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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 12, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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we know it's not real. >> i endorse it. thanks, brother. good luck to our cowboys this sunday. >> thanks, brother. thank you so much for watching "fox primetime" and jesse waters takes over monday at 7:00 p.m. until then, tucker carlson is up next. ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson." a political candidate is running for congress in the first district of illinois. that covers the south side of chicago and some of the southern suburbs. in late september, jamal was walking in the hyde park neighborhood just yards from lake michigan when someone shot him through the arm. in the end he recovered from his wound. he went back to campaigning, and then on tuesday of this week he narrowly escaped being shot a
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second time. some unknown assailant opened with a rifle just blocks from the university of chicago, so he dove under a car and escaped being hit to. be clear these were not assassination attempts so far as we know against a congressional candidate. he just happens to live in the city of chicago and living there all of a sudden it's that dangerous. given how dangerous chicago has become it would be interesting to know exactly what the sitting mayor is doing to fight crime. in fact, we do know thanks to data breach that reveals city emails, we can answer that question. for example, we know just before midnight one day last year, lori lightfoot the mayor typed a furious note to her staff. she received a shocking report offenses in progress, evidence of clear and present danger to the people of chicago. according to an informant a group of suspects had been observed playing basketball outside. some of them reportedly had been seen dunking, even shooting three-pointers. i got a text from someone who lives on the north side that
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reported dudes were out at a park playing basketball, lightfoot wrote that one sent me around the bend. thankfully lori lightfoot had a solution. "here is where i want to be starting tomorrow. you may walk outside in the immediate proximity of your house. fresh air is important but you may not act like the city isn't in crisis." according to lightfoot, they are in a crisis barrels crisis. meanwhile there is another crisis in progress, people continue to die in huge numbers in chicago. over the past 12 months almost 800 chicagoans have been murdered. according to an analysis, 15 happened by people released from jail. it didn't need to happen. >> chicago police say it was just before 2:00 tuesday afternoon the victim, a 24-year-old man and recent
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university of chicago graduate, was killed. police say the man was walking on the sidewalk at ellis and 54th place when an armed offender got out of a dark-colored vehicle and demanded the victim's belongings and then shot him in the chest. there were actually two shootings in hyde park on tuesday. the first around noon near 54rd and harper. jamal cole writing on his fate book page, wrote that he was nearly struck. "today i thought i was going to die because i saw blood coming from my neck thinking i was shot. again." fortunately it was a scrape from diving under a car. >> tucker: shot again. just the day in the life of a congressional candidate in the city of chicago. the murderer was a chicago graduate, chang, 24 years old. he was killed in an armed robbery. he handed over what he had but they murdered him anyway in the middle of the day. he's the third university of chicago student to be murdered this year. in july, a 20-year-old called
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maximum lewis was hit in the back of a net by a stray bullet as he was sitting in a subway train. in january a 30-year-old graduate student was killed in a shooting spree including 15-year-old girl. the university of chicago is so dangerous that the school is offering free lyft rides seven days a week so they don't have to mix with the local population. it's hardly a solution to the problem. what is the solution to the problem? 800 people murdered in a year? no one in authority in chicago appears to be thinking much about that. lori lightfoot is on the record thinking she believes the core problem is white racism, speaking of cops. for a while some of the more affluent residents of chicago were willing to believe that was true. last year in september, people surrounded the home of the school's provost. they shut down traffic for an entire week demanding disarming and disbanding the school's police department. now in one of those twists of
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irony you have to pause to savor those students are demanding chaperon rides home because their classmates are getting murdered because the policies they advocated for result in death. this might be a perfect moment for those kids and the adult nilists who pushed them to do what they did to admit they were wrong and learn something. cops are not the problem. have they conceded that? not that we're aware of no do city officials who ban cops from conducting foot chases admitting what they did resulted in the deaths of citizens. we've been watching carefully. as far as we can tell only one person in authority at the university of chicago understood what was happening at the time and said so. he's a professor. he publicly objected to defunding the police. not because he's some kind of radical but because then as now, that's a completely demented idea that results in people getting killed. he said that. and for saying that he was fired from his job at the chicago fed.
