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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 12, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ ♪ is friday november 12th and you are watching "fox and friends first". carley: i am in ohio, at the toledo refining company, the
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uncertain future of the line 5 pipeline indian.of this critical infrastructure immune america's energy needs. we are following the impact of inflation on your wallet as the president was down on the need to spend trillions more of your taxpayer dollars and it turns out the democrats social spending plan would include a massive tax cut for the wealthy. todd: police in kenosha are bracing for unrest in their streets as the kyle rittenhouse trial cross to a close. >> reporter: kyle rittenhouse's defense team and prosecutors will be back in court today at closing argument on monday to go over jury instructions was a witness said joseph rosenbaum was part of last year's chaos during the protests in kenosha claiming he tried to push burning dumpsters into occupied police cars and became confrontational was once again the judge coming down on the prosecutor this time regarding his questions directed to the witness.
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is real america's voice have political bias or agenda or anything like that? it goes to the bias of the witness. >> bias in what respect? this is not a political trial. >> reporter: the kenosha sheriff the permanently sustained unrest following the verdict saying we recognize varying opinions and feelings revolve around the file that may cause concern, the department's dedicated staff working to ensure the safety of our community. the city of chicago canceling days off for officers ahead of the potential unrest. wendy rittenhouse, kyle's mother spoke about president biden saying her son was a white supremacist. >> president biden don't know my son whatsoever and he's not a white supremacist, he's not a racist and he did that for the votes and i was so angry for a
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while at him. what he did to my son he defame him. or >> reporter: she spoke about how she thought her son had died. >> when i look at the video of that guy pointing a gun to my son's head i thought he was going to die guy just pointed his gun at his head. it took a long time to grasp that he was alive. >> reporter: the prospect of a mistrial is looming the prosecutors will ask approval for the jury to continue laser charges against rittenhouse. todd: sean hannity decisively
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media saying democrats have rushed to prosecute him in the court of public opinion. >> white privilege on steroids, crocodile tears, locked him up, throw away the key, what happened to do process, production of innocence, innocence until proven guilty? look at this actual quote from nbc news, if convicted he will become a right-wing martyr. if he is freed it is a message to others like him the prison won't be in their future, even worse, cbs news claimed rittenhouse murdered two men, that is yet to be determined, that will be up to the jury, most likely, unless this case gets thrown out with prejudice. todd: lahren trump will join us to unpack the media bias. >> reporter: more broken promises from president biden as the study reveals the president's social spending bill will give wealthy americans a tax-cut 10 times bigger than the middle-class.
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todd: the president will talk about his supply-chain crisis at a meeting with his cabinet this afternoon. jenkins joins us with more. >> reporter: this new nonpartisan tax analysis is music to the ears of most saying the bill back credible gives a tax-cut to 2 thirds of people making $1 million while delivering bad news to the middle-class saying 20 to send domestic the% of new york households to pay more in taxes potentially breaking the president's core promise to not raise taxes on anyone making less than 400,$000 as inflation hits a 30 year high with prices skyrocketing, fuel to food furniture, now even former president obama's director admits hard times are here to stay. >> policymakers in washington have almost every month been
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behind the curve, doesn't look transitory. >> reporter: this comes as chairman of the federal reserve ones they may not come until next summer which has some democrats worried about next year's midterms. >> quit looking long-term, you have to deal with it today is today's politics are bad on inflation for democrats. >> reporter: republicans are blasting the administration's handling of the economy. >> everyone cost more because they have the dumbest economic plan in history, lockdown the economy, spend like crazy, tell people not to work, raise their taxes and spend more money. stupid plan. >> reporter: interesting day at the white house when we see what the president has to say about this when the cabinet meets to discuss bipartisan infrastructure bill. todd: have a great weekend. carley: the national school board association working with
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the white house to craft a letter to president biden the calls from parents domestic terrorists. >> the call for federal investigation into those parents. >> newly released emails show the national school board association communicated extensively with the white house before sending a letter to the biden administration was like him some concerned parents to domestic terrorists. an internal memo last month saying they, quote, have been actively engaged with white house, the permit of justice, department of homeland security and other federal agencies. 5 days after that letter went out, to coordinate federal officials to take on the threats outlined in the letter but after intense blowback they admitted the letter was inflammatory and should not have been sent. attorney general merrick garland
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said his directive was based on the letter but has no intention of taking it back. >> reporter: the letter that was subsequently sent does not change the concern about violence. it alters the language in the letter that we did not rely on and is not in my own memorandum. >> this as parents in scottsdale, arizona discover a shocking file full of their private information. links to the district school board. >> i became an advocate for increased transparency in the district and i became a vocal advocate the parental rights and education and that made me a target. >> the school board had denied involvement in the disturbing dossier of information. so far the school board of a dozen states terminated their relationship with the in fda after the fallout from their n the doj director.
