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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 22, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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olympics in the first it. carley: have to save chinese tennis star's life. you are really publicity the pressure on china on that front thank you so much congressman. >> give full credit to the women's tennis association unlike the nba they have stepped up. todd: got to run. "fox & friends" starts now. [sirens] >> i have never seen admission this bad before. >> waukesha, wisconsin, at least five people dead and over 40 injured. >> this, after a driver slammed into the local christmas parade. >> biden preab briefed on the i couldn't know going investigation. >> kyle rittenhouse speaking to fox news. >> if i was convicted, no one would ever be privileged to defend their life against attackers. >> todd: today is the deadline for federal workers to be vaccinated against covid. see if exemption request will be
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approved. >>ner caravan making its way toward our southern border. >> some are drug runners. we also know we are not able to keep track of them. >> fires, opens, sideline, steps his way in for the touchdown. what game this is. >> good morning, 6:00 in the east on this november 22nd. it's a monday of thanksgiving week and we start this morning with a fox news alert. >> five people are dead and over 40 more injured after an suv driver barrels right through a wisconsin christmas parade. >> mike tobin joins us live from waukesha as police say a person of interest is now in custody. mike, what's the latest? >> well, the latest is you have still will police how here securing this unusually long crime scene. the update overnight when we went to bed last night. the police chief said they had multiple fatalities. as you mentioned they have
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confirmed five fatalities with 40 injured. keep in mind that number 40 injured is still rather fluid. out here on the scene you had a lot of families taking care of their own and self-reporting to the hospital. those numbers could change. the chief said they do have a person of interest. singular in custody. the wisconsin attorney general tweeted that those responsible for this will be brought to justice. one thing is certain that this was supposed to be a happy occasion. the first time waukesha got together for the christmas parade since the pandemic started. and without warning, this red ford suv tore up main street leaving mind the scene of very difficult to witness carnage but here is what some of the witness -- we just heard like something hitting something. and we honestly thought that it was part of the parade. and then i looked over and there was a red ford explorer just
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ramming through everybody. >> lots of kids there was moms running looking for their children afterwards. screaming, up and down running in stores. >> in fact, what you have from the witnesses, descriptions of parents going from one crump would body to the bullet hole in it all the things you would expect people to bring to a parade. blankets, folding chairs. things people would abandon once the chaos ensued. will: a single individual is in custody right now but you mentioned the police department tweeted out those responsible. was it your impression, talking to authorities, that that was just imprecise twitter language or an indication there might be more within a one person
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potentially involved. >> that came from the wisconsin took. really remains to be seen if that was inprecise language. things happened so fast last night. there was a lot of different language last night about multiple people in the cars that didn't really seem to have vetted out thus far anyway. the official record is that they have a single person of interest. the police chief has yet to call him a suspect. a single person of interest in custody. steve: that's right. mike, there are a number of news outlets including cbs and nbc it appeared the suspect was running away from the scene of something else, perhaps possibly a night fight when he ran onto the parade route. have you heard anything about that from your sources there on the ground in waukesha. >> that is coming from a report hog is quoting unnamed sources. we don't have that through any official channels. so i can't disprove that but very cautious about that information. ainsley: mike, i was reading that one of the dancing grannies, the older ladies from
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milwaukee. were hit. i'm preceding possibly a priest was hit. some band members were hit. this is about an hour away from kenosha, correct? wisconsin, bless their hearts. they have gone through a lot over the last few weeks. >> correct. it's about an hour north of waukesha, and it's terribly sad when you think about the ages of the people involved. have you seen the video of the toddler who was standing on the street there and narrowly missed. it's terribly sad when you think about the dancing beganies,ing that that a could be more cute and innocent than a bunch of grandmothers who still want to get out and dance. this was supposed to be such a happy occasion. you know, when you talk about older people bones are going to be more brittle and get hit by something like a car. i don't want to go to the details of how bad those injuries could be. but, supposed to be a happy occasion out here. people wanting to get together. and celebrate for the first time and this happened. you have people speculating that
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this is somehow in response to the rittenhouse verdict. we just don't have that through any solid channel. steve: mike. some of the early reporting on our air he r., we were talking blast night. they reported gunshots maybe coming out of the suv. on this monday morning it, sounds like the gunshots were not from the vehicle but rather from police responding to this guy running through the parade route, right? >> correct. i got that from the chief himself last night. he said that the suspect's vehicle did not fire any shots. he said that one officer did return fire. if you listen to the video. it does sound like multiple shots. so it's possible and you think with the police officer's training trying to stop a vehicle he would discharge more than one round. i'm getting close to speculating there because it does sound like you have more than one shot but what we have from the shot is that the police officer did discharge his weapon and attempt to stop that vehicle.
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ainsley: the parade was canceled last year. just trying to get back to normal. thank you, mike, for your reporting this morning, we appreciate it bring in angela owe boil. she witnessed this crash from her balcony. good morning, angela. >> good morning. >> i'm so sorry for what your community is going through. tell us what you saw. >> i sought red truck crash into the band members left side of the street. after they hit them they run to the right side of the street and all the way down the block toll didn't stop running over people the entire time. >> where were new relationship to the parade when you saw this? and then from that vantage point, could you see where this all began, where the suv came from when it entered the parade area? >> no, i couldn't, i think about the middle of the street i was on my balcony looking down recording for my kids because they were not here.
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so i saw it from above, not street level. steve: okay some of the were up on a balcony almost like a drone video view where you could see things from up on high do you know any of the people involved in the parade? what we are looking at there was some twitter video taken in apparently in addition to the dancing beganies, the waukesha south high school marching band apparently was greatly impacted as well. >> that's one that i saw got hit. but i did not know anybody in the parade. my friend's son was one of the ones injured but he is perfectly fine. i didn't see anybody else or know anybody else that i'm aware of that was injured. steve: did you speak to your son who knew one of the people that was injured. >> it was my friend's son yes i did and he is fine. steve: that's great. ainsley: going through your mind. [broken audio]
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>> it was surreal to watch. this is a video that i shot right here. and it is surreal to watch. i couldn't believe it was happening. it was hard to watch for sure. and not something you want to see again for sure. >> i see this video we are not showing it because it is so gut wrenching. after the car goes through and mows down a bunch of people and continues in the distance, what happened to the people who were on the ground? how long until they moved, if they moved it was instant that they moved into the people that was injured. instantly people were running toward them or grashing children and putting them inside buildings. people jumped quickly into action, very quick. will: what, angela, could you see about the vehicle? where did it ogo from this incident? was there anything in the moment that helped you understand exactly what was going on and make sense of this? >> nothing to make sense of about this at all. the car didn't stop. he went completely down the end
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of the block. kind of turned to the left and that's when i saw him -- i could see the whole street from my view. and he went completely to the end without stopping. >> wow, angela. the video you shot, i have seen it over and over this morning. this is it right here. we stopped the video right before the car hits that -- the person from behind who is in the band right there. you were watching all of this, did you see what happened to that person? i'm thinking the band member, maybe a high school student if it is from that high school that steve was saying. what happened to this person? that. >> person and the t. looks like three or four in front of them were on the ground quite a while. i saw people around them for a long time. it was about 5 to 10 minutes there was a lot of people injured. they were eventually taken away on a stretcher. covering them with blankets making sure they were warm. >> they were playing jingle bells. so hard to watch this and know how if he has been that event is. steve: angela, how long have you
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lived there and seen in parade? because, from what we have heard, this is a tradition there in waukesha to essentially bring in the holiday season. >> i was only here for a year and a half. last year-they canceled the event. this would have been the first year to see it from my balcony. will: angela, we hear you talk about how quickly fellow parade attendees responded to this tragedy to help. what about official services? was there a police car in pursuit of this suv where ambulance is on the scene quickly? what is watt official services. >> they were at every corner. they were springing into action already in the car had hit, was coming down the street there were people running after him and then cars after the then people got out of the way. there was more cops coming down the road in their vehicles. ainsley: angela, i know you have children. you were videotaping this. i know the schools are closed today. what do you say to them?
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>> well, my daughter is upset. she was in high school. she was not understanding. we talked to her a little bit explaining what happened and asked her if she knew anybody. my son i haven't talked to about it yet. i haven't seen them. they are with their father. steve: angela, thank you very much for sharing your video and recollections of what happened last night. about 5:00 right there on main street in waukesha. ainsley: god bless your community. thank you for being on with us. >> have a good day. steve: more throughout the morning plus have a press conference there in walk saw a little later on. mike tobin will bring you us all the latest. federal workers will be reveal whether or not they're vaccinated if they are not they will essentially be in trouble. the latest as thousands waited to see if their exemption requests will be approved. ainsley: plus, kyle rittenhouse speaks out for the very first time in an exclusive interview
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unprovoked and releasing these images ever the suspect. police saying the suspect fled the subway station after the attack. today is the deadline for federal workers to be fully vaccinated against covid. this as thousands of employees wait to see if their exemption requests will be approved. federal employees who refuse jabs or have had their exemption request denied face the possibility of termination. in europe thousands erupt in protests as lawmakers tighten covid-related rules as cases surge. a new poll shows matthew mcconaughey as the frontrunner in the texas governor's race. the university of texas and dallas morning poll found mcconaughey is ahead of governor greg abbott by 8 points if the two went head to head. the actor polling more than 20 it beto o'rourke on one o. one. this as o'rourke pledges to take guns away if he is elected. >> hell yes we will take your
3:19 am
ar-15, and ar 47. >> most of news texas don't want to see our friends, our family members, our neighbors shot up with these weapons of war, so, yes, i still hold this view. >> mcconaughey has yet to indicate if he intends to run, interesting polling there. lebron james is ejected from the lakers-piston game after elbowing stuart. the laker's star was originally hit with a flagrant foul that left stuart with a bloody face was tossed after a video view. isaiah stewart was ejected after fighting james after the coalition. not something you see every day on the basketball court. ainsley: thanks, carley. is was that i know texasal a riff between each ear. >> i don't think it was something that might have been a riff before the game. tensions ran high. blood got hot during the game that looked like intentional
3:20 am
elbow to me lebron threw and stewart was bleeding. ainsley: has will he bon said anything on twitter like i'm sorry. will: big political incident we will see what he has to say about this. steve: meanwhile on friday when the jury cleared kyle rittenhouse of all the charges. he was found not guilty. he and his team had argued self-defense and the jury deliberated three and a half days before the verdict. we're going to hear from him tonight excliewrchly on tucker carlson. ainsley: meanwhile, the media, they were blasting kyle rittenhouse. listen. rittenhouse drove in for battle. >> buying kyle rittenhouse being a victim. >> roam the hall of congress freely and celebrate this white murderous the fact he gets to walk freely it lets you know
3:21 am
these people have access to instituting laws. >> welcome to the modern republican party. this is what these people want. this is what a majority of white people vote for. >> a warning to every white suburban night with a black lives matter postner their window they too can be shot with white 17-year-old with ar-15 if he feels threatened by their desire to see america live up to its potential. >> you know, ainsley, and steve, i guess i thought and this is my naivety why. that was after the very good. that was a cbs news report saying he drove across state lines armed for battle. that's a flat out lie, he didn't carry a gun across state lines, that's a lie. it didn't happen. the vile racism, this has to be pointed out. vile racism funded by comcast and nbc. what i saw was on nbc calling him a murderous white supremacist with zero evidence. and then that guest saying this
3:22 am
is what white people want. we have to call it out for what it is. it's lies and propaganda. only superseded by the vile racism in these comments. ainsley: tucker carlson asked him about it. here is a clip what you will see tonight. >> this case has nothing to do with race. it never had anything to do with race it had to do with the right to self-defense. >> right. >> i'm not a racist person. i support the blm movement. i support peacefully demonstrating. and i believe there needs to be change. i believe there is a lot of prosecutorial misconduct. not just in my case but in other cases. and it is just amazing to see how much a prosecutor can take advantage of somebody else. steve: alan dershowitz said yesterday i think on media buzz people who called him a with white supremacist she should be
3:23 am
sued. kyle rittenhouse would go onto the witness stand and tell his story. apparently the defense had to different jury testing. and in one presentation, they presented the self-defense argument without him testifying. but, in the argument with him testifying. the jury was more sympathetic to what he said and they believed in the self-defense which ultimately is what happened right there. it's interesting and legal experts say that the defense -- or rather the prosecution presented an overtly complex case and ultimately overcharged him because once they said okay, there is a reasonable doubt on these two murder one charges, they said if that's a line too far what about the others and perhaps that's what they went with. ainsley: bottom line was he was acquitted. you are innocent until proven guilty. and that is the system.
