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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 17, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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this and we call for the resignation of the school board president because parents feel threatened, they feel endangered at this is not something the district can brush to the side. laura: the governing board voted to remove jan michael greenberg as president of the school board. the ingraham angle gets results. carley: it is november 17th. we are awaiting a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial as jurors get ready to head back to the court with for day 2 of deliberations. we have the details of the drama unfolding in kenosha. >>'s it is terrible. he misled the committee when - >> demanding merrick garland testify after was a lower says
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the fbi director and thieves counterterrorism measures to try -- critical their school boards, what did the attorney general know and when? you're watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. i'm todd piro. carley: i'm carley shimkus live from the hard rock hotel casino in hollywood, florida, the site of the third annual patriot awards, exclusive event celebrating patriotism and honoring every day he rose across the country. "fox and friends" weekend cohost pete hegseth will emcee the show. you will see more in a couple minutes. we had so much fun yesterday together. todd: we begin with the news this one, the battle over president biden's tax and spending it is intensifying as americans struggle with inflation, the white house undercutting the congressional budget office before it releases its assessment on the one$.75 trillion plan.
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live in washington, the latest. >> the infrastructure package is now law, president biden in new hampshire, builds back better, the estimated $1.75 trillion social spending bill focusing on subjects like climate change, still on capitol hill, month after the white house hoped it would fit the president's desk. president biden, and the margins are razor thin, with a lead in both chambers of congress. >> what happens to ordinary people. it is fully paid for. >> looking live at capitol hill this morning the congressional budget office is the agency that
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scores programs to let members of congress and the public know what it will cost specifically. the white house is the cost is nothing. >> there has been wide agreement on the part of everyone involved, moderates, liberals, etc. that cbo does not have experience analyzing revenue from cracking down wealthy tax cheats for taking advantage of every honest taxpayer. >> the white house trying to get ahead of the cbo. the director of the congressional budget office is saying of course we have people who are able to score this bill. >> people at cbo and vice versa, something we are familiar with and have well-established methodology. >> reporter: the most powerful person in the senate, the one
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who holds the cards because of the tight margins, west virginia moderate democrat joe manchin expresses concern about the impact on inflation. in the house nancy pelosi set a thanksgiving deadline to get this, telling member of congress to get it done. cbo expecting a score for build back better in two days on friday. >> i was unaware president biden was an accountant. i thought he finished that. the far left is -- >> >> we have got to do this. bernie sanders listens because bernie sanders is driving everything in the senate. and everything we do appear, and it is a complete lie when he said they would tax the rich.
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and the middle class, they will kill your economy with this. >> the president's plan appears to break his promise not to raise taxes on americans making less than 400,$000 a year, joined taxation analysis of the latest version of the bill shows the middle class will see tax increases as early as 2030. >> alejandra mayorkas during the senate judiciary hearing, most notably, senator ted cruz questioned him on the migrant facility earlier this year. >> how many children have been in the biden cages in calendar year 2021. >> i respect we disagree with your use of the term cajun. >> i have seen the biden cages.
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>> precisely why i stated in march of this year that border patrol station is no place for a child. >> he struggled to answer questions about borders are kamala harris, he said he never consulted her on dhs decision to end the remain in mexico policy or change ice guidance. he defended his work, and it is in a forever despite migrant apprehensions this past fiscal year. federal authority targeting parents with a counterterrorism select tag according to bombshell memo shared by the whistleblower, it is dated october 20th, to investigate parents, and the next day, merrick garland testified the rodeo day was not using
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computers and efforts against - >> - and putting them in harm's way. >> i would say it is illegal for citizens to target government officials online. your, just a stick terrorists, have the fbi watch us. how is that not equally the greater offense have government official targeting of citizens and children. >> republican lawmakers are preparing to introduce a parents bill of rights that will include eight rice parents should have regarding their children's education. todd: protesters moving in as they deliver the fate of kyle
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rittenhouse, and bracing for potential unrest. >> blm protesters, outside the courthouse with bullhorns. shut it down if they don't get justice. referring to the protesters rittenhouse is accused of killing, and joseph rosenbaum. those loud protests could be heard inside as court proceedings continued and rittenhouse picked numbers at random choosing 7 women and 5 men who will decide his fate. the unrest leading to fears that may rattle the jury and affect deliberations. >> when you have the crowd outside threatening jurors,
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clearly has an impact, denies him the right to a fair trial so i worry whatever the verdict will be the result more of what was outside the courtroom then was inside the courtroom. >> reporter: wisconsin governor tony evers calling in 500 national guard troops to assist law enforcement in the event of unrest after the break. the uncle of jacob blake, the black man shot by police during the mystic disturbance which kicks off violent protests last year blasting the governor's move to bolster security saying the governor is a carrot and racist to send national guard is the only national guard he's bringing out is for the people supporting rittenhouse, we will be celebrity but somebody's going to jail will be quite upset. the jury is expected to reconvene at 9 am. >> ben shapiro says the media's racially charged narrative is off-base. listen.
