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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 14, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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howie: journalists are all too familiar with the rising level of anger in our country and need ya are divided over who is to blame. regardless of whether you're conservative or liberal, or what you think about conflicting claims about last year's election, can we all agree on one thing that it is re-presenceable for -- reprehensib le for election workers to get threatened. >> it's time to put a pistol in
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your mouth and pull the trigger if you're in part of this [bleep] fraud. howie: reuters tracked down nine people who left such messages. this is the incredible part. they admitted to it. they thought it was fine to curse and threaten people who were doing their jobs. one man left a message with arizona secretary of state katie holmes' office saying she would hang, quote, from an f dashing-e tree. most of the cases don't get prosecuted. while the press is starting to pay attention, there should be a much bigger story. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ howie: ahead of the media totally botched the kyle rittenhouse homicide case, the media hadn't been all that concerned with rising prices,
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not the world's sexiest topic but when the biden administration announced the annual inflation topped 6%, even some pundits sympathetic to the president acknowledged he faces a major political problem. >> everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more and it's worrisome. even though wages are going up. >> with inflation tightening around american families, we see people that he put in charge, it's just really dumb. >> it's mitch mcconnell's wildest dream, they'll own the economic message even though the economy is doing well. >> they don't scare about growth, they don't care about jobs or prosperity. >> this is one of the central issues of the biden administration and the democratic party. prices are rising and there's not a lot they can do about it. howie: joining us now to analyze the coverage in west palm beach, guy benson who hosts the guy benson show and in new york, liz claman, host of the
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claman countdown on fox business. the mainstream media paid little attention until recently to inflation and rising gas prices and the conservative media certainly played it up. most of their members are upper middle class, big city types an don't have to worry about paying a couple bucks more per gallon. >> it's not the sexiest topic. but when people all across the country are noticing the price of almost everything going up, it is impossible to ignore at a certain stage and i think the media has finally gotten around to that stage. i think you're right, you've got a lot of people especially in new york and d.c. making a lot of money so they're like oh, okay my sushi costs a little more but i can absorb that. it's not a big deal. it's fine. and that's perhaps one of the explanatory -- i'm a big sushi fan myself. i think often, not always, but often many many journalists are
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inclined to believe democrats and what the democrat spin is and what the white house might be saying, this white house, not the last white house. what do we hear from democrats? for weeks and months on this issue, it's transitory, it's going to be very quick, relatively painless, don't worry too much about it. i think a lot of reporters said that sounds about right, we'll wait and see. we have waited. we have seen. it's getting worse. 31 years. what were you doing in 1990. i was learning how to tie my shoes. howie: plight coz had a pretty -- politico had a pretty good story, president biden wants to take credit for the recent good economic news, record breaking stock market, 4.6 unemployment, 500 plus -- 500,000 plus jobs added last month but doesn't want to appear out of touch with those who were struggling. a washington post poll says 70% view the economy negatively. your thoughts? >> the polls are atrocious because the numbers are atrocious, howie. it's a business network.
