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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 15, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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like stephanie ruhle can afford it because i can that's not how it works. carley: if everybody can afford things we don't need build back better. that was the argument for build back better as well. thank you for joining us. kicking off or monday right way. todd: pour a cup of that chinese milk get ready for "fox & friends," it starts right now. ♪ >> president biden's approval reaching historic lows. >> 41% approve. 53 disapprove. >> a lot of people across this country are really having buyer's remorse. >> the jury in the trial of kyle rittenhouse set to begin directions. >> process we believe that the jury knows that and they see that today president biden and chinese president xi jinping will have a virtual meeting. >> they have to be hard hitting with communist china to discover the origins of covid-19. >> natural immunity is proving as effective. the federal government is
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requiring millions of vaccine. >> natural immunity works. it's been around. our current administration? denial. >> mahomes, touchdown. mahomes wide open. throw caught. >> throws to the end zone and he makes the grab. >> mahomes five touchdown passes for mahomes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: nashville's electric bill has to be huge. left all their lights on last night just for our live shot. ainsley: we pleecht it so pretty. brian: a look live inside the building. amazing how many cameras we have. also important to point out, steve, the kansas city chiefs. if you watch the way they played yesterday they still have a
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team. steve: they were fantastic. they had a couple of bad months let's say. they're back. patrick mahomes as you look at the view finder on camera two. welcome to hour one on "fox & friends." busy week. here in new york city. tomorrow after the show we go to florida. then we will do the patriot awards and be there for a while. live it up. brian: partying 3:00 in the morning. ainsley: air the show from day before. brian: filmed it month ago. ainsley: no rittenhouse case or nothing about infrastructure. brian: generically about the news. steve: it we did a show from a couple of months ago joe biden's approval ratings would be riding high. ainsley: true, 11 points higher. steve: here is the trouble the cover of the "new york post" even democrats dislike joe biden
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in the latest devastating poll shows out walking on the country road with storm clouds over the horizon. as it turns out, when he ran for president, he said i'm going to fix everything. we are now in november, he has not fixed that much stuff except inflation, congratulations, you got it at new 31 year high. ainsley: this as "the washington post"-abc poll now his approval rating 41%. 53% disapprove. back in april, 52% approved and 42% did not. brian: it's on pure performance because he does have a very compliant media for the most part. really, peter and jackie asking legitimate questions about some of the major issues facing the country and still the american people are figuring it out without the mainstream media. do you approve or disprove of the way biden's handling the economy? no kidding. only 4 in 10 are happy. 39%. 55% disapprove.
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here's the thing. things that happen like the pandemic but you got a vaccine. things that happen like people going back to work. that's natural. and there are things with single-handedly trying to destroy the energy industry in our country while begging our enemies to pump more? that's inexcusable and saying that we have a supply chain problem and blaming us for ordering too many things. that bothers people more than a little. steve: absolutely. meanwhile, later today the president is going to be signing that bipartisan infrastructure bill regarding how much money the government is spending. one of the questions is how concerned are you about biden doing too much to increase the size and role of government in society. as you can see about 60% very concerned 38% not very concerned. the way it breaks down regarding the big spending, if you were wondering people behind that? it turns out yes, 63% support infrastructure when it's actual infrastructure.
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and regarding that $2 trillion bill, the build back better thing, 58% support whether it addresses climate, expanding preschool, healthcare and social programs. so a majority of the country is behind the big social spending programs even though they are worried about, you know is, it going to be too much government going forward? as far as infrastructure concerned 19 republicans that signed this bill. and a lot of them are not going to be showing up today. including mitch mcconnell. big signing ceremony. >> basically they made -- they hue mill nateed the i can't tell by waiting three months to actually give it to the house. if they did it immediately. they probably would have had over 60 votes in the house. but they held on to it for three months making i just took great political risks for you and you are telling me emergency and infrastructure crumbling. in the press conference to announce the bipartisan bill you say one doesn't go without the reconciliation bill which concludes almost everything the
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republicans negotiated out put. in closing a house put everything in there you needed to do it close the dealed and show up at the closing and all this stuff is in it just on a separate page. steve: it's a duplex. two houses essentially there you got the house and the senate. they are completely different animals. brian: cheryl casone will probably include that in next episode. i love the comparison with both those polls. because, you ask people do they want expanded social programs, how they affect you individually whether it's child care, preschool, free community college. if you say on the same thing do you know what that would mean equals bigger government, more control and the bureaucracy that would be involved with a government program to hit you in your small town america. what is what happens. do you want free stuff? yeah where do i get. it is free stuff pay for in a
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different way probably not going to get there. steve: keep in mind the way the democrats are presenting it you want free stuff that super rich are going to pay for it i'm not super rich, why not. look at the prices of things. and prices are crazy. i paid 2 bucks for a can of campbell soup. ainsley: what is it normally? steve: 1.25. 2 bucks when i bought it on thursday. line was out the door and around the corner at target. because people are so terrified that this christmas season there won't be stuff, santa is not going to be able to load up the sleigh so they are shopping early. started shopping in september. ainsley: does it mean for midterms? brian: see what happens. they say the inflation is going to be handled janet yellen said by the spring. if it does it, will look better for them. i think tone in the americans disappointment. bipartisan dissatisfaction. nine in 10 republicans upset by about this.
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7 in 10 independents situation an election. >> reasonable doubt rag the midterms though with registered voters according do this very poll, it's called the generic congressional poll. 51% of the country would vote for a republican whereas 41% would vote for a democrat. so that would suggest, once again, it's a national poll. these things happen on the state level. but, nonetheless, it would suggest there is going to be a giant red wave come next november. ainsley: we saw that in virginia. could we see that across the country. senator ted cruz on buyer's remorse. listen to. this i think a lot of people across this country are really having buyer's remorse and are shocked because this is not what joe biden campaigned on this. is not -- he said he was a reasonable, senel tryst mod draft the joe biden that a lot of us have known for a long time, we don't know where he is. we are wondering if that guy is tied up in the basement of the white house because the people setting the agenda here are radicals. the reason we saw such great
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election results in virginia and new jersey are that the american people, both blue states, but the personal people said hold on a second. this is crazy. and i'm here to predict right now 2022 is going to be a wave election. brian: yeah. also inside that poll 8% says he has accomplished a great deal. 27% says a good amount. 45% say little or nothing. ainsley: what did he accomplish? brian: got $1.9 trillion back in martha larry summers says is really fueling the inflation because it's just dollars into our economy and we just got a trillion from president trump in december in between the election and the inauguration. steve: well, luckily, later today, going to get on the phone with the president of china and really yell at him about the coronavirus origin. ainsley: we will see. steve: that's not going to
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happen. ainsley: having a virtual meeting today. brian: i hope he knows he has to bring up the origins of the virus that poisoned the world. steve: he has been on the phone with him a couple of hours so far has not done it what is he waiting for. brian: can we blame the translator? ainsley: 6:09 on the east coast. city of kenosha on edge as closing arguments begin in the rittenhouse trial. we are live in wisconsin where the national guard is on stand by now. steve: aaron rodgers returning to the football field after battling covid and the cancel culture. the warm welcome shut out the seahawks ♪ you're a natural ♪ ♪
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carley: good morning, back with your headlines, a 9-year-old boy trampled as astroworld hospital died from injuries after spending days on life support. he attended the concert with his dad who said he was holding his boy on the shoulders when the crowd surge began. lost consciousness and he fell to the ground. his death brings the festival death toll to 10 as 10 people file over 90 new lawsuits saying they were harmed at the show. kitchen sphits says his national guard will not enforce the covid mandate. asking the defense secretary to suspend the vaccine for military members. this as ron desantis convene as state legislative session to fight back against vaccine mandates in the sunshine state as well. meanwhile, at least a dozen
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members of the nypd have moved to florida after governor ron desantis offered $5,000 relocation bonus. officers in the big apple facing is staffing shortages vaccine mandates over the last two months 12 officers from new york have joined the much smaller lakeland pd in florida. pat trauma homes erupts for five touchdowns as the kansas city chiefs blocked the raiders 41-146789 aaron rodgers welcomed by a roaring crowd making his return following covid. as the green bay packers shut out the seahawks 17-0. the washington football team get a huge win over the tampa bay bucks. washington defense picking off tom brady twice on their way to the 29-19 upset. and in his return, to carolina, cam newton runs and throw force a touchdown leading the panthers
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to a 34-10 blowout over the arizona cardinals. and the pittsburgh steelers struggled without big ben under center. tying the winless detroit loins 16-16. brian: just so happens i watched some of that game and i have never seen worse football in my life. carley: loins? >> and steelers. did you see it glorks how bad was that. >> very bad. carley: i'm sure their mothers thought they did a great job. you know how moms are. you did great job. brian: unbelievable. now you make me feel bad. steve: thanks, carley for the round up. brian: i guess. ainsley: does that mean? brian: just saying. closing arguments are set to get underway in the kyle rittenhouse trial and deliberations also set to begin. ainsley: the judge has to decide whether the jury can decide
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lesser charges against the 1-year-old. steve: alexis, we understand the national guard has been activated. >> good morning. that's right. the 500 national guardsmen here in the kenosha, wisconsin area are on stand by. the sheriff's department telling us they do not expect any major issues. they are keeping a close eye on everything here including social media. now, that decision from the judge will have to come at some point today as these jurors decide if kyle rittenhouse is innocent or guilty in kenosha, wisconsin. judge's final ruling on which lesser charges the jury will be able to consider in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the judge says he will allow the jury to consider one lesser charges and denied one of those requests important to note. legal experts tell us the trade-off could help get a conviction in the case and would also ensure that rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence the i will any teen shot three people, killing two during the unrest following the police shooting of jacob blake.
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today names will be drawn to decide which 12 jurors will deliberate and which 8 will go home and be dismissed. rittenhouse's mom tells fox she thinks her son's testimony went well. >> there's a lot of people out there wants my son to be guilty. it's in the hands of the jury. they have been taking notes. listening to the truth. and i hope they take that into what the outcome is going to be. >> now, just last summer, more than 100 businesses in kenosha were either badly damaged or destroyed during the unrest. wisconsin governor has activated 500 national guard troops to prepare for any possible unrest following the verdict. but he is also urging people who are not from this area in wisconsin to please reconsider any plans to travel here and back out here live in kenosha in front of the courthouse that's
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where the deliberation also begin here. as we wait for the judge's decision, rather, to figure out exactly which charges the jury will be age to deliberate on kenosha county once again telling us they are not expecting any major issues but definitely prepared after everything that happened last summer. back to you. steve: got to be careful. alexis, before you go, during the -- not the deliberations but during the when the court has been in session and mr. rittenhouse has been on trial, have there been protesters out front either for or against him? >> people that are local here have been walking around. some people protesting. most people really are just talking about this. every coffee shop and everywhere we have been that's the talk of ken northbound sexual harassment there haven't been too many -- o far.
