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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 11, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> bill: good morning, everybody. i want to show you live see now. a live look at arlington national cemetery. a beautiful day. the third u.s. infantry unit i'm reading the anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier commemorating bat 21921. this is should be an emotional veterans day as we say good morning on 11/11. speech on dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." it is a salute to veterans and it is a somber day, this memorial marks the first veterans day and 20 years where
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the u.s. is not at work. it arrives less than three months after a month stomach moment that is fresh in our minds. the exit from afghanistan. >> bill: they've shocked and saddened the women who served there and elsewhere around the world. the national crisis hotline reporting a surgeon calls in the entire country still processing what we saw together. amidst the chaos and confusion, there were dissuasive heroes end. >> dana: troops delivering a baby on a crowded evacuation flight. when the mother went into labor, the pilot descended to lower altitude and that decision increased cabin pressure and saved her life in the process. >> bill: american heroism on full display there on what was one of the largest evacuations in american history. nearly 130,000 people were flown to safety from that airport. >> dana: the flight is not over. veterans here at home are still working to rescue interpreters and allies left stranded despite
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president biden's promise to leave no one behind. >> bill: we have perspective from congressman michael waltz, former greenbrae commander in a moment. we begin in mornington with a veteran. thank you for service. >> good morning. behind me is the tomb of the unknown soldier. the most sacred grave here at arlington national cemetery. 100 years ago, the tomb of the unknown soldier was dedicated for people been filing and to see a profession and it really enactment of a similar event hundred years ago today led by a horse-drawn casket. a veteran who served in the old guard about what today means. >> the tomb of the soldier itself is now become our national place of morning for all those who have lost a loved one and the fight to defend this great nation. >> representatives of the army,
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navy, coast guard, and historical reenactors from world war i, world war ii, and the korean war representing for three unknowns at the tomb of the unknown soldier are filing a going to the grave today. we are expecting a flyover in the next few minutes. five separate formations. first, army blackout helicopters, the marine corps ospreys, super hornets, a coast curtsy 1:30, by air force f6 fifteenths. the tomb of the unknown soldier was opened up for the first time in decades and americans came from all over the country to leave flower at the june. >> we are coming together to honor those who lay down their lives for our individual liberties and freedoms. >> president biden will come to arlington national cemetery and lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at 11:00 a.m. stay right here for his remarks. setting back to his remark stomach to make you new york.
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>> dana: michael waltz serves on the committee and is a former greenbrae commander. it has been quite a year, congressman, and could you give us her thoughts on this anniversary? >> of course we are to celebrate and appreciate men and women in this country that were willing to step up and die for that flag and for their fellow americans. i have to tell you that it is especially for the afghan veterans. it is especially dark and dim and painful right now. so many of these veteran troops, so many of these veterans that stood up at a grassroots level to rescue our father americans and save our allies, to step into the breach that frankly our government was not doing, they are really struggling. many of them have quit their
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jobs, they've exhausted their savings. i know several that their marriages survived multiple deployments but are now in real trouble because of the scars and old wounds that this afghan debacle and disaster and betrayal has ripped open for them. dear point, we have seen an 81% increase in calls to the va suicide chatline. it is devastating for so many. the disappointment and disgust for their own government right now and the apathy and abandonment that they see and have felt is what has been so concerning. >> bill: quite eloquent. to drive home your point, here it is. the suicide rate among veterans versus nonveterans, veterans are 52% higher. in addition, here are the numbers of the outreach of the national crisis line after the
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afghan collapse. this was back in the week in august 14th which was a saturday until the end of the month. they were up 95% and chats up 40% and calls up 7%. we see the first flyover at arlington national cemetery. there will be many more of those coming up and coming moments here. you have a piece out at with senator graham, lindsey graham, who was with us less to mike yesterday. here's a headline. biden's terrorism complacency, the u.s. must act now to counter threats. the war against islamic terrorism has not blessed us" you, radical islam is again on the march. in what way?
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>> i had a note that said the entire region has received the word that jihad has one and the west has lost. recruitment is through the roof and the u.n. is reporting 8000-10000 foreign fighters pouring into afghanistan and we are in a row. when the obama administration -- similar to when the obama administration pulled out of iraq in 2011 and we saw the rise of isis over the next few years. the set of them at different of what senator graham and i get to is that we have a lot more tools. we had bases in local allies in the curds and access from the ocean. there was much more when we had to send our soldiers back. afghanistan, when we have dissenters shoulders back and i believe we will which is so heartbreaking to we do not have
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any of those. they have power of the state in their own to the teeth to put behind the taliban in their. also as an al qaeda fully intend to attack the west and they are intending to do so. senator graham and i do not want to wait until you another post nightclub or, god forbid, 9/11. we need to protect our homeland and we are not seeing any of that from the biden of administration. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: wonderful to have you this morning. thank you for your service. we appreciate you and thank you. >> thank you so much. >> bill: matter to our our veterans, help is available year-round. you can text align and you can chat online by visiting on screen. take a moment to write it down
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and we will remind you this later on in our program as well. >> bill: there is a series of flyovers over the tomb of the unknown soldier because this year marks 100 years since the tomb of the unknown was established there at arlington. the first series was the blackhawks and those are the ospreys. we will see the f-18's and we will see the c-130s and the f1 16. >> dana: your technical policies and reaching america from afghanistan. it was afghanistan as what we saw as a real turning point for
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president biden's approval and it never went up. the moment that kabul fell, that all happened in the august timeline. there were lots of other things going on with inflation and supply chain in legislation that dragged on. a real difficulty for the biden administration now as i try to figure out how to get the president out of the downward spiral. >> bill: that was less than three months ago and you and i were here for the moment because kabul was plus seven hours. we watched dade turn night day after day starting on the 16th which was a monday in august. remember, on that day, that was when the kenosha went rolling down the runway and we said that was not a movie. we get ready for another flyover here. it continued day after day until it let up to the point where
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outside of the abbey gate, we lost 13 of our best trying to help those who need it so much help. one more flyover for a moment here from arlington. >> bill: f-18's, their turn in the slot. the ruler of that engine. it is something else. it continues at arlington and will bring you back. >> dana: god gave us a beautiful day. this veterans day, fox news is teaming us up with u.s. vets for make camo your cause to end veteran homelessness. more on that and how you can get involved coming up. it's a great program and were excited be part of it.
