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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 13, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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stream dan bongino show on fox nation and don't forget to follow facebook and enis it a grandmother at unfacility erdz on fox that does it for us here tonight joining us for unfiltered see you back here 10 p.m. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the truth about joe biden, that's the subject of tonight's watters word. i'm sick of beating around the bush. time to call a spade a spade. joe biden is a horrible president. on pace to be one of the worst of all times. most of the country thinks he's incompetent. dwem kratz don't want him to run again. everything he says he's going to do, he doesn't do, and
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everything he says is true isn't true. this was his campaign pledge. >> i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm going to shut down the virus. jesse: he didn't shut down the virus, did he? still clocking in over a thousand deaths a day. more deaths understood biden than trump. it feels like the economy is shut down. this summer biden said inflation was temporary. >> the price increases we have seen were expected and expected to be temporary. jesse: wrong again inflation is rising at the fastest pace in 30 years. joe biden said he was getting a handle on rising gas prices. >> we are taking action on gas prices as well. jesse: he didn't do anything. can anybody name a thing joe biden did to -- to try to reduce
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gas prices? he said he would open ports and fix the supply chain mess. by increasing the number of late night hours of operation and opening up for less crowd hours where the boots can move faster. today's announcement had the potential to be a game changer. jesse: nothing changed. everything is still jammed up. not enough truckers, lots of shortages. gas prices are rising. the vaccine biden promised wouldn't be mandatory. >> i don't think it should be mandatory. jesse: joe said he wasn't going to leave any americans behind in afghanistan. >> if there are american citizens left we'll stay until
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we get them all out. jesse: hundreds of americans stranded in a foreign land on veterans day. but he brings foreign nationals into our homeland. he says this happens every year. >> there is a significant increase in the number of people come together borderer in the winter months of january, february, march. it happens every year. jesse: it doesn't happen every year. just every year joe is president. he smashed the all-time illegal alien record. way to go, joe. maybe instead of kamala biden should put hunter in charge of the border. he says he's the smartest man he knows. >> he's the smartest man i know in terms of pure intellectual capacity. i am not concern about the
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accusations made against him, it's used get to me. i think it's foul play. jesse: it looks like hunter biden the artist is laundering money by selling his own paintings to anonymous buyers. they sell for as high as a signed picasso. are illegal alien families getting rich off the taxpayer, too? >> there were reports that your immigration is planning to pay illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border up to half a million each per family. >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yes, but it's not true. >> it's garbage report? too yeah. jesse: biden 180'ed then said
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yes we are planning to pay illegals. biden said he would never use his justice department for political purposes. >> the justice department under my administration will be totally independent of me. i won't direct them what to prosecute were who to prosecutor how to prosecute and i won't be involved in the decisions about the cases they bring and don't bring. jesse: biden's justice department raided james o'keefe's apartment over biden *'s daughter's missing diary. maybe if biden's children would stop lowing laptops and
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diaries. >> we are going to win in virginia. jesse: not only doesn't he have the pulse of the people, we don't even know if he has a pulse. not only did joe pass out in the u.k., apparently he passed something else in front of the royal family. it was long and loud and impossible to ignore the source said. camilla hasn't stopped talking about it. but america never got wind of this. our media won't talk about a lot of what we talked about tonight. the biden protection plan is killing the media. cnn is being beaten by reruns of "martin." >> i like to party. i like to party. jesse: the people would rather watch reruns of "martin" than watch the press carry joe's
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water. he's at 38% approval in the latest poll and that's with the media propping him up. imagine if they treated him like trump and sent the feds to raid the home after cnn reporter because ivanka's diary was missing. and gas was twice as pricey. if it were that bad for my guy, i would be watching reruns of "martin" too. joining me for reaction the former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. you saw that presentation right there. a lot wrong. what do you think is going on? too first of all, you brilliantly made the case for one, my book is called beyond
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biden rather than anti-biden. he is doing so much to destroy himself there is no point getting in the middle of it. you have an administration that is totally out of touch with reality. whether it's the daneover dane e danger of terrorism and afghanistan. he imposes people who are working rules about vaccinations. he's not tim posing on people on welfare or illegal immigrants. i thought it was a telling symbol you have vice president kamala harris in paris talking about the border between poland and bela-russia. you had to think, what is going on? i am sure you have seen this. but for our viewers, there is a
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section on youtube that is 10 hours of kamala harris laughing. it is the best explanation of why she is at 28% approval. and i predict she'll be down around 12 or 14 percent approval. this is a weird administration. jesse: politics 101 says at least act like you care. biden is just agonizing everybody. the reason trump got elected in large part is because illegal aliens get treated better than citizens. china gets -- softball treated.
