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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 19, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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night. pastor robert jeffress our guest. tonight join us to discuss how we move forward as a country after the rittenhouse trial. more of the day's news in a few hours. mean anytime freedom hosted by jesse watters starts in just seconds. jesse. >> jesse: good evening and welcome to freedom. after 25 hours of deliberations the jury finally delivered a verdict in the case of kyle rittenhouse. >> for the fifth count of the information gross could you have we find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> members of the jury these unanimous verdicts? is there anyone who does not agree with the verdicts as read? >> jesse: not guilty on all charges. inside the courtroom happy tears from kyle rittenhouse and his family. but house the courthouse was
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another story. protesters angry at the verdict. jacob blake's family waste nothing time playing the race card. >> you know his ideology. they talk about harming african-americans. they talk about harming minorities. and he acted it out. now you tell us why he got a free ride. his bail money was raised by the proud boys. of the ku klux klan, the nazis, the skin heads. are they up in this courtroom? do we know the history of this judge? racist these people of kenosha for many years. >> jesse: the angry mob didn't get its way. time to blame the judge who so democrat. time to blame racism, kyle didn't shoot anybody black. and this reaction isn't just coming from protesters outside the courthouse. no. prominent leftists around the country are losing their minds over the verdict. congresswoman cori bush tweeting: this system isn't built to hold white supremacists accountable. it's why black and brown folks
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are brutalized and put in cages while white supremacists murders walk free. the pinheads at msnbc chimed in saying kyle rittenhouse trial was designed to protect white conservatives who kill. and then you have this lady. >> baltimore outcome with emit hill more outcome with lynch mob there is a distinct pattern in country and in this criminal legal system that will allow, protect, and defend the in particular white man who will defend white supremacy and the culture of white supremacy that permeates this entire country. let's be clear this judge as paul pointed out earlier was brazen in his -- in the way that he put his thumb on this scale. he rubbed our noses in the fact that he could do whatever he wanted. and basically dared us to do anything about it he wanted us to be very clear that he would stop at nothing to defend this blueprint for white supremacist vigilantism. >> jesse: this is idiocy.
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don't listen to this garbage. we should all sleep better tonight knowing that the rule of law still exists. the jury had a difficult task. but they listened to the evidence and justice prevailed. >> just in terms of your -- attentiveness and cooperation that he gave to us, justifies the confidence that the founders of our country placed in you. >> jesse: a lot was riding on this decision by the jury. it wasn't just about the innocence of crime rittenhouse. it. it was also about our second amendment and the right to self-defense. had the verdict gone the other way, those rights would have been seriously wounded. but the justice system came through. and now we must all respect it. even joe biden knows that. >> do you stand by your past comments [inaudible] white supremacy? >> well, look, i stand by what the jury has concluded. the jury system works and we
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have to abide by it. >> jesse: this isn't a case of better late than ever, joe biden can't undo the damage he caused kyle brian house when he smeared the kid as white supremacist so he could win an election. biden's handlers released a statement later kind of cleaning things up reading while the verdict in kenosha will leave many americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included wanted, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. i urge everybody to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law. violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy. but will the protesters in kenosha listen? 500 national guard troops are standing by in case chaos erupts. but so far things are actually mostly peaceful. here now lara logan, host of lara logan has no agenda on fox nation. all right. so what was your reaction when you heard the verdict today? >> well, you know, jesse,
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personally, kyle rittenhouse 17-year-old child. i'm a mom i have to be honest with you. i'm a mom what bear and when i see that child who literally collapsed and i think about what has been done to him, it fillings me with a great sense of relief. and that the justice system of the united states of america still belongs to we the people. [cheers] >> it still stands for everything it ever stood for. and, you know, they want us to give up on these instew uses institutions from thefbi to the. this is to every single american, if you stopped watching the news, start watching again. if you stopped engaging in politics because you couldn't take it anymore. engage. if you gave up faith in the justice system and, you know, you need to reengage because
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they want you to give up. giving up is surrender and kyle rittenhouse should never ever have been charged. the entire case was built on lies. the media should be held accountable for their role in this. [cheers] >> and you know, i would urge every young journalist out there. every investigative journalist, every american to look at what that person you interviewed and you played the clip when he talked about the history of kyle rittenhouse, what was he talking about? do you know what he was talking about in the history of the rittenhouse family who go back to the very founding roots of the united states of america. we as journalists need to start asking was kyle rittenhouse targeted? was there a reason they went after this 17-year-old? was there a reason they had their narrative already prepped and ready to go? americans did not vote for this. even if they voted for democrats, they did not vote for this. this is a unifying issue for the
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country. there are the lunatics that you played some of them on tv. they are deranged. they are desperate. and they are exposed. and do you know what? they are failing. kyle rittenhouse was -- justice was served for him. do you know what else? the american teachers association they backed down from calling parents white supremacists, didn't they? nobody has been able to stop john durham. he is marching forward. and do you know what? they haven't been able to stop all the investigations into vote fraud. there are republicans who are going to be coming forward offering to have their elections investigated. even when they won. because we understand that the principles are worth fighting for. and what unites this country, what unites every american is so much stronger than anything that divides us. we will not let them tear us apart. we will not let them burn this country to the ground. and we, the people, will not submit not now, not tomorrow, not ever.
