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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  November 7, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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♪ >> hello i am alicia acuna, charlie hurt and joe concha. welcome to "the big sunday show" here's what's on tap. >> sesame street has a new lesson for kids. >> my covid vaccine. >> the outrage building among conservatives pushing to get kids vaccinated for covid.
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>> abby. >> one outlet says the biden administration is not responsible for the supply chain crisis it is you. >> charlie. >> a high school teacher under fire over a quiz asking students to identify a group of complete idiots and of the biden administration was not an option. that's coming up. alicia: a shocking claim from ron desantis about the border crisis. his office claims abiding the administration has moved migrants from the border to florida on more than 70 nighttime flights since this summer. now president biden is flip-flopping on the payment of $450,000 to illegal immigrants. last week he said the reports were garbage. >> there were reports that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants separated from the families of the border up to $450,000 each, do you
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think that might incentivize more people to come over illegally. >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah but it is not true. >> 's with the garbage report. >> yeah, that's not going to happen. alicia: yesterday the biden said illegal immigrants deserve the money. >> you said last week this report of migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage. >> i did not say that. >> yesterday you said everybody coming across the border gets $450,000. >> the number i was referring to. here's the thing if in fact because of the outrageous behavior of the boston administration, you coming across the border whether legal or illegal and you lost your child, it's gone, you deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the circumstance. alicia: tomorrow our borders are kamala harris will adjust
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migration but in europe she heads to paris to meet with world leaders to discuss their migration issues. let's get started. i'm going to begin with you going back to the flights from the border to florida, the washington examiner has this report and talk to desantis' that told outlet that they have a big given any information from the administration regarding these flights, what is your take? >> is absolutely extraordinary in its lawlessness, its attack on the state of florida and of course it's all entirely politically motivated which is no problem in the first place. it is a good reminder of why when president trump ran his campaign declaring america first, all of washington people like joe biden went absolutely
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crazy over the idea that you would put america first. this administration is reversing that, everybody but america first, i have to say it was really interesting to watch joe biden get so angry talking about your child, your child where was the anger when 12 families lost their children in afghanistan because of joe biden's botched retreat in afghanistan. that right there is the very face of america last right there. alicia: the back-and-forth, fox news correspondent and the president and the administration continues to unfold and the numbers continue to changes getting more elusive to get answers to questions. take a listen to this exchange between peter doocy and kareem. >> there are long lines to get into this country legally, is there any getting people who are coming in the right way? >> why would we be giving people who are not coming into the
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money. >> i don't understand the question. >> you're saying that we should give people money who are coming through, i don't understand the question. >> you giving people who immigrated here legally money. >> like i said, that is the department of justice, you're gonna have to ask them that question. alicia: joe, your take on these types of exchanges? >> she was sensate until she realized she was losing the argument and then fell back that's the department of justice i'm not supposed to talk about it from here. we've seen this movie before, not far from the end of the northeast, divided the administration sent secret flights with illegal migrants floating in the middle of the night. these are the flights that we know about. biden knows he can get away with it because the media outside of this network were doing our duty
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in terms of talking about this big story while the other news organizations new york times, washington post serve the pleasure of this administration and therefore there burying the story and not talking about it. peter doocy is only when asking the deputy press secretary about it. this is a statement administration $450,000.1 million each to families to enter this country illegally. what an incentive program. enter unlawfully and get placed in the richest 1% even goldstar families cannot get a deal like that. it's an absolute joke and i'm glad peter doocy is holding them administration accountable is many art on this issue. alicia: as abby, as tom just brought up they also talked about on "fox & friends". >> let me ask you this question, president biden how much are you going to give the angel mom and dads whose children were separated for them forever because his parents. their children, how much are you
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gonna give the families that not overdose because of that now, no cost because biden open the border. alicia: his point, there are a lot of people who have lost someone here, who deserves what? chris: tom homan brings up a good point, a similar point on outnumbered, i'm curious who ever ends up being president next whether each joe biden or someone else, is that administration going to be responsible for paying the reparation for children and families under the biden administration because there have been children who have suffered. their children that were dropped over the fence and abandoned by coyotes. there are young teenagers put on suicide watch list on the migrant facilities. there are young women being pumped up with birth control because they are being raised as they come up to the united states. i hope the biden administration takes an inward look at
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themselves and actually sees what they're doing at the border is not helping either. alicia: i saw you shaking your head in the intro, we do have the vice president heading to europe to meet with leaders and also the part of the acknowledgment. she will also be participated in the paris conference on libya. one of the goals is to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into europe. i've got to hear what you have to say. charlie: truly a noted expert on illegal immigration. as the biden administration has done here. i think what you just said is so important. the biden administration care so much about children and the families and the hardships they endured coming across the border, the single best way to help them is to seal the border and close the border from people making this very dangerous trek.
