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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 8, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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joining us this morning to discuss why. we so appreciate it. >> thank you, have great day. ashley: going to be very interesting to see what about with the people who have employers. carley: serve very worried about this. people with over 100, under 100. we don't know where it's going to go. we do know where this is going right now because "fox & friends" starts right now. >> president biden's approval rating plunges even further. >> the country is in a bad place. it's a real tough time to be president of the united states. >> dropped more in his first year than any other president since world war ii. >> biden doubles down on paying illegal border crosses. >> if the border crisis continues to get worse. >> coming across the border illegally or legally if you lost your child, you deserve some type of compensation. >> average gas price in america $4 in the gallon. >> we certainly hope not. higher prices for heating their homes. >> this is going to happen.
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,. >> driver shortage being felt across the nation. >> there is a supply chain crisis worsens. >> the need for truck drivers hits nearly 100,000 openings. >> kyle larson the race from north carolina. today is he a cup series champion oh my god guys, yes. it wake me up, before you go go,. steve: we are going to wake you up before you go-go. good morning, capitol hill. it's'6":01. i hope you remembered to adjust your clock. you are looking at washington, d.c. where i spent the weekend. i visited with the doocys in d.c. mary and peter. we had a lovely weekend in our nation's capitol. 46 degrees. they are going for a high of 66. welcome aboard, folks. hour one of "fox & friends" for
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a monday. brian kilmeade is on location. where are you today, brian? brian: i'm at ainsley's house in south carolina. the door is always open evidently so i brought a camera. i am going going to be spending a day with tim scott. $8 million for re-election. is he not going to have much competition. many people think he will be president. thought we would still do the show and be able to do it. i will be meeting him right afterwards. i would like to say this, too. i have a special shoutout to shoutedout because half an hour ago i poured mouth wash over my tie and i used a shout like a tied stick version of shout and rubbed it on. it came right out. it just goes to show you a last-minute stain. it looks good, right? steve: it looks great. you know what, brian? it smells delicious.
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nice and minty. brian: so true. good point. ainsley: where did you eat last night in south carolina? did you have a chance go to one of the snrawnts. brian: no. i landed at midnight. i was in west virginia. and before that lexington, kentucky. i'm on the road and staying on the road where dinner was peanuts and a complimentary cookie which can't be described. steve: the glamour of the book tour. ainsley: my sister lives 5 minutes where you are. the location of the studio there if you need a nice home cooked meal great chef. brian: i understand you went to a great concert. ainsley: i saw billy joel. back to a concert no one wearing masks so fun. best time i have had in a few years, definitely. brian: wow. ainsley: it was fun. i love his music. and you know he is loved because is he from long island. everyone here knows every single liquor of the song. brian: steve, i don't know how
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you feel about this but ainsley is with us three hours a day five days a week for the last two years. she said this is the best time i have had over the last few years. are you as offended as i am. steve: listen, what we have been through over the last few years, everything looks great just as we get back to normal. ainsley: it would have been better if the two of you were with me. steve: thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. steve: then again. brian might spill something on you. ainsley: brian is on a book tour. i don't know how do you it, my friend. you are a machine. brian: loving it. steve: according to ainsley, billy joel's approval rating 10. ainsley: 1 hearse%. steve: joe biden had a lousy week last week. was supposed to pass both of those bills last week. only get one it just barely squeaked through. who knows when the other one will happen. approval rating all time low. suffolk puts his approval rating at 38%. the lowest rating of any moderate history at history
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except as they note the former president donald trump. here's the interesting thing, 64% of america does not want him to run for re-election. about 30% are democrat. they want somebody else. and about 60% of the country doesn't want donald trump to run, including 25% of the republicans. but when you look at all this stuff that is going on with joe biden, none of it is working. at this point, he should be riding high on something but he has got nothing. ainsley: well, look at afghanistan and how he pulled out. only 26% approve how we left. i'm not sure what 26% are. brian: absolutely. ainsley: independents, 7 to 1 done worse than they expected. brian, how about kamala harris numbers worse than his, approval ratings at 28%. brian: yeah. i mean, she walls supposed to be the one pressuring joe biden not to run for the second term. but almost nothing she did except for interact wonderfully for those child actors on a
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space program while dealing with three separate calamities she is talking about space. besides that she really hasn't had much positive effect. the insult to injury never europe talking about their immigration problems while only 23% of the country in a separate poll approve how the biden administration is handling the border, which is to leave it naked and allow illegals to pour in at the tune of 1.75 million already since they took over. but, if you listen to congressman jim clyburn, more responsible than anybody else that joe biden got the nomination and eventually the presidency. here'shat he said. blame circumstances, listen. >> i don't know that anything has gone wrong. the country is in a bad place. we have a pandemic, education is being called into question. kids out of school. think of the school. people out of work. and now we are trying to bring the economy back and you have got all of these other things happening. so the country is in a bad
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place. it is a real rough time to become president of the united states. steve: okay, if the country? a bad place, remember that whole buck stops here things. he got elected to fix things. here we are coming up on a year into his administration and things just they are not great. ainsley mentioned the afghanistan withdrawal, supply chain. wait until you hear about gas. we are going to talk about that coming up in three or four minutes. crime, violence. joe biden can't pass things with his own party. he has lost control of the virus, and people are just tired of it. it's like hey, wait a minute, we thought this was all going to be happy and smiley but, no. and we saw him two days ago where he was yelling at a reporter who asked a valid question. ainsley: guess what today is monday, november 8th. one year on november 8th next year 2022, democrats are going to have a big hole to dig out
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of. they have one more year to get things turned around in our country and many are questioning if they will be able to do that especially with all this woke stuff. brian: yeah. joe concha was on the big show last night. he weighed n. this reminded him of something bill clinton dealt with in his administration. clinton adjusted. >> one would think they would do the bill clinton pivot. he took a she lacking newt gingrich becomes house speaker and bill clinton says okay i guess i have to work with the other party a little bit more and declared the era of big government was over and the end of welfare as we know it and then clinton cruised to re-election. joe biden has shown no capacity, no interested in doing that despite his poll numbers. that is 21 points under water. he has dropped more in his first year than any other president since world war ii in terms of polling. brian: one thing i like to add, a couple of things.
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i thought congresswoman spam spanberger no one basically to paraphrase no one hired joe biden to be fdr. he does not have the fdr margins nor coming out of the depression. steve as you said we are actually beating the virus. the numbers are good. we have to learn to live with it he keeps on doubling, tripling down increasing the anxiety in this country. i thought maureen dowd had a great line quoting one democrat. we promised to change the rancor and division. we offered something else division and rancor. that's true. nothing has changed even with the moderate joe. ainsley: did you see eric adams who will be our new mayor here in new york city saying he is going to consider taking the masks off of our children in schools. steve: about face is the headline. brian: i hope so. steve: one bit of good news for the republicans though when it comes to the generic congressional ballot. 46% of america would vote for a republican member of congress
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whereas only 38% would vote for a democrat which would suggest that the house and the senate just about a year from now could be in the hands of the republicans. all right. coming up on 6:10 here on the east on this day after billy joel monday. up next, one investment firm telling staff they need permission to hire white men. how they are justifying the hiring practice straight ahead. ainsley: plus, biden's energy secretary taking a page from her boss' book and playing the blame game. >> we have the same problem in fuels that the supply chains have which is that the oil and gas companies are not flipping the switch as quickly as the demand requires. ainsley: why she claims her hands are tied in keeping fuel prices down. ♪ ♪
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♪ carley: good morning, back with headlines. we begin with a developing story in texas. 7 of will 8 people killed at the astro nefl houston have been identified. 13 others hospitalized after a massive crowd surged towards the main stage. in addition to the crowd surge, authorities say someone in the crowd may have been injecting people with drugs. rapper travis scott who headlined the festival and was part of the organization has been hit with at least two lawsuits alleging he incited the crowd to charge the stage. cars across the border lining up eases travel restriction from canada and mexico after more
3:16 am
than 18 months. the u.s. will allow visitors to cross with proof of certain vaccinations in a recent negative test. the rule also ends a ban on air travel from several nations including the u.k., china and india, but it is placing a burden on airlines to enforce vaccination requirements or face a $35,000 fine per violation. top executives at main street global advisers now need permission to hire white men. this is part of a diversity hiring initiative. state street head of inclusion says in a quote: this is now front and center for state street. it's on every senior executive's score card, all of our leaders interest to demonstrate at annual appraisals what they have done to improve female representation and the number of colleagues from ethnic minority background, wow.
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in envelope action the had no reaction to the titans. picking off the quarterback twice on their way to 28-16 win. the cleveland browns trounced the cincinnati bengals in the afc north showdown 41-16. baker mayfield connecting with donovan people's george in the blowout. the kansas city chiefs holds on to beat the packers in arrowhead. only one touchdowns without aaron rodgers in the 13-7 loss. josh allen and the buffalo bills score a season low as the jacksonville jaguars pull off a 9-6 upset. finally the new york jets pull off an upset of their own defeating the new york giants, ainsley, thank you. pull off an upset of their own defeating the las vegas raiders 23-16. got to get that right. there you go. steve: oopsy daisy. ainsley: we will take a win when we can get one.
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steve: thank you, carley. it's going to be a long winter. ainsley: expensive one. steve: very expensive. i was at outdoor dining facility in clarendon, virginia over the weekend with peter doocy, peter and mary having lunch. and they turned on the heater outside. and the heater was out of gas. and so the guy -- i said to him how often do you have to change the propane tank? and he goes every day. and i said isn't it like 25 bucks? he said yes. i said what happens to that? steve: well we include it now in the price of your french fries. so, when you look at that, and you look at across the board the supply chain issues and other stuff, you are wondering wildfire exactly is everything so expensive, particularly energy? ainsley: brian, you know, you have been traveling all over the country filling up your gas tank going to your girl's soccer games and going on the book tour. >> we have expensive to fill up your tank and you are right, energy costs are going up, too.
