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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 9, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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vietnam god bless the vietnam veterans and let * them this veterans day. >> we can't wait to watch moder warriors. god bless our veterans. thank you to everybody for watching up next is america reports. >> a potential energy crisis threatening the us. they are now considering shutting down another oil pipeline. this is great. john roberts is live in new yor city with us and it is fantastic. we are both community live from new york city today.
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wallet taking a hit as a result of spiking gas prices. they are now up more than 60 percent is the same time las year is difficult to believe. >> reports say they are considering another pipeline airport and officials initially denied before backtracking and admitting they are looking at it. he is now facing pushback from his own party. we are standing by and will weigh in. but first we talked to jackie. >> the president pushed the world to cut back on fossil fuels. while pressuring opec to increase oil production abroad.
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the white house is now facing questions about the future of a domestic i plan crisis. >> peter this is inaccurate. >> are they studying the impact of shutting it down? >> yes we are. i thought you said we were goin to shut it down but yes we are studying it it is not inaccurate. the pipeline it needs to be replaced the pipeline needs right now but they are studying this for the impact. a shutdown would mean at 45 percent less cruel oil to michigan and pennsylvania. with pressure on the white hous
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and yesterday gas prices are up from $2.11 one year ago. natural gas up dirty percent. eleven democratic senators wrot to the president saying we want all tools available at your disposal two lower gasoline prices. they want to ban oil exports. they helped make gasoline more affordable for all americans. the energy secretary said it's going to cost more to heat your home over the next winter. some experts predict prices tha have not been seen in a decade. we hope to hear more about the plan and the tools to address this. as we await the briefing at the white house. let's bring in charles payne. where you stand on this?
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they want to dig a tunnel to pu a brand-new pipeline in. this is what the administration is looking at. of course for environmental reasons but this is what you do this underground. we have canada stuck in the middle of another one they are actually threatening to invoke treaty to force us to keep this going. it is crazy. when i hear them say this sayin there's nothing to do about it they are being disingenuous. people see through this. alice tell them to go back to the day after the election and look at where oil prices were. they have gone straight up ever since. essentially he said he's going to war with fossil fuels.
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we didn't want to have to send billions of dollars to foreign countries we even went to war i those foreign countries. he went to war with all of that. who oil has gone straight up without stopping. meanwhile we are trying to supply things at home we might even start drilling in this country. you take away the supply as the demand is going up the price is going to go up. the energy secretary in the current white house asked on camera what the plan was to increase oil production defensively. as far as home heating costs it's going to cost us more to heat our homes can you tell me what the plan is? what are they putting out there and how are they going to solve the energy crisis?
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>> to actually referenced the climate change agenda. we can't try to make this stuff in organically. when you do this you create price issues. your home has to be powered by fossil fuel. we can't afford to make this more expensive when we spend so much to make it dirt cheap. of all the things he has on his desk this should be the easiest. fuel prices were up 6.7 percent.
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>> it looks as if this is an administration that is willing to sacrifice a lot to move away from carbon -based fuels. they seem prepared to let the consumers pay a higher prices toward the end. and you talked about this befor you came on. do you believe they want to do anything two lower fuel prices? there is thinking that if they keep it high that could push people into electric vehicles. we talk to the energy secretary over the weekend saying this is why we need to get off fossil fuels. >> i think they thought i could be a talking point but it backfired miserably. we aren't ready for an electric vehicle world. it runs off the natural gas power plant. anybody out there that doesn't
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want to the environment harmed don't think that this is the solution. we are going to get there but a a self-inflicted wound. it just doesn't make any sense to me and there is no doubt in my mind that the initial idea i that oil would go up enough tha we could now make this argument stick even more. >> a new investor revolution townhall this afternoon. what really stuck out to me speaking of investors they have had a good time as of late with the stock market and a rally that really has not come to an end. it keeps on breaking new record. all of these prophets all the money that investors are taking in in the stock market that's going into higher prices of everything. the cheapest ask of the president of the white house wants to take a victory lap on the industrial average while
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there he was but all that money is just going off to inflation. >> i'm surprised he's doing this. it's not just this but we had fiscal policies and bills with $5 trillion the first one obviously one year ago we neede that. 50 percent was used half that. 30 percent was saved. layer this with the extra money that people have for their children and we are talking about trillions of dollars coming into the economy. if you want an image of what this looks like think about all the ships outside the port. that is what it looks like.