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the university of chicago began an investigation into him. hundreds of economists signed a position to have him removed as the editor of a major economics journal. what does that have to do with it? nothing. another member of the mob was janet yellen. she's now our treasury secretary. yellen wrote this statement at the time. it would be appropriate for the university of chicago, which is the publisher of the journal of political economy, to review his performance and suitability to continue as editor. because he opposed getting rid of the police. to this day, notably, janet yellen has never retracted that statement or apologized for joining the mob to hurt an innocent man for telling the truth. that's fine with her. it's fine with her now. the other activists who targeted him, have they admitted they were wrong? >> no. "anyone still wants to defund
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the police, stay away from hyde park." no one has apologized or learned anything. the politicians ruining the state of illinois and the city of chicago demand above all that you worship them like gods. as people die around them. as that happens all of this killing is happening very close to where our former president barack obama is billing a massive large shrine to himself, known as a presidential library. total cost to this project, at least $830 million. nearly a billion dollars to celebrate barack obama. just in case you're wondering what the definition of narcissism. we don't mcto pick on obama, he's hardly alone. most people in barack obama's
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position, which is to say in a position of authority that might actually help people, prefer to talk about chicago rather than actually make it better for the people who live there. there is one exception to this, at least one, someone who has authority who is committed to making the city a place normal people can live. you've met him before, an alder man from chicago, raymond lopez, and we're happy to have him join us tonight. thank you for joining us. it's so frustrating to watch this because it does seem like things are falling apart. if chicago students didn't have to take lyft to their dorms, what will it take to get people interested in improving the actual living conditions of the people who reside in chicago? >> you know, under the leadership of lori lightfoot the city of chicago is flying off the rails because of the violent that's allowed to go unchecked in every community throughout the entire city of chicago. just today there was a four-hour meeting by my own colleagues on the city council trying to discuss whether or not technology used to assist law
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enforcement is racist or inherently racist and should be banned from use by police officers. i don't know what world we're living in here in the city of chicago but we know that our residents deserve to be safe. they deserve to raise their families in safe neighborhoods, and when everything is a problem, when everything revolves around the spirit of wokeness and racial inequality is the root of all evil and everything that we do in the city of chicago, we ignore the real problem, the real issue, which is that crime and criminals are being allowed to run amok in the city of chicago, thanks to the mayor, thanks to kim fox and thanks to everyone who wants to turn a blind eye until they are shot not once, not twice, but three times on the city street. >> tucker: you're an alderman so you have residents in the city who vote for you who are accountable. have you ever met any of them who talk like sociology
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professors, any of them? >> no. my residents deal in the real world. we're not, you know, it's not an academic exercise. we're not a bunch of egg heads trying to figure out a sociological experiment. we're blue collar people just trying to raise families, go to work, and come home and live the american dream regardless of what color, what origin, what have you. and that's being taken away from them daily by people who think this is some sort of game. some sort of sociological experiment in the city of chicago to see just what we can do in the name of equality and equity, and there is no equality or equity in the city of chicago except the fact that every neighborhood is now equally afraid to come out of their homes. >> tucker: god, that's so nicely put. i really hope the mayor listens to you. i hope you become the mayor and i appreciate you telling the truth in the face of pressure to lie. thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we know alderman lopez pretty well because he was
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part of the first video we may. as we looked deeper we found the city's top prosecutor, kim fox, is the root of a lot of problems, a soros. she's letting criminals go free. >> it's very demoralizing for our residents to be told call 911 when you see crime happening only to see that same criminal be arrested and released within 24 hours. ♪♪ >> tucker: prosecutors like kim fox pretend they are giving second chances to nonviolent offenders but in chicago, even murderers go free. ♪♪ >> my son was beaten to death,
