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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 11, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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suburban. look at that smile. he's a motivational speaker and he spoken in front of congress, an avid photographer. >> i was like a majestic amount why are you ending the show like that? >> now i want to end it. >> very special veterans day clues this weekend so watch that. also watch "special report" with bret. now. >> bret: already, you guys look great out there and no cigar smell walking by down here. good evening, i'm bret baier freaking down tonight. the defense rests in the case of the illinois teenager on trial for killing two people and wounding another during a racial justice protest in wisconsin last summer. if lawyers for kyle rittenhouse focus today on the key issue of self-defense. correspondent garrett is in kenosha, wisconsin, tonight with the latest. good evening. >> good evening to jo, with
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final witnesses the defense tried to hammer home the narrative that kyle rittenhouse was a victim was to defend himself against an aggressive individual who were sent on doing him harm. gabe hernandez, youtube and political commentator who was in kenosha, wisconsin, the night of the shooting testified that joe was a rosenbaum helped to push a flaming dumpster into a police car with officers inside and was furious when a militia member put the fire out. >> he led the charge into the gas station. he was getting aggressive. yeah. to to start a physical altercation in the gas station to the point where he was telling one of the individuals with a rifle's me, shoot me. attempting to start a physical offer altercation. >> it was rittenhouse who de-escalate the standoff to be later targeted by rosenbaum who he fatally shot.
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more fireworks between the judge and prosecutors, once again chastising the district attorney for his line of questioning. a day after the judge berated him in the defense requested a mistrial with prejudice for prosecutors bringing up what the judge had ruled off limits. >> something i'm seeing. the face you're making. >> i will say, your honor, yesterday i was the target of your ira for disregarding your orders. >> i was talking yesterday about the constitution of the united states. how the supreme court has interpreted it for 50 years. >> judge schroeder ended arguments without ruling on the defenses request for a mistrial. it tonight, the jury heads home for the week and then tomorrow prosecutors and the defense will hash out jury instructions on monday will be closing argument.
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officials are already preparing for any potential unrest. in kenosha sheriff said the departments working with local state and federal law enforcement to assure the safety of the community. bret. >> bret: garrett tiny in kenosha, thanks. america is honoring its heroes on this veterans day. there are many observations all over the country. if the capital, president biden spoke at arlington national cemetery. he said veterans and dewar and survive challenges most americans will never know. lucas reports from the marine corps war memorial overlooking arlington national cemetery. >> 100 years after the tomb of the unknown soldier was first dedicated, president biden honored americans veterans. >> you are the very spine of america, not just the backbone, you are the spine of this country. >> just as they did when century
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ago, a military procession marched through arlington national cemetery past the tomb. overhead, military flyover included army black hawk helicopters, and navy super hornets. throughout the nation's capital, more ceremonies took place at the world war i and world war ii memorials. as well as a wreath laying at the navy memorial and for the first time, a reading of all 7,070 names of those americans killed in actions read by old star families in a tunnel to tower ceremony at the lincoln memorial. at the vietnam memorial, a ceremony in front of the wall listed all americans killed in action. 100 years ago today, unknown american soldier killed in world war i was placed in a horse-drawn carriage and paraded through the nation's capital to a state funeral at arlington. >> the tomb of the unknown soldier has now become our national police of mourning for
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all those who have lost a loved one. >> president harding spoke at the tomb's dedication ceremony november 11th, 1921. after seeing dedication ceremonies at westminster abbey and a year earlier, americans pressed the government for a tomb to honor those who were killed and never identified during world war i. more than 100,000 americans died fighting in that war. >> the american people read about the grand ceremonies in london and paris and they started writing the war department and congress. >> this week for the first time in decades, the tomb of the unknown soldier was open to the public. thousands lined up the place flowers and pay respects. >> we are coming together to honor those that have sacrificed their lives for individual liberties and freedoms. >> 100 years ago today, known as armistice day, marking the end of world war i was supposed to be the war to end all wars. 1954, president eisenhower to
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change the data veterans day to honor veterans of all wars. bret. >> bret: lucas tomlinson in arlington, thank you. as we honor veterans here at home, two retired u.s. marines remain in captivity in russia. they remained no closer to freedom now than the day they were arrested. correspondent benjamin hall shows us. >> trevor is a great young man. he has so much going for him. he had such drive and he was achieving his goals. >> trevor rita, texas special force marina is still behind bars in russia. he is now on hunger strike to protest poor prison conditions, held in solitary confinement, and his mother thinks he knows why. >> he was a marine and they will leverage for him to get people back that they want from the
