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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 18, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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t 2 months free. >> president biden will face the leaders of canada and mexico but won't face members of the press but the white house think the american people don't care and did you hear this? >> it is easier and harsher from some in the right-wing who has gone after her because she's the first woman of color.
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jillian: jen psaki has a lot of excuses for the vice president's thinking approval rating and it is not her failure on-the-job. plus we do have great news to report this morning. >> to love my country. i'm here representing the usa and thank you so much for your support. i wouldn't be here without my faith, family and friends. >> that powerful moment one of many as we honored every day he rose at the fox nation patriot awards. you are watching "fox and friends first" thursday morning live at the hotel and casino in hollywood, florida where the awards were held last night. what a night it was. >> todd piro holding down the fort in new york, we begin with news, the kyle rittenhouse trial, they say the prosecution did not hand over in its entirety. marion referee with jury deliberations after day 3.
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>> reporter: the jury will deliberate for a third day. kyle rittenhouse stephen steen is seeking a mistrial on the grounds they were not provided with a clear copy of drone footage that ended up being key in the prosecution's case showing what transpired leading up to rittenhouse's shooting and killing a 36-year-old, joseph rosenbaum, the prosecution claiming it was a technical error. >> didn't have the quality of evidence the state had until the case of the closed. i do not believe in unknown technical incident should result in a mistrial. change the judge, bruce schrader saying he will consider the request depending on the jury's decision. >> it is a guilty verdict on any degree the motion will have to be addressed. >> just schrader blasting the media for its misleading coverage and misinformation in the case. >> when i talked about problems with the media when this trial started we were there and part
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because of grossly irresponsible handling of what comes out of this trial. people should be able to see what is going on but to see what is being done is quite frightening. >> as the jury was sent home for second night with no verdict cloud protests continued outside the courthouse with protesters clashing with rittenhouse supporters. police maintenance protesters scuffled. one man was hit with a camera by protester in several arrests were made. as the city of kenosha braces for potential unrest and calls in the national guard to help with security several schools in close proximity announcing the switch to virtual learning for the rest of the week as a precaution. rittenhouse's former attorney john pierce will be on "fox and friends first" to discuss the trial. >> breaking it is our brand-new
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details, the white house plans to address the leaders of canada and mexico at the north american summit this afternoon as trade, pipeline politics in the border crisis remain key issues. david spontaneous details on the get together. >> this meeting comes a few days after that hours long summit with chinese president xi jinping. he may be an adversary, the leaders of mexico and canada are on much friendlier terms with the biden white house, president biden set to meet in hours with canadian prime minister justin trudeau and mexican president obrador and there are plenty of topics on deck. some of those topics just released, canada and mexico will pay back vaccines the us lent them but instead of paying back they will share vaccines with other countries. that will determine the timing of the migration discussion and very much on what the 3
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governments can do outwardly in the region to get the root causes and create more legal pathways to increase access to protection. the president says he plans to call out us lawmakers voting against immigration reform saying legislators from one party block this initiative we will call them out at a later time in a respectful manner. the president made a deeper commitment and benefit of migrants, texas, greg abbott who deals with the brunt of the border crisis wants the president to engage in tough talk with president lopez obrador writing i urge you to engage with the mexican government about ways to prevent the smuggling of individuals,
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drugs and the continued flow of illegal immigrants into texas. i urge you to take action to protect american assets from seizure by the mexican government. meanwhile the conversation with canada's prime minister justin trudeau will focus less on border talk, more on pipelines in the electric vehicle tax credit for american-made cars. this was announced by the president recently, auto-parts frequent across the canadian border many times in the united states and canada depend heavily on each other, trudeau expressed concern about the proposal, what it means specifically for his country of canada. he plans to express some of those concerns in the oval office later today. back to you. >> thank you. while president biden is often seen walking away from the podium not taking questions from reporters, jen psaki insists it is just the media complaining. >> i have to say that is more an issue related to the white house press corps it is their job, then it is for the american public. it is not accurate to suggest he isn't accessible or doesn't answer questions. >> jen psaki coming to the defense of the vice president despite her abysmal approval ratings. >> i think it is been easier and
