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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 9, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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these tax hikes will offset any economic growth from the infrastructure bill. america is actually an economic loser when you combine the two. >> we'll watch closely. the house, ways and moons committee ranking member. we got the tax cuts because he was working on it before anybody else was. it looks like for now they are still holding. we shall see. here comes "the five." >> hello, everybody, i'm here with my guests rivera, gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> president biden is proving he's totally clueless and americans aren't having it anymore. joe biden turning a blind eye to the problems plaguing the country including rising gasoline prices, massive inflation and energy crisis all being made worse by his policies. the white house now playing
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cleanup after getting called out over a plan to shut down the pipeline in michigan. it now says it's only reviewing building a new one. and when it comes to the pain at the pump the white house basically telling americans too bad. just deal with it. we're very kenosha about the high impact on consumers. we just don't have anything right now to announce but like i said we're monitoring this and we're working through it. how we can actually address this. >> the republican lawmaker torturing biden over the higher prices saying it's all by design. >> big oil company executives are in there from chevron, exxon and bbp. will you commit to reducing? biden asks opec to increase production and damager local companies to decrease production. it makes no sense. >> americans are losing faith in
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biden fast. a new poll shows that over half say biden hasn't even been focussing on issues that actually matter. greg, you great this up the other day. this is by design, higher prices. i think it was you, someone that looked like you. it's worth reminding people that joe biden said this about phasing out fossil fuels. run it. >> we're going to get rid of fossil fuels. they want to do the same thing i want to do. they want to phase out fossil fuels and we're going to phase out fossil fuels. >> you think this is part of the plan? >> greg: if you have a less independent population due to an economic crisis, they are more dependent on the government. we even saw that with covid. the free money was kind of an accelerated version of that. i know it's 5:00 so i need to get permission to be disgusting. i never really ask for permission but i figured i would now and the producers probably aren't even listening and have no idea. joe says he doesn't want you to pay attention to what's going on. he's always passing the buck.
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not taking responsibility but we had a saying back in third grade, you know what that was? whoever smelled it dealt it. it may be silence but it's deadly. he's the guy that always lets one fly in an elevator and then assumes if he doesn't react no one else will react either. even show the stench of his white house is overpowering he releases more gas than opec. maybe that's why he doesn't think we need more energy but the big thing is you see msnbc saying inflation is a good thing, oh, joe can't do much about this. it's unusual and weird to see the media say what can you do about stuff when they spend so much time saying you must do something whether it's climate. you must do something whether it's gun control. you must do something but here it is. people have to pay more for food, gas and oil. not so fast. it's really not on him and that goes back to what i said, that they want a society that's more dependent on government, and that's why this is not that big of a deal. i wish joe was doing nothing but
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like you said in the opening, he's actively destroying our energy sector. as gasoline prices soar cutting off pipelines that's basically removing, you know, your children's playground set as the kid gains weight. this is not helpful. >> you're right. the democrats have finally found the one thing they can't control. energy production. >> i guess it's better than farting in elevators. >> any follow up on that analysis? >> how do you pay attention to his pretty intellectual discourse after he starts it with flatulence. >> gnarly hook. [laughter] >> your thoughts on what we're seeing right now? >> i think afghanistan is very instructive because, in afghanistan, they had good intentions and they did it asa -- ass backwards. the same thing is happening with fossil fuels. they want to eliminate fossil
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fuels. they cut down on the supply of fossil fuels in. furtherance of that goal way before the alternative has been developed. so, again, it's ass backwards. first you develop. first, everyone has a tesla and then you can get rid of fossil fuels. to do it now when it drives up prices at the pump that's problemmatic and that's very instructive of his thought process and how they are reacting almost in knee jerk fashion to whatever it is. very improvisational and i find it distressing. >> ass backwards, david. >> yes, i'm all for that. the fact that biden and his liberals, in the past, they have been so slavish to the polls and reactionary. remember in the summer of 2020 when the polls started moving against him, all the rioting, both harris and biden came out in august saying, oh, we denounce violence, even though
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it had been going on for weeks, a couple of months at least but now they don't seem to care about the polls. >> good point. >> which is hugely troubling and frightening, so what they see is they are going to ignore the polls and they see this, even ignore the election, the losses in virginia, because they see this window closing now. they have got one year to push through this incredibly divisive but left wing agenda. this scary ass worldview that imposes -- they are imposing their will on the country whether it's forcing people through higher prices to use alternative energy. they are going to spend $4 trillion more to create this giant new century welfare monstrosity. it's all about not just bigger government but more centralized government. europe on steroids and certainly more power to those in power already. a scorched earth approach to getting their way. and last month, it's not just necessarily at the federal
