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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 15, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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steve: revealing. the -- thank you for watching, set your dcv, nancy grace is up next, see you next sundays when the next revolution will be televised. televised. todd: it is monday, november 15. we begin with a fox news you alert. the national guard is on the scene in kenosha, wisconsin as the nation braces for possible unrest following the verdict of the kyle rittenhouse trial. carley: there is this. >> republicans are heading in the right direction. the democrats are full speed ahead against the ideas of what the american people want. carley: a new poll spelling mored bad news for democrats, as the majority of respondents say they would vote republican if
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the midterms were held today. todd: joe biden and xi jinping will meet virtually today. will our president finally ask the tough questions and will he take any himself from the press. carley: you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm carley shimkus. todd: i'm todd piro. glad to have you back. we begin with the white house. the t president is set to sign the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law today. carley: it comes amid plummeting approval numbers and the spending bill remains in peril over fears it will drive inflation higher. lauren blanchard joins us from washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, todd and carley. president biden will surround himself with democrats, republicans, governors and mayors today for a signing ceremony at the white house. the hope is to prove they can move the economy forward with the bipartisan infrastructure bill. a new poll shows the people may
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feel differently. asked whether or not they a approve of biden's job as president, 41% you approve, 53 disapprove. when it comes to the economy, only 39% say they view his handling of the economy in a positive way, 55 say they have a negative view. what could be extremely troubling for the president's party, which currently holds a slim majority in the house, 51% of the registered voters asked said they would vote for the republican congressional candidate if telex in their air a ya was held today. the low numbers come as americans are facing high costs everywhere, from the grocery store to gas stations. the president's team was on the sunday shows to explain away the inflation, saying it's because of the pandemic. >> we're focused on how to address this in the short-term and medium term. >> it's important to realize that the cause of this inflation is the pandemic and i would expect that if we're successful with the pandemic to be some time in the second half of next year, i would expect prices to
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go back to normal. >> reporter: republicans blame the biden's administration excessive spending as the reason just about everything costs more and they say the answer is not more spending bill like the president wants. >> the democrats are now saying we want to go all-in with this massive tax and spending bill which is going to harm american families. people are going to pay higher prices, there are going to be higher taxes anted we're going to see an increase in the debt. >> reporter: the white house announced former new orleans mayor, mitch landrieu, will oversee how the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill will be put into action. todd, carley. todd: lauren blanchard, thank you. carley: michigan congresswoman lisa mcclain says the lack of support for the biden administration is a reflection of the president's failed policies. >> the american people vote with their wallet and right now the democrats have control of
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congress, the senate, and the white house. and look at in the short 10 of months of which that has happened, inflation is up, a botched withdrawal from afghanistan, we have a crisis at the border, we have supply chain issues, we have labor issues, crime is up. i mean, defunding the police, that made a lot of sense, right? at the end of the day, could someone explain to me what is going right under the democratic control? todd: meantime, in the west wing, reportedly not happy with the vice president. cnn saying, quote, worn out by what they see as entrenched unfocus, some white house official have thrown up their hands. jen psaki said to anyone who needs to hear it, she is a bold leader taking on challenges
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facing the country. they say some in the media are focused on gossip, not on what they have delivered. this is not breitbart, this is not the federalist, this is cnn which has spent, i don't know, the last five plus years bending over backwards to help democrats and the entire democratic party. this is the number two person in the party, the vice be president, kamala harris. and if they publish a report like that, you can only imagine how truly bad it really is. carley: this isn't the first negative report on the vice president. in june, politico reported on an abusive environment in the vice be president's office. they say people are thrown under the bus interest the very top. there are short fuses and it's an abusive environment, it's not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. it's not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like expletive. i'll leave that to the
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imagination. regarding this new report, it's frustration on both sides. so the biden people feel like the vice be president's office is a dysfunctional sort of hot mess and they don't want to deal with it. kamala harris' people feel she's not put in the best light to shine. the vice president's main job is to make the president look good. and with those bad approval ratings, that's not happening. i think it would be good for everyone involved to sit down and talk it out. it's not working for the biden administration. todd: how many more jobs does he need to give kamala to put her in the spotlight to succeed. she has every job under the sun, she is czar on this and czar on that. if she's not doing the job that's not on joe biden, it's on kamala harris. this is adding fuel to the fire that the gop is feeling right now. if the midterms were held today,
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percentage of people that said they would vote gop, 51%. people that say they would vote democratic, 41%. obviously you have a margin of error and a few people who didn't give and answer. p democrats don't seem to be changing course. they seem to be towing this line and it's not working for them. carley: they're going to make a big show of the infrastructure bill signing today. the president is pressing to pass the bbb, build back better. we're going to be talking more about that later on in the show and what it would actually do to the country. todd: meantime, the justice department says it will defend president biden's vaccine mandate for private companies after an appeals court upheld a block on the requirement. doj spokesperson telling fox news, the department will continue to vigorously defend the standard and looks forward to obtaining a definitive resolution following consolidation of all the pending cases for further review. all this as the surgeon general argues the mandate ban is bad for public safety. >> it would be a setback for public health.
