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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 19, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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were clear in this case. the jury followed the law and listened to the evidence. when will be the people be held accountable. that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. after 4 days and 25 hours ever deliberation the jury in the kyle rittenhouse trial delivered a verdict not guilty on all 5 count. for anyone who watched the trial instead of the talking heads on other networks this came as no surprise. the attempt to convict this 18-year-old speaks to the mob mentality that threatens to tear this country apart. when this happened in august of
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2020, president trump was savaged for suggesting this shooting might be just if iable. the former president is here exclusively with his reaction to the verdict in moments. ignore the brain washed zombies in the streets. the prosecution put on its case of the embarrassing itself in the process. the defense put on its own case with mr. rittenhouse choosing to waive his fifth amendment right and took the stand in his own defense. they said on television rittenhouse was a vigilante and they lied about the circumstances that led to the shooting and lebron james mocked the defendant's emotional testimony. the jury heard it all. they considered the facts and
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deliberated for a few days. the judge kept the proceeding from going off the rails. in the end despite threats of violence, the jury did its duty. acquittal was the only verdict that made any sense based on the facts. it wasn't even close. to the left the acquittal of rittenhouse only proves what they thought about america all along: it's a horrible, awful, racist place where life is fundamentally unfair. . >> after we safer after this verdict letting kyle rittenhouse kill people and claim self-defense. >> we are celebrating political violence. >> a white boy. >> this is making sure that white supremacy can terrorize the rest of us.
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>> laura: these are lies. the words that demoralize young people and encourage people to give up on america. why work hard to play by the rules to get ahead in a disgusting racist nation? who would do that. these are bitter and angry people who hate america and are looking for confirmation of their anti-american views. president biden could have calmed down the craziy -- crazies today. he said he agrees with those who are angry and concerned but the jury has spoken. he urge people to protest peacefully. his message and the way it's worded is counterproductive. the fact is democrats gave their approval to all of the damage inflicted on american cities
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after george floyd. made excuses for criminals and celebrated the passion of young people in the streets. maybe the white chief of staff thinks racial discontent is the only hope of stopping the red wave but none of it will work. americans are supposed to believe that because rittenhouse was acquitted. wisconsin a state that biden won, wisconsin is now racist with racist jurors and judges. odd. no wonder democrats are poised to get wiped out next year. in the end facts do matter. whether we are talking about the economy. gas prices or a trial for a then 17-year-old act in the self-defense against an angry mob. here's exclusive is dave hancock the rittenhouse family
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spokesman. we saw kyle's emotional response after he heard the verdict. take us inside to his reaction when he was outside of that court. >> when he heard the verdict come across, i have wendy next to me and his sisters. the sense of relief was just so thick in the courtroom. seeing kyle almost collapse when the regard was read. the happiness and the relief that young man can move on with his life now. that's all we were thinking about at that point. >> laura: after the trial kyle's attorney mark richard did know kyle still faces dangerous.
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>> i don't think he will continue to live in in area. it's too dangerous. he's had 24 hours security. it's scary how many death threats we have. after the third death threat i quit answering the phone. >> laura: what does the future hold for kyle in these circumstances? >> well, he has a phenomenal team around him. we will ensure he can live as normal a life as possible in the years ahead. >> laura: when you speak to him, in the end there are still two people who did lose their lives as a result of this protest that went out of control. everything that happened on the streets in kenosha that night. justified as a jury decided it was. he's still taken two lives. what does he say about that?
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>> that is not lost on this family and not lost on kyle. two people did lose their lives. kyle did defend himself when he was attacked. that was made clear for the past two weeks and made clear in the verdict today. he does struggle. he has ptsd. he's been in therapy and learning a new normal. >> laura: you talk to member of the military who take the lives of other. they are our enemy but it's still a human life. kamala harris had a reaction to this verdict. watch. >> the verdict speaks for itself. i spent a majority of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitable. there is a lot more work to do.
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>> laura: what? this is the vice-president of the united states herself an attorney. not accepting this verdict. what message does that send to the people on the treats tonight? >> there is a lot of work to do because this prosecution was absolutely disgusting how they handled this case. they with held evidence and changed the facts and put liars on the stand they knew were lying. i would suggest to vice-president kamala harris that she starts to change the system with kenosha first off, period. >> laura: i don't think that's what she meant. she is saying he should have been convicted. david, thank you for appearing with us throughout this. i am sure we will check back with you.