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brian: hard to believe any of these will pass. dangerous weapon under the age of 18. if you press on that. i don't even know that's jail time. is that why you went through this trial in the question is, would you, if you are the defense, would you be accepting lesser charges? steve: i don't know that it's up to the defense. jonathan turley writes in the hill today. the problem with the rittenhouse case prosecutors seem to be learning critical details about the same time as the jury is in this case. for instance, the testimony about joseph rosenbaum who mr. rittenhouse shot, he threatened rittenhouse and then it turns out he suffered from bipolar disorder and they were talking about violence and things like that. then that guy gaige grosskreutz admitted he got shot by mr. rittenhouse after mr. grosskreutz pointed his 9-millimeter gun at kyle
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rittenhouse's head. brian: said that on the house. >> steve: even the defense crucial. it comes down to reasonable doubt. did the prosecution prove their case yard. >> that's ultimately what it comes down to. ainsley: he said he wanted to protect property and he wanted to or first aid. closing argue. >>s are today. here is dave hancock. is hes spokesperson for the family. >> the actions of the prosecution in this case, have just been pitiful and abhorrent. they have violated his due process rights on several occasions, and i think are going to see an interesting morning in court today. i believe that the jury is paying attention. and they are taking in all the facts and they are learning a lot of new truths if they heard all the false media reporting over the past year. so it just, none of what they were saying was just true. it just was untrue.
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and that has come out glaringly. so we believe that there is going to be a not guilty verdict across the board. brian: do you know what else going to be part of this? so, if this case goes the way logical emotional people and testimony professionals say and the jury takes this and doesn't say to themselves i don't want to feel guilty if cities burn down or find them guilty on anything. jury see what is we have seen, i believe it's the first test on the pushback on the defund the police movement. now the police would be able to stop a lot of those riots that took place in a lot of those major cities seattle, portland, new york, chicago, minneapolis if they were loued to do their job. a year after watching the chaos rein and cops being fortified or saying i told you so. this will be the first time maybe be able to see police officers do what they do best, that's control chaos like this. steve: well, in asking alexis a moment ago if there were protesters outside, i wonder if the people in the jury pool and
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they're eventually going to pick the jury later today, if they feel the pressure to convict regardless of what they have seen? when you look at the case, it seems like it is a straightforward self-defense case. all the video and, you know, there has been so much video in this case. all the video seems to support the story that kyle rittenhouse is telling now. ainsley: i know it's going to be interesting to see what happens in cities across our country when it comes down. closing arguments today. when will the jury -- when will we hear? steve: they will get the case later today. will big question is whether or not the judge will say you know what? you got it but why don't you take off? each side get two and a half hours to present their case. five hours of closing arguments and you will see much of it right here on fox. brian: the prosecution has got to start how much longer do i have left? do i have to use the whole two and a half hours? am i done? steve: the judge very stern with the prosecutor. the judge said i will cut you
3:25 am
off mid word if you are not done. ainsley: i know. steve: the judge is something. coming up on monday, people in chicago are calling to refund the police. windy city sees a record number of homicides, including the recent shooting death of that college graduate. the push to restore law and order after the break. >> abolish. >> no, no, we need to leave. are you kidding me? >> yeah. >> we need to leave. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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suspect skipped out on sex charges in florida and headed up to the big apple where he attacked a jogger in central park. being held without bond in jail. border patrol agents in the rio grand sector reporting they encountered almost 2,000 migrants on friday alone. this includes at least 262 known got-aways. cbp stopping another large group on saturday which included a 5-year-old boy from guatemala who was completely alone. his parents already in the united states. 5-year-old girl to survived a plane crash on saturday.
3:30 am
father shielded her in the crash. abc says the girl is in stable condition at the grand rapids children's hospital. her father mike perdue is one of four killed in the crash on beaver island which is between michigan's upper and lower peninsulas. a brand new character is heading to sesame street the newcomer xi young will be the first ever asian-american on the children's show. she will debut as part of a thanksgiving special called see us come together. sesame street crater say xi young's edition is a reaction to many events in 2020 including a growing number of attacks against asian-americans. those are your headlines. ainsley, send it over to you. ainsley: all right. thank you so much. chicago residents speaking out against the defund movement as crime in the windy city surpassing last year. >> what do you think about some local groups, student groups saying we a abolish the defund police. >> defund or abolish. >> no, no, no. we need police.
3:31 am
are you kidding me? we need police. ainsley: now university of chicago student are also on edge after a recent graduate. there is his picture was killed during an attempted robbery just steps from campus. joining us now to discuss this is the managing editor of the chicago thinker and university of chicago student anita duffy. good morning to you,. >> good morning. >> these numbers are just alarming. every monday we get the numbers that come in from how many people are shot in chicago over the weekend finance just astounding. one person after another. what so sad. what are you finding. >> my friends and i are unsafe coming to and from class going to the grocery store. >> this is the third university of chicago student to be murdered this year. and frankly, it's unacceptable. the only thick that is protecting students from kim foxx and lori lightfoot's crime ridden city is the university of chicago's police department. and we don't have -- student
3:32 am
groups are advocating to defund or accomplish our police, that protection goes away. and so that's why we, at the chicago thinkers, a publication that i run went to talk to actual community members to see what they thought. and, as you can see, they were very unhappy with losing the police protection. somebody even said that we should deploy the national guard. that's how bad things are gotten in chicago. ainsley: the majority do want more police? >> yes. so i think hyde park residents want police. i think most chicago residents want police. i think there is a loud group of left wing students at the university of chicago and in chicago in general that want to g.e.d. get rid of them. by the way, the police force at the university of chicago that they want to abolish is actually majority black and hispanic. so the racism cries really fall on deaf ears. ainsley: democratic policies, how is that going to effect the
3:33 am
midterm elections? >> you know, i think that people are -- who live in cities like chicago and in other places that are facing these crime waves are seeing that democrat cries to defund the police, catch and release policies are not poring. they are finding that their homes are unsafe. for me, i'm finding that getting to class is unsafe. and that doesn't sit well with people. and i don't think that it's a good -- it's a winning strategy for the democrats. ainsley: you mentioned your friends. we know your parents. how are they affected by this? i'm sure they are very worried about you. we continuously interview you every time someone, unfortunately dies on your campus. >> yeah. i mean, my parents, like every other parent at the university of chicago, is wonder if they made the right decision sending us there it's a great school academics are stellar. unfortunately the neighborhood is not good. i noticed from freshman year to
3:34 am
now, i'm seen yes, things have only gotten worse. i'm actually friends with a police officer at the university of chicago. uh-oh at the university of chicago police department. he said he will freengtly arrest violent offenders and see them two weeks later. that's how bad things have gotten in the city of chicago. ainsley: why, because they let them out? >> i think it's kim foxx. that's what he thinks. i think it's the democrats their policies on dealing with criminals are not working. and they are making people, frankly, very unsafe. it's terrifying to be -- to live in chicago right now. ainsley: ivette that, please stay safe. thank you for coming on with us. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, with the government ignoring natural immunity when encouraging vaccine mandates. dr. marty makary going to react to a stunning admission from the centers for disease control that he says counters science.
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headache and sore throat may occur. this is the sound of fasenra. ask your doctor about fasenra. ♪ ♪ brian: all right. as the debate over vaccine mandates raging on, is the government ignoring the power of natural immunity. in a freedom of information act request, a law firm asked the cdc for evidence of any documented case of an unvaccinated individual who was infected with covid once, natural immunity, recovered and was reinfect and transmitted the virus to another person. seems logical. we talk about theferred. the cdc replying, quote: a search of our records fails to reveal any documents pertaining four-to-your request. this information not collected? fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary joins us now to react. is that acceptable, doctor? >> not really. they have got tremendous data at the cdc. for them to acknowledge that
3:40 am
they don't any documented case of a transmission among somebody with natural immunity who then got reinfected that says a lot. it says that they don't have a science and data driven approach to imposing restrictions on the 140 million americans with natural immunity. they feel disenfranchised for good reason. brian: israel. >> israel released data and that's actually where we are getting most of our data from. israel, largest study done worldwide, natural immunity 27 more times than vaccinated immunity. i would never encourage anyone go out and try to get the in'affection for that reason to believe. be honest with people. we can do and this a still encourage vaccination among people not immune. brian: people at home are throwing something at the television now because they are frustrated. they had it. reluctant to go get a vaccine because they had it. they get the antibody test. the antibodies are high. but they can't get anyone officially in the government to acknowledge it can you unwind?
3:41 am
what's behind that? >> it's inexplicable that you could have an antibody that is protective against this virus but it's not an antibody type that the government has approved. and, yet's it's still an antibody effective against the virus. a lot of lives have been ruined from this. the cdc has decided to dig into their position rather than recognize this evolving data. they want to keep the message very simple and stream lined. every single human being needs a vaccine. by the way, we are one of few countries that are really saying to do that. a lot of countries are saying low risk individuals, you know, maybe they could have a modified approach and those with natural immunity get credit towards immunity requirements. brian: other big story, and we will touch on this later. explosive and i just talked to so many people over the last few weeks. and that's one of the biggest questions that scenes coming up. why doesn't natural immunity matter? why can't i get an antibody test? what happened though them we had them early and disappeared. is big pharma looking to catch.