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level, gretchen whitmer tried last year to shut down 4 1/2-mile stretch of this pipeline. she was trying to terminate this easement and canada last month had to invoke the treaty to stop it. this sends fuel not just into the united states but fuel to heat and gas up the cars in ontario and quebec. they hate canada. >> yes, and they were supposed to be very diplomatic compared to the previous president, they claim. that's a great point. they were very nimble when it came to the polling, at least acting like they cared about public sentiment and the election and now they are just like, go walk. >> one of them was afghanistan. their solution on afghanistan was, well, this is the largest airlift in history and everyone will forget about it in a month. they are doing this on immigration. they are in the teens on immigration in polling and they are like we're not doing
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anything on that and then, basically, what they have done is, we're not going to pay attention to the things we care about even though people are saying, these are the things we care about and they still ignore them. because they are pushing this $500 billion for climate change issue, while people are actually talking about the high price of gas and groceries and then they have this grab bag of policies. if your mom gave you $20 and said go to the store and get groceries for the family and you go and get two six packs of beer and you come home and the family is still hungry. what the press secretary said today was that we have no specifics on that. and they won't. this is a story that's not going to go away like in afghanistan. it's not on the front pages but it's still on people's minds. winter is just beginning. and there is still a long way ahead. 54% increase for your heating oil costs. you think that won't reverberate through the whole country, and also it takes a while for supply and demand to work itself out on energy issues and they are not doing anything to increase supply except asking opec to help.
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that's a bad position to be in. >> two six packs and a couple of magazines. that's my thanksgiving. [laughter] >> affordable. you know. >> and your family is upset. >> global warming might bail them out. >> everything is racist according to the biden administration. even roads. that's next on "the five."
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available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> the biden administration is laser focused on the issues affecting every day america. like how roads are racist. >> the new bill will address that. >> the construct of how you will de construct the racism that was built into the roadways -- >> i'm surprised that some people were surprised when i pointed to the fact that if a highway was built for the purpose of dividing the white and black neighborhood, or if an
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underpass was constructed such that a bus carrying most black and puerto rican kids -- in new york was designed too low for it to pass by but that obviously reflects racism that went into those design choices. >> trees can apparently be racist. vice president kamala harris asking nasa about it. >> are trees part of the data that you're referring to in the environmental assessment. [inaudible] >> racist. >> greg? >> greg: i've got to say mayor pete looks great. clearly he's lost his baby weight. this is the problem with "everything is racist prism" because you can apply it to everything and it's very seductive because it makes the user seem educated and clever when it's kind of repeating something, he just heard those
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stories so he repeats it and it comes out as, wow, this is really interesting but it's not an original thought. it's an acceptable thought at cocktail parties. the problem with this, how does his policy or the policy based on this affect the actual outcome? where are you going to change the bridges or the streets? what if the changes are really good for everybody? what if the improvements on this racist, you know, bridge actually is beneficial? why did you have to bring this up? but if you don't have a specific solution for this, but you brought it up anyway, then it's a pretty obvious virtue signal to appear thoughtful and progressive and woke, but, i'm interested to see when this was all done, where they are going to point to and go, see, this is the bridge i was talking about. >> what do you do with it? >> the question is, you don't use this money for social engineering. that's the problem. that's what's disappointing to me. eisenhower's interstate system was the grandest, greatest,
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public works project since the erie canal. it opened up america for everybody. it benefitted everybody. rich people, poor people, black people, white people, asian people. if we start with pete buttigieg leading the way, to change the bridge over the expressway which works fine now, people have adjusted, instead of building new bridges or repairing the bridges that exist and tunnels, and roadways and making wifi available for everybody, and it's going to be in the hands of the same racially oriented politicians that we used to call poverty pimps when i was the lord for the young lords. they jockey these programs. they find out what's happening. if you make this a social program, a social welfare program, which is what "build back better" is supposed to be, if you make infrastructure, social welfare, what you will get is nothing. at the end of the line you'll have that money squandered.
