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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  November 13, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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modern warriors was going to air tomorrow night but switched it up tonight at 7:00 pm on the fox news channel and also available on fox nation. vietnam vets, honoring this veterans day at 7:00 pm tonight. rachel: goodbye everyone, shop american. neil: maybe it was the news that they can have gone up 30% year over year, ignoring what was going on in home heating oil and natural gas and so many other items seeing double digit increases as the inflationary wave continues but has gotten the attention of the administration that says this is no longer a short-term problem.
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today we investigate how much the president is on top of that and whether right now authorities in washington are getting overwhelmed by this but the president's remarks on high gasoline prices that had a lot of folks going back to george h w bush and how he was startled at the innovativeness of cash register scanners. is this something the president should worry about? happy weekend. if you go to the grocery store the department store or an auto store where prices go up, up, and away and the acknowledgment that it is going to get worse but we don't know how much worse. we are getting an idea from lucas tomlinson, an official washington response to this, all hands on deck.
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>> it is not often we talk turkey but the highest inflation in 30 years, thanksgiving turkey will cost more than any time this century. americans feeling the squeeze at the pump. president biden recognizing the skyrocketing costs. >> you pay this much for gallatin of gas, some parts of california paying $4.50 a gallon. >> reporter: the price of a 15 pound turkey surged from $11 to $21, the highest in decades after a 25% jump in the past year. everything else you might need to make the thanksgiving meal cost more. the eggnog meal will price the cost of eggs 30% a year, dessert, sugar is up 12%, far cry from this past summer when the white house boasted the cost of a july 4th cookout would be $0.16 cheaper despite skyrocketing prices the president tried to remain optimistic.
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>> president biden: today at the economic report showing unemployment continuing to fall. consumer prices remain too high. amid the economic crisis, showing strong results, still looking out there. everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more, wages are going up. there are still challenges, tackling them head on. >> a federal appeals court in new orleans extending a block of the vaccine mandate, being rejected, the obama national guard said they would not mandate the covid vaccine. neil: thank you for that for the latest developed in washington. let's go to phil flynn. this was an interesting week for following that because we
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got indications this could get worse before it gets better and you have been telegraphing problems with gasoline for quite some time. 11 democratic senators writing a letter to the president urging him to open the strategic petroleum reserve. what difference will that make? >> reporter: fossil fuel - that they run out of business. it seems almost comical to release the strategic petroleum reserve. the underlying problem is the end is coming back faster than supply because the biden administration has chosen to make us oil and gas companies the enemy and because of that the investments to respond to their crisis.
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$309 a gallon. this is a part of the country where gasoline prices are consistently low, $3 a gallon. every state in the union is above $3 a gallon. they are feeling the pain. the problem is it is a 1-time shot. oil prices go down a week and demand goes up and supply isn't there. on oil and gas production will only hurt americans who already see the highest inflation prices since 1990. neil: phil flynn on the rocketing price of gasoline with no indication it will be alleviated anytime soon.
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the washington examiner, this push to tackle the strategic petroleum reserve comes at a time all but begging a packet opec plus countries to open the spigot, delighting in our discomfort because they are not doing that. where is it going and is the administration concerned that this gets worse? >> doesn't seem the administration is concerned at all. and psaki addressing the rising prices saying long-term that might be a good thing because it will force people to invest in cleaner energy. you have a completely out of touch administration it doesn't understand how this affects people's bottom line when you are paying $20 per take more than you were this time last year and paying more for food and utilities like heat and electricity. they add up and the white house does not seem to care.
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rachel: they have been positioning this that the uptick we've seen in inflation has a lot to do with an economy that went from the middle of the pandemic to anything from that level and that builds up substantial demand and limited supply but fair to say in the beginning of this administration the attitude toward fossil fuels was we are overexposed and we want to look at wind and solar and all of that. any idea the administration has regretted the keystone shutdown, the timing of it since oil and all that is traded in the open market that would sense prices up and they continue to go up. if they had to do it over again if they didn't shut that down, they threw in all energy including the ones they favor
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along with keeping oil production going in the united states, they wouldn't be in the pickle they are in. >> reporter: probably. the biggest indication of the white house stands on this issue is that just a couple weeks ago they threw their support behind a review of a pipeline in michigan and whether the project should be shot down or not. we are taking a side against our own us oil supply. at the same time biden is baking opec to increase their oil production which is ironic because of concerns about oil, world environmental open to make sense to pressure other foreign governments or companies to increase oil production at the same time. a lot of contradictory stuff going on. biden has no intention of increasing our own oil supply which means demand will go up and prices will too. will: you read the political
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tea leaves, moderate democrats are getting progressively leery of progressives and saying we are not like them. we recognize what you are seeing at the grocery store, there is a new battle that could affect a spending package where moderate democrats could opt out. >> moderate democrats have reason to be concerned especially moving into 2022. the virginia and new jersey elections put a good scare into moderate and vulnerable democrats who are worried they are going to lose their own races because there's so much momentum on the republican side so you might actually see biden lose support on the spending bill from democrats who are looking at the polls realizing this is not actually popular with the american people and they will reevaluate whether they want to put their support
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behind this bill and it is interesting the ongoing step between moderates and progressives. you saw how progressives almost tanked biden's infrastructure bill so it will be interesting to see how it plays out moving into 2022. neil: the large spending bill is something we will get a handle on inflation and almost all government spending depending on the degree to which spending happens and what year is inflationary. the question is how much. they are absolutely convinced that this will not add to the problem. in some cases - how credible is that in the eyes of some leery democrats who don't want to sign on to something that could worsen the problem? >> it's not credible at all especially to joe manchin and
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kristen sinema. don't know how they are planning on getting the argument done. manchin is clear he's not going to support unnecessary federal spending especially with inflation being the way it is right now and there will be several moderate house democrats in the house who come out, and think the same way. the fact is government spending is going to contribute to the inflationary rise we are experiencing especially because this spending bill is not going to be just one.75 or $1.85 trillion. it is going to be estimated 3 to $4 trillion according to some analyses so you are talking about massive spending we cannot afford that people do not want and you will see democrats break on this. neil: great seeing you again. we talked about supply chain disruptions. there is no shortage of things
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with amerisave's consistently low mortgage rates, your little girl can go wherever her dreams take her, like toward a career in the ethics of rhythm and movement. anyway, good luck with that, because amerisave can only help with the part of the dream you can buy -- with money. neil: we talk a lot about worker shortages in this country. the irony of this, there are 11 million jobs open in the country. no takers for the job. 7 million unemployed americans, 11 plus billion available jobs, some with very generous, including my next guest with a real problem on his hand. and overwhelmed center looking
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for elves. the owner of the maple glen mark toy store, good to have you. that's the problem at its core. a lot of great stuff, great ideas, not a lot of great workers. >> we are in need of more, it is down to the wire now. it is very difficult, it has taken a long time to get to where we are now. neil: you have very generous packages, what are you hearing? what's the reaction? did they get back at all? >> there is a general shortage, 2.9%, all up and down every street you drive.