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>> jesse: lara logan shot out of a cannon just now. [cheers] >> jesse: sounds like you have a lot ans behind you. thank you so much for coming on prime time. >> actually, they are here for you jesse. >> jesse: tell them i said hello. also here tonight, victor davis hanson senior fellow at the hoover institution. so, really, it was mob justice, what's that the left wanted bdh, they didn't get it they wanted kyle to take a beating. he didn't take a beating so they had to make an example out of him. they weren't able to do that because they couldn't interfere with the court system. they couldn't interfere with the judge. they couldn't control the jury. and now they are panicked because they didn't get the result they wanted. what does this mean? >> yeah, it's very strange. i mean, he should have never -- you went over the lies the last month, jesse. and they should never have been arrested. and he should never have been
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indicted. he should never have been put on trial and the trial should not have continued given the abuses. so that demands this question. what was the prosecution doing? i mean, it was the most inept farcical prosecution anybody has ever seen. pointing a gun at the jury? claiming that a defendant who is being chased by a mob should take a beating? having two sets of videos? i could go on and on. almost says well, maybe they knew they had no case and they were going to be so inept or so stupid that it would be thrown out and they would get off the hook and then the responsibility would fall on the judge. the judge admitted he was worried about the pressures outside the courtroom. and he threatened to almost declare a mistrial and he warned them and warned them but then he didn't take an action. so he to bed it off on the jury. and then he hung jury might be a
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convention. they didn't want to come out with the obvious quick conviction which the evidence, i think, demanded. so in a way, every person put the responsibility for the continuance of this farce on the next party in line in succession and finally the sure absurdity of it made an acquittal absolutely essential and we end up what was it all about, jesse? it was michael brown. it was coflg ton kid. it was trayvon martin. it was one of these psycho dramas that the left searches through all day seven days a week so that they can leverage it to advance an agenda that otherwise has no support without never let a crisis melodramatics. >> jesse: this is different this time. and you are right. this was manufactured to propel joe biden into the white house. and tear down the white house supremacy in this country, whatever that means.
