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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  November 7, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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convinced we'll have great people emerge along the way to bring us the rest of the way, hope you enjoy the president and freedom fighter, if you did, i know you will love the book, abraham lincoln, frederick douglass and their battle to save america, thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ ♪ on-line. good night from south carolina. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, had is "life, liberty and levin." we have two great guests, kevin mccarthy, republican leader in the house. and former senator, governor of virginia george allen, we dive into the election results. but before, you know i do things differently here, and
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on high my radio show, and platforms, i don't just comment, i don't just observe. i get dirt under my fingernails. i am an activist. i am mission oriented. 8 months ago before release of "american marxism," i got on the radio, and here, i made it clear we had to build a movement to confront the various aspects of american marxism. critical race theory and districttion of our classrooms, degrowth movement. under -- rube rick of climate change and transgender movement. these were destroying our nation. we looked at other issues took open borders and attack on separation of powers on independences of courts and on and on. >> this is modern day
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democrat party, the model through which american marxism represents itself. you can see media today, celebrate, defend and promote these various movements, critical race theory first they denied exists, then they say, what are you scared of it? why cancel it. same with degrowth movement. and on and on. so we have people politicians in washington, we have hosts on radio and tv, trying to figure out what happened this week in the election. what happened is this, a movement was building quietly under the radar. millions of people were involved. who read "american marxism" and listen to talk radio and had enough of washington and personal effect it has on them, whether inflation or price of groceries or gasoline. and transitioning our economy system to something
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else and talk about white racism and white supremacy, day in, day out. people are tired of it. we could have rolled over and let it happen in a fetal position or fight back, 8 months ago it seemed many of us were prepared to surrender, we were woe is me, we galvanized. we rallied. this is something we talked about on the show. day in and day out. something i have talked about on radio day in day out. even if we have certain differences among us, those are us who love this country, those of us who believe in it founding and declaration of independences, and unable un-- we had to come together, we had to to unite, despite our differences. despite if we're in one party or another or no party to push back against the
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american marxist movements, that have been leeching into our kids schools into the media, into the public square. or they were going to defeat us, we had to claw our way back, one election at a time, one battle at a time, one school system at a time, that is what happened. last week. that is what happened last week. i might add. with with no help from washington, d.c. and the establishment. a grassroots movement. grassroot, reagan revolution was a grassroots movement. and it took reagan 3 times before he became nominee, and one of most successful presidents inn american history. the rise of tea party movement. they came out tea party movement gave a majority to house republicans almost took over the senate as well. it was opposed and fought by republican establishment and
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surrogates in media. trump revolution. which changed our politics. still opposed by established republicans and so-called never-trumpers, now we have this movement. you and i we're part of this move. , we're not observers. what happened last week, we know, we were involved.ap simple. we are not going to allow this country to fall to the americano marxist movements, why do i call them that? >> because their founders. school scholars, they call it marxist move. s. saw what happened two summers ago in our streets to the cities, we saw what they did to our police forces from sea to sea. we saw how they tried to overturn this country. turn it inside out. turn it to a country we
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would not recognize. destroying it from within. when we had an opportunity to push back, we pushed back, inn our school system, we are pushing back with the bill. that biden, pelosi, and schumer want to push through this will alter our government and our economic system. we're pushing back. we must continue to push back.en these american marxists, they are awake 24/ certain trying to figure -- 7, trying to figure out how to sabotage the great nation, a fantastic night, virginia, new jersey, new york, pennsylvania, texas, colorado, kansas, school boards, local sheriff elections, big, victories. but they are just victories last week. we need to build on this. we need to put them on their heels, they need to respond to us. have you seen media?