3:19 am
brian: ainsley, i happened to see the interview. we are all going to take a look at now. steve, by the way, i believe you everywhere the supply chain for that meal, steve doesy the dad. steve: i'm always the supply chain. brian: despite their rising salve his. i was yelling at the tv at dana barb speaking to jennifer granholm. saying opec decided not to pump gas prices are going to go up. how about this question should texas, oklahoma, pennsylvania, ohio, can we start pumping? can we start drilling? can we dig alaska? can we start getting control of our own energy supply again? how could you not ask that question? what about america? we have our own energy sources. listen to this and please don't yell at the screen. i did it will be more expensive this year than last year. we have the same problems in fuels as the supply chain has. the companies not flipping the
3:20 am
switch as quickly as demand requires. let us get off the volatility associated with fossil fuels and associated with others who don't have our country's interest at heart and invest to moving to clean energy where we will not have this problem. that's so much of what these two bills are focused on. >> could the average gas price in america be $4 in the united states soon? >> we certainly hope not. steve: we certainly hope not. here's the thing. you know, there are supply chain issues. and the demand has come back because people want to go places and want to drive places. buff the problem really was from the biden administration. because of their environmental policies have limited the supply of oil and natural gas coming out of the market since day one. on the first day he was president of the united states, he withdrew the permit for the keystone pipeline. then they paused drilling on federal lands and federal waters. and the bureau of land management canceled the quarterly lease auctions for oil
3:21 am
and gas assets to comply with the white house order. in other words, they wanted to make it harder to get energy out of the ground and they did it and do you know who is paying for it, we all are because everything is expensive when it comes to gas. ainsley: now there is news that he might shut down line 5, which is in michigan. and that produces 540,000 barrels per day. it transports petroleum and croyle into our country from canada. so if he shuts that down, what about those workers? how much will your gas prices go up then? brian: yeah, here is more from granholm. she doesn't really care. what they are doing. think about this in the back drop and contrast that what's going on in glasgow where president obama is going to speak today. make it so hard to pay for gas and oil forced to go to windmills and solar panels and electric cars. most of these electric plants are fueled by coal. i don't want to get you off track. this is the goal.
3:22 am
make it so hard for us to pay and afford we will have to do what they say and get off oil and gas and depend more on china because some of the rare earth including lithium we can find there or afghanistan. listen to jennifer granholm, she does not feel your pain. >> what is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america? [laughter] that is millers. would that i have the magic wand on this. as you know, of course, oil is a global market. it is controlled by a cartel. that cartel is called opec. and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning. steve: right. so one of the things she suggested is the president might tap into the strategic oil reserve but that would have a minimal impact. besides, you don't really want to do it. she also said that apparently they are talking -- the government is talking about the
3:23 am
fec investigating price gouging. it's not price gouging. it's supply and demand. there is simply not enough stuff out there. brian, you mentioned a moment ago this administration would like america to run off of wind turbines and solar panels and that's great when it works, but when ainsley was talking about line 5 up in michigan where we once upon a time took the "fox & friends" program, you know, sometimes as we saw in texas last year, during big storms, it gets cloudy, and solar panels don't work and there is no wind and those people in texas last year absolutely froze. is that a preview of what america is going to look like going forward? brian: yes. steve: i hope not. ainsley: why does he think it's a good idea? i don't understand his train of thought. thinks it's good to increase oil prices so we pay more to heat our homes. out in california we can't get our gifts and household needs. open border. pay illegal immigrants separated a lot of money.
3:24 am
maybe a million dollars per family. yet, we are paying more for our gas. our tax dollars are going to illegal immigrants that broke the law. yes, it's heart-breaking to see some of those stories. but we have to take care of america. we have to take care -- some of you can't afford this my teacher is a school teacher. she lives paycheck to paycheck. $20 every time she fills up her tank 20 more dollars is a lot for her. brian: right. i will say this. if you want to know what happened in last tuesday's election, it's inflation, it's gas prices. more than as much as it is education. people are feeling it and they think it's preventable. they think this is unforced error. and, also, the attitude. as james carville said, and i think a lot of people are building out this and sounds a little more like bill maher's monologues for the last year. this whole wokeness is killing the party and i would say hurting the country. to say see the reaction first we got to let you remember what james carville said that had democrats evaluating the methods and the madness.
3:25 am
listen. >> what is wrong is this stupid wokeness, right? don't just look at virginia and new jersey. look at long island, look at buffalo, look at minneapolis. even look at seattle, washington. i mean this defund the police lunacy, this take abraham lincoln's name off of schools? i mean, people see that. and it's just really has a interpretive effect all across the country. some people need to go to a detox center. pardon the language people don't use. there is a backlash and frustration at that. steve: so there he is talking about what happened in virginia and almost happened in new jersey last week. maureen dowd's column yesterday in the "new york times" the headline was wokeness derails the democrats and talks about how democrats are now in a circular firing squad, essentially destroying each other. and then aoc, once again, she
3:26 am
has a different kind of definition for wokeness. she tweeted this out. apparently over the weekend. woke is a term pundits are now using as derogatory euphemism for civil rights injustice. making up awoke problem results in putting civil and voting rights on the back burner. in a year, state legislatures are planning out g.o.p. majorities and voter suppression, that's dangerous. i don't know if that's exactly what james carville was talking about. ainsley: our wonderful staff here. brian: no, it isn't. ainsley: our wonderful staff goes through the shows on the weekend in case you missed it if you were going to a soccer games with your kids. steve: or bifflely joel. ainsley: picked out colorful soundbites. what said on judge jeanine was the best soundbite over the weekend. listen. >> america is wake being up perhaps we are even woke. but forget about the wokeness you have heard of in recent years, the enlightening that's
3:27 am
happening now is bigger, greater and will continue to create shock waves throughout this country. in other words, a new side of the aisle is now woke, yeah. we're the woke ones now. you woke the sleeping giant. and poke that bear in the eye. and she came out of her cave with a vengeance. so you can take your progressive racist union supporting tax sucking american hating patriotic hating agenda to the socialist countries where it belongs. it ain't going to work here. trust me on that. steve: i just wish she would exhibit her true feelings about this. brian: speak her mind. i will say this, this is the take away, aaron rogers the latest one with this woke crowd. aaron rodgers is the best quarterback arguably in the nfl. now because he got immunized instead of getting the vaccine and controversial, everybody has
3:28 am
turned on aaron rodgers. the darling of mainstream media. the man who was going to be hosting jeopardy because they didn't like his attitude towards a mandate which is not american anyway. and the fact it is that the future of the democratic party seems to be harold ford, joe manchin. center left as opposed to center right. if you want to lower the temperature in country, stop with the extremes. come to the middle, come to the reasonable debatable point of view. you can't debate the woke crowd. as you just saw, aoc's explanation for what woke ask is all other the place. it's nonsensical. you can debate a harold ford or joe manchin maybe a senator warner in west virginia. not the squad. i'm telling you. the squad is hurting the democratic party more than any republican. steve: do you know what, brian, that could be why in the u.s.a. poll that we cited in the beginning of this half hour, congress' approval rating is 12%. ainsley: that's what they thought they were getting with joe biden.
3:29 am
many people voted for him because they thought he was a moderate. is he doing whatever these progressives tell him to do, brian. brian: that's what i think. ainsley: the shocking question a san francisco paper poses as crime surges to unseen levels. should people give up on law and order? brian: but first an icu nurse caught in the middle of chaos as astroworld festival. she joins us live to describe the horrific scene.
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♪ brian: welcome back, florida governor ron desantis revealing this stunning news the biden administration secretly flew more than 70 migrant flights from the border into his state. they had to hunt down that number. they didn't even tell the governor. next son's guest brandon was killed when he was struck by twice deported illegal immigrant driving without a license. angel mom cayenne michael joins us from jacksonville. i can only making every time you hear about the unsavory way this administration is handling illegal immigrant and bring back horrible thoughts of how your son lost his life. >> absolutely and thank you for having me, brian. it's infuriating and it's heart breaking because our son brian should be here. only 21 years old. engaged to be married, our
3:34 am
middle child just beginning his life. our governor has been great with being pro-isis and protecting florida citizens as well as president trump for his remain in mexico policy actually worked. so the biden administration did not have to fix anything. if we had just continued that on, there would be more americans who would be safe right now it is infuriating because our children should still be here. brian: think the life that he would be living now if it was able to continue past 2007. engaged to be married with a promising career staring him straight in the head. obviously straight ahead. obviously a great family. and taken because somebody irresponsibly was not giving ice the power to do what they were empowered to do. >> exactly right. right here in jacksonville, giavasis last week, we had a 21-year-old honduras, a man from honduras, illegal from honduras
3:35 am
that came into our community and he killed one of our citizens right here in that same city in jacksonville where they are flying in plane loads of illegals. i live here. we know that it's happening. we see we see the strain put in the city. we see they are here. the crime rate has increased. that man from honduras who came here claimed to be 17 years old. he was supposedly one of the unaccompanied minors and it turns out he was 24 years old. >> unbelievable and murdered his sponsor family. i you to hear what the president biden said about the illegals separated at the border last. >> because of the outrageous behavior last administration, you coming across the border whether illegally or legally and you lost your child. you lost your child, he's gone, you deserve some kind of
3:36 am
compensation no matter what the circumstance. what that will be, i have no idea. brian: you believe you can payouts to illegal immigrants who may or may not have been brought with a family member across the border? if that is equated to more than 9/11 families got? >> it is outrageous. the fact that he wants to reward people for breaking the law when we have legal avenues to come into our country and to reward them when we know as americans if i break the law, i will be separated from my child and if he wants to talk about separation, we are permanently separated from our son brandon and not because we decided to break the law. this is outrageous. and it's unacceptable and i do not believe americans will fall for it for a moment that our tax dollars would go and be utilized
3:37 am
to reward nothing is going to bring back brandon you fighting for him and keeping his name is the best thing can you possibly do. i really appreciate you sharing your story. it really comes through the screen and resonates with people at home. thank you so much. >> thank you so much, brian, for having me. brian: hopefully we will get responsible behavior at the behavior. it's just right and wrong. coming up straight ahead, a nurse fired over the covid-19 mandate urging others tyranny of government will join us life. the life-saving on tiktok alerted others kidnapped. that story is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ carley: we are back with your headlines, at least 9 people dead and 43 others injured in shootings in chicago over the weekend. one man killed over a fight over a parking space. four of the shooting victims were minors including a 4-year-old boy. he is in good condition at a local hospital but no arrests have been made in the case just yet. a police officer who was shot 8
3:43 am
times while on duty remains in this hospital this morning. a go fund me page for the officer has raised $35,000. chaos at a number of ivy league schools after they receive a string of bomb threats. yale, brown, cornell and columbia sending out alerts sending students and staff in panic as they ran away from campus buildings before an all-clear was given later. police beefed up security on campuses as they investigated the situation. columbia university determined that the threats were not credible. authorities have not linked any of the threats just yet. nasa's spacex crew set to return home today. their ship is scheduled to splash down off the coast of florida just after 7:00 eastern this morning. crew members did face toilet troubles in space as a leak forced the astronauts to disable their bathrooms. ugh. and as the crew 2 mission ended today spacex 3 crew mission set
3:44 am
to blast off on wednesday hopefully with working toilets. kyle larson is 2021 snas car champion. larson taking up the 10th victory. capping off one of the most competitive seasons ever. nascar president steve phelps calling the quality of racing, quote, one of the best if not the best in the history of the sport. congratulations to kyle larson. we will turn now to janice dean who has the weather. janice: i love that picture with his baby. >> how cool is that? janice: if you like warmer temperatures have i got a forecast for you. it's going to be warm across much of the country, at least two thirds. those are the temps, fifth in new york, 50 in chicago. 43 in memphis actually nicer in parts of the south or rather in the northeast than it is in the south. we are going to warm those temperatures up this week for much of the country. look at that 66 in new york. 72 in memphis. 75 in dallas. we are watching the future
3:45 am
track. so we do have a storm system move into the west and that's going to bring coastal rain and mountain snow. that's really the only big story as we go through the next couple of days. heavy rainfall could cause flash flooding and see some early season snow. i don't know if it's early season but snow cast for all those skiers out west. all rights you, ainsley toss it over to you. ainsley: thank you, janice. ainsley: turning to hiring private security stay safe in their communities as city police reports 13% rise in attempted or committed burglaries. the san francisco chronicle is asking if local should tolerate burglaries downside of city living and focus on barricading their homes instead. center for american liberty ceo harmeet dhillon joins us now. hey, harmeet. >> happy to be here, thank you. ainsley: thank you for coming on. what's your reaction to this. lived in san francisco, from san francisco. seeing crime soaring chronicle being ripped for asking
3:46 am
residents if they should toll remember late the burglaries. >> this explains why the chronicle's numbers are decreasing. outrageous and irrelevant question to ask for the long suffering citizens of san francisco. during covid, it's become impossible for me 20 years of working to work in san francisco to even walk to work anymore. it is unsafe at all hours of the day. crimes committed in broad daylight. police have their hands tied. i don't blame the police. i don't blame the prosecutor. i blame the head prosecutor and blame the mayor of the city who has appointed a police commission that punishes police who try to do their jobs. and so right now, to have to hire private security is something that rich people can do. but what about the rest of san francisco citizens? we deserve better than this that's why there is an effort to recall the prosecutor in san francisco. ainsley: i'm reading only 44% of criminals charged with theft under $950 in 2020 were prosecuted. let's talk about another story coming out of california.
