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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 13, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> jesse: enter things where only you can win. i like that theory. >> jessica: 89-year-old man spent two decades working towards his ph.d. steiner, congratulation to us. what incredible. manfred ♪ ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ ♪ will: good morning and welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. will cain, pete hegseth and rachel campos-duffy. if you watch "fox & friends" on the weekend you have gotten used
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to the national anthem bring you into the show. rachel: thank god. will: shots from around the country texas, austin, from the atlantic coast. what we have been doing recently is asking you to send in your patriotic photos to what you just saw was a look at your photos. and if you heard any of us bleed over at the very end, we were commenting because we were blown away by how awesome those photos were. you did an amazing job. what beautiful photos. rachel: what amazing producers our viewers are. those photos-that's my favorite one. come on, is that america or what? that is amazing. whoever sent that in kudos to you. pete: kudos to you. keep them coming in we may have a new tradition here. rachel: i love it. pete: send them in and you may see them at the top of the hour at 6:00. will: we love it this weekend speaking of photos. i got to participate in the
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folds of honor cup. clean-up there i am with baseball great johnny damond, the yankees the rays and the royals. many patriotsy there. spent years in sports. we have been in the news for for a while and meet famous people often. always fun to see childhood dreams come to fruition. you are in a room with ken griffey jr. and johnny woodson and charles damon. then all the is you i. sudden walks in seat team members. it's a different level, not of celebrity because they're largely unknown. it's a different level and i don't know the right word to use stardom of awe? and everyone in the room knows it including the biggest stars. including hall of famers like ken griffey jr. rachel: i love that. pete: cool. will: the stars are the donors of the families of the
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recipients of the fold of honor scholarships. i'm not saying this in a gratuitous manner. if you are ever in that environment and see that it's just clear i -- i know usc in that environment. it's really clear who the real stars are. pete: so right. rachel: this past week was veterans day and i thought a lot about the veterans in my life, my father, my brothers. i thought about you, pete, especially because my son came home and as your kids go catholic school, my kids go to catholic school. they had obviously been talking about veterans day at school. and he kept calling it saint veterans day. got a promotion. [laughter] i thought it was amazing. he kept saying it over and then they said for saint veterans day blah blah blah. and like, can we play that to pete? does that work? promotion? pete: no. i appreciate that. will, you are exactly right even within a military concept. i was a rank and file infantry men, when the special operators
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come around, you know there is a whole nother level to it. will: you know, we will move on, we need to talk about some things happening in the country today. we talk about a lot about seals and they deserve that some of those guys as well within the special prarlts community. the fighter pilots like lieutenant colonel dan rooney what they do with an f 16. a level of confidence confidence that a human being can reach. talk about it in the athletic all the time. even though it's fox news i'm not sure we ever can talk enough what these guys are and what they do for this country. rachel: absolutely. pete: speaking of those guys, and we will get to some developments in oklahoma as it pertains to vaccine mandates in the national guard there that may ripple across the country. heard of seals and others saying i'm young and healthy and maybe had covid already why should i have to take a covid-19 vaccine.
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we know about the mandate that man is trying to push through osha. a federal appeals circuit stepped in late last night and held off on the mandate. this is a portion of the ruling from the federal appeals circuit judge kirk engelhardt and the opinion is this the mandate is staggeringly overbroad. the mandate is a one size fits all sledge hammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplace and workers. for now, the mandate is what do they say, will, it's stayed? will: stayed. pete: meaning it's not in effect pending further adjudication through the court. rachel: we talked last week -- we have been talking for months with different business owners who have talked about the impact of these mandates on their business last week. we had great interview with laura dickey cremplet o of dickey's barbecue. this is what she had to say about how it's impacting her
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business. >> we need the government to say it's time to get back to work and back to school. get back to contributing. instead, they are asking me to stand between me and a paycheck. when i read the mandate i honestly thought it was a mistake. >> the federal government wants to turn me into an enforcement arm of the government to enforce a policy that's highly controversial and, will, i have already had key team members tell me if we enforce a policy, they're gone. will: that was james crocker as well of hogg technology. you see cracks in the mandate. you have see the foundation maybe beginning to crumble. we have the oklahoma national guard neglecting to enforce. >> let's talk about that. i'm curious, pete, about how this works. this general come in. he was -- they got rid of the old general that was running the national guard in oklahoma. the republican governor appointed somebody else. and on his second day this general said i'm not enforcing this mandate that came from the
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very top of the military, at the pentagon. pete: usually you don't see people able to do it. adjunct generals of states are different appointed by governors. does not mean they're not the chain of the pentagon have the atoni of the state threafl say a general in the pentagon wouldn't have. we will see how it holds up show down with the pentagon. if the governor supports him and he is not going to enforce it inside oklahoma. ultimately fitness reports and all of the things that come out how you rank and judge people and whether you push them out or keep them, in a lot of them are dictated at the state level inside the national guard, which is a state-based institution. this will be a challenge for the defense department. rachel: do you think this general did it because he is just -- it's hard to tell, right? but is it because he is personally opposed or have we been seeing recruitment problems because. pete: big time. i have a number of friends who are recruiters. they are having a big challenge bringing in new people, retaining people. folks even at 17, 1818, 19 years
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in. i'm healthy. i'm not going to take this vaccine and force me to retire with other than honorable discharge. i have had people text me all over the place trying to figure out what they do next. this oklahoma stand gives some people some hope and maybe the governor will join us tomorrow. rachel: i would love to have that. pete: judge cited a tweet that ron klain. will: fascinating. pete: retweeted an nbc report. liked the tweet where the reporter had suggested this was the ultimate work around that they know they can't mandate the vaccine. that's unconstitutional but by empowering on or about that it was a work around that tweet shows what your intent was. will: amazing. fifth sphrirkt there you go to the supreme court. we will see what happens to these mandates. now to america's crime crisis. chicago reporting more homicides this year alone than in the last -- 8 of the last 10 years.
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chicago police recording 678 homicides this year. the department canceling one day off for officers this weekend citing current crime pattern. and in san francisco, a shoplifting spree is caught on camera. this suspect stealing as many clothes as he can carry as a staffer helplessly stands by. watch. >> shut up. rachel: a similar scene playing out in los angeles. a surge of so-called follow home robberies getting so bad that the lapd is telling people to cooperate and comply with the thieves. police encouraging them to, quote. be a good witness. pete: be a good witness. and in upstate new york the city of rochester records deadliest year on record. mayor lovely warren declaring a state of emergency saying gun
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violence is up 95%. i mean, i go back to the one in los angeles, this idea follow home robberies, somebody follows you home. think you are wealthy nice car. follow you into your home and rob you. lapd is saying just -- >> the one that gets me. listen, we are all impacted by this. we all work in new york. we are seeing had here as well. my daughter goats university of chicago. this is now the second homicide this year alone of a student on this person who was killed in chicago a couple days ago. this armed robbery, he actually gave what the guy wanted and the robber still shot him in the chest. he was a recent graduate from the university of chicago. my daughter lives right near there that's the path she walks home to campus in. and i think that the university is in a real predicament because they have had students on campus who have said, you know, they are part of the defund -- the liberal defund the police but a lot of parents are going i don't
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want my -- i can tell you i'm not sends another -- one of my kids to chicago for another reasons, this one included. this is a very dangerous situation. and lori lightfoot, these numbers out what really alarm her. it doesn't seem to be. willful will really serious stuff. back to what you said, pete, about los angeles' hands off approach or whatever it may be, just deal with it, essentially, it's hard for me to separate this we will talk about this throughout the morning. it's hard for knee separate this from the kyle rittenhouse trial cnn don't be a vigilante. deaf 70s is vigilantism. outsource that outsource that how dare you protect yourself. essentially calling into question the morality or the right to self-defense. now we hear law enforcement or rather politicians in communities say, you know, just let the crime go. don't protect yourself. let the crime go. what kind of culture and society is that? what are you asking us to be?
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simply victims? pete: you are right. let the crime go and you are not allowed to defend yourself. rachel: sometimes the politicians are afraid to let their police officers do what they're supposed to do because they could get a situation where, you know, somebody is accidently shot and, you know, they could get a right. -- a see mayor elect k city eric adams. i'm going to bring back law enforcement in new york city. is he getting pushback from a blm. i know he has some sort of beef with the national organization. but is he still an blm leader. his mom was a black panther by the way. he is saying listen you bring back that plain clothes police force in new york, you start enforcing the law here, you are going to see blood on the streets. here's where eric -- the mayor elect eric adams, here's what he has to say about it. >> national state and city
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should stand up and say we will never allow anyone to make those comments, fringe group or not that there would be blood in our streets. do you know where that blood ends up? in the streets of our community. will: so that line "blood on the streets" that's a quote from the man you are referencing the leader here in new york city. is he not running from it. i'm talking about hawkeye -- hawk newsom. is he not running from this if you bring back policing there will be blood shed. in fact, he came on the fox news channel. he's going to be on the fox news channel tonight at 10:00 p.m. on dan bongino's show we will have dan to tell what's requesting on the show tonight. he is not can denying what he is calling for. newsome is calling for blood on
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the street. pete: it appointment television. what eric adams is facing in new york is going to be interesting to watch. city has seen the spike in crime. empowered blm groups that have been used to be catered to by bill de blasio. not clear how tough eric adams is really going to be. i know he is a former police officer. i know he wants to bring the plain clothes unit back and restoring new york. it's going to take a lot of tough stare downs with activists to get this city under control. remains to be seen. rachel: activists used to beings in charge. we will see who is in charge now. will: on that note, pete, adams has the public behind him. the public wants more policing and more safety. the question is how responsive is the politician to his public or to the activists or to social media. or really loud radical minority. rachel: progressive right. you don't want that either, right? pete: that's true. we'll be watching. and the lights turned off. maybe we will try to keep them
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on. a few additional headlines 15 minutes after the top of the hour. jury members may consider lesser charges against kyle rittenhouse. judge bruce schroeder will issue a ruling today on exactly what charges he will allow to be considered. s that the judge says he is getting hundreds of threatening messages. the daily mail reports the messages include accusations of racism, okay, and even threats against his family. right now, 500 national guard troops are on stand by in case of potential unrest. coming up on this program, kyle rittenhouse's mother will join us live to discuss her son's case ahead of monday's closing arguments. you are not going to want to miss that the great resignation continues for american workers as businesses scramble to hire staff. a labor department survey shows a record 4.4 million people quit their jobs in september. that number makes up about 3% of the nation's workforce.
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experts estimate over 10 million job slots are now open across the u.s. and britney spears is free. she's free from her conservatorship a judge deciding to end the legal arrangement after 14 years. the decision sent fans cheering and dancing through the streets. [cheers] pete: i do love britney but that is another level. rachel: did you request that they do baby one be more time videos behind your read? pete: there is always a reason. britney tweeting i love my fans so much it's crazy. best day ever. praise the lord. #free britney. will: so the conservatorship is over, right? i bet she doesn't cry the rest of the day. i bet instagram is lit.
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it's a big day. rachel: she posts a lot. pete: she does. rachel: she posts a lot of, let's say scantily clad instagram posts that somehow these guys know about. i don't know how. [laughter] pete: see how free she really can be. rachel: the white house is looking to distance itself from that school board memo. still being targeted for disagreeing with school leaders. >> for the resignation of the board president because parents, you know, felt threatened. they felt endangered. rachel: there are new calls for justice. will: plus, have you seen this video. former nba player now apologizing because his team daughter pack a punch at a high school game coming up.
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yeah, it rocks.
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ will: blue origin astronaut who launched into space with william shatner killed in a plane cash.