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what we know very clearly is that when people get vaccinated and the more people who get vaccinated, the quicker we're able to bring this pandemic to an end, the more lives we can save. todd: dr. vivek murthy went on to compare complying with the vaccine mandate to obeying the speed limit, arguing, quote, both affect the safety of others. carley: today, ron de santis is set to convene a special session to fight covid vaccine mandates. during the session the state will consider four bills to increase signs for businesses, local governments, schools and other companies that require the vaccine. this as oklahoma's national guard has vowed not to enforce biden's federal vaccine mandate. the governor asked the u.s. defense secretary to suspend the requirement for military members. todd: eight minutes after the hour now. today, president biden and chinese president xi xi will --i jinping will hold a virtual meeting. carley: this as gop lawmakers are pushing biden to mess china
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on the or -- press china on the origins of covid-19. we have more on this important meeting. >> reporter: there are a host of hot button issues from terrorists to taiwan but there is one that resonates with every single american and that's because it has touched all of us and that of course is covid, how it really started, and the need americans feel, you know, the need we have to be confident that this will never happen again. so the pressure is really building ahead of this virtual summit for that topic to be front and center. when presidents biden and xi jinping speak. president biden has met with xi more than any other foreign leader over his long years in government. but he told fox news they are not old friends. this is business. now, this long awaited summit is not expected to net handy deliverableys given the strained state of relations, it's about getting china to play by the
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rules of the road. a number of lawmakers across both aisles of congress are pressing for answers on what really went on at the wuhan lab where many believe the coronavirus escaped. >> it is imperative that we find out how this started and what we can do in the future to prevent it. we need full disclosure. there has been so much cover-up through this. >> reporter: now, secretary of state antony blinken said in this very charged environment of course the issue is going to come up but he said it's going to come up in the context not of pointing fingers of blame but making sure we know how to prevent this from happening again. todd: amy kellogg, live for us in rome. thanks. carley: closing arguments are set to get underway today in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the judge has to rule on whether the jury could consider lesser charges against the 18-year-old. now, the move would lower the likelihood of a second trial but
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increases the chance of a conviction beyond the five felonies and misdemeanor weapons charge he faces, this as wisconsin braces for the verdict with 500 national guard troops. the governor said they were activated to support local partners and ensure public safety amid fears of unrest similar to what we you saw last year. todd: republicans calling on the national school board association to explain how they worked with the white house on a letter that labeled concerned parents terrorists. >> reporter: demand from house republicans to top officials comes as evidence the national school board association colluded with the biden white house and justice department, labeling parents as domestic terrorists. representative jim jordan's letter to the nsba saying, quote, parents cannot tolerate the collusion for justification
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for provoking federal law enforcement. we request that you make yourself available for an interview with the committee as soon as possible. jordan said merrick garland used the letter as an excuse to violate constitutional rights and it's time for people to be held accountable. listen. >> he said he's going to set up a snitch line on parents and is going to investigate moms and dads who are showing up at school board meetings. we hope the individuals come in for a transcribed interview. if they don't, we're going to call for subpoenas. >> reporter: scottsdale, arizona police are launching an investigation into an online file full of parents' private information. this includes divorce decrees, social security numbers and property records. parents saying they discovered the shocking file after the head of the school board accidentally september an e-mail with the link. >> i became an advocate for increased transparency within our district and that made me a target and our school board president has harassed and intimidated us and we're
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terrified of this person having access to our information. >> reporter: this as a new poll shows a whopping 81% of parents think they should know what's happening in their kids' schools, this is two weeks after glenn youngkin won the virginia governor's race as democrats campaigned for parents to stay out of the way. carley: big story there. ashley, thank you. todd: you ready for some football. nfl action, patrick mahomes erupting for five touchdown as the kansas city chiefs squashed the raiders. aaron rodgers making his return following covid as the green bay packers shut out the seahawks, 17-0 at lambeau. did you see this, the washington football team getting a huge win over tom brady and the tampa bay bucs. the defense picking up tom brady twice on the way to the 29-19 upset and this was a shocker, if
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you can believe it, in his return to carolina, a game played -- panthers routed the cardinals. my giants actually beat the panthers. a blowout by the panthers over the cardinals. steelers struggled without big ben, they tied the winless detroit lions. carley: how would you rate football sunday yesterday. todd: my giants weren't in it so i had no stress, i got to enjoy football, while i did 9,000 chores and kept the baby from killing herself because now she likes to crawl. there you go. that was my weekend. you? carley: good for you. i give football sunday an a plus yesterday. todd: you watched all the games. carley: why? i don't know. i did see cam newton before the game, did you see what he was wearing?
