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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 14, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> eric: the jury in the trial that's captured the nation's attention expected to begin deliberating on the fate of kenosha wisconsin shooter kyle rittenhouse tomorrow. that's when both sides are set to deliver their closing arguments. the judge has said he may let jurors consider some lesser charges against rittenhouse. that could offer some hope to prosecutors after last week when the judge lashed out at them and rittenhouse gave emotional testimony in his own defense. hello. welcome to new hour of "fox news live". i'm eric shawn. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville.
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hello everyone. the politically and racially charged rittenhouse trial has been dominating headlines and sparking debate on issues like gun rights and the right to peacefully protest. with a verdict now looming, wisconsin governor evers has dispatched 500 national guard to the kenosha area. we have live fox team coverage. we are standing by with legal analysis. we begin with alexis mcadams. she is outside the courthouse in kenosha. alexis? >> arthel, good afternoon. the judge here will have to make up his mind at some point today to decide if he's going to let the jury hear in the rittenhouse trials consider lesser charges for the illinois teen accused of shooting three people and killing two during the unrest. wisconsin law does allow the prosecution and the defense to ask that jurors be told they can consider lesser charges before they start deliberations. now the judge will allow jurors to consider some lesser charges he says in this case but also denied one of those requests.
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experts say the trade off here could help get a conviction but lesser charges would also ensure that rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence. closing arguments start tomorrow. that's when they will decide whether rittenhouse was a vigilante or hero in this investigation. the shootings happened during the unrest following the police shooting of jacob blake. more than 100 businesses here at kenosha were either badly damaged or destroyed during that unrest following the police shooting just last summer. this case top of mind here in the community. >> i go to people's houses now, you know, to watch sports, we're watching the rittenhouse case. i think probably a little more prepared for it this time. before it just came out of nowhere, boom, things went left real quick. i pray it doesn't happen again, but i don't see it happening. i don't see it happening. they are always taking the measurements to get on top before it starts. >> some of those measurements
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includes wisconsin governor saying the state continues to be in close contact with their partners on the local level here saying in part the kenosha community has been strong, resilient and has come together through these tough times over the past two years and that healing is still ongoing. i urge folks, though, who are otherwise not from this area to please respect the community by reconsidering any plans to travel to kenosha. back out here live in front of the courthouse, this is where those deliberations will begin tomorrow morning. and that's when the names will be drawn for the 12 jurors who will have to deliberate in this case. eight of those jurors, though, who listened to all of this information will get to go home. it will be a lot of unfolding here as the community prepares for this trial to wrap up in the coming days. arthel? >> arthel: alexis mcadams, thank you. big week there. all right. eric? >> eric: arthel, the jury could be weighing additional lesser charges when it starts deliberations likely tomorrow. authorities say that that would give rittenhouse a higher risk of getting convicted.
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right now he faces five felony counts of homicide and endangerment and one misdemeanor weapons charge. for more on this, let's bring in mercedes colwin fox news legal analyst. first degree intentional homicide is the highest count carrying life. how do you think the jury will sort out the counts? >> that's a great question, eric. one of the most critical rulings came down also on friday which actually expands this issue even further. the judge has said that the prosecutors can put in the jury instruction that says that if rittenhouse provoked the encounter, he has to exhaust every option before exercising deadly force. that's a huge win for the prosecutors because now in effect, i think it's been pretty well established at least from the evidence that's being reported that there were many circumstances under which rittenhouse felt that his life was threatened and therefore he exercised deadly force, killing two, injures the third.
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but now with this new ruling, the lesser charges are going to be the major focus. now this whole provocation jury instruction is game changer. it's certainly going to turn on its head, this whole issue about self-defense because now, now the defense is going to have to argue during the closing arguments that he did in fact think about every conceivable option, but that he was not the aggressor but rather the three individuals were the ones that were aggressive towards him, and he felt that his life was in danger. >> eric: that's what he has said clearly, he said a skateboard hit him in the neck. then you have rosenbaum said they threatened to kill him, went at him, tried to grab the gun. let's listen to rittenhouse saying he was relying on self-defense. >> i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. if i would have let mr. rosenbaum take my firearm
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from me, he would have used it and killed me with it and probably killed more people if i would have let him get my gun. >> eric: how would prosecutors use that example of provoking something when he says it is rosenbaum who has a very troubled history, who was the aggressor provoking him? >> sure. the defense is going to argue that in fact rosenbaum had already been threatening to kill rittenhouse before this encounter even happened. so there were of course the threats that they had heard coming from rosenbaum, the fact that obviously you can see from the photograph that looked rosenbaum was reaching for the gun. there wasn't evidence that was taken from the tip of the gun which of course the forensics would have stepped in and have seen that it may have been rosenbaum's hand that was holding the tip of the gun. we don't have the forensics. the photograph will be key. the threats prior to the encounter are obviously key.