4:11 pm
but, like they have done in the past with other cases similar to this raced-based shootings, this is not going to propel that agenda forward. the american people saw this trial. they saw it live. they saw the videos. they heard of the witness testimony. they heard from the actual defendant. and they saw how the media was misinforming them in realtime. almost live for the first time sensing the misinformation flowing over their face. and the jury made the right call. and i don't see how this galvanizes the left wing agenda at all. i think it really sets it back very far. >> no, you are absolutely right. this was jesse jussie smollett on steroids. people are getting tired. they are sick of it. after the virginia elections and this popular backlash against the woke, people have had enough. i think that the left has no
4:12 pm
idea of the anger they have unleashed and people are sick of it because this was such a farce. >> yeah. so contrary to the whole system of american justice in its very indictment and arrest that people are going to say we have no choice. the system is unsustainable if we go down that trajectory. whether it's the border or whatever is going on with the biden administration and this an exemplar of what they are doing to our country and we can't let it begin continue, i think they created their own destruction coming up in a year in the midterms and beyond. >> jesse: i think you are right about that. victor davis hanson, thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you. >> jesse: now, we have to remember that when the shooting took place in kenosha, we were in the middle of this heated presidential race. and joe biden took full advantage of the situation. he wasted no time smearing kyle rittenhouse as a white supremacist just to score political points. but this is what donald trump said about it at the time. listen carefully. >> the same tape as i saw, and he was trying to get away from
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them, i guess. it looks like. and he fell and then they very violently attacked him. and it was something that we're looking at right now and it's under investigation. but, i guess he was in very big trouble. he would have been -- he probably would have been killed. it's under investigation. >> jesse: here now buck sexton host of the clay travis and buck sexton show pete hegseth "fox & friends weekend" co-host. pete, he nailed it and they pinocchioed the hell out of what he said. and now here we are, a year later and we know the truth, don't we? >> pete: yes, who made the fact-based responsible argument in that moment looking at the videotape that we all saw, had the same reaction to from that moment, yet, it is-by the way, joe biden was a candidate then, weigh as private citizen. he is not immune to the idea that of defamation that
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particular case. and, by the way recommendation kyle rittenhouse should sue the pants off of cnn and msnbc and. >> jesse: i hope he will. >> pete: he will win. and he should. and they won't learn because they can't learn. ultimately, your previous guest laid it out beautifully. this is a win for our system which the left wants to reject. listen, it was ancient athens that gave us the jury. it was the 12 disciples that gave us 12. western civilization is beautiful because the people decide not the elites. that's exactly what happened here. it's beautiful. jets. >> jesse: you heard that lunatic earlier buck, railing the judge because the judge was in the control of his own courtroom. the media can't handle a judge being in control. they have to be in control. and they are now losing control. >> it was very obvious that the plan here was to coerce because without threatening the jury and without making the judge -- there were a lot of actual deference made to this judge. not a lot of media coverage of
4:15 pm
it and to his family. the mob, the leftist biden voting mob, wanted to push an outcome here that was in such obvious contradiction of the facts and i hated to be the one that has to remind everybody here. but, without clear video evidence, which we have had from the beginning, which president trump was speaking to then, without knowing what happened because we have video of did. >> they might have got an conviction today, guys. they might have been able to get away with the lie. so thank heavens for some of the folks, including some of the reporters on the ground who actually made sure the truth got out there. because the truth never mattered to the left. it never mattered to the democrats, the agenda here was plain and clear for all to see. don't ever allow someone to think they can be an armed citizen on the street you are not burning down the neighborhood not on my watch. >> jesse: misinformation so brazen that's what was so alarming to the general public, they couldn't believe they were being lied to that egregiously. >> pete: how often have we been
4:16 pm
lied to. body camera weres were suppose to thereby to expose police misconduct. body videos have exonerated more police than indicted. most pima situation are acting in good faith. in this particular case, that played out yes, there were deadly consequences but my goodness, do you know what always got underplayed? there was a massive mob there. if he had been knocked out at any moment, he would have been dead. we have all seen other examples of that. that's what the jury saw open and shut. >> jesse: yeah. they just wanted minimum to take the beating. he didn't take the beating. all right? the american people. >>under mine self-defense entirely. >> jesse: they want to condition douse take a beating and we're not going to take a beating. >> pete: that's right. lying down. >> jesse: thank you, guys. >> pete: thank you. >> jesse: tucker carlson have the first exclusive interview with kyle rittenhouse monday night 8:00 p.m. obviously here on fox news channel. coming up, the media has a lot
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>> jesse: kyle rittenhouse walked out of the court today a free man. his reputation will forever be smeared thanks to the fake news media who rushed to judgment before knowing any of the facts and even after they learned the facts let's let's remember how their coverage of this case started. >> a white trump supporting maga loving blue lives matter vigilante arguably a domestic terrorist picked up a rifle and drove to a different state to shoot people. >> someone who shot two people with a long gun. >> it's called white supremacy,
4:23 pm
joyce, again it's the white supremacy that the trump administration has enabled and endorsed. >> jesse: white supremacy, domestic terrorists, assassin. the media already made up their minds back in august of 2020 that rittenhouse was guilty as sin. the hacks at msnbc not the only ones, congresswoman ayanna pressley doubled down on insults calling rittenhouse a white supremacist and domestic terrorist today when expan self vocabulary. joe biden backed up to back the white supremacist claim. boy, were they all wrong. now comes the important question, will rittenhouse sue all of them, even the president for their malicious characterizations of him? should he follow nick sandmann of covington catholic and get restitution for all of the lies said about him?
