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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 7, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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remember i'm watters, and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: helene welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. i'm thrilled to be in my studio as we unveil my stunning new graphics. let's get right to my open. america is waking up. perhaps we are even woke. but forget about the wokeness you heard of in recent years. the enlightening that's
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happening now is bigger, greater, and will continue to create shock waves throughout this country. a new side of the aisle is now woke. i'm sorry to inform nancy pelosi, don lemon, chuck schumer and the entire left wing cabal, we are woke. i won't bore you with the awful things liberals, democrats and the mainstream media called conservatives. let's just watch one video of democrat icon james carville from last friday. >> the democratic party isn't a party win the's a cult it's a coalition. judge jeanine: what a different a few days can make. after make that comments and after his party took a beating in virginia. he changed his tune and kicked some of a political blame game.
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>> this wokeness, this defund the police lunacy and take abraham lincoln's name off schools? people see that, and it's just really having a suppressive effect all across the country. some of these people need to go to a woke detox center or something. a. judge jeanine: james had an about-face in days. if only his party followed. the progressive liberal democrats have not only been wrong for years, within the last week we had to hear this. >> i think we'll win in virginia. >> what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on. judge jeanine: i couldn't agree more. america is making a comeback. it's about america and who we
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are. and what we believe. it's the opposite of your woke, racist, marxist, socialist, un-american ideology. your pals at cnn summed up how big the loss was tuesday better than i could. >> a five-alarm fire. judge jeanine: obama's former green jobs czar made a good point. joe biden's support among independents has plummeted by 30 points. the left is scrambling. they lost their highest profile governor, andrew cuomo now a defendant in a sexual assault prosecution as a result of a sex scandal. speaking of that sex scandal in new york. here is how the love gov's
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brother attempted to explain away his party's epic failure. >> people can like the policies but not the price tag. look at the polls of independent voters. like the policies, not the price tag. judge jeanine: no, chris, they don't like their money being spent on absurd programs like shelling out $5. -- $450,000 toillegals. there are so many reasons republicans won from virginia to texas to seattle * to buffalo, to long island. if there is one quote, one sound bite that speaks to the ire of
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mayor kate's this one. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. judge jeanine: america is waking up. we are the woke ones. you woke a sleeping giant. you can take your progressive, racist, union supporting tax stuffing america hating agenda to the socialist countries where it belongs. it ain't going to work here. trust me on that. that's my open. joining me now with reaction to my open and much more. executive vice president of the trump organization, my friend, eric trump. >> you are amazing. i couldn't say it better. that with us great. judge jeanine: you have to have an incredible reaction to tuesday and what happened to
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biden. >> i'm glad you mentioned all the other states. we had incredible wins in pennsylvania, ohio, across the country. didn't statehouses. supreme court justices. you have a president who is completely ineffective who is literally falling asleep in glasgow while you have illegal immigrants coming across the border and ships in hash bores. and this guy is falling asleep in climate meetings across the world? people see the problems in this country. and they see that unlike donald trump, biden has no fight. terry mcauliffe made the election about my father.
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you had biden * go in there, and obama, and kamala harris. and it flopped. judge jeanine: it's a plus 10 democrat state. >> start focusing on america. you know what my father did? he put america first. that's exactly what these people are not doing. judge jeanine: what can they do about the ply chain? >> what about buttigieg staying home on parental leave. can you imagine getting a job in the white house and staying home? >>erer time there is a problem, these people go in the opposite direction. kamala was supposed to be in
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charge of the border. she is in vietnam. same thing when afghanistan fell. biden was in delaware in his house. buttigieg was on patent leave. when you have d. the democrats abandon their posts. judge jeanine: the quad said nothing about winsome sears, the first black female to be elected to to state office. larry elder is a white supremacist even though he's african-american. they call people names like children. >> they called her a racist
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which is pretty incredible. the fact that the new attorney general of the state is latina. instead of that they call them all racist. they say the racist tendencies that stem out of the republican party. americans won't buy the nonsense. they got clobbered tuesday. you wait how that sets up 2022 and 2024. judge jeanine: the mainstream media is paying know attention to the fact that john durham just arrested the source of the dossier that indicted your dad. >> you should have had the pulitzer prizes for a false story that was totally made up. now people are getting indicted.