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plus, we will speak to better bind bluff company coffee company. >> bill: emotions boiling over yesterday and if you have watched kenosha, you saw kyle rittenhouse on the stand in his own defense. >> i was cornered in front of me. >> bill: the trial resumes only moments from now. we'll take it their life and give you a preview of what you can expect and what transpired. >> dana: a split you back with pushing inflation to levels not seen in decades. the white house and since it is a short-term problem, but experts have their doubts. we will break it down. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams
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speech of the kyle rittenhouse murder trial could be in jeopardy. lawyers for the teenager charged with shooting three people in kenosha last year, demand a mistrial. prosecutors ask out of line west and when he was on the stand yesterday. >> i was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on his postarrest silence. it that is basic line it has been basic law and the country for 40 years, 50 years. i've no idea why you would do something like that so i don't know what you are up to. >> do not get brazen with me. you know very well that an attorney cannot go into these areas when the judge has already ruled. >> dana: he joins us now and he is a law professor at university and a fox news contributor. just want to make sure that everybody sees the emotion of kyle rittenhouse and his mother. this is kyle rittenhouse breaking down on the stand.
6:19 am
>> i was cornered from in front of me. speak to the judge called for a break. let's take a listen to this. this is his mother sobbing and court. you can hear that here. you can't hear her, but you can see her distress there. a lot of motion yesterday and people riveted by this. i want to get your take on what you think will happen now because people including geraldo on the five, the defense does not put the witness on the stan. especially when prosecution of
6:20 am
such a bad day the first day, but they decide to do that and how do you think it went with mark >> was interesting and a gutsy decision. i'm a credible defense attorney and i tend to favor putting people on the stand in high-profile cases because the jury wonders why someone is not speaking for themselves even though they have every night to make a right not to do so. but this is a case where the prosecution fell apart right out of the gate. at its own witnesses gave evidence against the prosecution in favor of the defendant. many attorneys would say why would we want to run the risk when we are doing so well by the time the prosecution closed its case? the reason, quite frankly, was that they have a good chance for a hung jury and they were going for a total acquittal. you take this risk when you believe that you can finish out. and because of how the
6:21 am
prosecutors have mishandled this case, they reduce the range of possibilities and in all likelihood from a hung jury to an acquittal. that's her most of us are looking at this point. before you get to that, this judge has to decide whether he wants to dismiss the case outright due to prosecutorial misconduct. >> dana: at what point does it happen if you were to make that decision? >> he could do it today. there is a pending motion. quite friendly, many of us on the criminal defense side just had our jaws dropped when e prosecutor, early on, started making comments about how the defendant remained silent after the incident. that is the brightest of lights. a first year law student knows that you do that. this prosecutor had been told by the court that this was off of the table for now, at least, and
6:22 am
likely off the table for trial. he admitted he should've gone to the judge and said i want to pursue this line of questioning. it is perfectly bizarre. you don't lose a fight with a judge and say i decided to go anyway because i felt the situation warranted it. a lot of judges would dismiss his case. the question is, what would you dismiss with prejudice russian mark in some circumstances, a the prosecution or intentionally violated it a row like this and scuttled the case or effectively scuttled the case, you can dismiss with prejudice and say that that's it. >> dana: kyle rittenhouse's mother's going to be on sean hannity tonight. >> bill: tuning later for that site. there's moments in cases like this where you just stop.
6:23 am
>> dana: his spokesperson was on the laura ingraham show last night making this point about what was said on the campaign trail during the presidential election. >> the candidate for the u.s. presidency himself last year, prior to the election, called kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. joe biden called him a white supremacist. that is appalling. i cannot even gauge how wrong that is. >> dana: it will continue today and there were experts that be speaking. including the media and possibly the prosecutor. they put out the indictment in 48 hours. that is never enough time to have all the facts. >> bill: and she is lot of experience. this judge is very interesting and his reputation is interesting. he is our reputation for
6:24 am
defending the defense and making sure they are given the right trial to defend themselves. i know that the prosecution is going after that reputation, if they could, and perhaps we hear more from that. if they get an acquittal or a hung jury. meanwhile, we are going off to france, dana. vp kamala harris getting a lot of attention over these comments she made in paris. rowlett. judge for yourself. >> vice president harris: we campaign with these hands and the environment that we are expected to defend. >> bill: ed sounded like she was using a french accent when s there are in paris. what you think? >> dana: i don't. they have an image makeover person who came in to the white house and they had child actors for the space event.
6:25 am
will the real kamala harris please stand up and be yourself? scientists are not children and i know the planets. >> bill: it sounds like fantasy island. americans suffering from sticker shock at grocery stores and beyond. we have not seen inflation from the early 90s and beyond. a prominent democrat warning that the president needs to change course on some serious policies or the parties going to go down. could that coming up as we go back to arlington, virginia. 100 years at the tomb of the unknown. that ceremony continues there in northern virginia.
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6:31 am
high and the biden administration claims it is a short-term problem. even some members of his own party are not buying that. good morning. >> good morning to you. white house officials are acutely aware and they are hoping that these economic problems go down. especially the high prices. realizing that large chunks of people in the united states poke to lack vote by the pocketbook, but those officials knowing thas are not going to change anytime soon. >> president biden: today i'm here to talk about one of the most pressing economic concerns of the american people and it is real. that is getting prices down, number one. number two, making sure our stores are fully stocked. number three, getting a lot of people back to work. >> that was a present yesterday at baltimore highlighting his concern for the supply chain crisis that continues to grip the country. store shelves remaining poorly stopped in the united states. those ships still set off the
6:32 am
coast of california. joe manchin tweeted that the threat posed by inflation to american people is not transitory and it's getting worse. from the grocery store to the gas pump, americans know that the inflation attacked israel and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain that americans feel every day. >> biden mix is -- he has a demand stimulus. he isn't whacking the heck out of supply. speak out to help solve the problem, white house chief of staff said the bill back but he. lesson. >> bring down the cost of child care, bringing down the cost of drugs, bringing down the cost of elder care and cutting cause for middle-class families, that does not feel inflation. it does the opposite. it brings down the cost for everyday people.