4:24 pm
and todd mcmush tri, the attorney who represented nick sandmann in his lawsuit against the media. all right, joe, your thoughts. do you think he has a case? he definitely has a moral case, no doubt about it. >> know doubt about it coverage you showed god awful. white guy shoots three other white guys and myopic media makes it about racism. circus in town nobody is laughing. how can people guilty of malfeasance get away with it? the answer is they may not at this time. all thanks to the recent precedent set by nicholas sandmann and cnn being forced to settle a deaf fact immigration suit he filed against them. msnbc will be first in line particularly joy reid who calls herself not opinion host this is important she calls herself a journalist and national correspondent so she better call lawyer up at this point because defamation suits are likely coming. first msnbc for following jury bus. running a red light to keep up
4:25 pm
attempted harassment and intimidation as for ms. reid as a journalist who can't repeatedly call people racist, white supremacist and most importantly guilty until proven innocent. >> we have important to see how this goes, jesse. >> jesse: so do you think todd, joy and some of these pundits have e posh legally to any sort of libel action. >> yeah, i do. when you accuse somebody of being a whited supremacist you are basically and in the situation of kyle rittenhouse you are showing him with an ar-15 and that implies that weighs engaged in racist misconduct and that's generally considered actionable. a lot of the other things calling him a school shooter, a murderer a member of a militia, those are all false statements once proven false they are actionable. he does have some pretty solid claims here. >> jesse: so if they were proven false, which they have been and done with malice that opens them up to oh my gosh you know what, todd, you probably started calling the rittenhouse family
4:26 pm
right now i think he is looking at a whopper. joe concha, do you think there is going to be any sort of apology, any sort of walk-back, any sort of mea culpa for what they have done to this kid? he is not going to be able to go out. half the country is going to buy him a beer. the other half of the country is going to try to knock him out. >> let's put it this way, was there any apologies after jussie smollett, remember, he was attacked by maga supporters in a polar vortex with guys that just happen to have in chicago a noose ready to go and the media ran with that? did we hear apologies after that? apologies are not in the d.n.a. of most people in business and that's why their approval ratings are where they are in the toilet. >> jesse: todd, real quick sandman almost a quarter billion lawsuit that what do we have here do you think starting out? >> well, i think kyle has some great claims. i think they are very valuable.
4:27 pm
i suggest he bring those claims and there are good lawyers out there and he out to go find one he is comfortable with and give him a call. >> jesse: just bankrupt msnbc. is that what we are talking about here? >> that would be a good thing, yeah. >> jesse: all right. gentlemen, thanks, guys for coming on prime time. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: coming up, what has the squad dancing like nobody is watching and loving like they have never been hurt? ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ho ho ho!