3:24 am
you can watch tucker's entire interview with kyle rittenhouse. it is exclusive interview he said yes to tucker first and that will air tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> i don't understand the -- i don't understand how these media organizations can come out after this. steve to alan dershowitz's proint the media played an active role in this trial. they weren't just propagandizing they were participant. msnbc it following the jury. this is back going out the day after going out and tripling down on your lies. i don't know how shareholders go nick sandmann got a couple million in settlement what will we pay out.
3:25 am
ainsley: teaches media outlets to be more responsible in their reporting. msnbc, remember, they were the network that only showed one side. they showed the prosecutor's side and not the defense. will: yeah. steve: of the closing argument. it's not just media. look at our political leaders, you got pete buttigieg yesterday, the transportation secretary said there is to be upset about. we have to move forward in this country. if there this country we base everything on this particular system. and he says yeah, there is a lot to be upset about. you either are all in on the system or you are not. ainsley: msnbc saturday saying it's disgusting to see representative or congressman matt gaetz and other white supremacists in congress celebrating rittenhouse. will: they throw them around like pennies. might offer unjust a shred of evidence. steve: you will be able to see
3:26 am
kyle rittenhouse exclusively tonight on tucker 8:00 p.m. eastern time. there you go. still ahead on this monday a fox news alert. this morning learning more about the desperate attempts from police to stop a driver from crashing through that christmas parade in waukesha at 5:00. the final moments before that tragedy coming up d cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's the season of smiling. and at aspen dental, we make it easy to gift yourself the smile you deserve. new patients, start today with a full exam and x-rays,
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♪ >> officer discharged his weapon at the suspect's vehicle to try
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to stop the vehicle. no bystanders were injured as a result of the weapon discharge. we do not believe there were any shots fired from the vehicle. we believe that officer discharged at the vehicle to stop the vehicle. ainsley: fox news alert. police confirmed an officer opened fire on that suv trying to stop it as the driver was tearing through that wisconsin christmas parade. the tragedy killing five people and injuring more than 40 others including children. mark serves the vp of the wisconsin fraternal order of police and he joins us now. good morning, mark. >> good morning. ainsley: what happened at the end. how do we find this person of interest and did the officer who fired the shot stop the car? >> unfortunately live i was not involved at the scene so i don't have the answer to those questions; however, there is a phenomenal team of law enforcement officers working on this case tirelessly. they have a lot of witnesses and things that likely led them to the location of the suspect.
3:31 am
ainsley: what's the reason for withholding the name of the person of interest or why isn't that person a suspect yet? >> sure, so, i think that the terms person of interest and suspect are synonymous can be interchinged. i don't know why they chose to call him a person of interest as opposed to a suspect. it's my understanding the individual has been arrested. so, i think one can infer that the person is a suspect. but the reason for withholding the information is to protect the investigation. there can be a lot of speculation and things going on about a person so keeping the name out of media initially is helpful to the investigation. ainsley: i know they are going to have a press conference today. do you know what time that will be held and what kind of information they will divulge? >> sure. it's my understanding that the press conference will be at 1:00
3:32 am
this afternoon. and the information that they're going to release are the types of things that they can, that they can safely release without damaging the investigation. this is a massive scene and a huge, huge investigation involving thousands of people, thousands of witnesses. and this investigation is at its very infancy at this point. so they will certainly release what they can but they want to protect the investigation. ainsley: mark, y'all have gone through so much in wisconsin the last year few weeks definitely this was a christmas parade and chilling when you watch the videos because i'm hearing jingle bells being played by the band and see all the children jumping up and down on the street. we hear hot chocolate was spilled and bodies were -- you see the video of people huddled over crumpled bodies. did you know anybody involved? >> i don't know anybody involved personally. however, i have been involved in investigations that involve children, that involve the types
3:33 am
of things that are very difficult to see. even for law enforcement. and so my heart goes out not only to the victims of this tragic event but also to the individuals that are left to pick up the pieces from it because it is disturbing and it's difficult for anybody to have to deal with. even in the law enforcement profession. ainsley: right. i know that the officers, you all are probably talking behind the scenes. a lot of information you can't share until this investigation is complete. but can you tell us anything about what led this driver? was there something that happened before to drive through this parade? >> i don't know that information. and, again, those are the types of things that are fen no nominal staff of law enforcement are going to come up with. they will pick up the pieces and get the answers in due time. i think it's also important to allow the investigation to play out. and i think it can be difficult, if not dangerous for people to speculate a lot about what may have happened or what may not have happened. there is just so much information to be gathered and
3:34 am
it's going to take some time and i think it's important to put our faith and trust in the investigative team and let it play out. ainsley: yeah, i know your governor, the mayor, everyone is saying please pray for our community. we have been praying specifically for those families and kids and dancing beganies, and the catholic priest that we heard might be involved. got bless your community. thank you for what you do. >> thank you so much and thank you for your time. ainsley: coming up, they put their lives at risk to serve our country. men and women in uniform are being forced to take out loans now to survive. how our government is failing our bravest. first an vears bakery forced to close due to a lack of workers. the owner's response to losing her piece of the american dream. could you imagine? shop walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪
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this is the new world of work. each day looks different than the last. but, whatever work becomes, the world works with servicenow.
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♪ ♪ steve a mom and pop bakery in arizona forced to close its doors over the weekend not because business was bad but because they could not find
3:39 am
enough qualified workers during the current labor shortage. the owner of my gal sal bakery cafe in phoenix schroeder immigrated to the greatest south africa and saved her money for 12 years so she could open that business. and sole may joins us right now. good morning. i'm sorry to see that you had to close your doors over the weekend. what happened? >> basically it came down to that i just didn't have enough staff to keep operating. steve: you have a not just fry donuts you have a very specific bakery that caters to people with complicated allergies and things like that. you need to have qualified people who know what they're doing. >> correct. because some people it's not a diet preference, it's an actual serious allergy. some people can die or get sick from it. so we have to be sure we
3:40 am
maintain proper procedures in place to avoid cross contamination and make people sick. so it is important have people pay attention and focus and most importantly show up for work. steve: absolutely. i know you feel personal frustration because, when the pandemic hit, and your doors were closed, you wound up paying the employees because you were -- they were loyal to you, you were loyal to them. can they all come back after the pandemic? >> no, they did not. they chose to stay home. and that's the part that breaks my heart because, you know, as a mom and pop, i didn't have to do that but something me personally as a business owner chose to do. steve: why didn't they come back? >> some gave me excuses of they didn't feel comfortable working with the public. some said that they would make much more staying at home ununemployment. i said well i can give you more
3:41 am
hours. and they just chose not to come back. steve: yeah. i know that since the people that you paid during the pandemic didn't come back, you have been -- you were, until you had to close your doors over the weekend, you were having -- you know, you were looking for work. you had a help wanted sign in the window. and how many people would come in to ask for a job? >> zero walk-ins. i recently had 24 applicants apply. i contacted every one of them. i received voice mails are full, voice mail is not set up. i left messages. i had two people call me back. one person said she really need to work but she didn't have a car to come to work. i offered to pay for her uber so she could come for the interview. i said i will make it easy for you, i will pay for your uber and you tell me what time tomorrow you can make it here
3:42 am
call me back. never heard from her. other person southwest up an interview, no show, no call out of 24 people. steve: unbelievable. so you have bent over backwards. you were paying above the minimum wage. >> correct. steve: you gave your employees year-end bonuses. you would be a great boss to work for. and you simply could not find the people who do it. you know, but your situation is not unique because there are businesses all across the country that are facing the same problem right now. >> yes. it's the most frustrating thing i have ever encountered in my life. steve: so what are you going to do. >> well, my lease is up officially at the end of december. and i had to do a lot of thinking do i want to continue working seven days a week, 12 to 14-hour days doing the job of six people to stay open and it will eventually take a toll on
3:43 am
my health mental and physical and my lease if i decide to go get another building. i might be in a new building but i'm going to have the same problem. i am not going to have people who will work for me. right now as i sit here, i have two people who can commit to working for me. that's not enough to running a businesses when i used to have 8 employees. steve: salomae, final question, which is it going to change in america when people want to go back to work? >> i don't know. i think it's going to take 18 months to maybe two years before things are going to go back to what we know as normal. steve: it's going to be a cold 18 months if that's how long it takes. salomae schroder who just closed her my gal sal bakery. >> thank you very much. steve: thank you for telling your story. >> thank you. steve: 17 minutes now before the
3:44 am
top of the hour. that's is a sad story. carley: god bless her. pray for her tonight. you can see the pain she is experiencing on that front. start here with this, the supreme court could rule on the texas abortion ban as early as today. the justices are planning to issue at least one opinion, it's unclear if the justices will resolve the two case surrounding the texas heart beat law before the thanksgiving break. the high court put the cases on a fast track. but opponents say they are frustrated the court has taken so long to rule. some u.s. navy sailors are reportedly being forced to take out loans to cover living expenses. reporting there have been months long delays sending out paychecks to sailors. the issue comes as the navy consolidates resource centers staff. she and her husband had not received basic housing allowance since getting married in july.