6:33 am
>> white house officials are touting that the unemployment rate continues to fall. with covid, it's going to be in on pill battle. >> bill: thank you. for more, here is dana. >> dana: here is gas prices. there's lots of reasons for that, but voters think about the here now. how do you ending up a situation for the we has or no question marks become dominic >> it's a situation that i've seen outsidr impeachment. we really sought ratings start to tank. on top of that, with runaway inflation after the administration predicted that inflation will be transitory, it is a perfect storm against administration. it is as difficult a situation as you can imagine. i have what i call the rule of
6:34 am
50. the minute you go below 50, and accelerates downward because everybody realizes it is in their political advantage to kick you. >> bill: what you think about the sound bite from ron a moment ago. he talked about people every week and it's what you do for a living. based on what they know about build back better, will they be better off? >> most people think that the bill is inflationary. what most people know is it somewhere between $1.753.5 trillion of additional government expenditures. he knows basic economics 101 is that large expenditures from the government, which in a hot
6:35 am
economy creates inflation. it's ludicrous that he goes on says that. he knows that there's $550 billion of mostly subsidies for cars and that in and of itself is a highly inflationary action. these may be the right things to do and may be things that the public ultimately want, but i do not think it is reasonable to go out and say that they're going to control inflation. that puts the administration in the same situation as having said that they're going to give all americans houses or inflation was transitory. >> dana: it is post be over by now and it's clearly not. now there's an action that the feds or their thinking of action. the headline is bill clinton saved his presidency and help biden can too. i want to get your take. arguments that it's not the 1990s anymore and most democrats do identify as liberal
6:36 am
and trying to triangulate or moderate will not work. you think the opposite make your case. >> first welcome at their number liberals in the country and other were in 1990s. ed is about 25% of the country that is liberal. half of the democratic party, as i point out the piece, 53% of democrats are moderates and conservatives. we need to stop calling joe manchin and kyrsten sinema outliers because they were present half of the party. that's why the caucus is about half. history has a odd habit of repeating itself. sometimes, the lessons of the 90s, not always come up with the right. in this case, the administration does not need to wait for the administration. he acted after an a in this case, at the end administration knows now that democrats are underwater in the generic horse race. it means about a 50 seat loss.
6:37 am
if they don't get out and open up the strategic reserve, stop building pipelines, reducing the price of gasoline, and do something about the runaway prices, the suburbs here are fleeing the democrat party in the democratic party, which had been picking them up, and of some birds in order to have a chance in the next election. >> bill: thank you. good to have you. the president initially said that we do not explain supply chain enough and he took another crack at it yesterday. >> president biden: not a lot of people have a clear understanding whether they've a phd or they didn't go to school about how supply-chain works. in simple terms, supply-chain is the time it takes our product gets to your doorstep. >> dana: explained to voters -- and you did actually, you've an opportunity to do it. i think that an insulting voters
6:38 am
and saying they don't understand. they do understand. and they also understand that they are paying more. they understand that there is a lot of things that go into that, but there are things at the administration has done to restrict supply. there are things they did read before the winter months in terms of heating oil and natural gas prices. the american people figured out pretty quickly. spoon based on their wallet. >> dana: insulting them does not work. i like that. >> bill: and a moment here, we have a historic border crisis and it could get worse, actually, because the number of border agents whose jobs are in jeopardy because of the vaccine mandate. we will talk about that. plus, two former u.s. marine's still behind bars in russia on this veterans day. a live report on the efforts to get them home. or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us.
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>> dana: as america celebrates our nation's veterans today, two former marines are locked up in a russian prison. they've been there for two years and this is despite president biden's promised back in february to secure the release. benjamin hall these live in london with more. >> good morning, dana. both families are saying these veterans are being held hostage by the russian state and more needs to be done to get them out. trevor reed is 29 years old he was born in texas and he was part of the presidential security guard. he was accused of assaulting a police officer back in 2019 and to his trial was considered a sham. he is being held in solitary confinement and a good lead. his family knows why. >> he was a presidential security guard marine and they could maybe get some leverage for him to get some people back from the united states. >> dana: like a bargaining
6:45 am
chip. >> bill: another marine detaineo 16 years for an espionage charge. his brother said it was entrapment. >> it's standard russian procedure over the last almost three years that paul has been hostage of the russian government. >> president biden discussed both of these cases with his meeting with president boudin back in geneva pledge and, at the time, he would not walk away from them. but the families say that little habit. >> we are weary of seeing what the state department and other u.s. agencies will do to help all. >> i don't understand why it is taking so long to get our loved ones back home to us. speak of the state department said it is an absolute priority of theirs to both of these people back and they say it has been raised. they have been wrongfully detained and yet these two
6:46 am
continue to sit in a russian prison camp desperate to get home. >> dana: you are in washington, d.c., not london. we love you and your new post. spoon to the border now, customs and border patrol routes ordering in fort to, cape push e or they could be fired themselves. fox news contributor, good morning. our numbers suggest that half of border agents come the status of their vaccination is not known and who knows where that gives. what you think the concern is today, tom, on the mandate question work >> this isn't a vaccination issue. it is protesting a mandate by leadership to fill out these forms with these agents that they think our medical information between them and our doctor. they trust these guys to take a
6:47 am
life of the situation warrants it, but they don't trust them to answer questions truthfully. i've a flow chart and i want to show it to quit. this was a flowchart that is given up to leadership and gorbachev. reeducation phase. education phase. reeducated to follow the explicit rules of the government or they will move that's their job. this would be devastating. spoon let me slow down. do you think that the border situation is bad now, what happens on? >> this administration does not care about admit stomach the border. it is all about welcoming these people and releasing them. what border agents are really angry about, and i talked when yesterday, saying that i
6:48 am
mandated to fill out this form or get reeducated and meanwhile, i released myself hundreds of people of migrants who were positive for covid. they were tested, the positive, and i was told to release him. is this about covid question work as is about protecting the american people? jen psaki sans stomach says that they are care that long. the problem for jen psaki should be how long does it take to test somebody? no we release positive covid people down there and we are releasing criminals, serious criminals, if they have covid, they don't want to detain them. he had a conviction of murder and they were told to release him because they did not want detained covid people even though ice had facilities and they have negative pressure rooms where they could put covid positive people there and keep
6:49 am
them isolated until he could be on the infection. neck. >> bill: i get it. speaking of ice, we join number of counties where the sheriff says we are not going to cooperate with ice if they say need to turns on over to them. pending the release of undocumented individuals who committed serious crimes is undermining the trust that we needed to protect the community. it is not worth losing the trust of many members of the public by continuing to process these requests. what is your read on that question work i sell what you said that the sheriff is misinformed. how so? >> he doesn't know what he talking about. releasing public safety threats is going to create more crime. where is he going to commit crime? in the very community in which he lives. the immigrant community. by doing what he is doing, he's
6:50 am
putting the immigrant community in danger. did they want criminals back in their neighborhood to take revenge on the victim and witness: no. releasing public safety threats into the public is ridiculous. >> bill: thank you. san mateo countess is in northern california and we will see what happens. nice to see you. >> dana: the biden steen trial is set to resume in kenosha wisconsin. one veteran who is using his coffee business to empowering american heroes. black rifle coffee founder ahead.