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we appreciate your time. a long trial for all of you. i want to bring in two attorneys who provided the most detailed analysis of the rittenhouse trial. andrew who specializes in self-defense law and robert kyle rittenhouse's former attorney. the prosecutor's misconduct in in case was egregious. imagined if it worked. >> no doubt about it. they contaminated the jury pool to begin with. the only chance was to get a rogue run away jury. then they corrupted the criminal trial process. they have libeled kyle for over a year and obstructed justice and engaged in misconduct.
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wisconsin needs to take disciplinary action for the prosecutor as this should have never been brought. kyle was always not guilty. >> laura: on msnbc a former u.s. attorney wants to gut self-defense laws. watch. >> there are so many state laws and some federal laws that need to be looked at talking about how vigilantes are using self-defense in a way that is unprecedented allowing a person who comes to a fight, who starts a deadly encounter to claim self-defense. >> laura: andrew, the second amendment used by anyone other
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than a left wing protestor is going to be resulting in homicide. needs to be gutted and done away with? >> many lawyers don't know much about use of force law and she is among that group. it's common across the united states. it's a very old law. it's hundreds of years old. going back to ancient english common-law. there is nothing surprising. it's my area of expertise. it's not rocket science. it's not that hard to master. >> laura: robert, when they really believe is that you should have to be shot or beaten with a skateboard or a bat or a tire iron if you are in a situation in a left wing
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protest and you happen not to agree with the protestors. you can't defend yourself. that's what they are saying. >> that's exactly what they are saying. if you have the wrong politics you have no second amendment right of self-defense. the u.s. supreme court said the second amendment is about the right of self-defense. kyle is one of the sweetest kids i have ever represented. he went down there to help, not to hurt anybody. rioters tried to engage in criminal behavior. they targeted him because of his innocence and idealism. that's what they put on trial. if could have convicted kyle rittenhouse in kenosha nobody would have self-defense anyone way. this is our most sacred
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constitutional right. >> laura: they are looking for a federal follow-up to this acquittal. any justification for that? >> zero. no chance at all. the fbi already investigated and there was no basis to bring a federal charge. >> laura: you agree? >> absolutely. thank god that kyle rittenhouse got acquitted. the only thing that could have made today better if prosecutor binger was compelled to hand kyle his rifle back with the magazine on the courthouse steps. they didn't make that happen. the real problem here is the message moving forward is we need to do something about this unlimited discretion that prosecutors have to bring charges felony charges life in
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prison in cases where it's obviously self-defense. it's not even a close call. they have no chance from getting a conviction. they will punish you through the process itself. we have to have a mechanism to hold these rogue prosecutors who are making these political motivated persecutions of self-defense cases hold them accountable and have skin in the game. they lose something personally if they lose that case. >> laura: robert, do you have any doubt in your mind if kyle rittenhouse was not armed that night and he tried to step in, that he would have been killed? any doubt in your mind? >> no doubt at all. they would haven't stopped with kyle. there would have been an active shooter if but for kyle rittenhouse protecting himself. he protected other innocent lives in kenosha. >> laura: the role of the media is something that all of us
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focus on from the beginning. it helped fuel the misinformation about this case from the very beginning. it continues today with attacking the judge. watch. >> what shocked people is the behavior of the judge. >> i want to make this clear, there is not a prosecutor on the planet. johnnie cochran mixed with mccaughey from law and order could not win a case with a judge behaveing in in way. >> laura: what is amazing is how little the commentaors on television know about courtroom practices. have they ever stepped in a courtroom? >> i doubt it. this judge was favorable to the
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prosecution. this gun charge that was not dismissed until the day of the closing arguments. i did my analysis the week after this happened. it should have been dismissed during the 14 months before the trial happened. it didn't apply of course. this judge doesn't like to make decisions. he likes to defer decisions and hope the problem will go away. like many people do. he did that with all of the motions for mistrials with prejudices that the defense presented. well, let's wait a few days and see. maybe the jury will come back with an acquittal. he is a judge who doesn't like to exercise judgment. that was to the detriment of the defense in this case. >> laura: thank you. you both are amazing. thank you very much. one of the keys to the kyle rittenhouse case is being