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a general shortage, but not many people are focused on manufacturing at this point. neil: how do you incentivize it? don't go into all the details. >> a very decent place to work. and and we accommodate the needs of whatever people have. that helps. that helps. neil: the choices you make, some are quite original. not just toys "r quote us copycat things. they could be delayed.
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customers worried about that. they feed on its anxiety. after thanksgiving, and orders are taken up to four weeks to shift. we let other dealers know that they poured the orders in because they have something on their shelves, struggling to keep up, to keep them happy. neil: what do customers tell you when they go in, they want it then and there but what are they telling you? >> it is wholesale to toy stores and gift shops. our showroom is small and
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reasonably stocked, we don't have much on that shelf. our dealers when talking to stores that we sell through most of the season have been trying to okay because there are other suppliers that have vastly longer lead times, so in 3 or 4 weeks that is fine but we are getting to the point where holidays and christmas not far away. neil: you are dealing best you can. great stuff, unique stuff, that they are clamoring for. they failed to get them to the customers. keeping you updated, on the kyle rittenhouse trial, closing arguments, the prosecution would like the jury to consider some lesser charges, what could that signal?
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neil: closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse trial i do on monday. where do things stand? where do things stand in the past week, seeking lesser charges, where do we stand? >> this is a disaster for the prosecution, they want lesser charges. the jury finds that rittenhouse acted in self-defense that will be the first question on the verdict and it doesn't matter
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the lesser charges, reckless homicide. but if a jury says self defense been rittenhouse is off on all those charges, prosecution overcharged in this case. they didn't do an adequate investigation of the shooting before issuing the indictment. this all along should have been a reckless homicide case and not intentional murder. neil: murder, manslaughter and the degree to which kyle rittenhouse, do you envision that? >> i think the jury is going to find self defense applied in all these shootings, they will get a hunk jerry on one of the 3 victims but i don't think you will get a guilty verdict on any of the three.
7:25 am
let's nail them down, seriously that should not have been brought. he was pointing a gun at rittenhouse and he shoots, what is he going to do at that point? play pattycake and pointing a gun at him? he will get acquitted on that one. rosenbaum allegedly through a heavy bag at rittenhouse, there's evidence this guy is telling him get him and kill him, then hernandez, independent witness, no bones to pick said wrote - he was looking toward rittenhouse. self defense and acquittal. he had a skateboard, his rittenhouse a head, that is conceivably a deadly weapon and grabbing rittenhouse's gun. that is self-defense too.
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this is looking good for the prosecution. >> the defense raised that as a possibility. it is that stage now. >> judges wait until the end of the trial to rule on a mistrial. is it going to happen? i don't think in 1 million years the judge will grant a mistrial. he will let it go to the jury. i don't think the alleged constitutional violation by the prosecution remembers the issue of you have a right to remain silent. i don't think that was enough to take away from the jury. it will denied a request for mistrial. neil: what about the criticism the judge schroeder was too
7:27 am
active, eccentric, pushy, that his behavior to those who are sympathetic to the prosecution could come back to hurt him if for example the prosecution were to push for an appeal? >> loved a lot of big jury trials, any seasoned trial lawyer can - he is running a court room, i've been screwed and yelled at by a judge, i had a judge, holding me in contempt of court, for calling him mister, this is not -- the judge is picking on the prosecution. it was regarding the issue, and the right to remain silent.
7:28 am
and and with profound interests. he's getting death threats. and murdering two people and injured one. there is no evidence of that. there is no testimony that rittenhouse's goal was to kill people and that's not the legal standard. the legal standard is at the moment he is shooting, did he fear for his own life. that's the sole issue. neil: you often remind me outtakes is one juror. >> one juror creates a hunk jerry. neil: thank you very much.
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closing arguments, the governor of wisconsin, 500 national guardsmen on the day of this is announced. also keeping you posted on developments in new york regarding crime. a big worry. the incoming mayor of the city banking on the black large matter crowd and it is not going down well.
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>> if they think they are going back to the old ways of policing that we will take to the streets again there will be riots, there will be fires and there will be bloodshed. >> the city is not going to be a city of riots or burning. this will be a city where we will be safe and have effective policing that is not heavy-handed.