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that's where children get killed, that's where little girls get raped that's where families get separated. if you seal the border you do not have a problem at the border. alicia: the u.s. borders are going to europe to talk about european border problems. >> it has yet to be a true border town at the u.s. southern border in texas or in arizona the president has yet to go to the border and is 50 years in the press secretary jen psaki actually arguing because he flew into el paso for a campaign event and drove through that town which is a nine hour walk from the border that counts 13 years ago. this administration does not care to fix this problem because kamala harris was put in charge and this is the same person who prepared ice to the kkk and said illegal migration should be made legal. that is the person you want doing this and that's why this administration is pulling
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show", sesame street pushing kids to get vaccinated. watch this. >> did you get yourself a boo-boo. >> i got my covid vaccine, my mommy and pappy took me too get it this morning. >> proceeded that's great getting the covid vaccine is a great way to stay healthy. >> my mommy and poppy said it'll help keep me, my friends, my neighbors, my abuela all healthy. >> your parents are absolutely
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right, vaccines are available for children for five years and older, the more people to get them the better we can stop the spread of covid and keep everyone healthy. >> big bird also tweeted i got the covid-19 vaccine today my wing is feeling a little sore but it will give my body protected boost that keeps me and others healthy. ted cruz responding government again the push to vaccinate 5 - 11 years old as american federation randi weingarten calls for universal masking and schools and it has in the past. she was caught removing her mascara conference in puerto rico, she later apologized. also mask was was senate majority leader chuck schumer. of course. let's get abby first, doable he believe senator cruz, is this
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propaganda? chris: i'm glad i was five years old i didn't have to worry about politics like how my blessings every day. it is funny if you take the politics out of this, i'm kinda curious about the strategy because i imagine from a marketing perspective you are probably trying to target the parents in this not the 5-year-old the 5-year-old is not driving themselves to get the vaccine. i'm a little confused about that but i think the reality of this, no matter how you feel about it i think what you're doing with an ad like this is ruffling the feathers of parents who just want to make the decision for their children in the best decision rather for them. i'm a little confused about this. joe: confusion comes to mind as well. i have a can of gardner and
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while he can do site words, basic things, he cannot scroll on twitter and read tweets from big bird. this is not impacting him directly because he can't read but i'm pretty sure he's watching nick jr., may be popliteal, pepper pig, i could go through the list instead of watching cnn and the situation. is this the most effective strategy. one third of american parents say that they will get the 5 - 11 -year-olds vaccinated. another third wait-and-see approach, another third say we will. i would imagine this is targeted toward them but is this affected because people are passionate about vaccines but i don't think any but is talking about it on tv in particular but bird swaying anyone on tv. charlie: if your kindergartner not scrolling through twitter already then you smarter than the rest of us, god bless him. i hope it stays that way. the whole thing is so ineffective and so stupid. the most pathetic thing about all of it, when adults can't
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convince or make arguments that get other adults on board, what they do they have to target children and at the saddest thing that there is. it's also really not effective especially when you have all of these examples of hypocrisy in all of these examples -- going back to wearing the mask after you get the vaccine. either the vaccine works or doesn't work. what about the universal masking is all lucy. and abby are exactly right, if you tried to make the argument for people to do something, get vaccinated, this is the worst way possible. injecting politics is the best way to make sure the half of the country says i'm not buying whatever, i don't care what you're selling i'm not buying it. joe: this is been going on for a while with big bird i see the right losing their minds, saying
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why is big bird getting involved. ted cruz said this is propaganda. but if we go to be factual big bird has been doing psa's on vaccines back to 1972, ten years before charlie was born this is not a new thing and it should be noted. alicia: sesame street does this throughout history trying to help children become more comfortable. but it's a much different time the 1972 were in the middle of a frightening pandemic especially for children. there are parents who want to have this conversation and this interrupts a conversation because parents are probably having this with themselves first and some of the outrage comes in part of the fact that parents feel like they don't have as much control over what's being told to their kids and received that with the pushback in schools and that's an extension of it.