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vindicated. aside from the evidence in his favor. the people who sat on the jury. this is one of the most famous juror consultants in the country and part of the kyle rittenhouse team. what was the most important criteria for the defense to consider when you were doing the original voir dire for the jurors in this case? >> well, how this case is unusual is that the judge did not allow any written questionnaire for these folks to fill out. number 2, he only allowed an hour's worth of voir dire per side. number 3 he limited the questions that both sides were allowed to ask. they could not go into any political fews or membership
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from the militia or blm am he limited gun questions. we were allowed to ask questions related to familiarity with guns but that was it it. the only thing we had going into this was something that is provided if all of wisconsin cases. that's the jury commissioner gives a sheet that has the jurors name, age, general area of residence and occupation. that's all we knew about these folks before the process. in terms of the most important questions, i think it was really the question related to what you have heard, read or seen about the case. would you be able to set that aside and listen only to the evidence in the courtroom? to a person out of that entire panel, everyone knew about this
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case. no one said they had not heard about it. >> laura: that's tough. when the jury is not sequestered and during the trial the inputs come into them. beforehand, it's impossible. that's just a fact. jake blake's family the attorney for the blake family addressed the verdict today and went right at the jury. >> the people we just witnessed was an illusion of how the judicial system is supposed to play out. when you have such an illusion with picking 20 jurors in 1 day and expect there not to be biassed that still exists in that jury pool, with the verdict i don't think there is a cause to be surprised about the
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outcome. >> laura: if he was convicted, he would not say that. you don't like the outcome and attack the jury. >> absolutely. having been involved on a lot of high-profile cases, the deal with the racial issues and with political issues. that is the common theme. whoever is the losing side. they come out and attack the jury. i do believe we will hear from the jury. it will be a while. because of their own safety and security concerns. the discussion is going to continue for the left in terms of everything that went wrong with this case. sadly these 12 people are the targets. >> laura: they did their duty. we have to roll. anyone who threatens a member of a jury they should be
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prosecuted. those individuals should be prosecuted. i hope authorities keep a close eye on these brave people. they were brave to be able to stand up and do this. day after day. your expertise is appreciated. we are pleased to have with us for his first reaction to the verdict and more former president of the united states donald trump. mr. president, thanks for being here. your reaction to today's verdict? >> well, thank you, laura. it was a great decision. i was surpriseed it had to go this far. somebody should have ended it early. the case should have never been brought. it was prosecutor misconduct and plenty of it going on. it was disgraceful. talking about innocence based on self-defense this was the post
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are boy. i think he would have been dead if he waited a quarter of a second when that gun was pointed at his head. that guy was going to pull that trigger. less than a second he would have been dead. there would not have been a trial because they would not have tried to the person who pulled the trigger. most people were happy to see it. >> laura: it's important to play what you said about the rittenhouse case the day after the shooting took place. listen. >> we are looking at all of it. that was an interesting situation. you saw the same tape i saw. he was trying to get away from them it looks like. he fell. then they violently attacked him. it's under investigation.
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i guess he was in very big trouble. he probably would have been killed. >> laura: mr. president, they said you were defending a white supremacist with those comments and biden said white supremacy is involved in this case. now do you feel vindicated? >> well, not vindicated. when you look at the tape, there was no question in my mind and that was early on. i saw it quickly on the evening news. i was surprised when he was prosecuted in the first place. how can you prosecute somebody? the prosecutors to try to win, instead of looking for justice they were just looking for a win. it was probably a political case to a large extent. i have seen more political cases
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and there was political aus. they gave a big bad mark for prosecutors. you have great ones who really practice justice. this was not justice. this is a young man who should not have been prosecuted based on every ounce of evidence. when i saw that early on, i didn't have to see it 15 different times when you ended up seeing it probably 40 different times. it was all over. everybody i knew they said that's self-defense. he would have been dead. >> laura: mr. president, joe biden said today in a written statement that he was angry and concerned. he shared the views of those who were angry and concerned but we have to acknowledge the jury has spoken. angry and concerned. what does that say about his views about america's system of justice? >> well, somebody told him what
