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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  November 14, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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did anyone keep track? [cheers and applause] janice: national pickle day. there you go, my friend. how are you feeling? pete: i feel great. [cheers and applause] janice: happy national pickle day. maria: good sunday morning and thank you for joining us. i'm a maria bartiromo and welcome to "sunday morning futures". today, america hurting, the most expensive thanksgiving in decades and it's now upon us. inflation hotter than at any time in 30 years yet joe biden is doubling down on more spending while playing dumb to how we got here. >> did you ever think you would pay this much for a gallon of gas? >> our view is the rising gas prices over the long-term makes it an even stronger case
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for doubling down on our investment in our focus on clean energy options. maria: coming out, texas senator ted cruz on where the multi trillion dollar spending tax package stands now as bernie sanders pushes for a vote before thanksgiving. working against america, first the transportation secretary skips out for two months during the worst a supply crisis we have ever seen with the store shelves bear and then the energy secretary laughs at us over the soaring prices of gasoline and no plans to fix it and now this, joe biden's nominee for bank regulator admits she wants american companies to go bankrupt. >> going to probably go bankrupt in short order at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change maria: coming up ohio congressman jim jordan is here on how much more damage the democrats can do as they ignore
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their own self-made crises over and over again. is it a dereliction of duty or simply delusional? >> i understand that voters are frustrated. we inherited a mess from donald trump. maria: plus, america in the bull's-eye as china uses fake american warplanes for target practice during military drills as joe biden has yet to raise the origin of covid-19 xi jinping. will he roll over again tomorrow during a scheduled virtual meeting with the chinese dictator? coming up former pentagon chief of stash kash patel on the china threat and the rush allies after he and congressman devon nunez crackled in the russian case so long ago. >> when i was leading the investigation, i told them we had out follow the money prosecution 101 and that's what john durham is doing here. maria: who will hillary
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clinton's fake dossier take down next as john durham examines the fbi role and those who abused power who are now back in power as then congressman doug collins told him-- set on the program two years ago. >> you have the department of justice and fbi on their own agenda with the political-- hoping for ms. clinton to become president. shows the two layers of justice with a layer from the clinton's and then a level from mr. trump. they were not equal. maria: coming up, former judiciary ranking member doug collins with his notes on the russia collusion big lie. all of that right here right now on "sunday morning futures" and. ♪♪ maria: and first this morning we can add economic crisis to the list of foreign policy crises that this administration has engineered in the last 10 months. this week we learned consumer prices for
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everything from milk and eggs to gasoline has skyrocketed 11.9% on an annualized basis in the month of october. as millions of workers are dropping out of the workforce, because of this bad policy. everyday items like eggs, bacon, baby food is soaring because of all of the free money this administration and the federal reserve are serving up yet nancy pelosi and bernie sanders want to spend more of your money and they will make sure you pay for it with higher taxes. joining me now on the spending negotiations and whether we will see a vote on this bill is texas senator ted cruz who sits on the economic judiciary and foreign affairs committee. a pleasure to see you and thank you for being here. >> maria, good morning. good to be with you. maria: we understand joe biden will sign the infrastructure bill into law tomorrow. where does the larger massive spending plan stand now? >> well, that spending plan they are still negotiating, but i got to tell you the
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trillions that are being spent, the trillions in debt that's being racked up is historic and not in a good way. it's kind of reminds me of the television show "that 70s show", it feels like joe biden's jimmy carter all over again and we are seeing skyrocketing inflation. we have seen gas lines, and middle east crisis, we have seen hostages, we have seen it surrender and in this case in afghanistan, all of these problems are replicating and it turns out cause-and-effect still operates that when you spend trillions of dollars, you cause inflation. what's stunning about that, maria, joe biden and kamala harris and the rest of the administration don't care. you played the clip a moment ago of jen psaki laughing about inflation and saying well, that's what we want. they want you not to be able to fill up gas in your car. they want your electricity bill to be higher. they want your heating bill to be higher and the cruelty-- of course it doesn't impact them of the democratic elites
