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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 10, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> judge jeanine: all dogs are. >> greg: all dogs think they are foxes. >> judge jeanine: foxes think they are foxes. >> dana: dogs come from wolves. >> greg: dogs are foxes trust me on this. >> dana: i will have to google this on the way home. that's it for us. don't miss exclamation point. mike emanuel is up next. >> mike: congrats on%e the cute pup. >> dana: thank you. >> mike: good evening welcome to washington i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. >> there were people right there. >> breaking tonight the illinois teenager on trial for killing two people and wounding a third following a protest in wisconsin following the death of george floyd took the stand today. that all wrapping unjust moments ago. tomorrow the defense will call a self-defense expert to the stand. senior correspondent mike tobin has more tonight from kenosha.
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mike? >> hello, mike. with his mother cry notice courtroom, kyle rittenhouse insisted he didn't do anything wrong. he says he didn't use deadly force to protect property. only to defend himself. but in his first attempt to explain the dead encounter that killed joseph rosenbaum, the now 18-year-old rittenhouse fell apart. >> mr. rosenbaum was now running from my right side. and i was cornered from in front of me with mr. siminsky. and there were -- [sobbing] >> rittenhouse said rosenbaum lunged for him grabbed his rifle and rittenhouse fired four times ultimately killing rosenbaum. people in the crowd shouted get him. hit with a rock hit in the head
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and anthony huber. he fired killing him. shot and wounded grosskreutz pointed a pistol at him. something he confirmed in his own testimony on monday. now on cross-examination, the assistant district attorney attempted to get rittenhouse say he intended to kill but rittenhouse insisted he only defended himself. >> from rosenbaum was chasing me. i pointed my gun at him and that did not deter him. he could have ran away instead of trying to take my gun from me. but he kept chasing me. it didn't stop him. >> it was a rough day for the prosecution. judge bruce schroeder delivered unusually harsh admonishment to the prosecution when thomas will intended to introduce previously banned evidence about rittenhouse at earlier encounter saying he wish he had his ar-15 so he could shoot shoplifters.
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the defense requested a mistrial. the judge said he will take that into consideration. mike? >> emotional intense day in court. mike tobin live in kenosha, wink. many thanks. >> mike: breaking tonight our other top story president biden says he will sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by congress next monday. this comes as the president is dealing with historically bad news on inflation, exacerbated by a growing supply chain crisis. the president made comments a short time ago in baltimore. one of the major east coast ports. those comments come on a day when the government reports the biggest ingalatian surge in more than 30 years. we have fox team coverage. william la jeunesse in carson, california with how the rail sectors playing a major role in trying to ease the supply chain crisis. we begin with white house correspondent jacqui heinrich. good evening, jacqui. >> good evening to you, mike. >> president biden touted the hard infrastructure bill as a coming solution to the supply chain crisis. he says he will sign it into law in a bipartisan ceremony on
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monday. but new data from the labor department is challenging his timeline and suggesting sticker shock won't be going away any time soon. >> i came here to talk about one of the most pressing economic concerns of the american people and it's real. and that is getting prices down, number one. number two, making sure our stores are fully stocked, and, number three, getting a lot of people back to work. >> president biden projecting confidence he can supply chain crisis under control. touting investments in his hard infrastructure bill congress passed last week and agreement to get ports moving. >> announcing steps to improve ports in the east coast to provide support for the port of savanna, fourth largest container port in the country to help reduce congestion. >> new inflation numbers are putting a damper on legislative victory tour. inflation 31 year high. jumping last month after also climbing in september. the labor department data even worse than expected. the consumer price index showing
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prices for food, gas and rent rose 6.2% from a year ago. the highest since november 1990. the data also shows inflation is eating americans' paychecks. weekly earnings fell .09% in october despite a .04% increase in hourly earnings. democratic senator joe manchin, whose swing vote the president needs to pass his tax and spending bill challenging the biden administration's claims inflation will taper off tweeting by all accounts the threat posed by record inflation to the american people is not transitorys instead getting worse. from the grocery store to the gas pump, americans know the inflation tax is real and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel every day. the president blamed high energy costs but didn't announce new action, saying, again, the ftc on lookout for gas price gowjing. biden and cabinet using the crisis to drum up support for massive social spending plan saying americans can get back to work when they don't have issues
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at home. >> i would not ignore the issue of child care. i would not ignore the issue of safety. some people still concerned about returning during the course of the pandemic. >> the democrats still say that social spending bill could get a vote as soon as next week. but house moderates want a full score from the congressional budget office first to make sure that it's fiscally responsible. scores for three portions of the bill were released today. none of them would add to the deficit but the budget office said the full picture is still a ways off. they called the analysis, quote, complicated. mike? >> mike: jacqui heinrich doing a great job on a noisy north lawn. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> mike: still dozens of cargo ships waiting off the california coast to deliver goods. many leave the largest port by rail. we look at efforts to beef up that part of the supply chain. national correspondent william la jeunesse joins us from a major transfer point near the point of l.a. in carson, california.
