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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 11, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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completely comfortable being open about it. "the new york post" has an amazing commemorative cover, vincent van gogh. vincent van gogh. ♪ born in the usa. ♪ i was born in the usa. ♪ born in the usa. carley: it is thursday, november 11th. a very happy veterans day to all the men and women who served our country. you are watching "fox & friends first." i'm carley shimkus. todd: i'm todd piro. fox news teamed up with u.s. mets for a make camo your cause
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to help end veteran homelessness in the u.s. help bishoping or donating -- by shopping or donating. carley: it is such a great cause. please participate in that wonderful cause. i'm live inside the industrial fire house for the toledo refining company as some fear the biden administration could halt another u.s. pipeline amid a global energy crisis. i'll be speaking with he local leaders on the ground here about what exactly that could mean for the region and the country as a whole. alex hogan has more on the painful spike in energy prices hitting highs not seen in more than a decade. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carley and todd. diplomatic talks are still well underway in scotland at cop 26 as many of the leaders then return home to their home countries, trying to implement some of these changes but back on u.s. soil, there is a lot of pushback especially when it comes to what these changes
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could mean for already skyrocketing prices. take a look at this full screen that we have of what some of these prices could look like with gasoline already up 49%, natural gas up 28 and electricity prices up 6%. critics are sounding off about this to the white house. >> we were a net exporter of energy in january and joe biden has shut all of this done. it shows you how intentional the biden administration is in pushing this socialist agenda. >> reporter: critics are also slamming biden's comptroller of the currency nominee for past statements about the coal oil and gas industry as a whole. take a listen to this. >> and what i'm thinking about is primarily coal industry and oil and gas industry, a lot of the smaller players in the
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industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order, as least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change. >> reporter: at cop 26 yesterday in a somewhat surprising announcement, china and the u.s. vowing to work together to radio dues methane -- reduce methane emissions and limit their hand in deforestation. >> we will work together to limit me contain. methane. methane emissions, a greenhouse gas up to 80 times more destructive, more potent than c o2. >> reporter: this partnership could have a sizable impact a because the u.s. and china are the leading contributors to greenhouse gases in the world. todd, carley. todd: alex, thank you. carley: the inflation crisis is
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t hitting hardest here in america's heartland. todd: this as joe manchin is considering delaying the president's spending plans. griff jenkins joins us with more. >> reporter: i've got bad news, high prices are here to stay, contrary to the administration's claims that the spike in inflation was, quote, transitory. october consumer prices are up 6.2% from last year and almost a full point from september. now, take a look at this map. you can see americans getting hit hardest if the heartland. almost 8% in atlanta to 7.5% in st. louis to over 7% in phoenix. this as president biden tried calming fears from the port of baltimore yesterday, promising to break the supply chain logjam. >> you hear a lot about the supply chains in the news. but, frankly, not a lot of people have a clear understanding whether they have
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a phd or they didn't go to school about how a supply chain works. >> reporter: now, look at the prices that are skyrocketing, from fuel to food, ahead of the holidays, the numbers just startling. that makes some in the president's own party uneasy abouts passing more legislation. senator joe manchin tweeting this, by all accounts the threat posed by record inflation to the american people is not transitory and is instead getting worse. americans know the inflation taxis real and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel every day. as you might imagine, republicans across the board are opposed to any more legislation, that build back better. the real question is when will prices come down. jerome powell warns it could be well into next summer. the president is set to sign the $1 trillion infrastructure bill on monday. todd and carley.
