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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 20, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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clear in this case, the jury did the right thing. they followed the law, they listened to the evidence. they weighed the decision. they made the right decision. when will the people who always rush to judgment, never allow due process, presumption of innocence be held accountable. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. be with us. set your dvr. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington. afterou 4 days in 25 hours of deliberation the jury delivered a unanimous verdict, not guilty all five counts. for anyone who watched the trial instead of talking heads on other networks this came as no surprise that the attempt to convict is 18 you making the court of public opinion speaks of perverse mob mentality that threatens to tear this country
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apart. something happen in august of 2020, donald trump was savaged for suggesting this shooting might have been justifiable. the former president is here exclusively with his first reaction to the verdict in moments. first, ignore the brainwashed zombies in the streets tonight. the rittenhouse trial was carried out in accordance with the rule of law which is rooted in british common-law going back 400 years. the prosecution put on its case embarrassing itself in the process, then the defense put on its own case with mister rittenhouse choosing to waive his fifth amendment rights, he took the stand in his own defense, commentators blathered on about how rittenhouse was a vigilante, they lied about the circumstances that led to the shooting and billionaire
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celebrities like lebron james mocked the defendant's emotional testimony but the jury heard it all. they considered the facts and deliberated for a few days. the presiding judge kept the proceedings from going off the rails and in the end despite threats of violence and retribution the jury did its duty. acquittal is the only verdict that made sense based on the facts. it wasn't even close to the left the acquittal of rittenhouse only proved what they thought about america all along, that it is a horrible awful racist place
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where life is fundamentally unfair. >> our we savor after this verdict, are we save if we let someone like kyle rittenhouse kill people and then claim self defense? >> gun owners with a certain ideology may feel incentivized now. >> mainstreaming and celebrating political violence, white boy deputized himself. >> this is about making sure white supremacy maintained its cover to terrorize and intimidate. laura: these are poisonous lies. they are untrue and the words that demoralize young people and encourage others to give up on america. why work hard to play by the's to get ahead in a disgusting racist nation? these are bitter angry people who hate america and are constantly looking for confirmation of their anti-american views. president biden could have called down the crazies after the verdict came out but instead he chose the coward's path releasing a statement saying he agrees with those who are angry and concerned about the verdict but we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. even though he goes on to urge people to protest peacefully, his message, the way it is worded is corrosive and
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counterproductive, the fact is democrats gave their tacit approval to all the damage that was inflicted on american cities after george floyd. they made excuses for criminality and celebrated the passion of young people in the streets. maybe white house chief of staff ron claim thinks racial discontent is the only hope of stopping the red wave next november but none of it will work. americans are supposed to believe that because rittenhouse was acquitted, wisconsin, estate biden won is racist with racist jurors and racist judges, odd. nobody democrats are poised to get wiped out next year. in the end facts do matter whether we're talking about the economy, gas prices or a trial where a 17-year-old act in self-defense against an angry mob.
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here's david and call, rittenhouse family spokesman. we were fortunate to have on a number of times while the trial played out, we saw tile's emotional response after he heard the verdict. if you can take us inside to his reaction when he was finally outside the court? >> when we heard the verdict come across, his sisters, the sense of relief was just so thick in the courtroom and seeing kyle almost collapsed when the verdict was read, the happiness and the relief that young man can move on with his life now, that is all we were thinking about at that point. >> after the trial everyone should know kyle's attorney mark richards did note that kyle still faces danger, watch. >> i don't think he will
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continue to live in this area. i think it is too dangerous. he said 24 hour security since this happen. it is scary how many death threats we've had. i was answering my phone on the way back from kenosha. my office isn't that far. after the third death threat i quit answering the phone. >> what does the future hold for kyle in these circumstances? >> he has a phenomenal team around him and we will do everything we can to ensure he can live as normal a life as he possibly can in the weeks, months, and years ahead. >> when you speak to him after everything he has gone through, in the end there are still two people who did lose their lives as a result of this protest that went out of control, everything that happened on the streets of kenosha, justified is the jury -- what does he say about the
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two lives? >> that is not lost on this family and it is not lost on kyle. two people did lose their lives, but kyle did defend himself when he was attacked. that was made clear the past two weeks and that was made clear in the verdict today. a does struggle, he does have ptsd, but he is seeking therapy right now and is learning his new normal. jillian: when you talk to members of the military who have taken the lives of others they are our enemy but it is still a human life, that's why asked the question. kamala harris had reaction to this verdict. >> the verdict speaks for itself. i spent the majority of my career working to make the color
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justice system more equitable and there's a lot more work to do. >> clearly there's a lot more work to be done? our vice president of the united states, herself an attorney clearly not fully accepting this verdict. what message does that send to the people on the streets tonight? >> clearly there's a lot of work to do because this prosecution was absolutely disgusting how they handled this case, they withheld evidence, changed the facts, put flyers on the stand that they knew were lying so i would suggest to vice president kamala harris that she start to change the system with kenosha first off. >> i don't think that is what she meant by we have a lot of work to do. he said he should've been convicted and never seen again. i to say thank you for appearing
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with us. it has been a long trial for all of you. >> two attorneys provide the most detailed coverage and analysis of the rittenhouse trial. robert barnes, kyle rittenhouse's former attorney. the result is great news for the rittenhouse family. the prosecutorial misconduct in this case to me was egregious and imagine if it had worked.