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>> with flooring, sheetrock, tile, windows, metal roofing. we have some appliances that are maybe even 8 weeks out. we have a couple that are over 30 weeks out. >> cedar rapids home builder trevor parks lives nowhere near the ports of l.a. or long beach. the logjam here means shortages and higher prices in iowa. >> they are pathing just about everything onto the end user which becomes on the contractor and client. >> a month after president joe biden promised to reduce port congestion today a record number of container ships wait offshore. >> the only way those boxes will get to the heartland and midwest where the larger marks are are via train. rail is extremely critical for the supply chain. >> faced with a shortage of trucks and truck drivers, the ports recently joined with union pacific to open a high speed direct rail link to salt lake city. >> they don't have to stop at the port and put their loads on trucks. they can just go right via
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train. >> each train eliminates up to 700 trucks from clogging america's busiest port. >> you can only put so much stuff through a particular pipe. here's a different pipe. let's use this different pipe to try to get things out of the system more effectively. >> port officials say a combination of newly imposed late fees and more trains help reduce container congestion by 26% over the last two weeks. >> inside these boxes are anything and everything you can imagine from televisions to washing machines to clothing to cell phones. >> so a lot of supply chain problems happen in the first mile at the port and the last mile at the warehouse. while increasingly here they are using rail to get those containers directly off of ships and on to trains. mike? >> mike: fascinating. william la jeunesse live in carson, california. thanks a lot. stocks tumble the dow lost 240. the s&p 500 fell 39 the nasdaq off 264. russian national maintaining innocence of accusations he lied
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to the fbi about the infamous steele dossier that fueled the trump-russia probe. igor danchenko was in court today. correspondent david spunt was there and reports from alexandra, virginia. >> egg door danchenko pleading not guilty to five counts of lying to the fbi in federal court this morning. >> we don't have a statement at this time. >> special counsel john durham says danchenko a russian national living in northern virginia was the primary source for british spy christopher steele who compiled the widely talked about yet debunked steele dossier a lengthy file full of accusations about former president donald trump. the indictment alleges that danchenko lied to the fbi about working for steele as his primary source of information. in a statement to fox news, danchenko's attorney wrote, in part, this latest injustice will not stand. we will expose how mr. danchenko has been unfairly maligned by the false allegations. danchenko's trial is ten tialy scheduled for april. durham claims danchenko was in
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touch with someone listed in the indictment as p.r. executive 1, a man named chuck dolan who happens to be a long-time confidante of bill and hillary clinton. dolan has not been charged with a crime and his attorney tells fox news no comment. durham appears to be building a pattern linking clinton contacts to the russian investigation. former current aid and current white house national security adviser jake sullivan is the foreign policy adviser mentioned in the indictment of another key defendant former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann. sussmann was charged in september with also lying to the fbi for failing to disclose his work for the clinton campaign when he delivered information about alleged connections between donald trump and the kremlin via a russian bank that information turned out to be false. according to the indictment, another campaign attorney sent information to a foreign policy adviser sullivan concerning the russian bank allegations.