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to say. how you can angry whether you see justice? that was justice. i don't know kyle. i watched him testify which is unusual that somebody would testify. i thought it was brave and great he testified. he did a great job. the tape spoke louder than anything else. you look at the evidence. i was proud of the jury. the jury really was under pressure to do the wrong thing. they did the right thing. they were under a lot of pressure and will be under pressure. it will fade away. i love the way the judge started but they got to him from the standpoint they were trying to intimidate the judge outside and inside the courthouse. he held up. he had a hard time for a while. >> laura: were you surprised -- i thought the judge would have ended the case early. >> laura: were you surprised at
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this becoming a racial case in the eyes of so many mostly democrats and people on the left? the shooter was white and the victims were white. >> that's because two network msnbc and cnn they tried to spew hatred. they are not good for this country. they say how many people will show up? they are looking to have problems. they would love to see riots. every once in a while i watch the other side. it should not be called the other sidebut it is. they are trying to fan hatred and all shorts of problems. it's very unfortunate for our country. that was the case if it would have been the other way, you
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would have seen it a lot of people would have been angry in this country if that young man was convicted. i am really impressed by the jury. the longer they took, it seemed open and shut. it took 3 days and i thought it sounded bad. it seemed like an open and shut case but they came out with a great verdict. i don't think it should have been allowed to go that far. >> laura: president, the issue of law and order. the latest nbc poll has the gop up by 22 points over the democrats on the question of which party handles crime better. do you think that's going to only get worse as things could get worse in the country
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economically over the next year before the mid-terms? >> well, i don't want to be talking too much about it, but i helped save kenosha. i went there and i sent in a lot of people because democrats that run places don't do too well. you had a governor that was somebody who didn't want to call anybody. he wanted to just let it burn. i sent in a lot of people. you are supposed to wait for the governor's to call them in. i didn't wait. minneapolis was burning down. i would have liked to have done it early are. we saved it and we saved kenosha very early. it was a horrible couple of nights. they got individual stores. the place did not burn down to the ground because we sent in a lot of good people. this is supposed to be handled
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by governors or mayors. they are mostly democrats. the horrible things in portland and seattle where they took over a big chunk of the city. the crime in chicago and new york. you see what is going on with bill de blasio. >> laura: are you hopeful about eric adams the new mayor of new york city who at least seems to be standing up to the threats of black lives matter? when he said he might beef up some of the law enforcement in the city after bill de blasio guted it? >> i am hopeful. i know people that know eric adams. he is something that really wants to do the right thing. he is fair on both sides. he wants to make sure that crime is not going to be happening in new york. i am very hopeful. he has a shot to do a good job. nobody could be worse than bill
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de blasio. the job he did it's incredible and now he is talking about ruining the state by running for governor. he's horrible as a mayor. i think eric adams wants to stay as far away from him as possible. i watched that. people know eric adams and think he will do a fantastic job. we hope that's true. >> laura: mr. president on the issue of build back better which was passed in the house this morning. the great fanfare of the democrats. your reaction to the trillion dollars that will be spent pushing forward biden's priorities if this hases the senate in some form? >> well, it's going to drive up taxes tremendously. it's going to drive up energy prices.
7:31 pm
when i left office the energy compels were doing well. now in california $7.75 a gallon.anies were doing well. now in california $7.75 a gallon. it's disgraceful. build back better will cause tremendous inflation and it's going to be wasting so much money on the green new deal that nobody knows what it is. the people that came up with the green new deal knew nothing about the environment. they made it up as they went along. we will throw hundreds of billion dollars out the window and this country can't afford to do that. >> laura: president biden had a 2 hour phone conversation with president xi of china. we don't have a transcript of that call. we know what the spin was from
7:32 pm
the white house. what is your thought about what president xi must be thinking about america under biden given how far the country has fallen in terms of economics issues and crime and all of the other problems that biden is having? >> i know president xi very, very well. he is at the top of his game. nobody tougher, smarter. he is right at the top of his game. when he looks at our withdrawal from afghanistan the way we got out of afghanistan, where we moved the military out first. left american citizens and others behind that should have come out long before the military. i was down to 2,500 soldiers. i wanted to get out more than anyone. but we had it under total control. we would take the american