3:47 am
a teacher allegedly quizes her kids and she trashes conservatives with one of these questions. she is asking the question asks students to identify a group of complete idiots. these are the choices, the kkk, all of florida, fox news, or texans? your reaction? >> so, first of all, the context this is a high school teacher and this type of a juvenile question is being asked in a history quiz. you have to wonder what these kids are being taught. secondly, when you talk to some of these children and the media spoken to them it turns out that this teacher asks this type of question and makes these type of jokes at the expense of conservatives all the time and is not just this teacher. and so, it is not just california, either. i think this is something that is happening throughout the united states as parents don't know what their kids are being taught and these teachers have this type of agenda and it's completely unacceptable. that's not why we send our kids to school. we send them there to learn the basics. not to get political commentary
3:48 am
from amateurs. ainsley: good for that student taking a screen shot and telling their parents about it. this is the school's response. whitney high providing each student with p and staff with safe and welcoming environment while personnel matters will remain confidential. appropriate disciplinary steps will be taken. do you have friends pulling their kids out of school now in san francisco and sending them to private christian schools? >> well, not necessarily because of this but with vaccine man days and other situations when we had students being sent to school zoom by force did i go to court and won a victory from the ninth circuit private school parents have a right to dictate how childrens are educated. people who send public schools are being betrayed by the quality of teaching in california. if you get an education at all which none of them did last year. ainsley: harmeet, thanks for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up.
3:49 am
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steve welcome back, update this morning following deadly astroworld concert over the weekend. lawsuits filed against the rappers travis scott and drake after 8 people killed and hundred threads injured in a massive crowd surge. next guest icu nurse was there
3:53 am
and did not believe she would make it out alive. madeline joins us from the houston area with her story. mad done good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: story sounds unbelievable. you have been to other astroworld events before but this was completely different. people were already started to crowd the stage. you passed out. you woke up and you were back stage somewhere and there were people all over the place who had passed out. >> yeah. there were people that that were unconscious. i was in the v.i.p. section behind general admission. and soon i realized it way way more serious people unconscious. there were people in cardiac arrest. steve: there were. there were people who were volunteering. you were icu nurse there were people volunteering to perform cpr but they didn't know how to do it. >> yeah. i mean, i can't really expect people that didn't have any
3:54 am
training to know how to do cpr. they were trying to help in uncontrollable situation. steve: right. it was uncontrollable situation. how did it start? >> it started just before travis even came on. people started pushing, rushing towards the stage as soon as travis started a timer. he started a 30 minute timer counting backwards meaning he was going to come on. i knew almost 15 minutes into the timer that this was a completely different than the past two astroworld festivals. i started struggling to believe. i told my boyfriend like we have got to get out of here but there was no way out. once you were in the only way it in without. once i passed out lifted me over the crowd and crowd surfed my unconscious body four feet to the right where a security guard pulled me over. steve: why did you pass out? >> i couldn't breathe. steve: you were body to body. >> pushing against me. steve: all right. the news, you know, the latest
3:55 am
news, there were stories that people were being injected and stuff like that. did you see any of that? did you hear about that right there? >> no. >> >> i have heard about it. i haven't seen it, no one has messaged me or spoke to me that was at the festival actually saw that. it was -- you can can go into cardiac arrest from not being able to breathe. your heart doesn't have oxygen it will stop. steve: absolutely. madeline, why did you want to come on this morning and talk about what you saw? >> i want people to show respect to the families and to the individuals that lost their lives and stop trying to say oh, they must have taken pills. you know, i was completely sober and if my boyfriend would not have gotten me out of there. i think i would have died. steve: there has already been one lawsuit filed against travis scott drake that they incited the crowd apparently. the extraordinary thing is while all this was going on, they continued to play. >> yeah.
3:56 am
i was doing cpr to the music of my former favorite music artist ever. it was insane. steve: why do you mean former favorite? >> i can't view travis scott the same. he knew what was going on. he acknowledged it, even paused for a moment and then continued. i just can't view him the same after this or his crew. people were trying to tell the camera staff around us and people controlling the lights stop the concert people are dying. no one cared. no one listened. travis said who asked me to stop? who asked me to stop and then continued playing. steve i think we agree you were lucky to have gotten out alive. we thank you for joining us from houston and telling your story. >> of course. steve: all right. right back. they drove to safele for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
3:57 am
>> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
3:58 am
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♪ >> president biden's approval rating plunges even further. >> the country is in a bad place. it's a real tough time to become president of the united states. >> he has dropped more in his first year than any other president since world war ii. >> biden doubles down on paying illegal border crossers. >> as the border crisis continues to get close. >> coming across the border legally or illegally and you lost your child you deserve some type of compensation. >> getting worse by the day. >> average gas price in america be $4 a gallon in the united states. >> well, we certainly hope not. higher privacies for heating homes. >> yeah. this is going to happen.
4:01 am
>> truck driver shortage being felt across the nation. >> as the supply chain crisis worsens. >> the need for truck drivers hits nearly 100,000 openings. >> kyle larson a year ago won the race of north carolina. today he is a cup series champion. >> oh my god, guys, yes! ♪ i'm as a free bird now ♪ and this bird you cannot change ♪ whoa. brian: looking at myrtle beach. i will never tire of that shot. one day i think it will be scary take that shot and beach will be crowded which means i overslept by about 4 hours. no one gets up at this time of year at this hour during the week in myrtle beach. we are listening to free bird. we all know who plays free bird,
4:02 am
lynyrd skynyrd. we know they are great friends of the show. cannot have a concert series without them packing out our veranda, guys. meanwhile, over the weekend. actually yesterday, saturday night and yesterday i was in west virginia for the last two days in charleston west virginia, now in charleston, south carolina. so i found out when i landed do you guys like lynyrd skynyrd i go yeah. he says they are playing across the street. if you want to go they are right where the hotel is and where you are going to be tomorrow night if you want to walk over. i said all right. let's walk over. they said you can go to the side of the stage. while the band is playing johnny van dance spotted me. he leaves his band and comes around grabs me. what is the lead singer grabbing me for while his band is playing in encore. he asks me to go on and come on stage in front of 18,000 people and hold up a flag. and the place goes crazy. it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. one of the great things because
4:03 am
we had that concert series, we got a chance to know that these great singers and these legendary performers. and johnny vanzant was happy to see us. and he come over and said come on out. that's when they were playing free bird on the stage. ainsley: that is awesome. what a great story. brian: one of the craziest things ever. steve: i hope when you got on the stage you started to sing along with them because that's what every normal person would do. [laughter] brian: all we did is stepped up and couple of moments he said step up. that's the side stage shot. and then i will step up and hold up the flag and place goes crazy. steve: is this video in of you in the way back. brian: this is the first time i'm seeing that one of my friends was rolling on that. we just would walk up on the ramp we held up the flag and they are as patriotic as anybody on the planet. the great lynyrd skynyrd crowd from 18 to 80 it looks like. and sat there, ronny vanzant
4:04 am
sadly died on a plane crash lead singer. johnny is the younger brother. his daughter was there. had a chance to meet her. the passion that band brings all around the country unbelievable. do you know what also you are getting? so many artists like the one you saw over the weekend are happy to be back on stage after two years. first time in their life they couldn't perform. so the mutual feeling of thank goodness we are back together again just infiltrates the whole crowd. i don't know if you felt the same way with billy joel over the weekend. ainsley: i definitely did, brian. so fun. best time i have had in a long time. huge crowd, even the rafters, everyone loved billy joel. everyone excited to be back. this is a group of my new mom friends hayden is in a new school. we had a great time. billy joel was behind you can see. has a big story that the piano is on it rotates. no matter where you are sitting you get to see him throughout the show it was a lot of fun. steve: she is a little -- you know, reluctant to tell this part. but at one point billy joel came
4:05 am
out in the crowd grabbed ainsley and brought her to the circular revolving stage and she sang up town girl with him. [buzzer] [laughter] ainsley: yeah, i wish. i think the crowd's reaction to me being on a stage in new york might be a little different than the reaction you got, brian at a country concert where you are absolutely loved. brian: yeah. i mean, yeah. west virginia definitely is a fox hot bed. i felt very secure there i got a story for you next hour you are not going to believe but it's all true. i remember i was asked to play all-star game, in a celebrity all-star game in new york. and when i went up at city field, i was actually booed. that was certainly a great feeling as a met fan west we had the exact opposite reaction. but it's okay. steve: another reason we should move the show to florida. >> just saying. brian: no argument. ainsley: what did you do this
4:06 am
weekend? steve: i went to washington not florida. ainsley: you saw the kids? receive steve i saw the kids. ainsley: you paid for everything? steve: i'm the dad. mary and i on the poo tom mac. walk around it there is peter doocy and his wife hillary vaughn and we are at lion hall. if you are ever at lion hall have the hot chicken on french toast sandwich. that is a life changing sandwich right there. ainsley: all three of his children just married over the last year. what a fun time in your life. well, let's talk about some news. are you all ready? the biden administration has until later today to respond to an appeal court halt of his vaccine mandate for private companies with more than 100 employees. steve: meanwhile, more than two dozen states have already filed a legal challenge to the administration rule. brian: and had some success. lucas tomlinson is live in row beth beach with the latest --
4:07 am
row who are bot. >> yep. good morning, guys. over the weekend a federal aspeels court blocked president biden's covid vaccine mandate. on the sunday shows his top advisers defended it. >> the president of the administration wouldn't have put these requirements in place if they didn't think they were appropriate and necessary. and the administration is certainly prepared to defend them. >> eight quim confident the validity of this requirement will be upheld. if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on the job, it can put in place these simple measures to keep our workers safe. >> more actual two dozen mostly republican led states filed lawsuits challenging the mandate. setting up show down in the courts. state rights battle. reads like one of brian kilmeade's books. all businesses with more than 100 employees must require their workers to be vaccinated. a new poll shows president biden's approval rating sinking to a new low of 38% following
4:08 am
the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan. the loss virginia high inflation nationwide. nearly half those surveyed say biden has done a worse job as president than expected. nearly two thirds say they do not want him to run again for a second term in 2024. the poll was conducted before the house passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill late friday night it would not have passed without 13 republican votes. last night a florida congresswoman sounded off in the vaccine mandates in the workplace. >> it's unconstitutional. and to hear the administration equate wearing a hard hat in the workplace to no jab no job, that is just down right insulting. >> and as you mentioned, ainsley, the biden administration has until 5:00 p.m. this afternoon to respond to that federal appeals court. steve, brian, ainsley? steve: they do, indeed. let's see what happens. lucas in rehoboth beach, delaware.