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you can see the skit board hitting -- you can see the skateboard hitting him across the neck and then the second attempted time to hit him across the neck. what's going to be the issue -- which is why new is so challenging for the defense, now this game changer. now that ruling, the jury could turn around and say were there other options? could they have done something else? i think it was a brilliant move by the defense to put rittenhouse on the stand. it was a brilliant move. he was obviously very emotional. it seemed that -- he's 17 years old. at the time that this happened, he was 17 years old, and that of course could impact the jury as well. it is a lot of unpackaunpackagi. the lesser included charges as we started with the report is obviously a very key issue for jr.s as well -- jurors as well. if they don't feel comfortable sending an 18-year-old to life in prison, you have lesser included charges that can raise the conviction and have him in jail for a period of time. he could be in jail for less than ten years, if those less
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included charges he's convicted of. >> eric: does putting him on the stand, as you say, it's a gamble for defense attorneys, does that humanize him? let's say he's completely guilty, still it humanizes him, gives the jury a chance to listen to his own story from his own words and judge whether or not in their view he's telling the truth. >> eric, it is probably one of the greatest challenges any defense attorney has is whether or not to put their client on theened stay. -- on the stand. it is extraordinarily risky as you said, and it's something that could have really blown up on the defense, but rittenhouse held his own and he was very clear in what he felt. it absolutely humanized him, as you say, and it certainly gives you the focus of you're looking at someone who is very young, 17 at the time, 18 now when he took the stand, and that's going to impact the jury. i couldn't imagine a juror sitting on that jury and not feeling that -- at least moved some part by how rittenhouse had
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testified. >> eric: some people accused him of acting during that time, which is unfair. >> you know, eric, we're not jurors. that's one of the things. we're not there. we're not feeling the energy in the room. we're not watching him up close. we're seeing it in a two dimensional medium like we are in television. we are not those jurors. it is amazing that when you talk to jurors afterwards, and you know, i've tried a number of cases, what they may focus on is something that may not come across on television. really the only individuals that can say yes or no whether they have impacted by rittenhouse are the 20 jurors there and the 12 that will ultimately deliberate. >> eric: mercedes colwin, always good to see you, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> eric: you can tune in later on tonight on the fox news channel for a look at this controversial trial. the kyle rittenhouse investigation with nancy grace as only nancy can bring it to
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you 10:00 p.m. tonight, an indepth look at the issues, the case, and what could happen here on the fox news channel. arthel? >> arthel: eric, thank you. another trial making headlines is about to enter the second week of testimony in georgia. three white men are charged in the shooting death of ahmad arbery, a 25-year-old unarmed black man. it happened last year. they chased arbery down in pick up trucks after he was spotted jogging in the defendants' neighborhood. charles watson is live in atlanta more. charles? >> hi, arthel. the first week of trial has been a mixed bag, grim, emotional and sometimes explosive. this week alone jurors were shown graphic photos of gunshot wounds to arbery's body after he was chased down by the three defendants in this case and ultimately shot and killed by travis mcmichael. so far the prosecution has called to the stand eight glenn county police officers who took part in the investigation,
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including the officer who interviewed mcmichael in the moment after the shooting. according to transcripts mcmichael told the officer that he saw arbery running and recognized him as an individual he's seen on video breaking into homes in the neighborhood, but the officer said there was never any mention of a crime being committed that day. >> did he ever indicate to you at that time that he thought ahmad arbery was the guy had committed a crime that day? >> no, ma'am. >> so he didn't say the guy committed the crime of this? >> no, ma'am. >> investigators have also testified that both greg mcmichael and william bryan said they used their pick up truck to try to corner arbery. the defense maintains the mcmichaels and bryan were trying to make a lawful citizen's arrest and travis mcmichael acted in self-defense when he shot arbery on february 23rd, 2020. twelve days prior to the
