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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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come from special counsel durham's investigation. into the russian collusion story. most of the washington press will continue to deny the central role it played in helping the clinton campaign spread lies. >> bret: that's a story we will follow. thank you, gentlemen. tomorrow on "special report" how realistic is a red wave in the house 2022? thanks for inviting us neuro noah your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. ha,lawrence. >> lawrence: hey, bret. thank you very much. welcome to "fox news primetime," i'm lawrence jones. and tonight we start by looking at the failures of joe biden's presidency. every step of the way biden has let america down. so concerned getting rid of the orange man and his tweets and willing to crash the economy and your life just to get their way. 10 months into biden's presidency and it looks like the american people are having second thoughts. now joe biden's al-approval rating has crumbled to 38%.
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while nearly two thirds of the country, 64% don't want biden to run for a second term, that's including almost 30% of democrats. i bet donald trump is looking at a lot better to most of those voters. from biden's embarrassing retreat in afghanistan to his inability to contain the supply chain crisis, to surging inflation that about to make your thanksgiving a hell of a lot more expensive, it is clear his administration has no answers to the plaguing problems in our country. let's just take a look at the gas pump. where the price of fuel has jumped more than $1.25 in just the last year. so what's the white house plan to fix this? >> why is the administration now considering shutting down the line 5 pipeline from canada to michigan? >> so, peter, that is inaccurate. that is not-that is not right but. >> what's inaccurate? >> the reporting -- the reporting about us wanting to
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shut down the line 5. >> i didn't say that. i said is it being studied right now? is the administration studying the impact of shutting down the line 5? >> yes, yes we are. >> lawrence: in the south stuck on stupid. thinking about shutting down another pipeline in america. did they forget how that turned out last dime when they shut down the keystone xl pipeline? so much for american energy independence. it's not just gas prices that are soaring. just ask energy secretary jennifer granholm. >> should americans likely be a cold winter, most of them are, expect to pay higher prices for heating their home. >> yeah. this is going to happen. it will be more expensive this year than last year. >> lawrence: that was granholm doing her best jimmy carter impression put on a sweat they're winter because your home is going to get cold. at least it was better than last answer on surging fuel costs. watch.
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[laughter] that is hilarious. >> lawrence: what's up with all of these guys laughing. this administration is literally laughing at us as they take more and more money out of our wallets. but don't ask them to actually explain what is happening, because they don't think that you are smart enough to understand it. >> we're all going out and having lunch together and i said let's ask whoever -- whoever is in the next table, no matter how-what restaurant we are in, have them explain the supply chain to us. do you think they would understand what we are talking about? you can understand why people are upset. and i -- whether you have a ph.d. or you are working, you know, in a restaurant, it's confusing. >> lawrence: well, mr. president, you are right. it is confusing. maybe you are the one who doesn't understand what's going on. why else would he ask around the room to see if some liberal journalist could explain it for him. watch? >> you all write for a living.
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i haven't seen anyone of you have explain supply chain very well. when your editor says explain the supply chain, okay? this is a confusing time. >> lawrence: so we get it, mr. president, you are confused. maybe your second in command kamala harris has a handle on the situation. part of that data that you are referring to environmental justice. you can also track by race, averages in terms of the number of trees in the neighborhood where people live. >> lawrence: so much of that was disturbing. so, forget supply chain earns. kamala caught up with trees. we can't make this stuff up. these beam are running our country or not. no wonder why kamala's approval rating is even worse than joe biden. coming in and embarrassing 28%. it is clear that this administration is way over their heads. let's just hope they don't burn the whole thing down before the