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i'm not really surprised that the coverages getting in the outrage that is happening because it is very different than it used to be. joe: abby i would get your reaction to randi weingarten she had a tweet defending herself after she took her mask off and a conference in puerto rico and we seen this over and over again whether it's gavin newsom, boyd lightfoot, nancy pelosi, hair appointments, if your democrat you probably broke this rule and got caught let's read this tweet. you could not be without panel proof of vaccination, i just done a rapid covid test and it was negative. frankly i you are right. kids are wearing masks in schools, educators must wear masks inside as well. i am sorry. rules for me, not for the democrats. abby: you hit on the head, this goes back to the messaging of the biden administration to all of covid i think a lot of people
2:21 pm
don't know if they should wear a mask and in the very beginning when former president trump about the vaccine people were warning against it and this is been an evolution of a story and like you said rules for the not for me it shows the human nature is to make mistakes and the people who are hammering this message in are not following their own rules and why should they expect the american people to do the same. joe: charlie, 15 seconds, last word. charlie: my biggest problem with big bird having to do this, i have to pay for. i would really rather pay for something less stupid than this. joe: government-funded pbs. after the chaos at a travis scott concert killed eight people, with learning about the wrappers past encouraging fans to rush the stage. the shocking twist next.
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♪ ♪. abby: welcome back to "the big sunday show" launching a criminal probe into the afterworld chaos that left eight people dead and hospitalized dozens more police confirmed being ports in some of the victims may have been injected with drugs by a needle with the security guard among those possibly predict. >> the security officer was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen and he felt a prick in his neck and the medical staff noticed the prick that was similar to a prick that you would get 70s trying to
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inject. abby: travis scott says he's devastated about what happened while he was performing. >> i'm honestly just devastated, i could never imagine anything like this happening. i'm close to everyone to get to the bottom of this. alicia: it's worth noting this isn't the first time he's been in trouble with the law. on two separate occasions in 2015 and 2018, scott pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of reckless conduct after telling fans to jump barricades, rush the stage and bypass security during concert in chicago and arkansas. abby i want to continue first, what originated as a rumor but the idea that people are feeling syringe jobs coming out of nowhere. abby: our hearts and prayers go out to the family of everyone who died. to think that you're going to konther is an innocent thing, you're going to have fun,
2:28 pm
somewhat potentially pricking other people in the neck and injecting with drugs. i am speechless thinking about it. actually some of the names of the victims were released and their photos, john 14-year-old riata, 16, frank, 21, rudy 23 and when you hear about travis scott and the fact that he encourages behavior before it is actually been sued and arrested for and has not learned his lesson. i hope other artists are seeing this in their encouraged to encourage this behavior after concert as well. alicia: we are just learning that the first lawsuit in this case has been filed on behalf of of one of the victims that seeks $1 million, it's against travis scott live nation, the organizer and drake the performer who was also on stage with travis scott.