7:34 am
neil: eric adams making clear when he does take over city hall in new york he will return to a controversial policy to have plainclothes police looking around for trouble, black lives matter saying this kind of activity and police behavior is in itself racist. the former detroit police chief, it has been a wild. what do you make of the incoming mayor's stands on this. >> happy to be on your show. let me say i appreciate the mayor making an effort with this marxist organization leader who made threats. the only thing i would be critical of, the mayor fell
7:35 am
short in telling this leader that there is 0 tolerance for any criminal behavior. the thing i learned following george floyd in detroit, it was fruitless, they have another agenda. their agenda is to overturn society as we know it. how do we negotiate with individual who has another agenda? you can't. you set parameters, you're not going to burn the city, no tolerance for crime and i'm going to deploy police officers who will support the real victims. did you hear what this leader said? he's doing this because he wants to, quote, defend his people? any of our urban centers across the country, if he is really about black lives matter, the
7:36 am
people of color in vulnerable neighborhoods being oppressed by criminals, what we are doing now to criminals are being treated like victims. it is ridiculous. rachel: mayor michael bloomberg said he regret starting this whole practice of plainclothes policeman, wasn't intended to be racial targeting. his belief in the end was that it was. others disagree with that. this whole idea of plainclothes policeman looking around areas and insight trouble before it starts, could that in and of itself spur crime? >> you need a relationship with your community. having a relationship, you police in a manner the community wants you to police, they don't want to be
7:37 am
victimized by violent criminals, targeted enforcement means you go after those who are out preying on people, violent perpetrators so people want that as long as you do it in a constitutional way, ethical way, people will continue to support it. to make -- threaten burning a city down to a mayor, he is a former police officer and i can appreciate what he wants to do but by message to him a 0 tolerance, don't negotiate with blm. they have another agenda and you cannot change their agenda. neil: black lives matter will come back, the spokesman said this targets african-americans, african-american males, the numbers, the disproportionate arrests, prove it. how do you respond to that? that an argument they will use with or without violence to counter what the incoming mayor -- >> they can make the argument.
7:38 am
i'm focused as a longtime public servant i am focused on the victims, the people who want the police. you have a few who speak very loudly, progressives who want policing dismount as we know it and then rogue judges and rogue prosecutors who are not even prosecuting violent criminals. who's winning this and who are we protecting? we are making suspects and victims. we have it all wrong and it is about having relationships with the community, communicate often and in detroit i worked closely with detroit activists through the last year of 2020 but we have to understand who
7:39 am
is not talking about this domestic terrorist act that happened last year in many cities and what about the cost of those cities, no one wants to have that conversation it is tragic. neil: james craig, we have been here and we talk about the fact of those astro world victims who were trampled, killed, others injured a couple weeks back but then if you don't mind my first kicking off what you make of this policy with new mayor takes over you represented floyd and his family with these riots that have ensued afterwards, what do you make of what the incoming mayor wants to do? i think we had some audio issues if we could fix that.
7:40 am
>> i'm not sure of mayor adams's policies but he is sincere in his desire for a piece of community where people expect the full of law, that law enforcement will make sure the constitutional rights of all citizens are protected. neil: do you think there could be other developments? black lives matter, and elsewhere, is exactly what would happen. >> we are working hard to prevent unjust killings of any citizen. we think there is a disproportionate number of people of color unjustly killed
7:41 am
by the police, a more just america how george floyd gets to take a breath but police put a knee on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds or breonna taylor asleep in her bed at night without the police busting through her front door at 1:00 in the morning while mutilating her body with 9 bullets while she is practically naked. todd: 1 for these recent developments, with 100 lawsuits, with attendees, nine lives lost on a tragic day, the total count is 200. can you update us? >> certainly. it is incomprehensible what took place at the music
7:42 am
festival at the concert where people going to enjoy an evening of music they literally have to fight for their life when the crowd became enhanced, organizing the performers, crowd control, protocols, did not have safety protocol, medical assistance protocol and this led to people literally losing their children, college children, youngest victim of all, on life support with an induced coma fighting for his life. we should never go to a concert
7:43 am
and it becomes life or death situation and that is what we have in houston. neil: is scott cooperating? do you hold him responsible in any way for the chaos that ensued? >> we have an obligation to hold any and everybody responsible, performers, live nation, they failed to do their job to protect the citizens who were there. when you think about it this was so preventable they knew they sold 50,000 tickets, then it would be a large crowd. you have to be prepared to deal with simple issues that may arise. was there a foreseeable situation where you could see
7:44 am
young people at a concert where you are serving alcohol? absolutely. and they were not ready to deal with what was so preventable, to get justice for those injured physically and mentally because people are dealing with severe posttraumatic stress disorder. they saw their friends and loved ones killed or we have to prevent them from ever happening again. your children and my children should go to a concert and wonder whether they will die. neil: keep us posted how this is going, representing so many victims. one of the things they are exploring is a similar concert two years ago but there were events that included telegraph sadly what happened a little more than a couple weeks ago. stay with us. you are watching fox. plan.