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harsher from some in the right-wing of gone after her because she is the first woman, the first woman of color. >> harris's approval ratings upgraded since she was named the borders are as migrant encounters at the southern border reach record levels. two things to break down, first, to the biden media access, the foundation his access to your leaders. that's how we know what is going on, that is how we hold them to account and if the media cannot get that access we cannot hold them to account. keep in mind we pay for these leaders so it is our right to demand access. secondarily this kamala reaction has absolutely nothing with their race, nothing to do with her gender. it has everything to do with the fact that she is tied to this white house that appears to be failing miserably at almost every turn. we are going after president biden who is a white now and kamala harris because she is tied to him. jillian: as for the vice
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president it is such a copout and so indicative of where we are as a society where things are not going your way you are a victim, automatically a victim, not because of your own failings idea is treating her they were fawning all over her because she's a woman and she is a woman of color, not the opposite of that. no one is being harsh on her because of that and president biden even said he wanted to choose a vice president who is a woman specifically not because of her credentials but because of her sex and her race which i personally don't think is the right way to go. if you want to be chosen it should because of all those things, because you are the perfect person for the job. it isn't working out on that front, given her poll numbers. as for the media saying it is
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clear the biden administration is shielding president biden from the media because they are afraid of what he will say or not be able to handle a situation. so the administration having a tough time especially in the polls and it is unfortunate we will not be hearing from the president after this important meeting. and and pete texas hosted the show, and opened with a joke. >> i never thought i would host a hollywood award show. here we are in the real hollywood. hollywood, florida. >> florida governor ron desantis welcoming the show to the free sunshine state. >> we were not going to let florida descend into a fauciand dystopia were peoples freedom
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were curtailed and livelihoods destroyed. >> an olympian getting the most valuable.patriot award for showing pride in our country after winning the goal. a great moment over the summer. lieutenant colonel scott man evacuating americans from afghanistan. >> this is for the men and women who went into the breach when everything was falling apart. the 13 who didn't come home. >> building homes for heroes founder surprised with the service to veterans award after gifting army sergeant first class john gaudi with a new home. joe concha, congressman austin, matt schlapp, and also this. >> have we mentioned among the people of hollywood might actually see it as causing more support?
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changes the patriot awards draw in americans from across the nation we can't forget local law enforcement in florida keeping a safe. brian kilmeade is here to give us a look at his ride along with the hollywood police department. i know you were going to make citizens arrest yesterday. did that happen? >> know. i'm upset because when i did ride on long island i wanted to see what it was like because the police have different challenges depending on where you are and in hollywood, florida in south fort lauderdale, miami, what are those challenges and right away they have to be in one ways an expert in marine, beach patrol, on foot as well as the squad car. >> almost like a seal type situation, lanier c. >> and they have openings, 16
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openings in a 325 person department and although they get a lot of new yorkers, they are selective in who they take but they are somewhat surprised they have openings today because they believe there are other options for people and we know how the police officer image from the country took a huge hit. >> those openings will be filled because governor ron desantis is hoping for that $5,000 bonus. dollars to be a police officer. and the cops situation so much better. every tax situation is better than new york city. check your ride along with the police. >> do you have the money to toss to a package? carley: let's do it, watch. >> policing in any community has unique challenges. good in the car, good in the water, good in the sand or the police station, to see what an average day is like for these officers. officer williams.
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thanks. what i be able to tag along? >> of course. department is unique because it is a family environment. in the wake of two officers who died. one officer was murdered by an 18-year-old, burglarized several vehicles. >> the other? >> a suicide. it is part of being a police officer. >> we are going to meet one of our officers at the marine unit. show us what we do. >> thanks for doing this.
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got to go in the water on patrol. >> what are the challenges out here you >> could be some unrest. you have to take care of things. >> alcohol and boating never go together. they are a reckless combination. >> the anti-cop sentiment, have you felt tension among the people of hollywood? >> i have seen it causing a lot more support. a lot of people go out of their way to say thank you. >> no tickets? two facets. something nobody else has shown. >> beach patrol vehicle.
