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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 10, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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incite the mob. his lawyers say his remorse is sincere and his history of mental illness and in solitary confinement and asking for leniency. >> tucker: completely a guyy shoots up with a school n fort worth gets out in one day. back tomorrow. i the great sean hannity takes over new. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a fox news alert. day 88 sincee joe biden abandond our fellow americans and green card holders and siv applicants in afghanistan and the pentagon admitted biden abandoned family members of u.s. troops. there are still hundreds of americans trapped and abandoned by joe biden. he doesn't care. he turned page. his words not mine. it's repulsive and unforgivabler
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we won't stop covering it. another crisis for joe biden. the economy is in worse shape than we thought. inflation not this bad in 3 decades and stagflation is heading our way. also kamala harris in france making a fool out of herself. the biden administration humiliating thee united states n the world stage. her strange, weird cringe worthy attempt at a french accent. first tonight if kenosha, in wisconsin for tonight's top story.. day seven of the kyle rittenhouse murder trial is in the books.
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the prosecution's case continues to crumble. according to video evidence and eyewitness accounts, rittenhouse shot three individuals, killing two who were attacking him during the 2020 riots in kenosha. the prosecution is attempting ti convict rittenhouse on first degree homicide charges. rittenhouse claiming self-defense and today the 18-year-old took to the stand for hours and became emotional recounting that horrific night. take a look. >> i was cornered in front of me with mr. ziminski. there were -- [voice breaking]. [sobbing]. there were people -- [voice breaking]. [sobbing]. [voice breaking]. [sobbing].
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>> we will take a break. >> sean: the judge took a 10 minute break. like any defendant we uphold the presumption of innocence. yesterday the prosecution's star witness was obliterating the prosecution's own casee under cross-examination admitting that he pointed a gun at kyle rittenhouse before rittenhouse fired a shot. their star witness admitted he pointed a loaded gun at him. take a look. >> that looks like my stuff yes. l >> you are pointing your gun directly at him? >> yes.
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>> so when you were standing 3 to 5 feet if him with your arms up in the air, he never fired right? >> correct. >> it wasn't until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him with your gun pointed at him that he fired, right? >> correct. >> sean: look at your screen. according to wisconsin state law an individual may use force if he or she believes that such forces necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself. take a look at this timeline that was put togethers by rittenhouse's former attorney. >> rittenhouse is running to the flashing lights of the police vehicle. the armed mob is chasing at him. >> that boy just shot a man.
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>> they call for someone to take rittenhouse out with a head shot. >> what are you doing? you shot somebody? >> an unidentified protestors strikes rittenhouse in the heade knocking his hat off. rittenhouse trips and falls to the ground. another protestor attempts to jump on rittenhouse who fires two shots into the air. a third protestor thinks he is surrendering and advances have a handgun aimed at rittenhouse. a single shot strikes the man. >> sean: the prosecution's case seems week and the judge just ripped and slammed the prosecution over what he described as unethical legal tactics. watch this.
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>> i was astonished when you committed on the defendant's post-arrest silence. that's been basic law in this country for 40 or 50 years. i have no idea why you did that. you were over the line on commenting on thee defendant's pre-trial silence which is a well known rule. i am astonished that would have been an issue. i don't want another issue. is that clear? >> it is. this is my good faith exclamation to you. if you want to yell at me you can. you left the door open a little bit. we have something new and i was going to probe it. >> i don't believe you. >> sean: the defense requested a mistrail with prejudices which is under consideration by the judge. the media mob and top democrats
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all rushed to judgment. vilified rittenhouse and painted him as the poster child for white supremacy. one judge accused a person of bias and be removed. the democrats prefer mob rule based on their own politics and beliefs. one question remains. will kyle rittenhouse be acquitted? with analysis with the author of the book the case for vaccine mandates and fox news legal analyst. let me read from the judge. we went over the devastating testimony of the star witness of the prosecution yesterday admitting he pointed a loaded gun at a kyle rittenhouse before kyle shot him.
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the circuit court judge said this is a grave constitutional violation to talk about the defendant's silence. you are on the border line and might be over it. it better stop. i was astonished by your commenting on the post-arrest silence. it's been basic law for years. i have no idea why you would do something like that and said don't get brazen with me. you knew attorneys can't go into these areas when the judge already ruled without asking outside of the presence of the jury to dohe so. wow! that's as severe a beat down as i have seen in a courtroom. >> yes, it is. i have been a lawyer for more than 40 years. i have seen a lot of tongue lashings and angry judges. this was right up there. justifiably so.
