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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 15, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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schedule we are out of time. thanks! "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ 's the one who along to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, hundreds of wisconsin national guard personnel on standby as the country awaits the verdict in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. closing arguments presented on monday. the legal panel dives in. president biden signs of bipartisan inversion for bill
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law to bounce back from a new low. the political panel weighs in. tens of millions of americans gearing up to travel this thanksgiving holiday. if you're planning on flying we are told you should prepare for crowds and possibly headaches. what you need to know. we'll tell you before you head out of town. we begin with the culmination of the case against kyle rittenhouse, as we now wait a verdict. correspondent garrett tenney has the latest from kenosha, wisconsin. good evening, garrett. speaker shannon, after more than two weeks of arguments, this case is now in the hands of the jury and as they begin their operations, the judge made it clear that claims of self-defense will be a deciding factor in their deliberations. >> if he was acting lawfully, in self-defense, the ball game is over. >> prosecutors tried to poke holes in the self-defense argument by laying other narrative that rittenhouse was the aggressor and it was for three people he shot who were acting in self-defense.
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>> under wisconsin law, you're not allowed to run around and point your gun at people. this is the provocation. this is what starts this incident. the defendant rushes in and immediately points the gun. one of the things to keep in mind, the defendant provokes the incident, he loses the right to self-defense. you cannot claim self-defense against a danger you create. >> the defense fired back calling it a political case with prosecutors rushing to judgment in trying to find someone to blame for the unrest that took place that night while ignoring the facts of what took place in each of the shootings which they argue show rittenhouse only fired when he was attacked. >> kyle rittenhouse that mr. rosenbaum. every person who was shot was attacking kyle. one with a skateboard. on with his hands. at one with his feet. one with a gun.
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hands and feet can cause great bodily harm. >> ahead of closing arguments, judge schroeder dismissed the small misdemeanor charge, possession of a dangerous weapon, because of an exception wisconsin law that allows a 17-year-old dabo i've been with a a long barrel. the jury will be allowed to consider several lesser charges. a lot of folks in kenosha are on edge, concerned about the potential for more unrest. these 500 national guard troops are on standby in case local law enforcement need help responding to any unrest that does occur. shannon. >> shannon: garrett tenney, thank you very much. kyle rittenhouse's fate rests in the hands of the jury. they start tomorrow with their deliberations for that to get some insights our experts. i will wait a verdict in the case. criminal defense attorney brian claypool and former justice department prosecutor jim trusty. thank you for being with us. i want to read something from
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professor jonathan turley. he says the prosecutors are clearly hoping for a compromised verdict and they secured the right to argue lesser offenses. however, now the clip will be high and daunting for the jurors. even those remaining lesser offenses are still very serious offenses. the decision to dismiss the six count, the one that the judge throughout today reaffirmed the view of this case was overcharged and poorly designed. jim, what do you think? >> he's right. all the drama that we had today, the really big moment was actually yesterday with the jury instructions on friday with the jury instructions. at that point, both sides had an opportunity to weigh in about lesser included offenses. i thought the defense case, including kyle's testimony, was strong enough where they should've said no lesser included. i think the judge would have gone with them on that but it's a very gutsy moment, high-stakes poker game. you're increasing the likelihood of acquittal but you're risking the damage of your -- if you're convicted. the lesser included were
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attracted to the prosecution, as a way to save face as a way to get something out of it when it's overcharged, although they still have significant penalties. i think that's the real issue, whether they are going to compromise down, feeling that they have to convict on something in this case. >> shannon: brian, how do you think that it's in the back of the jury's mind, and high-profile case i guess they know what was happening in kenosha. there was destruction, unrest. how much does that way on a juror do you think? they think about what will be the result potentially of the decision they make. >> good question, shannon. it's going to weigh on their minds because they are human beings. they know what happened with jacob blake. at the end of the day, they have got to rely on evidence. i have to tell you, the defense closing argument today really underscored, shannon, what the legal system looks like when prosecutors use it as a political playground to promote a social agenda. today wasn't unabated smacked
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down by the defense closing argument. two things i want to point out. the first one is they made it categorically clear that rittenhouse was not the aggressor on all three of these times when shots were fired. rosenbaum. incredible job of showing rosenbaum running and rittenhouse is retreating. rittenhouse isn't the aggressor. rosenbaum was peer he throws a bag at him. he's running at him. he's within a foot. he had switched on his fingers. that choice he might've grabbed her -- the nozzle of the gun and then you've got the skateboard, it's a deadly weapon. in fact, when rittenhouse shoots, he's on the ground. how can he ever be an aggressive or provoking anything laying on the ground. one other point i wanted to make, i thought defense counsel did a great job. he talked about what type of
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human beings the victims were. rosenbaum, huber, and grosskreutz. he showed the video and portrayed them as being like in a mob, i think that made it easier for the jury to get over those videos of them being shot and actually find self-defense applying here and ultimately end acquittal. >> shannon: the prosecutor said you can't show up with a gun, you can't be part of creating the conditions that cause you to call for self-defense. jim, was that a legit argument? will it work? >> not particularly fair or legit but pretty seductive. what he was doing was focusing on the best thing that the prosecution has in this case which was the initial judgment. in other words, was it wrong for him to go downtown to kenosha in general. a lot of us can say there's really bad judgment here in terms of what kyle rittenhouse did that night. it's not a crime.
