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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 18, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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matt schlapp appreciate your time this morning. thank you, sir. let's deal in my co-anchor, carley shimkus, i have missed you my friend. i know. i'm still not over the patriot awards how incredible it was there is a lack of patriotism in this country and we are fighting against that by honoring our great american heroes. it was such an incredible night. i can't waited to see you tomorrow. todd: friends start now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: what is that? ladies and gentlemen, live from hollywood florida the floridaing mrching owls. brian: if you were waking up in the florida atlantic dorm room if you are wondering where your band is they left. they are playing "blinding light." ainsley: does anyone plate
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clarinet? that's brian's instrument. brian: you realize if you put downtown clarinet you can't get sound out. you have to get your mouth in shape. ainsley: they have the good clarinets we had the plastic ones. steve: pass around one. brian: if you listen closely front desk calling the hard rock there is a band downstairs and i can't sleep. steve: brian, it is noisy here all the time. brian: not like this. steve: the reason we are here today, if you were not with us yesterday. last night we had the third annual patriot awards live right here at seminole hard rock hotel and casino. and there were about 5,000 people out there. >> and it was absolutely electrifying. ainsley: it was so much fun. we were so honored to be able to present awards to law enforcement, to people who have lost limbs for our country fighting for us and for our freedom. and we had a surprise guest in
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the very beginning. steve: who knew he was coming. ainsley: we weren't sure if he was but did he. steve: he brought down the house. it's the governor of florida. he got a hero's welcome last night. watch this. >> it's an honor for me. [. [cheers and applause] >> as governor to welcome the fox patriot awards to the freest state in these united states. [cheers and applause] i saw the fox talent being recognized and rightfully so. half of them have places in florida. maybe they should just move fox news to florida. [cheers] >> we worked very hard over the last year and a half, standing up to bureaucrats. standing up to corporate media to keep florida open. we protected people's right to earn a living and business' right to be open. kids' right to be in school. we were not going to let florida descend into a faucien dystopia
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where people's freedoms were curtailed and livelihoods were destroyed. we chose freedom over faucism. brian: sometimes people come out governor of the state they usually get applause. he was a rock star when he walked out there. there was organic feeling i cannot believe he is here. i'm glad he is here. up into the rafters they were cheering. ainsley turned around and saw the prompter all it says is desantis speaks. he winged it off the cup. ainsley: what was everyone saying in the crowd. it i hope he runs for president. brian: with president trump. president trump paved the way for him to run. ainsley: if he runs for president trump the crowd went crazy. brian: i think it was sean hannity. steve: towards the very beginning. you know, it's like poll the audience who thinks donald trump should run for president. and we heard, you know, it was
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very, very loud. the volume was right there for donald trump. and it was like should ron desantis run for president? it sounded like it was pretty much the amount of ap applause. ainsley: people loved the fact that he said i'm going to sign legislation where employers cannot mandate a covid-19 vaccine. i'm going to sign legislation where i will give $5,000 bonuses. steve: today. ainsley: sign today. $5,000 bonuses for out-of-state law enforcement to come and work in florida and $1,000 bonus if you are law enforcement here. brian: he epitomizes we all went through this pandemic because china poisoned the world. how we went through it really defined the state's character and the governor's character. we realized the importance of governors and mayors like never before. what he said is yeah, we have got to be 1345r79 about it we have to vaccinate the elderly population. let's do it first. do the ones that have underlying conditions. let's handle that i'm not going to punish you and keep you off
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the beach. i'm not going to stop you from going to school. i will let you use your own volition and punishment. people, beyond democrats' comprehension appreciations doesn't mean anti-vaccine it means don't fire a cop and a nurse because they have natural immunity or they feel reluctant to do it. ainsley: in states you can't get regeneron in this state he set up regeneron centers. if do you get covid you can automatically go and get that and help you survive. steve: sure. here in florida, this was under the leadership of governor desantis some of the most aggressive people in trying to get things back to normal. we are all trying to get back to normal. just having the patriot awards itself is trying to get back to normal. ainsley: first time in three years. steve: absolutely. it was fantastic. you are going to be able -- if you didn't see it last night on fox nation. it will be a special this weekend. it will be a one hour special. i believe at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on sunday. if you didn't see it on fox nation, we have boiled it down
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to a couple of minutes. here are some of the highlights of an actual hollywood award show live from hollywood, florida. pete: good evening, america. welcome to the third annual fox nation patriot awards. i am your humble and grateful host pete hegseth. [cheers and applause] sean hannity is with us tonight. [cheers and applause] a guy you might know tucker carlson is with us as well. [cheers] >> my "fox & friends" peeps brian kilmeade, steve doocy, ainsley earhardt. [cheers] >> tonight we honor the real heroes. ♪ o'er the land of the free >> please welcome to the stage our most valuable patriot. >> my father is an immigrant. so i made a way for myself.
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i was taught to love my country. i'm here to represent the u.s.a. >> this is for all the men and women i served with over the last 20 years in afghanistan. this is for the 13 that didn't come home. >> we love you and we pray for you every day. steve: let's hear it for our modern warrior sergeant dan gowdy. >> stand up for what you believe in and fight for it. >> here to accept the courage award on his behalf are his parents. >> i can't tell you how happy i am to be amongst so many great americans. >> our very first back the blue recipient officer taylor brant. >> thank you all so much for this award. it's incredibly humbling. >> you, by the way, are the recipient of our young patriot award. >> i'm proud to be living in america because we have freedom.
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♪ home sweet home ♪ >> god bless america. steve: how great was that? brian: i had a chance to talk to so many people after the show. everyone is so elated to be a part of something that's so positive for the country. so much negativity going on. thanks to the pandemic, thanks to schools. there is so much debate. but here there was no debate. america, not that bad. in fact, pretty great. not perfect but pretty impressive. people almost felt this night was therapeutic to a degree to be around other people that appreciate the country. it wasn't -- no one was talking about voting. they were just talking about happy to be here. ainsley: when you walk around new york city you hear oh, you work for fox news come here? steve: i heard that yesterday you work for fox news, yea. ainsley: we watch you every morning. we wake up for you. thank you for what fox news does for our country.
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where would we be without you. not me personally but our charge. steve: we will have so many of the people who were here on the stage. right here on the stage at hard rock live who presented awards last night and some of the people who got the awards are going to be with us throughout the morning. in the meantime, let's talk a little bit about joe biden yesterday. he went up to g.m.'s plant in detroit. it's called factory zero where they are going to manufacture the electric hummer and he was behind the wheel of it. and it looked really cool. it goals apparently zero to 60 in three seconds. and he is behind the wheel apparently and said he was tempted to trade in his beloved '67 corvette for that while it looks cool. that vehicle right there is $112,000. he was there in detroit to stock up his infrastructure bill which he says is going to wind up bringing $10 billion to the state of michigan. ainsley: brian, when you are driving out from long island to the city you should get this car
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so you can pass me on the highway 0 to 60. steve: in three seconds. they all go zero to 60. some faster than others. ainsley: this one would only take you three seconds. brian: grab back and surprise me i will take that. steve: brian, it's a $20 limit. it's always been a $20 limit. brian: if you want to go a little over. ainsley: i i have a young daughter i need to pay for college. maybe later. brian: maybe schwarzenegger will get it we have a plethora of natural gas here we are choosing not to drill. choosing not to use l and g to supply to europe. over and over again the president seems really tone deaf as he gets in a vehicle that we think we would love to know it for the mass market. it's not exactly the model t of the last century. here is what steve rattner said.
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ainsley: tell him who he is? obama economic adviser. brian: this is the second obama adviser larry summers that has come out and talked about these policies and the reality on the ground in our country. in the "new york times" today. he writes, steve rattner, i warned the democrats about inflation. enough already with transitory inflation. last wednesday, terrible consumer price index news shifts our inflation prospects strongly into the embedded category. how could an administration loaded with savvy political and economic minds have gotten this critical issue so wrong? they can't say they were not warned. this plays to the same mindset with afghanistan. if you leave the way you plan on leaving it could be a disaster and our people could be trapped. i have an idea, let's do it anyway and the experts go he didn't listen to me. guess what? we are stuck holding the results. steve: one of the other things he was talking about is now the democrats would like to pass the build back better plan. but he said essentially you can -- that can only be deemed
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paid for if they use budget gimmicks which is exactly what the white house is doing. so here comes another obama official saying joe biden's plan essentially -- this inflation that they keep saying is transitory, it's just -- it's going to be a problem for auto little while. it's not going to be because of the american rescue plan. he said there was too much money pumped into the economy and until something happens where they tighten up credit or something like that, we're going to be at this level for a while. ainsley: he says about the american rescue plan the 1.9 trillion. it was not paid for. it hits the supply side with supply chain bottlenecks and worker shortages. steve: right. ainsley: he talks about build back better, it relies on 10 years of tax increases. he said the covid relief checks, monthlies with kids under 7 got $300 a month. moms with kids 7 to 17 got $250 a month. then he talked about if you give
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out all these entitlements they say it's only going to last x amount of years. that will never be the case. steve: it's baked in. ainsley: once you get these entitlements you can't take them away. brian: that's what they're hoping for land and benefiting in 2024. benefit our country. answer as the home yell at your television. ainsley: gas prices 7 year high. brian: in order to pass it the moderates in the house and senate said i need to see cbo score how much it's going to cost the economy. they are already running downtown cbo essentially saying they are not capable of doing the math that will show how we are going to collect all this money using a laddizeed irs to raid the bank accounts to pay the rich people. ainsley: cbo comes out tomorrow. brian: see what happens. steve: we have been talking about the news of the day and what happened here at the patriot awards for the last 15 minutes. and behind us the marching owls of florida, atlantic university
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and, you know, they have been quietly standing there. you know, the hardest job, those guys with the tuba. i mean, if you are going to hold a tuba for 16 minutes, god bless them. ainsley: god bless you all. brian: john phillips souza. ainsley: when we were in new hampshire for the primaries we had a marching band at the hotel and we woke up all the prime time individuals. they had just gone to sleep. steve: they are sure bitter about it. ainsley: i'm sure they are awake. brian: they will love this. they will love the owls. i'm sure they will. we appreciate you being here. ainsley: i'm so impressed all of you. don't you wish we had taken up music afternoon been in the marching band? brian: yeah but we couldn't. ainsley: nothing sexier than a man playing music. does anyone play? all these men and women, y'all are amazing. brian: all right. thank you. meanwhile, now. ainsley: coming up next, kyle written house's fate is hanging in the balance as his team
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accuses prosecutors of withholding key evidence. we are live in kenosha as the jury deliberates. brian: bill maher taking democrats to task accusing them of having no common sense. steve: but, first, ladies and gentlemen, here are the florida atlantic university marching owls performing fight for the red and blue ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ fight, red, blue ♪ fight fight now, she can have her cake and eat it too. fight
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ainsley: welcome back. we are in hollywood. a different hollywood. hollywood, florida, where we are loved here for the national, our annual patriots award. we had so much fun last night. we are following a major story in wisconsin and kenosha as deliberations are entering day three in the kyle rittenhouse trial. brian: this as the defense moves for a mistrial over a drone video. steve: to explain what happened alexis mcadams is live in kenosha as the tension outside of the courthouse reaches a fevered pitch. i was reading in the kenosha paper a couple of people, a couple of protesters got carted off by the cops yesterday? >> good morning, that's right. there was chaos souse of the courtroom behind me in kenosha, wisconsin at least two people taken into custody by kenosha county sheriff's deputies and still working to figure out exactly if those people faced any charges.