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>> no doubt about it. they contaminated the jury pool to begin with, their only chance was to get a rogue 1-way jury and did everything possible to do that and then corrupted become a trial process. they have been lying and libeling kyle for over a year, support perjury, tried to suborn perjury, obstructed justice, engaged in substantial, significant, material misconduct and it is up to the wisconsin office of lawyer regulation to take this winter action against prosecutor binger for this politicized prosecution that never should've been brought in the first place as a unit mystery declared today in declaring kyle not guilty because he was always not guilty. >> on your favorite network, ms nbc, a former us attorney wants essentially to gut self-defense law. >> there are so many state laws and some federal laws that need to be looked at, when you look at how vigilantes are using self-defense in a way that is really unprecedented that allows the person who comes to a fight, who starts the deadly encounter to claim self-defense. laura: now the second amendment, what she's really saying is the second amendment, used by anyone
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other than a left-wing protester is going to result in homicide and needs to be gutted and done away with. >> many lawyers don't know much about use of force law. it is common across the united states that have unusual self-defense laws that are similar state to state, and to ancient english common law, when we became an independent nation it doesn't very very much, my area of expertise i often tell people it is not hard to master. laura: what they really mean and what they really believe is that you should have to be shot or beaten with a skateboard or beaten with a bat or beaten with
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a tire iron if you are in a situation in a left-wing protestant happen not to agree with the protesters, that you cannot defend your self. that is what they are saying. >> if you have the wrong politics you have no second amendment right to self-defense. important to recognize the supreme court said the second amendment is about the right of self-defense. kyle is one of the sweetest, most innocent, most idealistic kids i ever represented. he went down to help that night, not to hurt anybody. them writers mob of criminals sociopaths infiltrator protest to engaging, behavior the only reason it didn't work is kyle exercised his self-defense. they targeted him because of innocence and idealism and that is what they put on trial. they could have convicted kyle rittenhouse and kenosha nobody had self-defense anywhere and with the jury vindicated is our most sacred constitutional right, not just the liberty of kyle rittenhouse. the 19 it looks like they are
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pushing for some type of federal follow-up to this acquittal. would there be any justification for that under the circumstances? >> 0. no chance at all. the fbi already investigated and decided there was no basis to bring federal charges. laura: you agree, andrew? >> absolutely. the lesson we need to take away from this, thank god kyle got acquitted, great day for america. the only thing that could have made a better is if prosecutor anger been compelled to hand kyle his rifle back with the magazine with 22 round left on the courthouse steps. that would have been fantastic. they didn't make that happen but the real problem, the message moving forward is we need to do something about this unlimited discretion prosecutors have to
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bring charges, life in prison without possibility of early release charges in cases where it is obviously self-defense, not even a close call, they have no chance absent a runaway jury from getting the conviction that they will punish you through the process itself. we have to have a mechanism to hold these rogue prosecutors were making politically motivated persecutions of tell self-defense cases, hold them accountable, have some skin in the game, they lose something personally if they lose the case. laura: do you have any doubt in your mind that if kyle rittenhouse was not armed that night and also tried to step in that he would have been killed, any doubt in your mind? >> no doubt, they planned on killing him that night and
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wouldn't have stopped with kyle. they would have been an actual active shooter that night if but for kyle protecting himself which he didn't just protect himself at night, he predicted other innocent lives in kenosha. laura: all of the media is something all of us focused on from the beginning because it helped fuel the misinformation about this case from the beginning. it's continued today with attacking the judge. watch. >> what did shock people is the behavior of just the judge and i want to be clear to anyone, legal commentary, there's not a prosecutor on the planet, johnny cochran mixed with mccoy from law and order couldn't win the case when you have a judge behaving in this way. >> what is amazing is how little these commentators on television know about actual litigation, courtroom practice, and members of the bar, have they ever stepped in a court room? >> i doubt it.
