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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 17, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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grant hospital to number one. help us stay at number one. carley: you are number one. congrats. that's awesome. todd: you can see the duffy family for half a day. don't miss the patriot awards tonight at 8:00 many eastern on fox nation. big show coming up. "fox & friends" live from hollywood, florida. i will see you there tomorrow, carley. it starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ liberty shaking her fist. steve: live in hollywood we are live amphitheater. , ainsance if you drive to hollywood, florida, it's our guy tamplet our rooms are in this
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guitar. 469 rooms in this hotel. and this auditorium seats 40,000 people. brian: going to be hopping in a little while. steve: holds 7,000. ainsley: i read 40,000. that would be a football stadium. steve: how cool is this. brian: very successful division 2 team. ainsley: we have 7,000 people coming to the patriot awards tonight. we are so excited. isn't this beautiful? we are going to highlight first responders, law enforcement. steve: we have a drone. ainsley: so many wonderful things for our country and this is where it is all going to be held. steve: absolutely is. things kick off 8:00 eastern time on fox nation. if you don't have fox nation, it's a good reason to get it. it will be on the weekend on the channel. nonetheless, take a look at this place. this is awesome. they really rolled out the red carpet for us. we got here late in the day yesterday. it's a fun place. i have never been to this particular location. it's great. brian: reminds me of las vegas a
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little bit. ainsley: casino. brian: you get the sense everyone that has got the prom tonight. a lot of dresses. ainsley: grandmother to go back to the hotel room. brian: got to pay the mortgage. one way to do it. but it is true. i have not really explored hollywood, florida. but i believe it is a treasure. ainsley: in between fort lauderdale and miami. there is a spa here. there is a pool here. cabanas around the pool. beautiful. the casino down in the lobby. brian: didn't you demand the spa? ainsley: i haven't had a chance yet. i need one i'm a mother. brian: someone heat up the hot rocks. steve: this particular amphitheater was opened in october of 2019. they spent $1.5 billion redoing this place. and it is fabulous. we are live this morning from senel no hard rock in hollywood. so hooray for hollywood. ainsley: that's right. we are in a different hollywood with a different hollywood award
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show. brian: , pete hegseth is going to be hosting tonight and will cain is already working. he is up early live at the moon light diner in hollywood, florida. which is pretty close to here. is that true, will? will: 15 minutes away, brian. i got the better gig. you are on the stage with steve and ainsley, look at me, look at this morning. look at this crowd 5:00 a.m. [cheers and applause] welcome to the moon light diner brian, ainsley, steve. by the way, steve, it's kind of a tradition. i want to show you food we wake up. breakfast just came out. thanksgiving week. that's a little pecan pie texas style. corn beef hash came out. yeah with a poached egg or two on top or a biscuits. this is what i'm about to do. get on with the news. you have that, brian? that's your style? we'll be here all morning long and i will be checking in with the folks. brian: you have a hall of fame metabolism. you eat that stuff and still look in great shape.
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where do you get this from? will: you know the talk is. >> the talk is behind the scenes what you are doing. i'm going to be real with you all right now. what does brian kilmeade eat? how does he have so few grays? if. ainsley: the powder drink. i can't hear him. can't hear you, will. brian: i had it today. i mixed it up today. ainsley: you promised the audience you were going to do it on air today. brian: i will bring it down. steve: the folks from the hard rock, cheering for you. it's fantastic. will is going to be down there at that location all morning long talking to the folks about the news of the day. will: yep. steve: and so much more in anticipation of tonight's fox nation patriot awards. will: i will be here all morning, guys. see you later. steve: all right. coming up on 6:05 here in the east, live from hollywood, florida. let's go to our top story. tensions running high in
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kenosha, wisconsin, as the jury in the kyle rittenhouse trial is set to begin day two of jury deliberations. ainsley: already clashing ahead of the verdict. brian: you know what? any can hear it inside. that's bad news. alexis mcadams joining us live in kenosha. authorities are on high alert. alexis? >> that's right. high alert here. they are not expecting any major i. we did see those protesters out of the courthouse behind me in kenosha as the jury was in deliberations. this is a high profile trial here. day one though in the books. for around 7 hours monday the jury was deliberating behind closed doors in kenosha before heading home, being dismissed by the judge. seven women and five men now holding the fate of kyle rittenhouse in their hands. of the illinois teen on trial for shooting three men, killing two during the unrest in kenosha last summer. those shootings following the police shootings of jacob blake here. now the jury deciding going
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rittenhouse was defending himself that night or responsible for provoking she's shootings. we did talk to a small group of protesters yesterday gathering on the front steps of the courthouse and you could easily hear them inside the courtroom. >> with this case in particular, will kyle was in self-defense. he was being chased. >> tensions are high because there is a possibility that a murderer could be let off. >> and as though tensions remain high here in kenosha, business owners on edge. >> all on pins and needles like they said. it is a day to day event of us worrying about whether we come back in the morning and our businesses are here. >> so many people here in the community bracing for possible unrest because they went through so much last summer no matter what they thought about this trial. some people were never able to reopen their businesses. never took ply boards off the
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doors. these are the jury instructions. more than 30 pages of the documents. all handed to the jury and asked for more copies of these, specifically the first few pages because there are so many details in here they need to make sure they are clear on as they're inside of that room. jury dlix deliberations beginning this morning at 10:00 eastern time. send it back to you. steve: all right, alexis, thank you very much. the interesting thing, reading this morning on the "new york post" online on the op-ed page they talk about how the governor of wisconsin has sent in the national guard to kenosha. had they done that last year during the trouble, there probably would not be a trial today. things would not have devolved to the stage where they're today. ainsley: that's a really good point. brian: turned down the president. president trump said i will give you federal agents. of the same ones we used in seattle that weren't accepted this thing is out of control. let me help you. the democratic governor wouldn't hem. evidence says he has no regrets
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no. regrets the people that elected you, your entire city burned down and was destroyed. and it took this incident to stop the riots. who knows how much longer they would have went on. also 250 last year. there is going to be 500 national guard troops. so, i hope that's enough. ainsley: well, many of the businesses have boarded up. and when you look at the national media, some of the other networks are only showing you one side. they are showing you the prosecutor's side. they want you only to hear that and then they cut away to something else when the defense is trying to tell their side and say that he was doing this out of protection. no one is defending the fact that he went there with a gun. he probably should not have done that but when he was there, and people are putting guns in his face, was it self-defense? that's the question. that's what the jury has to decide. brian: what worries me most is that i want them to make a decision in a vacuum. i want them just to get to the heart of the case. i don't want them to hear the outside the corruption -- excuse
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me, the chaos and the protests because that could influence because they remember what it was like two years ago. they don't know if their decision is going to be part and parcel to the burning down of a city. even though ideally it wouldn't happen. clearly they are hearing of the emotions high already as we hit day 2. steve: here's the thing about the people inside the courthouse, they are on both sides. you have a small grouch protesters. one they have got signs and they are chanting no justice, no peace, black lives matter. being led apparently by justin blake who is an uncle to jacob blake, remember him. he was shot and injured by the police back in august. brian: started the whole thing. steve: then you have got protesters saying self-defense is not a crime. and they say black lives matter and antifa are here to intimidate. you know, more than one commentator has made the comparison between what is happening in kenosha as you look at some of the protesterring yesterday.
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to nicholas sandmann, remember him? he's the kid from kentucky. he hand attended school kentucky lincoln memorial wearing the maga hat. he was written an op-ed that is on the pages of the daily mail today. and it said the corrupt liberal media came for me just like they came for kyle rittenhouse. and if he decides to sue, i think go for it and hold the media accountable. >> brian: he won. ainsley: and do you think if he is innocent, and if he does win his case, how does this affect his future? nicholas sandmann sued to have money to pay his roads. brian: rejected from colleges he was applying to in an incident he didn't do anything wrong in. he said kyle wasn't given the same and so was i. just as they came for me they came quickly without hesitation because kyle was an easy target that they could paint him the way they wanted to. this is the problem with the liberal media outlets in the
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united states. they want to get to the story first and most views and money and advance the agenda for liberal patrons. that is a great point. a lot of people saying probably meeting with lawyers news organizations we are revulnerable here. ainsley: ben shapiro said this is disgusting how other media outlets have treated this case. listen. >> the media coverage has been disgusting from beginning to end. it mirrored original narrative that kyle rittenhouse must have been some type of white supremacist trump supporter in the middle of the riots in 2020 when we were learning that america was broken down into two groups people who wanted racial justice and people who supported trump. you are on one side or the other. therefore people rioting be weren't rioting mostly peaceful protest. trump supporter. you had joe biden feature kyle rittenhouse in an ad in september of 2020 alongside white supremacists. steve: right.
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he makes a great point there. and the question is if he is found not guilty, then will joe biden, who alluded to him as a white supremacist in that video when he was running for president, will joe biden apologize? brian: i love that jen psaki said we don't comment on ongoing case. really? the question is based on the fact that your candidate, who became president commented on an ongoing case and lastly, this is what bothered me. alan dershowitz says i taught law for, what, 50 years? he said he was confused by the judge's instruction he said on sean's show last night. if i'm confused, i feel bad for that jury. that's why we are in day two. they say in theory, if you have a quick verdict it's exoneration the longer you go the worse it looks. ainsley: all about reasonable doubt. steve: the deference was all about self-deference. you saw the closing argument. did they make the case for the defense or the prosecution. right now it's in the hands of the jury. perhaps a verdict today.
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ainsley: coming up, g.o.p. lawmakers demanding the a.g., merrick garland testify after there were leaked emails that revealed the fbi in flagging parents. brian: unbelievable. you are not going to believe that story. plus, david webb is waking up early to join us here in hollywood, exclamation point. we are live at the seminole hollywood hard work hotel and casino all morning long. that's what david webb looks like in the morning. ♪ give a whirl ♪ we going to rock ♪ this country ♪
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carley: welcome back. we're live this morning from seminole hard walk hotel in hollywood, florida ahead of the fox nation third annual patriot awards and we have a few headlines to get. to say washington, d.c. is set to drop its indoor mask mandate monday but the white house does not plan to comply. a white house official telling fox news, quote: the white house follows cdc guidance which recommends masking in areas of high or substantial transmission. private businesses in d.c. will be able to choose whether or not to enforce masks for the first time since july 2020. now to fox weather. experts are warning of thanksgiving travel turmoil. a major winter storm likely hitting the country next week just some 4 million americans are expected to fly home for the hollywoods. the national weather service saying the system could impact airports from the midwest to portions of the northeast.