4:09 am
when joe biden heads up the federal government and when your employer in this case the federal government says okay, we are going to do, this everybody as a condition of working here is going to have to get the shot, that's one thing. but then for the federal government to tell private businesses with these different metrics that they have got to do it, that is a bridge too far that jonathan turley observed last night on "the fox report." >> president biden made no secret wanted to impose a national mandate and then met people, including the white house council informed him, you can't do that you have no authority to do that. so this was plan b. but they decided to sort of creative use of osha. to say that this is about protecting a workplace. the problem is osha has never done anything like this. it's using a thing called an ets, emergency temporary standard, that avoids having to do rule-making that can take a
4:10 am
long time. the problem here for the biden administration it made no secret that this was a sort of work around the fact that it doesn't have the constitutional authority to do this directly. ainsley: you have people pushing back a group of pilots called the u.s. freedom fliers. they organized the protest outside of the charlotte douglas airport. main airport in charlotte. they just said we are sick of the mandates. tired of the mandate. tired of being told our bodies are not ours. they said already the airline industry is struggling coming out of this pandemic. and now tell them that they have to get a shot on top of that they are worried how that's going to effect not only their jobs but the airline industry as well and make it even worse. brian: yeah. this is pretty amazing. in that the legal argument you just heard jonathan turley said they knew it was bad to begin with. so they got to stay. so you don't have to implement this right now. the fifth district court said okay, we are going to take a
4:11 am
look at this. everything on hold. yesterday, in west virginia. the governor and attorney general showed up and you will see a picture of governor justice, the greatest guy ever, he was former democrat become republican. the attorney general was there, too. he said we got great news on saturday. we were putting together a legal argument to take on osha and the court just decided hey, we are okay -- we have to evaluate this. stop it until further -- until we can -- to evaluate the legal ability of osha to put something like this together. but, the angst it's creating across the country, in people have to say to themselves either i get the shot or i lose my career and you can't get unemployment is so unnecessary. as we turn the corner on this virus and the variant, all they are doing is creating more angst and anger. i will bring the last thing. they have are going after small business. yesterday, vivek murthy the surgeon did not rule out small business. pizza shop down the block you are about to be in the middle of
4:12 am
this firestorm too. thanks a lot president biden bringing together. steve: they have until 5:00 the government does to respond. bill signing ceremony saturday morning. david spunt of fox news asked the president about this "wall street journal" story that apparently big money is going to go to some of these families separated at the border, joe biden was not happy with the question and you can tell. >> if, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border whether it was illegally or legal, and you lost your child, you lost your child, it's gone. you deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the circumstance. what that will be, i have no idea. i have no idea. >> if the amount is not 450,000, what amount is it? >> that's where the justice department to decide. if it shows it saves taxpayers
4:13 am
money. if it rights a wrong and the justice department determines that there is compensation that should be paid, that is an independent justice department. but, again, the question is we took children, the president trump took children from their parents and some children have never been returned do we think that's okay? steve: you know, the fact that joe biden is saying the department of justice is going to be in charge of this, that means we will never know how much these families get. because they will say, look, it's a private matter. a private settlement, and they will not disclose it what's interesting is, according to the "wall street journal," the average demand from each of these families, the average family is asking of the federal government $3.4 million per family. and so the settlement offer from the biden administration was about $450,000 per person. the big question is, is that for
4:14 am
people whose children were permanently separated? is that the settlement for people the children were temporarily separated? is that settlement for people who may not actually be related to the child they said is my child? there are a lot of questions that now that the administration is saying department of justice is handling it, we will never know the answer. ainsley: if you talk to the group of angel moms say we are permanently separated from our child. we will never see our children again. here's an example. this is michael. she is an angel mom whose son was killed in a car accident at the hands of an illegal immigrant. listen. >> it is outrageous he wants to reward people for breaking the law. when we have legal avenues to come into our country. if he wants to talk about separation, we are permanently separated from our son brendan and not because we divided to break the law. this is outrageous. and it's unacceptable and i do
4:15 am
not believe americans will fall for it for a moment. that our tax dollars would go and be utilized by this administration to reward bad behavior, to reward illegal activity. ainsley: and, brian, they will get more money, if they get 450,000, that's more than a gold star family will get. that's more than a 9/11 family got. brian: and do you know how many unaccompanied minors came to the border, tens of thousands, maybe 600,000 allowed to stay. without even a parent. but with a human trafficker. these are decisions that people from the other countries are making to come to our border. and one way to dissuade those actions was to do things like, for example, we would do in other areas of the country when you violate the law. if you are driving drunks afternoon you have a kid in the car, you are going to be arrested and that kid is going to be taken away from you. that's just the way it is. you are coming across order border, you are breaking the law. you don't want 1.7 million coming over the next 10 months like we are experiencing right
4:16 am
now, what they did is for a brief period of time. and they were separating them. brief period. but since that time, we are finding out that almost all these people coming across with human traffickers claiming to be the parent and not. so when you would walk up to them at the border with d.n.a. kit, as soon as you go to swab your mouth they would go okay, i'm guilty, it's not my kid. after a while they were just coming up to would be parents with the kid and saying okay, here's a swab. they didn't even have the dish to put it into. as soon as they saw the swab, okay, you got me i'm under arrest. they were finding this and they were trying to deal with this at the border. and there is more empathy for that brief period of time when the -- when attorney general sessions was in charge for those kids than there is all these other kids since then and what about the guy which mrs. michael brought up the 21-year-old who said he was 17, used somebody else's identity and then murdered the sponsor family in the very town that she was talking to me n jacksonville,
4:17 am
florida. where's the empathy for that? i wonder how angry joe biden is on that? because that happened on his watch. steve: the problem is going forward people in central america, south america are going to hear these stories about, you know, joe biden is letting everybody in and families are getting $450,000. that's not accurate. going forward, according to the administration. but that's what people are going to hear and that's why it's just going to keep the people coming. brian: steve, real quick, what about peter doocy the ridiculous explanation the president h he told peter doocy, your son, that it was garbage, that report. not true. and then he comes out and says no, no, of course it's just not my decision. i never said garbage. doesn't he know that we have a vca and we are taping him on vhs tape? ainsley: i don't know the amount. steve: the amount according to these lawyers, remember, there are 12 big law firms that are trying to negotiate on behalf of these families. and these law firms are suggesting, you know, this family should get $3.4 million.
4:18 am
ainsley: think about all of our viewers. brian: and they get their cut. ainsley: think about the firefighters that watch the police officers, the teachers that don't make a lot of money. make a difference in the community and lives of our kids every single day, keep us all safe. and their tax dollars, not only are taxes going up in a lot of our cities, the supply chain is -- costs are up at grocery stores and at restaurants. steve: everywhere. ainsley: they can't afford to put gas in their car. now we will take some of your paycheck and give it to these people that did things illegally. brian: and the law firm. steve: exactly. let's see what the administration does and we will ever find out what the amount is i wouldn't hold my breath. 7:18 here in the east. and carley joins us right now with news from texas. carley: that's right. we begin with a developing story out of texas. seven of the eight people killed at the astroworld festival in houston have been identified. 13 others were hospitalized after a massive crowd surged towards the main stage. in addition to the crowd surge, authorities say someone may have been injecting people with
4:19 am
drugs. rapper travis scott who headlined the festival and was part of the organization has been hit with at least two lawsuits alleging he incited the crowd to charge the stage. thousands of it [inaudible] plan a strike this month. 2500 employees gave notice. they begin their protest next monday. the company expects to impact operations in the area and is urging patients to refill their prescriptions this week. another 32,000 kaiser employees across southern california, oregon and washington say they also plan striking next monday as they seek wage increases. this just in. former president trump tells fox news exclusively he will probably announce his 2024 plans after the midterm elections. the former president saying, quote: i think a lot of people will be very happy. frankly, with the decision. a lot of great people who are thinking about running are waiting for that decision
4:20 am
because they are not going to run if i run. when asked about potential running mates he said there are a lot of good people thinking about running, so it was too early to comment on the matter. and those are your headlines. big news from the former president. steve: let's see what he does. all right. thanks, carley. carley: you bet. brian: i probably met like 1500 people over the last five days. almost everyone is asking what do you think pump president trump will do. i think it's the most common question. now we are about to find out it seems. ainsley: do most people want him to? brian: yeah. but they -- i saw a lot of people say yeah but he has got to tone it down. it can't be the same way. everyone has got to get better. i think the president has got to get better. last four years. potential solution to the truck driver shortage. the idea one company has that could save christmas. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement.