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rachel: carley: the potential shutdown of the line 5 pipeline could lead midwesterners struggling to pay for rising energy prices headed into the winter. joining me is republican candidate for governor of michigan, united states senate candidate for ohio. thank you for joining us. you are running against michigan governor gretchen witmer. you want her job. she does not want line 5. what would happen if that does happen? >> it would be catastrophic for the state. thinking about shutting down an oil pipeline at the beginning of winter when we have one in 5 homes heated by propane heat in the upper peninsula which spent a month below freezing. this is outrageous was the biden administration has to make this choice because it is an international crisis of the biden administration has to come
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in and say are we going to bow down to our progressive base or protect the lives of michiganders q carley: you said thinking about shutting the pipeline is insane. >> people from ohio care to react and the we have to be you but the reality isn't just about petroleum but all the things petroleum makes, rubber, plastic, 1100 jobs just here in 16 jobs for every one. the heroes, the working class, tim ryan running against me of the democratic side wants to cut workers in a deal, taking their jobs away. todd: why is michigan governor gretchen witmer doing this which everyone wants a clean planet we all care about the environment but you keep to heat your homes and that is the most important thing especially in the winter. what are they saying? >> to her progressive base, voters in michigan understand this is very dangerous but she
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doesn't understand the product she is messing with. what goes through line 5 normally heats homes but provides jet fuel so we will have no rights, products across the united states, goes into your toothbrush and clothing. if you like the stretchy fabric in your clothing you don't want to shut down line 5 because she is ignorant to what the pipeline does. >> she knows she's going to lose the fight and would be able to appease the environmentalists in her party or she wants to shutdown? >> he really wants to please her base but doesn't understand. i don't think she likes to lose any fight. >> reporter: i'm talking to folks yesterday who said they don't think the biden administration is going to push for shutting this pipeline down because it would be so catastrophic. talking the loss of union jobs
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and gas prices are high but they would go up more. when all is said and done they think the president will make the right choice and not advocate for the pipeline shutdown. do you agree? >> we haven't seen president 5 make the right choice and anything yet so we will see how that goes but even thinking about it imagine if you worked here your whole life, the conversation at the dinner table tonight, tomorrow night. >> reporter: we talk about the cost of oil, the cost of gas, extremely high and shutting down the pipeline like this, supply and demand is would go up higher. what will the winter look like? >> think our ticket was this is. let's not forget energy secretary jennifer granholm is former governor of michigan. she understands what will happen to her home state.
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she came out of that energy prices will be 30% higher, 33% higher to heat your home. these are working-class people paying that amount. >> president biden has his eggs in the build back better spending plan basket. it would actually increase taxes 20% to 30% and we are dealing with inflation as well and pipeline closure, we have to wait and see how that plays out in federal court, more to come on that front. thank you for waking up early and joining us, we appreciate it. back to you in studio. todd: 17 after they are. ten state attorneys general fighting president biden's vaccine mandate. i'm talking to kansas a league eric schmidt about the high-stakes next. ♪♪
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todd: time for a look at your
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fox weather forecast with janice dean, we have snow. >> janice: are you ready for it? todd: i am ready for it. >> janice: fox weather is here for you. download their apps and you will have weather 24/7 whenever you need it. let's look at it. they had 1 million downloads. let's talk about this winter storm bringing blizzard conditions in parts of the midwest, their first official snowstorm of the season and it will cost travel problems, some cases you won't be able to travel at all, winds will be 66 miles an hour, blizzard warnings in effect. this part of the system moving into the northwest will be rain and thunderstorms. let's talk about blizzard warnings in effect in minnesota and south dakota and that means we will cease know on top of winds in excess of 50 miles per hour. that will cause reduced visibility and definite travel problems.