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will still froth-- why other private planes everywhere they go in the working people they just say let them eat cake and it's really cool what is happening after spending 1.9 trillion on the so-called covid relief bill that wasn't covid relief and now spending 1.2 trillion on a so-called infrastructure bill, much of which is not infrastructure. they now want to move on to bernie sanders socialist budget. this was the budget that was originally $3.5 trillion and was actually closer to 5.5 if you supported honestly. where it stands now as they are battling with joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. they have 48 democrats ready to completely bankrupt the country and put trillions of dollars of taxes on the american people and they have two democrats who are saying at least tapped the brakes, slowdown, every republican opposes this boondoggle because the american people are paying for it and
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unfortunately we will have to see if they can get 50 democrats to agree to do substantially more damage to drive inflation up even more. maria: there is a report this morning that says joe manchin may try to kick this can down the road and push this build back better agenda into 2022. do you think there's truth to that and on that climate summit, it's a good point you just made because we did get the scoring of that and the hypocrisy it of it shows the footprint of that climate conference was double the last one, i mean, the visual of joe biden and his 85 vehicle lineup of vehicles in europe was just beyond, but the question about inflation, senator, and where this bill back better agenda stands, do you think we will see these price hikes continue as we going to thanksgiving where we are looking at one of the most expensive meals on record? >> well, they are
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projecting this will be the most expensive thanksgiving we have ever had because we have seen food prices go up, but the huff hocker c, maria, is striking that this administration, the cruelty is the point, they are celebrating that the cost to fill your tank that when you go and fill your tank in your truck your spending $100, $150 and they are celebrating because they think that will eventually events their green new deal, the ring agenda at the expense of working people. mind you the hypocrisy is such a doesn't impact their life. you know john kerry has a private jet that he explained for someone like him is really the only way to travel. they don't believe this nonsense. same thing is true with masks where they demonstrate they are hypocrites we saw a week ago chuck schumer dancing away in puerto rico with no mask in sight and same thing barack obama did at martha's vineyard, same thing nancy pelosi did
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in northern california. they are very big on rules for the little people and they view the american people as their subjects like king george and they don't apply the rules to themselves and when it comes to-- i think a lot of people across this country are really having buyers remorse and are shocked because this is not what joe biden campaigned on. he said he was a reasonable centrist moderate. i got to admit that joe biden, swarming into the senate nine years ago, the joe biden that that a lot of us have known for a long time, we don't know where he is. we wonder if he's tied up in the basement of the white house because the people setting the agenda here are radicals and i think the american people-- the reason we saw such great election results in virginia and new jersey are that the american people both blue states, but the american people said hold on a second. this is crazy and i'm here to predict right
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now 2022 is going to be a wave election. it's going to be like 2010, republicans will retake the house. they are going to retake the senate and the amazing thing is the crazies in the democratic party, their analysis of the solution to virginia and new jersey they say we need more crazy and go even further. this is going to be a difficult year, but i do think we are on the path back as the american people are really unhappy with the agenda joe biden is pushing. maria: you would have thought the democrats saw virginia and new jersey as a wake-up call to slow things down. in fact, it's the opposite. you had an opportunity there to stop this whole agenda, but your colleagues decided not to go that path. you had 19 of your colleagues in the senate vote for the infrastructure package. you had 13 in the house of over the infrastructure package. what exactly did that do? now because they did
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that the path is wide open for much higher taxes for the rest of us to pay. isn't that true? >> it's exactly true and it's maddening. i can tell you in the senate we spent week after week at lunch yelling at each other, which was most of the republicans is saying to those who wanted to support them for structure bill, why are you doing it, why are you facilitating the bernie sanders socialist budget. they argue no, no, if we pass this it will make the other less likely to pass. that never made sense to me. the democrats never made any agreement to that to say we won't pursue the bernie sanders budget. what they said is okay, we will take both we will take 1.2 trillion here in five and half trillion here. that's what the democrats said and i will tell you in the house for the house republicans who voted for this, joe biden and the democrats, their agenda was on the rails. it was failing. it was on the way to going down, and what those republicans did is breathed life into it
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and gave joe biden a political win he will now go across the country touting look at this big bipartisan win and that additional momentum unfortunately makes it more likely that they with their democrats into shape and passes on multi trillion dollar spending bill on top of this that will include unfortunately trillions of new taxes. that's what the stakes are all about. i still hope it doesn't happen and i hope joe manchin does what you suggested-- what he suggested which is to say let's kick this till next year and wait until inflation is licked, until we have stopped inflation and then we can talk about the next package. i think that would show a lot of wisdom. that would be a very statesmanlike actor for joe manchin to do. maria: seems like joe biden has only been able to beat the republican he's not beating the democrats. you have his nominee, saule omarova, saying she wants american companies to go bankrupt is she going to get through the senate