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carley: all right. griff jenkins live for us, thank you. todd: congressman byron donald says joe biden is directly responsible for the extreme disruption to our supply chain. listen. >> our supply chain is broken because of his wreckless economic policy and bad environmental and labor policy in the state of california. that's what happened to our country. what we have to have is simple and sane economic policies that get people to work so our country can thrive and prosper. we all work together in this economy. it's not one versus the other, no matter what joe biden and bernie sanders want to tell you. todd: the biden administration will have to depend on whistleblowers to report on private companies who violate the vaccine mandate. osha's chief said there aren't enough inspectors for the operation. companies could be fined 13,000 bucks for each violation. all this as a group of 10 unions along with a small business
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nonprofit are suing the president over his vaccine mandate. they call it a, quote, clear administrative overreach and claim the proper procedure was not followed. the administration claims it was an emergency rule so it didn't have to follow usual standards. carley: over 100 children in virginia were given an adult size dose of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine by a pharmacy. the virginia department of health confirming ted pharmacy in louden county gave the incorrect dose to those children, all between ages 5 and 11. the vaccine meant for children under 11 is just one-third the size of the adult dose. the cdc does recommend the young children who received the adult dose get a second dose in three weeks. todd: the white house remains silent after jake sullivan was named in the indictment in the
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durham probe. it is the first direct link we're seeing between the investigation of the the rush p, as sullivan could face ethics violations. his wife serves as counsel to attorney general merrick garland who is responsible for overseeing john durham's probe. former new york governor andrew cuomo admitted he wanted female staffers to defend him amid his harassment allegations. in a transcript of a lengthy interview, he claimed it was a similar strategy president biden used against allegations during his 2020 election. he said, quote, i thought if we were going to do a response, a response from female staff would have been the best vehicle, ala joe biden. he also suggested women sign an
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open letter attacking his first attacker. carley: carl rittenhouse's attorney is asking for a mistrial. todd: rittenhouse breaks down in tears on the stand, quite a moment yesterday. >> reporter: rittenhouse asked for a mistrial over the line of questioning directed over him. the lead prosecutor was re-pri reprimanded after bringing in barred tiktok video. the judge snapping at the prosecutor. listen. >> don't get brazen with me. you know very well that an attorney can't go into these types of areas when the judge has already ruled, without asking outside the presence of the jury to do so. so don't give me that. >> reporter: rittenhouse taking the stand to make his case for self-defense, saying he didn't go to kenosha for trouble and would not have shot joseph rosenbaum if he hadn't tried to
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take his gun. >> mr. rosenbaum was chasing me. i pointed my gun at him and that did not deter him. he could have run away instead of trying to take my gun from me. but he kept chasing me and it didn't stop him. >> mr. rittenhouse, you're telling us that you felt like you were about to die, right? >> yes. >> reporter: at one point while on the stand rittenhouse broke down tears, describing threats against his life. >> i was cornered from in front of me and there were -- [crying [. >> reporter: a spokesperson for rittenhouse saying the charges should have never been brought up. >> it is clear that this district attorney's office should have never brought charges. i mean, they did without any meaningful investigation. i think what the nation has learned was the state still
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doesn't know what version of events they want to go with. >> reporter: and as far as the mistrial is concerned, the judge said he would consider it. back to you guys. carley: okay. ashley strohmier live for us. thank you. todd: the tomb of the unknown soldier is marking veterans day by opening to the public for the first time in nearly 100 years. visitors taking part in flower ceremonies tuesday and wednesday. today, the public will be able to take part in a full honors procession invoking the funeral of the first soldier buried at the site 100 years ago. the tomb stands as anen during memorial to -- enduring memorial to the courage of countless men and women. carley: and the time is now 12 minutes after the hour. and a big show still ahead. cory mills, jimmy falla, will cane and brian brenberg all coming up live. todd: as we celebrate this veterans day we are sharing your
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photos. these were sent to us by viewer linda mcmurray. on the left her husband, a vietnam veteran and on the right her father, a world war ii veteran. and this is my grandpa, george, pop pop as we called him, fought in world war ii. a lot of people say he looks a little like me. i think that's the highest honor anyone can given me. he was a great man. miss him every day. happy veterans day to all your relatives and those who served and thank you for your service. ♪
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learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. todd: welcome back. kyle rittenhouse breaking down in tear as he takes the stand in his own murder trial. he said he was acting in self-defense when he killed two men and injured another in kenosha, wisconsin during last summer's riots. here to react army combat veteran and u.s. congressional candidate cory mills. great to see you as always. what were your main take aways from what you saw yesterday. >> the first thing is that i saw that kyle rittenhouse was exceptionally emotional when it came to this, this demonstrates very clearly this is not something he wished to occur. my bigger concern is, is that