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>> i have a theory about why buttigieg is talking about this now but to greg's point. any time you talk about racism and call someone or a group of people racist you're trying to get them scared and to back off and to kind of butt out. to geraldo's point, they want power and control over the money and they don't want anybody to ask questions. it's not going to get built on, taken down -- it's going to get built on things that aren't roads, bridges and actual infrastructure. >> it's a billion dollars to remedy, so what's the remedy? and that could also be said about the tree issue and tree equity. i understand what you're saying. more trees is a good thing and if you look at a place, i believe it's south carolina, 25 years ago there was a big push to put trees down the main street and there was a big controversy, it was going to cost too much money. now it's lovely because the trees have grown up. it's shady. it's a beautiful street to shop along. it benefits everyone.
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i think what the voters were saying last tuesday is that we can support things that support everybody but we don't want to be put in these different categories. we might need to right some wrongs from the past but again, remedy, as they say here, is going to benefit everyone. we don't have that society like we used to have. >> justin? >> i did a deep dive on this. what i found out, yes, race was a factor in some of the design of the interstate highway system. granted. but class was a much bigger factor. poor white and black neighborhoods were carved up by this highway system because it's much easier to seize a poor neighborhood through eminent domain. you put the artery into the downtown shopping district and the artery out to the suburbs for the commuters and that's how it's done. they went into german, italian, jewish neighborhoods, all white people, and they just carved them out. >> how many times have you heard the phrase "this poor white
2:20 pm
neighborhood" on wrong side of the tracks. it's always the wrong side of the tracks. it's not black, white, it's about rich and poor. to fix the system doesn't mean it's race it. it just means it was designed by idiots. most of the problems we have in this country is because of idiots, not because of racism and what the idiots are doing in this biden administration is saying we're going to start destroying highways and we're going to replace these highways with mass transit. we don't want mass transit. mass transit has been on the decline for the last 15 years. we just came out of a pandemic where people are living cities. people working remotely. the last thing we need are more trains, subways and buses so they are just going to jam this down our throat. remember boston, they tried to rip up their whole highway system and it took 25 years, and the cost was five times as bad and it just created more drama and more, i don't know, congestion, which creates more
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emissions. so you're now going to see a boondoggle, the big dig, in every single city and in every single place, where this build back money will go and you're just going to look back and say, jesse was right. [laughter] >> that will come right to my mind. >> always right. >> always looking for the opportunity to use boondoggle. billion dollar boondoggle. >> buttigieg. >> it's his. >> what a bounceback. usually it's six months. >> he's on the treadmill. >> the one treadmill they couldn't get. >> i was about to make a joke, and i am editing myself because it would get me off, into so much trouble. straight ahead on "the five," democrats not learning their lesson. they can't stop smearing parents. ♪♪
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♪ >> ignore those school board moms. they are still not getting the message on why they got their butts kicked in virginia. why parents revolted in the old dominion. >> it's not in the curriculum in virginia. >> here, let me just read you a few things. in 2015, whilerry mcauliffe was governor the virginia department of education putting in critical race theory in education. you can still find it on the department of education's website. still there. >> it's not part -- [cross talking] >> i hope democrats continue to say it's not happening because parents are dumb. they can see it. >> they look so unhappy on cnn.
2:27 pm
>> i guess they are. >> and yet dnc chair jamie harrison is still doubling down on the notion that racism was behind the republican victory. >> they understand the only power for them is to make the american people scared. to come up with all of the dog whistles and the boogieman and all of that. democrats have to call out the lies and we have to be bold and calling them out and we've got to make sure that we paint it. let people know what we've done for them. >> why i think he's right about that, democrats should be promoting their achievements, but as residents, as someone who ails from the old dominion -- hails from the old dominion, don't you think that race is relevant or children growing up in virginia, because virginia was like the heart and soul of the slave economy. >> history is taught. history should be taught.