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what the prosecutor did was to try to make it into that part of the recklessness or negligence to support finding provocation. that's not really with a lot of provocation is about but he weaved in pretty nicely without objection. >> shannon: brian, as we wait for the jury as they get started at 10:00 tomorrow morning, what does it say the longer it goes? what are you watching for as a defense attorney? >> the longer the dilbert rations go, the more there is a likelihood that there might potentially be a hung jury. that said, we have three different victims. you've got to go through each victim and determine whether self-defense applies on each of those. shannon, i personally believe the judge should have done this a little differently. he should have relied on this instinct and put self-defense above the elements of
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recklesshomicide. the jury should be focusing on self-defense. if they find self-defense as to each of those three charges, it's over. like schroeder said, game over. if the judge switched it around, we have a quicker verdict. he didn't. i think it's going to be several days of deliberation. >> shannon: there's a lot to dig through. i imagine this child would've been incredibly different without the video. so many angles, both sides say it makes their point. we will cover at wall-to-wall on fox. brian and jim, thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: secretary alejandro mayorkas will be back in the hot seat testifying in front of the senate judiciary committee where he assured to be grilled on several pressing homeland security issues including customs and border protection's latest migrant apprehension numbers showing more than 164,000 in quarters -- encounters along the border.
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except 120% from this time a year ago. the white house toting a win with president biden signing the infrastructure bill. even with inflation and consumer prices on the rise and the president's approval ratings continuing to fall. white house correspondent kevin corke takes a look at all about tonight. >> it took a true bipartisan support to pull it off but as we promised, the president did notch a very big victory in signing a trillion dollar infrastructure built into law. >> democrats, republicans can come together and deliver results. we can do this. we can deliver real results for real people. >> a lot of real money. it's a trillion dollars. it includes 600 billion to include highways, bridges, dams, public transport. water quality, broadband and
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electric charging stations. >> next year will be the first year in 2020 years infrastructure will grow faster than china's. >> a lot of proclamations. interestingly, while mr. biden celebrates the victory on infrastructure, he is still swimming upstream politically. over the weekend his vaccine mandate was put on ice by a federal court and then yesterday the latest "washington post" abc new pool which historically favors democrats showed rising discontents. do you approve or disapprove of the way joe biden is handling his job as president? 53% say no, not feeling it. how about this? how concerned are you that biden will do too much to increase the size and rule of the government in u.s. society? nearly six and ten, 59% they are
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more concerned. this is all happening is the president and china's leader, xi jinping, had a productive exchange via teleconference. president xi called biden an old friend and make the president reciprocated which was a far cry from his characterization of his relationships with xi jinping back in june. a . believe it or not reiterated by his press secretary earlier today. >> we know each other well. we are not old friends. it's pure business. >> the president told peter he does not consider president xi an old friend. how would you describe, how would you describe the relationship going into this meeting? >> i can confirm he still does not consider him an old friend. that remains consistent. >> good to see you, mr. president. it's the first time for us to meet virtually. although it's not as good as a face-to-face meeting, i'm very
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happy to see my old friend. >> very happy to see my old friend. in the meantime, the men pledged to increase communication and cooperation which as you can imagine is fairly boilerplate. however, given china's pressure on taiwan, its continued development in the south china sea, its tightening grip on hong kong and its lack of cooperation which of the origins of covid-19, it's still not clear what if anything the white house actually extracted from beijing during those calls tonight. >> shannon: there are questions about vice president, harris' role in the administration. her polling numbers are worse than the presidents. there's rumblings. her team thinks she's not being treated well. accusations of sexism and racism. >> for what it's worth, jen psaki, white house press secretary, called here is a vital partner in bold leader. she defended her amid reports of strife between the offices of the vp and potus.
