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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 19, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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visit and get started today. do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. ♪♪ good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a significant day in the recent history of the country. we'll have an hour of details for you. before we jump into them, a little bit of context. here is how the story started just so we all remember. 17-year-old kyle rittenhouse wound up on the street in kenosha in the first place with a gun for one reason, he was there because in the summer of 2020, the leadership of the democratic party endorsed mob
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violence for a political end. that's why there were riots in kenosha that night because people like kamala harris supported those riots. more than a year later as rittenhouse stood trial, the same people vowed there'd be more violence if he was acquitted. imagine being a juror on that case! imagine the pressure and the fear! it would take enormous moral courage for any juror to ignore the threats and follow the evidence to a logical conclusion, so much courage at times we doubt it was even possible in a country as politicized as ours now is. as we learn today, it is still possible, thank god! this afternoon, the jury acquitted kyle rittenhouse all charges. the jury affirmed what was obvious from the very beginning, he acted in self-defense. it was a wonderful moment! anyone who believes in impartial justice was vindicated. here's what that moment looked like. >> the third count of the information, we, the jury, find
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the defendant, kyle h. rittenhouse, not guilty. as to the second count of the information, we, the jury, find the defendant, kyle h. rittenhouse, not guilty. as to the third count of the information, unknown male, we, the jury, find the defendant, kyle h. rittenhouse, not guilty. as to the fourth count of the information, we, the jury, find the defendant, kyle h. rittenhouse, not guilty. as to the fifth count of the information, we, the jury, find the defendant, kyle h. rittenhouse, not guilty. >> remarkable. months of relentless lying from the media in this case in the end had no affect on the jury. propaganda doesn't always win. our documentary team was there in kenosha when it happened. they've been there for days. they captured kyle rittenhouse's
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first moments outside of the court today after being acquitted. >> it's the stuff that keeps you up at night. once you finally do get to sleep, your dreams about what happened and you're waking up in a dark, cold sweat. >> yeah. are you having dreams about what happened? >> every single night. it's quite scary actually, because the dreams feel so real. [no audio] it's bad but almost every outcome it's me getting seriously injured or hurt or dead. those are just the dreams i have
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on a daily basis. >> the defendant will rise and face the jury and harken to its verdicts. >> state of wisconsin versus kyle rittenhouse. as to the first count, we, the defendant, kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. >> how do you feel, man? >> the jury reached the correct verdict. self-defense is not illegal. and i believe they came to the correct verdict and i'm glad that everything went well. it's been a rough journey, but we made it through it. we made it through the hard part. tuck tuck when you watch that clip, you're reminded maybe the one person in america that's not weighed in on the kyle rittenhouse trial is kyle rittenhouse himself. cnn, msnbc and kamala harris has
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been able to define him for months. technically as a legal matter, this case is over. kyle rittenhouse was proclaimed innocent in a court of law. for the authoritarians among us, this is a disaster. the ancient right of self-defense. if kyle rittenhouse could save himself from the mob, you can, do. that drives them insane. jerry nadler of new york implied kyle rittenhouse could face federal charges. this justifies federal review by the doj. joe biden's justice department indict kyle rittenhouse now he's been acquitted by a jury in wisconsin? that's hard to believe you have to be deranged to consider
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something like that. what would be the affect on the country? you never know with these people. at the very least, this case will be justified to take your guns away. bet on it. if this does go to the feds, kyle rittenhouse is prosecuted by the doj, the case will likely be handled by christen clark, black nationalist who runs the so-called civil rights division in the justice department, the division that doesn't protect your civil rights, they're trying to take it away. they zeroed in on rittenhouse's color like his race was some kind of crime. she described him as a "armed white man murdering innocent protesters at point blank range." what is his race have to do with anything? well, does it have anything to do with anything? no, nothing, of course. it's been a fixation of the democratic party from the first moment they tried to raciallize this case. christen clark is far from the only member of the party trying to do that. hours after the jury's verdict, the chairman of the democratic congressional campaign
