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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 18, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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they're not going to be out until 2022 at best. and right now, we're worried about the holidays. so the vaccination is the way to go, neil. >> fair enough, doctor, great catching up with you. if we don't chat again, my friend, have a wonderful thanksgiving. thank you for keeping us cool and calm through all of this. see how that goes. vaccination, the push still on. "the five" right now. hello. i'm jesse watters along with emily, geraldo, kennedy, and greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city and this "the five." >> cleanup on aisle kamala, the vp forced to do her own damage control after a brutal report on dysfunction in her office. allegations that there is a nasty feud going on between her staff and joe biden's white house. kamala's team feels like she's being sidelined and saddled with
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no-win jobs but the veep once again laughing off the controversy. >> we're getting things done and we're doing it together. >> you don't feel misused or underuse? >> no, i don't. i am very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished. but i am also absolutely, absolutely clear eyed that there is a lot more to do and we're going to get it done. you know, george, polls, they go up, they go down. but i think what is most important is that we remain consistent. >> one of the no-win jobs harris hates being the face of joe biden's border disaster. kamala is proving she's way out of her league when it comes to managing that problem. >> well, it's not going to be overnight. we can't flip a switch and make it better. the reality is that we inherited a system, an immigration system that was deeply broken. and it's requiring us to actually put it bang -- back
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together in terms of creating a fair process that's effective and efficient. >> breaking an hour ago, kamala harris' communications director is out and will be leaving in december. all right, greg, you've been stewing over this kamala situation all day. >> yes, i've been stewing and stewing. the border fiasco is one of the great untold stories. she was given a plum assignment and she does this fact-finding karaoke. it's all done, pulls the pontias pilate and washes her hands. i don't know if anyone does worse at choosing not to do the job they give you. the cable guy will be four, five hours late he will fix the cable. she's a current heart beat away from the president. it's owned by joe biden. she's like the on deck batter, the pitcher at the plate, they know he's going to whiff in three. she's that close.
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i love jen saki blames all of this on racism and sexism even though it was coming from the white house, i guess that makes joe biden a white supremacist. he went to the funeral to the grand cyclopse, maybe that's true. but you get the sense that it's the most inept presidential administration in history yet they've been in politics forever. this is not like trump who is the consummate outsider. these are insiders of elites with combined experience of probably centuries and they've been doing this job for decades and they suck. what does that tell you? you need people who aren't in government to run government. >> the answer about the border which is pretty funny. trump broke the border and she's having a hard time putting it back together? >> yeah, this is what makes me really mad about democrats. because this is one of their talking points. you hear this over and over again. you hear it from jen psaki. anybody who has a difficult problem, alejandro mayorkas -- we can't wave a magic wand, flip
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a switch, instantaneous. i get it, government is hard work. fixing problems and saving people's lives takes a lot of effort and elbow grease and rolling up your sleeves. she doesn't want to do any of those things. again, you don't want to fix a problem now. she's not even identifying the problem in terms of immigration. people are suffering, people are suffering at the border. people are suffering in other countries. she doesn't have a plan for any of it. she's not acknowledging it's a multipronged issue that she simply doesn't have the confidence to solve. but what has happened in the white house, staffers in the biden administration have reached critical mass. they have decided she's the anvil pulling the administration down. people -- voters look at her and realize she's the plan b. that's why the poll numbers are lower. she is actually to a lot of people who are paying attention now, they say, i trust her less than i trust the president. and that is saying something. >> that's interesting. i hasn't thought about that. and i think about everything. >> not really. >> the biden white house.
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>> superficially. >> the biden white house thinks that kamala is a drag on joe. and they're trying to get rid of her. >> oh, yeah. i think that's the angle in dc now. and i do believe that -- i don't know who came first, the west wing or the right wing, but i think they are both now in cahoots when it comes to cancelling kamala. you know, i don't know if it's about sexism or racism, i just believe it's unpopular and she's unpopular, partially, because she's refused to be the energized side kick to make joe biden look good. she was going to be the statesman. >> young, bright female. >> she was going to be the first to make some history. i still say she should have gone and still can go to the edge of the rio grande and say -- don't come. stop, this is not working. maybe we should restart this border wall. whatever she blames it on,
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whoever came before her, the trump administration or whatever. >> she'll never do that. >> whoever is her boogie man. she's got to seize the mantle and she's not doing it. and i do believe the tragedy is that she is historic. she is the first female, asian, and african-american and all of the rest of that. but, you know, she's blowing it. and i think leaving a bad taste for the next one. i don't appreciate that. >> are you surprised that there's so much drama with the first female vice president? >> no, you guys, i'm not surprised at all about any of her failures or her drama. as a californian, as a human who's been watching her for decades, this is par for the course. this is like you have your friend who assures you, oh, when we have a baby, the relationship is going to be better. or as soon as we get married, he's going to change. living under her watch in california, she was handed the nomination in san francisco. she was handed the attorney general position.