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leaving finger high school september 24, 2009. >> honor student albert walked home from school and into this. albert in the black shirt and tan pants is clubbed in the head, when he tries to get up others stopped him until the 16-year-old stops moving. he died hours later. >> there were five individuals that were caught on tape. four were charged as adults. >> those four received 30-year prison sentences for their involvement in the murder. kim fox, responsible for prosecuting the fifth killer, a minor called deionte johnson. he struck a deal. johnson would be sentenced as a minor, unlike the other killers who would not serve a 30-year prison term. >> by the time he was 20 or 21, he knew that there was -- he was going to get out. >> the deal stipulated that if johnson committed a felony after his early release a 30-year murder sentence would apply to
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him. within months of leaving prison johnson faced new felony charges for evading the police. it was up to kim fox to lock him up for good. >> she decided that she didn't want to pursue the case so she let him go. and then -- see you later. he gets caught with a gun. >> he was carrying a gun and tried to ditch when it police say they chased him on the south side. >> there were eight bullets in the clip and there was one in the chamber. they arrested him, put him in jail, and -- she decided to let him out again. >> tucker: that episode is called" chicago in crisis." it's not just chicago, of course, it's many cities, we thought we would picked one and take a close look. that's on fox nation. you can watch it at any time, by
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going to fox news alert, joe biden's justice department has just announced it will be indicting a political enemy that would be former donald trump adviser bannon. here's the story for us tonight. >> good evening. depending on your perspective steve bannon either got what he deserved for politicalization of the department of justice continues unabated and that's frightening for so many americans. and just to underscore the unprecedented nature of this decision by a federal grand jury to indict steve bannon for refusing to comply with the congressional subpoena, he's the very first person to be charged with attempt of congress since 1983. now, bannon had refused to appear before a house committee looking into the events surrounding january 6 but will now comply. notably, tucker, bannon's indictment comes on a day in which lawyers for former white house chief-of-staff mark meadows have hinted he'll resist a similar congressional subpoena. just to drill down on this for a
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moment, bannon's refusal to comply with the congressional subpoena is hardly novel and yet he now face as very real possibility of a year in prison and a hundred thousand dollar fine on top of that. which again would seem unlikely, generally speaking, but given the climate here in washington you can never be sure. bannon is expected to turn himself in on monday and should appear in court later in the day. tucker? >> tucker: amazing. thank you so much. so we've seen versions of this before, democrats targeting michael flynn, and now he's being targeted again by the january 6 committee. michael flynn joins us next. we'll be down in florida next week. it will be at the patriot awards along with many people with fox. all there. you can go to
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>> tucker: as we told you the biden justice department is transforming before our eyes
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into a armed political instrument whose main job appears to be punishing critics of the democratic party. here's the latest example. they have just indicted former jump adviser steve bannon for contempt of congress. the doj hasn't charged anyone with contempt of congress in nearly 40 years. the doj did not charge eric holder after he was held in contempt, for example. the doj didn't charge jim clapper or john brennan when they lied to congress. that's not speculation. they lied. they were caught. but then joe biden wasn't president at the time. as we said the doj has become the enforcement arm of the democratic party done anybodying -- anybody who doesn't comply. >> michael flynn has been subpoenaed by the january 6 commission. general, thanks so much for coming on.
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what do you make of what's happening to steve bannon tonight? >> i think it shows the speed in which the democratic party is moving to confirm their complete takeover of this country, tucker. there is no other way to put it. i mean, as you just said, it's been four years since anybody has been indicted -- 40 years since anybody has been indicted for what bannon is being indicted for, contempt of congress. what i'm not surprised at but i think americans are surprised at, is the speed which they are moving at, which is essentially to take this country over. we can't kid ourselves about this, tucker, that's the direction they are moving. >> tucker: to start indicting advisers to the former president that you hate after he's out of office is the kind of thing that happens in latin america but never here. where does this leave? you you've been subpoenaed as well. how are you going to respond?