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hillary clinton's campaign was paying people to go into the fbi and lie to the fbi and say they were concerned citizens, then go to the mainstream media and say trump was colluding with russia. you know what we were doing? campaigning in iowa and the states we needed to win the primary. it should never have happened. judge jeanine: joining me now with more reaction to america winning begin. former director of national intelligence -- ric grenell. tuesday was a big night. your take on wait portends going -- what it portends going forward. >> what happened in virginia, i think it was a big win for
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donald trump. he was the issue. let's face it. joe biden and donald trump or both on the ballot here. both candidates he braced the republican youngkin embraced trump and terry mcauliffe embraced joe biden. we saw the hard group of suburban women who left the republican party. they all came back. i think after a year and a half of zoom school and 8 months of watching the biden administration completely lose it, completely fail on a variety of issues. ushering in cancel culture and defunding the police. watching joe biden get taken over by the squad and kamala harris.
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maybe they didn't want trump's policies to continue. but clearly they had second thoughts. clearly they see what's happening in our country right now is unacceptable. i think there has never been a greater acceptance of the four years of trump than right now because the suburban women and others have had a taste of what life is like when you don't have donald trump, and they are saying they would like to go back. judge jeanine: it seems like you are saying not only are the republicans in a better position. but donald trump is in a better position for 2024? >> i think there is no question about that. people have seen what life without donald trump is like. and what they are saying let's bring back those trump policies. women, suburban women, parents, moms have been the swing here. and i think they are having
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second thoughts about continuing to vote for democrats. republicans have to do a better job of -- of articulating to this group that we are not the party of their grandfather. i see it in california with a mom getting angry about zoom school and the education choices the local government is making. judge jeanine: let's talk about joe manchin. he's a moderate, a centrist. we have video of him trying to get out of a garage and people pretty much preventing him from moving. >> is money more important than my life? more important than your kids' lives? judge jeanine: do you think it left is getting anything out of this? do you think america is seeing
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this as something, oh, yeah, we have got to stop them? >> i think what we were talking about in terms of the virginia youngkin race relates to this exact thing. you have democrats standing up saying our party is out of control. it's taken over by the progressive cancel culture woke mob. whether it's a bathroom video with the senator from arizona or this video with the senator from west virginia are democrats saying this party has gone off the rails, and now we see a win in virginia with democrats voting for republicans. we see america getting outraged at what is happening. it's about the conservative democrats saying enough is enough. we have to leave this progressive party. judge jeanine: next, biden wants
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judge jeanine: wow! biden's failing economy is turning more democrats into republicans by the minute and he's spinning the jobs report that everything is back to normal. joining me is charles payne from the fox business network. talk to us first about tuesday and how tuesday in any way impacts on the electorate assessing the economy. >> tuesday was a rebuttal of the socialist wave, or would-be
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socialest wave. we get these waves and at the same time we have economic prosperity. it's not about money or equality. it's about a power grab. that's important because that's been driving policy. you see the spending bill and some of the things coming out of d.c. out of the biden administration. the socialest wave nudged the democratic party further left. it was a resounding victory. so far it doesn't look like -- but they are doubling down. judge jeanine: the socialist agenda from texas to ohio. they are doubling down. why? >> i think they see it as their
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one shot. once you get all of this free stuff, you will love it. they are so much smarter than the masses. they are so much more elite. maybe they have to gust enforce it on us and we'll see the wisdom they had all the time. judge jeanine: what about inflation? >> the numbers are shocking. we always start with gasoline. the day after the election crude oil prices began to tick up grak up dramatically higher. you can't declare war on fossil fuels when we use fossil fuels. everything we package, plastics, everything comes from fossil fuels. the rescue plan when we didn't
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need to be rescued. we have got hundreds of ships parked outside the ports in america. prices are going through the roof. and the people who work who some of them didn't get that money, they made their voices heard on tuesday. judge jeanine: they say the jobs numbers are good now. >> the jobs report was good. about it wasn't great. every economist was looking at a straight will up 1 million plus. but more importantly participation. no one is coming back to the labor market yet. the month before women mad to drop out. there is serious problems, and
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throwing more money at this will make the problems worse. judge jeanine: next, the can't miss "justice" investigation. can the border wall construction be resurrected? new information that will shock you about the border wall materials and what is being done to finally put them to use. don't go anywhere.
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judge jeanine: a justice investigation. as the dangerous crisis at the southern border rages on, there is uproar over hundreds of millions of border wall materials abandoned by the biden administration and left to simply rust away. i first told you about this when i went to the board in march of this year. but could not finishing the border wall be almost as costly as finishing it. biden is paying contractors to babysit the materials to the tune of $2 million.
