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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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8 p.m., the show that is the enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. the great sean hannity. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a fox news alert. day 8 of the kyle rittenhouse trial is in the books. only closing arguments remain and then the jury will deliberate. the case could be thrown out. the prosecutor's case is weak. wendy rittenhouse's kyle's mother will join us tonight. many question why this case made it into a courtroom at all. was there over-charging involved. and the behavior of the prosecution.
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we have compelling video evidence showing kyle rittenhouse being threatened and chased and assaulted by an angry mob. one man trying to stomp on his face into the pavement. another attempted to grab his firearm. another man pointed a loaded handgun at rittenhouse's face. according to eyewitness accounts and video evidence all three individuals who were shot were attempting to cause great bodily harm or death to 17-year-oldvivi kyle rittenhouse before heho discharged his legal weapon. according to wisconsin state law this is a clear case of self-defense where an individual may use force if he or see believes that such forces necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm.
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the prosecution is desperate. yesterday they were reprimanded over and over again by the judge for impugning rittenhouse's right to remain silent. some accused them of trying to get a new trial because it's going so bad. today the judge admonished prosecutors again. take a look. >> does real america's voice have any political bias or agenda. this goes to the bias of theoe witness, your honor. >> this is not a political trial. >> that's an attorney you have out of madison? >> objection.
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>> what is the relevance of this. >> your honor -- >> what is the relevance of this? >> i would like to know why he felt the need to retain an attorney to show video in this case. it goes to bias and credibility >> sean: retain an attorney? a guy who was a witness that swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me god. this case is not going well for the prosecution. reports that kenosha and other cities are bracing for another round of violent riots. maybe liz cheney and the democrats should form a committee and look into the 534 riots from the summer of 2020, the riots that killed dozens of people and injured thousands of police officers. they were pelted with bricks and bottling and resulted in billion dollars in stolen businesses and other businesses burned to thehe
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ground. kamala harris your vice-president out there promoting bail funds. january 6th we said it on day 1 was wrong. it can't happen in this country. people who break the law need to be held accountable. what about the people in the riots of 2020. liz cheney where is that committee and your discussionacc about the state of the union on that issue? do you believe in equal justice in you do it's time to speak up. the media mob and top democrats all told their mindless followers from the get go that kyle rittenhouse was guilty. they do what they always do: rush to judgment and ignore due process and the presumption of innocence and people expect an outcome. that doesn't happen because their information is wrong and political.
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on the campaign trail without any evidence whatsoever accused kyle rittenhouse of beingg a white supremacist and a congresswoman also said that. and jeffries tweeted this week lock up kyle rittenhouse and throw away the key. even basketball star lebron james posted a video of kyle rittenhouse emotional and crying yesterday in court tweeting, laughing face emojis. what tears? i didn't see one. knock it off. that boy ate lemon heads before walking into court. one cnn hack accused rittenhouse of fake crying and msnbc referred to the trial as white privilege on steroids. take a look. >> when rittenhouse got emotion it may have come across to the jury as remorse or maybe it was crocodile tears to elicit
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sympathy. this is white privilege on steroids. rittenhouse testified after he shot all of these people, he approached the cops and told them that he was involved in a shooting. the officers told him be careful so you don't get pepper sprayed and go home. it's impossible to imagine that happening to a black or brown person. >> sean: lock him up and throw away the key. what happened to due process and presumption of innocence. look at this quote from msnbc news. and cbs news claimed rittenhouse murdered two men. that's yet to be determined. that's up to the jury unless this case gets thrown out with
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prejudices. these celebrities and democrats do this time and time again. they should be ashamed of themselves. they are vilifying an 18-year-old man declaring he is guilty because of their partisan political belief. have they looked at the evidence? did they not see the star prosecution witness admit he pointed a loaded gun at kyle rittenhouse before kyle shot him? on this program we make it a policy. we never rush to judgment. we believe in due process. doesn't matter if you are liberal, conservative, democrat or republican. we believe in our constitution.