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>> dana: the biggest stars in country music at their denaturalizing for the cma. beat out eric church, carrie underwood, and chris stapleton. a big night for him and all of country music. an amazing music stomach performance there at the end. i've had a huge influence. >> bill: i believe you're right. >> dana: he makes excellent choices. spoon i'm looking for is the release. >> dana: it should be release your playlist on spotify? >> bill: maybe will tell them what we did at some point. i got home last night saw chris stapleton perform that song.
6:57 am
it was all i saw last night. but we have that spirit black rifle coffee. it is a veteran founded business that aims to give back to active duty military first responders. in 2020, this company donated $770,000 in coffee and money to vets. how are you doing? on this veterans day. how are you mcguire doing this and it's her turn usually on the other side question work >> happy veterans day, first and foremost to my veterans everybody else in america. second, i'm a big fan of the show, so thanks again for having me on. the big thing for black rifle coffee is the purpose and the mission is to give back to the people that serve the country. there's a combination of interest there which is i'm trying to inspire and lead the other corporate portions of
6:58 am
america, and ceos, to do everything for the veteran community and i'm trying to build a comprehensive and good ecosystem of support veterans inside the company. i'm also trying to support nonprofits and veteran related causes outside of the company. when i say we are good, we are good at growing the company and we are great at focusing the energy back into the veteran community. >> dana: one of the things that people in the military have a hard time with is transitioning from active duty to private sector or government service or whatever it might be, but no longer being active duty military. you don't realize the amazing leadership qualities they can bring to the private sector. how to help them with that? >> there's two ways. first and foremost, you have to start your backyard. i built, what i think, is a really good and positive at work and ecosystem here black rifle coffee for veterans that are
6:59 am
moving out of service and they've a 50 plus percent veterans employed at black rifle coffee. we have socialization for people to understand where they've been and what they've done. keeping people within their drive is important. we have other businesses that are not as veteran focused and tell them how we are focusing on helping veterans inside of the company and how they can do a better job. i think we have made a huge impact in that in the last four years. >> bill: amen to that. congratulation. we have your website on the screen pure black rifle you could be hearing from a lot of folks after this interview. keep doing great work. speak out thank you. speech of black rifle coffee is amazing. thank you so much. there's a campaign to help homeless veterans so please visit u.s. to make
7:00 am
sure you can get part of that. >> bill: by the way, the bug is cool today. did you see we get there? >> dana: do people note a bug is. it's a thing right there at the bottom of your screen. >> bill: i didn't mean to boss over the country's number 21 thing. but waters run deep. >> dana: may be they'll join you on your podcast. >> bill: we can go song by song and artist by artist. speed to weave a fox news look for you here and a live look at the kenosha, wisconsin courtroom worked any moment now, kyle rittenhouse basra's attorneys will start day three of presenting their case and they're expected to call through witnesses today. >> bill: a big day for veterans across the country and back to that in a moment. a lot of stops and starts in court yesterday and we saw emotional testimonies. at the moment, court come session in this hour. he took the stand in his own
7:01 am
defense. he says it was all in self defense. listen. >> [crying]. >> bill: the judge ordered a break at that moment. his mother breaking down injured an end watching the trial in court. shortly after, the judge, as i mentioned, called a recess. kenosha, wisconsin, where we believe we are back in court any moment. good morning. >> any moment now, the defense
7:02 am
today is expected to call through witnesses including eight defense expert and a video blogger who was there during a protest. this is one of the most riveting and emotional day of the trial so far when kyle rittenhouse took the defense and stand in his own defense. they made the argument that he came to kenosha up wanting to shoot and kill people that night. >> he intended to kill him, correct question works because i did not. i intended to stop the person tried to attack me and sue my gun. >> bill: there was plenty of stuff from bill schroeder incubating his prosecutor >> do not get brazen with meat. you know very well that an attorney cannot go into these areas when a judge has already ruled without asking outside of the presence of injury to do so. do not give me that.
