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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 23, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> we begin with a fox news alert. the suspect in wisconsin parade tragedy set to appear in court today accused of killing five innocent people and injuring dozens of others. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. >> darrell brooks was a career criminal out on the street
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thanks to liberal bail reform policies. the community live to pick up the pieces, one father who witnessed the tragedy spoke with his earlier on "fox and friends first". >> it has a lot of people, how short your life is. people are refocusing on their relationships and making sure people they love, constantly tell them and they know that. >> brooke singerman joins us with more on the lengthy rap sheet of that individual. >> 39-year-old darrell brooks facing first-degree intentional homicide among other offenses. police say brooks was fleeing the scene of a domestic incident when he drove over barricades and into the parade. the suspect has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1999 including multiple felonies. the convicted sex offender making bail twice in wisconsin
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despite having an active warrant in nevada, posting $1,000 bail on charges he intentionally ran over his child's mother with his car, the same suv he used to plow into waukesha a residents. they are conducting an internal review, his bond was inappropriately low. 's waukesha district attorney telling fox news digital she will ask for high cash bail. james touchstone was watching his daughter's band playing at the parade, joined us earlier to discuss the scary incident. >> a combat veteran, serve two tours, stop the enemy because you could tell this person driving the vehicle had no desire to stop or slowdown. once i realized he was going too fast for that i turned and started to do first aid. people were standing frozen in shock and horror. >> reporter: residents coming
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together to pay respects at a business a block away from the crime scene. 5 people were killed, ages ranging 52 to 81 years old including multiple members of the milwaukee dancing grammys. among the 48 people injured 18 our children age 3 to 16 with 6 in critical condition. >> it was just for lack of a better word carnage, liken it to a war zone. there were adults, children that were injured, some of our first responders were there with our families, to treat people. >> reporter: investigators say there's no evidence he knew anyone at the parade or that the crash is terror related. carley: we will talk to scott about this horrific and preventable tragedy that happened in his district. todd: two members of the squat sparking backlash for talent,
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justice reform after we learn the parade suspect was out on low-cost bail before killing 5 people. alexandria ocasio cortez and other house democrats say prisoners are being kept in jail longer than the squad thinks is necessary the group writing a letter, quote, we have grave concerns that excessive bail amounts, unnecessary pretrial detention and contributing to a humanitarian crisis in new york city's jail system as congresswoman rashida tlaib pressed over her support for the breathe act which would empty federal prisons in ten years. >> i think everyone is like we are going to release everybody. did you see how many people i mentally ill who are in prison? todd: can be on the streets of new york city. the congresswoman admitted some people legitimately belong behind bars. jillian: a fox news exclusive interview with kyle rittenhouse responding to claims he is a white supremacist, lodged by president biden during his campaign.
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>> defame in my character for him to say something like that. mister president, if i could say one thing to you i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. >> reporter: it is widely speculated rittenhouse will file defamation lawsuits against those he feels landed his name. >> much of the coverage at the beginning was wrong, the trial proved that. jar -- joe scarborough saying my gunshot his gun 60 times, that is wrong. when i hear a guest host on joy read say my client took four years to go to a right with his ar, that is wrong. >> reporter: rittenhouse is opening up about his future plans in the trial of kyle available next month on fox nation. todd: mark levin railing against media coverage of the rittenhouse trial. >> the greatest threat we face in this country right now is the american media and the democrat
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party are at war with her culture, and more with our society, this is tyrannical, this press is supporting activities, supporting movements district into this country, this american marxist movement, they are destroying are trying to destroy the character of anybody who doesn't agree with them. >> president biden is set to address the tanking economy before jetting off to nantucket for thanks giving. todd: he intends to run for reelection despite low poll numbers, griff jenkins live for us in washington, fellow democrats hold crisis meetings. >> millions of americans the holiday road today. they will feel serious pain at the pump according to aaa. the national average for a gallon of gas, $3.40. all of this part of the spiking inflation which even former president obama's economic advisor says is driven by this
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administration's spending. >> to add $160 billion to the deficit the next 5 years is simply adding to the inflationary pressures on our economy. >> reporter: the white house placing blame on corporate price gouging. >> struggling with shipping costs and farmers struggling together product shipped new data from the industry experts show ocean carriers making extraordinary profits this year. todd: this as the white house acknowledges a plan to lower gas prices by touting into the strategic petroleum reserve saying in a statement, quote, no decision has been made. the conversations are ongoing and we are considering a range of tools for if and when action is needed but as gas prices rise the president's for numbers plummet. 36% approve of the job he's doing the latest quinnipiac poll but don't think that is dimming
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his reelection plans. >> president biden telling allies he's going to run for reelection in 2024, can you confirm? >> that is his intention. >> reporter: look at this headline, senate democrats holding a crisis meeting to address the president's for poll numbers. it was organized by senator amy klobuchar who said focus on messaging overbilled back better. carley: the crisis meeting, a group of senate democrats met with pollsters and strategists to figure out how to move forward because the president's poll numbers are so low they worry it will affect their reelections and their races during the midterms. you had a great interview with the mayor elect of columbia, south carolina, a republican. columbia is a deep blue area.