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shooting, an officer testified that he responded to a call from mcmichael about arbery trespassing on neighbor's property and possibly being a danger >> the dispatch told us that he was possibly armed. that's why we would have went in there with our guns drawn while we switched the residence. >> this is a different situation. you are now going into a house and you might encounter a man who has a gun. >> yes. >> arthel, outside of the courtroom, reverend sharpton is calling on faith leaders to meet him thursday in front of the glenn county courthouse in response to defense attorney's comments about not wanting, quote, any more [inaudible] in the courtroom. of course the defense attorney has since walked those comments back, apologizing on friday for offending anyone unintentionally. arthel? >> >> arthel: charles watson, live in atlanta, thank you very much, charles. we have breaking news from
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great britain. at least one person was killed when a car exploded outside a women's hospital in liverpool today. police arrested three men and counterterrorism units are leading the investigation. let's go live now with more. trey? >> arthel, good afternoon. this is a developing story. we do know three people have been arrested in the u.k. on suspicion of terrorism. a lot of information still coming in, though police say a taxi exploded this morning, and it was outside of a woman's hospital in liverpool, this limited information about this, though, we do know one person was killed and another injured. an investigation is currently being led by a counterterrorism unit is ongoing and authorities say it could take some time to complete. now, roads around this area were blocked off following the explosion, around 11:00 a.m. local time. and the mayor of liverpool tweeting out calling the incident unsettling and upsetting, though again, we do know three people are in custody following this explosion in
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england. one person is dead as a result of that taxi exploding outside of a woman's hospital in liverpool. arthel? >> arthel: oh, boy, trey, so much going on in the world, thank you very much, trey. eric? >> eric: an air force major charged with murdering his wife. her body found dumped in a texas desert, he just got out on bail, that was drastically reduced. now the victim's family wants him back behind bars, saying cutting bail amounts to helping accused criminals. our fox station in san antonio reports. >> donna hilton is in shock to see andre mcdonald out of jail. >> [inaudible] due process in the court system, but we're talking about capital murder. >> andre allegedly killed his wife and donna's cousin in 2019. he was arrested and indicted on two charges in july 2019, tampering with evidence and
1:15 pm
murder in the connection with the death. >> i'm not the judge. none of us are. but if you believe there is a god, then you will face that. >> andre will also have to face a murder trial projected right now to start early next year. donna adds they are hoping there will be no additional delays. >> we're talking about a man that's an officer in the air force. he's a major, and, you know, it's just telling that he was able to get on a $25,000 bond. >> right before bonding out, andre's bond was reduced to $250,000 for both charges. >> i am extremely concerned for my family. >> family friend dan pearson says they will continue to be the voice. >> we will keep this going. we will not. we will not stop. her voice will be heard. >> does andre have anything to say? we were the only crew to catch him outside the bail bonds earlier this afternoon. do you have anything you would like to say to the family?
1:16 pm
>> nothing at this time. >> nothing for the family at all? >> nothing. >> eric: that was amanda henderson reporting. the sheriff's office says justice will be done with the case. they point out that mcdonald has restrictions put on him while he's out on bail. arthel? >> arthel: the new infrastructure bill will funnel millions of dollars into the nation's ports, including the port of savannah, where more than 80,000 containers are backlogged. up next, georgia republican congressman buddy carter on whether these funds will help in how washington should tackle the supply chain crisis.
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give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. >> arthel: a day in court tomorrow for former trump advisor steve bannon, the one time white house advisor is
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expected to turn himself in and appear before a judge in washington. this comes after he was indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of contempt of congress and is refusing to testify been the house committee investigating the january 6th cap top riots and a -- capitol riots and attempts by former president trump and his advisors to overturn the results of the election. if convicted he could face anywhere from 30 days to one year in jail for each count. >> eric: it is a critical week ahead for president biden. he's set to sign his 1.2 trillion dollars infrastructure bill into law. this as senate majority leader schumer is planning a delay in the vote on the democrats' larger social spending plan. meantime, the president also preparing for a virtual summit with chinese president xi tomorrow. david spunt is live at the white house with the details and that summit meeting very important. hi, david. >> hi, eric.