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♪ ♪ steve help wanted the american trucking association putting out a call for 80,000 drivers needed to help end the current growing delivery delay and the supply chain problems we're having right now. our next guest thinks he might have a couple of solutions for them. troy hutchins owns two truck companies in oregon and he joins us live from white city, oregon right now. good morning to you, troy. >> good morning, steve. steve: about a week ago, you sent this note out with your suggestions, you sent it to a number of lawmakers. and other people. you sent it to us as well. we are kind of interested. because one of the things you
4:26 am
suggest, because we are in the supply chain problem because there are not enough truckers right now, and that's your note that you sent out is you say rather than paying people to stay home and get money from either welfare or unemployment, pay truck driver training schools to teach drivers to drive for free. that last part makes a lot of sense. >> yeah, if the government would pay the schools to teach our truck drivers so they don't have to come up with 3500 or $4,000 to get the training, that would be really beneficial. steve: sure. one of your other suggestions is pay unemployment to the people going to the driving school so they can afford time off to actually learn how to drive a truck. >> yeah, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to go through the training. and most people have to be 21 because of the other part of my story. so, they already have a job and a family and kids they have to
4:27 am
feed. they can't afford take six weeks off and potentially learn how to drive a truck without getting some sort of pay that and would really help. steve: you just mentioned the 1821 thick. right now you have got to be 21. you say why can't an 18-year-old learn how to drive a big rig? >> you can i got my driver's license for truck driving 18th birthday. the problem is most insurance companies won't let you be under 21. and then the other part of it is you have to be 21 to drive a truck in interstate commerce, which doesn't just mean crossing the border. it means going to a dock or rail head or continuation of an interstate shipment. steve: one of the main things you think will get more people interested in becoming a truck driver we need 80,000 truck drivers because a lot of people are retiring and they are not replenishing the supply of drivers is the fact that you can make a lot of money driving a truck. >> we hire people right out of
4:28 am
the school and some of them they are making about 250 to 350 a day, every day, five days a week. some of our guys are making $100,000. steve: that's unbelievable. why is there a problem, troy, with finding enough drivers right now? >> most of us drivers are older now and if you can't get -- go to school because of your age, you have to wait until you are 21, so, that -- they they already get a career and already gone and done something else. all we are getting are people that failed at their first career. if they could get them younger that would help. the other one is most of the blue collar people and they are drug testing for marijuana, there is no test that says you are under the influence. so everybody is guilty if they smoke marijuana a month ago. 30 days ago. so, you can't do that at all.
4:29 am
steve: right. we need more truck drivers. and, you know, your idea about having the truck drivers, schools, be free for the truck drivers who want to learn how to drive a truck that makes a lot of sense. steve: thank you for joining us today from oregon. >> you bet. thank you very much for having me. steve: 7:29 in the east. democrats outside the swamp warning the red wave we saw last week is real. fox news tributer and former house speaker newt gingrich joins us on that coming up straight ahead for "fox & friends" on this monday. ♪ ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair.
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when the chapstick goes on. it's on. get yours on at ♪ carley: good morning, we are back with your headlines, a stray bullet kills 23 month old toddler sleeping in a car on a california highway. a single shot hit the innocent boy in the head during a rolling gun battle between two cars during a jammed saturday afternoon. the distraught family members gathered at the hospital to mourn the life taken too soon.
4:34 am
detectives requesting the public to please come forward with any information on the shooting. listen to this: a rust crew member may lose his arm while suffering a spider bite while tearing down the set. jason miller was bitten by a venomous spider native to north america. miller has undergone multiple surgeries since. doctors are fighting to save his arm. this on the same set where alec baldwin accidently shot and killed cinematographer halyna hutchins with what he thought was a prop gun. twitter telling elon musk he should sell more than $20 billion of tesla stock. musk polled followers as billionaire tax is debated on capitol hill drew a response from senate finance committee chair ron wyden who says quote whether or not the world's wealthiest man pays any taxes at
4:35 am
all shouldn't depend on the results of a twitter pot. tesla shares down 5% premarket in response to the poll. those are your headlines, guys. steve: rich guy's problems. thanks, carley. president biden's approval rating feel the election results in virginia and almost in new jersey, just 38%, only 38% of the country approves as his party focuses on pushing ahead with his spending agenda. ainsley: it comes as democrats outside of d.c. feel pressure warning the growing red wave is real. fox news contributor and former house speaker newt gingrich is the author of the new book "beyond biden" rebuilding the america we love. he joins us now. good morning to you, newt. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning, there is an article in the "new york times" that says we promise to change the rancor and division. this is a top democrat saying that. so we offered something else, division and rancor. remember when biden was running he promised to unite us? what do you make of these polls now? >> well, look, there are so many
4:36 am
things going wrong from failing to control the border to announcing last week that he is willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to illegal immigrants, which most americans think is insane. taking 85 cars to a global summit on climate where he then promptly falls asleep in public. just lots of different things going wrong. the biggest of which i think is the price increases and i don't care what they say and do in washington, you know, when people go out and fill up their car and it costs 75, 80, $85 in california over $100, they know something is not working. and i think the greatest problem biden has isn't ideology, it's the sense that it ain't working. and if that sinks in, then you will are hear a lot more than chants, you are going to hear a lot of people just say flatly i'm going to vote democrat to send them a signal. steve: yeah. newt, he can't even get stuff through congress with unified
4:37 am
control of congress by the democrats. he can't even get his own party to agree on stuff. and it looks like build back better is going to come back maybe in a couple of weeks if they can get enough people on board. what's interesting about the president, you know, people have suggested going to get out of the way for kamala harris, joe biden's approval rating is at 38%. but kamala harris' approval rating is 28%. >> well, look, i mean, without being too unkind, she is an absurdity. you ask her a question, she giggles. she goes to make a tape in favor of children in space, they hire child actors. and frankly, if you watch the video, she is not convincing and neither are the child actors. she is in charge of the southern border so, she doesn't go do anything. i think people have the sense that somehow she was picked as a mistake and i do -- it's fascinating to me, by the way, more people now are opposed to
4:38 am
biden running in 20024 than opposed to trump running. and i suspect in a head on race now that trump would beat biden. that's really a remarkable change in 8 or 9 months. and tells you how much political capital that biden has used up. it's not just biden, it's schumer, it's pelosi. you know, schumer endorsed the socialist candidate in buffalo, new york for mayor who lost. the three big election reform things designed to make it easier to steal an election were all repudiated by new york voters by 63%. each one got 63% no. schumer continues to push for it. against his own state. you look at the results last week, they weren't just virginia and new jersey. go look at seattle where a republican won the county attorney's race. if you told me we would begin to pick up seats in seattle, i either thought it was very, very
4:39 am
unlikely. look at san antonio where 73% latino district the republican won. the truth is, big government socialism doesn't work. it is very unpopular, only about one sixth of the country favors it. and the democrats are stuck with it. ainsley: republicans said they were the party of parents. that was a winning message, at least in virginia. thank you so much, mr. speaker, for coming on. >> thank you. ainsley: once hailed healthcare heroes now on the unemployment line over vaccine mandates. a nurse urging others to sand up for their rights will join us live. steve: plus the hope biden's energy secretary has about gas prices and why she claims her hands are tied. we can't do anything. who is in charge of the gas prices? that's coming up straight ahead ♪ ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique.
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♪ brian: all right. here we go. about 34,000 new york healthcare workers fired or forced to quit over the state's vaccine mandate. this includes our next guest veteran nicu nurse who says we must stand up against government tyranny. she joins us now. and since october 1st, she has been out of a job. we need nurses so bad, they told you go home. what made you decide not to get the vaccine? are you shocked that they actually kicked you out without any unemployment insurance? >> yeah. it's been a whirlwind of emotions, honestly. i think that we have, you know, there were threats that we were going to be let go but we were hailed heroes last year. we fought through the whole pandemic and then all of a sudden now we are thrown out like transand we worked through all of it. so, to me, having a mandate for
4:45 am
something new, newly pushed out like this and with no long-term data, i wasn't willing to take the risk. i had a history of a stroke last november which with a medical concern it was legitimate. they didn't seem to care. there was a lot of pressure on their license and they just said they couldn't take the risk. >> you don't become a nurse because you want to be a multimillionaire. you do it because you want to help people fundamentally and it takes a lot of schooling and such a need. so you are were at vassar brothers medical center. how were they dealing with the fact that they lost thousands of people across the state and in your facility? >> you know, i haven't heard like details, i do know a lot of my co-workers that work in other units very short-staffed. i haven't been there obviously. it's hard for me to give direct knowledge of the situation at hand. i do know that there very long
4:46 am
waits in emergency room and a lot of overworked people. i personally just feel very strongly about fighting for our rights here. you know, something that, you know, has a lot of risks like this vaccine should have a choice and we don't have that choice when it is taken away from us. slippery slope in america. urge everybody to stand up and unite and stand for our children and for our freedoms. brian: right. jenna, you know more about medicine than i ever will. you just say hey, the vaccine might be good but you want to see something long term. that is your. >> yes. brian: educated feeling. and it doesn't seem like anybody cares. >> i think that's what's the most frustrating thing. i mean, senator ron johnson just had a whole panel of very educated people, and their whole
4:47 am
three and a half hours of it was concerns about vaccine injuries and all the negative side effects to the vaccination and that is all coming out now. i would prefer not to be an experiment. and i think that it's a fair choice to be able to say want to wait for long-term data. i have haven't -- i have had previous vaccinations. i don't understand why we can't have that right as americans. and that's where i'm standing. brian: absolutely. get an antibody test. more than likely with the exposure have you had you probably had it and didn't know it unbelievable. i wish you could unite and saturday start speaking in a powerful voice. i think that needs to happen right now. too easy to dismiss. no one knows what's going on inside that hospital. jenna, i appreciate what you do, hopefully people will sober up in new york state as they get some new leadership, perhaps. appreciate it. >> that's my prayer. thanks for having me on. brian: back at you. you got it and stay in touch. all right, let's check in now with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast.
4:48 am
hey, janice. janice: good morning brian and good morning to my friends. what's your name and where are you from. >> she'll will cooper. >> new orleans, louisiana. >> we have nice. >> new haven, rhode island. >> new hams. >> janice: nice day in new york city. warmer in new york than it is in memphis, tennessee my friend. we are going to deal with warmer than average temperatures. i think most of the country will enjoy that i know i will. the northwest is still going to be pretty cool as our next storm system moves in coastal rain and mountain snow. not a bad forecast for enjoying new york city. say hi to brian kilmeade? recommendation hi, brian. >> hi brian. >> we love you, brian. nice see you. >> we have nice. i will be back in new york tomorrow. janice: oh good he will be back tomorrow. to say here. >> okay. we will pitch a tent. brian: thanks, janice. i will accept that as a toss a
4:49 am
wave from a toss. i can understand that and i can adjust. the woke warning from democrats following a defeat in virginia and that's what it was. dan bongino is unfiltered and joins us live. but, first, the incredible way a young girl was able to alert others that she was in danger. what every parent needs to hear comma, next, period. are ♪ ♪ e a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? with amerisave's consistently low mortgage rates, you can afford that pool you've always wanted. and that your friends' friends' friends have always wanted. well, good luck with that because amerisave can only help with the part of the dream you can buy...