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citizens out and some afghans that deserved to come out. we took hundreds of thousands of people out that don't deserve to come out and you have terrorists in that group and others. when i look at that and when president xi and president putin and kim jong-un and all of them. when they look at the way we withdrew from afghanistan, it wasn't a withdrawal. it was a surrender. taking the military out first and lost 13 wonderful -- i got to know many of the parents. we had many, many soldiers and other people were killed. many soldiers were badly hurt. arms and legs and really hurt at a level people even understand want we left 85 billion dollars worth of the best military equipment in the world. now china is examining it. they are doing the reengineering. they will have it and so is russia and selling it on the
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black market. 700,000 rifles and guns. yesterday was a low point for us want the lowest and most embarrassing thing that ever happened to our county. yesterday they had a military parade with our equipment right through their main street in kabul. with our trucks and everything we left behind. it is just -- when president xi and president putin look at this. they say what the hell happened to the united states? and put a big smile on their faces. >> laura: low points, biden's approval is historic lows. the latest abc poll has republicans up over 10 points over dems. you used to be a democrat. if had you to give advice to the democrat how to claw back from
7:35 pm
the basement they are in right now, what would you tell them? >> well, it's easy. go back to my policies. we had the strongest border in the history of our country. we went from the weakest to the strongest. they could have finished the wall in 30 days. they have it piled up in a air where -- an area where it will rust and rot. we did almost 500 miles. very interesting. we got sued by the democrats 11 different times. they didn't want to us build the wall. we won the lawsuits and it could be finished. finish the wall and go back to our policies and remain in mexico. they can't make a deal with mexico. i made a great deal with mexico. they took good care of us. they gave us free, absolutely
7:36 pm
free 28,000 soldiers on our border. >> laura: mr. president, they said you were the dangerous guy, that you were the one with the trigger finger and the world was more dangerous when you held nato feet to the fire on paying their dues. a weak america is the most dangerous for the world and for own our security. the weaker we are the more dangerous the world is? >> i was the dangerous guy for the enemy. they know i was the dangerous guy. every one of them knew. you did not hear china talking about taiwan when i was president or see bombers flying all over taiwan. you look at the last year how good our border numbers were. nobody talks about another factor it on the border. the drugs coming in. people are coming from 121
7:37 pm
different countries. i talked about 3 countries plus mexico. they are coming from 121 or 129, most people don't know we have that many countries in in wonderful world of ours. coming from all over it. i say it loud and clear, they are emptying their prisons. their most vicious prisoners emptying them into the united states. we are taking murderers, rapists and drug dealers into the united states. one thing we had down to the lowest are the drugs. now the drugs are up 7-fold. that's a terrible thing. >> laura: mr. president, your own political future, where is it headed? americans across the country want to know.
7:38 pm
they want a sense. they are anxious about the future of the country and where our economy is going. where will you be on that journey? >> prior to covid, we built the greatest economy in the history of the world. then woo had covid. -- we had covid. we did a great job. we developed three vaccines this record time. less than nine months as opposed to 5 or 6 years or 12 years. we saved millions of people throughout the world. we created the greatest economy and did it a second time. we had an election that did not work out too well. it was rigged. we had an election. you see what is happening. our country is eaten alive by inflation and bad job numbers.
7:39 pm
the supply chain. thousands of boats at sea that can't come in for a long time. >> laura: mr. president, are you the one to save the country after biden? >> well i love our country and i think a lot of people will be very happy. >> laura: mr. president, thanks for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you very much, laura. >> laura: here with reaction is sean and raymond arroyo. sean, reaction? >> i watched the trial. wisconsin is a place where we have a lot of guns. we use guns in the great state of wisconsin. for 3 days of the rioting everybody had guns on the street of kenosha. i was not surprised. i was a prosecutor for 10 years in wisconsin. thank god for the video.
7:40 pm
it was crystal clear that rittenhouse was fleeing on those pursuing him. he was running away. i think justice was served. it's sad when two people die and another is injured. it would have been great if we had a governor that listened to president trump. i talked to the president. he beging to send in the national guard to snuff out the riots and looting and burning. the governor said no i won't allow the national guard in. i will side with the looters and let them burn the wisconsin sea. >> laura: sharpton blaming the rioting on conservatives. >> it was done by right wingers who pretended to burn down places in minneapolis. we can see people baiting violence to justify doing what
7:41 pm
rittenhouse got away with today. this is a serious problem for activism. >> laura: we have a kid show up. he was almost killed and could have been put away for life >> where is the evidence for sharpton's conjecture? we saw again the video. it told us what happened. let's remember. entire scene created kyle rittenhouse's scenario, the entire riots of kenosha that was not caused by but was in inflamed by the media. they fanned the flames. jake blake shooting. some people wanted that the cops killed blake. they shot him. but he first slashed at them. blake lived.