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7:49 am
of justice to discuss schoolboard interactions but they only talked policy, not curriculum and the doj took enforcement action on their own. the action the biden administration is distancing itself from is a memo released by merrick garland announcing fbi involvement in schoolboard disputes. garland denied the memo was politically coordinator all motivated but the national school but association releasing documents, we obtained them, the group met with the white house early september 14th discussing concern over the current climate for school board members and they have been actively engaged with apartment of justice and the department of homeland security. in the document they took credit for the october 4th doj memo after sending a memo 5 days prior. here is moms for liberty cochair keisha king on "fox and friends" friday. >> we never would have thought the department of justice and fbi would be concerned about
7:50 am
things like this. it makes me think we need to do more digging to see what was created behind this nonsense. >> 11 state severed ties with the national school board association was apologized for the better to the president. the doj has not rescinded their memo inserted standby garland's testimony. we 20 thank you very much for that. a big meeting between the president of the united states and his counterpart in china. it will be virtual, but it is a cinch it will be controversial. we will tell you why after this.
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neil: a virtual summit, the president of the united states, xi jinping of china, gordon chang come our china expert warns us about things we should be paying attention to and now the whole world is. who holds the upper hand going into these talks? >> the united states is a stronger society than china. the initial answer would be us. remember xi jinping has rewritten communist party history. i don't think this is true but many say he assured himself in of an unprecedented third term as general party secretary. neil: he has been very provocative in his way which including the official chinese press statement on the death of capitalism especially western version of capitalism, trying to force it down people's throats. what do you make of that?
7:55 am
>> xi jinping is trying to get the upper hand. he showed disdain for the united states and multilateralism by not showing up at the g 20 summit and 26 climate conference. biden has been asking from the virtual summit. looks like we are the supplicants. i think biden should not participate. this is ill-timed from our perspective. neil: whether china is serious about i, threatening activities but another move of coordinating taiwan to take over the islands off of taiwan administers, how would we react to that? >> don't think they will do it.
7:56 am
you look at what is going on it doesn't make sense for china to do it but we don't live in a rational world, we don't understand the calculus inside beijing and there are some reasons china could take us by surprise because xi jinping must be blamed for all sorts of policy mistakes and debacles and it would be logical for him to lash out and we have to remember we should worry about taiwan but there are chinese troops deep in indian controlled territory, china reinforcing its forces. this is a serious situation in the home area -- himalayas. heather: don't want to leave on a depressing note in the first hour. there is good news. britney spears is free. where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪ you're in good hands with allstate.
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>> well, i really hope you like your turkey and the trimmings because if you do you'll put up whatever money it takes and right now this is looking like the most expensive thanksgiving on record and not just because it's another year and inflation goes up, but again, they have a way of looking at this at the per item in your thanksgiving arsenal. and no matter how you slice it you will never be paying more than you will this year. that's, again, till next year. and madison has been crunching the numbers and has more.
8:01 am
madison. >> the recent consumer price index numbers are showing americans what they already know, that items across the board are costing more and your bill at the grocery store is going up. from october of last year, to october of this year, the average price of goods is up 6.2%, and in the grocery store prices in the protein section are particularly bad. meat is up over 14% in price, bacon up over 20%. fish and seafood up over 11% and this is the highest that americans have seen in 30 years. those in the grocery says the challenge of producing goods and getting them to stores is driving up the price. >> it's the cost of transportation, the cost of gasoline and the cost of labor. there are a lot of people that did not go back to work. who are hurting are the poor and middle class when we have to raise the price of food. >> like i say, neil, bacon, that's up over 20% last year to
8:02 am
this year. if you're dreaming about your under morning breakfast you might want to skip out on the tasty sides. and bacon is pretty good. neil: and if that's it, i'll move over to italian sausage. let's get the read whether we should be worried. the administration and the federal reserve not much longer, they don't really specify how much is lot much longer. and we've got erin gibbs, and we'll begin with you. the notion as painful as the price hikes are, most americans are paying the prices. some of them go to cheaper cuts of meat, what have you, they're still paying them. and hence the administration's argument, that's a sign of a resilient consumer and a strong
8:03 am
economy. what do you think? >> you know, overall, yes, we still have a strong economy, despite all the pain and we do see that in inflation in the across the board and we try to move to cheaper items, you're still paying more. i think, you know, the argument that we're having a strong economy doesn't reflect that we are going to see some difficulties going forward over the next six to 12 months and so, you know, the fed is taking steps that there probably needs to be more. neil: so, dan, this idea that this won't stick around much longer, it's stuck around longer than anyone thought, including jerome powell at the fed. how long do the prices last? are we looking at a 1970's type experience? what do you think? >> i've said from the beginning when jerome powell talked about inflation being transitory or
8:04 am
temporary, i wasn't buying that and i still say we are going to have rougher days ahead is because policy is not changing. where we are with inflation, that is being caused by us, and what i mean by us, the federal government. the policies here and what we are doing in not getting people back to work, keeping interest rates low, that is fueling inflation and until those policies start to change, inflation is going to stay where it is and go up even more. we are not going to see a retraction anytime soon. neil: you know, it's easy to play politics with this and i don't want to cast aspersions on democrats or republicans here, but when it comes to addressing inflation, the federal reserve has a much more prominent role than any other administration, and keep spending like crazy, that will make things potentially worse, but isn't the fact that the fed is not either raised rates or done anything to address this
