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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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at the we hope you do. tomorrow on "special report," howard kurtz takes a look at how the mainstream media covering the kyle rittenhouse trial. a lot of news this week as well. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "fox news prime time" hosted by lawrence drone starts right now. >> great as always. good evening and welcome to fox news prime time, i'm lawrence jones. democrats quickly realize they were wrong about kyle rittenhouse. turns out he wasn't a white supremacist that went to kenosha to kill people. let's clear. the media narrative following the parts of its time to point the fingers elsewhere. they must blame someone so why not the judge with the allegation they say he's enforcing the court of law in keeping the prosecution from
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pulling the dirty tricks. up at the left is just mad they are losing, so it's time to blame the referee. >> we have the role of law in the country which means the verdict must be respected regardless of what is viewed on the outside. as it goes on and you look at the judge, the arguments, there is questions about whether this is on the level. >> this judge, this judge is an absolute joke. he's been a joke from the very beginning. it's absolutely disgusting the way he's conducting himself. he's obviously playing for the audience. a certain audience. >> it appears this judge is auditioning for the cameras and looking for his next gig on fox news or whatever it is. this judge is going beyond the pale. trying to show off for the country's conservative credentials or whatever it may be. >> lawrence: they're attacking the institutions. i like to point out that this conservative judge they're talking about was appointed by
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democrats. you can count on the liberal media to put their own spin on the story. they can't stop talking about the judge, just like they can't stop talking about rittenhouse's testimony. i will take that back. you're not just talking about it, they are mocking it. a mocking a kid who cried on stand because he took someone's life. watch. >> the cross examination, we saw was a very rehearsed kyle rittenhouse, we won't hear that he killed so it really comes down to do we believe how rittenhouse telling the truth or is he giving outperformance of the lifetime? >> he takes upon himself to go to a protest in another save and then he says is in self-defense. that acting job with the crying, i can't look at it. >> incomes my favorite basketball player, lebron james. this is the claim he made and look at the tweet. i did not see one. don't pay attention to all of this noise.
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don't get distracted from the biggest story here. why does this even happen? because the government didn't do its job. i told you last night the summer of 2020 was violent and chaotic, especially in kenosha after the jacob blake shooting. there wasn't enough national guard troops on the ground to protect them. >> i got a call today from the congressmen that represents the district from senator johnson as well. really just pleading for help, he said that the local sheriff and the mayor, the police chief need additional assistance. the president was on the phone with the governor as well today. we have national guard standing by the additive the general for the national guard needs additional help, we are there to do it. but today, the request was denied by the governor. >> they want you to forget what was happening, and the city is on fire, you saw the menaces of
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society, and after mark meadows uttered the words, two people were shot dead in the streets. kyle rittenhouse went to kenosha because he felt like he had to. the leadership created by wisconsin governor tony everett lead to chaos. and people felt like they had to step up and fill the void. people who say rittenhouse had not been in kenosha, they're absolutely right. no private citizen would have felt to protect. and amidst the chaos, 17-year-old ends up shooting three people. claiming self-defense. >> tragically, two people lost their lives, i'm not for a vigilantism. i'm not sure that's what's happening. people felt because the governor and local officials were looking for help. it's not the resolve to end the
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rioting, so people took advantage and that's what ended up happening. >> lawrence: government failed to do its job. it abandoned its most important responsibility. they neglected to perform the most basic function of government, the blood is also on their hands. response, tulsi gabbard, former hawaii congresswoman and former presidential candidate. a congresswoman, thank you for joining us tonight. you know, i've been following you on twitter and following your public comments. part of the most concerning thing that i have been seeing from the media is they do not remember that time apparently are they had amnesia. people did not feel safe. i'm not advocating for vigilante justice, but when government does not do its job, people step up to protect themselves. >> that's exactly right. i would not assume that they