3:45 am
disney world is causes vaccine mandate cast members. more than 90% of florida based cast members have already verified that they're fully vaccinated. those not vaccinated. florida governor desantis signed anti-vaccine mandates. stop the bills and buffalo 41-15. running back gaining 200 total yards and five touchdowns in the win. greg joseph hit a last second field goal propel the minnesota vehicle. kurt cousin threw for three touchdowns in that victory. texans quarterback tie-rod taylor goes airborne for this run houston shocked tennessee at
3:46 am
home. the titans offense struggling without derrick henry in the lineup there. the washington football team spoils cam newton's homecoming defeating the carolina panthers 27-21. and justin threw for three touchdowns of the l.a. charges defeat the pittsburgh steelers 41-37. exciting games all around. steve, over to you. steve: absolutely. thanksgiving week there is going to be. carley: a lot more football. steve: a prald counsel in front of our building. in fact, check in with meteorologist adam klotz who is in front of our building with the "foxcast" for this monday, adam? adam: good morning, steve. a bit of a raw morning on the east coast, especially out here on fox square where the temperature is around 50 degrees. as can you tell light rain just behind me. that's the only rain across the country. let's dive right in to what we are looking at. temperatures hanging around the 50's up and down the east coast. you see big frontal boundary and the temperatures drop quickly as you run into the middle of the
3:47 am
country. 25 degrees in chicago. 31 degrees in kansas city here early this morning. that line is a line of storms and we are seeing that rain currently falling up and down the east coast. otherwise though things are completely dry on the back side of this. getting closer and closer to that time where folks are going to start traveling. i do think that at least for the next couple of days, the travel conditions look pretty good despite a little bit of rain out here early this morning. steve, those are your weather headlines for now. tossing it back into you. steve: all right, adam, thank you very much. still ahead this monday morning desperate search for a motive after a driver plowed through that wisconsin parade last night. killed at least five and injured dozens of others. former brexit party leader nigel farage as police in london on high alert for having possible holiday attacks over there. aut, finding the right words can be tough.
3:48 am
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in berlin and northeast, france. former brexit party leader nigel farage is r. in england as police warning about christmas terror attacks. we don't know to reiterate we don't know the motives of what happened when wisconsin just yet. i don't want to make connections where they might not yet exist. here is one thing we can observe very objectively. these kind of mask-gatherings become vulnerable targets for those who wish to do ill. and you have seen that already in europe. nigel. >> yes. of course. you know, we had the truck bombings of christmas markets when large number of families were gathered together having a nice evening out. you are right, the bigger the crowd in a sense the easier the target they are. now, we had a failed terrorist attempt that took place here on sunday the 14th of november, somebody strapped to a suicide bomb vest and it went off, it
3:53 am
looks like the target was, believe it or not, a maternity unit, moms giving birth to children. one can only imagine what would go through the mind suicide ves went off. he was killed, nobody else was. then, when we found out who he was, and this is interesting. and i think this in america what is happening at your southern border. this individual had illegally come into the u.k., applied for refugee status. been refused, and, yet not been deported pretending to embrace christianity but, in fact, he was a radical islamist terrorist. and i think the lesson from that, we are trying to absorbed every day and numerically. it's not as big as the u.s.
3:54 am
southern border. if you allow people into your country and you haven't got a clue who they are, and you don't when you catch them, being their illegally with no good purpose, get rid of them, you are putting yourself in a very, very vulnerable position and that debate we're now having promptly in this country. will whale we are doing is stacking vulnerabilities. allowing mass groups of people come in. and what that creates internally when you have mass groups of people gathered. you create vulnerability on top of vulnerability. i don't think there is any other way to characterize creeping authoritarianism. austria crossed the rubicon, they start nationwide lockdowns on covid protocols today. nationwide lockdowns, the first on the planet nationwide covid vaccine mandate.
3:55 am
everyone, you live in -- over 18, you live i austria,-austria, you get the jab. not so direct thorn tarrenism. europe is here again. people are seeing it. we are watching on your screen people protesting in austria. >> yes. the first thing that happened last week the unvaccinated locked down. those who had not had the vaccine were told they could not leave their houses without good reason. i couldn't believe it. the creation of literally a two tier society. enough to the whole country is locked down unless you have a good reason to leave your house. then from february vaccinations will be mandatory for everyone and it came with a threat. chancellor said the police will be on the streets checking people's documents. now, within living memory, okay,
3:56 am
you can't be quite old, within living memory that kind of thing was going on in vena until 1945. it is almost unthat followable in chancellor cannot see those parallels. horrifying and yes you are seeing protests. big protests, protests in austria, and protests in netherlands about what may happen. i just think this. governments remain powerful but the idea of man dating the entirety of the population into having this vaccine or else you are going to be either imprisoned, i think the rebellion against it. will: i have got to run nigel, i'm up against a hard break it will cut us both off. let's talk another time. more "fox & friends" coming up t. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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person of interest in custody. >> the car -- >> this case has nothing to do with race it never had anything to do with race it had to do with the right of self-defense. >> today is the deadline for federal workers getting fully vaccinated against covid. this as thousands of employees wait to see if their exemption request will be approved. >> the cost of that turkey dinner you are planning is going
4:01 am
to be the most expensive had has ever been. >> 14% increase in the cost of a thanksgiving meal this year. >> tiger woods is showing off golf swing after horrific car crash. is he getting close making a comeback? will: we begin this monday morning with a fox news alert. intense new video shows the moment people dodge out of a -- right there in front of out-of-control car as it plows through a christmas parade in wisconsin. steve: at this hour, at least five people have died and more than 40 others hurt in that many are page right there down main street. ainsley: mike tobin is live person of interest. i saw so many of these videos we all watched them. one mom said i just need to take a moment because that car was so close to you. when she was talking to her child. >> and have you seen some of that video, the toddler stranding in the street as the suv just goes right past that
4:02 am
toddler and thinking just hard to imagine it could be any worse but it certainly could have been. there were a lot 6 people who weren't hit. here on the scene crime scene tape still blowing in the breeze. have you police lights still flashing at the intersection of main and barstow in walk save shaw. one end of this unusually long crime scene. the city of waukesha confirming overnight that the number of fatalities is stilling five. 40 people injured. in terms of the number of people injured that will be a fluid number a lot of people self-reported to the hospital. then you can start talking about the nature of injuries. people at the fringes would have had cuts and bruises from being knocked over in the crowd. one person of interest has been identified. not identified but the police chief says that one person of interest is in custody. still not calling them a suspect. you have the attorney general of wisconsin saying that those responsible will be held accountable. and what you know for certain is
4:03 am
you had people coming together for the first time since the pandemic for the christmas parade, what was supposed to be a very happy occasion with everyone getting together. then without warning this red ford suv burst through the barricade and tore up through the center of the parade. we have confirmation from the chief of police that an officer did fire at the vehicle here is what the witnesses had to say. >> everyone was in shock. i mean, everyone started screaming. the image that keeps going through my head is the car going through the girl. the only reason why i couldn't brake down i had other kids around me. i know knew if i panic they panic. >> you have reports of parents going from one crumpled body to the next looking for their own children. the range of the victim very young people attending the parade to older people. we know that the dancing grannies dance troop was out here in the center of the parade
4:04 am
and some of them were hit. remaining here at the scene are all the type of things you would expect people to bring to a winter time parade. blankets to stay warm, folding chairs, coolers, things of that nature. one thing you notice at the scene is the lights are all back on there was a time last night when the shelter in place went into effect. and for whatever reason local authorities elected to turn out the lights. after that shelter in place was lifted. all the lights came back on. but there were people out here at the scene who told us that the police came around, they went to some of the corner bars and told feel shelter in place because they simply didn't know how many people were involved at that point. they didn't know what was happening with the scene. but the best information information we have now come from the chief of police is that there is one person of interest in custody. guys, back to you. will: hey, mike, if i might. i don't want to push you into the realm of speculation. as i'm listening to your report and watching the video we are showing this morning, we have wondered the motive. we con der if there is a terrorism motive. whether or not this is a callus recklessness or if there is
4:05 am
intentionality to. it was this driver as i'm watching that video and see him blow by some people. video. you know and see more than i do. he it looks like is he not trying to hit people. in other words, as though he is running away from people until hes a critical mass of the crowd and plows through them. is that -- am i pushing you into speculation? is that a fair assumption? was it reckless callousness or intentional act is i guess what i'm leading the question to you. >> right. it's really tough to get into that but you can imagine if you have ever been in a car and did something like hit a deer. you are very aware of it. so if this was somehow not a liberty act, you would have to imagine that the vehicle would have stopped when he hit the first person. but you can see this vehicle keeps going, plowing up through the crowd, but get inside of someone's head right now we don't have a motive. we don't know what caused this
4:06 am
there is a lot of speculation a response rittenhouse verdict. fleeing a scene something of a knife fight something to of that effect. that is not confirmed. waiting on the official word. authorities are trying to get the information as fast as they can. it was quite chaotic last night. steve: sure. mike, i know on twitter and social media, there is a name that is out there. that apparently surfaced on scanner audio where they identify this particular person who is now the person of interest, the suspect in this particular case. why haven't they announced a name yet? >> well, we haven't made the connection. i have heard of the same scanner audio. and i have heard that name that came out and seen all the information that's out there. particularly over twitter. identifying this individual. that is not -- the connection has not been made through the official sources yet. so, once again, we are at that
4:07 am
point where there is a lot of information out there. and we see it with all these big scenes as social media starts running wild and they start connecting the dots. we just have to be careful that we are the voice of record in this case and we just don't get too far out over our success. ainsley: yeah. you don't want to convict someone or accuse someone of a crime until we hear it from the authorities. and those people who are investigating. you know, when you watch that video, there is so much noise, the band is playing jingle bells, the crowd is cheering and a car comes up from behind them. so, if f. they saw the car coming, some people were jumping out of the way. for those dancing grannies or for the guy who was hit. we saw the video of the band nebraska who was hit from behind. they had no idea. there was so much noise. they didn't have the chance to get out of the way. any word on when we woke up this morning. it was five dead. 40 injured. any word on those that were injured how many of them are children? >> you know, there was some information to that effect.