2:29 pm
this is just going to be the beginning. charlie: we talked about this last night, all we could say is my goodness how terrible and tragic our hearts went out to the families. as new information comes out, you start to wonder what the hell is going on in this place you always want to try to find a reason, some explanation for why something happened especially if it's senseless. it's a human nature to grasp for explanations. something like this you have to define explanations. but if in fact this guy, travis scott who was a record to try to encourage his fans to rush the stage, if in fact all the videotape would've gone through in the footage of people instagram main and doing stuff off their phones is all going to
2:30 pm
be looked through. if in fact he did that again, he should be locked up and should be sued for millions of dollars, he should be sued out of existence. this concept that there are consequences for the things that you do and the things that you say especially in a crowded boisterous environment like this, it is shocking beyond words. alicia: were just loading up the lawsuit, the investigation is underway who don't know who will be held liable. in the lawsuit they called this predictable. this was predictable and the fact that this is happened in the past, i just wonder. even if travis got dinner encourage people in this moment to rush the stage, if his fans know that he's done that in the past, i'm wondering if that could come into play. >> it's a great, great question. if you look at any situation you need look at a guy call paul
2:31 pm
riemer he led an investigation of a 1979 concert crash that killed 11 people in cincinnati. he says the houston authorities did not do enough to keep the crowd safe. the crowd in houston never should've gotten that big indents, is a preventable tragedy that happened because safety precautions were ignored and because there are millions of dollars here to be made. that about wraps it up. alicia: i think this could be a question that will have to be addressed, how do you handle crowd size at these festivals. 50000 people in attendance of the festival when you talk about general admission. you kind of assume one person goes, a lot of other people get a go as well. abby: i think that's exactly it, i don't know if you can control a crowd of that size. i think it would have to come from the organizers not selling as many tickets. that money is worth it to spare someone's life.
2:32 pm
i listen to someone else talk about this also they said maybe had assigned seat and not a mosh pit. i think there was a lot of law enforcement from what i read, i said this yesterday but the houston mayor said there was more security at this event to the world series, their 50000 plus people. i think you hit on the heads i don't know if you can control 50000 people, it's nearly impossible i imagine. alicia: we will continue to watch this, can you identify a group of students, students at one california high school are being asked to why that is making parents very angry next. ♪
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♪ ♪. charlie: welcome back to "the big sunday show". parents are outraged at the california high school teacher who gave students a quiz that bashes conservatives. whitney high school in rocklin california is investigating one of the questions on the quiz which asks, identify a group of complete idiots as a kkk, b, all of florida, see, fox news, d texans. the school responded to the backlash with the statement
2:38 pm
reading whitney high and rocklin unified is committed to providing each student, family and staff with a safe and welcoming environment. while personal matters will remain confidential. the disciplinary steps will be taken. abby, i'm assuming the answer is a, the bigger question that i have, what class was this. i don't even know this is advancing and perhaps give us an answer as to why illiteracy is a problem in this country nobody knows how to do math. abby: exactly deserves a stronger word than idiot. i'm surprised there wasn't a d option of all the above the teacher was hoping his kids together from this question but this is really sad and the teacher should never bring their views into classroom. they should present the facts and allow the kids to formulate their own opinion and thoughts about something given those
2:39 pm
facts. that's a part of growing up. i don't need to say it it's truly unacceptable and quite frankly helps glenn youngkin and other people running for the parents and they want to represent the parenting education if their teachers doing this out there, something needs to be done and i think the voters if you look at virginia they have spoken on that. >> yes indeed. thank god for that. when you're such a loser that you can't win arguments you pick on children. why is it that this always seems to be slanted in the same direction? joe: is a very good point, just like with the media for the most part were the mistakes that we see in the areas are against one particular party or person never seems to go the other way, i quiz. should this teacher be a fire, be suspended, three demoted to
2:40 pm