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his opponent was endorsed by former president obama and lost to a republican which is exactly the feeling you get when you hear about the virginia race going to glenn youngin and democrats are holding these crisis meetings for a reason. todd: if biden didn't do anything over the course of the last 10 months his poll numbers would be through the roof yet what he did was regardless of whatever trump did even if it was a good policy biden said we need to undo this and that is what he did and as a result our country is an absolute mess right now. there's also a mess in the white house, vice president and president not seeing eye to eye on anything, one blaming the other, the other blaming the other, it is a mess all around and this is going to have major implications going forward unless the democrats use this runway they have, the next 11 months leading to the midterms and change things yet they've
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shown no predilection to do so. jillian: we will talk about this and i wonder about that because we are a year out from the midterm elections and we set 1 billion times that things need to change in the democratic party. will president biden responsible poll numbers and realize his border policies, the border is one of the issues where he's pulling the lowest. after the poll numbers came out after the poll numbers came out it shows how bad he's pulling on the border that, supported 400,$000 or some amount of money for illegal immigrants and it does seem he is digging his heels in on this front and isn't going to go the moderate root. todd: told you about the illinois democrat who used the tragedy to mock kyle rittenhouse, a major update for you plus. >> the governor has consistently
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taken steps to take steps backward as it relates to fighting the pandemic, not forward. carley: the white house tearing into governor ron desantis after disney world drops vaccine mandates. we will show you more of that coming up. ♪♪ finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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>> the suv driver who killed five and injured 40 others while barreling through the crowd of the waukesha christmas parade is charged with intentional homicide. >> many wonder how darrell brooks who had a violent, history was allowed to be released on $1,000 bail just weeks ago scott at this. what did you see? >> i didn't see it happen but heard it happen. we were a block and a half ahead of where the incident occurred, already rounded the corner from main street to wisconsin avenue and heard shots fired.
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we looked around behind us but it was already gone because the shots were discharged by an officer, and going away but the police rounded up everybody and got everybody to safety as quickly as possible. jillian: we are paying attention to this suspect who was a career criminal and registered sex offender, two "cases in milwaukee county into the convictions for violent behavior, one of the pending cases involves brooks allegedly, was recently released on bail friday, $1,000 bill, the da says that was too low and have opened up an investigation into why he was released, he should not have been on the streets. why was he and what needs to change so this doesn't happen again? >> we looked at bail reforms in
2:17 am
the past, bail should be set according to the crime and criminal records. as a way of protecting the public. it shouldn't be about how can we make this affordable? the objective is about keeping people safe. >> scott fitzgerald, this is your district, our apologies as to what your people have experienced. we are talking about bail reform. anything at the federal level you can do? so a tragedy like this does not happen again? >> absolutely. as a state senator for many years in wisconsin this was something we looked at on a regular basis and what i think will happen now is scrutiny in
2:18 am
milwaukee county, what the system looks like and how it operates and functions and at the end of the day there's more ways this guy should have been on the streets and unfortunately i think what you are going to find is some of these especially domestic abuse cases oftentimes are swept under the rug and not scrutinized enough and that happened in this case. >> when you tell us about the milwaukee county district attorney, a trend happening across the country where criminals are being released onto the streets in the name of social justice reform, something a lot of progressive politicians push. would you put this milwaukee county district attorney in that category? >> all elected officials reflect the values of the people that elect them. there's a value set in milwaukee that values letting people out, giving people the opportunity to post bail, keeping bail low.