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we look at the evidence and make phone calls and research and do investigations and follow the truth. that's why when you look at the track record of this program in particular, i was right about richard jewel. that's why we were right on the duke lacrosse case and on the u va case and cambride and baltimore and so many other cases. in the duke lacrosse case i met with the families. in ferguson i talked to my sources on the ground that told me early on there were eyewitnesses, many of them that corroborate the story of officer wilson. for them the narrative of politics is the only thing that matters. it's short sided, dishonest and immoral. no matter what happens with this case i can't give you the outcome.
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kyle rittenhouse and his family deserve better than that from these people with high profiles. they are creating an atmosphere where people expect a result that probably if i had to bet won't be coming. here with more wendy rittenhouse is with us. i am sure this is a hard time for you and your family. i want to take this audience back to yesterday when your son was testing and he had a tough time. let's play >> i was cornered in front of me with mr. ziminski. and there were -- [voice breaking].
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[sobbing]. there were people -- [sobbing].]. [voice breaking]. [sobbing]. [inaudible]. >> we will take a break. >> sean: i watched that. i read people pretty well. done it my whole life. that seemed like a classic panic attack that we were witnessing on the stand. that's your son. how does that make you feel? >> [silence]. i just breakdown with kyle
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crying like that. it made me feel heart broken and sad. i wanted to just go up there and hug him and tell him it would be okay. >> when the candidate for the president of the united states and other elected officials that don't know anything about your son refer to him as a white supremacist, i have yet to see any evidence that he is such a person. when prominent people say that, how did that impact you and impact him? >> when i saw, afterwards of the presidential debate. i was in shock.
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i was angry. president biden don't know my son. whatsoever. he is not a white supremacist. he is not a racist. he did that for the votes. i was so angry for a while at him and what he did to my son. he defamed him. >> sean: let's go back to that night and roll this videotape put together by your son's former attorney. you see your son running and a crowd of people racing to catch up to him. the first opinion knocks off his hat. he is on the ground want then this picture of an individual with his leg up about to pound his leg into his face into the cement. that was one of the shootings. what do you see there?
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>> i see this man trying to kick my son in the face. i was scared. i was frightened. i thought my son was going to die that night. >> sean: when you see the tape and you heard witnesses testify that he was trying to deescalate the situation there, when you look at the tape and the witness testimony and then the prosecution brings on their star witness who got shot by your son. that star witness admitted on the stand under oath he aimed a loaded gun at your son before your son shot him. that seems like a classic case of self-defense. your thoughts? >> when i look at the video with that guy pointing the gun to my son's head, i thought he was going to die.
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[crying]. he pointed his gun at his head. [voice breaking]. it took a long time just to grasp that he was alive. knowing he is with me, i am grateful. i am relieved he is okay, but he has a lot of healing to do. because he does have nightmares from this. >> sean: let me ask you about the judge who what has been
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harsh against the prosecution. they may be over the border line. it better stop. i was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on post-arrest silence. that's been the basic law in this country for 50 years. don't get brazen with me. you knew attorneys can't go into these areas. do you think your son as received a fair trial? >> the judge is very fair. people that i talk to who lived in kenosha all their lives told me judge schroeder and a fair judge and doesn't allow no nonsense in his courtroom. >> sean: nobody knows what a jury will do. i am not asking specifically for their reaction. a scale of 1 to 10 how seriously do you believe they are taking
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this case because they hold your son's life in your hands? >> yes, they do. the jury have been keeping a close eye on every evidence and every testimony. they are paying good attention what is said that is the truth. >> sean: this last question. your son was a lifeguard and stated reason was to help protect stores and help on the medical front. have you and your son discussed whether or not if he had to do it over again he would go into a situation like that? >> with kyle, i know him. he would probably do it again.di that's the type of person he is. he always wants to help people. even since he was a little boy, all he wanted to do was help people. it didn't matter if it was