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4:53 am
ainsley: a 16-year-old girl was kidnapped last week, and she is lucky to be safe and back with her family this morning, thanks to a tiktok video. police say a witness spotted the teenager making hand signals , like the one we're about to show you, which is known on the social media platform to represent "i need" epidemic. here to react is kurt the cyberguy. good morning, curt. >> ainsley, good to see you. ainsley: good morning i think this is so important. thank goodness she did that up against the window knew what that symbol meant. >> designed to be very discrete so that people over the pandemic really people got online quite a bit and started to use it as a
4:54 am
domestic violence kind of call for help and now it's becoming universal and the story does it and that is this little thing, which you know what this means if you were say seeing a 16- year-old in a car next to you that goes like this , puts the thumb in the middle of the palm and then as if to trap your thumb, you close over the thumb. they're showing you that and they they're doing it in a way to where they don't have to show anyone else around them what they are doing so you'll see that. you ever see that, that's a call for help. ainsley: well, it saved her life possibly. i'm so glad. so facebook researchers have found that one in eight of its users report engaging in compulsive use of social media, 12.5% of the users reported they felt facebook was more of a problem than other social media. what do you make of this , how do we all love our social media, we love to see our friends pictures and learn about what they've done over the weekend. how do we not get addicted to it >> first thing here is the big picture, mark zuckerberg recently testifying in front of congress, obviously, caught in a
4:55 am
lie here. this is not just research. this is facebook's research from the recent document dump coming out from that whistleblower. more detrimental information about facebook and more concerns about us because it now proves what we sort of had a hint of which is it does cause massive problems in our lives, and so i mean, you have this choice. you just throw the whole thing out and delete facebook. some people say yes. i like that i can connect with best friends and family so i'm saying okay what's the balance? how do i just tone it down? and so here are some things you can do, actually, to tone down facebook so that their algorithm isn't running our lives and we get our lives back a little bit, and one thing, ainsley, is to mute the notifications by using what facebook installed in the middle of last year called " quiet mode" and what that led to do is it just sort of closes down those notifications and quiets down the news feed. you can also disable the auto play feature of the videos so when going through the feed the videos automatically play.
4:56 am
these aren't videos you asked for , they are just trying to get you hooked on facebook to stay engaged longer. you could turn those off and also, there's a thing to set daily reminders and this is the most powerful tool in there. you go in there and you can manage your time and a, see how much time you spend on facebook versus how much you actually, what you actually spend on facebook versus what you think you do is profound. this will let you set an alert. i'll show you how to do all this stuff online at my blog. ainsley: great thank you, great to see you this morning. >> good to see see you. ainsley: big bird causing a social media frenzy for encouraging kids to get the vaccine. the big name who just tweeted their support of a sesame street star, coming up. >> ♪
4:57 am
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do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy, and save at >> president biden approval rating plunges even further. >> this country is in a bad place. it's a real tough time to be president of the united states. >> he's dropped more in his first year than any other president, since world war ii. >> biden doubles down on paying illegal border crossers. >> the border crisis continues to get worse. >> coming across the border whether legal or illegal and you lost your child you deserve some kind of compensation. >> and the pump already getting worse by the day. >> the average gas price in america be $4 a gallon in the united states? >> we certainly hope not, higher prices for heating your home, this is going to happen.
5:01 am
>> a truck driver shortage being felt across the nation. >> as the supply chain crisis worsens. >> the need for truck drivers hits nearly 100,000 openings. >> kyle larson a year ago watched the race from north carolina, today, he's a cup series champion. >> oh, my god, guys! yes! >> ♪ uptown girl, she's been living in her uptown world, i bet she never had a back street guy ♪ ainsley: that is the perfect song this morning billy joel was back in concert at msc friday night first time back since covid and it was wonderful i had the opportunity to go with some friends and we had the best night i've had in a long time, and there's some of my friends. i know i've met this great group , you guys know this and people at home when your child goes to a new school which my daughter is in a new school, kindergarten so i've made all
5:02 am
these new friends and some of my old friends, some new friends we all just went and it was a blast , and billy joel is behind us and his piano was on a big circle so he rotates so we all got to see his face and watch him play. he's a phenomenonal pianist. steve: the irony is you're actually in mid-town so you're a mid-town girl. you're a great person to know, because brian, you know, she's got all these new friends from kindergarten class, and she just put them all on tv, on global television, on on on morning news show. ainsley: i gave them blurry pictures because i didn't ask their permission but unlike brian who went to a concert this weekend and was pulled on stage. brian tell us about it. brian: right. well, i mean in west virginia i had a chance to go there sunday but i landed there saturday and they said leonard skinnard is playing you want to go and i said yeah, one stage, remembering us from all the concert series so he snuck
5:03 am
up on me and i thought who's grabbing me it's the lead singer and they said hey do you want to come on as i end the show, free bird holding the flag, do you want to hold it with me, i'm like let me think about it, yes! steve: there you are. ainsley: i see you back there, okay. brian: we would eventually walk up the ramp. i said what do you want me to do again? because last time i played i was on stage we play music, i was clarinet in 7th grade so i don't really have a sense, so those guys love us, lynrd skynrd , they loved us. there was like 17,000 people there. ainsley: it's nice to be loved isn't it? brian: it really is and the one thing is just as i mentioned last hour the performers are as happy to be there as the audience, because its been so long since everyone has been together and obviously there's no masks, there was nothing to worry about and as you know, as i talked to dana
5:04 am
white on friday, saturday, no one ever does studies after you go to a big event and there's no positive test. they just want to focus on a quick surge and what clamping down on the mandates and it's really getting people crazy whether you're pro-mandate or anti-mandate, like i am, you're either side of the issue you're always so angry, and its infiltrated into sports with aaron rogers, you're seeing that again, all of the sports shows, so it's just an unforced error causing tension in a country that doesn't need anymore. steve: unfortunately, there have been a lot of errors that we've seen in the united states over the last 10 months or so, since joe biden became president, whether it's afghanistan, or the surge in crime or the supply chain. ainsley: open borders. steve: the worry about am i going to be able to get my cabbage patch doll for christmas is that still a thing? ainsley: no but that's okay. steve: when you put it altogether, and that's one of the reasons democrats are really concerned after what happened on
5:05 am
thursday. the very latest usa today poll is the worst news that joe biden has had, could have for today. his approval has sunk to 38%. kamala harris is at 28%. half of america says joe biden has done the worse job than expected, 44% of independents say worse job and 64% of americans do not want joe biden to run for president again in just about three years. ainsley: one of the people that was surveyed tony emmy, a retired healthcare worker, he voted for biden lives in wilmington, delaware, and he was one of the ones that was survey ed in this usa today poll. steve: delaware is his state. ainsley: he said i think this country is moving in a direction that is dangerous. brian: yeah, james clyburn was on over the weekend he's always been a voice of reason and if it wasn't for him, everybody knows it, joe biden would not have gotten the nomination and become president and he decided in south carolina that bernie sanders is going to win unless he stepped up and anointed joe
5:06 am
biden but one of the things he said is revamp your staff. they're terrible, your campaign is awful. but he didn't. and those same people are in the white house screwing that up here is congressman clyburn. >> i don't know that anything has gone wrong. the country is in a bad place. we have a pandemic, education is being called into question, kids are out of school. people are out of work, and now we're trying to bring the economy back and you've got all of these other things happening, so the country is in a bad place, it's a real tough time to become president of the united states. steve: he's right. america is in a tough spot. it's a tough time to be president of the united states, but that is what joe biden ran on. he said, donald trump has screw ed everything up and whatever the topic is i'm going to do a better job. fast forward to the end of the first week in november of 2021 and here we are, and people are disappointed that joe biden
5:07 am
has not kept his promise. ainsley: yeah, well, newt gingrich was on with us earlier and made a great point. listen. >> everything has gone wrong, the biggest of which i think is the price increases, and i don't care what they say and do in washington. when people go out and they fill up their car and it costs $75 or $80 in california over $100, they know somethings not working, and i think the greatest problem biden has isn't ideology. it's the sense that it ain't working. steve: right. brian: couple of things number one in that same survey, it seem s like that $1.2 trillion with 560 billion of new money that passed on friday is popular with the american public, but he waited 88 days, yeah, a majority , 88 days to pass it? he had between 50 and 100 republican votes, but he kept it on the sidelines because his wild left wing led by the squad
5:08 am
said you can't pass one without the other. well he ended up passing one without the other and now joe manchin says i'm looking at what the house is handing me and i'm not going to do the other the way it looks right now and in west virginia yesterday there was a lot of people doubtful about joe manchin and they are very thankful for him today because i think joe manchin between refusing to raise the filibuster, refusing to pack the court, refusing to over rule the parliamentarian, he's kept order in the senate even if it stops tomorrow, he deserves a lot of credit as does senator sinema. not because they are acting as republicans. they're just acting normal. they don't want to blow up the system because they're in power. ainsley: what are they saying about the gas prices in west virginia because keystone pipeline, they cut that. now we're reliant on opec begging them to give us more oil and now we're learning that they could close down line five, which is in michigan. steve: sure, and brian you were talking about how, according to
5:09 am
this latest usa today poll, a majority of americans are behind the infrastructure bill, which was bipartisan, and the president signed on saturday in the east room; however, when it comes to the build back bet cher is what they are pushing for now, only one in four say that would help them or their families. so if you are a moderate democrat you've got to think okay, where is the overwhelming ground swell of support for this it doesn't exist, so if i vote for that, will i effectively be ending my own job? because a lot of americans don't like it, you know, it's going to impact to the positive, a lot of people, but only one in four says it's going to impact them or their family in a good way. that means three-quarters say why did we bother? ainsley: it includes 500 billion in climate change and clean energy funding 47% support it 44 % say they oppose it but brian back to that question what are they saying about the gas prices
5:10 am
did you talk to the folks in west virginia about it? brian: i probably talked to 500 people over the last two days seriously and one thing that came up is coal and they say, we're not making, we're not min ing like we did, but you know who is mining, demanding more? china. so, china wants our coal. we refuse to use it, to fuel our electrical plants, which is primarily run by coal, and even though there are some challenges to coal for the environment, absolutely but we're competing with china, and we're not using our natural resources in order to do that. that is not in america's best interest, stop worrying about glasgow and start worrying about mr. and mrs. america here, not democrat or republican. can you please focus on our country first. steve: see , what you just said though, brian, should terry friday people and that is, they want, china wants our coal because china is running out of
5:11 am
coal. there was a story a couple weeks ago in the new york times that talked about how, because of electricity and coal shortages in china, they're turning off the factories two or three days a week, because they don't, they can't pay the price to run the factory. the problem for us is a lot of our stuff comes from china, so the wake-up call is hey, the united states of america, start you're worried about the supply chain issue? start making this stuff here, because china is stealing our coal and is running out of juice ainsley: it's so frustrating it's everything across-the-board , gas prices going up a read an article of a mom who is trying to feed her children and she has to choose between, she has to go to bed hungry every night she's eating beans and rice and giving the rest of the food to her children but all the expenses for , you go to the grocery store everything is more expensive and we're facing thanksgiving. brian: right. yeah, it's unbelievable and i
5:12 am
just want to say this. i know sometimes you make decisions and they end up being wrong but at least try to act on behalf of the american people. that's all we ask, between the border and energy, it doesn't seem like you're trying. ainsley: and afghanistan. brian: and it's driving people crazy and that's the message from tuesday. meanwhile the biden administration, one of the messages. the biden administration has until later today to respond to an appeal, court halt of its vaccine mandate for private companies with over 100 employee s. steve: right. private companies, and with more than two dozen states already filing a legal challenge to this new rule. ainsley: lucas tomlinson is live in rehobeth beach with the latest on biden's response to all of this backlash. lucas? reporter: good morning, guys over the weekend a federal appeals court blocked president biden's covid vaccine mandate on sunday's show his top advisors rushed to defend it. >> the president of the administration wouldn't have put these requirements in place if they didn't think they were appropriate and necessary, and
5:13 am