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united states. >> also a former marine was detained in moscow in 2018 and sentenced to 16 years for espionage charge he says was entrapment. >> he spends most of his days making button holes in the labor camp, it's a cold part of russia right now. >> president biden raised both cases in june, pledging to do everything he could. >> the families of the detained, we are going to follow through with that discussion. i'm not going to walk away on this. >> u.s. ambassador of russia announced to visit and both he and the state department acknowledge they are both unjustly detained. >> i can tell you that we are continuing to press this issue with the utmost priority. >> despite continued to talk, they remain locked up and although putin himself said he's open to a prisoner swap, there
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has been little progress. >> i think we are weary of waiting to see what the state department and other agencies and u.s. government will do to help. >> i just do not understand why it's taking so long to get our loved ones back home to us. >> trevor reid's mother said this was a young man willing to stand up and take a bullet for his president. all she asked is that president biden stood up for him. bret. >> bret: benjamin hall, state department, thank you. breaking tonight, increasing concern over inflation jeopardizing president biden's a domestic agenda up on capitol hill. if not his entire presidency going forward. while he likes to say the award winning economist saying his plans will reduce his efforts. inflation could become a much more permanent fixture, even people in the president's own party are raising you into greasing alarms. white house correspondent
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peter doocy joins us from the north lawn. a good evening. >> officials around here are clear, there is no overnight fix for inflation. they admit that it's a problem, but still today, they did not say anything about it here at the white house or in paris. >> also apparently quiet on the inflation, constituents with democratic representatives. >> they're not talking about inflation, they are talking about i don't have enough money in my budget to pay for the things i need to pay for. >> critics charge that's out of touch. i understand much of limousine liberals living in new york or washington may not worry about these things, but for working-class americans having to pay an extra dollar or dollar 50 a week for a gallon of gas is making the budgets tougher and tougher to meet. >> rising gas prices are on the president's radar. >> have you ever pay this much for a gallon of gas?
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>> good question that has critics pointing fingers at a president in office for ten months. >> nine months ago, former obama white house economist warned fellow democrats planning to cut covid-19 checks was too big. he wrote at the time in "the washington post" about administration officials dismissal of even the possibility of inflation. they claimed it's not a problem. >> with respect to larry's points, one thing is wrong is that our team is dismissive of inflationary risks. >> biden officials did not slam the package down. >> it was very large what we infused and it's predictable that it would lead to excess demand and inflation. that's unfortunately what has turned out. >> the president himself admits, $1400 covert relief checks may not have had the intended
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impact. >> people have more money now, because of the first legislation i passed. >> officials are starting to claim they think a fix for inflation is there build back better plan, the same proposal they also have said would fix big problems like climate change, but they are some of the president's party who want the congressional party to review it and figure out how much it costs that could complicate speaker pelosi's plan for a vote next week. also next week, there is going be a signing ceremony or the infrastructure bill, but it's not clear how bipartisan that signing ceremonies going to be, because we learned in a radio interview in kentucky this afternoon that mitch mcconnell is not going to attend. bret. >> bret: peter doocy, live on the north lawn. thanks. while we were talking about breaking news about the build back better plan new announces from the new partisan tax center
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just released. to find some in the middle class would pay more in taxes under president biden's build back better social climate spending package then we were just talking about come on now also finds little to no benefit for the salt cap, the state and local taxes cap for those in the middle class either while there would be benefits for high earners. again, this is coming from the nonpartisan tax policy center in the analysis of build back better plans. if allowed to go on that. if stocks were mixed today, the dow lost 159, s&p 500 gain 3, the nasdaq was up 82. white house officials say the president stands behind the nominee to run the office of comptroller of the currency. it comes after we purported that criticism from republicans and now concern from key democrats. if montana democrat senator said
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some of the past statements about the role of government and the financial system raise serious concerns about her impartiality. he says he's looking to forward to discussing those placements with her. up next, migrant surge on the border with new expensive video between illegal immigrants and law enforcement there. here's what some of the fox affiliates around the country are reporting tonight. fox 5, leaders vowing that there will be riots and bloodshed if they elect eric adams and reinstate nypd's anti-crime unit. hawk newsom made the threats following a heated meeting with adams as brooklyn borough hall, despite the comments, they like to adams saying that he will deliver when he committed to the new yorkers.