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committee, sean patrick maloney of washington released this statement "it's disgusting and disturbing someone is able to carry a loaded assault rifle into a protest against the unjust killings of jacob blake, an unarmed black man." savor that for a minute. that's from the head of the democratic party's congressional campaign arm. everything about it is wrong, not just a lie but factually wrong. jacob blake wasn't killed. he also wasn't unarmed. he was carrying a knife because he said he was carrying a knife. he was allegedly trying to kidnap a child. that's why the police showed up. when he grabbed the knife, they shot him. that's not in dispute. and he's still alive! but it doesn't matter, because these people's facts don't matter, clearly. sean patrick maloney has no interest in what actually happened. kamala harris said she was proud of jacob blake last year, the democratic party sticking with that, too. they're trying -- and they have from the very beginning -- to make this case into a racial divide to further divide the country. kamala harris today said that
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the outcome of this case, the jury's verdict was proof that our judicial system is not "equitable." whatever that means! it needs to be changed. attorney general of the state of new york said it needs to be "completely torn down and rebuilt," our justice system we've had for 250 years, the best thing in our country. the idea you're tried on the basis of the facts, not on the basis of what you look like, but they'd like to change that. abc news, by the way, just reported the same thing. they told us -- abc news, a news corporation, has told us that, in fact, jacob blake was killed in kenosha. watch this. >> it's very significant, first for the community of kenosha. this city was traumatized by the police killing of a black man, jacob blake. >> the police killing of a black man who is, in fact, still alive. so what are they doing when they tell lies like this? lies that you could check very easily or if you have a memory that extends into last year, you recall very well.
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well, they're inciting people, of course. they're trying to wit people into a frenzy on the basis of claims that are totally, proveably untrue. what kind of a frenzy? well, consider this. this is from a senior adviser at the dccc, the democratic campaign arm. his name is die juan. no justice no peace, he wrote in the wake of the verdict. who is he? well, according to news reports, he spent a decade in prison after he shot two people. now, he works the democratic party, in case you're interested in whose side they're on. but you knew that. meanwhile, a spokesperson for congressman va l demmings offered this assessment, the core of the far right movement is they should be able to kill you if they want to that's the official line of the democratic party tonight. keep in mind, and if you watch the trial, you know this, kyle rittenhouse was walking down the street when he was charged by a
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convicted child rapist and charged by a number of other people. he sought no conflict. there was no evidence that he was the aggressor in any case. he was aggressed against. joe biden also weighed in on this. he gave two versions of his views on it. first, he said we're going to respect the jury's verdict and then, of course, when his advisers took over and ordered a new press statement, he told us how upset he was by the verdict and that's what aired on msnbc all day. >> the next time there's a protest of some sort and it may get politicized that gun owners with a certain ideology may feel incentivized now, may feel even emboldened. >> when some may take from this verdict is vigilante justice prevailed. >> knowing the history of vigilante justice in this country all the way back to times of enslavement when people would be deputized to go out and track down enslaved persons who
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ran away, um, the lynching mobs, it's -- this is 2021 -- >> it is to tell the current and future kyle rittenhouses of the world they can engage in white vigilantisms and be defended and protected for perpetuating white supremacy. >> white vigilantism, white supremacy. white. white. white. white. white. all over media all day long. explicit racial attack. what's that have to do in this case? what kind of country is that allowed when the most powerful people in the country level explicit racial attacks against one of their countrymen? most of us didn't grow up in a country where people talk like this. it's very honest to talk like this right now! just a reminder in case you're tuning in for the first time in a year, everyone involved in this case is the same color! the people of the council on american-islamic relations offered this take, which was very common today on the left. "it is difficult to imagine a