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♪ >> jesse: house democrats are celebrating inflation after they rammed through sleepy joe's socialist spending bill. and now the bill is walking itself to the senate. literally. but either democrats are terrible at math or flat outliers because they spent the last couple months selling this as a zero dollar bill. >> the cost of the build back better bill in terms of adding to the deficit is zero. zero. zero. >> it's not about a dollar
4:33 pm
amount. the dollar amount as the president has said is zero. this bill will be paid for. >> this is a zero dollar bill. because it's all going to be paid for with taxes on the wealthiest corporations and the wealthiest individuals. >> 3.5, even though zero cost zero dollars [inaudible] >> jesse: maybe because math is racist. remember? unlike democrats we actually looked at the facts and the fact is joe biden's spending bill is going to add more inflation and add hundreds of billions, if not trillions of our dollars to the national debt and you and your family are going to have to pay for it. joining me now is minority whip steve scalise. all right, congressman. your thoughts on today's action? >> hey, jesse, good to be with you. and, yeah, clearly they don't understand the math of it because as they have been promising zero, zero, zero. the numbers that came in last night and the ink wasn't even dry when they rolled the bill out, $800 billion added to the deficit in just the first five years that's with a bunch of
4:34 pm
budget gimmicks that if you look at the university of pennsylvania wharton school study shows you probably closer to $4 trillion in deficits plus inflation, plus a natural gas tax that hits lower income people the hardest. and ironically as even bernie sanders pointed out, the biggest give away in bill goes to millionaires in just five states. so, that's salt deduction for five states, millionaires gets the biggest benefit and the smallest benefit goes to those making less than 75,000. beernts called it hypocritical and they wouldn't take it out of the bill. 87,000 more irs agents to go after the bank accounts of hardworking families. good luck trying to sell that back home when people figure it out. >> jesse: yeah, people are going to hate this they don't even know what it is. they know it's going to cause massive inflation. the democrats now, congressman, will literally own inflation. every time you fill up your gas tank, every time the grocery bill comes. in the democrats wrote that.
4:35 pm
everything now that's going to cost more, the republicans are going to just say look, you guys made this already and now you made it a lot worse. >> that's right. it's the biggest complaint you have already been hearing for months now. inflation is the driving thing that was leading the charge along with parents revolting against these big government socialist in virginia when you saw a blue state like virginia turn red. and you would think when their message was stop the madness, stop all the spending in washington. you have would think they would reverse and work with us on trying to get it under control. instead they went the opposite direction, 180 degrees full speed ahead off a cliff and inflation is going to get worse. >> jesse: you don't just have inflation crt. you have got the border. you have got the crime. you have got the supply chain. have you got americans still stranded in afghanistan. you have a whole host of issues to run on. with you, when this thing goes to the senate as it just did. manchin basically going to hold the line. is that your understanding? west virginia is not going to go
4:36 pm
for this thing, are they? >> well, in the end, if you listen to what he has really been saying, i think he is opening the door to voting for parts of it and, look, even $1.5 trillion in new taxes, jesse, would be devastating to millions of jobs in america. even parts of the green new deal which are in there that would destroy american energy and as have you seen joe biden he doesn't have a problem destroying american energy jobs. but he gives gifts to opec. he begs opec to drill more. he gives putin a part-time line in russia while he shuts down our pipeline. so he is against american energy jobs. is he for jobs in middle eastern countries, russia, he is shipping jobs to china. that's where inflation really becomes a problem at trillion and a half. even if the senate does a scaled down version, you know, only in d.c. what they call is 1.5 trillion in new taxes and spending a moderate bill. that's not moderate. that's far left liberal. and ultimately all of this big government socialism is costing those that really can't afford
4:37 pm
it the middle and lower income family -- >> jesse: have a great weekend. congressman steve scalise. >> same to you. happy thanksgiving, jesse. >> jesse: you as well. up next, hills industry has been made. glass ceiling shattered. it don't go away. ♪
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♪ >> i know, i know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling but some day someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now. >> jesse: well, crooked was right about one thing, today that glass ceiling was shattered and all it took was a routine colon spop for 58 minutes today while doctors examined the biden pipeline kamala harris officially became the first female president of the united states. and over at cnn it was like an 85-minute thrill up their leg. >> for one hour and 25 minutes today kamala harris became the first woman with presidential power. >> she is the first woman to receive the presidential power. so a history-making day also
4:43 pm
