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tv   Fox Nation Patriot Awards  FOX News  November 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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any national leadership to lean on and i think the senate is well within the reach for the republicans. steve: we'll follow it. it's always great to break it down. thanks for watching. see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised.
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>> i'm your host pete hegseth. i never thought it would host an award show. but here we are in the real hollywood, hollywood, florida. live from the beautiful hard rock hotel and casino in the free state of florida. right? come on. you see, in the other hollywood,
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nauseating award shows honor pompous actors who are famous because they pretends to be she rees on the big screen. tonight we thonnor the real heroes. in the other hollywood, diva actors, they like to walk the red carpet. at the patriot awards we walk the red, white and blue carpet. in the other hollywood, fawning reporters ask, kale-eating celebrities, who are you wearing this evening. right? at the patriot awards we show
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them. tonight we honor ordinary americans who did extraordinary things. which has always been the story of our american republic. we are the united states of america. united, amen. united around our flag, our love of freedom under god. and guard by those wearing badges or camouflage who put their lives to defend it. america is the most exceptional nation in human history. not even close. and i have a tip. if you don't love it, you can always leave it.
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america as i like to put it is simply the ultimate because of we the people. because of you. that's why. but we also have some familiar faces in the house tonight. as i look out into the audience i see many friends of mine and many friends of yours who visit you in your bedroom in the morning or your living room at night. sean hannity is with us tonight. [cheers and applause]
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the america angle. she'll be on in a second. my "fox and friends" peeps are here as well. right here at the patriot awards 4,000 strong. thank you so much. okay. y'all ready to get started tonight? ready for our first presenter of the night. you know her, you love her, please gift up for laura ingraham. [♪♪♪]
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laura: high, guys. you all look beautiful. even hannity looks beautiful. i'm so excited to be here tonight. it's so great to see all of you to present the first award of the night. think about most rall iewbl -- mostvaluable players. they are indispensable to the team. they put in an outstanding effort. but our most valuable pay the quote radiates a positive, infectious attitude. and while so many athletes choose to use their platforms to criticize america, remember china in only america. our mvp uses hers to share her
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love more america. every one meet tamara mensesac. >> i love it. i'm so happy i get to represent usa! >> the first black woman to win gold in wrestling 7-year history. >> she inspired millions when she talked about her deep love for this country. >> i did not plan to say that. immediately after winning, i thought put your heart up, tamara and tell everybody you love them. , that's when it hit me. >> standing up there and be
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happy and proud of the country they represent. it's very important. she understands it's a privilege to represent her country. laura: . please welcome her. >> i know you won the gold medal.
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but isn't this cooler? you inspired so many people. date seems unusual to people, but should it be? >> it's not unusual for me. my father is an immigrant. i was taught to love my country. so i'm here representing the usa. thanks so much for your support. i wouldn't be here without my faith, my family and my friends. pete: laura and tamara thank you so much. and let me say we freaking love you, too. >> next sean hannity with a pegs tribute.
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pete: here to present our next award. you hear him unfiltered every day on the dan bongino show. please welcome dan bongino and lara logan. [cheers and applause]
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pete: i love you, too. dan: here a person for achievements. >> this summer during the chaotic travel to get americans out of the afghanistan before the taliban took over, that might have been a good idea for bite * to think about. one man decide to act to save our friends and allies from being left behind. dan: we are tremendously honored to introduce up to lieutenant colonel scott madden. retired special forces are taking matters into their own hands. >> there is no one else coming for them but us. >> task force pineapple is the most recognized and effective of
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these groups. >> we knew who they were and where they were and they trusted us. we were able to present highly vetted individuals in the context in a sea of chaos, of tens of thousands. these folks manning the perimeter, that's what they wanted to do anyway. >> it started with handful of us who were friends with an afghan commando and special forces sergeant. we came together to help him get out of the country. we candidate ourselves now do we leverage what we can do. we newt country well, we operated there for a long time. we built relationships or leveraged preexisting relationships with people we knew inside the perimeter. oftentimes the heavy effort is done by the local people who
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live in those areas. it was a mad house at the airfield. tom used the word pineapple to gain entry with the guards. we were frantically yelling into the phone telling him to say pineapple. and he did. and passport pineapple was born. >> i got on the phone with a couple of green berets. it was overwhelming. we took the chat room that we were operating in and we renamed it task force pineapple. we sat up basic operating rules, you are shepherds. your job is to be the eyes and ears of the afghan family you are guiding. we had a former green beret who would type in the room my family
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is at abby gate and it's closed. and one would say the north gate is open. they would hold the picture of the pineapple. we were able to pull hundreds of afghan families through the perimeter in the be final days. people think the opposite of fear is courage. it's not. it's love. the love that afghan people have for freedom of, and the love our veterans have for their afghan partners. i was grateful for our afghan population show us what leadership looked like. dan: please put your hands together and give a welcome for retired green beret and in the
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recipient scott mann. [crowd chants usa] >> the only thing i can think to say is that i'm absolutely not a hero. but i got to serve with a whole bunch of them. this is for all the men and women i served with over the 20 years in afghanistan.