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black or muslim defend -- defendant engaged in the same conduct being found not guilty." really? what about the o.j. trial? ridiculous. msnbc says the network was banned from the white house. they broadcast this stream today from a relative of jacob blake. >> you tell us why he got a free ride. his bail money was raised by the cowboys, the ku klux klan, the nazis, the skin heads. are they plugged up in this courtroom? do we know the history of this judge? these people in kenosha are racist for many years. >> really, really dark. the rest of us should not allow them to get away with raciallizing this, letting them get away with attacking people on the basis of their skin color. that is always wrong. we would never engage in that, never have, and no one should do that, because it divides the country and it's immoral, flat out! but somehow to the crazy logic that governs their positions, they're wind up defending child
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rapists and domestic abuseers elevating them to a hero status. the former mayor of new york bill de blasio wrote this today, "anthony huber and joseph rosenbaum are victims. they should be alive today." aclu who you would think would be in favor. self-defense suggested crossing state shrines somehow a crime. stay in your own state. here's what they said, "despite kyle rittenhouse's conscience decision to cross state lives taking two people and injuring one person, he wasn't held responsible for his actions." this is insanity and by the way, the continuous references to crossing state lines aren't insignificant. legally they're meaningless. you have a right to cross state lines if you're an american because it's your country. you can go to all 50 states and you're not breaking a crime. why are they bringing that phrase into every analysis of the case? crossing state lines. because they want to use it to
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change gun laws. that's why. you watch. if you want to know what the worst people in the world are saying, obviously you're going to tune into jeb bush's former flack on msnbc. she told us today that anyone who crosses state lines is a domestic terrorist. >> kyle rittenhouse acquittal today not guilty on all counts didn't nap a cultural vacuum. there's some alarming context to this moment that we're considering and talking about. just this last week, the department of homeland security released its latest bulletin warning americans again on the ongoing threat by domestic extremists. conservative media for many, many months were priming its audience for this moment framing rittenhouse as a hero. >> why are we inflicting tape like that on you on a day when all of us should be celebrating? none of that made a difference to the jury. if you're totally absorbed in american media, you get the
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impression american media are in charge of our country. it turns out they're not. most people don't watch that crap. they don't care what people like that say. they don't care at all. there are a lot of rationale, decent, thoughtful people on all sides of all races in this country who are still willing to think clearly about what is right and what is wrong and what is factual and what is false and what is just and what is not. and today, they did. so that's the real lesson here, in the face of all of that propaganda. a group of jurors in kenosha, wisconsin, were brave enough to reach the right and obvious conclusion any way. amen! yay for america. candace owens with the host of candace joins us tonight. this is the one night we probably should have pulled back but it seemed like they're barking into the wind like in the end, the jurors didn't care what jeb bush's former flack had to say about it. >> i think you're right to show this stuff because as i said all
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day this win does feel bittersweet. it's bittersweet, of course, we're happy an innocent person is innocent. we're not happy this was a nail-biter. we thought to ourselves is mob justice going to prevail in the end? when you show a tweet like we just did of bill de blasio recovering referring to joseph rosenbaum as an innocent man, people should independently look into joseph rosenbaum. i can't express enough, 11 charges against him for raping children. the boys he raped -- there were five of them -- sexual assaults, five of them including rape that were between the ages of nine and 11 years old. the idea that any person in a position of power would use the word "innocent" and "joseph rosenbaum" in the same tweet should sicken and you tell you where we are right now. these people are so hungry to maintain their narrative they're willing to justify and to paint as innocent a person that raped young boys. it's despicable stuff. you're correct the mainstream
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media is so complicit in this. they're -- i no longer delineate between the legacy media groups like msnbc that sends people to follow the juror bus. differentiate them of the antifas and the black lives matter of the word. they're providing constant feed of ignorance and lies. big tech is inflict. big tech censored the truth for the year. there are a lot of people that need to pay for what kyle rittenhouse lived through. i hope he stands up and sues a lot of these people for defamation including president joe biden. >> gofundme tried to prevent him from paying for a lawful legal defense, i really hope they go on the of business. i mean it. candace owens, thank you. >> yep. thanks. >> rosas covered this story from the very beginning since this happened. he's standing by in kenosha right now. he's a senior writer at town hall and author of the book "fiery but mostly peaceful, 2020
