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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 22, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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any national leadership to lean on and i think the senate is well within the reach for the republicans. steve: we'll follow it. it's always great to break it down. thanks for watching. see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be next revolution" will be >> everyone's in shock and then everyone started screaming. >> the car plowed through. the people were laying in the road, over four or five blocks. >> i've never seen anything this bad before. carley: it is monday, november 22nd. this is a fox news alert. at least five people are dead and over 40 injured after a driver plowed through barricades and into a packed parade. you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm carley shimkus. todd: i'm todd piro of.
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todd piro. this terrifying video shows the vehicle nearly missing a young girl dancing in the street. .carley: lauren blanchard has islive in washington where the president has been believed. we start with ashley strohmier. >> reporter: overnight the city of waukesha announced five people died and more than 40 were hurt after a driver in a redford suv slammed into the local christmas parade. witnesses of the dozens hit, many were children. >> everyone's in shock. and then everyone started screaming. the image that keeps going through my head is the cargoing through the girls. and the only reason why they didn't break down is because i had the other kids around me and i knew they would panic. >> reporter: the driver was seen on video breaking through barricades toward the festivities. police confirmed an officer
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opened fire on the vehicle in an attempt to stop it. but added that they do not believe the driver fired any shots. the vehicle was later recorded narrowly missing a toddler dancing in the street. shocked parade goers watched the vehicle continue to go into the parade. the mayor addressed the heart broken community. >> today our community faced horror and tragedy in what should have been a community celebration. i'm deeply saddened to know so many in our community went to a parade and ended up dealing with injuries and heart ache. >> reporter: video from a after the vehicle impacted the parade shows the extent of the heart ache. it's really hard to watch. dozens of injured people can be seen on the ground. many being helped by other spectator as police rush to control the scene. many of them, more than 40 wounded, had to transport themselves to the hospital. meanwhile, police say the investigation into who is responsible is ongoing.
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>> we're no longer looking for a suspect vehicle. we do have a person of interest in custody at at the moment. but this is still a very fluid investigation. >> reporter: but police did not say whether that person of interest is a suspect. today, the local school district canceled classes and the city is asking businesses around the parade to remain closed as entry in and out of areas are limited. the next press conference is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, give or take 15 hours after the last time they held a press conference. carley: ashley strohmier live for us with the tragic details. todd: the white house says president biden has been briefed on the situation and the fbi is assisting state and local law enforcement. carley: lauren blanchard has more from washington. >> reporter: good morning. president biden has been briefed on the ongoing investigation in waukesha. the white house putting out this statement last night, quote, the white house is closely monitoring the situation in waukesha and our hearts go out
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to everyone who has been impacted by this terrible incident. the white house official went on to say they have reached out to offer support and assistance as needed. the fbi also reacting, quote, the fbi milwaukee field office is aware of the reporting of the incident in waukesha, the local and state authorities are leading the response. the wisconsin attorney general tweeting the department of justice is assisting with the response and, quote, i have every confidence that those responsible will be brought to justice. police have one person of interest in custody and no word on a motive yet. that could determine how much federal officials get involved. >> if this was some crazy person who has literally gone insane or i suppose could be drunk that will be handled by the state authorities. i hope it is not terrorism. if it is, federal authorities will definitely get involved at that point. >> reporter: wisconsin lawmakers also offering their prayers
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online for those impacted. governor tony evers tweeting kathy and i are praying for waukesha tonight and all the kids, families and community members affected by this senseless act. i'm grateful for the first responders and folks that added quickly to help and we're in contact with local partners. for now, we'll continue to wait as authorities piece together more information on why exactly this tragedy happened. carley, todd. carley: that's a big question there. lauren, thank you. let's bring in jim hanson, former u.s. army special forces. the waukesha police chief says the suv has been located, a person of interest is in custody. we don't know if this person is cooperating or what their mental state is. what do you think law enforcement is doing right now to he get to the bottom of what happened? >> given that they do have had this person in custody and there has been a lot of information that has come out that points to
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a particular individual who was some sort of want to be rapper from the milwaukee area, he is actually in a video with the particular car that caused this tragedy. right now, they're going to be grilling him and trying to find out was this some sort of drug or alcohol related incident where he was just impaired. there's also a report that he was fleeing another incident where he may have been involved in a knife fight. but the truly scary thing is his social media shows an awful lot of blm related postings and things like that that are somewhat hateful and there's a distinct possibility this could have been a he reaction to the rittenhouse verdict and some sort of horrifying domestic terrorist act incident. police are looking at all of those and they've not come to any on collusion that they've announced. todd: how does law enforcement vet a possible connection between the big new events in