3:23 am
it was a pretty chaotic scene yesterday. we will see what unfolds today. two requests now from the defense for a mistrial but still no verdict here in kyle rittenhouse trial. the jury spending 45 minutes yesterday reviewing several pieces of video evidence. at the heart of the two motions for these mistrials drone video showing the event of that night. midday the defense submitting its second mistrial motion here alleging the state withheld a high quality version of the video. >> we didn't have the quality of evidence that the state had until the case had been closed. >> i do not believe an unknown technical incident should result in a mistrial. >> now the judge also blasting the media coverage of the trial. >> when i talked about problems with the media, when this trial started, we were there in part because of grocery irresponsible handling of what comes out of this trial. people should be able to see
3:24 am
what's going on. see what's being done it's really quite frightening. >> now, as the deliberations begin again today for day three, the judge says he has not yet made a ruling on those mistrials. but tells us he can declare a mistrial at any time here in kenosha, even after the jury reaches a verdict. steve, ainsley, brian? steve: all right, alexis, thank you very much. according to the local papers out there. it says that the reason he was steamed at the media was because of something in the milwaukee journal sentinel, it was a commentary by legal analysts who says we can't believe the judge hasn't ruled on the motion for a mistrial but the judge said hey, look, i just got it yesterday. and i haven't heard from the state, so why would i rule on it? that's crazy. and also he was taking some heat over how kyle rittenhouse had picked the jurors names out of that raffle drum and essentially he said, you know, not all the courts do that some courts do. he had been doing it ever since
3:25 am
a court clerk drew the only black juror as an alternate. and he said that was a bad optic. so, ever since then, he has don't drum when it comes to this kind of case. ainsley: the judge criticized the media coverage. people should have confidence in the outcome of a trial. steve: and see it. ainsley: exactly. there have been so many irresponsible statements made. brian: he is upset. he is getting criticized i'm going to rethink having cameras in the courtroom for high profile case like this. "newsweek" had some headlines, chicago tribune kyle rittenhouse -- fumes about media criticism. nbc had a negative headline on him. who cares? jason whitlock was on his podcast talking about how the mob outside the courtroom might, in fact, be influencing the jury. >> regardless of whatever verdict comes out of this trial, i think the mob has won. mob rule has won.
3:26 am
the mob forced this trial and now the mob has taken the jury hostage, i believe mentally. there is so much fear in kenosha that we're going to have the rioting and looting and the violence and the arson that we just saw a year ago, that it is going to repeat itself. if the prosecutors had done the right thing and never brought a case, you wouldn't have these now 12 jurors in the cross hair sitting in kenosha in fear paralyzed, unable to reach a conclusion in this case. steve: well, a conclusion could come today. , you will see it right here on fox. ainsley: in the meantime, hand it over to carley. she has headlines for us. carley: good morning. president biden has a busy day today. he will meet with both the canadian prime minister and mexican president. the north american leaders will discuss how canada and mexico will pay the u.s. back for vaccines. they will also go over the timing and amount of vaccine doses as well as discuss the
3:27 am
root causes of migration and how to create legal pathways for migrants. president biden will also be skipping the traditional press conference following the high stakes summit. dozens protest outside the oklahoma governor's mansion making final pleas to free death row inmate julius jones. is he scheduled to be executed today for the 1999 shooting death for paul howell who was murdered during a carjacking in front of his young children. the oklahoma parole board recently voted to commute jones' sentence infuriating the family. the governor has not said if he will accept the recommendation. well, another democrat bites the dust. north carolina democrat congressman g.k. butterfield is expected to retire making him the 15th house dem to leave his post. this follows the retirement announcement fellow democrat house members david pryce and jackie speier 2022 election cycle arranged the corner. a republican super pac is
3:28 am
warning quote house democrats retirement crisis quickly becoming a five alarm fire. five alarm fire, guys. those are your headlines 15 house democrats one more than 14. brian: a lot happening to your 01 k. steve: vaccine mandate aimed at 80 million americans. michael waltz on what may lie ahead as officials halt the enforcement of the president's vaccine ultimatum. ainsley: good to see you again. brian: that was the exact table you were at last night ♪ all-american country boy ♪ ♪ i'm spitting image of daddy and mom's pride and joy
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michael waltz is here to react. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. ainsley: this means we keep hearing that the president is going to tell all these big
3:33 am
companies with 100 people or more you have to get vaccinated and the courts are saying you can't do that. >> i think the courts did a biden administration a huge favor on this one. because we were on the verge of massive shutdowns, on top of the supply chain crisis. on top of the labor shortages. covid in overseas factories. you will have railroads laying off people. ports laying off people. it was just about to take existing disaster and just pour fuel on the fire the courts rightly stepped in. it was completely unconstitutional what he was trying to do. a total reversal of what he is said just a few months prior. and i think at least for the holiday season this will be -- steve: that's the key. if the biden administration had their way, the vaccine mandate would kick in for everybody. the courts said hey, wait, we don't know if you can do that. >> the courts said we don't think you can do that. there is a stay in place.
3:34 am
osha has now said okay, we are not going to reinforce. but i think there is a lot of people, particularly in biden's economic team who are breathing a sigh of relief. brian: they have not thought about the next day what if the cops don't all get vaccinated what if the businesses don't all do this? ainsley: what if the airlines shut down. brian: happening to tsa. osha is private business. but the other mandates we have lost nurses, cops, firefighters, tsa workers. >> heroes. brian: do you think american and southwest just had problems with wind? they have had problems with people. they are all delegates us that and here comes this thing thanksgiving. the other big story in your lap soon you will be voting on and i know how you will vote is the reconciliation package america is going to jam down america's throats a lot of moderates said i won't vote for it until the cbo scores. it ie getting everybody ready for a bad cbo score. andrew bates white house deputy
3:35 am
director of rapid white house response the cbo really doesn't know what they are doing. >> the cbo does not have experience analyzing revenue amounts gained from cracking down on wealthy tax cheats who are taking advantage of every honest taxpayer. steve: that's how they are going to pay for it tax cheats. >> you are talking about 85,000 irs agents. 8 divisions of the military. double the size. brian: go after everybody. >> double the size of the irs. pelosi is telling moderates, progressives, everybody in her caucus, add in everything that you need just get the votes. knowing that it's going to fail in the senate so she can just flick it you will see washington's biggest flip right over to schumer. the parliamentarian there is going to tear it apart. brian: on immigration. >> pull out amnesty provisions. they already said the salt provision dead on arrival. hyde amendment abortion law pieces are dead on arrival. she just wants to get it off her
3:36 am
plate and declare success. steve: when it gets to the senate, they will take a bunch of stuff out too. what's going to be left. >> that's right. whatever they change then has to come back to the house. fortunately for the country, build back stupid as i'm calling it bbs not good shape devastating. ainsley: how can we afford it with inflation. >> we can't. we had a trillion dollars unspent from covid when biden come in. they passed 1.9 on top of that five now that they are trying to pass on top of that by the way, we're not even talking about the keep the lights on part of the government 1.5 trillion on top of that. brian: i don't think mitch mcconnell is going to bail out the senate again when it comes to raising the debt ceiling after he got ridiculed by schumer to begin with. right after thanksgiving. brian: that was a favor to joe manchin. >> our defense budget hasn't been touched now for months because all of this stuff is on pause.
3:37 am
not much going on there in terms of china, trawsh. ainsley: what's your prediction for midterms? >> oh, it's going back to pelosi. get this country back on track. are gressing view what's going on in washington, d.c. how about what happened here in this room last night with the patriot award? >> well, i had the real honor to come down and support a long-time green beret friend and colleague scott mann who founded task force pineapple. my congressional office was heavily involved in getting our allies out. getting our americans out. they are still going at it right now. is he on the phone this morning with people getting -- still getting our allies out. so that was a real honor to me. scott saved my life by sending in the united states air force when i was completely surrounded. by the taliban in 2005. steve: still saving lives. >> still saving lives.
3:38 am
everybody in that room runs to the sound of gunfire puts on badge and belt every day knowing the dangers they get into. their families recognized was just -- ainsley: what happened to you? tell us your story. >> we were completely surrounded by the taliban. scott called me on a satellite phone and said we just intercepted the taliban. they believe they can overrun your position. they want to capture you. i was the commanding officer at the time. they had a benefit of the doubty on my head. benefit of the doubt -- bounty on your head get in position i'm sending in the air force. it looked like apocalypse now. without him, he stayed on the phone for me three days. ainsley: marcus luttrell has a 1eu78 larr story. >> as we fought our way out. that's of the caliber of people fox is celebrating. brian: yes or no, is the state department making things harder to get people out? >> harder.
3:39 am
brian: unbelievable. u.s. state department. >> that's why our veterans are struggling with. many of them have quit their jobs. exhausted their savings. brian: remortgaged their house. >> remortgaged their house. several of their marriages are failing. because they are not going to let this go, brian. i'm not going to let this go. as long as i'm in congress, i will hold these people accountable. i won't let it go. i won't quit ever. ainsley: it's the biggest story for so many people. and in virginia you saw what happened in the election because virginia beach so many seals there. we have so many military there. and this was such a big issue. >> the gold star mothers that we were talking to last night from the 13, you know, it's not just that level of grief, it's their level of anger. ainsley: yeah. >> they shouldn't have been there. those 13 shouldn't have been where they were. they should have been with us last night celebrating veterans. brian: they are sad but they're angry. >> yes. steve: congressman, thank you for making the trip out here. brian: that's your table from last night. steve: go ahead.
3:40 am
>> do it over again. where is pete? brian: it may be small but his vocals are larger than life. ainsley: 9-year-old decorey johnson stunning fans at last night's patriot awards. is he going to join us live and show. lawrence jones. ♪ ♪ saul am rove have a. saul okay rove have a.
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>> kids taught and separated into groups oppressor and oppressed. again, does a kid even know what
3:45 am
those words mean? would they gravitate toward that if you hadn't told them? i keep saying this to the democratic party. the reason to believe why you sore toxic is because you have become the party of no common sense. brian: is this unbelievable self-liberal bill maher slamming the left for racial equity in the classroom as he parents fighting critical race theory. ainsley: do these kids know what these words mean oppressed? lawrence jones is here to react. good morning to you, lawrence. lawrence: good morning, family. it is crazy town. it's not just bill maher. one of the things that the democrats really messed up and covered loudoun county from the very beginning. they made this seem like republican moms and dads that were upset. they tried to call them white supremacists. when you had all different parents. democrats, independent, black, white, just concerned at the state of education.
3:46 am
you had the black parents that were saying yeah, we want history to be taught but we don't want our kids feeling like they are less than. we also want you to go back to the basics. and you have the white parents saying look, we don't want our kids being taught that they are somehow wrong for what their ancestors may have done. i think everybody right now after the election in virginia let's get back to the basics and do the right thing here. it seems like the democrats want to double down. it's going to be the death of their party. brian: bill maher has been unbelievable really for the last year. what matters so much he has always been to the left. lawrence: he still is to the left. brian: he still wants to be there. can yourself, why do republicans hate us? i know you are mad at them. why do they hate us? what are we doing that is getting this type of hatred in our country. also went to bat for dave chapelle because they are trying to cancel bill maher. lawrence: this is where we are at. i think you saw this yesterday at the patriot awards when you talked with the folks.