the administration is certainly prepared to defend them. >> i'm quite confident the value validity of this requirement will be upheld. if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on-the-job it can put in place simple measures to keep our workers safe. reporter: more than two dozen, mostly republican-led states filed lawsuits friday challeng ing the vaccine mandate for private companies setting up a high stakes show down with the courts late last week the biden administration said all businesses with more than 100 employees must require their workers to be vaccinated. kansas democratic governor laura kelly says i don't believe this directive is the correct or most effective solution for kansas, states have been leading the fight against covid-19 from the start of the pandemic. last night a florida congresswoman sounded off on the vaccine mandate at the workplace. >> it's unconstitutional and to hear the administration equate wearing a hard hat in the workplace to no jab, no job, that is just downright insulting
5:14 am
reporter: and the president responding on twitter, a tweet from big bird saying, "good on you big bird getting vaccinated is the best way to keep your whole neighborhood safe." now steve don't be so jealous of ainsley, because you can go tomorrow night to see your kansas j-hawks take on michigan state. steve: look at you, lucas thank you very much for the update on big bird. lucas have we heard from oscar the grouch? ainsley: [laughter] he's in a bad mood. reporter: not yet we'll let you know if he weighs in. steve: thank you very much, lucas tomlinson, looks like a beautiful day there. 14 minutes after the top of the hour now. ainsley: let's hand it over to carlie who has headlines. reporter: that's right, steve, ainsley, brian we begin with a developing story in texas. seven of the eight people killed at the astroworld festival in houston have been identified. 13 others were hospitalized after a massive crowd surged towards the main stage, in addition authorities say someone may have been injecting people with drugs. a nurse whose unconscious body
5:15 am
was crowd-surfed to safety joined us earlier and explained what she saw. >> it started just before travis even cameo people started pushing, rushing towards the stage, and started struggling to breathe. i told my boyfriend like we gotta get out of here but there was no way out. once you were in the only way out was to go up. reporter: rapper travis scott who headlined the festival and was part of the organization has been hit with at least two lawsuits, alleging he incited the crowd to charge the stage. >> and fbi spokesperson confirm ing to fox news they carried out a search warrant add jameso'keefe's residence saturday. the raid was in connection with ashley biden's missing diary which the new york times reported was stolen on friday. over the weekend, he slammed the new york times for reporting the missing diary was stolen. he also questioned how the times knew of the search warrant saying it would have been secret >> top executives at an investment management company
5:16 am
now need to ask permission to hire white men. this is part of a diversity hiring initiative at state street global advisors and head of inclusion is saying "this is now front and central for state street" it's on every senior executive scorecard. all of our leaders have to demonstrate at their annual appraisals what they have done to improve female representation and the number of colleagues from ethnic minority backgrounds >> and a heartwarming moment out of the new york city marathon a runner who fell less than 200- meters from the finish line is helped over the line by complete strangers. touching video shows the men carrying the fatigued runner, who appears to barely be able to straighten his legs. other notable finishers of the new york city 50th marathon include chelsea clinton as well as several bachelor stars. congratulations to all of the runners. steve: and the guy who is having trouble getting across at least
5:17 am
he did. >> he finished how great is that. ainsley: my friend ran and she raised a lot of money and gave it to central park to help our backyard where our kids play and my friend allison ran, her daughter was diagnosed with diabetes this year so she got a big team and had a big sign saying i'm running for audrey. >> very proud of all of those people, i'm so impressed. have you done it, carlie? >> i did watch it though, i couldn't, but because i live in new york city and my favorite part was watching the runners and then where you stand to watch them is sort of like a tailgate situation, so everybody has like beer and wings, and they are watching everybody run 26 miles. i'm on that side of the aisle. ainsley: brian, i bet you did stay out of the city but traffic was bad in the city on race day. brian: i did. i ran a marathon and i won it. i one the marathon in one hour. steve: we remember you took the subway. big story. brian: yeah, they said it was illegal after i did it.
5:18 am
so no, i ran one marathon, three hours, 43 minutes so i'm going to try to do that again but meanwhile over the last few days had a chance to get the word out and last night was a special now it's on fox nation the president of freedom fighter and one of the things happened on the way to doing my hit on the sunday show i was en route, i was en route when i realized signals got crossed i was in the wrong place and then we realized we were in the wrong place. this will all make sense in a second, so we're in the wrong place, i had 10 minutes to get -- steve: where were you supposed to be? brian: as we're driving around, i'm in west virginia and i have 10 minutes to get to our hit at the bottom of the hour, will and pete and rachel have a temper and they get mad when i'm late for my hits so as we start racing down there my driver drove off the road and blew out two tires so we go, i'm in the middle of nowhere, two flat tires, and all of a sudden this
5:19 am
man pulls over and goes what are you guys doing and i said we're stuck, he says well do you need a ride? i says yeah, i have to go to 1001 virginia street and he said it's about 10 minutes away hop in and i thought should i hop in with a stranger in the middle of nowhere? yes, so i did and that young man drove me to the hit at which time i knocked on the window and it looked like a vacant lot, the door opened at the last minute, i was going to do it on face time, we put it down and i was able to do the hit like nothing is wrong but that's how nice the people of west virginia are. this young man pulled over and i forgot his name. steve: did he know you? brian: he didn't recognize me. steve: a complete stranger picked you up and you said i'm going to go. ainsley: there are a lot of children that watch your show, make sure you tell them this is not a good idea, stranger danger brian: right. okay, but in west virginia it's a different story. they're nice. but i will say, my instinct said
5:20 am
don't get indu it's television and there's no tomorrow. meanwhile, it's maybe not the best message but it's honesty. in connecticut i'll be at a great book show there and right after that and orlando, florida go to, clear water is just about sold out and virginia on the fifth and in between i'll be at vero beach signing right before the patriots award next week. steve: absolutely check it out, great book. brian just a suggestion, next time, you know the technology now is we can actually just use our phones to skype in to the show so you didn't actually need to be at that location, you could have just done it from something in your pocket. ainsley: did you just leave the driver there with two popped tires? brian: yeah, he disappeared i haven't seen him. i've never seen two flat tires before. he just goes like this and i said i'm in trouble and they
5:21 am
asked me, i hit the uber app and the uber said i don't think so, so that's why this man saved it. steve: glad you made it. ainsley: working his way down the east coast. steve: okay, meanwhile, charles payne is joining us here in the studio, come on over, charles. ainsley: charles come on over. this is the only healthcare system in the country with five nationally ranked hospitals, including two world-renowned academic medical centers, in boston, where biotech innovates daily and our doctors teach at harvard medical school, and where the physicians doing the world-changing research are the ones providing care. there's only one mass general brigham.
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5:25 am
steve: as all americans face higher prices at the pump, energy secretary jennifer granholm warns you'll probably have to pay a lot more to keep your house and you warm this winter. >> it will be more expense off this year than last year, as oil & gas companies aren't flipping the switch as quickly as the demand requires. let us get off of the volatility
5:26 am
associated with fossil fuel and associated with others who don't have our country's interests at heart and invest into move to clean energy where we will not have this problem. >> could the average gas price in america be $4 a gallon in the united states soon? >> well we certainly hope not. steve: yeah, we hope not. this comes as the biden administration is reportedly considering shutting down another oil pipeline. line five in michigan. here with reaction host of " making money" on fox business charles payne. charles she was very clear, you know, blame opec, that darn cartel. what about blaming the administration and their environmental policies and things they did on the first day of the administration? charles: i really hate to say this but in many ways, i think they like this , you know? listen to her talking points as somehow this creates an urgency factor to get off fossil fuels by the way you want to talk about crazy pricing look at windmill power and solar power that stuff is so volatile but you're right.
5:27 am
look on the day of the election, president-elect biden declared war on fossil fuel, crude oil has gone straight up ever since about 150% since then in one year's time. then you lack at gasoline. you just heard, they're blaming american companies as well. they said they're investigating the word they use is profiteers. this is called supply and demand if you push down supply, but demand stays here, the price goes through the roof and who pays that price? every time president biden talks about kitchen table items and what people stay up late at night, this is the central issue and this is why he wakes up this morning with his lowest approval ratings. the university of michigan they do an amazing sentiment survey and they said all of this resonates, almost all of it , around the fact they are not only not controlling inflation but people like they aren't even attempting control it. yes, you do have a chance to bring down crude oil. you can do something about gasoline. this administration could do something, they refuse to do
5:28 am
something. steve: but obviously what they want is they want clean energy, but texas is the largest producer of electric it through wind, what happened last winter there was a big ice storm there, it was cloudy, you know, the solar panels didn't work, the wind didn't work, and people froze. charles: united kingdom is even worse. they had so many issues just in the last three months, three or four months they had to buy coal at the highest price ever. they were begging their coal, the few coal power plants they have they were begging them to run 24 hours a day and paying any price for it because guess what? it's normally cheap, it's reliable, and it's worked for a couple hundred years, you know, we're going to get to where we need to go. we always do, but these artificial timelines ramming it down our throats joining international treaties where our best interest is not at heart is only making things a lot worse. steve: listen tomorrow you'll try to help people, 2:00, you've got a town hall and you're looking for questions, right? charles: looking for questions
5:29 am
again, tons of them but keep them coming, this is one of the most exciting things happening in this country , the new investor revolution, great article in the journal today, rich millennials to financial advisor s thanks for the invite but you can't invest my money. people are taking control of their financial lives and i love it, i'm here for it, here to help them and it's amazing and i never want it to stop. steve: give one tip for the new investor whose been investing for the last year. charles: don't stop. don't stop. it has to be a life-long endeavor. don't buy one stock and see how it works. stay committed to learning, stay committed to putting more money in there that is going to work for you. steve: if you've got a question send it to charles we'll watch you today at 2:00 eastern and we'll see you at the town hall tomorrow. charles: can't wait, thanks. steve: meanwhile congresswoman a oc is pushing back on democrats wokeness is to blame for their election losses. dan bongino is ready to give aoc
5:30 am
an unfiltered reality check, he's coming up, next. >> ♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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steve: new york congresswoman ocasio-cortez rip ping into critics blaming her
5:34 am
parties far left agenda for the election day losses last tuesday. ainsley: in a tweet she says woke is a term pundits are now using as a derogatory euphemism for civil rights and justice results in putting civil and voting rights on the back burner in a year state legislatives are planning out gop majorities and voter suppression, that's dangerous. here to react is unfiltered host , dan bongino. hey, dan. >> hey, how are you all this morning? good to see you. ainsley: we're doing great. what went wrong, was it wokeness >> yeah, i mean, just look at the exit polls. listen, it's hard to candidly take aoc seriously. she didn't write that tweet, someone else wrote it from her staff. she's not a serious person, you know, it's really it's hard to take her seriously because if she just looked at the exit poll , she would have seen that an issue that the democrats and typically leverage for decades,
5:35 am
for probably a generation now turned and became a republican issue for suburban soccer moms and dads out there so you have to ask yourself, did she not read that exit poll or did she read it and was too dumb to process it because there's no option c. now you have to understand too, what she's up to as well, guys. the left and the woke left, here specifically, this has nothing to do with fighting racism. this has everything to do with advancing racism and segregation i mean, is that not obvious when you tell people that critical race theory or whatever euphemism you use for it is the bedrock of the education structure going forward and we're using race essentialism and judge people as oppressor or oppressed basically on skin color that is the very definition of racism they know this. this is all about class warfare against successful people to advance socialism in the form of fighting racism, because it's a more palletable narrative for them. steve: we're now going to do something you probably have never seen on an american television and we're going to
5:36 am
play the sound bite of a democrat and dan bongino is going to completely agree with them. here is james carbul, one of the top democratic strategists talking about what went wrong with the democrats last week. watch this. >> what went wrong is just stupid wokeness. don't just look at virginia and new jersey look at long island, look at buffalo and minneapolis, even look at seattle, washington i mean, defund the police lunacy , this take abraham lincoln's name off the schools? people see that, and it's just really a suppressive effect all across the country and the democrats some of these people need to go to a woke detox center or something. their expression of language that people just don't use and there's a backlash and a frustration at that. steve: am i right? are you agreeing with the democrats? >> you're right this is the first on national television good call there, doocy.