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wisconsin, the t rittenhouse case and this horrific tragedy in waukesha. >> i'm from consistent sin. it's painful -- i'm from wisconsin. it's painful to see the state in the news, with the rittenhouse case which came to the correct conclusion, but there was incitement of violence by the media and other places that i think were extremely careless and dangerous. if they incited and inspired this person to hit a christmas parade with children and dancing grannies we have a situation where people need to consider whether they're doing a public service and looking themselves in the mirror every day. carley: we are awaiting the press conference to confirm who this suspect is. we don't know. there are unconfirmed reports floating around the internet. the car did reportedly drive through the children's dance
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troop and to convey the gravity of what happened, jim, there is a waukesha school board member who said there were pompoms and shoes and spilled hot chocolate everywhere. i had to go from one crumpled body to another to find my daughter. please pray for everybody. a roman catholic priest, multiple parishoners, are among those injured. how do police handle a crime scene of this size. >> they started last night by telling people to shelter in place so they didn't immediately begin trampling the evidence and other things the police need in an investigation. the only thing this simplifies it, it seems to be one vehicle, one actor and because of that the they have a very straight line to one of the most horrific
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things that's happened in the midwest in an awful long time. so they'll deal with that. they'll deal with the individual. and one way or another there's no way to diminish the tragedy but hopefully we can see some justice for the families and comfort for them and the rest of the community. todd: we're awaiting more details, finding out new truths about the situation. jim hanson, we appreciate you giving us your insight at this early stage. carley: absolutely. we are hearing from kyle rittenhouse for the first time since being found not guilty. the teen sitting down exclusively with tucker carlson. watch. >> the case had nothing to do with race. it never had anything to do with race. it had to do with the right to self-defense. i'm not a racist person. i support the blm movement, i support peacefully demonstrating. carley: on sunday, demonstrators marching through the streets of kenosha, wisconsin, chanting no justice,
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no peace, this as his mother tells fox news he fears for his son's safety. >> he does remorse. you know, like people say if he can do it again, i said he would do it again but talking to him now he would never walk down there if this ever happened again. he will never. carley: you can watch the entire interview tonight at 8:00 eastern time. todd: montana senator steve gains slamming the biden's administration's plan to offer payments to migrants separated at the border. calling it outrageous. >> to think the federal government, the biden administration would pay $450,000 of taxpayer dollar to an illegal immigrant who crossed into the country illegally. a gold star family, who lost a family member in combat, they're paid $100,000. it's an insult.
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todd: he posed this animation, comparing the potential payments to monopoly, saying joe biden and kamala harris are handing out taxpayer dollars like it's monopoly money. carley: alexandria ocasio-cortez is slamming the social spending bill, talking to the new york times, the lawmaker is calls on president biden to bypass congress and take executive action, saying in part, why are we taking this as a legislative compromise when the opportunity is so much greater. when biden could do this stuff with a stroke of a pen and it's just reminding us that he is choosing not to. she says empty promises were made to progressives and she is not guaranteeing they will back the bill if it comes back to the house. this as house minority leader kevin mccarthy will do everything he can to strike the bill down if it makes it back to the house. >> if the senate changes it, any of those changes has to come
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back to the house. so we have another bite at the apple here. carley: the congressional budget office estimates the bill will raise the national deficit $367 billion over the next 10 years. even though the white house claims the bill is fully paid for. and former president trump says he thinks americans are ready to fight back against democrats' radical agenda at the polls. watch. >> this country has tremendous potential. tremendous. but we're giving it away and there will be a point, there will be a point where the country can't come back. and we can never allow that point to be reached. so i think things are going to happen very big in the midterm elections and i think in 2024 it's going to be a great result. carley: the former president tearing into president biden, blaming him for the soaring inflation and callings his policies incompetent. todd: today is the deadline for federal workers to be fully
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vaccinated against covid, as thousands of employees wait to see if exemption requests will be approved. federal employees who refuse jabs or had the exemption request denied face the possibility of determination. this could take months as some agencies have thousands to process. carley: still to come, a bombshell report claims hunter biden's investment firm helped broker a multibillion dollar deal between a chai these company and the world's -- chinese company and the world's most lucrative cobalt mine. todd: we are following updates out of waukesha all morning long, including an interview with a city alderman who was watching in the parade. as well as congressman michael waltz reacting live on this very busy breaking news monday.