3:47 am
we have reached crazy town now. they want open borders. they want us to believe that inflation is american people's fault. that the supply chain crisis doesn't exist. that crime is not happening. brian: we don't have our own oil and gas. lawrence: exactly only so many things can you deny happening there is a clear shift from this administration from the prior administration. can you say whatever you want, the facts are the facts. and american people, they are feeling the heat right now. steve: well, and ultimately it is easy to say the facts are the facts. we are seeing it with our own two eyes. that's why there is such a disconnect. there was not a disconnect in this last night because irving had gathered together to salute america's great patriots. you were here. it was a wonderful night. lawrence: the energy was so great i have the great job of being able to travel across the country and you feel this energy in different pockets different states. but to have people from all across the country come in one place and show their love for a
3:48 am
god, country. i think that was amazing. they just loved on one another. one thing they continue to say is we feel like we know you guys. we feel like we are a part of the family. i tell them each and every one of them you are a part of the family. this is why i say good morning, family. because we are one family. steve: right. one of the things is, what i noticed and when we had one of the receptions yesterday was the fact that one person would start talking and another person right next to him were talking. and i figured they were together. i said do you know each other? they go no. but you sound exactly like somebody i would like to get to know better. because everybody was on the same page. >> you know, i think what this basics is very simple for people. leave me alone. leave my family alone. and get the country back on track. ainsley: yeah. lawrence: it is about being pro-america, pro-family. and what's going to be better for the common good. ainsley: lawrence, we are all really good friends. lawrence and i were together this past weekend.
3:49 am
we didn't invite you. you were telling me how you became a republican and how your faith is so strong and how tony evans book really made such an impact on your life. tell us about that book that you read? lawrence: oh it was a book back in the day it was called how christians should vote by tony evans. i worked on obama's campaign. that was my first presidential campaign. there was a shift for me where the country was going. it was that book. it was the fact that the democrats weren't caring about the family at large and how to push the country forward. the division, all that played a part in that. and i think that same shift is happening again. ainsley: isn't that what we should be teaching in schools when it comes to crt just to love everybody. lawrence: and you can talk. ainsley: the sins of our past. lawrence: tell the story. the story doesn't need anything to be added. it's that simple. ainsley: right. lawrence: i think there is a different agenda. there is an agenda to divide and use this as power other people. brian: right. lawrence: that doesn't do any of us any good.
3:50 am
brian: we were evolving as a country that's what the american country is. going to go bad from the beginning and tear it down and build it up in their own twisted image. my whole -- my belief now after doing some different elections, presidents, wars and everything. now we are becoming more popular because nobody -- everyone else has lost their minds. people are looking at us as a life saver because there is nobody -- there is not only do i think we do a great job on the channel and the programming and patriot awards, but there is nobody else that is even somewhat pro-american in the media. lawrence: that's why the ratings are just terrible. can you imagine people from all over the world are literally going through heat strokes and everything trying to get here to america. and the very people within are trying to tear the country down. brian: ' yep. lawrence: i don't think it's a great sign. ainsley: we are so blessed to be here. lawrence: so blessed. steve: lawrence will be hosting the show tomorrow. lawrence: i will because brian
3:51 am
didn't want to show up to work. brian: i wouldn't say that there is more to that story. you are only telling half the story. steve: lawrence, thank you. ainsley: brian does not like to work. lawrence: exactly right. steve: brian, buff leave what's coming up. brian: young man walked in with da corey johnson wowing the crowd with this rendition of the national anthem. ainsley: first, he grabbed his mic, he hit the red carpet, and he is waking up early to tell us all about it come on over. new vicks convenience pack. dayquil severe for you... and daily vicks super c for me. vicks super c is a daily supplement with vitamin c and b vitamins to help energize and replenish. dayquil severe is a max strength daytime, coughing, power through your day, medicine. new from vicks. constipated?
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3:54 am
3:55 am
to the fans about last night's big night [chanting u.s.a.] >> it's d'corey johnson here and i'm at the patriot awards in hollywood, florida. let's see what's going on. ♪ ♪ >> what brings you here tonight?
3:56 am
>> what brings me here tonight is to be a part of this, the patriot awards, which is a wonderful celebration of everyday americans who have done extraordinary things. >> i'm cheering for america. there are some amazing patriots here tonight and we will honor them to do selfless and cool things. >> i could not be happier to be here. look at all these people. look at you. look at the other fox people here. truly the best place to be right now. the patriot awards are about the real heroes of this country and it's so -- i'm so honored to be able to honor them. >> what makes this award show different from others? >> well, we celebrate real american heroes that did stuff. they didn't just talk about it and it changed the world. >> it's not about stars. it's about people do things and don't get any attention and it's up to this awards show only to get the attention they deserve. >> it's the recognition that we are strong. we are united and that we are imagination that the about the country that our founding fathers created.
3:57 am
lawrence: so what's next for you? >> what's next for me is that i'm going to be singing. do you want to hear me sing something? >> i would love to hear you sing something ♪ o say can you see ♪ and the home of the brave [cheers and applause] >> how do you feel about tonight's crowd? >> well, let me see, look around. look at this crowd. how do you feel about them? they're waving. they are having a good time. >> we are so proud of these people and we can share in celebrating americans. >> it's a great opportunity to thank all the people who have served our country. >> how much do you love america? >> 100,000%.
3:58 am
how much do you love america? >> a whole lot. my full heart. i'm so glad -- you guys came to the awards show. [cheers and applause] ainsley: d'corey you have a future. steve: "fox & friends" guest reporter d'corey johnson joins us new best friend "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones. brian: do you see in this young man. lawrence: i'm announcing i'm retiring. '. ainsley: everywhere we went people thought we were twins. >> is that your dad? i'm like my dad is actually right there. [laughter] ainsley: so now is he your brother? >> yes. steve: daco, you sang the national anthem last night. how did you like asking questions? >> that was my favorite part of the night. steve: which was harder asking the questions or singing the
3:59 am
songs? >> asking the questions. you have to come up with the words that you are going to say. and it really takes time. steve: thank you. it is hard. brian: picture of you and i together, lawrence, i don't have any picture with lawrence. but i think we have a few pictures, i think, there you go. i'm signing page on the christmas book. lawrence: all the love from brian and everyone else. i think da core is going to be the next star he dance and sings. this is the next little michael jackson. ainsley: what do you want to do d'corey? >> what i want to do is make my voice like likes very talented. and i want to train myself to get better and better and better and better so i can start like, you know, getting myself together and really like pushing my effort. ainsley: what do you think makes someone a good person, your
4:00 am
heart? >> yes, your heart. you always have to follow your heart. steve: you got a good start. d'corey, thank you very much for singing the national anthem last night and being with us today and have a safe trip back to kentucky. >> thank you. brian: if you cover any stories, just send them in? steve: he will, brian. ainsley: send them to your agent, lawrence. [laughter] steve: all right. very good. all right, ladies and gentlemen, 7:00 in the east. it's hour two of "fox & friends" starts right now with the florida atlantic marching owls playing we're an american band ♪ ♪ ♪
4:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:02 am
♪ [applause] brian: fantastic, good job. steve: wow. what a way to start. what a way to wake up. ainsley: thank you so much. brian: there are 7,000 hard rock hotel guests up and ready for breakfast. ainsley: i know. i love it. steve: we have been listening to the florida atlantic university marching owls. do you know why their moss scout the marching owls florida atlantic? i did a little googling. in in 1972, the burr wing owl that particular campus was named a sanctuary there weren't any predators except for cats. that's why they are the owls, the band the marching owls. ainsley: well, they do a beautiful job and very impressive. i know it's time consuming. i know you have worked really
4:03 am
hard to get where you are and we really appreciate it where would we be without music. brian: or owls. ainsley: or the marching owls. brian: we have always been pro-owl as a show. always proof positive right in the area, too. good morning we are from hollywood, florida for a very good reason. third annual patriot awards last night. it was a patriotic night like no other where the stars, the people doing fantastic things every day but not getting the attention they deserve. ainsley: the other hollywood the stars get recognized. they get millions, trillions of dollars for doing a movie. and this hollywood we recognize people who don't get paid much but definitely need the riggs because they make america great and they have saved lives, many of them have lost limbs fighting for our country. wonderful stories were told. andy building homes for heroes for our men and women come back need houses outfitted for their injuries. great night. steve: it was a late night. we were late owls last night.
4:04 am
it's going to be a special on fox news channel on sunday night at 10:00 p.m. if you weren't watching fox nation we have a highlight reel of some of the best moments from last night's third annual patriot awards 2021. watch this. pete: good evening, america. welcome to the third annual fox nation patriot awards. i am your humble and grateful host pete hegseth. [cheers and applause] shawntd is with us tonight. tucker carlson is with us as well. [cheers] >> my "fox & friends" peeps brian kilmeade, steve doocy, ainsley earhardt. tonight, we honor the real heroes. ♪ o'er the land of the free. [cheers and applause] >> please welcome to the stage
4:05 am
tamara did, our most valuable patriot. >> my father is an immigrant, so i made a wish for myself, i was taught to love my country, so i'm here representing the u.s.a. >> this is for all the men and women i served with over the 20 years in afghanistan. this is for the 13 that didn't come home. >> we love you. and we pray for you every day. steve: let's hear it for our modern warrior sergeant dan gody. >> stand up for what you believe in and fight for it. >> here to accept the courage award on todd beamer's behalf are his parents. >> i can't tell you how happy i am to be amongst so many great americans. >> our very first back the blue recipient officer taylor brant. >> thank you all so much for this award it's incredibly humbling. >> you, by the way, are the recipient of our young patriot award. >> i'm proud to be living in
4:06 am
america because we have freedom ♪ home sweet home ♪ >> god bless america. brian: all right. sos that borrow our third annual patriot awards. the guy that made it possible, that brought it home, that was the traffic cop in the tux. pete: i was the traffic cop. brian: you did a fantastic job. what time did you have to get the tux back is that why you are not wearing it right now? fantastic. ainsley: might have gotten a few drinks on it after he left the stage and hit the casino. pete: just a few. the bo ty not real. army issue, actually. the army when you have your class as you get issued a bow ty. ainsley: clip on. >> pretied but not real ty. i got to be honest. steve: you did a wonderful job. i love the way you opened the
4:07 am
show last night where you said, you know, i never thought in a million years i would host a hollywood awards show but you did live from hollywood. pete: we all did. i don't know if they picked that intentionally when they did it but how could you land better contrast hollywood. brian: book it for next year right now. pete: they should. i think they are in talks right now. i don't know, maybe. but it's perfect. it's exactly the juxtaposition that we all talked about forever. award shows that don't matter. and here we were last night with a bunch of people who matter who do real things and we got to celebrate. steve: because you are talking about hollywood, california vs. hollywood, florida big difference. pete: huge difference across the board. the young folks stole the show. you just had d'corey johnson. charlotte bevin and her poem. i was talking to her back stage 13. don't worry take a deep breath she looked at me. ainsley: i got this. pete: i'm all good. she read that teleprompter
4:08 am
better than any of us do. it was taking the signature moments of the last year. so you have got the retreat from afghanistan and there is scott mann, standing up there the veteran who made sure we left no one behind. and he has every single day fulfilled the promise we won't leave anybody behind. the olympics shouldn't have been political, we are debating who will protest at the podium or not. and we had that amazing gold medallest step up and say i love this country. ainsley: i love her. pete: unbelievable. ainsley: telling her story forever and live there in front of us. steve: what about the gold star family? pete: it was actually the toughest moment of the night for me. because the tears in those tables right there were real and they were raw. steve: from the parents of the 13 who died in afghanistan. pete: from the parents and, you know, husbands and fathers of the 13 who died in afghanistan. we invited them all. a good chunk of them came out. but it's still very close and still very soon and to hear that
4:09 am
theater react to them means a lot. steve: a lot of love. a lot of love for those families. pete: tons of love. here we are 20 years after 9/11, one of the biggest responses of the night the beamers. you know, no one forgets todd beamer and what he did. let's roll 20 years ago. this theater erupted when they were announced last night and for all the right reasons 20 years from 9/11. ainsley: what i found was fascinating, too, in doing this job, we realize how close the military is you know all of these people really well. you know their stories and they know your story. did you meet on the battlefield? do you just stay in touch? how do you keep these stories alive and going. pete: some of them. i pointed out my first sergeant from iraq was here last night. awesome guy, total knuckle head. steve: you would think somebody that important would have had a better seat. pete: i know. steve: he was way up there. pete: we met beforehand. his whole group came in and we got them in and everything.
