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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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right to protect your own life and the life of your team. -- family. he was affirmed and that's a huge win for humanity itself. sean hannity is next. taking over right now. >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we begin with a fox news alert. we are monitoring the situation in kenosha, wisconsin. in new york city, chicago and portland as protests gather across the country. coming up the attorney for kyle rittenhouse will join us exclusively and all nicholas sand man knows a thing or 2 about media smears and no due process and no presumption of innocence. it was a huge day for the right of self-defense.
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a huge day for due process. a huge day for the presumption of innocence and a huge day for kyle rittenhouse who was found not guilty on all 5 count. take a look. >> the defendant will rise and face the jury. >> the state of wisconsin versus kyle rittenhouse. the first count of the information joseph we find kyle rittenhouse not guilty. the second count of the information richard mcginnis, we find the defendant kyle rittenhouse not guilty. as to the third count of the information unknown male, we the jury find the defendant kyle rittenhouse not guilty. the fourth count of information anthony huber we find kyle rittenhouse not guilty. as to the fifth count of the
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information gaige grosskreutz we find the defendant kyle rittenhouse not guilty. >> sean: kyle rittenhouse based on the law and the evidence and video evidence and testimony is innocent. he acted in self-defense. this is backed by eyewitness accounts and even the prosecution's star witness backed this up in court. a jury confirmed what has been obvious for months. obvious to everyone acting in good faith. joe biden the democratic party and the mob and the media are not acting in good faith. they have not been the whole time. why? they rushed to judgment. they never bothered to review the evidence. they never reached out to witnesses as perusual. instead they do what they always do. rush to judgment -- then the smears and slander. a 17-year-old kyle rittenhouse
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in order to score a cheap political win. now kyle rittenhouse should sue them all starting with joe biden. on the campaign trail, he referred to rittenhouse as a white supremacist who should disavowed. rittenhouse is not a whirmentist. -- white supremacist. not a thread of evidence suggested that. he shot three other white men who were attacking them. two were convicted violent felons. one served a decade behind bars for raping 5 little boys. joe biden owes kyle rittenhouse an apology. that's not forthcoming. instead joe said he was angry and concerned about the verdict. trotted out to the rose garden and pardon a turkey grinning ear to ear. he didn't give a rip about kyle rittenhouse.
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he turned the page here like he has in afghanistan. and the hell he went through because of the liable from the left and starting with joe biden himself. his vice-president kamala harris also trashing the verdict saying our justice system needs to be more ecwhitable. -- equity an. last week jen psaki said we don't like vigilanties. he should be held accountable as well. in 2020 congresswoman pressley called rittenhouse a white supremacist and domestic terrorist and congresswoman omar called him a domestic terrorist who beto o'rourke accused him of being a white nationalist
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terrorist. fake news cbs reported that rittenhouse murdering two men. msnbc falsely referred to rittenhouse as a right wing salutist and falsy reporting he flashed a white power sign. none of this is true. now that rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges the smears are just as bad. this headline from msnbc. de blasio the soon to be leaving mayor of new york city tweeted: an a guy that took a billion
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dollars from funding the police in new york city. and california's governor newsom tweeted: that's the message that we just sent to armed vigilants across the nation. nadler called it a miscarriage of justice. congresswoman bush tweeted it's white supremacy in action. this system is not built to it hold white supremacists. accountable. that's why black and brown folks are put in cages and white supremacy murderers walk free. the congressional black caucus said our justice is allowing an armed vigilantly to go free.
