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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 18, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> sean: on the right, the house is set to vote tonight on biden's build back better new green deal socialist spending bill. it is a disaster. stay with the fox news channel for continuing coverage. as a matter of fact, not let not your hearts be troubled, lower income is up next. great to see everybody last night, you did a great job, as always. >> laura: oh, that was fun. >> sean: that was a lot of fun. i waved to the camera, you didn't see me. >> laura: that's very funny. it's always weird to have the three of us together in one place. i keep thinking, is there lightning going to strike this place? [laughs] one of us has to leave. >> sean: if lightning strikes, the lunatic owner of supporting someone who wants the fairness doctrine would be happy --
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>> laura: no one knows who that is. all right, hannity, great job tonight. we will pick it up where you left off. i am laura ingraham, this is to is "the ingraham angle" on a busy thursday night. you are looking live at the house floor where democrats believe they have the votes to pass biden's budget buster of a build back better socialist takeover disaster. remember that even if the house does pass this, there is no guarantee the senate will follow suit. in fact, for republicans, this is kind of a dream come true. all these democrats are going to go on the record voting for this abomination, making next year's wipeout, i think it is going to be much bigger now. let's dip into the minority leader for just a moment. >> mr. speaker, the $450,000, that is more than some of the 9/11 victims received.
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it's more than the next of kin received in insurance of those 13 gold star families. that got killed by a suicide bomber who was in the prison of bagram. mr. speaker, i watched in disbelief as president biden said he would do nothing different. i watched in disbelief, mr. speaker, when he had a press conference and he told americans it was safe to come to the airport. in less than 30 minutes, you were on that conference call, too, mr. speaker, the secretary of state, joint chiefs, said no, it wasn't safe to come to the airport. mr. speaker, there are many people that have served this nation. served in the armed services on
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both sides of this file. i have never watched members work so hard to get the american hostages out of afghanistan, to only be shut down by our own state department! mr. speaker, i want to tell you of a personal story. mr. speaker, i picked up the phone one morning when this first started, and i called the regular number to the white house. and i said i'd like to talk to the president about what's happening in afghanistan. white house recently called, wanted to know if it was really me. to the president's credit, he called me back. i said, mr. president, i know you're trying to hold this deadline for the taliban. but what about our allies? what about those from the u.k. and france, who fought side-by-side, not because their country was attacked, but because we were attacked?
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he told me he wasn't going to budge. i said, mr. president, there are thousands of americans that are held there, that can't get out. he said no, the number is much smaller. i said mr. president, what is the number. oh, just small. i watched the president look america in the eyes and tell us he would not leave till every american is out. what do you say to those americans that are still stuck there? the last time we felt like this, jimmy carter was president. mr. speaker, what does it say to those gold star families -- mr. speaker, i had one in my office. a father who had his daughter,
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who wasn't even supposed to be there but volunteered. she was an electrician. just days before, you see photos of her holding a young child. she told her sister, "i'm going out in front of the wall because you can't believe it. someone needs to be there for them." she wasn't supposed to be out in front of that wall. when that suicide bomber that was locked up in bagram, that never should have got out, that we never should have shut down, killed 13 of the finest americans we know, you know what this bill does? nothing for them. it gives more money to an illegal person who crossed this border. i'm sorry, americans expect more. our priorities should be
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different. >> laura: that was house minority leader kevin mccarthy in a speech that is laying out why he thinks the g.o.p. needs to be back in power in one year's time, charting the path to perhaps his becoming speaker of the house in the next session of congress. we are going to have live reports throughout the hour, so stay with us. also tonight, the rittenhouse jury has gone home for the third straight night, and two significant developments from today may explain why they are a little apprehensive. we will have a full report with new details tonight, but first, what real danger looks like, that is the focus of tonight's b-29. >> early stage of dementia, repeats the same stories over and over. >> this is what makes donald trump a dangerous person. he has a bent towards authoritarianism. >> the first discussion of using the 25th amendment of removing donald trump from power was on this program, one month into the trump presidency. this president is a danger to us and the world.