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the loudoun county teacher suspended for speaking out against the country's transgender policies is returning to the classroom. the school board listing tanner cross' suspension and removing any mention of it from his record. cross speaking out about the court victory. listen. >> this is a huge win for teachers in this community and i just -- i'm so glad to be with my students and my students are happy that i'm there. carley: the school board agreed not to retaliate against cross and to help pay his legal fees. big win for him there. speaking of wins, britney spears thanking fans free britney for her independence. >> you guys rock. i honestly think you whys saved my life in a way 100 percent. carley: slamming family's toxic behavior.
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tease ago tell-all with oprah winfrey. there have been a lot of documentaries about her, but it looks like we may be hearing from her now. brian: does oprah still have a show? ainsley: remember she did meghan markle. and then she did the other night i watched it, odell. and now she is doing this. brian: her network? ainsley: cbs. steve: meghan markle was on cbs. and the owe he del one her best friend gayle works for cbs. steve: carley shimkus. carley: can i come over and hug you? just joking. steve: we should point out behind us and carley has been here all morning are these beautiful tables set up. we are going to be seated at these tables and reportedly we're going to be hitting soft because just like the golden globes i hear there is going to be champagne for us. ainsley: just like britney
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spears. carley get on over here give us hugs. ainsley: i saw your interview. carley: i came to florida right after "fox & friends first" yesterday so i wasn't on "fox & friends" yesterday. ainsley: brian had to do the headlines. brian: a lot of people liked it. a lot of people very happy. will. [sighs] ainsley: i was assigned headlines brian complained. did i the first set. brian complained wanted more air time. then they started giving him the headlines. carley: i was so excited because yesterday i got to spend the whole day with john rich the nicest guy ever. you will be spending a little bit of our day together later in the show. steve: here at the patriot awards. brian: carley talking points did them by herself. she just came in and it. steve: we invited her over. can brian get four more minutes? brian: now looks what happened she will stay the whole time. ainsley: we came on set and
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carley was over there doing "fox & friends first." we came on set to start. we were thrive toggle throw carley off. carley, they just canceled your contract. carley, you are fired. carley: as sean duffy was talking to me. carley: i hear you are not getting renewed. brian: weird to get that information. steve: hard part was she was doing her show and we were behind her practically and you were real professional. carley: thank you. i appreciate that. ainsley: we're in our red, white and blue what color are you wearing tomorrow? carley: blue. ainsley: i will wear red. people at home like to know what the conversation shined the scenes. brian: i know. steve: if you are just getting up today we are at seminole hard rock in hollywood, florida for the patriots awards tonight 8:00 p.m. on fox nation. brian: good news is when when it came to merrick garland there was this story that behind the scenes there was this memo mole went out that the doj was going
3:23 am
to start and using the fbi to investigated parents that showed up and showed too much emotion at the school board meetings. good thing to know that wasn't happening. merrick garland let us know that that is not taking place. doesn't know what we are talking about. well, first thing we find out, the memo was coached by the white house to school board hey, why don't you write up a memo complaining. then we found out that i thought that was terrible. then we wake up to this story today. ainsley: school boards went to the white house. they wrote a letter to biden and said we need the patriot act. brian: at the urging of the white house. ainsley: at the urging of the white house. biden contacts the doj. merrick garland gets involved then they say we are going to send the fbi to go and investigate these parents who are too rowdy they school board meeting. steve: if there are any threats on either side, you know, either the school board, you know, the school board situation or the parents get out of hand, the
3:24 am
fbi, merrick garland said, would, when appropriate, investigate any threats of violence. well, now, house republicans have issued a -- what they're calling a whistleblower leak. it's an fbi email that talks a little bit about how think -- this somehow the fbi works. when they start doing threat assessments, regardless of what it is, they try to be organized. so essentially, they have come up with a #the #is edu official. essentially, it's a way inside the fbi, they get thousands of tips every week. this is a way for them to organize them. it's something that law enforcement dots every day. brian: here is what the fbi -- this is the email from the fbi and the whistleblowers exposing it the purpose of this threat tag is to help scope this threat of a national level and provide on opportunity for comprehensive analysis of the threat picture
3:25 am
for effective engagement with law enforcement partners at all levels. so it does look like the fbi is involved in investigating, perhaps, what they say are threats that goes on at school board meetings as if the local police or what we are seeing there on video is something the fbi has to get involved in? is this more important than isis? ainsley: calling iagging parents. released on october 20th because of this whistleblower. jim jordan tweeted out that merrick garland is tagging parents, senator josh hawley tweeted out if this is accurate, parent are getting the domestic terrorist treatment after all. steve: see, the republicans are trying to make hay with it. when i look at it. brian: and they should. steve: fbi get organized and thousands of tips all the time. but the finger really needs to be pointed back at the attorney general. and at the department of justice because they're the ones, you know, the attorney general is the one who is directed the fbi to do what they're doing. fbi is simply being organized.
3:26 am
ainsley: have we seen any violence? we saw that one father arrested at a school board meeting. his daughter was the one assault in the bathroom and he was upset because the school board he said. steve: i remember reading about a situation in ohio as well. ainsley: we don't condone violence, obviously. brian: that guy is being wrestled to the ground as he is reporting his daughter was being attacked by a guy -- by a cross dresser in the bathroom who attacked again because no action was taken. congressman jim jordan saw this. sees it differently. he sees the fbi taking actions on parents and merrick garland lied. >> as we speak, at this moment, the fbi is not maybe, is treating parents as terrorist threat. and the attorney general came in front of the committee and said just the opposite. you just played the clismt he said i cannot imagine any circumstance where we treat parents or we give them the label of domestic terrorist. but, in fact, the day before, as you pointed out, the day before
3:27 am
an email gets sent out to agents across this country saying just the opposite. spy on parents, give them this threat tag. this is no different than what the irs did just a few years ago when they had -- remember the be on the lookout for these kind of organizations using these kind of words and they had a list of american citizens just like the fbi is doing now. steve: so, you know, is he talking more broadly about what the fbi may or may not be doing. when you -- i read the whole whistleblower leak all it says is the fbi has a threat tag. it's like a #that law enforcement uses. if anybody wants to get exercised by b. what's going on, blame the attorney general not the fbi. brian: is the fbi taking action or not? they are categorizing this as a threat and the goal was to push these parents back. send them away from the school board meetings. because there and mrs. johnson don't want to be caught up in an
3:28 am
fbi investigation. it was meant to intimidate parents to be quiet and digest the crt. ainsley: when you talk to these parents in these rural areas. they say why the fbi? look, we don't encourage violence,. steve: right. ainsley: if it does happen, send in local law enforcement. there is one dad that might do it. one momma might do it. overall, that's not the issue. that's not the problem we should be worried about. we are worried about crt. all these riots, where is the fbi -- why isn't merrick garland sending the fbi to deal with the riots when they burn your business down, why aren't they sending in the fbi for that? that's what these parents are saying. fbi? really? it's not that big of a problem. the problem is in our schools. all we are doing is trying to be a voice for our kids because they don't have a union. steve: well, what the fbi is doing, once again, is just being organized. they are using anything that comes in through the transtranssome, they are using
3:29 am
that. >> ainsley: we love the fbi and field offices. the majority are amazingment people. this is merrick garland telling them that you should investigate. steve: that was earlier pointed. if anybody wants to point a finger. point it at merrick garland to ho did this it looks like at the direction ever the white house and the national school board association. brian: i hope local sheriffs stand up and whether they take it directive from the fbi that's not okay behind the camera and a tell us what is going on. steve: not that we know that has ever happened yet. brian: the fact that it's out there why wouldn't they be investigating it if you see what's happening in england right now? i want the fbi not focusing on people downtown block. i want them focusing on the terror threat that is beginning to crop up again in the western world. that's where it's needed. steve: those terror threats they have one of these threat tags just like they do now for school boards. brian: which is crazy to think that isis and parents at school boards are in the same #or have
3:30 am
an hashtag equal value. ainsley: many you have waking up this morning. what time does school start ours is 8:00. 6:30 here on the east coast. backlogged ports causing delays goods to stores for the hollywood. could florida save christmas? lawrence jones has a story how the sunshine state could help resolve the crisis. steve: david webb is here ahead of the third annual fox patriot awards. ♪
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with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ to hold kyle rittenhouse accountable in their words. be. steve: protesters very open about their push to try intimidate the jurors deliberating right now who will
3:35 am
be heading back in the courtroom for day two of deliberations in just a few hours. ainsley: fox news contributor david webb is here to react. hey, david. >> good morning. ainsley: pressuring the jury? >> it's an old tactic, we saw this in ferguson outside the trial. i was there covering this i was there for the verdict in front of the police station. this is part of a tactic to force public pressure. the fact that the judge didn't sequester the jury for me speaks to the strength of the jury system in america that people will make up their minds. the facts that are being presented, prosecutors didn't introduce a number of elements that were part of the media narrative about rittenhouse. the judge dismissed count 6. other counts have been stopped along the way. brian: you are saying that as if the jury acted. right now we hope they are not intimidated. we hope it was a good move not to sequester them. my worry is they are hearing that outside. responsible for seeing kenosha
3:36 am
burn down again. >> you know, they are also from that community. steve: right. >> so as the juror and we don't know what they are thinking thinking one, i'm doing the right thing but also thinking about my community. i would bet that most americans don't want to see communities burned and at the same time they can say i don't want justice to be applied wrongly. the right decision based on the facts. this prosecution has been a giant tragic nightmare and their community is going to pay a price either way if these leftists get their way. which brings us back to the mayor, brings us to the governor. brings us to what the police are allowed to do. in other words, shut it down. if they start, shut it down right away. steve: david, we mentioned at the top of the show that the governor of the great state of wisconsin has sent in the national guard. had he done that last year, you know, there probably wouldn't be a trial because things would not have descended into chaos last year. >> on top of that remember, the
3:37 am
city has lawsuits against it because of what happened last time. so they have a lot to answer for in the city. it will be interesting to see how they handle this watch law enforcement. i talked to some of my sources that they are keeping people that out there law enforcement under cover in the area. cleaning an eye on things. one of the warnings i have for those who support kyle rittenhouse or whoever they see, this stay out of the fray. let the bad actors be the main ones on the stage. brian: they are frustrated. they watched all these cities burn from minneapolis to seattle to portland and just did it for two days in kenosha, i'm not saying it's right he strapped on a gun and went down to protect. he was frustrated as many people were from watching from the outside. >> his father was from kenosha part of his argument a concern he would go down there. beyond that the people of kenosha need to look at this. they need to be the louder voices. brian: i hope. so. >> we saw n ferguson which
3:38 am
residents came out no more to the cori bushes and kim gardeners there and black lives matter was really ramping up. when they came out and still speak to some these residents. businesses that were burned out. when they came out and said we can't take this anymore and the mayor said we won't take it that's when it started turning. ainsley: that's what's hard to understand when you talk to the business owners it's not their fault and their businesses are burned because someone is mad at a verdict. thank you so much, david. >> we are the only ones that went back to ferguson. we are the ones reporting this channel has done the job right. remember, the hannity special? we went back there. we go to the people. they're the ones that matter in this. steve: and today the people are focused on hollywood, florida because tonight we will be streaming the patriot awards at 8:00 p.m. on fox david is going to be part of the show. we are all going to be here all day long and back tomorrow. david, thank you very much. ainsley: very patriotic. you look nice, dave.