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colin kaepernick wrote we witnessed a system built on white supremacy. this validates the need to abolish our current system. white supremacy can't be reformed. when you think the dishonest rhetoric can't get worse. take a look. >> to take from this verdict to it use it as permission to attack black lives matter. that ain't just black people. mr. huber and mr. rosenbaum are white and jewish. they are victims. anyone supporting black lives matter should be afraid. >> are we safe if we let someone like kyle rittenhouse kill people and claim self-defense? do we need better laws? yes. >> what effect will this case have on vigilantyism and
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self-defense arguments. >> that message is two fold -- one to tell the future and kyle rittenhouses they can engage when vigilanteism. >> i think age with a factor. he enjoyed the privilege of being evangelized. >> i hate to vilify prosecutors. the deck was stacked against them. not the least of which the judge in it many ways had their hands tied behind their backs. >> sean: my message to kyle rittenhouse sue them all. hold them all accountable for their lies and make them pay and follow the law. i would start with joe biden. kyle rittenhouse did not cross a state line with a weapon. he did not travel to kenosha looking for a fight. he was in kenosha as testimony in the case showed cleaning
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graffiti from the riots. asked to stick around to defend a friend's car dealership. he was chased and assaulted and cornered by an angry mob. this was a clear cut case of self-defense. we don't operate under a system of mob rule. truth, justice and evidence and due process are key components of this great republic. if anyone at fake news and cnn and msnbc, if they had an ounce of decency they would apologize for their biassed coverage. they are liars and conartists and democratic operatives. kyle rittenhouse and americans everywhere, we deserve better. this happens again and again. richard jewel, cambride police. hands up and don't shoot.
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-- gray and duke lacrosse and trayvon martin. they are always wrong. they rush to judgment and never allow due process and never allow the presumption of innocence. live on the ground in kenosha, wisconsin our reporter sara carter. you have been there now for days. what is the latest? >> sean, tensions were high today. this afternoon when i was down at the courthouse and people were preparing to hear the verdict, there were some scuffles but mainly verbal. everybody had an opinion. >> he shot them but he didn't do anything wrong. if anything else short of what happened today would have been a tragedy and a travesty. >> i am a 60-year-old black
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woman. do you think that surprised me? i understand. >> here in kenosha a lot of the residents were preparing for the worst. some boarded up their businesses want they attempted to board up their businesses and tensions are still high right now. people for the most part of peaceful. there are a few groups of protestors out here in the city. everything remained calm. >> sean: quiet in kenosha but not in other parts of the country. now brian is on the ground in brooklyn, new york, where a large gathering of protestors occurred. tell us what is going on in brooklyn. >> [shouting]. >> [inaudible]. we are about to cross the brooklyn bridge. >> [shouting]. >> 150 protestors. many signs we are seeing.
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defund and disarm the nypd and a lot of chants. >> [shouting]. >> [inaudible]. >> [shouting]. >> this is similar to protests last year in the summer after the death of george floyd. 150 people are shouting jacob blake's name and george floyd's name. they believe there was a miscarriage of justice. >> [shouting]. >> one lady said if kyle rittenhouse was black he would have been shot dead that night. they don't believe he would have survived to have a trial. that's the sentiment here. that's why you are seeing black lives matter. >> [shouting]. >> [inaudible].
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there are communists groups here and say the capitalist courts are racist and different groups frablack lives matter. -- from black lives matter. they have not destroyed anything on the streets. we are making ow way across the brooklyn bridge right now into manhattan. the sentiment is they believe that kyle rittenhouse was a black man, the result would have been much different. one lady told me she cried when she heard the verdicts. they thought they would at least get one count. >> [shouting]. >> [inaudible]. one protestor said we have not done this in a long time. we need to warm up and get back out in the streets. tonight they are getting that with this group of 150. so far peaceful protestors. >> sean: a quick question if you can hear me. it might be difficult.
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do you find that the people that you have talked to are knowledgeable of kyle rittenhouse running away and being chased down and on the ground and the guy about to attack him? are they aware of skate board incident and the facts and evidence in this case. do you find they are knowledgeable? >> a few people said they followed the case and don't care about the self-defense -- the fact he was brandishing a weapon in their mind, it goes back to the issue of race. despite the fact the victims were not black. they believe that the system would have found kyle rittenhouse guilty had he been a different color. most of the chants we are hearing tonight in new york city are anti-nypd and [inaudible]. >> [shouting]. >> defund the police.