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the judge was angry that the prosecutor had violated two cherished constitutional rights. the right to remain silent and the right to face your accusers. the prosecutor suggested that the defendantr did something nefarious. that's fundamentally wrong and the prosecutor violated a specific order pre-trial by the judge: you may not talk about any comments the defendant made to the gun to a friend. the prosecutor broached that subject. the defense moved for a mistrial. if this judge decides that the prosecutor was trying to cause a mistrial. the judge can dismiss the case with prejudice and no retrial.
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>> sean: wow! professor, i want to ask about that part of this. couple that also we have the devastating testimony, the admission of the star witness of the prosecution admitting he pointed a loaded gun at kyle rittenhouse. we have this tape which i will run again right now. you can see kyle rittenhouse being chased. he gets attacked. you see then he is on the ground. you see a foot, somebody about to stomp on his face. that's when the other shots were fired. what do you make of that videotape? >> well, let me tell you what is really going on here: the prosecutor wants a mistrial. he wants a mistrial without prejudice because he doesn't think the trial is going his the judge doesn't want to declare a mistrial. [muffled audio]. he wants the jury to acquit. what the judge is angry at is that the prosecutor is trying to put him in the position of creating a mistrial.
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the prosecutor says it's the judge's fault and not my fault. i have seen this practice by prosecutors before. that's why theor judge has the power to dismiss the case with prejudices. they don't want to do that. they want to have the jury acquit.. this is a worse ethical violation than what the judge said. the judge doesn't want to say oh you want a mistrial but that's what is going on. >> sean: it'ss painful. it looked to me -- i am not a doctor -- but it looked like kyle was having a break down a panic attack. the judge called for a recess. how do you think a jury interprets that moment? >> if it's candid and sincere and credible and believable. >> sean: it looked credible to
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me. did you c think it was credible? >> absolutely. it's very powerful. his words and emotions match his defense of self-defense. he was in reasonable fear of serious bodily injury or death making it a justifiable homicide or self-defense. it's a risk when you put the accused on the witness stand. he can get beat up on cross-examination but held up well today. on direct examination he told this vivid chilling story of being chased down by a violent angry mob and hit and kicked in the head and rocks thrown at him. >> sean: you have video and eyewitness testimony that corroborates that. professor, what are your thoughts?
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what did you think of the moment when kyle broke down today? >> it seemed very authentic to me. normally you don't put a defendant on the witness stand in a murder case. you bring out all of his prior arrests. but he has a clean background distinguished from some of the other people on the other side. a situation where when you are pleading self-defense like this, you have to testify. you have to persuade the jury the judge say the burden of proof is on the prosecution. he was afraid he might get killed. >> sean: did the video prove that to you? >> i would say the video inclines. it proves in the one case. in the case of the guy who was
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wounded. it doesn't prove it in the case of rosenbaum and the other guy who were killed. that's why you need the testimony. if the video proved all three shootings were in self-defense -- >> sean: he was under fire. thank you both, we appreciate. we will turn to something i would rather not have to report. i love this country. i that want country to be in 1 in all things. i want every american to be successful and free and safe and secure no matter who the president is. our country is in economic turmoil and getting far worse with each passing day. all because joe biden and his radicalized new green new deal policies are destroying this nation. he promised to be a unifier.
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instead he bowed at the altar of green new deal socialism and that's where he is today. poor and middle-class families are suffering from his policy. he is restricting local gas production. everything you buy is sky rocketing. he is pushing through trillion dollars in new spending. that increases inflation. that means your dollar doesn't go as far. the inflation is now at a 3 decade high. gas up 50%. meat up 12%. a steak is 25% higher. transportation costs are up 20%. everything that you buy from every store you go to, every service provided to you is now more expensive. joe biden doesn't care that
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everything is more expensive. doesn't care your quality of life is diminishing daily. doesn't care the money in your bank account is worth less. the opinion of his wealthy green new deal visionaries are more important. take a look. >> guess what? that's in the recovery act. that's in the build backck bettr bill which won't raise taxes one single cent. it's totally paid for. you hear about the supply chain in the news. more products are being delivered than ever before. there is higher demand for goods at the same time we are facing disruptions in the supplies to make those goods. it's a recipe for delays and higher prices. people are feeling it.
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>> sean: yes, we have been sounding the alarm about rising gas prices since joe biden's first week in office when he redistricted domestic production of oil and gas. we gave up energy independence. then nominated this woman to the treasury department. take a look.en >> i am thinking about the coal and oil and gas industry. a lot of the smaller players will probably go bankrupt. we want them to go bankrupt to tackle climate change. >> sean: she wants to bankrupt the energy industry. hopefully she won't be confirmed. joe manchin, i don't think this helps west virginia.