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have amnesia because when you think back to that time we remember very clearly that immediately after this tragedy occurred with kyle rittenhouse, the mainstream media politicians were very quick to say this kid is a white supremacist terrorist. and so, even at that time in the midst of all that chaos, there was no interest in saying, hey, you know what, this is a tragedy and the crisis of the city is facing is a tragedy. wait and follow the evidence and let this work itself go through the judicial system. if the government failed to fulfill the most basic responsibility of keeping their community safe. if kyle rittenhouse should not have gone and dealt when he did, but as you said, he's a foolish kid who like others in the community felt like they had no other choice but to step up and try to do their part to keep people safe. >> congresswoman, i have a problem with the inconsistency that i see from the left and
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people that claim to be civil libertarians. they want to fight for the rights of the people. if you agree that the state should have someone's knee on their neck and kill them, how can you support the state and target a young man that shows in the video it self-defense. it shows on the witness stand, the prosecution's witness admitted that he aimed at him first. >> this is the problem here, that there is no evidence or facts or justice that people care about. it's about politics. are you one of us or one of them come out on our team or the "enemy." we have seen with this example and others, if you're not on our team, your racist and a white the premises, a terrorist, and they lobby out the allegations without care for the evidence and facts, or the consequences. we see this happening with the judge in this trial because of
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his ringtone being a patriotic song god bless the usa. obviously, they are saying he's biased toward kyle rittenhouse. so what conclusion are we to draw from that that if you love america, then you're a white supremacist. this is the craziness of what we are seeing play out here, which really for me, it shows that they hate america, that they have such disdain for those who love america, that this is the allegation they threw out and especially as we sit here on veterans day. if the disdain extends to those tothose who have worn the unifo. >> lawrence: they want to take down political opponents. that's exactly what this is about and it's sad. thank you for your honesty here tonight on the program. also here tonight, national syndicated radio host and
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second amendment advocates, dana. they are not going after just conservatives, going after african-americans, they are going after the second amendment. the people that carry guns, we are crazy, we want to shoot people. >> yeah, so good to see oh, my friend as always. it's not just the second amendment, it's a self-defense. if it's on trial and right in the seats with kyle rittenhouse. looking at the video footage, i don't know if there's any video footage that i have not seen and even slow down frame by frame. there is no way on gods green earth that this is not self-defense. people can have conversations as to whether or not he should have been there but he had every right to be there. every right to be there. as a mother, i look and i'm like i really don't want to offer my minor child up to the ravenous media. you saw what the press did to nick and all they could did was smile. kyle rittenhouse, there was a
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good discussion and lawrence made a good point earlier discussing how really you had politicians that abandoned police. police who were not able to secure the town and protect the citizen race. like police, if they can't protect me, i'm going to protect myself. if kyle rittenhouse can't defend himself and all the situations that purposefully justifiable. he was attacked from behind, they testify that he had drawn down and pulled a gun on his head, not until that point that rittenhouse fired. every interaction, rittenhouse's life was under immediately felt right. it satisfied to every complete legal requirement needed in order to invoke self-defense. i just -- to me, there's no argument, but the problem is, lawrence, because self-defense is under fire, people will be thinking they are going to be second-guessing themselves.
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it's a self-defense case and everybody has the right of self-defense, does it matter if you're 17 or 30, doesn't matter where you are. none of those things determine your self-defense. the constitution does. it's been your exactly right it was a young lady nicole wallace who worked in the republican white house and now she has a show on nbc. i want to play a sound bite from her and this sums up how they feel about us a gun owners now. >> everybody who watches right wing media is armed. but the intersection is notable. inside the intersection is the intersection there is adjacent to this domestic terrorism. >> lawrence: were domestic terrorists, dana. [laughs] >> they should actually call us domestic partners, isn't that what the end instruction refers to a terrorists?