2:23 am
don't go out if you don't have to. your snowfall forecast 5 to 8 inches, some areas could get a little more than that, up to a foot of snow and they could be ongoing through the day today into the overnight. the warmer part of the storm moving across the northeast so rain this morning through the day today and we could see snow in parts of the interior northeast. large hail, damaging winds in the mid-atlantic and new york city, and new england. the northwest, you've been active this weekend is no different, we will see coastal rain and mountain snow in the snowstorm ongoing today into canada but the cold front will affect us across the east coast, 66 in new york city, 42 in chicago, behind that front, cold
2:24 am
air. enjoy warmer temperatures on the east coast 5 to 10 above average, 5 to 15 below average and cold air in the northeast over the next several days into the weekend. it will not be like an arctic freeze but it is unsettling for those who enjoy warmer temperatures was a cooldown in the northeast, you will see that moving in pushing toward. saturday and sunday. todd: have a great weekend. >> janice: you are the best. carly over to you. >> that you hear about this, the american medical association have got woke releasing language guide that promotes critical race theory than the tax capitalism. doctor mark siegel joins me now. how do you feel about this document the american medical
2:25 am
association released about critical race theory? >> pretty outraged about this for a number of reasons. doctor jerry harmon is president of the a.m. a, family practitioner from south carolina. he's all heart and can't believe he signed on to this and talked about it. what is its role? it needs to worry about former about communities but parsing the difference in language between a so-called marginalized community and one that is a group that has been marginalized socially, changing the words this little with no impact but to make members feel they are doing something wrong, don't need to be police, don't need orwellian groupthink or need this to be the soviet union. an example of this, the language
2:26 am
in this, something wrong with individual accomplishments, with meritocracy, the we should always think in terms of the group. in order to become a prominent physician like doctor harmon you have to go through merit. how many checks do you go through, how many courses, how many years of training? it is unbelievable they would say this was looking at mental health, physical health and those in underserved communities but we don't need this kind of access obsessive attention to what the right word is. carley: the document attacks the free market which has been doing well for this since the founding of the country. what does it mean for medicine and how doctors treat patients? does it mean anything or is
2:27 am
another example of another body, medical body getting political? >> you just said it, we are part of a successful capitalist system. we can't make it socialist and expected to work. it didn't work in the soviet union it isn't going to work here. if doctors feel they are being scrutinized and overly criticized for saying one word versus another there will be disincentive for people going into medicine or feeling happy in medicine. this is a time doctors have been crunched because of the pandemic. carley: this is something a lot of parents were concerned about. in loudoun county, because of school, 112 children received
2:28 am
adult dose of the covid vaccine or a portion of it. what happens to these kids. are you concerned? >> this is a great wake-up call we have to be careful is kids doseing switches but because it is a small dose i'm not that concerned, they may not get protection we would like if they had gotten the proper dose but i'm not concerned about side effects. if it's a small dose they will be okay. it is a wake-up call to make sure dosing is correct. we federal out of 1 million kids getting it already so far so good. is elected with pediatrician apparent making the decision are you at risk but we've got to monitor this. carley: thank you for joining us, got to run. todd: for $2 trillion spending package the cost nothing is full of gimmicks to cover $1 trillion in spending, crunching the numbers.