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>> charles is dressing for success with this townhall. the latest indictment tying a close advisor to the clintons t the now discredited deal. use live with more on what we are learning now. we are learning more very forme public relations probe and former clinton advisor is named as an executive number one in this indictment that cannot jus days ago. he was arrested last week as part of the special counsel. he said he served as a source for the british spies. the indictment alleges that he lied to the fbi about working with this primary source of information. chuck has not been charged with
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any crime but his attorney tell us that he has no comment on this case because he is a witness in another case. is tied two both clintons and h said he was in contact with who was in turn with in contact to deal damaging information. meanwhile he will appear in court tomorrow for an arraignment is expected to plea not guilty he is the third person to be charged in this probe that has been going on over 2.5 years since may of 2019. he is a former clinton campaign attorney charged with lying to the fbi about connections between trump. the information did not pan out we also have an indictment
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alleging that they communicated information with the clinton foreign-policy advisers we can' confirm this foreign-policy advisor the president's current national security advisor the correspondence happened in december of 2016 averaged out t sullivan's office today for comment and he said he gave som of this information at this point does not say anything els about sullivan and his alleged involvement. if there is one thing that is for sure. it's that we are invested in th story. we are taking in every new detailed count. he suggests as he did with us last week that this could lead to an infuriating report but maybe not criminal charges because of the political dirty trick at the ground level. >> there may be some illegality
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between some of his players. >> genes firing back after an fbi raid of his apartment over the weekend. the federal investigation is concerning a missing entirely. he joined shot last night slamming the fbi raid. >> this is an attack on the first amendment. by the department of justice. we did not publish the story. we couldn't authenticate the story so our journalists looked into this. we did not publish the story because we could not authenticated. this is about certain principle that are so fundamental to the first amendment and calling upo all journalists to take a stand against this. it disappeared day before the presidential election after the decision to not publish its
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content they handed the diary over. they are speaking out after the fbi raid. and that's going to be worth watching as well. how is it been so far in new york city? is a bit different than being i dc. >> it's a place you know well a you have lived here in the past. i was surprised to walk into ou building and seen the view was wearing a mask. in washington everybody is wearing a mask everywhere you go. i was surprised to be asked for my vaccine card going into a restaurant. you don't have to do that in washington dc. the rules and the conduct are disorienting. it's great to be back. coming up the vice president is in paris trying to talk to
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france but a new poll shows her approval numbers are sinking to the worst levels they have ever been. brian has a lot to say reacting in just moments. >> he doesn't want to set the economy back further i invited the president to really look at the domino effect of shutting down. a refinery manager with a warning saying a shutdown of this michigan pipeline would hurt the entire country. energy prices already soaring s why is another pipeline closure even an option. lance weighing in coming right up. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. 's
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the white house now admitting that a shutdown of this pipelin in michigan is on the table after initially saying it was not under consideration. if you filled up your carly is you would have noticed the skyrocketing price of gas. with gas prices already a seven-year high they are shutting down yet another pipeline does this make any sense? this text -- congressman welcome. why make this move when we are already paying skyhigh prices? i can't imagine a scenario in which anybody in the white hous would say let's shut down another pipeline and maybe things will get better going
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into winter when heating and oi are going to be needed. obviously this is not going to go well for the voters. it's going to hit pockets just about everywhere. now we have an energy crisis that they don't seem to have a plan for. this was the exchange we are waiting for another briefing at the white house any moment. but this was mine blog boggling. >> this is inaccurate that is not correct. >> i thought you were saying that we were going to shut it down. but studying is not an accurate.
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they admitted they are indeed weighing the options of the shu down why can't they get the messaging straight on this? >> from the spokespeople are just like the president. they are either ignorant or purposely misleading us. do they know they're lying are they intentionally lying? it is very frustrating but i think with the american people are going to realize soon is no only are these slowdowns going to ruin christmas but they are possibly going to freeze to death based on the pathway that we are going down. you can't ruin christmas becaus it's about the spirit of christmas. maybe you won't get those present on time but you might b cold while you are opening thos present as well.
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is a fair and serious point whe we look at these double-digit increases for the cost of heating your home across-the-board. i want to ask you about these mandates in schools in your state what do you plan to do about this? i filed legislation calling on the administration to not attac the federal funds for schools t vaccine mandates. i'm confident the texas public schools are not going to be enacting an event mandates. i believe the state legislature is going to ensure nothing like that happens. unfortunately for kids in new york i'm not sure they will be afforded the same thing. i'm going to fight for the kids of san francisco and new york a well. no child in america should be forced to have injection into the body. >> children are part of this
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pandemic if you want your kids protected get the vaccine. but clearly and quickly you are not anti- vaccine. vaccines work you are just against the mandate? >> yes. vaccine status is not my business. i told my constituents to get i if you want to and if you don't that's not my business. i believe the mandates are not the way to go. i believe the people of virgini have shown us what they think about this. >> it's good to have you on the program thank you. >> we want to go to the white house briefing room. let's listen in. >> we want to focus on the mone
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were broadband does not exist currently. everybody gets 100 million. beyond that it's good to be based upon the. 1 grams per state. each state will then give grant to sub grantees on the ground. we are very focused on equity. we want to be sure there is affordability. in a state like rhode island there is no liberal thing. it's an urban place. the need in a place like rhode island would be more around affordability and city access. contrast this with new mexico for the different topography. we must count for the flexibility there which is why it's going to be state-by-state with a tremendous amount of federal oversight. every state has to put the plan
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online for everybody to see and some very strict criteria to be sure we are achieving the goals of affordability and access. when will the project gets underway? when you think the state will get that going? >> first we have the law and it's going to take sometime to get set up. it's difficult to say.
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we are already implementing in this rescue package congress received some money related to broadband we are already puttin this out now with a travel initiative. we are working with them so som americans are going to start to see relief this year and very soon. as i just said the rest of this could take a few months to star getting the money out the door. it's going to be staged in we want relief out there as fast a possible but inequality way. some of the affordability metrics could happen quickly. laying fiber across america is going to take time but we are going to create jobs every step of the way. are the numbers you want to hit?
