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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 11, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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thanks to joe, kat timpf come out of audience! "fox news @ night" was shannon bream! i love you, america! ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to fox news at nighttime shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, kyle rittenhouse's mother speaking exclusively to sean hannity about the night her son said he was under attack when he shot three men during the violate night of protest in august of 2020 on the streets of kenosha, wisconsin. speak out when look at the video with that guy pointing a gun tog
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to die. i'm relieved that he's okay. but he has a lot of healing to do. because he does have nightmares from this. >> shannon: we will look at what the left and media are saying about the trial, taken the name at a judge as it appears the prosecution's having trouble making its case. a panel standing by live to break it down. plus biden caught on camera bad mouthing a report about the infamous video. americans gather at war memorial to honor the nation's veterans, some are asking where the memorials to honor those who served in america's longest war. "fox news @ night" investigate those who have seemingly been left out.
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we begin with courtroom dramas both sides wrap up the cases in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. garret tenney has the latest and i from kenosha, wisconsin. good evening. >> shannon, the final witnesses trying to hammer home the narrative, kyle rittenhouse was a victim forced to defend himself against aggressive individuals who were sent on doing him harm. youtube and political commentator who was in kenosha the night of the shooting testified that joseph rosenblum helped push a flaming dumpster into a police card with officers inside and was furious when the militia member put the fire out. >> he led the charge into the gas station. he was getting physically aggressive, he appeared to be attempting to start a physical altercation with people in the gas station. to the point where he was telling one of the individuals with a rifle, shoot me, shoot me. clearly attempting to start a physical altercation. >> shannon: hernandez testified it was rittenhouse who
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helped de-escalate the standoffo later be targeted by rosenbaum who he fatally shot. today, there were more fireworks between the judge and prosecutors. judge bruce schroeder chastised the assistant district attorney for his line of questioning. a day after the judge berated him in the defense requested a mistrial with prejudice where prosecutors brought up issues the judge had ruled were off limits. >> i'm a little bit challenged when you say is there something i'm seeing that causes the face that you're making? go ahead to come. to speak live to say, your honor, yesterday i was the target of your ira. for disregarding your orders. >> i was talking yesterday about the constitution. and how the supreme court has interpreted it 50 years. >> dry shorter and did arguments without rolling on the defense is a request for a mistrial, so tonight the jury heads home for the weekend and tomorrow
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prosecutors and the defense will hash out defenses. city officials are already preparing for unrest i could come after the verdict. kenosha sheriffs and his departments working with local, state, and federal law enforcement to ensure the safety of the community. >> shannon: garret tenney, thank you so much. causing you headaches for the white house tonight as the focus is getting sharper on national security advisor jake sullivan, the unnamed foreign policy advisor and special counsel durham indictment. digging into what it could mean for the clinton and the biden camps. >> good evening, shannon, there is no specific critical information that suggests the national security advisor is under investigation, recent revelations by way of the durham probe suggests that jake sullivan may have garnered a little bit more interest shall we say from investigators than previously believed.
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sullivan's you know, was a foreign policy advisor referred to in the indictment. it states they coordinated with representatives of the clinton camp with regards to materials given to the fbi and the media on the terms of the russian trump connection. the alleged connection. one of the agents found to be sullivan himself according to emails obtained by the durham team. here's where things get interesting. the testimony, you may remember this, sullivan told congressional lawmakers he did not know of future gps's involvement and opposition research. we know now alleged ties between the campaigns which basically turned out to be not true. he denied knowing anything about fusion in 2016 or who is conducting opposition research for the clinton campaign at all. all of which has some wondering if sullivan knew what he lied on. what we are seeing now is the
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multilayer connection between the clinton campaign and the scandal. it seems very clear that durham believes that this was basically a campaign effort to dupe the fbi and the fbi fell for it. >> professor jonathan turley speaking there. touting the steeled dossier are quite failing to indictment of igor dench and go the primary subservience of the dossier. seeking indictment from seven members of the house until committee, all democrats and during the rush of probe pushing it repeatedly and nearly all of them here. they have yet to comment on the latest developments. >> have relied to the fbi or christopher steele should be prosecuted. >> you try to get the information for years by promoting this? >> taken you have probably heard it, he lost credibility for his
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part in spreading what has been dubbed by many as the russia hoax. the story continues as it unfolds and we will keep an eye on it. >> shannon: cap and also another headache for the white house as they are watching this thing, you're following a story that involves hunter biden and he and his wife were visitie art gallery new york city where his painting was caught on camera. >> very interesting. the younger biden art show open last month and we talked a lot about it. clearly curious who will drop $500,000 for his art. just a clip of the interaction with a reporter. >> [bleep] >> he's asking him about the laptop and you probably heard his wife, doesn't even exist.