1:22 pm
all very important. and it is a busy week president biden is gearing up for. preparations underway on the south lawn on the other side of the white house to celebrate as the white house would call it that bipartisan infrastructure bill signing into law tomorrow, and it is bipartisan, not something you see really this day and age in a hyper, hyper partisan atmosphere, but the signing comes as gas prices, though, continue to climb. we're seeing that supply chain crisis continue to manifest itself. store shelves in many cases are are bare and the cargo ships are waiting to pull in port and the trucker shortage is still nationwide. the president said the answer to some of these economic issues, namely inflation, is his build back better social spending bill. that has not been signed yet. in fact, it hasn't even passed congress yet, but he wants to sign it into law as soon as possible, but we're learning there's another day, that senate
1:23 pm
majority leader schumer will hold off right now on the senate vote on build back better because it's not come up yet officially in the house and more importantly perhaps there's no official score from the congressional budget office to actually illustrate the exact cost. >> i see it as a jobs act. i don't call it a spending plan. it is a jobs act. every single cent of it will be paid for. i think this is part of the path to a better -- bringing down that inflation and a better economy >> republicans, eric, say that is not the case. they believe that it focuses too much on climate change, and they call it a social safety net spending package. meanwhile, the president will be out on the road in michigan and new hampshire to help tout the infrastructure law as i can say as he signs it into law tomorrow, and then also tomorrow, as you mentioned, he'll meet with chinese
1:24 pm
president xi jinping, that will be a virtual summit. later in the week he will meet with mexico's president and canadian prime minister trudeau. busy week ahead. >> arthel: the port of savannah america's third largest port is seeing a major traffic jam of goods ahead of the holidays. roughly 80,000 shipping containers are backlogged in a long line of ships that are anchored off the coast. last week georgia governor kemp unveiled a new rail system he says will help ease the backlog. the port is also set to receive 8 million dollars from the bipartisan infrastructure bill. as of monday, by the way, there were 18 cargo ships anchored by the port. that is down from 23 the previous week. let's bring in now georgia congressman carter who is a member of the house energy and commerce committee and the house budget committee. his districts include the port of savannah. congressman, thank you for being
1:25 pm
with us. if i could get you to tell us more about the completion of this new rail system that governor kemp announced it on friday. i understand that it had been under construction for four years. it's comprised of nine tracks. it is run by the georgia port of authority. it costs 238 million dollars. it allows the port to operate as many as six 10,000 foot trains at one time. then of course there's the 8 million dollars infusion to temporary -- open temporary container yards around the region. tell us more about it. how much success are you expecting as a result? >> well, certainly it is going to help. i want to make one thing very clear now. this 8 million dollars did not come from build back better. it did not come from the bipartisan infrastructure plan. this came from projects from before that saved 8 million dollars. we just redirected, so it's not a result of any infrastructure plan that we've seen.
