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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 14, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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billionaires to pay more taxes. i just want them to get along. i want to see that manchin bernie sanders moment where they kind of put their arms around each other and kind of hugging. i want that for them maybe one day. >> thanks, guys. we will catch you on the big saturday show next week. right now "the fox report" with jon scott starts. >> jon: the jury in the trial of kyle rittenhouse set to begin deliberations tomorrow as the city of kenosha, wisconsin, prepares for potential unrest. good evening. i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". closing arguments are set for tomorrow in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, accused of shooting three people, killing two, and wounding one during protests last summer, after the police shooting of jacob blake. rittenhouse could face up to life in prison. wisconsin's governor has activated 500 national guard
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troops ahead of the verdict. meantime, president biden will sign his bipartisan infrastructure package into law tomorrow. this amid his sinking poll numbers and as his build back better spending plan faces further delays in congress. david spunt is standing by live at the white house. but first, to alexis mcadams outside the courthouse in kenosha, wisconsin, ahead of tomorrow's closing arguments. alexis? >> jon, good evening. people here in kenosha ready for the trial to wrap up. some of them bracing for more possible protests. tonight the judge here in kenosha, wisconsin will have to decide if he will let the jury rule on the lesser charges as deliberations start hours from now. wisconsin law allows the prosecution here and the defense to ask the jurors to be told they can consider lesser charges before they start those deliberations. the judge has already ruled that he will allow jurors to consider some lesser charges in this case, but also denied one of the requests pretty much immediately. legal experts say that the trade-off here could help get a
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conviction. the lesser charges would also ensure that rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence. rittenhouse now on trial for shooting three men, killing two of them last summer. the shootings happened during the unrest following the police shooting of jacob blake. closing arguments start tomorrow. then it is handed over to the jury. >> they just are told what the law is, and they're to apply the facts of the law. they don't know that some of them carry a life sentence. some of them carry up to 60 years. this charge may carry 25 years. another charge may carry 12 1/2 years. the jury is not supposed to concern itself with the punishment, just whether or not the state's proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> just last summer more than 100 businesses here in kenosha were either badly damaged or destroyed during the unrest following the police shooting of jacob blake. business owners tell me that many of them who lost their life's work are now reflecting on that chaos still. >> no one needs to be down there with guns which is very reason
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why we weren't down there guarding our store with guns because what? i'm going to be a victim? or someone else is going to be a victim because i decided to shoot? that's not the way to do it. there's no reason for it. >> now, deliberations here in kenosha, wisconsin, begin tomorrow morning. that's when the names of the 12 jurors who will decide this case will be chosen. the other eight who were listening to all of that information in the past week or so will then be dismissed. we have a lot here to watch and unfold in kenosha. jon? >> jon: yes, we do, alexis mcadams live in kenosha, thank you. tune in tonight for a kyle rittenhouse investigation with nancy grace. that's at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel, a little more than four hours from now. as president biden prepares to sign the 1.2 trillion dollars infrastructure bill into law tomorrow, senate majority leader chuck schumer is expected to delay consideration of the even bigger social spending plan. david spunt is live at the white
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house with details on that. david? >> jon, good evening to you. preparations underway on the south lawn to get ready for that big signing ceremony tomorrow, where the president will turn his infrastructure package into an infrastructure law, expecting a big turnout according to white house officials, and in this hyperpartisan era that we live today here in washington, d.c., this is a bipartisan effort, and there will be some republicans in attendance. the signing comes, though, as the president is dealing with several issues on the economic front. we're seeing gas prices that are continuing to rise across the country. also the supply chain crisis does not seem to be going away. store shelves, jon, in many cases bare, and those cargo ships continue to sit in that water parking lot, if you want to call it, off the coast of california, just waiting to pull into port. the president says the answer to some of these issues, namely the inflation we're seeing at a
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30-year high is his build back better social spending bill which he wants to sign into law as soon as possible. we are learning there is yet another delay. senate majority leader schumer is holding off on the senate vote right now on build back better because it has not come up, number one, in the house, and number two, there's really no score at this point from the congressional budget office to illustrate the exact cost. >> i see it as a jobs act. i don't call it as a spending plan. it's a jobs act. every single cent of it will be paid for. i think this is part of the path to a better -- bringing down that inflation and a better economy. >> most americans, hardworking americans are on fixed incomes, and this is going to hit them really hard. this is before we get to the energy crisis that we're facing this winter. >> white house officials claim they don't look at polls, but this poll from abc news and washington post shows a 41% believe the president is doing a good job overall as president. 47% approve of his handling of