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todd: i did not. carley: i would love to take a look in his closet. a lot of hats with feathers. .todd: story pitch, carley shimkus and cam newton, fashion. make it happen. cargo ships waiting days to unload at california ports but the supply chain crisis felt far beyond the waterways and joe biden says you don't understand how it works so we brought in an executive from the port of long beach to answer questions the white house won't. carley: we have so much more coming up with the vice president of the nation fall border patrol council, and joe concha joining us live. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine. ♪ and don't it feel good. ♪
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todd: welcome back. there appears to be no end in sight for the supply chain crisis with the holidays right around the corner. over 80 ships sitting outside california ports waiting a record 17 days to unload their cargo. the deputy executive director for administration for the port of long beach joins me now. great to see you, sir. despite effort to mitigate the logjam, why have wait times gotten worse. >> good morning, thanks for having me, todd. the short answer is, we have
1:20 am
more demand than ever for goods. we've never seen containers arrive to our port in this amount of volume and then at the same time we have tightened capacity up and down the supply chain, not enough capacity at the warehouses, not enough workers. the combination of these forces triggered by the pandemic has resulted in this number of ships that you see there at the coast. todd: here's joe biden saying we, the american people, just don't seem to understand what's going on. take a listen. >> you hear a lot about the supply chain in the news, but frankly not a lot of people have a clear understanding, whether they have a phd or they didn't go to school about how a supply chain works. todd: are we stupid? it seems to me it's pretty simple. you don't have enough trucks to unload the containers, so the containers get backlogged at the ports. the ships get backlogged in the water. am i mitting something.
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>> the supply chain is a system that is comprised of a series of discrete business units, each trying to opt of mice operations and -- optimize operations and maximize bottom lines. you don't necessarily get alignment across the supply chain. i think the challenge there is understanding how these different sectors and different industries intersect and right now we have backlogs up and down the supply chain and so it's really difficult to get that container moving from segment to segment. think of it as a relay race. if you have different segments that are backed up, the container isn't going to move very fast. that's what i would say, the supply chain is typically invisible. no one sees it or thinks about it. if you have backlogs at least point in the supply chain it makes it more difficult especially when processing historic number of containers. todd: what do you need the biden administration to improve the situation right now. >> they've been very engaged. the port envoy has been working with the ports in southern
1:22 am
california and the stakeholders in the supply chain and a we've taken bold actions. i can tell you for long beach, we've taken three major steps. the first is we started activating vacant land to provide immediate relief to terminals, move the boxes out of the terminals to create more capacity and space for those containers aboard the ships at anchor. secondly, we ex a pannedded hours of -- expanded hours of operations, terminals are open 24 hours a day, others are opening earlier and closing later and working on weekends. the third major action we took a couple weeks ago is we're using every tool at our disposal. we're incentivizing the fast removal of containers from our terminals. we're going to continue to work around the clock, get those ships to birth, get those boxes off the ship and make sure we get the products onto store shelves in time for holidays. todd: i'm amazed you find land in southern california to put these containers. i lived there for 12 years.
1:23 am
wasn't a lot of land to put a contain r ship. before we let you go, obviously holiday season is upon us. if you watched any tv this weekend, you saw a lot of christmas commercials on your airway. what advice do you give to people that didn't heed the warning to buy items back in october. >> santa is going to need extra help this year. i would encourage folks to buy their christmas presents early and not wait until the last minute. .todd: understood. we appreciate your time. good luck with this. this is not easy. the whole nation is watching you with their fingers crossed that santa will be able to arrive on december 25th. carley: michigan governor gretchen whitmer has been called out for breaking her own covid rules but she is refusing to give businesses a pass. we talk to a restaurant owner who is facing thousands in fines. fines. todd: some in the media are forced to eat their woods for
1:24 am
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todd: border patrol at thely owe grand sector reported they had 2,000 crossing. there was 5-year-old boy from guatemala who was completed alone. -- completely alone. his parents were already in the u.s. vice president of the national border patrol council will joins us later to discuss the ongoing crisis. former fda head scott got leave warning of a post thanksgiving surge of covid cases.