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this judge was overwhelmingly favorable to the prosecution. this ridiculous gun charge that was not dismissed until the day of closing arguments, the day the jury was instructed, i did my analysis on the gun position charge the week after this happened, plainly inapplicable. it should have been dismissed anytime they are in 14 months before the trial happened was never going to apply, alt will be didn't apply but this judge doesn't like to make decisions, he likes to defer decisions and hope the problem will go away like many people do. he did that with all the motions from his trials with prejudice one 23 sequentially that the defense presented, let's wait a few days and see, maybe the jury will come back with acquittal. he just doesn't, he is a judge who doesn't like to exercise his judgment. that was to the detriment of the defense in this case. laura: you both are amazing.
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one of the keys to the kyle rittenhouse case is being vindicated. talking about the mountain of evidence, the people who sat on the jury. my next guest is a famous jury consultant who is part of rittenhouse's team. what was the most important of the criteria for the defense to consider when you were doing the original jurors in this case? >> i think how this case is unusual is the judge did not allow any written questionnaire for these folks to fill out. number 2, he only allowed an hours worth parricide, number 3, he really limited the questions both sides were allowed to ask, they could not go into any political views, they couldn't go into any sort of membership
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or contribution to anything from militias to blm and also limited the gun questions. we were allowed to ask questions related to familiarity with guns but that was it. so the only thing we had going into this was something that is provided in all wisconsin cases and that is the jury commissioner used a sheet that has the jurors names, age, general area of residence and occupation so that is all we knew about these folks before the process. in terms of the most important question, i think it was really the question related to what you have heard the written, or seen about the case, would you be able to set that aside and listen only to the evidence presented in the courtroom? and to a person come out of that
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entire panel, everyone know about this case. no one said they did not heard about it. laura: that is tough. when the jury is not sequestered during the trial the inputs comes them as the trial is going on but beforehand it is impossible just like the derek chauvin trial, impossible to get anyone who hasn't heard about it. i will play one more thing and get a quick reaction. jacob blake's family, the attorney for blake's family address the verdict today and went right at the jury, watch. >> we just witnessed an illusion of how the real judicial system is supposed to play out so unfortunately when you have such an illusion as far as appointing jurors and expect they are not
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to be biased is -- still exists in the jury pool and when you come to a verdict i don't think there's a cost and are surprised about the outcome. >> if he had been convicted, he wouldn't of said that. you don't like the outcome and then attack the jury. >> absolutely. and having been involved in a lot of cases, the deal with racial issues and political issues that is the common theme, whoever, sadly is the losing side they come out and attack the jury. ultimately i do believe we will hear from the jury. i think it will be a while because of their own safety and security concerns, but the discussion is going to continue for the left in terms of everything that went wrong with this case. these 12 people are the target. laura: these people are doing
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their duty and anyone who threatens a member of the jury should be prosecuted. those individuals should be prosecuted. i hope authorities are keeping a close eye on these people, no idea where they are from or what their backgrounds are but they were brave to stand up and do this day after day after day and your expertise is very much appreciated. we are pleased to have with us for his first reaction to this verdict and a lot more, donald trump, thank you for being here tonight. your reaction to today's verdict. >> it was a great decision. i'm surprised it had to go this far. somebody should have ended it earlier and the case should have never been brought. it was prosecutorial misconduct in my opinion, there's plenty of it going on in this country. it was disgraceful but if you're
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talking about innocence based on self defense this was the poster boy. i think he would have been dead if he had waited a quarter of a seconds when the gun was pointed at his head. that guy was going to pull the trigger and literally you are talking less then a seconds, he would have been dead. they wouldn't have been a trial, they probably wouldn't have tried the person that pulled the trigger. i was happy to see it. a lot of people were very happy to see you. >> important to play what you said about the rittenhouse case the day after the shooting took place. >> you condemn the action of the joint is like i over us. >> we are looking at all of it. that was an interesting situation, you saw the same tape i saw and he was trying to get away from them, looks like and he fell and they very violently attacked him and it was
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something we are looking at right now and it is under investigation, but i guess he was in very big trouble. he probably would have been killed. >> they said that you were defending a white supremacist for this comments and biden went on to essentially say white supremacy is involved in this case and now do you feel vindicated? >> not vindicated. when you look at it, there was no question in my mind and that was very early on, saw quickly on the evening news i was surprised when he was prosecuted in the first place, how could you prosecute somebody? i think the prosecutors, what they did in order to try to win instead of looking for justice they were looking for a win.