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as it's been widely reported their substantial evidence to suggest biden's laptop, very quick exchange they are. much to do about nothing or atypical under response? >> another night out in done though my guard seen she left wing media pundits, politicians, questioning the proceedings of the kyle rittenhouse trial and the judge, now that it looks like the prosecution may be struggling to make its case. talking about where the trial is tonight with a senior writer and america rising executive director cassie smedley, good to have you with us tonight. >> agreed to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: here's the thing, landed in my inbox today, professor jeffrey schwartz, a law professor and he was a prosecutor defense attorney and a judge in miami-dade county in florida. he said this about the judge's ruling, it is abundantly clear that judge is trying to direct
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the case toward an acquittal. do you think it's a fair assessment of what's going on? >> certainly not. i think this is your assessment when you know that things are not really going your way. what we have seen in the cases that when you get the full context here, you've got a lot of people tripping and who are ticking sound bites here and there but the full context is the jury will have the opportunity to hear as they are in the case of being tried and kyle rittenhouse getting due process. >> shannon: also the chair of the house democrats said this in a couple tweets. a lock up kyle rittenhouse, throw away the key. the same people who rapidly screamed to lock her up and worshiped insurrectionist at rallies now pretend to be defenders of due process and the rule of law. you are actually in this situation and the scenario. can you tell us what's accurately reflected in what is proceeding now in the
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courthouse. the congressman said it's an open and shut case. what's your take? >> there is no excuse for any of that. forget the fact that the trial has completely laid out that one happened, kyle rittenhouse shot in self-defense only to the people who were actively attacking him. if anyone had any interest in finding out what was happening that night in the weeks after it happened last year, there's all this video. if iphones on this, they testified saying he filmed some of it. we have a lot of videos and eyewitness statements prior to the trial that will clearly show to any neutral observer or anybody who wants to be objective about it will see that kyle rittenhouse only shot people in self-defense because they were actively attacking him. for congressman today, members of the media trying to make it seem like the prosecution's case is not disastrous as it actually
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has been, as you know i've been at the courthouse every day of the trial. it's unacceptable. it's going to add fuel to the fire if the jury does equate mr. rittenhouse of the charges, because people will have been duped into believing this narrative that is simply not true. >> shannon: the associated press said this a couple weeks ago about the case. the headlines, americans want to see what they want to see. the suggestion that people on other side of the debate will feel like what they see in the videos and in the evidence supports if they think he's guilty or innocent. do you think a fair assessment? >> i don't like it's a fair assessment but i do think it's something that we see the sort of written large, how many cases in situations and media narratives have been crafted out of snippets that people pick up on twitter and now all of a sudden they are an expert on the issue on the story, or on the case.
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it seems like the narrative playing out in the media over the last year plus from when it happened and this week, this trial being shown and fuller context on interrupted on tv like fox has taken for so many hours, people are going, oh, i didn't realize that or that's new information. now that it's presented that way, that is interesting. or as you're talking about the footage, the live footage from so many different vantage points. and again, that's why we have due process in the country and that happens in the courtroom, not in the court of public opinion, not on twitter, certainly not on msn, and the jury is able to hear the case, they are the ones who matter and what they take away from this matters. i think that is why you're going to see a fair process play out. >> shannon: having a case in making their decision and luckily we have a justice system that gives a fair hearing. if allows all of it to be brought in. i want to ask you quickly, you
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talk about all this video evidence that's available. it's been available to the prosecution since the beginning and they thought they would bring the charges anyway. how do you think it would be different for kyle rittenhouse if we did not have all the video from all the different angles? >> it would have been a much harder for his defense team to make that whole case buried him because, again, there was no mainstream media outlets at that location. it was myself and a handful of other people. we did not set out to go out there to try to prove his innocence because obviously we have no idea who he is, we simply went out there to show what was happening in real time because as we have seen, not just with the case but the mainstream media has been doing a terrible job at covering the riots as they were happening. we site out there to tell the truth of what was going on.