4:08 am
they said, i believe it was 11 adults and 12 children early before that number rose up to 40. and we know that from children's hospital. they said they had admitted at least 15 people at the local children's hospital. so, i can go with at least 15. but i would bet as we start piling through the details that number is going to be higher, ainsley. steve: all right it sounds like the police are going to have a press conference at 1:00 local time out there and mike tobin will bring us any updates should they occur. >> thanks, mike. >> you got it, guys. >> some of the video that first appeared on twitter was shot by a woman by the name of angela owe boil. and she was on her balcony above the parade route. it looks like six or seven floors up. this is it right there. and she had the bird's eye view of what happened. and you could see there is the suv and we stopped the video. ainsley: that's the band in front of the car that. >> is the waukesha south high school marching band. and a number of those people
4:09 am
were hit and, in fact, later about an hour later. they established a family reception or reunification center at the high school so that the parents would know which of the kids had been taken off to the hospital. anyway, we spoke to the woman who took the picture about what she saw. she was taking the pictures because her kids were not able to be there. so she wanted to have the image so she could say hey, look, kids here is the parade. >> this is what she took a picture of. watch this. >> from my balcony looking down, just recording for my kids because they were not here. i saw it from above not street level. nothing makes sense about this at all. the car didn't stop. he went completely down to the end of the block. at the end of the block he turned to the left and that's i could see the whole street from my view he went completely to the end without stopping. it was instantly everyone was running toward the injured.
4:10 am
grabbing children and putting them inside buildings right away. people jumped quickly into action. surreal to everywhere with a. i couldn't believe it was happening. it has hard to watch for sure. steve: surreal. ainsley: as a mom, tough explain all of that to your children. she talked to her high school daughter. she hasn't had a chance to explain to her younger son. steve: how do you explain it to an adult. >> you are right. it's a christmas parade. we are getting reports that some of the car rammed into that marching band. ran into the precious grannies who are dancers dressed in blue outfits. and they were dancing in the streets. and on their facebook page they said thank you for your concerns about the milwaukee dancing beganies. members of the group and volunteers were impacted. and we are waiting for word on their condition. please keep the beganies, all those injured and all of those who witnessed this horrible events in your thoughts and prayers. i read in one article that is there -- there was one report that a catholic priest was also
4:11 am
involved. steve: a catholic priest. several parishioners and catholic school kids as well according to the archdiocese of milwaukee. will: let's bring in two wisconsinites rachel campos-duffy and sean duffy. not only a former wisconsin congressman but former district attorney as well. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. will: rachel, let's start with you. i do want to get sean in from the perspective of a prosecutor. but i think we will start with the human element for sure, rachel this morning, steve was talking about explaining this to children. you and sean have nine. as wisconsinites, when you watch this, what are your thoughts. >> i'm horrified. i'm reminded that evil exists. we have taken our kids to christmas parades in wisconsin. as an arizonan, it took me a while to understand why wisconsinites do that. it's cold. but you bundle your kids up and you bring hot chocolate and blankets and little folding chairs. you saw that toddler jumping up
4:12 am
and down. kids don't care how cold it is. they want to be there and see santa and the marching band. of the video that i saw of parents screaming looking for their children, many parents have the experience of putting their child, you know, their child might be in a parade or marching band at the end of the parade they are looking to find their kid. it's a happy moment. they are looking to see what happened to their child. you saw them ram right into that marching band. you just can't believe that something like this can happen. as you mentioned ainsley early in the show. wisconsin has been through a lot. people are still reeling and healing and trying to heal from all the tension from the kyle rittenhouse shooting and trial and so, you know, it's just a lot. my heart breaks for the people of waukesha. steve: one of the local papers in that region said afterwards there were pompoms and shoes and spilled hot chocolate everywhere. sean, as a former are court
4:13 am
official, why would it be -- first of all, they are referring to this person that they have in custody as a person of interest, not a suspect. but why wouldn't they have already identified this person? >> sean: i don't think they want to jump to conclusion, steve. they want to get all the facts and evidence in. this could be very charged as well if some of the allegations on twit remember correct. they will make sure they get all of their evidence together before they move forward with charging and indicating this is the potential defendant. i want to go back to something will asked. he was asking is this intentional? you have shown a number of times that video of the car about to hit an individual and you stop it. so what you see there is marching band first person hit looking forward doesn't know he has a speeding car to his back. which means the car is not honking horn, not trying to give warning sign to people in front of it that something is going wrong. i'm trying to get away, i'm fleeing the scene. i'm going fast, i'm honking to
4:14 am
have you all part the way so i can get through. the first hit is surprise. after that footage you show right there the car scwerves back to the middle of the lane and starts mowing down more people. he doesn't drive over the curb and into the building and stop. he swerves back in to the marching band and starts mowing down more people. so, again, i'm now speculating, will it seems like, based on not honking your horn, swerving into band members and mowing down as many people as can you it appears to be intentional. rachel and i have been to the christmas parade. it's cold out. you have mentioned this is right after covid. and right after the riots in kenosha and people want to go out and celebrate christmas. they want to see each other. they want to be a community together and celebrate something that unites us, that doesn't divide us so often which is christmas and thanksgiving. and here someone would take an opportunity intentionally to
4:15 am
actually cause mass devastation is heart wrenching and, again, wisconsin is just so much pain and anguish from last night and from what happened last summer. will: sean, the reason i ask this question legally and morally the culpability won't be any different whether or not it was recklessly callus or was intentional. when we see video for example from germany where the terrorists went out with the vehicle trying to take as many lives as they could, you would see them swerve into bodies. blowing past people that he could have hit. now, so what i'm wondering is it somebody out there trying to kill as many as possible or is he plowing through with reckless disregard and doesn't care if he kills lives as is he running from something behind him. we are all speculating here but using as much evidence as possible to try to ascertain this guy's motives. >> also real quick seems like he was going 40 miles per hour. was he not hitting people
4:16 am
earlier in the parade route. i suspected that he was getting near the end of the parade route so his exit would be easier. if you start hitting people early in the parade route it might be challenging to exit and get away. here at the end of the parade route better pathway out. again, this is all speculation. >> the point is he could have been honking his horn and clearing people and giving warning. what's terrifying see the footage of people who had no idea of what was coming at them. and people's reaction from the video is delayed because of that they just don't -- it's such a surprise. >> can i make one last point, listen, these are the suburbs of milwaukee. these are really good people. these are church-going people. rachel: very republican area by the way. >> they love the packers and again i mentioned this last night. on sunday you drive through church parking lots and they are parked. and, again, they here to celebrate christmas. it's not a holiday parade, this is a christmas parade and absolute tragic that now you
4:17 am
have little kids at parades that are now traumatized. again we have all been at parades. children events or kid events and jingle bells is playing and santa is coming down the parade route and that's now the memory that some young kids in waukesha will have. horrific event instead of a happy, loving christmas event. ainsley: from a parent's perspective used to be able to go to parades and not worry about this. used to be able to go to the boston marathon and not worry about something like this. or send our kids to school and not worry about a shooter come in. there is evil all throughout our country and, yes, most people are good and risk is an amazing state. look at the two of you raising these beautiful kids from that area. i nowak shaw. tuck early asked ifhe was a rac. here is what some of the people said. discussing to see congressman matt gaetz and others in congress celebrate kyle
4:18 am
rittenhouse. had you on cbs you had a correspondent say talking about how he brought a rifle over state lines. they had the naacp president on, the ceo derek johnson who said this is under the banner of white supremacisty. here is a clip of talking about that. >> the case has nothing to do with race. it never had anything to do with race. it had the right to doo to self-defense. >> right. >> i'm not a racist person. i support the blfr blm movement. i support peacefully demonstrating. i believe there needs to be change. i believe there is a lot of prosecutorial misconduct. not just in my case but in other cases. and it is just amazing to see how much a prosecutor can take advantage of somebody. ainsley: rachel, what's your reaction? >> i was particularly disgusted when after a few good republicans offered this young man a second chance, perhaps an internship on capitol hill that members of the democrat squad said we feel unsafe.
4:19 am
this is an example of white supremacisty and we don't feel safe in the capitol with this young man. again, he was acquitted. the video evidence is clear. there is no proof that he is a white supremacist and they continue to smear and try to ruin this boy's life and continue the lie that america is racist and that white supremacisty is rampant in america. steve: sean, quick exit question for you. that is what happens with kyle rittenhouse? does he go ahead and resume his life and try to keep his head down and be anonymous or turn around and sue these people who he feels defamed him? >> i think he will sue them and they will keep pursuing him. can i make one last point in regard to white supremacisty? what is matt gaetz for? limited government, less taxes, less taxes strong military. the conservatism bleeds in those values white supremacisty is outrageous. political bludgeon for the socialists to win the political
4:20 am
argument. will: all right. rachel and sean duffy thank you for being with us this morning providing us that incite. rachel: thank you. will: watch tucker carlson's interview with kyle rittenhouse tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. steve: it's an exclusive. ainsley: 7:19 on the east coast. 80 mass thieves ransack a san francisco nordstrom one day after brazen thieves loot a louie vitton store. larry elder is going to weigh in on the chaos in california. steve: first, the new york school says it will separate parents by vaccine status. growing outrage over a controversial covid policies in new york coming up on this monday, november 22nd. ♪
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oa ainsley: a long island school district parking outrage over plans to separate parents by vaccination is status upcoming student concert. host a non-socially distant section for the parents with the proof of vaccination and then there is going to be a separate socially distanced area for those who have not gotten the shot. nassau county equitiesive elect bruce is here to react. good morning to you, bruce. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. congratulations red wave out there on long island. close race and you beat laura curren the county executive out there for a long time. when you talk to the superintendent or do you know the superintendent of this area? why is the superintendent doing this? they are telling the "new york post" they are doing it because they want to be able to contact trace. >> yeah. so, i don't question the intentions of the school
4:26 am
district. but i think that when you are segregating people, you have to be very careful to present a compelling argument because there are important constitutional freedoms that we have in america. the right to assembly. the right to association. freedom of choice. the right to privacy. and when you segregate people, you have to make that compelling argument and i have not seen that yet illogic to me that there would be any danger to people who were unvac sin in this cased because they made the choice or to people that were vaccinated because they, in fact, were vaccinated. so, i understand the argument contact tracing but i don't think contact tracing is a compelling enough argument to abridge important constitutional rights. ainsley: we all are ready to get barack to normalcy. is this dividing the community. >> well, apparently it is.