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they have turned to quote, unquote, white women in the suburbs, two elections ago they could not slobber over themlo enough, they were voting for vide biden they thought, but now in virginia and new jersey they voted gain the democrat to protect their children from this american marxist movement called critical race theory. what do media, say, these are racist white women in the suburbs now. everyone is a racist. of course, buts racists. the people who push critical race theory. they are theca racists, the people in the media, cnn and msnbc racists, day in, day out. what to they do? righteous people, who believe in diversity. you are the ones who they
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team demonize and attack, to be thing about last week, the attacks on donald trump. they backfired. terry mccauliffe. former bag man for clintons, terry mccauliffe, not say donald trump's enough, for most of the campaign he was running against donald trump, nice try, terry, guesscc what, you lost. donald trump won! donald trump won! your attempt to turn this to a trump race, you lost. glenn youngkin andnd team over there, ran a fantastic campaign. as they did in new jersey. as they did all over the country. must embrace this country. our founding our patriot implement push back against what is taking place, that is what is happening. i'll remind you albeit
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briefly of what i said in the first chapter of "american marxism." millions of you have read it, passed along the message, haveea been the paul reveres under the radar, unrecognized by the establishment politicians in washington, but you know who you are, i know who you are, first chapter: >>
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>> >> guess what, red blooded americans who love this country,. have had enough. we are standing up to this. not because washington said so, not because certain media are reporting on it, but because you are taking matters into your own hands. and you will continue to be trashed by the corrupt media in this country, you will continue to be trashed. by the corrupt democrat
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party in this country, as well as other establishmentarians, keep up the fight, we have a long way to go, a long way to go. not justri in our schools, in our corporations, colleges, universities, defending police, military, defending the border, getting our constitution back. this is our mission, these are the forces that we're up against. and i could not be more proud of you, american people, who are saying, this is my country, regardless of your background and race, i'm defending it,. >> who won in virginia, a white governor, a black lieutenant governor, and a brown attorney general. media are calling them racists, the media in this country are racists, they are bigots, they are ain't
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are -- anti-semites, they are liars and corrupt. the aoc, presley, tlaib and omars, they are one in the same, they have no disagreement on issue or tactics or anything of the kind. we demonstrated last week, we will demonstrate going forward. we don't need them. we can go around them, above them, and under them. but we don't need them. we'll be right back. certified turbocharger, suspension and fuel injection. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind.
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mark: welcome back america, our first guest, kevin mccarthy, the republican leader in the house, welcome back to you. what is your take on this election. >> a wake-up call, but greater. you know this more. the grassroots across the country. the grassroots that -- that is uniting, uniting parents who are opposed to socialist move they are seeing. everyone joining together, not just about virginia,
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election in minneapolis, in texas as well. it is every element. this is exciting, this is a america waking up and taking back what they understand they have lost before. it is republicans respecting the rights of parents. and for loudoun county across the nation, i see something bigger than democrat realize what is going on. mark: mr. leader, one thing are in aoc and tlaib and omar and pelosi and schumer and the rest, to talk about the marxist socialive objectives, and promote them in their campaigns, and their speech, but another thing to institute them are try to, or case of joe biden to us executive orders on promote critical race theory. a transgender movement. all kinds of things. and you see the consequences
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in our society, we're more divided than ever, he said he would be a uniter, the borders are wide open with illegal aliens coming in, they have no intention of closing it, cost of the everything is going through the roof, they have real world consequences for middle class. >> they did, policies matter. philosophy matters, and think about biggest concerns, the rising cost, inflation. that is a tax on all americans that was driven from his policies, government spending too much and then with the border. opening it up. allowing individuals to come through here illegally when you have covid running rampant. and doing nothing about it. it was not legislation that changed it was just his executive orders and policies that created it, he continues to ignore it. then you watch the crime, the rise in our cities and walgreens closing stores in
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san francisco, and cities not safe any more, what happened on election day? from seattle to minneapolis. they changed course of history, they defend the police, who have been defending in. mark: democrat don't appear to have learned much, joe biden basically said, it's not my fault, nancy pelosi wants to to move ahead with this marxist socialist agenda. and so-called moderates in democrat party seem have awakens. the most radical wing of democrat party controls the democrat party. >> they do, they don't even consider themselves, democrats, they are socialist democrats, but they are those growing within the democratic party, they want to transform america. bernie sanders is budget chair in senate.