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it was laid bare for all to see indeterminate along piece on cnn's website deal detailing growing bitterness between the teams and the piece set off democratic alarm bells because to some it smacked of an orchestrated hit piece rolled out to overshadow harris' recent trip to france and perhaps lay the groundwork for another possible 2024 democratic standard-bearer if biden doesn't run. in the piece, we heard harris' team say they just haven't supported her. the white house argues, not the white house officially but some people argue her problems are of her own making. her approval rating i think this is the best way to button it up, 20% right now. she has got a lot of ground to make up. >> shannon: she does. typically vice presidents have tough assignments but she has got a bunch of them. we will see.
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kevin, thank you for breaking it all down for us. see you in a minute. longtime trump ally steve bannon did not enter a plea when he made a court appearance to face criminal contempt charges after defying a subpoena from a house committee investigating the january 6 capitol riot. steve bannon is due back in court thursday and he says he'll be taking on the biden regime as he fights the charges. northern virginia school bard has settled a lawsuit. he said his religious beliefs prevented him from referring to students with pronouns that did not align with their biological sex. the loudoun county school board will strike the suspension from his record and pay $20,000 toward his legal fees. new warnings about violent crime spiking across the uss criminal justice experts point to recent homicide statistics. matt finn is digging into the data. good evening, matt.
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>> in philadelphia on sunday multiple people were shot including one man found dead in a deli. in chicago, 17 people were wounded in weekend shootings. four people were killed. criminal justice experts are warning that the rise we saw in homicides in 2020 which was the biggest increase in 60 years according to the fbi, it appears to be continuing into this year. according to the council on criminal justice as of september, homicides are on the rise in many american cities compared to the same time last year. here in los angeles, homicides jumped 16%. 301 compared to 259 in 2020. in austin, texas, homicides are up by a staggering 81% as of september. 58 this year compared to 32 last year. in portland, oregon, where violent anti-police protests have plagued the street since last year the mayor says it's portland's deadliest era in modern times. 1,000 shootings in that city, 72
9:17 pm
homicides. the mayor is now adding 200 police officers to the force. >> business owners have close up shop for fear of doing business in high-risk areas. commuters fear for their safety, whether taking public transit or going by foot. parents are scared to let their children play outside. >> in florida, beginning in september, governor ron desantis began offering police officers $5,000 to relocate to his state insisting that they would be appreciated compared to other states or cities. so far at least a dozen nypd officers have taken desantis up on his offer including a man who was recruited in times square to work for the lakeland, florida, police department. >> an eye-opener. he said you could park your police vehicles in front of your house. to me i thought that was mind-blowing. i used it to have to lie about what i used to have to do. i would tell people that i was a
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bartender. it was almost like i was ashamed to be a law enforcement officer. >> that man speaking about florida. the small town of lakeland offers a minimum salary $10,000 higher than the nypd. >> shannon: matt finn, a lot out there to deal with in this situation. kudos to all of our law enforcement officers who do this every day willingly. thank you. and tonight's real news roundup. austria introducing a new covid lockdown but this time it's only if you're unvaccinated. children under 12 of those who recently recovered from covid are exempt but everyone else who's not vaccinated cannot leave home except for essential activities for at least ten days. austria says the police will be checking their papers and finding anyone who's not in compliance. >> unvaccinated people will no longer be allowed to visit shops. clothing shops, sports shops shops, furniture.