2:19 am
that's the mindset of the people of milwaukee. they think it is fair to the criminals, fair to the who maybe had unfortunate circumstances in their lives at home to a life of crime but the bottom line is if we are not doing things ended in acting policies that are protecting people we will see more and more of this. my hope is people start to recognize this and start to demand of their elected officials but in fact we make sure we protect people first with our policies and then worry about whether it is reasonable for the suspects to be able to bail themselves out of jail. todd: to follow up on what alan just said in talking with your democratic colleagues in congress do you get the sense that a tragedy like this will bring them around on bail reform
2:20 am
saying let's pump the brakes a bit, analyze this a little more and be, quote, fair to the individuals that are incarcerated we need to protect the american people who aren't doing something wrong first so the tragedies like this absolutely never happen again? >> i think so and my republican colleagues would reopen that discussion and the problem, you guys have been talking about the other side right now, i was disappointed to see the tweet from aoc talking about somebody out of touch with reality, what is going on in waukesha, representative alan is right, that is not where the other side of the aisle is headed in this and if there's going to be reform it should be bipartisan. this should apply evenly across the board. carley: representative scott allen, sorry for what happened
2:21 am
in waukesha, the country, the world is with you right now, thank you for joining us. todd: navy sailors taking out loans and tracking up just because their housing allowances have been there for months. we are talking about with medal of honor recipient dakota meyer later in the hour. carley: experts say you could pay as much as 30% more for your thanksgiving dinner. to leonard standing by to show you how to get the most bang for your buck, don't want to miss it. to come together. happy holidays from lexus. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2022 es 350. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. like those nagging headaches. uncomfortable period pains. and disruptive muscle aches. you can count on fast, effective relief with motrin.
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>> alexandria ocasio cortez and 80 other house democrats telling the senate to ignore the rules, to push the radical immigration policy as a budget matter. they say we understand the summit parliamentarian his vision a majority in dismissing
2:26 am
evidence to the contrary the budgetary impact of providing a pathway to citizenship but the role of the parliamentarian is an advisory one of the parliamentarian is not buying things, the push for policies against animals comes in the caravan of thousands of migrants moves towards the southern border. california governor gavin newsom taking a break from state duties as he heads to mexico for thanksgiving. the family vacations out of the border comes less than a month after newsom vanished from the public for two weeks. the democrat even skipping the climate summit in scotland saying he decided to take his kids trick or treating instead. todd: inflation pushes prices through the roof. live to tell you what you can expect when shopping for the holidays. great to see you. let us walk through the menu. starting with the bird.
2:27 am
and 16 pound turkey is up 24% year over year. you have a bird, one of the ones you talk to in pennsylvania on your commercials. seems like a lot. >> you are right. i don't think it is that high overall. we are not seeing that. we haven't raise our prices nearly that much. we lowered our prices. we are not seeing that big increase but here is the thing. you see 20 or 30% we have a meal right here, turkey in a box so you get a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and all that stuff and $20 ahead. if you make it yourself you can do it for $10. i admit we have our chefs and everything. now you've got everybody sitting on the table at $10 each. it is up 20%, $2 a head.