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fox business. bloomberg, yahoo finance, we've ordered our graphics. inflation nation, all kinds of issues. fox news has biden's inflation problem, cnn, pain in the wallet. i saws that yesterday as i was watching all of the newscasts. i think it's really important to point out that the numbers are horrific, they're highly unattractive, bacon up 20% over the past year, used cars and trucks up 26%, natural gas up 113% year-to-date. white house -- more importantly, janet yellen, the treasury secretary said in march this is the risk -- okay. it's not a risk anymore. it's here. the risk is small and manageable. it is neither. it's a huge elephant that is now serious and may be on the rampage. i would say as we watched nonnews networks cover this, they cannot ignore it. cnn had an interesting headline in fact on its website, biden has a lot more to do on
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inflation, npr, inflation is surging and people are mad with a picture of biden and cnn can did this piece. this was interesting, the reaction of different levels of media. they did a piece on a family with nine kids whose milk bill has skyrocketed and it's really upsetting. this is a texas middle class family and cnn was attacked for that piece by an msnbc columnist who basically said that they're fear mongering and frightening viewers. howie: there's a lot of fear out there as you point out with all those examples. i think that is surging now because it can't be ignored. would you say despite rising inflation and president biden passing the trillion dollar infrastructure bill, which he is finally going to sign tomorrow, that most of the media are backing the other bill, this one party social spending bill because, hey, why not spend nearly 2 trillion more dollars. >> i think many of them are because they are big government
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progressives who mass cried as journalists -- massacreade as journalists. the answer to that type of question is yes. i wonder, at a certain point, a few weeks ago the white house was saying the real cost of all this will be zero. that spin was so preposterous on its face that i think even some folks in the press were like, come on, let's do a fact check here. i think similarly with these inflation levels biting, people really experiencing it in their everyday lives, for democrats to try to argue as they are with a straight face that spending trillions more will help alleviate inflationary pressures, i think average people who never got an economics degree will say-they'll call bs on that, quite frankly. one other point on this, howie, last tuesday new jersey, virginia, those elections, there was a following week, seven days later, some in the media saying oh, gosh, if only that election happened a week later because the infrastructure bill passed and there was a good jobs
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report. maybe things would have been different in these off-year elections. the poll that was just referenced, washington post that's so terrible for the democrats, that was all taken after passage of infrastructure, after the jobs report. people are unhappy and that was not a game changer despite the wish casting of democrats and some in the press. howie: let me get you in on this, liz. is there a built in default setting in much of the media to back more government spending and solve the nation's problems as opposed to worrying about deficits and inflation which are seen perhaps as boring, green eye shade complaints? >> well, it's not boring anymore for a lot of people. it's actually very painful. people don't quite understand the economy is sort of this living, breathing creature that has physics in there too. for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction and we have pretty much been on the edge of overstimulating the semiwith enhanced benefits and,
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yes, during the pandemic there was a great need to help people because the whole nation shut down and maybe you could argue that the current bill that just passed bipartisan infrastructure bill is appropriate but we start to put too much in there and prices go up but that's also a function of, yes, supply chains. you cannot look and say this is all biden's fault. i would say simply by looking at the numbers, 38 developed nations, howie, are looking at the highest inflation levels since 2008. you can't blame biden for spain at a 29-year high for inflation. there are problems with his energy problems that make it more expensive. howie: let me turn to this other major controversy in washington, this is an an a medication posted by republican congressman paul gosar, showing him -- it's a cartoonish kind of thing, killing alexandria ocasio-cortez, she is a monster with a head and also taking two swords and stabbing president
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biden. now, guys, some of our viewers may not like aoc but are the media wrong to say that it's unacceptable for a member of congress to post even this animated version of this, showing him killing a congressional colleague? >> yeah, i mean, i understand part of the defense is oh, this is not serious, they this is just a meme, this is just a joke. i get that. but in an age where we've had assassination attempts, for example, against steve scalise, one of the top republicans in the house, i feel we don't need to be engage fled a -- engage inned a race to the bottom. we should not have a place about fantasizing about killing members of congress, period. from a republican perspective, a lot of gop members might want to say long live aoc because she is good fodder for attacks, defund the police, she is the face of unpopular stuff that i think helps the republican party. howie: republican leadership is being criticized for saying nothing, not even a mild slap on
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the wrist about the video. at first he said it's not serious. he said it was in no way to suggest violence against the congresswoman or joe biden, it was just symbolic. your thoughts? >> he said it was a symbolic cartoon. he's on the side of larry flynn versus hustler magazine versus jerry falwell where he went to the supreme court after putting an offensive to many people cartoon into a porn -- he's a pornographer. it was enough when kathy griffin held up the donald trump beheaded mask. paul gosar is a sitting congressman who put up a meme version of a snuff film on his instagram and twitter accounts. i'm with guy on this. this is low rent, race to the bottom and i do think it is a huge issue here that you've got to really avoid because this is
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getting completely out of control. howie: i slammed kathy griffin doing that. when we come back, the coverage of the threatening messages which are going to some republican congressmen and later andy mccarthy on the media and kyle rittenhouse. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. ("this little light of mine") kayak. search one and done. - [narrator] in the world's poorest places, they're shunned, outcast, living in pain.