here at the white house. >> so how did kamala do? well we are told she spent a lot of time asking where the nuclear football was. but mayor pete wouldn't give it to her. and then while we decorating the oval she found a wad of cash that said for the big guy. i'm not sure if she put that back or not. lucky for us no foreign leaders caldwell except trudy he doesn't really count as a leader. so all in all kamala and her team consider this a successful trial run. here's what sleepy joe had to say when he woke up. >> [inaudible] >> patton, senior adviser and tomi lahren host of no interruption with tomi lahren. tomi, can you believe crooked didn't become president, kamala got their first? >> oh, she is somewhere incredit i can bably upset about that. i tell you today 85 horrifying minutes would have been even more horrifying if we didn't have our current president sleepy joe brandon biden at the
4:44 pm
wheel. a choice there. those 85 minutes that she spent playing president today, well, that was more time than she spent, i don't know, at our southern border, finding those green new jobs or in her actual vice presidential duties besides going to the yarn shop or the bakery, of course, that was official business. but, all in all, her 85 minutes as president was uneventful as her 10 plus months as vice president where she has done absolutely nothing. >> jesse: lynn, as a woman, do you feel any sort of pride at all about this glass ceiling being shattered even though it was shattered because the president was having his colon checked? >> i mean, look, jesse and tomi, you guys hit the nail on the head, when your approval rating is an abysmal 28%,is it any wonder that kamala's only pathway to the president is literally through joe biden's colon? i mean, it's no wonder that the lame stream media has to
4:45 pm
celebrate the 85 minutes as tomi said she is being openly sidelined by the white house, her staff is quitting. she is speaking in faux french accents and cackling inappropriately and failing at the one job she has been assigned which is to stop the influx or rather invasion of illegal immigrants at the border. look, if i were a democrat, i would be more concerned with the fact that 40% of americans think joe biden is in good health. a staggering 61% of americans do not want him to run again in 2024. meanwhile, recent polls confirm that trump would trounce both of them by upwards of 15%. if an election were held today. and as we saw in virginia and ohio and countless flipping blue counties, trump's america first platform is still strong. it's winning, and it's what the american people want to see.
4:46 pm
>> jesse: tomi lahren, i will give you the last word. >> i will just say this. it's an historic day and we can celebrate it being historic. we also have historic gas prices and historic inflation and historic invasion at our southern border. maybe tomorrow kamala can take 85 minutes to tackle some of those problems and do her actual job. >> jesse: all right, ladies, thank you guys for joining us prime time joining me next is ric grenell former acting director of foreign intelligence. do you remember ronny jackson press conference, trump was declared the fittest president in the history of the presidency, usually after a physical, the doctor comes out and maybe describes what kind of health condition the president is. didn't really happen this time. do you think something is going on? >> well, we also, i would add to that. have a press corps under the administration would be asking every single question, they would want to know what pence is doing. want to know what the doctor is doing. when did he become awake?
4:47 pm
all of these questions are legitimate questions. we don't have a legitimate press corps. look what happened after the kyle rittenhouse decision today. you had a press corps surrounding the vice president and she made he or she statement and there was a collective kind of agreement and she walked away. no hard questions? nobody pushing back. she has a press corps around her that believes exactly like her. and this isn't journalism and i have to say, you know, we pound this and we keep talking about media bias. i don't think it's media bias anymore. i think that this is the washington way. and the rest of us who live outside of washington, d.c. have to realize we got to stop asking them to reform themselves. they are never going to do it. >> jesse: i think you are right, it's hopeless. we can pile on but it doesn't make a difference, these people are shot. we did get a rid out of the health situation for the president. says he is fit to serve but he clears his throat a lot. so a lot of details in this
4:48 pm
release here. you are right though, obviously president trump there is no question about whether he was physically fit or not. he worked harder. hold oldest president. not as sharp as he used to be. a physical. >> you think there would be a little interest at a smidge of interest from the press corps about, you know, how is the leader of the free world doing? not any interest actively covering up anything that could be wrong. >> transparency not political it's not republican or democrat it's what the press is responsible for trying to get us to the point of being transparent. the trump administration was the most transparent administration i have ever seen. mainly because you had an aggressive press corps that were constantly coming up with collusion hoaxes and misinformation and the agencies
4:49 pm
had to correct the record all the time. but we, right now, have a whole bunch of people in washington, d.c. that are disinterested in transparency. what they're interested in is covering up for the ruling party. i worked at the state department for 11 years, jesse. if we saw this going on in another country, the state department would call it out and would add this to the list of all of the reasons why the country is on a slide away from democracy. and we put this in their democracy rating report. and this is ---bad sign to have it going on in washington. i can tell you other countries are watching us and they can't believe what's happening in washington, d.c. and i blame the media. jess wow, so you would give him little state department demerits for sliding into authoritarianism by the way the white house is being not very transparent and corrupt. that's interesting. that is interesting. all right, ring grenell, thank you so much for coming on the show. we always love it. >> thank you, jesse.