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>> well, i think, you know, i won't talk about, you know, the legalities of what i'm involved in. i think what we're really facing an attack or an assault on all of our basic rights. the real issue in play is the attack on freedom of speech. your latest round of documentaries have shown that they have been terrific and i recommend your viewers to watch them if they haven't watched them already. but the assault on freedom of speech, our ability to peacefully protest. our desire to seek the truth and the security of our election systems and processes, this is what's at risk in our country today, and they don't want us to be talking about these things. and so they are also going to use, i call it the insurrection crucifixion of this january 6, this whole series of things that are going on. it's really to steal away what
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we're also seeing in the news, which is the continuation of the durham investigation, where you have indictments coming out. you have this incredibly failed foreign policy by the biden administration. you have, you know, more and more very clear evidence coming out about covid and, really, conspiracy behind covid and some of the thing happening with that. the more they can keep this january 6 news and the big media does a good job of making sure that that sort of pounds the americans' heads with it on a daily basis by doing things like issuing more and more subpoenas. i don't doubt that there is not more to come from this. so, you know, i'm one of these guys, in my case, we're going to respond to the requests, and, you know, i don't have anything to hide. there is nothing there, and i think that what we're facing is a clear assault on our basic
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rights, principally, our freedom to speak freely in this country and to peacefully protest for things that we believe are false or fraudulent. >> tucker: exactly. from what i can tell, they are attempting to criminalize the opinions that they don't like. you're allowed to have any view of the last election you want, any view you want on anything in this country. period. your views cannot be criminalized because idea and speech are never criminal in a free country. i don't understand, i mean, the pretext, they are going to throw bannon in jail if they can because they don't like his opinions. where are the republican leaders standing up against this? >> and the other big question that's sort, the 60,000 foot view is when does this stop or will it ever stop? i actually don't see it stopping. i actually think we're going to continue to see this relentless pursuit of what i just call an assault on our rights, top-to-bottom. i recommend everybody to go and
5:26 pm
read the bill of rights because every single one of those is at risk under this particular regime that we're, you know, we're being, you know, basically dominated by within the political, you know, realm of this country, and the democratic party really, you know, who sort of runs the democratic party these days, but i agree with you. i've sort of stopped, tucker, worrying about the democratic party because i kind of know what their plan is, and really, to me, it's this republican establishment and the republican "leaders", and i really do believe that, and what i feel from the american people, is that they are looking for leadership out of the republican party and the republican party is not -- they aren't doing it. they are just not doing it and they need to step up because this is not going to end any time soon, and they are going to continue to chip away at all of our rights however they can, and they own the media. they own the tech titans of the world, so to speak, so they have an ability to control the message. frankly, the american people,
5:27 pm
and i'm in a place, this weekend, with about 5,000 people, and i'm telling you, they are just sick of it. they are really sick of it. >> tucker: yes. until someone says no more, it will continue. general flynn, thank you very much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so the southern border is wide open tonight. we have open borders for the first time in american history and one of the many consequences of that is a massive spike in human smuggling and sex trafficking of children. the biden administration is doing zero to stop this. so who is? we'll speak to someone who is next.
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are you taking a statin drug to reduce cholesterol? it can also deplete your coq10 levels. i recommend considering qunol coq10 along with your statin medication. the brand i trust is qunol. >> tucker: remarkable new footage to share with you from our southern border. of course, it comes from fox's bill, hi, bill. >> good evening to you. look, we've got some concerning information from border patrol just down here in the rio grande valley.