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it was probably a political case to a large extent. i've seen more political cases but this is a political case also and they did a very bad job and i think they gave another big bad mark are prosecutors, prosecutors have been -- you have great ones and that was a great ones are the ones that really practice justice, this is not justice, this is a younger man that should not have been prosecuted based on every ounce of evidence. when i saw it early on, i didn't have to see it 15 times, which ultimately you ended up seeing it probably 40 different times. it was all over but just about everybody i knew said that his self defense. >> president biden said today in a written statement that he was angry and concerned, shares the views of those were angry and concerned, but we have to acknowledge the jury had spoken. angry and concerned, what does that say about his views about america's system of justice?
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>> i think somebody told him what to say because how can you be angry when you see justice? that was justice. i don't know kyle. i watched him testify which is very unusual that somebody would testify, thought it was brave, it was great that he testified, he did a great job but the tape spoke louder than anything else, look at that evidence and i was very proud of the jury because the jury really was under pressure to do the wrong thing and they did the right thing. they were under a lot of pressure a they will be under some pressure. it will fade away, it generally tends to. i love the way the judge started that they started getting to him from the standpoint, they were trying to intimidate the judge both outside and inside the courthouse and he held up. he was having a hard time for a while. >> for you surprised - >> i thought the judge could
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have ended the case. >> we surprised at this becoming a racial case in the eyes of so many mostly democrats, on the left even though the shooter was white but the victims a people who were killed a white but then it is a racial -- >> because two networks in particular if you look at m s dnc and cnn they were trying to spew hatred. these are people that are not good for this country. they were trying to spew and still are if you look out there, saying how many people will show up tonight, they are looking to have problems, they would love to see riots all over the place and i see the way they are talking. i watch every once in a while i like to watch the other side. it shouldn't be called the other side but it is the other side and they are trying to fan hatred and they are trying to fan all sorts of problems and it is very unfortunate for our
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country. that was the case that if it would have been the other way you would have seen it. a lot of people would have been very angry in this country if that younger man was in any way convicted and i am really impressed by the jury and the longer they took, it seems so open and shut. when it took three days i was surprised. i would say it sounded sort of bad because it seemed like an open and shut case but in the end they came out with a great verdict. i don't think it should have been allowed to go that far. laura: i want to get to the issue of law and order, you prioritized it. it is becoming a real political bellwether for republicans. the latest nbc news poll has the gop up by 22 points over the democrats on the question of
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which party handles crime better, do you think that will get worse as things could get worse in the country economically over the next year before the midterms? >> don't want to talk much about it but i helped save kenosha. i sent and a lot of people because democrats that run places don't do too well. you have governor, he didn't want to call in anybody, he wanted to let it burn. sent in a lot of people, you are supposed to wait for the governors but i didn't wait. if you look at minneapolis that place was burning down and we got it stopped. i would have liked to have done it a lot earlier but we got it done, we saved and we save kenosha very early, it was a horrible couple of nights but they got individual stores, the place didn't burn to the ground because we sent and a lot of
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good people. this is supposed to be handled by governors or mayors, mostly democrats but if you look at horrible things in portland, a big chunk of the city, you look at the crime in chicago, new york and you see what is going on with the deblasios of the world it is terrible. laura: are you in any way hopeful about eric adams, the new mayor of new york city who at least seems to be standing up to the threat of black lives matter when he said he might be up some of the law enforcement in the city after deblasio gutted it? >> i'm hopeful and i know people that know eric adams and he is somebody that wants to do the right thing it is fair on both sides but he wants to make sure crime is not going to be happening in new york so i'm very hopeful. he has a shot to really good job
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and nobody could be worse than deblasio, you look at the job he has done it is incredible and now he's talking about ruining the entire state, running for governor, it is ridiculous, he has been absolutely horrible as a mayor and i think eric adams wants to stay as far away from him as possible. i have been watching that. i know people that know eric adams and think he will do a fantastic job but we all hope that is true. laura: the issue of build back better which was passed in the house this morning, great fanfare, your reaction to the trillions of dollars that will ultimately be spent pushing forward biden's priorities if this passes the senate in some form? >> it's going to drive up taxes tremendously, is going to drive up energy prices tremendously was when i left office a gallon