2:28 am
look around your thanksgiving table and say it costs $2 more. it is not going to kill you. it is the least expensive holiday of the year. here is the turkey right now, $45. 20 pounds, a lot of turkey different. here's the thing driving up prices right here. you take this ribeye steak, it is the same price as the turkey. these are in high demand, the center cut steaks we all love, the ribeye, new york strip etc.. the cruise ships are gobbling them up, the restaurants are gobbling them up. everybody wants that center cut steak for the holidays and that
2:29 am
is why you see the supply and demand issue and meet prices are up probably 30%. todd: you do your thanksgiving meal, have a nice time with your relatives and the day after you get your treat, one of my traditions is picking up my tree but this year, average, nationwide, 30% higher than last year. why is it? is it because you can't get trucks? you can't get workers? what is the reason? >> i would say what everybody is experiencing is price increase, half of it is inflation. we had to raise our labor rates to attract really good frontline people. you want good customer service you need good people so labor rates are up, second thing is everybody has been to the gas station, what happened to fuel, the same fuel our ranchers, farmers, fishermen have to put
2:30 am
in their boats, put it in their tractors. the cost to the farmer of real life going up. the other half of the increase i would say has to do with your supply chain issues. it is supply and demand. a lot of people did not raise enough turkeys last january when you have to make a decision. todd: a similar problem with trees. in 2008 they would come to maturity. always a fun time of year, he does talk to the turkey in the commercial. >> relax, don't worry about the $2 we charge. have a happy thanksgiving and a safe one too. thank you. carley: between crisis meetings and dysfunction in the west when we are seeing new signs
2:31 am
president biden and his second in command might not be on the same page. that is coming up next, joe concha. ♪♪ look! oh my god... oh wow. ♪ i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. doesn't that look like your papa? that's your great grandfather. it's like opening a whole 'nother world that we did not know existed. ♪ you finally have a face to a name.
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carley: vice president kamala harris staying silent as the future she voted against is reappointed by president biden. todd: cheryl casone.
2:35 am
>> reporter: everything on camera these days. good morning to both of you. vice president harris was one of 13 senators who voted against jerome powell and said chair under donald trump. when asked about the appointment now she said this. >> thank you all. god bless you and may god bless america. thank you. change why is jay powell the right pick to lead the fed? >> reporter: she said nothing but jen psaki saying she consulted with president biden about his decision to nominate powell. >> the vice president is the first in the room, the last in the room and some of the presidencies as a partner, advice and counsel on every decision he makes. this decision was discussed with her. >> reporter: and again jerome powell again to be said chair. >> reporter: the president has a plan to decrease gas prices that
2:36 am
has nothing to do with pipelines. >> reporter: the president is considering releasing oil reserves from the fpr as gas prices soar against the thanksgiving holidays, americans face an average of $3.55 a gallon. it was 211 one year ago. that could be affecting many decisions to travel for the holiday at all. 32% of americans plan to hit the road. in 2019, that number was 65%. the release of 30 to 35 million barrels could happen in the next few days, trying to do that with other countries apparently. todd: your show is on tonight. >> reporter: new episodes of american dream home, we are heading to galveston, texas, really excited. they are looking to have that perfect oceanfront, bayfront home and 8:30 we will go to
2:37 am
tennessee with jamie and stacy decided we are going to georgia or tennessee, a southern evening. carley: don't miss it. todd: jen psaki, the fact checking website rating claims she made earlier this month as false. >> why should americans not be concerned about injecting another $1.57 trillion a would further raise inflation? >> because no economist is projecting this will have negative impact on inflation. >> reporter: with inflation is joe concha. but the faxes psaki was wrong to say no economist perceives inflation as part of the bill's passage. several supporters of the white house agenda have gone on the record saying there probably will be inflationary effects especially in the near-term if the bill is passed and yet
2:38 am
president biden, the biden administration full steam ahead in wanting beep beep beep past. >> doesn't become us said, even your basic sophomore would say if you print trillions of dollars and fled the system with that it may devalue the dollar and push up inflation. i read that somewhere once but somewhere this was the first fact check of any of the white house press secretary of state and since she took the job 11 months ago. somehow they missed saying it is republicans who are defunding the police, missed her claiming the build back better infrastructure bills would cost $0, insisting no americans left behind in afghanistan or maybe just maybe they were on vacation when she claimed border patrol agents used with on migrantss. >> the claim last week the
2:39 am
president biden takes on average very few questions. >> with the last one. and fairplay. let's go to this. a democrat in the kyle rittenhouse case to mark the tragedy we all saw unfolded the last 48 hours, she has re-signed. let's go over her tweet, self-defense tweet now will be did saying probably just self-defense in regard to this orphic tragedy and she has another one, the blood of kyle rittenhouse's victims is a hint of wisconsin citizens, even the children. let that sit for a moment. what go so wrong with someone's life to make this? >> truly horrible people in the world. the cesspool that is twitter exposes that on a daily basis. grandmothers, other innocent people were killed in this orphic orphic event.