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todd: a new resolution about president 11 or election pickax power setting the stage for a lifetime in leadership despite china's human rights abuses and military aggression. the white house is more interested in brokering climate deals. >> how in the several months of meeting behind-the-scenes with china did you bring up those
2:33 am
contentious issues like use of labor. >> that's not my lane here. my job is to be the climate guy. todd: john kerry, this, our favorite asian expert, author of the coming collapse of china and the us china tech war, gordon j. are you worried this action increases our chances of conflict with the chinese? >> certainly. we have john kerry, his comments are inexplicable because on september 22nd he gave the bloomberg interview where he said we will trade away human rights for climate. he's not keeping his story straight and beijing see the incoherence in the biden administration, chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan, conflicting statements in taiwan and they believe they can push the united states around. the conflict is much higher than
2:34 am
it has been in a long time. todd: even if you are focused on climate change like this white house is shouldn't they shift focus just for the time being to things like the chinese navy much larger than the u.s. navy, things like the human rights abuses? >> absolutely. china is threatening the united states like it hasn't in a long time. not just the size of their navy but spreading disease, deliberately selling sentinel into the united states. a list of things that resulted in infections in the us and deaths. if you don't impose costs on china, they will continue malicious attacks on our society. the biden administration needs to look at something beyond climate because americans are dying. neil: minute left. big picture, china is in trouble and you worried this wounded
2:35 am
animal could be particularly dangerous to us. why? >> simultaneous crises, stagnating economy, power outages, covid 19 outbreaks which are accelerating, food shortages, deteriorating environments. i think xi jinping will look for an enemy. mousy tongue do this in 1966 but couldn't plunge the world into war. xi jinping because of the large navy talked about can do that. we've got to be concerned what china will do next. todd: a follow-up do the chinese people support xi jinping? >> i think they are wary right now. they don't military misadventure abroad so we can beat her china but we are not deterring china and we know that because of what china is saying about the united states. >> we appreciate it. have a great weekend.
2:36 am
carley: a live look at capitol hill where the congressional budget office is working on a price tag for president biden's reconciliation bill the $2 trillion package, and another $1 trillion in spending. todd: cheryl casone joins us with more. >> reporter: the us chamber which represents businesses many of which are being impacted by inflation say the reconciliation bill is not as advertised. they write we have the highest inflation in one year. employers are struggling to fill a record number of job openings and a draft of the reconciliation bill using gimmicks to cover up $1 trillion in spending. it would be the height of irresponsibility for members of congress to vote on the tax-and-spend bill with no understanding of the true costs and the real world impact of the
2:37 am
policies and experts believe the cost of $4.1 trillion, the tax policies, 30% of middle income homes pay more taxes in 2022. not just the superrich being taxed as president biden promised. todd: it was a live. the dems get a drilling on oil exports. >> reporter: you have seen pump prices, gasoline at as of last month but 11 senate democrats their answer is ban us oil exports. the industry is fighting back. when economist telling fox news this proposal does not alleviate higher prices, the idea is your folly. one regulator adding democrats but the last campaign season beating up on oil and gas which was part of creating the oil shortage and now the gasoline
2:38 am
problem they are trying to save face. i heard you talking about the pipeline earlier. in that interview so many products come through, petrochemicals, propane is the idea you want to shut down l5 will exacerbate the problem. this is their idea to stop exports. carley: a lot of the greenpeace people holding signs against oil and gas, where do you think that came from? thank you, appreciate it. todd: 38 after the hour, the media and democrats lining up to mop kyle rittenhouse on the stand as the prosecution's case has fallen apart. lera trump talks about that coming up. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes.