7:03 am
>> bill: after that, the defense asked the judge to declare a mistrial with prejudice meaning the prosecutors would not be able to charge kyle rittenhouse again. the judge did not make a ruling on that again yesterday, but he did leave the door reopen to revisit it as a trial continues. >> dana: for more on this, let's bring in criminal defense attorney. we understand that court could begin within the next 20 minutes we will bring you live there when it happens. what do you think is the aim today of the prosecution? my perspective, it's a pretty rough couple of days. >> the goal for the prosecution today is to behave themselves. they sure did not do it yesterday and judge let them have it and rightfully so. the judge is airing on the side of the constitution here, danna, which every judge should do. i am heartened to see that this judge is preserving
7:04 am
kyle rittenhouse's constitutional rights. it's a good thing to see. >> bill: this is when joseph rosenbaum was chasing them. here's how he described it. >> he was chasing me and i pointed my gun at him and it did not deter him. he could have run away. he tried to take my gun for me. he kept chasing me. it did not stop in. >> bill: again, rosenbaum she sang and kyle rittenhouse describing that. it appears that the explanations come down to this witness describing the moment that he pulled the trigger right now what happened before and what happened after it, but what he was thinking in the moment. based on your legal background, you know that in self defense cases you put the self to witness on the stand to explain that. how's it going to do believe it's effective? >> i think it is going well for the defense. at the end of the day, they have to convince the jury that kyle
7:05 am
rittenhouse's actions were reasonable under the circumstances and under all of the circumstances. what he described was a chaotic situation where people are coming at him and it people were trying to basha's head off with skateboards. people were saying i'm going to kill you or kill him. under those circumstances, was it reasonable for him to react with deadly force? that is the question the jury's going to have to grapple with. if they had to make a decision right now with no additional testimony, they would likely side with the defense. you never know what a jury is going to do. never. >> dana: his spokesperson called three folks. he talked about the prosecution and what happened at the beginning of the investigatory phase of this entire situation. watch. >> he is confident about his testimony today. it is clear that this district
7:06 am
attorney's office should have never brought charges. they did without any meaningful investigation and what they learned is that the state still does not know what version of events they want to go with. speak to your response to that. >> i agree. it was a knee-jerk reaction to indict kyle rittenhouse to begin with. we know that the culture at that time in the community was chaotic. there were riots going on and this judgment an interesting ruling not to refer to the victims as victims but rather writers and looters. that tells part of the tale of what happened here. we have an 18-year-old kid on the stand. at 18, you should be concerned with picking colleges and prom dates and not worried about being one juror away from spending the rest of your life in prison. the prosecution knew that when they charge this case and they
7:07 am
did so without any investigation whatsoever to kowtow to the community at the time. that is not fair and the judge is, rightfully in this case, making sure that they told the line. >> bill: the judge's bruce schroeder and he's an interesting character in all of this. you'll get back to that in a moment. stand by when court resumes there in kenosha. thank you. in the meantime, 7 minutes past the hour. large groups of migrants including hundreds of women and children once again starting to cross over our southern border during the overnight hours. our cameras were there as it happened in la joya, texas, earlier today and that is where we find bill melugin live again. good morning. >> good morning to you. that's what to exactly right. activity ramping up very similar to what we saw in the summer months and border agent saying they're noticing it as well. look it up he was shot earlier this morning. this is 1:30 a.m. when we saw a group of about 150 migrants
7:08 am
crossing illegally into texas. these were mostly family units. parents with young children, toddlers, men with pregnant wives. that sort of thing. they walked down a road and they get insults up to border patrol. this journey is attractive for these families because they know that under biden administration policies, most family units will be released into the united states with future court dates and they will be able to travel essentially wherever they want. just after that, look at the second piece of video. we shot that's about one hour ago. this is just on the road from where we are standing. another large group of migrants came across and this was a mixture of family units and runners. you will see in the foreground of the shot, it's mostly family units. parents with young children. in the background, mostly single adult men and some are wearing camouflage. those are the runners that border patrol is keeping separate from the family units. they will likely be title 42 to an to mexico.
7:09 am
this was an roma, texas 78 and a private citizen had enough. he decides to build a makeshift grappling hook and he starts throwing it down at the raft the smugglers bringing them across and he's doing it because he wants to try to sink those rafts. very quickly, last photo to show you here, this is a cartel member that border patrol arrested in the laredo area. this is a member of the northeast cartel which is in offshoot. this is a cartel member who got into police pursuits. he tried to bail out in the rio grande and swim back to mexico. he was caught. any days a week, always something going on here. >> bill: bill illusion back in la joya, texas. mark richards and they are back in the court written out. let's see where we are as we resume today. >> he was a program called a.m.
7:10 am
p.e.d. 5. if he did use the program which is a gold standard of forensic analysis, it does produce a report of all manipulations or actions taken upon from start to finish. that is the report we are talking about right now. >> there should be at least two of them. one for each change. >> anything else? >> this will probably provide all tomorrow because if he is in court today, and i'm not saying that, he would have to investigate. he's on his way here now. >> can you reach them? >> i can try.
7:11 am
>> why don't you do that. i'm not going to worry about anything until it happens. >> let's see what can be done about that. i did get his transmission last night which, unfortunately, was not -- other than the initial minute or two, was their actual video or was it a black screen? >> it is a 20 some minute compilation video with the lawyer. >> let me try opening it here because at home, i was able to hear the audio but the video was
7:12 am
all black. i don't know what the significance of that is until i look at it. i guess that's it. anything else? it's because no, your honor. >> i'm going to forward you an email that we received a phone call from someone who supposedly spoke to a juror and spoke to someone who spoke to a juror. i don't think it's anything. we will give you communication that we are giving the recording. >> i appreciate it. we haven't updated as expected with the case with this degree
7:13 am
of publicity. wild things are sad and as long as you folks are aware with it and asked me to deal with that, i would hate to be someone caught doing some of the stuff. anything else? go ahead. >> bill: the gentleman he mentioned there, binger, that is the kenosha assistant d.a., thomas binger. he was cross-examining rittenhouse and that's when the judge, judge schroeder, went off on him. he asked rittenhouse about the silence after his arrest and use of deadly force but the judge ruled that was off-limits. the jury is taken out of the courtroom and the judge gave him an earful. it got a lot of headlines
7:14 am
yesterday and drew a lot of people into this proceeding with rittenhouse on. >> dana: what they're doing is housekeeping. making sure that everything is in order for the day because they know that the eyes of the nation are watching this trial and it is a very high-stakes truck. there's a huge amount of publicity for it and understandably so. two witnesses are going to be called today. a former police officer and a self-defense expert. they will be on the stand today. >> bill: rittenhouse, you heard this, he broke down into tears when i asked about the killing of joseph rosenbaum. two dead and one injured. charged with that. defense attorneys over the past 14-16 hours, it's interesting how they have characterized the strategy on behalf of the defense. he did not have to take the stand. many people thought that the trial was not going well for the state and not going well for the prosecution. you could've rested your case.