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this is for the men and women who went into the breach at kabul international when everything was falling apart. this is for the 13 who didn't come home. and this is for our afghan partners. the command doze and the special forces they fought, they are still there. they are the ones who endured walking through the sewage-filled canals. >> they are still emerging every day. >> that's strength. dan: scott mann is someone i'm proud to call a friend and a mentor. thank you for all you do. speaking of friends and mentors. put your hands together for the one and only shawn hannity.
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-- sean hannity. sean: you all having a good time tonight? aren't we lucky to live in this country with these amazing heroes. people who risk their lives. we saw the chaos at kabul airport and we know what happened. august 26, 2021 is now knowns one of the deadliest days for the u.s. military in the last decade in this 20-year war in afghanistan. the previous 18 months we haven't lost one single american in afghanistan. the bomb at the u.s. checkpoints
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killing 11 marines and one corpsman, and 18 other soldiers were injured in the blast. they range from age from 18 to 31 years old. please take a moment honoring their sacrifice. [♪♪♪]
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sean: i want to ask you, there are in the room tonight the family of some of the 13 who died that day. i met them and said hello to a number of them. i want you to know that this foxnation family, we love you, we are praying for you, we are broken heard the over your loss. -- this should never have happened. if we can help you in any way. this big large extended family wants you to know we love you and we pray for you every day. will you please stand so we can honor you. [applause]
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sean: may god be with you and the angels surrounds you. no greater love hat any man than to lay down their life for others. our thoughts and prayers are with you. foxnation, i love you, god bless all tonight. >> when we come back we'll present the modern warrior award.
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ashley: this is a fox news alert. i'm ashley strohmier in new york. reports at this hour that at least 5 people are dead and 40 hurt after a speeding suv plowed through a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin. no names or ages of those killedr have been released. but authorities say children are
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among the victims. video shows the car ramming through the parade as cams chase on foot. the car truck a band. schools will be closed monday. stay with us as this tory develops throughout the night. pete: our next patriot award is for the modern warrior. we need war fighters who have taken the fight to the enemy since 9/11. one show that highlights the real 1% like no other is "fox and friends." please welcome steve doocy,
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ainsley earhardt and brian kilmeade. take it away. [♪♪♪] >> good evening. can you see me? major dan rooney gave plea this tuxedo. thanks to all of you for coming. fighting for our freedom doesn't top in the battlefield, and the impact can last a lifetime. >> 53,000 u.s. troops were yard in the past 20 years of war. those are just the physical wounds. >> one was the john gavin.
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he lost his leg, shattered his arm. but that did not stop him from wanting to be back in the fight. >> despite his injuries, sergeant first class gowdy deployed again on another come bad mission to afghanistan. >> no doubt about it. he's this year's recipient of the modern warrior award. >> one of the partner forces turned on us and resulted in multiple casualties. i have a prosthetic right humerus. and extensive never damage in my arms. multiple gunshot wounds around the body and one to the left leg resulting in a below the knee amputation.
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delays grieving period after being injured. you think your life is over. you think you won't have the same quality in life. i had to deal with that. sitting in the hospital room with nothing but my thoughts. you start rationalizing and prioritizing your life. when you make goals and tart meeting them, it takes away the negativity of the healing process. >> a year later he was ready to deploy again. >> when i came back from walter reed i signed back into work on january 12 or 13. the difficulty starts with your mental outlook to prove to yourself that you can do it, where you install confidence and trust in your teammates that you are an asset, not a liability.
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>> downis the person who will tell you, it's going to be okay. he's the most optimistic person in the world. it can be the smallest thing you and i take for granted. he keeps pushing through. but it's something that's so easy that he has to try hard to do. i watched him in so much pain in the hospital after he got hurt. i never wanted to see him like that. but i'm so grateful for him overcoming that. i am proud of him. >> what a story. let's hear it from our modern warrior sergeant john gowdy.
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[applause] >> john, why did you go back. >> first it was to prove to myself that i was able to. then it was to return back to the life that i absolutely love. and the brothers and sisters left and right, the teammates, and just the overall cause. to gain control of the life that you had, i think that was the
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best thing that could get me through that. >> worth it? >> yes. >> next, judge jeanine pirro and tucker carlson. light 'em up, up♪ [♪♪♪] m on fire ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em... ♪ when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at
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pete: up next is a woman that needs no introduction. you know her on the channel "justice with judge jeanine," and the hit show on foxnation, "castles usa." judge jeanine pirro. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: what a great night to be with friends tonight. this year marks 20 years since the september 11 terror attack. a day none of us will ever forget. but from the devastation,
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amazing stories of courage emerged. among those were the passengers of flight 93. they were a group of strangers who not only came together to fight back against the hijackers, but they kept the fourth plane from hitting our nation's capitol. and one of those strangers, one of those strangers was todd beamer. and he is this year's courage award recipient. >> todd and his fellow passengers on flight 93 understood, we are not going
10:41 pm
back to new jersey. we are guide missile number four. they used a food cart, necessity grabbed they could, the noise, commotion, the sounds of the counterattack beginning. and then it went dead. >> united 93, do you have a commission on that. he's down. he did not lands. he's down. >> where northeast of camp david. >> passengers on this flight may have taken down their plane to site offers on the ground. now being hailed as heroes. >> they rushed their murderers to save lives on the ground. some of our greatest moments have been acts of courage. >> todd was a hero in our
10:42 pm
familiar live for so many reasons before 9/11 because of the young plane was. he was a provider for his family and worked hard. a major bless can was that telephone call that todd had with a wonderful lady named lisa jefferson. he was able to describe the nature of the enemy, talk about their plan, send his love to his family, noting that we'll probably not make it out of this. pray together with his a jefferson, and todd's last words, are you guys ready? let's roll. >> it was shock. it was this really can't be. my comfort and my assures in todd's faith. >> he was a christian. i think that's what gives us peace.