2:29 am
congresswoman, talk to me about what it is you are asking the administration to do. >> we are asking the administration to transfer $100 million worth of materials that would build a hundred miles of wall. it's already been paid for. transfer that to texas because the federal government is not taking the responsibility to protect our borders. allow texas to do it. behave seen an administration -- we have seen an administration that had no problem leaving $180 billion worth of military equipment in afghanistan. we would rather help the taliban and help texans and protect our
2:30 am
borders. judge jeanine: your bill would say let texas continue to build the wall and let us take the materials. but who owns the materials. >> federal government. the u.s. taxpayers own the terms and it's cost $3 million a day for every day for contractors not able to build the wall, but we are still having to pay. it's costing us not to build the wall. judge jeanine: do you need the permission of the federal government to take that property and start building it yourself? texas. >> yes, it's federally owned property at this point. that would be my bill to transfer it to texas. judge jeanine: what do you think the chances of passion that are.
2:31 am
>> d.c. never stops shocking me with its stupidity and what we are seeing every day. they had no problem wasting materials? afghanistan to arm terrorists. i would hope this $100 million worth of material that could help secure our national border, them secure texas, that they wore have no problems transferring it. judge jeanine: i think we have the southwest border encounters are up 278%. it's 1.7 million people who have entered illegally. but there are consequences of leaving it the way it is. >> well, the one thing i think is getting lost in the national conversation is the fact that there is no end in sight to the number of people coming across the border. it doesn't take a genius to
2:32 am
figure out. if you opened the door to your house and let more and more people come in every day, at some point you reach saturation. when you open the door like that and you have no security, you don't know what you are letting across. we do know that more american children are dying in this country than ever in history from overdoses. we know that the media is dig noarg them for the most part. we know the cartels are richer and more powerful than ever because the border is open. we know more people are being trafficked. it's a nice way of saying raped for money sometimes 20, 30,440 -- 40times a day. texas is number one for
2:33 am
trafficking. why is texas paying taxes to the federal government. if the federal government isn't upholding the law, if they are not willing to uphold the constitution, this an american problem. why doesn't texas do it all. all niece border agents, 3,000 to 5,000 border patrol agents are about to be forced out because they haven't had the vaccine. but the biden administration doesn't recognize it as a crisis or a problem. they call it a safe, orderly wave of migration. that's effectively what they have done. and they say it's a right that supercedes the constitution and the sovereign rights of every american. they don't recognize it as a problem. it's the open border ideologues
2:34 am
controlling this policy and who opened the borders. no one is talking about the cooperation between the derks a and u.s. law enforcement has been obliterated. the mexican government is doubling down on its sovereignty we'll the u.s. is surrendering ours. judge jeanine: we don't even test the illegals coming in and don't force them to take the vaccine. we wish you much luck. but i have to say, it's got to be stinging to hear that the biden administration through the department of justice is working on settling lawsuits to give illegals $450,000 a person. >> not only are we opening our
2:35 am
borders, we are providing marketing materials to sex traffickers. judge jeanine: thank you so much. have republicans become the party of parents? and how will that impact the 2022 election. the former speaker of the house is here with predictions next.
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>> a parent is the first educator of a child. and to say we don't matter in the education of our children is -- judge jeanine: take a listen to
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one of obama's former advisers. >> we need to make sure that republicans in 2022 don't become the party of parents. we need to be the party of parents, and we are. judge jeanine: i hate to break it to them, but i think that ship has sailed. fox news analyst and author of the new book "beyond biden" is here. are they the party of parents? >> no, they are the party of left-wing ideologues and the teachers union. it's the radicals at the top of the teachers union that makes it impossible for democrats to be the party of parents. the radicals don't want parental involvement in what they decide to indoctrinate their children with.
2:41 am
in virginia this played out to enormous detriment. as late as the weekend before the election. mcauliffe had, an outspoken radical come into town to campaign for him. and the values they espouse, whether it's attacking american history or deciding they don't want any excellent schools, they want to dumb down all the schools so nobody feels back because nobody will flunk because there are no good grades. none of this works if you want to be the party of parents. judge jeanine: you brought the contract with america when you were speaker.
