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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 18, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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and every week night. now, we're going to introduce you now to something we saw in the flesh last night in person and we can affirm that seann hannity is doing great. >> sean: it was a magnificent night. we have special night. amazing people. and i was honored to be a small part of it, tucker. thank you as well. and welcome to hannity. we begin right now with a fox news alert. breaking news from capitol hill, we are moments away from a late night vote on biden's build back better green new deal socialal spending spree in the house. as we speak, minority leader kevin mccarthy is on the house floor blasting this bill. listen in. >> you are charging more than $5 trillion to this bill. more than 2,000 pages. enough! you are empowering china to be even stronger. this bill spends billions of dollars to hire 87,000 irs
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agents. you are hiring 87,000 irs agents but you are not hiring one new foreign protect the border. and what is the job of the irs agent? they are going after americans. and what americans are they going after? anyone of you that spends $28 in one single day. if you go to starbucks, if you simply put three gallons of gas in your car, and you go through a drive-thru, maybe you get a dollar meal at mcdonald's, irs is coming for you. you are proud of that fact. that's what you held the cbo up for. how much money can we get from americans by auditing them? do you know what you just provided? who you are auditing? you are auditing 1.2 million more americans.
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you are creating this bill on the premise that you don't trust americans. and you know what americans are going after? one half of those 1.2 million? are people who earn $75,000 or less. that's what you are trying to pay this bill from. the house is not in order, mr. speaker. [gavel] >> the house will be in order. members are reminded to direct their comments to the chair. >> yes, mr. speaker, do you know where 25% of those 1.2 million audits are going? to americans who earned lessse than $25,000. sometimes math is hard, mr. speaker. it will double the size of the most intrusive bureaucracy.
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so when you tell your children's children what you spent theirl money on, or you talk and you listen to the speeches tonight, mr. speaker, and you listen to the chair men of ways and means where he was proud of the fact that he was going to build up these agencies, he is building up the irs to go after every american who spends $28 a day. mr. speaker, that is not what america asked for. make no mistake, under this provision, every single american is a target. >> sean: that's republican leader, very passionate kevin we are going to be following this vote throughout the night. keep in mind, according now to news today the congressional budget office, despite massive tax increases, this bill will still add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit and the debt despite biden, kamala harris, jen psaki and the rest of the administration and their fraudulent claim that was fully
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paid for. remember this? >> build back better bill, which is not going to raise taxes one single cent.hi it's totally paid for. >> all this is paid for by raising taxes on big corporations and very wealthy. i'm not trying to punish anybody but i'm insisting that they pay their fair share. it's just responsible and paid for. these plans are fiscally responsible. they are fully paid for. they don't add a single penny to the deficit. >> sean: no, not a penny. hundreds of billions of dollars. that was all a lie.ds kamala told a lie. he told the lie. every democrat told the lie. well, america has picked up on this, biden's poll numbers continue to just plummet. half of america believes that joe is what we have been telling you a complete cognitive mess. confirmed by yesterday's poll. democrats, they are desperately searching for a way to remove joe and kamala from the ticket in 2024. they are at each other's
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throats. there is a civil war going on between the president and the vice president. the very latest details are straight ahead first, we do turn to once again kenosha, wisconsin where after 23 hours now of deliberation there is still no verdict in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. it is not clear what kind of progress the jury is making, speculation is fruitless, buthe last night there was a serious development outside of the a van transporting the jury was aggressively tailed by a freelance producer working forin nbc news. at one point the producer ran a red light in order to keep pace with that van after getting pulled over for several traffic violations. he claimed that he was told under the direction of a new york based msdnc produce tore de this follow the van with the jurors in it. kenosha police suspect this person was trying to photograph the jurors which, of course, would be an egregious offense and danger to the jurors
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themselves. in fact, following or stalking or intimidating anybody on a jury for any reason is a major problem with serious real legal ramification nsdnc they have been banished now from the courtroom. take a look. >> i have been instructed that no one from msnbc news will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. this is a very serious matterio and i don't know what the ultimate truth of it is, but absolutely it would go without much thinking that someone who is following the jury bus, that is a very -- it's extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities. >> sean: now, on a statement nbc denied that the recover from was attempting to photograph the jurors. they went on to say they regret the incident. the driver said he was told to