8:20 pm
he is writing the rules on reconciliation, that is what they fight for, that is the wake-up call tuesday, across the nation, but when is interesting here that you have to look at, think of all of the glass ceilings that republicans broke in the last election, not just election of governor. the first woman. minority woman, lieutenant governor, and race in texas, 73% hispanic, a seat biden carried by 13 points, republican won. this movement and change in shift in the vote, is more than 14 point, did democrat that gets behind socialist wing, they have a seat that biden wound by 16 or less they are now competitive, we can make a change in course of history one year from now we don't go down the path of socialism and wake up the rest of nation as well, i
8:21 pm
cannot thank the grassroots enough for the work they are doing, you look at new jersey, president of the senate, was defeated by an individual who knew who people wanted, he drove's truck, he knew costs are rising, he walked door-to-door and engaged people directly. mark: what is interesting mr. leader, you see the trump supporters, who are all parties, then suburbs, that came home. you see this uniting of people who love the country, who don't want to family transform -- fundamentally fran form the country, i think are about suburbs critical race theory brought it home. that democrat party is serious about fundamentally transforming and attacking and undermining this country. and that is why i think you see on cnn and m snbc, phony democrat journalists and guests and contributors going crazy, calling this a
8:22 pm
white suburban women in virginia racists. 55% of hispanic in virginia voted republican, they are furious about this, i don't think they will change course it is important that we be resolute. >> you are 100% correct. every parent and in every county and every current corner of this country has a right to know what their children are being taught, republicans respect the parent's rights in education, we're coming out with a parent's bill of rights, this has been a wake-up call. and what do democrat answer to this is, pressure attorney general to go to school board meeting to go after parents, after parents what were there to find out what was being taught in their schools, you had a father defending his daughter, who was molested in a restroom at school but they denied that right to happen. this is what is bringing people together in suburban
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areas and metropolitan and rural areas together. mark: when we come back, kevin mccarthy, i think that nation wants to know what will the republicans in house run on? have a united message? what would it be? we'll be right back. >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song! this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion,
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>> welcome to fox news live. mourners have begun building a makeshift memorial where 8 people lost their lives at a concert stampede in houston. >> and victims range from age 14 to 27, a lawsuit filed sunday flame blames scott, live nation and others. >> things are calm at several ivy league colleges after several bomb threats left students on edge today, it was exposed as a hoax, two days after yale was forced to evacuate several building and businesses due
8:28 pm
to a bomb threat there. back to "life, liberty and levin." , liberty and levin." mark: welcome back america, kevin mccarthy, what will republicans run on, will it be united. >> united and a commitment to america. we get our economy back in line. we won't rely on china for our supply side. we'll build the product in america and sell them overseas, secure our border. we have an immigration system that works. we'll have a border that is secured. and we'll become energy independent as we were before, not allowing russia to have a pipeline but denying america. lower gasoline price by buying energy -- being energy independent and we'll
8:29 pm
help other countries in the world, and parent's bill of rights, every parent will have a right to know what is being taught in their schools, what the schools are spending money on, and a right to go into the school. and a relationship with doctor, and patient. not with insurance companies, we will build and make sure our military has resources, and desire to be able to defend of if any parts of the world, we look to future, we can't be reliant on china, we need a supply chain that is reliant on america, and to be able to control our critical minerals. mark: that makes sense. you have a lot of democrats running who claim to be moderates but they have marched in lockstep behind nancy pelosi and voted for her over and over to be speaker, and voted to investigate former president
8:30 pm
trump and impeachment former president trump, they claim they are moderates in most recent effort to fundamentally change america through a single spending bill what i they pretend they are negotiating and take the sharp edges off of it. are you doe going to hold their feet to the fire. >> when like at playing feel for next election, there is 55-70 seats we could play in and make them competitive. we have to do that. every single democrat there, voted to let nancy pelosi bewelcome speaker, they -- become speaker, they continue to allow her to move forward to change what we see in congress that bills don't go through committees, make sure our election protected and every vote is counted and people
8:31 pm
should have to show i.d. in the elections, and make sure with the social media as well, we have a platform that is not picking and choosing what can be said and making sure that cov voices there are -- conservative voices are there we have a lot of work in front of us. we starting today. that is why we have rolling out this week, that the ability to stop paying more than 400,000 dollars to illegals who came across this border. we rolled out that bill. we'll make sure we stop biden from doing that. mark: so many crazy extremist radical things pushed by this president, his administration, and democrat and congress, you have been in congress a while have you ever seen anything like this. >> i have not but i study history, this seems a lot like 1979. we had hostages in the middle east, and rising
8:32 pm
inflation. we have a president that looks to opec to solve our energy crisis instead of american jobs, but that president jimmy carter had a billy brother, but now he has a son. hunter biden with the same problems. then we have a place in america, to we feel strong as we used ton, are we reported by our allies that question comes from top, these are things we can change, we found when america working together, we put the republican ideas, we could turn this country around but it could change the course of history for the world. a strong policy, with a strong philosophy that holds to the constitution is when america is strongest and we're respect ed and the world is safest. mark: if you are speaker would you be a different
8:33 pm
speaker, one that does go to war with conservatives but embraces them and wants to hear from them and encourage them? >> i believe that is the type of leader i am right now. i know what is in this party. we have --' to make sure it is about addition not subtracttion. i find that conservatives, i consider myself conservative, i was not born into this party, i chose this party based on its conservative beliefs that is the way i'll govern. mark: republican leader, house leader kevin mccarthy thank you very much. >> thank you. mark: we'll be right back. kids can change minds. they can even change the world around us. packed with protein plus 21 vitamins and minerals we nourish them with carnation breakfast essentials. because today could change everything. with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. we nourish them with carnation breakfast essentials.