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riots and the gaslighting of america." he joins us tonight. julio, we've been talking you since the first day of this story. now that this portion has ended, what are your thoughts? >> reporter: well, tucker, all i can say is that, you know, i said it from the beginning, the video speaks for itself as someone who was there that night. it was evident that kyle rittenhouse shot in self-defense. thankfully, there are no riots here in kenosha has of right now. we have to think about why there were even the threat of riots. it is because still even right now as we speak, there's a large portion of the american population that believe in the media. the only evidence we have of someone being racist that night was joseph rosenbaum swinging the n-word around like he was a sound clap rapper. i should know that i filmed him doing that while telling other white people to shoot him. so, i mean, i guess at the end of the day, i guess you got to be careful what you wish for. >> yeah, i mean, it's just --
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it's interesting since you were there, you filmed joseph -- you know, st. jojo rosenbaum as he's now been declared -- i mean, it must be shocking for you to see how that night is described considering you saw it with your own eyes. >> yeah, i mean, it's not just me, i mean, we have democratic politicians. i remember waking up the next day and seeing congresswoman pressley sweet calling him a white supremacist when we had no idea who kyle rittenhouse was at the time. the only thing we did know is three people were shot so, again, it's frustrating, tucker. it's really frustrating and really aggravated but justice prevailed today. >> thank you for telling the truth from the very beginning. thank you. >> thank you. >> so msnbc -- there's really no depth to which they won't sink -- ran this banner on its screen today calling the events of kenosha last year a "blm rally." that's a blm rally.
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all right. looked like a riot where they burned the city down. cost $50 million in property damage to kenosha. why aren't the infrastructure bills not rebuilding the cities biden voters destroyed? good question. but msnbc was off in propaganda like this all day. later the network revealed an interview with a deranged professor called brittany cooper. watch this. >> today, we're being asked to say it's legal and to respect the rules of law because a white boy deputized himself and went out and terrorized people who were actually, you know, using their constitutional right to protest. this is also white america's reckoning with which version of whiteness is it going choose? there have always been white victims of white supremacy. >> how long can you attack an entire race of people before you really screw up the country for good? there's going to be all kinds of consequences none of us want to live with if we keep talking
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like that. all day long it was like that. white people are terrible. saying stuff like that on tv? what do you think is going to happen if you do that? stop that now. no one does it more than the race lady at msnbc. here was her reaction moments ago. >> we're watching the criminal justice system at work. it was designed to do exactly what it did today. gun laws helped to enhance the design to allow this verdict to happen today. this country was built on the idea that white men had a particular kind of freedom and a particular kind of citizenship that only they have. it gives, you know from the slave catchers on the right to inflict violence in the name of protecting property. >> man, you really think again over time there are massive consequences for people saying stuff like that on television, raciallizing everything. this country has enough racial
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division. why are they pushing for more? this is an independent journalist. you can find his work on substack. we hope you will. yours is the only twitter feed i read. maybe i misunderstood this but i thought you wrote today that media organizations in brazil where you live were sincerely under the impression the people snot kenosha were black and they took that from the american media. did i misread that? >> no, you did not. that's exactly -- that's not just one. the three biggest news outlets in brazil, not a year ago but this week in covering the trial explicitly stated that the people kyle rittenhouse shot were black. and they had to retract it. it wasn't just them. the independent in the uk did the same thing. one of the leading dutch papers did the same thing. obviously they're watching the american media that deliberately cultivated the false narrative from the start he was a white supremacist so therefore they assumed he went there and shot black people which is what you would do if you're a white
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supremacist. the media mislead not just the entire public but the entire world! >> this is a longer conversation i wish we could have but it's so obvious with this story specifically, four white people are the main players in it and they're telling us it's a race crime. why are they doing that? it seems like an intentional effort to divide the country along color lines to me. >> it really is the case that the liberal left and the united states has completely lost the capacity to understand any significant events in the world without seeing things through a prism of race. everything is racist. everything is white nationalist. everything is white supremacist. everything with whom they disagree is guilty of all of those things so even in a case where on its face race has nothing to do with it, it's a white person who shot three white people all of whom did some form of aggression begins him, they still -- against him, they still end up imposing it because they have a different