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2:43 am
the life of senator tim scott. he will discuss his family, faith really good bbq. geraldo rivera because it is friday, general jack keane, pete hegseth and will cain with us. sit back and relax and enjoy the show. more "fox and friends first" continues with carly and todd. todd: thank you. todd: the fate of the line 5 pipeline remains uncertain which is why am here in toledo, i spoke with workers and business owners who are worried about the shutdown and spoke to the mayor of oregon, ohio who has a message for president biden. take a look. >> this facility has been operating for 127 years. >> this is where we bring raw crude oil in. >> this is where line 5 connects to the toledo refining company. >> the line 5 pipeline takes it
2:44 am
from canada transporting into the great lakes to ohio and it delivers 540,000 barrels a day of unrefined crude to the refinery. >> how many would be affected if it were shutdown? >> implant study says each job supports 15 jobs in the community so that multiplication factor gets to an astronomical number of people affected. >> it provides for my family. i'm not trying to say my family didn't have a lot of money and me getting this job allows me to provide a better standard of living than i had growing up. >> governor witmer wants the pipeline shutdown, she feels there's a section of it that is unsafe and it could create an oil spill. how do you feel about that? >> i don't share the same level of risk. the pipeline is robustly built
2:45 am
and highly unlikely. >> wind and solar are great but you can't do that. it's not a real thing. we all want to clean planet. most of the construction that happened in this refinery the last several years has been about protecting the environment. >> you could say pipeline shutdown would affect your business. >> it is a trickle-down effect. we lose jobs. there's business right there. >> striking, the pipeline the people in this community and all the other communities between the pipeline and us are looking at it not as the pipeline shutdown but there lifeblood shutdown. >> reporter: what does this means your family? >> this company means everything, i have been fortunate enough to live the refinery life, as a child of my dad working here for so long and
2:46 am
me being here six years afforded the opportunity for my family. >> how long have you worked here? >> last week i completed my 31 through but year. >> reporter: how important is this job dear family to create opportunities? >> a woman in a job that is typically male, it shows my daughter who is 13 that women can do anything. >> reporter: there is concern line 5 will be shutdown? are you worried about that? >> i'm worried about a lot. >> are you worried? >> absolutely. losing my livelihood. >> if it happens it would affect my family. >> standard of living will go down. my daughter's standard of living will go down. all my colleagues standard of living will go down. you can't replace the jobs that are here like that.
2:47 am
>> i hope he sees the people here, to base their decision on people, not politics. >> what will happen to this pipeline? the answer is no one knows. canada has invoked this treaty, their wrestling with the biden administration trying to keep it open. gretchen witmer is in federal court because she wants it shutdown and there are so many people in limbo, so many jobs depend on it and the price of gas is going up and it would go up higher, pipeline shutdown. >> creating a problem, the pipeline is safe, you heard the individual talking about it, the alternative seem to be driving this thing in takers cross bridges doesn't seem like a great idea and look at the impact on those fine folks you
2:48 am
spoke with with you work for the pipeline or work in the surrounding community, just horrible, we shouldn't be in the situation we are. appreciate you letting us know about it, no nation needs to see this. >> reporter: when i was at the keystone pipeline covering that story, same thing i do now, these people feel forgotten and they need a voice and they feel the administration isn't hearing them and you are right about how pipeline gets a bad rap for being dirty but i was talking to someone who works at this refinery saying they spent $1 billion here to keep this process as clean as it can be. everybody wants to clean planet. it is about being realistic what our energy needs are. it involves oil and gas. todd: 48 after the hour. kyle rittenhouse tried in the court of public opinion and prosecuted by the mainstream media. lara trump on the rush to judgment next.