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pete: ashley strohmier joins us with details. ashley: reported the plane missing 3:00 p.m. friday shortly after it took off with 49-year-old and another male on board. according to reports, the other passenger was a certified flight structure and had a student pilot license. it's also unclear what led to the crash in suffolk county. blue origin released a tweet saying quote we are devastated to hear of the sudden passing of glen. he brought so much life and energy to the entire blue origin team and fellow crew mates. jeff bezos girlfriend reacting to the tragic news on incentral gram. painful loss we got to know glenn and partner leah last month. when took off to state she gripped my hand so tight it hurt. thinking of that moment today with a broken heart. and jeff bezos also saying he was so saddened by the tragic
3:24 am
news. he was a true leader and visionary and inanother innovat. the weather was windy and rainy yesterday. back to you. will: thank you so much, ashley. pete: all the way to space but small aircraft's. rachel: i have always worry about those small planes. pete: for sure. we covered wall-to-wall almost but not wall-to-wall but significantly the school board developments what happened in loudoun county and parents paying attention. ultimately the government turning on parents and trying to characterize them as the dangerous ones. rachel: domestic terrorists: pete: memo came out saw in cahoots with the national school board association and the department of justice. the department of justice and merrick garland relied upon almost exclusively what the national school board association was telling them. the doj issued this memo. memo saying, you know, be on the lookout for parents. they are the dangerous ones in this equation. the white house, the new aspect
3:25 am
of this is that the white house is now attempting to distance itself, attempting from any of this saying here's a white house statement and a response to the fox news channel about that memorandum from the doj. this has nothing to do with curriculum. standard practice across every administration for white house officials to meet with outside stakeholders for listening sessions on a range of issues. spokesperson at the white house also claimed that the white house had no involvement in the issuance of the doj memo saying the doj chose to take this approach on their own. rachel, are they able to create this distance? rachel: no. it's so implausible to believe this. i mean, obviously they -- i mean, how many times do people have meetings with the white house and then immediately the doj comes up with exactly what this stockholder group wants. has the national school board, did they meet with the trump administration? i mean, nothing like this has ever happened. we have never seen parents, you know, gone after and told they could be domestic terrorists for
3:26 am
defending, you know, proper curriculum and trying to have the rights and their kids' education. we have never seen anything like this before. by the way if it looks like a duck, you know, if it quacks like a duck. it's probably a duck. this is stuff that the white house has done before. we know that they have been weaponizing government. many other times before this, doesn't surprise me at all, will. will: it's so eye-opening how at every level of government, the way parents have been treated from the federal government from, perhaps, the white house, doj most certainly. national school board association and then local school boards, which are elected offices. let me give you an example of what i am talking about, amy carney a mother in scottsdale, arizona, listen to what she discovered that her local school board had been putting together on parents who were pushing back. this is on ingraham. watch. >> parents are so disappointed by the district trying to deflect what's going on. i mean, that was just an email,
3:27 am
you know, for damage control. but i mean we really need -- the district to step up and to send out an apology and let us know that they're investigating this and that, you know, we are calling for the resignation of this board president because parents, you know, felt threatened. they felt endangered. this is not something that the district can just brush to the side this latest scandal in scottsdale proof who does the label of domestic terrorist belong to? it's not the parents. rachel: this is such an interesting situation. the school board president basically collected a dossier on all the parents who were complaining, all the domestic terrorists who were complaining about whether it was mask mandates or blm curriculum or crt curriculum in their schools this information was pretty detailed. it was divorce records, bankruptcy records, pictures of their children, i mean, this is scary stuff. imagine finding out, accidentally through an email, that somebody was collecting all
3:28 am
this information on you simply because you were exerting your own right to have your voice on your school board this was happening at a local level. the president of the school board said i didn't do this. my dad did it. and then the school district said and the parents said okay, whatever, this guy was sending this out. this president needs to go, this president of the school board needs to in fact the whole school board needs to good morning go, the school district said no, no, no, we will wait for an election, again, it shows the school district, the unions, the school boards, the doj, white house, i mean, parents, as you said, feel under attack. pete: they call it a dossier. i still don't understand what the dossier is between a dossier and database and memo. what qualifies as dossier salacious maybe that's why. you are right. there were photos of kids on there. they accidently emailed the link out. there may have been a private investigator involved. you are investigating the parent who are looking into the
3:29 am
curriculum? because they feel totally unaccountable. they don't believe they will ever be held accountable for this. what were they going to do with that information? smear them? will: electronic. a dossier has to be in a folder. pete: i think this was electronic. so maybe it was a database or a dossier. i don't know. we'll get to the bottom of it. all right. another story this morning. u.s. marines could be getting the boot if they refuse to get vaccinated. one marine tells us why vaccine mandates go against the law she swore to protect. rachel: and the attorney trying to convict kyle rittenhouse comes close to having their case thrown out. >> the problem is, this is a grave constitutional violation you're right on the border line. rachel: jonathan turley says the constitution has crashed and burned and he's next. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite.
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♪ will: president biden's workplace vaccine requirements dealt another major blow. rachel: a federal appeals circuit extending its block on the mandate calling it, quote: staggerly overbroad. here to weigh in is expert jonathan turley. let's get do it i happen to have, jonathan, family members worried they will lose their job because they don't want to take the mandate for various reasons. how will this ruling affect them right now. >> this could be momentous moment. this case could well end up before the supreme court. the fifth district cited the words of president biden's chief of staff ron klain. i wrote a column last week saying that klain earlier called this a work around. he recognized that there were constitutional limitations on president biden ordering this type of mandate and said look we
3:35 am
found a work around with osha. well, it was a really amazingly ill considered statement and the court picked it up. and said this is not a work around because we don't see your authority under osha. osha has never done anything like this. required a vaccine as opposed to saying a vaccine should be made available. this is way outside of the traditional regulations to governrisks in the workplace. it could be replicated in other circuits. the biden administration may be looking at an incredible show down in front of the supreme court where many of these justices are not that deferential to federal agencies. will: really quickly, jonathan, to rachel's question, if you live in the fifth circuit which would be, forgive me if my law school education is rusty, texas,louisiana and mississippi. if you live in the fifth 60 the
3:36 am
not in effect. how quickly does the supreme court take this up? >> right. so this is just governing that circuit where i clerked as a large circuit. it's influential circuit. but, the other circuits are not bound by this decision. will: right. >> when it goes to the supreme court, if they replicate this decision then it obviously applies nationwide. will: we would love to talk to you about the kyle rittenhouse trial you have op-ed prosecutors crash and burn in kyle rittenhouse case but polarized america doesn't see it there are many things we can talk about here, jonathan. we can talk about the conduct of the prosecution and talk about the judge. i do want do ask you this, as your experience as an attorney, do you anticipate, have you seen juries swayed by outside influences, meaning the fear, the threat of riots or via on the street or do you think we have selfly or will successfully see a jury apply the law and follow the judge and the evidence in this case? >> i think they will apply the
3:37 am
law. but, yeah, the criminal defense attorney is something that i'm always concerned with of how in high profile case the jury may be feeling about what's happening outside of the courthouse. that's why judges will sequester a jury, cut them off from the news. it's hard to cut a jury off from a case that is this large, where passions are this great. and, you know, you have to be worried about that. but jurors are remarkably conscientious. you know, if you have ever seen jurors at work, they really focus on the instructions of the court, on the evidence, and they try to get it right. the problem is that this case started to fall apart as soon as the prosecutors got out of the gate. their witnesses proceeded to give evidence against the prosecution and for rittenhouse, including one of the people who were shot by rittenhouse. and it's almost a textbook case of what not to do in trial. i mean, opening the door, asking
3:38 am
questions you don't know the answers to. there were so many cringe-worthy moments. that it became exhausting. rachel: yeah. not to mention that the prosecutor wasn't very likeable. so that's part of the problem, too. all right. jonathan, thank you so much. we are actually going to have wendy rittenhouse, kyle's mother. she is going to join us around 8:20 a.m. eastern time. so i hope you guys will stick around for that thank you, jonathan. >> thank you. >> still ahead, i hit the grocery store with a budgeting expert as prices sore ahead of thanksgiving. what you need to know to keep your costs down. next. >> am i actually saving money by making it myself. >> if you don't mind doing it yourself you can save a lot of money. the best place to buy a pie is at warehouse club store. knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot.
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oh, you brought your luggage to the airport. that's adorable. with shipgo shipping your luggage before you fly you'll never have to wait around here again. like ever. that can't be comfortable though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel. pete: hard to believe 12 days away from coming together with family and friends this thanksgiving. will: is hard to believe. inflation woes our get togethers getting more expensive. rachel: that's why i went shopping with shopping savings expert to get the most out of your holiday spending this season. >> americans are about to about to experience the most expensive thanksgiving dinner in history. prices are way up.
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we thought it would be a great idea to invite andrea a consumer saving expert. see if she can chip money off the bill. going to do this. i have a big family. >> let's go. rachel: hors d'oeuvres you are so busy, what do you think about that? >> this is actually a bad move. i know it is tempting to have this convenience. the reality is you are looking at paying around 60% more for these type of convenience food buy the whole fruit and vegetable and cut it up yourself. same goes tore cheese or meats if you want to make a party platter. here are some manager specials. this you can find in any grocery store. oftentimes grocery store also mark down prices of foods that are nearing the expiration date can help you save up to 70%. here are some really amazing deals on cheese. this is stuff that would be perfect for your thanksgiving party.
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corn on the list no. corn on the husk. have this. >> you definitely are going to spend more when it's already peeled off. so you do want to look for the corn that's in the husk. it's going to be cheaper. you can also find frozen corn that could save you about 30%. rachel: makes a difference. costs 2.69. you are looking at spending. rachel: 3.29 for one. >> it will give you a lot more. if you don't use it all can you save it and won't go bad. definitely look for the sales. as you are doing your regular grocery shopping. grab those items that you see on sale that you know you will need and stock up. >> i know you put fresh he or herbs inyour cart. unless you use it all throw it away in the trash. best to get dry herbs and spices keep in mind grocery stores put the more expensive brands at eye level. always want to look high and low
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for the cheaper option. rachel: yeah. this is a whole dollar less than the other one. >> there are the turkeys. >> prices going up bottom line. when it comes to buying your turkey definitely look at the price per unit. some buy the preseasonned. that's going to cost you more. rachel: this one is 10.99 vs. 5.99 a pound. >> before you grab it, look at your local grocery store deals. a lot of stores are offering free turkeys if you spend a certain amount of money. you are almost done with your list but there is one more important thing tough go check out. rachel: takes a lot of work to make a pie. i don't mind doing it am i actually saving money making it myself. >> if you don't mind doing it yourself. can you save a lot of money. the best place to buy a pie warehouse store. you can get a massive size at good deal. rachel: check it out. look at that. >> good deal.
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all right. well, i guess i'm yesterday to go cook. you saved me a lot of money. >> thank you. rachel: happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. rachel: i learned a lot during that i also taught her something, one little thing she knew everything. let her know that when butter is on sale you can freeze it. so if you see butter on sale grab a bunch and put them in the freezer and never run out of butter and got it at a good price. she had great tips and she right. right now there are places that are offering free turkeys if you just, you know, end up shopping at that store and spending 2 or $300 which we are all going to do especially with the inflation the way it is right now. so she had great, great dips. and you can't -- you got to go early because turkeys there is a shortage right now. will: a lot intuitive don't buy the small packaged or prepackaged. rachel: party platters. will: here are some prices just to give an example of what
3:47 am
rachel encountered there. potatoes up 7%. canned vegetables 6.6. biscuit rolls, muffins 5%. soups 3.2%. rachel: meats are up. will: look high or low and find better deals. rachel: try to get the store brand especially on things like sugar and flour. there is no reason why you should pay premium. pete: i liked the canned cranberries better anyway. you only eat them once aer i don't. do you ever eat cranberries ever than thanksgiving. will: i don't then either. pete: you don't in a little bit. rachel: i like dried cran enters on my salad. will: craisins. rachel: shopping for thanksgiving and starting to think about what they want to
3:48 am
get for thanksgiving. look at everybody on your shopping list, loves fox news and go click, click, click, click, click. there are 10 people i know that like fox news click on buy the all-american christmas book i sat around the other day rereading some of these stories. some are funny. some are sad. john roberts sad but really touching story. some of these are just rolling, laughing funny stories for christmas. pete: i don't have a gift for my mom yet. can i have that one? would you sign it? rachel: absolutely. pete: to penny. i hope she is not up and watching yet. it is 5:45 a.m. in minnesota. will: on a saturday. rachel: great book. you guys are in the next one, i promise. [laughter] pete: while she signs it for my mother. the marine corps makes it clear, get the vaccine or get out. one marine standing up for medical freedom joins us next. ♪ i hit the ground
3:49 am
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♪ pete: a u.s. marine claiming she will likely get the boot for refusing to get the covid
3:53 am
vaccine despite submitting a religious exemption letter. staff sergeant lisa writing coat in that exemption letter. today's culture and current mandates are breaking the constitutional laws of which i have sworn to defend. as well as violatings my god-given rights and beliefs of which i was born to uphold. marine staff sergeant lisa badenburg joins us now. thank you so much for being here. i want to say you speak for a lot of men and women, friends of mine and others; i read your entire exemption letter. it's powerful and personal. you talk about your career in the marine corps. how you have been number one in every school you have ever been sent. to say you want to be sent to the front. you deployed a couple of times. yet the marine corps is saying none of that matters when it comes to the vaccine. talk to us about what you are up against right now. >> well, pete, it's important to know that this is my own personal experience. and i don't speak on behalf of the marine corps or the united states government. this is a battle that i never
3:54 am
thought that i would have to face. this is something that has been extremely difficult and something that was just unfathomable. i have always had my core values and principles which are god, country and core which have always walked hand in hand for me for many years. and for the first time, i'm facing something that is splitting those. those values. and it's unfathomable experience. and i'm caught in the crosshairs. pete: what's the timeline for you on this decision? when will the marine corps say either you get the jab or you are out? >> they have come out with the current guidelines which state that from the date that the released just before september 1st, that active duty had 90 days and reservists had 120 days from the date of the letter to be fully vaccinated. we have had opportunities to submit exemptions both medical and religious. and i'm not sure what those
3:55 am
guidelines are going to go by as far as as long as it will take for those exemptions to come back either approved or denied. we were discussing it and we were informed, zero had been approved and over 200 denied. pete: wow. here is what the marine corps is saying. we asked them for a statement. they said we are confident the vaccine protects our marines our community and nation. our current exemption requests are being reviewed on a case by case basis. 200 denied and zero approved. doesn't sound like much of a case by case basis. if your exemption letter is disapproved, what will happen? >> at this time i believe that the worst is going to happen, unfortunately, because i think that's fear talking. i am afraid, i don't want to get out of the marine corps. i have been doing this for over 15 years now. and i absolutely -- i love the marine corps. it's who i am. but, for me, this has become
3:56 am
something that has really made me question my values and who i want to be and how i want to serve in america. and if it comes to the fact that i have to get out of the marine corps, then it's time for me to run force office and serve the marines and the marine corps in another capacity and serve the united states. pete: we have to leave it right there. we appreciate you speaking for so many. more "fox & friends" coming up. >>
3:57 am
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4:01 am
pete: everything, anything, any possible contingency. will: like a boy scout. pete: like a boy scout always prepared. were you a boy scout? will: cub scout. rachel: i was a brownie and girl scout. skip is a very buff boy scout. pete: he works out. that's true. i did aawan that. back tis church version of boy scouts. rachel: i like that. pete: it was a i wanna be. will: obvious didn't make the cut for the boy scouts. mom quit taking me. dad was busy. we had other things we had to do at the kaine household. pete: yeah. busy. none of use boy scouts. rachel: let alone eagle scouts. will: impressive accomplishments.