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taliban? where's the black hawk and the stuff that they got. the congress of mine called me a domestic terrorist before and she intimated that every lawfully armed -- firearm owner is a domestic terrorist. i believe that's grotesque and it's irresponsible. it's miles wide, inches deep and reactionary commentary that passes for a pond entry this days and i find it embarrassing and shallow. i wish people would employee critical thinking skills. because somebody is lawfully armed does not make them a domestic terrorist. furthermore, lawrence, if every lawful -- law-abiding american owned a firearm posed a threat of domestic terrorism, don't you think that particularly in the last year and a half with firearm sales we would have crime to match that. but the crime that increase has been democrat run cities that have stricter firearm laws than they do in the home stay here in
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texas. >> lawrence: your exactly right. i don't want to hear anything about civility anymore. name calling, going after political opponents. i don't want to hear anything about it. it's not about them, it's about defeating political opponents and they made it very clear. thank you so much for coming on. that's exactly right. coming out, what democrats react to new threats from black lives matter activists. >> we are going to take to the streets again, there will be riots, there will be bloodshed. ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. after 2020 in new york city, the
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people decided to have enough they elected a former cop mayor to stop the crime surge. adam wants to bring back a reformed version of the nypd anti-crime unit. but not everyone is excited about this. >> if they think they are going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again. there will be riots, there will be fires, and there will be bloodshed. >> lawrence: riots, fire, and bloodshed. i think that was a threat. that would be new york cofounder newsom. instead of cleaning up the streets, he's threatening to paint them red. it sounds like he wants new york to follow the lead of los angeles. police are going to give up and tell potential victims not to resist to hand over their things. here's a thought, how about you crackdown on crime instead of cell, telling your citizens to rollover for criminals. let's bring in jeff charles. thank you so much for being here
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today. the message is pretty clear here. let the criminals do what they want to do. i think this was an incitement pretty much right? >> clearly. i can't claim to be shocked. and you start with new york city for example, you have democrats for months last year deciding to be okay with riots, with violence, with burning down buildings and destroying neighborhoods. as a result of that, a lot of people went to jail and a lot of people get prosecuted? no. but guess what happened. we saw the defunding of police in new york, we saw it happening all over the country and we rewarded that kind of behavior. if you're the kind of person that turns to violence and you can see you've been rewarded for it, no punishment whatsoever. if you're probably going to turn to that yet again when you might not get your way. not just about the group and all the people who are not talking about it like the lunatics who
4:21 pm
got away with this as well. if they're not going on tv are holding press conference, they will secretly communicate electronically. they will go out and they're going to follow suit. this is something that's very clear and we have to pay attention. >> lawrence: there is legitimate reforms that can happen, but setting things on fire on the street, making sure that black folk in the communities in harlem, the bronx, brooklyn get shot up, i don't think that's the recipe that our people want or america wants. >> not at all. here's the thing. i get the whole police reform thing. i am for police reform, not defunding the police, but for reforming. there's changes that need to be made. however, bringing up the threat of violence is not the way to address the situation. my question i would put directly to hawk newsom, when you talk about things like bloodshed and use the word bloodshed, whose blood do you think is going to be shared? we know the answer that the question and its people that
4:22 pm
look like u.n. dye dykema hogg newsom, black men. i am sick of dead black bodies in the street, whether it's from the police were .when you use words like bloodshed to come but there has to be a better way to deal with the issue. no more black bodies dying needlessly because people want a riot. i know that when you talk with "the new york post" he tried to clarify what he said, but it's out there. the damage is done. when you're in the position of leadership, you've got to be looking for solutions that will safeguard black lives and the lives of the rest of the people in the community. >> lawrence: so right. you know, jason, whose blood? whose blood will be on the streets. i'm curious, when he says blood, which blood and whose is a question mark >> i presume he's talking about the officers were out there. you go after the enemies and wire, and it's an actual war. you talk about that kind of
4:23 pm
violence i will presume they are going to target police officers. we have seen police officers being targeted in the country as a result of the last year's worth of activism. it's a huge concern for a lot of officers at the time were police departments are losing cops left and right because they do not want to put up a thing if they e the arrests and have it be charged to stick with activists who are choosing to break the law instead of doing actual activism. but it ends up not happening and if you look at los angeles, part of the reason why they're giving that advises the cops can make the arrests that they want but you need prosecutors and judges to put the people in jail and they are not. >> lawrence: there is blood throughout all this street of new york. people being shot up for no reason. of criminals getting away with it. the das allowing criminals to get back on the street. i mean, if there's a broken justice system, to think that
4:24 pm
activists get a clue. anyway, jeff, jason, thank you for doing our program. ron desantis may have the perfect solution to the migrant crisis. send them to biden's home state. >> if they're going to come here, will provide buses and provide them. i will send them to delaware. >> lawrence: lara logan has that and more. if that's coming up next on "prime time." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: it seems like there is no end to the border crisis, own bill melugin joins us now. bill. >> hey, lawrence, good to see you. it's been a very active day out here in la joya, texas, and a few hours ago we had a couple of illegal immigrant runners come sprinting right by us into the brush behind us. we were there as they were apprehended and take a look at the video we shot earlier when we are in the brush and we found two of the runners hiding in a bush. it's hard to see them at first