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raking leaves for the north carolinas or talking to them orr just being goofy. that's how i raised him is to help people. >> sean: wendy, i learned in 33 years of broadcasting not to predict a jury outcome. i think the prosecution put on a horrific case. thanks for being with us. our thoughts and prayers are yob and your family. here is author of the book the case for vaccine mandate alan dershowitz and gregg jarrett. between the witnesses and the testimony and the videotapes and the star witness of the prosecution, i do not believend that the prosecution in any way met any standard for a guilty verdict. that's my opinion. what is yours? >> well, certainly the attempted murder of the guy who pointed
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the gun at his head should be thrown out. the jury should not allow that to get to the jury. the two people who were killed, the jury has to decide whether they believe him when he said as a 17-year-old he feared for his life. the burden is on the prosecution. >> sean: specifically, you saw the video. trying to get away a mob chasing after him. he is on the ground. a guy is about to smash his face into the cement by kicking it into the cement. when this incident happens. you have eyewitnesses that have given testimony that he tried to deescalate situation. >> i think there is a reasonable doubt. if i were on the jury based on what i have seen i would acquit having seen the evidence. what i am upset about is how the hard left media led my new yorker magazine which called him a vigilante, that trashy magazine that purports to be
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a great literary journal and always comes out against free speech and due process and the constitution when they challenge left wing values. the presumption of innocent is under attack by the hard left. this case is beyond this young man. this young man is involved, but it's part of the whole process. you don't need due process anymore.e. we know in a white person goes to a black lives matter rally, we know he is guilty and don't ne we need trials and evidence. >> sean: the same question to you, gregg jarrett. based on the evidence in this case the star witness and the
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prosecution testimony the video evidence and the eyewitness evidence, i do not think theyy came close to meeting the standard of guilty? not guilty is obvious to me but you never know what a jury will do. i don't believe the prosecution made their case. your thoughts? >> i agree. as prosecutions go this has been a disaster replete with stunning misconduct and missteps that can only be described as stumbling and inept and amateurish prosecution. every piece of evidence that the state introduced blew up in their faces like an exploding cigar. the jury heard from witnesses all of whom supported the self-defense and even the star for the prosecution made the case for self-defense. prosecutors had this evidence
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for more than a year so why did they file charges? they did it because the woke mob demanded it and it fueled the mainstream media that they convicted rittenhouse in the court of public opinion, ignoring facts and the evidence. >> sean: i only have 20 seconds left for each of you. will this trial -- will the judge declare a mistrial with prejudice or sanction the prosecutor? gregg jarrett? >> well, judges are loathe to do that. they hate to do it. i suspect this judge will probably allow the case to goo forward.
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if there is a conviction, he could set it aside and issue a directed verdict. >> sean: professor? >> the judge doesn't want to take responsibility. if there is an acquittal here people will take to the streets and blame it on white privilege. >> sean: i have to break. thank you both. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we continue on "hannity" with our big breaking news joining us is the author of the 10 weeks in a row number 1 "new york times" best seller american marxism. i call him the great one mark levin. mark, i have a longer introduction question. everybody knows we are friends and we have a shared passion for this country. a love of this country. a love for the rule of law based on the document you studied called the constitution. we believe in due process and equal justice and the presumption of innocence and equal applications of law and equal justice under the law. we have something else in common.
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we were right on ferguson, missouri and about the cambride police and duke lacrosse and in baltimore, maryland and idiots like joe biden and the liberal commentators on cable news chance they were wrong every time. i want your thoughts -- when they do that, they create an atmosphere and an expectation of a result when the evidence comes in will never happen. i believe that's likely to happen again. your thoughts, sir? >> i think as a people we have to conclude that the media today are racists, corrupt and evil. they have no intention of seeking to be objective. the american people hold the media in this country contempt.
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at&t owns cnn and comcast owns nbc and they immunize the phoney news/propaganda outfits. it doesn't matter what they say. if you watch the kind of people msnbc has as hosts, joy reed a bigot and the other people
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the lt. governor elect the to have ethics complaints filed against him with the supreme court of wisconsin. i looked at these charges.