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mike, there is no indication that jake sullivan is under investigation or is a target of the durham probe. i reached out to his office for comment, i have not yet heard back. mike? >> mike: david spunt live in alexandra, virginia. thanks very much. up next, how president biden is trying to shape communications policy at the federal level. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. khon in honolulu where nearly 2,000 healthcare workers at kaiser permanent at a will join the nationwide strike against the company beginning november 22nd in the fight for the better contract. the actual contract affecting kaiser facilities across hawaii. as the petition to remove boudin from office enough verified signatures to force a recall election. organizers have already raised $1.6 million, compared to the $650,000 raised by boudin's supporters. and this is a live look at
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orlando, the big story there tonight from fox 35, the spacex crew-3 launch is now targetings liftoff from kennedy space center this evening after being postponed four times. the astronauts will head to the international space station six months and plan to complete scientific experiments rile there. that's a live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the law firm filed first lawsuit resulting from last week's deadly incident at music festival is alleging several problems with crowd control and safety. 8 people died when fans moved toward the stable as rap artist travis scott entered in houston friday night. the firm says there was not enough room in front of the stage and medical treatment was not accessible from that area. it also says medical and security staffing was inadequate. president biden could be looking to make major changes in federal communication policy with his nomination for a vacant spot on the board that regulates the
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sector. correspondent -- congressional correspondent chad pergram on capitol hill tonight. hey, chad. >> good evening, mike. well president biden nominated g.g.sohn for the federal communications commission. if confirmed sohn would be the tiebreaking vote on the five member board. sohn holds what some sees a extreme views about conservative media outlets. i think if she were on the fcc she would be a political activist. i don't think she would fairly regulate the public airways. she has a bias against conserving tim that runs wide and deep. >> it could be a challenge to confirm sohn in a split senate. >> it's a very simple strategy for republicans read back her own words. it's right on twitter. it's her words and her statements. if you do that and there is enough attention around this, i would think that this nomination will be beaten back. >> democrats must, again, thread the needle with moderate senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. mike? >> that's when the
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administration facing a tough confirmation fight for the nominee to be the controller of the currency, explained. >> monthly rove have a up for that post moderates banks. on because of comments about gas and coal. >> one of the smallest in the industry are going to probably [inaudible] in short order. at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right? >> she was born in kazakhstan when it was part of the soviet union. she wrote a paper at moscow state university on marxism and economic theory. jon tester said he had real concerns about whether she was committed to free markets the same with g.o.p. pat tomby. >> it's radical because she has a clear and obvious aversion to drank capitalism its sufficiently in other words, the central organizing principle of
3:19 pm
american society. >> sherrod brown accused republicans of mccarthyism. ironically she worked at treasury under president george w. bush. mike? >> mike: interesting. chad pergram live on the hill. chad, thanks a lot. new fallout from the controversy surrounding a northern virginia school district and problems over curriculum and student safety. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie tells us many residents want to hold the school board accountable. >> domestic terrorists. >> these are our children, not yours. >> time to face the music or get off the podium. >> angry parents confronting loudoun county school board members, putting them on notice during a nearly six hour long school board meeting. parent group fight for schools announcing it's filed a legal petition to recall school board chairwoman brenda sheridan and the remaining members for violating the parents' first amendment rights and, for, quote a break down in trust.
3:20 pm
>> i said we would see you in court. as of 3:30 today we are now in court. >> this all happened at the first loudoun county public school board meeting since virginia voters handed republican glenn youngkin a gubernatorial win. >> [inaudible] >> it comes shortly after it was revealed the district hired a law firm to conduct an independent review of student sexual misconduct at two schools. the superintendent originally denied reports that a 15-year-old boy wearing a skirt raped a female student in a school bathroom. but then later admitted to knowing about it. the district denies a cover-up. virginia's attorney general elect says he plans to investigate how police and prosecutors handled the incident. >> the reason for the success of the party of parents we are parents for a lifetime.