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>> laura: of course, to those clowns, a dangerous u.s. president is one who puts americans interests first, stalwartly defense american sovereignty and prosperity, even when our allies, by the way, grouse and complain. they don't like that. because to them, and authoritarian is a republican who calls out the press and refuses to be swallowed by the swamp. the fact is, trump wasn't a threat to america's standing in the world are our economy, he was a threat to the old order, and now, ten months into the biden administration, america sees what real danger looks like. it looks like a bumbling fool who squints and stumbles his way through remarks, repeating old stories from his childhood. when biden speaks, i find myself wincing. >> talking about the long come over almost 200 year relationship with mexico, and we
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were talking about -- i was explaining why roosevelt and lincoln, their portraits were up here on the wall. >> laura: yeah. it's funny until you think about the ramifications for america. now, everybody knows what's going on here. a new "politico" morning console poll says 48% of voters say biden is mentally unfit to be president. that is up 13 points from a year ago, among independents, it is far worse. the margin is 23 points provide in. liberals are not going to believe me, but i actually take no glee in biden's decline. because we need a president -- our kids need a president. our future generations need a president to his physical and intellectual capacity is never in serious doubt. anything less than that puts us all in peril. now, because and joe biden's two week or two out of it to take on
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the squad, we know he is obviously a lost cause against presidents putin are xi, if he is to diminished to speak off-the-cuff one has the milwaukee bucks come to the white house, you can only imagie how he sounded during monday's two hour call with his chinese counterpart. foreign leaders, our adversaries and allies alike, they all see that biden's gross deficiencies are really their golden opportunity. they are ruthlessly pursuing their own geopolitical agenda, and they know that joe biden's presidency created a giant vacuum for them to exploit. look, putin is on a roll. first the nord stream 2 pipeline, next might be taking back ukraine. i still remember when democrats cared about what happened to the ukraine. not so much now. and as for beijing, biden's presidency is a dream come true. after four years of trump's tough trade posture and generally more roaring economy,
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china is thrilled to see biden floundering. china is going to take taiwan, hard to see why they wouldn't move while biden is an office. i mean, no one in the biden orbit even understands this. they don't understand china. data understands china's true intentions. and america we can't, led by a president who is weakened mentally, picks of china perfectly for the next three years. think about this. the ccp is so emboldened now that a few months before the world comes for the olympics to beijing, they feel totally comfortable making their own global athletic stars disappear. a chinese tennis star made sexual harassment allegations against a party leader. and hasn't been seen since. we are going to have more on that little mystery later on in the show. now, one thing we do know, however, is that biden's vice president -- i mean, she is completely incapable of stepping
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into take over as commander in chief, should biden be incapacitated. she has problems delivering simple remarks. because, i'm sorry, she knows something except how to play the race card to get ahead. >> generations of women, black women, who fought and sacrificed so much, including the black women who are often, too often overlooked, and what a testament it is to joe's character that he had the audacity to select a woman as his vice president. >> laura: always a diversity thing. how about merit? how about that for a change? turns out, selecting a vp based solely on diversity criteria and not objective merit is not only stupid, it is really dangerous. there is literally no situation, no problem that the white house can turn over to her to handle in the place of the president. like, remember when she was supposed to handle the border,
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remember that? well, america's order is now overrun with drugs, sex traffickers. nice job, kamala. never intended to enforce our border laws, which is why they put her in charge of it. >> it is not going to be overnight and we can't just flip a switch and make it better. the reality is that we inherited an immigration system that was deeply broken and it is requiring us to actually put it back together in terms of creating a fair process that is effective and efficient. >> laura: okay, she said she inherited a system that was broken? no, she inherited a steel border by trump. she is a bad liar. no wonder the woman is at 28% approval. no one likes her, including the president's top advisors. increasingly, they just give her meaningless tasks. >> so you don't feel misused or underused? >> no, i don't. i am very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished.
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>> laura: yeah, those girl scout pinning ceremony sorry lot of fun. now, if her goal was to pump up our enemies and demoralize our own people, then she should be excited. no wonder democrats are already worried about who can run in 2024. can you believe they are already worrying about that? 2021. they already know kamala would crash and burn. it is all a mess. we currently have a rudderless america run by a hapless president. and as a result, the whole world is going to pay. but the strengths of this country is not in our government. it's in our people. we survived jimmy carter. we survived herbert hoover. and we will survive this. and when republicans do regain control of the house and the senate, they are going to need to be ready on day one. no more fussing around. we need real oversight hearings run by the best staff, the most
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talented lawyers out there. trillions of dollars are going to be pouring into bogus efforts that look nothing like the bridges and tunnels we have all been hearing about, as it is going to be up to the g.o.p. to call out every aspect of this waste fraud and abuse. track it. really track it. and then make it clear to our enemies. your little honeymoon under joe biden's over. and that is the "angle." joining me now, delighted he is with us, our next guest back in the day led a group of flag officers who penned a highly publicized letter questioning the mental acuity of joe biden. retired general boykin joins me now. general, the polls of americans after just ten months of joe biden are devastating, just on the observational point of his mental acuity, the thing you were worried about so long ago. are you surprised that the american people have caught on so, well, relatively quickly?