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most of the money is coming from the state of michigan, accused of repeatedly looking the risks of switching flints water source without treating it. if this is a live look at south bend, indiana, come up from our affiliate wsb to you, one of the big stories there tonight, nearly 100 marching bands from across the country will perform over the next few games for the bands of americand national championship in indianapolis. the event return today after taking last year off due to the pandemic. pretty cool. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special "special report." we will be right back. ♪ ♪ lisa here, has had many jobs.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: live look at the vietnam war memorial in washington. this night on veterans day. in win tonight for former president trump and his bid to withhold documents from the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol riot.
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federal appeals court is temporarily blocking those records. this days to intended to give court time to consider former president trump's arguments. at the release had been scheduled for tomorrow. federal judge has overturned governor greg abbott's executive order banning mask mandates in texas schools. if the judge signed it a violation of the americans with disabilities act area he says the spread of covid-19 poses an even greater risk for children with special health needs. the railing allows local officials to make their own rules regarding mask mandates. ninth person has died from injuries sustained last friday during the astral world music festival in houston. of 22-year-old college student was one of the hundreds trapped as crowds pushed toward the stage when rapper travis scott appeared. of criminal investigation is underway. taking you to the southern border, awaiting new numbers from customs and border patrol upon migrant encounters along
3:20 pm
the southern border in october. they have been high until this point. we show you more exclusive video of the cat-and-mouse game between illegal immigrants and the people trying to stop them on the border. correspondent bill aleutian is in texas tonight. >> illegal immigrants hiding in the bush in la joya, texas, thursday afternoon as a texas national guard helicopter hovers right above. these two men were part of a group of runners who fled into a remote wooded area in an effort to evade border patrol. we were on scene deep in the brushes as agents arrived handcuffed and arrested the two men. thursday has been an incredibly active day here in la jolla, the rio grande valley remains the epicenter of the border crisis. earlier in the day, the fox drone was above a large group of migrants being apprehended in a mixture of family units being held separately from the single adult male runners. some of whom were dressed in
3:21 pm
camouflage. early this morning, fox news was on scene as a group of 150 migrants crossed illegally into la joya, texas, around 1:30 a.m. the group largely family units walked down the road and gave themselves of the border patrol. under biden administration policies, many of the families will be released into the u.s. with a future court date. meanwhile, the border patrol arrested this mexican national who they say is an active member of the northeast cartel. he led police on a pursuit before he bailed out and jumped into the rio grande in an effort to escape. an effort that failed. november 22nd vaccine mandate looms for federal workers, border patrol could be at risk of losing a chunk of the workforce. a time when they need every boot on the ground, they can muster. if speak of the administration doesn't care about the situation, they have not done anything to solve the problem. no consequences to people entering illegally, it is about bringing the people and then releasing them.
3:22 pm
>> bret, right now, you're looking live at the fox drone over a la joya, texas, and what you're looking at is the thick dense brush area where every single day illegal immigrants are coming through and hiding and running from law enforcement. this is where we saw the two guys get caught earlier today and these are the runners who do not want to be caught. what's remarkable is when you put it in perspective, look at what is directly across the street from the brush area. these are american residential neighborhoods, literally yards away from the epicenter of the border crisis and what we have seen happen so many times before it is these runners will take off through the neighborhoods and hop fences, height and back yards, hide underneath cars, and it affects the lives of the people living here. for the last couple months, it might have seemed like a lull in the activity. at the last week and so, the activity is over a period of huge family units are coming
3:23 pm
across, runners coming across it all parts of the day, and migrants are showing up literally everywhere you look. border patrol tells us they're noticing it as well. we will send it back to you. >> bret: film aleutian with the fox flight team and an amazing look they are. thank you very much. up next, a look at how the supply chain crisis is affecting the lives and livelihoods of many americans. first, beyond our borders tonight, china's communist party resolution to elevate president status likely securing an unprecedented third term. the official document credits him as the main innovator behind when it calls xi jinping thoughts on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. russia sends two nuclear capable bombers on a training mission to over belarus in a show of support for its ally. they practice bombing runs as fighter jets simulated and intercept. of the bombers flew a similar mission wednesday as flights
3:24 pm
were conducted on a regular basis. the last south african apartheid president has died. fw de klerk oversaw the end of the country's white minority rule, but he still blamed for violence against black south africans. he was awarded the nobel peace prize alongside nelson mandela and their cooperation for moving away from institutionalized racism. fw de klerk was 85. if just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines,
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♪ ♪ >> bret: tonight we look at some of the long-term effects of the supply chain crisis ripping this country. national correspondent william la jeunesse talks about some peoples whose lives and livelihoods are being directly affected. >> we've got ships all over the ocean, we can't bring them in because there's no room. >> there's a lot of people that don't want to work because they have been getting checks from the government. >> my appointment was at 9:00. i was there. waiting on my load, i didn't leave the port until 8:30. >> official saying they're clearing the backlog of containers but truckers complained that excessive rules often limit them to one load per day. instead of three or four. >> the only thing we spend too much time in the courts.