4:27 am
because let's face it. if you take people and you say okay, in this corner we're going to put people who were vaccinated and the other corner we are going to put people who were unvaccinated. whether it be students or parents. you are saying that certain people are different. and that they are being treated differently. and i don't think that that's a good idea unless there is a compelling case. certainly we have covid-19 concerns. and they are important concerns. but i do think we are out of the crisis situation that we had nine months ago. and you have to make a compelling argument in my view to treat people differently. ainsley: one group vaccinated say they feel uneasy sitting next to someone who is not vaccinated. another person unvaccinated for another reason. we don't want our medical status to be public when we are there just to watch our child perform on stage. >> yeah, i'm a pro-vaccination
4:28 am
person. i got vaccinated but i think we have to respect the rights of people so that they can make their own personal healthcare choices with their physician and not interfere with that process be so i don't think that, you know, you can say i feel uncomfortable, therefore, i'm going to abridge somebody's right. ainsley: thank you so much, bruce. thanks for coming on. we wish you all the best. >> my flerks thank you so much. ainsley: we did reach out to rockville center school district but we not heard back. still ahead continuing coverage of deadly attack christmas parade. larry elder is going to react coming up next. ♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪
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4:33 am
know why he did it and people are dead. >> that's right. we don't know why. there is speculation a suspect has been named in some parts of social media. i think you guys have been very responsible this morning in not identifying anybody because the authorities have not confirmed this. and i think we ought to stick though that my heart goes out to the people who were hurt. five people dead. 40 people injured. there might be even more people who died as a result of this. just absolutely horrible. and the temptation, of course, is to speculate whether or not there is a connection between this and rittenhouse verdict. we just don't know. steve: we don't know. nonetheless, we see this video and you think, you know, whatever would possess somebody, after they hit one person, to keep going? i mean or why not to the duffy's point about a half an hour ago. if you are driving down a parade route and trying to get away from somebody, let's say. why not lay on the horn and get as many people out of the way so you have a clean shot to the end of the parade route. >> you know, steve a number of years ago here in santa monica
4:34 am
an elderly man in his early 80s was driving through a mall and he plowed through a bunch of people and turned out he was having some sort of medical event. so we really don't know, again, they do have a so-called person of interest in custody. the person has been identified on social media. we just reali don't know. i don't want to be irresponsible and added to the nonsense that took place during the rittenhouse trial the bad speculation. wrong conclusions drawn. i don't want to add to that and i know you don't want to either. steve: right. it does sound like the police are going to have a press conference at 1:00. perhaps they will reveal what they know about the suspect or person of interest. you are sitting right now out in los angeles area. what is going on with california? we have the images over the weekend where it looks like these orchestrated looters, they ransacked a nordstrom, 80 people in ski masks with crowbars. and then you have got very
4:35 am
upscale louie vitton luggage store, more looters. i think that's louie vitton store right there after it was looted. what's going on? >> well, steve, it's a perfect storm. it's one of the reasons i ran for governor. under this governor, some 18,000 convicted felons were released early because of covid. you have a bunch of d.a.s that were supported by george soros. one of whom is a d.a. in con that costa county where is. soft on crime, believes in decriminalization. believes systemically racist journal system is prosecuting too many black and brown people. you have d.a.s like that in san francisco. you have d.a.s like that in los angeles. you have a proposition that allows people to steal up to 950 bucks. not just a day but per store and only be accused of committing a misdemeanor. so you have this whole anti-police business about systemic racism. cops are pulling back. halder to recruit people cops
4:36 am
are retiring early. morale is bad. can't recruit new cops. add all that up. crime is going up. not long ago the former senator from california barbara boxer got mugged cell phone taken and governor attacked by homeless mentally ill guides. you add it all up, going on in elfca. absolute madness. police aren't doing their jobs. not allowed to do anywhere jobs. governor of california recently signed a bill that discourages assistant tant d.a.s pursuing what are called crime enhancement. bad guys are not facing a penalty to the fullest extent of the law. you add it all up. and it's open season for crime here in california. it's ridiculous. >> i saw some of the authorities in san francisco after these, you know, these looting situations and they said well, this proves that we're going to hold people response sin. no, it's the laws on the books right now. where it's like, okay you can take up to $1,000 worth of stuff
4:37 am
and you are not going to get in trouble. it's the law. >> that's right. and, again, not just $1,000 a day. but every single store. can you just go to a best of your knowledge of the stores all day and not get busted other than to be cited for a ticket for misdemeanor if you get caught. that's why so many walgreen's stores are close. other stores are closing. now this is hitting high end stores. maybe just maybe now something about will be done about this. steve: we will see. all right. larry, thanks for joining us from l.a. >> my pleasure. steve: 23 minutes before the top of the hour. police say a person interest of is in custody in waukesha after driving through that christmas parade and the marchers. what investigators may be zeroing in on coming up. ♪ ♪♪ fresh flavors... classic dishes... ♪♪ and a new seat at the table. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> an officer did discharge his weapon at the suspect vehicle to try to stop the vehicle.
4:42 am
no by standards were injured as a result of the weapon discharge. we do not believe there were any shots fired from the vehicle. we believe that officers discharged the firearm to stop the vehicle. will: police revealing more to stop that suv as it tore through a wisconsin christmas parade. the tragedy leaving five people dead and more than 40 hurt. lieutenant randy sutton is 33 year law enforcement veteran and he joins us now. good morning to you, lieutenant. glad to have your expertise and spencer experience on the program this morning. tell me the process, please, that law enforcement is going through this morning in determining the potential suspect, his motivations how we ascertain the facts. >> sure so, this is a massive investigation. for every individual who was struck by this suv, that's goings to be a literal lay different count of the crime. it investigators are now going
4:43 am
to be first of all, interviewing the suspect. secondly, they are going to be going through his social media, his communications devices. his cell phone, his computer to try and determine was -- there is speculation when there is a vacuum of information there is speculation, of course, so the speculation this involved with rittenhouse verdict. there is a couple of points that need to be mentioned. that is that there was -- you know there, some speculation could it possibly have been a medical situation that caused this. in looking at the trajectory of the vehicle, i would say that the thought about this being a
4:44 am
medical event is probably really, really low. the fact that the officer discharged his weapon-this is really critical. the fact that the officer discharged his weapon creates a deadly force situation. an officer would not make that decision to use deadly force unless he believed that there was a crime occurring. so, if you are looking at the entire circumstances here, i think we are definitely going to find some criminal intent. now, the determination is this is a massive investigation thousands, literally thousands of witness statements are going to have to be taken and this is -- remember, this is a small community. a population of 76,000 people. they are going to have to bring in help, will. will: real quick lieutenant sudden ton. you mentioned the at the tonight of the medical situation. we had larry elderrer on earlier. the point he was making is an important point to back up here is how little we know and how
4:45 am
often social media, for example is wrong in its initial reaction, a horrendous track record, yet, look, there is a name out there. there was police scanner audio. there is a social media feed attached to that name. so there is potential speculation to be had as a law enforcement officer, you just talked about relying on some of those same technique he is, going to someone's social media feed. what is your advice on what we know this early in an investigation, how accurate can we assume anything is? >> you know, that's a great question, will. because, we have seen how jumping to conclusions can destroy people's lives. we have this name out there. i have seen it, of course, i have seen, you know, information about this individual. we can't judge. we have to step back. we have to let law enforcement do their thing. and let's hope that the people who were injured recover because this is a tragic, tragic
4:46 am
situation. will: right. yeah. by the way i think that's what larry was mentioning as well it could be anything. it's probably not something. but let's recognize the limitations of our knowledge because the cost and risk is too high in getting it wrong. thank you for showing us how that is done in law enforcement lieutenant sutton this morning. appreciate having you. >> thank you. will: carley, over to you. carley: i have headlines to get. to say today marks the anniversary of john f. kennedy shot in dallas. shot by lee harvey ozwald. thousand vndz have gathered to a catch a glimpse of the president and first lady. records into the investigation of jfk's assassination have still not been fully released to the public. chinese state media releasing missing chinese star peng shuai held 30 minute phone call with her human rights advocates are still concerned for her safety. shuai went missing after
4:47 am
accusing a chinese party official of sexual assault. calling for the townhouse boycott the beijing olympics over human rights abuses. inflation is on the menu this holiday season as the u.s. farm bureau survey shows the average cost of a thanksgiving dinner is up 14% this year. but it doesn't stop there. you can expect to pay between 30% more for christmas tree real or artificial. experts cite the 2,000 recession when the farmers were forced to plant fewer evergreens which take 8 to 10 years to mature. everything is hitting us, will, all at once. will, over to you. will: all right, carley, thank you so much. go over to adam klotz for fox weather forecast. hey, adam. >> good morning, will. it was raining on fox square. i am going to begin with the temperatures. let's take a look at what we are
4:48 am
seeing across the country. 50's up and down the coast. a little farther inland and suddenly you see those temperatures falling into the 20's. the teens in symptom case. that is a big cold front stretching across the east coast. the only spot in the country where we are seeing significant rainfall right now as i said drying off in new york city, still rain all the way down across the southeast. if you are beginning your travels and they are going to be ramping up the next couple of days for now completely clear out there thanks to those mostly clear skies. will, those your weather headlines for now tossing it back into you. will: okay, adam, thank you. coffee with a side of compassion, how a veteran and first responder owned business is serving up positivity in their community while raising money for others who wear a uniform. ♪ n't take entresto if pregnant;
4:49 am
it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. what does it feel like to sell your car to carvana? or it feels amazing.ium. when you get a great offer in seconds... (all cheering) it feels too good to be true. ever imagined you could get it from selling your car. well, with carvana, you can. experience the new way to sell a car. we've been waiting all year to come together. happy holidays from lexus. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2022 es 350.