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can we do a welfare check on joe biden at the white house? i have never seen anyone see these things around him and not do anything or show he cares about the country that's falling apart. >> i think they almost picked their cabinet to be incompetent. they want people so ignorant that they will do whatever they are told. you end up with the energy secretary when asked what's your plan for the price of gasoline, she sounds like kamala harris. she starts laughing. nobody filling up their car or truck think the rise in the price of gasoline is funny. but you think it's all kinds of amusing because of the good environmentalists.
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environmentalists. in between taking parental leave wants you to believe he bicycles even though the bicycle is carried by his suburban until 2 blocks from this department, then he bicycles in. jesse: there is a new axis of evil inside the kyle rittenhouse trial. and later, a veterans day quiz. [♪♪♪] align. fast acting biotic gummies helps soothes occasional abdominal discomfort, gas, and bloating and it works fast. in as little as 7 days try fast acting biotic gummies from align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand.
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jesse: the kyle rittenhouse reeks of corruption. the press framed the shooting as a racial execution attempt. kenosha explode into violent riots the media said were mostly peaceful. business owners were begging for
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help. enter kyle rittenhouse. he put out fires and provided medical care to injured protesters. he carried his ar-15 for protection. thank god he did, because he would be dead. he every initiated anything, by was chased, hit by projectiles and skate boards. they threatened to kill him, fired a shot and raids a revolve tore his head. tragically rittenhouse shot two men and killed another. rittenhouse the vigilante that trump has sounds like outside counsel. >> rittenhouse is what you would have had in a school short. >> rittenhouse who is deeply racist went with weapons to a black lives matter protest.
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sphoo trump supporting maga loving blue lives matter social media partisan, 17 years old. drives from one state to the other with the intent to shoot people. jesse: then joe biden the the slandered him as a white supremacist. jesse: a takessist ex-condi sended on rittenhouse before being shot in the arm. the prosecution witness made the defense's case for self defense. the prosecution was later caught coaching one of their witnesses to change their statement and lie. the lead prosecutor is a tell drat who ran for county d.a. and lost. he wants rittenhouse's scalp no
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matter what the evidence shows. is antics nearly caused a mistrial and the judge scorched him. >> that's basic law in this country for 40 years. 50 years. i have no idea why you would do something like that. i will leave it at that. i don't know what you are up to. you know very well an attorney can't go in these types of areas when the judge has already ruled without asking outside the presence of the jury to do so. don't give me that. jesse: the defense called kyle rittenhouse to the stand. overwhelmed with emotion he described the shooting. stay was cornered, and there
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were people right there. jesse: media won't tell you this, but we'll. one of the season in shot that night is at convicted child rapist. he sodomized little boys. he was just reef leased from a mental institution before he yelled the n-word and chased rittenhouse with his gun. anthony shiesh is a domestic abuse ther, it didn't mean he had to die, but he did. >> doesn't it mean you played call of duty and other first-person video games? >> sometimes. >> isn't one of the things people do in these video games
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is try and kill everyone else with your guns. >> the video game, it's just a video game. it's not real life. >> it looks like an acquittal on the murder charges. it was self-defense. but still wants rittenhouse to rot in prison. >> from what i see there is a broader question. do we want a society? which political conflict is settled on the streets with guns? jesse: just lock him up for defending himself against the flood thirsty riot the left promoted. there is an axis of evil. the sphros crucial and the press the. the prediction. kyle is found not guilty of the
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nurld charges. paid pundits are scream white privilege. and that's the playbook, be ready. let's bring in criminal defense attorney mark geragos. do you think the prosecution was trying to trigger a mistrial with the crazy antics because they know deep down they have no case? >> i think that's exactly what was going on. there is a u.s. supreme court case that says if the prosecution asks for a mistrial, you cannot retry somebody. i think that's one of the reasons the judge wants to wait and let the jury do what they are going to do. this is not a some of the touch judge. this is somebody who has a reputation of being hard on the
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defense for many years. they brought in other judges because you can disqualify this judge, and most of the time it was the defense doing it. but you watched here a prosecutor when the judge was scolding him. the judge is absolutely right. jesse: the media is trying to excoriate the judge as a trump-loving jurist. because they know they are not going to get the murder conviction they so desperately want. which is weird. you have seen this happen before. you have the entire country watching a trial, seeing the evidence, seeing the footage. listening to testimony. but you have paid political commentators watching the same thing but deceiving their audience saying this guy is as
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guilty as sin. ways that all about? >> it's a horrible thing when you inject politics into a criminal courtroom. this somebody who is potentially facing the rest of his life. you want to protect the integrity of the trial if you are the judge. the prosecutors should not be doing things they know are reversible on their face. this has become a politicized trial. but it should be. it should be based on the kinds of things you mentioned. when a witness says i pointed the gun at him before he shot. it doesn't get closer to self-defense than that. but will rittenhouse still has the problem of the gun charges. jesse: i want to play some sound
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of kyle rittenhouse's mother. she was on "hannity." she had something to say to the president who basically smeared her son as a white supremacist. see you was angry. president biden don't know my son whatsoever. he's not a white supremacist. he's not a racist. he did that for the votes. and i was so angry for a while at him. and what he did to my son defaced him. jesse: in this country innocent until proven guilty, you have the most powerful in the country, the president, polluting the jury pool potentially and defaming one of his own country plen. >> we have seen this over my
8:25 pm
lifetime. i remember when richard nixon did it. when democrats and republicans have done it. to play politics with the criminal justice system is a dangerous game. you laid out a game plan or prognostication as to what can go wrong with that. it should not happen. if you are going to have a trial, and if you want to have an american system of justice, you have to presume innocence and hold the prosecution to their burden, period, end of story. jesse: it's not that complicated. if we can just stick to that, --this republic will be just f. inside character assassination. dave portnoy is on deck on how he survived a hideous sex smear.