4:30 pm
but texas national guard helicopters hovering directly above them also looking for the two men. we were there as part of patrol agents got on scene and handcuffed both of the men and took them into custody. clearly not wanting to turn themselves in. take a look at the second piece of video come a few hours before that here in la joya, texas, down the road another group of migrants being apprehended by border patrol. this was a mix of family units and single adult male runners. a border patrol was keeping the families away from the runners and you can see the runners were in the background of the shot and single adult men wearing dark clothing or camouflage. we see that with the runners out here and take a look at the third piece of video. 1:30 a.m. out here, that early looking for activity. we found a group of 150 migrants who crossed illegally into taxes and walking down a road to get themselves up to border patrol. these were mostly the family units, moms, dads, kids, toddlers, that sort of thing. it an attractive journey for the families because they know under president biden's policies,
4:31 pm
family units are being released into the united states and from federal custody, given a future court date and they can travel where they want to in the country. the last piece of video is remarkable and we want to show you. private citizen and roma texas so frustrated he wanted to take it manners in his own hands. at what you're looking is that he built a grappling hook and throwing the hook at smugglers and refs as their bringing migrants across the rio grande. that private citizen was sick of it and trying to puncture the rafts with the grappling hook. he was not successful in that endeavor by that shows the frustration of some of the locals and back out here live, one thing to point out, we know kamala harris has been assigned the borders are. if she has not been down since june when she went down to el paso, texas, which is nowhere near the epicenter of the crisi. we will send it back to you,
4:32 pm
lawrence. >> lawrence: i've got one question, what's the latest on the caravan coming to texas? about 3,000 at one point? >> they are moving at a snail pace right now, mexico passed the law after the previous caravan where mexican citizens are not allowed to pick them up and drive them. people are moving at a slower pace because they have to walk and have not made it to mexico city yet. the sign of the caravan was added 2,000 or 3,000, the leader of the caravan said he's hoping to swell the numbers up to 10,000. they are trying to get to the mexican states which is directly south of arizona. it's unclear if they tried to cross into the area we will wait and see if they get that far. but we have seen the videos when the migrant caravan has encountered in the national guard to come in to get physical and push through the lines and throw rocks at them, sticks at them. it's a wait-and-see approach right now, but as it stands at the second, they are nowhere close to the u.s. border.
4:33 pm
>> lawrence: unbelievable. best border reporter on the job. bill melugin, thank you. you just saw the border remains wide open under joe biden come up with a ripple effect of the broken immigration policies are sending shock waves across the country. take a look at what's happening in florida. according to the governor's office, the biden administration sent at least 78 planes packed with migrants to the sunshine state including one migrant who is now a suspected murderer. guess what, ron desantis is sick of it. watch. >> if they're going to come here, will provide buses and provide them. i will send them to delaware and do that. if he is not going to support the border being security, then he should be able to have everyone there. >> lawrence: laura logan, thank you so much for joining me tonight. we see what's happening. they are clearly on the flights. but the thing about the administration's plan, saying florida, texas doesn't have any
4:34 pm
right to enforce immigration laws. when is enough enough? >> it's a very interesting, lawrence, because on every front whether it's the border, or election law, the states have rights. they are enforcing them because many states in the union feel that the federal government is not upholding its duty, which is to uphold the law of the united states. and the constitution. there is position under the constitution for states to exercise their own right and it's happening more and more. the latest from del rio where he was doing his report on they are, will tell you last week alone, didn't have a record 28,065, there is another 6,000 that got away. we are really not being allowed to see the scale of the problems
4:35 pm
here. what's happening is the biden administration is pushing people to florida come into texas, to michigan. all of the country in the middle of the night. i've got footage that was taken in tennessee back in may when they were doing this. if charter, greyhound buses, this is costing in unknown fortune for the u.s. taxpayer. we go into the christmas season. >> lawrence: what's the end game? >> that's a very good question. the end game is that there is no end in sight. there is no plan to stop this. the border is wide open and for some reason, the biden administration has created a human rights -- the human right to migrate now supersedes our sovereign rights as a nation. and even our law in the right the state according to what they are saying now. this is happening, lawrence, as many americans are going into christmas where they will be noe
4:36 pm
buying any gifts because they simply can't afford it. this is really a deciding and defining moment for this country because the biden administration has open orator ideologues within it. they have implemented their open border policy from day one. this country still has not woken up in greg abbott and i'm afraid the governor of texas is doing astonishingly little to stop it. >> lawrence: they are playing with the american people. if they can't put food on their table, if they're struggling, if they can't even get the basic supplies that they need from the store, they will not be happy with this. it but it doesn't seem like the biden administration cares at all. laura logan, thank you so much, thank you for your report. you will never believe who joe biden is looking to recruit to work at the white house. we have a shocking new report. that is up next. ♪ ♪ s your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day.