4:02 am
pete: we are glad you are with us. we still have the better part of the show in front of us. stay with us. do not get dressed like brian kilmeade tells you. stay in bed. rachel: that's what you tell britney spears? [laughter] we were talking about britney spears. pete: she is free. we may get to that. that's a big development. lots of news. britney up there, too. we do not start now with britney spears. we start with a live look at the white house where joe biden's administration rolls out their newest messaging to fix inflation. of course, it's always -- the problems are always solved by their agenda. this time it's passing another massive spending bill. rachel: that's right. spend, spend, spend. this as americans are shelling out more and more to feed their families. will: alexandria hoff live from the d.c. bureau. good morning. >> felt first thing in the morning. cup of coffee hit seven year high. dozen eggs 29%.beef, sugar all e
4:03 am
digits. what's the biden administration's plan? well, of course the same plan they have been trying to sell for months biden's build back better agenda. suddenly being pitched as anti-inflationary. >> we, as, i said earlier, fully appreciate the significance of things costing more. it's a big deal. >> we're gonna almost see ease, yes, i say ease, lower impressionary pressures on our economy. >> inflation is already expected to decelerate next year. the build back better bill that we're work dog move forward will not add to inflationary pressure. >> the administration has also promised that his spending bill will ease pressure for middle class americans. according to research from the nonpartisan tax policy center under biden's build back better plan roughly 20 to 30% middle
4:04 am
income homes would pay more in taxes in 2022. >> most economists agree with us build back better will clearly lower taxes, lower costs, raise wages and increase economic growth for the middle class. >> certainly some debate there the white house and federal reserve have insisted that rising inflation would likely settle on its own. now economists are predict that's higher price could say last well into next year. will, rachel, pete? rachel: thank you, alexandria. pete: it's always all the economists agree with us. all the scientists agree with us. byron york pointed out something special on "special report" last night. we talk about new spending coming and forget about the spending that occurred under the biden administration. you had $900 billion passed in december. then you had $1.9 trillion in -- the rescue plan that was passed in march. now you got $1.1 trillion of so-called infrastructure. and now they want 1.75 trillion of new spending on a green new deal. rachel: yeah.
4:05 am
pete: last time i check when you print more money it becomes less valuable, which leads to inflation. yet, always for the left, whatever the problem is, our bill, our bill will solve it. rachel: you see jen psaki about it. have you ever seen a more unempathetic robotic answer to pain that people are really feeling? and i think, you know, you see joe biden's poll numbers down, just wait until people feel the pain of the most expensive thanksgiving ever coming into the holiday season. gas price is up. people losing job because of this mandate. i think you are going to see pain in the biden administration because they don't seem to get it, will. will: you are absolutely right. big pain to come particularly for the biden administration. more, more, always more, pete. more of what i have already given you. you know, when you get older they say and my wife is terrified of this fact that you only become more of what you already are. your ear and nose grow and personality continues to go into the things you already are joe
4:06 am
biden triple down with age on the common man, not auto joke, folks come on man, ease, i'm serious, folks. the same personality tick applies to politics. more, more. spend more money, you get more inflation. it's just one hammer that you continue to hit over and over no matter what the nail is. rachel: it's not just, you know, the policies of printing money, but, remember, the gas prices that are going up are completely self-inflicting. in fact i would say dlirvet. i think we know now we had the communist comptroller the administration has put forward who said literally the goal is to bankrupt, you know, our energy companies here in the united states. and i think when people say this wasn't like from the pandemic, this is because you shut down our oil when we were the number one oil and gas producer. people are mad about this. and i do think they are going to
4:07 am
feel pain. the question to me is you mentioned in the read about the coffee prices going up, some of these ceos from starbucks and some of these people foot soldiers in getting joe biden elected and doing his mandate and promoting this throughout corporate america are they going to turn on joe biden? pete: i don't know. we will see. there is a point numbers become so toxic even people wedded to him has no option. where do you look 28% kamala harris? there is nowhere else to look. finally they will realize free market economics is a good thing. will: monday big day in the kyle rittenhouse trial. closing arguments. the jury could be looking at lesser charges. they could consider lesser charges because the prosecution is falling apart on the big charges. and this as the judge in the case has taken center stage has become the target on many on the evident left. not just on the left online as well. the judge is starting to get threatening messages.
4:08 am
"the washington examiner" has compiled some of them. enjoy your term, judge, it's going to be your last. if i ever meet new person i fully expect to spit directly in your face regardless of the cost. you are disgusting. another your honor, i didn't know under your black robe of justice you wore a white robe of the clan. now, seems many don't like. by the way, what he is meting out justice. controlling his courtroom. controlling a prosecutor who many moments been out of control. for that he has earned the target. pete: i could see it it right away that he would be a target. but, it was fascinating to watch this courtroom all week long and watch when you bring the jury in. and when you pull them out and when you bring them. in because the jury deserves to see evidence that is rightfully presented. not put out of context. and this judge has said to keep in line this horrible -- this prosecutor, the most unlikeable guy -- can't help himself. rachel: no. pete: smug as all get out.
4:09 am
hurt his own case, not just his own personality, but the witnesses he has brought up through cross-examination, falling apart. kyle rittenhouse has done a fantastic job. simply put, as an 18-year-old kid, talking about what he faced. and then the judge has tried to control the courtroom. buff you could see it you knew it, the moment he started talking, the left is going to. rachel: you are right. kyle has been the witness. my husband says the best witnesses are the ones telling the truth. jonathan turley weighed in on the prosecutor you were talking about, pete, saying wow, this guy is an example of what not to do. >> this case started to fall apart as soon as the prosecutor got out of gate. their witnesses proceeded to give evidence against the prosecution and for rittenhouse, including one of the -- the people who were shot by rittenhouse. and it's almost a textbook case of what not to do in trial. i mean, opening the door, asking questions you don't know the answers to.
4:10 am
there were so many cringe worthy moments that it became exhausting. it. will: it's coming up in about one hour on this program. 8:15 eastern time. kyle rittenhouse mother wendy rittenhouse will join us here on "fox & friends." rachel: that should be great. stick around for that. pete: for sure. will: talk about fascists over the last couple years, hot fascist, the fascist instinct. we found one. think we got one. a "the washington post" columnist who treated the following. his name is jean weingarten, he said is there a point at which the unvaccinated need to be prosecuted? i think we found the fascist? pete: yeah, what would they be prosecuted for? will: not crime. pete: weaponization of your body. rachel: wanting to control your own health, liberty, be able to do what you you want to do with your body. wanting to breathe, smile
4:11 am
freely,. will: dissent? pete: dissent? you know, it's the way -- as we often say it's to turn a phrase, saying the quiet thing out loud. a lot of the left would love to do this. were it not for our civil liberties and the constitution. rachel: really revealing, i think, what a lot of people are finally getting around to seeing, which is there is a very authoritarian nature to so. these liberals and big government status. and this is what never ultimately about. i think we have always talked about it, but now it's just about on full display. somebody who has been really kind of, i don't know, somebody red pilled. bill maher has been somebody, an old school liberal who has been really out there, recently, probably since the pandemic, would you say, will, since the pandemic really kind of calling out. will: you know, rachel, people often ask me, you know, when i sports politics, the last two years have been insane.
4:12 am
it's hard to pin down when people started looking for sanity, including bill maher, maybe pandemic race relations in this country i don't know what it may be but something the last two years to your point. rachel: he has been calling out liberals, one of the things he talked about was the way liberals are explaining away the glen youngkin election and basically saying that they're doubling down on it's white supremacy. will: speaking of race relations, exactly. pete: here is bill maher talking about that on realtime. >> after the governor of virginia the new governor won. msnbc headline was glenn youngkin's victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon. i don't think this helps. i'm an old school liberal. i believe in a colorblind society. that's not where woke is. >> right. >> there is a lot of resegregation going on. there is a lot of you are either a racist or don't know you are a
4:13 am
racist. pete: amen. rachel: yeah. we hear so much about this debate in the democratic party over spending bills and whatnot. the real war in the democratic party, i think, is this old school liberals who want racial justice and believe the way to get there is to make race a nonissue versus those who want to make race everything. about who you are. that's the first and most important thing about who you are. and it explains everything, even why you lost an election where you called the parents domestic terrorists. will: these two things that we are alluding to that happened over the past two years the pandemic and what's going on in this country with race, i think they come together and i agree with what you said, they reveal, i think, and as you use the word as well fascist instinct. authoritarian instinct. we talked about will mar and the way they approached the unvaccinated. let's bring these two together. let me show you a reveal the authoritarian instinct. not just an it american issue.
4:14 am
in austria reinstituting lockdowns but only for the unvaccinated. lockdowns coming for, 64% is now vaccinated. pete: if you are not vaccinated, you have to stay at home basically. will: lockdowns for the unvaccinated. pete: interesting. rachel: do you think this is about elitism? all this authoritarianism is ultimately about people who think they are really, really, really smart and know what's good for you? pete: yeah, they think you are a racist if you don't agree with their new theory or scheme. rachel: or dirty unvaccinated. pete: or dirty unvaccinated person, absolutely. to go back to what bill maher said. a lot of either you are a racist or don't know you are a racist. there is not rampant racism running around out there. they have lost that thankfully, because of martin luther king, because of the way we were educated even in progressive schools. the idea was to not see race and instead judge people by their character and merit. that martin luther king's
4:15 am
mission they are trying to cancel him. instead we don't know racist. that's what the implication is. you don't know you are a racist. rachel: even if you are black. pete: if what you are saying makes you a racist even though you don't think you are a racist which is why you are a racist. wife we need to teach everybody about white privilege and implicit bias. will: to this point of elitism that rachel brings up. to identify begin to consider. maybe we all need to consider racism is just a tool. they don't tree truly believe everybody that disagrees with them is a racist it's just control. that's what i wonder this is what we have to get. think of it this way. you are a racist if you don't vote for minority candidate. also racist vote for minority candidate that disagrees. racist if you vote for winsome sears. you are a racist if you disagree with me. pete: if you don't agree with my agenda. will: truly about whether or not i can control your thoughts.