3:29 pm
by the time you come back, the day is gone. >> 78 ships remained offshore and 30% more than one month ago when president biden promised a supply chain fixed. >> today's announcement has the potential to be a game changer. >> it wasn't, 24/7 port operations remain more wish than reality because the rest of the supply chain has struggled to adjust. of yesterday, biden promised help. >> we are set to make significant progress. it's become >> many businesses, it's not fast enough. >> worth looking into the third quarter of 2022. >> the shipping calendar now stretched from weeks to months, living spaces furniture's relocating manufacturing. >> we have been trying to prove it more the united states and mexico for a period of time. this is just accelerating this move. >> two retailers is moving its production out of asia to brazil and even bosnia. small shops are making adjustments as well. >> we are being advised that
3:30 pm
shortage local continues through the spring of 22. >> the owner's placing her orders early, knowing they will cost more. >> we have to realize even though things may be made in stocks, most fabrics are imported. they have to pass on the charges to us. >> the silver lining, companies are considering reassuring manufacturing to the u.s. provided there is enough labor and wages are competitive on a global scale. both remain unanswered. of bret. >> bret: william la jeunesse of the port of los angeles, thank you. if congressional democrats looking to rebrand themselves as normal. after big disappointments for progressives during last weeks off your elections. there's fears by many in the party of major losses in next year's midterm and a course correction now. here's congressional correspondent chad pergram. >> there's a push by some democrats to recalibrate as they expect to compete in the midterms. >> you can't look like you're in
3:31 pm
disarray, it makes independent voters saying these guys can't shoot straight. >> democrats are trying to sell people on bread-and-butter issues. >> i'm going to create good paying union jobs with good benefits so you can raise family on and build middle-class out. >> but democrats remained determined to pass their expensive social spending package. consumers fret about inflation. >> political communications not the strong point of the democratic party. selling policy and selling legislative achievements has been something that the minor democratic party has failed most of the time. >> democrats hope to temper their liberal message to capture swing voters. house speaker nancy pelosi has been in scotland talking climate change. >> 222 going in for environmental justice as part of president biden's justice for new pledge for long the health and vitality of those suffering
3:32 pm
from pollution and environmental injustice. >> progressive drowned out the party's moderates. cori bush was 1 of 6 liberals who voted nay on infrastructure because democrats hadn't coughed up money for the social spending plan. >> my no vote was not enough for infrastructure, my vote was to keep our leverage to make sure that we can deliver the full build back better agenda. >> prices could jeopardize passes of the big bill. >> hoping to hit the company with one more spending bill. it will bog down and move into the creases season >> democrats are not convinced this fills supercharge the political process. they worry that they veered too far to the left. bret. >> bret: chad pergram, live on capitol hill, thanks. next, panel on the struggling biden economy, inflation, and
3:33 pm
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♪ ♪ >> do you think that build back better in its current form is essentially dead because of inflation? >> quite the opposite, the build back better bill is the best answer we have to bringing the cost down. what the bill will do is make inflation where scum it's going to increase national debts, it's going to make things harder for small businesses and ultimately it will make people more dependent on a government that's already encroaching too much and almost every part of our lives. >> bret: white house chief of staff and former congresswoman democratic congresswoman tulsi gabbard. talking about inflation there. national review and the editors write this about biden's inflation problem. we need more chests for the current trade policy combining a
3:38 pm
tariff of 200% on reporting. it labor policy designed in the early 20th century allowed them to entrench inefficiency and reuse labor productivity in the transportation sector. the federal government has prioritized transitioning away from fossil fuels while begging opec to pump more oil. it build back better either leaves those problems untouched or exacerbates them. it sees government created problems and requires no mike prescribes more government why are they looking at the massive bill seeing completely two different things. it let's bring in the panel, "washington post" columnist marc thiessen, leslie marshall democratic strategist, bill mcgurk, columnist for "the wall street journal." bill, the inflation thing is so real dad to everybody acknowledges it now it's the how to prevent a going forward is being debated.