3:39 am
brian: pentagon confirming the number of family members stranded in afghanistan. we're not forgetting this story either. marine veteran joey jones served in afghanistan he joins us with reaction. ainsley: will cain with locals having breakfast at the diner. hey, will, lots of food? will: well, way too much about brian's healthy diet i got biscuits and gravy. i have isn't a french toast and talk to the folks in anticipation of the patriot awards when we come back ♪ ♪ in boston, where biotech innovates daily and our doctors teach at harvard medical school, and where the physicians doing the world-changing research are the ones providing care.
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3:44 am
to talk to some of the early morning guests. ainsley: i love the shirt. that's awesome. steve: i love that. will: so, get, this his name is will. i find the best diners. [laughter] he also told me he was wearing -- will said he was wearing pete hegseth's suit inside out this morning. pete, you brought it up. early risers. steve: i did. will: will and his buddy john here got up before 3:00. they were here at 3:00. i didn't get here until 5 c.d.c. why was it important to be here. be a part of this week? >> just to show support. i love you guys. i love what you are doing for this country. especially tonight all the heroes that are going to be honored tonight. it will be a privilege to be there for that because they're always there for us. will: you know, ainsley wrought up the news of the day. the news of our time. will doesn't mind me mentioning he is an airline pilot. i love to ask you what is going
3:45 am
on? we hear some different conflicting reports about airline cancellations. what's going on behind the scenes? >> from what i have heard and seen with my colleagues and stuff it's crazy. they claim it's about weather. and air traffic control. yeah, air traffic control because when you have people not showing up for work at the air traffic control there is going to be problems and cancellations. funny they blamed it on weather when there was no weather. will: why are they not showing up for work. >> they are getting fed up. mandate got pushed to january 4th. if it was really about safety then it would be in effect now. holiday season coming up to avoided all that all the problems going on they moved it forward. it's a tough for a lot of stuff. that's a lot what is going on with this administration. will: we appreciate you getting up early. i appreciate the suit and name. let me introduce to you this table, okay? i have kevin, gene, fred. we will get to teary in just one second here.
3:46 am
i have heard this over and over throughout the morning. fred, tell me why was it important to be at the patriot awards? what brought you all here from retired nypd, retired new york fire department? what brought you here? >> i wanted to support the tribute to every day americans that are doing the right thing. and, also, fox is putting the light on the democratic push stops at the florida-georgia line. we need to push back and tell america we are here. we're supporting the cause. and, you know, tonight is a tribute to the everyday americans doing the right thing. will: i keep hearing this message look, rob over here, kevin, positivity. i keep hearing that we want to be a part of something positive. >> yeah. well, you know, patriot awards are about the american next door. your next door neighbor. whether he is military, first responder, or just, you know, everyday citizen doing the right
3:47 am
thing, stepping up. everybody in their life has a chance to do it. and step up and come forward. these people did it. and congratulations to them. will: we appreciate you all being here. everybody except terry. he walked in this morning double -- i'm a it kansas. it remind me kansas, kansas who beat the texas longhorns on saturday. no, i appreciate you, terry, thank you. >> you are very welcome. will: back to you guys over at the stage. steve: listen, that's my alma mater. i'm a kansas jayhawk. tell that guy breakfast is on me. ainsley: yes. will: so you managed to hurt my feelings, terry but steve doocy is very pleased that you are wearing his alma mater this morning so he appreciates you. >> i thought about steve when i w0r this. i really feel bad for you because it was a bad loss. [laughter] will: this guy is rubbing my face in it.
3:48 am
>> nothing personal. it was all business. will: all right. all business. there you go. worse loss in program history. ainsley: if you can find someone long island university or went to usc breakfast is on us. will: i will be looking for them. steve: sounds like president biden and president xi all business we are not friends. ainsley: thank you will and thanks to all our friends at the cish. tonight, fox nation right here in this room is honoring america's heroes like john gowdy who survived being shot at point blank range in afghanistan. joey jones is going to share his incredible story coming up next. hey, joey come on over. ♪ ♪
3:49 am
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♪ ainsley: the pentagon confirming how many family members of u.s. troops they know are still over there stuck behind enemy lines in afghanistan but say those
3:53 am
families don't meet the criteria of being evacuated. >> about 60 service members have come forward and expressed concerns about family members in afghanistan. >> and did you -- were you able to verify that the numbers evacuate any family member. >> not, thus far of the ones that have been studied and reviewed they were not eligible they are not eligible for status. brian: never made a priority to get people out of afghanistan and it's sinful. retired marine bomb technician joey jones served in afghanistan joins us now to react. does this astound you this is america? >> no. it's not acceptable also not surprising. i do think people need to understand the nuances what is happening. these are service members. doesn't mean they are citizens. in this country you can serve in our military and.
3:54 am
remarkable that someone would want to serve in our military before they get the benefit of being a citizen. steve: it says a lot. >> exactly. that's who these people are a lot were interpreters in afghanistan. had a chance to come here for residency and i want to enlist and go back as a service member and serve in this war because now i'm fighting for both of my countries is what most of them are saying. what he saying they vetted these service members' families and deemed them ineligible to come here. what really gripes me about this is we know probably thousands of people left afghanistan because they bum rushed an airfield and got on to an airplane. brian: they were screened though, right? >> yeah. we haven't left a third party country with them to bring them here. you can't help these service member family members at least get out of afghanistan even if they are not coming here. ainsley: they say open borders, fine. if you are from an another country can you come in. yet not go help the people serving our country in afghanistan. >> my advice to those people in
3:55 am
average get yourself to mexico and south america. brian: no questions asked. >> then you will be here with maybe 400 grand in a bank account. who knows. that's what is troublesome about this. i have a friend that just returned from afghanistan. he spent almost three months over there he went just a few days after the 13 heroes were killed. is he an army green beret. spent all summer in south america rescuing young girls from sex slavery in south america. comes back, gets shot. comes back and actually goes on fox news to talk about a separate topic while is he bleeding from being shot in south america. a week later in afghanistan. he has been there this whole time his text to me was if the american people knew what i know right now about how out own state department will effort and the fact that he believes the american government thought they could control the narrative and they did not anticipate civilian americans going into afghanistan and seeing firsthand. ainsley: they didn't think the media would report it because they didn't know civilians on the ground were going to help. >> most of the media is in their
3:56 am
pocket anyway. on top of that, they didn't think our own heroes that have retired from the military would be there doing this work. steve: joey, speaking of heroes we are at the patriot awards. >> absolutely. steve: how are going to be honoring tonight is warrior john gowdy. 15 seconds tell us about it? >> he received a mortgage free home from building homes for heroes. an amazing organization out of new york. he got a home there in florida. he has a big family. one of his children has a difficulty in life. and this home is going to make life so easy for them. he is an amazing man and we are honored to honor him. brian: building homes for heroes helping him and you are reporting on this story? >> absolutely. we did a package down there at his home. ceremony. the hometown came out. named a day after him. pretty amazing. ainsley: some of these stories. andy. he is amazing. where is this house? tell us what did he in afghanistan? >> what's really crazy this house is not far from where i
3:57 am
went to school in florida. down in the panhandle, beautiful weather and beautiful property and multiple wounded veterans are going to get houses in this community and the community is wrapping their arms around them and loving them. brian: you do the feature. here is a cut from that sergeant john gowdy talked about what happened to him while he is fighting for us. >> >> april 25th, 2012. we were prepping to go out. the following day we had basically an insider threat. one of the partner forces had turned on us. resulted in multiple casualties. i have a prosthetic humorous, right humorous, missing deltoid, shoulder muscles, by accepts, extensive injuries in my arms. multiple gunshot wounds two and around the body and one to the left leg resulting in below the knee amputation. steve: oh my goodness. what a story. >> just a bad day at work. that's what he will tell you just a bad day at work.
3:58 am
still living his life. is he on pro-am golf team. they just won some cup i don't know the name of it because nighttime a golfer. he was bragging to me yesterday because he has been in new york for a week golfing winning this for america. ton a team american veterans competing against foreign team. steve: sure. >> just living life. brian: you guys make it sound easy. but it's a lot harder than you are letting on. >> we all have something. ainsley: joey, it's hard on the spouses, too? >> probably more difficult. it's harder when someone you love than for yourself. these spouses have to speak the unspoken language is he hurting right now? is he okay? does he need help? but he doesn't want to say it. it's a lot to them. trust me, i know firsthand. ainsley: i went into one of andy's houses. he introduced me to a soldier he built a house for him. he had a rack where he could pull down all of his button down shirts he said i was so tired of asking my wife, honey, can you get me a button down shirt. >> exactly. ainsley: i didn't want to ask
3:59 am
her other and over again. she might be in bed or cooking something. he outfits these homes simple things that you don't think about. >> it's not the pain and frustration that i go through. it's what burden am i putting on those around me? that's the most frustrating part about it these homes are built to relieve that burden from the people around the men and women who are injured so they can do it themselves and not have to have that constant cloud will you help me? will you help me. ainsley: viewers are the ones giving a lot of money. >> they are paying for it. brian: do it again build a home for heroes. steve: absolutely. how cool is it that you have been here for a little while. i will walked through the casino last night on the way to dinner. every person here is a fox news viewer. >> i'm not trying to telling stories there is a building here in the shape of a guitar. craziest thing i have ever seen. i did not know it was real. and the people here just walking up and giving hugs. steve: since you mentioned it, it's 450-foot guitar hotel. it's an engineering master piece.