3:42 am
in fda make a booster decision without outside advisory committee weighing in. why don't they want the advisory committee to weigh in, an independent body? >> so, this is a story that cnn is reporting that the fda inside source iraqi security forces suggesting they are not going to convene their experts to make a decisioned about next round of boosters, pfizer is applying in their application for boosters, for everybody who has been vaccinated. and this is very concerning. because those same experts that they are now choosing potentially to not convene, are these same experts that express strong concerns around boosters for everybody. particularly because of the risks of myocarditis in young people. remember, those experts voted down the boosters for all recommendation. they voted them down at the fda. they voted them down at the cdc. and it was the cdc director that overruled that vote. this is very concerning to the
3:43 am
integrity of the process. remember, two top fda officials left over political interference and the fda did this once before with the vaccinated kids 12 through 15. they chose not to convene their experts. that was concerning. brian: it is concerning. the white house said they are not going to put their hand on scale like the previous administration did. they announced the bowleser before anyone was ready i have a good idea, don't talk to the people that pushed back the last time. also a story worth checking out in the "wall street journal" today. we seem to be the only country in a big rush to vaccinate children. so that's no wonder parents are taking a pause right now. dr. makary, thanks so much for staying on top of this. >> thanks, brian. brian: meanwhile, check in with janice dean for the fox weather forecast. janice, prepared anything? janice: i have prepared something. do you know that we had tornado reports on the northeast on saturday? let's take a look at it look at this confirmed tornadoes. we had incredible storms move through on saturday. so several on long island and then up towards connecticut and
3:44 am
in towards new england. 8 confirmed tornadoes for the northeast. that's pretty amazing. let's take a look at the rest of today's weather. we have got 44 in new york city, 30 in chicago. clipper system a quick moving storm going to bring some snow, limited moisture, but some winds that's going to reinforce the cold air that has come behind that front that brought those incredible tornadoes to the northeast. thankfully, we don't have any injuries but we do have reports of damage and there is your future track. not a whole lot of snow flurry with this but it does feel like winter time. next week or rather this week we have a midweek storm that's going to set up across the upper midwest, the great lakes, bring mainly rain on the back side of this though we could see some storms. we will keep that in mind as we go through wednesday and thursday. that's some of that energy is originating from the northwest flood advisories in place seattle and portland. the rest of the country is pretty warm especially if you are looking at the southwest. we have flood alerts for the northwest. a foot of rain some of these areas 3 to 8 inches of more rain
3:45 am
on the way. bribe kill need. i know you have a brand new book out. are you going to talk about that. brian: i was in albany. they like you up there. paul vandenberg. ains. janice: love that guy. brian: great personality. great station. able to go to albany new york for the first time. all the books i had ha chance to do. first my daughter's book go to school upstate. her and her friends meet me before. really boring watching you sign books. i'm going go home and party it's friday night, dad. that was great to start a lot of people lined up in albany. first time in a long time that i have been up there haven't been to the state capital. great response. fantastic people. lee zeldin has a lot of support up there we will see what happens. then i had a chance to go do an event in mmc in south bend in eckhart, indiana, drove over there and did it on saturday night. it was great to be there and to have a lot of people come out and of all ages to come out and
3:46 am
basically we did a show on stage k.t., big star out there meet everyone in indiana that is a hot bed. i appreciate everyone that came out. tomorrow in vera beach leave right from here and go hollywood florida patriot awards signing before and after the show. then to pensacola florida and hop in the car and go to alabama on friday in fair hope. the villages on saturday. it is the law. you have to go to the villages. and then orlando, florida, big show on stage, tickets still available go. to brian and get specifics where i will be. thanks to everyone who comes out. meanwhile, coming up on this show, before president biden's meeting with china. one challenge one basketball star issuing to the white house. skip bedell is on the fox square with the tools you need in case an emergency strikes. his series continues. ♪ i'm a survivor ♪
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3:50 am
carley: elon musk controlling bernie sanders on twitter. tax the rich tweet it about the
3:51 am
senator's age. tweeting in part want me to sell more stock, bernie, just say the word. musk just sold $6.9 billion worth of tesla stock. and jeff bezos tells a washington forum he wants to see people being born in space. >> this earth can support. the trillion people. born and live visit earth the way you would visit yellow stone national park. carley: bezos did maintain that the earth is special and we can't ruin it he also recognized the cyclones he envisions takes generations to become a reality. steve? babies and space. steve: all right, carley, thank you very much. this is why you always need to be prepared as we just heard from j.d. three tornadoes ripped through parts of long island, newark as storms battered the northeast. that's why we teemed up with skip bedell always be prepared
3:52 am
series showing off the stuff you need to expect the unexpected. he joins us live right now. >> great to be back with you, steve. >> when trouble comes and have you got leave your house fast and you don't have a place to go you have a solution. >> if you need shelter evac town real quick or just camping. this is permanent waterproof shelter right here. this is i camper. look how easy it is to open up take close like a suitcase. steve: you are suggesting keep that on the top of your car? >> keep it on the roof of your car, very compact; king size mat trig truss in it memory foam sleeps four. janice: this is awesome. >> cast iron disk portable system. cook over a fire mitt. folds up into a carry kit. cook it over an open fire or.
3:53 am
steve: how about this one. >> propane tank. steve: i don't have time to find wood. >> table top or use tri pod works off -- you can cook anywhere you go. steve: disco series. >> disco. all comes from ik amper cook on the go. steve: there she is over there over the weekend you have got the bad weather and you get stuck in your vehicle but you have got your little janice dean motel. >> track -- this takes less than a minute to apply. simply put the strap through,. steve: if you are stuck in the mud? >> yes. steve: so clever. >> uses the power of the car to pull you out. track amazing. show you this is really. steve: i love this. >> this is -- watch this, hundreds of different makes and models turns your console into
3:54 am
an in vehicle safe. now when you are traveling you can secure your documents, your money, your valuables, your firearms right in your own console becomes a safe right there. so that's console vault. i have a couple to show you here. show you a couple of sizes. steve: come on over here. >> combination lock, three different choices of locks, digital. you have the combination. but it allows you to basically slide it right auto into your car. one minute installation. just two screws. i installed that in a minute, steve. steve: a vehicle like this is more reliable than your house because it goes places. >> tank, four wheel drive and climb through trees. console vault, comes in hundreds of different sizes makes and models of. fits no your console. if you get stuck and out on the road. the last thing you want to do in a snow storm or some situation where you need evacuate is get your vehicle stuck. so this will allow to you get unstuck by yourself just strap
3:55 am
it on the wheel and use the car to pull you out. steve: as people are looking for holiday gift ideas. >> oh be man. steve: for the person who has everything, how about the gift of escape? >> that is it. so great. trac grabber is great to give your kids and wife. keep it in the trunk of the car. so easy to do just a velcro strap. you future it on in less than a minute and crank it down and get back in the car and pull yourself out. so you don't need to call for help. steve: good thing about this is i was just looking at skip home page little button push the button to get more information about this stuff. i woulding into supply chain issues. >> with all these things, these are made here. there is no supply chain issues. you can get them right now. loot of them are running promo codes go. onto the website see promo codes for fox viewers to get the discounts. you hit the nail on the head. holiday season coming up in a few weeks christmas.
3:56 am
all of these things make amazing gifts. who would think to give that but it's amazing. steve: i don't think anybody is going to get it because you will not get rid of janice dean. janice: i'm not leaving. >> janice is camping out this way janice, you don't have to commute. you can stay right here. steve: you should keep this out here on the plaza for when you are doing your hits. janice: dear santa. steve: more information go to skip skip over here, do we have a fork? >> doesn't everybody love bacon? everybody loves bacon. >> bacon. steve: thousands of disney employees are leaving california and going to florida. why the company thinks the grass is greener in the sunshine state. white house in panic mode as the it president biden's numbers take the's plunge. new numbers on that ahead.
3:57 am
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♪ carley: supporters of kyle rittenhouse feeling confident as closing arguments are expected today. >> the actions of the prosecutors have been abhorrent. we believe there is going to be a not guilty verdict. >> president biden will have a virtual summit with chinese president xi jinping. >> we are going into this engagement with no desired outcome. that's not going we should be doing. >> president biden's approval reaching historic lows. >> 41% approve. 53 disapprove. >> the cover of the "new york post," even democrats dislike joe biden in the latest devastating poll. >> border patrol in the rio
4:01 am
grande sector report they encountered almost 2,000 migrants on friday alone. >> the administration is very solve on immigration right now. continue to get worse mahomes thrangsd is a touchdown. five touchdown passes for mahomes. ♪ sunrise, sun burn, sun set repeat. ♪ ♪ ainsley: a shot of ocean city, new jersey, as brian like to say it is a city on the ocean. [laughter] steve: when i think of new jersey, that's what i think of because i live there the garden state welcome aboard, folks, november 15th, 2021, it's a second. brian: is there a second refrain in a song? i like it but it's. ainsley: it's on repeat
4:02 am
♪ sun set, sun burn, sunrise repeat. ainsley: we are heading down to the patriot awards tomorrow. we are excited to go to florida. brian: we will do all three of those things. watch the sunrise, then it will set and we will repeat. steve: we hope. if it doesn't. ainsley: god willing. steve: we are in trouble. brian: quick question, do we dress casual? do we wear ties? steve: you mean for the show on wednesday and thursday. brian: i know at night we will dress up. ainsley: think about our audience. our audience i thought it was black tie at first but then i heard no it's more cocktail. brian: we are doing our show wednesday and thursday for that show should we dress like. steve: let's decide you and i would be the tie wearers do you want to wear a tie yes or no? brian: i think they want to see. ainsley: casual. steve: see your neck? brian: they want to see the top button open. maybe two. steve: you think that's what people want? brian: i just say i think it should be up to us, no tie.
4:03 am
steve: all right, no tie. brian: you okay with that? ainsley: what would you like me to wear? can i wear jeans? brian: yeah. steve: at the beginnings i said my tie apparently no tie. join us on wednesday and thursday for "fox & friends." brian and i will not be wearing ties and you will finally see his neck. [laughter] brian: my whole neck. ainsley: our audience has been wanting that for so long. brian: i haven't checked my email. steve: very busy week lead story today deliberations are expected following closing arguments in the kyle written house trial later today. ainsley: first, the judge has to make a final ruling on whether the jury could consider lesser charges against the 18-year-old. brian: that seems unfair. alexis mcadams joining us with more. >> good morning. >> very busy day in wisconsin as the judge will be inside the courthouse behind nia few hours and announce if he is going to
4:04 am
let the jury rule on lesser charges as the city of kenosha anxiously awaits a verdict in this investigation. the judge has told us he will allow jurors to consider some lesser charges in this trial but also denied one of those requests. legal experts tell us that the trade-off there can help get a conviction but would also ensure that rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence according to the court. both sides will have two and a half hours today for their closing argument. illinois teen kyle rittenhouse now on trial for shooting three men, killing two during that unrest following the police shooting of jacob blake. rittenhouse's mom tells fox she is optimistic about the outcome and pleased with the judge. >> schroeder is a fair judge. he does not like the nonsense in the courtroom. and anybody that lives in kenosha or kenosha county knows that. >> now, last summer the area was hit hard during the unrest. kenosha business alliance tells me more than 100 businesses here
4:05 am
were either badly damaged or destroyed. one of those was the mattress shop. it was burned to the ground that night. the owner watching as her business disappeared. >> never, ever in my lifetime would i expect to experience anything like that. but to roll up and see years of work, years of memories, years of connections, just gone in an instant. >> now, wisconsin's governor says he has been talking with state authorities and also local authorities here, right now he has 500 national guard troops on stand by just in case anything unfolds here. most of those businesses though, and business owners we talked to say they have not boarded up but some of them just never took their boards down because they never went back to those locations. this is the talk of the town right now. we are keeping a very close eye on what people here saying keeping a close eye on what will unfold in court. back to you.