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process in real quick on china, joe biden has a call with xi jinping tomorrow on monday. is he going to roll over again? where is china policy right now? you even have the nba once again coming out with these new sneakers, free to bet sneakers, modern-day slavery sneakers and he is saying the way it is the chinese communist party. we will show the sneakers here and yet we still don't have joe biden raising the origins of covid-19, not once in 10 months to xi jinping. >> welcome on the first question, the banking regulator they put forward, she's really a radical. she literally trained in the soviet union. she's argued for nationalizing the banks, having the federal government take over all of the banks in america and if she wants to bankrupt companies across the country. she wants to bankrupt energy companies, she wants to put millions of americans out of work. it ought to be easy in any sane world she should be rejected
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100-zero the question comes down to are there one or two democrats will have the courage to break from the herd and tell joe biden know. they have done that twice in 10 months on a nominee. we will see if this is the third. i sure hope so. this is a dangerous nominee. on your second question about china, one of the most disturbing aspects of the last 10 months has been just how willing joe biden and kamala harris are two completely to china, so you know you ask will biden stand up to xi jinping and bring up and press china's-- the covid pandemic, the wuhan virus in the wuhan lab from which the buyer is very likely escaped, i think the chances of that are almost zero because his pattern with almost every enemy on earth whether it's russia, north korea, iran, the taliban or whether china, joe biden's pattern is just like jimmy carter's, its weakness, appeasement and he thinks if you
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gravel and give them everything they want they will go away and be nice. he doesn't understand that makes tyrants a more aggressive and one of the challenges is that the democratic party today is a structurally pro- china. they are major supporters, big business, big tech, big hollywood, big universities are all in bed with china and that's why joe biden and kamala harris-- maria: thank you so much, senator ted cruz, we will see you soon and be right back. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed
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it's like the prominent left-wing thing taking our nations capital and we think there's a connection between the president of the bookings and those dawsey is given to the state department that-- the steel dossiers which look all of this, it means it was the clinton campaign dossier, the dirt, phony that they sold not only to the american people, but they sold and corrupted our fbi where it appears like these dirty cops were willing to take this information presented to the fisa court. maria: that was congressman devon nunez in 2020 exposing direct links between the brookings institute and christopher steeles fabricated dossier, which was bought and paid for by hillary clinton and
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her campaign and the democratic national committee. last week steeles primary sub source igor was also an analyst at brookings was arrested and charged with five counts of lying to the fbi and the third indictment and special counsel john durham's probe and he has since pleaded not guilty. my next guest took the depositions of several of the players who were pushing the phony russia collusion ally, former pentagon chief of staff joins me now and he along with devon nunez cracked open the case, three, four years ago. saule omarova,-- kash patel, good to see you. >> great to be with you, maria. thank you for having me. connect the dots for us. you heard devon talking about the brookings institute and i will bring up the davin-- talking about him working as an analyst at washington-based bank think tank which is the brookings institute when he focused on russia.
7:21 am
tell me about the connection that he had in brookings. >> yeah, that's a great starting point let's frontload the conversation, maria. john durham issued subpoenas to the brookings institute. i don't think most of america knows that but he issued a federal grand jury subpoena for documentation which we now know he used in the indictment against him and who is he, he was fiona hills former research assistant. who is fiona hill, the world probably remembers she's the one who conjured up the ukraine fiasco in her time at the white house and why is she important, she connected dan to christopher steel, a political operative in the white house connected christopher to the primary source and allowed her to get this false information into the fbi. how does that relate to charlie. she also collected charlie dolan the clinton ally operative to now the indicted
7:22 am
individual under durham who documentation was recovered i john durham thankfully through his inappropriate use of federal subpoenas and i think he has a lot more coming. maria: i want to know more about this and we will show what fiona hill said during her closed-door testimony. you took a lot of the deposition. kash patel, stay with us we will be right back. but we ne. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean, we don't have that. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements
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qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol.