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>> well, i was more surprised that they didn't see it from the beginning. look, when we wrote that letter, and we got a couple hundred signatures, pretty close to it. how on that letter, because more and more of our people, more and more of those who have served this country in uniform are saying, sign me up, i want to be part of this. we have to make sure that people understand that this president's cognitive abilities are suffering, and i'm surprised that more people didn't see this and come out talking about it before the election, and there were some -- i mean, fox news certainly did. but across the board, i mean, you still have billions of americans that voted for joe biden, and if you couldn't see that he was struggling, he was struggling in the campaign, he -- >> laura: he didn't campaign. general, general, he didn't campaign. there was no campaign. a very minimal campaign. the press did not cover his
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mental acuity. they covered for it. i want to get into some new fox news polling we got tonight. many people think biden's age is interfering with his job. he turned 79 on saturday. that includes half of seniors on more than one quarter of democrats. amid concerns over china, a majority says nine isn't tough enough on our chief rival and over half disapprove of the job vice president vice president kamala harris is doing. i don't, i mean, hard to say this, i guess, but anyway, not hard, is there anything that joe biden is actually scoring well on? >> you know, the only good news for joe biden is that kamala harris' poll numbers are worse than his. no, that is scary for america. i can't name any successes he's had here. in fact, i can tell you a lot of failures. a lot of failures in foreign
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policy. a lot of failures in a national security. a lot of failures with regard to our allies. and then, think of the insanity of counseling the pipeline on your first day in office and then turn around -- turning around and squeezing opec to give us more oil, to produce more oil. >> laura: no. they were begging. we are going hat in hand to opec, and then we completely botched in the afghanistan withdrawal, we lose 13 of our finest servicemen and women, and there has been no accountability. from milley to austin on down, zero accountability. >> i think all of them should be held accountable, but to the credit of milley and lloyd austin, they did recommend some things that were rejected by the president, and they recommend to keeping more troops on the
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ground than having to bring them twice that you had on the ground -- >> laura: you are much more charitable than i am. looking for extremists in their ranks, that is what they are spending their time doing. are they sent those men to their deaths at that airport. they ought to resign. general, they tell me i've got to go. we shouldn't sponsor any more of their little exploits. all right, general, thank you. let's go now to capitol hill where the house is poised to vote on biden's multitrillion dollar spending bill. it is also a fox news correspondent chad pergram standing by with the latest. chad. >> good evening, laura. the house will vote soon on a key tenet of president biden's agenda, the $1.75 trillion social spending package moderate democrats refused to allow the house to vote until there was a study by the congressional budget office. listen. >> by most estimates, this bill reduces the deficit. this bill reduces the deficit. it also ensures that all of us,
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all of us, will pay our fair share. to support our democracy. >> but the bill is not paid for. cbo says the bill keeps an additional $367 billion on the deficit. democrats say that is offset by $200 billion in revenue for beefed up irs enforcement. the g.o.p. notes democrats passed $1.9 trillion in covid eight on their own in late winter. >> never in american history has so much been spent at one time. never in american history will so many taxes be raised and so much borrowing be needed to pay for all this reckless spending. every page of all this new washington spending will be paid for or borrowed from you. the american, hardworking taxpayer. >> as we say, it is about the math.