5:33 pm
in a 14-hour span they arrested four confirmed members of the ms-13 gang. the activity down here is really starting to pick up again, similar to what we were seeing over the summer and we'll show you some of that. look at this footage that we shot last night as we were embedded with texas dpd. we found one guy hiding up in a tree trying to get away from law enforcement. this is that cat and mouse game played out day in and day out. trying to get away from law enforcement. later on in the morning, earlier today, same spot, look what we found. a group of 200 migrants who had just crossed illegally. they look for border patrol. they give themselves up because they know under this administration, they will likely just be released into the country with a few court date if they can just step foot here on u.s. soil. take a look at this. this was a pretty big deal. for the very first time during this border crisis what you're
5:34 pm
looking at here is texas dps and the texas national guard ran an operation on tuesday night in roma, texas, to go after one of those human smugglers using rafts to bring illegal immigrants across the rio grande in roma, texas. they went after a raft. they got all the illegal immigrants inside of it. here's the mug shot. we had to blur out his face because he's a 17-year-old, a mexican national who had been arrested previously two times for human smuggling. i'll told when they tried to arrest him he fought law enforcement. he fought the state troopers. assaulted them, so he's facing a litany of charges. take a look at the second mug shot. this is one of the passengers, one of the illegal immigrants who he was smuggling across the river into texas. he's 45-year-old man from el salvador. a previously deported felon who had a conviction for sexual assault. the idea here is the state of texas, texas telling me they are sending a message that if the federal government is not going
5:35 pm
to patrol that river and stop these rats from coming over the state of texas is going to fill that void, protect the people of texas. they are going to have to do it themselves and they are putting these smugglers on notice that these smugglers who we've seen on video all year long now being real cocky, real brazen, laughing at our cameras, smiling as they do their smuggling job, they are on notice now that it ain't going to be that easy anymore. they will try to take them down. >> tucker: all beyond belief. doing the best reporting out there without question. thank you so much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: as it's been shown over months, our southern border is open and that's led to all kinds of problems across the country. one is a dramatic increase in human smuggling and sex trafficking, sometimes of children. we have a guest tonight to tell us what he's discovered. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. i don't think i have read a single story about human
5:36 pm
smuggling and sex trafficking because of our border policy. what have you discovered about it? >> i think that people that are in desperate, vulnerable, or in distressed situations are always vulnerable to be taken in by criminal elements. and as you saw yesterday in poland, for example, there was a mass rush on the polish board from belarus and for the first time in history the e.u. is now going to fund, even from their most liberal countries, a border wall to protect against the migration of individuals. now, before you really understand human trafficking you have to understand the economics behind it. and as all criminal elements, it has, like we discuss in this country, supply chain issues. in narcotics you have a supply chain situation where the drug has to be manufactured. it has to be processed in a lab and it has to be distributed. ultimately working through to get to the end user, right?
5:37 pm
and then you have a vial of cocaine that's used. one it's consumed that supply chain has to work in in perpetuity. it's subject to its own destruction, legal, law enforcement, et cetera. that's a $350 billion industry. the difference with human trafficking and why it's become so enticing to the cartels and to the human smugglers, while it's a $200 billion industry and growing, in some cases, tucker, they think it will surpass narcotics in revenue. the difference is, as disgusting and as horrible as it sounds you're dealing request human inventory. you're dealing with reusable inventory. and these are situations where you have 300,000 individuals in texas. based on the university of texas study, that are being trapped in texas now, including 80,000 children. ages 11 to 17.
5:38 pm
and so you have this essentially, we're providing inventory to the cartels so when you have an ill-defined or open border policy, the defenders of it believe that they are being benevolent but what they are actually doing is providing free inventory, essentially, no cost of goods, to the cartels who then bring these individuals in to which there is no escape. they are in debt bondage, if they have to pay a coyote or what have you. sometimes as much as $20,000. narcotics, lifestyle, et cetera. and so when they are brought in -- go ahead, sorry. >> tucker: you just pointed out the deep ironry, which is in the name of ending racism we're increasing slavery. it sounds like you're describing slavery. people who are in involuntary servitude giving their bodies for the benefit of others. >> it gets more cruel than that because of the treatment. it's not just simply repaying
5:39 pm
the debt. you owe me $5,000, once you're done, tour down. what they do is they typically take these girls in and they are being used sometimes five, 10, 15 times a day, and they don't let them ever leave. and so they basically take their identity. they take their passports. and if they try to escape, they are beaten. they are tortured. they are whipped. they are branded. i've heard of situations where they tie them to ant beds. it's an atrocious and deplorable treatment of these individuals who are desperate. >> tucker: kevin lilly. i appreciate you explain that to us tonight. deeply upsetting but it's worth knowing. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so we're big on anniversaries on this show. 30 years married, five years on the air. grateful for that and we want to take a look at some of our favorite moments over those past five years and we'll do that next.
