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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 10, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> greg: we are out of time, thanks to judge jeanine pirro, susan li, kat timpf, our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with shannon bream's next. i am oprah. love you america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, kyle rittenhouse on trial for killing two people and wounding another amid protests and destruction in kenosha, wisconsin, breaks down on the witness stand as he testifies in his own defense. and we are digging into the hundreds of pages of newly released interview transcript
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coming from the new york attorney general in the trial of the former governor. will not break down what you can expect to pay for everyday items like food and gas but we begin tonight with a dramatic day of testimony and more fireworks in the wisconsin court room with kyle rittenhouse taking the stand in his own defense. senior correspondent mike tobin is on the ground in kenosha. >> mother cried and the court room and kyle rittenhouse insisted he didn't do anything wrong, he didn't use deadly force to protect property, only to defend himself. in his first attempt to explain the encounter that ultimately killed joseph rosenbaum, the now 18-year-old rittenhouse fell apart. >> mr. rosenbaum was now running for my right side and i was cornered in front of me and
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there were -- >> he said rosenbaum longed for him, grabbed his rifle and he fired four times killing rosenbaum, he ran up sheridan road, people in the crowd shouted get him, he was hit in the head, he turned and fired at huber killing him, he shot and wounded but only after he pointed a pistol at him, something he confirmed that his own testimony on monday. and cross-examination, assistant attorney thomas binger attempted to get him to say he intended to kill but he insisted he only defended himself. >> is to rosenbaum was chasing me, i pointed my gun at him and that did not deter him. he could have ran away instead he tried to take my gun for me. he kept chasing me, it didn't stop him. him >> it was a rough day for the prosecution, the judge delivered an admonishment when
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he tried to work in evidence saying he wished he had his ar-15 when he shoot shoplifters. the defense requested a mistrial, the judge that he will take it into consideration. >> shannon: we'll to stay on its. new york attorney general letitia james releasing the transcript of andrew cuomo's deposition as part of a sexual harassment investigation. cuomo defended his behavior throughout the 11 hours of testimony added that he wanted to female staffers to come to his defense publicly, likening it to help president joe biden responded to inappropriate touching allocations to his presidential campaign. telling investigators i thought if they were going to do a response, a response from female staff would've been the best vehicle. tonight a spokesperson calling the attorney general's report politically motivated, james announced her candidacy for governor of new york last month. as president biden hit the road wednesday touting the bipartisan infrastructure bill, more
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ominous economic news landed its bark and get another headache for the administration. jeff paul is taking a look tonight at the latest numbers impacting the white house's efforts to try to savor the win they've got. >> it feels like everything is costing more money, that's because it is. consumer prices rocketed up at the speeds we haven't seen in more than three decades. with his approval ratings hitting new lows, president biden says reversing this trend is a top priority for him. speaking at the port of baltimore on wednesday, president joe biden praised his $1 trillion infrastructure plan. >> i'm here to talk about one of the most pressing economic concerns of the american people and it's real. that is getting prices down, number one. number two, making sure our stores are fully stocked and getting a lot of people back to work. speak of the president his signature legislation could be the fix to those problems, the hope is by spending all of that money it will help improve the
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transportation of goods and supplies from abroad and home, that, the president believes will lower prices, stop widespread shortages and add jobs. >> everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more, and it's worse even though wages are going up. we are still facing challenges and we have to tackle them head on. >> the president's message comes at a critical time. consumer prices have jumped 6.2% compared to one year ago, that's the most since 1990. >> we now need to tackle inflation, supply chains, making sure there are workers available for the jobs that haven't yet been filled, we are making a lot of progress, the economy is much better than it was a year ago but we have a lot of work left to do. >> food prices overall are up around 5% while energy prices soared up to 30% higher, gasoline is up nearly 50% and even the price of used cars has risen by more than 26%. many republicans say spending
