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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 16, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> sean: this case the rittenhouse case is in the hands of the jury. you can never predict what a jury is thinking. i do believe that the prosecution failed to reach the standard of guilt laura: see you in a few days at the patriot awards. >> you get to harass me in person. laura: lots of trouble, see you tomorrow night. this is ingraham angle from a busy washington. my angle will come later and reveal how in 10 months president biden's team has said is a disastrous path that only
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we can get out of maybe next november but first and explosive day in the kyle rittenhouse trial is closing arguments were delivered. for three years rogue prosecutor named robert mueller wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars trying to make a case against donald trump-based on a series of false premises from false facts and a phony dossier, ridiculous assumptions that were fraudulent and pfizer applications, prosecutors on tv, often portrayed as valid and hard-working protectors of truth and justice, that must've been robert mueller. maybe it is all white-collar criminal defense attorney side of me speaking but far too often federal prosecutors and state district attorneys are drunk on their own power and it happened to abuse their discretion. case in point rittenhouse
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prosecutor thomas binger. >> they have to convince you joseph rosenbaum was going to use it because they know you can't claim self-defense against an unarmed man like this. you lose the right to self-defense when you are the one who brought the gun, you're the one creating the danger. laura: a second gear law students would know that is wrong. that lawyer should be sanctioned for wasting the court's resources but a personal vendetta against the second amendment looks like the thing here. beinger despise the right to keep and bear arms, think it is evil and any judge who upholds it is evil as well. when the person brandishing a weapon like a gun is a leftist
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like gauge grosscorrects who pointed his pistol at rittenhouse before getting shot a different standard seems applied completely. you cannot make up how moronic this man is. any responsible gun owner knows you do not point a gun unless you are prepared to use it in a circumstance that is justifiable. >> the defendant comes running in, drops the fireworks which are on the ground like this. that raises left hands to the gun and points. this is what we see in the video, putting the fire extinguisher on the ground and raising the gun. laura: another reason he should be sanctioned. i don't know how he passed the bar exam.
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it gets more absurd, his insistence that rittenhouse, the mob that was in pursuit of him was a criminal >> the crowd knew the defendant had shot someone. when they were coming after him they know he shot and killed someone. every day we read about heroes that stop active shooters. that is what was going on here. that crowd was right and that crowd was full of heroes. >> most fair-minded americans since the disparate treatment of the rioters from the summer of love and the few law-abiding individuals who dared to stand against the material down the statue wearing a george floyd t-shirt or bust up a cop car during a blm rally and kind of a justifiable expression of anger, just courageous crusaders,
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heroes for a better america. one of the prosecution's heroes is joseph rosenbaum who was shot and killed by rittenhouse. he ride but note the flippant way is illegal conduct was described. >> let me tell you all the awful things joseph rosenbaum -- he kicked over a port a party that had no one in it. he swung a chain. he let a metal garbage dumpster on fire. there's this empty wooden flatbed trailer they tipped over to stop some bearcat and lit it on fire and he said some bad words. he said the n word. >> has there ever been a more annoying prosecutor? i put robert mueller in this category. he was also a convicted child rapist who threatened to kill
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rittenhouse and chased him and tried to take his gun. and independent press would have shredded this prosecutor. instead it ended up joining in the smears and naturally when the facts don't go your way what do you do? you make a desperate attempt to claim racism anyway. >> white privilege on steroids. >> a biased racist judge. >> never held white people accountable for murdering black people. >> imagine if kyle rittenhouse was in 18 or 17-year-old black kid. >> they thought they could get away with twisting the truth to match their preferred narrative of this case that america is filled with a bunch of racist rednecks driving around in pickup trucks who are hell-bent on killing anyone who gets in their way. jen psaki tried to cover for her boss's painting the trial when
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he called rittenhouse essentially a white supremacist. >> why did president biden suggest that kyle rittenhouse, on trial in kenosha is a white supremacist? >> i'm not going to speak to anything about an ongoing trial nor the president's past comments. what i can reiterate is the president's view that we shouldn't have broadly speaking vigilantes patrolling our communities with assault weapons. >> thank god the judge seems to be playing it straight down the middle of flying the law is written to the facts as we know them. rittenhouse is fortunate that cell phone video captured multiple angles of what actually transpired. >> the videotape, kyle got his medical bag, his gun, comes across these three individuals and the individual in the yellow pants accuses kyle rittenhouse of pointing a laser sight from a
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gun at him. kyle shrugs it off, does not want confrontation with these individuals, not pointing his firearm at the man leaves. laura: if it were up to the left kyle rittenhouse would be thrown into solitary confinement for the rest of his life or worse. just like all the evil january 6th defendants. that is where they would take them. david hancock, spokesperson for kyle rittenhouse who is in a courtroom all day today. i can't imagine after watching just today what it felt like in that court room. let's go to the pointing of the weapon by the prosecutor which speaks volumes of his is a person with a basic sense of what is proper and what is improper with the handling of a gun.