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steve: from the front lines to the front porch, a south carolina coffee company is brewing up support for veteran communities with each and every batch of coffee. ainsley: i love that whoever wrote that that's genius to the front porch co-owned by navy veteran and law enforcement officer and active duty navy senior chief petty officer, john richards, one nation is donating a portion of all the proceeds from their coffee batches to aid
4:53 am
veterans and first responders and their families. will: john joins us now along with his wife, nurse, and one nation foundation president, michelle richards. good morning, john and michelle. glad to have you. ainsley: from summerville, south carolina. >> good morning. will: good morning. tell us about your coffee, and why you decided to give back along with waking people up in the morning. >> well one nation coffee was founded by veterans and first responders, myself, i'm navy and have had a career in navy special operations. my childhood friend phillip, he is with austin county sheriff's department and our good friend neil johnson he's a navy veteran as well and he's served and deployed so with that as a background and a passion for coffee, we had a desire to start a coffee company for guys like us, people that love america, and also, not only to produce good coffee, roast good
4:54 am
coffee but we wanted to have a purpose by it. by the grace of god i'm still alive today and we wanted to be able to give back and help serve those who have served us and protected us so that's why we had a portion of our proceeds go to support veterans and first responders. steve: and michelle, i would imagine those are the roasters behind you, and what's unique to your company is and foundation is that you do small batch roast ing. coffee is very personal. why should somebody watch it right now, aside from the fact you're giving all this money to the vet groups, why should somebody try it and what does it taste like? >> so what's important about us our coffee is small batch roast ed and we brew with the highest quality but the most important thing about us is that we have founded the one nation foundation which is a 501c 3 that gives back to veterans and first responders and their families so passion really brews purpose and that is our mission and our goal of our ultimately
4:55 am
of our coffee company and our foundation. ainsley: and john i love the name because as we drink our one nation coffee, the goal here is to become one nation. how did you come up with this name? >> well, it actually comes from the pledge of allegiance, yonkers nation, undergod, and like i said all this , under the founders have had a lifetime of service and giving back, and so we just really have a passion we believe that america is still great. we believe that, you know, we're still all americans, even with our differences, and so that's where we know that even though we disagree, we can still agree on a good cup of coffee so we believe we can all come together and as we drink one nation we can be one nation. steve: well and i love the fact that you do it here in the united states. any supply chain issues you've gotta worry about with this? >> yes. the price of coffee has been going up and its been really tough getting the coffee beans
4:56 am
in but we've been making it happen, but yes, k-cups, everything, you have to order a long time in advance. >> we do all of our coffee, we online roast order so we do offer online subscriptions, wholesale and k-cup options as well. steve: if somebody orders it right now they will be able to have it for christmas? >> oh, yes. steve: great. >> that's why i would love to -- ainsley: do you have different flavors? sorry to interrupt you. because like my mom likes the strong coffee, someone else might like a milder coffee. >> yes, we don't have flavors but we have quality roast. we go from light roast, medium roast, medium-dark, so super smooth, not bitter at all. people love our dark roast. strategist excellent. will: one nation is where you can get it at home. john and michelle, thank you. ainsley: thanks for your service >> thank you. ainsley: we'll talk about that christmas parade coming up, stay with us.
4:57 am
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alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects see for yourself at >> i've never seen anything this bad before. >> it was a shock. will: an out of control car plow s through a christmas parade in wisconsin. steve: at least five people have died and more than 40 others hurt. >> the chief said they do have a person of interest in custody. >> kyle rittenhouse is speaking out for the first time since his acquittal. >> this case has nothing to do with race. it has to do with the right to self-defense. >> but despite that verdict members of the media are still convicting him. >> video evidence is clear and
5:01 am
they continue to smear this boy 's life. ainsley: an arizona bakery forced to close due to a lack of workers. steve: when the pandemic hit your doors were closed you wound up paying the employees, did they all come back? >> no, they did not. they chose to stay home and that's the part that breaks my heart. >> fires, open! mike williams down the sideline, for the touchdown. what a day this is! will: we begin this morning with a fox news alert, intense new video shows the moment people dodge out of the way of a vehicle as it plows through a christmas parade in wisconsin. steve: at this hour, at least five people are dead, more than 40 others have been hurt. ainsley: mike tobin is live as police say the person of interest is now in custody. mike what's the latest? >> well, unfortunately, ainsley , i've got to start you out with bad news on top of bad news, we have talked about that adorable dancing group the
5:02 am
dancing grannies, who were in the center of the parade when that suv tore through the center of the parade. their organization is now confirming that there are, indeed, fatalities at least one fatality in that group. a statement from the dancing gra nnies reading in part, those who died were extremely passionate grannies and their eyes gleaned with the joy of being grannies, they were the glue that held us together, part of the tragedy. we know 40 people were injured five killed that number confirm ed by the city overnight. one person of interest as identified by the police is in custody. the police chief still reluctant to call this individual a suspect in this case. what we know is this was an occasion for the city to come together for the christmas parade, the first time since the pandemic. without warning just around 4:30 in the afternoon, a redford suv tore through the barricade and then tore through the crowd of people marching and coming out to view and enjoy this parade.
5:03 am
here is what some of the witnesses had to say. >> everyone is in shock. everyone started screaming. what keeps going through my head is the car going through the girl, and the only reason why they didn't break down is because i have the other kids around me and i knew if i panicked they panicked. reporter: nurses who were at the scene talk about going from victim to victim trying to help. parents going from crumpled body to body trying to find their own loved ones. a lot of people self-reported or took the help of strangers and family to get to the hospital, so anticipate the number of injured out here could remain very fluid. left in the aftermath, we have the crime tape, all of the things you'd expect to see people bringing to a cold weather parade, blankets to stay warm, folding chairs, some food, all of that is still left here at the crime scene, and one final note, wisconsin governor tony everrers has ordered all of
5:04 am
the flags in the state to be flown at half staff. guys back to you. ainsley: and the schools are closed today in that area, right >> yeah, yes, schools are closed today. steve: mike, we understand the police are going to have an update for the press at 1:00. you know, we have more questions than we have answers. what are the things you want to know? >> right. well, particularly, i would like to know the suspect. who is he or the person of what they are calling a person o of interest. who is he, did he act alone, what were his motivations? that's the first thing i want to find out about and i think that's what everybody wants to know. we had the police officer who fired at the vehicle, we got some information that there was one shot, clearly, here on the tape there were multiple shots so there's a whole lot we want to find out, but the biggest question, of course is why. why did this happen. ainsley: we know the police officer that fired those shots at the car to stop this guy or this woman or whoever it is from driving through the crowd we know that those bullets did not hit anyone in the crowd,
5:05 am
right? >> that came from the police chief last night that it was a six-year veteran of the force who fired at the vehicle, and there were no injuries as a result of the officers gunfire and one thing was clear from the police chief that although there was eye witness accounts of multiple gun shots at the scene, that no gunfire came from the vehicle. the only gunfire at the scene was the police officer trying to stop the vehicle. that is the police account. will: mike tobin live in waukesha, wisconsin this morning thank you, mike. ainsley: so hard to watch the video because you can hear the band playing jingle bells and you see the video of the guest we interviewed at the 6:00 hour she showed us the video from her balcony and the car is behind the band members. they don't even have a heads up that this guy, here's the video she shot, they have no heads up this person of interest is driving right behind them. steve: and the way mike led this
5:06 am
particular report on this hour, where there's terribly sad news about the milwaukee dancing grannies, they apparently have lost some members, we don't know extent, we've frozen that video. we had somebody earlier in the program who actually took that video. now let's bring in another family also along the parade route, jodie singsimey is a nurse who witnessed the crash along with her two sons and i think jayden took the video. jodie let's start with you. you were right there, pretty much at the point of impact. what did you see and what did you do? >> well first of all, my husband, jim, my youngest son didn't want to wake up, so it's my husband that's jayden. first of all, jim actually said that there was a guy trying to go around the parade and at that moment you looked and we could hear the screaming and like he was coming towards us, so we
5:07 am
grabbed the kids and got back towards the store we were right in front of down there, and he just came barreling right in front of us, right where we were standing, and then he kept going , so we saw and heard everything. steve: yeah, and you're a nurse. did you jump into action? >> net not at that moment because within seconds we heard "active shooter" so we got into the store but then after that was cleared up, we went back out and i went into the streets and directly in front of the joke shop in the street was a gentleman laying down, and i saw that he was alert and coherent so then i went across the street a little more and there was a little boy on the ground, and yeah, he was turning purple. steve: did he make it? >> he had a pulse, i felt his neck, there was another nurse there with me, and we were
5:08 am
talking about what you call rescue breathing when somebody isn't breathing very well and at that moment, we heard somebody say the medics are here, so i got up, and again, somebody came running past the scene "active shooter" so everybody cleared streets and ran back into the shop and hunkered down in the shop again, and then when we came back out the final time, it was the streets there was just debris everywhere and it was pretty cleared up, people were being sent home. will: jodie we appreciate you sharing that with us this morning it has to be incredibly difficult to revisit, thank you all for being with us and sharing this. jayden, i'd love to turn to you. we know there was i believe we know there was a high high school band involved, there was young people as well, your mom just described one of them. can you describe the scene for me what you saw, what was
5:09 am
the aftermath? >> the aftermath was pure chaos , and the band was really just, i mean, the parade was really just a parade full of kids and for somebody to drive-thru it and hit all of those kids like that it just takes pure evil and just the aftermath was really just kids in the street laying down and families and parents running around trying to find their lost children and running in and out of the shop yelling their kid's name. it was just pure confusion and it was very scary and it was very sad. it was very sad. ainsley: jim, as a father, i know you feel like you have to protect your family. what was going through your mind we're looking at these images i don't know if you all can see them. steve: i think these are jayden 's shot. ainsley: of you trying to get into a store to get to safety. jim, go ahead. >> i'm sorry, yeah, that was a video of me just trying to round up my family. my mom and dad were there too, and we were trying to get
5:10 am
everybody together, and just get to safety, and, you know, it was nice enough of the owner to let us in there, and everyone was indiana there hunkering down , and my wife being brave, and went out after they did say "shots fired" to go help somebody and i ran out after her too to try to get her to come back in, and by then, that time, the paramedics had them and they were taking the boy with, so i mean, when you're sitting there seeing something so surreal with a car driving through, and hitting people, and , you know, you just at first you're in shock. you don't know what to do. will: jodi, you're a nurse, we mentioned this earlier, we appreciate you sharing with us this morning and also appreciate you jumping into the situation getting to immediately help people. can you tell us what type of injuries were you encountering? i can assume broken bones, that type of thing. what did you see when you jumped into start helping? >> so the gentleman right in
5:11 am
the road in front of us had a leg injury we could see someone was already cutting his pants off to make sure that it wasn't bleeding and worse than it really was. he just couldn't move. the little boy, like i said, there was blood around the ground by his head, and his eyes were just kind of glazing over, and then again, just people in the street. there were a couple more down and people were hovering over them so i couldn't exactly see what they looked like, just kind of the , i don't know, just the images in our head keep replaying. steve: yeah, and jayden the images from the video that you took, and you shared, that we're looking at right here, we can see your point of view looking up at you, it's complete chaos and for the way your mom described how, you know, you kept going in and out of stores because they said there were active shooters, and for you to see people about your age just
5:12 am
run over by this person, its got to have been such a crazy event that freaked everybody out. how are you doing today? >> well like my mom said i don't think any of us got much sleep. it's really hard to just go to bed but yeah, it was just really the most horrific event that i've ever witnessed in my life and i don't know how somebody can have pure evil to go through something like this and just seg a live stream of it, you can see the pure chaos and confusion of the aftermath and it was just really really scary event. ainsley: i know you all have been through so much as a community and jim you're about an hour away from kenosha, you're trying to get back to normalcy after covid, you go to a christmas parade with your parents, you said, your two children, your sons, who were in school there, who might know some of these victims or you might see familiar faces.