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more money isn't the solution. >> the sooner they can run up inflation so that people are begging the government to come do something, the sooner they can make you dependent on government from cradle to grave, daylight to dark, 24/7. >> as more americans dig deeper into their pockets for everyday goods and supplies that at times dwindled due to a massive backlog of ships at ports like in southern california, senators like democrat joe manchin grow weary tweeting "from the grocery store to the gas pump, americans know inflation is real and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel every day. >> everything from propane, heating oil, natural gas, and electricity are all up since last winter. >> shannon: we know a lot of items that would give the grocery store, the drugstore,
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those prices are up too, what can we expect? >> to give you an idea, i feel that my tank in los angeles, i drive a pickup truck. it used to cost me about 50 bucks to do it today, at randy more than $85 and that pain goes beyond the pump. if you are a snack or everything from candy to cookies and crackers up 6 to 7%. if you like to eat meat it's going to cost you more money as well. meat prices in general are up 14.5%. bacon up 20% and fresh fish, seafood prices rising by 11%. milk prices in new york reaching $9 a gallon in some places as popular companies are also announcing price hikes. del mate says bananas, pineapples, fresh cut fruit will start costing more. craft hines says it's blue mac and cheese and varieties of jell-o, we are saying procter & gamble prices are
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going to go up for grooming and skincare products and if you're looking for some furniture like me you go to ikea, it's going to start costing you more to buy that new chair or bed as well. >> shannon: i love that you're driving to pick up around l.a. because we drive on around d.c. too. >> that's one we've always driven, is the most comfortable one to be in. >> shannon: there are still dozens of cargo ships off the southern california coast waiting to deliver their goods. many of those products lead the nation's biggest court by rail. william la jeunesse from a major transfer point near the port of los angeles about efforts to beef up that part of the supply chain hoping to get all of the goods are looking to have for thanksgiving and christmas. >> sheet rock, tile, windows, metal roofing. we have some appliances that are
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normally eight weeks out. >> he lives nowhere near the ports of l.a. and long beach but the logjam means shortages of higher prices in iowa. >> they are passing just about everything on to the end user. >> a month after president joe biden promise to reduce port congestion, today a record number of container ships weight off shore. >> the only way those boxes will get to the heartland in the midwest were the larger markets are, are via train. rail is critical for the supply chain. >> faced with a shortages of trucks and truck drivers, the ports recently joined with union pacific to open a high-speed direct rail link to salt lake city. >> they don't have to stop, they can just go via train. >> each train eliminates 700 trucks clogging america's
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busiest port. >> here's a different type, let's use a different pipe to get things out of the system more effectively. >> port officials say a combination of newly imposed late fees and more trains helped reduce container congestion by 26% over the last two weeks. >> inside these boxes are anything and everything you can imagine, from televisions to washing machines to clothing to cell phones. >> a lot of supply chain problems happen in the first mile at the port and the last mile at the warehouse -- we'll here increasingly they are using rail to get those containers directly off of ships and onto trains. and carson, california, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> shannon: the twin economic crises of inflation and supply-chain crunch show little signs of abating tonight with the adverse impact being felt by americans everywhere from the grocery store to your gas pump. let's bring in freedom works economist steve moore and taxpayers protection alliance policy bp patrick hedger, great to have both of you with
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estimates. "the new york times" running a piece this weekend the same people doing well but they are worried about inflation making them think they are not doing well. americans are flush with cash and jobs, they also think the economy is awful, the reason seem to be tied to the psychology of inflation in the way people assess their economic well-being. and may well be shaped by the psychological scars of the pandemic, one manifestation of this being an arab exhaustion. they say people are in a good financial situation, they don't realize it because they are scared of the prices that are going up and not really seeing a solution to that. >> i disagree with this idea that somehow this is a psychological, it's something that people see every single day whether you go to the grocery store, whether you go see your travel agent, whether you go to the gas pump, everybody is feeling this inflation so it's not something that made up, it's not a transitory it's getting worse.