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this case, it should help acquit him of the charges because that's what the facts are. >> shannon: it looks like this will go to the jury probably on monday or tuesday at the earliest. we will watch and see with all the information presented to them. thank you for your time, you two. brutal attacks like this assault and robbery on a subway elevator spike in new york city, mayor elect eric adams is refusing to back down and vowing to reinstate the nypd unit despite threats of riots, fire, and bloodshed by a black lives matter leader. good evening, david barry david. >> eric adams, taking office as new york city's next mayor but he's facing the threat of rioting in the streets if he ignores the demand from the
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cofounder of the black lives matter movement. >> this is new york in the summer of 2020, fueled by reaction of the murder of george floyd george floyd, anti-police protester, and curfew was imposed. the cofounder of the black lives matter movement newsome said at the time sometimes violence is necessary. now he's making the threat again. live streamed on instagram, eric adams discussed plans to beef up the police department, he warned "if they think they're going back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again. there will be a riots, fire, and there will be bloodshed. newsom and black lives matter supporters opposed adams plan to reinstate the revamped version of the department of antique crime unit. >> if the bad guys know that the only thing they have to look after out for, are those in blue-and-white cars, we are at a disadvantage.
9:16 pm
you need the unpredictable aspect of policing and public safety. that's the cause. that keeps the bad guys off balance. speak of the crime unit was dissolved about one year ago while the police commissioner called a disproportionate amount of complaints. adams, former police captain wants to bring it back to help reduce shootings and other violent crimes. despite the threat of violence, black lives matter cofounder doesn't get his way, adams is refusing to back down. >> we want to have the backs of our police officers, but we hold them accountable to do their jobs. if they want to hurl rhetoric like that. >> the dozen people he met with were not representative of the black lives matter movement. during his campaign, he pledged to bring back the anti-crime unit and he says now this is what new yorkers want. if shannon. >> shannon: david lee miller,
9:17 pm
thank you. it's happening again in california, this time the tenure of far left progressive and san francisco district attorney is in jeopardy tonight. following the certification of a recall petition that will charter a special election. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case tonight live from the west coast newsroom. a good evening. >> good shannon, the decision to recall the district attorney needed at least 51,325 valid signatures on the california department of elections now says his opponents have reached that number and a lot more. of meaning he's now forced into a recall election on june 7th of next year. he and his team are taking a page out of governor get them nuisance playbook and billing it as a republican led effort except that a reported 83,000 san francisco residents signed the petition and there are only some 34,000 registered republicans in san francisco.
9:18 pm
if boudin has been hammered for pulling violent criminals back on the street including earlier this year when his office released troy mcallister, a parolee who proceeded to steal a gun and the car, running red lights, and killed two pedestrians. during an interview at the time, boudin did not take blame for letting mcallister out. instead, he blamed the police for not arresting him again. watch. >> instead of taking steps to arrest him and get him off the streets, he got a gun in his possession and returned, they wrote in the report that they were going to wait until januar. we know by generate 30 today, it was far too late. >> boudin supporter said he lift up to the promised to fight for a more fair, accountable justice system but the opponent including former assistant d.a. brooke jenkins who resigned from boudin's office said that boudin is a threat to public safety.
9:19 pm
>> boudin and his office are making decisions to not file charges in certain cases, to not file the appropriate charges in certain cases. and that chronic and violent offenders are being permitted to receive very inexplicably low and lenient sentences. >> in june, voters will decide if boudin keeps or loses his job, but they will not decide is his interim replacement. that would be of the san francisco mayor london breed. if shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you so much. coming up, we've got an incredibly hot and steamy hotness to show you. plus, and attention loving wallaby. we need it, it's been a long week. stay tuned, those videos are next. ♪ ♪ they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: veterans day we pause to honor the brave men and women who served in the armed forces and those who continue to. while these on the other hand, not so much. soldiers stationed at fort snell get goose all over it. we know animals or humans harmed in the making of the video and the name to the geese and they give them food but they are very protective of the nest around the base. the spacex dragon face mask successfully docking with the international space station this evening and astronauts will spend six months conducting scientific research and monitoring the station. a family in lima, peru, body puppy for $13 and they thought it's a purebred husky, but soon after the pulp began chasing the neighbor's chickens, ducks, and guinea pigs to play with them.
9:26 pm
and then eat them, made things awkward for the neighbor. it turns out the little guys donna husky had all but a fox. the canine imposters been caught by local wildlife officials. next up, watching members of the extinct rebellion australia, they're not too happy without the climate summit when it went down. it making the known by dumping huge loads of manure in front of the finance minister's office in australia and they included sign saying lasko was a [bleep] show, editing that for you. finally, the wallaby turned 12 years old today, caretakers of the cincinnati zoo treated him to extra snuggles and scratches. he latched onto the keeper's hand they are and his arms, i think he likes it. if you have any video you want to share with us, please hit us up at shannon bream or "fox news @ night" on social media.