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do this. really? the driver directly implicated a new york producer and their coverage of the kyle rittenhouse been unethical at best. definitely not benefiting of actual real news organization. look at liberal joe scarborough once claiming that rittenhouse crossed state lines with an ar-15 and just started shooting people up. at one point he called rittenhouse a self-appointed militia member who unloaded 60 rounds. lies were told by the media mob. many other referring to referring to kyle rittenhouse white supremacist or vigilante no evidence whatsoever. joy reid triggered by what she called kyle's white male tears. and she works at nbc news. they also at nbc falsely reported that rittenhouse flashed a white power hand sign after being released on bail and another nbc headline reads,
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quote: if convicted he will become a right wing martyr, if is he freed it's a message to others like him that prison won't be in their future. at nbc news there is no presumption of innocence. no due process for kyle rittenhouse. no rule of law. no equal justice under the law. no equal application of our laws. facts, eyewitnesses, their accounts, video evidence, none of that matters to it's always the same thing. the political narrative is way more important and rushing to judgment. take a look >> here we have a 17-year-old kid underaged said he bought an ar-15 because he thought it was cool. he drove across -- had his mother drive him across state lines.s. he appointed himself a militia member. he goes around and he ends up unloading, what 60 rounds? >> he was well prepared by his defense attorneys to disrupt his image as a trigger happy vigilante who went on a shooting rampage.e. >> when you look at the totality
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of his actions, what you have a racist, biased judge putting his thumb on the scale in every way he can. >> is thereve any recourse? this judge has done everything but, you know, offered to adopt kyle rittenhouse.. this feels like those cases in the 1950s where it was in and out, in and out, you know, somebody white, male, killedas someone and they were in and k out, fast and acquitted. >> sean: is everyone really surprised that msdnc was caughtd trying to stalk a van full of jurors. they have been trying to intimidate and influence this jury from the beginning. ultimately no matter what msdnc says about motive and white male tears the law in wisconsin can clear. an individual may use deadly force if he or she, quote: reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or her several. now, based on my observation of the evidence, it is more than
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reasonable to believe that kyle rittenhouse faced imminent deat, or grave bodily harm from joseph rosenbaum, for example, after it was rosenbaum, yeah, he's the one that was convicted of molesting five kids. vowed to bleeping killum rittenhouse and proceeded to chase him, corner him, and lunge for his gun.n. it was more than reasonable to believe that kyle rittenhouse faced imminent death or great bodily harm when a violent group of rioters, remember, they chased him as he was running away. knocked him to the ground, were attempting at that moment to stomp his face right into the pavement. and attempting to grab his gun. and ultimately pointed another guy pointed a loaded gun in hisa face before kyle took to self-defense. this is a clear cut case of self-defense and, again, i'm not on the jury. they will ultimately make the final decision. but, no matter what happens in this case, msnbc, the rest of the mob and the media, they all should be ashamed of themselves.
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and every year somehow their credibility gets worse and worse and worse. they have been wrong on every single solitary case. the same people that lied for three long years about trump, w russia, collusion, dirty, russian disinformation dossier that hillary clinton paid for, they didn't care at all about lying to a fisa court when it says affirmed affidavit that never was because, of course, nothing was verifiable.ys it says at the top of a fisa application verified. no, it's not verified, it's been debunked. and they won't admit to the error and the lies and the conspiracy theories and the hoax they per at the time operated on you the american people. they got it wrong on ferguson, missouri, freddie gray, baltimore, they got it wrong with the cambridge police, they get it wrong with uva, duke lacrosse, they get it wrong because they rush to judgment
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and they have no evidence, no facts and allow for no due process.w he was a reaction, fox news contributor's ari fleischer, joe concha. look at a media standpoint, ari. they are so reckless ande irresponsible, i actually have to tip my hat to "the washington post" for admitting reporting the steele dossier was wrong. when was rachel maddow going to make her apology on msdnc? >> never because her viewers don't want her to. neither does management, it's okay to be wrong for the right cause or the left cause. i should say, the left because. sean, what is happening now in kenosha, if there was ever a time for the media of every stripe to tone things down instead of stir things up, it is on the eve of a major verdict like this, and for msnbc to a follow that jury boss, any suggestion, trying to figure out who the jurors are for the
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purpose of publicizing who those jurors are, exactly what contributes to people going after jurors. violence in the streets, insurrection in the court, that we need to prevent, and nbc does not have their story straight. told by a supervisor to follow the bus, nbc trying to distance from this. producers are aggressive people, i know them. their job is to report the news. it is inconceivable he was following the bus for just the fun of it. he was going there for the purpose of recording, and nbc news explained what that meant and he needs to talk and talk publicly. >> sean: let's get your take, joe concha. >> i want to jump on what ari just said. nbc's attempt to explain this way as far as following that jury van is about the best unintentional comedy out there. take away, please, just for a moment, republican, democrat, or conservative, liberal, sane, insane.