4:16 am
whether i can be in charge. whether or not my ideas are the only ones allowed in the public sphere. rachel: back to the authoritarianism. lots to think about. pete: why can't i get a kingdom. rachel: do you your house. will: your household. pete: see what jen has to say about that. no kingdom. rachel: jen is in charge of that -- the kids are in charge. turning now to your headlines, federal grand jury indicts steve bannon for contempt of congress. bannon charged on one count of refusing to appear for a deposition and another for refusing to produce documents. this after the house's january 6th committee subpoenaed bannon in early october. charges could carry up to a year in prison and $1,000 fine each. a cleveland bank teller who stole 215,000 dollars more than 50 years ago is finally tracked down by authorities and police say ted conrad left work back in
4:17 am
1969 with the cash in tow and never got caught. changed his name. became a local golf pro and started selling luxury cars. the family said they had no idea about the robbery until he passed away from cancer in may. i wonder how they found that out? that's an interesting story. hundreds of thousands of people could face widespread blackouts as the biden administration weighs another pipeline shut down. just what we need. missouri based power company speier energy emailed customers warning them a closure of the stl pipeline could threaten their power supply. the pipeline which travels from illinois to missouri provides energy to over 650,000 homes and businesses. nba star kyrie irving. the star tweeting quote god never fails. irving has yet to take the floor
4:18 am
this season for the nets due to the new york city vaccine mandates. still unclear if he will suit up for any road games in cities that do not have vaccine mandates. clay travis is going to weigh in on that a little bit later on this morning. so stay with us for that. pete: doesn't look he will suit up for away games because the team doesn't intend to play him. rachel: why won't they play him? pete: he's on the roster they won't play him because they don't want a part time player effectively. but, heson 00 nba all-star ballot so the fans because he is on the roster. so the fans could actually vote him an nba all-star and play one game, the all-star game. will: would they let him play the all-star game? i don't know. pete: there is speculation. where is the all-star game? i should know that before i. rachel: that's why you are not a lawyer you are not supposed to ask any questions you don't know the answer to. pete: i would be a terrible
4:19 am
lawyer. rachel: i don't think so. pete: your honor, he's innocent. can't you tell? obviously. [laughter] all right. rescue groups sounding the alarm for americans still stranded in afghanistan as we learn the afghan army that was supposed to fight off the taliban was made up of ghost soldiers, pencil whips. we will explain next. rachel: and "the washington post" finally sets the record straight after the using the debunked steele dossier in reporting on former president trump. their retraction coming up. ♪ ♪ let it wash it all away ♪ it will wash it all away ♪ going to let it go ♪ insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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4:24 am
leave veterans task force pineapple contradicts that claim saying they are still in contact with americans who are trying to escape the taliban regime. this comes as afghanistan's exfinance minister reveals most, get this, most of the 300,000 afghan soldiers who should have fought off the taliban were actually ghost soldiers only existed on paper so afghan generals could pocket their wages. our next guest is the father of marine staff sergeant taylor hoover. one of the 13 troops killed in kabul this august. darian hoover joins us now. >> darren, thank you so much for being here, god bless your son american staff sergeant and american hero, grateful for everything he has done he deserves this and so much more recognition. when you hear -- you heard the secretary of state and then now you hear -- who do you believe? the secretary of state or a guy
4:25 am
like scott mann, a lieutenant colonel green beret working on the ground trying to get these americans out? >> certainly not the administration that's for sure look at all the lies they have given us from day one. i would tend to believe the lieutenant colonel, yes. pete: for sure. and do you think from day one, this administration -- i mean, why has the administration tried to cover up the amount of american -- cover up who actually made it through and who didn't make it through? >> well, in my opinion, and, again, it's just mine, they have lied through all of this. why was -- why was this thing rushed so fast and so hard to one particular errant that was not secure, that we had absolutely no control over, where we had one just around the corner, literally, that was secure that was able to take these flights in and out, and we
4:26 am
relinquished it. why? why on earth was this so rushed and a deadline given to these terrorists that we have to deal with and are now going to have to deal with, unfortunately, from here on out? pete: yeah, and are supposed to be in charge of our security and tragically, you know better than anyone else what happened. what did your son say? did your son share with you any chance his view on the ground as this was unfolding? >> not me personally, but he had told a bunch of his former teammates just how much of a cluster rest of the word, that it really was. he had never seen anything like it in his 11 year-career. that this was botched from the get-go. pete: yeah, you get clusters
4:27 am
when you know what rolls down hill and left to staff sergeants tea gate to do the best they can at a gate. your son did that not his fault and the marines on the ground. this is the fault of the echelons higher than them. speaking of terrible decisions and the things the pentagon should have known. what do you make of this report that most of the 300,000 afghans who are supposed to fight off the taliban were made up? i can say someone afghanistan 2011-2012 the idea of accountability and knowing who our afghan partners were and how many there were, it was even impossible. they why do we rely on a number like 300,000 if we knew it wasn't true? >> that's a good question. that begs several more questions. why in the world are we paying not only are we paying the government, but we are paying these fighters that come in and are supposed to be our allies, and these generals from the
4:28 am
taliban or al-qaeda or whoever it may be at the time, are sitting there lining their pockets in order for them to buy off these interpreters, buy off these fighters, whatever the case may be, because, let's face it, afghanistan is a third, fourth world country that doesn't have a whole heck of a lot of money for its citizens. and all they are doing is lining their pockets in order for them to pay off either the government or to pay off these fighters that they catch and they are not able to remain fighters, remain embedded with our troops? will: not only are they pocketing money based on fake troops that they have. the report are also that the taliban is paying them also so, that they are paying them not to fight with the fighters that they don't have. if you are telling me someone at the pentagon didn't know this,
4:29 am
of course they knew. of course they knew and they sold a number like that because it was politically advantageous and then its marines and shoulders pay the price like your son marine staff sergeant hoover. dare darrin, thank you so much for your love of this country and raising your son. >> thank you,. pete: all right. new york city mayor elect looking to take a bite out of crime in the big apple. a black lives matter leader is threatening violence in return. the battle for law and order. >> if they think that they're going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again. there will be riots, there will be fire, and there will be blood shed. ♪
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
>> if they think they are going back to the old ways of policing, then we will take to the streets again, there will be
4:34 am
riots, there will be fire, there will be blood shed. we have people in the streets who can create problems for this administration by shutting it down. >> new yorkers are not going to live in fear and we're not going to be intimidated by anyone. >> this city is not going to be a city of riots. it's not going to be a city of burning. we're going to have effective policing that's not heavy handed. rachel: black lives matter leaders now threatening violence in the streets but new york city mayor elect eric adams is doubling down on tough on crime campaign promises. our next guest see blm protesters former candidate tray penny joins us now. sergeant penny, tell me, way back in 2016 you filed a federal lawsuit against blm. why? >> absolutely. this was a radicalized group that had no legitimate element about their organization. if you think about it, look at
4:35 am
mayor adams. i think he learned a very hard lesson in his first day to politics. you can't meet with everybody. a special radicalized group with no legitimate efforts. the bottom line is, look, we have to be able to hold these groups accountable. right? what they have done for the last six years has been what amount to domestic terrorism. >> you force intimidation for the purposes of changing governmental policy. by definition, domestic terrorism. the problem is we don't have penalties associated with individuals that commit those acts. so now, it's incumbent on mayor adams to come forward to work with his federal, state and local agencies, i'm also on the federal side to work with them to go ahead and start prosecuting these individuals with the ricco statute. i think that there are significant efforts that he can go forward with and to be able go after these individuals. if we really put this whole thing together, and i know he is blowing it off and saying that these threats are nothing, and he's not going to live in fear.
4:36 am
the reality is, you are going to have to worry about these threats. these are real threats. it may not be the individual that you are watching, but you have to worry about the people that he is radicalizing. that's what we have seen over the last several years. that was a baseline for the lawsuit in 2016 against black lives matter was to show america that these groups were recruiting and radicalizing at a pace never seen before. we have never seen anything like that. they were making money carry out specific purpose to carry out anarchy. we have to know these things are happening. rachel: you bring up a great point. you talk about blm and the threats that they are giving to the city of new york. as they put in these plain clothes policemen, you say they are like domestic terrorists, we see a terms thrown around to parents, maybe we should be looking atself these networks. tell me, you know, blm is now
4:37 am
richer, they're more curly empowered than ever before. thanks to the media, thanks to corporations who lion nice them. what will happen if we don't do something about this network? will it continue to grow? >> continue to grow and destroy our communities. i can tell you for the most part the black community, the minority community does not want these individuals creating any messaging for the community. those communities are the ones being impacted. you have think about all the highest crime levels are in our urban community. the people who live in those communities, the low to middle lower comirk class individuals that have no -- that don't have the ability to be able to move out of those communities, they are having to live under the regime of this type of radical regime that's creating, making things hard are for them, right? if these individuals are attacking police, guess what is happening? police are not able to go into these communities to effectively
4:38 am
police because they don't have the resources to diehl deal with these radicalized agendas. i say that, look, america has to come together. we have to know that groups like this have no legitimate purpose in our politics and we have to push them out. we have to push them out. we have to hold them accountable. i'm going to encourage these cities to go ahead and prosecute these individuals, using federal statute. rachel: all right. trey pennie, you have a lot of experience with them. interesting thoughts there. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. rachel: all right. britney spears feeling stronger than yesterday. pop star's conservatorship finally coming to an end and joe concha reacts to the end of that toxic situation after the break. ♪ stronger than yesterday ♪ now there's nothing
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4:43 am
contributor joe concha. joe, good morning to you. i described it there as a major correction, what's shocking to me is this entire story, joe, has completely fallen apart as we all knew that it would. it was largely built upon a falsehood on lies i think it's been relative silence from the mainstream media about this revelation. >> i'm amazed, will, they even counted on the dossier in the first place. i'm old enough to remember in 2016, this was pitched arounder major news organization whether it would be fox news or the hill or politico. i could go down the list and almost no one touched and buzzfeed and cnn got it out in the public domain and away it went. the reports of the steele reporting from this initial report, it's a start but almost no one is going to see that we know that right? the damage is already done to your point. if the "the washington post" and "new york times" are truly serious about getting it right. the pulitzers they won would be returned. you remember dan rather gate, 2004. put in a false report on 60
4:44 am
minutes about george w. bush service 2008 election. after that story was decidedly proven to be a crock. cbs caucus thorough investigation, rather is fired along with his producer. no such investigation here, will is, going to be conducted by any news organizations here because there are no real standards anymore. no accountability. and, again, the damage was done. means to an end. three years of a presidency consumed by this tall tale conjured up by this clinton administration. rachel maddow msnbc the biggest narrative in terms of the mega phone of this narrative. bidding war for her cnn is considering hiring her away with a substantial raise that didn't go through. now she is even more attractive to certain news organizations. adam schiff gets a multimillion dollars book deal and still hilariously claim that this collusion occurred that book and they will continue to be the michael avenatti two thirds of cable news despite him being completely disproven because
4:45 am
that's the way it works now. will: such a good point, joe. the damage was done. a presidential election was swung. rachel maddow hour somehowed between 20 and $30 million. awarded pulitzers based upon a complete fake story. really good to point that out. it will never do the job of correcting the record to both of our point. move to britney spears really quickly. here's a tweet from britney on the end of her conservatorship good god i love my fans so much. it's crazy. i think i'm going to cry the rest of the day. best day ever, praise the lord, can i get an amen, #, freed, #freed britney. joe? your thoughts on this breaking, breaking, breaking huge story? [laughter] >> wow, hey, look, i will give her an a then. britney is free and so is the american public from having to hear about this again. will: exactly. >> what i want to know is what am i going to do with all my free britney merchandise i have acquired.
4:46 am
the sweatshirt, coffee mug. free britney belt buckle which mrs. concha loves. now we give it to charity. this is one of the most bizarre celebrity situations we will ever see. whole ordeal shine as light not only on this conservatorship but the fact that this is going on with other people and in the 21st century how do we have grown adults still being put in these situations? in all seriousness, i hope that more people are talking about this. my question is who gets the first interview? i have my money on will cain or geraldo. [laughter] will: i would not put my money on me. i will give it a shot. get it on the will wayne podcast. make i irish with that bet, joe. on a serious note. right about conservatorship. tool for abuse over a century in this country. serious light to shine that this story serves the purpose of. all right, joe. always good to talk to you. >> have a good one hook elm hoom
4:47 am
horns. pete: look at this brown suit? adam: i have 45 seconds it do the whether and he takes 10 or 15 off the top. diving into that compliment. cool in the middle of the country. 34 degrees in memphis this morning. the cool air settling in across the country. freeze watches warnings alerts stretching from the southeast getting back into the portion of the plains. a couple rounds of cold air. future track, notice everything in the blue sweeping across the midwest the next couple of days here on the weekend. that is snow. light snow across the great lake states and snow running up into new england here in the next couple of days. will, those your weather headlines for now, back in to you. will: so the audience should know that adam, pete and i were just in the break room debating the brown suit. you look great. that's what matters.
4:48 am
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as respirator. this fire blanket that you see right here combined with respirator keep in basket and car. walk through a burning house with that on. the smoke is what kills people in smoke fire events, not the flames. you want to make sure you have full protection for your face and also for your bothing. this is a fireproof mask and it's also really very durable. rachel: does it work for children? can you tighten it? >> adjustable size put it fits all size. have different sizes. notice they have filter on the front or the side like pete has there. that could be switched from side to side. so if you have a firearm you want to put on either side, a rifle, it can go from either side of your face. good in a self-defense situation as well. partial safety for fire. really important you want to make sure you have this in your kit. guys, communication is one of the biggest things when emergency event happens. a lot of times the cell system
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♪, ♪ >> i don't care, i love it ♪ i don't care ♪ rachel: i don't care. i love that song. that's asheville, north carolina. look how gorgeous that is with all those fall colors. oh my goodness, that makes me want to go right to north carolina. but, good morning first to all of you. it's 8:00 eastern time. i'm here with my good friends, will and pete, good morning. pete: good morning, how are we doing? rachel: we're doing good.
5:01 am
i want all of that preparedness stuff. rachel: saint pete. we're saying saint pete because my son called veterans day saint veterans day. he goes to catholic school. every holiday has to have a saint involved. pete: i don't think anyone has ever called me that. that's sacrilegious. rachel: no one ever except my little patrick. will: this week i got to go to the folds of honor inaugural folds of honor cup charity golf tournament raising money for folds of honor contribute scholarships to veterans many who lost their lives. that's johnny damon, major league baseball great hanging out a lot of greats. athletes like ken griffey jr., charles wood son, on can a annia sorenstam stam. fighter pilots, veterans all around, major event to help raise money for folds of honor.
5:02 am
i did, pete and rachel do something i'm not a golfer, i don't know how you are, pete, i'm a once a year type golfer. pete: same here. will: reunion with buddies and more about the refreshments. i don't like going to the tee box. pete: mortifying. will: they made me do it on national television. i had to drive simultaneously ken griffe jr., dan rooney and bret baier. bret is a golfer. pete: is he a good golfer. will: he has the golf pants. i don't know if we have that picture. he had amazing golf pants on. i made contact but the that way. pete: how much relief. will: so much. they said kilmeade brian if you are watching this morning made fun of you know because i love you. kill shot was not one heard around the world. he whipped. by the time the cameras wept on he made contact. pete i knew where the ball was.