9:19 pm
every austrian, every person living in austria must be aware that he or she can be checked by the police. >> shannon: portugal passing a law forbidding employers from contacting workers during off hours. the rules come with the uptake of people working from home. they also require employers to help cover work from home costs like electricity bills. flash flooding in egypt. driving deadly scorpions into the streets. more than 500 people reported being stung by scorpions on friday alone. what sort of looks like a set of biblical plagues. three people died in the flooding. a gluttonous squirrel gets in sort of a pickle. 1600 chicken sandwiches. 3200 warm chocolate chip cookies and the employee who got the call. they had four hours to get it done. today's best viral videos are next
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>> shannon: persistent rains overwhelming creaks and causing floodwaters to consume cars in bellingham, washington. flooding closing down schools and obstructing roads in the area. we will monitor the situation in the pacific northwest. thought this was a prank call. a mcdonald's employee was stunned to hear that the team had four hours to prepare 1600 mcchicken sandwiches, 1600 and chocolate chip cookies. they got it done. the order cost $7400 and it was to feed prisoners. they say they occasionally get those orders. warnings issued for parts of
9:26 pm
vancouver, british columbia, as wins were back to the cause power outages, break tree limbs, and you can see toss a tent in the air like it was pizza dough. officials say they were mudslides and flooding. time for a live look at my thanksgiving vibe. so many tasty treats. he's stuck inside what was supposed to be a squirrel proof bird feeder. a wildlife official had to show up and rescue him with bolt cutters. he's totally chill. once he got out, he waddled off into the bushes. finally, doggy and for treatment getting much needed comfort from an unlikely source. check out the cat above him. a reassuring pat on his head. so cute. you might need that after a long monday. if you have got a video you share, hit us up @shannonbream or @foxnewsnight on social media.
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if you're one of the millions of americans planning to fly during thanksgiving me, are being warned. crowded airports, overcrowded planes and other travel headaches. senior correspondent eric shawn previews it. >> many of us are cleared for takeoff. this was an airport a year ago. domestic travel cut in half. more than two-thirds of international flights grounded. what difference a vaccine makes. this thanksgiving, airline bookings are outpacing 2019 before covid 147 million passengers took to the skies. expect packed planes, long lines, delays, experts say the airlines are ready. >> peak demand associated with these holidays is more spread out over several days.
9:28 pm
it used to be completely concentrated in that wednesday, the miserable wednesday of thanksgiving. >> bookings are 70% higher than last year. 3.2% higher than two years ago. southwest, spirit, and american airlines had staffing shortages. to prevent a repeat, american offered pilots and flight attendants three times their salaries to work. the pilot union rejected it, wanting permanent changes. >> the good news is our pilots are prioritizing safety overcompensation. when you do make a -- you get paid, the operation is still safe. there's a lot of stress. >> some fear emotions could identify over the holidays. more than 5,000 reports of unruly passengers have been reported so far this year. the latest incident landed a southwest female operations agent in the dallas hospital. she allegedly was assaulted by a female passenger. authorities say most assaults come from people refusing to
9:29 pm
wear a mask. the industry says it's prepared for the holidays but ask people to have patients and leave early. as for those who are driving, that should be back to normal. aaa says more than 53 million of us will be taking to the roads. shannon, i know it's early. but happy thanksgiving. >> shannon: thanks, you too pray that gets to our point. kevin corke is back. there are christmas decorations up. there's a debate about too early. i went out of town and i was driving back today. i couldn't believe. i am for it. i love it. i have neighbors who have the outside fully decorated. the trees fully decorated. >> i hate to admit it, i am like, slow it down. playing christmas music. i need time. i need time to ramp up so i appreciate you are as you are. if you're decorating for christmas, consider yourself a happy and friendly person.
9:30 pm
that according to research by the journal of environmental psychology. it's true. christmas decorations are nostalgic and bring back people to a simpler, happier time. another survey found 22% of respondents say they feel judged when they put out their christmas tree earlier than normal. according to an artificial tree supplier. i grew up in a household where we would put up our tree after thanksgiving, literally, thanksgiving night. a lot of fun. get out there and go get a real tree. >> shannon: it was all over the place. i listen to christmas music 365. to my neighbors, i love you. you know who you are. i love that you have done the house inside and out. >> last question. did you start shopping already? >> shannon: you know i did. my sister-in-law hit the outlets one weekend a year and we tore it out.
9:31 pm
you >> you're good to go. >> shannon: noel. >> you're getting close. >> shannon: any excuse to shout. >> i 12. sku and i have already got kevin's present. >> shannon: loopholes keep dropping for president biden as he meets with president xi. the taliban, in the streets of kabul, afghanistan. to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ - whether you are a religious person or not,
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9:37 pm
approval ratings, foreign policy challenges, we are going to try to take a look ahead at the midterm elections. let's bring in tonight's panel. former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus. former house oversight committee chair jason chaffetz. welcome back. we have got a little bit of a readout from the white house and president biden's conversation with president xi and it says there was no mention of covid-19 origins. there were some discussions about human rights issues president biden raised in on the issue of taiwan president biden underscored that the u.s. remains committed to the one china policy. morgan, a lot of this bubbles back to your years in the state department had what do you make of what we are hearing? >> like i have memorized that line on taiwan and set it a few hundred times myself. he was government policy is standard language.