1:26 pm
kudos to the georgia ports authority. they are doing everything they can to address the situation. it is a bad situation. we're having to wait three times as long with containers as we have in the past. and that's impacting small businesses especially because they can't get goods on to their shelves, and many of them are going bankrupt. it's causing people -- it's causing inflation, more inflation. it is causing prices to rise even more. the georgia port especially in the savannah, that container port there, it's one of the least congested, one of the most well-run ports in the nation, and that's the reason for success. yes, we are trying to get more on rail. yes, this 8 million dollars is going to help to transfer some of these outlying inland ports. they will become essentially inland ports. it will relieve some of the congestion. >> arthel: that's good to hear because vice president harris says the bipartisan infrastructure bill will help
1:27 pm
broaden your port capability activities. i understand you say labor unions get in the way operating ports 24/7. i ask you, is there some sort of way that you could maybe increase productivity, i don't know, work with the union leaders somehow to make sure that they can work 24/7, maybe stagger the ships, but yet also make sure they are all safe? >> well, and we are doing just that in savannah. we have a good relationship with the labor unions here in savannah. they're doing their part. but it's out west, particularly on the west coast, where the labor unions are causing so much trouble, and this is, you know, this is where the biden economic policies are really hurting us because they're trying to push so much toward the labor unions. if we could just get the government out of the way, then this -- our ports would run so much better. joe biden is the most anti-worker president that we've ever had. he is trying to do everything he can to stop people from working
1:28 pm
and become dependent on the government. and that's causing a lot of our problems. what we need is for the government to get out of the way. >> arthel: listen, i don't have president biden here to respond, so i'm going to have to move on. i'm sure somehow he would disagree with you, but that's up to him, not me. i'm going to move on, sir. if returning to the rail, would you say, rail transportation, that's a solution that won't help -- it won't help right now, as you know. we're talking about putting stuff on trains to get them from one end of the country to the other. but how do you propose we rectify the current truck driving? you have a shortage of drivers. is it better hours, increase their pay? i know these are run by private companies. i know you said you didn't want the government involved. i understand what you are saying. is there any way the government can somehow help temporarily so americans can get what they need for thanksgiving, christmas, they are around the corner? >> absolutely. there are a lot of ways the government can help. for instance, the government will not allow any trucks every
1:29 pm
10 years old to be able to transfer cargo, and, you know, the regulations, if they can be relaxed, at least in time long enough for us to get called up some, that would help tremendously. that's an example of what i'm talking about here when i'm saying the government get out of the way. if they could do away with some of these regulations that are in place, that would help us tremendously. you are right. we need more trucks. we need more truck drivers. they are working diligently now as we go along, and what's the biden administration doing? now they are going to force mandates in the way of vaccines that's going to decrease the number of truck drivers that we have. that's exactly what we don't need. >> arthel: well, we know the president is really busy this week, but i'd imagine you could get a meeting with him and give him your, you know -- >> i would love to. >> arthel: if you do, you should ask. you should request a meeting, and then after you have that meeting, you can talk to me and tell me all about it. >> i will do just that.
1:30 pm
[laughter] >> arthel: thank you, congressman carter. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> arthel: take care. >> eric: yeah, we want to hear about it directly from him when it happens. china, have you heard about this? they are flexing their military might, amid tensions with taiwan. the issue will be on the agenda with president biden's virtual summit with xi jinping tomorrow. some fear there could be a potential conflict, or will cooler heads prevail? mit's jim walsh is here to tell us. my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> eric: china flexing its military muscles, while u.s. law make others who are visiting taiwan last week. group of house representatives arrived on tuesday. all part of what the white house says it was a routine trip. beijing are continuing their provocations sending warplanes into taiwan's air defense zone. china's defense ministry says
1:35 pm
those drills on the taiwan strait were quote a necessary measure to safeguard national sovereignty. this recent spike in tensions comes as the president is set to have his virtual meeting with president xi jinping tomorrow. pentagon spokesman says the u.s. is hoping to resolve any issues peacefully. >> i will let the chinese speak for their exercises and their training. what we're focused on is continuing to support the one-china policy in accordance with the taiwan relations act. as you heard the secretary say in brussels, nobody wants to see tensions come to blows or come to a conflict. there's no reason that it should. >> eric: let's bring in the international security expert, senior research associate at mit security studies program up in cambridge. jim, how worried are you about taiwan? >> i'm more worried than i used to be years ago, but i don't think this is going to develop
1:36 pm
into something that's really bad quickly. the reason why is everyone knows this is one of those issues that you want to keep in the icebox as the government used to say in diplomatic tables in years past. why? because it's one of those things that can quickly escalate, where everyone's all in and everything's on the line. you know, sometimes you go to thanksgiving or something, and there's a family member or a friend, and you know not to talk about a particular topic because then everyone burns their bridges and it goes badly. that is taiwan. i loved how you said they were ticked off. you are right. they are more sensitive about taiwan than any of the other stuff that i criticized them about every day. it's taiwan that they're most sensitive about. >> eric: john kirby talked about the taiwan, you know, relations act. let's say they are attacked or there's some provocation, describe the act. it says that we can come into the defense, but it's not like nato or a mutual defense treaty.