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every single american gets access to high-speed affordable broadband. the talk a bit about the outreach so far and how you are taking a lead on this? i should thought you we have been preparing for this talking about how we can staff this within the department of commerce deciding how we can have accountability i have arti had several meetings of governors have been speaking with governors and mayors as well as tribal leaders now that this is official we are going t significantly ramp up the engagement.
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you talked about targeting more rural and no urban areas how to determine which areas you will address first? how can we expect to see this rollup happen? >> we are asking each state to give us a plan. we are saying to them show us a plan that guarantees every single person in your state has access to high-speed affordable internet. and then we are going to evaluate the plan and adjusted and provide technical assistanc to be sure at the end of the da we hit our goals. it's very hard to say. we must be flexible. laying fiber in a place with difficult topography could take years.
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can you guarantee people around the country will see that implementation take place for the midterm elections? what the projects are you looking at between now and then. certainly americans are going t feel and see in their community much of the progress that the administration is overseeing. from the rescue package to the infrastructure package. it is not the case i think ever community is going to see activity and action some communities are going to see people working laying fiber but i also think it's important to be realistic and honest with people to say we want to get
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this right. it's more important to get it right then to rush. people will see states putting together plans but not everybod is going to have broadband one year from now. he'd knowledged this idea of jobs is not reasonable. it doesn't exist. do you agree with the statement? when he said he signed the recovery act back in 2009. there are many projects that ar ready to you that after being a governor. in my state there are many projects that are shovel ready. broadband and things like that require more playing. thoughtful technical planning. the whole point of this package is to deliver for the americans.
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i can promise you that one year from now many people are going to be working. and high-quality jobs because o this package. i also promise you the presiden wants to get this right. if it takes a little bit longer to lay the groundwork for fiber we are going to do that. i want to ask the deadline you have imposed to get voluntary data from manufacturers and other companies. have you received all the information that you were looking for and also what is th reaction to china appeared to b upset about the compliance?
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the deadline was yesterday. we have not yet had the opportunity to go through all o the submissions. i can say over the past few weeks i've spoken to a number o ceos asking for their complianc and they all said that they would be complying and sending us the information we have aske for. it is laughable to call this coercion because it is voluntary. we have asked them to cooperate with us and the truth is the president has said to us use every tool that we have to deliver relief for the american people. this is what we are doing these are the tools in the toolbox an we are using them. every ceo that i've talked you said this is a good idea it's going to increase transparency in the supply chain which will cut don bottlenecks. that's why they are complying.
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should there be a more clear strategy towards defending taiwan? you called this an national security crisis they are obviously being very responsive to the white house probes for more information. what do you think about how we should approach defending taiwan? the lack of domestic production poses not just an economic threat but a national security threat. we need the help of congress to pass a chip act. as quickly as possible so we ca get into the business of making more chips in america. >> we are just going to jump ou of this. the secretary taking question
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from the white house press corps. we are talking about computer chips and when you look at the supply shortage of computer chips to build literally everything that we use these days that is national security. >> the administration spent a lot of time raising flags on th shortage a lot of these companies have been rising on that shortage she started out selling the infrastructure and how this would all play out. maybe it was clearly understood by some but in a very confusing way of talking about getting internet to every state in the nation. it's a costly and timely process. they could take quite some time to lay fiber.
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it's a process that takes quite some time. some countries may have to do this differently. >> they are asking every state to submit a plan to the white house that is what we've heard so far. flying migrants around the us after man was stabbed to death last month allegedly by a migrant. and he's now said he will stop all migrant flights into florida. he's here to the ongoing effective this ministrations border policies and the strains they are having a border patrol agents. welcoming minors to the us despite entering illegally and
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catch and release. offering free pass to the city of their choice usually claimin a relative lives there. two months ago this man arrived at the texas border claiming to be a 17 -year-old but without a idea or birth certificate. they know this scam and they tried to obtain their true identity. they are dependent upon the hom country for cooperation. this usually does not happen fast enough. he claimed to have a relative i florida in this case. they lived together until last month where they found him wandering in neighborhood
10:38 am
covered in blood. they showed him repeatedly stabbing him and beating him with a chair. it also said he texted a friend admitting that he told somebody. the governor is suing the administration over the catch and release policy. novice individual has been detained but never should have been in this country to begin with. definitely should not have been dumped in the state of florida right now he is in jail facing second-degree murder charges. >> clearly this is a good thing for congress on border.
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there under such pressure already because of so many different issues. as to whether or not you can adequately vet people coming across the border. what are your concerns? >> the local businesses have been asking that the ports be opened for a long time. i understand why as their businesses have taken a nosediv ever since the pandemic started. if you look at this from a law-enforcement standpoint this is what i have to look at this from. when you look at it from this aspect of this just is not the correct time to do this.
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that's going to open up gaps. we know people are coming in an killing children by the thousands. from a law-enforcement standpoint this is not the righ time to do this. >> obviously there are competin interests with a law-enforcemen component and also a commerce component. people have been so happy to be reunited as of yesterday. is there a way to balance both things or does it need to be on or another? >> we can actually secure the border within number of of border patrol agents. we can send them back to the port of entry but you have to have a proper policy. if you don't have a policy in place they are going to hold people within the floodgates.