8:05 am
the problem? >> i don't think we need to raise rates right away and i think you have to be mindful. when we're talking transitory. let's look at the globe because this isn't just an american problem, it's happening worldwide and the impacts of the pandemic are profound. we saw prices drop last year and part of that inflation is due to price drop, part due to opec holding the reins. neil: well, you mentioned opec, but you can also put that at the lap of the administration, right? i mean, coming into office, to show that they were not keen on oil production here, and shutting down keystone, and that sent a signal to the market, the trade oil and price oil there were going to be tighter times ahead. that got the ball rolling. >> i think you're giving joe biden a lot of credit on that one, i think that opec does what opec wants. neil: opec has been around forever and oil prices were much lower, i'm not just saying
8:06 am
that, you cannot ignore that that was not a coincidence. >> i think the other thing, neil, you can't ignore is the fa kt fact that-- the supplies were constrained and dropped because people stopped driving their cars during the pandemic. opec is happy with the higher prices and getting back online and happy to take our money and that's not something that the president or really anyone, but opec controls. i think when you're talking about inflation, you also can't ignore, what do we control? long-term spending is important and when we've got to distinguish between long and short-term spending. look at build back better plan, the rents are high and the highest check that americans write and the build back better plan, the affordable housing, and both buying into the plan
8:07 am
we need to increase housing stock so we can lower the cost of housing. neil: and the fact of the matter is, if you expect the government through for spending to ease the pressure of higher costs for spending, it would be a first for this country. it could happen, but it would be a first. erin, i'm wondering the fact that the administration is acknowledging higher prices and worried about the higher prices, i was a little taken aback at president biden's shock at the higher gas prices and going on, it was almost like a george h.w. bush moment where he marvelled at a scanner in the store. saying it's transitory and other factors at play that he could absolve himself of responsibility? >> we've been seeing inflation for nine months now, yes, his reaction seems a big delayed, certainly, a bit out of touch. but i think what really is -- i
8:08 am
don't blame everybody for saying it's transitory, nobody's gotten any prediction around covid right. let's be honest, since day one the fact that it's lasting longer, we're having to adjust our expectations particularly in wall street. when we're looking at how long this is going to last and how long it's going to impact it, we're still seeing the manufacturers have over 8% on their side, the manufacturing side, 8% inflation, so we know that that's going to be passed on for several more months down the line and so that's what we're really looking at is until the manufacturers can get lower prices, we can see the goods lowered, including energy, obviously, gas being very important, that's when we can find that turning point. neil: dan, i know you look the at markets and the markets don't seem to worry this will get out of hand and maybe owing to the notion that this gets under control and comparisons, gets more at least justified
8:09 am
going against not that we were in park, but periods kind of like now, when the change will be less abrupt. do you think that that saves the day? and that the markets are right, they're telling us not to worry? >> i don't necessarily think, neil, that the markets are telling us not to worry. i think what we're going to see is if inflation does not ease up, the markets will recognize that the fed is going to have to raise interest rates, and once that signal goes out, the market is going to react, neil, and it's not going to be positive because you are going to have people that are going to start to move away from the market and look for those higher interest rate investments, whether it's bonds or investments. >> to your point, it could, to could. i want to thank you guys very, very much and to that point right now, the idea that rates could go up, that's about the
8:10 am
only thing the federal reserve can do to respond to this, raise rates, slow things down a little bit. they can do stuff like buying fewer treasury notes and to say they're behind the curve and raise it now-- developing along the border, yet again, bill has more from la joya, texas. >> the activity is starting to ramp up similar to what we were seeing over the peak summer months. we want to show you, we went out into the brush looking for runners and didn't take long to find them. hard to see at first. there were two guys hiding in bush in front of us, at the time there were no border agents around, only a national guard helicopter looking for runners as well. agents did get on scene and handcuffed both men and took them into custody and there were others in the brush as well. these are people that do not
8:11 am
want to be caught and constantly evading apprehension. another day out here yesterday morning, we shot this with the fox drone and found a group of 200 migrants who just crossed illegally here into lajoya, these are not runners, these are familieses that walked, cross down the road and looking for border patrol and give themselves up, and they know under the current policy they will be released into the u.s. with a date. and the border crisis all over the southwest. look at photos out of laredo where the border patrol found 20 illegal immigrants trying to swim across the rio grande trying to get into the united states. some had flotation devices, floaties to come across. mostly single adult men, but border patrol on boats able to deter them, turn them back around and send them back into mexico, they were not successfully able to cross.
8:12 am
take a look at photos out of border patrols's yuma sector, commonly a problem with human smuggling. borders from the tucson and sections working to find two suspicious vehicles on i-8. when they pulled them over they found 17 illegal immigrants were smuggled in both vehicles, again, human smuggling a massive issue during this border crisis, people willing to pay a lot of money to get deeper into the united states after they've crossed illegally. back out here live talking about the rio grande valley where we are. border patrol reported some concerning information last night, just in a 14-hour span, just in this sector alone, they arrested four ms-13 gang members. just in a 14-hour span. we'll spend it back to you. neil: all right. bill, thank you very very much. you all know that steve bannon has been indicted for not
8:13 am
cooperation on the capitol riots. he's the latest, there could be others after this. from there. because we moved to maryland when i was a baby. that's where we got tobie. and then mark was born in california. so for me, home is wherever we go. come on rose. lowe's is honored to save military families 10% every day.