4:06 am
steve: alexis, quick question for you. the judge will decide whether or not the prosecution can suggest lesser charges can. clearly that suggests that the prosecution realizes hey, wait a minute, maybe we didn't do such a good job at presenting the case at first degree murder. what are the odds the judge is going to say yeah, that's a great idea? >> well, he said just the other day in court that he was going to allow those jurors to hear some of those lesser charges but made sure he said not all of those. other the weekend he had a chance to really think about it and come back and make that decision. legal experts that we talked to throughout the weekend with this coverage has said that pretty much trying to bring back those lesser charges as you said will give that better chance of getting a conviction which makes some of those legal experts think that the prosecution in this case is a little bit nervous. steve: i think you are probably right. alexis mcadams. thank you very much. brian: governor of alaska called, president called up getting out of control.
4:07 am
i can send the national guard in there he refused. so they said back up, that was the whole blow off steam theory. let them blow off steam. really? those are livelihoods you just heard it and that's what prompted rittenhouse say i'm going to help out. whether you think it's right or wrong, obviously there is a -- two people dead and another one shot. but he went over there to kind of help out got a numbs up from cops because their hans were tied. ainsley: he said he wanted to be there to protect property. like that lady who owned the mattress shop devastating. imagine working your whole life, your dreams to come true and then in one instance poof. it's just gone. brian: in minneapolis, too. steve: we wonder, exactly, what the closing arguments will sound like each side two and a half hours. initially just 90 minutes. the prosecution said i need more time and the judge said okay. i will give you two and a half hours but i will cut you off mid word unless you are done he was
4:08 am
talking about the jobs where the prosecutors have done so far where we have seen they have presented -- they have tossed out things that the judge absolutely made clear earlier you cannot talk about these things but they did anyway. watch. >> actions of the prosecution in this case have just been pitiful and abhorrent. they have violated his due process rights on several occasions. and i think you are going to see an interesting morning in court today. i think that the injured is paying attention. they are taking in all the facts and they are learning a lot of new truths if they heard all the false media reporting over the past year. so it just none of what they were saying was just true. it just was untrue.
4:09 am
and that has come out glaringly. and so we believe that there is going to be a not guilty verdict across the board. brian: he said he would have arrested used a handgun and more control of it but was not allowed because rifles are allowed handguns aren't. and over the weekends i had a chance almost everybody i talked to outside new york knows how to handle a gun. and they said it was remarkable how rittenhouse knew how to use that rifle. said other people could have been hurt and he was able to defend himself because he knew how to use the rifle. so you can't even say he was haphazard. it wasn't like he wasn't prepared it was like he wasn't, to a degree, found a way to train. ainsley: the 500 national guard now on stand by just in case there is unrest throughout the country. especially in kenosha. steve: yeah. when was the last time, this could be the most videoed murder trial we have ever seen. and if is he found not guilty, a lot of it will be based on the actual individualedio because,
4:10 am
you know, oftentimes you -- kyle rittenhouse defense team describe what happened here. this is where the guy threatens me with this and that happened. if you are the jury member and you see that it's like well, that's exactly what it looks like. the way he is describing it now is what it looks like. it looks like to a lot of people, a clear case of self-defense. we will know exactly where it's going to go later today. ainsley: meanwhile, the president is set to meet with the president of china today, they are going to have a virtual meeting this will be the third one that they have had since the third meeting since he has become president. and many are asking please ask questions about covid, the origins of code. their last meeting was septembe. they never spoke about covid. steve: how is that possible? ainsley: exactly. many americans are wondering about this nuclear hypersonic missile that they were testing as well. and what's happening with the
4:11 am
uyghurs and increasing persecution and genocide of these individuals. brian: unbelievable. about to start the olympics and major sponsors there in the olympics knowing they are committing mass general side and just steamed rolled hong kong saxzs and condemnations and starting to rattle the cage of taiwan. all these overflights and these naval joe biden said let's do a
4:12 am
meeting. xi, said nope. not interested in that. when you look at -- and we discussed on this program where exactly did covid get started it sure looks like it all started in china. brian: do you think so? steve: they have clammed up on it. when joe biden is running for president about a year and a half ago, he was saying look, you need me tore commander-in-chief, because i have dealt with president xi for years and he is talking about when he was vice president. brian: they played basketball together. steve: we have got a good relationship. i will get stuff done. and that's why it's crazy that he has not yet asked about covid, which has killed millions of people around the world. we have put together a little montage of where the white house
4:13 am
is asked about that special relationship. and when is he going to ask about covid? watch this. >> china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man. >> we don't get moving, they are going to eat our lunch. >> have you had chance to speak to any of your international partners, president xi who i know you go way back with have you had a chance to ask him if these are true that china mislead the world in the beginning. >> no. i have not had that conversation with president xi. >> is there going to become a time where you might call him old friend to old friend, and ask him to open up china to the world health organization investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of covid-19? >> we're not old friends. it's just pure business. >> does he plan to bring up the covid-19 origins with president xi given that he has been blocking investigators from getting access to information critical to that? >> that is a remaining concern that there will be a broad range of topics that will be
4:14 am
discussed. the president will not hold back on topics where he has concerns. steve: what they are going to suggest is that china needs to -- this is joe biden talking to president xi, you need to play by the rules, and become a responsible nation. you know what? brian: that will work. stiff talking to. steve: you are not playing by the rules. tell us where covid got started. we should have known this a year ago. brian: remember when president trump was in office how dare you bring up the origin of the virus as xenophobia. >> now all of a sudden president trump sounds like by the way it started there they have been lying the whole time. as it turns out the w.h.o. says the whole thing. oh yeah, upon further review they weren't transparent. eric canter who has nor courage. taking on china. ainsley: tell the people where he is. brian: center on the celtics, more offense than defense. it didn't matter.
4:15 am
is he putting his career on the line, i believe, and calling out china. and he has from the shoes on down. is he saying the whole problem when you are torturing people, harvesting their organs and killing them because they happen to be muslim. a bit of a problem tweeted this out president biden and dictator xi are scheduled to speak. stop playing bullying promise what you world. ask about human rights. will assault on tibetans in hong kong or pat each other on the back nice job? ainsley: wore shoes free tibet. modern day slavery: steve: there are the shoes. ainsley: i'm getting ready for citizenship test. is he from turkey. i have been studying really hard. 237 amendments. my first amendment is the great amendment the freedom of speech. the nba cannot take away those rights. steve: he also criticized the president of china for claiming that taiwan is part of china.
4:16 am
he said we must all stand with taiwan. afternoon the president of taiwan over the weekend thanked ennis canter for supporting taiwan. might be they are not public. brian: celtic games, rockets game banned in china because the g.m. tweeted something. moved onto the 76ers. they're afraid of bringing something up and they would hurt their bottom line. ainsley: what is the 10 sentences video streaming service. they pulled the celtic season opener. 10-cent paid $1 billion to the nba. brian: there is right and wrong. and go over there and play the olympics with then. and the word is after the olympics, all hell is going to break loose with taiwan because they are afraid of nobody showing up if they take taiwan right now. steve: let's see if joe biden brings any of this today. ainsley: doubtful. steve: let's see.
4:17 am
brian: let's see the sneakers he wears during virtual conference. steve: do they show your feet? brian: more on do they show your feet at the summit let's go to carley shimkus. carley: i don't know me talking about feet. could be something other people are in to but not me. brian: a rejection on my toss. i can't believe it. carley: talking about china now. we have to talk about crime. crime rates are soaring in new york city. a woman was pushed in front of an oncoming subway train in times square friday during an attempted robbery. transit crime in the city has spikdz 80% higher than at the same pointed last year. and the police are looking for three suspects want any a brutal sidewalk shooting saturday as the trio of muggers killed one victim and sent another to the hospital. this as two women sexually assaulted thursday on a popular new york city jogging path in broad daylight within an hour of each other. unbelievable. a 1-year-old seattle boy watches his father die of heart attack
4:18 am
while waiting for help from first responders. an incident report obtained by jason rantz shows the boy called 911. when giforts arrive an outdated note in the system forced them to wait for a police escort. the firefighters ultimately broke protocol entering without police but it was too late. the slow response comes amid seattle's vaccine mandate on first responders and city efforts to defund the police. 2,000 disney employees are relocating from california to florida. in july the company announced plans to move the employees to the orlando area. disney cited a, quote: business friendly climate as a reasonable for the move. though the market is hot right now, housing prices are much cheaper in florida and that lack of a stated income tax doesn't hurt either. did you hear about this? a high school quarterback in new jersey has the game of his life after suffering a heart-breaking loss. alex brown threw six touchdowns and ran for two more just one
4:19 am
day after the death of his mother from breakfast cancer. the performance even landed him a shout growt bucs qb tom brady. adaptationed the post thank you for watching over me momma. he is going to join us next hour. i can't believe the story and wait nor that interview. >> it is a. brian: bucks have lost two in a row. steve: president biden taking in tanking in the polls amid handful of crises. what this signals in the midterms. we will talk to newt gingrich about that coming up next. ainsley: plus, some california parents will keep their kids at home today to protest the vaccine mandates in schools. two mom also join us with their message for their governor. ♪
4:20 am
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4:25 am
the vaccine mandate statewide. you are keeping your kids home today. why? >> i think it's not just g. in terms of belief keeping my child home. this represents across the entire state of california. parents' opposition to being mandated to vaccinate their children in exchange for in person learning. ainsley: aprisha, how about you. >> same. this is a demonstration of our opposition to the vax mandate as it applies to children k through 12. ainsley: laura, we have heard when i was in virginia two weeks ago whenever that election was two weeks ago i guess. all these mama and papa bears were coming out and speaking out against the vaccine mandate. crt. that and i could of thing. we are seeing more parents really becoming aware of what is happening in our classrooms. for you, how important is this for you to get involved in your kids' education and did you do that because of the pandemic? >> right. i think it's incredibly important not just for me but, again, parents across the entire state and really parents across
4:26 am
the country this represents how galvanized we are. i believe that this is an inhe s incredible overreach in terms it of specifically the mandate as it applies to the covid-19 vaccine. and i think it's the galvanizing point that people are -- the intersection point whether you are a -- someone who is interested in mask mandates or crt. i think this is the intersection point that brings parents together across the entire political spectrum across the religious spectrum when you are talking about mandating a vaccine that is not warranted for children in the k through 12 community in order to participate n person learning. people are galvanized and getting involved in their children's education in a way that maybe they weren't before. ainsley: you are not against the vaccine itself. you are just against the mandate. >> i'm just against the mandate as it applies, again, to the scoot children. not just because of their education. it's an overreach in terms of
4:27 am
all societal participation. we that are unvaccinated and our children are being ostracized if you will. of the education platform is obviously one of the most important, but, generally, we are being ostracized if we are not vaccinated and an again it's overreach when it should be a personal medical decision. ainsley: ladies, thanks for being on with us and will giving your thoughts. >> thanks for having us. ainsley: closing argue. s are set to begin in the kyle rittenhouse trial and the jury could consider lesser charges. hear why gregg jarrett says this is a sign prosecutors are desperate. plus, lawmakers are sounding the alarm about a, quote, secret operation to move illegal immigrants across the united states. the latest fallout from biden's border crisis. ♪ ♪ that change will do you go ♪
4:28 am
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4:32 am
here with what we can expect first with legal operation fox news analyst gregg jarrett. gregg, the lesser charges doesn't sound fair. you tried him on that and prepared for this. upon further review maybe we overcharged you. tell me legally, can you challenging that on defense? >> well, the defense has a right to challenge that but it's always up to the judge, but i think you are correct, brian, that an argument can be made, prosecutors miss evaluated the evidence. brian: yeah. >> they overcharged the case they didn't fully appreciate the photographs and videotape that supported the defense. the witness that melted on cross-examination and made the case for self-defense. it sort of seems like an act of
4:33 am
desperation for prosecutors to now say oh, forget about those top charges of intentional acts. maybe it was just recklessness and gross negligence, so, you know, it will be up to the jury and much will depend on the jury instructions as well. brian: quick bullet points if you can. if you are the prosecution, knowing everything that's gone wrong and how you have been berated by the judge, what should be in your closing argument and then i want to do the same for the defense. >> well, they are going to argue that the accused provoked all of the encounters by his mere presence there and with respect to joseph rosenbaum, the deceased, that he actually provoked the actions by first raising his weapon and then instigating the attack on him, which would negate self-defense. it strikes me as a bit of a stretch. but i think prosecutors will focus on that. for the defense, they are going to argue that forget about why
4:34 am
he was there. what's important was was he in reasonably in fear of imminent serious bodily injury or death? listen to the key star witness, look at the videotape. a case of self-defense. brian: all right. i want you to hear wendy rittenhouse and what she said on "fox & friends" this weekend. >> there's a lot of people out there wants my son to be guilty. it's in the hands of the jury. they have been taking notes, listening to the truth and i hope they take that -- take that into what the outcome is going to be. brian: i want to get to the britney spears case but i do want this. she fears and i worry about it, too. that the jury is not going to be focused on the verdict and focused on what happens when they leave. videotaped when theyleave.