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howie: now to the coverage of the tide of threatening messages, this one was left for congressman fred upton who shared it with cnn for the sin of being one of 13 house republicans to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> you [bleep] traitor. that's what you are, you're a [bleep] traitor. i hope you die. i hope everybody in your [bleep] family dies. you [bleep] piece of [bleep].
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howie: wow. guy, the media have really played up this fred upton case, is that because it's hard to imagine such verbal abuhl, not p -- abuse, not because of a moral issue but because he voted to spend money on construction issues around the country. >> unfortunately, it's not that unusual. i remember republicans getting similar profane threatening messages because they were passing tax cuts for example a few years ago and hard core leftists were screaming this will kill everyone, go jump off a bridge, that insanity. it's really gross. i wish it weren't typical but it is. i'm not happy with the 13 republicans either. i think i could take it or leave it on the bill itself. this was linked to other spending. you made nancy pelosi's job a lot easier in some respects. there are counter points.
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i understand the frustration of many conservative voters. taking it out this way, i don't know who will defend that. i certainly will not. howie: in terms of the bill, you certainly can have disagreements with it or think it never should have passed. fred upton voted for the same bill as mitch mcconnell and 18 republican senators. he's threatened as a traitor. it's a bill that biden wanted. but so did mcconnell. i wonder if journalists realize that the polarization and inflammatory conduct in this country has reached these heights. i know there's always been some of this but it really seems out of control right now. >> oh, i mean, it's as old as time that they got threats, for sure, when votes didn't go their way but these are -- looking at it through a political prism, these are centrist republicans in swing states. this is what their constituents have verbally expressed they wanted plus through their votes and that would be clean water,
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broadband, infrastructure, fixing crumbling bridges in their area, jeff van drew of new jersey said the state is supposed to get 20 billion. why would i vote against that to make it safer, to improve it. andrew garbarino of new york got a horrific threat. they arrested the guy. and in essence he cleveland back and he said, sorry, it's about paving roads. so man up and deal with it. and so you really have to look at this maybe through a different angle and say kevin mccarthy, the speaker has not really spoken up and supported these republicans who are in centrist but swing states. don't the republicans want to hold onto those seats? howie: guy, as you point out, there have always been crazy people. fox news hasn't covered that issue that much. but the fact that on the election officials, some of these are low level staffers, answering the phone and hearing these messages, do you think based on your earlier comments
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that the media are perhaps blowing this out of proportion because the general consensus is that the infrastructure bill was a great thing for the country and a victory for -- political victory for joe biden or do you think that it's taken a more ominous turn and deserves this coverage? >> i think it's a story, right, it's not a nonstory. but i think one of the decisions that news organizations have to make is how much nut picking they're going to engage in. that's a term that means finding the worst examples of egregious behavior from specific people around the country and trying to then extrapolate that into a larger story that somehow illustrative of a broader trend in the country or a larger group of people. i think that's tricky, right, because threats and explosive audio like what we played, saying this is nothing, we're not going to share this, it's not worthy of coverage at all, i don't think i would agree with that but how much oxygen and amplification do you want to
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give to the fringe to make it seem perhaps more mainstream than it is? that's i think a newsroom decision and it's not always a an easy one. howie: that's a fair point. liz, i guess here's reuters, it actually tracked down nine people, usually they're anonymous and they basically say, yeah, i did it and i'm not ashamed of it and here's why. one guy said i'm waiting for the coming civil war. what does that say about our culture? >> is this what we have come to, the polarization is just off the charts, howie. and that does say quite a bit about the post trump era where there is so much anger on both sides here and by the way, they're arresting some of these people. howie: fine. >> i they tracked down some of them so let's see how they feel when they're in the clink. it becomes an issue where we need to get back to as i said before decorum where congressmen are talking to each other and working with each other because