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the problem for joe biden is he was saying wages are up, why are people feeling so uncomfortable? the answer to that is wages are up by 4% but prices are up about 6.2%. for the is simple. if your cost of living goes up by 6.2%, your paycheck is shrinking. i'm old enough to remember when ronald reagan ran against jimmy carter for president in 1980, the last time we have this kind of inflation. jimmy carter lost in a landslide election to ronald reagan, challenger and inflation was the major factor because people felt it every single day. >> shannon: the late 1970s, the malays, the lines at the gas pumps, there was a lot working against jimmy carter and his attempt to be reelected to another term, the legacy of his presidency. let's talk about this. senator joe manchin is that guy that that the center of everything happening in washington right now, they still
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have this build back a better plan that they got to get done it's going to be a heavy lift. "the wall street journal" editorial board had this tonight, the headline is inflation and building back worse. joe manchin has ample reason to kill spending that is harming workers, we saw senator manchin tweet about this, we know he gets it, this issue of inflation and how people are perceiving it. the article says this inflation surge is all the evidence joe manchin needs to stop his party for building back worse. west virginia warned months ago about inflation and he's been proven right. congress ignores inflation because it doesn't want to admit its policy are the leading cause, kill the bill and rescue the american class. with that argument persuade him? >> it ought to. to back up to steve a little bit, there are problems in the economy, there are constraints in the supply chain that are
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creating inflationary pressures. but there is a psychological component to inflation. when you have the government pursuing policies of big spending, big borrowing and big printing, people begin to expect those things to contribute to inflation and they begin to adjust their behavior accordingly. it's only logical to assume that business owners and entrepreneurs are raising their prices in anticipation of inflation because of the policies being pursued by washington. if i was the biden administration i would be ditching the big tax and spend plan and looking at how we can alleviate constraints in the supply chain right away. >> shannon: ron klain said they are working on it. >> i have no beef with voters who say the recovery is making progress but not far enough along for me yet. that's why we are to stopping work now, that's why we are working hard to move the recovery forward to. >> shannon: give him some credit for acknowledging, these numbers are not great, he's
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saying they still got work to do or know. >> we are in a recovery, no question about it, the economy is performing a lot better than it did in the culvert crisis but the recovery began over a year ago. and we had a very strong growth in the last months of donald trump's presidency and yet we didn't see this kind of inflation problem. i think it's really been fueled by these massive spending bills that biden has passed. we had the $2 trillion spending bill when we already had a trillion dollars left over from the covid relief fund, now we have another trillion dollar infrastructure bill. and they want to now passed another $4 trillion spending bill. if i were in congress right now and advising president biden -- i advise donald trump on the economy -- i would say ditch this plan, the last thing the economy needs right now is massive increases in spending and borrowing. and how was that borrowing financed?
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by printing money. you don't have to be a phd in economics to know the more money to print the more inflation you get. >> shannon: i want to put up examples, beef and electricity, give a final word on where you see this thing going. >> if the biden administration continues to pursue this policy of the build back better agenda you're going to see business owners price that in and you will see inflation because people are expecting it, they've already seen it, they are expecting more of it to come. until you do something about the supply chain issues come until you do something looking at the covid-19 restrictions that are still in place that may be constraining the supply chain but are no longer necessary, you're going to continue to have this problem and this is real inflation up until now we were seeing narrow categories like used cars and fuel contributing most to inflation, we are now seeing widespread price increases. it's not apocalyptic yet but if we don't do something now to alleviate the supply chain, we are going to regret it.
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>> shannon: patrick and steve, thank you both. breaking tonight, a pharmacy in loudoun county, virginia, apparently gave the wrong covid-19 vaccine dosage to more than 100 children prompting the virginia department health officials to send out a warning to families wednesday. they admitted to giving dozens of 5 to 11-year-olds a dose of vaccine meant for people 12 and older. the pharmacy is now prohibited from administering covid-19 vaccine. breaking education news out of fairfax county where a new youth survey reportedly may ask students as young as 12 specific questions about their sex, dating lives and emotions and what is going on in their home lives. correspondent kevin corke is tracking related developments on this heated education debate tonight. >> so much happening as you probably know education was a major focal point in this past election and perhaps it will be again in the midterms workout as
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he just pointed out, the commonwealth of virginia is once again in the spotlight. take you to fairfax county where a student there as young as 12 will be asked about their sex life and more, it's a collaboration between county governments and the public schools. that survey begins by asking kids are they male, female, transgender -- it also asks them about their sexual orientation. in the green mountain state of vermont, headlines being made because the state there is requiring distribution to middle school students in high school students. there is a turning tide as some parents begin to push back across the country. take you to spotsylvania virginia, there the school board has directed the staff to begin removing books that contain explicit material from library shelves and to report on the number of books that have been removed at a special meeting set
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for next week. as you point out over in loudoun county a lot more news being made, parents have gathered enough signatures to recall their school board chair and vice chair. the filing includes allegations that chair brenda sheridan limited the first amendment rights of attendees at school board meetings by shutting down public comment and placing a limit on those who could speak. it also accuses her of mishandling a sexual assault at stonebridge high school. >> when you recall and remove from office it will be much more satisfying. >> i'm going to stand up and do the right thing and hold you accountable and continue to do. >> did you think because the election was behind us, we are going away -- we are still here. >> parents still here and still fighting. fairfax county says it's anonymous and they also say the
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results provide a snapshot of the county's youth and to serve as a barometer of the effectiveness in fostering healthy choices in young people. exit polling you will recall this in virginia said education was a major factor in glenn youngkin's victory and that could prove a template for the rest of the country moving forward. >> shannon: parents are speaking up and getting a lot more information than they had in the past. we have lift off, x launches its mission and is this a real life pokemon or someone having a bad hair day? today's best viral videos are next.