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covid-19 and just 39% are approving of the way he has handled the economy. the president will hit the road to tout this infrastructure law after he signs it, he will be heading to new hampshire and michigan. he will have a virtual summit tomorrow evening with chinese president xi jinping. several issues on the docket there. that's one we will watch. he will also meet with the mexican president and canadian prime minister later this week. a busy week. jon? >> jon: david spunt, live at the white house, keeping an eye on it for us. thank you, david. joining us now is michigan republican congresswoman, a member of the house armed services committee and education and labor committee as well. congresswoman, thanks for spending part of your sunday right with us. >> thanks for having me. >> jon: we just heard a congresswoman saying if you pass the build back better program, that's going to take care of inflation in this country. what do you think? >> i think she needs to go back
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to school and get a lesson in economics. listen, inflation is at 6.2%, which is i think higher than it's been since the 1990s. >> jon: 30 years, right. >> we just passed the infrastructure bill. now we're going to pass another -- the preliminary score i heard is 4 trillion dollars, and those are already paid for. i must remind the democrats that the americans realize that government does not produce one thing. the government does not produce one dollar. it first must take that dollar from someone else before they can spend it. and they're talking about spending over 4 trillion dollars when inflation is through the roof. economics, that does not work.
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let's remember, inflation is a tax on everyone, on everyone. so at the end of the day, we need to get our spending under control. we cannot spend our way and print more money to get out of this problem. >> jon: the president's national economics council director says you can fix inflation by spending money. listen to what he said this morning. >> well, inflation is high. it is affecting americans and their pocketbook and their outlook, but that concern actually underscores why it is so important to move forward on the build back better bill that cob is considering. -- that congress is considering. this bill is actually going to address the core costs that american families are facing, in child care, in housing, in healthcare. >> jon: how is it that congress passes a bill to spend money, even if it is on housing and child care and healthcare, and
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it's going to stop the costs of those items from rising? >> listen, just because you say something doesn't make it true. listen, i'd love to be able to sit here and tell you i'm a 6'2 blonde supermodel, that's just not the case. just because you say something doesn't make it true. at some point in time, people have to pay the bills. and how are we going to pay the bills? are we going to pay them on the backs of our children and grandchildren? and another example i would say is it's like -- we have a home, and we can't afford the home that we are in right now. my solution to my husband is honey, i think we should buy another home. we should actually buy a vacation home because that vacation home will actually help us pay for our current home. listen, the american people get it. they're hardworking people that have actually had to sign the front of checks, very different than a lot of people and a lot of politicians in congress who
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have never had to sign the front of checks. all they have to do is sign the back of checks. the american people are wising up to it. listen, the cost of everything is up. they can't afford this. >> jon: according to the latest "abc news/washington post poll," the american people are not very happy with president biden and the democrats in power right now. take a look at these poll numbers. if asked, you know, asked about their midterm election voting preference, 41% say they would vote for the democrats. 51% of the adults polled said they would vote republican. >> yeah. >> jon: that's a walloping when it comes to a midterm election. >> at the end of the day, the american people vote with their wallet, and right now, the democrats have control of congress, the senate, and the white house. and look at in the short 10 months of which that has
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happened, inflation is up, a botched withdrawal from afghanistan, we have a crisis at the border. we have supply chain issues. we have labor issues. crime is up. i mean, defunding the police, that made a lot of sense; right? at the end of the day, could someone explain to me what is going right under the democratic control? >> jon: well, and then there's the question of what we're teaching our kids in schools. i know you're a mom. you have some concerns about that. >> absolutely. at the end of the day, the teachers and the school boards have always complained that they want the parents involvement in the child's education, and studies would show when parents are involved, the education goes up. well, now the parents are becoming involved, and just because they don't agree with some of the things that are being taught and their voices are being heard, that doesn't label these parents as