4:10 am
ainsley: how old were you then? pete: oh man i was 26, 27. steve: four years ago. pete: awesome guy. and i meant what i said last night that i do reflect on them. every time i'm on stage. tonight -- last night especially but any time. but, yet, i didn't know scott mann during my time in service. but i learned about him right away after i saw him give a speech and we connected and became friends. and then he knows you, i mean, it's amazing how small the network really is and how much appreciation they have for each other. ainsley: right. pete: they know each over and they always say that dude is amazing. it's a reflengz to the other person. ainsley: do so much for each other. pete: man on right and left bring you home. brian: lieutenant sheryl under a gag order family came with him. some people recognize who he is. solitary confinement because he spoke out and spoke about the
4:11 am
disastrous frerst afghanistan nobody took account for it nobody paid the price for it except him who is speaking out and saying what an embarrassment the president and his leadership did. pete: you have been in touch with him. and we did get a chance to have him here. you know,. brian: he can't speak. ainsley: he is not allowed to. pete: we didn't want -- but if we had announced him he probably would have gotten the biggest applause of the night for sure. they didn't want that. brian: spoke out for the 13 families. pete: the one guy. what struck me about him early on. i think it was his parents that said it they said we thought others would stand up, too. steve: no kidding. pete: ended unjust being him. god bless him for what he did. ainsley: he said what everyone was thinking he just had the courage. pete: a lot to give up your career. ainsley: it is. steve: pete, stick around. as you know this is a news channel and there is news of the day this is the top story.
4:12 am
brian: turning to wisconsin as jury deliberations enter day three in the kyle rittenhouse trial. ainsley: this as the defense moves for a mistrial over that drone video. steve: okay. alex sills mcadams is live out in front of the courthouse in kenosha where yesterday a couple people got arrested and the judge got a little testy with the media. >> that's right. the judge there talking about some problems owe has had with the media during this trial, which as we all know been aired on every network going live. two requests now for a mistrial here, day three of deliberations still no verdict in kenosha, wisconsin for the kyle rittenhouse trial. outside though tension building here at the courthouse clashes between protesters on both sides ending with kenosha sheriff's deputy taking at least two people away in handcuffs. some protesters i spoke with some actually flew in from out of state just to be here for this verdict. local and state resources still on stand by as the city waite waits for the jury to reach a verdict here.
4:13 am
two motions for mistrial now on the table in kenosha as the heart of those two motions drone video showing the first of three shootings in kenosha during the unrest last summer. midday the defense submitting that second mistrial motion here alleging the state withheld a high quality version of that drone video. >> didn't have the quality of evidence that the state had until the case had been closed. >> i do not believe an unknown technical incident should result in a mistrial. >> now here in kenosha the judge says he has not yet made a ruling on either of those motions for a mistrial submitted by the defense here for the kyle rittenhouse case that says he can declare a mistrial at any time here. if kyle rittenhouse is acquitted, the judge says the motions for that mistrial won't even be considered at this point. still keeping a very close eye on some of those protests which begin here when those deliberations begin in the next few hours. steve, ainsley, brian. steve: all right.
4:14 am
alexis, thank you very much. so, talking a little bit about judge schroder, he got steamed, he said you know, i'm going to rethink in the future having live tv coverage. and he took exception with what the milwaukee journal sent knoll had written. going to rule on these motions, the motions for a mistrial. listen to what he had to say. he was not happy with people in the back. >> when i talked about problems with the media when this trial started we were there in part, not fully but in part because of grocery irresponsible handling of what comes out of this trial and pete hegseth the judge was steamed he said i just got the motion yesterday. i haven't read it. i haven't heard from the state. these people in the press don't
4:15 am
know what they are talking about. i'm going to do it when i'm going to do it. pete: grossly irresponsible media coverage. finally somebody who has been in the middle of it says what we are all thinking. brian, you educated me on this. brian: we you were busy. pete: drone footage better than the one they showed. all the consternation that went into submitting that original drone footage. there is a reason you wouldn't show that, that's going to come to the surface. steve: gave them the good stuff after discovery closed. pete: what's the reasonable for that? why do you do that? i stay silent because i have no idea. i don't know anything about courtrooms. you should talk to will about that. he halls the law degree. but aren't you supposed to submit your evidence. brian: by law. pete: during or before the trial before you present? steve: he forgot. pete: he forgot the high definition footage. ainsley: this is someone's life this guy is on trial. he will could go to prison for more than 60's years this is his
4:16 am
life. you have to present all of the evidence. we have to see it all before we can make a decision. pete: someone's career on the prosecution team. that's what it comes down to. brian: i don't want a mistrifle because have to do this whole thing again. pete: that's exactly right. i think the judge feels the same way, too. ainsley: if he is acquitted no mistrial. it. will: alli caraza our booker i'm here. i made it i know it's shocking. brian: going done on this weekend? brian: who is on this weekend? ainsley: she called to make sure you made your hit this morning? steve: apparently she doesn't have cable. pete, thank you very much. you were fantastic last night as the host. brian: brian. pete: you were amazing you did the hidable reveal of that second award. ainsley: did you bring jen on stage? pete: gin or jen? steve: both. pete: yes on the gin my wife jen
4:17 am
who did put the program together and gave me counsel last night bring her up at the end. pete: she said if you do that, i will kill you. [laughter] no the jen yes to the gin. ainsley: she looked beautiful. she brought several dresses she wasn't happy with the dresses she brought. she went shopping an hour before. pete: i'm in the lobby shopping for dresses babe it's 3:00. i'm not satisfied i need look. brian: lynn night or day skynyrd poncho in the hard rock cafe. pete: do you think it's cheap? ainsley: got to work a little harder. steve: very beautiful. ainsley: carley is behind you. carley: i apologize for being behind you. it feels a little crazy. not part of the conversation but i'm just here. brian: like you are invited but not quite. carley: jen did such a good job. this award show was her. did you such an amazing job
4:18 am
hosting. you made it look easy and it's a hard job, isn't it. steve: his part was written down, hello. pete: not when they chanted in the audience. ainsley: oh, you have had some good. they chanted some things that i don't know if you were expecting. steve: watch the show on sunday you will see what we're talking about. carley: i was talking to charlotte the young -- steve: amazing. carley: she said you and tucker calmed her down back stage. you guys were just talking about the kyle rittenhouse trial. there is another high profile trial that we have to talk about now one three men on trial for the killing of you a ahmad arbery. the moment he fired the gun. >> i shot. he had my gun. he struck me. if he would have got the shotgun from me, then it's a life or death situation. after that it's -- it's a blur. >> travis mcmichael saying he was, quote, thinking of his son. this as he and two others charged with chasing and killing
4:19 am
arbery during a jog in georgia last year stand trial. just hours, the house could begin debate on president biden's massive social spending bill according to the house of representatives schedule. the bill seeks to spend millions on programs climate change, free housing for felons and healthcare for prisoners. new york senator chuck schumer hopes to pass the build back better bill by christmas. unlikely duo is set to continue 13 day tradition that begin with the wrong text. arizona grandma thought she was texting her grandson with thanksgiving messages. thanksgiving plans back in 2016. she was actually texting 17-year-old jamal hinton who replied texting you are not my grandma buff can i still get a plate? wanda was happy to have hinton at her table and they spent the holiday together every year since. unfortunately within a dance husband passed away from covid-19 last year they will
4:20 am
continue celebrating in his memory. i love these two people. every thanksgiving we talk about them. and they are still keeping that tradition going. exactly. ainsley: that is so cool. she texted the wrong person and they became friends. carley: exactly right. steve: i got a turkey, come on over. brian: she tossed back i can go now, right? ainsley: it's your turn. brian: this week we are all about honoring our heroes. so i took a ride yesterday with the hollywood, florida police department for a firsthand look at the challenges they face on land and at sea. steve: and an army vet wounded in afghanistan is surprised with a brand new house. he is here live along with the man who made it happen live from the patriot awards in hollywood, florida, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ from goes my hero ♪ ♪ from goes my hero.
4:21 am
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4:25 am
at ♪ ♪ eyewitness as the patriot awards honor. >> we decided to spemed the day with local heros in hollywood. brian: i had a chance to ride along with the hollywood police department for their patrols on land and on sea. >> policing in any community has unique challenges in hollywood, florida have you got to be multifaceted, good in the car, good on your feet, good in the water and good on the sand. we are here at the police station to see what an average day is like with two esteemed officers. guys, thank you so much for being out here. would i be able to tag along? >> of course. ♪ >> this department is, in my
4:26 am
opinion, unique because we are -- it's a family environment. helping the community and in the wake of two officers that died in the last month. so we had one officer, he was murdered by an 18-year-old when he confronted him on the street. he was attempting to burglarize several vehicles. brian: and the other incident. >> was a suicide. an officer took his life that's that goes to what i said previously of the stresses that is a part of being a police officer in this day and age. >> that shows you how dangerous this is. the numbers are low here. but at any moment that can change. >> right now we are going to meet one of our officers that's a part of the marine unit officer -- and is he going to take us out and show you what we do. brian: anthony. >> hey, how are you? brian: thanks for doing this going on water patrol? >> let's go for it. brian: what are the challenges out here? like any sports bar, there could
4:27 am
be some unrest? you have some alcohol involved? you will have to go and take care of things? >> alcohol and boating never go together. brian: right. >> they are a reckless combination. brian: this whole anti-cop sentiment exist, have you felt tension amongst the people of hollywood. >> i actually see it as causing a lot more support. a lot of people go out of their way to say thank you and they appreciate what we do. brian: no ticket? we are okay? >> not today. brian: two prongs. two facets. ♪ brian: brian, what vehicle is this. >> utvs we call them. brian: do you have room for a civilian? >> absolutely. >> i like working out here keeping it safe and keeping it quiet. i'm from hollywood.