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♪ ♪ todd: welcome back. president biden taking backlash for a comment, this comment, in fact, during his veterans day address. listen. >> i have adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time went on to become a great pitcher in the pros into the major league baseball jackie robinson his. todd: biden's choice of words referencing sacial. he was attempting to wish secretary of state antony blinken's dad a happy birthday. newly released email show the national school board association actively engaged with the department of justice and other federal agencies before sending a letter to the president calling parents domestic parents threat against
2:54 am
school boards. after intense blowback they apologized for the letter however attorney general merrick garland has not restreacketted the memo to the doj this despite telling congress the threat school boards was the letter. the carefully coordinated letter still justify his memo. >> kyle written house shot three people. two were murdered one was injured that i can't even look at it. >> what kind of an idiot 17-year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot he has no lies. he has no training. >> this is white privilege in steroids. dad dodd dodd democrats in the media refusing to correct the record after calling kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. carley: joining us now is lara
2:55 am
trump. what do you make. >> this is nothing new, carply for the mainstream media. in fact, they have been trying to tell us what they want us to hear and the truth for quite some time now. and people have finally started to wake up in america and say, wait a minute, i don't think i have been getting the facts from these quote, unquote, journalists out there because that's not what they are at all a lot of these people consider themselves to be political activists and disguise themselves as journalists. that's why you see the distrust in the media at all-time high in our country right now because you haven't been able to get the facts about a lot of things. they have been pushing a certain narrative for so long. look at my father-in-law. look at the russian collusion hoax that for two years we had to endure every single day people saying that donald trump, our family, to anyone who worked for the campaign was a russian asset of some variety. look at people like nicholas sanman and what happened to him the covington catholic student
2:56 am
where he won a major lawsuit against so many major media outlets they defamed him. they tried to push a narrative that he was doing something that he was not. that he was someone that he was not. we have seen it across the board. i personally want to give a big thank you to independent journalists because, without these individuals we might never get the truth out but what is going on in our country and around the world. again, because there is a narrative that continues to be pushed by the far left media and it is exactly, what you know, you guys are showing there that they want their opinion out there. they do not want the truth to come out at all expense, but they are paying the price because people are unsubscribing, people are not tuning in. a lot of these outlets have incredibly low viewership at this point. they're ultimately going to pay the price. it's time we got back to being journalists and telling the truth and given the facts to the american people and allowing them to make their own
2:57 am
conclusions. todd: lara, let's take a listen to kyle's mom wendy on hannity last night. >> president biden don't know my son whatsoever. and he's not a white supremacist. he's not a racist. and he did that for the votes. >> lara, as your mom yourself, can you imagine what that poor mom is going through right now? >> you can hear it in her voice, todd. she is absolutely broken. you know, her son is on trial for something horrific. this whole situation is terrible. no one would ever want to find their child in a situation like this on either end of this. and it's terrible. but then to have your child labeled by the current president of the united states as a white supremacist, really? that's very, very extreme. the media by the way was happy to push that narrative out there. they were also happy to cover up for joe biden like we saw them do for the campaign for them last year whenever they didn't
2:58 am
report on the hunter biden laptop story. when they coddled joe biden like a small child to give him the best opportunity possible to stay out of the public eye because they knew he could not speak to the american people. now we see what a disaster that has become now that he is president of the united states. so, you feel very bad for everyone involved in this. and, instead of just letting the facts come out of the trial like they should, the media, of course, jumped to conclusions and condemned this child -- this kid before he even got to trial. carley: lara, let's talk about president biden's build back better plan, he has pledged not to raise taxes on anybody making less than $400,000. and the nonpartisan tax policy center found that the plan does, in fact, raise taxes on 20% to o30% of middle income families. this is going to be a big problem for him. could give moderate senators the ammunition they need not to pass
2:59 am
this. >> yeah. i'm waiting for the better in build back better. when do we get to that point? when are we building back anything, joe biden. i would love to get some answers on that. but, you know, this study was very interesting. we knew -- we said last year joe biden will raise taxes on you and here we are, it is happening right now. even if he doesn't raise taxes though, everyone is paying more for everything right now in america from gallon of gas to groceries to two by fours. inflation is through the roof. and we are feeling it as americans every single day in our wallets. in our pocketbooks and in our bottom line. and so to couple what has already happened with the possibility that, yes, we are -- the middle class going to see tax mikes, i don't know how people can ultimately sustain this and we better be careful, because we are headed down a very slippery slope here.
3:00 am
soon the average salary is going to be somewhere around $500,000 in america. a love of bread is going to be $10,000. to buy gas you will have to pay $50,000. that is where we are headed with inflation on the way up. it's very scary. todd: "fox & friends" starts right i now. >> kyle rittenhouse will be back in court ahead of closing argument. >> have you and your son discuss do it over again. >> he probably would do it again, that's the type of person he is. he always wants to help people. >> mayor eric adams refusing to step down despite. >> we are not going to live in fear and be intimidated by anyone. >> . >> bad news for build back better agenda. the president's social spending bill would give wealthy americans tax cut 10 times bigger than the middle class. >> they have the dumbest economic plan in history. >> what w


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