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she never had to earn or cultivate the hearts and minds of californians and never had to earn her way. this is why she dropped out at of the iowa caucus. she was less than 3%. she raised less money than mayor pete. her percentage was less than his. there's no change from that day until now except for the position she now occupies but the failures are par for the course. she's always been talk only. she always changed -- even "the new york times" calls her, quote, an uneven campaigner to change her message and tactics with little effect to effective death. we got word no one is leaving in december. nothing has changed. >> that should have been an easy interview. stephanopoulos, a hard core democrat, that's where you go to clean things up. she couldn't do that, with stephanopoulos. >> what is wrong with this country? >> what is wrong with these people? >> up next, is msnbc trying to
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call or go online today. >> it's all coming back to me now. a shocking allegation of jury intimidation on day three of the deliberations of the kyle rittenhouse trial as the jury heads home once again for the night. msnbc looking like complete fools today after the judge banned the liberal network from the courtroom for doing this very stupid thing. watch. >> a person who identified himself as james j. morrison and who claimed that he was a producer with nbc news stated that he had been instructed by a ms. bayon in new york for following the jury bus. ticketing for violating the
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traffic control signal. i have been instructed that no one from msnbc will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. this is a very serious matter. >> smooth move, ex-lax. the freelancer getting thrown under the bus. the network releasing a statement claiming the producer never intended to contact or photograph the jurors. and saying they regret the incident and will cooperate with authorities. how serious is this, jesse? >> it's serious because he got caught. it's probably a stringer who's trying to land an exclusive for the today show. all big networks do that. >> very plausible. >> they're loaded up with cash. they have a bunch of people all over kenosha trying to identify a juror and get that great access because the first juror interview is going to be "the" interview no matter how it shakes out. the fact he ran a red light while he was trailing the jury.
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that's a dangerous traffic situation and you don't want to endanger any of the jurors. that's why it was so serious. so the beginning of this thing, the way they misreported the blake thing, sparked the riots, had the msnbc reporter outside saying "mostly peaceful" with the flames shooting up in the sky. and smearing this defendant as a white supremacist now endangering the lives of the jury. if you could just take msnbc out of this entire last year in kenosha, we would have a much more peaceful and safer place. >> interesting. now, geraldo? >> yes, kennedy. >> what's going on with the jury. they're on day three of their deliberation. they have gone home for the day. we understand that one of the jurors has asked to take the instructions home with them. >> sweet. >> so, tell me what could possibly be going on here? what are the different scenarios? >> say, bobb, what do you think of this? what should i do? sarah, i don't know. i don't know, obviously. my surmise is that things are
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not going well for the defendant. because if they were on the road to an easy acquittal, i think that would have happened, you had 24 hours of deliberation. so, i think what's happening is there's a negotiation, perhaps a compromise, a debate on whether to go with one of the lesser included charges rather than one of the serious charges, the first degree charges. it could be that. it could be that someone is hung. that someone doesn't know or doesn't want to go along with the majority and is saying, you know, i want an acquittal and you want a conviction or vice versa. the human dynamic gets more gummy and complicated the more they are out. now comes the weekend. the tailing, the stalking by the nbc freelancer, although i'm right, i think jesse is right, that every network does it. that stalking, i believe, is something that information will get to the jurors. they will know that something happened because they're not sequestered, which to me is a monumental error. >> should have been sequestered. >> thank you.
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a case of this serious nature. they should have been at least when they began deliberations sequestered at that point. so, i believe that is one of the many errors in this case. the defense by moving for a mistrial without prejudice is basically saying, listen, let's just do this again. and you don't say that when you're ahead, you say that when you're behind. >> interesting. so, let's talk a little bit about what the defense is petitioning from the court. how likely are we to see a mistrial declared? and will that happen after there is a verdict? >> i think less likely at this point because the judge has specifically said that he might want to hold an evidence hearing with testimony from experts as to exactly what defense is arguing this advantage meaning the drone footage, the version of evidence that i got, the version of the video was compressed, it was a smaller volume and less quality. so the judge wants to ascertain, okay, was this prejudicial, how much so b and heel need to rely on testimony to that effect.