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view of the world. they get people to agree with them and get a lot of power. >> that's the obvious conclusion. i should have figured that out myself. that's the obvious blatch -- that's the obvious reason. the prosecutors in the rittenhouse trial tried to portray last year's riots in kenosha as "peaceful." yes, they were. they were peaceful. don't mind the fires. drew hernandez was there. he's in an independent journalist, a key witness in the trial, in fact, because he was on the ground covering those riots. he joins us now. thank you so much for coming on, drew. you're another eyewitness to this night whose mind must be completely blown. you must be deeply frustrated by the way you hear it characterized. >> this is what they do, tucker. they're liars. the woke mob, all they can do is lie. there was nothing peaceful about kenosha from night one from the very beginning. when i showed up, they were already lighting dumpster trucks on fire. the reason why i went to kenosha is because the rioters took a brick to the police officer's
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head. there was nothing peaceful about kenosha from the very beginning. it was a riot from the beginning. it was a crime scene from the beginning. kyle rittenhouse didn't show up to commit the violent acts. the rioters did, two days before he even showed up with the rifle. the rioters were. the rioters are the ones who showed up to kenosha on night one with the rifles. they're the ones who showed up to commit violent acts, not kyle rittenhouse. that's why he's been acquitted, tucker. >> so the governor of wisconsin then and now is a former college professor and a dishonest person called tony evers. he issued a statement today saying how sad he was joesen rosenbaum was killed. he -- joseph rosenbaum was killed. he never apologized by allowing the officers into the city. he's responsible for a lot of the violence. when will he be called out on
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that? >> i don't think he will. he's bending the knee to the woke mob. this case is important, tucker. we're sick of it. we're done. the american people are done with bending the knee. we're not going to bend the knee any longer. we'll stand up to the woke mob. we won't bend the knee in fear. god is on our side. it'll prevail. we'll prevail. >> i hope you're right. drew hernandez, great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> so if anyone has a liable action or two, it would be kyle rittenhouse. keep in mind, that during the last campaign for president, the democratic candidate, joe biden, accused kyle rittenhouse in public of being a white supremacist. no evidence of that at all. absolute slander. he and many other people. does kyle rittenhouse have his own case against these liars? this is a former state and federal prosecutor. we're happy to have francie join us now. thank you for coming on. so it does seem like kyle rittenhouse has a clause of action against a lot of people
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who really told damaging lies about him. >> it really does, tucker. defamation is a pretty broad category. it includes liable and -- libel and slander which is spoken and written. the president before he became the president certainly slandered kyle rittenhouse when he posted a tweet that showed him under a caption of white supremacy and condemned white supremacists as if kyle rittenhouse was one. and even today, you have people calling, still calling rittenhouse a racist, assassin and white supremacist and illustrative of white privilege. all of those people in the media -- there was a congresswoman today who called him a murderer. all of those people can be held accountable in civil court and i think that rittenhouse should sue. he has two years after the cause of action starts to file those complaints and file those charges against people who are saying these things against him.
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i hope he does. nicholas sandman sued. he got a lot of money from cnn. this is far more serious. the character assassination that's gone on against kyle rittenhouse is far more serious than that was and i hope he pursues this. >> totally reckless. i mean, they were saying things they knew weren't true. it's not like they had ugly opinions about the kid. there was never any evidence he was a white supremacist, whatever that is. that's ridiculous. they did it any way. i hope you're right. great to see you. thank you so much. >> we have a lot more for you tonight. our friend jason whitlock will join us next to explain what this all means when jason whitlock comes on the show, we don't ask him a question. we say jason whitlock, go, and we love hearing what he has to say. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: well, he's been acquitted but you have to ask yourself what is kyle rittenhouse's live going to look like now? for starters, his lawyer says he's got to move to a new city.