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house speaker nancy pelosi can only lose three votes on her side and still pass the bill, but her calling card is passing big bills by just a vote or to. pelosi will not put this bill on the floor unless she had the votes. laura? >> laura: chad, the deceived tonight, thank you. i know this is going to shock all of you but biden's spend-o rama, does not come close to paying for itself, not even on paper. the cbo released cost estimates for the bill which project it will increase the deficit by over $367 billion over ten years. and it is likely closer to $2 trillion when you actually take away all the gimmicks. so what's in it? now, consider the proposed civilian climate corner. it will disservice the taxpayer funded 300,000 strong army of far left activists. joining me now is dr. brenda schaefer, senior advisor at the foundation of the defense of democracy. dr. schaeffer, you studied some of these brainiac efforts like
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this for decades. explain what such a benevolent sounding civilian climate corner would really mean and do? >> well, you know, the civilian climate core sounds very nice, conservation corps, peace corps, climate corner, but we have the luxury of seeing how the massive government support of organizations, what it does to limit very good policy. we are lucky in the united states that we have seen what has happened to europe, when they let the public organizations, nonprofits set their policies. europe almost falling over a cliff with high energy prices, with shortages, with their energy transition looking more like going from natural gas to fuel, oil, and coal, and then to anything that looks renewable or green. if we establish the climate corps, we will have something very similar where you get yourself trapped with very few policy options because there is this bed paid for, you know, public opposition to any
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rational energy policy. >> laura: senator ed markey let it slip about what build back better is really all about. watch. >> oil companies are taking american consumers and shaking them upside down at gas pumps to kill build back better. to kill a transition to all electric vehicles. that will lead inevitably to the demise of those companies, the oil era will be over if we pass this bill. >> laura: well come he couldn't have been more blunt and more clear, dr. schaeffer. gas prices that means are going to go through the roof if this bill is passed, way more than the $44.50 they are seeing on the west coast, could go up to $7 or eight colors, correct? >> you look at the interim security doctrine, the word energy appears ten times but 7 out of 10 in the context of
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clean energy. we don't engage any more geopolitics of energy. this used to be a really successful part of u.s. national security policy, foreign policy. instead, simple calculation. if the u.s. produces less oil and gas but imports more from other countries, how does that help climate? how does that help the environment? all it does is a massive wealth transfer to national oil companies in foreign countries. it won't do anything to improve the environment or climate, and have the same time it hurts the u.s. in terms of national security. >> laura: well, nancy pelosi spoke out today about all of this, as well, and she was, you know, pushing the climate change agenda as critical to moving our country forward, and the argument for them is this will help what ails us now, with jobs and wages and economic growth. this is going to be part of the
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new revolution. economic revolution. do you buy that, brenda? >> no, i mean, actually, you really believe there was an imminent climate crisis, something, as we hear a lot from many of the politicians, that our moves in the next couple years will determine the future of climate, you actually wouldn't be going for a big infrastructure bill where you are doing a lot of steel, a lot of cables, and lot of, you know, buildings, that actually creates a lot of emissions. even this whole emphasis on electric vehicles, electric cars, minimal impact on lowering emissions, but puts us from a system where the u.s. leads the system that we -- energy system we have today, to a system based on electricity where china leads and controls most of the minerals -- >> laura: it empowers china, yeah. >> completely. >> laura: build back better -- we've got to go, brenda -- would build back better in china. thank you. we are going to see keep our
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eyes on capitol hill. let's dip back into the remarks by minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> they could retire one day on a ranch. build back, going all the way back to the westerns, i guess. people have to fend for themselves. i can't believe that's america. i don't accept it. i know we are better than that. i know some of you are mad at me, think i spoke too long. but i've had enough. america has had enough! [applause] not only do communities at the border deserve protection, the selfless men and women of our border patrol deserve more
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support to do their jobs. i don't know if you've been down to tour with them, if any of you are going, you want to make it by partisan, i'll go. i know a lot of people on this side of the aisle will go. because we think it is an american problem. we want to solve it together. >> laura: now we are going to keep our eyes on capitol hill, where we expect boats any moment now, but now what is happening in kenosha. thinking trump largely had it right when he called the media the enemy of the people, because i want you to observe the framing of msnbc's coverage from the moment the rittenhouse shooting took place. >> rittenhouse, the 17-year-old kid, just running around, shooting and killing protesters. >> white, trump supporting, maga-high loving, blue lives
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matter, social media partisan, 17 years old, picks up a gun, drives from one state to another with the intent to shoot people. biko murderous attack -- 17-year-old kyle rittenhouse. >> laura: now, their coverage during the trial has been similarly deranged, but today, they took it a step further. now i'm going to let judge schroeder take it from here. >> the person who identified himself as james jay morrison and who claimed that he was a producer with nbc news, for msnbc under the supervision of someone in new york, for msnbc, police, when they stopped him and what was going on, and he gave that information, and stated he had been instructed by those in new york to follow the
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jury box. >> laura: now nbc responded by saying, well, the traffic violation took place near the jury van. the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors during deliberation and never photographed or intended to photograph them. now, does anyone actually believe that? in msnbc journalist telling the jury box, what, for fun? the police observed him gunning through a red light to keep up with the bus. does that sound like someone caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? kurt, seems pretty obvious this was a mistake. as an attorney, what does this do to the jury and to the validity of these deliberations? >> well, you know, laura, this has gone from a tragedy to farce.