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>> the media coverage has been discussing from beginning to end. it mirrored the narrative that kyle rittenhouse must have been a white supremacist trump supporter in the middle of the right in 2020 when we were learning america was broken into people who wanted racial justice and people who supported trump and you are on one side or the other and therefore people writing in kenosha were not really rights just peaceful protests and anybody opposing those had to be white supremacist trump supporter, you had president biden feature kyle rittenhouse internet in september of 2020 alongside white supremacists. todd: another young person the liberal media tried to destroy is speaking out. his name, nicholas standman who writes in an op-ed kyle wasn't given his day in court by his critics and neither was i. the attack on kyle came from the national news media just as it came from me. they came quickly without hesitation because kyle was an easy target they can paint and the way they wanted. this is the problem with liberal media outlets in the united states.
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they want to get the story first, get the most views, make the most money in advance the agenda from liberal patrons. think of where we are in society, legacy corporate media, supposed to be the arbiters of truth trying to ruin the lives of teenagers based off of incorrect facts. carley: nicholas standman goes on to talk about whether or not kyle rittenhouse should sue news organizations who called him a white supremacist and that depends on the outcome of the trial and defamation lawsuits are the hardest to win but if he's found innocent, he does have a possible case against news organizations who accused him of that. it would be difficult because news organizations say this is how we interpreted the fact that's why these cases are so difficult to win but it is
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interesting to hear nicholas standman who was accused of racism and a silly interpretation of the video was completely wrong, weigh in on this case as well and things are coming down to the wire and the kyle rittenhouse case we could hear a verdict today and we saw there were a lot of protesters outside the courthouse so a lot going on on that front but today could be very eye-opening on what could happen with the future of this teenager, kyle rittenhouse. in the meantime we are counting down tonight's third annual patriot award at the seminole hard rock hotel and casino. yesterday i met with john rich and had a chance to explore the rounds in hollywood, florida. >> we are here!
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>> what about the fountain? coming up from the ceiling. >> the showers. >> it makes so much sense. ♪♪ >> hard rock code tell and casino. >> this is incredible. it is like half museum, half casino. >> the jacket. ♪♪ to take me down ♪♪ >> reporter: music and stars and everything.
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born and raised in texas. it is 100 miles down the road. >> the connection to buddy holly. >> the greatest singer-songwriter ever. >> i walk the line. >> the biggest johnny cash fan. >> his full name. >> wants to meet that guy. >> this is britney spears. 56 thunderbird. ♪♪ sweet caroline ♪♪ >> reporter: the german reveal. >> the biggest thing. >> maybe that will happen. my favorite room of the hotel, we got the bar going on. so much to be thankful for.
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>> all the great americans. >> and fox news. >> god bless america. >> you get your own private school in milwaukee. >> fancy. check it out. >> i can honestly say i have never seen a guitar player. ♪♪ >> come on. >> what a great day. >> the patriot awards. >> that is amazing. who better to be with than you? carley: i honestly felt who better to be at this beautiful
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hotel than john rich, the nicest guy and he is performing later on "fox and friends". we will preview the patriot awards all morning long. you can catch them at 8:00 eastern time streaming on fox nation if you can't be here in person, great way to watch the show. the time is 15 minutes after the hour. border crossings are up 128% this last year. the white house is sending migrants across the country, 10,000 migrants are heading to the border as we speak but mayorkas says he is doing a good job. >> how would you great yourself? >> i'm a tough grader on myself. i give myself in a for effort. todd: we give carly in a for effort for drinking on the job. tom homan on deck. david webb, joe concha, sean duffy, fun show, busy show, don't go anywhere.