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when mob rule becomes the thing that is more important than rule of law, that's a real concern for me. we knew that george floyd's cousin was talking about the jurors and how they had been watched and photos taken, things like this and this type of jury intimidation is a concern for me and also for many others who care about the rule of law. we need to look at the fact of protecting the integrity of the jurors, of the courtroom and making sure there's a fair trial at all times. todd: we can't have our currencies testimony if jurors are intimidated. it doesn't work. it's the tent pole of our currencies testimony. i want to ask you about this. as someone well versed in combat and combat response, what else was kyle rittenhouse supposed to do when in the situation he was in, based upon your understanding of the facts as quite frankly presented by both sides? >> well, again, he really was a standing his ground. he was trying to retreat. he was trying to basically go to a safer position. he was continuing to be pursued
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by gentlemen who were actually intending to do great bod ely harm and -- bodily harm and potentially injury kyle rittenhouse. this wouldn't have occurred if the democrats for months and months encouraged this lawlessness, rioting and arson, the violence that was taking place across the country with civil unrest. kyle rittenhouse was trying to evade the individuals who continued to pursue him. he was outnumbered. he had no other choice than to try to defend himself. they were trying to take his rifle away in him. to his knowledge, he was probably thinking if my rifle is taken away from me it will be potentially used on me. todd: here's a spokesperson for rittenhouse last night. >> he's confident about his testimony today. it is clear the district attorney's office should have never brought charges, they did without any meaningful investigation. and i think what the nation has
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learned was the state still doesn't know what version of events they want to go with. todd: and to build upon your first point, it does appear that the da brought charges to appease the mob. how dangerous a precedent is that? ?>> it's exceptionally dangerou. we do not want the mob rule to overrule the actual rule of law. the whole concept of that, if we want to appease individuals, are we going to prosecute on that fact? are we guilty until proven innocent? it's a dangerous precedent moving forward, not just the left or the right, i think it's just a precedent we don't want to set here in america, period. todd: meantime, today is veterans day. you are a veteran. we would like to hear your veterans day message, sir. >> well, first off, i want to thank everybody who was willing to serve this great nation, who was willing to serve in uniform and just remember that our oath does not expire just because we step out of uniform.
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we still have an oath to protect and preserve the constitution of the united states. i want to thank all those veterans who basically had to go forward and fight these wars that we don't vote for. we go forward and try to protect our country. i want to thank you for your service. i want us to all remember that right now we have 22 veterans a day who are still taking their lives. we must do more to protect our veterans and we must get back to the america first agenda where we prioritize those who serve our nation over those who break our laws. todd: we don't do enough for our yvette rains in so many -- veterans in so many areas, it is a black mark on our country. we need to do better. cory mills, we appreciate your service, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you, sir. carley, over to you. >> thank you, todd. carley: absolutely. okay, governor ron de santis is fed up with secret flights bringing illegal immigrants to florida. watch.
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>> they don't tell us when these flights are coming in. you want to vet the lawlessness, then you're not going to be able to have privileges in the state of florida. carley: he says it's got to stop and now he had has a plan to show president biden he means business. and there's bipartisan opposition here in the buckeye state to the shutdown of line 5 which would impact ohio in a big way. we're talking to a state lawmaker coming up next. ♪
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todd: welcome back. cbp could soon release new data showing how many migrant encounters border patrol agents experienced in october. over the course of fiscal year 2021, rio grande valley sector alone cbp reporting over 549,000 migrant encounters and nearly 2,000 criminal illegal migrants. that's more migrants than any
1:27 am
other sector and the most for a single sector in cbp's recorded history. florida governor ron de santis says if joe biden won't secure the border, he will send illegal immigrants to the president's home state. listen. >> if they're going to come here, we'll provide busses and provide them. i will send them to delaware and do that. i mean, if he's not going of to support the border being secured, then he should be able to have everyone there. todd: de santis' fiery remarks come in response to learning that immigrants have been flown into florida from the southern border. the republican governor says he is working with greg abbott to enforce the law at the border but the president's policies are making it impossible to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. carley. carley: thanks, todd. state senators in ohio are fighting to keep the line 5 pipeline operating as the biden administration could decide to kill it. it all comes as fuel and gas prices continue to rise amid a
1:28 am