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even biden himself stated that he was comfortable sacrificing high paying jobs in the energy sector in order to enact his radical green new deal agenda and talked about putting ceo's of energy companies in jail. >> would you sacrifice that growth knowing it could display blue collar workers to transition to the greener economy? >> the answer is yes. >> [muffled audio]. >> we are all dead. holding them liable for what they have done. in those cases where the under-served neighborhood. you know the deal.l. if they don't deliver, put them in jail. i am not joking.
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>> sean: if you lost your high paying career job in the energy sector, joe biden's message is drop dead. biden sacrificed high paying jobs. gas prices are spiking. it's hurting the poor and the middle-class. he prioritized his radical views over the poor and middle-class being crushed by the high energy prices he created and is responsible for on top of e the inflation he created.s biden is begging opec and russia to pump more oil. they keep rejecting him and raising prices. instead of going back to the successful energy policies of donald trump. gas was under $2 with donald trump.f all joe needs to do is ask d texas, alaska, oklahoma, north dakota and he would not have to beg and americans would get their jobs back. the ones he said drop dead to. joe's energy secretary thinks that's funny as you saw.
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>> what is the plan to increase oil production in america? >> [laughing]. that is hilarious. would that i had the magic wand on this. oil is a global market. it is controlled by a cartel. that cartel is called opec. they made the decision yesterday they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning. >> sean: oil and gas is a global market. that's true.. under trump it wasn't controlled by the cartel opec. america was energy independent. we didn't take a single barrel from saudi arabia when donald trump left the presidency. we exported oil and gas. now america is in a position of weakness and begging opec to produce more oil. larry kudlow is with us. the idea of laughing about increasing production and the
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idea that joe wants to put energy executives in jail and willing to get rid of high paying career jobs in the energy sector in the name of bowing at the altar of climate change explains the position we are? >> this is nutty stuff. responsible economists know how nutty this is. you have leading democratic economists opposing this plan. in that clip about his town hall a couple of years ago, he is willing to sacrifice growth and jobs for some religious idealogy called climate change which is unproven. it won't damage the economy. we can work it through with lower regulations and better improvements like we did with fracking and natural gas.
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they don't care about jobs or prosperity. what you need to do is simple. first we need more energy not less. all of the above including fossil fuel.l an end to fossil fuels in 10 years would destroy this economy. >> sean: inflation surging, a 31 year high. consumer prices explode to a 30 year high. larry, the t people that are getting hurt are the poor and the middle-class inin this country. i don't see a way out? >> there is a way out. >> sean: bring back donald trump. >> that's not a bad idea. bring back the national economic council.
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manchin had it right today. stop they. federal spending whih is inflationary. i will only add to that, the federal reserve should stop printing free money. end this bill, kill this bill which will raise inflation and increase the inflation tax on the middle income people. this stuff can be dealt with. he went off on this far left tangent and will do great harm to america if the bill goes through. >> sean: you will never see a bill clinton moment, the error of big government is over with this radicalized democratic socialist party.y. that's bad news for the country. 10 seconds. >> we have to whoop it.
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save america and kill the bill. stop the spending and the money and we need more energy. >> sean: straight ahead the biden administration continues to embarrass thehe u.s. on the world stage. you won't believe what kamala harris did yesterday in france. former secretary of state mike pompeo and ron desantis straight ahead.
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>> sean: the biden administration is embarrassing america on the world stage after relations with france deteriorated following a botched submarine deal in september. vice-president kamala harris thought she couldld smooth thins over with a fake accent. take a look. >> we campaign with these
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[inaudible]. the first time we roll it out there may be glitches. time to reevaluate and do it again. >> sean: it's hard to pick what is worse. china mocking biden saying they will take over taiwan. putin building up troops on the ukraine border and getting a waiver for joe to build the pipeline and joe is begging opec to produce more oil and being rejected. the biden administration is downplaying our most serious threats including china and continue to talk t nonstop about climate change including blaming our own military for being a polluter.
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you can't make this over. >> speaker pelosi, the pentagon is a larger polluter than 140 countries. >> we recognize that as well. >> the climate or china? the second talked about the climate as a national security threat and it is not just toal e united states but all over the world. china is the number 1 challenge for the department. both are equally important. >> the communist chinese are building missiles to launch nukes with the climate in mind. those bizarre remarks come as threats again america are increasing. china has zero respect for joe biden. iran is hell bent on getting nuclear weapons. the biden administration is
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accepting that and a new terror safe haven in afghanistan. and biden continues to leave the border wide open. here is fox news contributor and former secretary of state mike pompeo. we are talking about climate change as it relates to the military weapons and the communist chinese are mocking joe biden. threatening to take over taiwan. flying over their air space and firing off hypersonic missiles. what is wrong with that, mr. secretary?yp >> boy, where to begin? the clip from vice-president harris is more than embarrassing on the world stage. our adversaries watch that and see weakness and people who are not serious. the opposite when was we did for 4 years. if feels like the carter administration. they view america as a danger to the world and apologize everywhere they go.