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previous material at the paris agreement and cap global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius ahead of the european union executive arm says deal can provide a safe and prosperous space for human humanity and u.s. dropped out of the paris agreement urkd former donald trump, it returned under biden administration. and family and friends gathered today for funeral of 16-year-old breanna rodriguez she's one of nine victims of a deadly crowd surge at travis scott world festival in houston last week other victims range from age from 14 to 27 and a nine-year-old boy remains on life support i'm ash ashley strohmier. back to t waters world. jesse: as the main real media loses more and more power, they become more and more dangerous.
8:31 pm
they have journalists who slander their targets. falsely framing them as traitors, racists and even rapists. dave portnoy was in the cross-hairs this week. one of the nastiest publications around wrote a hit piece insinuating that one of his sexual encounters crossed the line. portnoy who is not married was smeared or a manufactured scandal. while portnoy was asking for fair treatment, business insider was work to pull away his
8:32 pm
advertisers. he's a major player in the media sports and betting world. because he had loyalty, facts and a platform to present them, he survived the kill shot. >> if anybody looked at the facts of this case, you will realize there is nothing there. i got accused of rape. that's as horrific a crime as you can be convicted of. and accused of. i got accused with it so far two sources i was able to disprove in three days. jesse: he laid out text messages and videos blowing gaping holes in the hit piece. but not everybody is fortunate to be in that position so that's why these episodes can be so scary. what did you learn this week about the media?
8:33 pm
>> it was actually scary. i already knew a lot of people didn't like me. you hear the term fake news, but mural the victim of it and in the cross-hairs, you don't realize how bad it can get. i had the ability to fight back. i had dms that i didn't delete. i just happened to have them. i got lucky that i had all the messages to plead my case. it's a scary, dangerous game. the second the article was printed every single person who didn't like me retweeted dave is awful, twhais we expected. i have definitively proven my
8:34 pm
innocence. none of them are retracted. it's disgusting. jesse: didn't you say you had contacts with this report and her editor and were trying to offer her information to update the story? what was their reaction to that? >> they contacted me 8 1/2 months agene said she wanted to do a glowing piece on me. i declined. i didn't hear for -- for 8 1/months from her. the article is published. they withheld the police report because they didn't put it in there. there is a police report that goes directly against one of the tories of one of the accusers.
8:35 pm
all these facts came out. i reached out. let's sit down. you bring your own cameras. you can record so nobody can edit anything. brings many people as you want. i want to have a discussion. i want to ask how can this be true if this says anything totally different. they haven't respond at all. it's print and run. jesse: it's character assassination. they hit you and they walk. they did that to me one time. they were supposed to write a nice profile about "the five." they cleaved a separate article after about me calling me a white supremacist because i used the phrase clash of civilization. and that's how they run.
8:36 pm
you were different, though. nobody can usually do this unless they have a platform like you and like me. most people get hit like this with a ton of bricks and they are canceled, they are done. >> henry blodgett the's "morning brew," says throw as many air overs across the internet, and maybe one will hit. this is their game plan. smear and then go on to the next target. jesse: dave portnoy, barstool sports. have a great rest of your weekend. jesse: did kamala take a shot at joe while she was in paris? triple play is up next.
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jesse: vice president kamala harris finally acknowledging what's been obvious from the very beginning, that inflation is a big deal. joe biden has been downplaying inflation saying it will go away soon. kamala in a swipe at joe overseas took the lead and said this is serious and she is on it. >> that's a source of stress for families that is not only economic but on a daily level is a heavyweight to carry. it's a big deal. so we are doing what we can making it probably one of our highest priorities.