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8:16 am
introducing directv stream. >> defy congress, get indicted. that appears to be the case for one steve bannon charging him with contempt of congress after defying congress in that riot probe that's ongoing. the significance of this and whether others could face the same legal fate, the former department of justice prosecutor, partner, law firm. jim, what do you make of this? i was just thinking because now with mark meadows, the former chief of staff also being asked to testify, if he does not or refuses, could he be looking at the same fate? >> yeah, he could. there's a lot of layers at issue, and the first thing is contempt of congress being cited to be in contempt of congress is pretty common,
8:17 am
janet reno, eric holder others have been cited for it, but what is unusual, the deferral to the u.s. attorney's office to indict. and ted olson head of the office of legal counsel at doj, you couldn't force referrals to the u.s. attorney's office because executive privilege is a thing. this doesn't look like forced, it looks like a friendly speedy office, the same that would not indict andy mccabe for a series of false statement for the russia probe quickly turned in this indictment the first in 38 years for steve bannon. i think the flood gates are open. and contempt of congress carries mandatory 30 days, up to a year. it's a bite. neil: the court of appeals
8:18 am
blocked the release of trump phone calls relate today the january 6th attack and the president, former president claims executive privilege, his successor does not. i guess executive privilege is in the eye of the beholder. this would push back the committee's work. >> who gets to assert the privilege. bannon's problem procedurally, he didn't show up, he didn't show up or excerpt executive privilege. he said i'm not coming in. and that doesn't help with the litigation, but the litigation through the d.c. court of appeals and maybe up to the supreme court is going to address the issue whether joe biden could just knee jerk say we don't assert privilege because it's donald trump or whether trump and his compatriots have the ability to assert the privilege. neil: for all of these former trump administration officials who might say no, i'm not going to testify and they're not
8:19 am
cowed by these developments all of a sudden a grand jury is going after steve bannon, and the fact that we're waiting around to see whether the committee will ever get its hands on a lot of these trump documents and related material, this could go on for like forever. >> yeah, i mean, what a shock in d.c. that congressional hearings could stretch on and on, right? look, the bottom line, this is a litigation, whether it's criminal litigation with folks like bannon or sind civil litigation what the scope the privilege is and how do you comply or who gets to comply with executive privilege requests. so there's a lot that's floating out there. in a lot of ways, going off the inner circle of donald trump smells like donald trump impeachment part three. i'm not convinced the general public is going to stay tuned for much longer, but on the hill adam schiffs of the world want to keep beating away at this and find what they can find from january 6th.
8:20 am
neil: thank you very much. and in the meantime we're following developments, the green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers looks like he's cleared to play tomorrow against the seattle see hawks. there was a kerfuffle over whether he had indeed been vaccinated and testing positive and claiming he was immunized. he phased a mandatory quarantine after indeed testing positive. now all okayed and he's been cleared to play tomorrow. we'll keep you posted.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> all right, a federal appeals court this past week affirmed the decision to put the vaccine mandate on hold to
8:24 am
take effect january of next year. that's not happening as things stand for the time being. and bret girard with us, the former secretary of health. essentially admiral, as you're well aware, this is a step too far, this is a government move that cannot sand. what did you make of that? >> so, thanks for having me on. what i made of it is the judge's opinion was often much more clearer and truer to the facts about public health than some of the recommendations from the c.d.c. and the biden administration. specifically the judge said that this was way overly broad. how could you compare the risk of a truck driver driving on his or her own, to a prison guard? or it doesn't even take into account those who have natural immunity from recent infection. so the public messages were the court's opinion were right on target. i can't comment on this, but
8:25 am
from a public standpoint shall the judge was right on target. neil: and the idea that people should be vaccinated, i believe recommended, but don't order it? >> absolutely, i'm support of a vaccination for all those eligible and boosters for all those who need to get boosted. this is really talking about fairness and justification to force people to do things that they don't want to do and there is just no data to prove that a person who has had natural immunity, particularly within the last three, four, five, six, months is any more dangerous to him or herself than a person vaccinated twice, so it's really over will i -- overly broad. all occupations are not the same. that is broad, and i support vaccination and i will talk about the benefits, but i don't believe it's the federal government's duty or even, you know, that they even have the right to do this across the
8:26 am
board. neil: we mentioned earlier admiral that aaron rodgers of the green bay packers has been given the green light to go ahead and play against the seattle seahawks, there was some confusion whether he was misrepresenting he had been vaccinated or not, but if the nfl had such a position, is that up to the nfl? and private companies and private entities can do what they want? >> so first of all, my daughter married into a wisconsin family so we're hybrid cheeseheads so i'm very happy that aaron rodgers gets to play. whether you're vaccinated or not the protocol should be similar, right. you need to make sure you're asymptomatic. it's usually a 10-day period. public health data says after six days, almost no one has been infected. if you feel well and tested and not symptomatic, i don't know
8:27 am
the nfl protocols. if you're infected, you're infected, whether you're vaccinated or not and for him reemerging to play against seattle this weekend. neil: admiral, thank you very, very much. admiral bret giroir, former secretary of health. on capitol hill right now, the battle over whether a new spending package can calm the inflationary problem or just make it worse. a prominent democrat and a prominent republican, fair and balanced as always. ♪♪ i will bless those who bless you it's almost hanukkah here in israel and across the former soviet union but we're fnding thousands of destitute, elderly jews who are alone and in need of basic food.