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mark: welcome back america. our next gift is george allen, former senator, and governor of virginia, he was a great governor and senator, i should know, i live in virginia.
8:38 pm
really nobody better than you to look at what happened last week in virginia. >> i looked at it as owner of virginia government, the people, rose up, they had a vote of confidence for parents involved in education of their children. a vote of confidence in law enforcement officers, and they also had a vote of confidence in free people and free enterprise, running their own lives. they were saying in effect to government, stop meddling, let us own our own lives, you focused on what you are supposed to do,. they wanted virginia to be more competitive fortunes and jobs -- fortune opportunitieses and jobs and lower taxes. and our team, led by glenn youngkin had a positive
8:39 pm
constructive idea on removing tax on groceries, reducing cost on gasoline, other side wanted to raise electricity prices taxes, everything. and i think that folks stood up. we're talking before the show, school boards, never been more attention than school board races than this year, glenn youngkin and the whole ticket, a very first latino elected statewide in virginia will be our next strong attorney general. and winsome sears first african-american woman electioned to statewide office, a heck of a team, glenn youngkin and his whole crew did a fantastic job, motivating people for positive ideas against the other side trying to distort and with a very negative campaign taxpayers, parents -- small business owners of virginia have won. great to see owners of virginia happy again with leadership that is not
8:40 pm
locking down schools and businesses and other restricted regulations and taxes. mark: you say owners of virginia government, grassroots. >> right. >> comes to rescue again. with reagan revolution, and tea party revolution. >> virginia not governed the way that other states that stayed open, virginia maybe not worst, but it was not doing well. and there were a lot of businesses that were struggling, you saw virginia's you know paying people not to work and being surprised why people don't work, if you pay them not to work, don't be alarmed if they don't fill jobs, and proposal that have been coming forward make it worse. they increase our electricity bills and gasoline costs, increase
8:41 pm
cost of food and everything else. other thing that glenn youngkin did that i think was important is, make sure that virginians knew how we were lagging. he would talk in this many speeches, how virginia was really falling behind. north carolina of growing 8 times as fast in jobs than virginia, tennessee, 6 times faster. states we compete with are tennessee, and carolinas, and florida and georgia, you need to reduce cost of living and make sure tax are competitively low, a big issue in virginia was right to work law, further state north on eastern seaboard with right to work law. i would say, i would gettings in virginia that matters, if you don't have a right to work law, men and women are not compelled to pay union dues as a condition of keeping a job, if you don't have a right to
8:42 pm
work law, you are not on field of competition to lockers democrats were look -- democrats were looking to repeal that right to work law, the big losers were union bosses when try everything from teachers unions to other unions, small businesses and people who believed in freedom, and opportunities for all, i think prevailed. and our schools have -- higher academic standards. as opposed to dumb down standard that have been put into the last 8 years in virginia. and other, safer communities. other side talking about defunding police, making it so demoralizing for the wonderful law officers who put on a bullet proof vest, every day to go to work. i see them every day.
8:43 pm
and other side had a parole board. and glenn youngkin says a i do one i am firing that parole board who release the felons. a great endorsement of truth in sentences that we put in when i was governor in headline make virginia a safer place, and loudoun county, that disgrace of that school board, and administration after that school where a young girl is sexualy assaulted, they quietly transferred him to another high school. and he assaults another girl. and this is -- was a mixture of confluences of everything from terry mccauliffe's arrogant statement that parents should not be involved in education of their children. then you get this safety, public safety aspect of this. woke approach, and in
8:44 pm
loudoun county. loudoun county was a example of where people saw through our common wealth said no, we want better in safety and education of our children. mark: when we come back -- this is another grassroots movement rather than fight it they should embrace it? we'll be right back. - [announcer] welcome to intelligent indoor grilling with the ninja foodi smart xl grill. just pick your protein, select your doneness, and let the grill monitor your food. it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors with the grill that grills for you. some carriers will give you just one measly entertainment subscription. one is no fun. with verizon there's up to seven entertainment subscriptions with your unlimited plan. that's 7 times the... (laughing) ha-ha-ha! 7 times the... (weeping) noo! noo!