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>> room for a civilian? >> i like keeping it safe and keeping it quiet. i was born and raised here. i grew up on this beach. i like bringing my kids here. >> you have a beach as patrol option, how can you have any lots? >> our department is unique so we have so many things. people want to come to work to hollywood. >> reporter: with the vaccination mandate offices are told to hit the road. >> from michigan i am looking for change. i would love to come out here and work out here. >> reporter: brian is like no arrest, no citation. >> i to come back and enjoy the beach and can't thank you enough
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for a great day. >> you were doing that. but the patriot awards. waiting for me. is that okay? carley: you were disappointed nobody broke the law. you were advocating criminal activity. >> one thing against the break, every person i talked to said it is calm. don't do it for the benefits, they feel that it is their calling to do that. helping people out. carley: that is why we are police officers and first responders, they don't make a lot of money and they give so much back in this politically to modulus time. they are putting their lives on the line. you were busy yesterday and signing a lot of books. >> my excuse to meet everyone
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individually with pictures. my problem is you asked me to come up and do this. what do i do? any recreational activities. carley: coffee would be a good one, try to make a citizens arrest, fulfilling your wish for this weekend. >> reporter: i will see if anyone is breaking the law, thank you very much. carley: keep an eye open. over to you. todd: 21 after the original the motion for mistrial in the kyle rittenhouse case, prosecutors holding back a critical piece of video evidence. we are talking to former attorney. psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen, painful. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis. some patients even felt less fatigued. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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todd: a weapons charge against kyle rittenhouse dropped as the
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18-year-old defendant's former lawyer predicted a year ago. that attorney, john pearson to discuss. thanks for being here. of the weapons charge was factually incapable of succeeding at the outset under wisconsin law, then why did the prosecution bring it anyway? >> the answer is pretty obvious in my view. this has been a political prosecution or persecution from the beginning. i don't think any fair-minded person, juror, judge, you have to look at the facts, with all the high-definition, the video, and come to any conclusion other than kyle rittenhouse is innocent based on self defense. the gun charge was clear. once you unpack the statutes, because kyle with an ar 15 he had in his position, the statute, 17-year-old in wisconsin in an open carry state
2:27 am
in possession of that rifle. >> the big news is prosecutors held back the high-definition drone footage for the defense team for prosecutors, and turned over all exculpatory evidence. >> that is astonishing. very bad, the brady violation. their job is to be fair, and all exculpatory evidence.
2:28 am
and and and he put any witnesses on, to help their clients. >> this is not the only instance, there have been multiple instances. based on that, any potential guilty verdict if one were to come from the jury would subscribe to this mistrial motion. >> this judge is horrific, judge schrader, might be the best judge i have ever seen. he is no-nonsense, stick to the facts. he was outraged at some of the instances of prosecutorial misconduct, one that we haven't touched on yet, just as bad as the brady violation, prosecutors
2:29 am
attempted to use the fact kyle exercised his constitutional right to remain silent and that is trial advocacy 101. you cannot do that. i think it will be full of acquittal. if not it will be a mistrial or without prejudice for a hung jury. >> if the jury to find rittenhouse guilty and the defense team, jury intimidation based on noise outside the courtroom, could you see the defense team bringing another motion the jury verdict should be thrown out based on intimidation. >> that is entirely possible and it has been a while, in the long sweep of history, this
2:30 am
intimidation, in the civil rights era and could be invasive for habeas corpus after trial. there are lots of remedies. that they are unexpected, - >> we appreciate your time and insight. president biden will avoid tough questions from the press after his meetings with leaders of canada and mexico but the white house doesn't think americans care. >> it's not accurate to suggest he is and accessible. that's more an issue for the white house press corps than it is for concern to the american public. todd: we will see what joe concha sinks next.
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>> reporter: president biden is taking aim at america's oil companies amid soaring prices at the pump, asking the ftc to investigate any illegal conduct by these companies is driving up the rising cost of oil. todd: the gas companies. >> reporter: always someone to blame is apparently it is them, the president pointing the
2:35 am
finger at the oil and gas companies including exxon mobil and chevron for the rising cost at the gas pump. if you are paying $3.41 to philip that is up $0.09 in the past week. in california, well over one dollar more than that, record high prices. the soaring prices in the president's popularity as they put a strain on american pocketbooks days before the holidays. in a letter to the federal trade commission president biden writes this, the oil and gas companies in the united states by market capitalization on track to double net capital, the last full year before the pandemic. i do not accept hard-working americans paying more for gas because anti-competitive or otherwise potentially illegal conduct. considering the same for line 5, on federal land.
2:36 am
jillian: i will go with the critics on that one. that the reason gas prices are higher. the vaccine mandates affecting airline workers. >> reporter: tsa agents must be fully vaccinated by monday and that is thanksgiving weekend at last check six in ten, the tsa administrator tells nbc he's not worried. >> we will step up to handle the surge, with respect to the vaccine going through the tsa screening checkpoints. we've seen a substantial increase in the number of people vaccinated. >> how many are traveling? to see family and friends for thanksgiving. that is 2 million more than last year, close to pre-pandemic numbers if they get through a
2:37 am
checkpoint. todd: a fundamental failure to understand basic economics. >> reporter: the new york times contribute her claims only the rich are concerned about inflation but the reasoning, sarah is tweeting this, about inflation, driven by rich people because parasitic assets are its doing as well as they like and scared that unemployment benefits, $15 minimum wage and labor shortages, later tweeted that she wasn't trying to cause controversy but many people not taking her tweets lightly. clay travis, this is a failure to comprehend economics, people this impacted by inflation for people because rich people spend a smaller amount of income on products. inflation is a massive default
2:38 am
tax on the poor not to mention rich people's assets have gone up. it is near record highs have you seen the price of a home? the reasoning is all wrong. carley: the parasitic assets, not the cost of basic goods. thanks for that. in the meantime the president is set to meet with leaders of canada and mexico at the white house and the white house defending a decision to scrap a long-standing tradition of holding a post summit news conference. >> the issue related to the white house press corps, their job to be a dc press, then concern to the american public. it is not accurate to suggest he is and accessible or answer questions.