teaching driver's ed only or dcom are ridiculed on national television. i'm going with dee, ridiculed on national television. it's part of the job. what is going on in our schools. did you see this parents group in massachusetts filed a federal civil complaint this week after the school district excluded white students from what it called a healing space and then there's critical race theory be inch of done parents throats which flies in the face of martin luther king who preached to judge others not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character and crt does the exact opposite. concentrate less on this or bashing conservatives or more on teaching kids how to be best prepared for adulthood. reading, writing, math, science, i said it yesterday allstate again were 25th in the world and those categories china's number one because they look forward while redoing the seller nonsense. charlie: don't knock driver's ed
2:41 pm
teachers my driver's ed teacher was the only one that gave me a b or better in high school. alicia, you have kids, you know how smart they are there so much smarter than a lot of these teachers i think. do they see through this stuff, is it counterproductive that people see through so much that you wind up getting people like glenn youngkin elected? alicia: is interesting you bring my kids, i talked about this before during remote learning i had to be home tonight son was taking a class i could hear the teacher presenting from fox news, msnbc and cnn talking about the trouble administration and they were pretty derogatory towards fox news in the trouble administration and i asked my son when did you take a journalism class and he said this is geography so i had a lot of questions and then i also explain, there are students are in your class whose parents probably watch fox news who voted for president trump, how
2:42 pm
do you think that they feel and he goes i know some of them and i know but he felt that he couldn't say anything because he felt that he would be bullied and a look back to the teacher is presenting all of this. i think that they see it but i don't do the kids feel that they can say anything sometimes especially when they're in a group dynamic or they feel that they're outnumbered and it is really sad. >> it is such a great point. the safest thing is to go back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and that will solve a lot of these problems. who's responsible for the supply chain crisis. you won't believe what time magazine's playmate as biden the approval sinks to a new low. ♪ your kindness outshines your highs and lows.
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room ♪ ♪. abby: welcome back to "the big sunday show" time magazine says if you want a real cause of supply chain crisis you have to look at the mere.
2:47 pm
the article titled how will american choppers break the supply chain. america has long been gobbling up goods from overseas then we sent back but in the past year spending has gone bonkers. the supply chain has been around for more than 100 years, do you think the crisis were expensive right now falls on the shoulders solely of the american chopper? >> one of my questions, don't they want to suspend money, isn't that good for the economy too? if we were out there buying things and spending, were always looking to see what consumers are buying, how much we are spending, the supply chain is complicated, the problem the supply chain is complicated and multilevel situation here but turning around and blaming americans for going out there and spending which could be a good indicator it is so strange
2:48 pm
i'm not quite sure what to make of it. when i saw the headline i thought really. i don't know what to say. abby: i don't know of a lot of people know what to say, time magazine claims the market chopper and the american chopper check out the latest poll from the university. 28%, 38% approve of biden from a recent research his approval rating is hitting all-time low on this, you love your poles, do think they're looking at these at all and say maybe there's something we need to do or do you think they will brush it off. joe: one think that they would do the bill clinton they took a shocking newt gingrich becomes house speaker and clint said okay i have to work with the other party a little bit more and then he declared the government was over and the end
2:49 pm
of welfare as we know it and cleaning crews to reelection. joe biden has shown no capacity no interest in doing that despite his poll numbers. that is 21-point underwater he has dropped more in his first year than any other president since world war ii in terms of polling. this is a big problem, kamala harris at 28% approval. she is supposed to be pump porch bear at 80 something-year-old joe biden doesn't want to run in 2024. somebody warm up gavin newsom or marion williams, pete buttigieg, i'm doing the math, two plus 20 plus one, 23-point underwater. as for time magazine it's as gentle wrote that herself, she the one that locked inside is a problem for people who can't get their treadmills quickly are white house chief of staff said inflation is just a problem for
2:50 pm
the rich, the bottom line we have a president who will not visit the border or any major ports to address this problem and normal his transportation secretary because he can't be bothered to do his job and go to long branch or los angeles or newark either. this will not be solved, supply chain 22023 per pete buttigieg himself. alicia: totally in speaking of inflation, check at the headline from the new york post, new york city 1 dollar pizza staggering inflation" in the article says y single ingredient, every single item, we use flour, cheese, tomatoes, paper goods, napkins, everything, labor is definitely up as well. when charlie is in new york city has to pay $20 for a cocktail and if he has too many cocktails and wants to buy 99 cents pizza that cost more than 99 cents.