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give yourself in a for effort. what about the issue with border patrol agents being accused by some folks in the media of
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whipping illegal immigrants when in fact they were not? >> the independent investigation will determine the facts and those facts will drive the outcome. todd: utah senator mike lee in disbelief at a security issue on capitol hill, criticizing secretary mayorkas for not backing border agents who were working to enforce the southern border. tom homan, retired acting ice director, great to see you as always. i hear what mike lee is putting down, these people in charge don't seem to get it. what was your reaction to that exchange? >> reporter: i watched the hearing and saw the secretary public security undergrowth like to the senate 6 or 7 times and i wrote them down. the question about the horse patrol in the investigation, when the video came out, the
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fall of the montreux saying he was appalled, didn't want the interview, weaponized forces to get the children but an independent investigation, the president, vice president and secretary of homeland security made judgments already and said on national media they expect independent investigation by the same people that worked for the secretary is a vigorous concept but he lied 6 or 7 times and outraged i that he would lie under oath like that. >> the inspector general has decided not to probe these border agents. can these agents that were smeared by the biden administration eventually finally put this incident behind them? >> if it is a fair investigation absolutely. are you have to do, they did their job, and forced the law. if anybody broke the law they ended the country illegally
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which is a crime, ignored a federal agent's directive which is a felony, this will take 2 minutes and they didn't violate any policy - >> when senator ted cruz confronted mayorkas with photos of migrants sleeping on a florida texas facility calling them biden cages. listen to the change. >> is a photograph of the biden cages was when i took this photograph covid positivity was 10%. >> that is precisely why i stated in march of this year the border patrol station is no place for a child. >> how can democrats in the mainstream media continue this trump cages narrative when confronted by evidence like that? >> it is a misdirection.
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when trump had the same facilities secretary mayorkas, now that we accept the term cages all of a sudden he is discussing the word cages. they are using the same facilities donald trump did. that is the point, you disparaged the trump administration for using cages and here you are using the same facilities said ted cruz called him out. double standards are rampant throughout this administration and nobody called them out. thank you for calling it out. >> time is 24 minutes after the hour, president biden left his meeting with china's president xi without addressing several issues, one of those being taiwan. they briefly discussed it.
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for speaking out against beijing. abby on a sec is live in hollywood florida. ♪♪
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more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. todd: a senate squabble, bernie sanders voting against the annual defense bill this week. >> i will tell you why i am voting against the defense bill which is $778 billion. attention other piece of legislation called the competitive act, $250 billion. it is loaded with corporate welfare adding to the deficit.
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todd: sanders says there needs to be more discussion on the bill and we need to get our priorities right. it is not a party for senator sanders. president biden walking back support for taiwan independence just hours after he pledged it amid heightened tensions with china. >> we support the taiwan act and that is it. it is independent. >> they had to decide and not encouraging. >> to recognize beijing's relations and defense ties to taiwan. carley: played in just three of their first 13 and he thinks he is being benched for taking a stand against beijing.