3:21 pm
>> and, mike, so the chairwoman there at this school board, brenda sheridan, did respond to this recall reportedly said and said look, my job is not always easy. it's not always popular but i am going to, quote, see this process through. if this does go to trial a judge or jury then will decide if board members should be removed. we could see a special election. mike? >> mike: the parents out there are not messing around. >> it's not over yet, no. >> mike: great to see new studio. >> thanks. >> mike: bret baier looks at big southern california races in our midterm focus. beyond our borders tonight. chinese military forces hold exercises near taiwan. a visit to the island by a u.s. congressional delegation. the chinese official says the visit is a serious violation of u.s. commitment to not have formal relations with taiwan. the pentagon says congressional visits are too taiwan are relatively common and in keeping with diplomatic agreements. at least 16 people are reported dead from floods and landslides
3:22 pm
inly is alanca. heavy rain has battered the region for more than a week displacing more than 5,000 people from their homes. germany accuses belarus of state-run smuggling and trafficking of human lives by luring desperate migrants to the polish border. german chancellor angela america has asked russian president putin to exert influence on the regime. stuck in makeshift camps and freezing weather. just some much the stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [laughing and giggling] (woman) hey dad. miss us? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi.
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and free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. ♪ >> mike: tonight take a look at key races in southern california in our new series focusing on the midterm elections. here is my colleague, bret baier. >> mike: thanks, mike. these days california is a reliable blue state. it wasn't always that way. the last republican presidential candidate to receive a majority from california voters george h.w. bush in 1988. the last republican governor was arnold schwarz. he left office in 2011. 2011 is also by the way when the current congressional map was certified by california's redistricting commission. and the state's 53 congressional districts were drawn. 10 years later with a new process in place, the golden state redistricting commission is heading back to the drawing board and this time it's working
3:27 pm
with 52 seats since the 2020 census determined california's growth rate had slowed and one seat was taken away. now, redistricting can change a lot and how the new maps turn out could come in to play right here in southern california, specifically districts in los angeles and orange counties. this region of the state has seen a shift over the years. four districts right here they were republican strong hold for years. that changed in 2018 when democrats took over all four. now, republicans took back two seats in 2020. and the seats are a toss-up in 2022. redistricting could make these races even harder to predict depending on how those districts change. >> southern california has changed over the years in population size and voter preference. how california draws its district maps has also evolved to a process that's meant to be
3:28 pm
fair. >> it's not a partisan process. >> it is not. shocking, i know. and it used to be. >> bret: at the nixon library i spoke with jody from fullerton college. the state's independent commission was created to take politics out of redistricting. the goal is to have districts similar in population size and keep communities of interest together. but things can get complicated when a representative has a foot hold in several counties. >> congressional district 39 is a good example. we are a tri-county district. so, before and now kim have the challenge of dealing with all of those elected officials who want facetime, who want advocacy from congress. >> bret: republican representative young kim lost to democrat in 2018. in a 2020 rematch election she won the seat by a narrow margin. but close races and seats flip flopping between the two parties were not always the case.
3:29 pm
before 2010, state legislators controlled the redistricting process with a partisan result. just one house seat flipped political parties between 2,000 and 2010. >> i think it's very clear that politicians love to gerrymander districts. >> republican governor arnold schwarz back add pair of issue in tifts that would change that. california voters passed the propositions, giving map drawing power to an independent commission. chatman university professor mikey moodian says younger, more diverse voters have made the dinners for democrats. >> fact is that the demographics have changed. the younger people, the youth vote tends to lean democratic. >> bret: democratic incumbent congressman flipped california's 49th district in 2018. >> the most important midterm election in our history. it will be won or lost by people between the ages of 18 and 35.