9:38 pm
talking about the number of chinese incursions into taiwan. not to their airspace but in their air defense area. it's important that they brought it up. don't listen to what they say. look at what they do. they continue these incursions? too they continue to torment the people of taiwan? that's what i'm really looking for. of course not mentioning covid-19 guarantee is one thing, shannon. they are going get away with it. it's a real tragedy. it's something that we tried to hold them accountable for. we briefed the media for a year and half before they finally came around to saying it acknowledging we told them in early 2020. for they needed to be looking into the origins of covid, why china was destroying those live virus samples, while they were hiding evidence. it's very disappointing to hear
9:39 pm
it wasn't brought up. >> shannon: jason, i'll give you a chance to react. the headline from reuters yesterday says taliban holds military parade with u.s.-made weapons in kabul in show of strength. china, afghanistan, to the problem spots. >> it's stunning. i feel for the men and women who served in our armed services. they spent a year, some plus in afghanistan. they lost limbs. they fought. only to see our own military equipment paraded through the streets. it didn't have to be that way. there was a conscious decision by president biden to allow this to happen. they could've scuttled it. why they didn't, it is a stunning lapse. it's shocking to me how the president of the united states could not confront the president of china and talk to him candidly about the origins of covid. morgan is right. they are going to get away with this. the president has no desire to
9:40 pm
hold their feet to the fire. to not talk about the origins of one of the most deadly pandemics in the history of the world, how can you ignore that and glance over it and not bring it up when you have a chance to talk one-on-one. >> shannon: domestically the president has got some challenges. brand-new polling says how is president biden handling the economy? inflation, prices for gas and bacon and everything else. 39% approve of how he's doing on the economy. 55% disapprove. morgan, domestically, where do you think this administration goes? >> it's very simple. we are going to fill up the tank of gas in our car. we are exasperated when we look at the price. we are checking out, for me at publix, very good grocery store. astounded by the cost of groceries. the best grocery store. i tweeted about this.
9:41 pm
when i checked out, the price was probably a good $50, $75 more than i'm used to and i thought thank god. i'm okay. what about the people who are on fixed incomes? what about the people trying to feed multiple children. this really hits people at home and i think that's why the approval numbers have tanked. it's also because i don't think people don't have the feeling president biden is in charge and he's going to fix things. there is a lack of feeling that he is front and center and on top of things. >> shannon: how much has president biden accomplished? a good deal or a great deal. 35% said that. not very much or little to nothing, 63%. it seems like the honeymoon was over very quickly for this president. >> he's had a most ten months to implement his policies. he and kamala harris have implement to their policies and they've been disastrous. you show up at the gas pump.
9:42 pm
the inflation numbers. they seem to think more spending and more taxes are going to be the solution. it sounds almost like a cliche. democrats want to tax and spend more. it's a cliche because it keeps happening time and time again. they're going to go to record spending levels, more than one out of every $4 spent in this country is going to be spent by the federal government. that's fundamentally wrong, and america knows it. >> shannon: morgan, a few seconds. the poll on the generic congressional ballot gives republicans a ten-point advantage. the biggest margin than 40 years. does it hold a year from now? >> definitely. watch the hispanic vote. republicans are going after the hispanic vote in arizona, texas. places where democrats normally do well. it's going to be a big key change in 2022. >> shannon: more to discuss, come back soon morgan and jason. thank you so much.
9:43 pm
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>> shannon: covid cases picking up in some western states, pushing governors to move beyond federal guidelines and recommend booster shots for all adults. potters democratic governor jared polis has signed an executive order to make the jab available for everyone. countries in europe despite high vaccination rates are seeing a new surge. let's talk about new information on the ever evolving medical fight against covid. joining us tonight, dr. marty makary ancillary to attorney aaron siri. welcome back to both of you. i want to play something from dr. anthony fauci, november 12. this is when he said about the vaccines and where we are now. >> they are seeing a waning of immunity not against infection but against hospitalizations and to some extent death which is starting to now involve all age groups.