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they are not acceptable. they are thin. to bring charges with 48 hours before you have an opportunity representing the state to get all of the facts and all of the information and make a determination of what you should do. your job as a prosecutor is to get to the truth. you represent the government, the state. these prosecutors that soros puts in, they respond to the mob. right now we have mob justice depending on who you are and what the situation is. even tonight in kenosha the police are preparing for violence if the jury doesn't rule the way the mob wants them to move and the way the democrats want them to rule. he went on the stand and defended himself and his freedom. he was superb! if you are guilty you won't go on that stand. he with stood the lies and the attacks by the prosecutor trying to trick him. he is 18 years old. if this kid had not shot
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rosenbaum he would be done or hubert or grosskreutz we will be dead. we keep hearing about this kid with 30 rounds? oh, he crossed state lines to gs to kenosha. so what, his father lives there. why he is the one on defense and has to explain himself to the media. they don't tell us about rosenbaum. rosenbaum grabbed the barrel of the rifle. he is prohibited from possessing firearms had sex with a minor. two domestic abuse charges. huber hits him in the head and chases him with at skate board. who is he? he was a domestic abuse repeater. who is grosskreutz? just this it poor guy walking
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around carrying a pistol? why did he carry a pistol and aim it at this kid's head. he was not provoked. that's when he got shot. my view is this disgusting. what about the governor of wisconsin? the president of the united states donald trump called the governor when kenosha was burning and said i will agree to send in for national guard's men because you can't defend the city. he said no. why isn't he responsible foror anything or the rioters responsible. this disgusting media that tries to turn american againstst american. it's outrageous. joe scarborough if he was black he would not be treated this way. he was white and the three men who attacked him were white and the two who died were white.
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what is joe scarborough the whitest guy on tv even talking about? what in the hell does this have to do with race. the issue whether kyle rittenhouse had a right to defender himself.oe the answer is absolutely yes! it's not that the prosecution was incompetent. they were politically motivated. they didn't have a case. that's why they resorted to violating the constitution and that's why this prosecutor should go before an ethics committee in front of the supreme court of wisconsin. >> sean: joe biden today had one ever his most disturbing moments saying this when telling a story. told about satchel page during his remarks. >> the pitcher in the negro
11:36 pm
league and became a great pitcher in the pro's. satchel page. >> sean: imagine if donald trump said that. why did the media left give joe biden the pass on every issue and especially on the issue of race. the same joe biden that praised and worked with the former klans man to stop integration of schools. he didn't want public schools to become racial jungles. that's what joe biden said.
11:37 pm
imagine if that was donald trump. take a look. >> [inaudible]. >> [shouting]. >> [inaudible]. >> what kind of a chance would a liberal like joe biden stand in the south? >> better than anybody else. my state was a slave state. >> [inaudible]. >> we got more questions. >> if you have a problem figure out whether you are from me or trump and you ain't black. >> sean: joe biden's own words. here's leo terrell and clay
11:38 pm
travis. leo, what was your reaction to what he said today? he told this story before. nobody seems to bat an eyelash. what would be the reaction be if tomorrow donald trump? >> let me answer your question. my reaction to what he said today. the word negro is a generic t version of the "n" word. no one uses that word to describe black americans. it's banned by the federal government during the obama administration. it's offensive. you don't use that term to show black americans. that's why i left the democratic party with that last clip where he said if you vote for donald trump you ain't black. if trump said those words, 24/7 racist comments by cnn and
11:39 pm
msnbc. the democrats are obsessed with racists. if you are a republican, any other person would be crucified by the media. joe, you are a racist. he likes to whisper so i will whisper. >> sean: [laughing]. you caught me off guard. clay, democrats have one playbook. republicans are racist and xenophobia and want dirty air and water and want to throw grandma and grandpa over the cliff.
11:40 pm
compare that to joe biden's language this week and not wanting schools to become racial jungles. that would be a death sentence for any republican candidate? >> you're absolutely right. with what is going on with kyle rittenhouse, the narrative was this was a white supremacist and a racist and a deviant school shooter. that's what they called him at cnn and msnbc. a lot of people watching this trial are saying i don't know that the narrative is overlapping in any way with what the actual facts are.
11:41 pm
leo is 100% right. if donald trump said what joe biden said today it would be the number 1 story on cnn and msnbc. we are 2 weeks away from thanksgiving. every week and month joe biden becomes more of what experience at the thanksgiving table has experienced, an old incompetent person who can't complete their thoughts. the positive is there. you love them because they are in your family, but they are not trying to run the country! that's what joe biden is every day.mi he is the worst person at thanksgiving to run the country and all of our families tables. >> sean: i don't think i would trust him to stir the gravy on thanksgiving. >> amen.