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the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. todd: we're back with a fox news alert. the white house briefing president biden following the horrifying scene of a driver in an suv plowing into a crowd of people attending a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin.
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carley: congressman, we're trying to process this horrific tragedy. what's your reaction as we learn that president biden is aware of the situation and has reached out to local law enforcement to offer support. >> it's a terrible thing. our hearts and prayers go out to the people in wisconsin, another tragedy in that state. hopefully president biden will get input from everyone and find out the facts and react accordingly. todd: meantime, hunter biden's firm reportedly helping a chinese company purchase one of the most lucrative cobalt mines in the congo from an american company. congressman, each week there's a new and concerning revelation about these biden china ties. and nothing is done about it. are you confident that republicans will get to the bottom of it all when they take
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over congress, if they take over congress in 2022 and how do you feel these hunter chiden ties are influencing policy? >> i can promise you this, hunter biden will be a top priority for house republicans on the house oversight committee when we flip the house in 2022 and start in january of 2023. we all know hunter biden is a walking, talking conflict of interest. i've been saying for months that hunter biden is a national security threat. this is further proof. the fact that he continues to peddle influence to freeness nationals is -- to foreign nationals is concerning. when you look at the implications for national security, one of the things joe biden is trying to do, he's making no see considerate about it, he's trying to convert our vehicles to electric and he's trying to make our military green and to do this, you have to have cobalt in those batteries and the biggest threat to our national security now from china is the fact that they can control the electric battery, the electric vehicle
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battery market and this gives them more of an advantage in cornering that market and the fact that joe biden sits back and the democrats sit back and they don't raise an alarm, they don't question hunter biden is very troubling. carley: to emphasize what you're saying, one of the reasons this story is so important is that cobalt is one of the things that goes into electric batteries and one of the ways that china wants to become the world's most dominant super power is to own all of these important minerals. so if the president's son helps this chinese company gain control of the cobalt mine, did the president's son just help the enemy against the united states? >> yes. he did. there's no question about it. and this is at a time when president biden through his environmental policies is making it harder to mine in america. so many of these rare earth minerals are found in countries around the world, many in africa, like the company you mentioned there and the fact
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that hunter biden helped -- his firm helped negotiate a deal from an american company to a chinese company is very concerning. when you look at the pentagon, you look at the threats to our national security, one of the threats is the fact that china owns a lot of companies that make parts to our military equipment. the military leaders say none of the military equipment is manufactured in china. it may not be. but many of the parts manufacturers are owned by chinese companies and this gives china another leg up and another opportunity to compromise our national security. todd: where's the intellectual curiosity from democrats on this? i mean, this wasn't a story in bright bart or the federalist, -- breitbart or the federalist. this was in the new york times. you don't hear democrats saying we need to look into this. >> they don't mention hunter biden. if you say something about kamala harris or the biden cabinet secretary, they'll snap back in a committee hearing or
1:22 am
of they'll call out the partisanship and racism and whatever they have to do to defend their democrat, biden administration official. when a republican says something about hunter biden, all you hear is crickets. they know hunter biden is a problem. they don't want to talk about it and they hope he'll go away. he's not going to go away. he makes the news every week. every week it's something a little worse than the previous week. the democrats are going to continue to turn a blind eye to hunter biden. this will be a big issue for house republicans when we try to win the midterms because somebody needs to hold hunter biden accountable because he's a national security threat. carley: hopefully white house press secretary jen psaki gets a question on this front during the next press briefing. congressman comer, thank you for joining us. calls intensify for president biden to apologize for branding kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. >> do you stand by your past comments, relating him to white
1:23 am
supremacist. >> i stand by what the jury has concluded. todd: we are talking to david webb as the mainstream media refuses to back down on similar claims.