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long-haired deer head chair while bob, i've never heard of one of these before. not to be confused with the cute pokemon creature. after he woke up after a nap with this shocking new hairdo, the owner here could not help but laugh at this hilarious static electricity induced style. he captured the moment. it's so adorable but one of the best things is the owner's laughter too. a massive snowball fight at the university of g9, two teams going head-to-head after classes were canceled due to the extreme blizzard conditions. snow days are the best a little frolicking there, hot cocoa, may be a nice hallmark christmas movie, you got yourself a great day. this might be the cutest thing all day, that's a wrinkled duck joining 30,000 runners who participated in the 50th annual new york city marathon and the best part you can see, there he is rocking some webbed running shoes custom-made of course. we don't have any report on where he finished in the
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rankings. a new addition to the u.s. postal service oakland processing center. a robotic arm is supposed make sorting more efficient, the cost of this invention, an arm and a leg, six $150,000. we hope it works. finally we have liftoff, another picture-perfect launch from nasa's kennedy space center, four astronauts on the falcon nine rocket embarking on a 20 plus hour journey to the international space station. it will include various science experiments, maintaining the iss and it could last up to six months. got a video you want to share with us, hit us up at shannon bream or at "fox news @ night" on social media. speaker of the house nancy pelosi is taking heat in california tonight for going mask lists at a lavish wedding while students in san francisco have to continue to wear masks
9:28 pm
for hours every single day in school. correspondent lauren green is looking into the optics tonight. >> the fight over public schools masks and vaccine mandates has bubbled over into the private realm, house speaker nancy pelosi and other democrats get criticized for attending a wedding where no one wore masks. house speaker nancy pelosi taking heat over photos of her mask lists at the lavish wedding in san francisco of the great-granddaughter of j paul getty, she officiated the civil ceremony at city hall where guests had to show proof of vaccination but in the a-list reception featured in "vogue" magazine moved to the getty mansion, guests included governor gavin newsom, also mask lists among the throng of unmasked guests. they didn't violate any city rules or mandates, one group blasted the display at a time
9:29 pm
when public school children have far more restrictions. >> seeing that party going on was infuriating because not only was nancy pelosi there but governor newsom was there. we've had enough but it clear that they think it's fine for them at this wedding party. it's just time to take masks off. off. >> according to state law, california requires masks for unvaccinated people and recommended for everyone in indoor public places like retail, restaurants, theaters, family entertainment centers, meetings, state and local government offices that serve the public. it's not clear how many people attended the reception, or if guests were required to show proof of vaccination or negative covid tests. however the friction over the wedding comes at a time when california officials are warning residents to prepare for another harsh pandemic winter. >> shannon: lauren green,
9:30 pm
thank you very much. kevin corke is back, we are getting ready to get into the holiday season and one we want to talk about, getting started next week. you have it all centered up. this is the all-american christmas book, sean duffy has put together a collection of super interesting and fun christmas traditions of a lot of people here at fox. dana perino is in there, lawrence jones, i've got a chapter in there and it's fun to read people's recipes and pictures, i love it. >> it's a lot of people you already know and recognize, if you're a fox fan you love, including shannon, you get to know people here a little bit better. for the pictures are wonderful and warm and it's a wide swath of fox talents. you're going to get a little bit from shannon and bret baier and john roberts, then you get some of the other folks a lot of the fox & friends crew. i love this too and i have a
9:31 pm
tradition, i grew up in colorado as you know, the cold weather christmas, s'mores. i must more sky every christmas night, what are we going to do? at 7:00, 8:00, we go in the backyard and do s'mores. >> shannon: i figured out in college you can do them over inside if you have a gas stove, a coat hanger for your marshmallows. hypothetically. >> not that you would know about it. >> shannon: we have fun traditions, now i always think of you. him >> yours is really cool, if you get a chance to buy this book. >> shannon: it's a good gift giving too. and you can check it out. come back for some good news. coming up, the russian national ,the latest to be subpoenaed in
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♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪ >> shannon: a russian national is maintaining his innocence in the face of numerous charges that he lied to the fbi about the infamous steele dossier that fueled the whole trump russia probe. igor danchenko was in court, our correspondent david spunt was there and reports from alexandria, virginia. >> igor danchenko pleading not guilty to five counts of lying to the fbi in federal court this morning. special counsel john durham says danchenko, a russian national living in northern virginia, was the primary source for british spy christopher steele who compiled the widely talked about yet debunked steele dossier, a lengthy file full of accusations about former president donald trump. the indictment alleges danchenko lied to the fbi about working for christopher steele as his primary source of information.