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>> john durham over a thousand other documents that have not yet been declassified that i know including intelligence that goes specifically to this criminal activity that would be the basis of for further indictments and again, what happened with the steel dossier, a grand jury is a saying was
7:26 am
criminal in nature and i expect all of the folks that are involved with creating it and peddling it falsely would be in jeopardy. maria: that was former director of national intelligence john radcliffe with me last week on this program on what he declassified, which, of course, exposed that this dossier and hold russia collusion ally was a fabrication from hillary clinton. i am back with kash patel. kash, you mention fiona hill making these introductions it to christopher steele as well as charles dolan and meanwhile she said she has no idea what they were doing. here's a quote from her from a closed-door testimony from october, 2019, saying i have no knowledge whatsoever of how he developed the diaz ea, none, i just want to state that. what are your thoughts on this and give us your sense of the three indictments we have seen so far and where it's going. >> real quick on fiona hill, i think john
7:27 am
durham is on the case because fiona hill has a credibility problem and i believe she lied to congress under oath connecting the main operatives who we have never heard of because doj withheld the documents from us intentionally, i believe so, now john durham has exposed that she connects the steel operation to the democratic party and she has the gall to go on national tv or closed-door testimony and say i don't know what is going on, but john durham is on the case and i think we will get there. pat asked for the three indictments, i believe he built triangle indictments with the top of the pyramid assessment who recommends an indictment of the hillary clinton campaign, the dnc, the law firm and fusion gps and following tens of millions of dollars to perpetuate the biggest fraud in american history into the fbi. the bottom two pillars of the durham triangle are the fbi, john durham's indictment of the fbi and kearny which is literally an indictment of the fbi and now criminal conviction for lying to a federal court to perpetuate a fraud and get a pfizer warrant
7:28 am
falsely. the last leg of the durum triangle comes in the form of his recent advisement of danchenko. who is danchenko and why does it matter, he is steeles main source introducing this by fiona hill who steel relied on to write his dossier in which he said he, steel, or received information from danchenko and we now know danchenko is a liar and because of the durum investigation danchenko provided no credible information to christer seo, so he has now been destroyed and these merchants of minnesota finally coming to light thanks to john durham's work and he has a long way to go. i'm glad he's getting the indictment-- excuse me, the information that rod rosenstein intentionally withheld from german nunez and our investigation and the russian probe. maria: on the indictment, this is the fbi attorney, doesn't end there or will we see a road to others in the fbi, perhaps getting arrested for directing-- this is a young guy who
7:29 am
obviously changed paperwork to say that carter page was not an asset of the cia, when in fact he was. >> you are right. look, i think all roads lead to andy mccabe who was caught lying three times by the inspector general during his tenure there. kevin kleinsmith, mid-level fbi attorney cannot pull off the greatest aniline history alone. he needs direction from a supervisor, he is a convicted felon, he doctored a piece of paper for the fisa court and now he has a prosecutor who did physis know how horrendous and how egregious the type of conduct is, but more importantly i know it can't be done alone. it's virtually impossible to get that information to a federal judge for secret surveillance warrant about the deputy director-- without the deputy director knowing so i think all roads lead to andy mccabe.