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you want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, right. howie: i don't care if congressmen yell at each other but let's do it without death threats and kill videos and that. up next, why former network anchor brian williams is leaving msnbc which revived his career five years after a fabrication story. kevin, where are you? kevin?!?!? hey, what's going on? i'm right here! i was busy cashbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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howie: brian william who lost his job as nbc anchor in a fabrication scandal was given a second chance with a late night show at msnbc. now he announced he's leaving after 28 years with the company. >> we've been meeting this way at this same time, this same place for an awful long while. howie: it was back in 2015 a that he apologized for making this claim about the iraq war which he admitted was a lieutenantly un-- absolutely untrue. >> two of our four helicopters were hit by groundfire including the one i was in. >> no kidding. >> rpg and ak-47. howie: joining us now from dallas, steve krakauer, cable news veteran who writes the fourth watch newsletter. steve, word leaked as you know that brian williams was in contract talks, he wanted to get off the late shift at msnbc. now he wants to spend more time with his family. why else would he walk away from the show which revived his career? >> i think that one of the points you made is exactly right. he wanted to get out of that 11:00 p.m. hour. and that's when this started
8:26 am
five years ago when it was this temporary, okay, lead up to the election, we'll put you on and i'm sure hillary clinton will win and you'll go back to something else. i'm sure at the time he thought i want to get back on tv. he had an embarrassing moment and was looked upon very poorly among his media colleagues. now he had his shot. now he's doing well. his career has been revived as you mentioned and now he's got lots of options i would imagine for what he might do next and i have to say, i think part of the reason he has so much to do at this point is because he's not the stern like objective nightly news anchor now. he started that way. he was going to be this news program after a bunch of hours of opinion on msnbc. now he's become another kind of snarky or anti-trump turned against half the country little jabs at kind of funny, kind of not objective, kind of newsy and that's what works these days. howie: it works at msnbc. i interviewed brian many times
8:27 am
for my book. he's a talented guy. i went on a reporting book to new orleans with him. he was accused of exaggerating there after the hurricane that he saw dead bodies floating by. these fabrications badly wounded his credibility as a journalist. has enough time passed that it's lightened up? >> i think so. i have to say. you played the clip. this was not dan rather putting ethicaaly problem attic stories. howie: he it was a helicopter. >> it was a lie. it took a knock on his credibility. i have no doubt about that. the reason he was able to come back, it wasn't a journalistic death sentence. it was embarrassing for someone
8:28 am
in his position. the guy who replaced him is lester holt who said fairness is overrated. that's where we are in the media. if i had to guess where brian goes next, people are saying late night tv. he's sort of funny. what that works these days. jimmy kimmel is sort of funny. howie: he guest hosted snl. >> it's possible he goes that route. i like brian. i think he's a nice guy. i look at it as a cnn pass. it was once a news mainstay, objective institution. now it's drifted into this very different territory. it's news-ish and opinion-ish. i think he fits in well there and he's got a friend in jeff zucker who is running it. howie: is there room at msnbc for an old school trying to sort of be a straight news anchor like brian williams who co-anchored political events with nicole wallace and rachel
8:29 am
maddow. >> i would say that's not a news forum, how you cover election these days. i don't think that changes in 2022 or 2024. have you to do what works. i think we've seen that msnbc carved out a lane for itself as the left leaning network and cnn you could say is trying to do that, it's not really working for them. so i don't think that you have room for brian williams at msnbc or people like him. i think it's got to be opinion. howie: steve krakauer, thank you so much. up next, the press practically convicted kyle rittenhouse in the kenosha shootings. emotional testimony changed that. andy mccarthy is up next. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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howie: the three cable news networks were alive when kyle rittenhouse took the stand in kenosha where he is charged with homicide in the fatal shooting of two people and wounded a third and the 18-year-old
8:33 am