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apply, foreign concept, called common sense to the situation, nbc, to your point earlier, declared rittenhouse guilty. they expect you to believe a producer was not following that jury van. he just happened to be right behind it and just decided to run a red light, why? what was the sense of urgency? unless you are a producer b doig exactly what you are instructed to do. photograph the jury. and oh, by the way, the person ucat instructed this producer according to the producer, in this case, to follow the jury, she has nuked her social media accounts, which means if there was no wrongdoing here, this person wouldn't be running and hiding. nbc claims the producer wasn't photographing the van, but that is besides the point, even. following the bus alone is a whole bowl of wrong because of jurors believe that they are being followed, they might feel intimidated. they may feel hesitant to vote the way they truly want to.
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this is a journalistic atrocity, and for anyone involved, they need to be fired just for starters. this is the same network, by the way, at least, and it wasoc intentional, the infamous trump "access hollywood" tape to "the washington post," and tried to sway presidential election in the progress. that is not journalism, it is activism and why a solid majority of americans believe journalists purposely push information they know to be fake or false, per and axios poll. it is not about intent, it is malice, and it is patently insidious, sean. >> sean: will be ever be held accountable? i have 30 seconds, ari. >> no, they won't, sean, because the business interests don't want to. there is an imbalance of viewers who want to be told the newsws they want, by and large. that is why it is important to report the facts, report the truth, and let the viewers decide.
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>> sean: the difference at fox, not everyone agrees withs sean hannity, which everybody did, but not everybody does and we have a lot of different opinions on the network throughout the day. ari fleischer and joe concha,ve thank you. joining us with more reaction, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. between that, gregg, and the rittenhouse prosecution withholding video evidence, the higher-quality end resolution, we now have outstanding two motions by the defense for a mistrial. one with prejudice, one without prejudice. i believe both are real, both of you agree with me, but now you have this new incident with this media company. this is beyond disgraceful and intimidating. >> it is. it is impossible to overstate just how stupid this action was by the msnbc producer. it is in violation of the judicial order. and it is well-established in
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our courts that photographing jurors like this against a judicial order is witness -- excuse me, jury tampering, jury intimidation. but frankly, it is no surprise that this comes from msnbc, which has convicted kyle rittenhouse in the court of public opinion from the outset. they have been hostile to his defense, self-defense, they portrayed him as a white supremacist. they have out right declared on the air that he is a domestic terrorist, the equivalent of a mass murderer, led by joy reid and her racist rants against kyle she sounds very much like a racist herself, who sees everything through the myopic lens of racism. the judge was correct banning msnbc from the courthouse. on top of this, i worry deeply about all the protesters chanting outside on the
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courthouse steps, can be heard in the courtroom, "no justice, no peace."abab the "no peace" part is meant to say if you don't convict, we are going to burn and pillage your city the same way we did 14 months ago. that, too, is jury intimidation. >> sean: you know, i'm worried, let me stay on the topic of jury intimidation. professor, i got to imagine that jury is hearing what is going on outside the courthouse. i've got to believe they are not sequestered, well, first of all we know they are keenly aware of what led up to this incident. they are keenly aware that the entire country is watching this case. the amount of pressure they are feeling, and then to be chased by the media and hear the chanting outside, it is daunting, but more importantly, it is intimidating, just like if the average person that doesn't do tv regularly comes on tv, usually the first time, they are going to be scared to death. i bet you people that are trying to do their constitutional duty
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are pretty frightened right now. and >> there is no doubt about that, and i think msnbc, doesn't matter what they intended. the real issue is what did the jury see, the jury saw themselves being followed, and that just adds to the intimidation that they are aware of outside the court room. this has become a trend. this is the opposite of what happened a hundred years ago. hundred years ago in the south, you had white ministers screaming and yelling. you had media screaming and yelling, demanding conviction of black people for looking at white people or mistreating white people. today, we have the exact opposite of that. you get a lead op-ed in "the new york times" today where charles blow, who is an overt racist, talks about whiteki defendants, and he lists all the white defendants and puts them