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4:42 pm
overwhelming virginia after republican flipped the state read it should have been obvious that the voters don't support the antileft american agenda. instead of switching gears trying to do what's right for the country, joe biden reportedly is looking to employ terry muck: a job in the white house here to react, author and host of outnumbered. dave, going straight to you, it seems like they are not really catching the message, but maybe they are. if they are stuck on corruption. the voters rejected him, he's a former donor and why not put him in the white house? >> first off, you're totally right. the dance moves should have disqualified the guy but this is what the left consistently does. they never look in the mirror
4:43 pm
and say, hey, maybe people are upset about indoctrinating kids into all the critical race theory stuff. it may be parents are upset we're teaching everyone that america is systemically racist and the founding of the country is bad. that boys are girls and two plus two does a nickel for an instead of looking at that stuff, they take a mirror and they go maybe we are overstepping just a little bit. they double down, what is it that terry mcauliffe is skilled in? doesn't really make much sense that he's in the administration. >> lawrence: maybe he can teach them what not to do. >> yeah, let's hope. dave rubin poses a good question when he has to offer. he's the king of the establishment. this guy's the ultimate insider. lawrence, you travel across the country like i do, you talk to people and you hear what they are thinking. there is a clear and distinct
4:44 pm
distaste for washington that existed since before president trump came in it. that's the reason that a guy with a 2% name identification who had never run for political office or a politician before, i came in and took down the ultimate insider. he took him down because he did what was most important, talking to the concern of parents, getting on the level of the everyday american. did not make it about trump or left versus right, he made it about the person he was looking at in the crowd. he beat the establishment talking to the people and that's what this is about. and bring the ultimate insider, joe biden, not turning around the 38% approval rating they currently have. >> lawrence: you cited education and that was a part of it. you've got the economy, him walking out of interviews talking about public safety, you go from issue to issue and he was not prepared to. this was a prime example of what
4:45 pm
the democratic party at large believes in the voters rejected it. >> absolutely buried there are not really any moderate democrats l. i believe there is individual pockets and some liberals say bill maher who occasionally get some stuff right. but the democratic party really moved away left. if for everyone who's on the right of your conservative, libertarian, you're a disaffected liberal. the message has to be pretty simple and i think it's hey, we think america is pretty good and we don't want the government to do everything. we do not believe in mandates and we want you to make choices for yourself, we believe in science instead of saying we believe in science. it's a winning message, two years into the covid thing, you're walking around going i just wish the government had more of my money and power over my life, you're mistaken. and there's a huge opportunity right now with republican saying, hey, we are saying and they are not. >> lawrence: it goes something
4:46 pm
like this. leave me alone, leave me alone, leave my money alone, leave my kids alone. leave my guns alone. leave my border alone. or just us alone. i think that's what a lot of voters are saying. thank you so much for joining the program tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. >> lawrence: a veterans day gift. changing the lives of wounded veterans across america. he joins us next. ♪ ♪ my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom ♪ ♪ for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: now i know y'all didn't think we forgot about veterans day. america owes a debt to every one of our 19-year-old veterans, but this veteran days, i would like to bring your attention to a very special retired u.s. army staff sergeant, jason, who was paralyzed from the waist down in 2015 after climbing down a helicopter. the gary sinise foundation is providing jason and his wife with a new home, specially designed for wheelchair accessibility, and freedom of movement in and around the house. >> this beautiful, amazing home that gives me all the freedom and independence that i have been really, really needing for the last six years. >> i can't wait to be here and just love coming home every day. >> lawrence: joining me now to celebrate veterans day and the tenth anniversary of his
4:53 pm
foundation is gary sinise, founder of the gary sinise foundation. gary, thank you so much for joining the program today. you know, i've been giving impersonations to my team all day of "forrest gump" because it is my favorite movie, but you took a character that you played and you made it into something special, you created a foundation to help veterans that are disabled. tell us about that. >> well, lawrence, thank you for having me. yeah, i guess the early seeds for what i'm doing now with regards to helping our veterans and first responders goes way, way back into the '80s. i started working with vietnam veterans, i have vietnam veterans and my family. than ten years later, i played a vietnam veteran in "forrest gump," lieutenant dan. as he was a disabled veteran, a wounded veteran, i was contacted by the dav, disabled american veterans organization, and they
4:54 pm