4:00 am
they reopened the place. they did $1.5 billion worth of renovations back in 2019. and it's one of the most fun locations we have ever been at. it is great. brian: see you don't. pace yourself, okay? >> yeah. i'm going to go get some rest. ainsley: thanks, joey. thank you for everything you have done for our country. brian: remarkable host. tune in 8:00 fox nation to see the home reveal sergeant gowdy 7:00 a.m. hour of "fox & friends." check your watch. i think it starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ that american country love song ♪ ♪ steve: how cool is that? that is the guitar hotel that joey was just talking about. we are live right now from the hard rock live theater here at
4:01 am
seminole hard rock casino and hotel in hollywood, florida. by the way, hollywood florida, beachfront community, founded in 1925 by a guy by the name of joseph young. you know, you build it, they will come. and here we are in 2021 for the patriot awards, which is going tore "fox news live" this amphitheater which seats 7,000 people, we will have 4,000 in attendance tonight. ainsley: i was talking to one of our security guards here who used to be at fox in new york. he is one of the many who just moved down here to florida. and i said are you loving it? are you livening the prices? he said actually my apartment here costs as much as it does in new york because he said i'm waiting to buy a house. we're renting right now until the prices come down. because some people moved down here. the guy who started hollywood, florida is making a fortune. his family is. brian: property taxes are high. ainsley: they are, yeah. brian: state tax that's not
4:02 am
there the thing i love about my hotel room, touch one button and my lights go on. for me, the frustration of a hotel room walk around and touch every lamp. ainsley: music theme too because it's the shape of a guitar. steve: it's a rock and roll hotel it's the hard rock and it is so cool. ainsley: walk through the hotel and there is a big casino. we had to walk through it people are still up. brian's grandmother is still there. i told her. i said you got to go bet, granny. so one of the guys said last night i'm walking through and there was a mom with her baby. brian: and she is smoking. ainsley: that's not funny. but she was. and the baby was there. and he wanted to say you should probably get your kid to sleep. it's a casino. brian: will cain call him go to voice mail he knew he had to be live from the moon light diner in hollywood, florida. he wanted to get his rest ahead of the fox nation third annual patriot awards. is that true, will? will: no, no. i didn't gamble.
4:03 am
but i didn't go to bed early. what were you saying earlier, brian? steve: famous for milk shake. brian: how could you have a milk shake in the morning? will: that's right. look at that moon light diner, hollywood, florida. look at the turnout. look at the folks who came out. [cheers and applause] will: and look at breakfast. come here real quick. i'm getting offered chocolate cake. look what is going on here? it's a healthy morning here in hollywood, florida. [cheers and applause] healthy for america. so i will be checking in all morning long here with you guys. i wanted to stay this. this is the one message i heard over and over. one everyone is excited about not just this morning but tonight. positivity. patriot awards. regular americans and celebrating a positive vision. [cheers and applause] talking about it all morning long. back to you guys. i'm going to have my milk shake. [laughter]
4:04 am
steve: will, thank august the people there at that particular diner because they do not normally open for one hour. so everybody got there way before they open their regular hours just to be on tv. will: you are right, steve. and, let me just say, buy local. buy milk shakes, buy local buy from the moon light diner. come hereby local. >> [cheers and applause] steve: buy local bye-bye. brian: if your cup overflows lick the side for guideness sake. will cain made it okay. steve: that's how you do that. brian: first time i ever seen that. ainsley: supply chain crisis can't let anything go go to waste. steve: supply chain crisis that's one of the things republicans are trying to get the president to focus on because a lot of people are worried about christmas and also thanksgiving. are they going to be able to get all the stuff that they need for thanksgiving. the president of the united states made a road trip yesterday. he was up at a snowy new hampshire. he was on a rusty old bridge
4:05 am
doing his best to try to convince the world that this infrastructure package that they finally signed on monday is really going to make a big difference in their lives. is he doing that with a back drop that his polls have completely gone south and he needs something to prop him up. here's the president. >> in this isn't esoteric or some gigantic bill it is. it's what happens to ordinary people. i'm confident that the house is going to pass this bill. when it passes, it will go to the senate. i think we will get it passed within a week. and it's fully paid for. brian: they said they could have a vote on thursday. steve: build back better. brian: i don't want republicans we can handle this alone. what they're trying to do and i think this is devious. they are trying to get ahead of the cbo report. because the moderates say i will pass it if you can show me that we are not going to add significant amount to the debt
4:06 am
or any amount to the debt. the cbo is not going to score this effectively and say it is zero. they are saying this thing that the cbo can't figure out what the irs is going to be able to be able to reap from those horrible rich people who they say are not paying taxes. so the cbo score will be off. that is ridiculous. now all of a sudden you are running downtown cbo when donald trump was in office you were living off the cbo. ainsley: listen to what jen psaki said about republicans. steve: it's a tweet. ainsley: all right. this is what the question was then. why, when americans are seeing higher prices, are republicans united against a bill to lower core cost on prescription drugs, healthcare, child care, and elder care? a, they are rooting for inflation. steve: she is cherry picking some of the things very popular with people. she is not talking about the half a trillion dollars for
4:07 am
things like climate change. here is the senator from the great state of florida talking with learm larry kudlow. talking about senator rick scott who used to be the governor here in florida. talking about how we got to stop spending money to stop inflation. that's his message. listen. >> stop spending money. we got to get inflation under control. we have got to do this. so, i hope bernie sanders listens because bernie sanders is driving everything in the senate right now. it's his bill. it's going to be his bill. he is the head of the budget committee. everything that we do up here goes through bernie sanders budget committee. so it will be high taxes and by the way, it's a complete lie when they say they are only going to tax the rich. oh, yeah, by the way they are going to give tax cuts to the rich if you are one of the blue states they want to do that with the salt. give tax cuts to the rich. but everybody else, the middle class, you are paying higher taxes and they are going to kill your economy with this. steve: all right.
4:08 am
we saw some of the scoring earlier where people in the middle class will actually pay higher taxes. despite the fact that joe biden said nobody making less than $400,000 a year would pay more. everybody would pay little more. but everybody is paying a lot more when it comes to inflation and the cost of gas. i was at the gas station with somebody yesterday here in hollywood, florida and the gas cost about 1.40 more than it did last year. ainsley: how is it affecting you? are you doing anything different? we are having a smaller christmas thisser year. all the adults said we are not exchanges presents with each other and give to the kids. we are making it smawmplet all the grandkids are getting fewer present this year. steve: lower exceptions. brian: this is the example of the president pushing his agenda and saying the hell with the country. i want to go green. i'm going to ignore that we have oil and gas that makes saudi arabia blush. we're going to beg moscow and saudi arabia. our economy is not red two transition off fossil fuels.
4:09 am
he is going to weaponize the irs to make all of our lives miserable. this is the worst case scenario and they are trying to snow you and tell you have this is going to make your life better. that is a flat out lie. it's up to joe manchin again and somebody else with courage say i cannot sleep at night. i will be letting my people of west virginia down if i do not vote forthis. people heating o -- not no florida. heat their houses with inflated gas prices and totally self-inflicted. we should frac. we should drill and we should use the pipeline out of alaska to start fueling our country not out of moscow. ainsley: see taxes go down frangeght the environmentalists won't allow it. in new york you can't mention frac going you are running for office. we would have so much lower taxes, exactly. steve: going back to just the fact that joe biden's poll numbers are so low. if you are a moderate democrat. brian: great point.
4:10 am
steve: i'm going to get on board this trillion, $2 trillion thing along with joe biden. essentially he is asking moderates to walk the plank. if they vote for that, inflation continues go through the roof. they will lose their jobs the next election, particularly members of the house in battleground states. brian: right. is it worth it? joe biden is not going to be in the political fray too much longer and i'm sure you are in the 45er9 of your political career. why walk the plank for that tensions running high in kenosha, wisconsin kyle rittenhouse trial set to begin day two of deliberations. steve: black lives matter and kyle rittenhouse supporters clashing ahead of the verdict as you can see video from yesterday. ainsley: alexis mcadams. it in kenosha. authorities on high alert. >> that's right. high alert kenosha day one of jury deliberations for the kyle rittenhouse in the books. this is a very high profile
4:11 am
trial everybody including those people in kenosha are watching very closely the seven women and five men of the kyle rittenhouse jury now holding the 235eu9 of that illinois teen in their hands. kyle rittenhouse on trial for shooting three men killing two during unrest in kenosha last summer. the shooting following the police shooting of jacob blake here. now the jury deciding if kyle rittenhouse was defending himself that night or responsible for provoking these shootings. we talked to a small group of protesters on both sides who gathered out of this courthouse. >> with this case in particular, kyle was in self-defense. he was being chased. >> tensions are high because there is a possibility that a murderer could be let off. >> no matter what people think about the trial, business owners here in kenosha, wisconsin remain on edge. >> we are all on pins and needles like you said. it is a day to day event of us worrying about whether we come
4:12 am
back in the morning and our businesses are here. >> now, here in kenosha, wisconsin, deliberations can begin in just the next few hours. those jurors, the people that we have been talking about, the 1 that were chosen actually by the defendant out of that wooden barrel that was in court just yesterday, all received these jury instruction. there is 36 pages of them. it's going to take them quite a while to go through all of these counts and make sure as they replay everything they learned in five and a half hours of closing arguments that they understand exactly what they are looking at here. keep a close eye on everything. at this time no major threat. we did see some protesters gathering from both sides in front of the courthouse in kenosha. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: all right. >> alexis, thank you very much. great reporting. let's bring in david hancock is he a spokesperson for the family. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning, thank you for having me. steve: alexis was just talking about how kyle yesterday actually took the names of the
4:13 am
judicial release out of that box yesterday and selected his own jurors. and i know that must have been hard for you to see. >> absolutely was. and this was pretty difficult for kyle. he mentioned that later on that day how strange a feeling that was. steve: that he was picking the people who would decide his fate. ainsley: david, there is something that i continue uselessly hear. a lot of people i hearsay self-defense. a lot of people would have done the same thing if they were charged with a skateboard or a hand or a foot or even a loaded gun put in their face. but the question is can you tell us why he went into the situation in the first place? >> because he is a civic-minded -- he is a good kid at the time a young man now. he truly wanted to help his community. that's the way he was envisioning this whole thing. and that's the exact reason he
4:14 am
went down there is he wanted to help his community and he brought his medical kit because that's how he saw being able to do it. he was carrying a weapon to defend himself if he needed it. and that was a legal weapon. and now the judge has thrown that particular charge out. so,. steve: right. >> he really wanted to help people. brian: yeah. so, david, i talked to somebody with the rittenhouse camp like you are, originally when this went to jury. but the fact is they didn't get a quick verdict. if they go today, does your confidence diminish with each day that goes by because that means that they are really considering some of these charges where from the outsider perspective and i know i didn't go to law school, this seems to be something you could conclude that he is innocent quickly. does it worry you guys more the longer it goes? >> no.