4:35 am
cities burn on what they rule. >> i mean, look, it's always in the back of the minds, it seems to me of jurors, what are the consequences of our decision one way or the other. i hope they simply look the facts and the evidence and that they don't let outside events, potential events, influence or dictate their decision, have to wait and see. brian: lastly, britney spears, not only does she want to be free. she wants to get some redemocracy and maybe revenge on her father. she also called out her mother. she says, quote: looks like she going to sue. she blames the father for effect tialy ruining her life the past 13 years. she is mad as hell a lawsuit filed against jamie spears very soon and verbally called out her mom for being a part of this and be instigating this sthl a good move? >> you know, if the evidence supports it, then, yes, they are going to do a top to bottom
4:36 am
accounting of his conservatorship and if jamie spheres directed money to his own benefit and not hers in he misappropriated funds she could sue him civilly for embezzlement and threat. she claimed physical abuse. if it's true he had her drugged, if he forced her to have an implant to prevent pregnancy she could sue him for intentional distress and civil assault and battery. if he was spying on her, bugging her room and surveilling her. there is invasion of privacy. and if the evidence is really serious she could refer it to prosecutors and the court for potential criminal charges. brian: gregg, if you were still in the lawyer business a strong case. we have you busy and sean books
4:37 am
you at night. thank you very much. >> thanks, pal. brian: president biden's poll voters remorse. newt gingrich breaks down what it means for the midterms. plus, dan bongino, pushes back after black lives matter leader issues a bloody warning. >> that's just cowardly, man. that's just cowardly. >> no. you are a coward. god bless you, man. i'm out of here. god bless. >> yeah, yeah. you are out of here. you are right.
4:38 am
4:39 am
4:40 am
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4:41 am
steve: the white house on this monday morning waking up to another set of disappointing poll numbers with 53% of registered voters saying they disprove of president biden's performance as president. and a bad sign for the democrats, before the midterms of next year, as 51% of registered voters say they would vote for a republican house candidate if the voting was
4:42 am
today. 41% would vote for the democrats. fox news contributor and former speaker of the house newt gingrich is the author of the new book "beyond biden." he joins us right now to react. mr. speaker, good morning to you. >> good morning. that does look a little bit more like it's beyond biden. steve does look beyond biden. if midterm if you are a democrat you are looking forward to the president signing that bipartisan infrastructure thing today because he needs some sort of a win, they regard it as a win. if you are a democrat you got to be thinking did we overplay our hand? >> yeah. >> it mark halperin did a great column this morning that story is going to be drowned. first of all by what happens in wisconsin in the trial. going to be drowned by the argument on cnn that there is a deep, bitter split between kamala harris and joe biden and their staffs. it's going to be drowned by what's what's happening in terms
4:43 am
the house itself. i think going to get a very tiny bump out of that. because the truth is, when you talk, for example, about roads, the average person thinks oh, yeah, i just filled up my car and my truck and i can't afford it because biden's policies are failing. if this inflation continues, the current poll numbers, which are the strongest we have seen in 40 years for republicans are going to get bigger, not smaller, because people can't afford to live in a biden inflation world. steve: you know, newt, there is also, as we head -- we are almost to thanksgiving. the santa claus affect. so many people who are freaked out thinking that there aren't going to be the gifts they want to give this year because of supply chain and can't afford it because of inflation and stuff like that. and, according to this new poll, a majority of americans say the reason behind that is the president. they blame the president directly. >> yeah, i mean, one of the challenges of being president, whether you are donald trump or barack obama or joe biden is you
4:44 am
are actually seen as the leader of the country. if things go well you get the advantage, if things go badly you get the punishment, people are looking out, you know, kamala harris, to her credit, why back when she was visiting vietnam, had this cryptic comment where she said, you know, you better be ordering your christmas gifts early because she had been briefed on the logistics supply chain problem. the problem they have got is they didn't do anything about it buttigieg who could be responsible took two months off for parental lead by the time you cabinet manage almost unimaginable. he hasn't solved anything. the secretary of energy asked about what she was going to do about gasoline prices broke up laughing as if she were kamala harris. people look as the this total lack of ability to get anything done and they blame the president. that's just how life works in a free society. you elect them. they either deliver or you
4:45 am
decide not to re-elect them. steve: sure. ultimately, we saw a poll about a week ago, where a majority of the people in the president's own party don't want him to run for -- they want somebody else to run for president. because, when he ran for president, he was running as a centrist moderate. now fast forward to the end of the first week of november of 2021, his first year, and it's like he is not a moderate at all. >> look, i think ted cruz captured it perfectly when he said that biden combines the incompetence of jimmy carter with the radicalism of george mcgovern. that is a very dangerous pattern. and it's one which is not getting better. when you see the president of the united states fall asleep in public at a global warming conference as he warns us how big a deal global warming is. first of all you cringe for america. whether you are a democrat or a republican, having an american president look so weak and so out of it and that's why the
4:46 am
british announced yesterday they are prepared to send a combat team into ukraine if the russians were to invade ukraine. the british, i think, have lost any sense that biden would be capable of standing up to the russians. and so you are going to see more and more assertiveness by our allies because they think this is such a weak administration. steve: check out his new book called beyond biden. mr. speaker, thank you very much for joining us live. >> good to be with you. steve: all right. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. champions chilly outside, isn't it j.d.? janice: it is. did you know we had tornadoes other the weekend steve doocy long island, parts of new york and massachusetts and rhode island? take a look at this. these are confirmed reports of tornadoes across the northeast. the first reports of tornadoes since 1950 in november on long island. several of. they and then we have also had reports of tornadoes on saturday for parts of rhode island up towards massachusetts, but, incredible. and we had tons of video. i took video on saturday of the hail that was coming and thens
4:47 am
strong winds and you can see the other tornadoes that were issued for parts of new england. that's a big deal. that's a big deal to see that many tornadoes this time of year for the northeast. so pretty incredible that a lot of us experienced it the good news is we didn't have any major injuries. and we have another clipper system that's going to move through. not going to bring the tornadoes but we could see a few snowflakes here and there and gusty winds. real quick, hi, what's your name? >> buckeye, ted. >> where are yourom. >> california. >> where are you happy to be here. >> very happy to be here van january do you like steve doocy. >> we love steve doocy. janice: say hi. >> hi. steve: tell those folks we are coming outside next. janice: we have skip bedell all sorts of fun stuff even camper on top of a truck which is crazy. steve: right. she just described the next segment. talking about tornadoes out in long island. expect the unexpected. skip bedell is here with the gadgets you need to protect yourself and your family in any
4:48 am
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steve: well with the crime rate surging across the country it's important to know how to keep your family safe. brian: and we're here to show you some gadgets that the could help protect you, and any given emergency. ainsley: and here for part two of day three in our always be prepared series home improvement and lifestyle expert skip bid el hey, skip. >> hey guys thanks for having me so this is great and you really want to be prepared for any situation whether it's a natural disaster, civil unrest, we've seen craziness in the news these past couple years so you want to be prepared even for self-defense in a safety situation. this is a fantastic line. this is for ladies to wear it's actually jewelry, but the jewelry itself has a double click gps location system, so if you're in trouble, you can click your bracelet without anyone knowing it sends a 911 distress call and texts five people on your list with your gps location steve: so it's a panic button. >> it is and will locate you
4:53 am
with gps. it's such a genius idea. listen so the other thing is personal protection, self- defense, everybody is not trained in karate, a lot of people carry pepper spray, they are legal in some places not in others so check your jurisdiction, but this is the original. this is the brand if you're going to carry it and it's legal for you to carry in your area this is the original, the mace brand and what police carry and first responders this is very powerful, effective , it has a good range and it comes in many different colors, types you can wear on your wrist for runners on a strap with a lot of different protects on this brand, alarm systems, tasers so these are all personal self-defense items can use. brian: do you have to charge this stuff? >> yeah, so the taser you do, yeah but obviously, yes so this is a pepper spray. but this is the original brand and of course, guys my favorite one i carry with me is the launcher which is the home defense or self-defense launch er. it launches pepper balls and it looks and works just like a real
4:54 am
gun, only it works on compressed air, co 2 cartridges and load pepper balls into it with a 60- foot range. brian: so this is non-lethal? >> this is non-lethal. it's legal in 50 states. legal in all states of the country. you'll have to check your city jurisdiction if some cities it's not so make sure you want to practice gun safety and obviously all the rules apply but this is not considered by law a gun so you don't need a permit or paperwork go on the website and click and they will ship it to your house. it works on compressed air and shoots balls that have , this is like an in" ball for target practice. brian: and check in what's allowed in your city and your state. >> you can purchase this in all 50 states and they will send it to you, but it's whether you can possess it in your city itself. you want to check online and just like any type of self- protection or firearm practice safety and make sure you're safe with it.