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all together. rittenhouse, and then he puts, you know, political people in the same group because they are white. it is overt racism, and it sends a terrible message to the jury g that you better convict, you better do what these folks outside want you to do, or there will be unrest. people remember what maxine waters said, people remember what others have said, and just going down south for a minute and going to that georgia case, where you have -- in the court room and pressure on jurors right in front of them. >> sean: i want to know, from this perspective, because the judge has excoriated the prosecution, if at this point, that the judge needs to deal with these motions for a mistrial. you have 30 seconds each. gregg, we will give you the first crack at it. >> well, it is abundantly clear to me that he is not going to
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make a decision on the mistrial until thean jury does something. he won't have to rule on them if the jury acquits. if they convict on any of the counts, he then has the option to either dismiss the case entirely with prejudice, or a mistrial and a retrial. d you know, i would say it is about 50/50 on that. >> sean: professor, last word. >> the odds a little lower. i think this judge desperately does not want to be the one who releases this man because it will make his life miserable in the community. i think it will take a court of appeals, three judges, not in kenosha, but far away, who don't have the direct influence, look at this case rationally, and say to themselves, this was not a fair trial. every civil libertarian, left or right, liberal or conservative, should be very upset about the way the media and others have put not their thumb but their elbow on the scale of justice. this is very dangerous to civil liberties.
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>> sean: i agree completely. it is a scary scenario right now in this country. really, it is dangerous. thank you both. when we come back, temperature remains high in kenosha. sara carter has the latest. plus you won't believe how much democrats so-called build back better new green deal socialism is costing you. that debate is ongoing. we will cover it throughout the evening. ♪ ♪ i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: this is a fox news alert. as we speak, we continue to monitor the house floor. debate is ongoing on biden's build back better, new green deal socialism. kevin mccarthy, the house minority leader still speaking on the house floor. >> it's not even going to be greater than the first, $2 trillion this body wasted, mr. speaker. but here is the dirty secret. most democrats who vote for these policies won't be affected by the inflation rate. but seniors, working families, and those living paycheck tonf paycheck have been and will continue to be, even in a greater sense. so through no fault of their own, good, hardworking americans are being hurt by their own government. and mr. speaker, that is just wrong. what does the white house... >> sean: that chart says it all, doesn't it? hardworking americans, the poor, the middle class, beingha
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impacted. going backwards, by the way. they are being impacted the most, and we are going to get chad pergram in just a minute, but look at that chart, because of biden's plans on the economy, wanting higher taxes, his gas policies, energy policies, leaving energy independence behind, open borders, abandoning americans abroad, it's unbelievable. the first three days, by the way, of the liberation as we move on to the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial is in the books. the city of kenosha tonight again remains on edge. they have protesters on both sides of the case gathering in front of the county courthouse. sara carter, she is on the ground as she has been every night in kenosha, with the very latest. sara, what is going on tonight? things get a little louder with
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each passing day. >> yeah, it sure seems that way, sean, and the tensions remain high here in kenosha. we know yesterday we saw the arrest of several people as protesters confronted each other out here on the streets. earlier today at civic center park, where i am standing, you see the courthouse directly behind me, a man was taken into custody.y. a he had his firearm along his side. he was roughly within a thousand feet of a school here in the local area. and the police, the kenosha police took him into custody. we didn't see the scuffles that we saw yesterday, but because of the incidents that happened yesterday, five schools in the local area decided that they would shut down and go virtual for the rest of the week, as we enter the fourth day ofow deliberations. i can tell you this, sean, as tensions are high here, people are just hoping that maybe they can mitigate any kind of violence or anything that they saw last year here. they are really hoping for the best, but they are preparing for the worst, sean. >> sean: sara, we hope the worst does not happen. reason and belief in our justice system. we will see. w now, from kenosha to capitol hill, as we have been
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showing you tonight, the house of representatives now slated to vote on joe biden's build back better, new green deal, socialist, tax and spend package. that, by the way, we are now learning is not, in fact, fully paid for, as joe has repeatedly been claiming. n it will cost you zero, cost zero. kamala harris, it will cost zero, $0, that is what they keep saying. now, the nonpartisan congressional budget office, which joe biden didn't want to hear from, they are now estimating that this bill will increase the budget deficit by almost $370 billion over ten years. that is a lot more than zero. maybe somebody can tell joe it is time to throw away that old abacus of his and may be buy him a calculator for christmas. here now with a full report live from capitol hill is our very own chad pergram, and a lot of passion from kevin mccarthy tonight. what's the latest? when do we expect this boat?