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8:31 am
>> all right, my next guest a republican and a democrat agreed on the infrastructure-only package. they thought that was beneficial to the country. my republican guest still getting heat for that vote, where they separate themselves is on the far bigger spending package the democrats are still trying to cobble together. and the congressman not keen on it. and first the ranking member, congressman, very good to have you, i believe you're on the phone. you like the infrastructure-only measure, not so much this other measure, right? >> absolutely. the infrastructure package i've
8:32 am
been, quite frankly, working on since 2017. it emanated from the problem solvers caucus and came from there and the outline was used as the basis how much the bipartisan bill came out of the senate and that's quintessentially conservative bill in my mind because it's all paid for and all about roads and bridges and infrastructure and it's going to be really good for the economy. the build back better bill is a train wreck of a bill. it's going to vastly expand social programs probably more so than any time since fdr and raise taxes when we have a supply chain issue. it's a terrible bill and i don't think there's a single republican that will vote for it. are you surprised by the heat you're taking, congressman from other republicans who say that you gave nancy pelosi a win? >> well, i look at it this way, are -- of course, we've got a big raucous family on the republican side and we don't see eye to eye on everything,
8:33 am
that's okay. and i don't see it as a win for the president, but as a win for the american people and the average blue collar person driving to work in their car has $1,000 a year in maintenance to their vehicle because of the sad state our roads and bridges and i think about those and clean drinking water and attracting businesses from overseas. when you think about computer chips, they need a ton of water to manufacture computer chips and we need to bring those back home. you want to talk about a supply chain issue, these are big wins for our economy. neil: donald trump doesn't see things that way, congressman. are you worried about being primary'd. >> there's 5% more democrats and republicans in the district. and i have one of the toughest
8:34 am
for the republican to hold. whatever the challenges are, we'll be ready for them and i'll be happen to run on my record like i always do. neil: john katko of new york, problem solvers caucus as well where they try to iron out differences and move forward. that's a concept. and democrat scott peters from california with us. you heard what your colleague was saying about his vote on the infrastructure-only package. and he stands by it. there were some of your colleagues who did not support that plan, largely progressive, i believe, six, sir, who said that it was a mistake. do you think the votes are there for whatever you guys ultimately cobble together for the more generous spending package? >> well, we still have some ways to go, but i want to say how much i agree with john katko. i'm also a member of the problem solvers caucus and john was a big part of developing the framework that's going to
8:35 am
strengthen our roads and bridges and dams and strengthen our ports and cyber and make us more competitive with china. it's a real win not for any particular politician, but for the united states. i think been a long time coming and we have been talking about infrastructure for a while and glad to get that important bill done in a bipartisan way. on the next bill, i think there's a lot we intend to accomplish there. i believe we will have votes for it, as you know, there's still a lot of work ahead of us. we want to invest in lower taxes for middle class families, pre-k and child care and helping people get a back to work and get pressure off the labor markets and work to combat the climate crisis without adding to the national deficit and that's some of the cleanup we have to make sure is ahead of us to make sure that we nail that down before we finally vote for something. i want to mention it contains something i've been working on, the first time allowing medicare to negotiate drug prices and no senior will ever
8:36 am
have to pay more than $2,000 for medication. and our own businessmen and scientists to create cures and proud of that part of it. neil: and the concern of the policies that came out of a report up to 30% of middle class families would pay higher taxes under this plan. not a lot, but not what the president said, if you're earning less than $400,000 it wouldn't affect up. apparently according to this center, it would. is that scaring you off? is it scaring some of your colleagues off? >> well, that's not intention and we should make sure that that's not the case. now, this starts with tracking down tax cheating and multi-internationals that don't pay a single dime in taxes, pay at least 15%. those are things widely supported by americans and will help us pay for the things we need to pay for, whether it's the military or--
8:37 am
>> whatever the provisions are that ensnare one out of three middle class americans, you would try to address? >> i think we have time to address that. in fact, we're probably going to send something over to the senate with fuzzier numbers than a lot of us would like, but knowing that the senate can't take action it has complete analysis from the budget office and they will know what they make. and to keep the president's promise if you make under $400,000 your taxes won't go up. neil: are your colleagues troubled by what happened in virginia, and close in new jersey, much closer than thought to be the case, the appetite for more government spending may not be there. and inflationary, the president thinks differently and you think differently. but people are getting increasingly anxious about it and some of your more moderate
8:38 am
colleagues are getting very anxious about it. what do you think? >> it was an electoral reminder that we have to be talking about what's important to people. and we have to make sure that we explain that, you know, that the middle class taxes aren't going up. in fact, with the child tax credit, that's a tax cut, and that investing in universal pre-k and child care is a way to get back to work and give them a chance to compete. that's what americans want, a chance to compete. democrats have to come through and we have to do a better job than before the virginia election before we passed the infrastructure bill. we've got work to do. neil: congressman, good to see you, if i don't see you, happy thanksgiving. from the beautiful state of california and problem solvers caucus. i don't know where britney spears stands on the spending package. i know where she stands on her personal spending. she wants control of it herself. she's got it now after this. ♪♪
8:39 am
♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ watch: serena williams... wonder woman.... serena... wonder woman... serena... ace. ♪ ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream.