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terrorists. i think that's a bridge a little too far, and i think they've pushed the envelope a little bit. parents should be involved in their children's education, and i think that's one of the reasons why if you look at the public school enrollment, it's actually going down, and there's waiting lists at private education, private schools because parents want and actually should have a voice, and it's their right to know what their children are being taught. and i've always told my children this, as well as people that i talk to, it's the school's job to teach our children how to think, not what to think. i believe in people. present people with the facts. present students with both sides. teach them how to think, and i bet you they can come up with good conclusions on their own. >> jon: michigan republican congresswoman, thanks for coming
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on. >> thank you. >> jon: a day in court tomorrow for former president trump's advisor steve bannon. he's expected to turn himself in and appear before a judge in washington, after he was indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of contempt of congress. bannon is refusing to testify before the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol hill riot and turn in documents that might shed light on the planning and any role the former president or his top advisor might have had in their efforts to challenge and overturn the presidential election. if convicted, bannon could face from 30 days to one year in jail. other subpoenaed witnesses like former national security advisor mike flynn say they will cooperate, but like bannon, former white house chief of staff mark meadows is defying the panel. a federal appeals court standing by its decision to block president biden's vaccine mandate for large u.s. companies, which would require
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workers at businesses with at least 100 employees to get fully vaccinated by january 4th or be tested weekly. here's alexandria hough with more on that decision and how the white house is responding. >> the fifth circuit court of appeals called the president's mandate staggeringly overboard. late friday the court upheld its prior decision to halt the biden administration's covid-19 vaccine mandate for companies that employ over 100 workers. the sweeping mandates announced in september were met with immediate pushback. more than half of u.s. states are now suing to block the requirement. here's texas attorney general ken paxton speaking with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" >> the federal government has no authority to do this. right now we have osha guidelines that have not been authorized by congress. they absolutely have no authority to do this. >> the three judge panel based in new orleans sided with o components on the requirement on the basis -- opponents on the requirement on basis of upholding constitutional civil liberties, also noted the economic impacts and the one size fits all nature of the
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mandate. the biden administration warned that the court's decision could cause unnecessary deaths. >> it would be a setback for public health. what we know very clearly is when people get vaccinated and the more people who get vaccinated, the quicker we're able to bring this pandemic to an end. the more lives we can ultimately save. >> the justice department says they are willing to fight this case all the way to the supreme court. jon? >> jon: alexandria hough, it's going to be a battle. thank you. the u.s. border patrol still overwhelmed by the lentless -- relentless surges of migrants trying to cross our southern border. large group managed to cross last night in la jolla texas. that's where bill melugin is standing by live. >> good evening to you. it was a busy night where we're standing. for that reason you will find all sorts of different colored wristbands here that have been cut off by the migrants when they come across. these are the wristbands that the cartels give to the migrants before they cross here into texas basically showing who has paid, who has made certain
3:16 pm
amounts of trips, that sort of the thing. they all say [inaudible] which is essentially deliveries. once they get here, they cut them off. they are all over the grass. take a look at this video we shot last night. huge group here, a group of about 200 to 300 that came across here into la jolla texas. these are mostly family units, not runners, families, moms, dads, little kids who are looking to turn themselves in. again, almost all of them wearing those wristbands to show they have paid a cartel or smaug ler to get here across the -- or a smuggler to get here across the border. one of those in that group, a 5-year-old guatemalan boy who made this journey completely alone. hard to imagine that. border patrol agents tells us that boy's parents are already here in the united states, and believe it or not, that is not something that is uncommon here. unaccompanied children arrive here all the time, just in fiscal year 2021, there were more than 140,000 unaccompanied
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minors who arrived here at the border, just to put that in perspective for you. take a look at this video we also shot again, same location where we're standing this morning. they come at night, come in the early morning hours too. more family units arriving here in la jolla once again. the reason why these families like to turn themselves in and look for border patrol and don't try to run away is because they know under the biden administration's catch and release polpolicies, if they ar family unit with children, they have a good chance to be released into the united states and be able to travel essentially where they would like to. we know the activity isn't just here in the rio grande valley sector. take a look at these photos. this is out of the del rio sector. 25 single adult male runners were arrested who were on a private ranch last night. these guys are the ones who do not want to be caught. you can see they are all wearing black or camouflage, and they were running on private land away from the border, trying to disappear into the night. this is one of the guys that was in that group.