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>> reporter: i to thank everybody who has supported kyle and the family so far. if anyone is interested in making a donation, go to freekyle it is ridiculous that thomas binger is accusing kyle of reckless actions and he himself so shortly after the incident in new mexico decides to shoulder an ar 15 and point it at people with a finger on the trigger so you got to wonder how these prosecutors are prosecuting these gun crimes yet have 0 understanding of handling a weapon. it is ridiculous. >> he didn't know full metal jacket, hollow point, he got all that too but that stuff jumps
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out at us but right now given what you've seen, alan dershowitz is right, he said in the last hour we don't know how the jury will deal with the facts of this case but given what you saw today are you more confident that this will end up in an acquittal and not in a mistrial? >> yes. i believe we - he is very disingenuous. if you watch the trial it was just so many lies and so much sarcasm and unprofessionalism from my perspective. i can't understand how a prosecutor can sanction and make light of an individual who has 11 charges of child molestation,
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using the in word, is that how you feel? i thought that was absolutely ridiculous that he did that. laura: how is kyle feeling tonight? >> he's feeling good. he is feeling confident. mark rich did an excellent job getting out the facts, nailed that. the jury seemed to take some issues with the behavior of binger today at, mark came in and played it up with the truth and the fact. that boy defended himself and there is into question - >> you are getting a lot of text messages, you got to turn those off next time. this is when you know what is live tv.
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you are a man a lot of people want to talk to. we will be following this. we expect the jury to come back soon. this is a pretty obvious case. thank you for being with us and we appreciate your time and joining me is dennis desousa, molly hemingway, author of rigdon. the left wanted this to be a racial case. they were desperate for it to be a racial case. your reaction thus far? >> it has been so startling to compare the videos and also the facts as presented in the trial with the leftist media narrative leading up to the trial. for example even small things that came out in the trial, his dad lives in kenosha and turns
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out he has other relatives in kenosha. i have been reading for months and once that this guy crossed state lines, he was coming to kenosha had no business in kenosha. he has family in kenosha so one after the other, he's a white supremacist, he was chasing after those guys, they were chasing after him. a lot of people were under the impression his victims were black. you have this elaborate we constructed narrative, if i'm reading the new york times are watching cnn, you can't even blame people for being on the wrong track because they are fed misinformation on top of misinformation and only if you watch the trial in the video that you go that is not true, that is not true, the whole narrative begins to fall apart, i predict none of these people peddling these lies for months, almost a year now are going to do any corrections, just keep
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lying. >> they argue rittenhouse had no right to defend himself. watch. >> everybody takes a beating sometimes. sometimes you get in a scuffle and you get hurt a little bit. that doesn't mean you can start plugging people with your full metal jacket ar 15 round. laura: reaction to that? >> a sign of how incompetent this prosecution was. they were describing getting beat up with the skateboard, having guns pointed at you, being chased, if you take steps to protect your self you lose the right to self-defense, none of it makes sense and it was shocking to see the prosecution make a case on a set of facts that doesn't exist in the real world. it is they took the media claims
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and treated them as if they were real when they weren't. we were told this 17-year-old crossed state lines trafficking a weapon in order to be in a place he had no business being in to engage in vigilante justice which is take 11 across state lines which is why that charge was dropped today, his family is in kenosha and he was asked to protect the property that was being assaulted by the violent writers were engaged in such acts of destruction during that time. >> democrats want this stuff to burn. it is like a badge of honor. another city block learned, fantastic, that's got to be what they are thinking at this point but congresswoman karen bass thinks kyle isn't the only rittenhouse who should be on trial. >> you have a 17-year-old boy