5:37 am
listen, i hope they don't listen to the raging cajun and i hope they don't listen to bill maher. now i hope that democrats double down on race essentialism and oppressor /oppressed ideology, i really do because black parent s, hispanic parents around the country are revolting about this. on my show this weekend i had sh amika michelle, a black mother of a young child and she said something really great, steve. she's like listen, in order to teach my kid who happens to be black that she somehow is oppressed, that you're teaching her black inferiority. that somehow she's inferior and can't escape her circumstances. she's like, you know, there's a lot of parents like me who are like don't you dare teach my kid that crap. that's not what i want my kid to learn. the white people are supreme over my child? she's like i don't want to hear any of that garbage and you saw the revolt around the country and that's why you see that tweet from aoc. this is her trying to defend in
5:38 am
front of her donors how her and the squad are destroying the democrat party. ainsley: dan we are so glad the patriot awards are back, after covid we had to put it on the back burner for a little bit because of the sickness but now we're coming back to florida at the hard rock live theatre in hollywood, florida close to where you are and you'll be there with us, right? >> you know, i will and i'm glad you said that because the first year we did it live it wasn't the energy there, we were sitting in the green room with all these people, the hockey coach who gave that inspirational speech, you had these military members, some who had families who had lost these heros out there and just to celebrate them for a moment and the trauma they have been through and to make them feel good rather than these dopey hollywood award shows where we celebrate a bunch of losers it was just so great to celebrate real american heros and to do it again and be around that group i can't wait. i don't know about you guys it's going to be a lot of fun. steve: we'll be going down a week from tomorrow. folks would like to join us, there in hollywood, florida
5:39 am
tickets are on sale at foxnation .com/patriot awards. mr. bongino, thank you very much for joining us on this monday morning. >> yes, sir, guys good to talk to you see you later. ainsley: live in person, next week. steve: indeed, what's coming up? ainsley: planes full of migrants flying in the dead of night arriving in red states, florida congresswoman maria salazar will sound the alarm on these secret flights, next.
5:40 am
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shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after vaccination with shingrix. the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your pharmacist or doctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. brian: we've been telling you about florida governor ron desantis revealing this stunning news, that the biden administration secretly flew in more than 70 migrant flights from the border into his state. florida gop congresswoman maria salazar is the daughter of cuban immigrants, and this directly affects you, they aren't telling the governor, they aren't
5:44 am
telling the superintendents or principals, they are just stick ing them in florida and long island specifically. how is that acceptable? >> that's very embarrassing. it's very embarrassing that this is happening and you know? i was telling you that no one really asks us, the brown community, the representatives of the latinos in this country, how do we feel about this and i'm going to tell you this is extremely embarrassing because do you know where those people wind up at? in our neighborhoods and we do not know if those people are child sex traffickers, if they're drug dealers, coyotes, or these are bad actors, so just picture this , and now, we understand that in the dark of the night, and where are those people going to wind up at in our neighborhoods so that's why i'm saying to you we need an immigration reform law, because everything that's happening is because this government and mr. biden promised that it was in the
5:45 am
first 100 years of his presidency, he was going to present an immigration reform law and once again, he has dropped us, for the reconciliation bill, for child care, for healthcare, for long care and elderly care. where are the immigrants? brian: but congresswoman, you probably don't want his immigration reform because he won't secure the border. no republican will vote formation reform if he won't secure the border, and i think -- >> oh, no, no, that's parallel. it comes in parallel. there's no way you can have, at the same time, at the same time, you secure the border, you put order at the border, you bring all the technology because do you know what, brian? we do not want to come in illegally. we want to be welcomed to the promised landment we don't want path to citizenship, we want an opportunity to help the american economy, to be able to raise our american children. i get it i'm not saying we have to reward those who have broken
5:46 am
the law. i'm saying we need to put order. brian: all right, so i want to bring you to this. the compensation for these families, allegedly separated at the border during the early trump years is going to be minimum $450,000. here's what the president said about this , as he tries to do some damage control, and he yells at the question. listen. >> if, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you, coming across the border whether it's legal or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child, they're gone, you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstances are. what that will be, i have no idea. >> if the amounts not 450,000 what amount is it? >> that's where the justice department to decide if it shows that it saves taxpayers money if it rights a wrong and the justice department determines that there is compensation that should be paid , that is an independent
5:47 am
justice department. brian: your reaction, does it matter if it rights a wrong and saves us money? is he out of his mind? >> i think he's sending the wrong message, because he's putting a price tag on something that has no price, but then i go back to the same thing. we should have never been in this situation. what is happening right now should have never happened, because we need to fix the problem and the political party that needs to fix the problem is the gop, and that's why i go back to the same thing. we would have been able to avoid everything that's happening if the right laws were to be on the books and the right laws are not. brian: he said the story was garbage and now he wants to walk back and yell at the fox reporter asking the question. >> because there's no connection between the , thanks to you. brian: right. absolutely. meanwhile, let me go check in with senior meteorologist janice dean. she's braving the weather which
5:48 am
could drop to 50. >> it's amazing out here, brian it's fantastic. the temperatures are in the 50s we're going to get up to close to 70 degrees here in new york city tomorrow, i'm loving it let's take a look at the maps and i'll show you where the heat is on, my friend, 66 in new york is your daytime high, a lot of folks are enjoying the fact they can get out on the golf course, 69 for tomorrow's high in new york city, not too bad in richmond, either even portland, 60 degrees for november we'll take it, and then no big storm system to talk about on the east coast but the west, unfortunately, another parade of storms bringing coastal rain and mountain snow so we'll watch that some of the skiers i'm sure are loving this forecast as well , so something for everyone to enjoy. all right brian i hope you're coming back tomorrow. brian: yes, i'll be back tomorrow. make sure the weather is good and make sure the plane lands thanks janice. meanwhile up next we'll hear from restaurant owner whose ready to fight back if president biden extends the vaccine mandate to small businesses which is the new rumor.
5:49 am
fresh off as fox news sunday host subbing for chris wallace, bill hemmer alongside his cohort , dana perino. hi, guys. dana: i'm a cohort i have to say brian great to see you and congrats on the book. the president's poll numbers are dreadful really. bill: also the huge infrastructure deal passed late friday night, trillion dollars- plus what is it in for you and your town and state and more. dana: plus we'll talk to two people at the deadly crushing event in houston and why didn't music stop at that time? bill: great question, steve hilton is here in person, in person, we say! on the new event surrounding the russia probe and these are intriguing, so monday kicks off a new week. dana: see you in a minute. bill: top of the hour. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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ainsley: the u.s. surgeon general is defending the biden administration's workplace rules on vaccine mandates after an appeals court temporarily puts it on hold. our next guest is a restaurant owner who says an extension of the mandate would crush small businesses chef andrew gruel joins us now. good morning, chef. >> good morning. ainsley: i know you have 30 restaurants out in california. how would this affect you if small businesses have to have a
5:54 am
vax mandate? >> well look, i think that this is really kind of the final bullet in the chamber pointed at small businesses we've gone through 20 months of getting trampled on, you know, and getting really picked last when it comes to business and survival, especially with big corporations and big businesses, being in front of the line at all times over the last 20 months and now here we are, trying to just struggle to survive get past all of these incredibly high supply costs, lack of labor throughout the market and now we're being told that we've got to become this policing agency for the federal government when we're just trying to survive day-to-day. we can't even operate sometimes we're keeping lip it limited hours mainly because the fact the small business economy is so broken right now and then this added on to it is really going to be the final nail in the coffin mark my words if this goes through. ainsley: what percentage of your employees are not vaccinated or will refuse to be vaccinated? >> i can't speak on behalf of my existing employees, because right now we're not going through that process although
5:55 am
what i'm hearing is that in recent studies, 40% of those who were unvaccinated are saying that they would not stay at their job. they would leave their job if this was the case. we've kind of rung out the final drop of success from any type of mandate and now especially when it comes to restaurant and retail where you've got a lot of young people, many of whom have already had the virus, or have gotten the vaccine and perhaps just don't even want to go through the process of actually counting it, giving all that information up and the businesses who don't have the time to actually go through and do the investigation, and maintain all this paperwork, which we don't even know what it looks like. this is just another federal agency coming down with threats of upwards of $15,000 per accidental mishap. accidental mishap and up to $140,000 if you're purposefully avoiding some of these mandates. i mean, this is a kiss of death. ainsley: and then you have the food prices are going up as well. have you seen that to be a problem? >> oh, yeah, i mean, right now it's up triple digits in some cases we're in the seafood
5:56 am
industry so most of those seafood items are not necessarily for us but the import price is just make people actually remove seafood altogether from their menus, everybody is increasing prices everybody is losing all of this margin or any profit that once was out there. ainsley: thank you so much for coming on. i wish you all best with your business. thank you. more "fox & friends" moments away. >> ♪
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>> well, ainsley went to the billy joel concert. >> it was awesome. you went to d.c. to see your kids. brian went >> spr a wonderful day, everyone. >> bill: a question how low can you go? president biden's poll numbers going from bad to worse nearly 60% of americans now saying they disapprove of his job performance. take that with your morning coffee. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. brand-new week begins now. how are you doing? >> dana: ready for the great week. i'm dana perino. the president and the chief of staff try to say we're moving forward and get better. these are just a snapshot in time. for the white house this has been consistent. we're exactly one year out


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