9:38 pm
in a statement to fox news, danchenko's attorney wrote this latest injustice will not stand, we will expose how mr. danchenko has been unfairly maligned by these false allegations. danchenko's trial is tentatively scheduled for april. durum claims danchenko was in touch with someone listed in the indictment as p.r. executive 1, a man named chuck dolan who happens to be a long time confidant of bill and hillary clinton. he has not been charged with a crime and his attorney tells fox news no comment. durum appears to be building a pattern linking clinton contacts to the russia investigation, fox news confirms former clinton aide and current white house national security advisor jake sullivan is the advisor mentioned in the key indictment of another -- also lying to the fbi for failing to disclose his work to the campaign when he delivered information about alleged connections between
9:39 pm
donald trump and the kremlin via a russia bank, that information turned out to be false. according to the indictment another campaign attorney sent information to a foreign policy advisor. concerning the russian bank allegations. there is no indication jake sullivan is a target in the investigation, i reached out to his office for comment but have not heard back yet. >> shannon: david spunt, thank you very much. as we dig deeper into what can be gleaned from these latest developments about what is still to come from special counsel durum's investigation, let's begin former justice department prosecutor. jonathan swan tweeting out the charges are that not only did clinton democrats fund the dossier but a long time was one of the sources for the rumors about trump, it doesn't get much worse. some people say that's an overhyping of where durum has been and where he is going, what do you think? >> that's a spot on two
9:40 pm
indictments together establish not only was the russian dossier full of false information but it was planted by democratic party operatives with the clinton campaign feeding a russian national to give it to christopher steele. there is nobody reliable anywhere in the chain of communications. these indictments are awfully long for false statement charges. i think a 39 page indictment means we can expect more, he's got something up his sleeve in terms of looking at this evidence and holding other people accountable. >> shannon: we were saying last night it's been a long time of silence publicly from the durum investigation. now it seems a lot more activity the past few weeks does it signal to you based on your experience that there is more coming? that there are bigger fish or others who can be indicted? >> isn't it refreshing to have a prosecutor who actually does the job right? they are leaking a bunch of information, not sullying the
9:41 pm
reputation of people, they're actually doing their work in the grand jury and letting the indictments doing the speaking which is what you want from professional prosecutors around the country. it's a really interesting detail about this guy chuck dolan. is referred to in the indictment as describing danchenko as russian intelligence. he said i don't think he's kgb, too young, he's fsp. you have a democratic campaign operative working knowingly with russian intelligence and leader in the indictment really interestingly and quickly, there's a comment that is attributed to what we think is chuck dolan that says he later acknowledged fact x or fact y, it's not attribute it to a time or place, that tells me it might be part of a proffer, tells me dolan may be in fact talking to the government, maybe even cooperating with the government which is a big blow to people of the democratic campaign headquarters. >> shannon: we are going to track that, i want to ask you for a couple comments on the
9:42 pm
rittenhouse trial, couple major developments that happened on the stand. i want to play something from the judge today, bruce schroeder who was really getting into it with the prosecutor. here's a bit of what he had to say. >> i was astonished when you began your examination by common commenting on the postarrest silence, its basic law this country for 40 years, 50 years, i have no idea why you would do something like that and it gives, i will leave it at that. i don't know what you're up to. don't get brazen with me, you know very well of an attorney can't go into these types of areas when the judge has already ruled without asking outside the presence of the jury to do so. don't give me that. >> shannon: i got the say of a judge ever talk to me that way and the court room i would've been shaking of my stilettos sure. >> i was going to say me too but that sounds a little strange.