7:15 am
they decided not to do that. rittenhouse went on the stand and as mentioned earlier, in a case of self-defense, you want to have the accused explained to the jury why they felt their life was in danger at that particular moment. >> dana: one other thing that the prosecutor kept asking rittenhouse was asking why he did not administer first aid to the victim and the people he was defending himself against. an interesting line of questioning. >> bill: are you still out there question went good morning again to two dumb iq. what you think but the strategy of him taken a stand question like what you've done it or not? >> i don't think had a choice but to take the stand. it goes back to proving what is reasonable. how do you do that? you have to get the journey inside his head and the only way to put them truly there and to
7:16 am
have them here when he heard and see what he saw is to have him explain step-by-step and moment by moment what was happening through head stomach his eyes. as a risky? of course it is risky. the other thing that happens here as at the jury's going to get to assess his stomach. i saw a motion in this 18-year-old kid and i think that the jury is going to agree. >> bill: standby. we are going to move to some other news. when questioning does begin to my 24 rittenhouse, will take you back there. speech of the air force to be creative in getting products on store shelves. a look to the extent that some are going to make that happen. >> bill: supply crisis is not the only thing happening in the
7:17 am
white house. soaring inflation. do they have a handle on it question what can they get a handle on it? claiming that prices will go down. is he right or is he ignoring what could be a much bigger problem? next. >> if you try to think for the right word for what biden is doing. he's doing each homicide. he is whacking the i'm supplied. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love. talk to a financial professional
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7:22 am
>> dana: the backlog of cargo ships on california is showing no sign of letting up anytime soon. some companies are to matters into their own hands. what kind of creative ways?
7:23 am
>> first of all, the causes of inflation are clearly invisible and this clearly is not. you've 78 ships not here import but weeding offshore. that is 30% more than what president biden said he was going to help fix a supply chain problem. some improvements, yes, but the truckers and the importers we saw don't talk to expect to delays to last another year. he says he has seen shipping delivery times increase from four until ten weeks and seam price double prompting him to pivot manufacturing from asia until mexico and even the u.s. >> back to the united states and mexico for a period of time and this accelerated that move. >> a similar survey with the
7:24 am
retailer steve madden shifting haft of their production to brazil and mexico and even bosnia from china and vietnam because of these shipping fees and delays. back here at the ports of l.a. and long beach, while there have been some improvements, because of the hefty fines they are prompting these guys to clear some deck space for new containers, truckers are complaining of bottlenecks that limit them to one mode a day instead of three or four. >> it takes too long to go in and out. two hours ago and, through hours to go out. there goes your day. >> my appointment was at 9:00 and i was there waiting on my load. i didn't leave the port till 8:30 eight. >> a lot of people that don't want to work because they been getting chait stomach checks from the government. that's what the big problem is. >> president biden has had his info structure bill is going to help the situation at the ports.
7:25 am
more cranes, deeper channels, if you will come. these people are saying that if it can be done there, we'll find other ways to do it and that's what happening. speech of those truck drivers work so hard. thank you, william. >> basic economics 101 is that large expenditures from the government and fiscal stimulus wedge, in a hot economy, creates inflation. it's reasonable to go out and say that they're going to control inflation. >> bill: that is former clincher advisor mark penn last hour. how long does it last? more work for trump and he worked for obama. good day to you. give us solutions. can you be proactive? start. >> i would try to stop us inflation.
7:26 am
i lived through the 1970s and i remember when jimmy carter was president and every time he went to the grocery story and that gas station, prices have going up and up and up. inflation got worse and worse. ronald reagan ended up winning a landslide election in 1980 against an incumbent president and inflation was the major concern of voters that year. you're seeing that reemerge now, bill. it is a carbon copy of what happened in the castries 70s where week by week, month by month, these inflation numbers are getting worse. gasoline prices are now $1.30 higher than they were one year ago. when it middle class or lower income person is filling up their tank, that's 20 bucks more. that's a lot of people to pay. the federal reserve board and the biden administration have been asleep at the switch at this one. if i was joe biden, i would say we do not need another $4 trillion spending bill. all of that money creation in all of that money and economy is going to make inflation worse.
7:27 am
>> bill: there's possible solutions in that answer. what are your words? >> what were the possible solutions? all he said was it do not pass the bill back better bill. he did not give solutions. if you take a step back, just look around the world. every country in the world is trying to come blooming back at the same moment. we just got the numbers from china. highest inflation 26 years. we have the number from germany. highest inflation in 29 years. this is a worldwide global supply chain phenomenon. not to beat a broken record about it, but you have to get control of the spread of the virus so people can go back to buying services which is what we mostly spent our money on before the pandemic. what we have had is a huge shift of buying a physical goods. the system cannot handle that. the entire world is trying to buy goods all at the same time. we have to be able to shift the
7:28 am
spending back to services. it is going to be months and i think that steve is right, it's going to be a political problem for the biden administration for sure. >> bill: it's going to bring the inflation down. he sweet red like this. "it is not transitory. edit is getting worse. d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain that americans have every day. ">> as you know, the democrats cannot afford to lose one democrat in the senate. i hope that joe manchin is telling the truth here. austin is right that inflation is a global problem right now, but what you're missing is that the entire world is dollarized. we have inflation in the united states, it causes inflation all over the world.
7:29 am
we had $1 trillion in the pipeline from covid relief bills a pass at the end of the trump administration and then to trillion dollars from a blue state bailout bill. now they want $4 trillion more. we are flooding the song was so much money and it has to cause inflation. it's going to cut don't make it worse. >> bill: austin, you get your shot now. >> they do not use the dollar predominantly in their economy. what is happening, as i said, as a crunch on the supply chain. any bill that is paid for is not providing stimulus. if you take the build back better bill and you fill in a higher tax rate on billionaires and large corporations which steve is a big fan of, it would eliminate any inflationary impact of those bills. if joe manchin is supposed to build back better, the white house is going to scramble
7:30 am
because they need every vote and they need every democratic vote to post stomach pass reconciliation. inflation is a worldwide phenomenon. >> bill: apologize for the introduction, but were out of time. this is a sticky wicket that affects millions and millions and millions of people. austin, thank you and steve, nice to see was well. >> dana: i love a cricket reference. the pushover hall and what he says a recent grading system. we'll talk about that and more straight ahead. plus, honoring those who serve as we observe this veterans day. here we go. ♪
7:31 am
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7:35 am
>> dana: welcome back to the kyle rittenhouse house being resumed in kenosha, wisconsin. we are going to be monitoring this as it gets underway. self dispense expert is on the stand there now. >> bill: would like to bring in jonathan turley to get his
7:36 am
read of the world. the defendant is not back on the stand today, but that was some drama yesterday. what is your expectation based on where we are now? >> the prosecution could not have had a more disastrous day yesterday and this has a feeling of it feverishly moving the furniture of the deck of the titanic because the ship seems to be staking by the hour. the prosecution stumbled right out of the gate. it is called key witnesses that turn on the prosecution and it gave what was a very beneficial testimony in favor of rittenhouse. and rittenhouse acquitted himself well yesterday. the prosecution did not. there is a looming question if this judge might want to dismiss this case. i'm not too sure that prosecutors would not welcome that, quite frankly, because
7:37 am
they seem to have reduced their options here to between a hung jury and acquittal. because of how badly this is going. we are going to be hearing from mr. black who is an expert on the use of force in self-defense. that is a very wise choice. this is someone who comes with a lot of law enforcement credentials and he is likely to reinforce the idea that this was a reasonable use of force. you have to keep in mind that wisconsin has a very beneficial self-defense rule on the defense side. it effectively, after the defendant makes a case that he was acting in self-defense, the burden shifts to the prosecutors. demos shall be on to beyond her reason of a doubt it is not true and rittenhouse satisfied his part of that standard.