1:31 am
they keep limiting me on the court. fox nation host, i am so excited you are here, such a big day. bring in somebody in white. let's talk about m f can tour. the using the nba's limiting his time? >> hard to say. everyone has a different form of activism we talk about with colin kaepernick and head coach of the celtics. he was like i don't have twitter, don't have any social media and all the guys have the right to stand up and express their views and that is what can tour is doing here and what surprises people is how much he
1:32 am
is putting at risk by doing this was he protested the turkish president and his calling out the nba and nike. we know how important china's relationship is to the nba. there's a lot to this and he is putting his money where his mouth is. that is what original activists did. >> he is a strong supporter for the button people. the nba makes $500 million off of china. the nba, we talked about the celtics coach, he's not personally limiting his time. has the nba said anything about this? >> from what i have read, not publicly. that is where he is coming from. i sat down with the nba and the commissioner adam silver and if they supported me which adam
1:33 am
silver said that adam said that he said because we don't know publicly what he said and he backed his freedom of speech as anyone should but they haven't come out publicly and said anything. carley: what about the situation with tony romo? >> talking about aaron rodgers and he said something that was seemingly mundane, that he is glad aaron rodgers took responsibility for misleading people, i'm glad he said he misled people. i can promise you he felt the weight of it the last few weeks, something that is not thinking about anyone else. it has not been, it has been making a mistake very challenging week for him and when he was talking about how aaron rodgers misled people he said he was immunized and it
1:34 am
turned out he wasn't vaccinated but tony romo saying he's getting criticized on social media for saying that. >> who knows? when i saw these headlines i thought tony romo was supporting aaron rogers. that would make people riled up on twitter but he was just saying he is glad he accepted responsibility. my theory is this is not about aaron rogers but about tony romo. he's not the traditional broadcaster which is why people love him. >> he is so natural and it gives room for people to make fun of him so it depends on where you are a fan and he got criticized two weeks ago, he made a point of giselle and apologized. >> could be that or covid. a lot of people were saying he
1:35 am
went too - >> some people on social media do. how beautiful is this arena? this is all for the patriots awards. tell us what people can expect? >> it looks stunning and a lot of patriotism, inspiration and one of my favorite events of the year, honoring the everyday heroes that don't necessarily do things for recognition but an opportunity to give them recognition and there will be so many people from hollywood, florida and across the country and -- >> i met some of the people already here and they are so nice. everybody i met made my day because fox fans are the best but it is about the patriots.
1:36 am
they are our celebrities. people who give back to the country of the most important. thank you for joining us. and don't forget tonight's big show streaming live on fox nation. breaking up this whole theater. todd: we had a big game together. 36 after the hour, seattle's summer of love was more disaster than expected. the response from city leaders to defund the police. our next guest, republican councilmember with a different solution, he will tell you what it is next. ys and nights out of, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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jillian: washington dc's murder rate hit is a 16 year high reporting 199, sides this week, 13% higher than last year. muriel bowser said the city is using every resource available to safeguard the district, she says the city put in place violence initiatives and increasing police presence. todd: city city councilmember fighting to refund the police, he says the city needs to back
1:41 am
the blue to protect taxpayers from the fallout of failed far left policies. the push comes as seattle sees a 30% spike in gun violence from last year. here with a solution to the defund capacity as vice chairman reagan done. how bad has seattle done? >> it has gone terrible, like a war zone, homicides go up over 100% to an all-time high, record levels all time in washington state and seattle. todd: what are the key take aways in your plan? >> defund the police sent everything to 300 seattle police officers, my refund the police initiative at a substantial portion of those, provide
1:42 am
tougher laws, - >> looking at numbers to dull story how bad it is in seattle. to the seattle officer shortage, 325 seattle officers left the force in the last two years, 93 are not on active duty waiting for vaccine exemptions, 18% money cut from the seattle police budget 2020-2021 and with that as a backdrop, 11 million they want to cut from the police budget in the proposal for next year. democratic colleagues see what is happening on the seattle street and thinks your cops is the answer? >> the whole woke left driving the conversation and if you look at the elections, iran against a democrat police candidate and elected official and by 25% in a swing district, clearly not working. all those candidates who support
1:43 am
those defund the police programs will be losing their elections to more moderate candidates in the next 12 months and it will be interesting to watch. >> do you expect your funding packages to go anywhere? >> it is a measured way to get democrats on the council to support it but given the fact that we elected republican seattle city attorney for the first time in a century says they better be careful about stripping away money for law enforcement. todd: are you confident this many trends will continue? that the voters in seattle are going to say we got to stop electing the woke politicians who elect politicians like you who aim to make city streets safe? they are not doing it the last 5 or 10 years. >> that is correct. it is come up not substantially.
1:44 am
it is a bloodbath for the woke left and even the police crowd, we saw the tip of the iceberg in 2021. something we haven't seen in 40 or 50 years. >> you tie it to hate crimes and democrats should be against take crimes, you don't want to vote yes hate crime legislation, makes you look that entire funding package to that and see if that strategy works. thank you for your time this morning. carley: there has been some chaos outside the courthouse as jurors where the fate of kyle rittenhouse. will we see a repeat of rights from last year, that's the question. david webb joins us live to discuss. there he is.