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>> tucker: so we've now been officially on the air for five years. some of our more sentimental producers put together some highlights. here they are. >> welcome to the tucker carlson tonight show. i got a hair cut. we'll get back to basics and hold the powerful accountable. translate double speak. and barbecue nonsense every night. i hope you'll watch. can you look into the camera and say, i know for a fact putin was behind the hacks? >> absolutely. behind the hacks of our institution. >> of john podesta's emails? >> and also in europe. >> tucker: you know what -- >> tucker -- >> inauguration day for the new president and new first lady. >> i, donald trump --
5:46 pm
>> you're not accused of me being a hoax, are you? >> tucker: i'm saying your name is fake and this company is fake and the claims you have made on your website are false. >> out of jail in el salvador. this is reputed to be the best -- in the country, a model facility, which is probably the reason they took us here. >> do you know how many of these men are suspected of being ms-13? >> quite a number. >> why do you think so many political and cultural leaders in the united states disagree with you and are making a case that borders themselves are immoral? >> it's incredible. the democrats are for open borders which means crime. >> spotted the creepy porn lawyer in his natural habitat. >> while the rest of us were distracted by the creepy porn lawyer, he has a standing invitation to appear on this program any time he desires. >> when is the last time you saw porn? >> the president with the south
5:47 pm
korean president, president moon -- >> come on. come on. >> come on. >> faithfully move. >> mr. president, how do you feel? >> feel great. it's great honor to be here. >> a mysterious virus spreading in china has gotten hundreds of people sick. at the top of the hour the death count has doubled to nearly 25 so far that we know of. the chinese government has quarantined the city of hugh want where the virus originated but one case in this country is already confirmed. >> fauci is high priest of the covid cult. a paper mask is his sacred garment. cable television his puppet. the people of washington bow before father fauci. [background noise] >> tucker: what happened last night in minneapolis was not a political protest. it was a riot. happy inauguration day. it's a big moment for the country. there is a new regime in power starting today, and they seem to be planning to accelerate things
5:48 pm
dramatically. getting the f.b.i. and the pentagon involved in this hunt for people who may criticize them. >> good evening and welcome to this special edition of tucker carlson coming to you from pughda pest. here's victor -- his accent is thick but he's worth hearing. >> tucker: you think you have a right to do that? >> of course. it's coming from god -- >> tucker: we'll be back. the show that's the important enemy of lying, smugness and group think. we hope you have the best night with the ones you love and we'll see you soon. >> tucker: hard to believe it's been five years. what a great time it's been. many have tried to end it earlier than that. but you stuck in there and we're grateful. for real. there is a strange and very scary new illness apparently that seems to be hitting a cluster of people in canada. victims are suffering from
5:49 pm
symptoms like dizziness, memory loss and much worse. is this something we should know about? a medical history. dr. siegel straight ahead.