7:38 am
>> dana: i would like to ask you something that andy mccarthy wrote and there was an attempt almost criminalize the defense. >> it was very curious to hear the things of the prosecutor was saying. it seemed to contradict the standard on which they are operating. there's a lot of things there i could not imagine would well with the jury. at one point, the prosecutors seem to be saying that someone in a mob told you not to get off the property so why did you not obey them type of argument. you could challenge whether rittenhouse was there to give aid, but to say that he should not have given a because someone in the mob told him not to is rather bizarre. and at another point, the prosecutor stomach prosecution mocked rittenhouse by saying they were throwing stones at a . it wasn't we do hurt the
7:39 am
vehicle, was it? it's this odd narrative that they are trying to flail and find a way to score with rittenhouse. >> bill: interesting. professor, thank you for hanging around with us. we will check back in with you. a biotech entrepreneur and law school. welcome to our coverage and how you view the trials of our question marks become that case should be judge on the facts and nothing else. there's a lot of people that might not like kyle rittenhouse and he shouldn't of been there with a gun, but that's not the question. the other thing that i thought of in her mind drift, there was questioning where the prosecutor was reminding him of all the things that would not constitute basis for self-defense. destruction of property, burning
7:40 am
of cars, burning the buildings. the type of things of the prosecutor laid out thinking he was advancing his case. from a societal perspective, it was a reminder of how peaceful the allegedly mostly peaceful protests were last summer. and it backfired in a way that created conditions that made it much more understandable for why kyle rittenhouse may have been in a position to fear for his life. that's a job for the jury and not for all of us. the jury well, i hope, make those decisions based on fact applying to law whether or not they like the defendant or if they believe their kid should be doing the same thing that kyle rittenhouse should be doing. that's irrelevant and it and it disfavors for itself yesterday in the courtroom. >> dana: one of the things that happened was the media coverage of -- and we had to take ourselves back to that time. it is after the george floyd murder and those protests. then you had jacob blake killinh the story that it seemed to be
7:41 am
against rittenhouse without having the facts. the prosecution indicted within 48 hours was one of the points that judge jeanine pirro made last night. it seems irresponsible and as you watch the prosecution struggle, it seems like one of the reasons why they jumped the gun, perhaps. >> exactly where there's nothing as an american that you make us more offended then politically motivated prosecution. it doesn't matter from the left or the right, we want to live in a country where the rule of law is administered based on the acts you commit and whether or not they break the law. not whether it is politically popular to bring into a particular case. it's my opinion that this prosecutor would not have brought the case if the country were not so politically charged at the time. if this was not such a politically sensitive topic, i doubt this wouldn't have been prosecuted based on hazy facts we have here. that's just my personal opinion. either way, this is a reminder of the fact that our judicial system under our rule of law, it ought to be fact and law and not politics and social circumstance
7:42 am
that governs a verdict that they reach. but also watching the trail yesterday, it reamed the prosecutor in the weight that he did. it restored my faith in the judicial system for working these out. and i applaud the judge for the way he handled that. excusing the jury and then laying into the prosecutor for what i thought was bad behavior in prosecutor's part. that should be inspiring to every american that wants to have faith in the judicial system to know that he or she will have a fair trial when the day comes. >> bill: and one more question. you just heard what was said about wisconsin law. in self-defense cases, the burden shifts to the prosecution. for the defendant, he still must show that he reasonably believed his life was in danger. can you help split hairs on that? as a bird and hire for the defendant here or the prosecution? >> it is with the fact means a
7:43 am
lot and that is why we have a jury system and where you were judged by a jury of your peers in a circumstance like this. this is not a matter for a single judge to make for events. this is not a matter of fact. it is a mix of fact and law and that is why we have in this country, 12 people who are judging a defendant of their peers. you get a jury of your peers to make exactly that judgment. what a reasonable person in kyle rittenhouse's position, what they believe they are life was in danger? there in the jury. we went and had appeared on the sharp questioning that what was rittenhouse thinking the moment you pulled the trigger on his own gun, correct? >> exactly right. and that's what makes these quick donkeys is difficult to sort out her courts. and i hope the jury does just that.