3:18 pm
he's an aggravated felon who had an ncic warrant from i.c.e. for him right now for re-entry of an aggravated felon. he spent seven years in prison here in texas for aggravated robbery. that's one of the guys that was in that group. texas dps telling us back out here live that that was a group of 25 they caught. it was part of a much bigger group, about 15 to 20 of those single adult men did end up getting away in the middle of the night. you can understand that there are a lot of runners who do just get away because law enforcement can't be everywhere at once. and for texas dps, they are the only ones out there patrolling those private ranches. border patrol is not out there. so they are the last line of defense. they get as many as they can. they caught that one felon, but some of them do end up getting through. the question is, how many, and it is hard to know. back to you, jon. >> jon: the staggering numbers we have seen this far are not the entire iceberg because some of those as you say are getting away. >> yep. >> jon: bill melugin live from la jolla, texas, thank you.
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>> jon: tensions are running high inside and outside the courtroom as the trial of the three men accused of murdering ahmad arbery continues tomorrow in georgia and is expected to last at least another week. charles watson is live in atlanta with more on that. charles? >> hi, jon. the prosecution continues to lay out their case against the three defendants accused of chasing ahmad arbery down and ultimately sparking a confrontation that led to arbery's death. so far the prosecution has called eight glenn county police officers to the stand including officer robert rash. rash said he responded to at least three trespassing calls at the unfinished home of neighbor larry english, including a trespassing call from travis mcmichael who told the officer he saw arbery on the property and thought he could have been a danger just 12 days prior to the shooting that took arbery's life. >> the dispatch told us that he
3:25 pm
was possibly armed. that's why we would have went in there with our guns drawn while we searched the residence. >> this is a different situation. you are going to a house where you might encounter a man who has a gun? >> yes. >> prior to that call, rash testified that he knew mcmichael had law enforcement training and on at least one occasion, he spoke to him about the trespassing issues in hopes that greg mcmichael could help police identify the person they were looking for. the defense claims the mcmichaels and bryan were trying to make a lawful citizen's arrest after becoming concerned about a rise in property crime in the neighborhood, and they maintained travis mcmichael acted in self-defense when he shot and killed arbery on february 23rd, 2020. the prosecution has acknowledged that arbery was caught on camera on several occasions at neighbor's unsecured home, but said arbery was never seen taking anything. the property owner larry english said he never saw arbery take anything either. he also denied ever asking greg
3:26 pm
mcmichael to confront anyone on his property. >> [inaudible] did you call mcmichaels to ever confront anybody on your site? >> no. >> now, jon, certainly some tensions outside of the courtroom. the reverend al sharpton is calling on faith leaders to meet him at the glenn county courthouse next thursday following comments from the defense attorney that some have deemed as racist. >> we don't want any more [inaudible] coming in here sitting with the victim's family trying to influence the jury in this case. >> now, since he has walked back those comments, apologizing to anyone he may have unintentionally offended. the trial continues tomorrow morning. jon? >> jon: charles watson live in atlanta, thanks. new york city police have arrested a man suspected of raping a woman in new york
3:27 pm
central park. the suspect was previously arrested for sexual assault in florida. yet was back on the streets shortly after. mayor eric adams is looking to make big changes to the big apple's police department, but is getting pushback from some local activists. molly line has the latest from boston. molly? >> good evening, jon. the headline have captured the attention of people nationwide. the mayor-elect has plans on to take on the ongoing violence. it was just this past thursday that a young woman was jogging in central park and she was raped. this happened in broad daylight, a little after 7:00 a.m. police released surveillance images of a man fleeing the scene. the suspect identified as a 25-year-old homeless man who was arrested yesterday charged with rape, robbery, and strangulation. he's also wanted in florida after cutting off an ankle bracelet and fleeing. the new york post reporting that he was accused of dragging a woman off of a miami sidewalk, charged with kidnapping and
3:28 pm