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>> kevin mccarthy has been speaking for almost 50 minutes on the house floor so far. the house is poised to vote on this bill in the next hour. let's crunch the numbers. the evaluation of the bill by the congressional budget office was keying. the bill as about $160 billion to the deficit over a decade. the overall figure is $367 billion, but the cbo analysis does not account for an additional $200 billion in revenue from enhanced irs enforcement. this means the bill increases the deficit. listen. >> so, america, the results are in. now we know, it was all. nonsense. just nonsense. the claim that this costs zero and reduces the national debt, nonsense. >> moderate democrats would not let the house vote until they got a cbo score. they seem satisfied despitele holding out for weeks.
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>> as it relates to climate provisions, not requiring that to be paid for because we don't see the cbo estimates take into account the cost of inaction, and it is consistent with the house to pay forward for this congress. >> the bill now goes to the senate. majority leader chuck schumer aims to pass the bill by christmas, but the bill must change to meet the demands of moderates like joe manchin. it may be a challenge for liberals in the house to accept the bill.f january they try to align with the senate. >> sean: in the meantime, debt ceiling problem if i'm not mistaken by december 3rd, chad? >> december 3rd, and janet yellen, sent a note, they have a little more little wiggle room, she said december 15th, but the government funding expires on the 3rd of december. >> sean: chad, republicans have promised, they caved last time, they promised they would not assist the democrats since they have been out of the process of doing this bill from
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the very beginning. tonight, joe biden on the democrats try to force this country down this path to radical socialism, americans,o they are now letting it be known they do not approve. latest fox news poll just out tonight showing biden with just a 44% approval rating. by the way, another poll came out with him only at 36%. w we have a majority of americans disapproving of the job he is doing, and an earlier poll quinnipiac as i just mentioned had him at 36%, and only a measly 24% of voters in this country say they want joe biden to run for another term. in the fox poll, biden is underwater in every major issue facing this country. a majority of voters disapprove of his handling of the economy. immigration, the threat from china, withdrawal from afghanistan, and i would add energy to that list if that was polled, and get this, it is even worse for vice president harris,
11:35 pm
she has a 40% approval rating but last week, there was a whopping low 28%. it is so bad, she is now beingha openly asked if she feels useful around the white house anymore. listen to this. >> we are getting things done, and we are doing it together. >> so you don't feel misused ore underused? >> no, i don't. i am very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished. >> sean: what work? the borders are a disgrace. afghanistan was a disaster. inflation is out of control, 31 year high. oh, and we are paying $1.50 a gallon more for gasoline and paying more for everything we buy. we learned today, harris communication director will be leaving her job next month. maybe she was the one responsible for hiring those child actors because that turned out to be a disaster also. i guess the vice presidentav is just too hard to defend.
11:36 pm
here with reaction, not one but two former white house chiefs of staff to president donald trump. mark meadows, reince priebus. reince, you were first, we willi give you first crack at it. i can't think of a single successful issue for them. this bill is not accepted by the american people. if they force it through thep.ea senate, i don't see manchin and sinema going along and assented. if they pass it through in the house.e.ep >> it's insane. first of all, they jammed these two bills in. they had no mandate to do it. they showed that there was complete division within the party. had no power over his own party. the second thing was, kevin mccarthy was pointing out, they were warned about this inflation issue. they were warned by people like democrats, larry summers, other obama people, jason furman, steven rattner, and the reality is, as you pointed out,ut unemployment is a bad deal, but inflation affects 100% of us. and we know that people across the country are feeling this everywhere.