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>> i don't know, it's just so awful. i feel like i'm watching a movie. i've never seen anything this bad before. todd: we're back with a fox news alert, a witness calling the scene unbelievable after a driver recklessly plows an suv through a wisconsin christmas pa parade. david webb, a fox news contributor here with his reaction on this christmas nightmare. david, your thoughts. >> first to the families, the friends, the town, for the country to look at this horrific scene and especially when you look at the words christmas attached to this, christmas day,
1:28 am
just something you wouldn't expect. there are a lot of concerns here. there's a lot about who the suspect may or may not be. i know we're waiting on an official statement on that. but i think we'll find there are a lot of troubling items around a career criminal, if it is who has been identified by some as the potential suspect. todd: just so sad. we watched this video over and over again and each time it just punches you right in the gut. meantime, calls for joe biden to publicly apologize for rushing to brand kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist as the media doubles down on said claim. let's begin with the president, here he is, not apologizing. listen. >> do you stand by your past comments, relating him to white supremacy. >> well, look, i stand by what the jury has concluded. the jury system works and we have to abide by it. todd: david, what message does it send when the president of the united states allows the
1:29 am
white supremacist falsehood to more or less remain the official white house he position? >> well, it says that joe biden is who he has been for the last five decades, todd. this is a man who has played race, he has played not just the black community but any community any way way he needs for his benefit. prior to that statement, the official statement when you look at it, what has he talked about? he says people are angry and confused. he says myself included. then he talks about how he ran on bringing the country together but he turns around and he actually, as you hear it there, he goes after the justice system. both sides were heard fairly, the cue tores -- prosecutors presented their case, not very well. they were up against facts, not narrative. as a result, kyle rittenhouse was found rightfully so by a jury innocent on all counts.
1:30 am
biden needs to play the race game. biden has been a race pimp his entire political career. he does it again. he continues to do it. he launched his career with a lie about trump in charlottesville, from charlottesville. he continues this lie. why? because it serves his political purposes. the.todd: the media so entrencd in this narrative. >> the fact that they celebrate this murderous white supremacist and he gets to walk the streets freely. >> welcome to the modern republican party. this is what these people want and this is what a majority of white people vote for. todd: is msnbc even trying to be truthful anymore? >> no, they're not. i think they should get themselves some good lawyers if kyle rittenhouse decides to have a legal case against them. he does have a civil case.
1:31 am
they have libeled him. they have slandered him. there is no more interest in the truth. one outlet reported that he shot three black men. another reason they can't defend those who would be their heroes. you have a convicted pedophile, someone charged with raping union boys, you have two -- young boys. you have two other victims. when you look at all this, they need to continue the lie. todd: you think that at some point one of the dozens, dozens of attorneys over there at msnbc and nbc would say to their talent, hey, back it up a little bit on the use of the word murder because, one, that was unproven. it was actually disproven. he was found innocent. before then, you can't charge somebody with murder unless you have various let's. yet nothing from the lawyers and they're continuing. what do you make of that? >> well, again, we're back to they need to push a narrative and their lawyers would rather defend them against lawsuits
1:32 am
rather than deal with truth and the facts. you don't have a news gas let -- outlet at msnbc. you have an organization that is determined to push the leftist lies and agenda. that is what they are, todd. todd: that is a bold legal strategy. i would not he's spouse that if i -- espouse that if i were advising. that is their problem. carley: beto o'rourke is sticking by his pledge to take away gun rights if he is elected. >> hell, yes, we're going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. most of us in texas don't want to see our friends, our family members, our neighbors shot up with these weapons of war. so, yes, i still hold this view. carley: he also pledged not to make his campaign about president biden but he did slam the white house for failing to you address the border crisis. >> i don't think we've seen
1:33 am
enough urgency when it comes to rewriting our immigration laws. yes, we expect more of our president and those who represent us in congress. carley: polling released over the weekend by the dallas morning news shows governor greg abbott with a 6 point lead over overthe governor. >> you oppose critical race theory which i should say is not part of virginia's curriculum. >> i beg to differ. >> i didn't say that. i said it's not the curriculum, diswrows be clear. >> no, no, no, it is part of the curriculum. mcauliffe, his state board of education had information on how to teach it so it's weaved in. carley: the first woman of color ever elected statewide in virginia, rallied behind fact based education. todd: they keep saying it's not
1:34 am
the curriculum. we've seen the website. it is literally in the curriculum. he cnn and msnbc keep doubling down on this falsehood. carley: if it wasn't so dangerous, why do they deny its existence. todd: police not ruling out terrorists in the waukesha parade tragedy. carley: what are the next steps for investigators as they try to piece together a motive. we are asking tom homan that very question coming up next. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync,
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carley: we are back with a fox news alert. five people are dead and over 40 injured after an suv driver barrels through a wisconsin christmas parade. todd: ashley strohmier joins us live. >> reporter: police say they recovered the damaged suv but would not say if that person in custody is the suspect who drove the red ford through the christmas day parade. the car smashed through a barricade towards the fees festivities. an officer opened fire in an attempt to stop it. horrified bystanders watched as the car narrowly missed a toddler dancing in the street.