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>> i think eventually some anonymity will come back to it. i don't think he'll continue to live in this area. i think it's too dangerous. he's had 24-hour security since this happened. >> tucker: this is the cohost of "fox and friends weekend" and a friend of this show as lawyer -- something he never admits, but he is. i don't want to ask you legal questions but a broader more sociological one, what kind of country is it where you get acquitted is but you can't live in your hometown because it's too dangerous? why do we accept that as normal? >> because our political leaders put his life in danger, tucker. there is as the old saying goes, no place to go to get your reputation back after you go through something like this. i like what you had to say at the beginning of the program where there's hope to be taken from today that 12 rationale americans managed to set aside the propaganda and see an obvious truth.
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there's hope in that message, but that violence that potential violence, that threat was so -- stoked by our leaders. while 12 national americans set that aside, tucker, we saw people like the prosecutor's office, the d.a.'s office in wisconsin that brought this place to trial by bending into the social media mob. that's an injustice in itself that never should have seen the light of day in the courtroom. what's more, today the president of the united states issued a statement, tucker, saying, well, i respect the outcome of the jury and one hour later because social media began its outrage towards the democratic president of the united states, he switched, flipped his position and issued a written statement saying what a tragedy, the outcome of this trial. the point i'm getting at is leaders are weak, vaslous and pineless but the american people are still strong and they need to be there to protect kyle rittenhouse and his life going forward. >> that's right.
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thank you for being here tonight. for the record, by the way. this show had the same position on kyle rittenhouse if he's a bernie sanders voter. this is not partisan. the right to self-defense is the most basic right any human being has. you're born with it. it's innate. if they try to take that away, we're all in trouble. as we said at the end of the last block, we wanted to talk to jason whitlock. whenever we do we never even asked a question. we just throw it to him and he always surprises us in a good way. he joins us now. he's, of course, the host of "fearless." great to see you. what do you make of this? >> tucker, i think that what we've just seen from those 12 jurors is courage we needed. its inspirational to all of us as men and women. it took real courage for them to do this and i just want to try to add this take, if i could say one thing while i'm here,
10:37 pm
because you've been having this conversation, why is everything being couched as race? this is a calculated strategy to disarm america to go after the guns and to eventually rewrite the constitution. they're trying to define america as a failure and its number one failure is along the lines of race and if they could convince enough of the american public that this country is irredeemably racist, they now have a justification to rewrite the constitution, start this thing all over and make us more like china. that is the end game. this is not an accident that from joe biden on down who says that white supremacy is the biggest threat to america, all the way down to racial maddow a.k.a. joy reid constantly talking race, race, race, race, race. this is a strategy that's been quite effective.
10:38 pm
it hides the agenda. they've convinced black people that planned parenthood and aborting your babies is the greatest thing you can do. and anybody that tells you different is a racist when we know that planned parenthood and margaret sanger, they're the racists and that the destruction of black babies in the womb, that is the racist activity. everything -- it's -- the bigger the lie they tell, it's like the more we believe. we need to recognize their lying to us -- they're lying to us intentionally with a defined goal of rewriting the constitution and taking guns away and sovereignty away from the american people. >> tucker: that's so smart and the bigger the lie, the more likely people are to believe it. if they're putting abortion clinics in your neighborhood, they don't love you. sorry. obviously. thank you for saying that. jason whitlock, really glad to have you on tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker.
10:39 pm
>> tucker: some are dumb enough to let the plan out in public. the new unelected governor of new york, cathy hochul says the verdict is proof we need tighter gun laws. by the way, the old governor of new york, cuomo, immediately acted in total outrage today on twitter. apparently he figured out -- someone told him kyle rittenhouse shot a sex offender. wow, that's a threat. so he's against it. but any way, the new governor is telling us that kyle rittenhouse's self-defense is proof that we need to take guns away from the law-abiding. why? that's next.