national energy crisis. joining me now, ohio state senator, theresa gaberone who is leading a bipartisan effort to keep the pipeline open. thank you for waking up early with us. >> absolutely, carley. i'm so happy to be here. kristin: it's an important issue. >> it is so vitally important issue. carley: i was talking to a worker that this is one of the top pipelines in the country. what would happen if it does get shut down? >> the ramifications are wide-reaching, honestly. just toledo alone would lose 1200 jobs. and if you look at the indirect jobs, i mean, tens of thousands are predicted to be of lost. and these aren't just numbers. these are people. these are families. carley: you're absolutely right. i was reading that ohio could
1:29 am
lose up to $13.7 billion in economic activity if this pipeline shuts down. now, michigan governor gretchen whitmer, she does want to close the pipeline for environmental reasons. but these people need energy and the oil and gas is going to come anyway. if you shut the pipeline down they're going to bring the energy in my truck, is that right? >> we need the energy. and it would actually take 2100 semitrucks per day to transport the same amount of crude that travels through those pipelines. carley: the oil doesn't stop coming. it just becomes more expensive to transport it here and that's bad for the green energy plan plan.>> absolutely. when you think about it, it's hypocritical to say this is the way we're going to do things. we have a truck driver shortage right now. how is that crude going to be transported? carley: there's been so much back and forth had within the
1:30 am
biden administration on this topic this week and the last we heard from the deputy, the white house deputy press secretary, she said they're not looking at shutting the pipeline down but they are looking at the economic impact of a possible replacement and people are worried about, well, could that possibly lead to a shutdown. how concerned are you about the fate of this pipeline? >> well, it is deeply concerning if this pipeline shuts down. actually, there are plans underway, 90% completed, that would tunnel the pipeline under the bed rock, i believe 400 feet below the lake. encased in concrete. it would take the risks from minimal to basically zero. carley: the concern is there would be be an of oil spill in the great lakes. you're saying if that happens, if had they replace this section of the pipeline, that wouldn't happen? >> the risks would be so minimal, it would be under the bed rock, encased in concrete in
1:31 am
a tunnel and the plans are 90% done. it would only take a few more years to get that project completed so why not just wait. carley: i could imagine that that project would create jobs. >> it's creating all sorts of jobs, good paying jobs that are going to help boost our economy. honestly, the pipeline is the safest, it's the most economical and by far the most environmentally friendly way to transport the crude that we use every day. carley: we're waking up to news that gas prices are at a seven-year high, up 50% right now, and if this pipeline shuts down we're talking about toledo right now but would it impact gas prices across the country? >> absolutely. and right here they're saying in midwest gas prices could go up anywhere from 60-cents a gallon to $2 per gallon if this pipeline shuts down. carley: $2 per gallon. that would almost double the gas price. >> absolutely.
1:32 am
this disproportionately impacts the people who are struggling to make ends meet, not only in gas prices at the pump but in heating their homes. carley: president biden said he doesn't t want the to raise taxes on people making less than $400,000 a year. but if you factor in the rising cost of gas, i guess you could call that a tax as well. >> it's going of to be exorbitant. it's going to hit people hard at a time when energy prices are already going. carley: we mentioned that you were leading a bipartisan effort to keep the pipeline open, we're talking both republicans and democrats in the ohio legislature. they support this? >> absolutely. the in the spring we introduced legislation, a resolution urging governor whitmer not to stop the pipeline and i joined forces with my fellow democrat and that legislation passed both chambers unanimously. unanimous support in the ohio general assembly and just yesterday we introduced additional resolution urging the
1:33 am
president. carley: so you're urging the president not to shut the pipeline down. his solution for the rising cost of oil and gas is opec. he says that opec needs to pump more. how do you feel about that, relying on other countries to do something that we could do here? >> why? i mean, really. we have the ability to do this right here. why rely on foreign countries who don't necessarily have the same protections in place that we have here concerning the environment. carley: really quickly, what are your constituents saying about this issue? >> it's really vitally important and deeply concerning for the people i serve right here in northwest ohio. carley: yeah. well, we are -- like i said, we're at the toledo refining company, of course. and totted, this is -- todd, this is a massive operation, it's almost like a city here, it employs 1100 people and a lot of those people are very concerned that they are going to lose
1:34 am
their jobs because of this but you have lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in ohio who are fighting to keep the pipeline open of. it's an important issue. todd: had that is a concern we've seen across so much of our kin tri for decades a now in the industry, towns, when you remove the industry, there's a threat that the town could go away. we certainly hope what that is not the fate that be falls the fine folks you are with this morning. time now, 34 minutes after the hour. vice president kamala harris finally made it to europe and somehow picked up a french accent? >> we campaign with the plan, we're expected to defend the plan. todd: what the -- we've got details on that. plus, it's country music's biggest night, from the big winners to carrie underwood's stink eye, that's an interesting phrase i never thought i would say on tv but i just did. you'll see why when we give you our full recap of the cmas. do not go anywhere.