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those are the same chants we are hearing here. that hasn't changed. they are getting ready for the arbery trial. closing arguments are on monday. i think the next week or so will be telling. this is how last summer started. we will see how it goes. >> sean: thank you. we will monitor the protests across the country. here to react to today's verdict alan dershowitz, and gregg jarrett. all three of us agree that based on the law and evidence in this case, it was the right outcome. what do you think? >> critics and people who support the conviction just heard a different case.
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they heard a case of white supremacists crossing state lines with an ar-15 who had no business being in the place that he went to. went for no good reason. he was not chased and had no fear for his life. that's what cnn told their viewers. i hope that rittenhouse sues cnn. i will make an offer. i will share my research about cnn with rittenhouse and his lawyers. i am suing cnn because they totally distorted and edited a tape of my defense of president trump. they have a history of distorting facts to present a narrative. i think that you have to distinguish between opinions and facts. you can't see somebody for calling rittenhouse a vigilante. that's an opinion. you can sue them for saying he crossed state lines with an
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illegal weapon or he was a white supremacist. i am a strong supporter of the first amendment that cnn and others have to be held accountable for lying about individuals and creating an expectation of a conviction in a case where there was no possibility of a conviction for anybody who saw the trial live on television. >> sean: that's what i felt too. is there a case, gregg jarrett, for joe biden who called him a white supremacist that he could sue the president of the united states? and hold him accountable for making a slanderous statement like that? >> absolutely he could be sued for defamation. he made a slanderous statement which is a false statement that
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ruins the good name and reputation of an individual. here malice is not the standard. kyle rittenhouse is not a public figure. the standard of proof is much lower. the professor is right. asserting that he is a white supremacist is an assertion of fact that can be either proved or disproved. it is not protected opinion under the first amendment. beyond i don't understand, members of the media should also be sued and sued under what is called false lie. a misleading statement that injuries and is offensive and a lower burden of proof reckless disregard. this is a defendant who stands to make a lot of money by suing everybody from president biden
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to members of the media, those on msnbc and cnn who were conveying wrongful information. >> i want to disagree about president biden. i think his statement was indirect. he never said from what i saw that rittenhouse is a white supremacist. he was talking about president trump's statement not condemning and generalized about white supremacists and they showed a picture. it's an uphill case. i think one that should not be brought against presidentialed. -- president biden. but it it should be brought against the based people in the media. people like don lemon, we saw rittenhouse crying genuine tears. he said they were crocodile tears and white supremacy tears
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and fake tears. we saw today when the verdict was handed down, how genuine his emotions were. how dare they try to get into the head of a young man and attack him. if they did that to a young black man they would get in trouble. there ought to be accountability. >> sean: credit to both of you. on the law and the evidence, you are dead on accurate. i believe the jury followed the facts and watched the evidence and came to the right conclusion. last word? >> any american who was watching the trial and not listening it the base and hyperbolic comments on msnbc and cnn understood
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completely the jury's decision. the evidence was compelling this was a case of self-defense. this is a case that have never been brought. a but a snap decision by the prosecutors to indict within 48 hours under pressure by the woke mob led to this injustice. prosecutors never understood the evidence because they never scrutinized it. they were surprised by their own witnesses and videotape that supported self-defense. this was an ingregeous injustice that should not have happened. >> sean: with more reaction, former florida attorney general pam bondi and miranda and leo
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terrell. -- this has bothered me. republicans are racist and homophobic. do you agree with professor alan dershowitz that tweet implying that kyle rittenhouse was a white supremacist by joe biden, do you believe that case would have merit? >> i personally believe it has merit. you file that lawsuit. there is a basis for the lawsuit. let the facts play out in a court of law. kyle rittenhouse, i would like to take the deposition of joe biden. what happened is clearly the cancel left has weaponized races. they have basically declared war on white people. if you are a person of color and don't become part of their group, you are a sellout.