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>> britney spears is now free, free from her dad and free in conservatorship, kind of. the devil is in the details. let's go to christina coleman who has the details in los angeles. >> hi, neil. this is the first time that britney will wake up free of a conservatorship after 13 years after a hearing and a california judge terminated the legal arrangement. it was a big moment. good god, i love my fans, i think i'm going to cry the rest of the day. praise the lord, amen. #freed britney. not free britney, but freed like her fans have been posted. they wanted the 39-year-old mother of two to be allowed to control her own personal affairs and roughly $60 million fortune. britney's father jamie spears
8:44 am
had control since 2008. he had already agreed to step down from the role in august following intense media and legal scrutiny, following britney's very emotional june testimony. that's when she told the judge that her father should be in jail for the role in this legal arrangement. she said she was traumatized, oppressed and in shock. her attorney says her testimony shined a light on conservatorship abuse. >> california has passed legislation to try to ensure that conservatorships like this that were corrupted by her father, do not happen again. >> jamie spears denies allegations of abuse. now, britney's attorney says he will investigate her claims and a c.p.a. will stay on as a quote, safety net to oversee the transition of her estate. another hearing on this matter is scheduled for december 8th, neil. neil: christina coleman, thank you very very much. christina coleman in los
8:45 am
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>> sit down! >> all right, you've seen she is incidents again and again on planes, it's getting unruly and without the help of alcohol up there, at least alcohol on the jet. people might have been imbibing
8:49 am
before they got on the jet and maybe made things more tense. united airlines entering into the frey by saying we'll allow alcohol service on our planes. no one else is following them, the rationale goes this, best to start drinking on the plane than to get totally loaded before you get on the plane. i think that's the rational. the flight attendance association president with us now. how do you feel about this? >> well, neil, we're not super happy. we've said that with these incidents of disruptive passengers on our planes, becoming more epidemic, more in this year than the entire history of aviation, that we shouldn't be doing anything to add to the problem. and alcohol is a major contributor. one thing that i would say that people are drinking in the airports and pushing that drinking to push alcohol sales, at a minimum now on the planes, flight attendants will be able to monitor that and try to control the amount of alcohol
8:50 am
that people are drinking. i want to tell people, if you're going to the airport and you haven't flown in a while, i want to remind you, you're flying in a metal tube miles above the earth, in a pressurized 8,000 feet and that alcohol is going to affect you differently and you don't want to be making bad decisions on a plane. neil: the argument for this, people were drinking anyway before they got on the plane and they were loaded for bear because they were loaded. >> well, they can make that argument all day long, but one of the reasons that the alcohol sales stopped on the planes originally was not about the disruptive passengers, but it was actually a covid protocol because as people are drinking and they're getting a little bit more sloppy about their masks, then they're not complying as well as the masks and can lead to other disruptions. we are going to have a bunch of children on planes over the holidays. many have not yet had access to the vaccine. we also have people who travel
8:51 am
with us for medical treatments who medically cannot get the vaccine, that's why it's a controlled environment where everyone has to wear the mask because we really have to go to the lowest common denominator of safety to keep everyone safe on the plane. neil: it's going to get more hairy. and we opened up to countries. >> they're vaccinated, neil. neil: right, but i'm wondering, just about the crowding effect and the fact that so many airlines and you hear this almost every other week, another one that can't deal with the demand or not enough pilots, not enough baggage handlers, not enough flight attendants and planes are canceled and people are furious. are we going to be in for more of that? >> so there's two things about this. with the influx of people coming from europe and other destinations who are fully vaccinated and have to show the documents, it's going to get
8:52 am
busier and come to the airport sooner you're not frustrated. and as we get more and more people on the planes, we have to deal with this. the issue of staffing is not an issue of not having enough staffing because of covid. this was actually an issue created before covid when the airlines, just like every other industry was pushing high productivity on the american worker. people working 40 hours was working double that, overtime hours to make things work for the company. now in this time people are getting sycamore, being conservative about coming to work and flight attendants who have gone to work and beat up every day are not incentivized to pick up overtime hours, that's what's going on. neil: i talked to a pilots association member yesterday who was telling me that the even generous pay packages to work through the holidays, they'll give you double time, overtime, more holidays in the future, it's not working. they're not able to get enough men and women to do that.
8:53 am
>> those things are helping so we really encourage the airlines to do that because if people actually have greater incentives to bring more home to their families, it's likely that will be enough to push them to pick up the trip. you can't hire enough to make up the holidays. it will take two to six months. the incentives. people are worn out and it's hard to work extra hours right now. neil: and let me ask you, we know with the approaching thanksgiving holiday. i'm surprised how spread out it is, tell us the busy days and what to plan on. >> the busy days are all week starting with the weekend before. some people decide i only have to take three days off this week or two and a half days off this week so i can get more bang for my buck. so the heavy travel really starts the weekend before thanksgiving and moves all the way through the day after the end of that weekend. so the following monday. that's really, you're going to see heavy travel all of those days and be prepared for it. don't make yourself frustrated.
8:54 am
give yourself extra time this time because things are a little bit slower at the airport. more people who don't know what the rules are and so, that slows everything down. and we don't have a lot of staff to answer those questions. so give yourself that time so you're not frustrated. neil: and try not to drink. i think that a subtle message there. >> try not to drink, neil. neil: have a happy thanksgiving. sara nelson, flight attendants association. he had a great mission into space a little more than four weeks ago and felt he was on top of the world. he had done something he had dreamed all his life for. now he's dead. after this. retirement income is complicated. as your broker, i've solved it. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income.
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8:58 am
>> you know, a little more than a month ago, he was on top of the world, quite literally. he had an opportunity to share a ride with william shatner on jeff bezos' flight into space. all of 10 minutes he was one of the paying customers, but he had the moment to do it. his health tech firm metadaa was sold and he had the money for the ride. when i had a chance to speak with him and the crew he never told me exactly how much he paid for the ride, just it was an important ride. something he had always wanted to do. and now he's dead in a small
8:59 am
plane crash in new jersey, just a couple of days back. life is fickle. he would say it himself. the timing of all of this can't be lost on those who find the irony in what he survived, and how he died. glen, you and chris are paying customers here. the reported check you wrote out was about 250 grand, i don't know what it was, but it's prohibitive for most folks to get the chance all of you are. how soon do you think that average folks will afford a trip like this or get an opportunity like this? >> what do you think? >> i think that equity in access we have to think about it in everything, i think about it in medicine and health care every day in my provision and i'm not going to try to predict when it's going to happen, but the point is this industry, this opportunity for us to travel to space is about
9:00 am
accelerating how quickly we can get access to space for everybody, and how we can democratize space and space technology as a paying customer. >> glen de vries dead at age 49. >> fallout over newly released internal e-mails between the national school board's association, and the white house and the department of justice. the e-mails appear to show coordination that compared parents to domestic terrorists. i'm griff jenkins. >> i'm jacqui heinrich. and there were directed threats to school boards. >> the white house is pointing


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