11:37 pm
gas is more expensive, thanksgiving dinner is going to be more expensive next week. the grocery store shelves are empty, at least some of them are if you can find the actual ingredients, by the way, restaurants have limited hours, it has taken months for people to get their cars fixed. look, unfortunately, it is sort of a sinking ship, but we ares all on the ship together. now we have to figure out how to get our country back on track. >> sean: there is an answer. they can go back to trump's policies on the economy, trump's policies on energy independence, trump's policies on the border, and i don't think donald trump would have abandoned americans in afghanistan.n so there is an answer. mark meadows, nancy pelosi is notorious for not having a vote, if she doesn't have the vote, so i would assume she is confident she thinks she will get this m bill passed in the house but it
11:38 pm
is pretty meaningless because i think joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are going to put -- put their signatures and their fingerprints all over the bill in the senate and it is going to be a very different bill, if one at all. >> yeah, they'll have the votes tonight.t. they wouldn't have brought it this far. and as the moderates, they were already falling all over themselves when they got the cbo score, that actually, you are right, adds to the deficit, but it is even worse than that. some of the math that they have, they are actually giving credit for policies that they are reversing, that actually haven't been even put into place yet, so it could be another $200 to $300 billion worth. but here is the answer. joe biden thinks the answer to everything is to hire more irs agents. when we look at it, only 16%, if you drill down on those polls, only 16% of americans thinks their future is going to be better off under a joe biden presidency.
11:39 pm
but what we get what we expect. he was in congress for 40 years. he has the approval now that is closer to congressional representatives than the president of the united states. >> sean: by the way, that means the rest of the country is going to get what i call the "hannity" treatment, which we see hannity's name, we pull this file every single year, and that is going to be the reality for the rest of america and it is not that pleasant, which is why i have not one accounting firm but two accounting firms. the only thing is, joe biden is beholden to this radical element in his party. mark meadows, you get first crack on this one. i don't see them bringing back any of the trump policies, which would solve all of their problems.y that is not going to happen, is it? >> it's not going to happen. the four areas that joe biden actually are polling the worst in are the ones that actually donald trump fixed and had a
11:40 pm
plan for, so all the joe biden has to do is run back and actually do what donald trump t did for four years, but here is the other thing. joe biden is used to signing the back of a paycheck, not the front of a paycheck, so he doesn't even understand what it takes, because he is use to a government paycheck for 40 years, and the average american, reince is exactly right, they are paying more at the grocery store, at the gas pumps, and candidly, that will come back to haunt them in 2022 and 2024. >> sean: i look at the radicalization, reince, of the democratic party. i look at this push for new green deal socialism. i see, it has almost become a new green deal socialist cult, and joe biden bows at the altar of climate change and environmental -- environmental radicalism. if they are not willing to change and they are going to
11:41 pm
continue just to beg opec for oil and then excoriate and schooled american energy companies, how does that solve the problem with inflation and the economy, high cost of energy, because there policies artificially reduce the supplyoe as demand has remained constant. i don't see that -- i don't see them solving that problem by yelling at gas company and energy company executives. >> well, it is a good question. and i think it goes back to what we talked about on the show a few times, which is this is intentional conduct by the democrats. they are not completely stupid. they actually believe in this stuff. >> sean: i beg to differ a little. >> no, i'm saying -- >> sean: just getting. >> hear me out. they are getting what they want. these open borders is what they
11:42 pm
want. the gas prices going up is what they want. they don't want us in the cars, they want everyone to come here without regard to the law, and it makes you wonder, they see the polling, they know what they are heading into in 2022, anyone can look at this, so why do they do it? they do it because they know what they are facing and they want -- they want all their goodies and everything they havy ever dreamed of, and they are going to get it all now. they've got complete power, and they are going to keep grabbing -- >> sean: so let me interpret that. are basically saying their policy is to the american people, we see that you don't want this, drop dead. we want it. we don't care what you want. okay. mark meadows, by the way, mark's book is coming out in september, called "the chief's chief," it is on if you want a first edition copy. if you are directly going against the will of the american people, how is that going to work out for the democratic party, because it sounds to me like they are going to get there asses kicked in 2022.
11:43 pm
mark meadows?? >> they are. the dangerous thing, in the vote tonight, they will pass it along partisan lines. it will be brought back because you will have some democrat senators, you've mentioned, obviously, two of them, but there may be more, that will actually ping-pong it back. but once they've gotten yes vote, they are not going to walk the plank without getting all this radical left-wing policy, socialist communist policy in place, and what they believe, it is worth it. it will be there forever and the american people will have to fund it, and the american taxpayer will be owned by the government instead of having the liberties and freedoms that we have enjoyed. >> sean: well, it's going to be fascinating to watch because you are basically admitting they're going to commit political suicide. we will be watching the vote tonight and we will see what joe manchin and kyrsten sinema have to say.