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this administration what they have refused to recognize is th policy that they can put in place is going to help us secur the border. as these ports of entry have reopened elsewhere along the border terminal activity continues. we have media releases in the last week look at these agents arresting a gang member over th weekend. multiple criminal migrants arrested a smuggler endangering children at the arizona border. as they pointed out to be taken a lot of his agents out of the field. in the meantime there is nothin to suggest criminal activity outside the ports of entry slowing down.
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>> if that doesn't defy crisis don't know what does. everything you said is what we are doing with on a daily basis. you just talk about people coming into the country and claiming to be 17 years old. when we take somebody into the country the burden of proof is on us to prove that they aren't with ar. we see people all the time that looked much older than 17. all of these things when you stack all of these things together you can see we just don't have control of the borde and this is ministrations is doing nothing to help us get control the border. the head of the national border
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patrol council it's always good to have you. >> can people be overpromising at this point ? shovel ready and shovel worthy. there are things you will hear us talk about a lot in the secretary did say there are projects that are shovel ready and ready to go. that is a real thing. one interesting thing we heard last night was the bridge was i an example of a major project h hoped to get funding for. the deal will also help the transit expansion project including valley metro northwes extensions in phoenix.
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we are going to be working to pinpoint areas of the greatest need where these investments would make the biggest differences in the daily lives of families we will have more t share in the near future but there are projects that are ready to go and we are going to have more to share as the days come. you talked about preventing waste and fraud. to me talk about the specifics that they are putting in place? how involved will the president be? will he potentially do what president obama did? >> user all great questions as soon as we sign the bill and i you keep asking about timing bu as the president said on saturday he wants to be sure th people that worked very hard on
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both sides of the aisle are there for the bill signing. as soon as we get that done we are going to share more. we also want to be sure there i accountability that is somethin that's going to be incredibly critical and important to the administration. as you can imagine this is very important to the president. he's going to get regular updates as we move forward and be very engaging when it comes to this. the president is engaged we hav white house officials here currently the secretary basically left after leaving here speaking with all of you. again we are very engaged we have white house official staffers here as well. we are just going to continue t
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have these conversations and we are optimistic. i know he won't sign the bill likely until next week but i is a not a more urgent effort to have himself and members of the cabinet out on the road selling and explaining this thing. the president is doing local media he asked about cincinnati and that is a way that people can hear the president's voice. talking directly to the people we will see more of this is going to be going to baltimore tomorrow. we will continue to see the secretaries that we've listed that are going to be out there really selling this thing as yo save. about me just add a few things. it's going to be a cabinet.
10:47 am
he is actually out on the road right now as well as cabinet members and administration officials that are going to pla a major role in cementing this agenda you will see them out there over the coming days and that is one of the regions we had him here because you are al writing about this before watching and we want to be sure they can hear it directly from us. we want the president out here explaining this. we are working very hard on thi and we are very optimistic as the president said.
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the president is out there tomorrow is going to be in baltimore talking about this an he's going to continue to do more. i would argue that he has been out there anytime that i've traveled with him many of you have been part of the school where he talks about both infrastructure bills and to build back better act. he's been in multiple states doing this over the past severa months and that's going to continue. he wants to be sure he gets thi signed with all parties on both sides that are very instrumenta in getting this done and then w will continue to make sure we are selling this thing talking to the american people. this is a complex piece of legislation. they are also very popular and we know the american public wants infrastructure. is very popular and want to see the modernization of the heart infrastructure.
10:49 am
some of what was announced toda is an effort to create jobs as well but you are dealing with worker shortages right now. how do you deal with the worker shortages? are you talking about support action plan? i just want to say a couple of things about this. and what it's going to do in th short term which is critically important. while we are moving record amounts of goods through the ports we understand the frustration that americans feel when backlogs lead to higher prices and delayed goods. we have taken a few steps to help address the supply chain challenges we've seen globally.
10:50 am
this is part of what the president has already done whic is working with the port as wel as helping retailers to move goods in and out of the sports 24 hours a day. within weeks their will be five pop-up sites in georgia and north carolina that is going to help ease congestion on the shipyards. within 45 days we are going to be launching a few grants to improve ports in the weeks and months that follow additional money is going to be flowing fo infrastructure. this work comes with historic levels of investment that we have secured through an infrastructure deal. combining the steps is going to create some good paying jobs an fix the supply chains for
10:51 am
generations to come the good paying jobs are very important when we talk about the labor shortage in the president has talked about the importance of making sure we are paying peopl the wages that are competitive so they are able to come back into the workforce. it's a critical mission in that area as well. >> during the interview yesterday the president apologized for being late it wa due to a foreign-policy issue what was he referring to? >> as you can imagine we are no going to read into every aspect of his day. he meets regularly with his national security council and advisers. some meetings go right on time and some skill a little longer. i'm not going to read anything significant into this i don't
10:52 am
have anything to share on this. i don't have anything to previe the one that he did last night in cincinnati was the first. we do hope to get him out there so the american people can hear directly from the president of the us. i don't understand the broadband. they made it very clear they would get a finite amount of money distribution. for all the rest of the money how was it going to be distributed? is a go to the state's first? and is the federal government:determine what projects they are going to be assigned to? >> i don't have the specifics for you currently but i can to you the agencies that are going to be involved on the specific
10:53 am
components. the department of transportatio is going to be in charge of the ports rails and bridges. we have the department of energ which is going to be focused on preparing the electric grid. the department of commerce and getting every american high-speed internet. they are going to be replacing the lead pipes and addressing pollution. this is how it's going to be broken down into agencies. i don't have the specifics on this today but i promise the secretary talk about this just know transparency is going to b key. we're going to make sure that the american public and all of you know how we are going to move forward.