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of gas cost one dollar and $0.87 and the energy companies were all doing well. you can't have it better than that, now in california, $7.75 a gallon and other places are at, 4, 5, 6 and with energy goes inflation, leads the way for a lot of other things, frankly disgraceful and build back better which is a terrible expression is going to cost tremendous inflation and is going g to, we are going to be wasting so much money on the green new deal but nobody even knows what it is and the people who came up with the green new deal knew nothing about the environment, they just made it up as they went along and we are going to be throwing hundreds of billions of dollars out the window and this country can't afford to do that. >> president biden headed to our phone conversation with president xi of china.
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we don't have a real transcript of that call and don't know what was said or what the spin was out of it from the white house, what is your thought about what president xi must be thinking about america under biden given how far the country has fallen in terms of economic issues, crime and all the other problems biden is having? >> i know president xi very very well and he is at the top of his game. nobody tougher, smarter, he's right at the top of his game and when he looks at our withdrawal from afghanistan the way we got out of afghanistan, where we move the military out first, we left american citizens and others behind, we were set up. i was down to 2500 soldiers, i did to get out more than anyone but we had it under total
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control, we began to take the people up, the american citizens and some afghans that deserve to come out to we took hundreds of thousands of people out don't deserve to come out, we don't even know who they are and you do have terrorists in that group and others, but when i look at that and when president xi and president putin and all of them when they look at the way we withdrew from afghanistan it wasn't a withdrawal, it was a surrender, taking the military out first, then we lost those 13 wonderful guys, i got to know many of the parents and we had many many soldiers and other people, many other people were killed, many soldiers badly hurt and that means arms and legs and really hurt at a level like people can't even understand but when we left, $85 billion worth of the best military equipment in the world, now china is examining it and doing the
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reengineering, they will have it for themselves and so is russia and they're selling a lot of it on the black market, 700,000 rifles and guns and i don't know if you saw yesterday, although point for us, the lowest and most embarrassing thing in my opinion that ever happened to our country but yesterday they had a military parade with our equipment right through their main street in kabul. a military parade with our trucks and everything we left behind and it is, when president xi and president truman and all of them look at this phase say what the hell has happened to the united states and put a big smile on their faces. >> president biden's approval is at historic lows, the latest post-abc poll has republicans up 10 points over dems in the generic ballot. you used to be a democrat. if you had to give advice to the
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democrats, how to clawback from the basement they are in right now what would you tell them? >> it is really easy, go back to my policies, we had the strongest border in the history of our country, we went from the weakest, it was terrible to the strongest we've ever had, they could have finished the wall in the 30 days, instead have it piled up in an area where it is going to rust and rot, the wall is almost complete and the only reason, we did almost 500 miles, very interesting, we got sued by the democrats 11 times, they didn't want us to build the wall. despite that we won the lawsuits and it could be finished so quickly, finish the wall, go back to our policies, remain in mexico, i had it all done. they said they can't make a deal with mexico. i made a great view with mexico.
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they gave us free absolutely free 28,000 soldiers on the border. laura: they were saying you were the dangerous guy, you had a trigger finger, the world was more dangerous when you were holding nato's feet to the fire on paying their dues and it turns out that a week america is the most dangerous for the world and security, the weaker we are the more dangerous the world is. >> i was a dangerous guy for the enemy. they know i was the dangerous guy and i was for the enemy and every one of them knew. you didn't hear china talking about taiwan when i was president was you didn't see bombers flying all over taiwan. you didn't see people, you take a look at the last year how good are border numbers were, nobody talks about another factor, drugs coming in, we see people
12:37 am
coming in, they have no idea, they are coming -- i used to talk about three countries plus mexico, coming from 121, 129, 131, most people don't know we have that many countries in this wonderful world of ours, they are coming from all over and i said and i say it loud and clear, they are emptying their prisons, these countries are emptying their prisons, most vicious prisoners, they are emptying them into the united states, we are taking prisoners, murderers, rapists, drug dealers into the united states but one of the things, the lowest we ever had it because we had such a strong border other drugs and now the drugs are up 5, 6, 7fold from when i left. a terrible thing. laura: your own political future.