sexual battery, but he never appeared back in court after making a plea deal. now he's being held without bail. mayor-elect adams has vowed to name a new police commissioner after thanksgiving. the reported short list is filled with women. police leadership from major metro areas like seattle, philadelphia, and newark. adams has also promised to bring back plain clothes police officers, aiming to combat gun violence, despite pushback from prominent black activist who criticized adam's plan warning of riots, fire and bloodshed. fox news host pressed newsom on his words. >> do you condemn riots and burning down buildings after a police use of force incident you don't like? >> no, what i will say is i understand when a police officer unjustifiably kills someone why people lash out. i understand that completely. >> i didn't ask you -- why can't you answer the question?
3:29 pm
>> i'm not going to -- >> you can't answer the question. >> -- condemn nor am i going to condone it >> newsom later walked out on that interview claiming that he was trying to be baited. jon? >> jon: molly line, thanks. the singer and former "american idol" contestant chris daughtry has halted his tour after his step daughter was found dead. more on this tragic story coming up. new projects means new project managers.
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3:34 pm
formally ask him to resign. five georgia inmates with violent criminal histories including two that are charged with murder are now at large after a jailbreak friday night. the georgia bureau of investigation is warning people that the men are armed and dangerous. gbi telling people if they see them, not to approach them and call 911 right away. president biden is reportedly expected to name former new orleans mayor to oversee the implementation of his bipartisan infrastructure plan. this according to the "wall street journal." he led new orleans from 2018 -- i'm sorry 2010 to 2018. biden is set to sign the 1.2 trillion dollars package into law tomorrow. for more on these and other stories, you can download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen, or go to fox singer chris daughtry is postponing a number of concerts after his step daughter hannah passed away.
3:35 pm
the rock star and "american idol" alum described himself as devastated and heartbroken in his social media announcement on saturday. his step daughter was found dead inside her tennessee home. she was only 25 years old. the investigation into the cause of her death still underway. christina coleman has details from los angeles. christina? >> hi, jon. yes, rock musician chris daughtry sharing with his fans that he's extremely grief-stricken by the sudden loss of his step daughter. he shared this photo of hannah with his nearly 350,000 followers, in an emotional statement, he wrote, i just recently lost my mother to cancer, but i was blessed with a chance to say good-bye and i was processing it quietly. we never got to say good-bye to our precious hannah, and it is another huge hit to our family. daughtry said that he's taking time to be with his family as they attempt to heal from this devastating loss. his band also announcing that this weekend's shows on their
3:36 pm
dearly beloved tour would be reschedule following hannah's unexpected death. according to tmz, her death is being treated as a homicide and her boyfriend was arrested on friday, the same day her body was found. however, authorities have not said if he is a suspect or person of interest in this case. in april she and her boyfriend were both arrested in tennessee in connection to an apparent road rage incident. highway patrol said it was reported that the man shot at another vehicle. the couple denied firing the weapon. no word on exactly why the suspect was arrested on friday. -- no word on why the man was arrested on friday. and no further details have been released on hannah's sudden death. jon? >> jon: christina coleman, thanks. the babylon bee has been predicting a lot of things with its humorous take on the news
3:37 pm
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up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at >> jon: comedian dave chappelle's high school is reportedly backtracking after it cancelled a fund raiser with the comedian originally planned for later this month. politico now reporting duke ellington school of the arts in washington cancelled the event amid controversy over comments chappelle made about transgender people in a recent netflix special. the school later said the fundraiser will take place but not until next april. that's according to to politico. it is a website that tries
3:42 pm
to make fans laugh with a satirical spin on the news, but the babylon bee has also gained the ability to predict the future. here's an example. after gazing into a crystal ball back in october, the bee wrote 10 great things about hyperinflation, a parody piece about the ongoing discussions of rising costs and short supply. but look at some of the actual headlines from the past few days, msnbc tweeting an article with the caption why the inflation we're seeing now is a good thing. msnbc later deleted that tweet. and just yesterday, bloomberg news tweeted an op-ed on the supply chain crisis with the caption if this continues, we may need to gasp live more like the europeans. that actually might not be a bad thing. joining us now is the ceo of the babylon bee seth dillon. his publication has a new book out called "the babylon bee guide to wokeness". seth, it is good to have you on.