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i am glad to be a sellout because they are crazy. they don't look at the facts. today was a victory for justice. the legal system worked. for those on the left ignoring the law that's why the people in new york city are walking. they don't even know what they are arguing about. they don't like the american system. the best legal system on the planet worked today because kyle rittenhouse was innocent and defended himself. i am proud to be an american and proud to be a lawyer today. >> sean: pam bondi, on the legal side. the question on the jury and the evidence presented, the eyewitness testimony and the video testimony and the star witness of the prosecution admitted i pointed a loaded gun right at the head of kyle rittenhouse before he shot me. the skate board and chased by a mob. all of this was there. anybody watching the trial would
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see that it was transparent it was self-defense. question 1, your take on the verdict. question 2, do you see lawsuits against joe biden and others that rushed to judgment and made accusation of being a white supremacist? >> justice was served. kyle rittenhouse was acquitted. he was innocent. that's so important. he did nothing wrong. thank goodness there was video. you can imagine if there wasn't video and even the bad witness' testimony that helped the defense. thank goodness there was video and the prosecution's own witnesses made the case for the defense. kyle rittenhouse didn't have to testify. he came forward and he testified. i am a career prosecutor. those prosecutors did a horrible job. they should not have continued to bring this case especially
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when their own witnesses made the case for the defense. could there be lawsuits? absolutely. many lawsuits against the media and perhaps against joe biden. i see what professor alan dershowitz is saying it's an uphill battle. he made statements and why hasn't he said i was wrong? he hasn't done that. on the streets of brooklyn, de blasio's own home new york, what are they carrying signs that say abolish the police. he is the mayor of new york. this is about public safety for the great men and women in law enforcement. they let the national guard in kenosha to protect the it'ses and property of kenosha, we would not be here tonight talking about all of this --
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>> sean: your column went viral. you go into specifics. he didn't kill 2 blm protestors. his father and grandmother and aunt uncle and cousin and best friend live in kenosha. hi job was in kenosha. that crossing state line argument taking this weapon across state line and the gun was illegal. that was not true. rittenhouse's mother drove him across state lines. no, she was working a 16 hour shift. he took his gun to a riot looking for trouble. no, he was cleaning graffiti and asked to help protect a car dealership. he is a white supremacist. no evidence backed that claim up or flashing white power signs or wore surgical gloves to cover
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his fingerprints. even the prosecution acknowledged he offered first aid. the notion that the judge was a supporter of donald trump first appointed by a democrat. those are powerful lies echoed again and again. what impact does that have on people that don't follow a case? they seem to create an environment where they expect a result that will never come based on evidence. based on testimony and based on facts. that's a dangerous set of lies you outline here. >> it sure it. it outrages the mob. joe biden smeared kyle rittenhouse as a white supremacist and jen psaki said
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that the president felt that kyle rittenhouse was a vigilante. that was a sly way of slamming. and joe biden could have shown grace and unity. he poured gasoline on the fire and said he was angry and concerned that a jury found an innocent man was innocent. that's undermining faith in the justice system. the entire establishment of the democratic party from andrew cuomo to bill de blasio, the lot of them doubled down instead of admitting error and apologizing to kyle rittenhouse for what they did. they weaponized this trial and pretented it was about race for base political purposeses. they are the racists and msnbc and cnn perpetrated this race lie -- they tell you it's about
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race. it's not about race. it's about class. it's about the working class son of a mother who is powerless. this is the modern-day to kill a mockingbird. mark richards is finch. this is the entire establishment against this weak and powerless young man. the jury thank god got it right. the entire reputation and the entire unity of this country rested on the shoulders of 12 american citizens in kenosha. we don't know who they are, but my hat is off to them. they resisted with great courage the pressure that was on them. they were not even sequestered. they would have been aware of the harassment and the vile laws from the media. the msnbc person who was
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following the jury bus. that was an intimidation tactic. they knew that and still came down and looked at the facts. anybody who watched that trial and read the transcript knew that kyle rittenhouse acted in self-defense. that poor kid you saw him today. when the not guilty verdicts were red. that was a physical reaction from -- read. as a mother of sons my heart went out to him. any descent america would have felt the same way. i hope he can get on with his life. he is a good person and deserves to be vindicate asked to live in peace. >> sean: yes or no, if kyle rittenhouse sues, will he be successful? leo? >> big yes.