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midterm hire to respond tomi lahren host of no interruption on fox nation and buck sexton co-host of the clay travis and buck sexton show. thank you for joining the program. tomi, the last election walls all about emotion, tweets, but you got to actually know how to handle the country, understand business if you are going tonts leader of the free world. it's very clear that the commander-in-chief is not suited for this job. am i wrong? >> well, it's not just the comeef, it's the vice president and it seems to be the democrat party as a whole. but, i think the better question we're looking at these poll numbers if 38% do -- or do approve of the biden administration, i would like to know who that 38% is. because i don't think you could ask many americans on the left or the right to really name one thing that's going well in this country and they would be able to do that. i know joe biden finds that confusing. it's quite obvious to anybody that has to fill gas or go grocery shopping on a weekly basis. things are not going well. this all comes down to the fact that be that we were sold a
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moderate or got a socialist. more accurately we got a socialist teleprompter doing the bidding for the far left radicals. i think there is major buyer's remorse about the only thing can you buy on the shelves these days. thank you, democrats. >> lawrence: tomi, he seems pretty incompetent and inat the extent socialist. on the heels of this, we see this polling that's coming out, buck, you have 12 republicans that decided they are going to endorse this piper. needed political cover. american people rejecting this you can't depend on the 1 republicans to stop this. >> never estimate some production' ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. this is where the biden administration coupling. inept. you used the word edge competent. these are things flying around. people can see it, they can feel it they know what the gas prices are they know what the economy is like for them with rising
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inflation. they know the is the worse that it has been probably in living memory in terms of lawlessness and flow of illegal migrants into the country. the biden administration has no area and covid, by the way, on top of all of this has no area where they can point to and say we are actually scwiewght in a way where we can hold this up as the place where we can declare some kind of victory. they are running out of room to maneuver, lawrence. they are running out of talking points to use other than there is no crt in schools. and no, yeah, we weren't really for defund the police. that was really your imagination. this is a democratic party in retreat and they know it. >> lawrence: that's interesting thing, buck. you touched on this, tomi, they decided now because they are losing they are just going to talk down to americans. say you are dumb, you don't understand what's going on. what's happening in the classroom is really not going on. actually the economy is going quite well and it's -- it is a demand issue. what's up with that? >> >> well, that's what socialistst and those that are failing at their jobs, especially in big government
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could. they change the meaning of words. they try to auto redefine their own failures. the american people are seeing it. for two years and especially in the last 10 months we have allowed big government to take over. there are some american sheep who thought the government was going to take care of them whether it came to gas prices, whether it came to the border or whether it came to covid. they are realizing the government has failed at every turn. why do we spend more of our taxpayer dollars to make that failure bigger. americans are realizing they want limited government and more important live they want america first government and the democrats and some republicans are not delivering that. >> lawrence: buck, what happens next? because we saw what happened? virginia. and you know, i was on the ground there, youngkin kin was banging on doors, talked with voters. he went to areas that republicans didn't typically go to. but still seems like there are some independents holding on there. can republicans sell the message or has the biden administration done so much damage already that republicans need to shut up and
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deliver for the american people? >> lawrence, the template is petty clear. we have something akin to the tea party movement in 2010 underway now. but it's really a rebellion of parents against the left wing indoctrination system of our public schools. it's in virginia but in states all across the country. now that we have seen that that can actually bubble up from the ground all the way up to a state level election and have national level implications. 30, 40 seats going to republicans maybe more if this trend ins it. what the is democrat counter narrative they spent 1.9 trillion earlier this year on the biden american rescue plan. they just throw our own money at everything. it's like they are trying to bribe us with our own checkbook. unfortunately inflation is going to get worse. that's something people see every day. they have no narrative of making things better on the future on the economic front that doesn't involve tons of spending no. area of real improvement or victory that the american people are going to see. i hope they keep talking down to us, lawrence.