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driven by his mother across state lines with an automatic weapon, she should have been detained for child endangerment, to go to a protests where he says he's going to help the police? it is ridiculous. laura: i don't care -- all those mothers who let their teenagers go out and smash them last summer that they should be held responsible for any of that property damage. >> this is the key point. the reason for the false narrative, essentially that the left is protecting antifa. these guys but confronted rittenhouse are complete psychos. they chased him and they chased him down. what is happening here is the reasons for demonizing rittenhouse, part of it is that he is white, his lower middle class, an easy target but a lot of it is it is an attempt to
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cover up for the crimes of antifa, the crimes that went on at the blm rights and you can see the prosecutor blowing his own case, all they were doing his burning things, all they were doing was beating people up so you get the window into the left's mentality that if they do it is completely okay but if kyle rittenhouse does this guys got to be locked up for life.ur usually at the top of the circle we moved it down because of all the news today. what biden's cabinet, the makeup of his cabinet, what does it tell us about where this administration is right now given all the issues we face, my angle will lay it out in moments, don't go away.
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>> laura: a team of incompetence. that's the laura: a team of incompetents is the focus of tonight's angle. >> a defining moment in the chaos that is this presidency. >> the reputation of the united states has cratered. >> i've never seen an instance where the president is so detached from the reality of what is going on. >> a slow-motion disaster machine. laura: they worked overtime to brand the trump white house is
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out of control from day one. time magazine inside donald trump's white house chaos, the guardian, chaos in the white house, there's never been anything like this yet when the media cried chaos what they were expressing was fear. wife you? they knew trump was going to do what he promised to do during the campaign, take the country in a new populist direction, a gut punch to the old establishment, both parties. unlike so many others trump wasn't willing to play the old game of media pattycake in exchange for more favorable coverage from them so they set the stage for the completely bogus russia collusion investigation, targeting of michael flynn, the phony claims of racism, the sham impeachment proceedings and much much more and because of that wildly biased reporting most of what americans saw was a swirl of
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controversy, yet now, look at where we are. america is truly in dangerous or president who is physically and mentally deteriorating before our eyes and real chaos and i mean real is unfolding, food and fuel prices devouring family budgets, schools are under siege by radical anti-american forces and inflation spinning a iran democrats just try to spend and borrow even more money in order to grow the government. all of which means you have to get used to a lower standard of living. chaos is inevitable when you assemble a team of incompetents. people chosen not because of the most experience for the job but because they check the diversity, equity and inclusion box. even cnn had to admit what we warned about last spring. kamala harris is floundering, writing harris is struggling with a rocky relationship with
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some parts of the white house. longtime supporters feel abandoned, what she has done or been trying to do as vice president. defenders and people who care for harris are getting frantic. then there was jen psaki's sunday night tweet defending harris as a, quote, vital partner and bold leader which only made matters worse, there is no human being on earth right now who is thinking thank god kamala is there working with biden because she is a bold leader. they had to do similar propping up of diversity cabinet pick pete buttigieg it took two months off during a crisis. he such a lightweight the administration had to form in former new orleans mayor mitch landrieu to oversee the spending of their infrastructure bill because when i think of new orleans i think of smart budget
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priorities, low-energy secretary jennifer grandhall needs to buy a vowel on gas prices. >> the president is all over this, he's looking at the limited tools he has, nothing to announce on this but he's looking at evaluating all his options, limited though they may be in the united states. >> looking into the oatmeal bowl, what is he looking into, go to the gas pump, don't look into it, export $75 a gallon. blinken at the state department looks like upon in the spotlight who lost his mother and let's not forgot john kerry, in a position, ready, willing and able to give china whatever you wants for vague assurances on climate goals. then general mark millie, secretary of defense austin, still bumbling about looking for extremists in our own ranks, that is our biggest threat. still no accountability for 13