2:40 am
18 children are in the hospital this morning will never be the same after this. my wife got hit by a car ones, that lives with you for a long time, something that may be a conversation for another time and this person says that is karma for you. don't know how any human being could write such a thing, maybe i wasn't thinking too well. there is a whole string of these things but here we are. you like to end on a happy note. i will be here thanksgiving morning. i'm curious, you get the day off? carley: we will be here too like the family we are. todd: and home for dinner for you. the time is 40 minutes after the hour. the marine corps is said to have the lowest vaccination rate among the military branches and thousands of active-duty troops could be punished if they miss
2:41 am
sunday's deadline. todd: is that how we should treat american heroes, medal of honor recipient dakota meyer joins us live next. ♪♪
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>> big show coming up on "fox and friends". i would show it to you but you couldn't read it so quick. among our guest wisconsin
2:45 am
senator ron johnson sounds off as you learn about the ugly details about the suspect in the christmas parade tragedy. how is this guy, a career criminal allowed out on bail plus are things getting better for americans under president biden? the president think so. what is going on with the economy? we will ask charles payne? he promises to answer. andrew cuomo's year gets worse, new york lawmakers finding evidence he engaged in sexual harassment. i thought that was a done deal. this on top of his nursing home scandal. assemblyman ron kim live and the owner of this festive house could be fined $1,000 because he decorated before thanksgiving for christmas. his families and backing down. we bring that story, finish up strong, you have 15 minutes. todd: i am on it, ready to go. ask the american public to please get dressed.
2:46 am
>> a lot of cold people today. todd: pentagon officials raise the alarm over china's hypersonic missile test. experts say the test defied previous find limits traveling 5 times the speed of sound. military officials say it is a clear sign us trailing china and russia in the modern arms race, not sure what china plans to do those rockets, the white house saying they reached no breakthrough in a recent summit. the international olympic summit complicit in the mistreatment of a tennis star who appeared in videoconferences with the ioc president, they release these images of her at a tennis tournament. the women's tennis association that's not enough to prove her safety. republican lawmakers say the ioc is a puppet for the chinese communist party. >> the front man for the chinese communist party, if the chinese
2:47 am
communist party take its own athlete and disappear them and marched them out and hostage videos like this what would they do to our athletes? todd: many lawmakers joining call to boycott the winter olympic games over this. jillian: the marine corps has a lower vaccination rate among military branches, 10,000 active-duty troops will not be fully vaccinated by the sunday deadline. you to react his medal of honor recipient and retired marine corps dakota meyer. the headline you can read on various news outlets is the marines have the lowest vaccination compliance of any of the military branches. that could be a shame on the marines headline but when you look at the numbers 94% of marines are vaccinated so what is the problem? >> i don't know. you've got to question you have
2:48 am
china over here that we are concerned about launching missiles, russia getting ready to invade ukraine and we are ready to start kicking out servicemembers over the covid vaccine. i'm not surprised we see these numbers entire in the record another branches, marines are made to do two things, to go out and break stuff and go in and hurt bad people. this is what they do on behalf of the united states, what they are set up to do and what they are designed to do so the united states of america, i'm not surprised one bit you are seeing this because these men and women willing to raise the right-hand to service country strong in their belief and strong in their belief this is what they do. but i would like to say all this misinformation was created by the same administration, the vice president said if donald
2:49 am
trump set to take the vaccine i am not. was this caused by them? >> 10,000 marines said to miss the vaccine deadline november 20 eighth. for those 10,000 marines who don't get vaccinated what happens? do they get kicked out of the military as you said? >> they have to come up on that problem. who knows what will happen with that? they won't allow them to reenlist. we've seen all these priorities from this administration, pulling out of afghanistan, the priority on that. doing this for our military, this makes us question what are the priorities of this administration? is it national security or the woke movement? carley: a group of navy seals
2:50 am
are suing because they are not vaccinated and are facing significant repercussions because of that and the point was made if special forces aren't allowed to serve our country because they are not vaccinated is that a national security issue for us? >> 100%. these are the people who protect our way of life. these are the people who go out willing to take our beliefs across the globe to protect democracy. when america is strong the world hates us. when america is rigged the world suffers. this administration making america week. carley: do you know any marines who aren't vaccinated or any that aren't vaccinated and what they are facing right now and what are they saying? >> i haven't talked to any of them. the marine corps on the backside
2:51 am
of it, this is not something that was on the people who are serving, this was nothing that was on their radar when they raised their right-hand to serve. don't understand how we throw this on them and force them to do this. carley: you speak for a lot of people. go ahead. >> in the military the military has been making religious exemptions. this is what we do. this is how it was a long time ago. the mystery started making religious exemptions for a long time on what people can wear and shave if they can have a beard or not are other practices they have due to religious belief. if we do it for them we have to do it -- carley: thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. todd: 51 after the hour, senate democrats holding a crisis meeting is biden's approval rating sinks and republicans build midterm momentum. is the red wave real, lara trump joins us live.