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i hope there is this continued oh it was just racism that meant that glenn youngkin beat terry mcauliffe in virginia. i don't want look at the issues effect the american people that might make them think long and hard what the messaging is. >> lawrence: talk to the black voters that showed up in record numbers for youngkin. they can pivot all they want to, at the end of the day, american people go into the store every single day. they see the food that they want that they can't get off the shelf. they see that the long wait lines because people don't want to show back up to work. they see the border is out of control. they see them wanting to give illegals almost a half a million dollars. meanwhile, people are getting shot up on the south side and they do absolutely nothing about it? that is the liberal agenda and, you know, if republicans can't win with them failing, they just don't deserve to be in office as well. tomi, buck, thank you so much. coming up, covid cases are dropping and america is hurtling toward herd immunity. why doubling down on
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♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. joe biden has made it very clear he doesn't care about the science. the only thing he cares about is 100 percent vaccine compliance. that's why he wants to force millions of american workers to get the shot by january or lose their job. that's just crazy. but it doesn't make any sense the goal post just keeps on moving. we were once told by dr. fauci that herd immunity is our ticket to freedom and normalcy. >> you know, it's not going to be necessarily a matter of time but a matter of the percentage of people in the country who decide they do want to get vaccinated. apropos of what we were just mentioning about the confidence of the people have, the estimate is that you will need about 70%,
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maybe 75% of the people in the country vaccinated to get that umbrella of heard immunity that --herd immunity get us on the d very close to being normal. >> lawrence: i have good news to report we are getting there 70% of u.s. adults are vax sin nateed millions of more have natural immunity. the pandemic is practically over. why is joe biden pushing this crazy osha vaccine mandate now. if these mandates are essential to keep us safe, why would they wait two months to enforce it? none of it makes sense. the federal court of appeals is has suspended the mandate. that ruling didn't stick well with the white house officials who say they are ready to fight back. >> the president, the administration wouldn't have put these requirements in place if they didn't think they were appropriate and necessary. and the administration is certainly prepared to defend them. >> every single court before this one ruled that they were valid. the supreme court has turned back several times already various efforts to enjoin other
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vaccine requirements. i'm quite confident that when this finally gets fully adjudicated not just a temporary order. >> right. >> the validity of this requirement will be upheld. it's common sense, chuck. if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on the job. >> right. >> be careful around chemicals it can put in place these simple measures to keep our workers safe. >> lawrence: joining me to you to react is fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary somebody that we trust following the science trying to break it down for us. explain to me why there is such a move in the goal post if we are 70% that they promised we could get back to normal. first of all, i disagree with them giving us a deadline and telling us a number that we have to hit. if they picked that number, why not just stick with it. >> i think delta was so much more contagious it did warrant moving the number up a little bit. remember, dr. fauci had always
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said the bottom line raw number less to 10 to 20 cases. we would get back to normal quote unquote free and clear. most of the country is between one in five cases per 100,000. most are asymptomatic or mild. and yet we still low risk individuals forced to wear masked after vaccinated. three drugs out now formally studied. one is out and two going to get fda soon. reduced deaths and hospitalizations 90%. completely renders the case mandate obsolete. two of the drugs cut covid dakotas zero. that drug changed the calculus and that needs to be factored in as people lose their jobs and see 911 response times go up and lives destroyed indisvictim mat mandate. we asked the biden administration to be more flexible. account for natural immunity and
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allow for more exemptions and they have dug in and said no and taking it to court all the way. >> lawrence: doctor, i hate to be a skeptic, as someone who doesn't trust government at all, and seeing that there is a lot of measures that feel the same way, i just got to ask the question. what is the incentive to keep us here? >> look, a lot of people are wondering if we are going to be using the current criteria, for example, in the southeast where cases are very low, to have restrictions, we are going to be like this forever in perpetuity. people are sick of it. and many people are saying, look, you have got to be honest or we are going to do something. we are going to speak out. we are going to vote. we are going to speak out against these restrictions. >> lawrence: yeah. doctor, i want to get your comment on this because this is troubling to me because i don't know if we have all the science on it as well. but the fda is recommending kids should be vaccinated 5 years or older. what is your recommendation? is it case by case? do we know everything we need to
4:21 pm
know about this vaccine to be giving it to our kids? >> look, i think that's an important question. parents are asking it right now. dr. saphier and i have a piece in the "wall street journal" addressing this let me break it down for you. there are 28 million kids that age group. 94 have died over the last two years. all or nearly all had a co-morbid condition. if your kid has a co-morbid condition it's a clear yes. 42% of kids had natural immunity in june that age group. now it's upwards of 50% to 60%. if you have a natural immunity, no. and for those who don't have natural immunity, no co-morbidities and are healthy, you know the risk/benefit ratio is very close call. that tradeoff changes with age. and in that age upgroup, remember we do see complications in the vaccine second dose. boys i would say no, girls maybe one dose. not a strong imperative to immunize kids that age group if they are not around somebody vulnerable.