4:15 am
no. no, it does not. i mean that means that the jury is actually looking at the 37-pages of jury instructions and they are paying attention so, no. no. our position is he was clearly defending himself. there is no doubt about that. and on top of that, that's what and i'm confident that's what the jury verdict will be. steve: we apologize for the slirt. david, as we heard from our live reporter in kenosha. yesterday, there were protesters on both sides, people pro-kyle, anti-kyle, are you worried that the anti-kyle protesters might be influencing the jury to try to get a guilty conviction? >> they sure are trying. but apamptedly they are fighting amongst all of themselves more
4:16 am
than they are anybody else. there is a lot of people out there who are curious why they are even there. this is -- has nothing to do with race. this has nothing to do with race at all, period, full stop. so, they are trying but i don't believe that the jury is going to let that actually take effect on their decision. ainsley: david, i know you are the spokesperson. we have seen you on every network across the board. you are friends with kyle. what is your relationship to him and tell us what he is like as a person. >> i have been become close to kyle over the past year. i actually picked him up when he was bailed out. he is a smart, empathetic, is he a courageous and a brave man. and he's just a good kid. and i am ready to see him move on with the rest of his life. he is still going to have to deal with a lot of the name-calling and the horrible media slandering. but, he is a strong kid and he
4:17 am
is ready to move on with this. brian: well, when he does move on, he should consider legal action because this has got to stop. we have got to let this jury play out. they are skewing the american public. and it keeps happening. ainsley: nicholas sandmann said that that he should do the same thing. steve: david hancock, thank you for joining us. >> all right. good morning. ainsley: no matter what happens, we are praying for the entire situation. steve: if you are just waking up you are thinking hey where are they? we are in hollywood, florida at seminole hard rock hotel and casinos for the patriot awards tonight. carley shimkus was doing her program earlier this morning live as well from the stage. carley: i was lucky enough to share a stage with you three. brian: you had the whole stage. carley: i did. brian: was that in and? carley: yeah. i can't believe they let the three of you the actual stars of the network on the same stage at the same time. i'm lucky to be here.
4:18 am
ainsley: you left right after the show you said that yesterday came down here. hung out with john rich, we will see that story a politic later. >> exactly because we toured the hard rock, the hotel and casino we are in right now. it's such a beautiful place. steve: gorgeous. carley: i know. you will see some of the really great features that it has. i asked what the cost of the most expensive room was and they wouldn't tell me. i don't know why. steve: that means you can't afford it. carley: doesn't have to worry about that. brian: call tucker carlson directly and asked him how much he paid. carley: tucker, can we become a little closer? headlines now $750 million lawsuit is filed by astroworld music festival victims. 125 people signing on, including the family of acosta one of the 10 people killed in the concert chaos. rapper and event organizer travis scott is one of the many names in the suit. victims alleging negligence and
4:19 am
to properly plan the concert. fda is expected to authorize pfizer's booster shot for all adults as soon as tomorrow according to the "new york times." this as pfizer asked the fda to authorize covid-19 antiviral pill for unvaccinated people who are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill. if authorized, the pill could be avarvelg for use within weeks. good news there. the prosecution rests its case in the are a ahmad arbery trial this after 8 days of testimony with 20 different witnesses. charged with the killing to decide if they will testify or not as the case starts to focus on the defense. arbery was chased, shot, and killed in georgia last year. the staple center in downtown, los angeles is getting a new name come christmas it will be known as the arena. can you believe that? paying $700 million over 20
4:20 am
years for the naming rights. overnight this tribute from vanessa bryant she posted it on instagram writing it's forever known as the house that kobe built. of course many people agree with vanessa bryant on that front, guys. steve: when you go to what is that? carley: i will do that and report back. all about ache crazy. i have a feeling it has to do with crypto currency. ainsley: coin base. that's one of the signs. steve: thank you. brian: i will have stuart varney explain it to me. thank you so much, carley. stay with us. lara rogan will join us live before she takes the stage. ainsley: that's the door she is coming in. can florida save christmas in the sunshine state has a bold plan to solve the supply chain crisis and "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones is here with a firsthand look. come on up, lawrence. ♪
4:21 am
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4:25 am
♪ steve: with a whole bunch of ships sitting off the coast of california, florida governor, ron desantis says the state we are sitting in right now has the solution to the problem in california. brian: bring it on florida. florida sea ports 24/7 with available capacity. can the sunshine state save christmas in the supply chain
4:26 am
crunch? ainsley: "fox & friends" enterprise reporter and our friend lawrence jones visited fort everglades in fort lauderdale not far from here to find out. good morning, lawrence. lawrence: you have heard a lot about the supply chain crisis how it's impacting the country. they are now calling ron desantis de santa claus. is he going to save christmas. y'all got to take look at what i saw yesterday. watch.♪ >> we are standing in one of the cargo ports in the state of florida. men and women working day and night processing a record number of containers all in an effort to save christmas. the governor here has been labeled desantis clause. i guess that would make you one of the elves. >> like buddy. >> buddy the elf. >> oh my god. >> what are you doing states in
4:27 am
california aren't. >> we have 24/7 operations and a lot of the major ports for a number of years now. and so we have that -- the ability to take off as you see here containers and other cargo off the ships and route those through. we have invested close to a billion dollars just under this governor's leadership. just on how do i get the goods from here out to the market. right? whether it be by rail. whether it be by highway mode through the trucks. that's where the department of transportation is coming in. and the governor says hey, florida ports are open. not just because the shipping channels are open which it is it's also that we can take it to the next step. lawrence: does this happen without ron desantis' leadership as governor. this happens because the governor has seen what is happening nationally and said hey florida can help out not only for florida and the region but for the whole country as well. lawrence: this is a model for the country? >> this is a model for the
4:28 am
country. the state of florida takes about 4 million of these containers a year filled with essential products even christmas presents. officials are saying they can take in more because they are nowhere near capacity. the wait time in california for stores to get their products is about 20 days. what is the wait time in florida. >> there is zero wait time to off load your cargo here in florida. we don't have that problem. lawrence: you guys already have the infrastructure in place. once it gets here, you guys are ready to move. >> correct. we have done a lot of investments over the last decade to be able to bring these in. that includes the dockside capacity for these larger vessels, the cranes for the larger vessels. we are set to go on it. including the overpasses and roadways and rail connections to make it as well. we continue to invest in additional capacity not only for these vessels but hopeful for more vessels to come in. lawrence: is it it a simple case to come to florida. >> yes. youfield think it would be an
4:29 am
easy one to do. it's a mindset change. everybody has been using that trade route in california for -- since the 1970s. it did is beyond capacity there. i think the question that the present administration needs to ask why are we dependent upon two ports in california for 40% of the cargo going into the united states? you got to look at other ways to move it. >> what is your message to those companies that want their customers to have their products by christmas? >> that's a good question. you know, consumers and those businesses that are the ones struggling under this they unfortunately have limited control over where their product comes in at. what we want to tell them is, look, you need to tell those shipping lines you are working with or whoever you are working with that florida is the place to bring that in so your product is on shelves on time not only for this christmas but for future christmases. lawrence: so they have been able to get the unions together. of get the private sector today and all work this out before they even start redirecting
4:30 am
these shipments. they say it takes about seven days. the wait time as you guys saw in the package is like 20 days at minimum in california. the wait time here in florida, zero. ainsley: seven days to go through the canal and back down to florida that's better than waiting 20 days. >> at least you will have your prureckets by christmas. steve: what they ought to do going forward why park them particularly if the stuff is coming from china east coast of america. come to the east coast of america. >> that's the case of the secretary of transportation for florida is making. he is saying look, if we really want to ramp this up, we need the federal government's partnership as well. if they want to bless this and say guys, let's do what's right for the country. brian: right and not for the party. secretary of transportation pete buttigieg can make that decision unilaterally. people would be in support of it. how much does it help that the unions truckers aren't subjected to union rules. they can come in. they don't have to worry about it they don't have to register and be a resident. >> do you know what's crazy? there are still some unions in
4:31 am
florida but it's a right-to-work state as well. they don't have as much power as they did. they are working together. that's the big part of it. ainsley: lawrence, i need a date tonight, would you like to go to the patriot awards with me. lawrence: you know, i don't mind doing that at least you will be dressed nice. ainsley: i will try. you are a snazzy dresser. lawrence: we have to get brian a tux. ainsley: you are wearing a tux? lawrence: i'm wearing a tux. ainsley: you got a tux? steve: major dan rooney gave me a tux. i'm going to wear it tonight for the patriot awards. see it live on fox brian: i'm getting reports that you have a date tonight. brian: i do he is sitting next to you. brian: conflicting reports. i will get to the bottom of this. steve: you, ainsley and i are going to be presenting an award. ainsley: i have several dates. you are my other date and you are my other one. i'm three timing tonight and carley is over there too.
4:32 am
carley you are welcome to join us. brian: carley, thanks so much. how would you like toes to? formal? carley: formal obviously. brian: carley shimkus is here with the news. carley: very exciting day because ever the patriot awards. there is also other news this morning. washington, d.c. murder rate hitting 16-year high. the democrat run city recording 199th homicide this week. that's 13% higher than this time last year. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the city has, quote: violence interrupter in place and increasing police presence. a pharmacy in northern virginia has been administering the adult size pfizer covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. it k.c. pharmacy administered what they thought was a child size portion of the adult vaccine but ended up giving 25 children shot three times the dose for kids of that age.