4:55 am
brian: >> absolutely. holiday season coming up these all make a great gift believe it or not. brian: we've been in these major cities there's enough paid actors like kamala harris uses those are actual crimes we're watching. what's happening in places has never happened before. >> anybody for a couple hundred dollars you can carry this and feel safe and have non--lethal force. ainsley: skip there's a discount code? >> skip 10 on the website and click "skip 10" get 10% off your entire order and they ship this to your house the way you see it. steve: actually, sometimes you have valuable stuff and where are you going to put it? you don't want to put it there. >> if i get out of my car, and say this can securely get me
4:56 am
there. brian: two things i'd like to point out. i didn't know you have a code, and number two is you saved my daughter's graduation because you had a tent segment and i said hey, listen, can i borrow that if it rains? and i was able to put people in my driveway. ainsley: and you never returned it. >> i know i love this. give me my tent back! steve: check everything out if you'd like more information about anything, of course also always check your location to make sure that things are okay to be used there. skipbid oklahoma national guard refusing orders to enforce covid mandates the nation wide backlash against liberal-led rules coming up straight ahead on this "fox & friends." >> ♪ we believe the future of energy is lower carbon.
4:57 am
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before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections—some serious —and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. it's good to be moving on. watch me. move, look, and feel better. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> president biden's approval reaching historic lows. >> 41% approve, 53 disapprove. >> people look at the total lack of ability to get anything done and they blame the president. >> the jury in the trial of kyle rittenhouse set to begin deliberations. >> an argument could be made prosecutors overcharged the case >> today president biden and chinese xi-jinping were holding inventory you'll meetings. >> they have to be very hard- hitting with communist china to discover the origins of covid-19. >> as the debate over vaccine
5:01 am
mandates rages on is government ignoring the power of natural immunity? >> the cdc doesn't have a science and data-driven approach and imposing restrictions. >> touchdown, wide open, throws , goes to the end zone and he makes a grab! >> ♪ >> ♪ steve: live from as you could see right there, orlando, florida, currently sunny and 53 going up for a high of 70, that is, you know, busy they've got the theme parks they are moving a bunch of jobs from california to florida because florida has a more business-friendly climate they say. a lot of them are going to be in the orlando area. ainsley: we had so much fun.
5:02 am
my daughter is begging me to take her back already. we just went spring break. steve: happiest place on earth. ainsley: it really was. so fun. brian: the other place we're going to -- ainsley: hollywood? brian: the hard rock. steve: tomorrow. brian: for some reason my daughter kaitlyn loved the hard rock more than, loved the hard rock hotel more than universal. steve: in what town? brian: in orlando. ainsley: why? brian: she said i need to go to the hard rock. not to disney. not to universal. i guess the pool, the gradual pool, and she loved the whole theme, like you know, something about someone checking you in with a nose ring. they are rock n rollers. purple hair. ainsley: they're cool, young, hip. brian: nice, they just want to hang out with you. ainsley: did they have a lazy river? brian: yeah, which kids can do and that's the fun part. ainsley: kids love it. brian: boring for adults. steve: i'm looking at it right here so where you'll have the
5:03 am
patriot awards later this week, the hotel actually looks like a guitar. brian: wow. ainsley: is it a casino too, right? are you a gambler? brian: yeah, i've got a problem , i can't stop once i start. who isn't? everyone is talking about gambling now non-stop because it's really chris christie who made it cool to gamble. steve: in new jersey. brian: sports gambling. he'll talk about it tomorrow he's on our show. ainsley: bitcoin is doing well all these people are getting paid in bitcoin. brian: all the city of miami, they pay them in bitcoin. so i can, if you throw something else out related to the hard rock. ainsley: it's shaped like a guitar what comes to mind? jimmy hendrix. brian: there you go, we're stuck in the 70s at the hard rock too. it's "the rock" n roll era at the hard rock. sadly we don't have a new era. steve: okay. brian: that's all i've got. ainsley: what does the post say?
5:04 am
steve: not good times for joe biden. the very latest washington post abc news poll shows that even people in his own party his approval rating is underwater right now he's got a 53% disapproval, and lost 11 points since april, that's got a great big red warning sign, a big red warning light flashing on the walls of the white house, this is not good. got to turn it around and that's why later today when they sign that infrastructure bill, bipartisan, the democrats in the white house regard this because they need it. look at the numbers, these are not good. ainsley: what does this mean heading into the mid-terms? historically high chances for republicans now, we saw that red wave in virginia people are wondering are we going to see that across the country 51% of registered voters would back the republican in a congressional district right now people in competitive states in
5:05 am
2022 the senate races, arizona, florida, georgia, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina, wisconsin, and pennsylvania were especially critical of biden's presidency, he has 33% approval in those states compared to 43% everywhere else. brian: what about his agenda in the same washington post poll? 8% said he's accomplished a great deal, 27% said a good amount, 45% said little or nothing so do you approve or disapprove the way biden is handling the economy. 39% approve, 55% disapprove. there's certain things that happen like the 2008 fall out of what happened on wall street, we get it and how do we respond for that is barack obama became president, but so much of that -- ainsley: 39%? gas prices are through the roof. brian: doubled. used cars, new cars, everything that you shop for , things you're about, you aren't going to be able to get so you have the supply chain which means when you order it won't get there by the holidays sadly and then you have everything you're paying more and getting
5:06 am
less, when you try to buy a new car you can't find them, can't buy a used car they are now double so everywhere you look there's a situation going on that he is not handling and dare i say look at the border. he allow allows the border to fester this open sore at 1.7 million new records coming across thousand this weekend alone and he does not even address it but the vice president can address it, oops she scored lower ratings than everybody else along the way and given this portfolio especially the border. steve: well and you look at the border this has been his policy the last 10 months it's not surprising but it's now that, you know, with inflation at a 31 -year high with suddenly prices through the roof every time you fill up your gas if you drive a suburban it costs over $100 to ill f up your truck these days. these are the issues that concern the white house the most 70% of the people in that poll say that the economy is in bad
5:07 am
shape, and half blame the president directly. here's one other question. how concerned are you that what joe biden is doing to increase the size and role of government in society, 60% of you are very concerned that it's getting too big. ultimately a lot of that probably has to do with the amount of money that's been spend on infrastructure, you know, that the bill they are going to sign today and with the build back better plan, according to this poll, 58%, a majority, support the $2 trillion issue that would address climate change, preschool, healthcare, and social programs but then again, i didn't see the exact phrasing on how the washington post abc did the question but nonetheless according to that, a majority approved. ainsley: you have afghanistan, you have inflation, prices are high at the pump, your electric bills higher, open borders, you have crt in the classroom people are not in favor of these
5:08 am
progressive policies he's pushing and newt gingrich reacted to the poor polling numbers, listen to this. >> the challenges of being president whether your donald trump or barack obama or joe biden is you actually are seen as the leader of the country, and so if things go well you get the advantage, if things go badly, you get the punishment. people look at this total lack of ability to get anything done, and they blame the president. that's just how life works in a free society. you elect them, they either deliver or you decide not to re elect them. brian: it's also important to bring up it's not just republicans dissatisfied with joe biden. nine in 10, seven in 10 independents are dissatisfied and two-thirds of democrats say biden has accomplished a great deal or a good amount in his presidency, still, means only one-third of democrats say biden has not accomplished much or anything and in this polarized environment if you have 80% approval with your party it's a disaster even 85% right now, his
5:09 am
party is saying, number one, you better not run again, number two i don't know if he can run again and they are turning around saying kamala harris, a disaster , even her 33 staffers, kamala harris, interviewed by cnn said it's total chaos and she's so disappointed under achieving and basically the west wing is getting disenchanted with the vice president's office, so again, just like her campaign, she can't put a staff together and they all turn on each other and they are looking at pete buttigieg now as the future of the party. ainsley: i'm just surprised they aren't going more moderate. that's where the country is leaning. brian: believe me the country be so much better off if they stay in the middle. steve: what about the democrats in the middle in congress being asked to vote for this $2 trillion issue and it's like if i do that look at these numbers. they are asking to walk the plank. brian: the american people are telling you how to vote, listen to them. ainsley: listen to them that's what we kept hearing in virginia
5:10 am
he listened to us that's why we voted for him. we didn't want the regular politician, but someone who listens to the mops and dads. steve: well let's see meanwhile our other big story closing arguments are going to get underway shortly in the kyle rittenhouse trial. jury deliberations also expected to begin later today at the conclusion. ainsley: but first the judge has to make a final ruling on whether the jury could consider lesser charges against the 18-year-old. brian: really? alexis mcadams joins us from kenosha with more. alexis? reporter: good morning, that's right and we will wait to hear in next couple of hours exactly what decision the judge made here in kenosha county, in wisconsin for the kyle reit case and as this trial wraps up and deliberations begin the city is anxiously awaiting a verdict so the judge will allow, he says, jurors to consider some lesser charges in this trial, but he also denied one of those requests. legal experts say the trade-off there could help get a conviction, but would also
5:11 am