4:28 am
i was born and raised here. i grew up on this beach. so i like bringing my kids here as well. brian: wait a second a marine option, a beach option, a patrol option, how could you have any slots open? >> i don't know. our department is very unique that we have so many different things. you think that is a draw that people want to come work hollywood. brian: now with vax mandate. >> i'm a police officer in michigan, i'm looking for a change, you know, are you guys hiring? he goes i would love to come out here and work out here, you know. brian: brian, i can't thank you enough. >> brian, thanks for coming. brian: a little disappointed no arrests or citations but i got a sense of your job. >> glad you came. enjoy the beach beach beach i want to come back when i can enjoy the beach. corey thank you for a great day. >> where are you going i have two more hours on my shift. brian: normally i would stay but i have got to go to the patriot
4:29 am
awards. steve and ainsley are waiting for me is that okay? brian: put the siren on. ainsley: you didn't get arrested that was good. steve: although, maybe a citation for the only guy on the beach in a suit. brian: i know. i never dress appropriately. that's my biggest thing. there is like 17 positions open on the police force. and they safe they have a criteria. the one thing -- you notice these guys are really fit. they get paid to work out to stay in shape. we just talked about that whole antipolitical science sense of what goes on out there. it's always a challenge. drugs are always an issue. but this is -- if you are a police officer and you don't want to deal with the unsupportive nature in your city, whether it's massachusetts or new york, go come here. you are appreciated and they said something to me all three of them, it's a calling. they don't just feel like they are doing a job. they feel like it's a calling. steve: here's the thing, you can be a policeman in paradise.
4:30 am
look at that weather wouldn't you want to patrol that beach or intercoastal or hollywood in general. ainsley: not a bad place to work. brian: and get overtime on hollywoods get to hang out at the beach. steve: speaking of florida. you are going to be book signing tomorrow. brian: tomorrow and pensacola believe it or not a 45-minute ride to fairhope, alabama. and it's going to be the same day. then i'm going to the villages. saturday it's the law, i cannot wait. and then sunday the big news is i will be at 7:00 on stage talking about all my books at the plaza live go to brian and last night we got this news for the second week in a row the president and the freedom fighter is number 3 on the list. [applause] ainsley: congratulations, brian. steve: "new york times" best seller. brian: will smith the dawn of everything which is my wife's name which is interesting. and paul mccartney more tension between us, he dropped to number 5. the rivalry continues. ainsley: you are beating paul
4:31 am
mccartney. brian: finally he had a better 1960s. i want to have a better 2020. thanks to everyone to buys the book. we will keep it going. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead. >> exactly 7:30 here in hollywood. the white house says the only people who have a problem with joe biden's lack of transparency are the media. what does lara trump think? she is joining us live. she is here. she is up in the balcony. ainsley: hey, lara. lara moved to florida. coming on down in just a second. two patriot award winners are here, too. we will be talking to andy and to john gowdy. but, first, here is the florida atlantic university marching owls performing industry baby ♪
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
4:35 am
4:36 am
♪ carley: we are back with headlines actor al beck baldwin and others facing a deadly dead lawsuitover the deadly sho. the supervisor breaking down in tears as she announces the complaint. >> i relived the shooting and the sound of the explosion from the gun over and over again. i have worked all over this country and i never want to see what happened on that day happen again. ainsley: her attorney says baldwin cocked and fired the gun even though the scene didn't require it. the attorney arguing baldwin, rather, chose to play russian roulette. the tsa administrator says he is not worried about delays caused by monday's deadline for agents to be vaccinated. >> we are going to be fast enough to handle the surge, and i expect to have no impact whatsoever with respect to the
4:37 am
vaccine. >> at last check, only 60% of tsa employees have had at least one vaccine dose. this as two million more people are expected to travel this year than last year, which is close to pre-pandemic numbers. life is changing once again for country music star thomas rhett the singer announcing overnight the birth of his fourth daughter lily carolina. the couple sharing struggle with infertility leading them to adopt oldest daughter before getting pregnant on their own. rhett saying watching a child being born is legit a miracle four under 6 here we go. my goodness, that is a busy household. over to you guys. ainsley: good luck. 4 under six. brian: we had the harsh of presenting this year's modern warrior award to sergeant first class sergeant gowdy. steve: he lost his arm after insider attack in afghanistan. that did not stop him for
4:38 am
deploying for another combat mission after he was injured. ainsley: and building homes for heroes recently gave sergeant gowdy and his family a new place to live last night sergeant gowdy surprised the organization's founder with an award of his own. >> on behalf of my family and the hundreds of others you have helped over the last 15 years, i i'm honored to present with you this year's fox nation service to veterans awards. [applause] steve: patriot awards winners building homes for founder andy pujol and john gowdy. >> after everything andy has done for you and your family you were able to surprise him last night. he had no idea he was getting that award. >> no. no idea. no idea. ainsley: what was it like last night for you?
4:39 am
>> first off, it was a great honor. it was great seeing everyone turn out just the support and to just the amount of patriotism that was shown here and just honored to be a part of it. steve: and, john, the thing about your story that is unique you said i have got to go back and you went back and that's what makes you a hero. >> i went back to have some kind of control of my life that i had pre-injury but it was really good to be back with, you know, the people on my right. steve: you had to go. >> exactly. ainsley: andy, you did not know you were getting this award but you deserve it tell the folks at home your story why you got into this. you had a big financial job, finance, banking in new york city. you gave it up after 9/11. >> well, when the towers were
4:40 am
hit, i knew i had to go in. i just -- it was a calling for me. i have two brother-in-laws who are police officers. we all went in. and when i went in there, i remember sitting there one evening all covered with soot from head to toe. i will never forget the images and everything -- those moments, those memories and i made a promise to serve my country. but when i looked around, i was amazed at the fire firefighters and the police officers and the e.m.s. workers broke down in tears and remember elton john song i thank the lord for the people i found. and that's played back in my head over and over i thank the lord for the people i have found like the veterans, like john here, like the veterans, like all of you who have helped launch building homes for heroes. we used to give one home every year. now we are gifting, constructing, modifying a home
4:41 am
every 11 days. it's unimaginable. brian: what makes up your team? >> mostly volunteers. hundreds and hundreds of volunteers. we have less than 15 employees. we we have a 93% program rating higher for nine consecutive years now. one of the highest in the country. so you know that your money-the money that you are gifting is going towards constructing homes, helping veterans start new careers. helping them launch new businesses. college education. all those things. steve: yeah. john, the house that you were presented with is beautiful. andy helped make that happen. but it's beautiful because your wife was involved. >> 100 percent. i did not have a part that at all. ainsley: looking at the video. steve: curtains and colors and stuff like that. ainsley: she did it all. >> exactly. ainsley: how did this house change your life? >> it really i was talking to andy. and the biggest thing that i'm seeing is just the happiness in the family. and the freedom to look at new
4:42 am
opportunities. you know, just for us to be happy. you know, sitting there watching the kids play in the yard. watching the wife smile. you know, just the shear joy that it brings. it makes everyday better. steve: you are living here in florida? >> yes. absolutely love florida. ainsley: andy usually puts the houses depend on what their injuries are close to the hospital that they have been a part of for so many years. steve: smart. ainsley: when you present the house you drive in and for miles all these americans come they line the streets they are waving and thanking you. there is a big ceremony and then andy hands you the keys. >> it was. it was a great, you know, it was a -- just a great welcoming reception. brian: the house is modified too for your injuries? >> it is. steve john and andy thank you very much. ainsley: everyone donate to this great organization give people like john and so many others who have sacrificed forever so many others give them a free home. brian: your money is going to go
4:43 am
to the right place. ainsley: that's right. steve: building homes for >> love you guys. ainsley: even if you give 5 bucks, whatever it is give whatever you can. >> thank you very much. brian: thanks guys. ainsley: 10 bucks. brian: jason aldean speaking out on cancel culture as the singer faces pressure to silence he had his conservative views i'm not kidding. hornacek and tom shillue tackle. steve: friend and florida resident and fox news contributor lara trump is here live from hollywood. ainsley: hey, lara ♪ american woman ♪ momma let me be be ♪ ♪ find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best
4:44 am
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4:47 am
i have to look at it but 20, 30
4:48 am
questions a week. so, you know, i think i have to say i think that's more an issue related to the white house press corps as it's their job to be and d.c. press than it is for of a concern to the american public. steve: well, you know, president biden is taking some heat as he continues to dodge white house correspondents and press briefings but according to the white house the american people don't really care. brian: i guess not. we don't want to hear from the president. fox news contributor lara trump is here to react. before you weigh in i want to hear what jen psaki said defending kamala harris on her podcast. >> that it has been easier and harsher from some on the right wing to ho have gone after her because she is the first woman, the first woman of color. brian: so on both things, should the president be taking questions. taking enough questions? is the vice president's ratings at 27% because she is a woman.
4:49 am
>> obviously ha has nothing to do with it kamala harris being a woman. the left was obsessed with race, with gender. remember, i will take everybody down memory lane about a year ago, right before the election they told us that was the most important factor of how they chose a vice president now they want nothing to do with it. i mean, how ridiculous. the problem is that kamala harris has performed abysmally as the vice president. you look at the fact that she is the border czar, has kind of been down to the border. not even the right area one time at this point. she continues to embarrass the united states on the world stage at every opportunity she has given whether we are talking about the fake french accent, her trip down to guatemala where the president of guatemala even schooled her. the problem is, i think that the american people have an issue with her refusal, basically to do her job as vice president. brian: yes. ainsley: henry cuellar wants a new border czar. is he a democratic down in texas. >> we should absolutely have a
4:50 am
new border czar. steve: you can understand why the communication team doesn't want joe biden to take many questions from the white house press corps because every time he says something often, rather, they got walk it back. >> oh, yeah. it's a real uncomfortable situation for them when joe biden is just like let loose there. he can barely get through a scripted teleprompter speech let alone take questions. he has to ask permission, don't forget to take questions, permission as to when he can do things from who we don't really know. and so we know that they don't want him out there talking because you are exactly right, they are worried about what he is going to say. the difference in transparency. steve: that's scary. >> difference in transparency between the 45th president and the 46th president couldn't be more different. it was full transparency with donald trump. happy to take questions from reporters that were always hostile to them and he took them anyway. joe biden takes very comfortable soft questions from reporters only when he is told to do so. ainsley: thank goodness for
4:51 am
peter doocy. >> yes, we are very lucky to have peter doocy. ainsley: thanks lara. >> thank you good to be with you. steve: sean hannity is going to join us here on patriots awards day. brian: first tom shillue and abbey hornacek have promised to walk up the steps and come to us ♪ it's a party in the u.s.a. ♪ ♪ ... trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,...