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mark: welcome back, george allen, former governor, senator of commonwealth of virginia. do you think that time republican establishment in washington will embrace the grassroots? they did not embrace the tea party. do you think they will embrace the grassroots or as you say the people who own the government. >> they ought. to. i think that most people when they actually look at how these different policies
8:49 pm
affect them at their kitchen tables, they will be on our side. so-called progressives and their ideas are regressive. people hurt most by paying 800 a year more in electricity bills are paying you know 20 dollars more every time they fill up their tank or pay higher prices for food, not the wealthy elites thatbly off fly off. it is hard working, lower and middle income working families who are hurt by it. we the people who care about making sure that we're ameritocricy, making sure everyone. all have that equal opportunity to compete and succeed on a level playing field, we don't need government directing our choices and our decisions and our lives. we should listen to the people, they are the owners of the government, not a bunch of folks that like to be talked down to or
8:50 pm
ignored, they need to be listened to, come up with constructive positive idea ands reforms that could make their lives one of greater opportunity those who did that, like glenn youngkin did and jason and winsome sears. and a last legislature ors in virginia, they wons the other side who think they know best are those who lost. but most importantly, everyone will be up lifted the ideas that free people and free enterprise prospering and promoted here in commonwealth of virginia will be a more competitive state that applying for the country, we're in competition with other countries in world. we want to make sure that index of freedom, u.s. is going up. and virginia you want to be in the chief executive magazine going up as one of best states for doing business and people moving into your state as oppose to the exodus as you see from loser states with high taxes, high regulations, not right to work laws and to
8:51 pm
forth like new york, new jersey, illinois, california are losing, other states are booming, those, your economic object lesson how freedom and less taxes -- those states prosper. mark: interesting, democrats like to talk about expanding the vote. and yet when they rule, they don't give a damn about the will of the people do they? they just want to get in power, then rely on bureaucracy what they expand, and certain judicial ash appointments, arg -- activists, they are op set of ripping people, now with pushing this massive bill. they try do it before the
8:52 pm
next election with bearest of majorities in the house. so they really do not believe in the will of the people. whether or not they say they believe in more people voting, your take? >> what you have are these elitists types who think they know better than others, thomas jefferson talked about it people would be naturally divided in two parties, one intelligencia and a few elites who gather power to themselves and think they know better than others, and other party is one that trusts people, it is a more honest repository of power and decision making in our country, in our country, those who make the decisions should be the people as much as possible. this pandemic with the lockdowns, the arrogance of governors when decree from businesses are not essential, everyone business is essential to those who
8:53 pm
operate it and those who work for those businesses. and some of the just, draconian regulations have been so harmful. i think people have risen up, they are saying we're not taking it any more in a variety of ways. by the way more people voting, this is just great, and virginia, latino voters or hispanic voters majority of them voted for our ticket, glenn youngkin and i think that happened to have jason on the ticket, we're getting more and more work people, people who care about the future of their children and opportunities rather than depending on the government, they rose up. across the board. all were voting republican. and so that is coalition of the future, the people working people and families respected than than looked down upon. mark: thank you so much.
8:54 pm
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
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>> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ mark: welcome back america, don't you feel great as patriots, about what happened last week? i mark: welcome back, america. don't youu feel great about what happened this week? i do. we don't like tyranny. people tearing down our monuments, our books and our history. we don't like being called racists and all kinds of things by the media and the democrat party. names are being wiped away from history. monuments pulled down that have any association with slavery and the confederacy.
8:59 pm
except for one. the democrat party was the party of slavery, segregation, and the democrat party was the party of the klan and lynching. the democrat party was the party of jury room crow. the republican party had no role in any of that, period. the democrat party has a hostility towards americanism. private property rights. wealth creation. opportunity. and all the great things that we have in this country. now it's the home of american marxism. phoney climate change and the green new deal. whether it's critical race thierpy being pushed on our --
9:00 pm
little kids. we must be resolute. this is one battle and one victory. they are trying to devour the culture and we are trying to take it back. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." . >> . steve: good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution". this is our this is the home of positive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community, and especially pro-america. just it was amazing. i didn't feel good just to feel that after months of endless negativity and failure and competence and chaos and afghanistan lockdowns mandates, lectures, climate, cae world is about to end. america's racist you are racist. everyone is racist.


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