1:29 am
listen. >> well, we're going to see a post holiday spike, there's no question of that. todd: he said regions that have not been hit hard by the delta variant could see a surge, a survey shows half of american adults plan to gather with more than 10 people. carley: gretchen whitmer apologized for breaking her social distancing rules but the democrat rejecting a bill that would give businesses a pass for first time violations. our next guest has already been fined for defying statewide covid restrictions in the past. mitch spangler, owner of spangler family restaurant joins me now. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, carley. carley: so this bill that the governor just vetoed it would give restaurant owners a pass
1:30 am
for first time violations. this passed the michigan house and senate. but then the governor vetoed it. what's your reaction to that? >> from what we've observed, it's classic she says one thing and does another. she says she values small business, she values people, the house and senate said that they would obviously pass the bill, but to give us a refund, i paid $4,500 in fines a year ago, we were looking at going out of business, that's when i made the decision to stay open, simply to survive, and now she's vetoed the bill that would have refunded the money and given small businesses that were fined some relief. carley: yeah. you know, we're talking about a first time offense here and in may the governor broke her own coronavirus restrictions and apologized for it. so she was hoping to get a pass back then but it sounds like she is not willing to give other people that same opportunity. >> not at all.
1:31 am
my decision to stay open was for survival. i would have been bankrupt at out of business at this point and so i looked at the $4,500 fine as a cost of doing business but at this point it would have been nice have that back and she took that away. carley: around this time last year, right, where in michigan indoor dining was not allowed and you looked at the books and said if you don't open for indoor dining, you're going to go bankrupt so you decided to do that and break the coronavirus restrictions and then you faced a fine. what was that whole experience like for you? >> it was challenging. the support from the community and the state and the customers was unbelievably good. people were thrilled they could come in and have a meal. the stress level was high. my staff and i were constantly on edge a bit and i was issued a
1:32 am
cease and desist order, my license was suspended and we wound up with a great legal team that volunteered to represent me, robert martin from hillsdale college led the team that represented me and it went as good as it could but obviously when you're wondering the future of your business every day, it was stressful but thankfully we made it through and i'm thrilled for all the support that i had through the whole process. carley: how is your business doing now? ?doing very well. we're continuing to move forward and business is up with no restrictions at this point and i'm very thankful that we're still here. carley: what's your message to governor whitmer this morning? >> i would just appreciate her supporting small businesses the way she says that she wants to do to be reelected. carley: mitch spangler, i'm sure you and many small business
1:33 am
owners in michigan feel the same way. we're so glad your business is doing well and you made it out of the dark patch because we hear it's very delicious and people deserve your service. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carley. i appreciate it. carley: you t bet. todd. todd: sounds like the perfect place for one of our diner segments. carley: not a bad a idea. todd: closing arresting aments in the kyle rittenhouse trial begin today but a lot of the case has already seemingly been decided in the court of public opinion. carley: we talk to kyle's spokesperson, a big interview coming up next.