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it is absolutely ridiculous. msnbc is completely out of control. you know, there was a time when the legal process was supposed to be something sacred. eight didn't always come to the right verdict. do justice. but you know, hunting down jurors, trying to docks them, because that is essentially what they wanted to do, they wanted to figure out who these jurors were, allegedly to contact -- the fact is, the media is all in as activists, not reporters. you saw how they characterized kyle rittenhouse, defending himself in the middle of a riot. managed to shoot three people and what are the chances all of them were people -- what is it called now? justice-entangled persons? what were the chances? the whole thing is ridiculous. looking at this thing going on for three days, it's pretty obvious it is deadlocked, and we
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can only hope and pray that the people in their who are going to apply the law to the facts and the evidence before them hold strong and hold out for an acquittal. >> laura: well, looks like it is headed for, possibly a mistrial here, kurt, because -- we have no idea. it is easy to criticize a jury. we have not been in the courtroom every day listening to every piece of evidence. they have been. they are observing, you know, the witnesses. they are there. day in and day out. we'd also don't know the extent to which they feel intimidated and frightened by what is happening, with threats they have so received -- we don't even know, all of them could have been threatened. specifically threatened, we don't know. >> that is absolutely true, laura. i am a trial lawyer, i have a love-hate relationship with jurors. here is the simple fact. nobody knows nothing. nobody knows what is going on with those people.
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there is a lot of supposition out there. it is obvious they have not come to a verdict on all accounts. they may have come to a verdict on some of the counts. but in an environment like this, when you drive out the door, you see an infantry battalion from the national guard of wisconsin on the streets. uc police all over the place. you see all sorts of protesters had various levels, and normal people have to think, my gosh, if i do my duty, they might come after me, and boy, i know in kenosha i can't necessarily rely on the right to self-defense. >> laura: well, they tried to kill kyle rittenhouse. >> yes -- >> laura: they would have killed him. >> i don't think there's a question about that. >> laura: kurt, we've got to go, but thank you. the intimidation isn't just coming from the media. outside the courthouse, the scene was chaotic today. some road protesters were
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chanting for kyle rittenhouse to free. others wanted to see them locked up or else. my next guest caught the aftermath of the arrest on tape. joining me now is independent journalist brandon. brandon, what else can you tell us about the crowd that have showed up there? >> there have been protesters from both sides. will there have been a lot of people chanting for an acquittal for kyle rittenhouse. there's also been many that have been chanting for a conviction, some black lives matter protesters, and just a variety of people they have all been hanging pretty close to the courthouse and turns chanting throughout this. some confrontations between the opposing groups. it has definitely been a lot of heated words out here at times, and people voicing their opinions, a lot of strong ones on this case. >> laura: well, that's fine, to voice your opinions, but i think america wants to know if there is sufficient law enforcement presence on the
7:33 pm
scene for when or if something does happen that is beyond just a robust exchange of ideas, one way or another. >> yeah, we have definitely seen a lot more police around as the week has gone on here and the jury deliberations. there's been a few different incidents where police have actually had to come intervene outside of the courthouse. a few protesters getting at each other, grabbing each other's signs. in general, though, it seems like the police have kept things pretty under control. any time there has been any kind of instance has popped up or somebody stopping their vehicle outside the courthouse, they get things moving along pretty quickly. compared to what we saw in 2020, it definitely seems like kenosha has taken more precautions and brought more officers to the area to try to keep the peace and keep things steady here. >> laura: all right, brendan, we will check in with you later and we certainly hope for peace on the streets there. thank you. longtime friend of the program dr. scott atlas has written a
7:34 pm
stunning new book, detailing the deadly decisions by those people running our pandemic response. he is here next with those details on dr. fauci and dr. birx. a lot more. stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: three statements in two days from dr. fauci, once again proves this show has been right all along. now first, fauci finally admitted there has been a shocking rise in hospitalizations among the vaccinated. a month ago we warned you this was going to happen. second, we predicted public health officials would keep changing the definition of what it actually means to be fully vaccinated. >> i happen to believe, as an immunologist and infectious disease person, that a third shot boost for an mrna is likely, should be part of the actual standard regimen. >> laura: why stop at third?