10:54 am
>> we know they wanted a vote i the senate betting these bills by thanksgiving. i know they are away and out of town on recess. >> i don't have anything to rea out for you today on any cause that is made for any schedules for anything in that nature. the white house officials my colleagues are constantly in contact with members and staff as you know last friday devoted on a rule in the house to make sure the build back better act was voted on november 15th as he said yesterday in the last couple of days he is very optimistic on getting this done and is going to continue to tal to the leaders as we have these conversations on the senate sid as well.
10:55 am
>> he sees this as an urgency. we've said this before that members understand how importan it is to get this out and get this done. we had this infrastructure deal he wants any generation investment that is very historic. we want to be sure we get this build back better act. the press briefing continues in washington with a lot of questions about the infrastructure bill and when it's going to be signed. he joins us with his perspectiv because that is much needed at this time did you learn anythin from that? >> is this your first time together is good to see you lik the. >> thank you for watching.
10:56 am
i don't have cable in my office. but i will say this. i feel at the reporters are coaching the press secretary an what to say and how to sell the program as opposed to how do yo plan on selling the program? i feel like it's important to sell the program how do you think people are going to understand how good the bill as if we don't get this bill befor the election. if you want to know the speed a which it's done or how i'm goin to get it are you concerned about the polls because we are. back in the administration it was all bush already projects. >> i think there is what you call shovel ready and shovel worthy. it is something you are going t hear talked about quite a bit and they did say there are
10:57 am
projects that are shovel ready and that is actually a real thing. i thought it was an interesting phrase and that's going to be the big push. i'm actually very curious because one thing we learned when they got that money he had that large stimulus package. we wanted to find out what was going to be built. we got a bunch of scientists to admit this was from the stimulu package. in the big pitcher we want to see what's going to be done and i am curious, governor i'm calling a press conference to say i want some money for these projects. i want to know exactly what's going to happen because this much money it actually is.
10:58 am
the one good thing about him being on tv all day is that he' fired up when he gets here. she's hitting these brand-new lows in the polling today. her approval rating is around 2. obviously she's off on this tri abroad we asked about this and this is what was said. the polls are a snapshot in tim and at this time i am looking forward to taking a nap. not focus on the polls with simone sanders. she wants to get a nap it's going to be a big deal. >> there is nothing worse in this country outside of this situation 1.7 million we have
10:59 am
600,000 are still here not a vaccination needed as they cros the border. she talking about border integrity for libya. i can't believe this situation. not one person said they are worried about libya's border integrity. you wonder what is even 27 percent and it's amazing the amount of missteps we've seen. now she continues to apologize to france for nuclear deal that they did not know was going to happen. the americans are calling this
11:00 am
clumsy. i want to talk about this book really quick as we continue on book tour. a special thanks to our but it watched on sunday. all be in connecticut tomorrow night. friday night i'll be up in albany new york. >> it's good to have you here.
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walking to the second hour of america reports in new york. it's great to have all of our colleagues on set like a family reunion in new york city. at 2:00 p.m. the response of rapid military gains just days ago showing it's a country aiming to grow the nuclear stockpile. this happened right after they tested a hypersonic missile.
11:02 am
we are talking about the missil defense system being put in place on us soil. the standard backdrop as he repairs for a virtual summit. the stakes are high and still going. we are going to set the stage with all new reporting on this threat live at the pentagon. >> one year ago issa bin nuclea stockpile was in the low to hundred. now in a new report to congress the nuclear stockpile is going to be 1,000 chinese nuclear warheads. we are witnessing one of the largest shifts in power that th world has witnessed. this satellite photo taken late last month shows the construction of their third aircraft carrier.