5:13 am
you have one son who didn't want to get up this morning, how is he doing? is it just because he wanted to sleep and he's young or because he is going through so much? >> i think he's processing it too, you know? we stayed up late last night as a family. our hearts go out to the family members that everybody at the parade and the ones injured and the casualties that are out there. to go through this and my son, he's 14, to process this. we just talked about it a lot last night. we just tried to stay together as a family. we went to my mom's house right away, and we'll get through it i think, and for him, he just is, i think he's a strong soul, and we talked to him several times and i think he will be fine with this after some time of grieving ainsley: it's hard to believe it's your community right? we do these stories unfortunately they are happening more and more in america but now it's in your backyard and you
5:14 am
were actually there. >> you never think. >> never in a million years would you think it's happening right here, you know? that's why it's so surreal. you don't know what the guy was doing or if somebody was stuck behind the wheel at the gas pedal or something you don't know and you're trying to assess the situation as it's happening, and you're get everything secondhand after it all happens. steve: and, you know, you were just a few feet away from where it happened, jaden. i'm sure that went through your mind, like we were 10 feet away from being victims ourselves. >> exactly, and like my mom said, this parade has been a tradition of ours and it's the first year we were standing on the sidewalk. most years we sit in the street on lawn chairs and we get the candy that's thrown out to us, and to be honest with you the people that were sitting in the street on the lawn chairs with us some of them were the people that got hit right in
5:15 am
front of us. my parents talked to them and thank god, my family wasn't there this year, but it's just a horrible tragedy. ainsley: jodi, how old was that child you were working on, the little boy? >> i would say about eight or nine. ainsley: was his mom there, was his dad there? >> honestly, the only other adult that i saw that was down on the ground with me was the other nurse, and like at that moment people were still running around so i don't know if his parent was there or if he was in the parade and the parents were trying to come by. i have no idea. i don't know. will: awful. steve: well thank you very much. will: thank you. ainsley: thank you so much. we're praying for you all and your community and specifically for your family. steve: thank you very much for telling your story and sharing the video. will: absolutely heart wrenching all right let goes over to carlie for a few additional headlines. reporter: really quickly.
5:16 am
the fire chief during the press conference said that there were first responders marching in the parade, so when you talk about a life or death situation and having to act quickly, a possible positive to the fact that this was a parade is that there were first responders on- scene at the time, so hopefully could save lives there just want to point that out. ainsley: i know, right? reporter: so many more questions this community will be forever changed god bless them. we do still have some additional headline toss get to, let's start with this. today is the deadline for federal workers to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. this as thousands of employees wait to see if their exemption request will be approved. federal employees who refuse jabs or have had their exemption request denied face the possibility of termination. now, in europe, thousands erupt in protest as lawmakers tighten covid-related rules as cases surge. >> a new poll showing matthew mcconaughey as the front runner in the texas governor's race. the poll finds he is ahead of
5:17 am
governor greg abbott by eight points if the two went head-to-head by the actor is pulling more than 20 percentage points ahead of progressive beto o'rourke in their one on one comparison. this as he sticks by his pledge to take guns away if he's elected. >> hell yes, we're going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. we are a state that has a long, proud tradition of responsible gun ownership so yes i still hold this view. reporter: polls show that while matthew mcconaughey is preferred in one on one match ups, governor abbott would win in a three way race. >> a popular phoenix bakery forced to close its doors because they could not get people back to work. the owner joined us earlier to discuss how hard its been to staff up. watch this. >> we had 24 applicants apply, i had two people call me back, one person said she really needed to work but she didn't have a car to come to work. i offered to pay for her uber,
5:18 am
never heard from him. reporter: saying she even offer ed to give more hours to former employees, but they would not return to work. >> lebron james is ejected from the lakers/pistons game after elbowing detroit forward isiah stewart. the lakers star was hit with a foul for the blow that left stuart with a bloody face, but was tossed after a video review. isiah stuart was also ejected after continually trying to fight james after the collision and ainsley, i know you're asking if lebron james tweeted about this incident, i just text ed this twitter account, she has not yet tweeted about it. will: thank you, carlie. reporter: maybe later. will: up next, a new report exposing how hunter biden helped china in a near $4 billion deal, former congressman doug collins believes americans deserve answers on biden's link to the communist chinese party.
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steve: a new report claims hunter biden's investment firm helped broker a multi-billion dollar deal with the chinese company, and a lucrative mine. according to the new york times, the president's son was part owner of a venture involved in the $3.8 billion purchase of a chinese conglomerate of one of the world's largest cobalt deposits. how did we miss that story? here with reaction former georgia congressman doug collins , doug good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, how are you? steve: doing okay but i'm scratching my head here's another big deal, that apparently happened when joe biden was vice president of the united states, and we've never heard about it. >> never heard at all about it. except last year, we began reporting many of us talked about hunter biden's deals not only in the ukraine but china
5:24 am
and it's now amazing that after the infrastructure bill is passing, build back better is passing now all of a sudden this issue on the electric cars and a cobalt mine that hunter biden just happened to be entangled with the chinese? i'm beginning to wonder, hunter is an artist, he seems to be a business person, maybe he'll become an author next and say, you know, how to take advantage of nepotism. this is just ridiculous we're not hearing about it. steve: why do you think the new york times did the story now? >> it's a good question. maybe they are feeling bad that they didn't talk about it before or maybe they are just pointing it out. again sometimes the new york times baffels me with what they report and what they don't report but it's the same point in time they still didn't go to the deeper issue is how much intertwining did not only hunter biden have with china but his father. we've already shown connections that they talked about it and we've seen this why are they not connecting it more from hunter and the president himself? steve: well you know, i think we've got our answer out on the stump when he was running for president, peter doocy asked
5:25 am
joe biden, who was running for president, have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings and he said i've never spoken to my son, although, that's kind of hard to believe. >> well it's also been shown not to be true, as well. there's been links to the e-mails and links to pictures that have surfaced where he said he never met with them and now we see those links, again with as much issues at hunter biden has had and with the connection with his father over these years no one from his background gets to where he is without his father. steve: we reached out to hunter 's lawyer for comment have not heard back. >> [laughter] steve: you were talking a moment ago about authors, you got a brand new book called the clock and the calendar. >> it's a firsthand account i wanted to give people what it was like to be in those rooms going through the russia investigation, the russia hoax all the way into jerry nadler convening what would become the year of the impeachment investigation of donald trump and i wanted people to have a little bit different opinion. i wanted them to see it as i saw it through those hearings with matt whitaker, the mueller
5:26 am
investigation, and then the adam schiff, you know, everything else i wanted them to get a behind the scenes look and that's why i wrote it so people could be brought into see this dilution that the democrats had with trump but see it from a different perspective. steve: and the interesting thing , doug, the subtitle of your book is a front low look at the democrats obsession with donald trump. he has not been president for coming up on a year, but they are still obsessed with him >> every time they talk about it i'm surprised there's writers some of the major papers proposed in new york times and others they wake up every day not knowing what the to do so they invent things to write about donald trump because they were so obsessed with him and all they did and the book talks about that, it goes and really goes into congress now where you see nancy pelosi breaking rules and moving forward on things that's where they started it was in 2019 and 2020 when we had these breaking the rules of the house to get to an impeachment that should have never happened against donald trump, simply because they didn't like the fact he was president. steve: he's got a brand new book called the clock and the calendar. doug collins, sir, thank you very much for joining us live.
5:27 am
>> steve good to be with you thanks. steve: you bet. still ahead the desperate search for a methodology motive after a driver plowed through that wisconsin parade killing at least five and injuring dozens of others. former detroit police chief james craig reacts to the investigation, what we know about so far, coming up, next.
5:28 am
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5:31 am
will: fox news alert, five people are dead and more than 40 injured as police reveal more about their desperate attempts to stop that suv as it tore through a wisconsin christmas parade. >> discharge his weapon at the suspect's vehicle to try to stop the vehicle. no bystanders were injured as a result of the weapon discharge. we do not leave there's any shots that were fired from the vehicle. we believe that the officer's discharged the firearm to stop the vehicle. will: retired detroit police chief and michigan gubernatorial candidate james craig joins us now, chief, always good to talk to you. you know, in listening to that, i thought about you. we're struggling this morning to understand as much as possible about this incident assist learning to that police press conference, i can only imagine in realtime, the decisions a police officer has to make in ascertaining what's going on. can you take me behind the scene s a little bit on that kind of decision-making process?
5:32 am
>> good morning, will, and again, my heart and prayers goes out to the five that lost their lives, certainly those who are recovering from their injuries. i will tell you, a police officer has a split second to make a decision. you had a guest on earlier, retired lieutenant, and i tend to agree, a lot of what we know now is pure speculation, but what comes to mind for me when you look at the fact that the officers use deadly force, they believe the crime was being committed. what i saw in the video is the fact that the vehicle had front end damage, which tends to suggest and especially if it was fresh damage what happened prior to this tragic act and then lastly, i looked at the trajectory of the vehicle and this was probably what was in the mind of the officers. this individual, if it was a medical emergency or a mechanical failure on a part of the vehicle, the individual could have veered away, maybe striking a building, that didn't
5:33 am
happen, in fact he went into a crowd of people, so it does tend to suggest, you know, this was an intentional act, but we'll have to let the investigation play out, which includes mining data from social media. we know about the high profile trial that was just concluded. was this part of it? we just don't know, but i will tell you, will, i also know in the aftermath of the boston bombings at the marathon, you know, departments across the country have taken a number of safety protocols to prevent these type of terrorist-type acts from happening, if in fact this was a terror-related act domestic or foreign. will: and chief, waukesha is a small town. i don't know how many different protocols the police department has available to them to put into place but that raises an interesting question in my mind, how did he get on to the parade route in the first place? you know? again, we don't know his motivations, was he intentionally getting on to parade route, running for
5:34 am
something and ended up on the parade route but it makes you wonder how many different of those potential police protocols he went around to end up in this situation. >> that's a great point, and that's where i brought up safety protocols i know here in detroit , we have managed a number of parades we've planned for tragedy, certainly we put in place the arteries that lead into the main parade artery, we protect those areas so that these kind of things can't happen, so again, we don't know what was in place, if anything was in place, and sadly, today, this can happen anywhere. i no one of your guests was speaking how could this have happened here in our town? it can happen anywhere and we have to plan for it. will: chief is there anything else you can take from the video we've had people on this morning that talked about and we don't have audio but we do have witness accounts, was he honking , mowing through, is there anything else you can take from this video to help us understand what the motivations
5:35 am
may have been? >> again, i agree with that lieutenant you had on earlier this morning. it tends to suggest that it was intentional. i don't recall anyone making reference to a horn blowing, that would suggest that hey, i'm having a medical emergency, or the vehicle was failing, i can't stop. it doesn't appear that happened but the fact that he turned his vehicle into a crowd, where those 40 people were injured. will: right. it's an awful tragedy all around >> yes. will: an absolutely insightful person whose been in obviously high levels of law enforcement, chief, to have you on and have your perspective this morning is a valuable resource. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, will i appreciate you. will: take care. all right, let goes to carlie with a few additional headlines. reporter: will staying in wisconsin we're hearing from kyle rittenhouse for the first time since being found not guilty. the teen sitting down exclusively with tucker carlson. >> this case has nothing to do with race.