2:39 am
todd: joining us is joe concha. isn't access to the democratic process literally the foundation of our democracy, not just a media issue? >> the american people would want to hear from their president when he is about to transform the country. he spent trillions of dollars, the white house press secretary, said he shouldn't be accountable for any of his actions, for supply chain crisis, gas prices, what is going on at the border. he doesn't have to answer for that. it is the white house press corps, the president hasn't done a one on one interview in months. he really takes questions for mostly friendly press. and he's the most guarded gifted president of our lifetime. you will find is cheney at mara lago before you find president
2:40 am
biden sitting down with anyone and like somebody that is so many jen psaki statement lately the notion the president is held accountable, poll numbers are in freefall, the best unintentional comedy out there. >> >> it is not because, isn't better job but racism and sexism. watch this. >> it is easier and harsher from some in the right wing, the first woman of color. >> it is about low poll numbers. >> they rejected kamala harris when she was running for president.
2:41 am
the numbers are more about misogynistic republicans. gender and race has 0 to do with the mounting criticism. look at the way americans don't find her authentic. the third of the country approves of her in the time it takes to play hockey season with playoffs. and her handlers are petrified to allow her to speak outside teleprompter. the white house knows what is coming in the midterms. the end of democratic control of the house, the senate and biden/harris may not be the ticket in 2024. harley, still in hollywood. great weekend in south florida. carley: i wish. i will be back in new york tomorrow. it is my pleasure, love the job.
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everybody watching. thank you. appreciate it. counting down the minutes. has sesame street on what, conservatives want tv ads to lose federal funding over the show's liberal turn. lisa republicans more confident about the midterms after the latest of a stating polls. can the gop keep moment alive until next november. we are talking to matt schlapp about all of this. ing for pain. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®.
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carley: house republicans claim alejandro mayorkas is either lying or doesn't know what his department is doing after a leaked email shows the fbi was tracking protesting parents for the national school board association labeled domestic terrorists and were subsequently targeted in a letter from the attorney general. >> has anyone from the defendant of security met with the national school board association? >> not that i'm familiar with. it doesn't fall within our jurisdiction. >> did you see a copy of the attorney general's memorandum? >> i did not.
2:47 am
>> reporter: senator cotton telling fox news secretary mayorkas claimed he wasn't aware his department, the national school board association to target concerned parents. who is in charge of the department of homeland security? congressman jim jordan wants an answer to this question. >> the number one question is what is the number? how many parents have this tag, this terrorism tag, how many have that tag on them? >> republicans demanding answers from the doj as they prepare to introduce a parents bill of rights on capitol hill. democrats are rushing to the congressional budget office ahead of the report on the real price of biden's social spending bill. >> cbo does not have experienced with revenue amounts gained from cracking down on wealthy tax cheats taking advantage of every honest taxpayer.