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the russians and the chinese and the north korea and iranians. they can see we are focussed on diversity inclusion in the military and trying to flight our jet with green energy. they are focussed on how to build a military that can undo our republic. we need an administration that puts america first and not last as they seem to have done. prioritizing climate change is america's most significant national security threat is an enormous mistake. >> sean: they see joe biden as a cognitive mess and i am convinced that the vladimir putin wants to make his way into the ukraine. right or wrong? >> they are increasing the risk. it's more likely today than 10
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months ago. there will be an olympic in beijing in a couple of months in february. following that ping will be at the international pinnacle. no reason that putting taiwan back under the chinese is something he wants. president biden watched us leave americans behind in afghanistan. the chinese see america as a nation in decline without serious leaders. i think the risks not only that china will act but that russia will movect on ukraine or elsewhere. r we saw what they did to the colonial pipeline in the united states of america. what cost did we put on them isn't answer is zero. we need to re-establish the deterrents we had in the 4 years of our administration. >> sean: do you believe the biden administration based on
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the words of their iranian envoy are accepting the idea of a nuclear armed iran? >> yes, i think the iranians are resolved to build-up their comfort with a weapons program and don't see this administration doing things to prevent them from doing this. this president criticized us when we put real sanctions on the ayatollah and his henchmen so they could not conduct terror campaigns around the world. iran sees weakness and frailness and are prepared to drive a truck through that. >> sean: scary. we appreciate you being with us. when we come back, governor ron desantis of florida is promising
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to push back against biden's radical agenda. the latest in the fight against covid mandates and the immigration in florida and much more straight ahead. these folks don't have time to go to the post office they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> sean: florida governor ron desantis continues to be a beacon of hope for the >> sean: florida governor ron desantis continues to be a beacon of hope for the rest of the nation standing up against covid mandates. ron desantis is pushing the life saving monoclonal antibodies to keep residents safe and sure with the breakthrough cases with delta variants and florida has the lowest covid rates.
11:40 pm
the upcoming special legislative session will focus on stopping vaccine mandates for businesses and strengthening the state's parent bill of rights to stop mask and vaccine mandates for students. governor ron desantis had a meeting with the president of the popular west coast burger chain, in andge out burger following their push back against the san francisco vaccine mandate policy. it's not their job. are animal style french fries coming to florida? here to answer that is florida governor ron desantis. in-n out pushes it over the top.
11:41 pm
>> if we got it and you didn't come, i would never let you live that down. >> sean: i would be there. >> we are a great place. it was an interesting conversation. i appreciate what they are doing in the stance they are taking. it's a great company. i am a big fan of their burgers as well. we are leading the fight for freedom in this country. we will have a special session next week. we will do a number of things. one, no floridian can be firedgs over the jabs. we are providing protection. we are going to ban any time of mandates for vaccines for school children. that's a parent's decision and fighting against biden's unconstitutional osha rule?
11:42 pm
we are fighting him on all fronts. >> sean: with the delta variant came the breakthrough cases fully vaccinated contracting covid. you sprung into action. it was a brilliant idea. you set up these monoclonal antibodies centers in florida even to protect the elderly population. something wete didn't expect. and joe biden only mentioned it once. and said even though we don't haveve a shortage of it. you would have to use florida tax dollars to get your own monoclonal antibodies. why he do that when we didn't need to ration anything? >> it's pure politics. he likes to attack florida. and part of it is people in his administration have not talked about this at all. they think if people know there
11:43 pm
is a treatment, it may mean some people won't get vaccines. as we know, sean, the majority of the people getting the treatments in florida are vaccinated and they still get infected. it affects elderly people in florida. having this treatment is the right thing to do. i hope the northern states as it is rising in the north and will throughout the winter, i hope they will use it. it's not political. people attacked me for doing it. i go out in florida and someone comes up to me every time saying they took it and they would have gone to the hospital and maybe it. had they not done >> sean: you talked about what is happening across y the count. joe biden is not enforcing the immigration law and offering preferential treatment to t illegal immigrants. no covid testing and no vaccine
11:44 pm
and 70 flights into your state of florida. my question is -- i had a call into my radio show: is there anything legally you can do once joe biden allows the law to be broken and disperses without the permission of any state illegal immigrants into your state? >> well, there are a couple of issues. the courts have said immigration is a federall responsibility. the states can't undercut the feds. i don't know if that's right or i don't think. if it's a federal responsibility what happens when the federal government defaults? are they saying the states have no ability to protect themselves? we will challenge some of those. we are working to see how we can deal with these folks. they don't tell us when flights are coming in. at 2 a.m. there was a tragic situation.