2:18 pm
but to your point, originally, the defense was arguingnd they maintain the argument that there's been prosecutorial overreach this entire time, they say it's been intentional, in bad faith, prejudice to the defendant, and at that point they were arguing with prejudice to dismiss it with prejudice. >> meaning he can't be retried. >> and they changed their minds, a different turn of events and then argued they don't want to give the prosecution another kick at the cat. what's interesting is the court of public opinion, the but/for analysis is strong, right? it's different from the actual court of justice. it's interesting because given another shot, the prosecution might nail it. so, i would think that the defense would want to do everything within their realm and power to prevent that from happening. keep in mind, final point, the judge can do a whole host of remedial items or actions toward the prosecution short of vacating a verdict, right? so he can hold them in contempt,
2:19 pm
he can reprimand them formally, etc., sanctions that don't rise to the level of vacating,er let's say, a potential acquittal. >> can you take away my -- that's much more serious. >> he couldn't -- he wouldn't vacate an acquittal. that would be double jeopardy. but he could vacate a conviction. >> oh, that's exciting. clearly this has been try in the court of msnbc. take a look at joy reid with her expert legal analysis. >> do we have to? >> greg's favorite. >> kyle rittenhouse trial. it reminded a lot of people of something -- the brett kavanaugh hearings, it was brett kavanaugh who had been accused by a high school friend of committing sexual abuse of her, pries his way through the hearings. in america, there's a thing about both white vigilanteism and white tears, particularly male white peers.
2:20 pm
white peers in general, because that's what they care now, right? they care now and then when they get caught, the waterworks. >> wow. how does she still have a job? >> she's gone full on racist. and i think the ceo or whoever owns this network doesn't watch msnbc. because reverse racism is racism. but she is, i think because she's getting shellacked in the ratings, she's turned it up a notch. she's a full left wing crank. if you had the right wing equivalent of that mocking, weeping blacks -- mocking the black tears, you would be out the door before you got to that second word "tears." so, this is insane. but you can't just go after msnbc. you have to throw cnn into the mix. we're realizing that the american media lied to us to protect the rioters. kenosha was never a protest. it was never a protest. from the moment it started, it was a crime scene, right? and it was a crime scene created because an armed thug was rightfully shot.
2:21 pm
the whole protest lie was fabricated for one reason and one reason only -- it was to use it as another way to emasculate the police. that ended up creating the vacuum which thuggery exploited and drew in a person like rittenhouse who came to help because he could see a city he worked in where his family lived was being torched. so, it's all back to the media. i know you're surprised i blame them. >> i don't understand, joy reid, shouldn't the head of msnbc pull her aside and say you do understand, you're saying white tears. can you demonstrate white tears? >> i can't. sometimes i will -- >> let me at it. >> i did cry quietly in the break after you're on, geraldo. >> awe. >> don't cry for me, argentina. >> weeps and wimpers. >> bill maher out with a big prediction that's going to make democrats furious. in a moment.
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>> welcome back. it is looking like a blood bath for joe biden in the midterms with americans losing confidence in them fast. bill maher tried to warn his
2:27 pm
side over what's coming. >> i think they're going to get whopped -- thump in the election -- that usually happens in midterm elections. but, you know, joe, look, i'm glad he's there, but he has not exactly stuck the landing on a lot of the issues that he was dealing with. i keep saying this to the democratlic party -- the reason why you're so toxic is because you have become the party of no common sense. we're -- we should be moving toward a color blind society where we don't see race. wokism, we have to see it everywhere all the time. >> so, jesse, you and i have been doing this show for almost 20 years. bill maher is saying exactly what we have been saying, but it doesn't matter because he reaches people that we can't, right? he's inside this bubble. he's doing a heroic deed. he's taking what we say on the five and dragging it to his world and forcing them to hear our common sense. >> it's like an intervention,
2:28 pm