5:03 am
rachel: why didn't you bring golf pants? will: i did. bret's were red with flags. pete: free ones in the green room. are. will: fans know you and i wearing free clothes. pete: what's the name of the company? will: in maine. pete: i know viewers can relate to this gig guys and girls that have done it. if you haven't golfed in a while go forward, kind of, up in the air, that's it. will: make it past the ladies tee please. pete: did you better than i did putting in front of jack. the golden bear. i cranked it so we are glad you are here. thanks for being here. rachel: we are. if you are following politics, probably one of the biggest things that happened in the last couple weeks walls that osha was empowered by our president to basically mandate that any company over -- with over 100
5:04 am
employees and needed to have a vaccine mandate and a lot of people were worried or are worried. have lost their job or afraid they are going to lose their job. i know i have a family member going through this right now. well, just yesterday, a federal appeals circuit judge, kurt engelhardt said that the federal government can't do that and issued a stay on that mandate at least in the fifth circuit. here's what he had to say at his opinion. he says the mandate is staggeringly overbroad. the mandate is a one size fits all sledge hammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplace and workers. pete: so, believe me, you beings, will who did segment earlier with jonathan turley. this is great news for those who live around the fifth circuit it means that the vaccine mandate, as of now, does not apply. that's the circuit down in louisiana.
5:05 am
will: texas, louisiana, mississippi. >> texas, louisiana, mississippi. you are waking one a fighting chance this morning that you if you are a business of more than 100 people. you will not have to force your employees to be vaccinated. the question is when and if the supreme court takes up extra constitutional measure. how many attorney general, dozens have challenged in court it likely will go to the supreme court. will be appealed by the administration. you would think the supreme court would want to take it up. see whether or not the fruits of donald trump's appointments on the supreme court bear that fruit and you get rid of this mandate which is turning employers into enforcers. and employees into snitches. that's how osha plans to enforce this. let us know if your business isn't complying with the vaccine mandate so we can come and bring fines to your company. crazy. rachel: so part of that whole -- we have been talking about this, authoritarian nature on the left. that's all part of that communist authoritarian nature of snitching this surveillance snitch culture. it's totally feeding into all of
5:06 am
that. will: pete, you smoke spoke to a marine staff sergeant asking for exception. lisa badenberg. this is what she had to say earlier on "fox & friends." >> this is battle i never thought i would have to face. this is something that has been extremely difficult and something that was just unfathomable. i have always had my core values and my principles which are god, country and core. which have always walked hand in hand for me for many years. for the first time, i'm facing something that is splitting those. we have had opportunities to submit exemptions both medical and religious. we were discussing it and informed zero had been approved and over 200 had been denied. i absolutely, i love the marine corps. it's who i am. but, for me, this has become something that has really made me question my values and who i want to be and how i want to serve in america.
5:07 am
rachel: wow. >> i can't tell you how many members of the national guard, of the reserves and active duty have reached out to me in the last couple of weeks because their commands are cracking down. they plan to enforce this and kick out some of our most senior and most experienced enlisted men and officers who simply say i have already had covid or i have a sincere religious exemption. the defense department wants to hear none of it there has been an interesting development though in that the attorney general -- the tag of the oklahoma national guard one state said we will not enforce this covid mandate in our national guard in oklahoma. the tag, the general works for the governor. rachel: republican governor. pete: new tag in oklahoma making this move. we just got a statement moments ago from the pentagon press secretary john kirby responding to the oklahoma national guard and here's what he said. said we are aware of the memo
5:08 am
issued by the oklahomaage judge general regarding covid vaccination governor's letter requesting objection. we will respond to the governor appropriately that said, secretary austin believes that that vaccinated force a more ready force. that's why he has ordered mandatory vaccine for the total force, and that includes our national guard who contribute significantly to national missions at home and abroad. looks like we might have a bit of a standoff here there are protocols to who answers to who in emergencies when can nationalize the national guard. let's see what the responds is and how much the oklahoma national guard fights back you brought every kyrie irving, the nba might actually be a window into the future of the military into the future of corporate businesses. issued mandate for players if you had the j and j vaccine, a week or two ago. if you had the j and j vaccine
5:09 am
immediately you need a booster. this week they said if you had the other vaccine you need to now modify forward with the booster to be considered fully vaccinated. the point of getting at here this is a standoff today. wait until the next one which fully vaccinated might mean as you chase this with boosters. to stay employed, to stay in the military, to stay part of society. rachel: also, just to push back on what general austin says he believes -- there are plenty of military experts. we had some of them on our show who have said actually, it is a national security risk to have everybody vaccinated in the military because we haven't had long-term studies. and, you know, god forbid something might pop up later. you have your entire force vaccinated. that's a problem. pete: if there is one institution that could actually test for antibodies of its members, it's the military. you have got the facilities. you have got the ability to direct service members. so, at the very least, if you have already had covid and you have the antibodies, why couldn't we test for that and
5:10 am
give that as a natural vaccination which it is. rachel: absolutely. pete: easily could, not to mention the fact allowing people to request for religious exemptions as that marine pointed out they are granting almost none of them. that's not a real process. rachel: absolutely. going to move to something else which is our border. cbp agents in texas are arresting four active ms-13 gang members within a 14-hour period. >> will: authorities say two of those gang members had already been previously deported. pete: bill melugin gives us inside look as dps troopers battle the crisis at our border. ♪ >> illegal immigrant hides in a tree, hoping to evade capture, but, a texas dps trooper knows to keep his eyes up in the dark of night. scenes like this play out nightly here in la joya, texas where law enforcement hunts for runners who refuse to turn themselves in. hours later, the light of day
5:11 am
reveals a huge group of migrants has crossed illegally into la joya during the overnight hours. this group about 200 strong, mostly families and young children. over the past month, fox news has repeatedly gone to roma, texas and shown the constant stream of smugglers bringing migrants across the rio grande in rafts. they have been brazen with no fear of being caught. but on tuesday night in roma, for the very first time, texas dps and the texas national guard captured a smuggler on a raft as he brought seven illegal immigrants across the river. one of the men in the raft was a 45-year-old from el salvador who was a previously deported felon for sexual assault. dps says the 17-year-old smuggler assaulted troopers as they arrested him and he had already had two previous arrests for human smuggling. in a statement about the operation, texas dps tells fox news in part, quote: texas dps and texas national guard are
5:12 am
taking action and combating human smugglers and deterring mass migration and stand ready to protect the people and property of texas. >> all year long now we have been showing images of thousands of migrants crossing illegally into lajoie a texas. never before have we been able to show this location this a hot spot on the banks of the rio grande where like to cross illegally middle you have the night. federal land. you cannot get down here without a law enforcement escort. they are picking up so much they are planning to surge more resources including patrol gun boats here to help out an already overrun border patrol, send it back to you. will. rachel: thank you, bill. not surprising the human smugglers never had more power and money than they do right now thanks to the biden administration. pete: the job is left to the texas dps. texas is having to do the job of the federal government. you are used to that, texas. will: more of it. rachel: we need more texas.
5:13 am
pete: texas used to be its own federal government back in the day. will: you set this up because you are fired up about what kamala harris had to say in europe. pete: she is in europe for conversations about immigration and migration. rachel: isn't that interesting? pete: interesting in and of itself. she is supposed to be oour border czar looking at root causes. won't go down to the border. won't look at it won't talk about it almost won't talk about it the she doesn't do pr rnses so we don't get to ask her about that. she was asked about the issue on the belarus poland border. i didn't have enough time in the break to look up what's going on there maybe we could book an bell. rachel: you will hear.
5:14 am
pete: i'm sure i will. here is vice president kamala harris about the border issue in belarus. >> on the issue of belarus, and what is happening at the border with poland, we are very concerned about that. and closely paying attention to it. pete: concerned about that? rachel: very concerned about it. as you said, pete, in the break. never heard her say anything remotely tough on -- about like that about our own border. i would say that's exhibit a for america first policies are dead in america right now under the biden administration. stephen miller was asked about this. he, of course, is the former white house senior adviser and here's what he says about those comments from kamala harris. >> >> america going around the world defending the borders of every single country but our own. that's a big part of the reason that donald trump was elected is that we want to press our government to secure our border here in the united states.
5:15 am
this administration hasn't just failed to secure the border. they have purposefully, maliciously opened that border in order to facilitate illegal entry into our country in record smashing numbers. will: not nothing, but we have heard more about the belarus polish border. illinois border. how many times have you heard kyle rittenhouse crossed state lines, all of a sudden state lines and borders mean something. pete: great point. i think why she cares about it middle eastern and afghan refugees migrants in belarus. poland doesn't want to let them in, so they're camped out in belarus. poland is like we have borders. we want to enforce them. i think it's kamala harris not concerned about whether the borders are being enforced. she is concerned about why they are open. which might tell you a little bit more about why she is so concerned. will: especially on the polish border. open up the polish border and
5:16 am
shut down the wisconsin illinois border. pete: just opened the minnesota canadian border, too. got that one open after a year and a half. great. in case you wanted to know. rachel: thanks kamala. pete: she is nailing it closing arguments begin monday as will mentioned in kyle rittenhouse's trial. his mom joins us after an emotional week in the courtroom. that is next. >> i was cornered from in front of me with mr. zaminski. and there were -- [sobbing] ys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire.
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derriere discomfort. we try to soothe it with this. matching your job description. cool it with this. and relieve it with this. but new preparation h soothing relief spray is the 21st century way to do all three. even touch free. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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with xfinity home, you can keep your home and everything in it more protected. i can wrangle all my deliveries. thanks, hoss! and i help walk the dog from wherever.
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*door unlocks* ♪ ♪ well, i can bust curfew-breakers in an instant. well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. ♪ >> i was cornered from in front of me. and there were -- [crying] will: as the trial of kyle rittenhouse nears its end, the judge in the case will issue a ruling today on exactly what charges he will allow to be considered. pete: the move potentially opening the door for lesser charges against rittenhouse has jury members prepare their deliberations. rachel: it was an emotional week for the trial including a very tearful testimony by the
5:21 am
defendant himself and through it all, standing by his side is his mother wendy rittenhouse. wendy, welcome to "fox & friends." i, as a mom, i can't imagine being in your shoes watching your son have this very emotional moment where his life is really on the line right there how are you holding up? >> thank you for having me. i'm holding up the best i can. i'm staying strong for kyle. it was a very difficult day for our family and him. and we're getting through it. pete: wendy, throughout the trial, are you having an opportunity to speak to kyle and get a sense of how he is holding up? >> yes. he is a very strong young man and he has a lot of sport behint
5:22 am
behind him and he is doing good. will: wendy, following this week, many have followed trials and surprised kyle took the stand. it's not common for criminal defendant to take the stand often they choose not to testify. can you tell us about that? why did kyle decide to do that? why did he want to get up there and tell his story? >> he wanted to take the stand and he wanted to tell what happened to him that night. and i didn't know that he was going to take the stand until that day and i was scared. buff kyle did a wonderful job. and i couldn't be prouder of him. rachel: wendy, even before this trial started, but even
5:23 am
throughout this, your son has been smeared, really defamed by some of our country's most powerful citizens including, by the way, the president of the united states who, when he was a candidate, weighed in and called your son essentially a white supremacist. do you know from talking to kyle if when this is all over, if he plans to file a defamation suit or in some way do something about, specially the president of the united states interfering that way it defaming him? >> our lawyers are going to handle that. pete: smart. will: on that note, wendy, you have sat through the trial. you have talked to kyle. i'm sure you talked to kyle's attorney, what is your sense? what is your expectation for justice right now? we can see what's going on. you have a better vantage point, obviously. we can see what's going on with the cameras in the courtroom. there is a lot of external pressure on the judge.
5:24 am
we can put this up as we are talking to you. there is threats right now against the judge taking place online. i don't want to take the time to read them all. but the audience can see some of these threats as they go across the screen. there is a lot of pressure on this jury as well. what do you think about this outside pressure versus your sense and expectation for justice? >> i'm hoping that the outcome is what i expect a not guilty verdict. but i know there is a lot of people out there wants my son to be guilty. it's in the hands of the jury. and watching them, they have been taking notes, listening to the truth. and i hope they take that into what the outcome is going to be.