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4:55 am
brian: country music super star jason aldean calling out cancel culture and those that have a problem with him and his political views. steve: saying, "i think people know where i stand politically. i'm not a guy that's just going to go out there and start trying to stir the pot, just to stir the pot. at some point, its gotten to where if you're a conservative and you're in this business, you're not allowed to speak. ainsley: the remarks coming after online backlash over his wife's politically conservative clothing line. fox nation host abbey hornacek and tom shillue are here to react. what do you think about this? >> oh, gosh, well, i think the word canceled should be canceled, because its become synonymous with having an opinion. brian: intolerance. >> i feel like we live in a free country but it's not seeming that way when you hear
4:56 am
stories because part of being a free country is being able to have an opinion and have a differing opinion of someone else, because then you can have an actual conversation and then you work together for a solution for more cohesive country, and we're not able to do that right now. brian: tom you're for cancel culture. >> my career was never big enough so that i could be canceled so i'm in a heavy spot. brian: but on a serious note, dave chapelle, they are trying to cancel him, canceling fundraisers he's doing and he's not having it. he's too big to cancel. >> that's the attitude that everyone has to have and jason aldean is perfect, people have to say i don't care because the only thing driving it is fear. people saying i'm not getting into a movie or be on a series. you just got to come out and tell it like it is and people will respect you. people like people who speak their minds. steve: it's interesting before the patriot awards started last night you actually warmed up the
4:57 am
crowd and you were talking about things that once upon a time were acceptable in american culture, but how we have changed >> everyone is trying to cancel tom now. >> right. >> i saw it all over twitter. ainsley: isn't it interesting in hollywood if you are conservative you have to be quiet. steve: this is california, not florida. ainsley: true but if you're a liberal you can speak as loud as you want and you're accepted. >> i think some people, you see people get very abrasive on social media. i think they do it, it's almost like they want to inoculate themselves against getting canceled so they are very vocal, people thought if i come out as left wing then i'm not going to be canceled but they will come for you know matter who you are. >> aaron rogers for instance was into the woke culture before and now, he's seeing it, them come after him as well. brian: now, we asked you to pick out some of your favorite moments. did you do it? >> um, i didn't. was i supposed to? brian: yes you did in fact tom you edited. let's take a look.
4:58 am
should we? >> yeah. steve: here to sing our nation's anthem, 9-year-old patriot de corey johnson. >> ♪ o're the land of the free ♪ >> we just saw the chaos at kabul airport. >> in the room tonight, the families of some of the 13 that died that day. >> will you please stand so we may honor you? >> [applause] steve: and that was so powerful, because they had a number of the parents of the 13 service members who were killed at the kabul airport in attendance last night. >> that's right that was my choice for my favorite moment of the night. it was hard to choose but when we recognize those families it really puts into perspective what they have been through, because when you're a family member of a service member, they're also fighting that fight and when they stood up and they
4:59 am
held hands, i cried. it was probably the most emotional part of the night, and we recognize the men and women who fight for our country every day, and that's why i love working here and having something like the patriot awards because we're really recognizing those families. ainsley: you know those parents, you're a father, tom. you know the parents are so proud of their children who went and served, but to know they're never coming back and it's the holiday season and to actually be in the same room with them that we talk about all the time. brian: first year. >> and they're out there, crying, but the good feeling in the room it was amazing. ainsley: yeah. steve: well, congratulations, tom. you were part of a big hollywood award show last night. >> fantastic. ainsley: so he warmed up the crowd at the beginning of the night if you didn't watch it and he was so funny, and i was sitting next to brian and i said brian, you could do standup too. how do you do this? i be so nervous. i would flop. brian: so tom was back stage just sitting there staring and
5:00 am
i'm like leave him alone. organize your thoughts right? >> decorey calmed me down. that kid was not nervous at all. steve: abbey and tom, thank you very much. >> thanks guys. steve: all right, hour three of fox & friends starts right now, live from hollywood, florida. >> ♪ freedom ♪ steve: live from hollywood. brian: by the way i didn't realize but i stayed in the
5:01 am
guitar last night. ainsley: yeah, you did. brian: i did not know. steve: live, ladies and gentlemen from hard rock hotel and casino, the site of the patriot awards last night, it's fox & friends day two and we've got a special guest, live here in hard rock. brian: just got off the air. >> [applause] brian: you stood right here and wowed the crowd. >> i did, but great to see everybody, good morning. ainsley: good to see you here. >> this place was packed to the rafters you got three layers. ainsley: yeah. >> last night to me was special i'll tell you why. you got all these people that we honor, the hardest part of the night for me is i spend time with families that lost, we lost 13 people at kabul international airport, we didn't need to lose them. we had march, april, may, june, july. we could have easily withdrawn every american, every person with a green card, every afghan
5:02 am
allie, all that equipment we left behind. brian: mckenzie got a call, and said do you want me to take kabul because it seems like everyone is leaving, are you going to take it and he said you take it, we only need the airport and there are 13 families without loved ones now. >> i met a lot of them last night. they are still devastated. they will, their lives have forever been changed, and it breaks my heart. it's sad. it's unnecessary. shouldn't happen. how did we ever allow that to happen is unforgivable. steve: sure, well you know, it's part of what they do with the patriot awards and last night it had to be virtual and this year, this hall seats 7,000 , last night there were 4,000 in attendance, which was great, and you did. you did a great job wowing the crowd and we were all up late. you were doing your show live but here's the thing, shawn. you got up early today to do " fox & friends." >> hang on a second, who brought the marching band? ainsley: so what's the one thing
5:03 am
that you always complain about when you come on our show early in the morning? the marching band! steve: sean hannity, this is for you. >> really? ainsley: [laughter] >> [marching band music playing ] >> [applause] ainsley: that's awesome. so great. steve: bring it back. ainsley: that's just for you, sean. >> [marching band music playing ]
5:04 am
>> [applause] steve: very nice! ainsley: that was awesome. steve: sean hannity we did that just for you, when we do a show we bring out a marching band and wake you up in your hotel room. >> i go to bed at 4:00, at 4:02 there is the marching band up in new hampshire, but not just any. thank you all for coming, you're amazing. brian: i love the fact that the drums are right here. ainsley: i love these ladies right here. >> i have the symbols right in my ear. steve: thanks to florida.
5:05 am
ainsley: you have no idea they've been hiding and waiting on you to come out. >> is that right? i heard a tip there was a march ing band and i'm like i didn't hear them this morning. steve: that's because we saved it for the end. florida atlantic university up in boca, they have locations all across the state. brian: just for you. can you stick around for sean's show because he's out there at 9:00. >> are you guys available? steve: i guess that's a no. ainsley: she's like no. >> thank you all for coming. great job, everybody. ainsley: you change your whole lived for this , it's so wonderful. >> how do you play a tuba? brian: it's unbelievable. steve: have to carry it everywhere. brian: lots of pounds. >> you got a full drum set over here. >> pretty much. >> can i ask how much that weighs? >> about 45 pounds. brian: takes it everywhere. >> great job, everybody. steve: now they are listening to us talk about the news of the day.
5:06 am
ainsley: okay. brian: do you want to stick around for the news of the day? >> yes. brian: or would you rather get it on snapchat? >> [laughter] steve: sean? one of the , they are going to go ahead and as they file out, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you all so much. you are all so talented. i wish i could play a musical instrument or dance like these girls. brian: she's very jealous of you. ainsley: god bless you all. steve: so sean, the big story this week is we're waiting for the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. yesterday, the judge chewed out the media over what he said was bad coverage. watch. here's judge some schroeder. >> when i talked about problems with the media when this trial started, we were there in part. not fully, but in part, because of grossly irresponsible handl ing of what comes out of this trial. brian: welcome to our world.
5:07 am
he's not happy with the unfair media coverage. >> that is our world, we live it. brian: it's incredible but does he have a right to say that? >> of course he does and what he's saying is absolutely true. i've learned a valuable lesson. i'll give you the short version. i'm on the air, the atlanta journal constitution comes out with a headline, richard jewel, the guy that was actually a hero at the olympic park bombing in 1996, fits the profile of the l one bomber. i didn't know he was listening to my radio show at the time and i said well okay i'm reading the article and it says he fits it because he lives with his mother. living with your mother to save money does not make you a terrorist or does not create a profile of a terrorist. turns out he was innocent. he was a hero, kind of like nicholas sandman, and it's always the same predictable group of people. joe biden referred to kyle rittenhouse as a white supremacist. we have examples of barack obama , the cambridge police act. brian: joey reed.
5:08 am
>> they got it wrong inferring you son, baltimore, with uva, with duke lacrosse, every single time we got it right but richard jewel taught me never to rush to judgment, that i believe in the presumption of innocence, due process, these things that they, the sad part of this is this. they create a perception in the community. there's going to be a certain result. they do this without any evidence ever presented and then when it doesn't come out that way people feel like the system is rigged. ainsley: you saw on msnbc they just showed prosecutions closing arguments and not the defense so you only got one side of the story. steve: that's nuts. >> of course. does that really shock you any more? it's sad. steve: they are trying to shape the narrative. they want to only present one side, or you know, and the judge said that all these legal analysts came out and said
5:09 am
why isn't anyone ruled on this mistrial motion yet and he said i just got it, it's too early. once upon a time the news was just about things that were known that were facts but now there's so much opinion and this is a news and talk show and opinion show, but when it comes to the newspapers, once upon a time the front page was just facts. >> but what they do is extraordinarily dangerous. people believe what they read, believe what they see , if you anticipate an outcome that's never coming, for example, inferring you son, missouri i knew early on i had multiple sources allteling me there were numerous eye witnesses that would corroborate the story of officer darren wilson that it was michael brown that reached into the car, that's when the first shot went off, that michael brown ran towards darren wilson and those witnesses, it never happened, never should have happened. brian: eric holder wanted to have that but the facts would not back it up. >> correct and even their
5:10 am
report bore that out. ainsley: sean he was allowed to go into the crowd with an ar-15 >> yeah, legally. ainsley: legally you can do that >> yes the gun charge was based on the length of the barrel. ainsley: it wasn't a short barrel, right. >> that was the one charge he might be most vulnerable on but i didn't know the prosecutor charged him on a law they didn't know anything about. ainsley: the jury just has to determine if it was self-defense >> look, in every single case, we had the star witness say that he pointed a loaded gun at kyle rittenhouse before he shot. then you got another case where you have an eye witness testifying that rosenbaum threatened kyle rittenhouse and then the third incident where somebody grabbed the barrel of the gun. now we have the mistrial motion without prejudice from yesterday , steve, where they literally give an enhanced version to themselves of the
5:11 am
video, and they give a low resolution quality. steve: the grainy stuff. >> exactly. they really must want a mistrial here. brian: i'm afraid they will have a retrial and go through this again. real quick you know what's happening at the border i don't know anybody that thinks it's going well. the group of sheriffs the western association of sheriffs is calling for mayorkas to resign, should be fired. if you watched any of the clips from what he did in front of the senate judiciary committee, he was unprepared, he was nervous, he had no answers. what's going to break here, besides the border? >> listen, here's the problem the democrats and joe biden in particular have is he can solve the afghanistan problem but that would take going back to the trump policies and sending our military back in and rescuing the americans he abandoned. if you want to stop the problem at the border, you got to bring back the stay in mexico policy, bring back building the wall, and process and release. if you want to solve the problem with the economy and inflation,
5:12 am
you got to lower taxes, lower spending, and more importantly, go back to energy independence, lower the price of the life blood of our economy, which is energy. brian: reinvigorate the pipelines. steve: given all of the problems and the tanking joe biden number s, what happens? >> by the way, your son is must -watch tv. peter doocy every single day, hold on the world stops for me i want to see the exchange. steve: that was the number one thing i heard last night from everybody in attendance. >> you should be very proud. steve: he does a good job. >> my son was here last night. steve: patrick. >> yeah, patrick was here but peter strzok killing it. i can not miss that exchange everyday. steve: he's watching right now he be pleased with that. anyway, given joe biden's tank ing poll numbers, fast forward a year, a lot of people are thinking, are the republican s going to take back the house and the senate, to set the table for a republican president in 2024? >> what i would like to see them do is go back, and i've
5:13 am
been talking a lot about this with newt gingrich, his new book is out, by the way, about post-biden. steve: beyond biden. >> and i would like to see another contract with america, because donald trump gave the republican party a backbone and a spine, you know, i didn't like when 13 republican s caved on the infrastructure bill. i didn't like after two months mitch mcconnell, the republican senator said they were not going to help the democrats raise the debt ceiling, they did raise it. i would like them to make promises, sign their name, that they will go with american-first policies. okay that's energy independence. that's controlling our borders. that's lower taxes, limited government, you know, republican s need to be the party of liberty, freedom, capitalism and our constitution. constitutionalists on the bench, free and fair trade, choice in school should be a big issue, we saw that in loudoun county in this recent election.