4:33 am
now, this is the third instance of the virginia pharmacy making this mistake. the cdc telling parents of kids given the wrong shot to contact their physician. president biden frequent trips home to delaware reportedly costing taxpayers about $3 million just for secret service protection. secret service records obtained by the "new york post" show the expenses come from hotels, car rentals and airfare for agents. biden has made 25 trips home to delaware since taking office. and those, guys, are your headlines. send it over to you. steve: all right, carley, thank you very much. brian: senator ted cruz confronts mayorkas over the biden administration border response. >> it's a simple question. how many children have been in those cages? >> i respectfully am not familiar with the term "cages" and to what you are referring. >> enclosures in which they are locked in. in the past year has joe biden
4:34 am
been down to see firsthand the biden cages? yes or no. >> the president has not been down to the border. >> okay, no. has kamala harris been down to see the biden cages? this facility? >> she has not. ainsley: comes after a cbp released brand new data showing apprehensions down at our southern border is up 128% from exact same time last year? those numbers were in october. steve: joining us from the hard rock hotel and casino here in hollywood, florida we have lara logan. lara, good morning to you. >> hi, steve. steve: how about that? mr. mayorkas had not ever heard of the term cages. however, when donald trump was president, i think cages probably came out of his mouth. >> you mean the exact same cages that obama and biden built before trump came into office? steve: those cages. >> yeah, it's quite extraordinary just to watch it we all know that hypocrisy has been lane bear.
4:35 am
bare. we don't hear about women and children dying in texas i do one journey. separated from their parents. do you know what happens to you in this country if you are an american citizen and you break the law and you have the children with you. you get separated. steve: that's the law. >> happens to americans every single day. we don't hear anything about it do you know what the biggest lie of all is those numbers? because they don't include the got-aways. and the got-aways are a real indicator. whantd got-aways are literally the number of people that hid a camera and they estimate how many there are. what agents have told me time and again is if you get two hits on a sensor typically did you go there and find 20 people when you catch them. when they record that they record it as two got-aways. brian: lara, here's the other thing that comes across, they don't care. they also don't even acknowledge messaging. if you say to people you get here you can stay, you are going to get more people to come. if you tell people you are going to get $450,000 at the border,
4:36 am
that's going to be a magnet to come. mayor cals won't even acknowledge that yesterday. it was sending the wrong message. if you get to the border you have can stay. we have other nations coming towards our country. >> brian, the wrong message for who? it is the right message for the biden administration. this is their policy. brian: you believe they want all of central and south america and haiti and all the caribbean to come here? >> if you look at their actions, the biden administration halls never acknowledged that this is a problem. let alone a crisis, ever. they have never taken one single step to mitigate anything that you are seeing. ainsley: what's the reason? >> well, that's really a question for the biden administration. but what i can tell you is there are open border idealogues within this administration who are running this policy. and they have been from day one. they built facilities to house them. jake sullivan and others went out across latin america before the biden administration took office, they went on the largest
4:37 am
spanish language channels, they told everybody that the border was going to be open. you have got u.s. ngos with u.s. taxpayer money who are writing up policy documents and guidelines. brian: including catholic charities. >> catholic charities and jewish charities and others who are getting millions and millions and millions of dollars to basically guide these people across. they are being put in hotels not by the way the motel 6s when i stay in go on the border put in places like the share tan and flown across the country. i flew from san antonio, texas today i saw people in the airport with these packets from the biden administration. they are allowed to go through tsa with no photographic i.d. they don't have to get tested for covid or do anything. you know what? we are still only talking about the border in terms of immigration. brian: mandate firefighters and cops get vaccinated if you are illegal immigrant we don't even mandate they get vaccination or even test them. we are sending over 2 million people into our country and we
4:38 am
are firing nurses. ainsley: if you go to another country in order to come back, in you have to show i.d. you have to show a passport and your tax dollars, brian you woke up at what time this morning you? are working? a lot of your check is going to pay. steve: lara, we are here on the stage of the patriot awards. 12 hours from right now you will be presenting an award to former green beret and leader of task force pineapple scott mann, right? >> yes. a friend, actually. and scott is -- he is pretty extraordinary. is he very well respected in the community. and i have to say that he and i shared something like on the one hand really great to o. being recognized but it's very hard to be recognized as something that is drenched in blood and shame and betrayal. and that's really what we are talking about. because, you know, even one flighted 10 flights grand canyon. what we need to do for the afghans is give them back their country. a lot of the people that need to many do out, they don't even have passports. they never intended to leave.
4:39 am
right? and the u.s. government is still saying do you have your paperwork? do you have your visa? if you don't, you are not approved. steve: wait a minute. i'm confused what about the people at our southern border they don't need paperwork. >> no. they certainly don't. brian: the problem is they won't let-out the state department won't even let scott mann do his job. they find a third country. they got a chopper and funding. all they say is get the u.s. government to okay in u began da. uae or whatever. the u.s. government will not even return a phone call to allow these private operators like scott mann to do his job. that's how sinful this is what is happening under this administration. >> even worse than that, brian. they changed the paper work requirements like 500 times. ainsley: what's the reason for that? i don't understand any of these policies? >> undermine what you are doing. not only do they not care. but they are still pressuring every neighboring country to not just lock down their borders to americans trying to help but to afghans themselves. they have created a prison. the entire country is like a
4:40 am
prison that is burning to the ground. the taliban has gone back. everyone you ever saw surrendering and getting so-called amnesty hunting them down one by one. if i were to show you what's in my inbox the number ever soldiers and special operations soldiers who we made promises to, right? this is band of brothers in realtime. and then we left them there to die. brian: we are not forgetting them but every are other network has including this administration. steve: we have a lot of questions for scott mann and he will be joining us later today on this program. brian: so glad you are here. steve: we will be watching you don't. >> among the patriots the 3,000 to 5,000 border patrol agents. steve: absolutely. >> being let go, forced out, careers ended because they are not vaccinated they have to go out and deal every day with people not vaccinated. brian: unbelievable. that's the biden administration. ainsley: they were there protecting our country throughout the entire pandemic. steve: thanks for joining us live from hollywood. >> thank you for having me. steve: still ahead live from hollywood will cain catching up with the locals at the moon light diner down the road.
4:41 am
will? [cheers and applause] will: hey, brian, steve, ainsley, that theater better get ready for a party. if the moon light diners are any indication get ready for the patriot awards. be back in a moment on "fox & friends." ♪ routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look! hearing is important to living life to the fullest. that's why inside every miracle-ear store, you'll find a better life. it all starts with the most innovative technology. like the new miracle-earmini, available exclusively at miracle-ear.
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4:45 am
♪ ainsley: in true "fox & friends" fashion we couldn't leave hollywood without visiting an old fashioned diner, of course. brian: right. and will cain is not old fashioned. he is cutting edge and down the street at the moon light diner talking to floridians. will: i am. i am. i'm cutting edge. and i am talking to floridians. introduce to you beth air force veteran. thank you for your service, beth. we were talking about the revelation the going after
4:46 am
parents. national and local education as well. >> i like it have a say in my child's education. if there is any question i have about it i'm going to ask it. i think we should go back to the basics and teach the books. go back to reading, writing and arithmetic and parents should be involved 100%. will: that seems intuitive. kaitlin, we coordinated kaitlin and did i her head band and my shirt. tell us about your school project if you wouldn't mind. >> i had the school project about -- it's like a super hero. i picked all the republicans for desantis. will: you picked desantis and donald trump as heroes. how did that go over to your school. >> like it. will: on the hunt for all the wills in the diner and i found another one. will want to say is he a big fan of somebody. >> all the way from hollywood, florida we love gutfeld! [cheers and applause] will: it's amazing atmosphere. great time. you guys will have a great time
4:47 am
tonight. these guys met in line at the diner, seated three seats apart at the patriot awards. this is rob and eileen. so this is a -- first of all, eileen, you know, will brought up gutfeld. >> i want to say you got some good hair there, will. will: that's not what she said, jesse. specifically better than jesse's. that's what she said specifically. [laughter] will: really quickly, to take us out, rob. you heard the message of positivity resonated with you. >> all you patriots, we are going to get through, this all right? we got to stay positive. will: day positive. and it starts tonight at the patriot awards. that's started this morning continues tonight at the patriot awards. back to you three. >> very nicely done, will. and gang. steve: meanwhile, the fox nation patriot awards will take place on this very stage 12 hours from
4:48 am
tonight. meet some of the recipients coming up live on "fox & friends." here come the patriots. ♪ ♪ were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes must be carried across all roads and all bridges. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. your shipping manager left to “find themself.”
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4:52 am
>> never barks nation patriot awards honors everyday heroes that are making our country so amazing. >> is a retired green beret, scott mann, to evacuate working citizens from afghanistan, he started doing it now. meanwhile washington dc metro police officer, who received the award after saving nine lives during her first year of service on the force braided. >> david beamer will be accepting the courage award on behalf of his son todd beamer, who is saying that the mission helped retake control of flight 93 on september 11th, they'll join up life ahead of tonight's ceremony and thank you all for being here. and scott we will start with you, you told your story so many times because of what is happening in afghanistan and are you getting any help from the doj and what is the latest braided. guest: we are working with the
4:53 am
department and defense to some degree in the partnership needs to be more and be the one thing that i will say about this i'm definitely not a hero but the folks that i work with, they volunteer the veterans they been in the world's longest 911 call and those afghans who waited to this canals are the real heroes. >> is feeling good to be in the patriots awards because the money police officers across country do not feel like certain parts of their you know, of the leadership in their towns and don't pack them but obviously, you've got that kind of support. predict. >> i do and yes a great for from the city and my work. >> in the first year you saved my life, how is that possible pretty. >> at the right place at the right time i guess and private. >> and i had a chance to go to flight 93 and see where the actual crash took place with the memorial the belt and just to hear more about your son, todd and everybody you took over.
4:54 am
>> there was real hope that he would have a chance to take back that plane and how often do you guys think about that. >> we think about what happened most days and i am sure the todd and 30 and 39 of the people their first objective was mostly control and said but if somebody can find this leg lead did not happen. what they did was what our country needed. it was a successful counterattack and save the capitol and also the people read it to others in school right beside there, and easily could've had a school. >> it is possible, there were no collateral damage on that part of it. >> doesn't seem of 20 years. >> no, it hard he does not remember one of the reasons that i am so thankful, and gives us cause to remember what happened and not only that david the days after the months and years and
4:55 am
now decades, thousands more have volunteered to serve and sacrifice all to keep us free and safe and we need to remember that and the war is not over rated. >> taylor what you do it printed. >> is always what i kind of wanted to do and now i am a rookie on this crazy thing so is all bizarre. >> scott obviously did doing and trying to use many people of this country is muzzled you fill all of america's values. >> i do think it's amazing that our combat veterans carry such a heavy load when the institutional leadership that help them insure the rest of the country what leadership looks like and i am very proud of that.