12:38 am
where is it headed? americans across the country want to know. they are anxious about the future of the country and anxious about where our economy and national security are going so where are you going to be in that journey? >> prior to covid we built the greatest economy in the history of the world, then we had covid, we did a great job, mobilize -- our cupboards were bare, from previous administrations, we got them all filled up, did a great job, develop three vaccines in record time, less than nine months as opposed five years, 6 years or 12 years which is what they thought and saved millions of people throughout the world but we created the greatest economy and did a second time and then we had an election the didn't work out too well except for them, it was a rigged election, we had an election and you see what is happening, our country is beaten alive by
12:39 am
inflation, by bad job numbers, you look at the supply chain, thousands of -- they won't be coming in for a long time. laura: are you the one to save the country after biden? >> let me put it this way. i love our country and i think a lot of people are going to be very happy. laura: thank you for joining us on his huge newsnight, we really appreciate it. and here with reaction, former wisconsin congressman and raymond arroyo, your reaction to the verdict and what you heard from donald trump? >> what is interesting is wisconsin is a place where we have a lot of guns, we use guns in wisconsin and for the 3 days of the rioting everybody had guns on the streets of kenosha. i wasn't surprised, you heard this a number of times, i was a prosecutor for 10 years in wisconsin and thank god for the video because the video is
12:40 am
crystal-clear that rittenhouse was fleeing those who were pursuing him. he was not engaging them, he was running away. justice was served but sad when two diameters injured and it would have been great if we had a governor who would have listened to donald trump. i talked to him during that time. he was taking to send in the national guard to give reinforcements to step out the riots and looting and burning and the governor said no, i'm not going to allow the national guard in. let them burn our wisconsin city. laura: out sharpton blamed last summer's rioting in kenosha on conservatives. >> violence in minneapolis was done by right-wingers who pretended to be burning down places in minneapolis. now we can see people baiting
12:41 am
violence to have a reaction to justify doing what rittenhouse got away with today. this is a very very serious problem for activism. >> serious problem for activism, they have a kids show up using his own second amendment rights, he was almost killed and could have been put away for life so where is activism - >> where's the evidence for al sharpton's can gesture that there were other elements doing this? we saw again the video, it told us what happened. let's remember the entire scene that created kyle rittenhouse's scenario, the entire riot of kenosha that was not cause by but was inflamed and further instigated by the media. they fan the flames of the jacob bake shooting, some people now reporting the cops killed jacob blake, they did not. they shot him, he was shot
12:42 am
sometimes but he first/dead them. jacob blake lived and they inflamed the story, rioters were loose on the street and the media continue to keep this racist narrative as part of this story, right through to the kyle rittenhouse prosecution and trial so justice is served, the jury has handed down its ruling and i think we have to stand back and ask the hard question what role did the media play in this and how do they try this outcome? >> raymond mentioned it will. this is what we heard today from the media. >> the system of justice doesn't work fairly for everyone. people are people. they have biases and they bring them into the court. >> the jurors bought self-defense took line and sinker. >> this judge is a politician,
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and elected official in the state of wisconsin. he wasn't appointed. laura: the judge is a democrat, this -- wisconsin voted biden. the whole state, injuries, judges, filled with racist. that is what they ask us to believe. >> the judge was appointed by a democrat governor, was a democrat but you can be a democrat and still want to enforce the law and hold the rules of civil medical procedure in your court room. what the left is outraged that the prosecution was trying to comment on the post the rest silence of the defendant are you kidding me? any judge is going to lose their mind when a prosecutor does that. i look at these commentators and agree with raymond, they are inflaming the situation but as
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we look at kenosha the question is what role does the first amendment have? we should be able to take to the streets and have our voices heard, have a bull horn but we don't burn, luke, riot and if you do law enforcement is coming in it will shutdown your first amendment, and to protect property and life because they have rights to live in peace. democrats don't believe in that, they believe in the mob justice and i believe democrats and republicans came together and say no more of this any longer. laura: don't hold your breath on that. i've been around a lot longer and you. but nice sentiment. you mentioned the media in all this but the politicians as well, lieutenant governor mandela barnes who is running for senate in 2022 tweeting we have seen so many black and brown youth killed to be put on trial posthumously while the innocence of kyle rittenhouse was virtually demanded by the judge. a difficult road to justice in america. now we are living in a country
12:45 am
where according to the left it is a setback when an innocent man goes free who is white i guess. >> there's a reason justice is always depicted with that blindfold over her eyes. she's blind, the fact pattern should determine the guilt or innocence of an individual no matter what their race is. donald trump alluded to something biden said earlier today. president biden said that he stood by what the jury said but then he was angry and concerned, he said. that is dangerous talk in this hot environment where a few months ago everybody was against the mass incarceration of juveniles until kyle rittenhouse came along, then suddenly everybody supports the mass incarceration of juveniles.