8:42 pm
jesse: joining me is fox news contributor raymond arroyo. she is mrs. compassion now. it looks like maybe she is getting the message. raymond: kamala harris has a talent for restating the obvious. we need solutions and not a repeater service. it defies imagination. it's tough to find bread and gas is expensive. no crap, what are you going to do about it. she could drop the regulations and mandates incentivize work. they can't find anyone to play santa because of the covid man case. jesse: i think biden is going to
8:43 pm
play an elf this christmas. let's go to what is now joe's solution to the crisis. just let everybody steal. that's why prices go up because of these [bleep]. get a job like the rest of us. jesse: just let them take everything off the shelves, right, raymond? raymond: this is what comes from not enforcing existing statutes. the message these people have gotten loud and clear is we'll be out before you get off your shift. most people don't even chase them down. who would have thought connecticut. we have seen this in connecticut. i saw a walgreens shut down because they can't keep things
8:44 pm
on the shelves and there are not enough security guards. twhails will happen if cops don't get engaged. >> they must have a lot of laundry to do because that was a lot of detergent. i don't even have that's clothes and i get a free wardrobe. we want to show you some sound and so black lives matter activists in manhattan. he's threatening democrats. black lives matter has declared war on the democrat mayor. >> if they think they are going back to the old ways of policing, there will be riots, there will be fire, and there will be bloodshed. >> we have people in the streets who can create problems for this administration before shutting it down. i am sure the department obvious is is all on top of this.
8:45 pm
they are look at parents. raymond: this is a brazen threat against the mayor-elect adams in new york. good on the mayor for tarnding up saying i'm going to hold you accountable. visiting new york hud not a reboost escape from new york. for trends of mine, two of my friends were assaulted at penn station. a poor man was beaten up by 7 guys in times square. adams i hope will bring in an entirely new and safe new york city. the city and the country need it. jesse: save "how i saved the
8:46 pm
world" if you can quasithat in with that to being stuffer. raymond: i will secretly sign my name in those books. jesse: i hit the treats to find out how much new yorkers know about our vets. >> who in america fought in world war ii. >> who was the country? nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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jesse: thursday was veterans day. to honor the braift men and women -- the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to see how much we know about our country's history. what are you doing to celebrate the holiday this week. >> i'm going home to celebrate with friends. >> do you know what holiday i'm talking about? >> christmas?
8:51 pm
>> thanksgiving? >> veterans day, right? >> who did america fight in the revolutionary war? >> the british. >> i'm bad at history. i blocked my ears during that class. >> spain? >> canada? >> i don't know what you are talking about. jesse: who won the civil war? >> who won the civil war. >> joe biden wins the war. jesse: i won the war on christmas. who bombed pearl harbor? >> china? japanese. >> japanese. jesse: who did america fight in world war ii? >> it was a country? >> the axis powers.
8:52 pm
>> who did america fight in world war ii. >> i don't know. >> japan. >> italy. and germany. jesse: who won the cold war. >> no one won the war. why do you keep asking me. >> russia? >> i don't know. jesse: if russia won we wouldn't be here right now. >> america, not the ussr. jesse: why do you think they called it the cold war? >> because it was somewhere that was cold? jesse: is there anything you would like to say to veterans on this special week? >> i love the vets, respect the vets and hope they have a great time with their family. >> do you know who i am? >> no, i don't.
8:53 pm
jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. joining me now to react. former hawaii congresswoman, tulsi gabbard. >> it's a little sad, jesse. your reaction to that and then any message you want to send to veterans on this week. >> our veterans embody what it means to put service above self. embody what this love of country means when you put it into action. i urge our political leaders to look for examples they should follow. veterans need action and there are serious challenges they need to address now. jesse: when you see a young woman or young man not even know
8:54 pm
what the revolutionary war was, has never heard of the civil war, no clue what that was about, what's your reaction to that? >> we need to improve your education system. basic civics and teach being our constitution, the founding of our country, the history of the battles we fought and why we fought them. it's essential we teach these things because they are directly connected to many things we are facing today. freedom of speech is being called into question about wet were it should even exist in this country. people need to remember who fought for these freedoms and the foundation of what makes america america. jesse: thank you, tulsi gabbard for your service. and thank all the veterans who have served. up next, what was jesse junior's
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jesse: jesse junior said his first word this week it wasn't daddy. it was mama. jesse junior's first word, mama. i'm a little sore it wasn't dad. but that's okay. i wrote a chapter in the duffy and sean duff yims christmas book. you can see me on fox primetime. we could have a verdict in the
9:00 pm
rittenhouse trial. joe biden and the premier of china will be meeting. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm watters and t t t s my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. a deep dive on the rittenhouse murder trial, but first my open. take it until you make it. that's the new motto of the left wing of america. in 2021 if you dare to disagree with liberals and speak out about the rise


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