3:39 pm
>> of course, not just republicans, larry summers also has worried about it openly and joe manchin worries about it quite rightly. the reason i think we have this is because we are asked to believe all these fantasies that this won't cost a dime. first we are told that there is no inflation that it's transitory, none of these things are turning out. you know, the political problem for biden is that you can't spin inflation. people see it. they feel it when they get a sack of groceries or go to the gas pumps. the problem joe biden has is that it's going to affect the passage of build back better, as a reconciliation bill. i think it's going to affect the veracity of his claim that he doesn't tax anyone who earns
3:40 pm
under 400,000k. if you have raising inflation, your paycheck is being eroded and that's why they're calling the impact on people at the bottom of the pile the cruelest tax. i think there is a big problem. i think you ask why people are pursuing this, i think you go back to the dominate dynamic. a progressives that pushing this are largely, moderates are democrats in districts worried about winning reelection. >> bret: leslie, we have this nonpartisan tax policy center saying that they look at build back better and they see tax increases for middle-class. some of it deals with salt, state and local taxes, but there is terkel very jagged of what the legislation as we do not know what it is is going to really do. >> we have found not because of politics but we have that as you
3:41 pm
can see bret, as an economist, saying this is bad and i can find maybe ten or 20 saying it's good, but a woman i trust greatly as the treasury secretary. if she says, look about the reality we have inflation before and they '80s and now, will have an in next year, the reason for that and not in the '80s is because of covid. even though we still have the virus, we still have more people going out, we are buying more. that's a good thing. if the bad thing is that we were not ready for this. the suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, not just in the united states were not ready for this. we as consumers do have a secret weapon and it's called buy american. we do not have clogged ports and the largest city in the country and does not have the standards that the infrastructure bill will bring it up to that any other ports in the world does with our competitors internationally in the global economy. are we in a tough time right now?
3:42 pm
absolutely. will this get better? yes, do we need to be patient? yes. i said as one of the most impatient people on the planet. >> bret: marc, the president said the stimulus checks that came out of the covid financing from capitol hill, he said it because some of the inflation problem conceding that it's only growing and not diminishing. >> he's right. they pump $300 billion hold on the economy and bugs $1.9 trillion into it with stimulus checks and child credits, and with the unemployment supplement. as a result, the personal saving rates in august was $1.7 trillion. people have lots of money to spend but they're not in a hurry to get back to work. that created the prices though my crisis. joe manchin's argument against the bill that he wants to pass. $1.9 trillion driving inflation, imagine what $4 trillion will do to the economy.
3:43 pm
it's going to raise prices and overheat the demand side of the economy before the supply can keep up and drive inflation. he keeps making joe manchin's case for him. >> bret: quickly, bill, there is some pressure obviously for progressives who believe that their whole thing about linking the two bills fell apart. they voted on the infrastructure bill and it passed him a big signing ceremony next week. but they need to see the other side of this according to them. are they going to get the bounce? >> that's a good question. we will find out if the moderate hangs up and they didn't really hang up and we will find out if joe manchin hangs up. if people say he will cave, but he's not making statements like someone who is about to cave. we are going to find out very soon. it's interesting to me again, people telling us not to worry about this and don't worry about
3:44 pm
inflation going to go away, the same people who did not predict that we would be aware we are where we are right now. they did not see it coming. they were wrong. >> bret: listen, it might be more than senator manchin's then other moderates out there. both the senate and the house to step forward. we will see a period a panel, stand by if you would be right up next, the kyle rittenhouse trial and what's coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> people were saying frame him and get him, kill him. if people were screaming and i just was trying to get to the police running. >> you say i'm trying to get to the police, why were you trying to get to the police? >> i didn't do anything wrong, i defended myself. you >> it's clear the district attorney office should never have brought charges. they did without any meaningful investigation. the candidate for the u.s. presidency himself last year prior to the election called kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. joe biden called him a white supremacist. that's appalling. >> bret: well, kyle rittenhouse trial as it's coming to an end here has been ripping
3:49 pm