4:56 am
>> you saving american lives not letting this go away demi moore people there pretty. >> there are tens of thousands of afghans work at risk and still american citizens and green cardholders in combat veterans volunteers not going to go. it is hard to get a straight answer from the pentagon and all we can do is show up and that's what we will continue to do pretty. >> operation recovery .org i thank you so doing great work and there really focused on safe passage in getting people and keeping people alive through the winter is going to be key in operation recovery .org is going be great for that and it's coming in about two weeks. >> can't wait to see you tonight and thank you for your service and everything you've done for our country. >> a special coming up next.
4:57 am
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♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ the star-spangled banner ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
5:02 am
♪ ♪♪ o say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ ♪♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ ♪♪ [applause] >> thank you very much, that was
5:03 am
absolutely fantastic and you're in fourth grade and tell us a little bit about yourself. >> i am my voice for all people, what, i mean, by that is when is saying, you see no color because it brings everyone together in a matter what their problem is, if they're going through divorce or if they're having a bad day at school, if they, just trying to well i just want to have my voice to be there for them so they won't do that stuff so it makes them happy and that is most important thing. >> what you love most about fourth grade. >> i love learning and i love
5:04 am
reading and i just love to learn to do more things and know about other stuff. >> what did you realize you wanted to saying. >> i was younger i was in a choir and i, as a started to grow older, my mom put me in a community is in this wrong but i started acting and give me and they disarmed. by michael jackson and i said yes he's a star. >> is different right now the place is empty and their full be about four or 5000 people will that freak you out. >> no sir, i love the audience.
5:05 am
>> is something that when you're a parent someday you will hear sometime praises as a parody what you want to send your mom because she is back here backstage i saw her in the hallway, would you want to save your mom. >> i just want to say thank you for noticing that i have a voice because it would not be here if you did not put me in the world and i want to say thank you so much. >> thank you so much for joining us live we look forward to hearing you tonight. >> we are live at the hard rock casino and hotel, the third annual patriot awards on this amphitheater, and i think 7000 tonight we will have 4000 in attendance and is going to be a lot of fun. >> there luxury seen rooms and
5:06 am
you can choose one of the rooms that have a rockstar payment, there's a salon and cabana, you can everybody's here and there is golf here and beaches. >> they have 18 acres of water, seminal hard rock is a homesick schools across the resort including a setting and a half acres swimming pool and i think that i know what you're going to do today. >> is this the were here because you needed a pool. >> i played water polo in college, it is aquatic. [laughter] all right, swimming. i'm having some cappuccino this
5:07 am
morning. i diner with fancy coffee take a look at this, this is insane, that is a chocolate mocha latte and that is desert, that is not coffee and i met them in my diner, by the way there are 4000 people from hard rock tonight and several hundred of them are waiting for the tables to hang out with us on fox and friends all morning will have breakfast with friends so come on and hang out with us. talk to the americans about how they feel about the country in the patriots awards. >> this is fancy. and this is a beautiful school. >> it was voted does nice in school the country. >> i remember i wanted to go to pepperdine but it was too expensive. that was my dream but mom and
5:08 am
dad said if you go out to stay coming up to get a full scholarship pretty. >> would you say to yourself, what if you got in. while it is 807 on the east coast and just a few hours in the kyle rittenhouse trial will begin day two of deliberations pretty. >> protesters ahead of a verdict and joining us live in kenosha, for possible unrest in the rising for a date and understanding the governors have already called on the national guard and they are standing by in case there is trouble. >> just in case but generally prepared and just outside of kenosha actually closer to milwaukee where they're stationed but ready to be called out if they are needed this day one of the deliberations and 80 was starting in just few hours and very high-profile trial, the
5:09 am
seven women in the five been this jury is now holding the fate of kyle rittenhouse in their hands and teenager on trial for shooting three men, killing two and unrest in kenosha just last summer. in the police shooting of jacob like and now deciding if kyle was defending himself or if he's responsible for provoking the shootings and will talk to a small group of protesters on both sides who are right outside the courthouse here. >> from time and time again, that he believed rittenhouse is more of a victim and the people he killed, and for the harm. >> the correct reasons, and not to harm the city of her mother people, and that is a gain of its for the country that is right pretty. >> now business owners here are on edge as they prepare for
5:10 am
unrest. >> these are uneasy because we just don't know what will come next. >> deliberations start again this morning and those jurors were chosen yesterday and it was interesting it is some people kind of shocked that he was actually to sink those names out of the barrel inside the courthouse here in kenosha county and now the seven women in the five men are going to have to go back behind closed doors today begin those second day deliberations. >> thank you for the live report and i saw the daily notes that got an exclusive with apparently on the defense filed another motion for mistrial because apparently the prosecution withheld high definition drone video and one of giving the defense a lower grade harder to understand video and then they share the high death after the
5:11 am
evidence closed. that was november 13th, and saturday. the jury saw it from the defense, a gray near lower grade version in the high death that the prosecution was given and they said that's grounds for a mistrial so that is another consideration for the judge in this particular case. >> you talking about somebody's life and they're going to spend the rest of the life trinity. >> they've got an obligation to turn it over it doesn't look like they were acting in good faith in the gentle designs of the way that understand is that when we were watching of the of, the courtroom and the defense and prosecution is looking out from their perspective, the defense was saying it for the first time so the high definition, they were probably thinking that we've not seen any of this.
5:12 am
and you've already saw the way they were taking liberties with the truth well, for the people to understand the difference between equality, the prosecution had their file was 11 megabytes, the file they gave it the defense was i think three and half megabytes so just goes to show you is a fraction of the clarity and when the prosecution was sitting on pretty. >> some people are wondering if if they just deliberated only yesterday, it is eight and a half hours and if they deliberate for that long he didn't come up with a verdict, does that mean that this is not going to look good for kyle rittenhouse but if you look at what they did, they kept asking for more in the morning requested pages one - six of the jury instructions and then the afternoon all of the rest of the 36 pages so maybe they're going through it with a fine tooth comb. >> they were saying the 50 years
5:13 am
at harvard, he had trouble understanding the directions the judge was giving as he was a juror and he said this guy is a law professor made the top school in the country, and he said there were too convoluted to so the juries have an hands full, no law students there in the judge's instructions to the jury was 30 some pages way too complicated that could be the reason longer it goes the worst it looks for the defense. >> i think the people in the jury room are just being super careful they can hear the people outside and they're saying, let's just stay here as long as it takes to come to consensus about exactly what exactly happened. >> did you hear her pretty. >> as night she said that she trust the jury system which is good here right, there's so much pressure on these people and it
5:14 am
apparently there presented with the facts and in the jury system. [inaudible]. >> i just don't know if is working here and this is exactly what we will find out. >> around is up reportedly "fox news" alert, a un watchdog said they believe the country is more than double the supply of uranium and further breaking at 2060 nuclear agreement with world powers and this is nuclear talks became international energy agency and iran are sent to begin later this month and now to box with her come the experts are warning of thanksgiving travel turmoil and a major winter storm likely getting the country next week. this is some 4 million americans are expected to fly home for the holidays the national weather service is saint the system can impact air force from the midwest to portions of the northeast and over reporting
5:15 am
shared rides with a new name, x year will be in miami nationwide and writers use this program have to wear a mask, even if they are vaccinated and will get a 5 percent discount is unclear when the program will begin the ridesharing giant temporarily suspended multi- passenger rides in march of 2020 due to the pandemic. and hawaiian boy scout organization mono be prepared by helping save a couple and their dog it listen to this, a 12 -year-old scout in a small attic couple on the hiking trail in caring there 100-pound dog smoky, that is because and they were out also the water using his first-aid training scout made a stretcher for the dog and guided them to safety. thankfully everybody is okay that situation. how cool is that story, little
5:16 am
hero there. >> it teach you that as a boy scout, to be prepared. [laughter] >> preparing. [inaudible]. you're in so much trouble. [laughter] >> all right the president continue on site and a huge turnout and think that is for everyone there is a lot of fox fans showed up and i recommend everybody go there but tonight we sign into after the event tonight, cbs2 coolers was amazing and then pensacola right after that on friday, and signing your tonight and tomorrow and in the in alabama, and the big were going to be life on stage and sunday and that - in one state right now yes in the presence three - five
5:17 am
and thank you for everyone in about save america's soul now it's going to be an exhibition to tell you what is a patriot award going to be like without people in it and let me give you the sense here, this is where the arteries are going to be in presenters will be, cody's but i think this is where we'll be sitting i never thought we had a chance to sit like that and we are not really advised by the lord shows. and david is making his way through no monitoring the gold seats is kind of easy one scott wilder told me that you'll be able to pick up the gold sees because it is catches, isn't this cool as well as being golden over here, some of the awardees and we will see what they get in the goodie bags and often times this is worth millions of dollars. and this is worth itself and golden he said that modern worriers best real stories real euros that is what everything is about and pete is right now picking out is in hosting a little bit later.
5:18 am
in any point have the patriot deal they will going have the upper chairs if we need it and in the tickets, the golden tickets, the summer tickets, and most of all patriot have board will be electric and here is the thinking, often times these award shows are about the people, in his private but tonight, it is about the country and that's what this is all about. you cannot pick a better venue or better night never last year virtual in the first year was amazing at this year's going to be even better and fox nation folks who have been working on this and they have been producing this. if you don't have fox nation is the reason to download the app and there's so many great features there. i don't know if you guys are that instruction but i'm going to casually go this white. it's great to see you part of the family, we been remote so we rarely seen you guys in person
5:19 am
and he's got a and noon and and you are the show today and you also got a situation where he gets to watch college football games and does tailgate and also recommend this is going to win and is going to lose. >> will be in oxford and auburn next weekend and the joe manchingame to finish up prk that's what's going on and follow the direction of the stage program. [inaudible]. >> i just tried not to fall with a up the stairs on the award and screen that patriot award stride on fox nation and eight eastern. >> you are about ready to take on the table pretty. >> coming up the lead agenda, here with a preview of tonight's big show.
5:20 am
>> say hi to clay. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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>> they have played in just three of the 14 games and he thinks that he may have something to do with a strong stance against the chinese government predict. >> the mba start putting that i will expose you off the court's printed. >> and clay travis is also radio show host, joins us live here.