5:14 am
i would like to see them be the party of law and order because if you don't have law and order and people aren't safe and secure, they don't have the ability to pursue happiness. steve: but also the party of the parent which we heard in virginia. >> that would go with school choice. why would you not want a parent involved in your child's education? brian: because your terry mcauliffe. >> didn't work out well for him , right? brian: real quick, henry cuellar said the future of the democratic party many people thought for a brief period of time was kamala harris and she's been absolutely awful and she's shown almost no interest in doing the job, to the point where democrat henry cuellar of texas says i don't think she's put the effort in there, we have to look at other folks that have the expertise. ainsley: talking about the border czar. >> 28% approval rating, and now , we're learning biden and kamala harris hate each other, they're pointing fingers at each other. one has a 35% approval rating, the other a 28% approval rating,
5:15 am
and i'm like okay, there's only one answer. this is the interesting part of this. they would have to return to the trump policies on the economy, on the border, and on energy to get out of the hole they dug for themselves. ainsley: what do the democrats do because if you look at what happened in virginia you would think they would wise up and say we need to be more moderate and listen to the parents, no crt, close the borders that kind of thing, but the party is so divided. what's going to happen? >> in all the years, ainsley, i've watched the democratic party, in all these years, it has never been this radicalized, this extreme, and those radicals control the party and i'm going to be very honest and now, by the way, finally the polls show it. most americans agree with me, that joe biden is weak, frail, and he is a cognitive mess, and our enemies around the world know it and they are taking advantage of it. steve: so what happens then? brian: greatest help be for them is manchin and tulsi
5:16 am
gabbard. they're not radical and you could have a debate with them and they would think about the country first. others are on their own course, they aren't even, they don't care what the american people think. they think somebody from queens understands the country. >> you know what's interesting? if you watch obama's economic advisors, they're all saying $3.5 trillion will cost zero, look, zero, or joe likes to go into that little wisper thing of his, zero, zero. [whispering] it's like okay, joe, it's thursday, if you're waking up at this time and turning on "fox & friends", and their policies cannot, will not ever work. i wrote a chapter in live free or die, my last book, socialism is history of failure. new green deal socialism build back better is radical socialism it'll never work. steve: going back to what you were talking about a moment ago where joe biden and kamala
5:17 am
harris are at odds with each other, and she feels like she's being marginalized, there's a story a couple days ago in the new york post that suggested that they are traying to squeeze her out, and the perfect person to take over be somebody like pete buttigieg. >> pete buttigieg, the great mayor of south bend is going to take over. his answer to the supply chain crisis is, yeah, it's going to continue. we never had a supply chain crisis before. how about you send those cargo ships over to florida where we are, and ron desantis, who killed it here last night, ron desantis has said he will be able to get those containers off those ships. ainsley: he's doing it now it takes seven days to get them through the canal and into florida whereas if they sit in california it takes 22 days to get them off. >> it's worth it. steve: we had a story yesterday on fox & friends about how if people, if shippers brought their stuff to florida, given the governor's policies here, they referred to him as the de-
5:18 am
santa claus. >> my favorite pete buttigieg. well if you really want christmas gifts and don't want to disappoint your children and don't want santa claus disappointing your kids buy your christmas gifts by halloween. steve: yeah. brian: that's the advice? now he's got the biggest checkbook in the country. he's going to have all this power and all he did was fill three potholes in south bend. he was a miserable failure as a candidate to the point where they had to beg joe biden to step up because bernie sanders was going to grab the nomination >> why hasn't kamala harris spent time down at the border? ainsley: i don't know. brian: makes no sense. steve: why hasn't joe biden ever been to the border? >> great question and you know what? there's a great white house correspondent that stayed on that question for three days and we still never got the right answer. ainsley: because they want the votes? they want all of them to vote democratic? what's their reason? >> listen, there's a lot of factors that went into 2020 and
5:19 am
a lot of them are based on the pandemic, but i really believe that the parties been radicalized and they believe in bigger, more government, and people are beginning to catch on that it doesn't work. these are false promises. look at it this way, how did obamacare promises work out? we lost our doctor's plans and we're all paying 250% more. the people that squandered the lockbox for social security and medicare, guess what? they're headed towards in solvency. the people that run cities into the ground and you don't have law and order, and you have the worst school systems in the country, now they are saying they want to take over larger portions of your life. i don't think that works. brian: you getting up here, that works. i wouldn't be surprised if you ask gavin for this slot every thursday. steve: we can get you a marching band every time. >> i love you all but i gotta be honest. i don't know how you guys get up this early. brian: we don't know how we do
5:20 am
it. ainsley: sean real quickly, everyone asks me what are your pins? >> it's interesting, i have always talk to, -- ainsley: short answer please. >> fbi, cia, new york intelligence. brian: gotcha. >> law enforcement. steve: sean thank you very much. >> i watch everyday, god bless you. brian: see you tomorrow same time. ainsley: thanks for coming on. brian: meanwhile coming up straight ahead, bill maher has a scathing review of democrats why he says they lack common sense, will cain and rachel campos-duffy are going to react, next. steve: but first, mike rowe joins us live from the patriot awards stage, come on, buddy. you're next. you're just in time to take it down. >> ♪
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>> just want to jump in the back , on the roof? this is three times as heavy and three times as fast. steve: that is the president behind the wheel putting the pedal to the medal test driving a brand new $112,000 electric hummer, built in detroit, as americans grapple with surging gas prices during his administration. ainsley: it's awesome but very expensive. this as the new york times contributor raises eyebrows over her tweet, downplaying inflation , and blaming rich people for creating a false panic. brian: its been five minutes and no one is blaming rich
5:26 am
people i don't know what's going on. mike rowe, well we don't know his financial worth but we think he's doing okay even though he doesn't dress great, well he dresses casual, he's the narrator of his show, how america works, capturing the imagination of america itself. steve: we would all like to be dressed like mike rowe. brian: you were all dressed up last night, mr. blue collar was white collar. >> i didn't wear the tie but i went with the vest and i had the dark jeans but nobody saw those , i think i pulled it off. ainsley: normally when we have a visitor on our show we're nice to them. we complement them. >> no, no, that went out the window about four years ago with this one. ainsley: exactly, brian. brian owes you an apology. steve: so mike, you're all about building things in america. they are building this new electric hummer in detroit, the president was there, talking about infrastructure, how it's going to be great for michigan and everything else. >> yeah, well awesome, but i'm all for building hummers.
5:27 am
the future is important. the present is currently on fire , so if we're firemen, you know, you put the water where the flames are. i'm not saying don't take a look at the future, but they are big problems happening in realtime right now. brian: like right now somebody is filling up saying i can't, might not be able to go to work because i can't fill up my tank. >> yeah, look, that's an extraordinary article or tweet or whatever it was to the point where, i mean, is she serious? brian: i assume she's serious. >> i don't know. that's a level of willful ignorance that's almost hard to, you know, you kind of look over your shoulder and say, are you messing with me with that? it literally cost, the guys in the construction trade that i know right now are literally paying 100% more to fill up their trucks than they were six months ago. 100% more. so that's going from $75 to $150 , you know? and it's happening sometimes two , three times a week.
5:28 am
ainsley: mike, are people in your industry, you talk to builders, you talk to people in construction, on construction sites. can't get lumber, can't get contractors, everything is delayed a year if you buy a house and you need to do something to your kitchen it takes two times as long as it normally, can't get a refrigerator, they are on back order for a year. steve: can't afford the food any way. >> right, no look. i've been like the drum erin that marching band i've been beating this drum for the last 13 years and it's weirdly gratifying to see the headlines catch up with your own smack, and that's what's happened. 10.4 million open jobs right now i haven't seen anything like that in a long time, and i was talking to tucker about this the other night, because the existence of that much opportunity is a fascinating thing, because it proves something. it's an inconvenient truth to those who would say opportunities dead. brian: right. >> it's not. it's alive and well and now it's
5:29 am
festering. steve: but you've got to want a job. brian: 4 million quit their jobs last month that's what's different about this conversation, we've had open jobs because of lack of skills, and lack of willingness to do those jobs, perhaps, but now 4 million people said i'd rather not work. >> well help me coin this little phrase that i've been snipping around for the last six years. we had the skills gap we get that now we're looking at a will gap and when you have a will gap, not a will cain gap but a will gap, then that's a different conversation. steve: sure. >> you're talking about the definition of a good job. whose in control of that? we are. steve: i love that. what you were doing all dressed up down at one of these tables yesterday was you were introducing us to the young man, speaking of a skills gap, that young guy made all of the troph ies for the patriot awards out of wood out of his garage. >> yes, bobby reuter is his name, a 17-year-old kid in high
5:30 am
school and just took it upon himself to make these wooden flags, and his goal is to get one to every sitting congressperson, so he's sending out invitations in that regard. you guys got wind of it, and used what he was doing as the awards here, and it's just, look. if you want to talk about a skills gap and you want to talk about working with your hands and getting back to the business of making things, this kid is making flags, right? he's making flags and you guys turned it into an award and that was about the coolest thing. brian: right. steve: no will gap with him. >> no way. brian: and you love the patriotic people last night who cared about the country. >> honestly, we said it offline yes, we can talk about conservatives andre alls and republicans and democrats but in the end we're americans and that sentiment in this theatre last night was throbbing. brian: right. >> and it was great. i really wish the rest of the country could have, not seen
5:31 am
it, felt it. steve: because you were here in florida, in hollywood, you felt like, you know, i don't want this day to end so after the awards show you probably went out. >> it's the same day. steve: right exactly. >> it's the same day, steve. steve: you had not been to bed. you were autopsy at the slot machine. ainsley: mike have you ever thought about running for president, with deadliest catch, shows on fox nation, with all of the things you have done, you are a true american, everyone loves you. ever thought about politics? >> no. brian: [laughter] >> well but thank you. i mean look seriously, because of the foundation, and because of its emphasis on education and trades, i often get a seat at the grown-up table and i talk about things that i'm not honestly qualified for. i know that but i have a certain amount of permission to shine my little light on stuff that matters to me. 10.4 million open jobs, that matters. steve: make sure you watch "how america works" mondays at 8:00 on fox business.