10:43 pm
>> it was great news for the country what todd did. and i hope that's what they will remember. remember what kind of a man he was. what kind of a leader. >> we have our marching orders. my fellow americans, let's roll. judge jeanine: here to accept the courage award on todd's behalf are his parents, david and maggie beamer.
10:44 pm
god bless you. of course, you get a hug. look at this wonderful family here. come on up. come on up. >> i can't tell you how happy i am to be amongst so many great americans. we are thankful that foxnation remembers 9/11. remembers our son. and what others did on that day.
10:45 pm
and what thousands of others have done the day after 9/11, weeks, the months, the decades after 9/11 to keep us free and safe. i'm so happy to see those honored this night for their sacrifices they made. thank you to foxnation. we really appreciate the opportunity. thank you. pete: judge jeanine, everybody. david and peggy, on a personal note, i know no two words have inspired me more than "let's roll," and i know i'm not alone in this room tonight. god bless. >> don't go anywhere, tucker
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pete: it's time to up the ante a little bit. let's gift up for america's culture warrior, our friend,
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tucker carlson. [♪♪♪] [cheers and applause] tucker: thank you, pete. thank you. thank you for having me. i don't go anywhere anymore. i am on my ipad back out a script with two fingers. to be in a room with so many people who are so decent. it doesn't happen to me every day. i found that really inspiring and i appreciated -- i love you, too. >> the people on this team were heroes. i thought that person is a lot more impressive than i am. and sow is that person, and so
10:51 pm
is that person. it was 100% of the people. i thought to myself these people have taken great risks than i have, but they are recognizably american in the way they are impressive. they are not like a person who arrived from outer space to outshine the rest of us. they were raised in america delivering american attributes. they are humble. they are not that interested in talking about themselves. they are confident. people outside the big cities actually have skills. i'm serious. i am not being mean. but they can actually do stuff. they can make things. they can potentially fix it fit breaks. they don't necessarily have to order another one from china
10:52 pm
over amazon. they have usable skills that might sometime come in handy. there is no other place like that. there is in other place where countrymen root for each other so passionately as they do here. americans love to see other americans succeed. your success is my success. you are impressive and i am thrilled by that. not envious. the fact that you are success -- succeeding said something great about this community we call the united states. that's not universal. it's uniquely ours. so i have to say, having seen this my whole life. sometimes i hear people describe a country i don't recognize at all. like i was living in some angry, filthy, crumbling city, that would be my view of american, but even in the filthy,
10:53 pm
crumbling cities there are good people. we don't need to burn it down and build back better. no we don't, actually. it's already great. this country is the best expression of human decency in the history of the world. if you don't believe that's true, tell me what is. i will give you my cell. call me when you have figure it out. and you can't. it's not even a political question. it's a much more basic one than that. i divide the world into two groups. yes, this is awesome. but is it fundamentally great because the people are fundamentally great? yes, of course it is. i live here, i know that. clearly they are mad at their dads, pretend not see that. that is honestly -- this gives
10:54 pm
me heart and hope. as i sit there back out my apocalyptic script every accepting. then i say to myself, actually this isn't most people. in fact this isn't 85, 95% of people. this is a super tiny subset of people who went to wesleyan. that's it. so i just really want to thank you for coming, for celebrating the best our country has, even as we remember there are a lot of people like this wandering around our country. a lot of them. i hope that gives as much hope as it does me. >> we'll be right back with more patriot awards. who knows your business. knows... your... business!
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pete: i'm sad to say, that pretty much does it for us tonight. it's been a true honor hosting the third annual foxnation patriot awards. thank you to our sponsors at golden corral. thanks for watching, everyone. i'm pete hegseth. god bless. and good nightmare today. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love >> and beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above >> from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white
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with foam ♪ god bless air -- god bless america my home sweet home ♪ pete: god bless america. bret: i'm bret baier and for chris wallace. a unanimous jury leaves america divided over gun rights and social justice. ♪ b1 kyle rittenhouse acquitted in walking free after an intense trial surrounded the deadly unrest last summer in kenosha. >> will take a look at the reaction across the nation as a country awaits a verdict in another highly charged case. >> the bill back better bill is passed.


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