9:49 pm
it isn't just the elderly. it's waning to the point where you're seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections and more and more of those people are getting breakthrough infections and winding up in the hospital. >> shannon: doctor, i think we all know people like that. what does this mean for the future? are there always going to be boosters? dr. fauci has been one of the biggest proponents of making sure people get vaccinated. if he is saying that they have limited durability, what are we to do? >> i think his enthusiasm for boosters is a little disproportionate to the data that supports boosters for younger people. the fda technical experts and the cdc experts voted down boosters for every american a matter of weeks ago because of insufficient data. it may be that boosters are recommended for younger folks but so far it appears those over 65 and high-risk of the ones who benefit. a young, healthy kid, still at lower risk of covid severe
9:50 pm
illness with no vaccination compared to an older person with vaccination. it's a different strategy that needs to be tailored to the individual. >> shannon: i want to read something from the lancet. about transmission, viral loads. they say fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection and hospital settings including to fully vaccinated contacts. how does this work with the legal issues going on right now with mandates and requirements? jobs being tied to this. the lancet is reporting that the data shows that the viral loads among vaccinated who get sick are the same as unvaccinated. >> as you know, when courts trying to decide whether or not a restriction on civil and individual rights can be done by the government, it often looks for compelling state interest.
9:51 pm
the compelling state interest typically rely upon to permit the government to infringe upon those rights. the intervention can prevent infection and transmission. if this product is not doing that, if it's not preventing infection and transmission, if those who are vaccinated can still become infected and transmit the virus, the legal underpinning for mandating these products goes away. >> shannon: let's look at austria. they are going to have a new lockdown. unvaccinated people in austria will only be allowed to leave their homes for work, food shopping or emergencies. doctor, we are told basically the police will be checking your papers if you try to leave your house. the unvaccinated the only ones who cannot move about the country. >> one of the stories -- sorry. >> shannon: doctor. >> not been covered by the media are the massive protests and
9:52 pm
demonstrations around the world against restrictions and mandates to covid policies. this is something where there is a fair amount of people who are not onboard with it they really have not gotten the attention they deserve. i think people are recognizing that lockdowns have a limited role. when we did it in the united states, people gained 17 pounds and the greatest risk factor for covid illness is metabolic syndrome or obesity. >> shannon: i'm not sure we are allowed to talk about it but you're the doctor. aaron, the fifth circuit has stayed the osha vaccine mandate for now. what we know is tomorrow there's a lottery. all of these cases that have been filed in different federal circuits to deal with the mandate, they will be drawing to decide that one circuit is going to handle these cases. what do we need to know about that for tomorrow? >> all the different lawsuits that have been filed will be consolidated.
9:53 pm
this way they'll be handled by one court. in the interim, the state issued by the fifth circuit stance. as it stands right now, a federal circuit court has said that biden's mandates on companies with 100 employees are more cannot be reinforced. the biden administration has said to the companies go forward, require the vaccine or test pursuant to the osha mandate that the fifth circuit said should not be -- is not legally enforceable. that's a constitutional crisis with the executive will not listen to the judiciary. >> shannon: i have to think a lot of employees are going to worry that if they don't comply any court upholds the mandate, they are going to be left holding the bag. i'm assuming a lot of them will feel like they need to comply with with the executive branch is telling them to do. i don't see there's any way the supreme court doesn't get involved with this mandate issue. we'll watch and wait.
9:54 pm
aaron, marty, gray to have you with us again. good news before we say good night. u.s. international travel ban lifted for fully vaccinated travelers from canada. grandmother finally reunited with her family after 18 months. francis poole hadn't seen her family in nearly two years. you can see the grandmother running towards her daughter and grandchildren. this is at dulles airport outside d.c. the tears flowing. they were able to hug and see each other. those were some long sweet hugs. great reunion. >> i love it. check this out. terrific moments. staff sergeant madeline perez gets to see her daughter for the first time in nearly a year. she serves in the army reserves. she had been since january. there you have the best renu could possibly have. she surprised her daughter. she was standing in class. it turned out to be a real dream come true for the holidays and
9:55 pm
for everybody watching. you have to say thank you for your service. we appreciate it. most of all we appreciate you doing -- being a fantastic mama. >> shannon: moms and dads have to be away from their kids. we love it. we are back together. we'll get back together tomorrow night here in washington. i'm shannon bream. see you then. ress with my mental health. so when i started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia... i ignored them. but when the twitching and jerking in my face and hands ...... , 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. she said that austedo helps reduce td movements in adults... while i continue with most of my mental health medications. (vo) austedo can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, or actions in patients with huntington's disease. pay close attention to and call your doctor if you become depressed, have sudden changes in mood, behaviors, feelings, or have suicidal thoughts. common side effects include inflammation of the nose and throat, insomnia and sleepiness. don't take austedo if you have liver problems,
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