1:37 pm
if they get attacked, there's nothing in the law that says that we have to send our troops? >> exactly. you are close reader of treaties and international agreements. our strongest obligations are what with nato and with japan and with south korea. the language in taiwan is ambiguous by design. that's what allows everyone to sort of live together where they get to tell themselves their own truth, with ambiguity. once people start trying to define specifically what the obligations are, that's when you start to get a back and a forth, so it is ambiguous by design. but i don't think that the chinese are looking to start a war, looking to fight a war. you know, when you go back and look at the -- if you talk to war planners, what are the scenarios under which you get war with russia, or with korea? with china, believe it orbit even with south china sea and --
1:38 pm
believe it or not even with south china sea and all the other problems, the only scenario that leads to big-time war is taiwan. they don't want to fight that. we don't want to fight that. i think cooler heads will prevail. they will find a way to get past this so that we maintain taiwan as a vibrant democracy, economically independent, but that we don't have conflict. that's the needle we're trying to thread her. >> eric: tomorrow when the president has his virtual summit with xi jinping, what should president biden tell him? >> he should say that u.s. policy has not changed. we have no intention of, you know, revising the status quo, and we expect that china will not revise the status quo either. as long as we stick to what we already agreed with, everything will be fine. >> eric: hopefully we will get a readout from that meeting tomorrow. jim walsh at mit, always good to see you, jim, thank you. >> thanks, eric.
1:39 pm
>> arthel: thank you. queen elizabeth missing today's remembrance ceremony honoring britain's war heroes due to a sprained back. this would have been her first big public event since a few weeks ago, after the orders -- or few weeks of doctor ordered rest i should say. her majesty spent a night at the hospital last month for undisclosed tests. the queen who is 95 says she's disappointed about missing today's service. her son prince charles laid a wreath on her behalf. we want the queen to get well and up and going again. we love the queen. all right. so i've been singing christmas music, and i'm told to stop it. the christmas season is almost here but not yet. however a new book from our fox family is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. we will speak to the author who is up next.
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1:44 pm
means christmas is coming up fast. a new book from fox news media will get you in the holiday spirit. all american christmas will be on shelves this tuesday. it offers a collection of heartwarming stories, treasured family photos, and home made christmas recipes, all put together by the husband and wife team who are both part of the fox family. you have seen them around. rachel, could you tell us what the theme of your book is? >> so the theme is christmas. at fox, arthel, we don't shy away from christmas. we don't shy away from the true meaning of christmas, and so this book is full of heartwarming stories, people's memories about their childhood, people from this channel, you know, everyone from brian kilmeade to jesse watters to sandra smith, everybody you know and love is in this book, maria bartiromo, dana perrino.
1:45 pm
they share their stories. this is the easiest way to get the christmas list out of the way. if you know your mom or dad love fox news, your grandma, sister, brother, this is the easiest way to buy their christmas gift, get it off your list and start enjoying the holidays which i can't believe are already just around the corner. >> arthel: sean, how would you want people to feel after reading your book? >> listen, i think so many people get to know the fox news talent by seeing them on tv. this is a deeper dive into their personal lives, right? jesse watters tells a story about the christmas that a squirrel and his cat got in the fight because of their christmas tree. brian kilmeade talks about the year he started his war with santa and locked santa out of the house. and there's also talk about fake trees versus real christmas trees and the heartwarming story
1:46 pm
of why a fake tree is used every year that goes back to a year where their mom was ill. you get these personal stories from fox. we love christmas. this celebrates the meaning of christmas which is christ's birth. right now arthel, we are number five on amazon. everyone here on fox, listeners and watchers, can send us to number one. you can order now. we're on bookstores tuesday morning. you can get it anywhere, amazon, barnes & noble, or wherever you get books and shop, you can get this book started tuesday morning. >> arthel: i wonder what brian's dad said about him locking santa out. >> it was santa, arthel. >> if you read the book in brian's chapter, you will know his dad had a big part trying to rework brian's thinking on the war with santa. it is very interesting. >> you also catch maria's experience of growing up in a
1:47 pm
restaurant around christmastime, maria bartiromo. you get deep dive, personal information, a lot of it you would never know, the best part, arthel, there's tons of pictures. if you ever wondered what lawrence jones looked like as a little boy. he was adorable. jesse watters as a kid, dana perino. it is so interesting. >> there are recipes in the book as well, favorite christmas recipes. it is pictures, stories, recipes. it covers all of christmas for you. >> arthel: the doocies have good recipes, i will say. >> they do. >> arthel: christmas is not about giving gifts, but a little gift under the tree is not bad. sean, what do you have in plan for rachel that you can tell us? i know you have a surprise in store too. >> i haven't started thinking about that. but santa first thinks about the nine kids and then santa will work on the most important gift, the queen of the house.