11:42 pm
i would not trust him to cook. >> sean: that's true. 30 seconds, your take, you have been a lawyer all your career. civil rights lawyer, leo. i am watching this case. they say joe biden accused him of being a white supremacist. i don't see how a jury with alls of the evidence that we have been discussion gets to a guilty verdict. do you? >> i do not. i have been on your radio show. i want to thank that judge who is the final mediator of justice. he is handing out justice and reading the prosecutor the right act. kyle rittenhouse has a solid defense for self-defense. it's not even close. >> sean: i still don't have my hat or let's go brandon t-shirt. >> [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible].
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>> sean: i want my hat and lets go brandon t-shirt so i can get why would at. >> i will bring it to you in person. >> sean: when we come back, after spending 2 days with the texas public safety officers sara carter has an exclusive report about cartel murders happening inside the usa. she joins us knocks. ♪ ♪ i got this mountain bike for only $11. the fair and honest bidding site. this i-pad sold for less than $43. this kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. a 4k television
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past...
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> sean: more developments tonight in our "hannity" exclusive biden border catastrophe. sara carter captured exclusive footage of biden's open borders crisis. >> i got to tell you, i have been covering the bordederr for a long time. the last several days have been absolutely shocking to me. i was able to spend time with the texas department of public safety and special operation
11:50 pm
offices as part of governor's abbott operation lone star. the crime on the border is something they can't explain themselves. in october 26th, they discovered the body of a woman who was mutilated cartel style on the u.s. side of the border. we are not showing those pictures because of the shocking nature of them. i saw them. it's something you will never forget. she was mutilated and raped and tortured by the cartels. law enforcement officials noticed cartel style executions on our side of the border and an increase in got aways, escaping law enforcement. listen to what is going on. >> [muffled audio].
11:51 pm
they still individuals. several incidents have taken place along the border using professional type weapons the way they carry out killings. very professional and methodical. then they go back to mexico. >> i don't want to go into the details of what happened to this body discovered of this woman. why would the cartel do mutilation and torture? >> that's something they have been doing for years. >> but usually in mexico and not the u.s.? >> exactly. [muffled audio]. bodies are showing up on the u.s. side. something we have never seen
11:52 pm
before. what is their intention placing these bodies on the u.s. side? >> sean, since imposing the criminal tress pass laws rye governor abbott, from have been over 1800 people have been arrested but that's only a fractions of the 400,000 that have disappeareded over the last year. >> sean: sarah sanders here with reaction. if joe biden wants to save his presidency on the economy go back to the trump policies that work and he wants rower prices for every -- item go back to
11:53 pm
energy policy of the donald trump. i don't see that happening. >> everything happening in the biden administration is a total failure. it's clear that the defining characteristic right now of the biden administration is incompetency at the border, crime and cartel violence and in the economy and inflation and when it comes to foreign policy in afghanistan. it's a failure. everything they touch they destroy. it's why it's so important we have tough and strong leaders standing up and pushing back that will save our country from the the failures of the left and the destruction of this administration. >> sean: bill clinton learned a lesson. him and newt gingrich came together and balanced the budget. do you see any chance joe biden would ever moderate his
11:54 pm
policies? >> the biggest problem is i don't know that they understand how bad things are. they are nottine recognizing the failures at their own hands. it's hard to moderate their policy when they are understand paying attention to how badly they are hurting americans with failed policy. i don't have have a lot of hope but i have a lot of hope in the great people of this country that i think will come out in droves in 2022 to take back the house and the senate and take back governor's offices across the country. >> sean: i think i will introduce you as a governor sarah sanders soon. a special message for the
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>> sean: it's veterans day and my dad served 4 years in the pacific in world war ii. they have a higher calling and we should always honor the heroism and the commitment to make this country safe and secure. thank to all of you. let not your heart be troubled. >> laura: well laura: sacrifice and selflessness. we need more of that, i will be talking to an iwo jima vet. >> i will be watching. a great interview with a family spokesperson. laura: i saw kyle's mom. i was almost in tears. >>