right? you wouldn't have me be the one doing the intervention. >> no. >> you'd have kennedy but anybody but me, right? >> yes, that should be the title of your book, everybody but me. >> but this is an intervention. and it's good. because the left has lost the plot. you had martin luther king color blind society. that's what we were all aspiring to, until the share of the white vote started to decrease and all of the college educated liberals took over social media. why don't we unite all of the authorities in the country against traditional working americans and if you do that, you can win the national vote. that pissed everybody off. it pissed off millions of normal people and now starting to piss off normal democrats. the democrats need to do this -- what did clinton say? it's the economy, stupid, and i feel your pain. not it's the climate, stupid,
2:29 pm
i'm going to cause your pain. stick to the kitchen table issues and that will work. >> i'm seeing in this weird world a positive trend where the strongest voices on the left, dave rubin, glen green wald, matt tiabi, they understand there's something bad going on and the right is changing their views on spying and foreign policy and drug legalization. it's a switch going on. it's very healthy. >> it is if you look at it from a libertarian perspective. you say, oh, people embracing rationalism, they will land at a place where there's limited government. where there's limited government, there's self-rule, individual rights and rationality above all. if you have something -- bill maher was asked about the term woke and how a oshs c said we don't say that anymore, that's a tupd word. bill maher said you gave us that word. that was your term. so now people use it because in
2:30 pm
defense to you trying to be polite act wee yes, sir to you, people have split the party. jesse is right. my parents are lifelong democrats but they look at this party and do not recognize it. people are new to the party who don't want to see their taxes go away and have nothing to show for it. cardib started to drive around and realized there's a bunch of potholes and she said why am i paying ufl this money in taxes? >> cardi-b said it? >> yeah. >> yeah. stick to the topic, geraldo. >> it's interesting, bill maher is not crazy about fox news. he probably thinks we're all right wing hacks. but to me, i feel like he's%ing an american hero and by trying to save his own party, he's trying to pull his party away from a cliff. >> i think it's perceptive.
2:31 pm
i agree. i'm angry at bill maher and continue to be, because he owes me $1,000. we had a bet on the air. he said the russia conclusion narrative was true. and i said russia is fake. and we bet $1,000 and he never paid nor has he invited me back on the program since because i will bust his chops on it. he is basically cancel proof right now, one of the few people who are. he can do or say or maintain any position and i admire the fact he's an activist. remember what happened to him and how he got to be cancel proof. he had the show, "politically incorrect" on abc network. after 9/11, bill maher said, wait, they're not cowards, they flew the planes and died. maybe the generals who launched missiles from 3,000 miles away are cowards. it's very shocking in that climate, he's courageous.
2:32 pm
i've always been the fan of his. >> not the pest line after a terror attack. >> but he lost his show as a result, he lost his comfortable gig but he created a new identity at the hbo show. he's very funny. and i hope that people listen to him. but i, with respect, i think he and grenwald and tiaibi and the ones you cite, they're the activists, those defining what woke is, what's appropriate and not appropriate, who are busting people's chops because of it, they're the younger. >> yeah, that makes sense. emily, do you think he is going to have any impact, or they, echoing what geraldo says -- oh, he's old, he's irrelevant. >> i was thinking about the damning labels, a searing barbecue stamp into your forehead. there could be one that fits for him. quick point, you should get your $1,000 in the next administration. under this one, it's worth the equivalent of like 5 cents.
2:33 pm
your dollar will go much further under the next administration. it rings true, it's common sense. to your point, the reason youngkin is the governor of west virginia -- >> virginia. >> sorry, virginia, he campaigned on, quote, i will listen to parents. these guys are delusional on the left. they shoved everyone into boxes thinking it works. the youth groups are eating themselves because everyone is sticking labels on each other and cancelling. bill maher is a normal person with common sense. to your point in the intro, it doesn't matter what you say, it's who it is that says it. we've all been screaming this from day one. >> youth groups eating themselves. >> like what? >> all right, up next -- >> irmey, what happened to him? >> what's president biden's plan to do about fentanyl.