1:39 am
witnesses at the scene recalled the chaos. >> we just heard like something hitting something. we honestly thought that it was part of the be parade and then i looked over and there was a red ford explorer just ramming through everybody. >> lots of kids. there were moms running looking for their children, screaming up and down, running in stores. >> reporter: at least 12 of the 40 were injured. many wounded had to transport themselves to the hospital. today the local school district canceled classes and the city is asking businesses around the parade to stay closed as entry in and out of the area is limited. the next press conference is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. todd: can't get over that shot of that little girl. ashley, thanks. there is no word on whether or not terrorism played a he'll role in the attack. carley: tom homan, retired acting i.c.e. director and fox
1:40 am
news contributor is live with more on this angle. here is former homicide detective ted williams. take a listen to his reaction. >> what was the motive behind this? if it was an act of terrorism that was outside of this city, we want to know that also. because that is certainly something that we need to be on the alert for in other cities around our country. carley: yeah, and tom, the waukesha police chief specifically said during that press conference last night that he does not yet know if terrorism is a motive, tom. >> yeah, you know, i just want to take some time to get to the facts here if terrorism is a motive. we don't know what this man was thinking. but i think the biden administration, the fbi ought to help local law enforcement to come to that -- to get the facts straight and come to a conclusion. what was the motive, we don't know at this time.
1:41 am
todd: what wheels are set in motion when something like this happens? >> the bureau is going to -- if the bureau gets involved, the federal government gets involved, even local law enforcement, they're going to check out the person who committed the crime, they're going to check out social media posts, check out not only his criminal history, look at his background, his financials, find out what he's doing, who he is connected with, try get a motive of that. carley: there's a migrant caravan heading to the southern border. here is ken paxton reacting on sun gley some of them are -- sunday. >> some of them are drug runners. some could be potential terrorists. they're being moved over the country and we're not able to keep track of the them. carley: he said they're having trouble keeping track of those coming across the border. on saturday, 150 migrants, includingal bainans and roman --
1:42 am
albanians and romanians crossed the border. they're not just coming from mexico. they're coming from many other countries as well. we're talking about the rise in terrorism, a possible terror threat to the country. i think this situation really puts a pin on that topic as well. >> yeah, you know, governor abt bought is exactly right -- abbott is exactly right. i wrote an op-ed if joe biden becomes president you lose control of the border. you open up the border not just to illegal immigration, you open it up to illegal drug flow. 100,000 overdose deaths, dea said 95% of fentanyl comes across the southwest border. as far as terrorism, when that border is vulnerable, you have 400,000 got-aways. that adds to 1.7 million they encountered which is really 1.9,
1:43 am
you add the 400,000 got-aways. they have arrested 14 people on the fbi database, how many of those were also on the screening database.the biden administratik the most secure border i've seen in my career and unsecured it within nine months. record number of illegal immigration, record number of drug flow. when you open up the border like that, a record amount of covid and other diseases coming across the border many it's not just an i'll glee legal immigration -- illegal immigration issue, it's a public safety issue. todd: how worried should every american be that the bad actors themselves and not just the drugs are now going to be infiltrating almost every single community in our country? i mean, that's the fear, right, isn't it, tom? >> absolutely. because i've been down there four times. 98% of these people are not staying in texas. they're not staying in arizona.
1:44 am
they're being spread across the country. the biden administration is flying them across the country. the cartels just have to get the people across the border, turn themselves into border patrol and the biden administration with taxpayer dollars will get them to the final destination. 40 sheriffs say crime is rising directly related to the border. carley: president biden met with the mexican president last week and they didn't talk about the border. tom homan, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. carley: the time is 44 minutes after the hour. a retired colonel says the chaotic afghanistan withdrawal proves president biden's military puts obedience over everything. we're going to hear from him, coming up next. todd: two weeks of heists
1:45 am
striking upscale stores in the bay area over the weekend. video unbelievable. was this a coordinated effort? that's what police are trying to find out.