4:22 pm
>> lawrence: what do you mean a close call? what do you mean by that? i think it's important. >> what's happened public health officials have brushed under the rug that kids have died from the vaccine. it's rare but one in a million boys extrapolating from the new england journal paper four weeks ago died from the myocarditis from the vaccine. well, it's only a few healthy kids have ever died of covid in that same age group of 28 million people. that changes the calculus. that's why only 27% of parents are eager to get their kids vaccinated in that 5 to 11 group. they want to see more data. >> lawrence: so, the concerning thing, doctor, and i have got to let you go is people shouldn't have to watch the news to get that information. the fda shoulded be telling parents what's happening right now. instead they have big bird doing all these public campaigns for kids when parents should be told this information. if they decide to get their kids vaccinated that's on them. to hide this type of information and not be totally transparent, i think that's why the trust in them is so low.
4:23 pm
>> there are numerous kids around the country who have died immediately after the second dose of the vaccine. we have never heard from the fda. it's as if the cdc and fda don't want to know and they don't release that information. that's why people are skeptical and that's why they have lost credibility. >> lawrence: terrible. terrible. thank you, dr. makary. >> thank you. >> lawrence: joe biden's vaccine mandates have received fierce opposition across the country from government leaders to small businesses. americans are tired of losing their jobs and their livelihoods over a shot. multiple states have filed lawsuits against biden osha vaccine mandate and advocacy group for small businesses and the ceo alfredo or tease joins us now along with carlos. ceo of sergio's restaurant and james crocker founder of hogg technology. tell me a little bit about what you are hearing on the ground for the business owners that you serve. >> well, lawrence, first of all,
4:24 pm
i'm not sure if you have plans for congress but you make way too much sense to be there. so i'm not sure. but, you know, this is absolutely crazy what you were just talking about the herd immunity and stuff. that's one of the key things that we were also wondering because herd immunity, we are there pretty much effectively. it's not getting very, very close. we got therapeutics and our cases are coming down. all those three together are the key factors and criteria that's needed to call this a grave danger. and i think the other thing that you asked the question if it's such an emergency, why four months later to implement it. i never met an emergency that takes a holiday. >> lawrence: unbelievable. carlos, what do you tell your employees? i mean recommendations for those who have religious exemptions and things that you know, you are legally obligated to honor, what do you do? >> these are tough decisions, you know, a fine by itself is $13,000 for one fine. that can close a small business right away. you know, these are unforced
4:25 pm
errors. restaurateurs do not want a mandate policy for their employees. we are concerned about losing our employees currently right now we is a huge labor shortage coupled with inflation. these are silent killers, the restaurant industry is no way out of the woods. in fact, these policies are encouraging people to work virtual rather than come work in physical locations like airports, restaurants and hotels. >> lawrence: james, i have got to ask you, for your employees that don't want to comply with this, do you have to fire them? what are your options? >> so, lawrence, thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of the small businesses across america. we cannot possibly stand, you know, a leader must answer questions like this in the context of the overall situation. i mean, if you are going to triage a patient and have you artery with blood pumping out and you have a broke leg and you deal with the broke leg before you deal with the ruptured artery, you are going to have a dead patient on your hands. in a world in which we have
4:26 pm
out-of-sight inflation, gas up 66%. shipping of containers from asia or europe up 400 percent. used cars up $5,000. price of steel, something that we buy a lot of to make our big truck up 400 percent. this is the hot rolled steel index. 400 percent, lawrence, over a year ago. the median home price up $80,000. the price of bacon for god sake up 28%. and that's if you can get the parts and pieces needed to build your widgets, whatever you are building. lead time issues. does anybody realize there is a fleet of ships offshore with nobody to unload them? does anybody realize that there is 80,000 truck drivers needed according to the american truck drivers association? i mean, these are crises. we have an economy that's on life support, and if joe biden wants his fair share, he sure better address the proper issues
4:27 pm
first otherwise lady liberty is going it do like peter of old and walk on water right on down here to the great state of florida. thank you, ron desantis. all that is not even to mention the shortage of workers that we have in the country, there is a simple switch right there. give me a switch. this is a simple switch, lawrence, we used to get it in two weeks. we have been waiting on them since june. we are now buying this part in multiple pieces and assembling it here at hog because we can't get the switch. >> lawrence: first of all, james, watch out karl rove because i mean, that was the best presentation i have seen in a while. that really breaks down the problem. alfredo, what james was pointing to is you guys are worried about vaccines. we're doing all this other stuff right now. we can't take another mandate. >> yeah, that's absolutely right and that's exactly what james and what carlos said, we are seeing this all across the country, our members all across the country.