7:40 pm
and another third, we told you that fauci would say pretty much anything to extend the panic. >> i think if we can get well below 10,000, i think that would be a level that i think would be acceptable to us to get back to a degree of normality. >> laura: a degree of normalcy. it's never coming, people. let's get with that program. in other words, cases will never be low enough to achieve normality. given what we have just heard, it is no wonder my next guest spilled a ton of ink lifting the curtain on fauci and others and their incompetence. dr. scott atlas, former white house covert advisor, upcoming author of the book "a flag on our house," you can preorder now. dr. atlas, i think you and i talked about the shifting goalpost, a year and a couple months ago at this point, but there is so much shifting i'm getting dizzy. >> yeah, you know, laura -- thanks for having me. the problem here is that we have
7:41 pm
people running the pandemic response that are really not the right people. i saw this with my own eyes. the difference between me and the people like doctors birx and fauci, were doctors birx and fauci were bureaucrats, 40 years in a government position. i was a health policy scholar for 15 plus years and 25 years of medicine experience, clinical and research. their approach was very different. my approach was bringing in scientific papers from all over the world, keeping current on the data, bringing in experts from the entire country, infectious disease, epidemiology's, speaking with these people. mine was about krystal thinking about the information. unfortunately for the american people, dr. birx was in charge of the -- and the birx-fauci lockdowns retransmitted the entire year of 2020, before, during, and after i was there.
7:42 pm
the governors heard her written advice, every governor, she visited thousands of states, giving the lockdown advice, and those lockdowns were implemented. and the problem is those lockdowns failed to stop the diane, they failed to stop the spread of the infection, and they destroyed millions of people. i only visited one state when i was in washington, and that was florida, and they did things a little differently, but it is very sad what happened. we cannot let this happen again. >> laura: ever. ever. it is happening all across europe again. they are locking down in different parts of europe. we knew this would happen, and so they are back at it again. dr. atlas, you didn't write about one meeting where dr. fauci actually surprised you. i guess it was the only time he spoke up about actual research study, but the conversation, didn't he display his ignorance of the actual study? >> well, there was a brief
7:43 pm
conversation that dr. fauci brought up what things might happen from the infection. and he started to talk about complications that could happen, and he was struggling over the words, and this is just one example, but he couldn't figure out how to pronounce something that all doctors should know, which is encephalomyelitis, which is a post-viral inflammation of the brain or spinal cord, and this is a rare complication but when somebody doesn't know enough to even pronounce the word correctly, you know, there is a deficit in knowledge, and again, we have government bureaucrats instead of real experts who unfortunately were not critical thinkers, they were not making the effort, they weren't prepared. i was the only one who ever brought in the research studies from all over the world and went down through the data, many, many times, to the silence of the other doctors. they never cited a study, they never critiqued a study, and what was more confronting, they never disagreed with each other. there was sort of a group effort
7:44 pm
here. we found out in january, birx came forward and said she had a secret agreement with dr. fauci and dr. redfield. i didn't know it at the time. if one of them was fired, they would all quit. this was all about their own image, their own power, and there really was not for the benefit, unfortunately, of the american people, and as a consequence, we have over 700,000 people that died. from the virus itself. not counting the massive devastation from the lockdowns. >> laura: i mean, it is so devastating on so many levels. there really needs to be a full accountability on how this all went down. but dr. atlas, thank you. can't wait to read your whole book. two weeks ago, a chinese tennis star used a top ccp official of sexual assault, but she hasn't been seen since. could the chinese government have actually made this woman disappear? one of their stars? just months before hosting the olympics? the stunning report in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: now as i mentioned in my "angle," there is a mystery involving the ccp and one of their top athletes. fox news matt finn is standing by in our west coast newsroom with the latest on this, matt? >> laura, peng shuai from china
7:50 pm