3:30 pm
>> bret: levin held the seat in 2020 defeating republican brian marriott. marriott wants a rematch but he will have to beat christopher rodriguez in the republican primary. republicans are also eyeing district 45 currently held by democratic katie porter. she turned the seat from red to blue in 2018. >> are you ready for a representative who fights for you? [cheers] >> bret: and democrats are going on the offense to keep her there. in the first half of 2021, porter raised nearly $4.9 million. that's the fifth most in the house of representatives. the population in california's 45th district grew more than any other district in the state between 2010 and 2020 increasing nearly 16%. it's possible the commission could shift voters in or out of that district, which could be good for republicans and bad for porter. >> we need keep them equal in
3:31 pm
population. >> bret: census data reveals slower growth and even some population loss in los angeles county districts. >> if a district suddenly takes a piece of los angeles, maybe it goes a little bit more democratic. if it's more in the republican area it changes? >> right. we won't see massive changes where districts are cut in half but, yes. in some of these swing districts, that are close, we could very well see perhaps a shift of a few thousand registered voters change. >> bret: california's 25th district is home to the reagan library. and a republican strong hold for nearly 25 years. but democrats have been gaining ground, winning the seat in 2018 when katie hill flipped it only to lose it after hill resigned in the wake of a scandal involving inappropriate relationships with staffers. republican mike garcia, best bested democrat christie smith in a special election by almost 10 percentage points. >> in california of all places we had a fantastic race and this
3:32 pm
was all mail-in ballots. >> bret: but in the november rematch the margin of victory narrowed he won the seat by a mere 300 votes. >> mike garcia won a slim race. >> the ballot system favors democrats and met with republican pushback. >> lower turn out elections and often elections that trended republican. >> bret: california allowed the process in the 2020 election and has since made the practice permanent. >> so that's the game changer. >> that's the game changer. used to be a system where everyone would have to opt in for a mail ballot. >> bret: request it? >> you had to request it now every single registered voter receives one. >> bret: smith is challenging gathers again in 2022. redistricting and vote by mail could make the difference. >> that's the 800-pound gorilla in the room. it's really hard to say. >> bret: with several seats in play for both parties, and
3:33 pm
congressional districts still to be drawn, southern california is certainly a region to watch as republicans push to regain control of the house. the redistricting commission has released some unofficial maps changes to near california and san diego. preliminary maps could come today. those could see more changes as public input sessions continue. final maps will be displayed by december 23rd and are expected to be certified by december 27th. >> we will follow it. mike, back to you. >> mike: very interesting. bret, thanks. up next, criminals taking advantage of migrants desperate to make it to the u.s. we will have a live report from south texas. ♪ ♪ at pnc bank, we believe in the power of taking steps forward. moving ahead.
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>> mike: the flow of illegal immigrants heading across the u.s. southern border continues to include high numbers of people with extensive criminal background. it also includes penal who are victimized by those individuals. correspondent bill melugin reports tonight from la joya, texas. >> it's early wednesday morning in la joya, texas where a routine scene plays out at the epicenter of the border crisis. a large group of migrants crossed into the u.s. illegally over night and they are being apprehended by border agents. it's a mixture of family units willing to turn themselves in and runners who try to evade capture. in fiscal year 2021, border patrol reports they encountered 549,000 migrants in the rio grande valley seq. for alone. >> throughout the border crisis, fox news has reported on countless heart wrenching stories of migrant children being abandoned by their smugglers alone. [crying]
3:39 pm
>> on monday, in el paso, border agents found this 8-year-old guatemalan boy abandoned. the boy told agents he was dropped off near a bridge near unknown individuals and walk until he finds someone in a uniform. agents recovered him safely and in good health. in border patrols tucson sector, agents found three illegal immigrants being smuggled in the trunk of this car being driven by two u.s. citizens. both of whom will be prosecuted for human smuggling. and recently here in the rio grande valley, border patrol arrested jose, a mexican national with a previous conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a child in the city of houston. and in fiscal year 2021 just here in the rio grande valley sector alone, border patrol reports they caught nearly 2,000 criminal illegal aliens. that includes 187 sex offenders, and 163 confirmed gang members. what that does not account for though are all the ones who ended up slipping through the
3:40 pm