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>> a gut punching statistic on america's drug epidemic fueled by fentanyl, the poison caused a dramatic 30% spike of overdose deaths. a grim landmark, 100,000 americans died from overdose in just 12 months. president biden releasing a statement calling it a tragic milestone, and as critics pointed out, he had no harsh words for china. given most fentanyl originates, and not a peep about the mexican border. he had president obedor over there right now. not a peep about the dope coming across despite the fact most of the deadly street drug is processed in mexico before
2:39 pm
coming in to our country to such devastating effect. but do you think he thinks that, maybe, emily, it's rude to ask his colleagues about something so harsh as maybe stop the dopers from smuggling fentanyl into our country? >> i have zero insight to what he's thinking. whatever it is, it's not enough. it's a failure. for someone who touted 50 years of service in his country as some type of position he holds, it's offensive and appalling he doesn't know more and hasn't leveraged that president. the prior president did without stepping a foot for one instant into politics. he's been derelict. keep in mind, in sacramento county in california where i'm from, 3 out of 4 overdoses are due to fentanyl. it will claim the lives of more residents than gun violence this year. the dea for the first time in six years issued a public safety
2:40 pm
alert warning of these counterfeit pills. it's absolutely flooding every single state. that's why when polled, ohio residents are most concerned about the southern border porousness because their families are being ripped apart. a bunch of das are trying to ban together to get on the books murder charges for the drug dealers dealing out the counterfeit pills because you can fit on the head of a pencil what will kill someone and these guys are tossing it out like candy. >> yet, it's not a national emergency. 100,000 dead, that's -- what did we lose in vietnam, 50,000? this is pretty grim, profound milestone here. >> and delaware has some of the highest per capita deaths from fentanyl. joe biden's home state, fentanyl and coronavirus, the two deadliest things that hurt this country in the last year. joe biden didn't mention either of the things to the chinese
2:41 pm
leader the other day. i believe he's a coward. he doesn't want to talk to china because his donor and son getting rich. when you shut down the economy, isolate everybody, get rid of the schools, sports, businesses, put them alone, people are going to turned to drugs. a lot of the opioids are laced with fentanyl, so people started to die. we had domestic abuse surged, suicide among young people, surging. you also have the murder rate we saw the fbi, bankruptcies, alcohol abuse. can't just shut down an entire country and have no clue what's going to happen next. everybody listen to fauci, greg talks about it. we didn't co-a cost benefit analysis. then if you do a, something is going to happen. no one thought anything about what we were doing and the repercussions and this is a huge repercussion. >> but, jesse points blame at this administration. we know it started under the previous administration. is it fair to make politics of this when this is -- >> the governors were the ones
2:42 pm
that did the lockdown lingering. >> may i ask -- may i ask -- >> it actually started under the nixon administration. that was the war on drugs, which has failed. the reason people are dying from this, as greg has rightly pointed out, it's not because they're putting too much into their bodies because they don't know what they're putting in their bodies because drugs are illegal in this country. saying to kids, drugs are bad, mkay, it doesn't stop them from putting stupid things in their bodies. if we knew what were in the substances people were ingesting because, guess what, here's the actual dirty little secret, people are not going to stop doing drugs no matter what you say to them. >> i agree. >> they're not going to stop, legalize drugs so we know what's in them so our kids stop dying. >> and prince, not just kids. >> to solve this problem, you have to frame it the right way. this is not a drug epidemic. this is a mass poisoning. it's an act of terror. despite what the media says,
2:43 pm
these are not overdoses of patients, right? it is china poisoning people who use drugs. these are the people who use drugs are actually my people. i'm one of the people who uses drugs. if you don't care about these people, you should get rid of your tom petty records, that's how he died. you should get rid of your prince records, that's how he died. get rid of the wired dvds because that's how michael k. williams died. i can go back. these people were all murdered because of our stupid drug policy, for one thing and the fact we reduce prescriptions on opiate prescriptions. the more you punish the law-abiding patient, the more you force them to unlawful means of getting drugs and they take fentanyl-laced drugs. it's not an overdooverdose, it' poisoning. step one, get off of the patients' back. get back to prescribing the right opioids for the right pain. >> the only flaw in your
2:44 pm
passionate argument is -- >> i'm too sexy. >> no, you brush over the responsibility of big pharma getting america hooked on opioids. >> americans get hooked on everything. >> by flooding the market. there's a big responsibility right here at home. don't have to necessarily only blame china or mexico. or you can blame the drug company. >> but we will live healthy lives. >> let's cancel the drug companies that's -- cancel culture blowing up in the democrats' spaces in spectacular fashion. that story after this. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ ferry horn honks ] i mean just cause you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, [ chuckles ] or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication.