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>> sean: pam bondi? >> yes, and he needs to it sue. >> sean: agreed. miranda i think i know your answer. >> [overlapping talking]. >> i hope so. nick was but it was difficulty. i don't think we should put pressure on this poor kid. if he wants to get involved and spend the next few years obsessing about this he will do it. i am not sure if i was his mother i would want him to. >> sean: a big protest in brooklyn and other places across the country. getting reports from chicago and elsewhere. kyle rittenhouse is not the first young white man to be smeared as a racist by the liberal media mob. we remember the case of high school student nicholas sandman. he was smeared by the media as a hateful racists because he was
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wearing a maga hat. he publiced an op-ed offering his support to rittenhouse slamming the media for spewing their lies. he addresses rittenhouse directly writing. joining now for an exclusive interview. i remember at the time what you were going through. i remember that moment. the facts started coming out. everything that was said about you, you had walked over to this it native-american activist. that you had -- you were a
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racist. you had the same false accusations leveled against you. i remember thinking, when the facts came out you handled this as perfectly as any kid could. my question to you is: what is the impact on the psyche of being thrust into the public eye and being called things that you are not? things that are not true? what do you think kyle should do? >> well, it's terrible, sean. i will tell you why. as a 17-year-old in kyle's case and mine 16. your mind is still developing. to deal with an overload of stress where you have this feeling that half of the country, hundreds of millions of people hate you for something that you are innocent of.
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how you are painted. it can do a lot to you mentally. it takes a very strong will to be able to resist that and keep a levelhead. i know that kyle rittenhouse is dealing with that right now. >> sean: you said in this article the parallels between me and kyle rittenhouse are impossible not to draw. you think that kyle rittenhouse should sue outlets to hold the media accountable. i know that you have entered into settlements and i am sure there are nondisclosure agreements. i know cnn is one. there are on-going cases, is that correct? >> that's correct. i am currently still suing six media out lets. >> sean: tell us why you think kyle should hold the media accountable? i would like your opinion based on joe biden's tweet do you
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think he should sue joe biden? >> well, i think he should sue the media. but it's really a personal call. in january it will be 3 years since everything happened at the march for life. i am still looking at another 2 years until the cases that go to it trial are resolved. it's a personal call. i know he has a lot on his plate. on the topic of joe biden, i heard a lot of debate about it. i think plain and simple unfortunately calling someone a racist or a white supremacist is an opinion protected by the first amendment. many of the claims that we labeled as defamatory were not let in by the judge in federal court.
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i would like to see him go after joe biden. but i don't think kyle can be making lawsuits just to see what happens. he didn't have the luxury of suing everyone just to see if any of them land. >> sean: a learned a lot. your first attorney was wood and he was richard jewel's attorney. i was a radio host in atlanta at the time. a big article came out in the atlanta journal constitution and said that richard jewel fit the profile of the lone bomber because he lived with his mother. richard was listening to my radio program. i said just because he lives with his mom didn't make him a domestic terrorists. he was not responsible. in the end he was a hero. it served me well. i don't rush to judgment. this show doesn't do that.