4:28 pm
they just can't take another issue like this. i mean, again, inflation is out of control. supply chain issues are out of control. and you have this vaccine mandate. you can have, you know, exacerbate the entire labor shortage issue which is real. i can't tell you how many businesses are closing down multiple days a week because they just can't find people. >> lawrence: james and carlos, you all understand this because you run a business. alfredo you have been a businessman for a while. i think it's because when you have a politician that's been in office over 450 years, no bills experience. when they finally take the oath, they are not prepared for these type of conversations. you know, everyone used to make fun of the former president but he would host these round tables in the conference room with business for the whole american public to see to see how the sausage was made. i think we are missing that mean tweets and all, i understand that. but the country needs a leader that can actually handle this crisis and this administration. >> amen. >> it's not ready for it thank you all so much. >> lawrence, we have the energy
4:29 pm
secretary, for example, that laughs like the joker when they are asked what happens with gas prices and how we are going to solve for it it's unbelievable. >> lawrence: you are exactly right. thank you all so much. first they denied it existed. then they called you a racist for opposing it. now you are just too dumb to understand it how the media is gaslighting america on critical race theory. it joe concha coming up next. ♪
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♪ >> lawrence: first they told you critical race theory wasn't a real thing. now the radical left is doing what they do best. they are moving the goal post. ever so slightly. now critical race theory is a thing but white people are just too stupid to understand it. >> it was education. >> right. >> which is code for white parents don't like the idea of teaching about race. >> some of it was dog whistle racism. >> this is about the facts that a good chunk of voters out there
4:35 pm
are okay with white supremacy. let's call a thing a thing. actually scratch this. they are more than okay. >> lawrence: they believe it joining me now for reaction is the host of just listen to yourself podcast kira davis alongside the hill media columnist joe concha. kira, just take it away. just go for it. >> i don't even know what to say. these people are -- they're parodies of themselves. don't get me started joy reid is saying education is code for white supremacy. this is misnomer. this is a prejudice we have been pat ling in the black community forever. forever we have been told that educated black people are trying to be white. so joy now here comes joy reid comes along trying to tell us that being educated is code for being white? you know, you know what, joy? keep pretending. keep pretending that black parents like me don't care about
4:36 pm
my child's education and i don't have a stake in it and people like me aren't going to the ballot box and only white people. you keep pretending because what's going to happen is black people are going to pull up chalk and roll right on out of the democratic party. they are quickly coming to the place where they are not going to be able to depend on the black vote to save them very much longer if they are going to keep up this ridiculous attitude. parents everywhere care about education for their kids. education isn't a white issue joy reid. it's offensive. >> lawrence: you know, kira is so right, joe. have they looked at the latest home school numbers for black folks? they are pulling their kids out. and it's not because of crt. it's because their kids aren't getting a quality education. because they were prefer to spend time on that instead of math, reading, you know, things that actually we need to go to the next level, joe. >> math, reading, writing, science, we're currently we, the united states, are ranked 25th in the world, lawrence.
4:37 pm
in those categories, china is number one, of course, so, yeah, that's why you are seeing those numbers go up. this is crap tastic combination of being blind and tone deaf on joy reid and -- get to be on television play the race card bottom of the deck. what a strategy attack parents who simply want to say what their kids are taught and not only criticize those tax paying parents for acting like, you know, parents, call them white supremacists in the process. well wisteria lane has changed. white supremacists voted for winsome sears a first black female won statewide election because glenn youngkin captured 15% of the latino vote. who knew? >> lawrence: identity didn't matter. i mean, when you start attacking people's kids, the foundation of a lot of parents' life is their kids, these people weren't involved with politics. these are democrats. these were independence, these were people by the way that
4:38 pm
still classify themselves as democrats but said this election we have had enough. but there is something deeper that's happening. i want to get your guise' reaction to what this msnbc contributor had to say earlier. take a look. >> what the democrats' theory of the case is that the white noncollege educated voter cares about things like kitchen table issues like infrastructure and pipes and how many gallons of milk you can put on the table. i contend that what they care about is using their guns on black people and getting away with it. that's what they want. that's what they actually are in it for. >> lawrence: this is insane, care raft. like they can't believe this. they can't. >> we have -- we live in the upside down. i mean, i can't even believe that this is what passes for intelligent discourse right now. you just accused, you know, millions of people in this country of waking up every
4:39 pm
morning with no other desire not to feed their kids, not to pay their bills, not to go to work or go visit their mom in the nursing home. no, no other desire to go out and murder black people. you know, if you want to ask why is this country so divided? gosh, lawrence, why are so political. these idiots make everything political. they can't accept that people like me go to the ballot box box and vote the way we. to vote. >> lawrence: it's such a lie, kira. i don't know about that black family. my black family is from texas. we stay strapped. we are always ready our gun. i don't know, joe. >> i don't know either. and i won't even say that person's name that just appeared. this is the same person, he is one of the founding fathers in media on defunding the police. he portrays himself as a spokesperson for the black community. yet, you talk to an overwhelming number of blacks, they are against defunding the police. gallup has something like 8 in 10 are against that. they know such a move would impact minority communities the most negatively and fatally.