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todd: welcome back. a rust movie crew member files a lawsuit against actor alec baldwin and members of the team, accusing the film of negligence. he said he witnessed the deadly shooting of the cinematographer. the lawsuit claiming the film had had a duty to ensure safety on set and failed to follow industry standards. the family of one of the eight people killed at the astro world music festival filing a wrongful death suit as well. the family accusing rapper travis scott and six other companies of negligence resulting in death, as the houston police chief said they asked personnel to shut down the performance once cprs was underway for, quote, one or more people and a medic describes the chaos. listen. >> about 30 minutes into travis scott's set, they called us saying, hey, we need backup. i had no clue what i was getting into.
1:40 am
the music was way too loud. i had called for backup and for help so many times and it was just not going through. todd: at least two people hurt at the astro world festival remain in critical condition. carley. carley: dozens of christian navy seals file a lawsuit against biden's mandate as unvaccinated troops are threatened by the pentagon, joining me now is jim hanson with the army special forces and dakota meyer, medal of honor recipient. we have jeremy hunt, west point grad. we don't have him. hopefully we'll get him soon. good morning and happy veterans day. >> thanks, carley, good morning. carley: da he co-take, how do -- dakota, how do you feel about this, some navy seals say they've had their religious exemptions denied and if they don't get vaccinated then they'll get a pay cut or a demotion or be punished in some
1:41 am
way. how do you feel about that? >> i mean, look, i think there's two sides to it. right. look, we -- first off, i think it's not even right for them to threaten to kick them out for the fact that they're not getting the vaccine or for them to look at them and say, hey, you're going to get out for an other than honorable discharge. this is something that came up, this mandate camp up after they came in. look, if the religious exemption is out there, they should get the religious exemption. if the military doesn't want to accept that, they should let the service member transition out at the end of this and go on about their way if this is how the military wants to hold this. carley: yeah. and you know, jim, there's a group of like 35 navy seals who are suing the department of defense because of this and we see that we do have jeremy hunt now. good morning and happy veterans day to you. we'll get to you in a second. but jim, the department of defense is saying that military
1:42 am
members need to be vaccinated. they have to get vaccinated for their own personal safety. it's maybe even more important for them to be healthy and not spread the virus as opposed to other people who aren't in the military. >> yeah, but i think this is an example of them using the military again as a social engineering laboratory and as a medical experimentation laboratory. these are the healthiest people we have in our general population and in addition, if you look at the amount of experience and institutional knowledge and training that went into bringing these people to their current level of expertise, throwing them out of the military right now is obscene. i mean, we've got a military that right now is still far too focused on woke issues. they're having pride marchs and pronoun parties as opposed to training the troops. i think they need to get their priorities straight and stick to war fighting and not worry about
1:43 am
being the biden's lap dogs for their woke project. carley: yeah. and jeremy, i was speaking to a veteran yesterday who was saying that there really are so few people, first of all, who join the military and then to cut that number down to the elite level it gets even smaller. so he was making the case that kicking people out of the military because they don't want to get vaccinated would be a national security threat. would you go that far? >> look, the bottom line is that first and foremost, and i hope the biden administration understands this, is that america, religious freem is one of the -- freedom is one of the bed rock principles of our constitution. when we have a group of christians coming together saying, look, we want to get a religious exemption for this and those types of requests are being ignored, now we have a serious issue at play here and they're putting the troops at an impossible position. they're saying either you will
1:44 am
surrender to the biden administration or you will pack up your stuff and quit serving the nation that you love and that is just a horrible situation that the biden administration has put our troops and i do think that is the type of approach the biden administration is going to continue having and the united states military, that will be a national security issue. because we have to make sure that the military remains a cohesive force and as the guest before me said, that they're a war fighting organization. we don't see that anymore in the biden administration, sadly. carley: dakota, what are service members who you speak to saying about this? are they concerned about this? >> yeah, i mean, absolutely. again, i think he said it right. they're putting these people in an impossible position. what we've seen the military do time and time again, they made religious exemptions for everybody else, they made so many religious exemptions across
1:45 am