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>> the left being eaten alive by cancel culture they created. the dnc rocked by a woke scandal. because the young leaders in the group can't stop cancelling each other over old offensive tweets. it's so bad, the dnc may cut ties to the group. which is worse? the hideous tweets or the fact they're cancelling each other over them. >> it's amazing. that's another thing we talked about. for years, no one is safe in a world where there is no forgiveness. we've been warning them for years that the movement you started is going to turn on you. but it is incredible that the ideology that confesses compassion, that's the bedrock of the left, the republicans are coldhearted. but they're the ones taking forgiveness off of the table and now they're facing the reckoning. i don't have sympathy for the young dems because they're hoisted by or on their own petard. who cares? but they might have been part of
2:50 pm
the mob that torched you or you or you over a tweet and now they're getting cancelled. but we have to rise above it and defend them the way we wish they would defend us. so we would have to say, i would forgive anybody over anything bad. i would forgive kathy griffin for the head thing. you have to forgive. once it's off of the table, it's war, right? >> kennedy, how stoked are you that we grew up without the internet and the twitter? >> i don't know if my life would have been like if i had social media when i was at mtv. it would have been a very -- if people knew what i was actually up to, there is -- there is no way that i would be a functioning adult, let alone an employed one. but, yes, is this what you want society to be like? is this what you want us to devolve into? because this is where it goes. and you know, people thought that this was a fun little flu the social isos went to when they went to college. but now when people were engaged
2:51 pm
in the beginning of cancel culture in 2010, no, 11 years later, they're in power in media. that's why you're seeing a dishonest bifurcation. >> the adults are calling it an ultimate reaping of what the kids have zone. >> well, as the most tolerant person of "the five," i'm struggling with this story. let me see if i'm reading this correctly. a muslim offended a jew who offended the black. are you sure that's the story? >> is that a math problem? >> where's the white guy in this? are we saying through's no christian white male in this story? >> amazing. >> is this progress? this is not progress? i don't know how to process that. because i was told that racism was the same as being white and now you're saying there's no white male in this story? yet racism abounds? i don't know -- my head is about to explode. >> well, geraldo, the white christian male is the one in the white house. and according to the dnc, they
2:52 pm
now don't want anything to do with this youth group. >> this is a dumb scandal. i really hate when they go back to their tweets when they were 13 years old, 14 years old. when you're 13, 14, 15, all of us, we had that access. we would be with in all kinds of trouble. >> all kinds of trouble without twitter. >> is that true? i'm old, and it is -- people say -- >> not according to twitter. >> (whistling). >> but people say, we are scornful of the youth. oh, when i was your age. but, i really -- i truly am scornful of the youth. this is my least favorite generation in a long time. i -- the millennials were so much more, you know, appropriate, it seems to me than the kids now. >> yeah, they keep -- >> these kids nowadays. >> they keep getting worse. one more thing is up next.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing. i received a gift in the mail today. that never happens from a woman katherine johnson in new market, new hampshire. look at the sign she sent me. >> awesome. >> oh my goodness. wonderful. >> jesse: catherine passes the sign often off road 88 which connects newfield 2023 executor. greg did not know that. >> greg: stole an exit. >> katie: i got in trouble for stealing -- >> dana: clearly. >> jesse: did you steal this. >> greg: unbelievable. now there is a street that doesn't have a sign. little lady isn't going to get her food. >> jesse: let's move on. prime time tonight at 7:00. tom cotton lauren boebert. stephen miller, lara trump and
2:58 pm
dagen mcdowell. >> geraldo: how are you doing? >> jesse: i'm having a good time. >> greg: tonight, another great show at 11:00 julia banderas and kat timpf is many good people it's disgusting. let's do this greg's winner for best screen happening lake tahoe woman working a 7 7-eleven. listen to this screaming. >> get out hey, hey! [laughter] [screams] >> greg: i want to see how you would react? >> jesse: she was trying to scare him away. >> jesse: i watched this. >> hey. stop. >> geraldo: is the bear doing the laundry. let's go to belgium shall we the
2:59 pm
former record laptop dominoes. look at 752 toppling laptop and a giant domino display look at them all falling down it's a recycling place called out of use. i'm from belgium. >> greg: they can't do with they stick. >> tmi. >> jesse: geraldo, go ahead. >> geraldo: i live at the peninsula hotel. i had a lot of family. but a lot of family affairs were coming at my daughter's isabella 29th birthday. my grandkids. >> greg: what are you doing? >> geraldo: the reason to believe i bring it up the suite they gave me they comped me. >> greg: oh my god. >> geraldo: the suite hillary clinton and bill cl nt clinton were getting in 2016 when she lost the election. >> greg: one more thing. he tried to get a free room.
3:00 pm
>> greg: i had -- >> the failure in the walls. >> jesse: turning into infomercial. go ahead. >> learn more at my >> jesse: we will learn more, emily. that is it for us. "special report" is up next. and i will not be belching as i talk to you. >> bret: much more traditional intro. thank you. good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier, breaking tonight president biden's approval rating continues to sink in the latest fox news poll released right now. the latest survey of registered voters has the approval market 44%. that's down 2 percentage points from october 4 from september, 54% disapproval. the president's approval on the economy also continuing to slide just 36% approve of the job he's doing in our latest poll. that's down 3 points from last month. only 40% feel the administration is focused onhe


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