4:50 pm
>> jesse: turkeys, babies and black santas, raimondo aroyale is next and is he going on the clock. ♪ ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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>> just a few minutes left in the show. time to put raymond arroyo on the clock. four stories, 60 seconds each. let's go. as the holiday season kicks into gear, old navy launched a virtual santa boot camp. >> yeah. (explosions). >> i'm going to deck your halls, bub. >> it doesn't get you in shape to fight other santas. instead, it's an effort to increase diversity among kriss kringles, raymond? >> look, jesse, you have to
4:56 pm
focus on the children when you talk about santa. we have a deficit of santas in this country like we have so many other things. they can't hire enough santa helpers. there's only one. they have a lot of helpers to go to malls and visit kids at parties. here's the problem, i have no problem with old navy trying to encourage new helpers that look different from our traditional view of santa, truth is, st. nicholas was a greek who served as a bishop in turkey so he probably didn't look like tim allen or the coca-cola ad. the andy williams song, some see him brown and bronze, some see him lilly white. up to families, whatever helper they're happy with, i'm happy with. >> we want thes to be diverse as well. joe biden pardoned a couple of turkeys and had strict requirements for peanut butter and jelly. >> eventually, peanut butter and jelly were selected based on
4:57 pm
temperament, appearance, and i suspect vaccination status. instead of getting basted, these two turkeys are getting boosted. >> oh, my. >> these turkeys were boosted. they were double vaksed so, that's why he pardoned them? >> you know, jesse, jokes tell us insights that otherwise might elude us. what -- the implicit message here is, if you're unvaccinated, it's time for you to go into the oven and be willing to let you die. if you're vaccinated, we're going to pardon you. the hard thing here was deducing which turkey was pardoning which turkey. joe biden and these turkeys have a lot in common, both are unintelligible, and after the kolanos co-by, both are comfortable having people poke around in their backside. we'll leave it there. >> we'll leave it there. raymond, you and i are both dads, so we know, you know, how
4:58 pm
draining it is, let's put it that way, to chase our kids around all day. turns out, we're not alone. as a new study shows, 2/3 of parents are exhausted before the day even begins, raymond. >> what do they expect? did they think parenting was going to be like perpetual clubbing and weekends with the guys and girls, watching you on a loop on netflix? no. that is not what parenting -- it demands time and love. my wife gave up her career to devote herself to our children. jackie kennedy had it right. if your children don't turn out well, everything you accomplish is of little worth. i turned your segment into an oprah segment, jesse. i'm inspiring millions right now. >> you say -- >> get out there, make kids. >> you're saying you're watching me on netflix, i'm not on netflix. >> not you on netflix, the show, you. don't drag me into this. >> okay, guys, remember this from space balls.
4:59 pm
>> the stupidest combination i ever heard in my life. that's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage. >> it works, sir, we have the combination. >> great, what's the combination? >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? that's amazing. i got the same combination on my luggage. >> a lot of idiots out there according to a new report. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, qwe rshg ty and pass word are the most popular pass words. wasn't campaign manager's pass word pass word. >> if you're 1, 2, 4, pass word, or i love you, you're begging people to hack your account. use that pass word manager, jesse. you get a collage of numbers and letters and symbols, they don't know what it is, your life turns it if you use your phone or computer an episode of curb your enthusiasm. trying to find your way in the darkness. >> don't do that.
5:00 pm
raymond arroyo, very catchy and original himself. have a great weekend. >> you can catch more of raymond on the ingram angle at 10:00 eastern. thanks for watching. fox news primetime, you can watch me on waters world, 8:00 p.m. steven miller, chris christie, ben shapiro, and dana lash. tucker carlson is up next. >> tucker carlson: welcome. tonight, a significant day in the recent history of the country. we'll have an hour of details for you. but before we jump into them, a little bit of context. here's how the story started just so we all remember. 17-year-old kyle rittenhouse wound up on the street in kenosha in the fist place with a gun for one reason, he was there because in the summer of 2020, the leadership of the democratic


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