5:36 am
it never had anything to do with race. it had to do with the right to self-defense. >> right. >> i'm not a racist person. i support the blm move am and peacefully demonstrating. reporter: you can watch the entire interview with kyle rittenhouse on tucker carlson tonight at 8:00 eastern time. >> police issuing a warrant for the convicted fell on accused of shooting a begun in atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport on saturday. kenny wells is accused of firing the weapon while a tsa agent was searching his bag. no one was hit by the rogue bullet but three people were hurt in the ensuing chaos. some holiday travelers seeking safety on the tarmac causing multiple flight delays. my goodness. the university of california is defunding its campus police department, uc davis sent to eliminate three vacant officer positions and "repurpose three others" the officers will focus on outreach, education, and supporting the campus in a" nontraditional way." the school will use the money
5:37 am
saved from eliminating the three positions for two public safety analysts and to train fire personnel and mental health response. >> tiger woods tweeting the first video of him playing golf since his horrific accident tiger including a making progress caption in the post. the video comes nine months after he sustained major leg injuries when he rolled his vehicle over on a california road, fellow golf pro and close friend justin thomas says he believes tiger will return to competition if he can play at an elite level. look at the progress he's making will those are your headlines over to you. will: comeback tiger had to make physically, well beyond, physically, in so many ways throughout his career. reporter: you bet. will: up next eye witnesses to the deadly parade crash in wisconsin are painting a horrifying picture. >> it is surreal to watch i couldn't believe it was happening. it was hard to watch for sure. will: new reaction as the state mourns at least five people this
5:38 am
5:39 am
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5:42 am
some of the individuals were children and some fatalities as a result of this incident. we're no longer looking for a suspect vehicle. if we do have a person of interest in custody at the moment, but this is still a very fluid investigation. ainsley: a fox news alert investigators there in wisconsin desperately seeking answers this morning as they confirm a person of interest is in custody , after an suv rammed threw a christmas parade killing at least five and injuring dozen s more, including children. steve: our next guest knows this area well, former wisconsin lt. governor and gubernatorial candidate rebecca clayfish used to live in waukesha county joining us right now, live from wisconsin. rebecca good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, how are you guys? steve: we're doing okay but just trying to figure out what happened. i mean, that has been a holiday tradition in that area for a very long time. it was not held last year
5:43 am
because of covid. people are trying to get back to normal and now at 5:00 this guy in a red suv down main street kills at least five people. >> it's absolutely tragic, and our family has been around waukesha, and at that time my daughter's phone just blew up, so many people wanting to make sure she was okay, checking on other people, she has a friend whose a waukesha police officer and the dance teams and bands, she's in the band that they compete with, they were all there and i have friends who were there, watching the parade. i can't believe that someone would have this in their heart to do what happened yesterday, and all of the families now who were planning thanksgiving celebrations are now planning funerals or waiting in hospital rooms for loved ones to recover.
5:44 am
it's almost unthinkable if we hadn't actually seen it with our own eyes. ainsley: that's what we were talking about during the break that it's a christmas parade, you're hearing jingle bells being played as these folks are being run over, and then we're three days away from thanksgiving where all of these families were making plans, with loved ones with grandparents and some of them will have empty seats at the table which is just so sad and from your daughter's perspective, we remember high school, and we remember middle school, and you know all of these people, you might not be on that, in that band, but you know people at that school, or people in the band, or , you know, then we heard about these dancing grannies and some of them have passed away. how do you get through this? >> you pray. you pray. you hug your loved ones, just a little bit closer, you call everyone you know who might have been there and check on their mental health i know our school district is open today. waukesha schools are closed, but they have mental health
5:45 am
professionals at my daughter's high school today. i think that it's important to do a mental health check on your loved ones even those who were not involved in what happened yesterday, it causes you to rethink, because, you know, people were thinking okay, we get to have a little joy this year and maybe, the covid malaise is coming to an end, we get to see our friends and family for thanksgiving to come out to this parade and then this you know, there are tons of christmas parades in our area. i was scheduled to do a christmas parade next weekend and countless moms like me are probably sitting there thinking well is this a new thing, and this was a community celebration , how everyone got together and celebrated christmas and anticipated all of the joy that was to come every single year. you know, the thing you can do, i suppose, is give blood. i know there were a number of area hospitals that were asking
5:46 am
for that last night, so even if you don't live in wisconsin, and you're wondering what you can do , it is something small that you can do, pray for these families, pray for waukesha, wisconsin, give blood, and hug your loved ones a little bit tighter this thanksgiving. will: well, rebecca you know that community. i'm from a small town in texas for that matter, steve is from a small town in kansas and ainsley is from a small town in south carolina and we know how small communities come together so i'd expect over the next several days to see what will happen and waukesha will be dealing with a tragedy through coming together as a community. ainsley: and you'll think twice? your daughter is in a parade coming up. >> i think we've just got to wait and see what other parades determine that they are going to do. i can't imagine, obviously so many details have yet to emerge. i can't imagine this is a common occurrence now. it appears to be something that is so extraordinary, out of the ordinary making national news and five people have lost
5:47 am
their lives, 40 injured, and so i don't think that this is the end of joy. this is the end of parades, but i do think that there are lots of moms out there. steve: all right, rebecca we thank you very much for joining us from wisconsin. ainsley: thank you. we'll definitely be looking over our shoulders when we go to these parades making sure we're safe. it's very scary. steve: i'm sure for a while more precautions will be taken, but we're going to get more answers later today from wisconsin up next, supreme court could rule on upholding the texas abortion ban, as early as today. alvida king believes this shows a massive movement is sweeping the nation and she's up next. ainsley: first let's check in with dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour dana: hi, thank you so much, ainsley and friends we will also be talking about the waukesha tragedy with mark tease en also talking about the rittenhouse trial and president biden's remarks after that. also, general jack keane will be here to talk about the adversar
5:48 am
ies with ev in russia and china, and their moves as we enter the holiday season and the supreme court about to announce some big announcement we'll have shannon brean here it could be about the texas abortion law so we'll bring that to you at 9:00. ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? let's get away to a place where we can finally be free. ♪i've got to break free♪ (vo) plan your getaway with norwegian. sail safe, feel free.
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reporter: we are back with quick headlines, mono county in california now paying over $6 for a single gallon of gas, the highest in the nation. california leads the country in speaking gas prices averaging $4.70 a gallon for regular unleaded, according to triple a. gas prices in the u.s. spiked 50 % in october, from the same point last year, amid the inflation crisis, and that crisis will also be felton thanksgiving in stores, publix grocery stores are putting two item purchase limits on holiday staples including gravy and cranberry sauce, other items like toilet paper again and bacon are also being limited, so that affects a lot of people who are having big gatherings this thanksgiving, ainsley over to you. ainsley: thank you, carlie now to a fox news alert, one person of interest is in custody this morning, after an suv tore through a christmas parade in wisconsin, killing at least five people, and hurting more than 40 others. the terrifying videos capturing
5:53 am
the exact moments that people are dodging this car, as it's making its way through the crowd , no motive has yet been revealed. here to react is fox news contributor, evangelist and founder of pro-life organization speaker for life, alveda king, good morning to you. >> hello, ainsley, hello "fox & friends", hi, everybody. ainsley: good morning, dr. king. we wanted to have you on because you're a mother, a woman of god and our country when we go through something like this at a christmas parade, what's your advice, how do we get through this and we know our churches on sunday everyone across the country is praying for these individuals and they will be this week as well. >> ainsley, the first thing i always do in the midst of a tragedy and i was taught by my dad reverend a.d. king, my grandfather martin luther king and martin luther king jr. , my uncle is to pray, examine my own heart and soul to make sure there's nothing in me fearful or hateful or things that i've done that i should repent for so that i could pray for the family
5:54 am
, pray for america , pray for the world, so the first thing we have to do is self-examine, pray, make sure we're not in fear or enraged or anything like that, because that gives us confusion, and as we pray for those families who now, in the midst of the week that will give us thanksgiving, they have to plan some funerals and be at the hospitals, so we pray, we repent , we forgive, and we are not afraid and we move forward. ainsley: beautiful. on another topic that's very personal to you, the supreme court justices could rule as early as today on the texas abortion ban. what are your thoughts there? >> actually, if you look at the statistics, when the abortion ban was passed, america took a sigh of relief. more americans support life from the womb to the tomb than those who support aborting little innocent babies in the womb so now, that the supreme court is revisiting, there again, we've got to repent
5:55 am
, pray, and just keep supporting the sanctity of life from the womb to the tomb. that's what i do at speak for life, that's when i do when i pray, and we're one blood, and one human race, and not different races, so those little babies in the womb deserve a chance to live and we pray that the supreme court will remember why they already approved saving the lives of those little babies ainsley: i know it's personal to you, you've talked about what you've done in the past and how you came to where you are. tell that story really quickly, if you can, to our viewers. >> my grandfather asked my mother to let me live and not be aborted in 1950, later in the 60 s moving into the 70s i abortions which i have repent ed from and i'm sorry about that, those are little babies who should have had civil rights and so now that i understand that, i ask everyone to consider human life and human dignity over at america first
5:56 am
policy institute as a chairman of the center for the american dream. we're supporting human dignity, diversity and just love and civil rights for every human being. every human being. ainsley: well i know you're a christian and you're going to heaven and you'll be reunited with them again, dr. king, thank you god bless you for coming on. more fox & friends moments away. new vicks convenience pack. dayquil severe for you... and daily vicks super c for me. vicks super c is a daily supplement with vitamin c and b vitamins to help energize and replenish. dayquil severe is a max strength daytime, coughing, power through your day, medicine. new from vicks. ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪
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what happened >> updates throughout the day here on the fox news channel. to hemmer and dana perino we go. >> bill: thank you, guys. good morning. as you know by now the celebration turning into horror. five are dead. 40 injured. a lot we don't know. what we do know is this. an s.u.v. plowing through a christmas parade in southeastern wisconsin. a warning about all of our coverage today. some of you may find the video we'll show you throughout the day rather disturbing. let's begin. [screaming] >> bill: this was chaos as the car speeds down the parade route. multiple angles and video shots here. people running to get out of the way.


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