2:52 am
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todd: democrats reportedly huddling up for a crisis meeting as his approval rating tanks and republicans gain popularity. carley: lara trump is here. democrats met with pollsters and advisers they are worried they want to turn things around for their party. we know you are not usually in the business of giving democrats advice, if they do want to right this wrong and turn things around, how would you say they should go about doing that? >> well, good morning, guys. i don't think it's an image problem per se for joe biden and the democrat party. carley, to your point, i don't like to give them advice but it's pretty obvious what's going on here. they stopped prioritizing the american people a long time ago on the democrat side. and specifically joe biden, let's talk about how they can
2:57 am
start. they can start by closing our fully open southern border. they are letting millions of illegal immigrants pour into america. they are offering them healthcare, education, some of them reparations of over $400,000 to come to america. that's incentivizing more people to come here. hey, remember afghanistan? remember that we didn't even get all the americans and our allies out? i guess the biden administration has totally forgot been that maybe we should consider getting those people out that would probably help the image a little bit of joe biden and the democrat party. they could open back up. keystone xl pipeline because we are in a situation right now where energy costs as we are going into winter are going through the roof for a lot of americans. we can all feel the impact on the gas prices at your local gas pump right now. so that would certainly help a lot. they could obviously tackle inflation. there's a lot they could do and try and get the supply chain moving again. to help out so many small
2:58 am
businesses. and how about relaxing some of these absurd vaccine mandates. you guys were just talking in the last segment to a marine who, obviously, they are feeling the impact there. we are really prioritizing wokeness over national security. we are making sure that our healthcare workers and our first responders are heroes last year without a job now because of so much of this nonsense? there's a lot that can be done to turn things around. they just don't want to do it. >> dnc consulting. carley: taking at vice from the democrats. todd: read what the democratic senator telling the hill the democrat space frustrated and depressed we can't get things done. lara, you gave a great answer on the what the democrats need do. i don't understand why they haven't done this already with all of these warning signs pelting them in the face. >> oh, it's a great question,
2:59 am
todd. i think americans are asking themselves that every day. it seems like these things would be very easy to fix. and the really big question is why don't they do it? i think it's probably because the party is being controlled by the far left radicals in the party. this is not the democrat party of 30 or 40 years ago. this is a new party. a lot of these folks want socialism for america. they are trying every single day to move us step-by-step closer in that direction. and so all of this sort of helps them get there. paying people to stay home from work. getting people used to government assistance and reliance on the government. these are all priorities of the far left part of the democrat party. and they are fully in controlling. unfortunately, it's to the detriment of america and it's sad to see it happen. lawrence: white house press secretary jen psaki said that president biden is going to run again in 2024. can we expect trump v. biden in three more years? >> well, i won't make any
3:00 am
predictions you didn't say which trump, i'm just kidding. i'm not trying to break any news here. look, we are happy to see joe biden back on the ticket. he has done a terrible job so far in 10 months. let's see him try and run again. i guess if he makes it four years. we will see how it goes. todd: lara, thanks very much. we will check back in with you next week. happy thanksgiving. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> brand new details from that christmas parade disaster. >> five first degree murder charges against 39-year-old darryl e. brooks jr. >> there is no way he should have ever been out on the street. >> meanwhile rashida tlaib pressed over her support for the breathe act empty federal prisons. >> release everyone. what i'm trying to say. >> within 10 years. >> what did you make of the president of the united states calling you a white supremacist. >> actually malice. he damaged my character for him to say something like that. >> serious new


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