2:28 pm
that's not what critical race theory is about. when they went to the polls and elected a republican governor and a republican lieutenant governor, the first black woman ever elected to statewide office and a republican attorney general. i mean, i could sit here for days and go over what's being taught in the virginia schools that they take issue with. it's derived from, say, the ideas, the author of "how to be an anti-racist," children being taught words like white privilege, nonchristian folks with an x. >> issues of gender, race, sexuality, things that parent feel like should be up to them. >> i digress. i love how they will take
2:29 pm
parents are delusional wackos and then trump and russia collusion and they say something real is made up and then say something made up is real. that's the world in which they live. they are evangelists of left wing moron-icy. >> that's what parents are saying. we don't like being taught reverse racism. we don't like our students and children being called racist in elementary school. i don't like to do this because i don't like to ever mention these people by name. i feel like i want to be loved and i don't want to see these people in bars and their wives throw hay at me. >> i think we need to address briana. maybe she's nice. maybe we get along if we met each other but she's on a network that says facts first,
2:30 pm
and she at this point doesn't know that crt is embedded in the curriculum of the virginia school system? at this point she doesn't know this? the story has been percolating since april and she doesn't know that. i mean, does she now also think that the dossier was real. does she think the youngkin supporters were the ones with the tiki torches. does she think those two brothers knocked around -- in chicago. i don't know if her producers are not giving the right information. this is why our show is so much better than that show. so many reasons. here's one. we get these research packets in the morning and they have facts in the packets, briana, and they also have articles from the left and the right so you know what the left is saying about an issue. you know what the right is saying about an issue. you know what the media is saying about an issue and we do our own research and we form an
2:31 pm
opinion based on that truth. there is truth out there. it's on the internet. she could look that up anywhere she wants. if i ever make a mistake on the air i'll correct it. a few times i've been challenged and in a commercial break i'll say, maybe i'm wrong here. no, not wrong, and then the other person has to correct the record. the other day i said erroneously that the staff was not trending, and i immediately corrected the record and i think briana should do the same. >> the staff was not trending. >> trendy. >> isn't it parallel to the old teaching sex ed to third graders and fourth graders? parents are edgy generally speaking. >> i don't remember that. >> i think a lot of this also has to do with, many people are commenting about, it has nothing to do with these schools.
2:32 pm
they don't have school aged children and if you look at the exit polls in virginia parents of school aged children k through 12, youngkin won by a young margin. they have taken on parents and they have made them mad, but the parents were not just mad about the crt thing. they are mad that the schools were closed for so long. that there was a major loss of learning. that they don't have an opportunity to have gifted and talented programs in advanced math. when youngkin says i'll make sure that every high school has advanced math and he get applause, that's when you know parents are paying attention and they are making a mistake not doing the same thing. >> do you really believe in your heart of hearts, greg, that it isn't a signal, isn't there race signaling also, when you look at some of the rural counties in virginia that went for youngkin by 80%, 80-20, isn't race relevant to that? >> not in this era.
2:33 pm
maybe that was a question 50 years ago. >> but there is a lot of this race baiting but it's all in reverse. for example, calling this history when, in the title of it, it says theory. it's critical race theory. it's not history. sex education is not a parallel analogy because that's education. this is merry -- merely theory. >> you have to point this out. she asked for proof and when he gave her proof she didn't want to hear it because she knew she was in the wrong. so she just put that scrawl up. people like chris, remember this show, when we first started doing this topic, we had the examples in our copy that said this is where crt is taught and this is what crt is. the irony and the best part is, when you hear opponents try to
2:34 pm
define it and critics try to define it, the definition is entirely the same. identify children by their race within a country ridden with systemic racism with a conclusion that white is the oppressor, right? and black is the victim. if you say that, proponents will go, that's pretty good. you got it, and the critics will go you're absolutely right. that's exactly what they are saying. so they are in agreement here. that's the funniest part about this and it's dead because the parents finally woke up to this and found that this was dangerous. children are not equipped at that age to discuss this topic, especially when adults can't talk about it either. >> i think the tragedy is -- black people are democrats, white people are republicans, the working class in the country is apparently divided by race. i think it's tragic. >> who fought to end slavery? democrats or republicans? . >> i can't remember. >> it was the north. >> and the people where i grew