defendant widely revealed by the -- reviled by the media broke down. >> there were -- [ crying ] >> with regard to joseph rosenbaum, you fired four shots at him, correct. >> yes. >> you intended to kill him, correct? >> i didn't intend to kill him. howie: has prosecutors ran into problems, that prompted hasty reassessments in the press. >> the media were completely wrong about kyle rittenhouse. they slandered an innocent kid. they're not admitting it. >> i think it's likely he'll be acquitted, honestly. there's the broader question of what kind of society do we want to live in? howie: joining us now is andy mccarthy, contributing editor at national review and fox news contributor. andy, has most of the press been surprised if not stunned by the trial testimony and the evidence presented that kyle rittenhouse
8:34 am
might well have shot these three people in self-defense? >> i think that's right. unfortunately, howie, a trial's not a morality play. it's like a real life concrete dispute and i think we see again and again with a lot of these cases, particularly when there's a lot of political baggage brought to them, people tend to -- the media is the biggest culprit here, the they tend to assign roles to the people who were in the case that fit whatever the political narrative they want to impose on it is and unfortunately for that perspective the four quarters of the trial is a real life dispute. people are not black and white and like characters in a play and the way they react is because of what they confront in a situation and not a political narrative. howie: you know that as a former federal prosecutor. let me play a couple sound bites
8:35 am
of the coverage last year after the tragedy in question know -- kenosha to get a flavor of it. >> it's not good that a 17-year-old vigilante arresting a was bring a domestic terrorist, picked up a rifle and drove to a different state to shoot people. kyle rittenhouse is the enemy. howie: abc news called him an alleged white supremacist, he h. was there a massive rush to judgment by much of the media? >> yeah, there is no evidence in the record, the trial now went on for eight days of sworn evidence, he's a 17-year-old kid who dropped out of high school in illinois, lived part of the time i think with a father who lives in kenosha, works in kenosha. there's no evidence that he's a white supremacist, there's no evidence that -- he's a pro cop guy which in parts of the media is unpopular and this was left
8:36 am
wing rioting so we're all assigned our roles in these things but the fact of the matter is, most of the things that you would think you knew about this trial when you sat down to watch it turn out not to be true. howie: you've written that it was hardly a brilliant more for this high school dropout to take an ar-15 and go to kenosha and break the curfew there and he had the gun illegally. we shouldn't paint him as a hero. i agree with that. he's still entitled to a fair trial, not trial by media. >> i think about it in terms of my own sons, howie. when they were 17, if they went and got themselves involved in something like this, they would have a big problem with me. i would be very angry at them. at the same time, if they got themselves into trouble, i think any parent and any american should want them to have all of the due process rights that they're entitled to and the state shouldn't be able to convict them unless they can
8:37 am
actually prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did the things he's charged with and it looks like that's going to be a very tough road to hoe for them. howie: some are not letting go of the narrative of kyle rittenhouse. joy reed compared him to the long history of vigilantes and slave owners and lynch mobs. take a look. >> should we really be surprised this 17-year-old proud boy believes that he has a perfect right to cross state lines and protect property with am r-15 he -- ar-15 that he got because he thought it was cool. howie: they're sticking to their story here. >> i prosecuted terrorists and it was the proud t boast of the system that even terrorists, even people who wanted to mass murder americans, we would bring them into court and we were proud of the fact that we would give them a fair trial and not
8:38 am
convict them because they were villains in a ideological play or because we didn't like them, but because we had evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to convict them of what they were charged. i don't know why we would treat americans differently. howie: exactly. you called the prosecution case here stunningly weak. does it matter that they were scolded by the judge or is that just theatrics for the cameras? >> well, i think we shouldn't get a cribbed idea of who the judges on the basis of a few incidents where he's yelling at the prosecutors who did do things that provoked the judge. the judge has also made rulings that have been favorable to the prosecution, including keeping the misdemeanor gun possession in the case, allowing them to make arguments that would undermine the self-defense defense. so you know, again, it's a more complicated picture. i think where the prosecutors got reamed out by judge, they
8:39 am