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for many veterans, thursday was an opportunity to gather with other service members to honor the bravery of those who serve and continue to serve. some fought in iraq and afghanistan say they lack a place where they too can gather together to honor the sacrifice of those served in the nation's longest war. if not going unnoticed on capitol hill. if "fox news @ night" takes a closer look inside the fight for a national war on terror memorial and wyatt does not exist in washington just yet. >> after a roughly year-long ponds due to the covid-19 pandemic, the honor networking organization committed to bringing veterans from around the country to visit war memorials in washington, d.c., resumed operations in august. >> is an incredible thing to be able to watch a veteran stand-up at a memorial. >> for those lost in america's longest war. >> i think people forget just how many people we have lost over the last 20 years. >> 7,074 lives.
9:28 pm
♪ ♪ >> shannon: no such memorial exists, and it can't happen unless congress gives an exemption from may 2003 law that prohibits any more development on the national mall. >> the local war on terrorism memorial. it has to be here what we can teach our children about the sacrifices made by those people during these 20 years. >> shannon: republican senator is a three year veteran and she has bipartisan support for our memorial but is blocked by congressional democrats who say that exemption complicate the memorial and to delay the memorial being built. >> trying to legislatively or as a memorial into the reserve area of the national mobile resort in a more contentious approval process. >> those advocating for the veterans, they say the monument is needed now more than ever. >> right now, anything and
9:29 pm
everything we can do as a nation to help the service people is what we should be doing. >> shannon: when we reached out to the white house for official comment regarding the war on terrorism memorial in the national wall and the possibility. we haven't heard back just yet. ♪ ♪ it's time to bring back kevin corke. we honor the nation's veterans today. we've gotten camo gear here, tell us what it's about and i'll be drinking out of my camo mug. >> u.s. vets is hoping that camouflage can become synonymous with its cause and americans associate paying ribbons to breast cancer awareness. you heard me mention this before. nearly 38,000 veterans experience homelessness making up for all u.s. adults, has emerged as a leading nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans and their families get off the
9:30 pm
streets through housing initiatives, workforce development, mental oneness, and much more. if shannon and i wanted to share our chance at our company's chance to say, yes, we want to support you. if honor u.s. is a website right? >> shannon: it's and you go there and here's your camo coffee mug and what better way to start the day. i might steal this for myself. the camel cap, very cool. such a good cause and you can say, each able to think about how much the veterans are suffering. they're really working on the idea of homelessness and making sure they have dignity. >> you nailed it, they are making a difference and you think about how they want to do something good and make something happen positively. u.s. vets is doing just that. we hope you will learn more about that, >> shannon:, get all kinds of camo gear and they make you camo your cause. >> is that cup md? >> shannon: as far as you know.
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[laughter] all right, thank you, kevin. how a growing number of first responders are pushing back against mandate deadlines as thousands have to decide if they will get the job or lose their job. that is next. ♪ ♪ many people with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease, i was there. be right back. but my symptoms were keeping me from where i needed to be. so i talked to my doctor and learned humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for people with uc or crohn's disease. and humira helps people achieve remission that can last, so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections,
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up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at >> we are not against the vaccine, were not against people taking the vaccine, we are fighting for government intrusion and someone's ability to choose whether or not they will be vaccinated. the law enforcement personnel need us. we lose dozens of officers in a matter of days, we are not good to be able to respond. it could cause somebody's life. >> shannon: concern and protests are growing in big california cities tonight over upcoming vaccine mandate deadlines. if what impact the orders could have about the ability to get precincts fully staffed.
9:37 pm
the san diego firefighter paul oath and california chairman paul dimaio, great to have you with us tonight. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: there's folks out there who are not big fans of first responders and resisting the mandate. they got a letter to the editor that reads this "it's ironic that protesters who refused to get a vaccine needed for public health threat in the loss of public safety workers. if the presence of unvaccinated to coworkers is a threat to public safety." how do you respond? >> when you -- >> first responders have been responding over the last year and i have taken care of citizens and we love doing our job. i'm speaking on behalf of not on behalf of san diego city fire departments but just representing first responders who wear unvaccinated and speaking for myself. this is my opinion. how do i respond?