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we allow for the presumption of innocence and due process. in your case, i don't know if you watched the coverage. we were right on ferguson, and duke lacrosse and right on the russia hoax for 4 years of never ending conspiracy theories and lies. you have the same group of people that always rush to judgment. never afford due process or the presumption of innocence. i believe you are right in doing what you are doing. this has to end. they are destroying people's lives. you are a young man. i can tell from this interview. this hasn't destroyed your life, but it could have. i am sure you had many difficult days in the process of being labeled the world's biggest racist. >> yes. it was terrible for multiple
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months. i don't speak about it often. it's been hard to come back from the state i was in. i did watch a lot of fox and cnn and msnbc. i watched everything after the confrontation happened. it was like a car crash, you are not able to look away. my eyes were glued to the tv. watching my character get torn apart. i know kyle will face that journey of getting back to the person that he was before. of course he won't ever be the sail person again. -- same person again. it's a struggle. >> sean: this is a big problem with the news media. you took them on. it looks like that you are winning. i would imagine you have a strong case in each instance. i would predict positive outcome
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for you. you urge kyle to consider this process as well. how has it changed you because it you seem stronger as a result of a it. a lot of people would have crumbled and never recovered. you seem to have recovered. >> yes. the biggest thing that happened to me and what i always said i became an adult at 16. i had to learn very quickly. the moment i left my house, there could be a camera on me. i learned to look around and look over my shoulder in public. not everyone likes me. it doesn't matter where i am. i still get recognized by people all over even today. it makes you unfortunately grow up in a lot of ways.
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most 18 years old don't want to do. that's just the unfortunate reality of what happens when the mainstream media attacks you in the way they did to me and to kyle. >> sean: i don't think you could have handled it more perfectly. i applaud the fact that you were able to withstand that, grow and obviously moving on with your life. i hope that kyle rittenhouse you offered him an opportunity to reach out to you. you are probably the only person in that age group that really understands what he's been through. nicholas, we wish the best. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: we head back to the ground in new york. in brooklyn why brian is with a large group of protestors. seems peaceful so far. what is going on. >> right now are in the back of
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a ground of 150 protestors in the middle of the brooklyn bridge going towards manhattan in new york city. these are bikers. this is normal. they protect the protestors forming a line between them and the police. the police have been following this group of protestors. >> [cheering]. >> for the last hour or so. it's been a stand still. they have not been aggressive. at some point that could happen in terms of getting them off the streets. they are not allowed to block traffic but doing it for an hour. a brooklyn bridge on a busy friday night. protestors behind us. they are over here. there are speakers here talking about the kyle rittenhouse case and talking about what they believe is an unjustice system and racists. >> [cheering].
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>> they are cheering and kneeling and saying the name we heard over the last year like george floyd and so on. i will see if i can speak to somebody here. we will see over here. can i ask you a question? no. some people don't want to speak. we will keep moving. what we are hearing is they believe it was a miscarriage of justice. those ared same words used by mayor bill de blasio who said the kyle rittenhouse case was a miscarriage of justice and the mayor elect eric adams came out against this verdict as well. there is pressure on him from blm. >> sean: joining us now is jonathan turley. let's get your overall thoughts. it's amazing to me because i
6:43 pm
followed this case. i studied the law. i looked at the facts and the evidence. it was overwhelming that the jury made the right decision based on the law. the video evidence. the testimony. that took place in this it trial. >> i think the jury did reach the correct decision. i can see why they it reasonable doubt. i thought the prosecution reduced the options between a hung jury and a full acquittal. the case literally collapsed the minute the prosecution opened its case. witnesses got on the stand contradicted the prosecution and gave evidence in favor of the defense. some of those moments were riveting. you had an alleged victim who admitted kyle is not fire his
6:44 pm
weapon until he pointed his own gun at the head of rittenhouse. when he had his hands up he didn't fire. these were destructive to the prosecution's case. >> sean: i agree with that. you said on the weapons charge, how could that happen? how do you ignore kyle rittenhouse running in the other direction being tackled and the guy about to stomp his foot into the face of kyle rittenhouse into the pavement and not think this is a real reasonable belief of serious body injury? or the skateboard incident or the prosecution's starness saying i pointed a loaded gun at his head. that was a slam dunk -->> right.