5:25 am
not from the media, not from the president of the united states, not from the celebrities, not from athletes. it's about the truth. and that's all i have to say about that. pete: well said. there has been-it has been a media circus. your son has been a target. he has been smeared. do you feel like inside the courtroom though. inside the confines you have had a front row seat. as you mentioned. you have seen the jury and the judge, do you feel like the process inside that courtroom the way the judge has handled it has been fair? >> yes. like i said before, judge schroder is a fair judge. he does not like the nonsense in the courtroom. and anybody that lives in kenosha or kenosha county knows that and is he a fair judge. and i have respect for that. will: wendy, we talked about the judge's threat, regardless of
5:26 am
how this verdict comes back, i'm curious what your personal life has been like. what has life been like outside of that courtroom for you and maybe, therefore, what can kyle, if he is found not guilty, can expect once is he back in the real world? what has your life been like? >> our lives, kyle and my daughter's life and my life has been hectic. it's been stressful since augus. we had to move out of our apartment from death threats. people calling my family. people coming to my apartment, and we have a security that protects us and hopefully our lives can go back to normal but it probably won't. and with kyle, he is enrolled in school, and i just want the best for him and to go on and do what he loves to do, that is taking
5:27 am
care of people. pete: that is one thing that came out of this. you could tell that kyle has a heart for wanting to help people and wanting to serve. and even -- you heard the prosecution try to smear him for effectively stepping in when watching society break down around him. rachel: absolutely. you know, wendy, i have been listening to legal experts all week long talking about your son's testimony and his own self-defense there. and some of them have been so impressed with him. and there have been a lot of analysis. some say it's because he is telling the truth essa good witness because of that how proud are you how he has held up. i can't imagine being his age and having the pressure of the world on him like this. >> i'm very proud of kyle. is he a very strong loving young
5:28 am
man. he has a heart of gold. if you know kyle like everybody that's been around with him this past year or even since he was little, he -- all he wanted to do was take care of people. with his going on the stand yeah, it was rough and it was heart breaking, and emotionally draining for for him and for our family, couldn't be prouder of him. will: wendy rittenhouse, thank you for taking the time this morning to take us behind the scenes, sharing with us your story and tell us what's going on with kyle. thank you so much. pete: thank you, wenty. god bless you, indeed. >> thank you. will: more "fox & friends" coming up here comes the interception. -shawn? yes. thank you.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
surfaced memos shows the national school board association did have communication with the white house and the department of justice before sending notorious email comparing parent protesters to domestic terrorists. this appearing to contradict testimony from attorney general merrick garland back in october. joining us now to discuss "new york post" columnist karol markowicz and duval county parent and moms liberty co-chair quisha king. karol, we are missing asra nomani. our triple threat will be back. wonderful to have you both. karol, the white house is now attempt toggle deny they now attempting to deny they had any knowledge of this. national school board memo shows there were conversations occurring. what do you believe. >> i think it's been clear for so long the white house was involved in this. the big story here was that the doj was involved as well.
5:34 am
something that all of us suspected but really didn't quite know. i think it's absurd that the white house is denying this. we know they were involved. this is not even, you know, a news story. the news story is that the doj was involved, which, also, we suspected, so, yeah, i think that they should just give up and admit what happened here. it was absolutely coordination to silence america's parents from speaking out at meetings across the country. the white house doesn't like it and they wanted to shut it down. pete: quisha, the white house is not giving up and this is their official response to the fox news channel on this subject. they said this has nothing to do with curriculum. it's standard practice across every administration for white house officials to meet with outside stakeholders for listening sessions on a range of issues. the spokesperson also claims the white house had no involvement in the issuance of the doj memo saying, quote: the doj chose to take this approach on their own. so it's this is all quisha, just standard practice, they consult with outside groups and then call parents domestic terrorists? >> right. i want to see the, you know, the
5:35 am
evidence that this has been going on since time in memorial that that is the norm. that's the regular function of a white house administration they just basically create files on parent and have school boards become the new kgb of america. i want to see the evidence. we all know that's nonsense. it's just further evidence that they are terrified of parents finding out what exactly these school boards and probably, you know, people that we haven't even really been thinking about, seeing exactly what they have been doing. we never would have thought that the department of justice and the fbi would have even been concerned about things like this. so, for me, it makes me think, you know, i think we need to do a little more digging to see exactly what else is -- has been created behind all of this
5:36 am
nonsense. pete: you just mentioned files on parents, go ahead, karol. >> no. i just wanted to add in this white house has been politicizing the school system for a long time now. they sat down with the cdc and-sorry, the cdc sat down with the teacher's unions and rewrote mask guidelines. they reowrote school opening guidelines. fauci for reopening schools and then met with school unions and changed his mind about reopening this coordination has been happening for a while now and in a range of areas this isn't new for them. pete: absolutely. karol, i will get your take on this. go back to quisha, you mentioned databases, you mentioned at the national level. you go to arizona now to these scottsdale unified school district and parents have just now revealed there was a -- they inadvertently, a school board member emailed a link that unlocked a database or a dossier of parents who had been
5:37 am
protested, they had photos of kids, they had divorce records, financial records, they were gathering information at this school. one of the files was labeled susd wackos scottsdale unified school district wackos and contained social security numbers and things like that. it sounds, quisha, in this particular instance, there are school boards gathering personal information about people protesting at their meetings. >> absolutely. and that's what makes me really wonder. did this -- was that already happening? is that what they were already doing before? is that what they took to the white house? was -- are these files, what was taken to the white house to coordinate and, you know, to have the evidence of parents being, quote: domestic terrorist? i am very concerned about this information, what scottsdale, arizona was doing. and i think there needs to be --
5:38 am
i think we need to look into what they were doing. maybe the fbi should look into that. pete: who know what is your local school district might be doing. you might be right, because it was the information that the national school board association gave to the doj that merrick garland admitted was there rationale for the memo that they put out. karol, before i go to you, here's what the scottsdale unified school district has to say about their dossier. they said, quote: while the existence of the site and it public records contents may raise concern -- may raise concern, such activities are not within the pursue of the scottsdale unified school district to control and unreality to the district's task of providing future focus world class learning opportunities for our 22,000 pre-k 12 students. setting aside the gobblably gook at the end, they are basically saying it's not our problem. ing. >> it's funny if the situation were reversed and patience put together does united states on
5:39 am
school board members, i think the fbi would come to their door. i would like to say this is not the first time this happened. in loudoun county there was a facebook group in the past year exposed because they were sharing information about parents that was really inappropriate. same kind of thing, divorce records, mortgage records, pictures of the kids. it's really scary. and i think that we really reversed what's happening here. it's the school boards that have been threatening the parents and not the reverse. parents are just finely standing up for themselves and they are saying i have had enough of this. you don't get to target my family. you don't get to threaten my kids. and they have just had it. pete: you are right. we are tolerating the targeting of individual citizens whose kids happen to go to the schools as opposed to scrutinizing elected officials who ran for office. if you ran for school board and on the school board you ought expect that criticism will be coming your way for the positions that you take, not the other way around. but you guys are fighting back. and that's why we have you on each weekend. we really appreciate it. karol markowicz and quisha king
5:40 am
thank you both so much. >> thank you. pete: toss it over to over to our other mama bear will. will: mama bear? pete: i don't know, seemed to work. pappa bear. rachel: you are a birthing parent. birthing person. will: stop it. begin with these headlines leaked logs from houston firefighters the astroworld festival was spiraling out of control for hours. the houston chronicle reports dogs reveal property damage, dangerous crowd conditions and even reports of people with guns. officials concert goers rushed the gate at least nine different times. nine people died at the event and at least 300 were treated for injuries throughout the day. a former nba player cory benjamin apologizing after a viral video shows his daughter sucker punched a 15-year-old girl in the face. benjamin says he is shocked and disappointed at his daughter's behavior and does not exemplify the, quote, values, character and spirit of sportsmanship needed in basketball. the girl who was punched
5:41 am
suffered a concussion. her family has filed a police report. and company he is are turning to robots in record numbers amid the ongoing labor shortage. this will end well. manufacturers have seen 37% increase in robot orders so far this year. those orders were almost $1.5 billion according to the association for advancing automation. the previous record for robot sales was set back in 2017 before the pandemic. now back to the momma bear. real mama bear. >> okay. >> all right. we're just 12 days away from coming together with family and friends for thanksgiving. >> thanks to those inflation woes you have gotten used to, get togethers will be a little more expensive this year. rachel: so i went shopping with an expert to find out how to save the most money.
5:42 am
take a look at this. >> americans are about to experience the most expensive thanksgiving dinner in u.s. history. prices are way up. 6% more is what you are going to pay compared to last year for thanksgiving dinner. we thought it would be a great idea to invite andrea waras she a consumer savings expert. we will see if she can help us chip some money off our bill. i have a list. we're going to do this i have have a big family. >> let's get shopping. rachel: let's go. tempting to do auto something like this for hors d'oeuvres because we are busy. what do you think about that? >> this is bad move. i know it's tempting. the reality is you are looking around paying 60% more for these type of convenience. buy the whole fruit and vegetable and chop it up yourself. the same goes with cheese or meats if you want to make a party platter. here are manager specials. this you can find about any grocery store. oftentimes grocery stores will mark down prices of foods that
5:43 am
are nearing their expiration date. can help you save up to 70%. here are some really amazing deals on cheese. this is stuff that would be perfect for thanksgiving party. rachel: corn on my list no. corn on the husk. they have this. >> you definitely are going to spend more when it's already peeled off. you do want to look for the corn that's in the husk. it's going to be cheaper. you can also find frozen corn that could save you about 30%. rachel: a difference, right? >> exactly. here they have green beans this bag 2.59. rachel: 3.219 just for one. >> this will give you a lot more. if you don't use it all you can save it and won't go band. look for the sales and as you are doing your regular grocery shopping, grab those items that you see on sale that you know you will need for your thanksgiving meal and stock up. i noticed you put some fresh herbs in your cart. i get it, it's great to cook with buff the reality is, unless use it all you are going to degree it away in the trash.
5:44 am
it's much better to get dry herbs and spices and keep in mind a lot of grocery stores they put the more expensive brands at eye level so you always want to look high and low for the cheaper option. rachel: yeah, this is a whole dollar less than the other one. >> awesome. rachel: here are the turkeys. >> these prices are going up bottom line. when it comes to buying your turkey, definitely look at the price per unit. some buy the preseasonned. that's actually going to cost you more. this one is 10.99 vs. 5.99 a pound. >> before you even grab it, look at your local grocery store deals. a lot of stores are offering free turkeys if you spend a certain amount of money. all right. you are almost done with your list. there is one more really important thing we have to go check out. rachel: it takes a lot of work to make a pie, i don't mind doing it. am i actually saving money making it myself. >> if you don't mind doing it yourself you can save a lot of money. the best place to buy a pie
5:45 am
warehouse club store especially if you are entertaining a lot of people. get a massive size at really good deal. rachel: let's go check out. >> good deal. all right. well, i guess i'm ready to go cook. you helped me save a lot of money. >> i'm so existed. rachel: happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. rachel: a lot of moms are going out this weekend and moms and dads to shop for thanksgiving meal because, you know, a lot of people wait until the weekend before, everyone knows there is going to be shortages and things aren't going to be on the shelves the way they were in prior years. people are going out this weekend. and there is a lot of money to be saved if you think ahead. make your shopping list, she says. turkeys are up 22%. if you can find that grocery store that's giving the free turkey if you buy everything else there. that's really worth it look at the rise in prices, 7% up on potatoes, 6% up on canned vegetables. 4.8 business cuts.
5:46 am
biscuits. gas thanks to joe biden higher now. really important things you can catch these tips again on and by the way if you have any great tips and i know a lot of you are out there and you are good little budgeters send it our way friends at will: do you know what we have done in the past on thanksgiving we mix it with one of my very good friend my entire life's family a rib cookoff on thanksgiving. turkey is good. but, you know you need to complement turkey you have to supplement turkey. rachel: i'm going to do a little ham to go with the turkey. but ham is very expensive. pete: what world do i live in? we don't eat turkey unless you go to the subway really for the west are of the year. give one day, will. give turkey one day. make piles of it, camp it, put gravy on it why you got to bring your ribs in on that day. [turkey gobbling] will: question is why not?
5:47 am
pete: why? rachel: you need to be traditional. you need to be traditional. pete: turkey is dry means whoever the cooker is drying it out. will: if i put ribs out there would you take one? pete: not on turkey on thanksgiving. will: you lie. pete: you ask anybody who has been to thanksgiving meal with me. will: eat nothing but the turkey. pete: i will do ham maybe. that's holidayish. not on thanksgiving. rachel: tell you what both will like the next day is. turkey enchiladas. will: why are you yelling at me. rachel: dog training? pete: turksy only. rachel: okay, turkey only. this dog training company loves employing form everywhere veteran cops. hear their their stories and a few tips to get man's best friend on his best behavior. ♪
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savers. rachel: that's why the company is passionate about hiring former veterans and law enforcement officers and trainers are to strengthen the bond between owners and their new furry friend. pete: joining us now manny hernandez who is the lead trainer for bark and birch. many, good morning. rachel: good morning. pete: lots going on here. your job is to take the chaotic environment and train the dog to help somebody? >> correct. pete: tell us about it. >> we start basically trying to teach the dog basic obedience. as we teach basic obedience we can go on doing other things. for example, it's like people. when people panic in public, we teach the dog how to calm down just like we would a person. will: tofu clem tiny and buckley. tell us about the tools] barking] >> how you correct dog behavior. tell us about that moment.
5:53 am
>> so when a dog is super excited, a dog may not be so willing to take it like right now. we have to be diligent of what dogs do. and so with him, is he a brand new dog, as you can see he is super excited. so we need to try to teach him calm down a little bit. he has been in training only a short little while. what we do is try to teach him different things how to make him sit. how to make him lay down. and we use and positive reinforcement. rachel: tell me about why you love dogs so much, what's that special dog for you? >> several years ago, i went through depression. my dog bella is the one who actually saved my life. so, -- sorry. so i was going through a depression state and had a little dog 8 weeks old. i started caring for her. and i saw that i just needed to
5:54 am
go on to give her a good home. that's my bond that i built with my dog bella. but i have always been attracted to dogs since i was a little kid. i found my first german shepherd ever and it's an important story because i had a group of kids that they actually were trying to harass me, and i saw this dog that everybody feared so instead of going that way, i went that way. and gave my trust to the dog. and the dog actually made everybody go away. [laughter] that was the bond that i built with dogs ever since i was a little kid. i was maybe like 8 years old when that happened. pete: very cool. >> i started to, you know, hanging out with the dogs and then one day i had a little piece of food. that's unique. so i started just like doing the same thing with different things make him lay down.
