. jesse: the mob swarms joe chan -- joemanchin's car.
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♪♪ jesse: time for triple play. the mob came after joe manchin. swarmed his car. blocked it. it's getting dangerous out there. >> is the money worth it? is the money that important, joe manchin? is it more important than my life? is it more important than your kids' lives? is the money better than our lives? do you only talk to millionaires? jesse: joining me is the host of the mansion global.
1:51 am
kacie mcdonnell. jesse: how does joe manchin a senator afford a maserati? >> it's his coal investment. he's getting half a million a year from that. it's pretty hypocritical. jesse: how much does the maserati run? >> it depends on what's under the hood. 115? jesse: anything could happen there. you can't run in front of someone's call. the guy that was filming said how much does the money mean? i guess it means a lot. he drives a maserati and he
1:52 am
likes coal. the car does not run on coal. it runs on gas. colin cap * said something so dumb we had to play it for you. >> what's being established is a power dynamic. before they put you on the field, he's poked, and prodded, searching for any defect that might affect your performance. no dignity left intact. jesse: they have an nhl draft. those guys are all white. if you invest millions in an athlete you want to see how high they jump and how fast they run. >> that's what they do in spring training. he's doing what he loves.
1:53 am
he's playing baseball and he's hunky dory. he made $43 million in the nfl. this guy is living a pretty nice lifestyle. the average american is make half a million until a lifetime of 40 years of work? go buy something. jesse: this is something case kacie has been pushing us to do. we have a stripper who has an emotional support monkey. it went wild and bit a kid? >> her boy friend is up for a coaching position. they had a childhood -- a neighborhood halloween party and
1:54 am
she had a haunted house in the backyard. some kid went back and stuck a finger in the cage. this is in her backyard. jesse: i would need emotional support if i was a stripper. >> was the monkey vaccinated. jesse: thank you so much. last call, a big announcement having to do with ratings.
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jesse: my favorites show besides "watters' world," "the five" was number one for the whole month of october. beating msnbc and cnn. beat talker * and "hannity." grateful for greg and dana and all the people at that table. first time ever the number of one show for the month. be sure to follow me on
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facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm watters, and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: helene welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. i'm thrilled to be in my studio as we unveil my stunning new graphics. let's get right to my open. america is waking up. perhaps we are even woke. but forget about the wokeness you heard of in recent years. the


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