2:42 am
and kevin mccarthy i suspect will be speaker of the house in 2022. he has a parental bill of rights. the whole concept not only are we with parents, not only are we the party that wanted our kids in school while the private schools were teaching and the charter schools were teaching, and they were teaching in china and russia. all the children our children will be competing with. but this bill of rights is a concept the parents are entitled to. >> i think kevin mccarthy is on the right track. last year he had his commit to the america. he recruited new candidates. everybody who picked up seats last year was either a woman or a minority or both. kevin was supposed to lose 35
2:43 am
seats. he gained 15. my guess is they will pick up between 40-70 seats in the house and at least four seats in the senate. look what they are doing. pelosi after they lost in 2009, turned right around four days later and tried and pass obamacare saying publicly you have to vote for it to find out what's tonight. she is doing the same junk. people are not going to vote for a pelosi dictatorship. between biden's collapse and pelosi's attitude the democrats are in a sense repudiating the country. judge jeanine: they are double down. after the shellacking they took, they are saying we are going to
2:44 am
go forward with build back better. we'll spend our way out of this. i see this as a blueprint for disaster in 2022. you have the final word. >> i think it will be a blueprint for disaster. the reason is basic. the american people don't want big government socialism. they want control over their own lives. and they recent having washington try to dictate everything from masks to vaccinations. i think it will get worse, not better for the democrats if they can't get away from trying to tell the rest of us how t live. judge jeanine: mr. speaker, it's always a pleasure having you on. through so much. colin kaepernick is equate can colin kaepernick is equate can the nfl to modern day slavery. colin kaepernick is equate can the nfl to modern day slavery. that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores
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how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." despite failing miserably as an nfl quarterback. kolin kaepernick is making headlines. he likens the nfl draft to
2:49 am
modern-day slavery. >> what they don't want you to understand is what's being established is a power dynamic. before they put you on the field, teams poke, pry and examine you, searching for any defect that might affect your performance. no boundary respected. no dignity left intact. judge jeanine: those controversial comments caused quite a stir. listen to how long time nfl reporter reacted. >> nobody forces these guy to the play. i thought comparing it to the slave trade was a little rough. they enter willingly. they are the most cared for people. every one of them, black, white, latino, will tell you how much they love it and they are willing to it, and they make
2:50 am
saddamned good living. saddamn -- they make a damn good living. >> he's a race hustler. it's insulting to every one who has families or descendants from slavery. kaepernick volunteered to be in the nfl. why would you volunteer to be a slave. this is nothing more than propaganda and hate being played
2:51 am
again georgia today. >> now that everybody is so woke and such a faux activist. if the nfl is like slavery. why is colin capper hurricane in trying out to be a slave in of course's not good enough to be in the nfl. he's had tryouts. he had an nfl begging to be part of that oppression. he's unfortunately not quite good enough. >> what's amazing this is it's his way to make more money. but how does this help the african-american communities,
2:52 am
leo? >> it does not, judge. again, kolin kaepernick and what the left is trying to do. they are embarrassed with what happened in the recent election. you have a black female lieutenant governor who happens to be a republican. they don't like it. they don't want to take any of the blacks from the democratic party. they want to keep them there. it's a plans takes mentality. i broke away last year. because the democratic playbook is based on racism. i think most african-americans understand this is not the what it is in this great country. judge jeanine: you go anywhere in america, people get along, black, white, asian, restaurants, getting gas. family parties. nobody cares. only they care. >> that's all they have is race
2:53 am
bait. and victimhood people like kolin kaepernick have to push on people. he doesn't care about the african-american community. he only cares about lining his pockets. it's true of so many white liberals who ran for office. he said he didn't vote. maybe you should start encouraging people to get out and vote. what does is nike endorsement deals. when you are endorsing a company with a lot of sweat shops in i peninsula, interesting take, colin. judge jeanine: this week there was a teacher named teacher of the year, leo, and two days later she calls a student into her office, she yanks the student out of class. and this woman, her name is
2:54 am
carolyn melanie lee from jacksonville, florida. she yanks the student out of class and she starts beating her about the head. the teacher is charged with child abuse. what is with these teachers and these school boards? what makes them think they can control and in this case beat a student? >> they can't. both as a lawyer and a judge, we want to get all the facts in. this woman was selected teacher of the year, and within two days she is arrested based on an allegation of child abuse. you have a white teacher. what is the ethnicity of the stield child, we don't know. i hope the facts come out and we learn what is the truth about this. judge jeanine: leo, you and i come from the same place. i absolutely agree.
2:55 am
tomi, talk about these teachers. >> parents need to get involved in their' children'sing' schools. parents need to be more involved, and i hope in this school and other schools maybe parents will check in more frequently on our students and their environment. judge jeanine: thank goodness for some of the cameras they have in schools to . . . .
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the smart, ♪ast, easy way ♪ judge jeanine: finally tonight fox nation's patriot awards is on winds november 17th, at the hard rock live theater in hollywood florida and i'm going to be there. get your tickets before it sells out. be there and that's it for us tonight catch me on
3:00 am jeanine for great holiday gift. thanks so much for watching i'm jeanine pirro investigating for truth justice and american way and i'm in my new studio and i'll see you next saturday. ♪ ♪ ♪. [~playing of "the star-spangled banner"]


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