2:35 pm
up voted on pocketbook issues, they voted on job creation and charter schools. >> and black and white was irrelevant. come on. >> that's not an answer. >> kamala harris, by jetting off to paris -- >> i love paris. ♪♪
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2:40 pm
certain performers when they aren't doing well in america suddenly become big in japan or david is big in germany. they love me in denmark. >> they have the people that they hire to do like an image makeover and remember the child actors that they hired, to talk about space and how great space was and that didn't help the poll numbers. i highly doubt that a trip to europe will be any different. >> the next step is maybe she has to go to space. [laughter] >> enter space. >> i wish that i could be her -- >> what advice? >> for instance, get energized. go to the border. do the hard things, you know. go to infrastructure. go to the bridge where the concrete is falling on your head. show why things are needed. engagement. charisma. you can do this. >> those are things that aren't
2:41 pm
comfortable. >> she was attorney general. she's a real person who forgot who she was when they put her in this job and the more her polls shrunk, the more she shrunk, i would say come on kamala, wake up. get in there. you can do this. she's being canceled by the right wing woke mob. >> whoa! >> being canceled by the west wing. [laughter] >> maybe both. >> maybe both. >> that was funny. >> it's kind of funny since the vice president is a really easy job, right? anybody can do it. >> right. with the help of child actors. the right is making her life miserable. there was a headline on, it says going on a fence-mending trip. this is the same woman who was so unnatural an uncomfortable, that they had to hire actors to interact with her. the next line was, she's going
2:42 pm
on a charm offensive. it's like coming to me for diction lessons. i guess if they send her to germany, the germans don't laugh so i suppose the [crackling] would seem normal. >> jesse, you brought this point up. she's got to be feeling some heat from mayor pete. >> show sure does. >> he could be replacing her. >> he sure could. i want to go back to what dana said. geraldo said the right wing is cancelling kamala and you said the west wing was. that was really good, dana. that's really good. i think that deserves some applause. the context here is very key, greg. you remember when the europeans wanted to seize the libyan oil fields so they begged obama and biden, can you help us topple qaddafi? they were like, let's lead from behind. topple qaddafi. turned into a failed state. turned into a migrant crisis the
2:43 pm
europeans can't solve. who else knows how to trigger a migrant crisis and not solve it? kamala harris. let's get her over here. >> she's amazing. >> she is. >> yes. >> all right. the fastest is up next. ♪♪ our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service.
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>> welcome back. first up, a really bizarre admission from one in six americans who say they don't use the dishwasher for washing dishes. people use it for storage for other kitchen items. not me. i love the invention of the dishwasher. i throw everything in there, and get it all clean. >> this may me sad. it made me think there are fewer households with fewer families. it reflects the decline of the dining family. you don't do dishes when it's just dinner for one. >> wow! what a way to bring the mood down. >> i had a joke but i couldn't use my joke because i was
2:48 pm
afraid. >> i use my dishwasher but i thought maybe i should just shut up. >> geraldo, i'm sure your dishwasher gets used for dishes. >> i wash a lot of dishes in my house and i have never used the dishwasher. it's too technologically challenging for me. i do dishes the old fashion way with a sponge. put a little liquid soap on it. stand there sometimes for 10 minutes. my daughter said, we don't need any staff. when is the last team did you the dishes? >> when i first moved here, i noted how small the apartments are. i noted a couple of places people would put their shoes in the oven. >> it's for doing dishes or washing small pets and animals.
2:49 pm
>> you can do that? >> i can put rookie in the dishwasher. by the way, people who say they don't use the dishwasher and use it for other things are eating out of plastic. >> i don't need plastic. >> people are now regretting big tint buys like hot tubs, peloton, say it isn't so, expensive gaming equipment. they have buyer's remorse. >> mine comes after eating edibles because i discovered you can order from cvs or walgreen's. at 9:30 you can get ice cream, candy, cookies, you're so happy and the next day you're riding a mountain of regret and self-loathing because you wake up and find out in the morning you ate all of this stuff. >> you're saying you can order
2:50 pm
edibles delivered to your house. >> snacks after -- >> can you order edibles? >> i can't comment on that. no one would ever do edibles. >> i thought it was legal. >> that's the problem. >> another commercial break discussion. any pandemic purchase regrets? >> nothing like that. i don't really regret much but i'm going to buy a hot tub. i think that's very on brand. >> get a hot tub. >> evidently -- >> you have no regrets? >> you can't get those germs and those viruses. >> what about you? >> man of the people. >> all the clothes i bought that i over six months outgrew and that no longer fit properly, and by the way, if you've got a house in jersey you've got to say hot tub. >> hot tub. >> house that?