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dead americans or the 120,000 unfettered afghans were flooding our communities as a result of the withdrawal from afghanistan. we don't need to remind you of the infuriating performance of alejandro mayorkas who has no intention of stopping this warm illegals on the border, and overrun border is the biden administration's policy. secretary of treasury janet yellen is making stuff up. >> the pandemic is calling the shots for the economy and inflation. i think it is important to realize because of this inflation is the pandemic. laura: is this her way of admitting inflation won't be temporary because the virus isn't going anywhere anytime soon clearly and one of the dumbest of bulbs in a drawer of
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low wattage intellects is biden's chief economic advisor. >> we know the more people feel comfortable getting out into the economy, going to movies rather buying a television at home, working in the workplace the more we can return a sense of normalcy to our economy. getting those shots out for 5 to 11-year-olds will provide a lot of comfort to american families, we make a lot of progress on that front. >> is he not aware of the fact that red state america, florida, idaho, tennessee has pretty much been back to normal for most of the past year 105-11-year-olds are vaccinated. the only biden's administration it seems to be making an effort is the pawnshop, trying to sell stand in the desert. >> we look at most of these datas to the prism of covid and we know we're in the place we are in now because of covid, because of the impact of the
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pandemic. >> you might not be able to buy any christmas gifts this year but biden just signed into law a new government slush fund to democrats to direct toward their friends and cronies. >> this law was supported by business groups, chamber of commerce, organized labor, this is about jobs. spatial thanks to the united auto workers, the afl-cio, the ironworkers. and my wife is a member of the union. laura: the real question is what does corn pop thing, the internal chaos might not be reported on much but the voters know what is happening, the havoc the biden administration has caused in 10 short months is astounding but he had a lot of help from the most incompetent white house team in history and
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that is the angle. arkansas senator tom caught in, the biden administration has created real chaos yet it was trump they claim was the master of all government chaos of all time. >> a pretty good catalog you went through, biden has surrounded himself with a team of incompetents and ideological american, the thing that is important to remember, with the american people are seeing is not an undetected consequence or accident, it is the specific design of president biden and the far left's policy, they want you to pay 4 or $5 a gallon, they want you out of your pickup truck or suv, they want you in a small compact electric vehicle or bicycle or scooter, whatever it is pete buttigieg takes with this week. they want the border to be open. they think borders are racist and xenophobic and nativeist. they want to be flooded with --
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reward business boards with more cheaply. none of these are unintended consequences or accidents. they are the intended results of incompetent ideologues in this white house. >> this isn't selling well among the american people. this new washington post abc news poll shows president biden's approval hit another new low of 41%, 45% of independents strongly disapprove of his performance. among suburbanites, 48%. that is a devastating fact, that's not the worst, if elections were held today the gop would have a whopping 10 point advantage in that generic ballot among registered voters. if these numbers hold up, that's a big if, this is a white out we haven't seen in 40 years. >> he didn't even get to kamala
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harris's approval rating. the american people in places like virginia, new jersey, long island, minneapolis, seattle sent a message a few weeks ago, stop the madness, stop the reckless spending, stop the open borders, stop coddling criminals, stop with the inflation. the democratic party -- if they go on as long, rushing towards this $4 trillion spending bill, don't close the border and prices continue to rise, xi jinping and p and, president biden wearing a kick me sign it will be a massive repudiation in november. laura: tonight was the big virtual meeting between president biden and xi. biden didn't mention covid once. there was something she said that had us going back. >> we are not old friends.