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carley: we are back with a tragic story here, a 13-year-old seattle boy watches his father dive a heart attack while waiting for help from first responders. the boy told 911 his dad was, quote, conscious but not okay. when firefighters did arrive, an outdated note saying the resident had a history of threatening first responders made them wait for police to escort them. the boy had to call 911 again and the firefighters ultimately broke protocol and entered without police but it was too late. the slow response comes amid seattle's vaccine mandate on first responders and city efforts to defund the police. a 9-year-old trampled at the astro world festival dies from his injuries after spending days
1:38 am
on life support. he attended the concert with his dad who says he was holding the boy on his shoulders when the deadly crowd surge began. his father lost consciousness and ezra fell to the ground. the death brings the festival's death toll to 10 as over 200 people file over 90 new lawsuits, saying they were armed at the show. todd: that little boy, that is horrible. all eyes on kenosha, wisconsin as the kyle rittenhouse trial could wrap up this week. the teen potentially faces lesser charges. >> the jury, if they're unable to agree you're grill at this of the charged -- guilty of the charged offense will have the a opportunity to consider whether you're guilty of a less serious offense and could return that as a verdict. todd: dave hancock joins me now. what is kyle's mindset as we head into this absolutely crucial week? >> he is staying positive right
1:39 am
now. i believe the family is staying strong and we're looking for a not guilty verdict across the board. todd: how concerned is your team that the jury will find guilt on the lesser charges merely as a way to find him guilty of something following the tough time the prosecution has had proving its case so far? >> obviously, that's a concern, but this was pure self-defense across the board and we believe that the jury knows that and they see that. todd: what cues are you getting from the jury? obviously, they're not talking because that would make no sense. that's not how jurors work. you are in the courtroom, you see facial cues and general reactionses. what cues are you getting from them? >> they have been very you attentive, they've been taking notes, they've been paying attention. we've noticed that -- well, i believe that the jury is paying
1:40 am
attention and they are taking in all the facts and they are learning a lot of new truths, if they heard all the false media reporting over the past year, so we're hopeful that they have seen that and they come back with a not guilty across the board. todd: are you seeing any particular reactions to the actions, let's call them, of the prosecution which quite frankly have been roundly cass at this gaited by many -- castigateed by many members of the media, including those you wouldn't necessarily expect. >> the actions of the prosecution in this case have just been pitiful and abhorrent, have violated due process rights on several occasions and i think you're going to see an interesting morning in court today. yes. todd: what do you think the
1:41 am
prosecution's closing argument is going to be. this has not gone well for them so far. >> i mean, pick one of the five different stories that they used. who really knows. i mean, they're going to try the to prove that he provoked, that young kyle rittenhouse provoked an out-of-control he joseph rosenbaum. the fact of the matter is, they know there was a 6'5" man holding a pistol in front of kyle at that point in time and they can't take that truth away. i mean, kyle fled on all the occasions. so who know what they're going to come up with this time. anybody's guess. todd: we spoke with kyle's mom, wendy, who you know, over the weekend. here's what she had to say. >> i'm hoping that the outcome is what i expect, a not guilty verdict. but i know there's a lot of people out there wants my son to
1:42 am
be guilty. it's in the hands of the jury. they've been taking notes, listening to the truth, and i hope they take that, take that into what the outcome's going to be the. todd: dave, what do you make of all the pundits including some lawyers, actual lawyers, who seem to be calling for a conviction regardless of the evidence and regardless of the law? >> i would second guess the term you use, actual lawyers. i mean, you can't define self he -- self-defense more clear than what happened on this evening with young kyle rittenhouse. he is a good kid. he was there to help. he's a civic minded kid. he's a young man now. he went down there to help and he brought the only rifle that he believed he could carry, which we believe will come out
1:43 am
in court today. he was legally allowed to carry that rifle as long as it was not a short barrel rifle and that is according to the letter of the law in the wisconsin statute. so we believe that we're going to see that charge gone and all the rest of the charges come back with a not guilty because that's the truth. todd: you've heard the judge say this gun law in wisconsin is tough for him to understand, much less the rest of us. do you expect reprisals from the media and the president if kyle rittenhouse is found innocent? >> i'm sure there will be. but i don't expect too much. i think a lot of truth, a lot of reality has come out over the past two weeks and it is in stark opposition to what was reported last year and continued
1:44 am
for the past 14 months. it just -- none of what they were saying was just true. it just was untrue. and that has come out glaringly and so we believe that there's going to be a not guilty verdict across the board. todd: it's why we have trials in courtrooms and not on tv because otherwise we would be in a lot of trouble as a society. dave hancock, thank you for your time this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. carley: the time is 44 minutes after the hour. president biden will hold a virtual summit with chinese president xi as tensions escalate between washington and beijing and as the world demands answers about covid origins. will president biden be tough enough? todd: plus, dozens of nypd officers leaving the democratic policies of new york city for freedom loving florida and also probably the weather. details coming up. ♪ i get knocked down but i get up again. ♪ never, ever going to keep me down. ♪ i get knocked down but i get
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todd: msnbc host tiffany cross facing backlash for these controversial comments. listen. >> my brother is a truck driver. and he drives across the country and it's very nerve-racking to me. this is an industry populated by