ensure that rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence. according to the court both sides will have two and a half hours today for their closing arguments. illinois' teen kyle rittenhouse now on trial for shooting three men, killing two, during the unrest following the police shooting of jacob blake. the rittenhouse family optimistic about the outcome of the case. >> the prosecution in this case have just been pitiful and abhorrent. they have violated his due process rights on several occasions, and i think you're going to see an interesting morning in court today. reporter: and that morning here in court en kenosha begins momentarily. last summer the area was hit hard during the unrest. the kenosha business alliance says more than 100 businesses were either badly damaged or just destroyed. one of those was the mattress shop. it was burned to the ground. the owner watching as their business disappeared. >> i go to people's houses now,
5:12 am
you watch sports and we're watching the rittenhouse case. >> and that's been the talk of the city here in kenosha. every coffee shop we've been to everybody we've talked to is keeping a close eye on this trial as deliberations begin today they are watching closer. the governor here in wisconsin activate 500 national guard troops on standby just in case which people are happy to hear about just in case anything goes down but the kenosha county sheriff's department tells me in the past few hours they aren't expecting anything at this point , just making sure they are prepared. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much. so we could possibly get a verdict today, probably tomorrow , you think, right? steve: you know it's such an open and shut case they are doing five hours of closing arguments and the judge will say if you'd like to go into the jury room go ahead and start you know, who knows what the folks in the jury room are going to be thinking, but given the fact that there's so much video evidence, it seems to back
5:13 am
up kyle rittenhouse's case of self-defense. you would think it be a pretty easy case for them to decide. brian: charged with five felonies and the question is you prepared to defend against the five felonies, and you say wait a second so what you're saying is i did such a good job you'll try to hit me with something else? i hope the judge and listen, i'm trying to think about all the years i went to law school, i remember i didn't, but from the outside perspective, it just doesn't seem fair, you prepare to defend your client one way, when you are successful, they decide to hit you from another way. steve: he's already added some lesser charges. brian: it's unbelievable to me. greg jarret weighed in. >> an argument could be made prosecutors miss-evaluated the evidence, and they over charged the case. they didn't fully appreciate the photographs and the video tape that supported self-defense it sort of seems like an act of desperation for prosecutors to
5:14 am
now say oh, forget about those top charges of intentional act, maybe it was just wreckless ness and gross negligence, so it'll be up to the jury. look it's always in the back of the minds it seems to me of jurors. what are the consequences of our decision one way or another. i hope that they simply look at the facts and the evidence and that they don't let outside events, potential event, influence or dictate their decision. steve: jonathan turley writes in the hill today in an op-ed, he said the jurors may acquit on all counts because the credibility of the prosecution is established by the lead charge, and it's the first degree murder charge is wildly out of reach, the juror then be more likely to doubt the lesser charges as well in other words so they put it out murder one couldn't prove that and it's like if you can't prove that, then the jurors are thinking can you trust any of them? ainsley: kyle rittenhouse said that it was to protect property, to offer first aid, he was there
5:15 am
to help. brian: right i just can't see the prosecution going for two and a half hours today on a closing argument. we already got your argument, i think less is more. we'll see the jury should get it meanwhile 14 minutes after the hour, according to my reports, the jury right now is carley shimkus and you now get the case. reporter: the best thing that the governor could do is those 500 national guard troops on the ground because you see those military vehicles, hopefully people will think twice about doing anything like that mattress shop. steve: they are on standby. reporter: that's awful. did you hear about this , guys this is a tragic story. a 9-year-old trampled at the astroworld festival died from his injuries after spending days on life support. he attended the concert with his dad who says he was holding the boy on his shoulders when the deadly crowd surge began. his father lost consciousness and ezra fell to the ground. his death brings the festival death toll to 10, of more than
5:16 am
200 people filed over 90 lawsuits saying they were harmed at the show. >> the faa is investigating an injury to a southwest airlines employee, 32-year-old aerial jackson is charged with aggravated assault after allegedly punching the employee in the head. that employee was sent to the hospital, jackson allegedly attacking the employee shortly after boarding the plane in dallas. >> a texas high school removes a bathroom door over safety concerns. the principal says the move is in an effort to get a grip on " conduct violations" and she sent a letter to parents saying the majority of drug offenses this year happened in school bathrooms. she called the move "proactive" saying it supports students to make better decisions adding that her number one priority is public safety. >> and in nfl action patrick majority homes erupting for five touchdowns as kansas city chiefs squashed the las vegas raiders
5:17 am
41-14. aaron rogers had a roaring crowd while making his resurgence following covid, meanwhile, the washington football team get a huge win over the tampa bay buccs, washington' defense picking off tom brady twice, and in his return to carolina, cam newton runs and throws for a touchdown, leading the panthers to a 34-10 blowout over-the-air air cardinals, and the pittsburgh steelers struggled without big ben, tying the winless detroit lions 16-16 so they didn't win but at least they didn't lose. brian: right. the lions could have won 20 different times and they didn't. reporter: but what did we learn in the 6:00 hour? brian: it's like kissing your sister. reporter: their mothers are proud. stuart: i never heard the sister business. ainsley: what is like kissing your sister? brian: a tie.
5:18 am
we did learn, what the did we learn? steve: mothers love their children. reporter: you were saying they didn't do a good job. brian: but the lions haven't won in a year. steve: their mothers still love them. ainsley: it's unconditional, brian. brian: if you have no wins, i think moms are rethinking it. steve: no, they aren't, no. brian: at all? if you are the mom of any detroit lion player, are you -- steve: what about your children who played sports in college? if they were on a losing streak, wouldn't you still love them? brian: not at much. steve: okay. brian: you just look at them differently. ainsley: a mother's love is different clearly. brian: it depends on the sport and how much they are losing by. up next all eyes are on president biden ahead of his virtual summit with the president of china. what we can expect as tensions remain high. steve: plus over the weekend dan bongino confronted a black lives matter leader who refused to condemn riots if the police adopt tough on crime policies his unfiltered take after the break, watch this.
5:19 am
>> that's just cowardly, man. >> no you're a coward. you know what? >> i'm a coward? >> god bless you, man i'm out of here. >> yeah, you are out of here you're right. >> ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ i'm on fire ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em... ♪
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5:24 am
this , after a key resolution to open the door for president xi to serve an unprecedented third term, he's probably going to be there forever, the director of domestic policy studies at stanford and a candidate for california state controller joins us now. lanni, it's a virtual summit the president wanted a one on one summit so what can you expect today? >> yeah, you know i wouldn't expect too much brian. i think what we'll see is a lot of show but not very much actual activity coming out of this. the challenge is we really have less and less in common with the people's republic of china because of what's happening with the chinese communist party, because of what's happening with xi-jinping, as you know this is a leader trying to rewrite chinese history basically trying to say the chinese communist party has done no wrong and in this context, brian, it's very difficult to see where the two sides meet, where we actually find consensus, and how we come out of this summit better off than where we are now. brian: their priority is getting us to deescalate from taiwan, remember it was revealed we have some marines there, and
5:25 am
we do have our fifth fleet and we do our buzz into taiwan straight with our ships, they're buzzing them with planes, could there be agreement where they decide to do this every other week and we try to deescalate the region? >> yeah it's possible, we'll see small signs that sort of take america and chain back from where we are right now which is a point of great tension. the problem, brian, is fundamentally, will the u.s. back away from taiwan? will we back away from our commitment to taiwan, which is really one of the few stable and enduring democracies in east asia. that's really the challenge are we going to step away from taiwan and stop demonstrating really what has been a commitment that's very important that's the question, will biden actually do that. brian: he's got to bring up if he wants to have a successful summit he's got to bring up the origins of the virus, you told me at the break you think that's unlikely. they are going to want us to lift the trump era tariffs, i'm
5:26 am
really surprised that might ease some inflation here, i'm not sure if he'll do that but an exchange for what would he do that? >> yeah, i mean, the issue there is will actually biden get anything in return? i think that's the question people always have is okay look if you're going to ease some of the economic sanctions, some of the economic activity around the tariffs, what will we actually get in return, what commitment will we get and brian here's the problem we get a commitment from china's government will they actually follow through? they actually committed, for example, at one point, they committed to help us get to the bottom of it. that hasn't happened. they committed essentially to do all these different things in the round one of trade negotiations, they have not done that yet, and so even if we secure commitments, can we actually have certainty and confidence those commitments are going to be followed through on that's my concern about this negotiation. brian: just keep in mind they're not this power, they are having huge housing problems, the bottom could be falling out of their real estate market,
5:27 am
having rolling blackouts in the major cities and the delta variant is starting to be there, so lahne, we'll keep on tapping you to find out what is happening and keep our fingers crossed something gets done because too much is at stake. thanks. >> agreed. brian: coming up straight ahead is the government ignore ignoring natural immunity when getting vaccine mandates? critics say the study contradict ing the science plus what lawmakers believe is happening at the border is a larger secret operation, congressman lance goodman just got back from the border and tells all.