11:03 am
the u.s. navy has 11 aircraft carriers china also has a large fleet of land-based intermediat missiles. our colleagues first reported that the us military's protecting us against the cruis missiles. right now we have no protection against north korean missiles. initially had an outline of american forces in the desert. they sent the message to american satellites going overhead. there's a new book called the strategy of denial. for the first time they said it poses a greater challenge to th us than terrorism. we are dealing with something very different and there is still a backlog in people's min including washington. it's a sense that we can't be beaten. we can win if we put our minds to it but we need to be serious and focused about this. he thinks the us military shoul
11:04 am
move forces from europe and the middle east into asia. we are at the pentagon thank yo lucas. let's bring in the former four-star general jack keane. it's always good to have you here. i'll ask you first generally speaking when you look at china and you look at the growing strength and perhaps our new weaknesses in the pentagon describing what they see as concern over china's increasing intimidation where does your allegiance y? >> my concern is simply this. china is the most rapid growing military in the world. in terms of nuclear weapons and conventional ovens. the reality is china in the pacific region has more ships
11:05 am
and more airplanes and more missiles than the us and our allies. in terms of nuclear weapons it only got a third of the number of weapons of the us and russia has these weapons are all modernized and increasing. it's likely that they could achieve parity with the us very soon or passes. meanwhile our capability in the region has been eroding. the trunk defense budget is a start in the right direction. that we have a long ways to go. and to get back to the military deterrence that we want our audience understand we want deterrent because it's a way to prevent war. we saw this successfully achieved over the course of 40 years with the soviet union. when your adversary looks at th turin's they will think about
11:06 am
the capability and whether it's real invalid and pose a significant cost or is my adversary going to have the result to use this? we are behind china in terms of military capability. yes, i agree with the introduction. we must appoint more forces to be able to achieve this level o deterrence. i don't think we have to take them out in the middle east the majority of the forces are in the us. the overwhelming part of the navy however is at sea besides those in industrial bases. we have to move forces into the region as we as possible. there is growing concern in som circles that if there were to b a conflict the us may just be o the losing side.
11:07 am
no doubt about it. i was on a congressional commission to take a look at th national defense strategy and 2018. we came to a conclusion based o the war games just a few years ago that if we entered a war with china the losses of personnel and high capital assets would be on a scale that we have not seen since world wa ii. we would be challenged to win and we very well could lose america we have a problem we ar moving as quickly as we should to resolve this issue. we do have a serious issue that's going to confront this year in terms of china the balance of power shifting towards them in the pacific
11:08 am
region. i'm hearing an imminent need with committee ranking members and their public and said the u need for unprecedented defense kicking the can down the road i no longer an option. are you seeing any urgency coming from the current administration? yes and no. the defense budget that they pu together certainly has increase some of this for defense or wha has been submitted but it is still falling far short of what we believe is necessary which i a 35 percent increase over inflation. this thing just about covers inflation that is it. it is not a significant increas in the other part is that the pentagon must do their job. it is not just about the money it's about actually achieving
11:09 am
the focus for the advanced technology that we need to have. we want to take the risk to get rid of our legacy systems congress must also step up to get rid of those systems as opposed to keeping systems at the military does not want just because they happen to be producing this is a serious issue but we have to stop playing politics and get on wit fixing the problem. >> a quick answer on this the reason why china is able to build up a military is because they are selling everything tha they make to us. american consumers are fueling the military growth. he needs to talk about a few things. what the president is doing its simplicity is that internationally he is increased aggression around the world wit
11:10 am
plenty of coercion. we must tell him that he and ou allies are going to step up to this. it's an entire society that hav under surveillance over there i the control being administered. and they have had license to take even more control of the population go after the chinese leadership they have oppression abroad and oppression at home. 's software officer is quoted i this piece today saying the us is running out of time to catch up in the artificial intelligence race against china. always take you very much for joining us. >> it's great talking about thi think you. >> it's all the internet is talking about today. adam taken to task over the russia investigation.
11:11 am
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you were going to hear about this from somebody there is no question about it. somebody is probably calling to tell us that they love us. it seems that there's always tension over at the view. our friend was over there today and the comments turned the
11:18 am
explosive. they took on russia and claims of collusion what it could actually mean for hillary clinton the former state department spokesperson. they clashed with the social intelligence community's it's impossible to do but let's not
11:19 am
use as a smokescreen to somehow shield his culpability for inviting us to help them in the election trying to force ukrain to helping them in the next election which he did. none of this is diminished. i think it takes away some credibility. i just think your question is invalid. some fireworks there of course course a familiar face too many of us. remember he led the charge against this trump team accusin them of colluding with russia. they say the arrest is further proof that hillary clinton and her campaign are the ones colluding. if you listen to adam here is a
11:20 am
shift as to whether or not ther are facts here and what the trump campaign was doing. if this was never factual than the whole investigation was premised on falsehoods what doe it matter what people think and do? good afternoon and i think this is something. great work by morgan pushing back with a solo voice at the table asking these sort of questions. you have to turn back the clock your. this is the same person that said beyond a doubt that he has seen beyond circumstantial evidence that there was collusion and a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia. as this started to fall apart the same person that said his republican memo from the intelligence committee was full of lies. it turns out as this has
11:21 am
unfolded that this republican memo was as close to the truth that we have had. now this investigation recent indictment of this clinton insider for lying to the fbi includes a nugget that says tha jake sullivan was the foreign-policy advisor referred to in the indictment. he is currently an national security advisor for this administration. today they had no comment on this but this is closer than we have been to the white house an all of this and this is becomin quite a problem for clinton supporters as we chart to see perhaps worked on is going with all of this. a lot of the problems with the economy and beyond are becoming big problems for this administration as we look at al numbers putting them up on the screen the president into a 38 percent approval rating it's
11:22 am
been quite a drop in even lower than the president now at 34 percent approval. >> this is an administration with a lot of problems and it's showing up at the polls. i think they want to bounce bac from this when they went with this infrastructure package the will see they are actually doin things there are real question about the bill back better bill and whether it goes forward or not but clearly they have been series of things that have really upset people. that's going to affect outlook opinion starting with afghanistan. we were pulling troops out but that's how it was done. that really went into the credibility now we are seeing reaction to this and virginia and what happened in new jersey and other places on election
11:23 am
day. we have the price of propane going up along with natural gas this is just a big angry job waiting to take a huge bite out of this administration. you can push green energy all you want but when it starts to bite people in the pocketbook that's when they begin to push back. when you see the energy secretary laughing and asking were going to do about gasoline you can bet people at home that are paying the bills are not laughing about this. >> there is one side of this party that really wants to push the effort to get to renewables and they think part of this is getting gas prices very high. people can feel the pain and se that they have to make a transition the problem is this transition doesn't happen overnight people are living their lives check to check.