1:49 am
a lot of white men. this group of people overwhelmingly voted for trump. some people have talked about aggressive truck drivers cutting them off or not being helpful. so obviously the more pop lated it is with people of color, i think you'll see less of that. todd: i didn't know they asked people who they voted for when they decided to be a trucker. cnn host brian seltzer under fire for mocking parents' concerns about the ongoing supply chain crisis, tweeting, the supply chain, looking for milk for a 2-year-old. his tweet seems to imply the crisis is not affecting americans. the crisis slowed shipping times to a crawl and a massive backlog of cargo ships in the pacific ocean. carley: president biden is set to meet with chinese president xi jinping tonight in a virtual summit after months of
1:50 am
escalating tensions. the white house is setting low expectations for any possible outcome from this meeting. >> this is about setting the terms, in our view, of an effective competition where we're in a he position to he defend our values which will be part of the president's conversation and those of our allies and partners and also discuss areas where we can work together. i wouldn't set the expectation that this is intended to have major deliverables or outcomes. carley: here to react, the first u.s. space force chief officer. you heard the white house as tensions between the united states and china are at an all-time high. what do you expect will be said during the meeting and what will the outcome be? >> what's very clear is we are not in a competition with china, we are at war and china is very clear about that. it's really concerning that we are going into this engagement
1:51 am
with no desired outcomes. that's not something we should be doing. china made it very clear in the last 20 years that they are taking this seriously and slowly t but surely taking over when it comes to artificial intelligence, cyber security. we see a drastic increase of ip theft and in the meantime really we are giving away our supply chain to china and that's really putting us into a very tough spot so we have to be demanding and really ask for cease and desist when it comes to these attacks, both in terms of our u.s. companies and the u.s. government as well. carley: you mentioned so many issues right there. ip theft, cyber attack, supply chain. there's also the issue of the origin of covid-19. you said we're at war with china, not in the conventional sense, but with tensions so high. do you think that president biden will be able to keep a
1:52 am
strong enough tone on this front and will we ever get answers on the covid-19 origins front? >> we certainly should demand answers and really mandate that the u.s. is leading the investigation when it comes to covid. at the same time we've been asking china to stop their toxic and malicious behavior when it comes to cyber attacks and stealing the ip of our companies. you've seen no action. so these kind of events if they're not designed to lead to outcomes should not even happen. you don't go to a meeting where you have no designed outcome against the number one enemy of the united states. carley: you bring up such a good point there. china's number one goal is to become the world's most dominant super power and replace the united states on that front and they can play dirty. they can steel our intellectual property, they can make alliances with our enemies like the taliban. how do we prevent that from happening? how do we stay in the most
1:53 am
dominant he position and keep china at bay? >> well, you know, china is -- you're correct when you say it's not a conventional war. china was able to negotiate the mining rights in afghanistan with the taliban before the taliban even took over the nation. and so that's very important to keep in mind, they were able to negotiate these rights proactively and that's what they do. they're very capable. and we keep underestimating, where china is a peer in ai and cyber security. i would argue they're leading the united states and you've seen with the hypersonic launches where china is able to potentially target our nation but also our friendly nations in a way that we simply cannot prevent. carley: the most sensitive of all issues is that of taiwan and president biden has said if china attacks taiwan, the united
1:54 am
states will back taiwan. will what that come up and how will the president handle that situation? >> well, i think we should proactive library this up. -- proactively bring this up. taiwan is the number two producer of chips and again you've seen even recently the issue with supply chain impacting not only companies like apple but also the automotive industry and also all the innovation around us that you can see around artificial intelligence. we must take action now. carley: it's being called a meeting, not a summit. we have to keep expectations low according to the white house but still an important conversation will be held today. nicholas, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. .todd: can tore tweeted at biden, stop playing games with bullies, prioritize human rights.
1:55 am
he is slamming the chinese government for alleged human rights atrocities. a dozen members of the nypd have moved to florida after the governor offered $5,000 relocation bonus. officers facing staffing shortages, increases in violence and vaccine mandates. 12 officers from new york joining the much smaller lakeland pd. carley: coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends first," the white house doing damage control over more reports of dysfunction and the vice president's office except this time it's coming from one of their biggest allies in the media. todd: well talk to the vice president of the national border patrol council, carlos jiminez and joe concha, he'll be here. don't go anywhere. ♪
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go to and get 2 months free. >> i believe that the jury is paying attention and they are taking in all the facts and they are learning a lot of new truths. we're looking for a not guilty verdict across the board. carley: it is monday, november 15th. we begin with a fox news alert. supporters of kyle rittenhouse feeling confident as closing arguments are expected today in the teen's murder trial but the national guard has already been activated in wisconsin over concernses about potentially explosive backlash if the 18-year-old is found innocent.


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