9:38 pm
we protected you with proper ppe as personal protective equipment over the last year and a half. we love doing our job and protecting the citizens. to say that we are a threat is inconsistent with what we have been doing. we have not been spreading disease to our citizens and we deal with contagious diseases, far more contagious than covid. we've never had a problem spreading disease to them. what's more concerning is when you're willing to terminate first responders on one hand and say on the other hand that there is a pandemic. would government be willing to terminate it a year and to half ago at the height of this? it's one of the inconsistencies i cannot figure out to encourage all americans start asking questions. so you can become concerned and figure out what's going on going on. >> shannon: . >> shannon: for a lot of folks saying we are incredibly thankful when they're so much we
9:39 pm
didn't know about this that you guys were showing up for a shift and hospitals, running emts, fire, everything else. when there was so much risk we did not know about. thank you. if you hadn't heard it recently. the deseret news writes this in the opinion piece, the vaccine mandate for a first responders should be a no-brainer. the editorial board says the bill of rights guarantees you can freely exercise your religion and that means you can attend services and speak your mind, not then you can use your faith to keep a job where you couldn't expose people to a deadly disease. responded to first responders who are trying to receive a religious example. how do you respond to that? >> here's the situation. if you care about public health and public safety, a vaccine mandate really is not going to advance that as paul just pointed out, we are seeing a major staffing shortage already in southern california about
9:40 pm
police, fire, 911 dispatch, emt, paramedic positions because they already are walking off the job because of the impending mandate. san diego's mandate goes in effect december 2nd, l.a. county goes into effect december 18th, but the folks are already walking off the job. we may lose san diego county alone, 1,000, 1,001st responders. if that's not going to be good for public health. also, shannon, this is not a science driven mandate. many of the first responders have been in the field for the past two years of the pandemic or 18 months of the pandemic. many have had to covid, which means they have natural immunity. they do not get credit for that. the question becomes, what's really driving this? doesn't seem to be public safety or public health, because we clearly see that it's compromised in terms of the staffing issues. i dig it's a political agenda and i think these people like to drive a narrative and keep people very earful and for them,
9:41 pm
it's government is saying shut your mouth adjustably complied. that's not the way to go about it and it's not going to help us with public safety or health. it's the one with the deadline moving, can you tell us what the decision process is going to be like for you? >> december 2nd is the deadline and i will be turning in an exemption and hoping that -- that it sounds good enough -- and it blows my mind that we are turning in the religious exemption, somebody's going to measure our personally held beliefs and they are going to qualify us. we will have a district attorney qualifying a personally held belief. how do you do that? that's what we are going to do. fortunately, it is easy for me to turn it in and i can have a high level of integrity trading in the religious exemption
9:42 pm
considering my history. a majority of the firefighters i work with and police officers i'm friends with, they plan on doing the same. we hope that we can still show up to take care of our citizens. we love doing this, and the citizens of san diego, we will not leave eo, we are not going to walk off romeo. they will have to terminate us. we want to keep taking care of you. >> shannon: we know people who take the jobs are selfless, heroic, brave, courageous, you do not sign up for this kind of work if you're selfish person. if we will watch the cases with the deadlines coming in a week or so. thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: major update in the lawsuit we brought you earlier this year over how much to not use or is not in a subway sandwich. "night court" convenes next. ♪ ♪ the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™. with tremfya®,
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9:48 pm
attorney sarah grounder along with criminal defense attorney bob bianchi. it comes from the complaints by these folks that say of the 20 samples tested, 19 had no detectable tuna dna sequences whatsoever. they say 20 of the samples contained detectable sequences of chicken dna and pork dna, and some of the samples contained sequences of cattle dna. they are making the claim between nest on a tuna sub. speak of the issues not with the sample, the issue is with the lab where they tested this. i bring it up because the lab they tested is a credible lab. but it specializes in identifying life or fresh tissue. not a coke product or finished product like to know. that's going to be the issue and this is going to be dismissed based on that because this is faulty testing.