3:43 pm
i sit in here with my studio crew some weekend nights and just laugh at the headlines that your publication puts out, but not everybody laughs at them. humor i guess is in the eye of the beholder. >> yeah, it depends on where you stand; right? you know, lately the left has been very critical of humor that aims at them in any way, shape, or form. they have a lot of sacred cows they're trying to protect right now. you see that happening with dave chappelle, that cancellation effort that happened with him. he joked about the wrong things. he had the wrong targets in his crosshairs. you know, people get worked up and try to come after you. it is really interesting the way that they are trying to censor comedians and put them in a box and tell them what they can and can't joke about. comedians are supposed to flout that stuff and make fun of any effort to do something like that. >> jon: yeah, it seems like we are a very polarized country right now, and with that polarization has come either a lack of a sense of humor or simply the quashing of a sense of humor.
3:44 pm
>> yeah, well, it is a deliberate strategy. i mean, what they are trying to do is to limit what -- you know, it is a battle of ideas. you basically have different viewpoints on values, and, you know, so basically what they are trying to do is limit what you can say and who you can joke about. their ideas are not subject to ridicule or mockery, so they try to put you in a box. the whole idea is that you are punching down; right? you are punching down at marginalized oppressed groups, and really it is actually the opposite of what they are suggesting it is. these marginalized oppressed groupsly put that in quotes -- i will put that in quotes, they have the power to silence people who make fun of them. they are really not that oppressed if they have that kind of power. >> jon: the babylon bee launched in 2016. you took it over a few years ago, and you have, what, grown it? >> yeah, it's been growing. we have been building a
3:45 pm
following and starting to get a lot more traction with a lot more traffic. it's been tremendous to see it grow and succeed despite the efforts to try to shut us up. we have been fact checked to death all over the place by usa today and other media outlets that are trying to suggest we are trafficking misinformation instead of doing genuine satire. those are deliberate efforts to try to curb our speech and try to shut us up. we mock it. we make fun of it and move on. >> jon: here's an example, cnn -- well, the facebook fact checkers went after you after they saw this headline in one of your articles, cnn purchases industrial-sized washing machines to spin news before publication. >> yeah. [laughter] >> that's just silly too. >> jon: -- [inaudible] didn't like that. >> no, it is not even possible. look at that headline. it is so obviously a joke. you know, facebook was threatening us with deplatform and demontization because of that joke.
3:46 pm
they later did apologize when we brought media attention to it. that's the thing, we have to draw attention to the fact that they are trying to censor these jokes, give them a truth rating. jokes have a truth rating. i think that's the most absurd thing ever. when we draw attention to it, we do tend to get them to back off. ultimately look this has the reverse effect. they shoot themselves in the foot when they try to suppress your speech, they amplify it. we've seen that happen time and time again. part of the reason we're growing. >> jon: you have been called a right wing misinformation site? >> far right misinformation site that under the guise of satire. >> jon: they ultimately had to apologize for that characterization. >> we demanded a retraction. that kind of characterization of us, it is a mischaracterization. they're in fact the ones spreading misinformation about us. they were doing what they were accusing us of doing which is really kind of ironic.