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>> still not considered a old friend. there remains consistent. >> face-to-face meeting. happy to see my old friend. laura: are they friends or not? something strange is happening. >> the president knows that china and the chinese communist party are unpopular in the united states unleashing this plague on the world, stealing our jobs and factories, renewing our companies and universities with their own spies so he doesn't want to be associated with xi jinping, china was not a competitor of ours, he said going back to the obama administration's time in congress it would make america safer and more prosperous if we welcome china into the civilized world, we welcome them into the world trade organization. president biden was a champion for that look at what it is got
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this, millions of lost jobs and helped create one of the strongest nations in the world that is now a competitor of ours and that's the direct result of failed policies going back 30 years the president biden champion. laura: about to give xi jinping a victory in the olympics. we are rewarding him and the covid origin with the olympics. thank you, great to see you tonight as always. the show yellowstone had more viewers than a dell and the reason kamala harris is sidelined by the white house, seen and unseen with raymond arroyo is next.
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but it's only human... i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. >> laura: time for "seen and unseen" where we laura: time for seen and unseen where we expose the cultural stories a day and for that we turn to author of the spider who saved christmas raymond arroyo.
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in that cnn piece kamala harris's allies are complaining she has been sidelined by the white house. >> biden spokesman jen psaki claimed the vp is a valued member of the team but the start of the infrastructure signing ceremony told a different story. >> please welcome heather curtinbok. >> in a moment. >> me first. he didn't get an introduction. she had elbowed her way to the front of the lawmakers to get a photos. it is no mystery why kamala harris has been cast aside. herbal a certain points below her bosses and hired so he could have job security. the cnn piece claims a victim of sexism and racism but watch her performance last week in france to know why she was sidelined,
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this could be titled build back bluster. see if you can follow any of this. >> we must work together to see where we are, where we are headed, our vision for where we should be but also see it as a moment yes, together, to address the challenges and to work on the opportunities presented by this moment. >> what else will you do to fix this problem with inflation? >> let's start with this. prices of gone up. >> in that hang time interest rates went up. could she take anymore time. laura: they use to ridicule dan quayle, hammered him morning, noon and night. takes my breath away. maybe she has been hanging
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around biden too long, the new york times said it was one of the worst campaigns they had seen, presidential campaigns. may be kamala has been hanging out with biden for too long. >> president biden: a couple of my friends will be coming out here, cabinet members, but here we go. we are there, buddy. jill is here, the attorney general. what do you have? >> they are worried about high-speed internet. i'm worried about slow seaweed presidents and vice president. the least watched show on tv but the most watched is yellowstone, 14.7 million people watched the premiere that kevin costner show. king lear set in the west, bonanza meets dallas. there's reason people are in
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love with this. it is an antidote to the politics and woke storylines in so many shows today. i was watching an episode where measles came up. laura: went i mentioned measles? >> i don't know. it was on you. laura: what was on me? i never had the measles. >> it was on you. laura: we never did a measles and vaccine episode. is this a joke? >> it was on you. laura: i never had -- i never had measles. what he talking about >> it was episode of the show, laura. laura: was called? >> you. it is called you. laura: have ever done a show on measles. i completely give up. >> it is a show called you on netflix. >> so-called laura ingrandma
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netflix? >> i'm moving on to a deluge i can't explain this. the pop singer had an opera produced special on cbs that drew 9 million viewers, the unified 19 million. i'm not sure america want to see her invited group in la especially one produced by opera who released her own single online. ♪♪ >> oprah did this harry and megan set these interview with adele. people couldn't relate to the stars assembled and that set up his kryptonite to viewers.