5:25 am
sue met this fantastic event and you guys are killing it pretty. >> you are killing it is going to have you part of this and so many things and he pointed out china for genocide in hong kong and what they're about to do with taiwan is going to cost the mba millions doesn't have anything to do with why stop playing pretty. >> with the mba claims that they care about social justice, really with the care about a social justice when it lines their pocket if you can be woken america the cat actually brooks for your benefit but if you, china as he did a couple of years ago, associated with pre- hong kong, this is really aggressive move and i support him because eight give god mba players, with chinese - and those companies bragged that they were using muslim leader laborer to pick and caught make their tennis shoes literally
5:26 am
slave labor tissues on the mba course and guys are cashing checks for millions of dollars nobody is calling them on this and all and nike did this to the credit specifically said, we are not what he is this chinese cotton in the chinese shoe company which have mba endorsers on the court playing in their tweeting at the double standards of not being willing to stand for basic human rights in america in china while were making arguments in america and ipod him and i think it's shameful that were doing this it into ♪ ♪, no one has joined us rated. >> because they all wanted talk of the game when it does not impact their pocketbook but as soon as you start to take money out of the mba, they all shut up rated. >> this he will they start marketing those shoes. >> china is such a monster part for the mba that everybody is pretending this is not going on even china is not progressively
5:27 am
chiming in this because they don't want to turn it into a bigger story. going to mississippi which is one of the trinity and that's right, not a great game, kind of a slowly because we get ready for the final we can the college football regular season in the next week we are going to be in alabama for the iron bowl, alabama going on the road to auburn and finish up in atlanta championship game but on the road also at a time where your viewers and often are all of the southland. >> you can win 25000 on fox, so go ahead and what's going on. >> the candor story, also. continued follow-up, some are having to shut down because of covid-19 and aaron rogers and the others and neck and lots of big nfl players were testing positive and is going to be a mess and they are double vaccinated. a lot of breakthrough cases
5:28 am
predict. >> is better than last year but it will be a big mess. >> southern tailgating, nothing like it. >> coming up, you know him you love him, hosting the third annual fox nation award and he is here for an exclusive preview, please get ready. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
5:29 am
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5:33 am
rights, the corrupt liberal media came for me just like they came from kyle rittenhouse and if he decides to sue, i would say go for it and will the media accountable. >> he notices this is been the story for a while now the jury is in for the second day. he wanted to call and everybody who called them out unjustly and he won anyone big time and you tell me that newsrooms apparently did not learn that from that exercise is like they haven't learned from any misrepresentation the head of the last inning number of years as liberal biased has turned into a agenda and we know that rated they decide with a want to say about the story, before the facts come out or they choose which facts to publicize some of the shooter was a white male without talking about the racial background of the people who were shot. and so they decided at the beginning and the terms of the narrative and that his entire
5:34 am
trial broadcast on national tv to actually learn about the fact the case and is going to have a definite defamation case if he decides. >> white supremacy and he keeps asking do you think the president biden will apologize to him predict. >> do you think that he will because he would be shielded from litigation in this context of the media outlets which carried the very same idea many of which were very aware of will be the ones that if he decided to go that way, can be held to account of any to, they are so untethered from reality and accountability, it may take a kyle rittenhouse and lawsuits and tens of millions of dollars for them to start to step back from this year and ten . >> when you this try what we saw was a lot of video that pretty much all the story as kyle explained his interpretation of what happened and just like if
5:35 am
you watch another video, they became abundantly clear what happened and meanwhile tonight 12 hours right now you're going to be in the state, hosting the patriots awards and going to call you out. i believe you are wearing that exact outfit and exact t-shirts yesterday on fox and friends when we were in new york pretty. >> now is different, had a flag on it and they were going to say two years ago when we are the patriots award. it is a huge event. >> is a first hour, and interviewing that guy sitting down and he said the man boring this jacket inside out pretty it was pete hegseth's inside out pretty. >> and if this is indicative of what is going to be in the theater tonight, - and they open the diner two hours early flight normally opens at 80 of eastern
5:36 am
time, it was awesome to hear the attendings of the diner talk about what the show is really about. this is not about actors playing heroes, this is real everyday heroes who have never had an award show. the stories you would never otherwise here and needed to stand on stage and we get the bright lights a lot and they get the bright lights tonight and thus the cool part. >> if you haven't got the fox nation app now, this is the time, go get it right now if your vet or a first responder get a free trial and get your chance to watch it but i will tell you at the table down here, the real problem is that everyone wants to sit next to and so how do you make those decisions. >> come on over. >> seating arrangements were quite difficult, everyone was
5:37 am
perfectly wanted to sit next to you. nineteen. >> my date tonight but i will tell lawrence that they've we can put a chair between us we can travel that seeped off. cf. for $1 million which is coincidently out there. >> op you've done a great job in the previous fox nation patriot award that we will be watching tonight streaming live. >> the perfect host for this rated. >> and even if he was a teacher than his two years old and coming of our good friend john will join us with a special live award. [inaudible]. it is a moonlight night. [background sounds].
5:38 am
student i want to say thank you to "fox & friends" and in bridgeport texas, we love you. >> right after this, come back. severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some, rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious infections and blood clots, sometimes fatal, have occurred as have certain cancers, including lymphoma, and tears in the stomach or intestines, and changes in lab results.
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>> and it's nice patriots awards were having breakfast with our friends and his beautiful sunny florida, southern florida. my main is waking up right down the street at the moment light diner, his breezy brother, and i love you shirt, you're looking sharp pretty. >> i get what you're doing, you making fun of my shirt and you know as well as i do that it was free because you took them home as well. >> it is true i have the same one in my closet.
5:43 am
a native american segment so we both wear them. >> and you wore the flannel on the other day, right. >> tonight live in florida today printed. >> moonlight diner let me introduce you to travis, you guys have a small business and salon and restaurant and everything they got hurt during the pandemic, gymnasium predict. >> yes and thank goodness we survived it and god bless him pretty. >> it was a tough time but the right place. >> absolutely and i cannot of the imagine what it would be like to be in new york or california. >> you will not ever really political before but now you sought directly how it impacted your life pretty. >> yes, i could've lived in a bubble like a lot of people and when they threaten to take my business away, it was kind like okay, i need to get educated so we did the work that we could do by blocking it down and i got
5:44 am
educated. >> tonight, there is a big sense of expectation here and is that. [inaudible]. i have definitely been avoiding you. [laughter] [laughter] >> sorry pretty. >> paula dean is in the kitchen .[inaudible]. [laughter] where is your wife, is she with you. [laughter]
5:45 am
>> what is she doing here. >> are you going to the of patriot awards paula? >> again. [laughter] printed. >> back to you three,. [laughter] [applause] >> one time when we were all on the set, and shaquille o'neal came up behind brian and what is handed it is largest and if ever seen in the shoulder. >> the differences is how they seek, and a fantastic at the moonlight diner.
5:46 am
southern love right there. >> you stole my heart. >> what is going on. meanwhile, we are back here at the patriot award and welcome to our house for today and we are a seminal hard rock hotel and casino and carly and john richards are going to give us a special tour of hours facility, coming up next.
5:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:50 am
>> the white house and of the congressional budget could scare off moderate voting on build back better while the same hundreds can call themselves normal as compared to what will talk to live on the senate from china to afghanistan the white house juggles the struggles to manage and how concerned shall we be from these adversaries and verdict watch on the kyle rittenhouse trial. >> we will definitely be watching that in thank you so much and fox nation's annual patriot awards is kicking off right here at seminal hard rock casino hotel and were in the hollywood in florida pretty. >> fox and friends, has got a
5:51 am
chance to explore the grounds in the his right now and john, he was a performer eventually performed in this house predict. >> this is an incredible room and you can see the upgraded looking it's going to be a big night for the patriot awards an awesome place to have it in florida the restatement a lot of the trees out here pretty. >> it was so much fun to run into everybody who came here to be a part of this and you know, we are so grateful for all of those who could, we know that not everybody can make it in person so john and i will show everybody at home, all of the fund that we are having it. it's in this part of this experience as well. >> carly made it too hard rock. >> we are here.
5:52 am
>> this is actually an people to realize. [inaudible]. >> it makes so much sense. >> the seminal and our dog in hollywood, they have nailed it. >> yes this museum and hotel and museum and john lennon's jacket signed by him. ♪ ♪♪ hard rock is so cool because it's combining all of my favorite, the music and cars everything that goes down so this is buddy holly, born and raised in this is really cool.
5:53 am
hundred miles down the road. johnny cash, the greatest singer and songwriter that ever lived. so i'm the biggest johnny cash fan in the world of my son's name is cash rated cash rich ladies. >> so this is britney spears dress and this is neil diamond this thunderbird rated sweet caroline ♪ ♪ ♪♪ and we have big and rich like up-and-coming. [inaudible]. >> this can happen during the patriots awards. >> we have so much here before and yes we do, all of the great americans.
5:54 am
patriots awards at "fox news" and god bless america. any in his own little private pool and were walking into this cabana. and this is perfect for you. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ >> it is going to be incredible. can you think of a better place to rock out. >> inhibitor to be with than you predict.
5:55 am
>> is it like a rock 'n' roll disneyland it really is printed. >> you see michael jansen, neil diamond and i mean these are all great american musicians for such a great thing about music is people like all different kinds of music i do and i know that you guys do as well and see see all of these incredible artifacts. >> but this morning you're going to do a song as you walk over to your guitar, tell us about song. i wrote this for me to sons, cash and colt and i'm sitting one day and i was thinking that if something happened to me unexpectedly but what i want my voice to know so i dedicated the song to them. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
5:56 am
♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
5:57 am
♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ [applause] and john, do you want to come back over here, and you are the
5:58 am
song, what did your sons say about it. >> they didn't necessarily understand the gravity but they thought it was cool that i wrote a song but when we say were fighting for our country and generations if you can't fight for yourself, fight for our kids, our greatest national resource and the one the god bless most of the kids. >> and they are still so very young pretty. >> yes ten years old and 11 years old. >> parents are fighting for their kids more today and let's take a look at this video, a time lapse video they were able to produce is putting together the patriot awards we can kind of talk through it and you see how this whole thing was constructed and i guess this was an event last week they turned it into a theater and look at this predict.
5:59 am
>> there's so many people who work here than never get the credit so everybody behind the camera, thank you so much for everything you do and can i just a real quick, on backstage and i was talking to some of the engineers and i went backstage to get a cup of coffee and there is this whole incredible engineered set up there. there's so much that goes in this. >> good on fox nation .com tonight at eight if you would like more information and tomorrow in a program, we have an all-star lineup in each one of us go ahead and take one of the names, john. >> mr. blue collar and no tie. >> a big show tomorrow and actually going to go out with the police officers in this area and find out about the hollywood and really make an arrest.
6:00 am
t-mac my guess will be my neighbor. >> we can't wait to see him well anyway that will wrap things up from the patriot awards here at seminal hard rock hotel and casino and thank you.


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