9:43 pm
the bottom line is, this prosecutor has a credibility problem. the judge is clearly not trusting in his word, that's what you want as a prosecutor, comfort in front of the court, that is lacking here. when you talk about a fifth amendment violation, i will make this production now. judges don't like to take over a trial, they don't want to be the ones that dismiss the case of the end of the evidence, but he's got a miss trial in his hip pocket with that fifth amendment violation. i think this judge might say i'm going to see what the jury doesn't if they acquit him of the serious charges which is a real possibility here, he doesn't have to act on its. if they don't, if, for some reason, the jury gets hung up on a manslaughter charge, he can say i'll wait for that motion for a new trial based on the fifth amendment violation and i'll grant it. it will be interesting to see what he does in the coming days but i think he's got a
9:44 pm
reversible error in his pocket at the government's expense and he might play that card if he has to. >> shannon: he was definitely fired up today and more than once. thank you so much for being with us. a crew member on the film rust has filed a lawsuit against other members of the crew and producers including alec baldwin in the death of hutchins. he said the bullets that killed hutchins narrowly missed him and his attorney is placing the blame on baldwin. >> alec baldwin was suited for punitive damages because when a real gun was given to him on the set, he assumed it was safe. he took a gun, loaded with a bullet, pointed it at human beings and pulled the trigger and shot the bullet that killed people and seriously injured others. that conduct is reckless.
9:45 pm
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist,
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and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> shannon: it is officially
9:50 pm
veterans day at this hour here on the east coast. tonight we want to enlighten ourselves and enlighten our viewers about a couple of the many exceptional organizations supporting our service events, let's bring in executive director of roll call, retired air force lieutenant colonel greg williams. such an honor to have you both with us. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: you guys are doing important things to help veterans. i know you have a big focus on veteran suicide and so many veterans organizations do. we have some stats from the national veteran suicide prevention annual, it accounts for 6,261 suicides in 2019 which accounts for 13.7 suicides in 2019, can you tell us how we can possibly make things better for the men and women who have served us and to still bear burdens even if we cannot physically see them?
9:51 pm
>> absolutely. i'm in dallas this week posting a reunion for a few of the afghanistan veterans i served with a year ago. i would say that's the first thing, engage with your veterans friends, ask tough questions of it calls for it and be there for them. suicide has a lot of different inputs, it can be financial, relationships, it can be any number of things. one of the things mission roll call does, we have a team of caseworkers we can refer veterans to, to help out with any problem even if they are not in crisis but we do encourage veterans in crisis to utilize the veteran crisis line to get that acute help. one of the other things we do is we take the stories from these veterans who we talk to and we help and we tell their stories to members of congress. there's only 17% of members of congress that have military
9:52 pm
experience today. less than 1% of the united states population had served on active duty at any given time. 80% of those have had an immediate family member who have served. the american public and congress is frankly more disconnected than ever from the reality of sacrifice that members of the military have had to deal with. we try to do those two things, help them in a very real way but then we also tell their stories to people who may not understand these issues. and try to explain them in a very real way. >> shannon: especially if people are setting policy they need to know and have a personal connection to know what our vets have gone through. you guys have something special called make camo your cause, you are focused on homelessness for veterans. i think it shocks any american to think our veterans would be suffering in that way, tell us about what you are working on.
9:53 pm
>> that is correct, u.s. vets as an organization, our mission is to end veteran homelessness, we are the largest with boots on the ground to combat the epidemic of veteran homelessness. as an organization we provide housing and mental health, we spammed it from here in hawaii all the way to washington, d.c., where we have a site. we are hoping we will take that veteran from wherever they are at and get them into housing environment. we understand until they have a roof over their head it's hard for us to work on any other issue they might be facing. >> shannon: it gives them great dignity to have a home, a place for roots, i want to make sure we get information out for both of you. mission roll
9:54 pm
kyle and greg, cole and greg you guys are doing amazing things have made to always be reminded people there are tens of thousands of veterans out there who struggle with real things every day, we can help getting involved donating to these groups and it's the least we can possibly do to help folks like you, thank you so much to both of you for that service and what you are doing now to serve other veterans as well. bless you guys. >> shannon: fox news is teaming up with the organizations to bring awareness to this issue of veteran homelessness. as you heard this nonprofit provides housing, counseling and career services, they have the launch of this campaign make camo your cause. it's become an official symbol to honor our men and women in uniform since 1969, this group has helped thousands of veterans get back on their feet and looking to make a difference and many more lives. check out their website, you can purchase camo merchandise and
9:55 pm
you can donate money to help support the cause. your camo hat, your sweater, whatever you got, use it as a way to be saluting your military. >> make a difference, 38,000 veterans experience homelessness, you can make a difference, do so. >> shannon: maybe we'll where camo tomorrow for the show. tune in tomorrow to find out, that's it from washington, i'm shannon bream.
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