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>> tucker: so the fifth circuit court of appeals in new orleans has just affirmed its decision to stop joe biden's vaccine mandate. the mandate isn't working. more americans have died of covid under biden than under the previous president, donald trump so in no way does anyone benefit but a lot of people are being hurt. in fact, all of us. it's led to a shortage of responders. those shortages have had deadly consequences. jason, thanks for coming on. >> thanks, tucker. we have the story of a 13-year-old boy who ended up
5:55 pm
watching lep leslie as his 45-year-old father was struggling to breathing, and due to the vaccine mandate cripping our police and fire departments. there was a sit delay in response. this happened last tuesday afternoon. the boy called 911 to report his father had some kind of medical emergency and the dispatcher sent out an alert. unfortunately, seattle fire was down a medical unit that day but still they were able to send an aid unit. two firefighters, who actually arrived within minutes. however, when they actually got there, they were told not to go inside because this address was flagged in their system as having a resident known to be combative with police and fire so they had to wait for police to arrive before they actually were able to go in. but it's dramatically understaffed because of the vaccine mandate. pushing out a hundred officers or so due to it. it took eight minutes for an officer to even be assigned to this case. and as this was going on this poor kid ends up having to call
5:56 pm
911 a second time. take a listen. >> look at his chest and tell me if it's rising and falling. >> barely. >> is it moving -- >> not at all. >> almost not at all or not at all? >> almost not at all. almost. >> so unfortunately police were not able to get there as quickly as the firefighters would like. they went in anyway. unfortunately, they pronounced this father dead after working on him for an hour and the tragic irony here is that flag on the address was incorrect. it was meant for a different person who lived in that apartment, and if the officers were able to get there a little bit sooner this might have ended differently. tucker. >> tucker: so particular hearing that. thank you for your reporting on that. >> thank you. >> tucker: we have a mystery. [sirens] >> tucker: might be nothing but we don't know.
5:57 pm
some psychological illness is spreading in canada. nearly 50 people have been affected. they are reporting symptoms of hallucination, muscle twitches. >> he began with delusions that we all knew weren't true. >> he said your brain is like an 80-year-old. >> an illness with no diagnosis, an illness with no cure. >> how do you view time right now? >> it's running out. and it's running out not only for my dad but for everyone else who is dealing with this. >> a big cluster of people, very strange. dr. mark siegel is the first person we asked. he joins us tonight. doctor what is this? do we have any idea? >> we're getting more of an idea, tucker. first people thought it was mad cow disease which spreads by something called a prion. this is pretty concerning and
5:58 pm
scary. it's in new brunswick. we've seen 48 cases over the past two years, from the age of 18 and up. you're fine one day. then you suddenly get anxiety, hallucinations, dizziness, discord nation, pain, memory loss. you can't get the words out. one poor girl named gabriel is 20 years old. she's in a wheelchair now and our heart goes out to her because she wanted to be a doctor, a pathologist, who might have figured this out. they have looked at autopsies, there have been several deaths. they haven't found anything yet to show it's an infectious disease. doesn't look like it's an infectious disease but the more reading i do the more i think it's something in the environment. they have had this before. in 1987, they had an outbreak and i think that it's likely a neurotoxin. that's what it comes down to. all of these symptoms go together and you don't see something on an mri. let me tell you something. in this area of the atlantic coast we're seeing a lot of blue
5:59 pm
algae. a chemical called bmaa. that chemical is a bacteria. it's toxic and it probably can cause this if you get enough of it and they haven't ruled it out yet. they have been looking for everything else, you know, damage to the brain, encephalitis infection, they haven't ruled this out yet so i'll suspicious this is a neurotoxin and i think they have to do further investigation before more people die and more people get sick. i think it's underdiagnosed. i think it's throughout the province of new brunswick. prince edward island, nova scotia, maybe even in main, tucker. >> tucker: bottom line, doctor, this does sound real, then. it's not something people are imagining? >> that's a key point because every time something like this happens people say, it's anxiety. it's way more than that. it's totally real. it's a neuro degenerative disease. it's increasing. 48 cases over the past two years but there is a lot more than that out there. it's very scary and it's real. >> tucker: fascinating. doctor, thank you for that.
6:00 pm
>> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we're completely out of time. we're sorry about that we'll see you on monday. we hope you have the best weekend with the ones you love. if you're looking for something to do over the weekend you can get all of our original documentaries at free for 30 days. we'll see you monday. have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" this friday news night. tonight we are tracking multiple developing stories including a ridiculous steve bannon because he won't participate in the democrats january 6th political charade with a predetermined outcome. now, coming up we have a comprehensive list of democrats who also need to be indicted for actual crimes. tonight, we will also show you the latest terrible, horric


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