11:44 pm
by the way, reince, you could have written "the chief's chief," you were a chief before mark was chief, and mark beat you to it so i don't know what that means but i will let you guys fight it out and figure it out. >> i'm waiting for my day to write my big book. >> sean: oh, great. just don't mention my name. i mentioned in every other book. guys, good to see you both. >> a chapter on mark meadows. >> sean: oh, okay, can'tby wait to read it. by the way, mark's book is coming out. if you want a first edition copy go to it will be in bookstores soon. when we come back, the left and the media have peddled countless lies about kyle rittenhouse. we are going to give you the most egregious examples as miranda devine and leo 2.0 terrell will join us. we are glad you are with us. ♪ ♪ too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor,
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♪ ♪ >> sean: and tonight we continue to monitor the house floor, where a vote on biden's build back new green deal socialist spending bill isnd expected to happen within minutes now. we will bring it to you live, but first, the left, the media mob, in their rush to judgment, they have peddled countless liet about kyle rittenhouse. last september with virtually no information at all to support his ridiculous claim, joe biden, well, he jumped in and labeled him a white supremacist.
11:51 pm
now, this is just more what we have come to expect from the left and the media mob, as they continue to lie in order to stoke and fear and division. here with reaction, fox news contributors miranda devine and leo 2.0 terrell. miranda, you pointed out a great column today and i read a lot of it on my radio show, the ten big lies that have been told about kyle rittenhouse. you want to go through your top three, four? >> most of them have been spewed out on msnbc in particular. look, he was not a white supremacist. the people that he shot were all white, like he is. he did not cross state lines with an ar-15 that was illegal. his mother did not drive him across state lines to go tot a riot to shoot people. he lived 20 miles from kenosha. his father lives in kenosha. his aunt, his uncle, his grandmother, his best friend, his gun, which he was legally entitled to own in wisconsin,
11:52 pm
was in a safe in his best friend's stepfather's house. he was in kenosha because he had a job as a lifeguard that day. he worked, volunteered to clean graffiti that rioters had defaced a local school with. then he was asked by a local businessman who owned a car, used car lot, to, and, with another group of people, to come and guard their car lot because they had lost a hundred cars the night before to arson, and the police and authorities in kenosha had abandoned the town,o and kyle rittenhouse told the court that he regarded kenosha, his father's hometown, his workplace, as his community, and he was being an upstanding member of that community. his mother was living in antioch, 20 miles away, but she had done a 16 hour shift at the
11:53 pm
nursing home where she is a nursing assistant, and she was asleep before her son even went to kenosha to work his shift. all of these stories, they are all lies. he is not a white supremacist. he is not a domestic terrorist. he was upstanding 17-year-old. >> sean: leo, i think one of the worst things you can call somebody is a racist, but that is the democratic playbook. every two and four years, and now it seems pretty much on every issue. it is getting to the point where i don't even think people react to it anymore. >> sean, you are absolutely right. miranda, that is a great article, i read it.k they don't react to it so they double up, sean. they do it 24/7. the race card is played by the left 24/7.e, not every two years, not every four years. and our system of justice is being threatened because they are looking through the prism of racism. they don't care about facts. they don't care about the law. it is all racist. black lives matter outside the
11:54 pm
courtroom, i don't even know why. no black man was shot by kyleis rittenhouse, but they are out there because they want everything through the racist,t racial prism, and they use it as a form of intimidation and threats, and that is what they are trying to do to the jury right now. >> sean: i'll tell you, it is hurtful to the country. real quick, we don't have a lot of time. predictions, what do you expect is the verdict, ten seconds each, miranda? >> look, i don't know. they've been out for three days now. doesn't look good the longer the jury stays out, the worse it is, but -- >> sean: i've got two -- ten seconds. leo? >> no problem. kyle rittenhouse will not survey day in jail. that is all i will say. not one day in jail. >> sean: thank you both. more "hannity" next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: on the right, the house is set to vote tonight on biden's build back better new green deal socialist spending bill. it is a disaster. stay with the fox news channel for continuing coverage. as a matter of fact, not let not your hearts be troubled, lower income is up next. great to see everybody last night, you did a great job, as always. >> laura: oh, that was fun. >> sean: that was a lot of fun. i waved to the camera, you didn't see laura: it is always weird. >> i saw where you were going. weird to have the three of us together as one place. is lightning going to strike this place? we've got -- one of us has to leave. >>