12:46 am
they've got to get their act straight. there's only one way forward. justice based on fact patterns and following the letter of the law. that happened in this case. that is what we expect going forward. this was a good day for justice. laura: the congressman whose district includes kenosha has a message for the wisconsin governor, tony evers, stay there. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> laura: it seems rioters learned lessons from laura: some lessons from last year, kenosha is quiet tonight. the travesty of last summer will not be lost. chief among the offenders is tony evers. instead of deploying the national guard ahead of or during those riots in kenosha he helped fan the flames of racial unrest. just hours before the burning and looting began he set out in inflammatory two. jacob blake was shot in the back multiple times in broad daylight, not the first black man shot region mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement. joining me is wisconsin congressman ryan stiles whose district includes kenosha.
12:52 am
people of kenosha deserve better than what they've gotten the last 15 months. >> they absolutely did. democrats are so dedicated to virtues signaling that last summer they allowed american cities to burn. the same liberal democrats are questioning the verdict outcome the created the situation in the first place. on the light of jacob blake shooting governor evers put out an incendiary statement like pouring gasoline on the fire. he then refused to provide the resources that were needed for the community of kenosha to maintain public safety. tuesday morning before the kyle rittenhouse incident occurred he rejected an offer of assistance from donald trump. their actions caused the problem in the first place. laura: when you are looking at the streets tonight things are quiet thank goodness. also 5 national guard troops on the ground, that might have something to do with it but the progressive wing of the
12:53 am
democratic party had file reactions to this verdict. i want to read some of them for you. cori bush said the judge, the jury the defendant is white supremacy and. congresswoman iona presley says racism and white supremacy is the bedrock of the legal system, we have to admit our justice system isn't working for black, brown, and indigenous people, not sure what indigenous people have to do or black or brown given these were all white people involved but what is that? what are they doing? why do they seem to hate america? >> democrats wanted to try kyle rittenhouse in the court of public opinion. in america we are a country of laws. kyle rittenhouse was tried in a court of law, and the jury reached a verdict. the democrats don't care a lot
12:54 am
about facts. turning on ms nbc where facts don't matter, people will served by watching programs like yours and fox news for facts actually matter and then they wouldn't be as shocked by the jury's outcome. will: laura: what will this do if anything over the next year or two, given how awful last summer was and given the comments we are seeing from democrat politician. >> voters have the whole liberal democrats accountable. the anti-police defund the police rhetoric that led us to the situation. kenosha is safe, we've got to thank the men and women of law enforcement, the sheriff department deputies in kenosha, men and women standing on the front lines providing public safety. laura: we thank them and all law enforcement keeping cities and towns safe, they deserve better than they have gotten. final thoughts next.
12:55 am
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>> laura: tonight we saw laura: we saw the democrats once
1:00 am
again trying to separate us from each other and distract us from our own policies. none of it will work. americans see the truth, the facts as they are. we are a good country of hard-working people. don't believe their lives. it is america now and forever and greg gutfeld takes it all from here. >> greg: happy friday, my little friday friends. we'll get to the rittenhouse verdict in a bit. but first, the truly hard news. president joe biden underwent a colonoscopy. i believe we have exclusive tape of the procedure.


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