7:30 am
maria: real quick before you go, you took the deposition of jake sullivan and as i keep saying on the program and have for some time, those who abuse of power are now in power. jake sullivan was the communications person for hillary clinton. a manager for her and now he is working for joe biden at the nsa. he put out a tweet and a post back in october, 2016, listen to this, this could be the most direct link yet between donald trump in moscow scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the trump organization to the russian -based banks. here is his post that hillary clinton then tweeted out. jake sullivan was peddling and spreading the dossier. >> he was and he has the gall to come to congress as you mentioned i took so many of the depositions and say he had no idea like fiona hill how the dossier was created or who the 10 million-dollar jake sullivan and the dnc
7:31 am
were paying was he being utilized to glut fraudulent information so i think john durham is on his case and maria, wouldn't it be the irony of all for the current national security prosecutor to get charged with an actual felony based on real information and facts and not have does department of justice withhold a school put tory evidence like they did with the former national security adviser of donald trump, i think that's the accountability that the american public needs and i think that is where the road is going and where john durham is taking us so stay tuned. i think we are only 60 or 70% of the way there. maria: we will keep watching. kash, thank you for joining us from snowy pennsylvania, kash patel. a quick break and then why are republicans bailing out joe biden paving the way for higher taxes for the rest of us? next up ohio congressman jim jordan on the routine house republicans who voted for infrastructure who are now facing calls to lose their committee assignments. wait till you hear what prompted some of them too but with the democrats.
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>> being reminded by my son hunter when i was trying to get the cop 26 what's going on over in europe in the environment. makes a lot of difference, all empathy is looking at you in understanding what
7:36 am
you're worried about. maria: well, that was a stunning admission from joe biden on wednesday this week that his embattled song hunter biden advised him ahead of the climate summit in scotland where the us -- serial polluter china to cut emissions. a senate report by ron johnson chuck grassley hunter is still entangled in chinese companies after receiving tens of millions of dollars from ukrainian and chinese companies and has major conflict of interest and yet he's advising joe biden on the summit. ohio congressman jim jordan joins me right now, the ranking member on the house judiciary committee as well as the author of the new book: do what you said you would do. congressman, great to see you and thank you for being here. your thoughts on hunter advising joe going into this summit? >> his understanding of the environments probably on par with his understanding of artwork, i mean, i don't think americans get this we all know his history, i mean, he has conflict
7:37 am
of interest on conflict of interest. he took millions from china, russia, ukraine and was giving advice on all those issues as well to then from vice president biden and now he's giving advice on the environment to present-- i don't get it and i don't think the american people get it. maria: you know, i just wonder if anything is going to go-- come up tomorrow when joe biden speaks to xi jinping about the origins of covid-19 giving all of this money that has been transferred to hunter biden. we know they were sharing a bank account so it's pretty much transferred to joe biden, i guess. we know hunter still has these relationships and these entanglements with private equity firms and so is there any question that joe biden is not bringing up the origins of covid-19 with xi jinping? >> i hope he does, but frankly, i doubt that he will, i mean, we now know that american tax dollars went to eco- health, they were doing gain of function research in the lab and we know almost for certain that the actual
7:38 am
virus came from the lab in china in fact i think dr. fauci knew this january 30, 2020, when he got the e-mail from doctor christian anderson that said virus engineered, not consistent with evolutionary theory which is a fancy way of saying it came from my lab so we have been misled all along i hope joe biden will bring that up because we know what this virus has meant to the world, to our country and to our civil liberties so let's hope he does, but frankly i doubt he will. maria: you are absolutely right on all of that. let me bring you back to domestic issues because i have this feeling that there is no regard for taxpayer money at all. i went to ask you about the of the structure bill. before i get there, we are looking at the graphic of what's in the infrastructure bill. joe biden expected to sign it into law tomorrow, but your colleagues voted for it. will they lose committee assignments? i mean, where's the accountability and why would your colleagues, 13 republicans vote for this bill when there's
7:39 am
not a dime in it for the border wall? >> i mean, look, i don't know. i don't know what's going to happen. i wish they wouldn't have voted for it. you are right, there's simply no accountability for how we spend taxpayer dollars in the biden administration, i mean, they are still paying people not to build the wall. they are getting ready to pay people who illegally came into our country $450,000 and then of course we have all the reckless spending with the record inflation and the real consequences for american families, you want to buy a home it will cost more, you want to rent an apartment, it will cost more to put food on the table it costs more, thanksgiving turkey and christmas presents will cost more because of their crazy economic plan. their economic plan is really locked down the economy, spend like crazy, pay people not to work and the bill coming next week the so-called build back better, they are getting ready to raise your taxes so for all the people that have been working you will now get a tax increase. such a deal from the
7:40 am
democrats. it's craziness and why we would have folks go along with that, i don't know, but we will have to wait and see. maria: all of this spending, they want to pay $450,000 per head to people who broke the law look at this graphic we have bob all of our taxpayer money going up in smoke. we know the doj is considering paying a million dollars a family for these illegals who broke the law by breaching the border. there's 80 billion plus and weaponry left abandoned in afghanistan. the towel that had a parade showing it off this week. $100 million in unused border wall materials in texas. they are privately flying jets into private airports to drop people i think in red states and now they are doing this spending package where they will force all of us to pay for all of these skyhigh ideas. >> yeah, don't forget they gave andy mccabe
7:41 am
$1.8 million, a guy who lied to the fbi, lied to the inspector general multiple times, they-- the same doj who's getting ready to give $450,000 per person who illegally came into our country gave andy mccabe that country-- that money after he lied to the justice department, i mean, this is the merrick garland justice department so americans are fed up with this and that's there's a pullout that says it joe biden has 41%-- abc poll, "washington post" poll, 41% approval rating because the americans get how wrong they have been in this administration has been on every single policy issue. maria: well, look, obviously parents are taking control and you are showing serious leadership in this parent situation. you sent two letters and i want to ask about schools being-- ended up being the issue in virginia and almost lost new jersey as well. you would think they would use that as a wake-up call.