7:42 pm
they inflamed that story. rioters were loose on the streets and the media continued to keep this racist narrative as part of this story. right through to the kyle rittenhouse prosecution and trial. justice has been served. the jury has handed down a ruling. we have to stand back now. and ask the question. the hard question. warole did the media play in this? >> laura: raymond mentioned it, sean. so people understand what he is getting at. this is what we heard today from the media. >> the system doesn't work fairly for everybody. people have biases and bring them into the courtroom. >> these jurors bought self-defense. >> we talked about this judge. he is elected. he is a politician. he was not appointed there. >> sean, the judge is
7:43 pm
a democrat. wisconsin voted by biden. now the whole state is filled with racists. that's what people believe. >> he was appointed by a democratic governor. you can be a democrat and still want to follow the law in your courtroom which is what he did. the left is outraged that the prosecution was commenting on the silence of the defendant. any judge would lose their mind when a prosecutor does. the question has to be. what role does the first amendment have? we should be able to take to the streets. have a bull horn.
7:44 pm
weigh don't burn, lat or riot. -- loot or right. they have rights to leave in peace. hopefully democrats will say no more of this. >> laura: don't hold your breath on that. >> you never know. >> laura: raymond you mentioned the media. the lt. governor tweeted that the innocence of the kyle rittenhouse was demanded by the judge. now we are living in a country where according to the left,
7:45 pm
it's a setback when an innocent man dews free who is white i guess. >> justice has a blindfold over her eyes. she is blind. president trump alludeed to something president biden said. at first he stood by what the jury said. then angry and concerned. that's very dangerous talk in this hot environment. a few months ago everything was against the incarceration of juveniles until kyle rittenhouse came along. get their act straight. there is only one way forward.
7:46 pm
following the letter of the law. that's what happened in this case. this was a good day for justice. >> laura: thank you. the congressman whose district credits kenosha has a message for the wisconsin governor there. uriva. think bigger. to make progress, we must keep taking steps forward. we believe the future of energy is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissions. at chevron, we're taking action.
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>> laura: it seems rioters learned lessons from last year. kenosha is quiet. among the offenders is the wisconsin governor tony evers. instead of deploying the national guard during the first night of the riots in kenosha, he helped fan the flames of racial unrest. he sent out a tweet. tonight jacob blake was shot in broad daylight. not the first black man shot or injured or killed at the hands of the law enforcement. joining me now is a wisconsin congressman brian styles whose direct include kenosha. the people of kenosha deserved better than what they got these last 15 months didn't they? >> absolutely. democrats are so dedicated to
7:52 pm
virtue signaling, last summer they allowed american cities to burn. the liberal democrats questioning the verdict created the situation in the first place. governor tony evers poured gasoline on the fire and refused to provide the resources need for the community in kenosha to maintain public safety. tuesday morning before the kyle rittenhouse incident even occurred, he rejected an offer of assistant from president trump. that caused the problems in the first place. >> laura: well, looking at the streets tonight things look quiet. they have 500 national guard troops on the ground. the progressive wing of the democrat party they had vile
7:53 pm
reactions. i want to read some. one said it's white supremacy in action. a congresswoman said racism and white supremacy are the bed rock of our legal system. these were all white people involved. congressman, what is that? what are they doing? why do they seem to hate america as much as they hate america. >> in america we are a country of law. kyle rittenhouse was tried in a court of law. the democrats don't care about facts. they are turning on msnbc where facts don't matter. people would be well served to watch programs like yours and
7:54 pm
fox news where facts matter. they would not be shocked by the jurors outcome. >> laura: what do you think it will do over the next year or two given how awful last summer was and given some of the comments that we are still seeing from democrats today. >> voters will have to hold liberal democrats accountable. it's the anti-police rhetoric that led to this situation. kenosha is safe tonight. we thank the men and women of law enforcement. the police department in kenosha. the sheriff's deputy in kenosha and the men and women providing public safety. >> laura: we will thank them and all law enforcement across the country keeping cities and towns safe. they deserve better. final thoughts next.
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(music) meet honeywell forge. analytical software that connects assets and people. to deliver a cybersecure record of your entire operation. honeywell forge industrial grade software. >> laura: tonight we saw the
8:00 pm
democrats once again try to separate us, from the truth, from each other, and distract us from its own disastrous policies. none of it will work. americans are good people. they're smart enough to see the truth, the facts as they are. we're a good country of hardworking people. don't believe their lives. that's it for tonight, thank you for watching. remember, it's america now and forever. and greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> greg: happy friday, my little friday friends. we'll get to the rittenhouse verdict in a bit. but first, the truly hard news. president joe biden underwent a colonoscopy. i believe we have exclusive tape of the procedure.


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