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>> tucker: almost immediately after kyle rittenhouse defended his own life in kenosha at the blm rally, the tech giant decided he wasn't due a legal defense. he didn't qualify to defend himself in court. he didn't qualify to defend his own life on the streets. gofundme took down a fund-raiser for the rittenhouse legal defense fund. meanwhile gofundme allowed
10:45 pm
fundraisers for blm. katie vance is running for senate in highway highway and -- in ohio and joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. it does seem in retrospect -- gofundme took down his legal defense site? how is this even allowed? >> yeah, it's crazy, tucker, and also it's not just gofundme, a lot of the silicon tech valley companies matched employer donations to the rioters burning kenosha down but wouldn't allow kyle rittenhouse to crowd fund his legal defense denying him the right to defend himself. trump said the fake news was the enemy of the people. i think about the silicon valley technology companies as the enemies of western civilization. they're willing to burn down our entire constitutional republic so long as their share price goes up a nickel. if we take anything away from this moment, it should be we have a choice in this country between our constitutional
10:46 pm
liberties, between the rights our forefathers fought for or the bottom line of the silicon valley tech monopolous. time to break them up, destroy them, tax them or do whatever is necessary so we can continue to have a good life in this country all of us love. >> tucker: yeah to save our democracy from oligarchs taking it away. amen. imagine having a voice like that in the united states senate. that might make a difference for the rest of us. i'm just saying, we're rooting for you, j.d. vance! >> we're working on it. thank you, tucker. >> tucker: the governor of new york is trying to use the rittenhouse case to take the right to defend yourself. she wrote this, kyle rittenhouse used an assault rifle to kill people. if there's any reason to have gun safety laws, that's a reason. so this will be -- thank you for coming onto our show, by the
10:47 pm
way. great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: it was inevitable this trial was going to be used to take away your right to defend yourself. rittenhouse's right just having been affirmed but now we're going to lose our rights to do that? i mean, are you surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised. i mean, we've seen this tactic every single time anything remotely close to this situation that we saw in kenosha takes place. it always comes up. whether you have a business owner protecting their property with a firearm -- i mean, this has always come up and then people question whether or not these people could be out there with rifles. yes, you can be. i've seen so many things misstated about this purposefully to try to set up this case to go after second amendment rights. but first, tucker, that's kind of what this unelected governor is talking about that, oh, kyle rittenhouse crossed state lines -- he was armed and he crossed state lines. he crossed state lines -- these are people who don't care about the border but suddenly care about state lines. any way. it was 20 minutes away his dad
10:48 pm
lives in kenosha. he was legally within his right to carry a rifle which was in kenosha. he didn't bring it from illinois. still within those instances, he was legally within his right to do so. that's what this is all about, trying to establish a way to go after second amendment rights and disarm us. so we can't defend ourselves. >> tucker: we have a federal right to carry firearms. it's guaranteed in the bill of rights, a federal document. i mean, the states can't keep you from exercising your basic constitutional rights, can they? just because you're like the unelected governor of some stupid crumbling state with the rising crime rate? you don't get to take my gun rights away just because i live in another state, do you? >> states could try to do an end run around your second amendment rights and make it for instance -- here in texas, in order to constitutionalize open carry, you have to get the concealed carry license which doesn't make
10:49 pm
any sense whatsoever but you deal with the cards you're dealt with until you can change them so states can require certain things but they cannot essentially go out and regulate you into being disarmed. so i always hear the popular saying, well, the second amendment has limitations. you know what? your gun control has limitations. your ability to regulate firearms out of priority ownership from this citizenry, that also has limitations, and this is one important point, tucker, on this, when jerry nadler is talking about bringing the doj in and talking about that phrase over and over again about crossing state lines going armed, it's about it going after it federally. there's no case. there's no jurisdiction. >> tucker: this whole case is an argument on gun rights. a crazed child rapist tries to kill this kid and he saves his own life and you look at that and say he shouldn't have been allowed to. what are you saying? it's dark. great to see you tonight. thank you. >> i agree. thank you, tucker. good to see you. >> tucker: thank you. we still don't know how the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial will affect kenosha
10:50 pm
itself. other towns across the country, will there be more riots. gosh, we hope not. we have a report on that straight ahead. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. hearing is important to living life to the fullest.