5:55 am
pete: show us a couple of training tips. >> absolutely. >> come, sit. good boy. good boy. rachel: the trick is to have a lot of treats in your pocket. >> at the beginning, at the beginning, yeah, at the beginning. good boy. adam: how long does this take this training. >> takes anywhere two to three weeks, depending on the dog. some dogs pick it up quicker and some dogs. will: the involvement of veterans dogs and as trainers? >> basically, our company hires veterans, ache many as we can we know that work will actually benefit them as well as emotional support. will: thank you so much. great to tofu, clem tiny,
5:56 am
buckley. thank you for being with us. rachel: thank you for what you do. will: country music star chris janson will join us on "fox & friends" with a brand new song and raise money for families that coming up. ♪ it can buy me a boat ♪ can buy me a truck to pull it ♪ it can buy me a yeti 110 down with a silver bullet show—be thes ..
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♪♪ i'm living this good life ♪♪ and haven't gotten away. >> welcome to the fourth hour of "fox and friends". glad to have you with us on this saturday. good to be here.
6:01 am
we were just debating thanksgiving. it continues and my argument is even though turkey is not the superior meet we only eat is once a year so don't mix other meet with the turkey. may be ham. will says ribs which feels a little out of step with thanksgiving. rachel: i'm sure they do but let's talk to dan bondg no. i don't know how you feel about this but when i think of personal discipline especially when it comes to food consumption i think pete hegseth. someone who will bypass the rib and stick with turkey, you know who has that kind of food discipline, pete hegseth. i don't sit with you for 8 hours every weekend. >> a turkey purist.
6:02 am
>> dan breaks the tie. >> i'm not a fan of turkey. i'm not. the only turkey i like his cracked pepper turkey on a sandwich but pete, we taped your segment a you get the joke. we surprised pete about a segment about pete and food. was the golden rule of tv? don't eat on tv. pete is like that rule is from the 50s. i eat on tv every weekend. he takes little nipples, he really eats on tv, you got to catch his show tonight and you will see my little surprise. >> the second topic was a lie. he's never going to do the toppings but it is a montage. totally got me. it is going to be something here doing on the show which
6:03 am
are views -- >> just so you know, we always on this show. there are those who pretend they are eating, does that happen here? i'm a real eater. >> it is 3 bites, not the nipple but get in and get out. >> it really humanizes all of you and i love when you do and you don't need to go back long. in the last couple weeks pete with chick-fil-a, subway, bread, you name it. >> discipline. >> anything except vegetables. >> let's talk about the kyle rittenhouse trial coming to a conclusion here. what is happening in the courtroom seems to be clear, prosecution's case is falling apart. outside the courtroom, a ton of public pressure. what could the reaction be? you have been involved in the
6:04 am
criminal justice system. a lot of things go into a jury's mind, what do you think will happen? >> never seen anything like this, having a federal agent on the nypd side at the city level in new york city, part of multiple trials i've never seen anything like it. i've ever seen a case so badly presented by a prosecutor. one time i went into court in long island and the eastern district of new york and they bring this guy in who lied on a tax form and the magistrate judge has glasses, lowers her head and looks at the irs guy and says you got this guy for fibbing and looked like that is the thing now but it was the weirdest thing, this reminds me of that, the judge is looking at this prosecutor saying this is real? at one point you see their star witnesses for the prosecution who could have been defense
6:05 am
witnesses, the other guy, we didn't ask you to change your story, actually you did. the real story here is not even the rittenhouse trial, the story is the story about the media. this was never a case. this is as clear the case of self-defense as we have ever seen but the media made this the case, the prosecutor seemed surprised by basic facts. you see the one clip where he is like it reminds me of the scene in the usual suspects when the guy says we can place you in queens on the night of the robbery, he goes i live in queens, did you figure that out yourself or do you have a team of monkeys working around the clock, the prosecutor says to him you live in antioch, not kenosha, he says my dad lives in kenosha, like he is stunned the guy's families from kenosha. the reason the prosecutor doesn't know that is because the media, one of the media
6:06 am
narratives is who is this outsider coming into kenosha with a firearm to kill people, the story was never true. it was bs from the start and that is what the media lost this trial for the prosecution. >> we had kyle's mom on with a fascinating interview, we asked what she thought about how so many people including the media assume or want her son to be guilty. >> he wanted to take the stand, to tell what happened to him that night. i didn't know -- until that day, i was scared, but kyle did a wonderful job and i couldn't be prouder. i know there are a lot of people who want my son to be guilty. it is in the hands of the jury. they have been taking notes, listening to the truth.
6:07 am
i hope they take that into what the outcome of the case, not from the media, not from the president of the united states, not from the celebrities, not from athletes. it is about the truth. will: monday will be closing arguments, the prosecution is looking for lesser charges. what do you predict, what do you see coming? >> this should be an acquittal. should have been a mistrial with prejudice. there is no case here. forget about beyond the standards of guilt, standard of guilt in a, file beyond a reasonable doubt, not a civil trial. it doesn't even meet reasonable suspicion do you have beyond a reasonable doubt, probable cause, reasonable suspicion, it doesn't even meet reasonable suspicion, the kid was being
6:08 am
chased down the street by a guy with a pistol in his hands. they have the video. they have a video. you can see it. but the media made this case that this white supremacist domestic terrorist went into kenosha to kill people. they have been humiliated this week, the rittenhouse trial, then this incident, this is the media, the american media, they sick the fact checkers on people who play the tape of president biden calling satchel paige the great negro. if that makes you uncomfortable on saturday morning it should. that is exactly what president biden said. am i suggesting he made a racial slur? i am not. because i'm not a leftist lunatic. he probably slipped up and meant to say something like the
6:09 am
great negro leagues picture. here is the problem. donald trump was accused of calling people very fine people in charlottesville when it is on the tape that he said i completely condemn them. it is on the tape and get president biden gets a pass and donald trump is a white supremacist despite saying i completely condemn them. tell me how this week was not the week all of america should come together and say it is time to tune these idiots in the media out, we are divided because of them, not because of us. they tell you a story, not the story and those are not the same things. rachel: well said. i completely agree but it is the week of videotapes. kyle rittenhouse would be toast had it not been for videotape. >> we have the still photos right there. i ask the american public what
6:10 am
would you do? guy is sticking a gun in your face, what do you do? harsh language? >> is under oath testimony whether he was pointing his gun at kyle rittenhouse he was back to the fake media, good morning america, cnn, on the media, i'm going to underline it. if you poll so many average americans i don't think they know the race of the people involved in the kyle rittenhouse shooting. lady media portrayed this as a black-and-white issue meaning race, race has nothing to do with it but so many people are not just misinformed but ill-informed about what happened in this trial. my concern is it is going to lead to stuff we've seen on the streets in the past and that's when we get into your show tonight where you spoke with greater new york city blm chapter cofounder who is going to be on your show tonight and we have a clip about what takes place on the streets once again this time when it comes to new york city.
6:11 am
>> riots and burning down buildings after an incident you don't like? >> what i will say is i understand when a police officer unjustifiably kills someone why people lash out. i understand that completely. >> why can't you answer -- >> i'm not going to condemn nor my going to condone it. >> this is hawk newsom who came after eric adams that he was restoring the plainclothes force in new york, blood will run on the streets, the city will learn, you have them on your show, did he back down at all? >> an immovable object versus an unstoppable force. i don't take any crap. i don't like fake tough guys. they can plant a big wreck, i've seen in my whole life, fake tough guys, i grew up with
6:12 am
them. they are was bags and so is this guy calling for bloodshed on the street and i ask them on the show will you condemn violence, stammering, then i ask him you can't condemn violence, at a minimum will you condemn rioting, stammering like an idiot. i won't condemn it but i won't condone it and he storms off the set because the guy is a coward. let me say i live by a set of principles. i completely condemn political violence that is not a means to a end in a constitutional republic. we do our damage in the election. if you can't say that and are not really condemned by the same media condemning kyle rittenhouse you in media are a bunch of frauds. this guy should never be welcome in polite company again, implying bloodshed and fires in the street are somehow a path to a more prosperous better constitutional republic. i have no time for cowards and losers and i called him out. it starts out okay and doesn't end well.
6:13 am
i don't like fake tough guys. i'm tired of them. >> because of people like in the city of kenosha is on pins and needles. >> he should be saying, that is a great point. he should be saying right now folks a we have a process, the process is being followed. we should respect the outcome of the process and we do our damage in the election but that's not what he is saying and a lot of what these antifa blm people are saying and that's why you have this process where people in kenosha have to board up their businesses because they are afraid of being killed, murdered, their shopping burned down because they didn't like the outcome of the trial. i don't like the outcome of a lot of trials. i don't go to my businesses in trouble of cocktails in them. because i'm a human being, not an animal and we should stop letting these people act like animals. >> that interview at 10:00 pm on the fox news channel. don't miss it. a lot of people will be tuning
6:14 am
in but you are joining all of us at the patriot awards, wednesday, november 17th you can get your tickets before it sells out. >> you get access to the preshow party where you can watch the red carpet and take photos with so many of your favorite fox news talent and book signings with tucker carlson, brian kilmeade, judge janine and i will also be there signing my new book all-american christmas. >> i will be there for wednesday tastings with john rich. it is all included in the silver ticket. option to buy one now, awards. >> john rich always comes with a risky set up, put your name on a bottle before you leave. it could be as quick as the end of the patriot awards, property of will cain.
6:15 am
>> i will save a glass for you. if you get a ticket can save a glass for dan ongino. get a chance to meet us. >> my dad will be there too. you can see who sponsored me. forget me. my dad is there when you go to the patriot awards. see you next week. don't forget, you can purchase right now the all american christmas book with all your favorite fox talent. >> you signed my book, too late in the show, they might know, i reveal earlier in the show, got a book signed for me but anyone else can get it signed by you too. >> the patriot awards. i will be signing them as well. >> as part of your book, don't
6:16 am
know what that is. rachel: one of the reasons, there is incredible photos inside this book, all your favorite - for playing a game so you can guess who are the use fox personalities as a child. baby number one. >> sandro smith. >> sandra smith. >> shannon bream. >> that's a good guess. the answer is angel he. okay. baby number 2, baby number 2 who is that? that is a cutie. >> got my guess, don't want to give it to will. will: i'm going to guess dana perino. >> i will go day can mcdowell.
6:17 am
>> janice dean. >> one more, see if you can do this. >> i got it. >> that is one cute kid. >> l j. there he is. >> they want with a "fox and friends" seem. >> they would be fun to see. that is really fun. >> next week we will bring in brian kilmeade's baby pictures and steve doocy and you can bring yours. all right. >> congratulations on the book and get it signed. mine is only signed by rachel but you can get both. 17 after the top of the hour, business heating up in miami as the city plans to cash in with
6:18 am
its own crypto currency was mayor francis warez explains how the plan will help. ♪♪ going to miami ♪♪ going to miami ♪♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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rachel: welcome back to "fox and friends". the city of miami is making waves adelson be the first place in the was to use it in crypto currency to reduce taxes. we to the city has made $21 million from its crypto service miami coin over the past three months. miami mayor francis suarez explains how it will work. thank you for being here. a testament of your commitment to this segment is you held off a fishing trip just for us. that is how dedicated you are to miami coin. tell us what it is so viewers understand. >> it is a crypto coin based on a block chain application
6:23 am
called stax which stax on to bitcoin block chain so there's a connection. what happens in bitcoin is when you mind bitcoin the miners generate a reward. in this case with crypto currency miami coin the miners were mining miami coin, also receive a reward but 30% of that reward goes to the city so the city is also getting a reward and in the last 3 months alone it has generated $21 million so we are going to take a percentage of it, take it in cash but the other percentage doing -- essentially letting it out to people and getting bitcoin in return and essentially a tax rebate or dividend directed to to our residents. >> you are responsible for this being a crypto friendly city. is that helps economic growth? jobs? talk to us about that.
6:24 am
>> we attracted bitcoin conferences, 50,000 people, a huge economic impact, we brought a $200 million sponsorship of our arena, we brought, 300 high-paying jobs, sponsoring the soccer team and the largest is really exchange located in miami, hundreds of high-paying jobs so that huge economic impact, talking to manufacturers of mining equipment to try to get miami to be a mining capital. benjamin: i love it. answer critics who might say is this miami trying to create its own currency? we have one currency in the united states or is it just a different form of investment vehicle, how do you characterize it? >> it is a different investment vehicle the people who
6:25 am
criticize on the currency issue, when you have bad fiscal policy, inflationary spending and the value of the dollar keeps going down and you have places like chana banning bitcoin because they can't control it you know you are onto something so for us this is an opportunity for our residents to get some money back based on innovation and to hedge against a currency which is our dollar, which is -- bad federal policy and spending. >> have you had any calls from federal regulators? >> we reached out to federal regulators. we want to talk to them. there has to be regulation but we want regulation that doesn't stifle innovation. we don't want to shut down
6:26 am
crypto. we want to make sure the new decentralized financing economy that miami and other american cities can lead the way so we bring back jobs in the technology realm, jobs we lost in china in north carolina where they have the largest bitcoin mining companies, all those jobs got lost. >> fascinating stuff. >> mayor of the bitcoin capital of miami, you can go take your fishing trip. >> although speeches in the intro we wish we were in miami. up next country star chris jensen is live on "fox and friends" to tell us how he's raising money for the families of fallen service members. pet products made in the usa, don't go anywhere.