7:44 am
>> bill: thank you and thinking to professor turley prior to that. back into the courtroom as the proceedings unfold there, but in the meantime, we have more news. sounding the alarm over potential danger in the skies just in time for holiday travel season. the warnings that airlines could be sacrificing safety as more people fly since the pandemic began. how's that at his work in o'hare international. good morning. >> the cancellation chaos is indicative of a bigger problem regarding safety. airlines are understaffed after those furloughs, layoffs, and early retirements at the start of the pandemic. that led some the most experienced pilots, mechanics, and flight attendants to leave an industry that was already projecting a labor shortage before covid. former chair jim hall is warning if airlines are ramping up too
7:45 am
quickly in a haphazard way, it could have catastrophic consequences comparable to the 737 max crisis. >> i think that the aviation industry could have a similar problem, self induced, unless it slows down and take the time necessary to be sure that safety is not forgotten as they ramp back up to meet the new demands. speak out the pilots union for southwest airlines provides us with these figures which show he pulls. this is when a pilot removed himself from flank because they are feeling fatigued. you can see that they are higher than they were in october because of uncertain and last-minute schedules as well as the vaccine mandate that is adding to the stretch. >> are pilots are prioritizing safety overcompensation because when you do make a fatigued pole, you get paid and the
7:46 am
operation is safe. there's a lot of stress on it. >> we did reach out to southwest airlines and the faa but neither of them answered questions about safety concerns going into the holiday. >> bill: more with dan on that. >> dana: always good to see. different airlines handling vaccines the different ways. they say that they will comply with executive orders on vaccination. for united airlines, what is the take-up rate break for the vaccination? >> what we've seen at this point, with a small exception of employees that received a religious or medical accommodation, all of our employees to vaccinate. that happened in the seven week window between early august and late september. that is a testament to this
7:47 am
company's commitment to safety and that is the reason why we put a vacuum equipment in place. we are so proud of our employees and this is a point of pride for employees who recognize a leadership role that united has played in terms of implement inc. safety requirements during the pandemic. this is just the latest example and it is an example that united leads the way. it's also why people can book with confidence this holiday season. we have seen operational meltdowns and other airlines. you've not seen that at united airlines because we have been a careful about putting her schedule back in place at a moderate pace. we left a little money on the table for the customer. >> dana: you saw people having to rebook over and over again with southwest and getting so frustrated. many people said that had to be because of the vaccine mandates but you're saying not necessarily the case and is more a scheduling issue? >> it there's lots of things that contribute to that environment. one of the advantages we have going for us at united is that there's a lot of employee pride about the way that we have
7:48 am
managed to this crisis including implementation of our vaccine requirement. that employee pride shows when you look at our customer satisfaction source. they are higher than they've ever been before. it shows when you look at the reliability of her operation. even through some of these other difficult challenges, we been able to persevere and look of our customers. that is why people are thinking about travel plans, they can definitely know that the industry is safe. >> dana: will united airlines push forward to see if we can remove masks on these plans the vaccine rate is so high? >> ultimately, science is going to have to make that decision. hopefully it is a decision that is not going to be affected by politics but is going to be dictated by what the science shows. certainly some of the science shows that the onboard environment on an airplane is the safest environment and public that you could be in. it is certainly safer than the grocery store even an office building. speech a winning in off-ramp for
7:49 am
the masks on the planes. that's not your job. you've a lot of jobs, but it's not your job. good to see you. >> bill: get on that. on this veterans day, we speak to an american hero that a simple fives to what it means to put your life on the line for the country. you will meet her in a moment. plus, back to arlington as we arrive at the tomb of the unknown 100 years after the tomb of the unknown was established. back in a moment.
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what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? me? with me!
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from the beginning, newday has been the mortgage company for enlisted veterans, helping thousands buy a home, get cash, or lower their mortgage payments. we start by asking one simple question: how can we help that veteran? with more ways to help more veterans, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa. >> dana: we are waiting the finish of the old glory relay. it's an kept test of endurance where runners carry a single
7:55 am
american flag more than 4,000-mile. it's about to cross the finish line in atlanta, georgia, and charles watson is there. >> we are waiting for old glory to arrive. as we speak, this is benny 62 day mission for the veterans involved in the red, white, and blue old glory team relay. on foot, by the way, so they could get the american flag here to atlanta in time for veterans day. this entire journey kicked off in new york city on the anniversary of 9/11 in support of our nation's veterans. the flag was unrolled and for two months it has been passed hand-to-hand between an estimated hundreds of veterans who volunteer their time. team started up in georgia this morning and they're expected to arrive at the finish line at 1111. >> dana: you look so nice and
7:56 am
fresh. you have run anything, but you're there to cover the story and i'm surely going to be glad to see you when they arrive. >> i'm fresh and i'm not running at all. i'll leave that to them. >> dana: good to see you. >> bill: enjoy that. on this veterans day, we want you to meet two very special american women. melissa stockwell is her name and she was the first female american woman to lose a limb and combat. her vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in a rat pack and it april of 2004 pure cheese with us along side hetherington. it good to both of you on this veterans day and thank you for your sacrifice. you make a living based on motivational speakers, so let us have it. what does today mean for you and so many? >> it is veterans day and we honor those who have served and
7:57 am
those who have gone and beyond. to honor veterans, i don't think it should be just today but every day. to represent the semper fi fund, edits and organization that helps veterans like myself. not just at the bedside, but in all aspects of your life. i am a proud american every single day and thank you to those who have worn the uniform. i've never taking it for granted. >> dana: melissa, you are training for the paralympics? speak out yes. i just competed in the tokyo paralympic games. yes. >> dana: congratulations and thank you for representing us so well over there. karen, tell us a little bit about your program and how this day means so much to making sure you can do all that you committed to do to veterans in the country. >> thank you for having me today and allowing me to talk about
7:58 am
the important work that the fund is doing. we honor our veterans each and every day of the year. on this day in particular, we are starting our double down for veterans matching campaign. the majority of our veterans are severely injured from the war in afghanistan and iraq and their needs are going to last a lifetime. we want to be by them every step of the way. people can help by donating between now and december 31st. every single dollar that is donated will be matched by the bob and in a person's foundation. every foundation will double the impact in helping us care for our nations wounded. we went done, karen. the website is the and it's on our screen right now. to everybody there, you can hit/matched to make your donation out. thank you karen and melissa
7:59 am
stockwell. you are great. >> dana: terrific. thank you so much. >> bill: thank you, ladies. >> dana: bright smiles this morning from alyssa and karen. we have a great new program here called make chemo your cause. fox news has teamed up with this campaign and it is dedicated to battling veteran homelessness which is important. you can get and donate at u.s. can i put the hat on? i know this is against the p.r. rules, but i'm gonna donate so i can get the hat. >> dana: alex great. i love it. speech i won't give his name to protect his identity, but he loves camo. we have a special coming up on the five and we have special things up our sleeves.
8:00 am
judge janine and geraldo jesse and greg and i. make chemo your cause. he is named for a world war i vet named percy that peter knew in england. this is a guy that used to come and clean the table each day. we thought that was a fitting tribute for a new pub don't pop. here's the faulkner >> harris: with what is unfolding, democrats in key swing districts may choose to keep their distance from president biden. things have gotten more expensive. president has a growing crisis now. i'm harris faulkner, you're in the "faulkner focus." progressives don't care, they are persisting to push biden and his agend


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