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>> tucker: all day on the internet there were threats of violence in regards to the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. none yet but a large number of black lives matter protestors marching from brooklyn, new york. on social media they chant every city and every town, burn the precinct to the ground. it's unclear if traditional be riots in kenosha, wisconsin. markowitz is a columnist at "the new york post." she joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. burn every precinct to the ground. will that be on the front page of the "new york times" tomorrow, i wonder? >> i wonder. new york has so many irresponsible politicians who
10:56 pm
issued irresponsible statements. our current governor and current mayor and the next mayor had a ridiculous line about seeing swift and righteous action. that's what people should be focusing on. i don't know how you do that with a trial that went to a jury and was unanimously voted and dismissed the charges. irresponsible people are making sure this happens and our law enforcement is at risk here. i feel scared for them. i hope they know there are new yorkers who are with them. >> tucker: irresponsible is the word. thanks for using that term. good to see you. >> yeah, thank you. >> tucker: one thing he learned today a lot of people hate our justice system when they don't reach the conclusions they demand. masters running for senate in arizona and there is a twitter feed on how to improve this country.
10:57 pm
sum it up. what do you make of all of this? >> well, tucker, the right result was absolutely achieved. kyle was obviously innocent. but this wasn't an episode of perfect justice. it was unjust that he was on trial in the first place. the evidence was so clear. it was unjust that facebook and go fund me decided that kyle should not have the right to fund raise and defend himself. it was unjust that the prosecution their whole case was built on lies and doctoring evidence and destroying evidence and withholding it. it wasn't just to ask the jury to it deliberate when they could hear the mob threatening the jury: convict this kid or else. so i think everybody watching should say a prayer and thank those jurors because they had a tough choice. do you stand up for the truth
10:58 pm
or do you take personal risk from the mob? >> tucker: is jury believes in equality under the law the essence of life in america. the current ruling class believes in something called equity and as the vice-president herself said this was not equitable. he doesn't look the right way so he must be guilty. that's what they are fighting against. it feels like. >> that's right. our ruling class in this country, they have this sick pathological obsession with race. many people learned for the first time that three deranged lunatics kyle shot were white. when the lunatics attack you, and a child rapist attacks you you have the right to defend yourself. this has nothing to do with race. this had everything to do with the individual standing up against the mob. >> tucker: you put it nicely. normal people don't obsess with
10:59 pm
race all day. it's a disease. there is something wrong with them. appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: on the screen you can see a first look of the upcoming episode we are making on kyle rittenhouse for our documentary series a tucker carlson original. our team has spent quite a bit of time with rittenhouse and his lawyers and family. we will show you that next month. monday night we will have the first sit down with kyle rittenhouse since his acquittal. long interview. we hope to learn a lot. a really, really interesting case. one thing we have not heard anything about is kyle rittenhouse's view. he hasn't talked so he is. no matter how you feel about him no matter who you voted for in the last election or will vote for in the next election, this is not a partisan story. it's not a racial story. it has nothing to do with politics. it has to do the fundamental right to protect your own life and the life of your family.
11:00 pm
he exercised that right. he was affirmed and that's it was a huge win for him, not for any political party, but for all of us, for humanity himself. sean hannity is next. taking over right now. glad to see you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we begin with a fox news alert. we are monitoring the situation in kenosha, wisconsin. in new york city, chicago and portland as protests gather across the country. coming up the attorney for kyle rittenhouse will join us exclusively, and also nicholas sandman, remember him? heel be here. he knows a thing or two about media smears and no due process and no presumption of innocence. and being lied about. but first, it was a huge day for the right of self-defense.


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