6:45 pm
that was telling from the opening arguments the prosecution created its own and better case rather than one it had. it told the jury it would show that rittenhouse shot rosenbaum when he was running away and shot him in the back. the evidence showed rosenbaum was pursuing rittenhouse when he was shot. those were the glaring inconsistencies that destroyed the credibility of the prosecution. this was a triumph of cameras in the courtroom. people didn't have to read through the filter. media. the media accounts omitted most facts supporting self-defense. that's why everyone was surprised when they started to watch the trial. they learned about all of these facts that had never appeared. in the mainstream coverage. >> sean: it's nice to get
6:46 pm
reasonable murder analysis on the law and the facts versus a lot of what the rest of the media. we appreciate you being with us. jonathan turley. when we come back we will hear from judge jeanine and geraldo. stay with us. hearing is important to living life to the fullest. that's why inside every miracle-ear store, you'll find a better life. it all starts with the most innovative technology. like the new miracle-earmini, available exclusively at miracle-ear.
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>> sean: the media mob spewing hate attacking kyle rittenhouse and our justice system. former president trump congratulated kyle on the acquittal. if that's not self-defense nothing is. here's judge jeanine and geraldo
6:51 pm
rivera. in the lead up to this all of this, judge, was a lot of talk about the pressure that this jury must have been feeling. they knew there were people outside. they knew what led up to this. there might be consequences. they still followed the law. and they seemed to deliberate for a long time and put a lot care into this and came up with what the evidence showed and what the law called for. >> we all know that those people are from that area on the jury. they know full well what the impact of their jury deliberation was going to be. they might not have seen the businesses boarded up and that 500 national guard were there for the verdict. what they understood is they had an oath they took to the law and
6:52 pm
to the evidence. the facts in the evidence fully supported this verdict. this case was a microcosm of what is going on in america. the defunding of police and people believing in a situation where police are told to stand down. this young boy did everything he was required to do. there was no prosecution case. the prosecutor responded to the mob. the jury stood by their oath and delivered the right verdict consistent with the law and the evidence. >> sean: the law and the evidence. geraldo you must concur as a lawyer? >> of course. i have on the air. i believe this was a clear cut case of self-defense. i said that early on before there was all of this chatter. talking about who rittenhouse
6:53 pm
should sue. even the president of the united states. i think that's absurd. his statements jibe with tens of millions of others. >> [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible]. >> may i finish? the person that rittenhouse should sue first is the guy who was the original attorney who sought to make a political statement who dragged this 17-year-old kid to the bar with the proud boys and allowed this narrative of white supremacy. >> oh, cut it out, geraldo. that has nothing to do with it and you know it. this is about defamation and evidence. if you are a lawyer you understand what the facts are and what the truth is. it kid's telephone was seized.
6:54 pm
they had every message and every text and every works. when a president of the united states comes out and says he is a white supremacist with no evidence before a jury heard the evidence we are in the middle of a bad situation. you can't make this stuff up. >> [overlapping talking]. >> will i get a second in here? when you look behind the demonstrators on the brooklyn bridge, there is no passion. everybody recognizes that this was a self-defense case. if they don't, then they are being untrue to themselves. this kid killed when he was in fear of getting killed. it's as old as the bible. >> sean: we are almost out of time. i have a question. let me get this question in. >> he should sue his first attorney. >> sean: wait a minute. i want to know if you refer to somebody who is not a white
6:55 pm
supremacist and call them a white supremacist that's not defamation? >> sean, what you and i get called every day -- >> [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible]. >> [overlapping talking]. >> i could show you emails following my appearances. i get called everything. >> guys! >> [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible]. >> [overlapping talking]. >> sean: judge, 20 seconds. if he is not a public figure that makes a difference. 10 seconds. >> well, here's the bottom line. the president of the united states says something that is defamation he is not protected. shame on him. >> sean: thanks. more "hannity" after this.
6:56 pm
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>> snoots ♪ ♪ > sean: the law and evidence
7:00 pm
were clear in this case. the jury followed the law and listened to the evidence. when will be the people be held accountable. that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. after 4 days and 25 hours ever deliberation the jury in the kyle rittenhouse trial delivered a verdict not guilty on all 5 count. for anyone who watched the trial instead of the talking heads on other networks this came as no surprise. the attempt to convict this 18-year-old speaks to the mob mentality that threatens to tear this country apart. when this happened in august of