2:51 pm
charlie: somewhere jimmy carter is kicking himself that he didn't take a break in the supply chain he invented stagflation in joe biden has managed to break something that i don't even think that we knew that could be broken. if the ripple effects with every aspect of the economy. i think it's intentional. i think it is part of this unden economy. one of the biggest drivers of inflation is gas prices, they want people to not to afford gas so the combustion engines. if you want to see with the green new deal looks like now al good idea of where this administrations policies seriously are. it is really all intentional. abby: we joke about the inflation on pizza but on a
2:52 pm
serious note these are things that are really affecting the average american in america to want to feed their families any gas to keep their homes and drive their cars. hopefully this will turn around eventually. i can't say soon because it does not look good for us but hopefully eventually. stick around the big four is coming up next. ♪ if you used shipgo this whole thing wouldn't be a thing. yeah, dad! i don't want to deal with this. oh, you brought your luggage to the airport. that's adorable. with shipgo shipping your luggage before you fly you'll never have to wait around here again. like ever. that can't be comfortable though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel.
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alicia: welcome back to "the big sunday show", today we have the big four are pics of the biggest stories everyone will be talking about next week, i'll go first a new pool from uganda shows one sixth of americans don't use their dishwasher for washing dishes. 60% use their dishwasher properly, 5% user appliance to dry hand wash dishes. period another 5% use of restoring kitchen items. however, 1% you may have seen, they use it for other. i was just asking my producer where this comes from, the 1% cleaning pet toys, decreasing car parts and cooking salmon. abby: cooking salmon? what do you mean. alicia: i don't know, they cook
2:57 pm
salmon. just because you can do something does not mean you should. abby: it's funny that you say this in new york i have seen an ungodly amount of people who use it for storage. i opened the dishwasher and it was jeans. i was so confused why their genes were in the dishwasher. alicia: limited space, i get up but cooking? charlie, what you got? charlie: very bizarre. my pics the wall street journal reports research is found one in eight of its users are using social media so often in impact sleep, work and parenting and relationships. i don't think that one in eight users of alcohol is addicted to alcohol but we regulate that at every level, maybe we ought to start regulating facebook. the other thing on facebook that is really creepy if you're not
2:58 pm
keeping up with nobody in person or over the phone or as penpals, they view not really friends. maybe you should be on facebook in the first place. joe: that make sense. abby: i feel like there's addiction too so many things but apparently it is not working out that's what my pick for the big four comes from. even people who work out frequently would like to stop, 2000 people who frequently exercise showed one in four would rather text and ask work with netflix to stop working out forever. this is nonsense. i would love for those people who said that they would quit netflix to put their money where their mouth is, there is no way somebody would quit netflix. maybe because other streaming services, i'm not sure but working out help your brain and your cognitive function, it makes you feel better, i don't
2:59 pm
know if watching netflix or texting and ask, depending on how you are with your ex that probably does not be he feel better. i always felt working out you may not want to do it but you gotta do it. charlie: 50 dishwasher, don't start. joe: netflix, the go to fox nation and watch abby and get some sort of streaming. joe: i use my oven for storage, it's bigger, open, that's what worked for me. anyway. does this sound like torture to you? ♪ if so, you are not alone in may to know, jail are suing claiming the baby shark song was
3:00 pm
used as a torture tactic. a quick quiz before we go. how many times is that video of baby shark on video? >> 2 million? charlie: i would say over. abby: 17 million. joe: 7 billion times that song. jon: the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill is that the president biden's desk. he remains up in the air. i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". the president will travel to the city of baltimore wednesday to discuss is infrastructure bill might benefit the american people. this is lawmakers on capitol hill turn their attention to the other half of his economic


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