2:48 am
>> reporter: this as democrat lawmakers worry a poor analysis could derail house speaker nancy pelosi's effort to get biden's bill passed. as oil and gas prices continue to surge energy companies say that increased regulation from the white house has left them unable to help with the rising prices. here to react, texas congressman austen pflueger. >> good morning. >> we wanted to have you on for a specific reason. your district, the largest oil and gas producing region, and the reason we have to rely on opec, nothing could be done in this country. now even saying gas companies
2:49 am
need to be investigated. can the president do something to decrease the price of gas? >> the president has done everything to stifle production. we've seen all out war started with cancellation of the keystone pipeline and he has greenlighted the lord stream pipeline and let's get the facts straight. this time last year there were 312 rigs actively drilling and now there are 556, it is a 75% increase. the pandemic was terrible, demand disruption and i represent one of the most prolific oil and gas producing regions in the world. what we say is midland over moscow, odessa over opec. the president wants foreign production and all out assault through every policy you see so the american public is not buying this rhetoric. carley: is there anything the oil industry can do to knockdown prices a bit or is it all in the
2:50 am
hands of president biden and the administration? >> it really is and it is a perfect storm because of the pandemic. when you look at capital markets and the access to capital, the esd environmental and social governance a lot of institutional lenders are using with pressure from the biden administration, pressure from the left makes it very difficult to access that capital and factor in the labor shortages that are difficult to get people to come back to work and it is a perfect storm. oil and gas companies are doing everything to increase domestic production. we were energy dominance at the beginning of 2020. at the beginning of 21 the president has done everything to completely stifle production and is asking opec to increase production when we can do it domestically. jillian: another topic is the border issue and we are learning there is another large migrants
2:51 am
caravan of 10,000 people marching towards the border. it is expected to begin today and this is happening as president biden will meet with the mexican president of the canadian president later today. he is not taking questions. he was originally supposed to. we know the border issue will come up but apparently he is going to have a meeting with state leaders and not take questions from the american people. what is your reaction to that? >> it is not surprising and so disappointing. first off, almost 25% into his first term and it is november, the first meeting he had in person was what he should have been doing is meeting with the mexican government like donald trump did and should have been coming up with solutions or do nothing and leave the remain in mexico policy there. these activists draw a larger crowd than president biden does with thousands of people following them. need the president to go to the southern border, to see and hear from border patrol agents putting their lives on the line
2:52 am
every day, it is crisis after crisis he keeps leading us into. this one is real, 2.1 million people entering this country, drugs, crime, human trafficking, a sad situation yet he's doing nothing at won't take questions. todd: will this be another wasted meeting with north american leaders? we will see. thank you for your time this morning. time, 52 after the hour. time to cut funding to pbs over sesame street liberal storylines, talking to him live next. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms.
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♪ todd: some conservatives are calling on the federal government to stop funding pbs over woke content on the program for kids, including sesame street. matt schlapp among the critic calling defund not just that we have big bird touting the vaccine stuff you never saw
2:57 am
sesame street get into. should taxpayers still be paying for pbs? >> of course not. this is we dick columbus. when you have literally hundreds of channels you can choose from. no offense to fox. i'm not saying that's not the best one. but when you have hundreds of channels to choose from, why do we have to have a special station that doesn't have to, you know, operate in the same way all the others do? it's time to go. look, it's not just the fact that they are trying to bring race into ernie and berth. i'm older than you i grew up watching. it wasn't ever about race it was about learning lessons and learning to read and tolerance. they want to inject race and by the way, this whole question about gender into everything, one of the municipality characters had a son and the son wanted to be a daughter. and they won't stop with their push for woke politics. todd: the innocence of kids that's being attacked earlier and earlier first it started in
2:58 am
college and now it's on sesame street. meantime, i want to get your thoughts on this. politics growing more confident about retaking confidence. multiple rounds of blistering polls for the white house. matt, what must the republicans keep themselves from doing in order to not steal defeat from the jaws of victory with 11 months to go? >> well, what republicans are doing behind the scenes is trying to determine what kind of agenda they have. you know, did the contract with america back in 1994. they are very concerned that if they don't show the type of policies they will put forth that maybe they can blow it. my advice to them is to remind them that joe biden, or kamala harris, by that point, is going to be the president. and a democrat will be in the white house. so, it's not so much about the policies you put forward, it's the virtue of fighting standing up for what we believe in. that is what the republican party has lacked previous to donald trump becoming the president. they got to get that spirit and
2:59 am
they have got to stop these investigations. they have got to stop this politicized department of justice in the biden administration that is sending out indictments for people who don't show up to congress to testify about a commission that is unhistoric, uncongressional, unamerican, and should end. they have got to stand up to the abuses coming from the biden administration. that is what will spur them to an even more seats next year. >> 15 seconds before we have it go. a lot of democratic retirements. are there any possibilities that republicans flip some of those seats? >> absolutely. one of the reasons -- some of them are in very blue districts. and they are quitting because they know they are going to lose their gavels and power. this is an indicator that even the democrat know they are not going to hold power. when nancy pelosi says she is not running again, you will really know that they know they are not going to have any more power. so stay tuned. todd: 11 months of the horse race to go. the horses are getting out of the starting gate.
3:00 am
matt schlapp appreciate your time this morning. thank you, sir. let's deal in my co-anchor, carley shimkus, i have missed you my friend. i know. i'm still not over the patriot awards how incredible it was there is a lack of patriotism in this country and we are fighting against that by honoring our great american heroes. it was such an incredible night. i can't waited to see you tomorrow. todd: friends start now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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