5:28 am
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see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana just might be the answer. >> we're back with your headlines a chicago police review agency is facing backlash for releasing a review of a botched raid with recommendations to suspend a fallen police officer. ella french was shot and killed during a traffic stop in august and she was part of a raid in 2019 that was under review. the agency completing the review back in april but only recently publicly released its contents. the agency recommending french and seven other officers be suspended or fired. it is now facing criticism for including the fallen officer in the public report. >> a desperate search is underway in michigan for missing
5:32 am
18-year-old college student brendan santo. he was last seen leaving a michigan state university dorm room more than two weeks ago. the dorm security cameras weren't working on the night he was last seen, so investigators are relying on witness statements, he attended grand valley state university and was visiting friends at michigan state when he disappeared. >> the cdc admitting it has no data that says naturally immune americans are transmitting covid-19. >> they don't have a science and data-driven approach to imposing restrictions on the 140 million americans with natural immunity. reporter: in response to a freedom of information act request, the agency is saying in part, the cdc emergency operation center conveyed that this information is not collect ed. reporter: check this out an army staff sergeant gives his daughter the surprise of a lifetime after he returned home from a nine-month deployment in
5:33 am
iraq. watch this. >> [applause] reporter: wow, he walked into his daughter's school in clear water, florida you can see the joy on their faces, her dad is one of her favorite people in the whole world and that's what every dad wants to hear, steve, over to you. steve: that's just beautiful. thank you, carlie. reporter: you bet. steve: meanwhile more backlash over president biden's immigration policies as yet another migrant caravan heading toward the united states. our next guest just visited the border and is sounding the alarm on what he's calling a secret and very organized operation to bring more and more illegal migrants into the united states. texas congressman lance gooden joins us from dallas. congressman, good morning to you >> good morning how are things? steve: they are okay but i think people will be shocked to hear you've been in contact with a
5:34 am
whistleblower who has shown your office documents from a non-profit that essentially are a roadmap for the migrants on how to get anywhere in the country. >> that's right this whistleblower reached out to us from san diego and i couldn't believe what i was hear ing and so i planned a trip, i went last week to san diego to the southern border and what i found were non-profits that were running secretive closed down hotels, the four points sheraton , sea world, those are three of the ones that i visited but these non- government organizations, these non-profits were housing migrants for several days. i managed to get in gates i demanded entry once and was he refused. i talked a guard into letting me in on another occasion and when i was in there i saw buses pulling up, probably about 100 migrants over an hour, got off of these buses, they were processed, they were welcomed by
5:35 am
people with open arms that were there in the facility, tested for covid and then given packets and this packet is what i received from the whistleblower a few weeks ago and these packets detail how to go to the airport, how to get past tsa without any department any indication, how to enroll your children in schools, and assimilate in whatever community you desire to go in, and it's encouraging illegal immigration and furthermore we went to the airport and talked with some of the tsa people who said yeah, we get these migrants here they have these very convincing letters and in some cases they are being let on to planes before anyone else. steve: wow. >> in one case a security officer on the plane said, you know, i'm an armed agent, i'm supposed to identify myself to the pilot before takeoff. i'm sometimes getting on these flights and immigrants with no identification are on the plane before the agent boards, so in the case of having --
5:36 am
steve: unbelievable. >> i could go on and on so i'll let you talk. steve: right, congressman? i'm curious, what non-profit is putting these packets out? >> well there are several, but the biggest defenders, in san diego are the catholic charities and the jewish family association and it's difficult, because someone like myself if i go criticizing those two organizations, i'm either anti- catholic or anti anti-semetic but they are taking money from private individuals and corporations, at&t, bank of america, wells fargo, financial advisors are just a few of the companies nationwide that are contributing to these groups working with the state of california. >> plus the federal government is giving these non-profits money to facilitate getting them into the united states. we know that. i guess the big question is well , while the details when you see them are eye opening, are they breaking any laws? >> well, i mean, i think they
5:37 am
probably could be. the first law is entering the nation illegally, but go back to that airport scenario i gave you. imagine no identification, what if there's a terrorist among them. that terrorist is then sitting on the plane and knows who the armed federal agent is that has visited the pilot and says hey i'm on board and i'm armed. there are so many opportunities for disaster with this policy, but one of the big disasters is the encouragement that's being sent across the world to come to our southern border, especially california, and enter this nation and you can go anywhere you want to and we have no record of whose coming and where they're going it's a disgrace. steve: congressman, thank you. >> thank you. steve: coming up on this monday a black lives matter leader warns blood shed in new york city, if tough on crime policies return, dan bongino went head-to-head with him and is going to join us, next, plus a high school football player scored eight touchdowns, one day after he lost his mother to
5:38 am
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>> so you condemn riots and burning down buildings after a police use of force incident you don't like? >> no, what i'll say is i understand when a police officer unjust it fridayably kills someone, why people lash out. i understand that completely. >> i didn't ask why can't you answer the question? >> i'm not going to condemn -- >> you can't answer the question. >> nor am i going to condone it ainsley: a black lives matter leader making his message clear after threatening violence and blood shed if new york city's mayor-elect brings back the cities anti-crime police unit, here is former nypd officer and unfiltered host dan bongino. good morning, dan. >> good to see you.
5:43 am
ainsley: we watched that interview saturday, its been all over the internet, he stormed off the set and said "god bless you" but you clearly did not agree abdomen you called him a coward. what's your reaction today? >> yeah, well he is. you know, i really get tired of all these fake tough guys who, you know, they want to implicit ly condone violence and the burning down of other people 's property, you know, not there's, so he goes out in front of friendly media hawk, he's done this now a couple times, and he does this like kind of too cute by half wing and nod, like hey if violence happens, you know, might not be a bad thing. blood shed in the streets, but i'm not condoning it, and then, you know, nobody seems to call him out on it which i find strange so i made the question very simple. i distilled it down to a very easy answer for him, ainsley, that he could have given. do you or do you not condemn violence in response to police use of force incident you don't agree with?
5:44 am
the question can't get any simpler. i can tell you my answer no problem. i absolutely condemn violence in response to police use of force incidents. he couldn't do it. it's a simple question, and you know, how come more people in the media, the don lemons of the world, who by the way, have a big problem with kyle rittenhouse defending his own life when it's pretty clear his life was in immediate danger, i guy putting a pistol in his face , they can condemn that immediately, and yet, they can't condemn a guy who seems to be winging and nodding at the burning down of other people's property and violence directed at them even though they had nothing to do with the police use of force incident? i mean, this is just bizarre. why does this guy get a pass? the answer is because he's a protected class. he's advocating a democrat policy and that's a protected class in today's media. you can't touch them. ainsley: dan i know you moved down to florida, a lot of others are doing that too, leaving new york, high tax state and more crime up here. is that why we're seeing nypd
5:45 am
officers flocking down to florida now taking jobs there, the governor offering $5,000 bonuses for out of state officer s. >> you know, i just ran into, no joke, i just ran into a guy at the gym this weekend signing up and he says are you dan? yeah, we got into a long conversation and i said what you doing in florida? well my dream job was the nypd but i'm going to become a palm beach county sheriff because i had had to get out of new york, and i thought wow, like there's an example right there in front of you, but it just goes back to another thing hawk said. you know, street cream in new york which were the plain clothes anti-crime street crime officers, you have no idea if you weren't there how many guns and bad guys they took off the street and how many black lives were actually saved by quality plain closed policing, were there bad incidents ainsley yes. were there abuses of force? of course, but hawk's like we just can't bring that back.
5:46 am
it just goes to show you how they don't think deeply about the issue they think in sound bites so they can get in the newspaper and if people in the media call them out we would have this nonsense stop tomorrow but they don't they just give them a pass. ainsley: dan thank you so much i look forward to seeing you tomorrow. dan is at the fox nation patriotic awards we'll have a great time, it's streaming at 8:00 p.m. eastern on foxnation .com. see you soon, dan, thank you so much for coming on let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean. hey, janice. >> hello, good morning, ainsley we had a big weekend in the northeast reports of tornado es on long island, serve several of them in towards rhode island and massachusetts and connecticut look at that several , i mean, we haven't had tornadoes in november on long island since 1,950, so that was quite historic a lot of damage around the island and of course up towards rhode island and connecticut and then our next storm system i don't think it's going to bring the tornadoes to the north east but we could see stronger storms as this area of low pressure moves towards
5:47 am
the northeast and associated cold front plows through and brings heavy rainfall and areas that the could bring flash flooding because we've had quite a bit of rain over the last couple of weeks. there's nor forecast high for cold across the northern tier of the country, but it's nice and warm for florida, as well as texas and the southwest, so nice and warm and sunny and beautiful for you, ainsley, on tuesday and wednesday for the patriot awards ainsley: coming up next inspir ing high school football player has the best game of his entire career one day after los ing his mother to breast cancer and he will join us live with an emotional message but first let's check in with dana perino. dana: i love your interviews i can't wait to see that closing arguments in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse begin during america's newsroom we'll catch you up on what you need to know as 500 national guard troops ordered ahead of a possible verdict president biden signs his infrastructure bill today buffetses a mountain of troubles elsewhere, he'll meet virtually
5:48 am
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steve: what a story a high school quarterback in new jersey has the game of his career after
5:52 am
suffering a heartbreaking loss. alex brown threw six touchdowns and ran for two more. ainsley: this just one day after losing his mother to breast cancer, the senior honoring his mom writing, "thank you for watching over me, momma" his story has since gone viral. brian: alex brown will probably never have another game like this and he joins us right now. alex? when did you realize, not only you would play, but you were ready to play. >> i knew i was ready to play as soon as i stepped on that field. i could feel my mother' presence with me, and i looked into the crowd and i could see my whole family behind me. i just knew i was ready to go. steve: i know you talked to your dad after your mom passed about whether or not you should play, and he said absolutely, and it's because your mother was your biggest fan. explain how she pushed you to get you where you are today?
5:53 am
>> i mean, watching her struggle with cancer for almost 15 years, it just made me a stronger person. i don't think i'll ever be as strong as she ever was, but watching that struggle and being with her throughout the whole time, it just made me the strongest person i can be as a football player and as a human in general. ainsley: alex i know your mom is very proud of you, saying goodbye to your child has to be the worst thing a parent could ever have to do. tell us about your mom, what was she like? >> my mom, she was a kind-heart ed person, extremely funny, very artistic, very beautiful, she was the most kind and loving person you'll ever meet. she always wanted everyone else to be happy before she was happy , and i kind of got that
5:54 am
from her and i still wish she was living but she's in a better place. brian: how does she feel about you playing in college? what a season you've had, you guys are 9 and 1 in the year, it wasn't an easy game you needed all those touchdowns to win, i guess the other team, you guys are red bank but the other squad was 34 points, but in the big picture, what does football mean to your family? >> honestly, my mom grew up in sweden, so she didn't really know much about football but from an early age i told my mom, i want to be a football player and at first she actually didn't allow me to play but she just saw how much i loved it, how much of a family it makes everything, you know it's a great family community, and it inspired her to keep going, i
5:55 am
believe and it became a part of our life and it is our life. steve: it is your life, and the video of you scoring all those touchdowns went viral, and tom brady commented on instagram , proud of you, alex brown. what does that mean to you? >> yeah, i mean, it means the world. he's definitely my biggest idle in football. it doesn't really get better than that, probably the greatest player in the entire football league, and probably football history, and to get a comment like that, the day after having to deal with my mom and after a game like that it means the world to me. ainsley: alex how are you doing? how are you getting through? >> honestly, just with family and friends being there for my younger brother, marcus, my dad, ray, and i have a huge support
5:56 am
system. i want to thank everyone for being there for me. my football community but we'll get through this together because i know she's still watching over me as you saw in the game. brian: going to play quarterback in college? >> yeah, i am. steve: congratulations. ainsley: going to bucknell? >> yes, i am, next year, and we'll see how that goes. steve: all right, alex brown, senior at red bank catholic high school in red bank, new jersey, alex, thank you very much. ainsley: god bless you and your family. steve: god rest the soul your mom. >> thank you, thank you guys so much. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms...
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>> just in time for the holidays order rachel and sean duffy's new book called all american christmas. available at fox news thanks for joining us. >> dana: president biden's popularity in freefall. new "washington post" abc poll shows approval rating at a record low 41%. voters largely unsatisfied with his handling of the economy as skyrocketing prices put a damper on the shocking season. good morning, trace. bill is off today. >> i'm trace gallagher and this is "america's newsroom." while the president's poll numbers are underwater republicans are riding high. the gop has a 10 point lead on the generic ballot.


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