cracks. mike, we will send it back to you. >> mike: bill melugin, thanks a lot. the white house says about 900,000 children ages 5 to 11 will have received their first doses the covid vaccine in first week of eligibility. final clearance of the shot granted by federal regulators november 2nd with the first doses to kids beginning in some locations the following day. as pressure increases on capitol hill to launch a 9/11 style investigation into the origins of coronavirus, a high level conference today ignored that issue in order to placate participants from china. state department correspondent benjamin hall shows you don't. >> secretary blinken hosted a virtual meeting of foreign ministers today to discuss covid response, thousand get vaccines to people in war zones and ensure a pandemic never happens again. even china attended. >> this is the first time that we foreign ministers have gathered for the sole purpose of discussing how to end the covid-19 pandemic. >> but amidst all the calls to
3:41 pm
prevent a future pandemic no, talk on how or where this one started. something secretary blinken upsets china. >> some in china, including the leadership think that this investigation into the origins is actually a political tool, a cuddle cudgel. >> once donald trump and mike pompeo said there was evidence of a lab leak because there was evidence of a lab leak, a large part of the media didn't want to believe that that was true and they treated as some crackpot theory instead of the most likely explanation. >> marksen also claims that dr. fauci knew all along the dangerous gain of function research was being done in wuhan and kept quiet and he needed to be subpoenaed. >> we can't have the democrats protecting anthony fauci just because he has become a hero of the left. >> dr. fauci has argued that the
3:42 pm
work being carried out in the wuhan lab did not meet his definition for gain of function research. and all the people, mike, calling for a 9/11 style commission into the origins of quofd real teeth they say unless you know where covid came from how could you hope to prevent any future similar pandemic. mike? mike pike good point. benjamin hall live at the state department. many thanks. up next the panel on struggling economy and how it factors into next year's midterm elections. >> everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more and it's worrisome even though wages are going up. we still face challenges and we have to tackle them. we have to tackle them head on. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> it's highly unlikely that it's going to be long term inflation that's going to get out of hand. >> jobs are up, wages are up, savings are up. we got problems, too. many people remain unsettled about the economy and we all know why. they see higher prices. >> half of this infrastructure bill that we passed is actually infrastructure. the other half is for things that they just don't make sense. it's to make sure that we have, i guess, roads that aren't racist. >> what's on people's minds are
3:47 pm
the fact that, again, they may not be able to get the things they need for thanksgiving. if they do, it's going to cost more. if they travel, it's going to cost more. >> mike: if you have been to the grocery store or gas station recently you no doubt are feeling the pain in your wallet. let's put the numbers up on the screen. all items up 6.2%. food up 5.3%. and energy up 30%. let's bring in our panel. former education secretary bill bennett. mara liasson national correspondent and byron york. welcome to all of you. bill, the politics of inflation, lead us off. >> well, they are not good for joe biden. it is at once pathetic and calamitous. there is the midas touch. this is a family show so i won't say what biden's touch turns into. but let's say mud.
3:48 pm
but, whether you are talking about afghanistan or energy or the border or any number of things, it's just been totally incompetent. and the american people, you know, want to know where relief is and he is talking in these abstractions about all these forces allied against him. more sinned against than sinning. he's the guy who is responsible now. he's the guy who is going to bring us together. one last point. this was lunch bucket joe, remember? the guy who connects with people across the kitchen table? he's not connecting with people across the kitchen table or anywhere else. >> mike: so, here in 50/50 split, washington in terms of the united states senate, we're always looking to see what joe manchin is saying about any given issue. let's put this joe manchin tweet up on the screen. he says by all accounts, the threat posed by record inflation to the american people is not transitory and is, instead,
3:49 pm
getting worse. from the grocery store to the gas pump, americans know the inflation tax is real and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel everyday. mara, does that suggest he is not going to go for the next spending package? >> no. we don't know what joe marchen is going to do. look, presidents are responsible for every -- are held responsible for everything that happens in the economy. the good and the bad. high wages, more jobs, but also higher inflation and bottlenecks and people not getting what they want. joe biden didn't create the bottlenecks or inflation and i don't know what any president could do to stop it right now. there is no doubt that he is suffering because of it. there were other things self-inflicted wounds i agree there like afghanistan but not inflation. people are going to hold it against him because is he in power and his party holds all three branches of government. >> mike: americans are worried about trillions more flowing through the economy. your thoughts? >> politics aside, this inflation news today was
3:50 pm