television to watch. at the drama inside the courtroom, the interaction between the players. we are back with the panel for assessment. as you watch this, would you take away? >> there is so much here. we said in the last segment, you can have people on one side or up don't like the other and that's exactly what we are seeing with the trial. rittenhouse being brought to the standings of the defendant didn't, do people believe him. that's going to be important if the jury buys the emotional people that he was making to them. in addition, prosecution always obviously has the burden of proof. people are saying too many charges and too strong. i do not think premeditation has been proven and i think they will come down from first to agree on some of the charges to second-degree and they might have to. there's many people out there in the jury of public opinion that things you will walk, but at the same time i think there were a few times with prosecution and
3:50 pm
that's good questions which is why did you come with 30 rounds of ammunition, why do you need 30 rounds of ammunition to help people? and of course, each of those individuals who has been killed by him, three different situations where we watch the video tape and we will have to see if the jury agrees with me on that. >> bret: marc, it's interesting to watch people pipe in on this case before the jury before it is decided. representative jeffries from new york who we should point out talked about in democratic circles as a possible speaker down the road. lock up kyle rittenhouse and throw away the key. that's quite something if you're looking -- you know, dial down the emotions. >> yeah, it's outrageous of them. what biden said about him. there was a key moment today when they showed a video of one
3:51 pm
of the victims setting a dumpster on fire and they might have well been showing a video of the prosecutor presenting his case. he violated the constitutional rights and scolded by the judge for bringing him come out the fact that he invoked his first amendment the right to remain silent that he got dressed down in front of the jury repeatedly. he is star witness testified that rittenhouse fired in self-defense. i think the jury should not only equates to come foreman should look at the prosecutor and say i award you no points and may have god have mercy on your soul. that's how bad it has been. >> bret: bill? >> i see a slightly different. i do not see his side, with what is incredible to me is i see the prosecution making the defense side. who's a persuasive witness that made the prosecution's case? most of these things have come out by prosecution witnesses who are backing the defendant's
3:52 pm
story. and again, i don't like to speculate and i'm not in the courtroom for all of it. but it's really astonishing that most of the witnesses that have been most powerful for kyle rittenhouse have been from the prosecution. i think it goes back to the first point the case should never have been brought, if it were going to be broad, you'd think the prosecutors would talk to their own witnesses a little bit before they got on the stands. >> bret: we will follow it all and we will take it and when the jury has it, comes up with a decision, you will see it here on fox. panel, thanks, have a great night. when we come back, a look at veterans day around the country. ♪ ♪ kevin! kevin? kevin. oh nice. kevin, where are you? kevin?!?!? hey, what's going on? i'm right here! i was busy cashbacking for the holidays
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♪ ♪ >> thank you to all the veterans serving in the military or who have served ever. finally tonight, a look at veterans day e around the country. >> here today to commemorate the service that all veterans of all ages who have given to our country. >> for the soldiers, we are basically past, present, and future doing our respects here. it will be hard-pressed to find a better place to honor our veterans than this incredible
3:58 pm
museum. which gives a testament to the greatest generation. [horn honking] ♪ ♪ >> it's veterans day, in this the day we recognize all who served. >> i cover the pentagon for six and a half years, traveled the world with the military and i came to respect and honor the sacrifice not only for the military members but also their families. >> all right, are you ready? >> we have an opportunity and responsibility to give back. >> giving an opportunity to come together and help others on the golf courses everything we could have asked for. >> you remember all those who have come before us and given the greatest gift to our nation. >> couple wars. at that brought me here today.
3:59 pm
>> and allows us to honor the 1.8 purple heart recipients and tell their stories to americans today and the generations to come. >> there beautiful! speak of the navy, they are always courageous. for our marines, for they'd always be faithful. to our army as they come to our defense. for our air force to fly fighting winds. and finally, for the space force that they always be above. ♪ ♪ >> bret: we really owe a lot to our veterans. and really everything. a fox corporation is a premium sponsor of make it, your cause campaign by u.s. vets. dedicated to ending veteran homelessness in the u.s. it features a variety of camouflage products including t-shirts, sweatshirts, a tote bag with the honor u.s. vets hashtag designed to create
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awareness for the u.s. vet's mission what it's all available at the we hope you do. tomorrow on "special report," howard kurtz takes a look at how the mainstream media covering the kyle rittenhouse trial. a lot of news this week as well. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "fox news prime time" hosted by lawrence drone starts right now. >> great as always. good evening and welcome to fox news prime time, i'm lawrence jones. democrats quickly realize they were wrong about kyle rittenhouse. turns out he wasn't a white supremacist that went to kenosha to kill people. let's clear. the media narrative following the parts of its time to point the fingers elsewhere. they must blame someone so why not the judge with the allegation they say he's enforcing the court of law in keeping the prosecution