4:40 pm
i'm all for free speech. there is a line. the line here is been eris eeviscerated. >> there was no push back. >> the powers that own msnbc and nbc should say take this person off the air. is he tox sick, his rhetoric is well past provocative reckless beneath our low standards that's not going to happen because that would take backbone. the people who run that network with jelly fish for allowing a clown on the air. >> the people that run that network with white. >> lawrence: come on. >> people that run these shows that guys like this go on and jabber about they are white. all these people work for white people. white folks sign their paychecks. teach their kids and live right next door to them. how dare they? >> lawrence: lazy. it's divisive and not helping the country. i don't think they want to help the country. any way, kara, joe, thanks so much coming on. shocking news coming out of new york there is a democrat who actually cares about the surging violence in his city.
4:41 pm
is he bound to get a -- get conservative on crime. that's next. ♪
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♪ >> lawrence: so this year homicides are skyrocketing in cities across america like austin, los angeles, portland and oakland. while most democratic leaders want to bury their head in the sand and pretend the crime surge isn't real new york city eric adams former cop is promising to do the opposite of predecessor, be tough on criminals. >> i'm conservative on public safety. when you see 13-year-old children in our schools stabbed in the library, a woman was shot while walking down the block with her baby in a carriage, when i use the term -- i have zero tolerance for abusive violent behavior behavior. i don't believe people who discharge guns on monday should be out of jail on tuesday. that's not acceptable. >> lawrence: here to react is james craig. good see you, my brother. >> hey, lawrence, always a pleasure to be with you, man. you got to come back to michigan
4:47 pm
too by the way. >> lawrence: you know i will be back, brother. i want to get your thoughts on this. is adams ready for the gig? >> well, let me just say this. i mean, he is saying the right things let me just say, this americans, new yorker,s especially new yorkers are fed up with violence. so he is talking about boosting morale. he is talking that he wants leadership. he is looking at a civilian police commissioner. and it's a critical appointment. i have been a chief in three cities. but, what he has to understand. he has to balance reform with keeping the residents safe. and unless you set in the top seat, you may not fully understand what that looks like. i know when i came into detroit, we were under a 13-year consent decree. here is the real test, lawrence, and i offer this. you know, a lot of the so-called moderate democrats are backing off of, what?