11:45 pm
one of the illegals that biden flew in committed a murder in florida. this is really serious stuff. we are looking at ways to protect the state. we are looking at ways to hold contractors accountable who are the instruments of what biden's lawlessness is bringing. you won't have privileges in the state of florida. we are looking at every option. >> sean: 30 seconds left. explain this special session and parents bill of rights that you are strengthening. >> we want people to have their jobs. we don't think they should get kicked out based on vaccinene mandates. we are providing protection for ever worker if florida, private and public sector.
11:46 pm
in terms of parents rights. we are strengthening the prohibition on forcing covid vaccines on school children. that's the parent's decision and masking school children is a parent's decision. it can't be forced. that's what most of florida is doing anyway. this will make it 100%. >> sean: i want you to put in a good word for me. i would like to own in-n-out franchises. say sean hannity is not a bad guy. don't believe the stuff you read about him. >> if that's what it takes to get it to florida i will do it. >> sean: the double-doublel animal style with onions. it's the best burger you have ever had. if you get that in florida, it's a game changer. that pushes me right over the top and out of new york. great to talk to you. thank you.
11:47 pm
straight ahead jimmy kimmel said racism is to blame for kamala harris's dismal approval ratings. i don't think so. we will talk to newt gingrich next. >> sean: know unfunny jimm
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>> sean: know unfunny jimmy kimmel at this again tonight working overtime to play defense for the failing biden/harris administration claiming the vice-president's awful approval rating is not because of bad policy. no, it's racism and sexism. take a look. >> kamala harris has an approval rate of 28% which makes no sense. she has nothing to do. >> [laughing]. >> it's like criticizing a back up quarterback.
11:52 pm
did you know why her ratings are slow because of racism and sexism? when she is next to joe, she looks like an assassin. >> [laughing]. >> right. l >> sean: inflation is not the result of racism nor is surrendering to the taliban or opening up the border and not enforcing the law or any of the other biden administration failures this book is phenomenal. what do we do beyond biden? former speak of the house and fox news contributor newt gingrich. congrats on the book. two, it seems like hating trump which terry mcauliffe mentioned him more than anybody. anding republicans racist sexist and xenophobic. the playbook is not working.
11:53 pm
>> it's never going to work. we are seeing what ted cruz called a combination of jimmy carter's incompetence with mcgovern's radicalism.ed trying to describe kamala harris without mentioning her laugh you miss the point. allen works as a pull together the 2 laughs tonight. we will release it tomorrow. we will give you kamala harris and then you gran holmes. he is laughing because somebody says what is your plan to lower the price of gasoline.
11:54 pm
the left wants really highol prices. gran can't say what she will do except may might close the pipeline in michigan which brings in oil from canada. it would be madness. >> sean: let me ask you this -- >> kamala harris didn't know anything. doesn't do anything. has a terrible laugh. and is as inauthentic. when she did the nasa children should love space and the children were paid actors. >> sean: that was a pretty bad moment. my question -- >> if you can't do a freebie with little kids about space go back to california.
11:55 pm
>> sean: joe's only way out of the problems is to go back to the trump era policies. that's not going to happen. bill clinton said the era of big government is over and the end of welfare. you have 25 seconds. >> well, the weirdest moment was sitting behind clinton at the state of the union when he said the era of big government is over. you have to stand and applauds. in biden's case it would not matter and it would have no effect on policy. >> sean: that means it'ser destined to fail. it's failing and it's only 10 months in. return to the trump policies and be successful.rn newt gingrich's new book in book stores everywhere.
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>> sean: the amazing thing is your president would bow before the altar of climate change and support higher gas prices and the energy secretary laughs at the idea they will do anything about it. the people hurt the most are poor and middle-class. that's your modern socialist party. let not your heart be troubled. there she is. hi. >> laura: that's our economic growth. zero! >> sean: you're absolutely right. it looks like a gift to give dana perino for her new puppy. >> laura: this is my hand therapy for my thumb. i hurt my thump. >> sean: are you going to show the operation on tv? >> laura: no, i