9:49 pm
>> shannon: okay. if that's something that will have to look at and exhibit b, subway knows that all of the room or stuff is out there and the lawsuits and they have to fact-check on their website that said we test the tuna regularly to ensure the stricture quality and safety requirements do not have to take our word for it, apply food technologies as one of the only labs of the country with the ability to test broken down fish dna. conducting more than 50 individual tests on 150 pounds of subway to enough or inside edition, and confirmed yellowfin or skipjack tuna and every sample. the test by the people who know how to do this are finding tonight and every bit of the sandwich is buried speak ucla people did a test. they are coming from the same results that the plaintiffs are coming to that if they can find dna of cattle in pork, chicken, i don't think the machine has an
9:50 pm
anti-tuna dial on it. there is obviously, the bottom line is obviously other products, other than to another, what's going on here. i think the judge needs to keep the case in progress and let them do discovery, let the experts decide what it is because i like it too, shannon, but i want to know that i'm eating tuna especially for religious reasons. i don't eat beef on certain days. i'm confused because the labs are coming up with the idea that there is more than tuna in there. at the advertises 100% to another. >> shannon: they are raising as you said ethical, religious, diet concerns. >> one thing about the testing itself, just remember when you cook something that degrades the dna, this could be faulty testing again. bob. >> i think of sarah likes the tuna subs, she's going to wait until she gets the final
9:51 pm
determination. >> shannon: okay, we will see. the story has to never be not overcome a will check it out. thank you both. so, america paying tribute to veterans day with ceremonies all of the country in the nation's capital president biden spoke at arlington national ceremony saying veterans endure and survive challenges most americans will never know. lucas tomlinson reports from the marine corps memorial overlooking the arlington cemetery. >> 100 years after the tomb of the unknown soldier was first dedicated, president biden honored america's veterans. >> you are the very spine of american, not just the backbone, the spine. >> justly did a century ago, military procession march through arlington military cemetery. throughout the nation's capital,
9:52 pm
more ceremonies took place at the world war i and world war ii memorials. as well as a wreath laying at the navy memorial and for the first time, and reading of all 7,070 names of those americans killed in action since 9/11. read by gold star families at the tunnel to tower ceremony at the lincoln memorial. at the vietnam memorial, a ceremony in front of the wall lists all 58,318 americans killed in action. when hundred years ago today, unknown american soldiers killed in world war i was placed in a horse-drawn carriage and paraded through the nation's capital to a state funeral at arlington. speed of the tomb of the unknown soldier itself has become our natural place of mourning for all of those who have lost a lod one. >> president harding spoke at the team's dedication ceremony november 11th, 1921. after seeing dedication ceremonies at westminster abbey a year earlier, americans
9:53 pm
pressed the government for a tomb to honor those that were killed and never identified during world war i. more than 100,000 americans died fighting in that work. to speak of the american people write about these grand ceremonies in london and paris and they started writing the war department sent to congress. >> this week for the first time in decades, the tomb of the unknown soldier was open to the public. if thousands lined up to place flowers and pay respects. >> we are coming together to honor those that have sacrificed their lives for individual liberties and freedoms. >> 100 years ago today, it was called armistice day to mark the end of world war i which was supposed to be the war to end all wars. in 1954, president eisenhower change the day to veterans day to honor veterans of all wars. if shannon. >> shannon: thank you. at some good news before we say good night. keeping the military theme and military dad giving his two daughters a long-awaited surprise after being deployed overseas for a year in the now viral video, the daughter slowly
9:54 pm
opens the door completely in shock screaming. watch this heartwarming moment. >> my daddy! daddy! my daddy! >> shannon: the oldest daughter deciding is the perfect time of hide and seek tried to match the surprise, but no match for the detective skills. the video ending with a long-overdue hug with both girls and i'm not going to lie, i teared up watching this. it's precious watching her, she says my daddy's home, my daddy's home she said over and over. >> i love stuff like that and i hope you love this too. the lone star state, a fourth grader in the lone star state to guide a real heartwarming surprise today. gus beeler was watching the veterans day parade at the elementary school in san antonio when he was surprised by his dad. he flew in from virginia, they had not seen each other for about four months or so we are
9:55 pm
told. what a great reunion right there. for that, we say thank you, colonel, and thank you to his son and what a great scene. >> shannon: it reminds us of how the families are serving when they are separated too. thank you to all the events. thank you, kevin. good night now for us in washington. we'll be back friday. i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪ ve dyskinesia... ... i ignored them. but when the movements in my hands and feet started throwing me off at work... i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. she said that austedo helps reduce td movements in adults... ...while i continue with most of my mental health medications. (vo) austedo can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, or actions in patients with huntington's disease. pay close attention to and call your doctor if you become depressed, have sudden changes in mood, behaviors, feelings, or have suicidal thoughts. common side effects include inflammation of the nose and throat, insomnia and sleepiness. don't take austedo if you have liver problems,
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