deserved it. howie: bottom line, when there's a televised trial, part of a televised -- you know, everybody gets to pick sides, you know, rittenhouse was being a great actor, no, he was really broken up. comes down to, does he meet the legal standard for self-defense. that's what will go to the jury, right? >> that's exactly right. it's one of those weird cases, howie, it's more of a legal dispute than a factual one. we're pretty clear on what happened here. the question is he legally does he have a self-defense defense. i think he does but the prosecutors are going to try to say that because, for example, the gun was illegal, maybe he waives his right to defend himself, i don't think that's persuasive. that's where they're going. howie: we'll see that with closing arguments start tomorrow. often andy mccarthy. thanks for standing by. after the break, a media explosion over the indictment of steve bannon in the house probe of january 6th and why lib l liberalpundits, are they rootinn
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howie: there was an explosion of media coverage late friday when the biden justice department indicted former trump white house aide steve bannon for contempt of congress for rejecting the subpoena of the house january 6 committee. joining us to analyze the coverage from new york, alexandra wilkes, comment tate tore and jessica tarlov, a fox news contributor. the justice department's move
8:44 am
here -- no one has gone to jail for consistent settlement since the reagan administration -- is treated as a massive story. i think it's an important investigation, obviously bannon is a colorful and controversial character but are the media inflating the importance of this? >> i think they are. i don't think it should have goten the top billing. on the major networks yesterday, the first time people sit down with a cup of coffee and watch the news, it led all of the profits and i just think that with pocketbook issues that are dominating the news for a lot of american families right now, it's a little bit discordant with everybody's reality. howie: jessica, when the bannon news broke, cnn and msnbc went wall to wall, there was no other story. fox news coverage was much more limited. there have been subpoenas for mike meadows, kaley mcenany. how is it every time the democrat controlled committee
8:45 am
issues a few subpoenas it becomes the lead story hour after hour after hour on other channels. >> it's not just about issuing subpoenas. we nine finally have an indictment. that's different here. steve bannon will allegedly turn himself in tomorrow. that's a big deal because they've been issuing subpoenas for months now and people who are associated with the trump administration have not been complying with them. i understand you don't typically get indicted for that but it's something you're supposed to do. alexandra is a lawyer. if she was representing someone she may say hey, you've got a subpoena, you should comply. that's what's different here. democrats have been waiting to see how much backbone the january 6 committee folks will have about this and the fact that they're bringing in steve bannon, have moved beyond subpoena while mark meadows is hiding out. he was on news max this morning, talking about january 6. say it to the committee. if you did nothing wrong and donald trump didn't have anything to do with it, say it to the committee's face. that's why it's so serious.
8:46 am
howie: there was an arguement about executive privilege. less so in bannon's case, he was not in the white house in the time he was talking about the run-up to january 6. donald trump put out a statement saying the country has never done to anyone what they've done to steve bannon. they are lawful subpoenas. i want to turn to jonathan carl of abc has a book coming out called betrayed, a tape recorded interview with former donald trump and he asked donald trump how he felt on january 6th when the mob was chanting hang mike pence. let's roll it. >> were you worried? >> i thought he was well protected. i heard he was in good shape. >> you heard the chants, thats was terrible. >> he could have -- people were angry. it's common sense that you're supposed to protect -- how can you -- if you know a vote is fraudulent, right, how can you pass on a fraudulent vote to
8:47 am
congress? howie: alex, the media consensus fairly or unfairly is this shows donald trump being unfeeling towards his vice be president who was after all had to be hustled with his family to safety by the secret service. your thoughts. >> obviously, look, it was a horrible scary day, should never happen again. i think that as long as the former president keeps making statements about it, it's going to continue to dominate the news. something that i do think just a few -- just within the past two weeks we've seen the new jersey and virginia elections, we have new methods of voting, vote by mail and early voting, i think that news networks really need to come together with local boards of election to find better ways to report the fact that there are still outstanding ballots of different kinds in different seats because it leads to suspicion and confusion. that precipitated a lot of what happened on that day.