1:48 pm
>> arthel: nine kids? really? >> i'm pretty low on the priority list at christmas in terms of gifts because santa has a lot of work to do at our house. >> i wouldn't say that, arthel. >> arthel: well, i'm sure you're a priority every day, rachel. you know, you know, i'm just saying that you all never asked me for my christmas stories. i'm from new orleans. catholic girl from new orleans. >> we're working on part two. >> my mom's favorite gumbo recipe for christmas. nobody asked me. i'm not salty. whatever. >> next time, arthel. you're right. >> arthel: uh-huh. >> our bad. >> listen, i want pete hegseth and will cain's list too. they are also not on the book. if this goes to number one, there's definitely going to be a part two. you are in it too, arthel. >> arthel: okay. all right, guys. happy day on a sunday and merry christmas to you already. >> merry christmas early. >> arthel: yeah, early.
1:49 pm
thanks, you all. see you. >> bye. >> arthel: sean's got to go. he's got to do his show. eric, that was pretty fun. >> eric: um, i want your recipes, and i want to see this book. i want to know what happened to brian and santa. >> arthel: that's what i want to know about. >> eric: it didn't stop santa that year. >> arthel: never stops santa. santa is magical. we'll be right back. >> eric: that's right. santa doesn't have a supply chain problem. don't worry, kids. le with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7.
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>> eric: nearly 30,000 kaiser permanente employees won't go on strike after the union struck a deal. the company says the tentative deal includes a four-year contract and covers nearly 50,000 workers from 22 unions.
1:54 pm
more than 96% of the nurses and healthcare workers did want to go on strike or they authorized one. arguing for pay increases and better working conditions after battling the coronavirus pandemic for more than a year and a half. >> arthel: you may remember the shocking footage of a woman seen trespassing near a lion exhibit at the new york city bronx zoo a few years ago. turns out she did it again. yep. so the bronx zoo says this woman seen back here in 2019 was once again spotted taunting the giant cats near their enclosure. the latest incident happened on thursday afternoon. the zoo says witnesses alerted staff, but the woman was gone by the time they got there. the zoo says she was protected by netting and never entered the enclosure. but that she acted with no regard for others' safety.
1:55 pm
the authorities are saying that she is wanted on a new trespassing charge. okay. so a trashcan from a south carolina beach has turned up in ireland. the man found it on ireland's northwestern coast last week. city officials say they had no idea the bin was even missing until the irishman e-mailed them. they believe the bin was swept up during a storm, then traveled more than 3500 miles along the gulfstream. they asked the man to please recycle their wayward trashcan. eric? >> eric: recycle. well, you just saw it moment ago, the third annual fox nation patriot award. it will air this wednesday november 17th on our streaming service fox nation. pete hegseth will be posting that, joined by other fox personalal 'tis. if you happen to be in florida or want to drive over to hollywood, florida, you can go to the patriot awards in person.
1:56 pm
tickets are on sale for the event at the hard rock live in hollywood, florida, or stream on fox nation, our streaming service. >> arthel: that lady? >> eric: the bronx zoo lion lady? >> arthel: don't. do not. don't do it again. just saying. al. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ use a single hr software? nope. we use 11. eleven. why do an expense report from your phone when you can do it from a machine that jams?
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right now for the free decision guide from humana. there is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. ♪ >> hello i am emily campagna along with aishah hasnie, sean duffy and joey jones. a mockup to "the big sunday show" here's what's on tap tonight. aishah: aaron rodgers returns to the football field since testing positive with covid the biden administration has some harsh words about the packers quarterback. sean: a black lives matter activist isn't backing down after threatening riots if you would back


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