3:47 pm
but it's that kind of characterization sticks to us and we are actually considered a misinformation site, that's just posing as a satirical site, we will get booted from social networks. we have to kind of take that seriously. we sent them a demand letter saying you need to retract this or we will sue you. they retracted it a few days later. >> jon: the headlines bring me a good laugh. i really appreciate it. we could all use that right about now. seth dillon, the ceo of the babylon bee, thank you. the book "the babylon bee guide to wokeness" is out now. check it out. breaking news from great britain, a deadly explosion outside a woman's hospital. details on who is in custody now.
3:48 pm
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3:51 pm
>> jon: police in great britain are investigating a taxi explosion at a liverpool hospital this morning that killed one person and injured another. the blast hasn't been declared a terrorist incident but counterterrorism police are leading the probe. we have the latest. >> this is a developing story. we do know three people have been arrested in the u.k. on suspicion of terrorism. police say a taxi exploded outside of a woman's hospital in
3:52 pm
liverpool england earlier today killing one person and injuring one other. there is an investigation ongoing led by a counterterrorism unit that authorities say will take some time to complete. roads around the area were blocked off following the explosion that occurred around 11:00 a.m. local time. the mayor of liverpool tweeted out calling the incident unsettling and upsetting, but again, what we know at this hour, one person is dead following an explosion in liverpool, england, outside of a woman's hospital, and three people are currently in custody. fox news. >> jon: thank you, trey. and now some stories from around the globe. in scotland, nearly 200 countries signing on to a deal to fight global warming yesterday at the summit. key language about reducing coal use was softened at india's last-minute request. and in india, new delhi officials are trying to contain worsening smog. next week schools will be closed and government employees are asked to work from home.
3:53 pm
in austria, a covid lockdown for the unvaccinated takes effect tomorrow, amid a record surge in infections. in poland, the prime minister says he might ask nato to hold emergency talks amid tensions with belarus. for months belarus has allowed migrants to cross into poland and neighboring countries. in the u.k., a sprained back forcing queen elizabeth to miss remembrance sunday ceremonies honoring the armed forces. the monarch has been working from home on doctor's advice in recent weeks. in vatican city, the pope today encouraged more compassion for those in poverty. he says people can improve the world by quote lifting up the poor and restoring their dignity. that is a look at some stories from around the globe. and this reminder, the third annual fox nation patriot awards air this wednesday, november 17th on fox nation. hosting will be fox and friends
3:54 pm
weekend cohost pete hegseth. he will be joined by other fox news personalities. tickets still on sale for the event at the hard rock live in hollywood florida. up next, what a long trip for a trashcan from south carolina. we will explain after the break. got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ wow... that's so nice! is that a photo of tepechitlan? yeah! the gift of ancestry®, is a walk through your history. do you remember who this is?
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or donate at every business is on a journey. and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. ♪ your dell technologies advisor can help you find the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. jon: well there are signs the holiday season is fast approaching, a baby yoda balloon under those going outdoor testing this weekend, ahead of macy's thanksgiving day parade. and this year's rockefeller center christmas tree arriving yesterday in new york city. it is 46 feet wide, with weighs 12 tons. tree will be lit december 1. >> you might remember shocking footage of a woman
3:59 pm
soon trespasses near a lion's exhibit in new york city bronx zoo a couple years ago, she did it again, mya was once again spotted taunting the giant cats thursday, zoo said she was protected by netting and never entered. and left before staff arrived. nypd says autry is wanted on a new trespassing charge. jon: a trash can advantage in a beach. it was found in ireland. city officials say until he e-mailed them he had no idea his bin was missing they believe it was swept up during a storm, and traveled 3500 miles along the gulfstream, they asked the man to recycle the wayward
4:00 pm
can. that is how fox reports, i am jon scott, thank you for watching. we'll see you next week, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is next. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, welcome to "sunday night in america," have you wondered who decides when makes the news? much of the debate in our nation is over the way that news is covered and whether it is fair and factual. but also the issue of what is news worthy. this week we learned this great grand daughter


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