11:24 am
the inflation and the gas price really is affecting people. you are correct it could be a painful couple of months we loo at the numbers this morning we're talking about 43 percent natural gas. 54 percent electricity when you talk about this administration is currently pushing for groceries in this country larry said if you want to grow you need to have power and energy. this is a real problem landing in the laps of this administration. it's a different philosophy as far as how to deal with it. if you have these high prices and people are upset about them they are going to say we need t pass a larger bill to create some really.
11:25 am
but that's a different mentalit as the government does this driving up prices. they are up 8.6 percent year-over-year. this is mostly because it was driven by high fuel prices when you look at inflation which people said was transient you look at the price of fuel and inflation as well as the supply chain crisis should the democrats talk about a reconciliation bill it's just not the right thing for us though, i mean, this would be interesting to say but i don't think that's anywhere in the politics of this democratic party. cecile with the help of beast 1 republicans that they are owed this next bill. i think it is a real juggling act for the president.
11:26 am
if you listen to larry who has been saying this for a few months about inflation a key democrat in the passive ministration says it is a large problem. i was thinking about the fed th other day saying that it's transient. why have these high praises not gone away? this is like when the president said the days are numbered we just didn't know the number. we talk about this every day. it's what you see every day whether it's filling up your ga tank seeing these high prices and empty shelves.
11:27 am
it's real stuff. you said you couldn't believe they had to lock up the toothpaste. is a completely different problem. you have to ask for help somebody comes over there and i takes time. just forget it. americans forced to shell out a energy prices spiked. they are on deck as the america reports continue.
11:28 am
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staff denying they are getting ready to shut down another pipeline. we have coverage of this standing by onset. we have prices spiking at. fresh out of a briefing in the white house did take some questions. >> it took several and as this happened they were weighing the future of this pipeline replacement project telling us that is no consideration of shutting this down. this is all happening as energy secretary admitted it that the cost to heat your home is going to be warmer this winter. they are asking the white house to take care. to ask you consider all tools available to lower gasoline
11:34 am
prices. they hope to consider these tools and others to make gasoline more affordable for al americans. officials are always trying to balance ways to be replaced supplying 55 percent of the statewide propane needs. they want this to go away entirely in the shutdown could mean about 45 percent less crud in pennsylvania. listen to what we just heard in the briefing. >> what is the best possible outcome for whatever happens with this reduced output? >> we hope to engage constructively in these
11:35 am
negotiations as canada has a close ally in the energy trade. these discussions between the two countries should be viewed as anything more than that and certainly not an indicator that we are going to shut anything down it is something we do not plan to do as it relates to the current pipeline. >> as of yesterday gas prices were pretty high on average. propane is up 54 percent. natural gas up 30 percent. they did not have an answer on when there could be a decision. >> for what is timeline for the study we heard there could be a vote as soon as next week.
11:36 am
>> again this is the army corps of engineers taking this on i don't have anything more to share. >> experts forecasting prices could hit numbers we have not seen in a decade. that is the energy information administration making that prediction. the energy secretary hopes they don't talk four dollars per gallon. it sounds like the triumph of hope over experience when it comes to the energy secretary. we have seen some confusing numbers based off what's been said can see this station in ne york city charging almost five
11:37 am
dollars. some serious sticker shock across the us here is what the average cost of gas is today at three dollars for regular gas that is up 60 percent from one year ago you've mentioned energ secretary said that she hopes o sunday that gas prices won't reach four dollars per gallon. california and hawaii party crossed the threshold and there are other states that are quickly approaching this number as you can see on the screen. americans changing their holliday plans. some people plan to make their trip shorter because of rising gas prices. one driver we spoke to moment t go said just that.
11:38 am
>> last week i spent $80 on gas which is ridiculous. i like to take trips but have had to cut back because gas prices are so high. things are adding up inflation across the board. it's not good news for american as they refuse the suggestion t increase production and lower prices that's not going to be happening as experts tell us unfortunately americans should not expect any help at the pump anytime soon. >> thank you so much we appreciate this. >> i did a quick fill up at pum and i was on empty and i stood there for what seemed like a while it didn't even move the needle.
11:39 am
i rented a car and it was twice what i rented this for back in the springtime. when you add all these expenses when you try to buy a car they say you can't get one because o these chip shortages as you pay more money. this is why energy is the key t our inflation. it is in the middle of everything that we need to stay alive in terms of getting our homes going anywhere in terms o gasoline or anywhere else of these inflation components don' include energy. you simply can't exclude this and that is what's killing americans. when they see us literally begging other companies to produce the oil that we know we could be producing its absolutely insane there is no excuse.