7:42 am
tell us about your investigation into the department of justice and the white house for seeking the fbi on soccer moms. >> yeah, they definitely did. they treated parents-- they are treating parents as domestic terrace as the initial letter said in this week we sent a letter asking chip flavin and the two ends to-- who sent the original letter september 29 that prompted this whole thing and we learned as well this week that the school board association was working with the white house beforehand, even before so they were coordinating on this letter that then became the basis for attorney general garlands memorandum where he said he's going to set up a snitch line on parents and investigate moms and dads who are simply showing up at school board meeting saying we don't want this racist hate america curriculum taught to our kids, so we hope these individuals will come in for a transcribed interview and if they don't we will call for subpoenas. maria: yeah, i mean, all of this as they ignore serious crime and
7:43 am
perjury in the russia hoax and drive a forward trying to take down trump associates. real quick on your former house colleague, white house chief of staff former chief of staff mark meadows potentially facing criminal contempt of congress. >> this is so ridiculous. mark meadows didn't do one thing wrong. he's a good man who served our country and was the best chief of staff you could have. the idea they will do this-- talk about having a chilling impact on the top advisor of the president of the united states going forward what this means, it's frightening where they want to go. but, this is where the democrats are. they are focused so much on this january 6, commission because maria, what else are they going to talk about? i mean, they are going to talk about inflation, the chaos on our borders, are they going to talk about the price of energy where we went from energy independence were now the president is begging opec to increase production?
7:44 am
now they are going on at 200 year presidents essay in the top advisor to the president has to come in and testify? it's as wrong as it gets. maria: a really troubling times right now, congressman. thank you. we will keep watching that. jim jordan. we will be right back with former congressman doug columns on the big lie of the cut-- russia collusion that he helped expose. stay with us. kevin, where are you? kevin?!?!? hey, what's going on? i'm right here! i was busy cashbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. i'm gonna cashback on a gingerbread house! oooh, it's got little people inside! and a snowglobe. oh, i wished i lived in there. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition! that it is! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. knowing where you came from, it gives you a sense of “this is who i am”. oh my goodness... wow, look at all those!