is one of the world's most renowned female tennis players, she has one my titles at wimbledon and the french open, and now the chinese communist party is suspected of allegedly having something to do with her disappearance. in an unverified social media post two weeks ago, shuai made sexual assault allegations against it party official, zhang gaoli. post was quickly taken down and then shuai went missing. the tennis player claimed the former vice premier forced her into sexual relations in 2018, writing in part, "i was so scared that afternoon i never gave consent, crying the entire time." shuai also wrote she willingly entered an affair with gaoli, who was married. the tennis star's whereabouts are unknown. when i would email allegedly written by shuai and had no make sense to the head of the women's tennis association claims she is not missing or unsafe just resting at home. amnesty international and the chair of the women's tennis association are questioning the authenticity of that email, writing in part, "i have a hard time believing that peng shuai actually wrote the email we
7:51 pm
received or believes what is being attributed to her." amnesty international writes "the recent so-called statement that everything is fine should not be taken at face value as china's state media has a trackg statements out of individuals under duress or else simply fabricating them." a spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry responded today to the increasing concern with this. >> my reply is very simple. this is not a foreign affairs matter, and i am not aware of the relevant situation you mentioned. >> tennis players worldwide, including serena williams, have tweeted their worry and support for peng. laura? >> laura: matt, thank you. joining me now, senior fellow, author of "the great u.s.-china tech war." gordon, this is like a tennis reeducation camp. that is -- you know, everybody's greatest fear is. what is your instinct, your gut
7:52 pm
on this? >> well, my instinct is she is going to surface sometime and make a horrific confession. china does this. they like to publicize it. but the saddest of the world that china is not safe, and china is not a safe place for the world's athletes to come to the winter olympics next year. i think any regime that kidnaps a woman, any woman, to protect them -- to protect an official from allegations of rape, they should not be hosting the olympics. >> laura: here is what the biden administration set about boycotting the olympic games today. watch. >> diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics? >> something we are considering. >> they didn't talk about the 11 externally meeting. it was about how we engage with china, that we see it through the prism of competition, not conflict, that is our objective. the president is going to raise issues where he has concerns and he is going to look for areas to
7:53 pm
work together. >> laura: gordon, hitler wanted validation by hosting the olympics, and so does president xi. how big of a propaganda victory is this, that these olympics go forward with everything we know about the pandemic, now this, all the thing they are doing to the uighurs, all of it? >> this would be legitimization, and we have learned nothing from the 1936 berlin olympics. we learned nothing from the 2008 summer olympics in beijing, where they used this to fortify the regime and thereafter to go after the tibetans and put them into concentration camps like they are doing with the uighurs. this is -- they are not competitors, laura. they are not even adversaries. their enemies, and we know that because they call us enemies and declare a people's war against us in may 2019. >> laura: women's tennis association chairman, by the way, steven simon, he signaled, gordon, this was tonight, that he is willing to cut ties with china if peng is not accounted
7:54 pm
for. watch. >> we are at a crossroads with our relationship, obviously, with china. we have to start as a world making decisions that are based upon right and wrong. >> laura: gordon, this is what we need from the nba. we have one player in the nba standing up to china. and that's it. >> from the international ethics committee. they should not only pull the games from beijing, but they should ban chinese participation in all olympics, because china is prohibiting big groups, the uighurs, the kazakh scum of the tibetans, from effectively participating in sport. they did that with apartheid in south africa, they banned south african teams. they should be banning chinese athletes right now. >> laura: must be done. gordon, you have been clear as a bell on this from day one. the latest on capitol hill is next.
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(music) meet honeywell forge. analytical software that connects assets and people. to deliver a cybersecure record of your entire operation. honeywell forge industrial grade software. ♪ ♪ >> laura: house minority leader kevin mccarthy still
8:00 pm
speaking in the capital tonight. he's been going now for about two hours, 20 minutes. yeah. the house is supposed to vote on the build back better bill any moment now and remember, keep watching fox news, the latest updates, shannon bream will have them live at midnight. fox will be giving updates throughout the evening. that's all we have for us tonight. greg gutfeld, next. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: yes! happy someday of the week again, i forgot! we got another humdinger of a program. what's a humdinger? who the hell knows. i had one removed earlier this week. thank god for salad tongs. it's funny how


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