11:40 am
it's not complicated it's not rocket science we should and ca do this here. we can also do it better and cleaner than they do it in russia and other nations. >> the white house not considering shutting down current pipeline. this is what the administration to saying they aren't so sure about that when you look at the price of gas liquid natural gas all of the stuff is like a carrot coming from crude oil. what are they thinking? >> it's not just americans that are upset about this. canada is pretty upset about this as well.
11:41 am
the bottom line is that it is again one of these mismanaged things that this administration has done there is so many elements to this that they have not nailed down as they leapfro science. maybe someday in the future it would be nice to go under the bedrock and do something like this. as he mentioned i was an avid swimmer it was clean water i never knew there was an oil pipeline under this. they are getting ahead of themselves and that bothers us to play higher prices at the ga station or needing fuel a lot o these higher prices are predictions of the future. that's why the prices are so high.
11:42 am
to the speculators are driving the. they base their decisions on th policies of the administration. the suppliers realize the futur of the prices are going to go down.
11:43 am
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just love that every time we open a box from bespoke, we're most likely getting something from a small brand. bespoke post sends you awesome boxes every month and i love it. head to and get a free gift with your first box when you enter code free. a mother missing for over a
11:48 am
week. her ex-husband is now showing messages he says came from thei 11 -year-old son that were sent days after she disappeared. we go to our congressional correspondent and that said he is live in los angeles what do we know now? >> the police aren't saying muc but her ex-husband is speaking out publicly and in court seeking and is been granted ful custody of the 11 -year-old son that he shares with her. after telling the court that th sun is beside himself and worried desperate to find his mother. adding if we hear from authorities that she has been kidnapped or has died i fear that our son will be extremely distressed and inconsolable beyond his current mental state. the daily mail says they've
11:49 am
obtained text messages that his son said to his mother after sh disappeared after attending his up all game on october 17th. the next day according to a screenshot of messages publishe by the mail please call or just text me because i want to be sure you are okay and i am worried about you. another one thing can you tell my dad if he will pick me up tomorrow. that have searched her home and there also reportedly looking a security camera footage from a high-rise building several mile away in downtown los angeles were her dog was found wanderin around on the 20th floor. her ex-husband went to the police as soon as she failed to pick their son up from school a
11:50 am
her scheduled time in three day after the football game. she seemed anxious at the game and left at halftime. we will see where those texts lead. now to the fight for academic freedom and a school where everybody is safe college professors during the faculty o a new university founded on the principle of free speech. a member of the board of advisors is a new york times opinion editor that said this university is going to welcome people.
11:51 am
anybody that doesn't have a specific thought they talked about the freedom to inquire which is something you don't talk about. we don't talk about people that are different from you and having the conversations that bring that understanding you can't be too afraid to ask questions because of how you learn and understand other people. these of the conversations that are being prevented everywhere on college campuses. >> you've had quite a few conversations on the steep fuel universities are moving in the direction of having more of thi or are you seeing this peeking out? >> i think you look at the
11:52 am
number of professors trying to work here even though there is no physical location yet this should tell you quite a bit but because of the way things are set up people are getting fired. it is impossible to put a barometer on something like this. a group is the antidote to the instability everywhere around us. >> she has no hope in the current environment that anything is going to change anytime soon. is interesting he talks about a
11:53 am
education rooted in the pursuit of truth. but that's what the left is already doing. what sounds more inclusive than this? they came out and they said if the college for conservatives. we will see you tonight which w do every weeknight. >> it's good to see you in person. would never seen you in person. very impressed with this and it's great to see you. the upcoming of jails and every parents christmas nightmare. veteran homeowners, mortgage rates are still near all time lows. and home values are at all time highs. that makes right now the best time in history to use your va refi benefit and get cash. you could take out $50,000 or more
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visit >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. matching your job description. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> john: a judge in georgia giving parents an early
11:59 am
christmas gift. you now have the full force of law behind you if you go ahead and skip elf on a shelf this year. >> sandra: you'll have to tell me about this one. those of you that are not familiar, the popular toy has taken over mantels and lamps, shelves all over the country. the doll moves around every night leading up to christmas day. it's a ritual that be say is exhausting. a judge says he's tired of living in elf tyranny so now he's banning the toy. he calls it a distraction and the risk to the mental well-being of children. >> while the elf on a shelf is real as any parent knows, the court order is fake. >> sandra: in case anybody is listening at home that this might pertain to. so give me the scoop. i haven't done this. you don't want to give away anything.
12:00 pm
>> the elf arrives at your home. sometimes a parent brings it home from the north pole. it moved around every night to a different play. the kids right a note. it's a big ritual leading up to christmas. the kids love it. >> sandra: so fun to have you on set. we'll do it again tomorrow. >> john: yes. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. i'm martha maccallum in new york. breaking right now, the chair of the house intel committee pressed by the lone conservative on the view today whether or not he perpetuated the russian hoax to the american people. >> we know the main source of the dossier was indicted for lying about the key claims. do you have any reflections on your role in promoting this to the american people? >> first of


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