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including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. >> i kept getting these calls from reporters throughout the summer of 2016 asking about the totally false allegations, which fusion gps and their consultants were doing for the dnc. maria: they were trying to muddy you up by putting your name out there. >> really too muddy then candidate trump up. maria: that was one of the victims of the democrats big lie with the trump russia collusion, former policy advisor carter page with me two years ago a laying out the truth that the fbi unlawfully spied on him for
7:48 am
over a year and kept renewed zine-- renewing pfizer warrants despite the fact the fbi knew the story was made up by the hillary clinton campaign to my next guest was in for a in exposing the lie when he was in congress. doug collins former ranking member of the house judiciary committee, the author of the new book out this tuesday: the clock in the calendar. it's out tuesday. good morning to you, doug. great to see you again. >> always good to be with you, maria. maria: you just heard carter page. give us your sense of the indictments as you write about this in the book quite extensively. tell me where you see this investigation going based on what you know. >> first and foremost let's put this in perspective. the whole russia hoax investigation, which i talk about in the book, really started again with another clinton cover-up. it was a clinton cover-up of her e-mails and blatant disregard for the law in keeping classified e-mails on a private server and then she had her perfect pond, jim called me too
7:49 am
go out and say that no reasonable prosecutor would ever prosecute this. all the same time while in the background they are beginning within two weeks to start what we know now was the russia hoax started by hillary clinton because she's trying to cover up these -- the bad press from the e-mails. here's what's interesting. here's what we seen from the indictments and john durham go to what you who are so good at this and the other side it proves what we were saying was right and now you even have the "washington post" this past week correcting stories. let me add one thing in the story that i didn't see corrected, how about i'm sorry donald trump that we lied and took false information and tried to tear you down. that's one thing i did not see and that's the one thing i thing that's coming from the durham investigation. maria: here's the soundbite of jim call me was he in the press or july 2016 explaining what he will do now that we found out that hillary clinton has this private server in her basement. watch this. >> although, there is
7:50 am
evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before deciding whether to bring charges. maria: i remember watching this at the time and saying wow, he just told us what she would did was so wrong, but he's not going to bring a case. it's exactly the moments you pinpoint in the book. >> and is, it's the moment that really james comey who likes to go around being superman when really the s is a shame. remember he had a very-- i don't want to say a lackey attorney general that who basically passed off the information. attorney general lynch said because of her meetings with bill clinton on the tarmac and other issues that she pulled herself away and said i will accept whatever jim called me tells me and james comey said no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute pics she went along with it, but all
7:51 am
at the same time you had in the background the peter struct, andy mccabe who were forcing the issue and this is where it all started. maria: i want to get your take on whether any of those big fish could be facing a take down from john durham and i also want your take on the senate race with george or former football legend herschel walker in the lead we will take a break and come back with both of those things. stay with us with doug collins. reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless of her limits or if the cost of materials has gone up. (woman) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. wait, i didn't ruin the ending, did i? (woman) yeah, y-you did. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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maria: welcome back. i'm back with former congressman doug collins, ranking member on house judiciary and doug i went to ask you about all of this you are spot on in terms of hillary clinton's culpability. how come we never seek accountability? talking about hillary clinton in the cover-up and jim comey, andrew mccabe and peter strzok,
7:55 am
do you think the indictments will lead to the fbi and john durham? >> they need to. you know you go back and look at where this started and maria, you held for so long to point this out and i will not only say the fbi but comey and strauch and the fbi should be concerned, but i want to say brandon klapper. they were the ones that briefed obama about the plot from hillary clinton to paint donald trump with russia and there needs to be accountability. maria: we have a picture of john brennan in the oval office with president obama explaining and we know now the notes because john radcliffe exposed those notes showing running showed obama that hillary clinton was cooking of this idea to tie donald trump so they all knew, they all were aware of what was going on. let me switch gears and ask about the senate races in 2022, doug. you left congress to run for senate in georgia 2020 and now, we have
7:56 am
football legend herschel walker leading the pack for that same seat one by raphael warnock. what's your take on where this is going in 2022 given all we know now? >> what we see right now is the biden administration dragging the and democratic with him and down and geordie of a senate race that's first focused on getting rid of raphael warnock. he's an enabler to a failed administration and i think you will see a turn in georgia and i think you will see raphael warnock beat. you have some great candidates, herschel walker, but the bottom line is whoever wins on our side will be raphael warnock because the senate has to flip back. maria: we will see a free and fair election in georgia? >> we will, yes. republicans will win. maria: doug collins, great to see you and congrats on the book. it hits the stores tuesday. have a wonderful sunday, everyone. i will see you tomorrow on foxbusiness
7:57 am
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howie: journalists are all too familiar with the rising level of anger in our country and need ya are divided over who is to blame. regardless of whether you're conservative or liberal, or what you think about conflicting claims about last year's election, can we all agree on one thing that it is re-presenceable for -- reprehensib le for election workers to get threatened. >> it's time to put a pistol in


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