6:27 am
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will ♪♪ everybody says many can't buy happiness but it can buy me a boat ♪♪ will: if you're looking to buy a boat or anything else this weekend country star chris jensen is teaming up to donate 100,$000 to families of fallen service members. >> you can help if you round up in each purchase today or tomorrow the spare change will go to it. will: what of your purchase price is rounded to the nearest dollar. chris jensen will hopefully contribute 100,$000 to folds of honor. what made you decide to go in
6:32 am
on this with fast pro shop? >> thanks for having me. we are putting 100,$000 guaranteed to folds of honor. we love our country, we love our freedom, we are grateful every day to our vets and their families. folds of honor reached out to us on behalf of my latest single from my new upcoming album and they loved it in coordination with military mothers and moms you have to serve the country, go overseas for families and it was an easy match up. when you love your country like i do and love it like fast pro does, called my friend johnny morris and said get in on this movement, count me in, we did around up at the register through the seventh to the thirteenth and it is going amazingly. if you're going to give to something give back to people who sacrifice for us. will: you hear more of that in country music but not a lot
6:33 am
around the culture writ large. rachel: not a lot of corporations stepping up like this. will: what is it you love about this country? >> i woke up today, we woke up today, blessed to be alive. we have every reason to be grateful, no reason to be in a bad mood, we are free, we woke up, air in our lungs, we are free in this country, i just wrote a song this is the land of opportunity. anything is achievable in america and you can reach your goals, take it from me. i came from middle missouri, slept in my car, lived in my car, until i made it and 1-sided it was another reason to be grateful and put the message out being humble, thankful, using gratitude. i have a song called good vibes.
6:34 am
you've heard that played on the show. talks about if you don't have anything good to say then shut your mouth, bring on the good vibes. be grateful for every moment in the american freedom lifestyle we live. we have the opportunity to live. a blessing and honor. rachel: tell us a little bit more. >> my mom was a true story come my co-writer a good friend of mine lost his mother, brandon in the video you are seeing on screen is the lead in the video, he lost his mom. i will cup at 2:00 in the morning, pretty sure god touched me on the shoulder, i wrote some lyrics on my phone, texted a 2:00, when you wake up give me a shout, we've got a song to write. i thought it would be therapeutic, we will see what happens if it only ever lives in our house but i played it for warner bros. records, they loved it so we decided to release it. there is a line that says when you realize you are somebody somebody loves more than
6:35 am
themselves that is the ultimate goal in life. what a gift, what a privilege to have that. if you are the giver of that kind of love and conditionally or if you are in the receiving end of it. the bottom line is the title, all of us were put here by a mom, love them, hate them, want to get to know them better this is an opportunity to do that. i'm watching this song for the heartstrings across the country talking about thousands of rowdy people, when you get people to be as quiet as a mouse that speaks for the lyrics right there. i love that it is changing lives. rachel: thank you for not naming it birthing person and by mom. appreciate that. >> i'm married to an awesome mom. we are grateful to our mothers.
6:36 am
will: thank you for teaming up folds of honor to give back. you are an example, appreciate it and if you would we will play a performance for the audience. >> hope you love this song, i'm really proud of it. ♪♪ after 5 years on the first day of school ♪♪ already then ♪♪ i thought i was way too cool ♪♪ i thought i had it figured out ♪♪ and i didn't know a thing ♪♪ by mom ♪♪ don't worry about me ♪♪ i will see you at 3 at the bus stop ♪♪ and i know that you'll be right there to pick me up ♪♪ in the old truck
6:37 am
♪♪ i know that's just the way it is ♪♪ when you think you grown but you're still a kid ♪♪ and you don't know your somebody ♪♪ that somebody loves more than themselves ♪♪ and there is a beauty in the innocence ♪♪ of not knowing that the time they spent ♪♪ is more than one could ask for ♪♪ and that's a special kind of love ♪♪ and it's only there for a lifetime ♪♪ then it's gone ♪♪ then it's by mom ♪♪ you can drop me off down the block around the corner square ♪♪ all my buddies are waiting for me just over there ♪♪ i will see you later on ♪♪ by mom ♪♪ it's a cap and gown in a brand-new town eight hours away ♪♪ don't cry
6:38 am
♪♪ i'll be okay ♪♪ i know that's just the way it is ♪♪ when you think you grown but you are still a kid ♪♪ and you don't know your somebody ♪♪ that somebody loves more than themselves ♪♪ and there is a beauty in the innocence ♪♪ of not knowing that the time they spent ♪♪ is more than one could ask for ♪♪ and that's a special kind of love ♪♪ and it's only there for a lifetime ♪♪ and then it's gone ♪♪ and it's by mom ♪♪ and by mom ♪♪ i say get million mornings at the brine street baptist church ♪♪ and by mom ♪♪ i waited hours and hours till she got off of work ♪♪ and by mom ♪♪ i stood and cried and laid a rose on to her grave ♪♪ and by mom ♪♪ were the last words that i
6:39 am
spoke before we sang amazing grace ♪♪ i know that's just the way it is ♪♪ when you think you're grown but you're still a kid ♪♪ and you realize your somebody ♪♪ that somebody loves more than themselves ♪♪ and there is a beauty in the innocence ♪♪ of not knowing that the time they've spent ♪♪ is more than one could ask for ♪♪ and that's a special kind of love ♪♪ and it's only there for a lifetime ♪♪ then it's gone ♪♪ it's only there for a lifetime ♪♪ then it's gone ♪♪ and it's by mom ♪♪ yeah ♪♪ by mom ♪♪ [applause]
6:40 am
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>> back with a shot of the morning, the annual enforcement appreciation dinner in sioux falls, south dakota governor christie knowem, raising money for children's charity while bringing people together, men and women of law enforcement, so many other states the funding police, south dakota refunded their police to the
6:44 am
tune of $50 million, big shout out to scott do los who continues it. it was an honor. >> i never had a welcome rachel. will: i saw it on your instagram and said that is a gigantic welcome. >> they are going to mail it to me. my kids hold it up every time i get home. >> get the paper and hold - >> being unveiled, thank you, south dakota. speaking of that, let's turn to the world of sports. i read irving speaking out
6:45 am
while remaining sidelined for refusing the covid 19 vaccine. the brooklyn nuts guard says it is dreamworks. he tweeted god never fails, new york city abstract vaccine mandates, irving has yet to suit of the season for the nintendo and clear if he will take the court for any road games as more and more cities have asked requirements. here to react, the founder, clay travis. >> tennessee getting ready for georgia. you can see the stadium over my shoulder, going to be an awesome day in knoxville. >> re-saying god never fails. you were tweeting about this earlier this week, the nba has a rolling vaccine requirement, it requires boosters as well. >> the nba is sort of giving us a signal of where many different places are going. they are encouraging everyone who got the vaccine to get the booster and for the johnson &
6:46 am
johnson vaccine if you don't get the booster you are no longer considered vaccinated. you are talking multiple shots, a rolling consistent not ending covid vaccine requirement and for a lot of people how many shots will be required and how long will it go on and i give credit to kylie irving because many athletes want to talk about politics but most of them don't risk anything in the process. chi read irving is walking away from tens of millions of dollars and is standing for what he believes in and i give him credit for speaking out like i gave aaron rodgers credit for speaking out, living in an authentic world, hearing what people believe even if you don't agree with them particularly as pertains to covid vaccine mandates, it is an important message they are sending across the country. pete: the stadium is your
6:47 am
backdrop but for fox sports, the kickoff show, you're in knoxville were tennessee is taking on georgia, something we are supposed to talk about, i did a better job than you, two boys, successfully brainwashed them both, you have three, you are single dad this weekend, you lost one 2 alabama. >> supertough for tennessee fan. alabama doesn't lose, hasn't been in alabama since nick sabin got to tuscaloosa. this is a fan visit we can, give georgia a fight here. here is the truth. at least these -- he is -- as opposed to you posers. >> kick me while i am down for five losses. i took tennessee and almost 20 points this week. >> is.
6:48 am
>> where you are seeing these games go, against baylor, 5 and a half on this, what do you think? >> oklahoma has not been consistent of late or early in the season. quarterback drama. i think what is going to happen, coming up a tough loss, they keep it close. i feel like oh you find a way to win but 5 and a half feel steep to me. i will be in the big man kickoff game, reggie bush, matt leinart, they will be live in 15 minutes for anybody who wants to get ready for game time. will: maryland versus michigan state. >> i think michigan state ounces back. maryland had a tough loss against penn state, folded late, michigan went on the road against purdue, gave up the record but the reality for michigan state as long as they
6:49 am
keep winning they will be fine because they can win the big 10 e. but if they went out they will have less to play for. they get back in a good trends, take care of the turfs and rolled to a victory. >> the cowboys, horned frogs, 8:00, what do you think? >> oklahoma state. the big 12 is wide open except for texas which was illuminated a month ago but the rest of the team at the top of the big 12 have a lot to play for. the squad wants to be rolling in with a chance to be the number one overall seed in the big 12 title game, not oklahoma. i think they are rolling a little bit. tcu, garrett patterson, the coach, a little bit of a mess going on in that situation. i like oklahoma state, the cowboys getting things done.
6:50 am
will: i will tell this my point weekend. i'm taking all the points. i like the points. you like to play, follow it, download, you can play, fox betsy physics apps, a chance to in 20,$000 this weekend, pick six outcomes from saturday college football games, it is free to play, download the super 6 apps now. don't forget to check out out kick. i wish you luck with the ball, i wish you luck with the third son. you got to successfully brainwashed all three. >> i've got 3 boys to take care of on football weekend so we will accomplish that, that is the first goal. pete: still ahead, supply chain issues when ordering products made in the us, great american-made company on fox square live. ♪♪
6:51 am
(tiger) this is the dimension of imagination. ♪ ♪
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>> amid the supply chain crisis and ahead of christmas, submitting made in america businesses, companies that make great gifts you can get in plenty of time to put under the tree on christmas. joining me as an army veteran
6:55 am
and the founder and ceo of authentically american dean. glad we are doing this but got your stuff. >> you've been a phenomenal supporter. we are a veteran owned american-made premium apparel brands. everything we produce is american-made. our stocks here, - will: i don't want another cotton t-shirt. everything here is something to put on my body. >> people of that we are american-made but the number one reason they buy from us is an amazing product, whether it is the t-shirt stocks across the board, that makes it special. will: this makes and all-american christmas. the candle tree, they are partisan here a little bit. >> we've not been immune to the
6:56 am
labor shortage. i'm proud of my team who worked tirelessly to make sure we have product here. christmas will be some abraded this year by making a choice in choosing american-made., that was an intentional choice. anything ordered this weekend we will shift you next week in plenty of time for christmas. todd: 10% of the profits go to military -- >> you expanded your products. >> we were the only flatware manufacturers left in the united states with 30 different patterns to choose from, from betsy ross to some affinity patterns. we expanded our product line to ine dinnerware, glassware
6:57 am
and all sorts of items made in the usa. rachel: such a beautiful gift. >> in new york. >> the other thing, the most important thing is supply chain. 11 years ago, to buy everything we could in the united states, what goes into flatware is melted 100% in the united states. all our packaging is made in new york, what we used to polish our products, some in detroit so we keep it locally. rachel: last time you are on you crashed the website but they updated the website so it shouldn't happen this time. will: with dan brown senior and junior at loggerheads, the
6:58 am
founders of this, this is awesome. >> as we sit here this is the magic of the wrench when you squeeze the handles, all six jobs come down and find the right size. whether it is standard or metric, you turn. will: you work here and professor at northwestern invented this product. >> we brought it out 15 years ago, sold 20 million, one wrench replaces all these wrenches, don't have to guess the size. it finds the size. >> tell me more about that. where is it made, just north of pennsylvania with components in the chicago area. will: why is it so important to
6:59 am
buy american? >> it is creating jobs and economic opportunity. we need to have a stronger us manufacturing base. it starts with the consumer buying american products. will: you see this down here? you don't have to buy different ones. there we go. it works on points, online fitting. screwdrivers all available at our website. you can buy them on you can check out all these businesses at your website. dan junior and dan senior showing american-made products. thank you for being here.
7:00 am
modern warriors was going to air tomorrow night but switched it up tonight at 7:00 pm on the fox news channel and also available on fox nation. vietnam vets, honoring this veterans day at 7:00 pm tonight. rachel: goodbye everyone, shop american. neil: maybe it was the news that they can have gone up 30% year over year, ignoring what was going on in home heating oil and natural gas and so many other items seeing double digit increases as the inflationary wave continues but has gotten the attention of the administration that says this is no longer a short-term problem.


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