invited me to their national convention. in fact, i wrote a book a couple years ago called "grateful american" and the very first page of the book starts with the moment of the national convention, meaning all these wounded veterans, and then september 11th happened, and i think the seeds had been planted in the '80 and '90s to just take up the charge and try to support the men and women who were deploying to afghanistan and iraq. that turned into home building for our badly wounded service members, jason and his wife, courtney, today received our 75e that we have built over the years. the foundation, gary sinise foundation, has been around for ten years now. we celebrated our 10-year anniversary on june 30th of this year. and over the years, we have built many of these homes. we have multiple programs, and it has been a privilege to be able to support the men and women who serve our country. these veterans day of course, but every day is
4:55 pm
veterans day at the gary sinise foundation. we try to do what we can each and every day. >> lawrence: gary, tell us about jason and his story. >> yeah, a peculiar story. he fell and hurt himself, and then some sort of nerve disorder started happening. he started losing control of his body. a very, very peculiar injury. but he was working and serving our country, and we want to try to take care of everybody, no matter if they are hurt in combat, no matter if they hurt in training accidents come if they are ill, whatever, if they are struggling, we want to be there for them, and jason was brought to our attention, and he is much deserving. he is in a wheelchair and deserving of this home. a special person. his wife, courtney. they are both special people. and we are privileged to be able
4:56 pm
to provide this on for them, with the support of so many in-kind sponsors who come into our rise program. rise means restoring independence, supporting empowerment, and we have chosen thousands of great in-kind sponsors who provide flooring and roofs and smart technology and tile and you name it. a lot of people come on board to help the gary sinise foundation and help our service members. >> lawrence: you know, gary, you have done this not just jason but a ton of veterans. can you take us into the life of veterans that struggle with these disabilities before you are able to get them these redesigned homes? >> well, i mean, life can be very, very challenging for somebody in a wheelchair, somebody missing limbs, somebody with severe burns or traumatic brain injury or blindness or whatever their particular challenges are, it can be very, very difficult just trying to
4:57 pm
function. in an apartment or small house that is not built for somebody with physical challenges like that. so what we try to do is provide everything that you could possibly think of that would help to make the life of the veteran and the family, have them be more independent, have the service member be more independent, and we have a wonderful team of builders. we formed a team of builders years ago. and we have been able to pay them to come and support this project. so they have done this multiple times. and they know all the scenarios. they have been through so many different things with so many veterans. they can really reflect each individual veteran into that home, so that it becomes kind of there forever home, a place where they are going to be independent and free and strong.
4:58 pm
they are mortgage free houses, so we take the stress off. look, they served their country. they have given. they met these physical challenges because of their service, and we want to give something back to them, and we have the support of thousands and thousands of of our fellow citizens who go to the gary sinise foundation website,, and donate so that we can help not only our wounded veterans, but are a gold star children, all gold star families, our active duty service members, our first responders. we have our first responder outreach. you can learn so much about the gary sinise foundation at the website. and on our youtube channel, where you can see dozens of videos that reflect the foundation in action. >> lawrence: who would have thought that a character would turn into something so big? you know, i've got to ask you, on a personal level, gary, what does this day mean to you? >> well, of course, veterans day
4:59 pm
is very, very special. you know, the origins of it, obviously, are the end of world war i when it was armistice day, the 1954, dwight d. eisenhower, you know, after world war i, world war ii, korea, he dedicated this special day to the american veteran, changing it from armistice day to veterans day. and this is our day, hour one day to celebrate these special heroes who defend our country. at the gary sinise foundation, obviously, every day is veterans day, amps first responder day, and gold star family day at the garrett tenney foundation. so i encourage everybody, especially on veterans day, to reach out and touch a veteran, support them in whatever way you can come up big and small, you can donate to multiple nonprofits out there, including the gary sinise foundation, but
5:00 pm
i always encourage people in to look at veterans in their own community and reach out and tell them you love them. >> lawrence: gary, thank you so much, brother, it is a pleasure talking to you. thank you so much for what you do to the country and our veterans. thank you so much for watching "fox news primetime." i will be here tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." gas prices are up and what is interesting is how the press covers rising gas prices. if you look it is clear they are not interested in the topic, they don't find it compelling. they may be a little bored by it. that shouldn't surprise you. there is no made her know my greater divide in american lifep between people who care about wt gas cost and the people who don't care. it is a cultural divide,


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