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>> i walked in the parade at the beginning. i saw the happy children sitting on the curb. i saw the happy parents behind
1:49 am
their children. today our community faced horror and tragedy in what should have been a community celebration. carley: a holiday tradition turning into horror and chaos after a driver in an suv plowed into a wisconsin christmas parade, killing at least five people and hurting more than 40 others. what does emergency response look like for a mass casualty event like this? here to discuss, retired colonel andrew millburn. we know you have experience responding to mass casualty events overseas. with that in mind, what investigators are law enforcement doing right now to get to the bottom of this situation? >> yeah, carley, first of all, thanks very much for putting me on today. really appreciate it. and you know, for the benefit of your listeners, for your audience here, i'm not a medical expert but unfortunately all of us in the military have had to deal with mass casualty events,
1:50 am
often frequently over the course of the last two decades. and my heart goes out to all of those involved in this particular event, those with loved ones involved but also the first responders who had the to arrive on scene and deal with such a horrific incident and that really -- you know, it's the opening moments, the 30 minutes to an hour of an event like this that are critical and what you really need on scene, and i do hope this happened in this case, are the first personnel who arrive on scene have to be prepared to conduct triage. i know triage, it's a term that is familiar with everyone from tv shows, but what perhaps people don't realize is just how difficult this task is, especially with mass casualties. you have one minute per patient to you put them in one of four
1:51 am
categories, red, green, yellow or black with black being deceased or someone who is expected to die. and also to administer the initial life-saving steps. it's got to be under a minute. so you are really reduced at this stage to restoring breathing or applying a tourniquet or in some case using a needle to relieve pressure in people's throats, decompression. so -- and all of this would be difficult enough in a classroom setting. you can imagine the scene here with distraught parents and families and just a sense of shock and it's very easy, people don't really consider this, i don't think, for those medical personnel arriving on-scene to experience shock themselves and so it's one thing for hem to have good training and to know what to do. it's another for them to be mentally prepared for an event such as this and to be able to
1:52 am
launch right into doing it and that takes tremendous not just training but character. carley: i think you made an excellent point as to why our police departments need be well funded so we can get a lot of people on the ground in case there is a tragic situation that unfolds in any town across the country. you have some very important thoughts on the afghanistan troop withdrawal. you say the commanders in charge, austin milley, mckenzie, should have predicted the taliban take takeover and threatened resignation if the president didn't change course. this is something that has happened between military leaders and presidents in the past, when they don't see eye to eye on certain things. why did that not happen this time? >> that's a really good question, carley. thank you for saying, by the way, that i have some really important thoughts. i think i would say if my thoughts are important, it's because had they reflect an institutional concern throughout the military, with a concern
1:53 am
with a fact that we as a profession have simply become too compliant and, yes, we are in the military. we're a hierarchy. we have to be. we have to be brought up to obey orders and there are good reasons for that in combat. but it's a balance. that's why having a commission in the united states military is so difficult. here's my concern, is that over a period of time we've seen a slow drift into a culture, and this really is a cultural thing, those do with talent management, has to do with education, but a culture that rewards compliant behavior rather than the type of behavior that we would like to see in military professionals which is remembering at all times the oath is to a constitution, not a single administration or person. and there are times, there are times where you have to weigh that oath in consideration and you have to think about the consequences of a decision being made and if you believe or if
1:54 am
there is a good chance that a decision being made will result in dis-- disaster, catastrophe to the institution, not just the military but the perception of the united states throughout the world then it is absolutely your duty to speak up and those that are uncomfortable with this i think forget the terms of their oath as an officer. we as officers take an oath as i mentioned of the constitution to execute the duties of being an officer, without mental reservation, but our enlisted personnel, they promise to obey. they swear to obey. that's the task in this position. carley: without a doubt. i think if you ask anybody, military leaders should be the opposite of compliant especially when they see an issue because they're our most important leaders, national security is on the line. retired colonel andrew millburn, thank you so much for sharing your perspective. >> my pleasure, carley.
1:55 am
thanks very much. carley: you bet. todd. todd: the university of california davis he defunding the campus police department. they're set to repurpose. the officers will focus more on outreach, education and supporting uc davis in a, quote, nontraditional way. they will use the money saved for two public safety analysts and train fire personnel in mental health response. san francisco's police department looking into a connection between robberies over the weekend. dozens of people ransacked several stores grabbing armfuls of luxury goods, dashing away be in, quote, clearly planned events. 11 people were arrested, including three at the nordstrom. carley: coming up in the next hour "fox & friends first," joe concha and congressman michael waltz joining us live. we're following all the breaking news out of waukesha, wisconsin on the horrific christmas be
1:56 am
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>> we're no longer looking for a suspect vehicle. we do have a person of interest in custody at the moment. but this is still a very fluid investigation. todd: it is monday, november 22nd. and this is a fox news you alert out of waukesha, wisconsin where at least five people are dead, over 40 injured, after a driver plows through barricades into a packed parade. this video absolutely horrifying. you're watching "fox & friends first" on a monday morning many i'm todd piro. carley: i'm carley shimkus. innocent bystanders watch in


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