5:32 am
mike rowe, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: fox & friends weekend co host, pete hegseth, rachel campos-duffy and will cain are in the house but before we go here's the florida atlantic university marching owls performing mount crushmore. >> ♪ marching band playing ♪ the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> there's a big sense of expectation here is that paula dean? oh, my gosh! >> [applause] >> have you been avoiding me? >> i definitely have not been avoiding you. >> oh, i bet you have. you don't want pete to know we're together. will: no, and he's right there. he's watching by the way. ainsley: that was so funny, look , it's like in the hair, around the mouth. steve: joining it right now will cain along with rachel and pete as well. so will now that you've had 24 hours to think about what happened, what happened there at the diner? will: steve don't think it stops there its been 24 hours of hanging out with paula dean since then she's been pitching us on a sleepover. rachel: she wants a sleepover at my house and i'll make y'all
5:37 am
breakfast. will: it was amazing, steve, in that i've been that surprised on television only so many times maybe never more surprised than that moment right there. steve: you had no idea paula dean was going to be there? will: she massaged my face. ainsley: yeah, and will, she was sitting right down here last night, i wish she would have walked up behind her and done it to her. will: i should have unfortunately i was sitting right next to here, i'm telling you we're a pair. brian: so have you guys were there last night, do you have some moments that stood out? rachel: i would say the national anthem that was sung. it just gave you chills and started the whole thing off, and i'll also admit i loved the spontaneous chants that were going on. ainsley: pete how did you handle those chants? pete: it's fine, we got a lot of nascar fans in the audience. i'll tell you another one in addition to decorey johnson, who
5:38 am
was phenomenonal, and the young 13-year-old charlotte, who read her poem who nailed it, you know , to me, one of the moments was deeper into the program, when todd beamer's parents came up and you're kind of deeper into the program and had a lot of big applause, and when they came up and that video watch, it felt like we were back there 20 years ago, the response that we had to "let's roll." people remember that and appreciate that and then he gave a rip- roaring speech as well. that was one of my top moments. will: steve, so i know the three of you were seated right over here, rachel and i were here and our man was up on stage and did such an awesome job. steve: your man being pete. will: and you said it so well. you said there are reminders in life that show up, that freedom isn't free. i point out where we're sitting because right here and right over there on the other side were the families of the 13 people who lost their guys in afghanistan, and that's what resonates with me because you could feel look, you could feel it from the tables all throughout, feel their emotions.
5:39 am
rachel: you could hear it the baby was crying, the baby that was born afterwards. steve: it was just so extraordinary they were here. it's so raw. it seems like it just happened, and it was great that the patriot awards producers invited them because last night, i'm sure since their loved ones were killed in afghanistan, they have felt alone, but they had 4,000 best friends. pete: there's no way to process it and i asked all of the gold star families to stand and from where i could look out it was amazing. there were people standing across the auditorium, but to that family, to those families many of which i met beforehand, they said we're here to help those 13 because it's an impossible first few weeks and months and you could see it in the emotions. brian: one guy didn't make it on stage because he's under a gag order but his parents lt. colonel sheller said i want to come and i can't talk but law enforcement was here to be
5:40 am
amongst friends and he was extremely well received and people were taking double takes but hopefully next year, you'll be able to introduce him because that was him, his parents went to fight for him, he was in solitary confinement because he spoke up and said someone has to take accountability for the worst military disaster in american history and he couldn't believe no one else did and also couldn't believe nobody else joined him in protest, as a marine. he thought it was the only thing to do. pete: it was great to have him. his discharge will be decided in the next couple of months. brian: he doesn't want to screw that up. pete: and he shouldn't but ultimately what he did was reflected in what scott man talked about from the podium, lt. colonel scott man saying it's not just dozens or hundreds it's thousands of americans and allies we left behind and that's what he was talking about. ainsley: and isn't he like three years a was it from retirement? can he get that? pete: no, he won't. he's given it up. brian: one of the things that
5:41 am
put him over the edge were those 13. he said that's it, i'm done, fire up the iphone and put this out there. steve: rachel and pete and will, will give our best to paula dean brian: we'll see you saturday for eight straight hours. congratulations on your book. rachel: thank you, that sounds a little loaded. steve: congratulations. rachel: thanks to brian and ainsley. [laughter] ainsley: brian's book was out a few weeks ago and yours was out? rachel: tuesday. we're both doing great. will: brian ripped all of the chapters out of her book that had brian. rachel: [laughter] brian: good to see you guys. ainsley: thank you all for being here. country music star tyler far is here after he took the stage at last night's patriot awards and did a wonderful job. steve: indeed but first order in the court, judge jeanine is in
5:42 am
the house. it's a big house, and she's going to join us live. >> ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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>> we didn't have the quality of evidence that the state had until the case had been closed, and i think that it's required in a case like this where he's looking at a life sentence potentially without parole if convicted. steve: there you've got kyle rittenhouse' defense team demanding a mistrial, accusing prosecutors of withholding key video evidence, they gave him a low version rather than high like the prosecution had as jurors head back to the courtroom for day three of deliberations. ainsley: judge jeanine pirro joins us now, what do you think about this mistrial? >> i think it's outrageous.
5:47 am
the judge hasn't made his decision. he said he's waiting for the prosecution to give an opportunity to respond to the motion, but here's the bottom line. you've got someone on trial, i don't care if it's kyle rittenhouse or joe smith from wherever, all right? you've got a crucial piece of evidence that identifies whether or not someone is going around pointing a gun at everyone or whether or not kyle justifiably used deadly physical force to confront the threat against him. this is significant, and when the defense sends all kinds of evidence through drop box, in a particular way, but this crucial piece of evidence in a different way where it's a lower version and then the defense -- steve: it was grainy. >> yeah, you can't see it. i assume at that point it's intentional, because if you have a course of conduct throughout the whole trial like this and then you go like this , with a prosecution team that is inept, questioning the constitutional rights of the defendant, and his right to remain saule omarova entertainment in front of a jury , this is enough for a
5:48 am
mistrial, what the judge is doing now is he's going to wait to see if the jury convicts and if they do, he at that point can make his decision. brian: does the jury know what's going on? do they have to come back and take a look at the video and let the defense define the video? >> no, well here's the thing. the video is in evidence, the case is over. you can not redefine or do anything other than what is already presented to those jurors. brian: right. >> yeah, so that jury has no idea what's going on but for the prosecution, at the end of the case, to bring in the clear version, that the defense didn't have. steve: right because they said oh, we've got it now. >> i don't care what your answer is. steve: i know, what do you make of the fact though, judge, that it's the assistant district attorney? why, a high profile case like this , why isn't the d. a. doing the case themselves? >> oh, look, as you run in office, like i ran in office, my heart was in the courtroom. that was my theatre.
5:49 am
steve: why isn't the boss there? >> because generally the d. a. 's don't try it. you put your best prosecutors on , you have career criminals. this guy is pathetic. he shouldn't be trying dwi's in the local court at night. brian: which i assume you mean that's easy. >> that's easy. brian: so let's talk about what you did last night, you had one of the best people to introduce, todd beamer's parents we did not forget 9/11, so what was your approach to it? >> the whole idea is this is a 20th year since 9/11, and as we think back, i mean, i know i was in new york city when it happened. all of us have memories of that particular day. the truth is that todd beamer was one of the people who along with other strangers just came together, knowing what was going to happen, and he made a decision, he called, he said probably not going to make it, but together, they took a food cart and they went after the hijackers and they diverted
5:50 am
that plane from going into the capitol, and, you know, his parents, when i called them up for the courage award, i realized why todd beamer was a hero. when you heard his father and his mother, you heard the father talk about how important it was to be an american, how to recognize some of the problems that america is facing today, we were with a group of people that loved this country and what was so great about all of it was that the energy in this audience , the back and fourth, and then sitting next to a table of families who lost, gold star families who lost those 13 in the kabul airport, literally sitting ducks, weeping the whole night, we gave them the honor that they deserve that this country hasn't given them. this administration, i spoke to one of the mothers and she said i've got a letter yesterday. they were killed two months ago. i got a letter yesterday, from the president. steve: thank you for coming down to florida.
5:51 am
ainsley: you did a wonderful job and you looked beautiful. >> you looked beautiful. brian: you both did. >> oh, thanks you too. brian: thank you i'd love to be beautiful. do you know what looks great? tyler farr looked great performing his hit song "cover girl" live, that's tyler. not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. getting out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies.
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>> next hour we'll take you live to kenosha, some republicans say she's the most radical nominee, taking you there live as well, last hour, kamala harris defend ed her time as vp, we'll play it for you, and how karl rove sees the mid-terms, interesting, big morning, see you in six minutes, top of the hour. brian: country music star tyler farr rocked the stage last night at the fox nation patriot awards performing "the man i left behind" with heath sanders. steve: his latest hit "cover girl" has a special message offering a voice to survivors of domestic abuse all around the world. ainsley: and tyler joins us now. thanks for being on stage last night and performing. what did you think, what's your overall take? >> you know, how long is this going on, three years? ainsley: yes, sir. >> i've never been to it before it's just like a celebration. steve: how are you going to describe it to your friends? >> like we're just basically celebrating super heros to me.
5:56 am
the people that make that keep our country, you know, the way it should be. i'm glad other people get to see this and see what they really are all about. brian: and your fans are very patriotic too. >> 100%. normally at awards, like the cm a's and stuff and i'm nervous as all get-out but here this is great. ainsley: you felt like you're at home. >> i didn't think it was going to be this big, i thought it would go to the vfw. >> [laughter] >> and i walk in here to sound check and i was like good god. steve: it's a little less daunting right now because nobody is here would you like to do your number? >> i'll do it. the best i can for 8:00 a.m. ainsley: cover girl. brian: for the record he went in early just to get ready for today. he could have partied like every other music star. carlie really likes your voice. >> i like his speaking voice
5:57 am
too. brian: he's more of a singer. >> your singing voice is amazing. ainsley: let's hear it, right now. steve: okay. >> ♪ she let her last tear drop , pressed the pedal down, put on the rear view and until she found a song, it's a helpful hit, what was already gone, cover girl, shouldn't that cover girl, so damn tired of conceal
5:58 am
ing, and no real man, ever laid his hands-on you, a cover girl ain't meant to cover black and blue. ♪ ♪ going down the road, across the county lines, never thought she'd leave, but you did this time, and never felt so free, never thought you'd know, what it feels like, go on, girl, go ♪ ♪ cover girl, cover girl, makeup
5:59 am
don't heal it, so damn tired of concealing, no real man should ever lay his hands-on you, hey cover girl, cover girl, ain't meant to cover black and blue, keep on rolling, don't slow down don't let the devil turn you back around, you're almost there, he's moving and proving, cover girl, shouldn't that cover girl, make up hides but don't heal it, so damn tired of concealing, no real man, ever laid his hands-on you, hey cover girl ♪ ♪ hey
6:00 am
cover girl, ain't meant to cover black and blue, ain't meant to cover black and blue ♪ >> [applause] brian: wow. fantastic. steve: well that's going to do it live from the patriot awards. have a great day. ainsley: we'll see you back in new york.


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