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>> when you go to mass it is the last mass and you don't quite know the latin, it is the thought that counts. thank you. fine. fox's lisa booth wrote a piece why she has chosen not to get the vaccine. she's here in moments to explain.
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>> laura: the laura: the austrian government just order nationwide lockdown of the unvaccinated. they spent millions of austin's 12 and older will be barred from leaving their homes except for essential activities which includes getting vaccinated. isn't this exactly what the democrats would do here if they could. doctor harvey rich, epidemiologist, lisa booth, host of the truth with lisa booth. you have a piece in newsweek about your choice not to get vaccinated. explain why. >> it was a risk-benefit analysis. i'm 36, have no underlying health conditions. i'm not obese so i have a 99% chance of survival so i get a
12:51 am
vaccine i do not need for a virus that is not a threat to my life, that doesn't stop transmission, people are finally admitting the vaccine doesn't stop transmission. and it has an expiration date. any protection you could be granted wanes after a short period of time so it didn't make sense to me but we are told these two big lies about the vaccine, the first that everyone needs to get it which doesn't make sense because there's more than 1000 difference between mortality between the old and the young and transmission is not the case and we've seen in recent studies as well as anecdotally, these help our file people vaccinated get covid. >> ftc has been doing some interesting reporting on all this, one doctor on nbc claims you need to hurry up and get a lot done before the holidays. >> i think europe is a bellwether of what is to come. superspreading events always happen after thanksgiving.
12:52 am
take as many communication as you can and get your third shot. >> they are never as happy as when families are staying separated. they were thrilled last year. they love this being separated and not traveling. is there a real need for, quote, everyone to get these boosters? >> know. the arguments are the same as the original arguments for vaccination which someone at high risk, the discussion of risk or benefit to do the boosters. there is no benefit for low risk people. laura: have you been subjected to friends and family, people that run into you after your piece came out and how are you dealing with it? >> i have but it is fine.
12:53 am
i'm standing up for what is right. i'm fine with societal scorn. i know what i am saying is right and look what is going on in austria but things happening in the united states with people being fired, denied jobs for a vaccine a don't want or need or have natural immunity or young and healthy, people denied medical care, kidney transplants and in new york city you can't buy, can't go to a restaurant. this is happening in the united states. we have seen this mass psychosis take over the country and politicians and public health officials leverage that fear to reshape the government, to reshape the power dynamics in the country and it turned this nation into something that looks like an authoritarian regime rather than a constitutional republic that we love. i think it is important to stand up for what is right, to push common sense and force people to think about this a little bit. laura: is a lot of things we can
12:54 am
do to be healthier, all of us, get in shape, cut back the bad habits, lose some weight. we all gain weight over the holidays and so forth but all of that is discarded. that, but it is the get people into real trouble not really discussed very often. >> it is mostly obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. everybody should take vitamin d, it is extremely safe. people generally are low and get lower during fall and winter months so everybody should take vitamin d as a matter of course. laura: take your zinc if you can tolerate it. great to see you. something you might not have seen from today's rittenhouse trial, the last bite explains.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. >> just how embarrassing was lead prosecutor today? of q slide and a closing
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laura: home nursing was thomas zinc are today, here's the key slot in his closing argument. >> let's assume joseph rosenbaum is seasick after the defendant because he wants to do some physical harm to him. he is an armed man. this is a bar fight, this is a fistfight between you don't do is you don't bring a gun to a fistfight. >> roadhouse deserves a lot better. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. >> if you are the one who is threatening others you lose the right to claim self-defense. >> the district attorney's office is looking forward with this case because they need somebody to be responsible. >> tuesday november 16th, jury deliberations set to begin in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the city in the nation are bracing for possible unrest as we await the final verdict. >> do you hear about this? >>


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