terrible. wiping out all the gain you, the wage gains that people had made over the past year and the problem with the biden administration is they just don't seem to know what to do about it. on the supply chain problem, obviously that's why the president went to the port of baltimore today. they seem to take notice of it once there are a zillion ships idling off the southern california coast and not really before. and on spending, it appears that democrats are devoting all of their time and i mean all of their time trying to figure out a way to make things worse. back in february, just a couple of weeks into the administration, larry summers, the former treasury secretary warned that all the stimulus that was being passed was too big and could lead to inflation. and the biden administration just absolutely discounted what he said, ignored it. now it has turned out to be true. and the president is making a
3:51 pm
really preposterous claim saying we need to spend even more, pass the big bbb bill and that will help bring inflation under control. not inspiring a lot of confidence among voters. >> mike: of course, less than a year from now we will be looking at midterm elections. let's play this clip. >> we need to remember what got us in the white house in the first place. we won in 2020 because y'all but also because we had at that time at the end of the day a unified party. more unified than ever. now as you look to 2022 we have to stay united. >> i think the fall of '22 is likely to be a very good election for republicans. >> are you going to bring president biden in with his policies into your district to defend you? are you going to bring the vice president in terry mcauliffe did and look what happened to him. if they continue to push these policies, it could be one of the biggest election losses for democrats. >> mike: i talked to some folks yesterday who were talking about
3:52 pm
the possibility of a red wave next year. bill, your thoughts? >> well, i mean, he could be going for the record here breaking that 63 number record. who will want joe biden to turn out for them? progressives are mad at him. the moderates are going to have to distance themselves from joe biden. so, you know, i don't see this large or loud call for him to appear in a lot of laces coming up in '22. you know, again, he has lost connection. he has lost connection with his party, which is, of course, at odds. he hasn't brought them together. and he has lost connection with the american people. he just doesn't seem to understand what's going on. >> mike: mara, a year is a long time in american politics. where are we looking at next year's midterms? >> a year is a long time. republicans have three things going for them, history, the out party generally does better in the mid term. >> generally taking over one
3:53 pm
hours or both. they have redistricting going for them. they control more state legislators that drawing the lines that control what districts these representatives run from or in. and the president's approval ratings as everyone here remarks on over and over again are really bad. so for those three reasons, the democrats look like they are facing a huge uphill slog but, yes, a year is a long time. and, you know, talk about who wants joe biden to campaign for them? who-what republicans in swing districts want donald trump to campaign for them. that's another question that republicans are going to have to answer. >> mike: byron a setback for republicans when governor chris sununu said he was not going to run for the senate. obviously team mcconnell not pleased by that your thoughts as we look ahead to next year's midterms? >> well, when republicans express confidence in winning, one of the houses of congress, they are talking about the house. where they came so close, much closer than expected in 2020. as far as the senate is
3:54 pm
concerned, some of them were feeling a little better before this sununu news, which makes it much more difficult. but in the bigger picture, the republican ideas, if they hold one house of congress, then the biden agenda stops cold. and he can only get what he can get done now and if a speaker mccarthy or other republican is sworn n january of 23, that's the end of the biden legislative agenda. >> mike: plus, if you are looking at a republican controlled house and/or senate, you are looking at investigations and that sort of thing digging into afghanistan and plenty of other issues that may bog down the biden presidency. panelists, thanks very much. when we come back, the panelists will brief us on tomorrow's headlines. stay with us. ♪ ♪
3:55 pm
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>> mike: finally tonight a look at headlines with our esteemed panelists marla lead us off. >> different immigration story weaponized by russia national security threat happening in belarus. they are letting migrants come through belarus put them over the border poltd destabilize this is how migrant people are being weaponizedded in the foreign policy dispute. >> mike: all right. bill? >> yeah. joe biden says he is not responsible for the problems. is he not at fault for the problems clear he doesn't have a clue about the problems. >> mike: byron brings us home. >> mine is joe manchin waits for the economy toe make case against democrats giant spending plan. is he obviously nervous about voting for it and with each bit of bad news like today's economic news, inflation news
4:00 pm
the more nervous he genchts all right, panel, thank you very much. honoring the nation's heroes on veterans day i objectflation on your wallet snanks for watching "special report" "fox news primetime" hoferszedded by lawrence jones starts right now. lawrence, take it away. lawrence lawrence thank you, mike. great show. >> lawrence: the country was literally falling apart. most of you were mandated to wear a mask and stay inside. the rioters got away with looting businesses and burning down buildings. curfews were ignored. ing stores major cities boarded up. democrats seeds the moment claimi