2:51 pm
>> that's pretty good. wheat get back to that after the break. one more thing. ♪♪
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. .
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[laughter] >> jesse: time now for one more thing, greg? >> greg: oh my gosh. all right. let's do this. greg's nap news. you know, i have been cultivating a lot of data on napping. i find that the best sound for napping is the gentle laughing of water which i believe they have on apps you can download. check out this fellow or actually it's a female walrus spotted taking a snooze on the deck of a submarine if -- yeah,
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thank you enjoying herself. >> jesse: it's the back problems that relief factor can take care of. >> it does help. >> greg: napping in the netherlands. not as fun as it sounds. head to the netherlands, shall we? >> jesse: geraldo, did you smoke dope with in the earth inner lands? >> geraldo: i went to, as you mentioned it, i went to one of those marijuana bars with my son. it was on the internet in 15 minutes. we weren't even out of the bash before we got on the internet. i can't do anything. i don't do anything. amsterdam. i can't waited until jesse jr. and i fly over there. >> geraldo: you can bond. >> dana: i want to thank everybody for the warm welcome we gave percy yesterday. came on american newsroom as well. better behaved this morning. watch. >> i think he is an old soul. is he going to be big.
2:57 pm
>> dana: his paws are big. >> bill: beautiful coat, too. we welcome him to the family. and i would just like to say i mean here he is, america. it's simba: meet percy. >> dana: it was fun to have him. i wrote a piece on you can check it out. a little bit about welcoming percy and saying goodbye to jasper and thanking you for all of your support. >> i get neck nibbles from him. that's what i'm going with. in case anybody is asking. >> geraldo: hickey? >> jesse: new show on fox nation starry joey jones create a vets power of music creative for pets. war heroes pair them with famous musicians who turn their trauma into beautifully craft the songs toughest soldiers navigate most difficult battles. some of the stars you will see.
2:58 pm
tyler farrior. keith sanders. craig morgan. >> wow. >> jesse: sign up at fox comes out tomorrow. geraldo? >> geraldo: here is tonight's edition of geraldo's geraldo news with geraldo. i was honored to speak at the annual dinner of one of cleveland's most venerated charities for the last 60 years. the blue coats have provided assistance to the families of cops, firefighters and other safety officers who have fallen or become permanently disabled in the line of duty. outgoing cleveland police chief calvin williams spoke about how blue coats have come to the aid of these families. erika and i met chief sheila mason the first black and first woman to serve as police chief of wood mere, one of our exclusive local communities. my message was simple we need to embrace cops because they need us as much as we need them. the blue coats seemed to like my remarks. good time was had by all. >> jesse: very nice, geraldo. [applause]
2:59 pm
>> jesse: there is the. [applause] >> jesse: standing ovation. >> jesse: thank you for correcting me. >> dagen: legs hurt, needed to stretch. >> geraldo: given over the year. excellent. >> jesse: blue coats. keg. >> dagen: dodge is getting ready to pay somebody $150,000 srt hell cat for one year. a new business strategy. the chief doughnut maker is what they are calling this gig, this job, it's in your spare time. they are also relaunching their direct connection performance parts business. all part of their giving away 25 vehicles to promote the plan. get 150 bucks. that's probably not enough to bail you out of the has cow whew when you get busted for driving 150 miles per hour on the freeway. >> dana: anywhere in the country? >> dagen: i think it is. >> greg: i saw this story on cnn he was so pissed off because he
3:00 pm
thought it was about the other doughnut. >> jesse: wow, greg. you have been really mean recently. >> geraldo: tell me what the doughnut joke is. >> dana: you don't know the doughnut joke? >> geraldo: i don't know the doughnut joke. >> jesse: in the break. again, that's it for us. >> geraldo: i'm in a different generation. >> jesse: yes, you are. everybody knows it. "special report" is up next with bret baier. >> bret: looks like we are wearing the same thing. >> jesse: we are looking good. >> bret: all right. good hair. >> jesse: thank you. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we are learning new information about the connection between the infamous dossier that justified the russia collusion investigation into the trump presidential campaign and one member of the current biden administration. in the words of one lawmaker following the developments, it all seems to be, quote: unraveling. all of this comes as the special prosecutor, john durham's pursuit of the facts continues to shine a light on the hillary clinton presidential campaign.


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