4:48 pm
this defund the police movement. because they know it's killing them but if you say nothing when the progressive left is still spewing defund, dismantle police, you are complicit. so the real test for mayor elect eric adams, don't stand against the progressive radical left. >> lawrence: you are exactly right, chief. so the question is are those democrats, the progressive side of the city is getting shot up, too. so, are they going to stand with him on this issue of supporting the cops to go out there to get the bad guys off the street? because that's what it's going to take. >> you know, that's a perfect world and lawrence, i wish i could tell you that progressives have taken position -- look, we got radical prosecutors, rogue prosecutors and judges who are letting these violent criminals back on the street. they care nothing about the real
4:49 pm
victims. they are making defendants into the victims. so, the challenge for eric is he going to stand against rogue judges, this bail reform nonsense. i'm not saying there is not room for reform, but are we putting violent criminals back into our neighborhood and speaks for mr. smith who lives in new york who is vulnerable and she is the victim? who speaks for her? so the real test for eric is to find that balance and if he says he is about being a conservative relative to public safety, then bring back crime suppression unit but then on the other hand he says how does he balance the police reform and keep residents safe? it's tricky. he probably should give me a call. >> lawrence: you know, chief. i agree with you. the bottom line what needs to happen i don't care if you are a
4:50 pm
conservative or a liberal on any issue. do you care about your citizens and are you going to get the bad guys off the street? no matter what political ideology it is. thank you so much, chief. >> absolutely. >> don't go anywhere, abby hornacek is here and she is going on the clock. that's next. ♪ ♪ relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: only a few minutes left of the show, on the clock, first up you can have all the money in the world, but that will not stop your girl from drooling over leonardo dicaprio. this week i'm a jeff bezos girl was caught on video admiring the a-list actor. the billionaire responded with posts of the photo saying "leo, come over here. i want to show you something." >> we can cut this man some
4:56 pm
slack, my goodness. jeff bezos has nothing to worry about because leonardo dicaprio typically goes for young models and currently dating a 24 year old model dating for four years. not saying she has a chance but she is 51 years old, double the age of white leo usually goes for it. but if you watch the video again, this is what it looks like when fox news bands goes after lawrence jones. >> lawrence: we're going to deny this. he has all the money, no way she's leaving all the money. >> i don't know. you never know people's motivations. >> lawrence: this is true. bill belichick may be of the greatest to ever do it but when it comes to his appearance, he doesn't seem to care. how would you rate this? >> i would give it a 10 out of 10, he was dressing up as ll cool j for halloween. i don't know why anybody surprised, the same men who wear
4:57 pm
sweatshirts and cuts the sleeves off. >> lawrence: it's we are, but he's a grandpa. grandpa's do not care. >> your grandpa doesn't dress like that? >> lawrence: that's a whole different category right there. >> this man eat criticism for breakfast, more so than cereal, so i feel like he just kind of thrives on this. he doesn't care. if expedia goes with his personality. he's very nonchalant, known to be a mean guy. >> very nice of him to give his calves some air, it can get hot. >> he does a lot of screaming on the sidelines. next up, a new survey reveals america's most anxious city is seattle. 54.5% of the residents admitted they were nervous and anxious on edge. i wonder why seattle can make you feel that way. >> nothing with defunding the police. probably nothing to do a fad.
4:58 pm
aside from defunding the police i was thinking about this, it rains all the time, no son, but i wouldn't feel that way. jeff bezos lived there, we know why he's anxious based on the last segment, the girlfriends thing on leonardo dicaprio. >> lawrence: a lot of drugs, they are known for getting really into the moment, the psychedelic mushrooms and all that stuff. maybe they pushed the stuff away. it is because there is also a big tech industry so i'm sure if you work intact may be you're stressed, i don't work intact i don't feel stressed. my roommate is from seattle and she's very happy. >> lawrence: we like our life. finally, a new study says one in four people would rather text and ask or or give up netflix if they never had to exercise again. >> exercising helps your mental health, also i'm a washed up athletes and so are you.
4:59 pm
>> lawrence: you're not, but i am! >> you're not, you run every day. it but that's all i have left is working out. >> lawrence: the producers are saying in my ear you're so washed up. >> lawrence jones played a basketball and runs every day no matter what, no matter how early he's on or related to he's out, he's out running. >> lawrence: last time we went and did the fox nation, you went again pete hegseth and your parents were on the sideline critiquing you. not winning -- did you win? but pete hegseth ended up winning the competition, but your parents -- >> i let him win. my parents were like, hey, you lost, you should probably try a little harder. you should work out, let's go, this is on you. no, my parents are great. >> lawrence: it's a tv now, so i think they should have -- i love your mom.
5:00 pm
abby, thank you for joining us. if thank you so much for watching "fox news prime time." i'll be back here tomorrow night. tucker carlson is coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if so glad to see you! it's only monday but we will try to graham the entire nutritional content of the shows into the next hour. we've got governor ron desantis on new reports from the white house secretly flying illegal aliens into the state of florida because immigration isn't about politics. we've got dave portnoy of barstool sports wage of one of the great battles of all times ag


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