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. todd: mississippi governor kate reeves wage war against critical race theory in public schools writing in his budget proposal, quote, there's a push to teach children of vicious why the
1:49 am
country is fundamentally racist and your skin color makes you inherently racist, it is destructive to your children and run contrary to basic history, elite power seekers want to be seen as saviors so they attempt to divide and humiliate and indoctrinate our children, reeves is calling to ban crt in public schools and proposing $3 million for a patriotic education fund to teach kids about the, quote, exceptional good that our great country is responsible for. for speaking out against the kelly's transgender policy returning to the classroom lifting the suspension and removing any mention of it speaking out about his court victory. >> a huge win for teachers in this community. they are happy that i am there. >> to pay legal fees. >> jury deliberations a child
1:50 am
house trial will continue after black lives better protesters clashed outside the courthouse. >> onset with you. it is very impressive. i want to talk about what we mentioned, what was happening outside the courthouse. some people worry what was happening, here's alan dershowitz on that topic. >> reporter: the crowd outside threatening jurors and jurors. has an impact. more of what was outside than inside. >> somebody spoke to the
1:51 am
protesters, their goal to sway the jury. could this affect the outcome? >> i saw this in the ferguson the night the verdict came down, they did the same thing, good jurors won't over this. they see counts of been thrown out and the prosecution that has gone completely wrong for the prosecution and a fair judgment tough on both sides to present the case as it is. could there be a generous wade? yes but my question to everyone watching is why would a juror be swayed when a factor in front of them.
1:52 am
you can't dispute they attempted to charge him as older adults, you can't dispute the counts that were thrown out or the bakery and lies about rosenbaum and others involved in the attack and lies that were told about whether he pointed the gun first or whether it was self defense. carley: judge janine said she trusts the jury system as well. the other thing people are talking about is the judge's decision not to question the jury and sort of honesty, don't talk to anybody, don't watch the news but it is up to the jury. why weren't they sequestered? >> i wouldn't say i don't know if there is enough of a security issue in this case. these jurors are going to be protected. they won't let them be out on their own but you got to trust your jury, the american system is based on a jury of your peers, jurors trusted to do the job. sequestering them is another way for the protesters to send a message to use that against the
1:53 am
jury but we haven't heard about their family so far. >> not even the threat but a matter of changing your opinion. if you hear 500 national guard troops, it is a lot for somebody to say this decision could be weighing on what i decide, to make the right decision according to the law and that's a big job. the other thing, the protesting outside the courthouse, the signs people were holding, self defense is not a crime, a pro kyle rittenhouse sign it another that says convicted killer kyle's building ks. why is this become such a polarizing trial that the nation, so laser focused on? >> the hard-core left, the leftists in this country, whatever name or whatever they
1:54 am
want to call themselves around to take down the american system. kyle rittenhouse is the target because he is available at the moment. they will go to someone next, like ferguson they went to derek wilson, the hands of don't shoot lie and use it in whatever way they can to push their narrative. there was a big red flag that said revolution now. that is not involved in a trial. we are talking marxist leftist antifa fakery, the graft that is taken millions, hundreds of millions out of american corporations that has taken people and giving them nothing. this is not about race. it is about using it. >> the jury will be deliberating again and we could get a verdict, we will see how that plays out. while that is playing out we are here in florida celebrating the patriots, what does this award show means you? >> i remember this. this was the watch i wore the
1:55 am
first day we launched that fox nation. i'm proud to wear it. this platform lets americans open people's eyes, information, entertainment, history and now the covid is over. >> so glad you are here, thanks, appreciate it and the patriot award streaming live at 8:00 pm eastern on fox nation. thank you so much. in the next hour of "fox and friends first" florida is working overtime to save christmas. >> florida can help out for the whole country. >> this is a model for the country. >> this is a model for the country. >> lawrence jones to the sunshine state for a look at helping to solve the supply chain crisis. there is a reference in there.
1:56 am
ohio's attorney general, sean duffy all coming up live, don't go anywhere. fun show still ahead. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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will carley: november 17th we are awaiting a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial is jurors head back to the courtroom for day 2 of deliberations. todd: investigating the chaos in afghanistan to get into the bottom of hunter biden's business ties house republicans are laying out their future plans as they get more confident about their odds of taking the house in the midterms. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. carley:


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