8:48 am
inexcusable but i think we need to be more clear about what's going on. howie: january 6 was an awful a tragedy for our country and yet donald trump -- i get e-mails from him every day, making statements about it. jessica, he called john carl a third rate reporter but he praised the book when he was president when an early excerpt came out, saying you did a good job. these are donald trump's on the record words. people don't have to rely on john carl's interpretation or the media spin here. >> absolutely not. that's what happened when he spoke to bob woodward about covid and he admit it'd it was airborne. donald trump shouldn't talk to reporters. he will be on the record and say something he will regret that flies in the face of whatever he wants to say the day he wakes up and he's like oh, i'm going to talk about this again and it makes him see completely insane, saying mike pence was fine and if you think it's a fraudulent election, even know he knew it
8:49 am
wasn't, republican officials who had lives threatened and they had said we voted for you. and it was not fraudulent. you cannot undermine democracy this way. and yet he persists up until this day and i understand dems are on their back foot. the election doesn't look good for the midterms. but this certainly doesn't help the republican case. howie: i've got one room for a one sentence answer here. i seem defect that maybe the -- he detect that maybe the media should move on from the incessant focus of what happened january 6, am i right. >> i think it needs to be investigated. there is an investigation when it comes to donald trump, when you consider the mule rer investigation, now the steele dossier, garbage, you know, it's tough for the average american to follow along. howie: we've got to go. thanks to both of you. still to come, a major if belated correction by the washington post, green bay's aaron rodgers backs off the
8:50 am
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on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. howie: time to race the clock on the buzz beater. let's go. the washington post is owning up to a major mistake the paper has issued a lengthy correction related to the steele dossier. it's unusual for a newspaper to remove large portions of two past stories. that was triggered by the indictment of igor danchenko. identified an american businessman as an unwitting source for christopher steele. the accusation has been removed from the stories along with the dossier's unproven claim that the kremlin had evidence of donald trump once being with
8:54 am
prostitutes at a moscow hotel. they denied to the post having any compromises information on trump. when will other newsouts lets step up and correct the record? aaron rodgers is back in action today after getting covid but the media uproar over his lying to reporters about having gotten vaccinated keeps getting louder. the nfl has fined the green bay packers $300,000 and rodgers more than $14,000, that's a rounding error for him for breaking league rules when he went maskless to a team halloween party without being vaxed. he 2kubd down on the stance that -- doubled down on the stance that he did nothing wrong. he backed off slightly. >> i made comments that people may have thought were misleading and to anybody who felt misled by those comments, i take take full responsibility. howie: rodgers didn't apologize or express regret.
8:55 am
news max took a white house core correspondent off the air temporarily, she was taken off twitter for saying that the covid vaccine contains a tracking practice. she is now permanently banned. big bird and the sesame street gang urged vaccinations for covid. ted cruz and other critics are denouncing the kids' show whose message was basically endorsed by cnn. >> it's from my covid vaccine. my mom and dad took me to get it this morning. >> that's a great. getting the covid vaccine is a great way to stay healthy. >> your parents are absolutely right. covid vaccines are now available for children 5 years and older. howie: no surprise that cnn is on board totally and parents must decide what's best for their kids. for those calling this
8:56 am
propaganda, sesame street has been promoting vaccines since the 1970s. everyone is covering this story, paul rudd is the sexyist man alive, so says people magazine. do we all have to roll over for this fluff quite so easily? that's it for this edition of media buzz. there we go. i'm howard kurtz. hope to hear from you on facebook and on twitter, my daily columns are posted in both places. check out the podcast, media buzz meter. can you subscribe at apple itunes, google podcast or your amazon device. hopefully we keep you all current. we'll do it again next week. see you next sunday, 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. ♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes.
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so you can bounce back fast with alka-seltzer plus. arthel: all eyes on wisconsin as the jury in the rittenhouse trial will begin deliberating in about 24 hours over the fate of wisconsin shooter kyle rittenhouse after closing arguments, the jury will get final instructions from the judge who has said he will let them consider some lesser charges. hello, everyone. welcome to "fox news live." i'm arthel neville. hi, eric. eric: hi, arthel. hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. rittenhouse faces up to life in prison if he is convicted on the most serious homicide charge many we will have more legal analysis on this closely