the military. i don't see how this isn't one. they're the healthiest people on earth. again, the problem of why people are so worried about the vaccine was created by the democrats too. this entire problem was created by the left and it is a crazy problem. it's insane. again, they made so many religious exemptions across the military. they've made a ton of social exemption as well. so i don't see why this couldn't be one as well. carley: yeah. and jim, as you look at the military vaccination rates, i mean, the navy 99.4% vaccinated, marine corps, 95%. army, 94% vaccinated. air force, 97. those rates are really high. so we're talking about a small fraction of people who feel uncomfortable for religious reasons or medical reasons, for not being vaccinated. is it reasonable to think that everybody is going to be on the same page on this? >> of course not. we're american. we're never on the same page
1:46 am
with things and that's the whole point and that's what these people signed up to ensure continues and i think one thing that no longer gets talked about, what happened to herd immunity, the most common concept in dealing with vaccinated populations. you get to a certain percentage and after that it's no longer necessary to have 99.999% come % compliance. they're also ignoring natural immunity. i think there's a lot of reasons why these people have valid claims that forcing them to take the vaccination is possibly unconstitutional. we'll have to see what the lawyers say in the end about whether their religious exemptions are being improperly denied. odds are they are. i think it's very political. it's not passing the come monday sense test. there's enough people vacation nailed that the community we're talking about is safe. now they need to get back to training to defeat and deter our enemy and wake up the commander in chief or get a new one so we
1:47 am
have someone worthy of leading them. carley: we wanted to have you on to discuss this important topic. also, it's veterans day. we want to thank you for your service to our country. we can't thank you enough for all that you have done. true heroes. thank you all. >> thank you. carley: todd. todd: all right, carley. let's lighten it up. the biggest names in country music coming together for the 55th cma awards. during the opening monday log, e was joined by katie periand lionel richie. >> it's so great to be here with all my fellow artists, tested and together. [cheers and applause] >> or immunized? todd: carrie underwood appears to give major side eye to that joke after a her husband
1:48 am
supported rogers' decision not to get the vaccine. chris stapleton won six awards, including album of the year. ♪ why you got to be so cold. ♪ why you got to go and cut me like a knife. todd: luke combs surprising nashville with his first win of the night. ♪ todd: the 31-year-old taking home entertainer of the year. good stuff. up next, hunter biden making his debut in the new york city art scene. i know we've all been waiting for that. he had a gallery appearance for his pricey paint aings and in honor of veterans day we are sharing your photos. here's sergeant major david
1:49 am
likoff who proudly served in vietnam of. this was sent to us by our director, rusty, that's his father who also served in vietnam. happy veterans day to all who served. we thank you for your service. we cannot thank you enough. we'll be right back. ♪
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carley: welcome back. first seattle and now maryland, schools forced to cancel classes due to staffing shortages. maryland's largest school district canceling class the day before thanksgiving, teachers calling out claiming they're overworked and a exhausted. montgomery schools are short 161 teachers and more than 100 teachers aides. the teacher's union sounding the alarm, saying educators will resign in droves if the shortage persists. governor greg abbott's ban on mask mandates in techs as schools is overturned in court. the state's attorney general ken paxton is prohibited from imposing fines to enforce the governor's executive orders, paxton saying he, quote, strongly disagrees with the ruling, tweeting in part my agency is considering all legal
1:54 am
avenues to consider to challenge this decision. embattled form new york governor, andrew cuomo, admitting he wanted female staffers to defend him amid his allegations, he claimed it was a similar strategy president biden used against allegations during the 2020 election. he said, quote, i thought if we were going to do a response, a response from female staff would have been the best vehicle ala joe biden. he also confessed he suggested women sign a proposed open letter attacking his first accuser, lindsey boilan. todd: hunter biden making an appearance at the art gallery where his paintings are on display. 60 people you attended the showing. the post asked him if he goten his lost laptop back to which hunter responded, quote, that
1:55 am
there's always a smart beep in the bunch. kamala harris under fire for what critics say was a french accent. >> we campaigned with the plan, upper case t, up per case p. we are expected to defend the plan. todd: she appeared to change her dialect when saying "the plan," the moment going viral online with many calling it, quote, cringe. wow.carley: cringe indeed. that is the word. coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends first," i'll be talking to scott hayes, a manager at the toledo refining company. he'll discuss how a possible shutdown of line 5 will impact him and his family and america as a whole. todd: did not go anywhere. split edition of "fox & friends first" on your thursday.
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carley: you are watching "fox & friends first." it is thursday, november 11th. and a very happy veterans day to all the men and women who have served our great country. i'm carley shimkus. todd: i'm todd piro. you will notice the fox news logo at the bottom of your screen in camoflague this morning. we teamed up with the nonprofit organization u.s. vets for its make cammo your cause campaign, dedicated to end veteran homelessness in the u.s. head to to make your own contribution bishoping or donating. carley: it is such a


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